Ability Service Certain Important Destinations Limited Future Accounting Changes
Accounting Derivatives Hedging Activities Accounts Receivable
Acquisitions Other Information Activo Fijo
Activos Leasing Address Principal Executive Office
Address Principal Executive Offices Administrative Control
Adrs Ads Holders Not Able Exercise Preemptive Rights Certain
Advance Payments Advances Purchases Aircraft Other Deposits
Advances Purchases Aircraft Other Deposits Summarized Follows Advertising Costs
Advertising Promotional Activities Aeronautical Regulation
Agreement Air Cargo News
Air Traffic Liability Revenue Recognition Policy Airbus
Airbus A320 Family A340 Programs Airbus Sas
Aircraft Aircraft Delivery Description Price Advance Payments
Aircraft Engine Maintenance Costs Aircraft Japanese Operating Leases Jol
Aircraft Pursuant 30th 2006 Lan Acceptance Boeing Substitution Aircraft Rentals
Airframe Optional Features Airline Operations Route Network
Airlines Employees Received Training Different Areas Alejandro Fuente Goic
Allowance Bad Debts Ambiente Económico Chileno
Amendment América Solidaria
Ancillary Airline Activities Annual Report Balance Sheet Profits
Antitrust Regulation Análisis Explicación Flujo Neto Consolidado Originado Por Las
Análisis Explicación Flujo Neto Originado Por Las Actividades Análisis Riesgo Mercado
Approval Financial Statements Arbitration
AsociaciÓn Ejecutivos Mendoza Aem Association Executives Asociación Pilotos Líneas Aereas
Assets Liabilities Measured Fair Value Recurring Basis Assets Liabilities Not Measured Fair Value Recurring Basis
Attachment Page Open Configuration Matters Letter Agreement 3256-02 Attractive Cost Structure
Attractive Cost Structure High Utilization Assets Productive Personnel Audit Committee
Audit Committee Financial Expert Audit Management
Audit Non-audit Fees Aumento Capital
Backup Withholding Information Reporting Balance General
Balance General Consolidado Balances Transactions Related Companies
Bases Conversión Bases Preparación
Bases Presentación Basic Infrastructure Operation
Beach Protection Unique Project Easter Island Best Safest Airline Latin America While Earning Various
Biographical Information Board Directors
Board Directors Committee Board Directors Committee Audit
Board Directors Committee Pre-approval Policies Procedures Board Directors Shareholders Lan Airlines
Boeing Branding
Break Away Build Comprehensive Network
Business Adversely Affected Downturn Airline Industry Business Adversely Affected Downturn Airline Industry Caused Exogenous
Business Adversely Affected High Degree Debt Aircraft Lease Business Adversely Affected Unable Meet Significant Future Financing
Business Experience Adverse Consequences Unable Reach Satisfactory Collective Business Model Domestic Operations
Business Results Operation Suffer Fail Obtain Maintain Routes Business Strategy
Business Suffer Strategic Partners Terminate Alliance Commercial Relationship Business Traveler
Buyer Cabin Systems Equipment
Campañas Solidaridad Capacitación Familiares
Capacitación Promoción Pymes Turísticas Capital
Capital Expenditures Capital Gains
Capital Shares Shareholders Capitalization
Capitalized Interest Cargo Agreements
Cargo Business Cargo Investigation
Cargo Revenues Cargo-related Investigations
Cash Dividends Other Distributions Cash Equivalents
Cash Time Deposits Marketable Securities Castigos
Celebraciones Navideñas Centro Responde
Ceo Certification Certification Chief Executive Officer
Certification Chief Financial Officer Cfo Certification
Chilean Aeronautical Regulation Christmas Celebrations
Citación Junta Ordinaria Accionistas Para Día Abril 2008 Coaniquem
Cobertura Riesgos Financieros Code Ethics
Comercial Masterhouse Comité Directores
Comité Verde Commissions Agents
Commitments Commitments Contingencies
Common Share Adr Price Trend 2006-2008 Compared 2002
Compared 2003 Compared 2004
Compared 2005 Compared 2006
Compared 2007 Compensation
Compensation Committee Competitive Strengths
Compliance Composición Del Saldo
Composición Flota Compromisos Airbus
Concurso Iniciativas Sociales Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consolidated Balance Sheets Consolidated Financial Statements Lan Airlines Subsidiaries
Consolidated Financial Statements Lan Chile Subsidiaries Consolidated Statements Cash Flows
Consolidated Statements Income Consolidation
Contenido Contents
Contingencias Compromisos Contingencies
Continue Grow Passenger Cargo Networks Contratos Derivados
Controlling Shareholders Controlling Shareholders Interests Differ Those Other
Controlling Shareholders Related Party Transactions Controls Procedures
Convocation Regular Shareholders Meeting Held 2008 Corporate Reputation Ranking Hill Knowlton Captiva 8211 Tercera
Corrección Monetaria Cost Structure
Costos Emisión Acciones Covenants
Creation Lan Argentina 2005 Was Most Important Milestones Credit Card Receivables Securitization
Critical Accounting Policies Cuentas Por Pagar
Current Assets Current Liabilities
Customer Customer Support Document
CÁmara Comercio Lima Chamber Commerce Default Clause
Deferred Income Tax Deferred Income Taxes
Depend Strategic Alliances Commercial Relationships Countries Operate Business Depreciación Activo Fijo
Depreciation Amortization Depósitos Plazo Valores Negociables
Derivative Instruments Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities
Derivative Instruments Used Aircraft Fuel Desarrollo Software Computacional
Description Development Maintenance System
Developments Latin American Countries Other Emerging Market Adversely Diario Estrategia
Differences Between Chilean Gaap Differences Between Chilean United States Generally Accepted Accounting
Direct Guarantees Director Independence
Directors Directors Committee
Directors Remuneration Directors Senior Management
Distinct Integration Passenger Cargo Distinguishes Airline Sustained Growing Route Coverage Delivers Greater
Distribution Channels Distribution Dividend
Diversified Revenue Base Passenger Cargo Operations Dividend Information
Dividend Liquidation Rights Dividend Policy
Dividendos Dividends
Documents Display Dollar Presentation Price-level Adjustments
Domestic Cargo Operations Chile Domestic Operations Argentina
Domestic Operations Chile Domestic Operations Peru
E-ticket Ebitdar
Ebitdar Calculation Efecto Resultados
Effects Exchange Rate Fluctuations Effie Oro Award PerÚ 2008 Gold Peru
Electronic Ticketing Emergency Response Management
Employee Vacations Employees
Enhance Profitability Short-haul Operations Through New Business Model Enhance Value Lan Brand
Enterprise Resource Planning Equipos Maquinarias
Equity Compensation Plans Estado Flujos Efectivo
Estado Resultados Consolidado Estado Resultados Individual
Estimación Deudores Incobrables Estimates
Eticket Evolución Precio Acción Adr 2008
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Exchange Rates
Executive Sessions Existencias
Expenses Experience Difficulty Finding Training Retaining Employees
Explanatory Extensive Route Network
Face Increasing Competition Low-cost Carriers Offering Discounted Fares Failure Comply Applicable Environmental Regulations Adversely Affect Business
Failure Successfully Implement Growth Strategy Harm Business Market Financial Information
Financial Instruments Financial Instruments Foreign Currency Exchange Rates
Financial Instruments Fuel Price Risk Management Financial Instruments Interest Rate Risk Management
Financial Report Balance Sheet Profits Financial Statements
Financial Success Depends Availability Performance Key Personnel Financial Success Depends Availability Performance Key Personnel Not
Firm Change Corporate Image Consolidate Strengthen Lan Firm Commitments Hedging Contracts
Fleet Composition Fleet Data
Fleet Leasing Financing Arrangements Fleet Plan
Fleet Renewal Plan Flexible Fleet Strategy
Fluctuations Chilean Peso Other Foreign Currencies Relative Dollar Fluctuations Value Chilean Peso Other Currencies Countries Operate
Fly Depend Airbus Boeing Aircraft Business Risk Not Foreign Currencies
Foreign Currency Transactions Form 20-f
Form 6-k Forward Looking Statements
Forward-looking Statements Freighter Aircraft 767-
Frequent Flyer Program Front End Systems
Front-end Systems Fuel Costs
Fuel Supplies Future Accounting Change
Future Changes Chilean Foreign Investment Controls Withholding Taxes Future Changes Status Chilean Foreign Governmental Authorizations Licenses
Future Incident Similar 2001 Terrorist Attacks United States Gaap Non-gaap Reconciliation
Gastronomía Peruana General
General Provisions General Shareholders Meetings
Global Traveler Glossary Terms
Goodwill Goodwill Negative
Green Committee Ground Facilities Services
Headquarters Hedge Forecasted Transaction
Hedging Financial Risk High Levels Competition Airline Industry Adversely Affect Level
Highlights History
Hogar Cristo Holders Adss Adversely Affected Currency Devaluations Foreign Exchange
Immediate Release Impuesto Renta
Impuesto Renta Impuestos Diferidos Impuestos Diferidos
Income Taxes Incorporating Various New Technologies Equipment Phase-in Negative Impact
Incorporation Increases Insurance Costs Significant Reductions Coverage Harm Financial
Increases Labor Costs Constitute Substantial Portion Total Operating Index
Index Amendment Indicate Number Outstanding Shares Each Issuers Classes Capital
Indirect Guarantees Industria Del Turismo Tourist Industry
Información Adicional Información Sobre Inversiones Exterior
Information Technology Ingresos Explotación
Ingresos Percibidos Por Adelantado Inmobiliaria AeronÁutica
Instrumentos Renta Fija Insurance
Intangibles International Cargo Operations
International Passenger Operations International Routes Today Offers Flights Weekly Guayaquil Quito
International Safety Standards Achieve Airline Incorporated Most Modern Inventories
Inversiones Empresas Relacionadas Inversiones Financiamiento
Inversiones Lan Filiales Inversiones Lan Subsidiaries
Investment Contracts Investment Financing
Investments Related Companies Joint Action
José Miguel Bambach Salvatore Labor Relations
Lan Lan Airlines
Lan Airlines Announces Accounting Policies Expected Impact Related Lan Airlines Announces Filing 2006 Annual Report Form
Lan Airlines Announces Filing 2007 Annual Report Form Lan Airlines Announces Filing 2008 Annual Report Form
Lan Airlines Announces Financing Vrg Linhas Aereas Lan Airlines Consolidated Balance Sheet
Lan Airlines Fleet Data Lan Airlines Reports Net Income Us1008 4q07 Us3083
Lan Airlines Reports Net Income Us3357 Full 2008 Lan Airlines Reports Net Income Us426 2007
Lan Airlines Reports Net Income Us472 2008 Lan Airlines Reports Net Income Us650 2009
Lan Airlines Reports Net Income Us788 2007 Lan Airlines Reports Record Net Income Us861 2007
Lan Airlines Tam Implement Commercial Alliance Lan Cargo
Lan Cargo Inversiones Línea Aérea Nacional Lan Cargo Press Release
Lan Cargo Subsidiares Lan Chile Investments Limited
Lan Chile Investments Limited Subsidiaries Lan Courier
Lan Pass Awards Corporate Lan Pax Group
Lan Pax Group Filiales Lan Pax Group Subsidiaries
Lan Peru Lan Peru Firmly Committed Development Country Evident Going
Lan Peru8217s Client-centered Service Combination High Quality International Lan Perú
Lan Receives Statement Objections European Regarding Air Freight Lan Today Leading Latin American Airlines Passenger Cargo
Lan Was Listed New York Stock Exchange Lan8217s Committment Not Just Passengers Customers Also Help
Lan8217s Demonstrated Ability Generate Consistent Profits Midst Highly Lanlogistics Corp
Leading Airline Key South American Markets Leading Airline South America
Leading Most Successful Airlines Latin America Also Managed Leading Presence Key South American Markets
Lease Aircraft Return Costs Leasing Obligations
Legal Arbitration Proceedings Let8217s Fly Together Next Destination Build Better World
Letter Agreement 6-1162-laj-0895r6 Leverage Benefits Combining Passenger Cargo Businesses
Liens Attachments Limpieza Playas Inédito Proyecto Isla Pascua
Liquidez Liquidity
List Loans Financial Institutions Long-term
Long-term Long-term Assets
Long-term Liabilities Losses Liabilities Event Accident Involving Aircraft Materially Affect
Machinery Equipment Main Changes Total Assets
Main Changes Total Liabilities Maintain Customer Satisfaction
Maintain Emphasis Safety Maintain Excellent Customer Satisfaction
Maintain High Efficiency Standards Maintain Solid Financial Position
Maintenance Maintenance Base
Maintenance Expenses Maintenance Safety
Major Shareholders Management
Management Comments 2007 Results Management Comments 2008 Results
Marcas Patentes Market Conditions Competition
Marketable Securities Marketing Sales
Mas Investment Limited Bahamas Material Contracts
Material Fact Material Fact Regarding Subsidiary Lan Cargo
May-07 Contract Formerly 2007 Mechanics Technical Personnel
Menor Valor Inversiones Mercado Valores
Mercurio Ernstyoung Miami Facilities
Modern Fleets Addition Making Same Time Significant Contribution Name Corporate Domicile Objective
Name Registered Office Purpose Negocio Pasajeros Internacional
Net Income Net Margin
New Aircraft Long-haul Fleet New Board Directors
New Business Model Domestic Operations New Business Model Domestic Regional Operations
New Initiatives New York Stock Exchange Corporate Governance Comparison
Next Destination Better World Nombre Lan Airlines Rut 89862200
Nominating Corporate Governance Committee Non-operating Income Expense
Non-operating Results Norma Caracter General
Norma Carácter General Not Able Secure Resources Necessary Sustain Growth
Not Required Disclose Much Information Investors Issuer Not Required Disclose Much Information Investors Issuer Result
Nota Notes Consolidated Financial Statements
Now Includes New Premium Business Class Combining Best Nueva Composición Del Directorio
Nuevas Aeronaves Para Flota Largo Alcance Nyse Corporate Governance Comparison
Número Acciones Observations
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Often Affected Certain Factors Beyond Control Including Weather
Only Performance Guarantees Applicable Aircraft Those Set Forth Opción Acciones Para Planes Compensación
Operating Expenses Operating Income
Operating Revenues Operational Safety Organization
Operations Operations Subject Fluctuations Supply Cost Jet Fuel
Operations Subject Fluctuations Supply Cost Jet Fuel Negatively Operations Within Argentina
Operations Within Chile Operations Within Ecuador
Operations Within Peru Optimized Fleet Strategy
Option Aircraft Delivery Description Price Advance Payments Organization Register
Organizational Structure Other
Other Assets Other Chilean Taxes
Other Current Assets Other Current Assets Consist Following
Other Facilities Other Financial Information
Other Income Expense Other Income Expense Net
Other Information Derivative Instruments Other Liabilities Provisions
Other Liabilities Provisions Summarized Follows Other Major World Airlines Allowing Significantly Increase Coverage
Other Operating Expenses Other Operating Revenues
Other Rental Landing Fees Other Revenues
Other Transactions Otras Autoridades Administrativas
Otras Reservas Otros Egresos Fuera Explotación
Outlook Overview
Ownership Restrictions Part
Part Field Engineering Support Services Passenger Alliances Commercial Agreements
Passenger Business Passenger Marketing Sales
Passenger Revenues Passenger Revenues Ask
Passenger Service Payment Dividend Cash
Payment Final Dividend Payment Interim Dividend
Performance Heavily Dependent Economic Conditions Countries Business Performance Heavily Dependent Economic Conditions Countries Business Negative
Peruvian Cuisine Período Contable
Plan Compensación Acciones Plan Renovación Nuestra Flota
Planes Compensación Plans Regional Expansion Within Latin America Depend Key
Plea Agreement Power Attorney
Preemptive Rights Increases Share Capital Preferred Partners Program
Prepaid Expenses Present
Presentation Presentation Information
Pressure Employees Cause Operating Disruptions Negatively Impact Business Price-level Restatements
Principal Accountant Fees Services Principales Ejecutivos
Principales Premios Distinciones Recibidos Por Lan Airlines Sus Problems Air Traffic Control Systems Other Technical Failures
Programa Boeing 767 Programa Preferred Partners
Programas Airbus Familia A320 A340 Proper Care Island8217s Beaches
Property Property Buildings
Property Equipment Propiedad Compañía
Propiedades Edificios Proposal
Proveedores Provided Operating Activities
Provisiones Purchase Agreement
Purchase Equity Securities Issuer Affiliated Purchasers Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Real Estate Transactions Recent Events
Recitals Reclassifications
Reconciliation Net Income Cash Provided Operating Activities Regional Aeronautical Regulation Brazil Ecuador Mexico Colombia Argentina
Regional Aeronautical Regulation Brazil Ecuador Mexico Peru Registration Transfers
Regular Meeting Regulatory Authorizations Connection Strategic Alliances
Related Party Transactions Release Agreement
Relevant Fact Rely Maintaining High Daily Aircraft Utilization Rate Increase
Remuneraciones Directorio Renewal Iosa Certification Iata Operational Safety Audit Lan
Reparto Dividendo Definitivo Reparto Dividendo Provisorio
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Resultados Realizados
Revenue Growth Latter Driven Strong Demand Imports Southern Revenue Recognition
Revenues Revista Euromoney Magazine
Right Dissenting Shareholders Tender Shares Risk Factors
Risk Fluctuations Interest Rates Risk Fluctuations Jet Fuel Prices
Risk Variation Foreign Currency Exchange Rates Risks Related Chile Other Emerging Market Countries
Risks Related Common Shares Adss Route Rights
Sa8221 Safety
Safety Management Saldos
Sale Leaseback Sales Discounts Commissions
Santiago Chile Santiago Chile 2008
Seasonality Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Securities Reporting Obligation Pursuant Act Securitization Obligation
Security Management Segment Reporting
Seguros Selected Financial Data
Seller Senior Management
Sesión Extraordinaria Sesión Ordinaria
Share Ownership Share Transfers
Shareholders Meetings Shareholders Meetings Voting Rights
Shares Shareholders Rights Short Long-term Debt
Short-haul Business Model Lead Lower Results Operations Expected Short-term
Signature Signatures
Significant Portion Cargo Revenues Comes Relatively Few Product Since Established Successful Track Record Growth Integration Country
Sistemas Distribución Amadeus Chile Social Initiatives Fund
Solidarity Campaigns Some Competitors Receive External Support Negatively Impact Competitive
Special Meeting Stock Issuance Costs
Stock Issuance Placement Expenses Stock Option Plan
Stock Option Plans Stock Options Plans
Strong Brand Teamed Key Global Strategic Alliances Strong Financial Position Track Record Growth Profitability
Strong Strategic Alliances Subsequent Events
Subsidiaries Subsidiaries Lan Chile Investments Limited Shareholding Therein
Subsidiaries Lan Pax Group Shareholding Therein Success Business Depends Key Regulatory Issues Adversely Affect
Superintendencia Valores Seguros Superintendent Securities Insurance
Suppliers Table Contents
Table Preliminary Bfe On-dock Dates Taxation Capital Gains Losses
Taxation Dividends Techo Para País
Telecommunications Telethon
Teletón Tercera
Term Total Operating Expenses
Total Operating Revenues Trademarks Patents
Trading Trading Adss Common Shares Securities Markets Limited Experience
Training Training Employee Family Members
Training Promotion Tourism Smes Transacciones Venta Con Retroarrendamiento
Transitory Articles Travelers Executives Around World
Traveling Plane Time Trend Information
Turning Point Future Growth Lan Ecuador Was Marked Unable Incorporate Leased Aircraft Fleet Acceptable Rates Terms
Unicef Unique Integration Passenger Cargo
United States Federal Income Tax Considerations Valor Patrimonial
Valuation Qualifying Accounts Visit Base Fly
Visita Base Todos Podemos Volar Voting Rights
Wages Benefits Whereas
Withholding Tax Certificates Withholding Tax Rate Category Effective
Witness Whereof 
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