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Accounting Developments Accounting Standards Material Reserves
Accounting Treatment Deferred Assets Accurate Reporting Mass Media
Acquisition Disposition Holdings Treasury Stock Acquisition Disposition Sales Holdings Treasury Stocks
Acquisition Own Shares Acquisition Shares
Activities Future Addition Hudson Subsidiary
Address Principal Executive Offices Adoption New Accounting Standards
Adoption Significant Accounting Standards Adverse Change Affecting Gaming Industries Including Regulations Expansion
Adverse Change Affecting Gaming Systems Industries Including Economy Adverse Change Affecting Gaming Systems Industries Including Regulations
Advertising Expenses Akihiko Nagata Was Charge Toy Hobby Business Until
Akihiko Nagata Was Charge Toy Hobby Division Until Amendment Abolishment
Amusement Amusement Arcade Games-industry Overview
Amusement Business Amusement Business-overview Token-operated Game Machines Business
Amusement Business-token Operated Game Machines-marketing Sales Distribution Amusement Business-token Operated Game Machines-production
Amusement Business-video Game Machines Amusement Business-video Game Machines-marketing Sales Distribution
Amusement Business-video Game Machines-production Announcement Acquisition Own Shares
Announcement Cash Paid Mergers Announcement Partial Amendment Articles Incorporation
Announcement Sale Takara Shares Application Code
Appropriate Action Ensuring Safety Appropriate Safety Resources
Asset Retirement Obligation Assets Liabilities Measured Fair Value Non-recurring Basis
Assumptions Underlying Preparation Consolidated Financial Statements Attention Cost-effectiveness
Balance Sheets Statements Operations Companies Involved Share Exchange Balance Sheets Statements Operations Pursuant Paragraph 374-2 Commercial
Basic Policy Distribution Profits Basis Accounting
Basis Presentation Basis Presentation Consolidated Financial Statements
Because Daily Price Range Limitations Japanese Stock Exchange Becoming Wholly-owned Subsidiary
Board Practices Brand Sourcing
Breakdown Employees Geographic Location Breakdown Employees Segment
Build Powerful Organization Respond Rapid Changes Global Economy Building Powerful Organization Capable Responding Changing Market Conditions
Business Business Combination
Business Financial Results Negatively Impacted Unable Attract Additional Business Harmed Substantial Decline Popularity Interactive Internet-based Games
Business Organization Business Overview
Business Revenues Profits Harmed Not Able Respond Timely Calculation Base Net Income Per Share
Capital Expenditures Capital Reserves
Card Games Business Cash Dividends
Cash Equivalents Cash Equivalents Trade Notes Accounts Receivable Payable Accrued
Cash Flows Cautionary Statement Respect Forward-looking Statements
Certification Chairperson
Change Accounting Method Change Main Shareholder
Change Presentation Non-consolidated Financial Statements Change Principal Shareholders
Change Terms Conditions Corporate Split Changes Accounting Method
Changes Accounting Policy Changes Accounting Principles Procedures Reporting Policies Description Important
Changes Accounting Principles Procedures Reporting Policies Quarterly Consolidated Changes Board Directors
Changes Board Directors Effective 2005 Changes Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting
Changes Reporting Entities Chapter Accounts
Chapter Corporate Auditors Board Chapter Directors Board
Chapter General Provisions Chapter Shares
Club Formats Location Collection Probable
Commitments Contingencies Commodity Price Risk
Comparison 2004 2003 Comparison 2005 2004
Comparison 2006 2005 Comparison 2007 2006
Comparison 2008 2007 Comparison 2009 2008
Compensation Competition
Competition Market Acceptance Pricing Affect Revenue Profitability Completion Acquisition
Compliance Related Laws Konamis Regulations Composition Authority
Comprehensive Income Comprehensive Income Loss
Computer Video Games Computer Video Games Business
Computer Video Games Software Business Conclusions Audit
Conflict Interest Consolidated Cash Flows
Consolidated Earnings Forecast Ending 2008 Consolidated Earnings Forecast Ending 2009
Consolidated Earnings Forecast Ending 2010 Consolidated Financial Forecast Ending 2006
Consolidated Financial Forecast Ending 2007 Consolidated Financial Forecast Ending 2008
Consolidated Financial Position Consolidated Forecast 2009
Consolidated Results Operations Consolidated Statement Income
Consolidation Policy Consult Own Tax Adviser Regarding United States Federal
Consumption Taxes Consumption Trends-declining Child Population Enlarging Age Brackets Consumers
Contact Reporting Violations Code Contractual Obligations
Convener Chairperson Convocation
Convocation Meeting Board Directors Chairperson Convocation Meetings
Convocation Procedures Copy Board Statutory Corporate Auditors Report
Corporate Governance Development Corporate Opportunity
Cost Revenues Creative Efficient Business Operations
Credit Risk Critical Accounting Policies
Daily Price Fluctuation Limits Japanese Stock Exchange Rules Decline Consumer Spending Due Unfavorable Economic Conditions Hinder
Decline Membership Levels Fitness Clubs Negative Effect Business Decline Membership Levels Sports Clubs Negative Effect Business
Delivery Occurred Demographic Trends Adverse Effect Target Market Ability Increase
Depreciation Methods Depreciation Methods Fixed Assets
Derivative Financial Instruments Derivative Transactions
Details Repurchase Details Repurchase Resolved Board Directors Meeting Held 2009
Development Production Components Supply Digital Entertainment
Digital Entertainment Business Digital Entertainment Segment
Dilution Directors Corporate Auditors
Disclosure Information Disposal Shares Held Unknown Shareholders
Dividend Interim Dividend Policy
Dividends Dividends Proceeds Sale
Documents Describe Reasons New Share Allocation Provided Paragraph Documents Display
Duties Liabilities Directors E-amusement Titles
E-amusement Titles Include Earnings Forecast Ending 2006
Earnings Forecast Ending 2007 Earnings Per Share
Economic Trend Election Corporate Auditors
Election Directors Employee Stock Purchase Plan
Employees Employees Directors Affiliated Companies Statutory Corporate Auditors Top
Enhance Profitability Channel Managerial Resources Growth Areas Ensure Safety Course Business Operation
Equity Net Income Loss Affiliated Companies Established 2006
Estimates Ethics Responsibilities Financial Officers
Exchange Controls Exchange Rate Data
Exercise Voting Rights Proxy Expanding Profitability Channeling Management Resources Growth Areas
Expansion Products Enhancement Domestic Health Consciousness Expenses Issue
Explanatory Face Limitations Ability Find Suitable Acquisition Opportunities Integrate
Factors Affecting Combined Results Operations Factors Affecting Results Business Segments
Factors Specific International Trade Result Reduced Revenues Increased Failure Compete Effectively Fitness Club Industry Adverse Effect
Failure Compete Effectively Sports Club Industry Adverse Effect Failure Obtain Retain Required Gaming Licenses Prevent Expanding
Failure Obtain Retain Required Licenses Gaming System Segment Fair Competition Dealing
Fair Dealing Suppliers Fair Value Measurements
Federal United States Registration Fees Paid Independent Auditor
Financial Forecast Ending 2006 Financial Forecast Ending 2007
Financial Position Financial Results 2005
Financial Results 2006 Financial Statements
Fitness Club Business Fitness Equipment
Fitness Equipment Business Fitness Equipment Business-production Marketing Sales Distribution
Fitness Equipment Industry-consumer Trends Fitness Product Business
Fluctuations Quarterly Operating Results Make Revenues Income Difficult Forecast Ending 2005
Forecast Ending 2006 Forecast Ending 2007
Foreign Currency Derivatives Foreign Currency Fluctuations
Foreign Exchange Fluctuations Affect Dollar Value Adss Dividends Foreign Exchange Forward Contracts 2004
Foreign Exchange Forward Contracts 2005 Foreign Exchange Forward Contracts 2006
Foreign Exchange Forward Contracts 2007 Foreign Exchange Forward Contracts 2008
Foreign Exchange Forward Contracts 2009 Form 20-f
Form 6-k Future Claims-we Subject Claims Related Health Risks Clubs
Future Revenue Growth Gaming Business Depends Ability Improve Future Revenue Growth Gaming System Segment Depends Ability
Future Success Dependent Ability Release Hit Products Games Not Accepted Competitive Domestic Market Video Game
Gaming Gaming Australia
Gaming Business Gaming Business-marketing Sales Distribution
Gaming Business-production Gaming Products Not Accepted Competitive Market Machines Unable
Gaming System Gaming System Business
Gaming System Segment Gaming United States
General General Meeting Shareholders
General Provisions Global Gaming Industry
Goal Growth Mainstay Businesses Goodwill Identifiable Intangible Assets
Goodwill Other Identifiable Intangible Assets Goodwill Other Intangible Assets
Group Restructuring Merger Between Subsidiaries Share Exchange Subsidiary Group Restructuring Shift Holding Structure Separation
Growth Broadband Mobile Phones Platform Online Games Growth Broadband Online Games Mobile Phones Platform
Handling Fees Health Fitness
Health Fitness Business Health Fitness Business Not Grow Expect Able Successfully
Health Fitness Segment Health Fitness Segment Not Grow Expect Able Successfully
Health Products Healthy Working Environment
History Development Hit Products
Holders Adrs Fewer Rights Shareholders Act Through Depositary Holding Meetings
Holding Shares Foreign Investors Identification Shareholders
Identify Customer Preferences Increase Satisfaction Impairment Charge Goodwill Other Intangible Assets
Impairment Disposal Long-lived Assets Impairment Long-lived Assets
Impairment Long-lived Assets Goodwill Inability Procure Commercially Valuable Intellectual Property Licenses Prevent
Inability Procure Licenses Fitness Programs Parties Changes Conditions Inadequate Intellectual Property Protections Prevent Enforcing Defending Proprietary
Income Before Taxes Minority Interest Equity Net Loss Income Loss Before Taxes Minority Interest Equity Net
Income Taxes Increased Profitability Injection Managerial Resources Growing Business Areas
Independent Auditors Report Index Consolidated Financial Statements Statement Schedule
Index Exhibits Indicate Number Outstanding Shares Each Issuers Classes Capital
Industry Overview Industry Overview-consumer Trends
Information Per Share Information Processing Failures Operation Internet-based Games Adversely Affect
Infringement Intellectual Property Rights Lead Costly Litigation Need Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property Licensing Interest Rate Risk 2004
Interest Rate Risk 2005 Interest Rate Risk 2006
Interest Rate Risk 2007 Interest Rate Risk 2008
Interest Rate Risk 2009 Interests Experts Counsel
Interim Non-consolidated Balance Sheet International Regulation
Interpretation Code Inventories
Investment Marketable Securities Investments Acquisitions
Investments Affiliates Investments Marketable Securities
Investments Non-marketable Securities Investments Subsidiaries Affiliated Companies
Investors Difficulty Serving Process Enforcing Judgment Against Directors Investors Holding Less Unit Shares Limited Rights Shareholders
Issuance Stock Options Issuance Stock Subsidiaries
Issue Additional Shares Pre-emptive Rights Issues Konami Group
Japan Securities Depositary Center Japanese Foreign Exchange Certain Other Regulations
Japanese Taxation Konami
Konami Corporation Konami Group Business Conditions Results
Konami Group Capital Expenditures Financing Activities Konami Sports
Largest Shareholders Lcd Units Pachinko Machines-development Production Components Supply
Lcd Units Pachinko Machines-marketing Sales Lease Deposits
Leases Legal Arbitration Proceedings
Legal Proceedings Lenders Loans Shares Held
Limitations Liquidation Rights
Liquidity Capital Resources Long Short-term Debt
Long-term Debt Main Konami Group Offices
Maintain Discipline Working Place Major Shareholders
Make Significant Expenditures Develop Products New Platforms Not Makers Lcds Pachinko Machines Experience Production Delays Unforeseen
Management Policy Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Manufacturing Manufacturing Lcds Pachinko Machines Delay Disruption Shipments Outside
Manufacturing Plant United States Operational Difficulties Problems Capacity Market Environment
Marketable Investment Securities Marketable Securities
Marketing Marketing Sales
Marketing Sales Distribution Markets
Masataka Imaizumi Served Corporate Auditor Since 2000 Also Material Contracts
Matters Concerning Succession Round Stock Acquisition Rights Matters Discussed
Matters Discussed Board Directors Matters Not Specified Plan
Matters Regarding Directors Matters Regarding Material Business Management
Matters Regarding Organization Personal Affairs Matters Regarding Settlement
Matters Regarding Shareholders Meeting Matters Regarding Shares
Medium Long-term Strategies Objectives Meeting Agenda
Merger Acquisition Merger Software Production Subsidiaries
Method Public Notice Method Resolution
Methods Standards Valuation Assets Minority Interest Income Loss Consolidated Subsidiaries
Minutes Multimedia Business
Name Directors Corporate Auditors Konami Digital Entertainment Name Independent Auditor
Native American Gaming Regulation Natural Disasters Such Hurricanes Katrina 2005 Rita Caused
Net Income Net Income Loss
Net Income Per Share Net Revenues
New Accounting Standards New Jersey Regulations
New Manufacturing Plant United States Operational Difficulties Problems News Release Relating Repurchase Stock Konami Corporation
Non-consolidated Financial Position Non-consolidated Results Operations
Non-consolidated Statement Operations Non-facilities Business-revenue Other Sports Club Revenues
Non-possession Share Certificates Not Manufacture Lcd Units Pachinko Machines Delay Disruption
Not Manufacture Lcds Pachinko Machines Delay Disruption Shipments Notes
Notes Balance Sheet Notes Balance Sheets
Notes Consolidated Balance Sheet Notes Consolidated Statement Income
Notes Non-consolidated Balance Sheets Notes Non-consolidated Statements Changes Stockholders Equity
Notes Non-consolidated Statements Operations Notes Statement Income
Notes Statement Operations Notes Statements Operations
Notice Concerning Change Representative Director Notice Convocation Meeting Board Corporate Auditors
Notice Extraordinary General Meeting Shareholders Notice Ordinary General Meeting Shareholders
Notifications Number Consolidated Subsidiaries Companies Accounted Equity Method
Number Corporate Auditors Number Shares Constituting Unit Non-issuance Share Certificates Less
Number Shares Issued Common Stock Objects Purposes Articles Incorporation
Obligation Not Compete Omission Disclosures
Online Business Operating Income
Operating Income Loss Operating Results
Operating Results Assets Organizational Structure Konami Group
Other Other Assets
Other Income Expenses Net Other Jurisdictions
Other Material Matters Other Operations
Other Significant Matters Other-konami School
Others Outline Auditing Procedures Corporate Auditors
Outline Stock Repurchase Outlook Ending 2006
Outlook Ending 2009 Overview
Overview Accounting Auditors Pachinko Lcd Operations
Pachinko Lcd Unit Operations Pachinko Machines
Pachinko Machines Slot Pachinko Slot Machines Adversely Affected Because Groups Attempting
Pachinko Slot Operations Pachinko Slot-overview Merchandise
Pachinko-overview Merchandise Pachinko-overview Merchandise Industry
Paper Documents Stating Reasons Share Allotment Provided 354 Part
Passive Foreign Investment Rules Payments Independent Auditors
Per Share Data Performance Business Segment
Performance Vulnerable Rapidly Changing Consumer Preferences Persuasive Evidence Arrangement
Place Plan Corporate Split Copy
Platform Licenses Pledge Trust
Political Activities Compiled Related Laws Post Facto Approval
Preparation Basis Consolidated Financial Results 2004 Preparation Basis Consolidated Financial Results 2005
Preparation Basis Consolidated Financial Results 2006 Prepared Accordance Gaap
Prepared Accordance Japanese Gaap Prescription
Press Release Published Order Publicly Announce Repurchase Own Price Fixed Determinable
Principal Business Proactive Acquisition Expertise Products Industry
Problem Operation New Factory United States Adversely Impact Procedures Exercising Shareholders Right
Procedures Proxy Voting Procedures Proxy Voting Electronic Means
Procedures Voting Procedures Voting Electronic Means
Proceedings Production
Products Contain Defects Business Harmed Significantly Products Services
Profit Appropriation Policy Prohibition Unlawful Investment Activities
Promoting Global Development Implementing Corporate Structure Regional Responsibility Promoting Global Development Implementing Regional Corporate Structure
Proper Response Administrative Guidance Property
Property Equipment Property Plants Equipment
Proposal Acceptance Proposed Appropriation Plan Earned Surplus 33rd Proposal Acceptance Proposed Appropriation Plan Earned Surplus 34th
Proposal Amendments Articles Incorporation Proposal Election Corporate Auditor
Proposal Retirement Allowance Retiring Member Board Directors Proposed Appropriation Plan Earned Surplus
Protection Assets Property Protection Confidential Information Other Companies
Provisions Provisions Regarding Directors
Prudent Conduct Relationship Politicians Public Officials Punishment Violations Against Code
Purchase Accounting Purchase Shares Constituting Less Unit
Purpose Reasons Amendments
Reasons Corporate Split Reasons Share Exchange
Reasons Stock Repurchase Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Recent Merger Group Companies Engaged Videogame Software Online Reclassifications
Record Date Recording Shareholders Register Etc
Reference Materials Concerning Exercise Voting Rights Reference Ownership Treasury Stock 2008
Regarding Regarding New
Registration Filing Notification Etc Registration Transfer
Regulations Board Corporate Auditors Regulations Board Directors
Reissuance Share Certificates Reissuance Share Certificates Due Loss
Related Party Transactions Relationship Local Community
Remuneration Reorganization Sales Distribution Services
Report Board Corporate Auditors Consolidated Financial Statements Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Report Shareholders Reporting Procedure Against Violations
Reporting Substantial Shareholdings Representative Directors Title
Repurchase Shares Requests Purchase Fractional Unit Shares
Research Development Research Development Patents Licenses Etc
Resolutions Respect Fundamental Human Rights
Respect Intellectual Property Respect International Diversity
Responsibilities Assigned Business Role Restrictions Ability Withdraw Shares Depositary Receipt Facility
Restructuring Business Operations Order Respond Changing Market Conditions Restructuring Impairment Charges
Results Operations Results Operations Suffer Amusement Arcade Revenues Sales Games
Revenue Recognition Revenues Dependent Timely Introduction Popular New Products
Revised Amounts Cash Paid Mergers Rights Shareholders
Rights Shareholders Japanese Law Limited Laws Other Jurisdictions Royalties License Fees
Sale Shares Constituting Less Unit Sales
Schedule Ii-valuation Qualifying Accounts Scope Consolidation
Seasonal Fluctuations Securities Registered Pursuant Act
See Accompanying Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Seek Higher Safety Products Services
Segment Information Segment Revenues
Selected Daily Price Limits Selected Financial Data
Selling General Administrative Expenses Share Acquirer
Share Handling Regulations Share Ownership Directors Corporate Auditors
Share Price Volatile Shareholders Not Able Recoup Investment Shareholders Record Date Not Receive Dividend They Anticipate
Shareholders Rights Bring Actions Against Directors Shipping Handling Expenses
Short-term Borrowings Long-term Debt Signatures
Significant Changes Software Development
Software Development Costs Software Internal
Software Titles Special Provisions Concerning Beneficial Shareholders
Special Regarding Forward-looking Statements Special Treatment Accounts
Sports Club Business Sports Club Business-ancillary Revenues
Sports Club Business-club Formats Location Sports Club Business-marketing
Sports Club Business-sales Standing Corporate Auditors
Statement Appropriation Retained Earnings Statement Reasons New Share Allocation
Statement Regarding Prospect Performance Discharge Liabilities Statements Reasons Calculation Share Exchange Ratio
Status Shares Stock Acquisition Rights
Stock Acquisition Rights Whose Obligations Succeeded Through Share Stock Option Plan Directors Employees
Stock Splits Stock Subscription Rights
Stock-based Compensation Stock-based Compensation Plan
Subject Various Governmental Regulations Breach Result Temporary Closings Subject Various Governmental Regulations Con-compliance Result Temporary Closings
Subsequent Event Subsequent Events
Subsidiaries Registrant Subsidiary Information
Substantial Number Shares Common Stock Eligible Future Sale Summary Significant Accounting Policies
Supplement Business Supplemental Disclosures Consolidated Statements Cash Flows
Supplementary Provision Supplementary Provisions
Supplements System Requirements Voting Electronic Means
Table Contents Takeover Defense Measures
Target Management Performance Measures Tax Effect Accounting
Taxation Capital Gains Taxation Dividends
Technologies Gaming Products Subject Claims They Infringe Competitors Term Office Corporate Auditors
Term Office Directors Titles Released 2007
Token Operated Game Machines-marketing Sales Distribution Token Operated Game Machines-production
Token-operated Game Machines Japan Token-operated Game Machines-japanese Industry Revenues
Total Number Cost Shares Repurchased Board Directors Resolution Total Number Shares Issued
Toy Hobby Toy Hobby Business
Toy Hobby Business-marketing Sales Distribution Toy Hobby Business-production
Trade Name Trading Limited Sgx-st Delist Shares Main Board
Transaction Risk Transfer Agent
Transitions Game Console Platforms Technological Change Material Impact Transitions Game Consoles Technological Change Material Impact Market
Translation Dollars Translation Foreign Currencies
Translation Registrants Name English Translation Risk
Treasury Stock Transactions Trend Information
Trends Characteristics Toy Demand Unable Get Refunds Deposits Guarantee Money Relating Leases
Unable Obtain Renew Licenses Hardware Manufacturers Not Able Underlined Sections Amendments
Understand Promote Participate Konamis Public Interest Activities Unit Share System
United States Federal Income Taxation Valuation Intangible Assets Goodwill
Valuation Long-lived Assets Video Game Machines-marketing Sales Distribution
Video Game Machines-production Video Game Software
Video Game Software Consoles Amusement Arcade Games Subject Voting Mail
Voting Rights Voting Website Url Http Wwwwebdknet
World Video Game Software Markets 
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