Topic Listing for International Game Technology PLC

Ability Operate Existing Markets Expand New Jurisdictions Adversely Acceleration
Acceleration Awards Change Control Acceleration Awards Possible Early Termination
Acceleration Change Control Event Acceptance Notes Finance Exercise
Account Accounting Method Convertible Debt Securities Settled Cash Such
Accounting Terms Accreted Conversion Price
Accreted Value Accrued Restructuring Costs 2009
Acquisitions Acts Holders
Addition Candidate Election Annual Meeting Additional Interest
Adjustment Cash Dividends Adjustment Change Capital Stock
Adjustment Conversion Rate Certain Transactions Adjustment Deferred
Adjustment Other Distributions Adjustment Required
Adjustment Rights Issue Adjustment Tender Offer
Adjustments Adjustments Acceleration
Adjustments Changes Capitalization Other Material Administration
Administration Authorization Power Procedure Administrative Action
Administrative Agent Proofs Claim Adopted Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Adopted Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Advertising Costs
Affiliate Affirmative Covenants
Agent Members Aggregate Available-for-sale Investments Unconsolidated Affiliates
Aggregate Investments Unconsolidated Affiliates Aggregate Share Limits
Aggregated Option Exercises Year-end Values Agreement Not Compete
Allowance Doubtful Accounts Allowances Receivables
Also View Materials Wwwinvestoreconnectcom 12-digit Control Number Located Amend Extend Senior Credit Facility Agreement New Terms
Amended Domestic Credit Facility Amended Notice Annual Meeting Shareholders Held 2009
Amended Restated Credit Agreement Amended Restated Effective 2005
Amended Restated Employment Agreement Amendment
Amendment Awards Amendments
Amendments Amendment Modification Agreement Shall Deemed Effective Unless Amendments Etc
Amount Amounts Reported Proxy Statement Vary Depending Timing Pay
Analysis 2009 Restructuring Accrual Through Annex
Annual Equity Awards Annual Incentive Bonuses
Annual Option Awards Annual Report
Annual Retainers Anthony Ciorciari
Appendix Applicable Conversion Reference Period
Applicable Procedures Application Funds
Appointment Agent Service Process Appointment Authority
Arbitration Aristocrat
Arrangements Off-balance Sheet Risks Ars
Assignment Assignment Agreement Shall Not Assignable Whole Part Either
Auction Rate Securities Auction Rate Securities Ars
Audit Committee Audit Committee Report
Authentication Authorization Contravention
Available Information Award Period
Awards Balance Sheet Capital Deployment
Balance Sheet Components Bally
Base Salaries Base Salary
Basis Presentation Consolidation Before Vote
Being Provided Access Receiving Proxy Materials Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Beneficiary Designation Benefits Termination
Binding Determinations Binding Effect
Biographical Information Board Authorization
Board Compensation Committee Report Executive Board Directors
Board Directors Committees Board Directors Recommends Vote
Board Directors Recommends Vote Each Proposal Proposals Board Directors Recommends Vote Proposed Amendments Sip Described
Board Recommend Vote Proposal Bonds
Bonds Related Swaps Bonus Payment Executive Acknowledges Received His 2008 Cash
Book-entry Provisions Books Records
Borrowings Conversions Continuations Committed Loans Brochu Loto Quebec
Business Business Combinations Investments Intellectual Properties Affiliates Present Risk
Business Segment Results Over Comparative Analysis Business Segments
Business Vulnerable Changing Economic Conditions Business Vulnerable Changing Economic Conditions Current Unfavorable Continue
Business Vulnerable Changing Economic Conditions Unfavorable Reduce Product Calculations Respect Securities
Cancellation Cancellation Performance-based Awards
Capital Deployment Capital Lease Obligations
Capital Markets Indebtedness Capital Resources
Capital Stock Captions
Cash Cash Collateral Issuer Swing Line Lender
Cash Equivalents Cash Flows Balance Sheet
Cash Flows Summary Cash Incentives
Cash Payments Cash Severance
Cash Shares Certain Tax Matters
Certificate Opinion Conditions Precedent Certificates Other Information
Change Control Change Control Arrangements
Change Control Benefits Change Control Notice Date
Change Control Purchase Date Change Control Purchase Notice
Change Control Purchase Price Change Nature Business
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Changes Non-employee Director Program
Chief Executive Compensation China Lotsynergy Holdings Ltd
China Lotsynergy Holdings Ltd Cls Choice Law
Claims Procedures Closing Sale Price
Code Collateral Matters
Collection Suit Trustee Commitments
Committed Loans Committee
Committee Certification Common Stock
Communication Holders Other Comparison Cumulative Total Return
Compensation Compensation Committee
Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Compensation Committee Report Executive
Compensation Directors Compensation Discussion Analysis
Compensation Indemnity Compensation Losses
Compensation Named Executive Officers Compensation Philosophy
Competition Product Demand Compliance Certificate
Compliance Committee Compliance Laws
Compliance Trust Indenture Act Computation Interest Fees
Concentrations Credit Risk Conditions Credit Extensions
Conditions Effectiveness Confidential Information
Consent Holders Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consolidated Gaming Operations Consolidated Product Sales
Contact Contact Patrick Cavanaugh Executive Vice President Chief Financial
Contacts Continuance Employment Required Commitment
Continuing Medical Benefits Contract Tort Otherwise Arising Out Relating Transaction Actions
Contractual Obligations Commercial Commitments Contributions
Control Majority Controls Procedures
Conversion Agent Conversion Privilege Consideration
Conversion Procedure Conversion Rate
Conversion Value Convertible Debentures
Convertible Hedge Transactions Convertible Notes
Convertible Notes Due 2014 Convertible Notes Purchased Bond Hedge Sold Warrants
Cooperation Gaming Boards Corporate Trust Office
Corporation Costs Associated Exit Disposal Activities
Costs Fund Jackpot Liabilities Counterparts
Counterparts Integration Effectiveness Covenant Comply Securities Laws Purchase
Covenant Comply Securities Laws Repurchase Creation Direct Financial Obligation Obligations Off-balance Sheet
Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement Credit Facilities Indebtedness
Credit Facilities Indebtedness See Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements Critical Accounting Estimates
Current Environmental Laws Regulations Those Enacted Future Result Cusip Isin Numbers
Cusip Numbers Custodian
Cyberview Technology Inc Daily Share Amount
Daniel Siciliano David Johnson
David Roberson David Roberson Appointed Igt Board Directors
Death Benefit Debentures
Debentures Notes Decline Interest Rates Causes Increase Jackpot Expense Limit
Default Defaulted Interest
Defaults Remedies Deferrals
Deferred Compensation Opportunities Deferred Licensing Rights
Deferred Payments Deferred Revenue
Defined Terms Capitalized Used Herein Not Otherwise Shall Definitions
Delegation Delegation Duties
Delivery Certain Information Delivery Documents Shareholders Sharing Address
Demand Products Adversely Affected Changes Player Operator Preferences Demand Products Level Play Adversely Affected Changes Player
Denominations Transfer Exchange Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Arrangements Deposit Fundamental Change Repurchase Price
Deposit Gaming Law Redemption Price Deposit Purchase Price Change Control
Deposit Redemption Price Depositary
Derivatives Description
Description Employment Agreements Salary Bonus Amounts Description Plan-based Awards
Determination Final Digideal
Digideal Corporation Digit Control Located Following Page
Director Independence Director Restricted Stock Award Agreement
Directors Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance
Discharge Indenture Discharge Liability Securities
Disclosure Dividend Voting Rights
Dtc Duties Trustee
Early Termination Option Possible Acceleration Vesting Earnings Conference Call
Earnings Per Share Effect Available Shares
Effect Change Subsidiary Division Unit Status Effect Fundamental Change Repurchase Notice
Effect Notice Redemption Effect Purchase Notice Change Control
Effect Reclassification Consolidation Merger Sale Effect Supplemental Indentures
Effect Termination Employment Effect Termination Employment Services
Effect Unvested Awards Effective Date
Effective Date Plan Eitf 07-5
Electronic Delivery Future Shareholder Communications Eligibility
Eligibility Disqualification Eligible Class
Employee Benefit Plans Employee Options
Employee Stock Purchase Plan Employees
Employment Employment Agreement
Employment Contract Employment Contracts
Employment Status Entire Agreement
Entitled Vote Entry Material Definitive Agreement
Environmental Compliance Environmental Matters
Equipment Financing Contracts Equity Awards
Equity Compensation Plan Information Equity Security Ownership Management Other Beneficial Owners
Equity Security Ownership Satre Erisa Compliance
Error Reference Source Not Found Estimates
Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures Events Default
Events Not Deemed Terminations Service Evidence Debt
Ex-dividend Time Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Exceptions Exchange
Exchange Property Exculpatory Provisions
Execution Authentication Execution Version
Executive Compensation Executive Compensation Program Objectives Overview
Executive Officers Exercisability
Exercise Exercise Date
Exercise Stock Appreciation Rights Exhibits
Exhibits Financial Statement Schedules Existence Qualification Power Compliance Laws
Expenses Indemnity Damage Waiver Explanatory
Extension Plan Term Performance-based Award Feature Facility Notes
Failure Attract Retain Motivate Key Employees Adversely Affect Fair Market Value
Fair Value Measurements Federal Court Rules Bally Infringes Igts Bonusing Patents
Federal District Court Delaware Federal District Court Nevada
Federal Income Tax Consequences Federal Registration
Fees Fees Paid Independent Registered Public Accountants
Fees Paid Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Fiduciary Duty
Financial Assets Liabilities Measured Fair Value Recurring Basis Financial Condition
Financial Covenants Financial Instruments Carried Fair Value
Financial Instruments Not Carried Fair Value Financial Statements
Financial Statements Exhibits Financial Statements Material Adverse Effect
Financing Financing Cash Flows
Force Majeure Foreign Credit Facilities
Foreign Currency Derivatives Foreign Currency Hedging
Foreign Currency Risk Foreign Currency Translation
Forfeiture Equity Compensation Received Director Executive Hereby Cancels Form 10-k
Form 10-q Form 8-k
Form Comfort Letter Form Dating
Form Opinion David Johnson Form Payment
Form Security Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report
Forward Looking Statements Fractional Shares
Fractional Shares Minimum Issue Frederick Rentschler
Fsp Apb 14-1 Fsp Eitf 03-6-1
Fsp Fas 107-1 Apb 28-1 Fsp Fas 115-2 124-2
Full-value Awards Fundamental Changes
Further Exceptions Limits Transfer Further Instruments Acts
Future Liens Gaap
Games Gaming Authority
Gaming Equipment Gaming Law
Gaming License Gaming Machines Online Operations Experience Losses Due Fraudulent
Gaming Operations Gaming Operations Machines
General Global Securities
Global Securities General Global Security
Goodwill Goodwill Other Intangible Assets
Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Royalties Governing Law
Governing Law Construction Severability Governing Law Jurisdiction Etc
Governing Law Venue Government Gaming Regulation
Government Obligations Governmental Authorization Other Consents
Grant Awards Grant Date
Grants Grants Performance Share Awards
Grants Stock Bonuses Headings
Headings Award Agreement Convenience Reference Only Shall Not Hedges
Hedging Highlights
Hostile Tender Offers Hurricane Damage Insurance Recoveries
Ibew Local 697 Pension Fund International Game Technology Identification
Igt Announces Additional Workforce Reductions Igt Licensor Arrangements
Igt Synergy Holding Ltd Illegality
Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials Shareholder Meeting Important Notice Regarding Internet Availability Proxy Materials
Inability Determine Rates Incentive Stock Option Limit
Income Taxes Incorporation Reference Trust Indenture Act
Increase Aggregate Share Limit Increased Costs Reserves Eurodollar Rate Loans
Indebtedness Indemnification Directors Officers
Indenture Indenture Notes
Index Index Exhibits
Individual Limits Individual Rights Trustee
Initial Yield Maturity Injunctive Relief
Inspection Rights Insurance
Intellectual Property Intellectual Property Licenses Etc
Interest Interest Payment Date
Interest Rate Limitation Interest Rate Management
Interest Rate Risk Interest Rate Swap
Interest Rights Preserved International
International Game Technology International Game Technology Amends Credit Facility
International Game Technology Prices 725 325 Convertible Notes International Game Technology Reports 2008 Results
International Gaming Operations International Product Sales
Internet Inventories
Inventory Gaming Operations Equipment Investing
Investing Cash Flows Investment Cls
Investment Securities Investment Unconsolidated Affiliates
Investments Cls Investments Development Financing Loans Adversely Impact Liquidity
Investments Development Financing Loans Adversely Impact Liquidity Cause Investments Unconsolidated Affiliates
Issue Date Issuer Purchases Equity Securities
Jackpot Annuity Investments Jackpot Liabilities Expense
Jackpot Liabilities Expenses Jurisdiction Incorporation
Las Vegas Gaming International Laying Venue Claim Inconvenient Forum Respect Courts
Leave Absence Legal Holidays
Legal Proceedings Leslie Heisz
Letter Credit Amounts Letters Credit
Level Quoted Market Prices Similar Instruments Using Observable Liens
Limit Limit Exercise Transfer
Limitation Adjustments Limitation Suits
Limitations Amendments Plan Awards Limitations Exercise Vesting Awards
Limitations Grant Terms Incentive Stock Options Limitations Incentive Stock Options Restricted Awards
Limitations Sales Leasebacks Limited Stock Appreciation Rights
Limits Holders Litigation
Long-term Incentive Equity Awards Long-term Incentive Plans Awards Last
Maintenance Insurance Maintenance Office Agency
Maintenance Office City New York Maintenance Properties
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Mandatory Disposition Due Gaming Laws
Manufacturing Suppliers Margin Regulations Investment Act Public Utility Holding
Market Price Market Registrants Common Equity Related Stockholder Matters Issuer
Matthews Maureen Mullarkey
Maximum Number Shares Maximum Performance-based Award
Means Effect Termination Meeting Fees
Merge Transfer Assets Method Exercise Option
Method Payment Miller
Million-2-1 Miscellaneous
Mitigation Obligations Replacement Lenders Moodys
Much Stock Igts Directors Executive Officers Own Multiple Element Arrangements
Multiple Originals Nasd
Native America Negative Covenants
Negotiated Share Repurchase Transactions Neil Barsky
Net Share Amount Network Systems
New Products Require Regulatory Approval Subject Complex Revenue Nominating Corporate Governance Committee
Non-employee Director Compensation Non-employee Director Grant Program
Non-employee Director Options Non-exclusivity Plan
Non-reliance Administrative Agent Other Lenders Non-solicitation
Non-transferability Other Restrictions Noncompetition Covenant
Nonqualified Deferred Compensation 2007 Nonqualified Deferred Compensation 2008
Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plan Nonqualified Stock Option Agreement
North America North America Gaming Operations
North America Product Sales Northern Federal District Court California
Not Applicable Notation Exchange Securities
Notes Due 2019 Notes Due 2019 International Game Technology
Notice Notice Adjustment
Notice Annual Meeting Shareholders Held 2008 Notice Annual Meeting Shareholders Held 2009
Notice Certain Transactions Notice Date
Notice Default Notice Defaults
Notice Redemption Notices
Notices Effectiveness Electronic Communication Notification Upward Interest Adjustment
Now Therefore Now Therefore Consideration Premises Respective Undertakings Corporation Executive
Obligor Offering Period
Officer Officers
Officers Certificate One-time Payment Corporation Shall Execution Agreement Pay Executive
Operating Cash Flows Operating Expenses
Operating Expenses Other Expense Taxes Operating Expenses Other Income Expense
Operation Sip Operations
Opinion Counsel Option
Option Awards Option Exercises Stock Vested 2007
Option Exercises Stock Vested 2008 Option Period
Option Period Exercisability Option Price
Option Valuation Assumptions Options
Order Osha Wrongful Termination Matter
Other Assets Other Benefits Agreements
Other Code Limits Other Comprehensive Income
Other Duties Etc Other Events
Other Income Expense Taxes Other Interpretive Provisions
Other Liabilities Other Matters
Other Named Executive Officers Other Remedies
Other Restrictions Other Share-based Compensation Information
Outstanding Credit Facility Subjects Additional Risks Outstanding Credit Facility Subjects Financial Covenants Limit Flexibility
Outstanding Debentures Notes Subject Additional Risks Outstanding Domestic Credit Facility Subjects Financial Covenants Limit
Outstanding Equity Awards 2008 Year-end Outstanding Securities
Outstanding Senior Convertible Debentures Subject Additional Risks Overview
Ownership Property Liens Page
Parent Part
Participant Participation
Participation Benefit Plans Patrick Cavanaugh
Patrick Cavanaugh Named Cfo Igt Patti Hart
Patti Hart Named New Igt President Ceo Pay Position Philosophy Peer Companies
Paying Agent Hold Money Securities Trust Paying Agent Registrar
Payment Payment Interest
Payment Obligations Payment Provisions
Payment Securities Payments Generally Administrative Agents Clawback
Payments Set Aside Payouts
Performance Bonds Performance Goal Alternatives
Performance Graph Performance Share Awards Stock Bonuses
Performance-based Awards Person
Persons Deemed Owners Phil Satre Elected Igt Board Directors
Plan Plan Amendment Termination Suspension
Plan Awards Interpretation Powers Committee Plan Construction
Plan Not Funded Platforms
Please Not Return Enclosed Paper Ballot Voting Over Pledge Agreement Release
Plus Policies Procedures Approval Related Person Transactions
Policy Respect 162 Possible Early Termination Accelerated Awards
Possible Rescission Acceleration Potential Payments Termination Change Control
Power Attorney Signatures Pre-approval Policies Procedures
Pre-vesting Restraints Preferential Collection Claims Against
Preferred Stock Prepayments
Preservation Existence Etc Press Release
Previously Received Printed Proxy Card Voting Instruction Form Pricing Limits
Principal Principal Return
Priorities Privileges Stock Ownership
Procedure Procedure Purchase
Procedure Repurchase Proceeds
Product Sales Product Warranties
Products Progressive Gaming International Corp
Properties Property Plant Equipment
Proposal Approval Amendment International Game Technology 2002 Stock Proposal Approval Amendments International Game Technology 2002 Stock
Proposal Being Submitted Special Meeting Instead Annual Proposal Election Additional Director
Proposal Election Directors Proposal Ratification Independent Auditors
Proposal Ratification Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Proposals Addressed Meeting
Proposals Inclusion Proxy Statement Prototype Drive Reno Nevada 89521
Provide Stock Provided
Provided However Provisions Survive Termination
Provisions Survive Termination Sections Shall Expiration Term 911 Provisions Survive Termination Sections Shall Term 811
Proxy Statement Purchase Agreement
Purchase Notice Purchase Option Holder Change Control Repurchase Event
Purchase Price Purchase Securities Option Holder
Purchase Securities Option Holder Change Control Purpose
Qualified Employee Quantification Severance Change Control Benefits
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Quarterly Period 2007
Quarterly Period 2008 Quarterly Period 2009
Quorum Determined Rbs Securities Inc
Receivables Recently Issued Accounting Standards
Recommendation Igt Board Directors Recommending Shareholders Approve Proposal
Reconciliation Carried Fair Value Using Significant Unobservable Inputs Reconciliation Using Significant Unobservable Inputs Level
Recourse Against Others Redeemed 175 Zero-coupon Senior Convertible Debentures
Redemption Date Redemption Option
Redemption Price Redemption Repurchases
Reference Fixed Rate Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code
Registrants Website Registrar
Registrar Paying Agent Conversion Regulation Disclosure
Regulatory Compliance Reimbursement Expenses
Related Person Transactions Release
Reliance Administrative Agent Reliance Experts
Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank Remedies Event Default
Reno 2009 Reno 8211 2009
Reno Nev Oct 2009 Reorganization Special Distributions
Repay Repayment
Repayment Loans Replacement Lenders
Replacement Securities Replacement Trustee
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Reported Share-based Compensation
Reports 2009 Results Reports Trustee Gaming Authorities
Reports Trustee Holders Representations Warranties
Repricing Repricings
Research Development Reset Rate
Reset Rate Agent Resignation Administrative Agent
Resignation Board Respect Component
Responsible Gaming Restated Principal Amount
Restricted Cash Investments Restricted Payments
Restricted Stock Restricted Stock Award Agreement
Restricted Stock Awards Restricted Stock Unit Awards
Restrictions Restrictions Secured Debt
Restrictions Transfer Certificated Security Beneficial Interest Global Restrictive Covenants
Restrictive Covenants Consideration Granting Restricted Stock Award Executive Restructuring Costs
Results Results Operations Financial Condition
Retirement Benefit Return Corporation
Revenue Recognition Revenue Streams
Revocation Effect Consents Waivers Actions Revoke Proxy Later
Revolving Credit Facilities Richard Burt
Richard Pennington Richard Schneider
Right Redeem Notices Trustee Right Setoff
Rights Eligible Persons Participants Beneficiaries Rights Holders Receive Payment
Rights Lender Rights Trustee
Risk Factors Risks Related Operations Outside Traditional Law Negatively Affect
Robert Bittman Robert Mathewson
Robert Miller Rounding
Rule 16b-3 Rules Construction
Rules Trustee Paying Agent Conversion Registrar Rules Trustee Paying Agent Conversion Reset Rate Registrar
Sales Marketing Regions Schedule
Schedule 14a Schedule 14a Information
Scope Covenant Scope Covenant Obligations Executive Shall Apply Geographic Area
Sec Other Reports Sec Shelf Registration
Secured Hedge Agreements Securities
Securities Purchased Part Securities Redeemed Part
Securities Repurchased Part Securities Underlying Awards
Securities Underlying Awards Market Value Share Common Stock Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder
Securityholder Securityholder Lists
See Accompanying Notes See Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements
Selected Financial Data Selection Enrollment Eligibility
Selection Securities Redeemed Self-insurance
Senior Convertible Debentures Senior Convertible Debentures Issued 2006
Senior Credit Facility Separability Clause
Severability Severance Agreement Release
Severance Benefits Severance General Release Agreement
Severance Other Benefits Termination Employment Sfas 141 160
Sfas 141 160 Including Fsps Sfas 157
Sfas 157 Including Fsps Sfas 159
Sfas 161 Sfas 165
Sfas 167 Sfas 168
Shall Promptly Make Payments Respect 2019 Notes Dates Share Limits
Share Repurchases Share Reservation Replenishment Reissue Unvested Awards
Share-based Compensation Shareholder Proposals 2008 Annual Meeting
Shareholder Proposals 2009 Annual Meeting Shareholder Proposals 2010 Annual Meeting
Shareholder Record Vote Shareholders Also Obtain Copy Form 10-k Including Financial
Shares Available Awards Share Limits Shares Held Broker Bank Other Nominee Vote
Shares Vote Shares Voted Not Give Specific Voting Instructions
Sharing Payments Lenders Shelf Registration
Short-term Payout Unforeseeable Emergencies Signature
Signature Page Follows Signatures
Significant Subsidiaries Equity Interests Simultaneous Adjustments
Slow Growth Establishment New Gaming Jurisdictions Number Casinos Slow Growth Number New Casinos Rate Replacement Existing
Sources Liquidity South
Special Corporate Acts Special Performance-based Share Awards
Specific Benefits Springing Lien
Springing Lien Approval Stand-alone Stock Appreciation Rights
Standard Poors State Federal Taxes
Statements Required Certificate Opinion Stephen Morro
Stock Stock Appreciation Rights
Stock Bonuses Stock Incentive Plan
Stock Options Stock Units
Stockholder Approval Stockholders
Strategic Business Arrangements Subject Claims Infringement Invalidity
Subject Claims Infringement Invalidity Adverse Outcomes Litigation Unfavorably Subject Claims Infringement Invalidity Adverse Outcomes Litigaton Adversely
Submission Jurisdiction Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Submitted Proxy Telephone Internet Need Mail Back Subscription Agreement
Subsequent Annual Awards Subsequent Annual Options
Subsequent Committee Actions Subsidiary
Subsidiary Operations Success Competitive Gaming Industry Depends Large Part Ability
Successive Adjustments Successor Corporation
Successor Trustee Merger Successors
Summary Available-for-sale Investments Unconsolidated Affiliates Summary Valuation Techniques Balance Sheet Presentation
Supplemental Cash Flows Information Survival
Survival Representations Warranties Table Contents
Tax Event Tax Loans
Tax Withholding Taxes
Taxes Conversion Temporary Securities
Term Term Agreement Commence Effective Date Terminate Provided Hereof
Term Plan Termination
Termination Benefit Termination Changes Sip
Termination Directorship Termination Employment
Termination Plan Amendment Modification Termination Reduction Commitments
Terms Conditions Awards Thomas Matthews
Tia Time Determination
Time Initial Award Time Initial Grant
Times Timing Grants
Trading Transaction Actions Dealer Affiliates Negotiation Performance Enforcement Hereof
Transfer Exchange Transfer Exchange Certificated Securities
Transferability Transferability Restrictions
Translation Treasury Stock
Treatment Certain Information Confidentiality Trust
Trust Indenture Act Controls Trust Officer
Trustee Trustee Dealings
Trustee Proofs Claim Trustee Sign Supplemental Indentures
Trustees Adjustment Disclaimer Trustees Application Instructions
Trustees Disclaimer Unable Protect
Unclaimed Money Securities Undertaking Costs
Underwriter Information Pursuant Underwriting Agreement
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds
Update Risk Factors-risk Factors Related Notes-the Convertible Hedge Upward Interest Adjustment
Usa Patriot Act Notice Variable Interest Entities
Venture Catalyst Incorporated Venture Catalyst Incorporated Vcat
Ventures Vesting
Vesting Limits Exercise Vesting Percentage Performance Shall Agreed Good Faith Executive
Voluntary Increase Vote
Vote Important Vote Internet Wwwproxyvotecom
Vote Mail Vote Person Meeting
Vote Phone 1-800-690-6903 Vote Required Recommendation Igt Board Directors
Vote Via Telephone Voting Revocability Proxies
Voting Stock Waiver
Waiver Cumulative Remedies Waiver Jury Trial
Waiver Past Defaults Waiver Stay Extension Usury Laws
Walker Digital Gaming Llc Walker Digital Gaming Llc Wdg
Wap Systems Interest Included Other Income Expense Warrant Transactions
Warrants What Being Asked Vote
What Happens Abstain What Notice Internet Availability Proxy Materials Received Mail
What Quorum Not Present Meeting What Required Approve Proposal
Whereas Whether Not Specification Each Proxies Authorized Vote His
Wish Vote Shares Respect Proposal Complete Sign Return Withholding Taxes
Without Consent Holders Witness Whereof
Wwwigtcom Wwwproxyvotecom
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