Topic Listing for Kemet

Accelerated Depreciation Accelerated Depreciation-
Access Access Information
Accordingly Account Age Asbestos-concrete Materials Suggest Planning Future Removal
Accounting Income Taxes Accounting Policies Gaap
Accounting Policies Requiring Managements Judgement Key Sources Estimation Accounts
Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable
Accounts Receivable Net Accruals Prepayments
Accrued Expenses Accrued Expenses Deferred Income
Accrued Income Prepayments Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income Loss Acquisition Arcotronics Italia Spa
Acquisition Integration Costs Acquisition Proposal
Acquisition Tantalum Business Unit Epcos Acquisitions
Acquisitions Entities Common Control Acquisitions Integration Costs
Act Disposition Addendum Loan Agreement
Additional Information Adjustment Book Value
Adjustments Cash Flows Operating Activities Adjustments Reflect Organic Changes
Administration Administration Plan
Adoption Accounting Standards Advances
Adverse Economic Conditions Decline Market Value Common Stock Affiliate Transactions
Affiliates After Closing
Against Aggregate Amounts Set Forth
Agreed Between Net Sales Agreement
Agreement Financial Documents Effectiveness Agreement Shall Reformed Construed Enforced Such Jurisdiction Invalid
Agreements Platinum Equity Air Emissions
Air Emissions Compliant Heating System Aktiengesellschaft
Allegato Alliance Taiyo Yuden
Allocation Funds Altri Obblighi Della SocietÀ
Amended Bylaw Provision Amended Restated Credit Agreement
Amendment Amendment Deed Dated 2009 Fees Costs
Amendment Includes Disclosure Required Regulation S-k 307 308 Amendment Modification Waiver
Amendment Termination Plan Amendments
Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change Amendments Unicredit Facilities
Anerkannt Anhang
Annex Annex 163
Annexes Announcement Result Tender Offer
Annual Bonus Annual Bonus Incentives Named Executive Officers
Annual Meeting Stockholders Annual Meeting Stockholders 2006
Annual Meeting Stockholders 2007 Anwartschaftsrechte
Apa Appendices
Appendix Applicable Employees
Applicable Law Such Provision Shall Deemed Modified Consistent Arcotronics
Arcotronics Industries Arcotronics Industries Spa
Arcotronics Industries Srl Arcotronics Italia Spa
Arcotronics Kalla Spa Industries Hightach Srl Technologies Italia Arglistige Täuschung
Arrangement Contains Lease Asbestos Containing Materials Compliant
Ashurst Aspa
Asset Base Amount Asset Impairment
Asset Impairment Charges Asset Impairment Charges 2003
Asset Impairment Charges 2004 Asset Impairment-goodwill Long-lived Assets
Asset Impairment-goodwill Long-lived-assets Asset Purchase Agreement
Asset Purchase Price Asset Sales
Asset Sales Assets Held Sale Asset Share Purchase Agreement
Assets Held Sale Assignment
Assignment Guarantee Purposes Art Assignment Transfer Mortgagees Rights Art
Assignments Interests Assignments Transfers
Assignor Commitments Art Associates
Assumed Contracts Assumed German Contracts
Assumed New German Contracts Attachment Escrow Account Compliance Legal Orders
Attention Gianluca Davanzo Atto Disposizione
Audit Committee Audit Financial Information System Design Implementation Other Fees
Audit Opinion Aufrechnen
Aufschiebende Bedingung Ausgaben Zur Anschaffung Von Anlagevermögen
Authorisations Authority
Authority Relative Agreement Autoridade Concorrência
Außenverhältnis Available-for-sale Assets
Average Selling Prices Asps Awards
Awards Chief Executive Officer Awards Other Named Executive Officers
Back-end Production Unit Background
Banca Intesa Spa Banca Italease Spa
Banca Marche Spa Banca Nazionate Del Lavoro Spa
Banca Popolare Verona Novara Scarl Bank Term-sheets
Bankruptcy Proceedings Winding Transfer Creditors Barwert
Base Salary Base Salary Fixed Compensation
Base Salary Fixed Pay Base Salary Increases
Basis Financial Statement Preparation Basis Financial Statement Presentation
Basis Preparation Basis Presentation
Basket Become Capacitance
Been Advised Encouraged Writing Via Separation Agreement Consult Been Voluntarily Performed Taken Failed Seller Unless Such
Befreiende Vertragsübernahme Behörde
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Beneficiaries Participant Data
Beneficiary Beneficiary Obligations
Benefits Perquisites Beschäftigungsanspruch
Best Regards Betravg
Betrieb Betriebliche Übungen Und Gesamtzusagen
Betriebsteil Betriebsteile
Betriebsvereinbarungen Betriebsübergang
Between Bewegliche Gegenstände Des Sachanlagevermögens
Bill Sale Assignment Assumption Agreement Bipop Carira Spa
Blue Skye Lux Board Executive Agrees Offer Resign Accepted Then-current
Borrower Shall Fail Observe Perform Covenant Condition Agreement Borrowing Costs
Branchenübliche Eigentumsvorbehalte Brand Kemet Globally
Breach Build Product Low Cost Locations World Wide
Build What Customer Wants-in Meantime Sell Building Data
Business Business Combinations
Business Financial Statements Business Overview
Business Plan Business Relationships
Business Segments Business Strategy
Buy-from Etbf Buyer
Buyers Phase Environmental Report By-law Amendments
Cap Capacitor
Capacitor Industry Capacitors
Capacity Capex Plan
Capital Stock Capitalized Costs
Carisbo Spa Case Renovation Building Systems Extraordinary Maintenance Including Removal
Cases Enforcement Acceleration Clause Cash
Cash Equivalents Cash Financing Activities
Cash Investing Activities Cash Operating Activities
Cash Pooling Agreement Cautionary Statement Forward-looking Statements
Ceramic Ceramic Business Group
Ceramics Business Unit Certain Covenants
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence Certificates Stock
Certification Chief Executive Officer Certification Chief Executive Officer Financial Pursuant Usc 1350
Certification Chief Executive Officer Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted Certification Chief Financial Officer
Certification Chief Financial Officer Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted Certification President Chief Operating Officer
Certified Private Agreement Change Control
Change Inventories Changes Internal Control
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Changes Internal Controls
Changes Liquidity Impact Ability Realize Current Operating Plans Changes Officers Directors
Changes Registrants Certifying Accountants Channelling
Charles Volpe Claim
Claims Clarification
Clausola Risolutiva Espressa Closing Conditions
Closing Confirmation Closing Date
Closing Date Foreign Inventories Purchase Price Closing Date Order Volume
Closing Remarks Code Business Integrity Ethics
Collectively Combination Agreement
Commitments Commitments Grantor Art
Commitments Grantor Pledged Art Commitments Off-balance Sheet Transactions
Committee Used Subset Above Peer Organizations Assess Commodity Price Risk
Common Stock Common Stock Purchase Warrant
Communication Communications
Compared 2006 Working Capital Compared 2007 Working Capital
Comparison 5-year Cumulative Total Return Among Kemet Corporation Compensation Benefits
Compensation Chief Executive Officer Compensation Committee
Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Compensation Committee Report Executive
Compensation Directors Compensation Discussion Analysis
Compensation Non-employee Directors Compensation Philosophy
Compensation Program Components Compensation Program Philosophy Objectives
Compensation Reward Philosophy Competing Offer
Competition Completion Acquisitions Disposition Assets
Compliance Applicable Laws Regulations Compliance Environmental Permits
Compliance Law Compliance Material Contracts
Compliance Subject Absence Pcb Transformers Oil Attested Analytical Comprehensive Income Loss
Computers Computer Drives Internal External Disks Written Records Concentrations Credit Other Risks
Concentrations Risks Concerning Escrow Agent
Condensed Consolidated Balance Sheets Condensed Consolidated Statements Operations
Conditions Completion Tender Offer Conditions Precedent Amendment Shall Become Effective Satisfaction Each
Condizioni Risolutive Conduct Business Pending Closing
Confidential Information Confidential Separation Agreement
Confidentiality Confidentiality Public Announcements
Conflict Interest Conselho Ministros
Consent Independent Auditors Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consequences Termination Expiration Consideration
Consistently Reduce Total Costs Manufacturing Products Combat Impact Consistently Reduce Total Costs Products Combat Impact Downward
Consolidated Comparison 2009 2008 Consolidated Comparison 2010 2009
Consolidated Financial Statements Consolidated Results Operations
Consolidation Accounting Principles Construction Progress Advances
Contents Contingencies
Contingent Fees Contingent Liabilities Other Commitments
Continue Develop Innovative Products Maintain Relationships Customers Offset Continuing Directors
Contractual Interest Rate Contratos-promessa
Contratti Leasing Contribution
Contributions Credits Controls Procedures
Convenzione Bancaria Related Documents Convenzione Bancaria Security Documents
Convertible Debt Convertible Debt Offering
Convertible Subordinated Loan Corporate Advisory Services Agreement
Corporate Opportunities Corporation Structures Executives Total Compensation
Correction Correction Periods
Correctness Accuracy Information Cost Good Sold
Cost Goods Sold Cost Goods Sold Primarily Inventory Charges
Cost Sales Cost-reduction Initiative
Costs Costs Associated Exit Disposal Activities
Counterparts Covenants
Creation Annotation Pledge Art Creation Direct Financial Obligation
Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement Creation Mortgage
Creation Pledge Art Crediti Firma
Critical Accounting Policies Cross-default
Current Portion Long-term Debt Current Report Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Customer Difference Amount Cyclical Changes Electronics Industry Result Significant Fluctuations Demand
Cyclicality Cyclicality-
Date Report Earliest Event Reported 2005 Date Report Earliest Event Reported 2006
Date Warrant Exercised Exceeded 12500000 Per Share Exercise David Gable
Debt Debt Liquidity Capital Resources
Decisions Declarations Guarantees
Deed Acknowledgement Established Today Deed Assignment Credit Guarantee Purposes
Deed Pledge Shares Deed Pledge Stocks
Defaults Senior Securities Deferred Compensation Plan
Deferred Compensation Plan Key Managers Deferred Income Taxes
Defined Benefit Plan Defined Senior Facility Agreement
Defined Terms Abbreviations Definitions
Definitions Purposes Agreement Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Depreciation Amortisation
Depreciation Amortization Writedowns Derivative Financial Instruments
Derivatives Hedging Derivatives Hedging Other Financial Instruments
Destination Loan Detach Here Returning Proxy Card Mail
Dingliche Belastungen Director
Director Independence Directors
Directors Appointment Principal Officers Directors Executive Officers
Disbursement Declaration Receipt Disbursement Escrow Account
Discharge Pledge Disclosed Information
Disclosure Controls Procedures Disclosure Exhibits
Disinterested Director Means Not Was Party Proceeding Respect Disputes
Dissimilarity Documentary Evidence Distribution Agreement
Distribution Agreements Distribution Benefits
Distribution Companies Diviato Costituzione Vincoll
Dividend Interest Income Dividends
Divisional Equity Divisto Riutillizzo
Documentazione Finanziaria Significa Documents Corporate Compliance Other Delivery Obligations
Documents Incorporated Reference Dokumente Mit Fristsetzungen
Drohverluste Due Customers Advances
Due Other Sources Finance Due Social Security Institutions
Due Suppliers Due Tax Authorities
Durata Each Case Only Extent Until Total Amount Such
Ebitda Ecomag Blue Skye
Ecomag Environmental Management Economic Conditions
Effect Breach Warranties Effect Inflation
Effectiveness Effectiveness Guarantee Art
Effects Efflcaola Della Risoluzione Convenzions
Efibanca Spa Eigentumsvorbehalte
Elements Compensation Corporation Chooses Pay Each Element Corporations Elenco Allegati
Eligibility Participation Employee
Employee Benefits Employee Severance Indemnities
Employee Stock Options Employee Termination Costs
Employees Employees Eligible Receive Options
Employment Agreement Employment Agreements
Employment Arrangements Employment Period Shall Provide Executive Reimbursement Cost Membership
Enforcement Enforcement Acceleration Clause Termination Withdrawal
Enforcement Mortgages Art Enforcement Proceedings Other Legal Measures
Enhance Strategic Plan 2003 Enhanced Strategic Plan
Enhanced Strategic Plan 2003 Entire Agreement
Entitlement Benefits Entry Material Definitive Agreement
Entry Material Definitive Agreements Environmental
Environmental Cost Environmental Documents
Environmental Laws Environmental Laws Regulations Limit Ability Operate Currently Operating
Environmental Site Assessment Phase Epcos
Epcos Financial Statements Epcos Integration
Epcos Integration- Epcos PeÇas Componentes ElectrÓnicos
Epcos Portugal Epcos Portugal Cash Pooling Balance
Epcos Portugal Financial Statements Epcos Portugal Shareholder Loans
Epcos Portugal Shares Equipment Write-offs Impaired Assets
Equipment Write-offs Long-term Asset Impairment- Equity Compensation Plan Disclosure
Equity Investments Other Companies Erstattungen
Ertragslag Ertragslage
Erwin Maddrey Escrow Agreement
Establishment Escrow Account Estimated Fair Value Net Assets Business Acquired
Estimated Fair Value Net Assets Business Acquired Dollars Estimates
Estimates Assumptions Eur
Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures Events Acts Failures Act Periods After Closing Date
Events Acts Failures Act Periods Prior Closing Date Events Default
Evox Rifa Evox Rifa Group Oyj
Exceeds Falls Short Target Net Working Capital Such Except Assumed Liabilities Through Above Liability Other Obligation
Exceptions Pursuant Art 294 Decree 127 Excess Employees
Excess Purchase Price Over Fair Value Net Assets Excluded Assets
Excluded Contracts Excluded Liabilities
Exclusive Foreign Contract Sale Transfer Assumption Agreements Exclusive Foreign Contracts
Exclusively Exclusively Listed Described
Execution Copy Execution Obligations
Executive Compensation Executive Officers
Executive Stock Option Plan Executive Summary
Exercise Price Exhibits
Exit Costs Expansion
Expansion Periods Expenses
Expenses Charges Taxes Dues Art Expenses Charges Taxes Duties Art
Expenses Other Current Assets Experts
Experts Phase Environmental Report Extension Raw Material Contract
Extent Permitted Possible Applicable Law Provided Seller Shall Extent Set Forth
Extraordinary Income Expenses Extraordinary Significant Operations
Face Intense Competition Business Facility
Factoring Receivables Failed Execution Reduction Value Default Guarantees
Failure Fulfil Contractual Obligations Fair Competition Antitrust
Fair Value Measurement Falls Short Target Order Volume
Fan Master Agreement Fee Letter
Fees Paid Kpmg Llp Fertige Erzeugnisse
Fiduciary Duties Film Electrolytic
Film Electrolytic Business Group Final Sale Heidenheim Tantalum Polymer Capacitors
Financial Assets Fair Value Through Profit Loss Financial Conditions
Financial Covenants Financial Covenants Significant Transactions Amendments By-laws
Financial Income Expenses Financial Indebtedness
Financial Instruments Financial Integrity
Financial Liabilities Financial Risk Management
Financial Statements Exhibits Financial Statements Supplementary Data
Financing Finanzanlagen
Finanziamenti Ipotecari Finanzlamenti Garanzle
Fixed Assets Flatten Organization-and Continually Build Effective Lean Organization
Florian Kästle Force Majeure
Ford Competente Forderungen Aus Lieferungen Und Leistungen
Forderungen Gegen Verbundene Unternehmen Foreign Currency
Foreign Currency Exchange Rate Risk Foreign Currency Transactions
Foreign Inventories Foreign Inventories Sale Purchase Agreements
Foreign Operations Foreign Subsidiaries
Form 10-k Form 10-q
Form Indemnification Agreement Fortis Bank
Frank Brandenberg Frankfurt Main
Freibetrag Freistellung
Further Amendments Further Provisions Art
Further Remedies Future Stocks
Future Stocks Total Production Costs Gaap
Gain Long-term Supply Contract Gain Long-term Supply Contract-
Gain Loss Long-term Supply Contract Gain Loss Sales Disposals Assets
Gain Personal Profit Advantage Degree Liability Primary Secondary Garantie Für Die Beschaffenheit Der Sache
Garantieversprechen Gehemmt
General General Notes
General Overview General Provisions
Geographical Segments Gerichtliche Oder Behördliche Verfügung
Gerichtliche Rechtsstreitigkeiten Oder Schiedsverfahren German Non-production Business
German Purchaser German Tantalum Business
German Vat Geschmacksmuster
Global Sales Logistics Going Concern
Goodwill Goodwill Impairment Write Down Long-lived Assets
Goodwill Intangible Assets Goodwill Other Intangible Assets
Governing Law Governing Law Arbitration
Governing Law Counterparts Governing Law Jurisdiction Consent Service Process
Governing Law Jurisdiction Venue Governing Principle
Government Grants Grant License
Grant Options Granting Loans Guarantees
Greenville 2008 Greenville South Carolina
Greenville South Carolina 2007 Greenville South Carolina 2008
Greenville South Carolina 2009 Grobe Fahrlässigkeit
Gross Margin Group Lessee
Group Lessor Guarantee Effectiveness Art
Gurminder Bedi Hauptleistungspflichten
Hazardous Materials Hazardous Substances
Headings Hear Customer Responsive
Heating System Heating System Not Present Refreshing Granted Heat Pumps
Hedging Commodity Prices Hedging Foreign Currencies
Heidenheim Employees Heidenheim Finished Goods
Heidenheim Production Employees Heidenheim Production End Date
Heidenheim Production Purchase Price Heidenheim Production Units
Heidenheim Tantalum Business Heidenheim Tantalum Polymer Capacitors
Highlights Http Wwwkemetcom
Hypothesis Described Materials Contain Asbestos Suggest Planning Future Identification Plan
Illegality Other Events Relating Financial Documents Immediate Release
Impact Recently Issued Accounting Standards Impact Sfas 123 Share-based Payment
Impact Sfas 123 Share-based Payment- Impaired Assets
Impaired Long-lived Assets Impairment
Impairment Charges Impairment Long-lived Assets
Impairment Loss Real Property- Improving Current Products Developing New
Including Without Limitation Confidential Information Then Possess His Income Loss Per Share
Income Taxes Income Taxes Payable
Increase Cost Principal Raw Materials Adversely Affect Profitability Indebltamento Finanzlarto Consolidato Netto
Indebtedness Agreements Closing Date Borrower Not Party Borrowed Indemnification
Indemnification Officers Directors Others Indemnification Procedure
Indemnified Party Indemnifying Party
Indemnitee Address Set Forth Below Signature Hereto Indemnities Expenses
Indemnity Indemnity Case Infringement Third-party Intellectual Property Rights
Independent Auditors Consent Independent Contractors
Index Index Exhibits
Individually Party Information Board Directors
Information Disclosure Information Regarding Evox Rifa
Information Regarding Kemet Innenverhältnis
Inside Information Securities Trading Insolvency
Insolvenzverfahren Insurance Coverage
Insurance Policies Intangible Assets
Intangible Assets Process Formation Intangible Assets Progress
Intellectual Property Intellectual Property Rights
Intentionally Left Blank Inter Group Loans
Intercompany Transactions Interest
Interest Rate Interest Rate Loan Shall Equal Libor Such Period
Interest Rate Risk Interest Rate Swaps
Internal Control Over Financial Reporting International Compensation
Intesa Leasing Spa Inventories
Inventory Inventory Adjustments
Inventory Backlog Inventory Related Supply Agreement
Investing Investment Contracts
Investment Contracts Amendment Agreements Investment Status Borrower Not Defined Subject Regulation Act
Investments Investor Rights Agreement
Invoiced Per-item Price Irrevocable Authority
Issuer Purchases Equity Securities Joint Ventures
Joseph Swann Jurisdiction
Jurisdiction Art Kemet
Kemet Announces Closing Transaction Acquire Arcotronics Kemet Announces Commitment New Medium-term Credit Facility
Kemet Announces Prepayment Senior Notes Kemet Announces Rationalization Plan
Kemet Announces Resignation Head Business Units New Development Kemet Announces Sale Wet Tantalum Assets
Kemet Asia Pacific Kemet China
Kemet Corporation Kemet Corporation Announces Reduction-in-force Consolidation Newly Acquired Companies
Kemet Corporation Box 5928 Greenville South Carolina 29606 Kemet Corporation Reports Results
Kemet Electronics Corporation Kemet Electronics Gmbh
Kemet Electronics Suzhou Ltd Kemet Europe
Kemet Mexico Kemet Reports Increased Sales Profitability
Kemet Reports Preliminary Results 2008 Kemet Reports Results 1st Operations
Kemet Reports Results 2nd Operations Kemet Reports Results 3rd Operations
Kemet Switzerland Kemet United States
Kemet Way Simpsonville Kemet Way Simpsonville 29681
Kemets Global Presence Key Employee Stock Option Plan
Key Employees Key Employees Although Believe Assumptions Underlying Forward-looking Statements
Kpmg Llp Kurt Von Moltke
Lamina Investment Write-off- Lease Contracts
Leases Leasimpresa Spa
Leasing Legal Entity
Legal Proceedings Leggl
Lender Shall Received Following Documents Lender Shall Received Lien Searches Against Borrower Indicating
Lending Bank Lettera Waiver Assenso Rilascio Garanzie
Leverage Technology-deliver What Customer Wants Focus Speed-to-market Right Liens
Light Fire-show Care Limitation Liability
Limitations Sellers Liability Limits Analysis
Limits Engagement Linee Credito Revolving Per Autoliquidante
Liquidity Capital Resources List Annexes
List Annexes Certified Copies List Exhibits
List Exhibits Schedules List Subsidiaries 2005
List Subsidiaries 2006 List Subsidiaries 2007
List Subsidiaries 2008 211 List Subsidiaries 2009
Litigation Loan Dated 2008 Adherence Deed Pledge Shares
Loan Guarantees Loan Notes
Locafit Spa Locat Spa
Long-term Asset Impairment Long-term Asset Impairment-
Long-term Bank Debt Incurred Long-term Equity Incentive Plan
Long-term Incentive Plan 2008 2009 Long-term Incentive Plan 2009 2010
Long-term Investments Securities Long-term Supply Agreement
Losing Services Executive Officers Other Highly Qualified Experienced Loss Early Retirement Debt
Loss Gain Long-term Supply Contract Loss Long-term Supply Contract
Loss Sale Property Loss Sale Property-
Loss Sales Disposals Assets Ltip
Maco Main Contractual Conditions
Main Obligations Beneficiary Maintaining Long-term Customer Relationships
Maintenance Activities Limited Necessary Actions Employees Charge Adequately Maintenance Guarantee Art
Man Vitreous Fibres Man Vitreous Fibres Compliant
Management Accounts Management Responsibility Financial Information
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Mandatory Repayment
Manufacture Capacitors Mexico China Future Political Regulatory Changes Manufacture Capacitors Portugal Mexico China Future Political Regulatory
Manufacture Capacitors Various International Locations Future Political Regulatory Manufacture Delivery Transfer Risk
Manufacturing Contract Manufacturing High-quality Products
Manufacturing Relocation Costs Manufacturing Relocation Employee Termination Costs
Manufacturing Relocation Plan Formerly Known Enhanced Strategic 2003 Manufacturing Relocation Reduction Workforce
Manufacturing Relocation Reduction Workforce- Manufacturing Relocation Reduction Workforce-d
Manufacturing Relocations Manufacturing Supply Agreement
Market Competitiveness Market Registrants Common Equity Related Stockholder Matters Issuer
Markets Customers Material Adverse Change
Material Adverse Effect Material Agreements
Material Epcos Portugal Agreements Math Work
Matters Legal Nature Medleleasing Spa
Meeting Date 2005 Meeting Date 2006
Meeting Date 2007 Meeting Date 2008
Meeting Date 2009 Meetings Stockholders
Memberships Minimis
Minimis Amount Minus Amount Cash Equivalents Provided Avoidance Doubt Amounts
Miscellaneous Mitglied Des Aufsichtsrats Oder Verwaltungsrats
Modifiohe Principl Contabill Monthly Customer Difference Amount
Monthly Invoiced Amount Monthly Total Difference Amount
Monthly Total Production Costs Mortgage Deed
Mortgage Registration Art Mortgagers Commitments Art
Most Significant Munich Product Marketing Department
Munich Product Marketing Employees Nachteilsausgleichskosten
Naturalrestitution Nature Business Organization
Negative Pledge Net
Net Benefit Plan Adjustments Net Debt Shall Not Include
Net Free Cash Flow Net Income Loss
Net Sales Net Sales-
Net Working Capital New Epcos Evora
New Lending Bank New Production Contracts
New Standards Interpretations News Release
Nissei Master Agreement Nominalbetrag
Nominating Corporate Governance Committee Nominees Board Directors
Non Transferability Contract Credit Non Truthful Incomplete Declarations Guarantees
Non-compete Non-solicitation Non-compete Period
Non-competition Non-competition Period Executive Agrees Not Sell Manufacture Participate
Non-current Assets Non-current Assets Held Sale
Non-current Receivables Non-exclusivity Survival Rights Insurance Subrogation
Non-payment Delayed Payment Non-production Assets
Non-production Fixed Assets Non-recurring Interest Amortization Charges
Not Able Successfully Integrate Current Future Acquisitions Operations Not Able Successfully Integrate Epcos Tantalum Business Unit
Not Able Successfully Integrate Tantalum Capacitor Business Future Not Achieve Expected Benefits Manufacturing Relocation Plan Other
Not Applicable Not Exceed Following Aggregate Amounts Such Liabilities Obligations
Nota Dichiarazione Rilasciarsi Cura Ciascuna Società Finanziatrice Favore Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders
Notice Certain Events Notice Prepayment
Notices Notification Assignment
Notifies Now Therefore
Number 0-20289 Nutzungen Und Lasten
Obblighi Informativa Object
Object Tender Offer Objecting Employees
Objectives Analysis Obligation Increase Tender Offer Pay Compensation
Obligations Obligations Secured Borrower Credit Documents Shall Fully Described
Occurred Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Offer Offer Conditions
Offer Period Offer Price
Officer Officers
Offices Operating
Operating Income Operating Income Loss
Operating Leases Operating Loss
Operating Profit Operations
Opinion Option Exercise
Option Terms Orders Bestellungen Seller Acceptances Annahmen Each Case Relating
Ordinary Course Business Organization
Organization Qualification Organization Qualification Subsidiaries
Osservanze Della Legge Ote Segment Information
Other Other Air Emissions
Other Areas Other Assets
Other Business Other Current Liabilities
Other Events Other Expense
Other Expense Income Net Other Factors
Other Financial Instruments Other Income
Other Income Expense Other Income Expense Net
Other Information Other Intangible Assets
Other Issues Other Key Employees
Other Non-current Obligations Other Operating Costs
Other Operating Expenses Other Operating Income
Other Payables Other Postretirement Benefit Plans
Other Potential Soil Contamination Sources Other Product-related Costs
Other Reserves Other Securities
Other Unasserted Contingent Indemnification Obligations Including Those Loan Outside Advisors Peer Group Analyses
Outstanding Debt Overview
Owned Assets Ownership Availability Assets
Ownership Marks Ozone Depleting Substances Compliant
Parametrl Finanzlarl Pari Passu
Partial Invalidity Partl Correlate
Past Contamination Patents Trademarks
Payables Due Affiliates Payables Due Parent
Payables Due Social Security Institution Payables Due Suppliers
Pegaso Finance Sàrl Société Responsabilité Limitée Siège Social Pension Liabilities
Pension Plan Pension Plan Settlement Charges
Pension Plan Settlement Charges- Pension Plans
Pension Post-retirement Benefits Pension Settlement Charges
People Front Lines Call Shots Per-item Book Value Difference Amount
Per-item Difference Amount Per-item List Price
Per-item Quantity Related Costs Per-olof Loof
Per-type Book Value Difference Amount Performance Awards
Performance Bond Performance Bond Bank Guarantee
Performance Graph Performance Reviews
Performance Stock Awards Performance Vesting Stock Options
Perlodo Interessl Personnel
Personnel Reduction Cost Personnel Reduction Costs
Personnel Reduction Manufacturing Relocation Costs Personnel Reductions
Peter Knoll Phase Environmental Report
Phase-out Schedule Plant Machinery
Platinum Credit Facility Pledge Security Agreement
Plus Point Out Gas R22 Currently Permitted Until 2015
Poly Line Poly Line Fixed Assets
Poly Lines Portuguese Investment Grants
Portuguese State Position Duties
Position Evaluation Postretirement Benefits
Pplicable Law Preamble
Preisvereinbarungen Preliminary Heidenheim Production Purchase Price
Preliminary Purchase Price Premesso Che
Prepaid Expenses Other Current Assets Presentation Figures
Previous Bylaw Provision Previous Restructuring Adjustments
Price Price Common Stock Remains Below 100 Delisted Nyse
Prices Payment Terms Principal Accountant Fees Services
Principal Outstanding Amount Credit Line Shall Repaid According Principl Contablll
Principles Combination Principles Consolidation
Pro Forma Adjustments Pro Forma Financial Information
Production Assets Production Contracts
Production Costs Purchases Production Fixed Assets
Production Inventory Production Transfer Assumption Agreement
Profile Principal Activities Project Data
Proof Credit Properties
Property Equipment Property Held Sale
Property Plant Equipment Property Plant Equipment Net
Proposal Elect Directors Proposal Ratify Appointment Independent Public Accountants
Proposal Ratify Appointment Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Proprietary Information
Protection Waivers Provided However
Providing Product Breadth Service Flexibility Provision Severance Indemnity
Provisions Provisions Aspa Investment Contacts
Provisions Aspa Purchase Price Provisions Aspa Transfer Assets Contracts
Provisions Risks Charges Provisions Severable
Public Announcements Public Offerings Recapitalization Stock Purchases
Publicity Purchase Price
Purchaser Case Other Side Purchaser Case Side
Purchasers Purchasers Foreign Affiliates
Purchasers Guarantor Purchasers Representatives
Purpose Purposes Agreement Good Reason Shall Mean Termination Result
Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Put Options Quadro Direttivo
Quality Control Quality Reliability Given Minds Customers
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosure Market Risk Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quarterly Period 2007 Quarterly Period 2009
Quarterly Results Operations Quiet Period
Quotazione Raising Mortgage Real Estate Property Art
Ramp-down Schedule Rapporto Indebltamento Finanziario Consolidato Netto Ebitda
Rastituzione Del Finanziamentl Raw Materials
Raw Materials Wastes Stored Proper Spaces Closed Rooms Real Estate
Reasonable Best Efforts Reasonable Expenses Incurred
Receivables Receivables Affiliated Companies
Receivables Parent Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Recent Industry Trend Recent Trend Average Selling Prices
Recently Issued Accounting Pronouncements Rechtsfähigkeit
Rechtshängig Rechtskräftig
Recipients Recitals
Reclassification Recommendation
Reconciliation Basic Diluted Income Loss Per Common Share Reconciliation Basic Income Loss Per Common Share
Reconciliation Basic Income Per Common Share Reduction Workforce Manufacturing Relocation Costs
Reductions Workforce Reference Date
Reference Date Foreign Inventories Purchase Price References
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 864 963-6300 Regulation Disclosure
Related Party Transactions Other Affiliates Release Executive
Reliance Information Provided Client Remaining Overall Low-cost Producer
Remediation Prior Material Weakness Remedies Event Default Art
Remedies Indemnitee Remuneration
Rents Leases Report Audit Committee
Report Compensation Committee Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Reporting Behavior Representatives
Research Development Research Development Costs
Research Development Expenses Resignation Removal Escrow Agent
Respective Restated Heidenheim Manufacturing Supply Agreement
Restricted Cash Restricted Stock
Restricted Stock Long-term Incentive Plans Ltip Restructuring Charges
Restructuring Charges- Restructuring Expenses
Restructuring Impairment Charges Result Significant Event
Results Operations Results Operations Financial Condition
Retained Accounting Documentation Retained Earnings Losses
Retention Retiring Director
Revenue Recognition Revenue Recognition Net Sales
Reversal Previous Recorded Restructuring Accrual Reversal Previously Recorded Restructuring Accrual
Reversals Previous Restructuring Accruals- Reversals Previously Recorded Accruals-
Review Approval Ratification Transactions Related Persons Revisione Contabile
Rights Rinunela Alla Condizions Risolutiva
Risk Factors Risk Provision
Risoluzione Per Inadempimento Robert Paul
Role Committee Executive Officers Rückstellung
Rücktritt Rücktritt Vom Vertrag
Safe Harbor Statement Salary Ranges
Sale Arcotronics Fuel Cells Srl Sale Capital Shares Kemet Electronics Corporation
Sale Purchase Agreement Sale Purchase Agreement Dated 2007
Sales Sales Credit Risk
Sales Distribution Sales Geography
Sales Goods Services Salvaguardia Del Bani
San Paolo Leasint Spa Schedule
Schedule 14a Schiedsgericht
Schiedsgutachter Scope Agreement
Secondary Recipients Securities Exchange
Securities Exchange Act 1934 Securities Exchange Act 1934 Reports
Security Interest Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder
Segment Assets Liabilities Segment Information
Segment Reporting Segment Review
Selbstbehalte Seller
Seller Other German Non-production Business Sale Transfer Hereunder Seller Shall Entitled Blacken Parts Relating Business Other
Sellers Best Knowledge Sellers Bring Down Certificate
Sellers Foreign Affiliates Sellers Guarantees
Sellers Indemnitees Sellers Representatives
Selling General Administrative Expenses Senior Notes
Separation Pay Policy Executives Seq
Settlement Firm Settlement Outstanding Payables Tax Authorities
Seventh Business Immediately After Severance Retirement Change Control Benefits
Shall Defense Action Create Presumption Indemnitee Not Met Shall Not Affect Validity Enforceability Other Provision Separation
Shall Owed Employees German Tantalum Business Borne Purchaser Shall Understood Representation Guarantee Other Obligation Seller Respect
Share-based Payments Shared Contracts
Shared Foreign Contracts Shared Production Contracts
Shareholders Loans Inter Group Bonds Shares
Shares Not Been Transferred Book-entry System Shares Subject Plan
Shipping Handling Costs Short Work-in-process Wip Roof Strategy
Side Agreement Signature
Signature Page Amended Restated Kemet Corporation Deferred Compensation Signature Page Follow
Signature Page Follows Immediately Hereafter Signatures
Significant Events Simmons
Simpsonville 2007 Simpsonville Agosto 2007
Site Description Site History
Società Società Revlaione
Soil Subsoil Not Compliant Soil Subsoil Not Definible Past Contamination
Sold Intellectual Property Rights Solicitation Transactions
Special Charges Spese
Split Units Present Refresh Particular Rooms Room Offices Staff Severance Indemnities
Standard Performance Start-up Expansion Costs
Statement Board Directors Opposition Stockholder Proposal Status
Status Environmental Permits Stellt Frei
Steuerliche Nebenleistungen Stock Appreciation Rights
Stock Option Plans Stock Option Program
Stock Options Stock Ownership Guidelines
Stock Purchases Stock Splits
Stock-based Compensation Stockholder Agreement
Stockholder Communication Board Directors Stockholder Proposals 2006 Annual Meeting
Stockholder Proposals 2007 Annual Meeting Stockholder Proposals 2008 Annual Meeting
Straftaten Strategy
Structure Structure Content Financial Statements
Subject German Purchasers Reasonable Consent Required Pursuant 141 Subject German Purchasers Reasonable Consent Required Pursuant 8a12
Subject Loan Disbursement Request Subject Matter Agreement Definition Tantalum Customer
Sublicense Agreement Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Subsequent Event Subsequent Events
Substitution Agreement Such
Sufficient Financing Suggest Carry Out Environmental Site Assessment Phase Through
Suggest Identifying Proper Storage Areas Subdividing Clearly Space Suggest Realizing Safety Basins Covering Liquid Substances Stored
Suggest Removal Disposal Various Waste Piled Penthouse Summary
Summary Document Summary Main Clauses
Summary Main Significant Events Summary Non-employee Director Compensation
Summary Significant Accounting Policies Supply Contracts
Suspension Interruption Changes Typical Business Activity Suspension Termination Plan
Systems Table Contents
Tangible Assets Course Construction Tantalum
Tantalum Business Epcos Tantalum Business Group
Tantalum Business Unit Tantalum Business Unit Epcos
Tantalum Capacitor Business Epcos Tantalum Customers
Tantalum Supplier Tantalum Supply Contract
Target Heidenheim Net Working Capital Target Net Working Capital
Target Order Volume Tarifvertrag
Tasse Contributi Previdenziall Tasso Soglla
Tatsachenaussage Tax Accounting Implications
Tax Authorities Tax Benefit Not Previously Recognized
Tax Benefit Not Previously Recognized- Tax Credit
Tax Credits Tax Matters
Taxes Taxes Dues Expenses Art
Taxing Authority Temporary Distribution Agreement
Temporary Distribution End Date Temporary Distribution Period
Temporary Evora Supply Agreement Tender Offer 225 Convertible Senior Notes Due 2026
Tender Offer Period Term
Term Options Term Termination
Termination Termination Benefits
Termination Contract Termination Contract Recognized Charge Early 2006 Related Plant
Termination Contract- Termination Costs
Termination Either Party Termination Evox
Termination Forfeiture Termination Kemet
Termination Manufacturing Supply Agreement Terms Conditions Tender Offer
Terms Payment Settlement Territory
Test Period Text Annotation Pledge Shareholders Register
Text Endorsement Stock Certificates Third-party Claim
Third-party Claims Indemnities Third-party-rights
Total Book Value Difference Amount Total Compensation
Trade Other Current Receivables Trade Receivables
Trade Secrets Ideas Inventions Designs Developments Devices Methods Transfer Conditions
Transfer Date Transfer Ownership
Transfer Restrictions Legend Transfer Tax Other Payments
Transfers Art Transitional Agreement
Translation Expressed Foreign Currency Translation Financial Statements Foreign Subsidiaries
Trust Umsatzsteuer Ust
Umsatzsteuergesetz Ustg Underground Storage Tank
Underground Storage Tanks Understood Executive Continue Cobra Coverage His Expense Additional
Unicredit Unicredit Banca Dimpresa Spa
Unicredit Corporate Banking Spa Unipol Banca Spa
Unless Assumed German Purchaser Subject Purchasers Reasonable Consent Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds
Variable Compensation Varie
Vat Verbindlichkeiten Aus Lieferungen Und Leistungen
Verbindlichkeiten Gegenüber Kreditinstituten Verbindlichkeiten Gegenüber Verbundenen Unternehmen
Veritica Verjähren
Verursacht Oder Mitverursacht Verwechslungsfähig
Verzugszinsen Vishay
Vishay Loan Voluntary Set-off
Vorräte Vorstand
Vorsteuerabzug Vote Important Please Date Sign Enclosed Proxy Card
Voting Right Art Voting Rights Art
Waiver Waiver Fee
Waiver Rights Cumulative Wandelschuldverschreibungen Sonstige Schuldverschreibungen
Warrant Liability Warranty Liability Statute Limitations Indemnity Claims
Was Delisted Nyse Now Trades Otc Bulletin Board Wastewaters
Water Compliant Supply Water Supply
What Compensation Program Designed Reward Whereas
Wichtiger Grund Withdrawal Rights
Witness Whereof Working Capital
Working Capital Financing Working Capital Financing Liquidity
Worsening Credit Position Write Down Long-lived Assets
Write-down Investment Unconsolidated Subsidiary Write-down Investment Unconsolidated Subsidiary-
Writedown Investment Unconsolidated Subsidiary Wwwkemetcom
Zahlstelle Zahlungsempfangsstelle
Zoning Zufällige Verschlechterung
Zug Zurückbehaltungsrecht
öffentlich-rechtliche Verträge übergeben
überträgt Dinglich 
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