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Abor Elations Accounting Costs Associated Exit Disposal Activities
Accounting Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities Accounting Derivative Investments Hedging Activities
Accounting Impairment Disposal Long-lived Assets Accounting Policies
Accounting Practices Accounting Stock Issued Employees
Accounting Stock-based Compensation Accounting Uncertainty Income Taxes
Accounting Uncertainty Income Taxes Interpretation Fasb Statement 109 Accounting Uncertainty Income Taxes-an Interpretation Fasb Statement 109
Address Principal Executive Offices Adjustment Charitable Contribution Liability
Administration Admission Ticket
Adoption Emerging Issues Task Force Eitf Issue 02-16 Adoption Sfas 123
Adoption Total Amount Unrecognized Tax Benefits Uncertain Positions Advertising Costs
Affecting Interest Expense Ains
Air Alue Inancial Nstruments Air Alue Nterest Ate Edges
Alary Alternative Reporting Disclosure Statement Pension Plans Certain Selected
Alue Amended Restated Effective 2007
Amendment Amendment Credit Facilities
Amendment Termination Amendments
Anagement Eport Nternal Ontrol Ver Inancial Eporting Anagement Esponsibility Inancial Eporting
Anagement Onsideration Estatement Anagements Eport Nternal Ontrol Ver Inancial Eporting
Annex Annual Meeting Held 2005
Annual Meeting Held 2006 Apital Xpenditures
Approval Kroger Cash Bonus Plan Arnings Ommon Hare
Arrant Ividend Lan Ase Alary
Asset Impairment Charges Asset Impairment Charges Related
Assets Disposed Assets Held Used
Assignments Ata Echnology
Attendance Audit Committee Approval
Audit Committee Expertise Audit Fees
Audit-related Audit-related Fees
Ave Ime Oney Axes
Axes Ased Ncom Axes Ased Ncome
Basis Presentation Principles Consolidation Benefit Plans
Bligations Board Directors
Board Directors Management Recommend Vote Proposal Board Directors Recommends Vote Against Proposal Following Reasons
Board Recommends Vote Against Bonus Amount
Bonus Plan Bring Meeting Admission Ticket
Business Business Combinations
Business Combinations Sfas 141r Business Criteria
California Rel Lockyer Safeway Inc Dba Vons Albertsons Capital Adjustments
Capital Investment Cash Bonuses
Cash Flow Information Cash Temporary Investments
Cash Temporary Investments Store Deposits In-transit Receivables Prepaid Ccounting Olicies
Certain Federal Income Tax Consequences Certificate Shares Stock Represented Hereby Subject Terms Conditions
Certificates Securities Cincinnati 45201
Cincinnati 45202 Claims
Classification Options Similar Instruments Issued Employee Compensation Allow Closing Location
Code Code Ethics
Commercial Paper Dealer Agreement Commitments Contingencies
Committees Board Committees Compensation Consultant Benchmarking
Commodity Price Protection Common Stock
Common Stock Price Range Common Stock Repurchase Program
Communications Board Community Support
Comparable Food Store Sales Comparable Supermarket Sales
Comparison Cumulative Five-year Total Return Among Kroger 500 Comparison Five-year Cumulative Total Return Kroger 500 Peer
Components Executive Compensation Kroger Conclusion Regarding Effectiveness Disclosure Controls Procedures
Condensed Consolidating Statements Cash Flows 2005 Condensed Consolidating Statements Cash Flows 2006
Condensed Consolidating Statements Operations 2006 Condensed Consolidating Statements Operations 2007
Condensed Consolidating Statements Operations 2008 Condensed Consolidating Statements Operations 2009
Confirms 2009 Guidance Consent
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consistent Slightly Lower They Half 2008
Consolidated Balance Sheets Consolidated Financial Statements
Consolidated Statement Shareowners Equity Consolidated Statements Cash Flows
Consolidated Statements Operations Consolidation Variable Interest Entities
Controls Procedures Copy Report Available Shareholders Request Writing Scott Henderson
Corporate Governance Corporate Governance Management
Cquisitions Cquistions
Critical Accounting Policies Cumulative Effect Accounting Change
Current Long-term Debt Current Report Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Customer Winning Connection Customers Data Technology
Date Document Date Report 2006 Earliest Event Reported
Date Report 2007 Earliest Event Reported Debt Management
Debt Obligations Deferral Election 2008-2011
Deferred Income Taxes Deferred Rent
Definitions Delivers Record Earnings Per Share 2007
Deposits In-transit Depreciation Amortization Expense
Depreciation Expense Description Business Basis Presentation Principles Consolidation
Description Plan Designated Beneficiary
Designation Beneficiary Details Outlined 8-k Filed Today
Details Results Determination 2004 Bonus Payout
Determining Whether Instruments Granted Share-based Payment Transactions Participating Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance
Disclaimer Other Notice Appear Below Not Applicable Communication Disclosure
Disclosure Auditor Fees Disclosures Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities
Disclosures Public Entities Enterprises Transfers Financial Assets Interests Document Constitutes Part Prospectus Covering Securities Been Registered
Documents Incorporated Reference Ead Irector
Eading Orporate Rands Earnings Per Common Share
Easurements Ebt Bligations
Ecently Dopted Ccounting Tandards Ecently Ssued Ccounting Tandards
Ection 162 Nternal Evenue Ode Ection Eneficial Wnership Eporting Ompliance
Ecurities Edges
Effect Hurricane Ike Effectiveness Plan
Egal Roceedings Egistrant
Egments Elated Erson Ransactions
Election Directors Eligibility
Elivering Mproved Ervice Election Alue Ellow Hareholders
Employees Employers Accounting Defined Benefit Pension Other Postretirement Plans
Employers Accounting Defined Benefit Pension Other Postretirement Plans-an Employers Accounting Pensions
Enchmarking Enefit Lans
Ension Enefits Entry Material Definitive Agreement
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Establishment 2006 Long-term Bonus Eport Ndependent Egistered Ublic Ccounting Irm
Eporting Eps
Equity Equity Compensation Plan Information
Erchandising Anufacturing Erformance
Erformance Raph Erger Elated Osts
Erivative Inancial Nstruments Erquisites
Ertain Ederal Ncome Onsequences Ertifications
Escription Lan Esources
Establishing Executive Compensation Establishment 2005 Bonus Plan
Establishment 2006 Bonus Plan Estatement Inancial Tatements
Ested Estimated Effect Labor Disputes
Estructuring Harges Esults Perations
Etirement Ther Enefits Eview 2006
Eview Omponents Xecutive Ompensation Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Excess Energy Purchase Commitments Excludes Effect Previously Announced Non-cash Expense Adjustment Related
Executive Compensation Executive Compensation General Principles
Executive Compensation Objectives Exercise
Exhibits Explanatory
Extendable Provisions Factors Affecting Liquidity
Fair Value Financial Instruments Fair Value Measurement
Fair Value Measurements Fair Value Measurements Using
Fair Value Option Financial Assets Liabilities-including Amendment Fasb Fair Value Other Financial Instruments
Fifo Gross Margin Financial Information
Financial Instruments Financial Review 2007
Financial Risk Management Financial Statements Exhibits
Financial Strategy Five-year Credit Agreement
Floating Rate Provisions Foreign Currency Translation
Form 10-k Form 10-q
Form 8-k Form Applies Only Deferrals Respect Long-term Bonuses Become
Form Legend Private Placement Memorandum Notes Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report
Free Cash Flow Further Provisions Relating Indemnification
General General Provisions
Ggregated Ption Sar Xercises Iscal Ear Alues Goodwill
Goodwill Amortization Goodwill Impairment Charge
Grants Awards Plan Grants Plan-based Awards
Great Escape Promotion Cases Guarantees
Guarantor Subsidiaries Guidance
Guidance Before Effect Hurricane Ike Guidelines
Guidelines Issues Corporate Governance Half
Hanges Nternal Ontrol Ver Inancial Eporting Hare
Hareholder Esolution Hareholder Ommunications Oard
Hareholders Hief Xecutive Fficer Ompensation
Http Bnymellonmobularnet Bnymellon Http Wwwsecgov
Identical Food Store Sales Identical Supermarket Sales
Identical Supermarket Sales Increased Without Fuel Identical Supermarket Sales Rose Fuel Without
Identical Supermarket Sales Without Fuel Increased Illon Rofit Haring Lan
Impairment Long-lived Assets Impairments Long-lived Assets
Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials 2009 Annual Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials Annual Meeting
Inancial Ighlights Inancial Nstruments
Incentive Share Awards Incentive Shares
Income Taxes Indemnification Committee
Indemnification Directors Officers Employees Indenture
Independence Index
Initiation Cash Dividend Inside Green Business
Insolvency Insurance
Intangible Assets Interest Expense
Interest Payment Dates Interest Rate Protection Agreements
Interest Rate Risk Management Interest Rates
Internal Control Internal Control Integrated Framework
Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Internal Revenue Code
Internet Telephone Voting Available Through 1159 Eastern Time Introduction
Inventories Inventory Costs Amendment Arb Chapter
Investor Servicedirect Investors Business Daily
Iquidity Apital Esources Irectors Ompensation
Irm Isclosure
Isclosure Uditor Ees Issuer Purchases Equity Securities
Item-cost Conversion James Runde Elected Kroger Board Directors
Jorge Montoya Elected Kroger Board Directors Kroger
Kroger Also Said Now Expects Full-year 2009 Earnings Kroger Announces Executive Changes
Kroger Brand Performance Kroger Celebrates 125
Kroger Chairman Ceo Releases Letter Associates Kroger Completing Review Lease Accounting
Kroger Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Kroger Policy Business Ethics
Kroger Public Responsibilities Kroger Raises Earnings Estimate 2005
Kroger Reports Results Identical Supermarket Sales Increased Without Kroger Reports Results Identical Supermarket Sales Rose Fuel
Kroger Reports Strong Results Identical Supermarket Sales Increased Kroger Said Several Factors Influenced Performance Including Persistent
Kroger Updates Sales Trend Reaffirms Annual Guidance Prior Krogers Ability Adapt Quickly Changing Needs Todays Shoppers
Labor Labor Dispute Summary Southern California
Labor Dispute Summary West Virginia Area Lan
Lead Director Lease Liabilities Store Closing Plans
Legal Fees Arbitration Legal Proceedings
Lifo Lifo Charge
Litigation Long-term Debt
Long-term Incentive Plan Long-term Investments
Looking Ahead 2008 Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Managements Responsibility Financial Reporting Market Share
Merchandise Costs Merchandising Manufacturing
Merger-related Costs Miscellaneous
Mlink Modification Extension Renewal Options Rights Performance Units Restricted
Mpact Nflation Mployees
Mployment Ontracts Multiple Competitive Strengths
Name Address Representatives Name Co-representative
Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant Names Co-representative
Ncome Ncome Axes
Ndebtedness Ndependence
Net Cash Provided Operating Activities Net Cash Used Financing Activities
Net Cash Used Investing Activities Net Earnings
Net Earnings Loss New York Times
Nnual Eport Nnual Onuses
Non-transferability Noncontrolling Interests Consolidated Financial Statements-an Amendment Arb
Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Notes Consolidated Financial Statements
Notice Available Request Paper Copy Proxy Materials View Notice Internet Availability Proxy Materials 2008 Annual Meeting
Nstruments Nsurance
Nterest Ate Edges Nternal Control Over Financial Reporting
Ntroduction Number 1-303
Nvironmental Tewardship Oard
Oard Ecommendation Oard Irectors Anagement Ecommend Ote His Roposal
Ocus Ustomers Ode
Ode Thics Officers
Olicies Ommitments Ontingencies
Ommittees Oard Ommon Tock Epurchase Rogram
Ommon Tock Rice Ange Ommunications Oard
Ommunity Ctivities Ommunity Upport
Ompany Ompensation Ommittee Eport
Ompensation Ursuant Lans Ompetitive Dvantages
Ompetitive Nvironment Ompliance
Omprehensive Ncome Onclusion
Onqualified Eferred Ompensation Onsolidated Financial Statements
Onsolidated Inancial Tatements Onsolidated Tatements Perations
Ontingencies Ontrol
Onus Ood Afety
Oodwill Oodwill Usiness Cquisitions
Ooking Head 2007 Ooking Head 2009
Operating General Administrative Expenses Operating General Administrative Oga Costs
Operating Margin Option Exercises Stock Vested
Options Ormats
Orporate Overnance Otes Onsolidated Inancial Tatements
Other 2007 Highlights Other Events
Other Fees Other Information
Otice Nnual Eeting Hareholders Outhern Alifornia
Outlines 2009 Identical Supermarket Sales Guidance Without Fuel Outlook
Part Partial Deferral Effective Date Statement 157
Participant Participants Acknowledgements
Payment Designated Beneficiary Payment Election Amounts Deferred
Pension Benefits Perating Eview
Perating Nvironment Performance
Performance Graph Performance Units
Performance-based Annual Cash Bonus Performance-based Long-term Cash Bonus
Perquisites Pervasiveness Estimates
Philosophy Justify Kind Cruelty Not Even Cheapness Plan
Plan Administration Please Bring Meeting Notice Proxy Card Was Mailed
Policy Post-retirement Benefit Plans
Postretirement Plans Amendment Fasb Statements 106 132 Power Outage
Preferred Stock Price Public
Principal Accounting Fees Services Properties
Property Plant Equipment Property Plant Equipment Net
Property Tax Allowance Proxies Directed Vote Specified Reverse Hereof Discretion Other
Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors Annual Meeting Held Proxy Statement Annual Report Other Materials Available Http
Purchase Price Underwriters Purpose
Pursuant Long-term Incentive Plan Kroger Hereby Grants Shares Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quity Quity Ased Ompensation Rants
Quity Ompensation Lan Nformation Ralphs Grocery Subsidiaries Formerly Known Supermarkets Inc Docket
Ransactions Receive Directions Annual Meeting Please Call 513-762-1220
Recently Adopted Accounting Standards Recently Issued Accounting Standards
Redemption Provisions Registrants Telephone Number 513 762-4000
Regulation Regulation Disclosure
Related Lease Liabilities Coordinated Store Closing Plans Related Lease Liabilities Store Closing Plans
Related Lease Liabilities-coordinated Store Closing Plans Rent Depreciation
Rent Expense Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Reported Preliminary Results 2004 Resolved
Restatement Financial Statements Restricted Stock
Restricted Stock Agreement Restricted Stock Awards
Restructuring Charges Results
Results Include Non-cash Asset Impairment Charges Totaling 162 Results Operations
Results Operations Financial Condition Retirement Other Benefits
Revenue Recognition Rights
Risk Factors Ritical Ccounting Olicies
Roger Roger Mployee Rotection Lan
Rogram Rogress Abor Elations
Romotions Etirements Roperty Lant Quipment
Roxy Tatement Rules Conduct Shareholder Meetings Outside Cincinnati
Salary Sales
Schedule Schedule 14a
Schedule 301 Schedule Computation Ratio Earnings Fixed Charges Kroger Consolidated
Seal Securities Exchange Act 1934
Securities Rating Not Recommendation Buy Sell Hold Subject Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Segments Selected Financial Data
Selection Auditors Self-insurance Costs
Series Securities Share-based Compensation Expense
Share-based Payment Shareholder Resolution Regarding Poultry Slaughter
Shareholders Shares Available Plan
Shares Subject Grant Signature
Signatures Sinking Fund Provisions
Sset Mpairment Harge Elated Tems Sset Mpairment Harges Elated Tems
Stablishing Xecutive Ompensation Statement Cash Flows
Statement Policy Respect Related Person Transactions States America Ralphs Grocery
Stimated Ffect Abor Isputes Stock
Stock Appreciation Rights Stock Based Compensation
Stock Option Plans Stock Options
Stock Subject Plan Stock-based Compensation Expense
Store Closing Costs Store Closing Other Expense Allowances
Store Deposits In-transit Stores
Strong Market Share Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Subsequent Events Successor Affiliate
Supermarket Storing Activity Supporting Statement
Susan Kropf Elected Kroger Board Directors Sustainability
Table Adjusted Earnings Per Diluted Share Table Previously Reported Estimated Effect Labor Disputes
Table Reconciliation Gaap Net Earnings Excluding Charge Hurricane Table Reconciliation Total Debt Net
Table Supplemental Sales Information Tandards
Tatements Tax Contingencies
Tax Fees Taxes Based Income
Taxes Collected Customers Remitted Governmental Authorities Presented Income Taxes Get Collected Customers Remitted Governmental Authorities Presented
Tem Term Plan
Termination Amendment Time Sale Information
Title Class Tock
Tock Ption Lans Tock Ption Ppreciation Ight Rants
Tores Total Sales
Transition Period Trategy
Trategy Xecution Trong Arket Hare
Ttendance Types
Uarantor Ubsidiaries Uarterly Ata Naudited
Uarterly Ividend Ncreased Ubsequent Vents
Ubsidiaries Udit Ommittee Eport
Udit Ommittee Pproval Udit Ommittee Xpertise
Uel Ulti Mployer Ension Bligations
Ulti Mployer Ost Etirement Bligations Uncertain Tax Positions
Unchanged United States America Ralphs Grocery
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds Unresolved Staff Comments
Urrent Conomic Onditions Usiness
Usiness Utlook 2005 Ustainability
Ustomer Nsight Utlook
Uture Xpectations Vendor Allowances
Vents Verview
Vine Street Cincinnati 45201 Address Principal Executive Offices Whereas
Without Fuel Raises Earnings Estimate 2005 Witness Whereof
Wwwstreeteventscom Xecutive Eferred Ompensation Lan
Xecutive Fficers Xecutive Fficers Egistrant
Xecutive Ompensation Bjectives Xecutive Ompensation Eneral Rinciples
Xpenditures Year-to-date Results
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