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Accounting Changes Accounting Policy Impairment Fixed Assets
Accounting Principles Procedures Financial Statements Presentation Acquisition Kyocera Corporation Capital Stock
Acquisition Mobile Phone Business Sanyo Electric Ltd Acquisition Mobile Phone Related Business Sanyo Electric Ltd
Acquisition Own Shares Actions
Activities Outside Corporate Auditors 2009 Addition Consolidated Financial Results 2007
Adoption Sfas 158 Affiliates
After Amendment Agendum Amendments Articles Incorporation
Agendum Approval Proposed Appropriation Retained Earnings 2005 Agendum Bonuses Directors
Agendum Bonuses Directors Corporate Auditors Agendum Disposition Surplus
Agendum Election Accounting Auditor Agendum Election Corporate Auditor
Agendum Election Corporate Auditors Agendum Election Directors
Agendum Election Thirteen Directors Agendum Issuance Stock Acquisition Rights Granting Options
Agendum Partial Amendments Articles Incorporation Agendum Payment Retirement Allowance Retired Director Retiring Corporate
Agendum Payment Retirement Allowance Retiring Corporate Auditor Agendum Payment Retirement Allowance Retiring Director
Agendum Payment Retirement Allowances Retiring Directors Settlement Funds Agendum Revision Amount Remuneration Directors
Agendum Revision Amount Remuneration Directors Corporate Auditors Line Aggregation
Aggressive Business Development Activities Meet Emerging Market Needs Aggressive Capital Investment Program
Aggressive Capital Investment Thin-film Devices Allowances Doubtful Accounts
Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedure Willcom Inc Amendment
Amendment Abolishment Regulations Amendment Disclosure
Amendment Share Handling Regulations Amendments Articles Incorporation
Annual Meeting Annual Report 2005
Application Cancellation Person Holds Share Certificates Application Cancellation Person Registered Loss Share Certificates
Application De-registration Loser Share Certificates Application De-registration Party Possessing Share Certificates
Application Delivery Non-possession Share Certificates Application Non-possession Share Certificates
Application Provisions Relating Various Notification Application Registration Lost Share Certificates
Applied Ceramic Products Group Appointment Dismissal Standing Corporate Auditors
Approximate Amount Purchase Price Ash Flow Hedges
Assets Liabilities Stockholders Equity Assets Pledged Collateral Liabilities
Attachment Notice Resolution Attendance Parties
Audit Committee Financial Expert Audit Report
Auditing Standards Corporate Auditors Authorized Capital
Automatic Consolidation Share Certificates Representing Shares Not Constituting Automotive Components
Avx Corporation Avx Corporation Consolidated Subsidiaries
Based Mobile Wimax Technology Basic Agreement Relating Transfer Mobile Phone Business Sanyo
Basic Management Policy Basic Policy
Basic Policy Corporate Governance Basic Policy Corporate Governance Internal Control
Basic Policy Internal Controls Basis Consolidation Accounting Investments Affiliated Companies
Basis Preparation Consolidated Financial Statements Because Daily Price Range Limitations Japanese Stock Exchange
Before Amendment Benefit Plans
Board Directors Board Directors Regulations
Board Practices Brazil
Business Business Collaboration Azumi Ltd
Business Combination Business Outline
Business Outlook Business Overview
Business Progress Results Business Results Financial Condition Prospects
Business Risks Business Strategy
Capital Expenditures Capital Resources
Carefully Read Risks Described Below Before Making Investment Cash Equivalents
Cash Flow Cash Flow Hedges
Cash Flows Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-looking Statements
Ceramic Package Business Cultivating New Markets Certificate Beneficial Ownership
Certification Chairman
Challenges Change Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Change Representative Director Change Shareholders Register Beneficial Owners Share Certificates
Changed Organization Structure 2005 Changes Accounting Standards Adversely Impact Results Operations Financial
Changes Director Executive Officers Organization Changes Directors
Changes Directors Executive Officers Changes Directors Title Effective 2006
Changes Environmental Liability Compliance Obligations Adversely Impact Operations Changes Executive Officers
Changes Registrants Certifying Accountant China
Code Ethics Code Number 6971 Tokyo Stock Exchange Inc
Commitments Contingencies Common Rail System
Companies Assets Acquired Kyocera Require Cost Expected Integration Compared 2003
Compared 2004 Compared 2005
Compared 2006 Compared 2007
Compared 2008 Compensation
Competitive Position Complete Ending 2005
Compliance Applicable Laws Components Business
Conflict Interest Consent Appointment Corporate Auditors
Consent Etc Appointment Accounting Auditors Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consent Partial Exemption Directors Liability Consent Participate Assistance
Consent Remuneration Etc Accounting Auditors Consolidated
Consolidated Cash Flows Page Form 6-k Released 2009 Consolidated Cash Flows Reference Only
Consolidated Financial Forecast Ending 2010 Consolidated Financial Forecasts Ending 2009
Consolidated Financial Forecasts Ending 2010 Consolidated Financial Highlights
Consolidated Financial Information 2008 Consolidated Financial Information 2009
Consolidated Financial Position Consolidated Financial Results
Consolidated Financial Statements Consolidated Statement Income
Consolidated Statements Income Consultation Concerning Exercising Powers Corporate Auditors
Consultation Concerning Remuneration Etc Contact
Contents Contingencies
Continuing Downturn Japanese Global Economy Significantly Reduce Demand Controls Procedures
Convocation General Meeting Shareholders Convocation Notice Meetings Board Corporate Auditors
Convocation Notice Meetings Board Directors Convocation Procedure
Copy Audit Report Accounting Auditors Copy Audit Report Accounting Auditors Consolidated Financial Statements
Corporate Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance Systems Corporate Profile
Corporate Social Responsibility Csr Correction Consolidated Non-consolidated Financial Results 2009
Cost Sales Gross Profit Creating New Businesses Environmental Preservation Market
Critical Accounting Policies Estimates Csr Policies
Csr Promotional Framework Currency Exchange Rate Fluctuations Adversely Affect Kyoceras Financial
Cutting Tools Cutting Tools Aiming Increased Global Sales Market Share
Czech Republic Daily Price Fluctuation Limits Japanese Stock Exchange Rules
Decision Purchase Price Deferred Tax Assets
Delivery Share Certificate Denomination Share Certificates
Dental Orthopedic Implants Derivative Financial Instruments
Derivative Financial Instruments Hedging Activities Description Business
Determination Price Purchasing Additional Shares Determination Purchase Price
Developments Results Business Combination Director
Director Retired 2008 Directors
Directors Corporate Auditors Kyocera Corporation 2006 Directors Corporate Auditors Retired 2009
Disclosure Financial Related Information Dissolution Subsidiary
Dividend Policy Dividends
Documents Display Dollar Amounts
Domestic Due Talc Containing Asbestos Completion Change Non-asbestos
Duties Board Corporate Auditors Earnings Cash Dividends Per Share
Earnings Per Share Effect Performance
Effective Date Effective Date Corporate Split Acquired Assets Debts Employment
Effective Date Corporate Split Shall Acquire Assets Debts Effective Date Request Purchase
Effective Date Request Purchasing Additional Shares Electronic Device Group
Employees Employees Kyocera Corporation Consolidated Subsidiaries
Employees Kyocera Corporation Non-consolidated English Translation
Enhancement Kyocera Groups Mobile Communication Equipment Business Equipment Business
Equipment Facilities Equipment Group
Equity Price Risk Establish New Kyocera Group Management Structure
Establishing New Businesses Growth Potential Establishment Japan Medical Materials Corporation 2005
Estimates Evaluation Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures Exception Respect Various Notifications Beneficial Owner
Exchange Controls Execution Asset Purchase Agreement
Executive Officer Executive Officers
Exemption Liability Outside Corporate Auditor Exemption Listing Standards Audit Committees
Exercise Voting Rights Exercise Voting Rights Proxy
Exhibits Exhibits Number Kyocera Kennametal Agree Alliance
Expanding New Applications Market Segments Expanding Production New Manufacturing Systems
Expansion Phs-related Business Explanatory
Extraordinary Convening Committee Faithful Ethical Conduct
Fees Filing Complaint Against Tax Assessment Based Transfer Pricing
Finance Receivables Financial
Financial Highlights Financial Information
Financial Statements Financial Statements Exhibits
Financial Statements Presentation Fine Ceramic Parts Group
Fine Ceramics Group Foreign Currency Exchange Risk
Foreign Currency Translation Foreign Exchange Fluctuations Affect Dollar Value Adss Dividends
Foreign Exchange Risk Form 20-f
Form Request Notification Application Etc Forward-looking Statements
Four-year Financial Summary France
Full Acquisition Hertz Technology Inc Kyocera Kinseki Corporation Full-time Corporate Auditor
Fundamental Attitudes Further Fundamental Structural Reforms Kwc
Future Initiatives In-process Research Development Not Produce Desired Gains Losses Investments
General General Meeting Shareholders
Geographic Segments Geographic Segments Sales Operating Profit Area
Geographic Segments Sales Region Germany
Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Government Regulation
Greater Synergy Mobile Phone Handset Operations Greetings
Held Kyoto Japan 2005 Held Kyoto Japan 2006
Highlights Consolidated Results History Development Kyocera Corporation Consolidated Subsidiaries
Holder Adss Fewer Rights Shareholder Act Through Depositary Iburst Wireless Broadband System
Identification Shareholders Impairment Long-lived Assets
Impairment Securities Investments Income Before Taxes
Income Continuing Operations Before Taxes Index Exhibits
India Indicate Number Outstanding Shares Each Issuers Classes Capital
Indication Cancellation Trust Property Industry Demand Skilled Employees Particularly Engineering Technical Personnel
Information Disclosure Process Focusing Kyocera Committee Information Equipment Group
Initiatives Instruction Forecasts Other Notes
Insufficient Protection Kyoceras Trade Secrets Patents Significant Adverse Interest Dividend Income
Interest Expense Interest Rate Risk
Interim Dividends Internal Audit System Alert
Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Internal Controls Complaint Procedures
Internet Disclosure Deemed Provision Reference Documents General Meeting Inventories
Inventory Valuation Investment Kinseki Limited 2004
Investment Kyocera Chemical Corporation 2003 Investment Kyocera Slc Technologies Corporation 2004
Investment New Businesses Strong Growth Potential Investment Willcom Inc
Investment Willcom Inc 2005 Investments Advances Affiliates
Investments Kinseki Limited Kyocera Slc Technologies Corporation 2004 Issuance Stock Options Acquisition Rights
Japan Japanese Global Economy Significantly Reduce Demand Kyoceras Products
Japanese Taxation Jewelry Applied Ceramic Related Products
Joint Venture Formed Wireless Broadband Business Based Mobile Kcc Increased Group Synergy
Kccs Security Telecommunications Services Kyocera Communication Systems Ltd Kccs
Kyocera Corporation Kyocera Corporation Consolidated Subsidiaries
Kyocera Disclosure Committee Kyocera Exposed Credit Risk Trade Receivables Due Customers
Kyocera Group Kyocera Incur Impairment Losses Investments Debt Equity Securities
Kyocera Incur Impairment Losses Investments Equity Securities Kyocera International Inc
Kyocera Kennametal Agree Alliance Kyocera Mita America Inc Savings
Kyocera Mita Corporation Gains 9384 Shares Triumph-adler Kyocera Mita Takeover Offer Taag Shares Successful
Kyocera Philosophy Education Kyocera Require Licenses Continue Manufacture Sell Certain Products
Kyocera Sells Diverse Variety Products Each Businesses Subject Kyocera Was Built Unique Foundation Human Spirit
Kyocera Wireless Corp Kyocera Wireless Corp Kwc
Kyocera Wireless Corporation Consolidated Subsidiaries Kwc Kyoceras Goal Creative Continuous Sales Growth High Profitability
Kyoceras Headquarters Major Facilities Subject Devastating Effects Earthquakes Kyoceras Markets Supply Chains Adversely Affected Terrorism Plague
Kyoto 612-8501 Japan Lease Receivables
Liquidation Rights Liquidity Capital Resources
List Directors Corporate Auditors 2007 List Directors Corporate Auditors 2008
Major Environmental Preservation Activities Major Products Services
Major Shareholders Major Shareholders Related Party Transactions
Major Shareholders Top Major Social Contribution Activities
Management Challenges Management Changes Subsidiaries
Management Measures Significant Decision Implemented 2007 Management Philosophy
Management Policies Management Rationale
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Manager Shareholders Register
Managing Executive Officer Managing Executive Officers
Manner Adopting Resolutions Market Trends
Markets Material Contracts
Material Sale Disposal Equipment Facilities Matters Amended
Matters Relating Convocation Matters Reported
Matters Resolved Matters Submitted
Measures Corporate Governance Measures Reports
Medical Materials New Jmm Joint Venture Brings Global Meetings
Method Confirmation Through Jasdec Method Election Corporate Auditors
Method Election Directors Method Request Purchase
Method Requesting Purchase Additional Shares Less Unit Method Requesting Purchase Increase Number Shares
Method Requesting Purchase Shares Less Unit Tangen Miman Method Resolutions
Mexico Minority Interests
Minority Shareholders Rights Minutes
Miscellaneous Naoyuki Morita
Net Sales Net Sales Geographic Segment
Net Sales Geographic Segments Net Sales Reporting Segment
New Accounting Standards New Business Development Telecommunications Information Processing Market
New Business Structures Future Expansion New Dividend Policy
New Emphasis Optical Components Improve Profitability Rapidly News Report Regarding Acquisition Mobile Phone Business Sanyo
Non-consolidated Non-consolidated Financial Forecast Ending 2005
Not Applicable Notes Accounting Effects Income Taxes
Notes Balance Sheet Notes Balance Sheets
Notes Concerning Related Party Transactions Notes Consolidated Balance Sheets
Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Notes Consolidated Statement Stockholders Equity
Notes Fixed Assets Used Finance Lease Notes Marketable Securities
Notes Per Share Information Notes Significant Subsequent Events
Notes Statement Changes Net Assets Notes Statement Changes Stockholders Equity
Notes Statement Income Notes Statements Income
Notice 51st Ordinary General Meeting Shareholders Notice 52nd Ordinary General Meeting Shareholders
Notice 53rd Ordinary General Meeting Shareholders Notice 54th Ordinary General Meeting Shareholders
Notice 55th Ordinary General Meeting Shareholders Notice Regarding Change Independent Auditor
Notice Regarding Change Temporary Independent Auditor Notice Regarding Election Accounting Auditor
Notice Regarding Election Additional Temporary Independent Auditor Notice Regarding Election Temporary Independent Auditor
Notice Regarding Interim Dividend Relating Period Ending 2006 Notice Relating Acquisition Treasury Stock
Notice Relating Acquisition Treasury Stock Completion Notice Relating Allocation Stock Options Acquisition Rights
Notice Relating Amendments Articles Incorporation Notice Resolution 51st Ordinary General Meeting Shareholders
Notice Resolution 52nd Ordinary General Meeting Shareholders Notice Resolution 53rd Ordinary General Meeting Shareholders
Notice Resolution 55th Ordinary General Meeting Shareholders Notice Violation
Notification Addresses Non-resident Shareholders Etc Receive Notices Notification Matters Entered Shareholders Register
Notification Names Addresses Seal Impressions Shareholders Etc Notification Place Shareholders Residing Abroad Etc Receive Notices
Notifications Number
Number Authorized Capital Common Stock Number Shares Constituting Share Unit
Number Shares Constituting Share Unit Non-issuance Certificates Not Nyse Corporate Governance Standards
Objects Objects Purposes
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Offer Shareholders Triumph-adler
Omission Resolution Board Directors Operating Financial Review Prospects
Operating Highlights Operating Profit Reporting Segment
Operating Profit Segment Operating Profit Trend Segment
Operating Results Operations Before Income Taxes Minority Interest
Operations Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Sofc Cogeneration System Optical Equipment Group
Orders Organic Light-emitting Diodes Oleds
Organic Package Business Developing Future Growth Drivers Organic Packages
Organization Organizations
Organs Corporate Governance Other Derivatives
Other Information Other Matters
Other Plan Other Subsidiaries
Others Outline Acquisition Treasury Stock
Outline Subsidiary Dissolved Outside Corporate Auditors
Overview Patents Licenses
Payment Purchase Price Per Share Information
Performance Reporting Segments Period Acceptance Requests Purchasing Additional Shares Suspended
Period Ending 2008 54th Period Limitation Dividends
Person Convene Board Directors Chairman Person Convene General Meeting Shareholders Chairman
Person Entitled Convene Meetings Persons Authorized Convene Meetings
Pfic Rules Plans New Investments Disposal
Policies Procedures Board Corporate Auditors Preparation Audit Report
Preparation Consolidated Financial Statements Presentation Certain Information
Presentation Certain Information Financial Annual Report 2006 Presentation Certain Information Financial Annual Report 2007
Price Range Shares Principal Accountant Fees Services
Principal Business 2009 Principal Business Sites 2007
Principal Business Sites 2008 Principal Business Sites 2009
Principal Businesses 2007 Principal Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Fees
Principal Management Measures Significant Decision Implemented 2008 Principal Management Measures Significant Decision Implemented 2009
Principal Offices Plants Etc 2006 Pro Forma Information
Procedure Amendment Product Eco-assessment System
Production Production Orders Distribution
Production Orders Received Sales Products Warranty
Profile Promoting Document Solutions Based Ecosys Concept
Property Plant Equipment Depreciation Proposed Appropriation Retained Earnings
Public Notices Purchase Equity Securities Issuer Affiliated Purchasers
Purpose Purpose Board Corporate Auditors
Qualitative Criteria Quantitative Criteria
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Quarterly Review Report Independent Auditors
Rapidly Establishing Strong Position Automotive Components Market Ratification
Re-issuance Due Division Consolidation Re-issuance Due Full Capacity Share Certificate
Re-issuance Due Stain Mutilation Reason Acquisition Treasury Stock
Reason Dissolution Reason Filing
Reason Submission Reasons Amendments
Receipt Notice Tax Assessment Based Transfer Pricing Adjustments Receipt Purchase Price
Recently Adopted Accounting Standards Recently Issued Accounting Standards
Reclassifications Record Date
Record Date Dividends Distributable Amount Record Date Ordinary General Meeting Shareholders
Recording Shareholders Register Reference
Regarding Acquisition Mobile Phone Business Sanyo Electric Ltd Regarding Azumi
Registration Cancellation Pledge Registration Register Beneficial Owners
Registration Transfer Registration Transfer Subject Special Provisions Laws Regulations
Regular Meetings Representative Directors Etc Regular Scheduled Convening Committee
Regulations Board Corporate Auditors Relating Ending 2005 New Dividend Policy
Relating Ending 2007 Remaining Challenges
Remuneration Accounting Auditor Remuneration Directors Corporate Auditors
Remuneration Directors Corporate Auditors 2009 Remuneration Etc Corporate Auditors
Remuneration Etc Directors Remunerations Directors Corporate Auditors
Replacement Battery Packs W42k Mobile Phone Handsets Report Independent Auditor
Report Independent Auditors Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Reporting Segments Glance Reports Board Corporate Auditors
Representative Co-owners Shares Representative Corporate Shareholder
Representative Corporation Shareholder Representative Director Executive Directors Chairman Emeritus Advisors Counsellors
Representative Joint Shareholders Repurchase Kyocera Corporation Capital Stock
Request Purchase Shares Number Exceeds Held Request Purchasing Additional Shares Excess Balance Treasury Stock
Request Sell Shares Shareholders Holding Not Constituting Full Research Development
Research Development Activities Research Development Expenses Advertising
Resolutions Auditing Policy Respect Divine Love People
Restriction Distributions Surplus Restriction Dividends
Restructuring Activities Restructuring Kwc Operations
Result 2005 Results
Results 2004 Results 2005
Results 2006 Results 2007
Revenue Financial Services Revenue Recognition
Review 2005 Review 2006
Rights Relating Shares Not Constituting Full Share Unit Rights Shareholders Japanese Law Limited Other Jurisdictions
Risk Factors Sale Shares Kyocera Leasing Ltd
Sales Distribution Sales Returns
Sales Shares Taito Corporation Sand Road Fairfield
Sanyo Electric Ltd Savings Plans
Schedule Scope Consolidation Application Equity Method
Secretariat Board Corporate Auditors Securities
Securities Registered Pursuant Act Segment Reporting
Selected Daily Price Limits Selected Financial Data
Semiconductor Parts Group Sensitivity Analysis Benefit Plans
Settlement Lapine Case 2004 Settlement Regarding Lapine Case
Sga Expenses Profit Operations Share Handling Regulations
Shareholders Record Date Not Receive Dividend They Anticipate Shareholders Triumph-adler
Shares 2007 Shares 2008
Shares 2009 Short-term Borrowings Long-term Debt
Signature Signatures
Significant Changes Significant Contracts Agreements
Significant Customer Significant Customer Related Party Transactions
Significant Equipment Facilities Significant Events Occurring Subsequent 2005 Regard Business Situation
Significant Patents Licenses Significant Subsidiaries 2006
Significant Subsidiaries 2007 Significant Subsidiaries 2009
Since Significant Percentage Kyoceras Revenues Been Derived Foreign Since Significant Percentage Kyoceras Revenues Been Foreign Sales
Singapore Small Manufacturing Delays Defects Outsourcing Process Internal Adversely
Small Manufacturing Delays Defects Resulting Outsourcing Internal Processes Solar Energy Business Global Expansion
Solar Energy Products Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Sofcs
Sources Availability Raw Materials Supplies South Korea
Special Treatment Accounts Status Common Stock Capital
Statutory Agent Stock Acquisition Rights
Stock Acquisition Rights 2007 Stock Acquisition Rights 2008
Stock Holders Equity Stock Option Plans
Stock-based Compensation Stockholders Equity
Strategic Investments Further Business Expansion Structural Reforms
Structural Reforms Highly Profitable Foundation Subscription Rights
Subsequent Event Subsequent Events
Subsidiary Information Substance Acquisition Treasury Stock
Summary Significant Accounting Policies Supplemental Cash Flow Information
Supplemental Expense Information Supplemental Information
Supplementary Provisions Suspension Acceptance Requests Purchase
Sustainability Presentations System Corporate Governance
System Internal Controls System Policy
Table Contents Takeda Tobadono-cho Fushimi-ku Kyoto Japan
Taxation Capital Gains Taxation Dividends
Taxes Telecommunications Equipment Group
Term Office Corporate Auditors Term Office Directors
Time Criteria Total Number Shares Possible Issued
Trade Name Transfer Additional Shares Purchased
Transfer Agent Transfer Japanese Government Substitutional Portion Employee Pension Fund
Transfer Shares Purchased Transitional Measure
Translation Translation Foreign Currencies
Translation Registrants Name English Trend Information
Trend Performance Assets Kyocera Corporation Consolidated Subsidiaries Trend Performance Assets Kyocera Corporation Non-consolidated
Type Stock Acquired Common Uncertainty Income Taxes
Unexpected Changes Economic Political Legal Conditions China Kyocera Unit Share System
United Kingdom United States America
United States Taxation Unresolved Staff Comments
Usa Used Annual Report Form 20-f References Kyocera Corporation
Used Form 20-f References Kyocera Corporation Except Context Voting Rights
Waiver Disclosure Written Oath Relating Timely Disclosure
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