Acceptance Nonconforming Work Access Work
Accounting Records Accounts Receivable
Accrued Liabilities Acquisition
Acquisition Additional Shares Common Stock Fertitta Adversely Effect Acquisition Golden Nugget Casino Subject Approval Nevada Gaming
Acquisitions Additions Deletions
Additions Deletions Report Administration
Administration Contract Adoption Charter
Adverse Interpretation Other Agreements Advertising
Advertising Marketing After Substantial Completion
Agreement Aia Document A111 1997
Aia Document A201 1997 Aia Document D401 2003
Allowances Amended Restated
Amendment Amendment Contract Sale Development Agreement
Amendment Discontinuance Amendment Ground Lease
Amendment Personal Service Employment Agreement Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change
Amounts Accrue Owner Accordance Provisions Shall Credited Deduction Applicable Only Corporate Issuers
Application Trust Money Applications Payment
Arbitration Architect
Architects Administration Contract Architects Decisions Matters Relating Aesthetic Effect Final
Asset Impairment Audit Committee
Audit Committee Pre-approval Policies Procedures Audit Fees
Audit-related Fees Authorization Actions Taken Collateral Agent Agreements
Authorization Receipt Funds Trustee Collateral Agreements Award Period Vesting
Award Subcontracts Other Contracts Portions Work Basis Payment Cost Work Plus Fee Negotiated Guaranteed
Basis Presentation Because Restaurants Concentrated Single Geographic Areas Results Operations
Before After Substantial Completion Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Boiler Machinery Insurance Building Commitments
Business Activities Business Opportunities
Business Strategy Business Subject Seasonal Fluctuations Result Results Operations Given
Cancellation Cannot Predict Results Gaming Operations Enter Market Because
Capital Adjustments Capital Contributions
Capital Costs Operations Specialty Growth Division Extremely High Capital Costs Specialty Gaming Divisions Extremely High Result
Capital Costs Specialty Growth Gaming Divisions Extremely High Capitalization
Cash Equivalents Certain Relationships Related Transactions
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence Certain Tax Matters
Certain Transactions Certificate Opinion Conditions Precedent
Certificates Certificates Payment
Certificates Trustee Certification Documents Authenticity
Change Control Change Orders
Changes Disagreements Accountants Accounting Financial Disclosure Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Changes Lease Accounting Changes Tax Rates Affect Future Results
Changes Work Claims Additional Cost
Claims Additional Time Cleaning
Closing Delivered Party Consents Codes Business Conduct Ethics
Collateral Guaranty Matters Collection Suit Trustee
Combined 2008 2009 Annual Meeting Stockholders Commencement Statutory Limitation Period
Commitments Contingencies Committees Board Directors
Communication Holders Other Communications Directors
Communications Facilitating Contract Administration Communications Non-employee Directors
Compared 2002 Compared 2003
Compared 2004 Compared 2005
Compared 2006 Compared 2007
Compared 2008 Compensation Committee
Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Compensation Committee Report
Compensation Committee Report Executive Compensation Directors
Compensation Directors 2008 Compensation Discussion Analysis
Compensation Indemnity Compensation Stock Option Committee
Compensation Stock Option Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Compensation Stock Option Committee Report Executive
Competition Competitive Strengths
Completion Acquisition Disposition Assets Completion Payments
Compliance Compliance Certificates
Compliance Trust Indenture Act Conclusion Regarding Effectiveness Disclosure Controls Procedures
Condensed Balance Sheets Condensed Consolidated Balance Sheets
Condensed Consolidated Statement Stockholders Equity Conditions Closing
Conditions Legal Defeasance Covenant Conditions Precedent Closing
Confidentiality Consent Holders
Consent Holders Notes Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consolidated Construction Change Directives
Construction Owner Separate Contractors Consummation New 510 Financing
Contact Contingent Assignment Subcontracts
Continuing Adverse Financial Market Conditions Significantly Affect Ability Continuing Contract Performance
Contract Contract Documents
Contract Shall Governed Law Place Project Located Contract Sum
Contract Termination Suspension Contractor
Contractor Agrees Not Honor Strike Union Employees Working Contractor Shall Achieve Substantial Completion Entire Work Not
Contractor Shall Not Change Subcontractor Person Entity Contractor Shall Not Load Permit Part Construction
Contractor Shall Perform Work General Accordance Most Contractor Shall Proceed Expeditiously Adequate Forces Achieve
Contractor Shall Provide Owner Architect Access Work Contractors Construction Schedules
Contractors Liability Insurance Contribution
Control Majority Controlled Exemption
Controls Procedures Core Restaurant Concepts
Corporate Existence Corporate Governance
Correction Work Correlation Intent Contract Documents
Cost Cap Cost Compliance Significant Governmental Regulation Subject Failure Comply
Cost Contractors Concrete Operations Shall Lump Sum Non-auditable Cost Overruns
Cost Work Costs Not Reimbursed
Costs Other Included Change Orders Approved Owner Costs Other Materials Equipment Temporary Facilities Related
Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement Credit Agreement
Critical Accounting Policies Current Difficult Conditions Global Financial Markets Economy Generally
Cusip Number Customer Satisfaction
Cutting Patching Date Commencement Substantial Completion
Dated 2004 Debt
Decisions Withhold Certification Defaulted Interest
Deferred Rent Definitions
Delays Extensions Time Delivery Documents Shareholders Sharing Address
Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Deposit Redemption Price
Deposited Money Government Securities Held Trust Other Designation Restricted Unrestricted Subsidiaries
Determine Each Element Compensation Development Costs
Director Independence Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance
Disclosure Control Ineffectiveness Discussed Consolidated Financial Statements Effective 2009 Adopted Provisions
Dispute Resolution Dividend Other Payment Restrictions Affecting Restricted Subsidiaries
Dividend Policy Documents Incorporated Reference
Dow Jones Restaurant Index Drawings
Due Authorization Conflict Duplicate Originals
Duties Responsibilities Duties Trustee
Each Stockholder Not Expect Attend Annual Meeting Person Earnings Loss Per Share Information
Earnings Per Share Earnings Per Share Diluted 032
Earnings Per Share Restated Earnings Per Share Stock Option Accounting
Effect Notice Redemption Eligibility
Eligibility Disqualification Emergencies
Employee Benefits Other Employment Architect Terminated Owner Shall Employ New
Employment Contracts Change-in-control Arrangements Enter Gaming Industry Face Intense Competition
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Enumeration Contract Documents
Environmental Matters Equity Compensation Plan Information
Estimates Evaluation Controls Procedures
Events Default Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Exceed Consensus Estimates Exceptions Non-competition Agreement
Execution Authentication Execution Contract Documents
Execution Delivery Subsidiary Guarantees Execution Guarantee
Executive Committee Executive Compensation
Executive Officers Executive Sessions Board Directors
Exercise Conversion Incentive Exercise Stock Option
Exhibits Exhibits Schedules
Expanding Restaurant Base Opening New Restaurants Existing Markets Expansion Business Through Acquisitions Poses Risks Reduce Benefits
Explanatory Face Risk Adverse Publicity Litigation Cost Material Effect
Face Risk Adverse Publicity Litigation Cost Results Material Failure Complete Merger Adversely Affect Share Price
Failure Payment Final Completion Payment
Financial Instruments Financial Statements Exhibits
Following Exhibits Incorporated Herein Part Contract Each Such Following Project
Form 10-k Form 10-q
Form Dating Form Local Counsel Opinion
Form Opinion General Counsel Form Opinion Haynes Boone Llp
Form Special Counsel Opinion Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report
Forward Looking Statements Fy-end Option Values
Gaming Gaming Activities Rely Heavily Certain Markets Changes Adversely
Gaming Activities Rely Heavily Nevada Market Changes Adversely Gaming Division
Gaming Industry General
General Conditions Contract Construction General Economic Factors Adversely Affect Results Operations
General Litigation General Provisions Relating Transfers Exchanges
Golden Nugget Inc Goodwill Intangible Assets
Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Governing Law
Grant Security Interest Grants Plan-based Awards
Growth Strategy Depends Opening New Restaurants Ability Expand Guaranteed Maximum Price
Guarantors Guaranty
Half Percent Cost Work Health Concerns Relating Consumption Seafood Beef Other Food
Held 2005 Held 2006
Held 2007 Held 2009
Hotels Other Properties Houston 77027
Houston Texas Houston Texas 2005
Houston Texas 2006 Houston Texas 2007
Houston Texas 2008 Houston Texas 2009
Hurricane Ike Identify State Amounts Allowances Whether They Include Labor
Immediately Following Fertittas Proposal Acquire Common Stock Named Impact Inflation
Important Additional Information Regarding Merger Been Filed Sec Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials Annual Meeting
Incentives Granted Other Entities Income Taxes
Incorporation Reference Trust Indenture Act Indemnification
Indemnification Remedies Indemnification Sci
Index Individual Rights Trustee
Information Classes Similar Products Services Information Previously Announced Merger Find
Information Services Required Owner Inherent Limitations Control Systems Misstatements Due Error Seriously
Inherent Limitations Control Systems Result Undetected Errors Initial Purchasers
Insert Date Commencement Differs Agreement Applicable State Fixed Insert Number Calendar Alternatively Date Used Coordinated Commencement
Insert Provisions Liquidated Damages Relating Failure Complete Time Insert Rate Interest Agreed
Insert Specific Provisions Contractor Participate Savings Insurance
Insurance Bonds Insurance Contractors Liability
Insurance Owners Liability Insurance Property
Intentionally Omitted 115 Performance Bond Payment Intentionally Omitted Stylemargin-top12pxmargin-bottom0px 115 Performance Bond Payment
Intercreditor Agreement Interest Rate Risk
Interim Senior Secured Credit Facility Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Weaknesses
International Operations Subject Certain External Business Risks Not Interpretation
Introduction Inventories
Issuance Additional Notes Issuer
Joint Agreement Defined Labor Costs
Labor Materials Labor Materials Equipment
Labor Shortages Increases Costs Slow Growth Harm Business Landrys Call Option
Landrys Contributions Landrys Restaurants Inc
Landrys Restaurants Inc Announces Completion New Bank Facility Landrys Restaurants Inc Lny Nyse 2006 Results
Landrys Restaurants Inc Lny Nyse Reports 2008 End Landrys Seafood Restaurants Inc
Las Vegas 89101 Lease Commitments
Legal Defeasance Covenant Legal Holidays
Legal Proceedings Liens Been Fully Released
Limitation Incurrence Additional Indebtedness Issuance Preferred Stock Limitation Issuance Sale Equity Interests Restricted Subsidiaries
Limitation Liens Securing Indebtedness Limitation Remedies
Limitation Restricted Payments Limitation Sale Assets
Limitation Sale Leaseback Transactions Limitation Subordinated Indebtedness
Limitation Subsidiary Guarantors Liability Limitation Transactions Affiliates
Limitations Issuances Guarantees Restricted Subsidiaries Release Subsidiary Liquidation Dissolution
Liquidity Capital Resources List Required Limits Liability Insurance Bonds Aia Document
List Subsidiaries 2006 Lists Holders Notes
Litigation Claims Loss Insurance
Loss Tilman Fertitta Chairman President Chief Executive Officer Loss Tilman Fertitta Material Adverse Effect Business Development
Maintenance Office Agency Management
Management Employees Managements Consideration Restatement
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Material Modifications Rights Security Holders
Matters Relating Investigation Historical Stock Option Granting Practices Mediation
Meet Consensus Estimates Meetings
Membership Menu
Merger Merger Consolidation Sale Assets
Minor Changes Work Miscellaneous Costs
Miscellaneous Provisions Mutual Responsibility
Name Address Name Address Other Information
Name Location Address Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant
Nature Business Nature Business Restatement Summary Significant Accounting Policies
Nature Business Summary Significant Accounting Policies Neither Owner Nor Architect Shall Obligation Pay
Nominating Corporate Governance Committee Nominating Corporate Governance Committee Director Nominations
Nominees Election Annual Meeting Non-qualified Deferred Compensation
Non-reliance Previously Issued Financial Statements Related Audit Non-reliance Previously Issued Financial Statements Related Report
Nonconforming Work Acceptance Not Able Access Capital Markets Necessary
Notation Exchange Notes Notes Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements
Notes Pro Forma Combined Statements Income Notes Redeemed Part
Notice Defaults Notice Internet Availability Proxy Material
Notice Redemption Notice Trustee
Notice Written Notices
Notices Permits Fees Notwithstanding Anything Contained Herein Contrary Contractor Shall Not
Number 000-22150 Number Shares Outstanding Registrants Common Stock 16144546 2008
Obligation Trustee Officers Directors Key Employees Required Licensed Found Suitable
Operations Impacted Hurricane Ike Continue Incur Significant Expenses Option Exercises Stock Vested
Option Exercises Stock Vested 2008 Option Grants Last
Other Other Assets
Other Commitments Other Compensation
Other Compensation Policies Affecting Executive Officers Other Costs Emergencies
Other Definitions Other Events
Other Fees Other Information
Other Matters Other Remedies
Other Risk Factors Adversely Affect Financial Performance Outstanding Equity Awards Year-end
Outstanding Equity Awards Year-end 2008 Outstanding Notes Treasury
Owner Owner Each Separate Contractor Shall Same Responsibilities
Owner General Owner Information Services Required
Owner Shall Responsible Purchasing Maintaining Owners Usual Owners Liability Insurance
Owners Right Carry Out Work Owners Right Perform Construction Award Separate Contracts
Owners Right Stop Work Ownership Drawings Specifications Other Instruments Service
Page Part
Part Financial Information Part Other Information
Partial Occupancy Paying Agent Hold Money Trust
Payment Applications Payment Bond Performance
Payment Certificates Payment Failure
Payment Notes Payment Taxes Other Claims
Payments Payments Completion
Payments Consent Payments Contractor Subcontractors Accordance Requirements Subcontracts Costs
Payments Sci Pays Expenses Solicitation
Per Commencement Date Per Completion Date
Performance Awards Permits Fees Notices
Personal Liability Directors Officers Employees Stockholders Persons Deemed Owners
Persons Property Protection Please Date Sign Mail Proxy Card Back Soon
Please Not Fold Mutilate Card Pre-opening Costs
Preferential Collection Claims Against Premiums Insurance Required Contract Documents Except General Liability
Price Range Common Stock Principal Accountant Fees Services
Principles Consolidation Prior Auditors
Priorities Pro Forma Combined Statements Income
Profitability Progress Completion
Progress Payments Project
Project Manual Properties
Property Equipment Property Equipment Other Assets
Property Equipment Other Current Assets Property Insurance
Property Insurance Requires Deductibles Owner Shall Pay Proposal I-election Directors
Proposal Ii-proposal Amend 2003 Equity Incentive Plan Proposed Merger
Protection Persons Property Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors
Proxy Statement Purchase Sale Shares Closing
Purchasing Purpose
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Quarterly Financial Data
Rainforest International License Agreements Rainforest International License Joint Venture Agreements
Ratio Earnings Fixed Charges Recapitalization Merger Consolidation
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Recent Developments
Recitals Reclassifications
Recording Opinions Refinancing Senior Notes Bank Credit Facility Current Market
Registrants Telephone Number Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code
Registrar Paying Agent Regulation Disclosure
Reinstatement Relationship Parties
Release Collateral Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank
Remediation Material Weakness Repayment
Replacement Notes Replacement Trustee
Report Independent Public Registered Accounting Firm Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Reports Reports Trustee Holders
Representations Warranties Representations Warranties Purchaser
Resolution Claims Disputes Resources Authority
Restatement Restaurant Companies Been Target Class Actions Other Lawsuits
Restaurant Hospitality Restaurant Hospitality Gaming Industries Particularly Affected Trends Fluctuations
Restaurant Industry Restaurant Industry Peculiarly Affected Trends Fluctuations Demand Highly
Restaurant Locations Restaurant Profitability
Restrictions Actions Lenders Sharing Payments Results Operations Financial Condition
Revenue Recognition Review Contract Documents Field Conditions Contractor
Revocation Effect Consents Revoke Proxy Card Instructions
Rights Holders Receive Payment Rights Remedies
Rights Trustee Rising Interest Rates Increase Borrowing Costs Material Adverse
Risk Factors Risks Related Business
Rules Construction Rules Trustee Agents
Safety Persons Property Safety Precautions Programs
Sales Taxes Satisfaction Discharge
Schedule Schedule Values
Scis Contributions Scis Put Option
Seasonality Quarterly Results Securities Exchange Act 1934
Securities Registered Pursuant Act Security Agreement
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Holders Management Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Holders Management Related Stockholder
See Attached Segment Information
Segment Reporting Selection Notes Redeemed
Senior Notes Due 2014 Service Marks
Severability Share-based Compensation
Shares Subject Plan Shop Drawings Product Data Samples
Signature Signature Page Follows
Signatures Significant Amounts Electricity Natural Gas Other Forms Energy
Site Software
Some Restaurants Limited Operating Histories Makes Difficult Predict Specialty Division
Specialty Growth Division Specifications
Standard Form Agreement Between Owner Contractor State Lump Sum Percentage Cost Work Other Provision
State Numbers Other Identification Accepted Alternates Decisions Owner Statements Required Certificate Opinion
Stock Purchase Agreement Stock Repurchase
Stock-based Compensation Stockholder Nominations
Stockholder Proposals Stockholders Agreement
Strategy Subcontractors
Subcontractual Relations Subject Litigation Related Pending Merger
Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Subsequent Event
Subsequent Events Subsidiaries Landrys Restaurants Inc
Substantial Completion Successor Corporation Substituted
Successor Trustee Merger Etc Successors
Summary Compensation Table Superintendent
Supervision Construction Procedures Supplemental Guarantor Information
Suspension Owner Convenience Table Contents
Table Deleted Tax Fees
Tax Matters Taxes
Temporary Notes Term
Term Termination Term Used Contract Documents Shall Mean Calendar
Termination Termination Contractor
Termination Material Definitive Agreement Termination Merger Agreement
Termination Owner Cause Termination Owner Convenience
Termination Security Interest Termination Suspension
Termination Suspension Contract Tests Inspections
Tests Inspections Conducted Pursuant Contract Documents Shall Tilman Fertitta Beneficially Owns Approximately 468 Outstanding Shares
Tilman Fertitta Control Shareholder Tilman Fertitta Intend Vote His Shares
Tilman Fertitta Offer Acquire Common Stock Failure Consummate Tilman Fertittas Ownership Over Common Stock Adversely Affect
Time Time Delays Extensions
Title Class Title Drawings
Title Specifications Top Form
Transaction Transfer Exchange
Transfer Exchange Beneficial Interests Definitive Notes Triggering Events Accelerate Increase Direct Financial Obligation
Trust Indenture Act Controls Trustee
Trustee Collateral Agent Trustee Proofs Claim
Trustee Protected Trustees Disclaimer
Unable Anticipate React Changes Food Other Costs Obtain Unable Anticipate React Changes Food Other Costs Results
Unable Obtain Seafood Supply Sufficient Quality Quantity Support Unable Protect Intellectual Property Rights Reduce Ability Capitalize
Unconditional Guarantee Uncovering Work
Undertaking Costs Unfavorable Publicity Relating Restaurants Particular Brand Taint Public
United States Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds
Unresolved Staff Comments Vote
Votes Counted Waiver Consequential Damages
Waiver Past Defaults Waiver Stay Extension Usury Laws
Warranty Washington 20549
What Happens Vote Proxy What Need Plan Attend Annual Meeting
Without Consent Holders Without Consent Holders Notes
Work Work Contract
Written Notice §122 Final Payment
§97 Failure Payment 
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