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Acceleration Acceptance Product
Accompanying Notes Integral Part Financial Statement Accounting Policies
Accounting Stock-based Compensation Accounting Terms
Accounts Receivable Accrued Liabilities
Acquisition Acquisition Doubles Annual Revenues
Acquisition High Purity Process Chemicals Business Acquisitions
Add Material Covenant Respect Such Indebtedness Credit Agreement Addenda Incorporated Agreement
Administration Plan Advertising Costs
Affiliate Affiliate Transactions
Aggregate Inventory Cost Agree Whether Writing Otherwise Foregoing
Agreement Agreement Entered
Agricultural Chemicals Agrochemicals-animal Health Pesticides Agricultural Chemicals Segments
Air Products Apa Documents Allocation Major Elements Compensation
Allocation Partial Prepayments Allowance Doubtful Accounts
Amended Restated Credit Agreement Amendment 101 Financial Covenants
Amendment Amended Restated Credit Agreement Pledge Amendment Organizational Documents
Amendment Purchase Agreement Amendment Termination Plan
Amendments Schedule Defined Terms Animal Health
Animal Health Pesticides Animal Health Pesticides Segment
Annual Cash Incentive Bonus Annual Incentive Compensation
Annual Incentive Performance Objectives Weightings 2007 Named Executive Annual Incentive Performance Objectives Weightings 2008 Named Executive
Annual Statements Annualized Base Salaries Board Chair Named Executive Officers
Anti-terrorism Laws Applicable Law
Applicable Only Corporate Issuers Applicable Only Corporate Registrants
Appointment Principal Officer Arbitration
Asset Purchase Agreement Assigned Agreements
Assignment Assignments Participations
Assumed Liabilities Assumed Liability
Assumption Agreement Audit Committee
Authorization Etc Award Level Paid Percentage Base Salary 2007
Award Level Paid Percentage Base Salary 2008 Background Purpose
Balance Sheet Discussion Balance Sheet Highlights
Base Salary Based Total Amount Credit Agreement Obligations Owing Lender
Basic Obligations Parties Basis Presentation
Basis Pro Forma Presentation Benchmarking
Benchmarking Other Market Data Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Bill Sale Binding Effect Etc
Board Committee Membership Board Directors Committees
Board Meetings Boehringer Ingelheim
Books Records Borrower Right Assign Rights Obligations Hereunder Without Prior
Borrowers Covenants Borrowers General Covenants Agreements Pertaining Collateral Borrower Agrees
Breach Violation Provisions Agreement Result Breaching Party Being Broad-based Employee Benefits
Brokers Business
Business Adversely Affected Cyclical Seasonal Effects Business Continuity
Business Generated Approximately Revenues 2007 Business Highlights
Business Records Business Segments
Business Strategy Business Subject Operational Risks Not Adequately Insured
Business Success Depends Significantly Reliability Sufficiency Manufacturing Facilities Buyer
Buyer Indemnified Parties Buyers Estimated Valorem Share
Buyers Representations Warranties Calculation Closing Adjusted Purchase Price Seller Buyer Mutually
Cancel Material Indebtedness Individually Aggregate Waive Claims Rights Capital Expenditures
Capitalization Valid Issuance Shares Case Mutilation Surrender Cancellation Thereof
Cash Equivalents Cash Flows
Certain Documents Certificate
Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act Change Control Employment Agreements
Change Control Shall Occur Change Dates Payments Principal Interest Other Scheduled Due
Change-in-control Benefits Changes Corporate Structure
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Changes Registrants Certifying Accountant
Charles Mears Charles Neff
Charles Neff Retires Board Claims
Claims Procedure Close Hppc Acquisition
Closing Closing Date
Collateral Agents Liens Collateral Evidenced Instruments Documents
Committee Charters Code Business Conduct Communication Board
Compensation Chief Executive Officer Compensation Committee
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Consultant
Compensation Directors Compensation Discussion Analysis
Compensatory Arrangements Certain Officers Competition
Completion Acquisition Disposition Assets Compliance Erisa
Compliance Law Compliance Laws Other Instruments Etc
Compliance Laws Rules Computation Abr Margin Libor Unused Fee Percentage Financial
Concentration Operations Other Countries Concentration Suppliers
Concentrations Credit Risks Conditions Each Buyers Obligation
Conditions Effectiveness Conditions Obligation
Conference Call Confidential Information
Confidentiality Publicity Consents Approvals
Construction Etc Contacts
Contingencies Contract Contains Binding Arbitration Provision Enforced Parties
Controls Procedures Corporate Existence Etc
Cost Sales Counterparts
Counterparts Agreement Shall Executed Each Such Counterpart Deemed Covenant Compliance
Covenants Creation Direct Financial Obligation
Credit Agreement Credit Documents Air Products Apa
Creosote Critical Accounting Policies
Critical Accounting Policies Estimates Currency
Current Report Current Report Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Customers Customs Clearance
Data Security Requirements David Hatcher
Default Defaults Payment Interest After Same Becomes Due Payable
Defaults Senior Securities Definitions
Delivery Credit Documents Air Products Apa Delivery Releases Scheduling
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Depend Access Financial Markets Fund Growth Strategy Currently
Depend Senior Management Team Loss Member Adversely Affect Dependent Critical Systems Processes Hardware Concentrated Limited Number
Dependent Limited Number Suppliers Cosolvent Creosote Animal Health Dependent Limited Number Suppliers Cosolvent Creosote Several Animal
Dependent Limited Number Suppliers Creosote Animal Health Pesticide Dependent Major Customers Significant Portion Net Sales
Depreciation Description Assets Acquired
Determine Each Element Compensation Pay Direct Expenses
Director Compensation 2008 Director Independence
Disbursement Revolving Loan Disbursement Swing Line Loan
Disclosure Disclosure Controls Procedures
Disclosure Regarding Forward Looking Statements Disclosure Schedule
Dispute Resolution Distribution Sale Products Subject Prior Governmental Approvals Thereafter
Dividends Documents Incorporated Reference
Each Party Shall Reasonable Best Efforts Restraint Prohibition Earnings Per Share
Earnings Rise Before Non-cash Impairment Charge Sales Increase Election Directors
Electronic Chemicals Electronic Chemicals-north America International Segments
Electronic Transactions Elements Compensation
Eligibility Employee Benefit Plans
Employees Employment Agreements
Employment Severance Agreements Encumbrance Real Property Interests
Encumbrances Entry Material Definitive Agreement
Environmental Environmental Laws
Environmental Matters Environmental Regulatory Proceedings
Environmental Remediation Indemnification Environmental Safety Matters
Epa Equipment
Equity Compensation Benefit Equity Compensation Plan Information
Equity Compensation Plans Erisa Matters
Estimates Even Plan Attend Meeting Requested Complete Sign Date
Event Default Exchange Act
Excluded Assets Executive Benefits Perquisites
Executive Compensation Executive Severance Plan
Executive Summary Exhibits
Existing Indebtedness Credit Agreement Obligations Existing Indebtedness Future Liens
Expected Contribute Approximately Annual Revenues Experience Increased Costs Production Delays Suppliers Fail Deliver
Experience Reduced Demand Wood Preserving Chemicals Products Those Experience Reduction Demand Creosote Customers Dilute Fuel Oil
Experience Reduction Demand Creosote Customers Dilute Purchased Fuel Explanation Impracticality Preparing Full Financial Statements Business Acquired
Facility Fair Value Financial Instruments
Fifth Amendment Term Loan Agreement Filing Fees Taxes
Financial Covenants Financial Highlights
Financial Highlights Versus 2004 Financial Restatement
Financial Statements Financial Statements Business Acquired
Financial Statements Exhibits Financial Statements Material Liabilities
Force Majeure Forecasts 2009 Net Sales 200
Forecasts 2009 Revenues 200 Along Significantly Improved Profitability Foreign Assets Control Regulations Etc
Foreign Currency Exchange Rate Sensitivity Foreign Currency Remeasurement
Foreign Currency Translation Foreign Regulation
Forfeiture Form 10-k
Form 10-q Forward Looking Statements
Forward-looking Statements Fred Leonard
Funding Funding Instructions
Further Assurances Gain Sale Securities
General General Compensation Philosophy
General Covenants Agreements Pertaining Collateral General Information
General Provisions General Terms
Generally Operate Only Terminal Capable Taking Creosote Imported Geographical Information
George Gilman Goodwill
Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Governing Law
Governing Law Amendment Shall Construed Enforced Accordance Rights Governing Law Miscellaneous
Governmental Authorizations Etc Governmental Entity
Grant Date Grant Lien
Grants Plan-based Awards 2007 Grants Plan-based Awards 2008
Gross Profit Guaranteed Obligations
Half Financial Highlights Versus 2005 Half Financial Highlights Versus 2006
Half Financial Highlights Versus 2007 Hazardous Materials
Hazardous Materials Exposes Potential Liabilities Headings
Health Welfare Plans Highest Lawful Rate
Highlights Versus 2005 Highlights Versus 2006
Highlights Versus 2007 Home Office Payment
Houston 2005 Houston Texas 77036
Hppc Business Outlook Immediate Release
Impairment Charge Impairment Long-lived Assets
Income Loss Operations Income Taxes
Increase Revenues Increases Price Primary Raw Materials Decrease Profitability Adversely
Increases Price Primary Raw Materials Wood Preserving Chemicals Indebtedness
Indemnification Indemnified Party
Indemnifying Party Independent Auditors Report
Index Index Consolidated Financial Statements
Index Financial Statements Industries Compete Subject Economic Downturns
Industries Operate Competitive Competition Prevent Raising Prices Same Industries Operate Including Electronic Chemicals Industry Competitive Competition
Information Related Operating Investing Financing Cash Flows Business Information Required Rule 144a
Instruments Insurance
Insurance Proceeds Intangible Assets
Intellectual Property Intellectual Property Rights
Interest Expense Interest Rate Revolving Loan Shall Calculated Follows
Interest Rate Sensitivity Interest Rate Term Loan Shall Calculated Follows
Interpretation Plan Introduction
Inventories Investment
Investments Contingent Liabilities Investor Information
Investor Relations Counsel Invoicing Payment
John Sobchak John Sobchak Chief Financial Officer
Joint Several Liability Borrowers Jsobchakkmgchemicalscom
Jurisdiction Process Waiver Jury Trial Kmex-specific Restrictions
Kmg Kmg 2007 News Release
Kmg Bernuth Inc Kmg Chemical Inc
Kmg Chemicals 2005 Net Income Sales Increase Kmg Chemicals Announces Exercise Over-allotment Option
Kmg Chemicals Announces Proposed Public Offering Common Stock Kmg Chemicals Announces Results Net Income Sales Increase
Kmg Chemicals Announces Strong 2007 Results Kmg Chemicals Announces Strong Operating Results 2006
Kmg Chemicals Announces Strong Results Kmg Chemicals Announces Strong Results Half
Kmg Chemicals Completes Private Equity Placement Kmg Chemicals Coo Neal Butler Appointed Board Directors
Kmg Chemicals Inc Kmg Chemicals Inc 10611 Harwin Drive Suite 402
Kmg Chemicals Inc 10611 Harwin Suite 402 Houston Kmg Chemicals Inc 9555 Sam Houston Parkway Suite
Kmg Chemicals Names Stephen Thorington Board Directors Kmg Chemicals Net Income 104 Sales Increase
Kmg Chemicals Net Income Sales Growth Kmg Chemicals President Coo Neal Butler Promoted Ceo
Kmg Chemicals Reports Results Kmg Chemicals Reports Strong Results Year-to-date Nine-month Net
Kmg Closed 2006 100 Cash Equivalents Working Capital Kmg Electronic Chemicals Inc
Kmg News Release Knowledge
Lead Director Legal Proceedings
Legal Requirements Letters Credit
Licenses Permits Etc Licenses Permits Product Registrations
Liens Limitation Liability
Limitations Sellers Indemnification Limited Warranty
Lines Business Liquidity Capital Resources
Litigation Litigation Observance Agreements Statutes Orders
Long Term Obligations Long-term Debt
Long-term Incentive Compensation Looking Forward
Losses Mae
Maintaining Bank Accounts Maintaining Bank Accounts Borrower Covenants Agrees Until Termination
Maintenance Lien Maintenance Properties
Make-whole Amount Maker
Makers Address Notice Management
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Marketing
Material Adverse Effect Material Contracts
Material Tax Liens Been Filed Claims Being Asserted Maturity
Maturity Date Maturity Surrender Etc
Measurement Period Beginning Date Measurement Period Ending Date
Merger Consolidation Etc Merger Modification Waiver Remedies
Mexico Regulation Minimum Purchase Termination Convenience
Miscellaneous Named Executive Officers Employees Not Directors
Named Executive Officers Not Directors Neal Butler
Neal Butler Chief Executive Officer President Negative Covenants
Net Income 025 Per Diluted Share Net Sales
Net Sales Gross Profit 2007 2006 Net Sales Gross Profit 2008 2007
Net Sales Revenue Gross Profit Neutral Auditors
New Accounting Rules New Accounting Standards
New Developments New Subsidiaries
Nine-month 2007 Highlights Versus 2006 Nine-month Financial Highlights
Nine-month Financial Highlights Versus 2005 Nominating Corporate Governance Committee
Nominees Director Nominees Except
Non-cash Impairment Charge Non-compete Term
Non-employee Director Compensation 2007 Non-employee Options
Notes Held Etc Notes Issued Such Purchaser Pursuant
Notice Annual Meeting Shareholders Notice Default Event
Notices Notices Governmental Authority
Now Therefore Number
Number 000-29278 Objectives Compensation Program
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Officers Certificate
Open Orders Operator
Opinions Counsel Option Exercises Stock Vested 2007
Option Exercises Stock Vested 2008 Option Grants 2005
Optional Prepayments Make-whole Amount Order Placement Procedure Product Group Specific Requirements
Ordinary Course Agreements Organization Ownership Shares Subsidiaries
Organization Power Authority Other Benefits
Other Events Other Information
Other Matters Other Notices
Other Remedies Application Proceeds Outlook
Outlook 2006 Outlook 2007
Outlook 2008 Outlook 2009
Outlook Electronic Chemicals Business Outstanding Equity Awards 2007 Year-end
Overview Overview Compensation Philosophy Program
Overview Half Results Overview Results
Overview Year-to-date Results Ownership Bailment Responsibilities
Packing Shipment Part
Party Beneficiaries Parties Shall Provision Agreement Right Conferred Payee
Payees Wire Transfer Instructions Payment Payment Agent
Payment Fees Payment Special Counsel Fees
Payment Taxes Claims Payments Due Non-business
Payments Principal Interest Payments Principal Interest Revolving Loan Shall Payable Follows
Payments Principal Interest Term Loan Shall Payable Follows Pension Benefits 2007
Penta Penta Business
Penta Inventory Penta Products
Percentage Performance Default
Performance Requirement Performance Shares
Performance-based Restricted Stock Unit Agreement Granted Executed Date Performance-based Share Awards
Performance-based Stock Awards Performance-based Stock Awards Vested 2008
Permits Permits Compliance
Permitted Encumbrances Person
Place Payment Plan
Plan Such Allocation Designation Shall Pursuant Written Instrument Plant Expansion Near Completion
Please Consult Attorney Information Disclosed Annex Pmra
Possession Control Respect Business Transferred Assets Post Closing Matters
Potential Acquisition High Purity Process Chemicals Business Potential Annual Incentive Levels Percentage Base Salary Objectives
Prepayment Price Payment
Pricing General Principal Accounting Firm Fees
Principles Consolidation Priority Liens
Privacy Private Offering Companies
Private Placement Number Pro Forma Financial Information
Pro Rata Participation Drawing Reimbursement Respect Letters Credit Proceedings
Proceedings Documents Proceedings Preceding
Proceeds Proceeds Margin Regulations
Products Currently Review Re-registration Epa Products Not Re-registered Epa Subject New Restrictions Ability
Products Quantity Price Terms Products Rendered Obsolete Less Attractive Changes Industry Requirements
Products Rendered Obsolete Less Attractive Changes Regulatory Legislative Products Specifications
Profitability Adversely Affected High Petroleum Prices Properties
Property Plant Equipment Provided However
Provisions Shall Remain Full Force Effect After Expiration Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors
Purchase Investment Purchase Notes
Purchase Orders Delivery Purchase Permitted Applicable Law Etc
Purchase Price Purchase Sale Shares
Purchased Assets Purchaser Seller Each Agree Reasonable Best Efforts Pursue
Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Quantitative Qualitative Disclosure Market Risk
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Quantity Seller Agrees Sell Purchaser Purchase Products Determined
Quarterly Statements Ratify Appointment Independent Auditors
Read Understand Voluntarily Agree Enter Agreement Set Forth Real Property
Recent Accounting Standards Recent Accounting Standards Not Yet Adopted
Recently Adopted Accounting Standards Recitals
Reclassifications Reconciliation Net Income Before Impairment Charge
Reconciliation Non-g Aap Measure Reconciliation Non-gaap Measure Gaap
Records Registrable Securities
Registration Evaluation Authorization Chemicals Reach Legislation Affect Ability Registration Notes
Registration Period Registration Rights
Registration Rights Agreement Registration Statement
Regulation Disclosure Related Party Transactions
Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank Signature Pages Follow Replacement Notes
Report Audit Committee Report Compensation Committee
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Representations Warranties
Representations Warranties Buyer Representations Warranties Purchaser
Representations Warranties Seller Representatives
Requested Information Requirements
Rescission Rest Page Intentionally Left Blank
Restricted Cash Restrictions Assignment
Restrictions Debt Agreements Limit Growth Ability Respond Changing Results Conference Call
Results Include Operation New Electronic Chemicals Business Results Operations
Results Operations Financial Condition Retained Liabilities
Retention Retirement Plans
Revenue Recognition Revolving Loan
Richard Urbanowski Risk Factors
Risk Fluctuations Price Availability Primary Raw Materials Risks Relating Business
Roger Jackson Role Compensation Committee
Role Executive Officers Setting Compensation Rule 144a Information
Salaries Sale Assets Etc
Sale Equity Interests Sale Other Notes
Sales Agreement Sales Revenue
Sales Revenue Gross Profit Schedule 14a
Schedules Exhibits Sec
Sec Other Reports Secretariate Medio Ambiente Recursos Naturales
Securities Act Securities Purchase Agreement
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Directors Named Executive Segment Data
Segment Income Loss Operations Segment Overview
Segment Overview Trends Segment Performance
Segment Reporting Segment Revenue
Segment Revenues Seller Employee Benefit Plan Increase Liabilities Obligations Such
Seller Indemnified Parties Seller Shall Not Required Indemnify Purchaser Indemnitee Liability
Seller Subsidiaries Provided Purchaser True Correct Summaries Employee Selling General Administrative Expenses
Service Service Requirement
Settlement Date Severability
Severance Release Agreement Employees Sga 2007 2006
Sga 2008 2007 Share
Shareholder Proposals 2006 Annual Meeting Shareholder Proposals 2007 Annual Meeting
Shareholder Proposals 2008 Annual Meeting Shareholder Proposals 2009 Annual Meeting
Shareholders Shares
Shipping Handling Costs Signature Page Bank America
Signature Page Follows Signature Page Pruco Life Insurance
Signature Page Prudential Insurance America Signature Page Wachovia
Signature Pages Borrowers Signatures
Significant Customers Significant Portion Revenue Operating Income Electronic Chemicals Segments
Sixth Amendment Term Loan Agreement Solicitation Holders Notes
Solvency Borrower Solvent Source Funds
Source Governmental Plan Specialty Chemical Industry Highly Competitive Not Able Compete
Specified 4001 Erisa Terms Current Value Present Meanings State Local Other Taxes Assessments Withholdings Unpaid Pending
Statement Assets Acquired Liabilities Assumed Statement Revenues Direct Expenses
Statements Revenues Direct Expenses Status Certain Statutes
Status Employment Relations Stock Awards
Stock Option Awards Stock Options
Stock Ownership Guideline Non-employee Directors Stock Ownership Requirements Named Executives
Stock-based Compensation Stock-based Incentive Plans
Stockholders Equity Subject Extensive Environmental Laws Regulations Incur Costs Material
Subject Possible Risk Terrorist Attacks Adversely Affect Business Subject Possible Risk Terrorist Attacks Affect Business Adversely
Subject Risks Inherent Foreign Operations Including Changes Social Submission Jurisdiction Governing Law Notices
Submission Jurisdiction Waiver Jury Trial Etc Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Subsequent Events Subsidiaries
Successors Assigns Summary Compensation Table
Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan Suppliers
Survival Sustained Economic Downturn Recession United States Globally Demand
Swing Line Borrowers Obligation Repay Loan Shall Evidenced Table Contents
Target Units Tax Accounting Implications Forms Compensation
Tax Deductibility Tax Status
Taxes Term Agreement
Term Loan Term Termination
Terrorism Sanctions Regulations Thomas Mitchell
Time Based Shares Time-based Awards
Title Title Property Leases
Total Executive Compensation Trading Stock Derivatives
Transaction Documents Transaction Expenses
Transaction References Transfer
Transfer Exchange Notes Transfer Instructions
Transferred Assets Licensed Include Intellectual Property Necessary Operation Transfers Certain Rights
Tsr Unable Identify Fund Execute New Acquisitions
Unable Identify Fund Execute New Acquisitions Not Able Unable Identify Liabilities Associated Properties Acquired Obtain Protection
Unable Successfully Negotiate Labor Unions Representing Employees Experience Unable Successfully Position Ourselves Smaller Niche Markets Business
Underlying Documentation United States Regulation
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds
Update Seller Disclosure Letter Verify Amount Quantity Value Condition Other Matter Relating
Vesting Visitation
Vmc Vote
Voting Requirements Voting Requirements Elect Directors Approve Auditors
Voting Rights Wachovia Bank National Association
Waivers Election Remedies Expenses Etc Weather Adversely Impact Ability Conduct Business
Weather Impact Ability Conduct Business Adversely Weather Impact Adversely Ability Conduct Business
Wednesday Weightings Assigned 2006 Each Performance Objective Named Executives
What Compensation Program Designed Reward Whereas
Whose Assets Included Such Investment Fund Been Disclosed Witness Whereof
Wood Preserving Chemicals Penta Creosote Segments Wood Preserving Chemicals-penta Creosote Segments
Working Capital Worldwide Corporate Purchase Agreement-goods
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