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Accelerating Expansion Internal Combustion Engine Machinery Overseas Operations Accelerating Global Development
Accounting Accounting Asbestos-related Expenses
Acquisition Common Stock Acquisition Treasury Stock
Act Action Residents Live Near Kanzaki Plant
Action Response Issues Connection Health Hazard Asbestos Actions Health Hazard Asbestos
Activity Report Outside Corporate Auditors Additional Information
Address Principal Executive Offices Adjournment Meeting Change Place
Administrator Shareholder Register Adoption Simplified Accounting Procedures Specific Consolidated Quarterly Financial
Aggregating Shares Held Same Shareholder Allowance Doubtful Accounts
Allowance Doubtful Receivables Amendment
Amendments Regulations Announcement Results Purchase
Anti-trust Anticipated Results Operations Ending 2008
Anticipated Results Operations Ending 2009 Anticipated Results Operations Ending 2010
Antimonopoly Law Bidding Nightsoil Treatment Plant Construction Antitrust
Appendix Application Additional Purchase Shares
Application Additional Purchase Shares Exceeding Balance Treasury Stock Application Cancellation Registration Loss Share Certificates Party Possesses
Application Cancellation Registration Loss Share Certificates Party Whose Application Delivery Share Certificates Placed Non-possession Status
Application Issue Share Certificates Placed Non-possession Status Application Manifestation Trust Assets
Application Mutatis Mutandis Notification Shareholder Registered Pledgee Application Mutatis Mutandis Notification Shareholder Registered Pledgee Shares
Application Non-possession Share Certificate Application Objection Registration Loss Share Certificates
Application Purchase Less Share Unit Shares Application Purchase Less Unit Shares
Application Re-issuance Share Certificate Application Registration Loss Cancellation Share Certificates
Application Registration Loss Share Certificates Application Registration Pledge
Application Registration Transfer Appointing Outside Director
Appointment New Corporate Auditors Appointment New Directors
Asbestos-related Lawsuits Asbestos-related Matters
Asse Liabili Ies Sha Eholders Equity Assets Liabilities
Assets Liabilities Equity Assets Liabilities Shareholders Equity
Assumptions Going Concern Attachment
Attorney Audit Committee
Audit Committee Financial Expert Audit Report
Authorized Capital Background
Background Outline Background Purposes Establishing New
Backgrounds Purposes Establishing New Basic Management Policy
Basic Policy Regarding Reduction Trading Unit Stock Basic Policy Related Profit Allocation
Basis Financial Statements Board Directors Kubota Corporation
Board Directors Regulations Board Practices
Business Closing Accounts Business Division Integration Plastic Pipes
Business Division Transfer Roofing Siding Materials Business Environment
Business Overview Business Target
Candidates New Member Board Corporate Auditors Candidates New Members Board Directors
Capital Expenditures Cash Dividends
Cash Flow Hedges Cash Flow Information
Cash Flows Cautionary Statements Respect Forward-looking
Certification Chairman Board Directors
Chairman General Meeting Shareholders Chairman Meeting Board Directors
Change Accounting Policies Change Title
Changes After Demerge Changes Due Revision Accounting Standards
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Changes Representative Director
Changes Representative Directors Changes Titles
Changes Waivers Code Ethics
Commitments Compensation
Compensation Committee Compensation Directors Corporate Auditors
Compensation Independent Auditor 2007 Compensation Independent Auditor 2008
Compensation Independent Auditor 2009 Competition
Compliance Compliance Issue Regarding Act Concerning Prohibition Private Monopoly
Comprehensive Income Comprehensive Loss
Concentration Credit Risks Confirmation Shareholders
Conflicts Interest Consideration Given Vendor Customer
Consolidated Financial Summary Consolidated Results Operations 2008
Consolidated Results Operations 2009 Consolidated Revenues Industry Segment
Consolidated Statement Shareholders Equity Consolidated Statements Cash Flows
Consolidated Statements Comprehensive Income Consolidated Statements Comprehensive Income Loss
Consolidated Statements Income Consolidated Statements Other Financial Information
Consolidated Statements Shareholders Equity Consolidation
Consolidation Shares Consult Own Tax Advisor Regarding United States Federal
Contents Restatements Contingencies Regarding Asbestos-related Matters
Contracts Licenses Patents Manufacturing Processes Controls Procedures
Conversion Convertible Debentures Dividends Convocation General Meeting Shareholders
Convocation Meeting Board Corporate Auditors Convocation Meeting Board Directors
Corporate Auditors Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance Policy Implementation Cost Revenues Sga Expenses Loss Disposal Impairment Business
Cost Revenues Sga Expenses Loss Disposal Impairment Businesses Cost Sales
Countermeasures Countermeasures Removal Government Deposit Guarantees
Critical Accounting Estimates Critical Accounting Policies Estimates
Cross-currency Interest Rate Swap Contracts 2009 Daily Price Fluctuation Limits Japanese Stock Exchange Rules
Damage Natural Disasters Damaged Natural Disasters Then Operations Suffer Great Losses
Date Assuming Office Scheduled 2009 Date Retirement
Date Retirement Shares Declaration Dividend Etc
Declines Economic Conditions Kubotas Major Markets Including Private-sector Declines Economic Conditions Major Markets Including Private-sector Capital
Denomination Share Certificate Dependent Contract License Patent Manufacturing Process
Derivative Financial Instruments Derivatives
Description Business Details Alliance
Details Dividend Details Interim Dividend
Details Purchase Own Shares Details Purchase Shares
Details Restructuring Details Year-end Dividend
Determination Additional Purchase Price Determination Purchase Price
Determination Sales Price Difficulties Associated Operating Internationally Adversely Affect Net Sales
Dilution Direction Environmental Engineering Business
Directors Directors Special Titles Representative
Disclosure Disclosure Changes Waivers
Disclosure Controls Procedures Disclosure Via Internet Deemed Furnishing Reference Materials Etc
Disposition Distribution Surplus
Distribution Surplus General Distribution Surplus Restriction
Dividends Dividends Distributable Amount
Dividends Ex-dividend Date Prescription Dividends Gains Revenues
Dividends Gains Sales Dividends General
Dividends Interim Dividends Interim Cash
Dividends Legal Reserve Document Table Contents Signatures
Documents Display Ductile Iron Pipe
Each Businesses Kubota Subject Intensifying Competitive Pressures Compete Effective Date Application Additional Purchase Shares
Effective Date Requests Sales Increase Shares Elling Eneral Administrative Expenses
Employees Enable Flexibility Shareholders Equity Details Purchase Shares
Enable Flexibility Shareholders Equity Details Repurchase Shares End Document
Entry Register Beneficial Shareholders Environmental Engineering
Environmental Engineering Segment Equity Price Risk
Equity Price Risks Estimated Amount Additional Purchase Price
Estimates Estimates Preparation Financial Statements
Exchange Controls Executive Officers
Exemptions Listing Standards Audit Committees Exercise Voting Right Proxy
Exhibits Expansion
Expansion Strategy Overseas Markets Expense Payments Health Hazard Asbestos
Expense Relief Payment Health Hazard Asbestos Experience Material Effect Consolidated Results Operations Financial Position
Experience Material Effect Results Operations Financial Position Faces Explanatory
Export Sales Factors Pollution
Fair Value Financial Instruments Fair Value Other Investments
Fees Fees Services Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
Fees Services Principal Accountant Finance Liquidity Management
Finance Receivables Finance Receivables 2007
Finance Receivables Excluding Leases 2008 Finance Receivables Excluding Leases 2009
Financial Condition Financial Information
Financial Instruments Financial Outlook
Financial Statements Financial Summary Non-consolidated
Financial Targets Financing
Fluctuations Foreign Exchange Rates Including Stronger Yen Reduce Foreign Currency Exchange Risks
Foreign Currency Translation Foreign Exchange Contracts 2009
Foreign Exchange Forward Contracts Currency Options 2007 Foreign Exchange Forward Contracts Currency Options 2008
Foreign Exchange Forward Contracts Currency Swaps Form 20-f
Form 20-f 2006 Form 20-f 2007
Form 20-f 2008 Form 20-f 2009
Full-time Auditors Further Actions
Future Actions General
General Condition Kubota Corporation Subsidiaries General Conditions
General Economic Conditions General Meeting Shareholders
General Outlook Governmental Regulations
Grant Retirement Benefit Present Directors Corporate Auditors Guarantees
Handling Charges Head Count Each Segment
Head Count End Head Count End Period
History Development Honest Ethical Conduct
Identification Tag Beneficial Shareholders Impairment Long-lived Assets
Impairment Losses Investments Marketable Securities Occur Result Stock Improvement Capabilities Responding Change Global Economy
Income Before Taxes Minority Interests Earnings Subsidiaries Equity Income Continuing Operations
Income Continuing Operations Before Taxes Minority Interests Earnings Income Per Ads
Income Taxes Income Taxes Minority Interests Earnings Subsidiaries Equity Net
Increases Decreases Transfer Common Stock Reserve Surplus Independence Directors
Independent Auditors Report Indication Pledge Trust Assets Share Certificate
Indication Transfer Share Certificate Influence Neighborhood
Information Geographic Segments Information Industry Segments
Inheritance Gift Initiatives Date
Interest Rate Risks Interest Rate Swap Contracts
Interest Rate Swap Contracts 2007 Interest Risks
Interests Experts Counsel Interim Dividend
Internal Auditing Audit Corporate Auditors Independent Internal Combustion Engine Machinery
Internal Combustion Engine Machinery Segment Internal Controls
Introducing Corporate Officer System Inventories
Investments Issuance Share Certificates
Issuance Substitute Certificate Issue Additional Shares Pre-emptive Rights
Issue Share Certificates Issues Implement Countermeasures
Japanese Taxation Jointly Establishing Tata Group Metal
Kubota Corporation Kubota Corporation Subsidiaries
Kubota Corporation Subsidiaries 2005 2004 2003 Kubota Environmental Service Ltd
Kubota Maison Ltd Land After Countermeasures
Legal Proceedings Legal Representatives
Liquidation Rights Long-term Trade Accounts Receivable 2008
Long-term Trade Accounts Receivable 2009 Loss Disposal Impairment Businesses Fixed Assets
Loss Gain Disposal Impairment Businesses Fixed Assets Main Domestic Offices Factories
Main Financing Bank Main Line Business 2007
Main Line Business 2008 Main Line Business 2009
Main Subsidiaries Affiliated Companies Major Shareholders
Major Shareholders Related Party Transactions Make-up Purchase Less Share Unit Shares
Management Based Corporate Social Responsibility Csr Management Emphasizing Front-line Business Focus Technology Manufacturing Capabilities
Management Issues Implement Countermeasures Management Structure
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Market Risk Exposures
Marketing Channels Markets
Material Contracts Matter Concerning Profit Allocation
Matter Concerning Profit Allocation Next Matters Concerning Bonus Payments Directors
Matters Concerning Election Corporate Auditor Matters Concerning Election Corporate Auditors
Matters Concerning Revision Remuneration Plan Corporate Auditors Matters Concerning Revision Remuneration Plan Directors
Matters Reported Measures Implemented Over Past Better Corporate Governance
Measures Implemented Over Past Half Better Corporate Governance Medium-term Management Strategy
Medium-term Management Strategy Including Issues Implement Countermeasures Metal Corporation
Method Adopting Resolution Board Corporate Auditors Method Adopting Resolution Board Directors
Method Adopting Resolution General Meeting Shareholders Method Confirmation Reports Submitted Way Jasdec
Method Making Demands Applications Etc Method Making Request Increasing Shares Less Unit Share
Method Making Request Purchase Less Unit Share Method Public Notice
Method Purchase Minority Interests Earnings Subsidiaries Equity Net Income Affiliated
Moving Toward Close Teamwork Between Segments Name Address Office Shareholder Register Agent
Name Address Office Transfer Agent Name Independent Auditor
Net Income Net Income Continuing Operations
Net Income Loss Net Income Loss Per Common Share
Net Income Per Common Share Net Sales Product Group
New Accounting Pronouncements New Accounting Standards
New Construction Nominating Corporate Governance Committee
Non-bearer Share Certificate Not Able Successfully Create New Businesses Complementary Current
Notes Balance Sheets Notes Change Accounting Policies
Notes Change Presentation Notes Consolidated Balance Sheets
Notes Consolidated Statement Shareholders Equity Notes Consolidated Statements Income
Notes Deferred Income Tax Notes Finance Lease Transactions
Notes Per Ads Information Notes Per Common Share Information
Notes Related Party Transactions Notes Statement Changes Net Assets
Notes Statements Income Notice Action Health Hazard Asbestos
Notice Actions Health Hazard Asbestos Near Former Kanzaki Notice Amendment Articles Incorporation
Notice Business Capital Alliance Tsukishima Kikai Ltd Notice Calling Meeting Board Corporate Auditors
Notice Calling Meeting Board Directors Notice Change Management
Notice Decision Restructure Nightsoil Treatment Plant Business Notice Delisting Own Shares Frankfurt Stock Exchange
Notice Dissolution Ksea Subsidiary Singapore Notice Dissolution Kubota Construction Ltd
Notice Dissolution Kubota Retex Corp Notice Dissolution Kubota Solid Technology Corporation
Notice Distribution Retained Earnings Notice Establishing Program Purchasing Own Shares
Notice Forecast Year-end Dividend Ending 2007 Notice Forecast Year-end Dividend Ending 2008
Notice Forecast Year-end Dividend Ending 2009 Notice Ground Pollution Countermeasures
Notice Increase Year-end Dividend 2006 Notice Interim Dividend
Notice Production Tractors Thailand Notice Purchase Own Shares Off-hours Trading System Tostnet-3
Notice Purchase Shares Market Notice Purchase Treasury Stock Through Tostnet-2
Notice Reference Purchase Treasury Stock Notice Reforming Management Systems
Notice Regarding Decision Establishing Program Purchasing Own Shares Notice Repurchase Share Market
Notice Restatement Previously Reported Earning Releases Notice Restructuring Kubota Construction Ltd
Notice Result Purchasing Program Treasury Stock Notice Results Program Purchasing Own Shares
Notice Results Purchasing Program Treasury Stock Notice Retirement Own Shares
Notice Retirement Shares Notice Revised Financial Forecasts 2005 Non-consolidated
Notice Revised Forecast Year-end Dividend Ending 2005 Notice Starting Negotiations Business Transfer Subsidiary
Notice Suspension Construction Business Based Act Notice Suspension Sales Marketing Activities Waste Treatment Facilities
Notice Transfer Photovoltanic Roofing Business Notice Transfer Shares Subsidiary
Notification Beneficial Shareholders Notifications Shareholder Registered Pledgee
Notifications Shareholder Registered Pledgee Shares Number
Number Corporate Auditors Method Election Number Directors Method Election
Number Shares Constituting Share Unit Number Shares Constituting Share Unit Non-issuance Less Certificate
Object Objects Purposes
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Offering Cooperation Relating Actions Asbestos-related Health Hazard Amagasaki
Offices Board Auditor Operating Income
Operating Income Loss Each Industry Segment Ordering Surcharge Ductile Iron Pipe Business
Ordinary General Meeting Shareholders Organization
Organization Structure Other
Other Expenses Other Income
Other Income Expenses Other Income Expenses Net
Other Information Other Matters
Other Revisions Other Segment
Outline Basic Agreement Outline Business Split
Outline Demerger Outline Ksk 2007
Outline New Outline Relief System
Outline Tsukishima Kikai Ltd 2008 Outlook Next
Overseas Activities Overseas Revenues
Overseas Sales Parent Only
Part Passive Foreign Investment Rules
Patent Infringement Patent License
Patents Licenses Payment Date Interim Dividends
Payment Purchase Price Per Common Share Information
Personal Financial Business Relationships Between Outside Corporate Auditors Pipes Valves Industrial Castings
Pipes Valves Industrial Castings Segment Pipes Valves Industrial Castings Segment Step Initiatives Expand
Policies Determining Dismissal Non-reelection Independent Auditor Policies Pre-approval Audit Non-audit Services Rendered Independent Auditors
Policies Pre-approval Audit Non-audit Services Rendered Independent Registered Policy Appropriation Retained Surplus
Policy Dividends Distributions Prescription Period Dividends
Previously Reported Earning Releases Restated Prices Raw Materials Increase Difficulties Procuring Adequate Supplies
Principal Accountant Fees Services Principal Business Policies Continuous Profit Growth
Principal Business Policies Medium- Long-term Growth Profit Principal Business Policies Medium-to-long Term Growth Profit
Principal Capital Expenditures Divestitures Principal Shareholders Top
Priority Policies Long Term Growth Earnings Priority Policies Medium- Long-term Growth Earnings
Procedures Exercising Rights Minority Shareholders Etc Products Services Alleged Serious Defects Such Allegations Material
Profile Cybernet Profile Kgt
Profile Ksi Profile Kubota Construction
Profile Kubota Retex Corp Profile Kusco
Profile Msk Promoting Management Based Corporate Social Responsibility Csr
Promotion Csr Management Promotion Globalization-accelerating Development Business Operations Asia
Property Plant Equipment Prospect Full
Prospect Next Prospect Regard Profit Allocation Next
Prospect Review Prospects
Prospects Full Purchase Price
Purchase Shares Less Unit Beneficial Shareholders Purchase Shares Order Create Value Per Share Part
Purchase Shares Treasury Stock Order Create Value Per Purpose
Purpose Alliance Purpose Demerger
Purpose Purchase Own Shares Purpose Purchase Shares
Purpose Relief System Qualitative Information Market Risks
Quantitative Information Market Risk Ratings
Raw Materials Source Supply Re-issuance Due Lapse Share Certificates
Reason Dissolution Alliance Reason Restatement
Reason Transfer Reasons Delisting
Reasons Interim Dividend Amount Reasons Raising Dividend
Reasons Raising Interim Dividend Reasons Revision
Reasons Termination Receipt Additional Purchase Price
Reclassification Finance Income Expenses Retail Business Consolidated Statements Reclassification Retail Finance Receivables Consolidated Statements Cash Flows
Record Date Record Date Dividend Distribution Surplus
Record Date Ordinary General Meeting Shareholders Recordations Shareholder Register
Reducing Members Board Directors Reference
Reforming Business Structure Profit Reforming Corporate Governance
Reforming Operational Systems Reforms Corporate Governance System
Reinforcing Profitability Public Works Related Businesses Related Party Transactions
Remuneration Directors Corporate Auditors Remunerations Directors Corporate Auditors Independent
Reorganizing Consolidated Divisions Parent Replacement Figures Earning Releases 2006
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Report Independent Registered Public Accountlng Firm
Reported Kubota Corporation Reporting Mailing Addresses Non-resident Shareholders Etc Shall Receive
Reporting Regarding Matters Described Shareholder Register Reporting Substantial Shareholdings
Reporting Violations Code Representative Directors Special Titles
Representatives Corporate Shareholders Representatives Shareholders Jointly Own Shares
Requests Sale Number Shares Exceeding Balance Treasury Required Incur Considerable Expenses Order Comply Various Environmental
Required Incur Significant Expenses Connection Environmental Damage Activities Required Incur Significant Expenses Relevant Asbestos-related Issue
Required Incur Significant Expenses Relevant Asbestos-related Issues Required Incur Significant Expenses Relevant Asbestos-related Issues Then
Required Incur Significant Financial Expenses Connection Environmental Damage Required Incur Significant Financial Expenses Products Services Alleged
Required Incur Significant Financial Expenses Products Services Serious Research Development
Research Development Advertising Research Development Expenses Advertising Costs Shipping Handling
Research Development Expenses Advertising Costs Shipping Handling Depreciation Residents Near Former Kanzaki Plant
Resolution Ordinary General Meeting Shareholders Restatement Retail Finance Receivables Consolidated Balance Sheet
Restructuring Domestic Operations Restructuring Environmental Engineering
Restructuring Public Works Related Businesses Result Assessment
Results Purchase Announced After Completion Trade 845 2005 Results Purchase Own Shares
Results Purchase Own Shares Off-hours Trading System Tostnet-3 Results Purchase Treasury Stock
Results Purchase Treasury Stock Through Tostnet-2 Retirement Corporate Auditor
Retirement Corporate Auditor Expiration Terms Office Retirement Corporate Auditors Expiration Term Offices
Retirement Directors Retirement Directors Expiration Term Office
Retirement Directors Expiration Term Offices Retirement Directors Expiration Terms Office
Retirement Pension Plans Revenue Recognition
Revenue Recognition Long-term Contracts Revenues
Revenues Industry Segment Revenues Region
Revised Consolidated Financial Forecasts 2005 Revised Forecast Year-end Dividend Ending 2005
Right Less Share Unit Shares Risk Factors
Risk Management Policy Risk Management System
Risks Associated International Operations Adversely Affect Revenues Profitability Safe Harbor
Sales Sales Industry Segment
Sales Region Schedule
Schedule Alliance Schedules
Scope Business Shareholder Register Agent Scope Business Transfer Agent
Seasonality Businesses Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Securitization Receivables Segment Information
Selling General Administrative Expenses Sga Expenses
Share Handling Regulations Share Ownership
Shareholder Register Agent Shareholders
Shareholders Approval Equity Compensation Plan Shareholders Equity
Shares Kubota Corporation Shipping Handling Costs
Signatures Significant Accounting Policies
Significant Changes Special Exceptions Accounts
Statements Income Non-consolidated Stock Market Fluctuations Material Adverse Effect Results Operations
Stock Splits Strategic Alliances Mergers Acquisitions Not Generate Successful Results
Strengthening Financial Position Subject Discussion
Subject Intensifying Competitive Pressures Unless Surpasses Other Companies Subject Matters Concerning Bonus Payments Directors
Subject Matters Concerning Election Corporate Auditor Subject Matters Concerning Election Corporate Auditors
Subject Matters Concerning Election Directors Subject Risks International Operations
Subject Various Environmental Laws Regulations Required Incur Considerable Subsequent Event
Subsequent Events Subsidiaries
Substance Business Transfer Summary Results Operations Review
Surety Suspended Business Area
Suspension Period Acceptance Application Additional Purchase Shares Suspension Periods Requests Sales Increase Shares
Table Contents Tata Metaliks Limited
Taxation Capital Gains Taxation Dividends
Term Office Corporate Auditors Term Office Directors
Time Transfer Shares Title Class
Total Amount Shares Purchased Total Amount Shares Sold Less Minimum Unit
Total Number Shares Authorized Issued Total Number Shares Issued
Trade Name Transfer Agent
Transfer Agent Foreign Currency Debentures Transfer Purchased Shares
Transfer Shares Purchased Additionally Transfer Shares Sold
Translation United States Dollars Treasury Stock Acquisition Rights
Tsukishima Kikai Ltd Type Shares Retired
Unit Share System United States Federal Income Taxation
Unresolved Staff Comments Urbanex Ltd
Utilizes Estimates Some Accounts Consolidated Financial Statements Require Utilizes Estimations Some Accounts Consolidated Financial Statements Require
Viewpoint Matter Voting Rights
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