Topic Listing for Leapfrog Enterprises

Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable
Accrued Liabilities Action Without Meeting
Actions Taken 2005 Actions Taken After 2005
Address Principal Executive Offices Including Zip Code Adea Waiver8221
Adea8221 Adjustments Changes Stock
Administration Administration Accounts
Advertising Expense Advertising Expenses
Advertising Marketing Advertising Promotional Activities Not Successful
Aggregated Option Exercises 2004 Year-end Values Aggregated Option Exercises 2005 Year-end Values
Agreement Allowances Accounts Receivable
Allowances Doubtful Accounts Product Returns Defective Products Discounts Amended Restated Audit Committee Charter
Amended Restated Loan Security Agreement Amendment
Amendment 2002 Equity Incentive Plan Amendment 2002 Non-employee Directors Stock Option Plan
Amendment Employment Agreement Amendment No1
Amendments Amendments Equity Incentive Plan
Amendments Waivers Participations Assignments Successors Annual Meetings
Approval Amendment 2002 Equity Incentive Plan Arbitration
Assignability Assignment Notice
Assignments At-will Employment Relationship
Attend Annual Meeting Attend Special Meeting
Attorney Fee Reimbursement Audit Committee
Audit Fees Audit-related Fees
Available Information Background
Balance Sheet Base Compensation Bonus
Base Salary Basis Presentation
Beneficial Owner Shares Registered Name Broker Bank Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Benefit Agreement Assignments Participations Benefits
Board Directors Stockholders Leapfrog Enterprises Inc Bonus Payments 2007 Performance
Bonus Payments 2008 Performance Bonus Plan
Bonus Plans Bonuses
Bonuses Paid Certain Named Executive Officers Book-based Leappad Family Platforms
Books Records Financial Information Notices Borrowings Credit Agreements
Business Business Combinations
Business Depends Highly Changeable Consumer Preferences Toy Trends Business Depends Retailers Together Accounted Approximately Annual Basis
Business Depends Retailers Together Accounted Approximately Consolidated Gross Business Depends Retailers Together Accounted Approximately Consolidated Net
Business Depends Retailers Together Accounted Approximately Net Sales Business Depends Retailers Together Accounted Vast Majority United
Business Expenses Business Seasonal Annual Operating Results Depend Large Part
Business Seasonal Therefore Annual Operating Results Depend Large Business Update
Capital Resources Cash Equivalents
Cash Equivalents Represent Investments Original Maturities Less Consist Cash Equivalents Short-term Investments
Cash Flow Improves Despite Decrease Net Sales Cash Sources Uses
Categorical Standards Director Independence Cautionary Information Regarding Forward-looking Statements
Cautionary Statement Private Securities Litigation Reform Act 1995 Ceo Cfo Certifications
Certain Compensation Arrangements Named Executive Officers Certain Related-person Transactions
Certain Relationships Related Party Transactions Certain Relationships Related Party Transactions Director Independence
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence
Certification Certifications
Change Compensation Arrangement Named Executive Officer Change Compensation Arrangements Non-employee Directors
Change Control Change Results Reported Earnings
Change Vote After Submitting Proxy Change-in-control
Changes Control Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Checked Not Complete Other Portion Memorandum Please Remaining Checked Not Complete Sections Please Remaining Memorandum Sign
Chief Executive Officer Compensation Code 409a Compliance
Code Ethics Code Ethics Corporate Governance Guidelines
Collateral Collateral Administration
Commitments Commitments Contingencies
Commitments Lenders Committees
Committees Board Committees Relationship External Internal Auditors
Common Stock Company8221
Compensation Benefits Compensation Certain Transactions
Compensation Committee Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Directors
Compensation Methodology Compensation Other Benefits
Compensation Other Executive Benefits Competition
Completed Planned Remediation Actions Address Internal Control Weaknesses Compliance Internal Revenue Code 162
Compliance Rules Proprietary Information Agreement Other Activities Comprehensive Earnings
Comprehensive Income Loss Comprehensive Loss
Conclusion Conditions Lending
Conditions Precedent Conference Call
Conference Call Webcast Connect Leapfrog Product Example Tag Reading
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consents Amendments Waivers
Consideration Alternatives Consolidated Results Operations
Consolidated Statements Operations Consumer
Consumer International Products Consumer Products
Consumer Service Contact Information
Content Capitalization Amortization Content Development
Content Development Home Video Production Tooling Capitalization Content Video Capitalization Amortization
Contractual Obligations Controlling Stockholder
Controls Procedures Conversion
Conversion Stock Appreciation Rights Corporate Governance Guidelines
Corporate Governance Materials Corporate Seal
Corporate Transactions Cost Goods Sold Inventory
Costs Goods Sold Inventory Covenants Executive
Covered Termination Outside Change Control Period Covered Termination-change Control
Covered Termination-no Change Control Create Online Account Launch Application
Critical Accounting Policies Critical Accounting Policies Judgements Estimates
Critical Accounting Policies Judgments Estimates Current Economic Crisis Had Material Adverse Effect Sales
Current Products Currently Rely Expect Continue Leappad Family Platforms Related
Customer Service Default Remedies
Deferred Income Taxes Delegation Committee
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Certain
Depend Key Personnel Not Able Hire Retain Integrate Depend Key Personnel Not Able Retain Hire Integrate
Depend Suppliers Components Raw Materials Production Operating Margins Depend Suppliers Components Raw Materials Production Seriously Harmed
Depreciation Amortization Expense Depreciation Amortization Expense Excluding Tooling Content Development Expenses
Depreciation Amortization Expenses Excluding Tooling Content Development Costs Depreciation Amortization Expenses Excluding Tooling Content Development Included
Derivative Financial Instruments Description Retail Point-of-sale Dollars
Did Receive Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials Internet Director Plan
Directors Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance
Directors Executive Officers Registrant Discussion Director Compensation
Dispute Resolution Dividend Policy
Dividends Djustments Hanges Tock
Dministration Documents Incorporated Reference
Earthquakes Fires Other Events Outside Control Damage Information Earthquakes Other Events Outside Control Damage Facilities Parties
Ecitals Education Advisory Board
Education Training Education Training Schoolhouse
Education Training Segments Loss Operations Was Primarily Due Education Training Segments Net Sales Decrease Was Due
Effect Stockholders Effective 2007
Effective 2008 Election Directors
Elements Executive Compensation Eligibility
Emainder Page Intentionally Left Blank Employee Bonus Plan
Employee Stock Purchase Plan Employees
Employment Employment Agreement
Employment Agreement Jeffrey Katz Employment Agreement Thomas Kalinske
Employment Position Duties Work Schedule Reporting Relationship Employment Post-employment Benefits
Eneral Rovisions Entry Material Definitive Agreement
Equity Compensation Plan Information Equity Incentive Awards
Equity Incentive Plan Erformance Hare Ward Greement
Ermination Uspension Lan Errors Defects Contained Products Failure Comply Applicable Safety
Estimates Estricted Tock Nit Ward Greement
Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures Exact Name Registrant Specified Chapter
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Except Per Share Data
Exchange Act 1934 Amendment Exclusions Collateral
Executive Compensation Executive Compensation Program Philosophy
Executive Officers Registrant Exercise
Exhibits Existing Letters Credit
Explanatory Explore Next Logical Products Continue Learning Development Based
Fail Maintain Effective System Internal Controls Not Able Fail Predict Consumer Preferences Trends Accurately Develop Introduce
Fair Value Measurements Federal Income Tax Consequences Director Plan
Federal Income Tax Consequences Equity Incentive Plan Federal Income Tax Consequences Equity Plan
Ffective Ate Lan Fifth Amendment Lease
Final 2006 Financial Condition
Financial Highlights Financial Information
Financial Information Geographic Areas Financial Overview
Financial Performance Depend Part School Segment Not Successful Financial Performance Depend Part Schoolhouse Segment Not Successful
Financial Position Financial Results
Financial Statements Exhibits Financial Statements Supplementary Data
Financing Activities Find Out Results Voting Annual Meeting
Find Out Results Voting Meeting Fix Reload Grow
Fixing Record Dates Fly Grade School
Fly Pentop Computer Fly Pentop Computer 3rd Through 8th Grades
Fold Detach Here Fold Detach Here Read Reverse Side
Follow Prompts Vote Shares Following Filed Herewith
Form 10-k Form 10-q
Form Assignment Acceptance Agreement Form Executive Proprietary Information Inventions Agreement
Form Revolving Loan Forward Looking Statements
Forward-looking Statements Frederick Forsyth
Full 2006 Financial Results Full 2007 Financial Results
Full 2008 Financial Results Full Highlights
Future Growth Depend Part Education Training Group Not General Release
General Release Not Extend Claims Creditor Know Suspect Generate Growth
Generating Growth Goodwill
Grants Plan-based Awards Gross Margin
Gross Profit Gross Profit Margin
Growing Strategic Focus Web-based Products Customer Relationship Management Guidance
Had Significant Challenges Management Systems Resources Particularly Supply Hardware Software Development
Hares Ubject Lan Held 2005
Held 2006 Held 2007
Held 2008 Held 2009
Held Friday 2006 Held Thursday 2008
Held Thursday 2009 Held Tuesday 2007
Held Wednesday 2005 Held Wednesday 2009
Herefore Consideration Mutual Promises Subject Terms Conditions Set Highlights
Hoice Householding Proxy Materials
Impairment Long-lived Assets Other Goodwill Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials Annual Meeting
Income Loss Operations Income Operations
Income Taxes Income Taxes Payable
Increases Component Manufacturing Costs Reduce Gross Margins Indemnification Agreement
Indemnification Directors Officers Employees Other Agents Independence Board Directors
Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Fee Information Index
Index Consolidated Financial Statements Infant Toddler Preschool
Information Regarding Board Directors Committees Information Technology
Information Technology Controls Inherent Limitations Effectiveness Controls
Initial Public Offering Insurance Indemnification
Intangible Assets Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property Licensing Intellectual Property Rights Include Licenses Parties Not Prevent
Intellectual Property Rights Not Prevent Competitors Using Technologies Intellectual Property Rights Not Prevent Other Companies Using
Intellectual Property Security Agreement Supplement Interactive Educational Games
Interest Fees Interests Directors Executive Officers Amendment Equity Incentive Plan
Internal Control Over Financial Reporting International
International Business Not Succeed Subjects Risks Associated Operations International Consumer
International Consumer Business Not Succeed Future Operating Results International Consumer Business Not Succeed Subjects Risk Associated
International Consumer Business Not Succeed Subjects Risks Associated International Products
International Segment International Year-over-year Operating Income Increase Segment Was Primarily
Interruption Employment Service Introduction
Inventions Agreement Inventories
Inventories Related Allowance Slow-moving Excess Obsolete Inventory Inventory
Inventory Valuation Investing Activities
Investments Iquest Interactive Handheld 5th Through 8th Grades
Iscellaneous Ithholding Bligations
Jeffrey Katz Jerome Perez
Kathryn Olson Key Actions Generate Growth Include
Key Actions Generate Growth Included Key Actions Restore Profitability Include
Key Actions Restore Profitability Included Key Actions Strengthen Infrastructure Business Processes Include
Key Actions Strengthen Infrastructure Business Processes Included Key Performance Metrics Outlook
Leapfrog Leapfrog 2009 Loan Security Agreement
Leapfrog Announces 2006 Financial Results Leapfrog Announces 2007 Financial Results
Leapfrog Announces 2008 Financial Results Leapfrog Announces 2009 Financial Results
Leapfrog Enterprises Inc Leapfrog Enterprises Inc 2005 Rights Reserved
Leapfrog Enterprises Inc Derivative Litigation Leapfrog Enterprises Inc Fisher-price Mattel
Leapfrog Enterprises Inc Lexington Insurance Leapfrog Learning Path-a New Value Proposition Consumers
Leapfrog Provides Preliminary Results 2006 Leapfrog Realignment Plan
Leapfrogs Statement Opposition Proposal Leappad Family Platforms
Leapster Multimedia Learning System Ages Leases Royalties
Legal Proceedings Licensing
Lien Deposit Accounts Cash Collateral Limited Exclusion Notification
Limited Voting Rights Class Common Stock Negatively Affect Liquidation
Liquidity Capital Resources Liquidity Insufficient Meet Long-term Periodic Needs Business
List Exhibits Schedules Loan Administration
Loans Officers Long-term Incentive Plans-awards Last
Long-term Liabilities Loss Operations
Management Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Manufacturing Manufacturing Logistics Other Operations
Market Information Holders Market Registrants Common Equity Related Stockholder Matters
Market Registrants Common Equity Related Stockholder Matters Issuer Market Segments
Marketing Maximize Value Resolution
Meeting Frequency Meetings
Meetings Board Directors Membership
Mendment Lan Tock Wards Michael Dodd
Michael Wood Milestones
Miscellaneous Monitoring Integrity Financial Statements
Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant Natural Disasters Armed Hostilities Terrorism Labor Strikes Public
Ncentive Tock Ption Onstatutory Net Income
Net Income Assets Reduced Required Establish Valuation Allowance Net Income Loss
Net Interest Income Other Net Interest Income Other Expense
Net Loss Net Loss Increased Assets Reduced Required Record Impairment
Net Loss Per Share Net Sales
Net Sales Segment Results New Accounting Guidance
New Products 2007 2008 Nominating Corporate Governance Committee
Nominees Non-employee Directors Stock Option Plan
Non-solicitation Non-solicitation Non-competition Non-interference Release
Non-solicitation Nondisparagement Voluntary Adverse Action Release Not Correctly Anticipate Demand Particular Products Incur Additional
Not Long-term Agreements Major Suppliers They Stop Manufacturing Not Long-term Agreements Retailers Changes Relationships Significantly Harm
Not Maintain Sufficient Inventory Levels Unable Deliver Product Not Maintain Sufficient Inventory Levels Unable Deliver Products
Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Notes Regarding Summary Compensation Table Grants Plan-based Awards
Notice Borrowing Notice Continuation Conversion
Notices Notices Communications
Number 001-31396 Odification Erms Parties Agree Employment Agreement Shall Modified
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Off-shore Manufacturing
Officers Offices
Ondisclosure Operating Activities
Operating Expenses Operating Income Loss Element Funding Illustration Full Performance
Operating Plan Not Correct Recent Trends Business Operating Principles
Option Exercises Stock Vested Option Exercises Stock Vested 2006
Option Exercises Stock Vested 2007 Option Exercises Stock Vested 2008
Option Grants 2004 Option Grants 2005
Options Organization
Other Other Assets
Other Benefits Perquisites Other Collateral
Other Income Expense Other Information
Other Matters Other Securities Corporation
Outbreaks Health Epidemics Such Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Outlook
Outstanding Equity Awards End Ovenants Ompany
Oversight Assessment Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Oversight Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Overview Owned Corporation
Page Parachute Payments
Part Parties Claimed Claim Future Infringing Intellectual Property Rights
Paul Rioux Paying Proxy Solicitation
Payments Payments Prepayments
Pending Litigation Performance Share Grants
Performance Share Program Performance Shares
Performance-based Annual Bonus Awards Post-employment Consultancy
Potential Limitation Deductions Potential Payments Termination Change Control
Potential Payments Termination Change-in-control Power Attorney
Pre-approval Procedures Audit Non-audit Services Independent Registered Public Prepaid Expenses Other Current Assets
Principal Accountant Fees Service Principal Accountant Fees Services
Privacy Concerns Web-connected Products Related Software Applications Harm Product Portfolio
Products Products Shipped China Disruption Shipping Harm Business
Progress Date Properties
Property Equipment Proposal
Proprietary Information Agreement Proprietary Information Inventions Agreement
Provision Benefit Income Tax Provision Income Tax
Provision Income Taxes Provisions Charter Documents Delaware Law Credit Facility Agreement
Proxy Materials Being Available Ption Rovisions
Public Accounting Firm Purpose
Pursuant Usc 1350 Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quarterly Operating Results Susceptible Fluctuations Cause Stock Price Quorum Voting
Rapid Growth Presented Significant Challenges Management Systems Resources Reading Solutions
Reasons Option Exchange Program Receive Information Plan Benefits
Receive Insights Learning Development Progress Receiving Materials
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Recently Adopted Guidance
Recently Adopted Pronouncements Recently Issued Accounting Pronouncements
Recently Issued Pronouncements Recitals
Reclassification Investments Ars Registrants Business Operations
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 510 420-5000
Related Party Transactions Related-person Transactions Policy Procedures
Release Release Claims
Rely Limited Number Manufacturers Virtually Located China Produce Remainder Page Left Blank Intentionally
Remediation Actions Address 2005 Internal Control Weakness Remediation Actions Address Material Weakness Internal Control Over
Remediation Actions Address Material Weaknesses Internal Control Over Remediation Actions Taken 2006
Remediation Actions Taken After 2006 Report Audit Committee
Report Compensation Committee Report Compensation Committee Executive
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Representations Executive
Research Development Research Development Expense
Research Development Expenses Resignation Good Reason
Restore Profitability Restoring Profitability
Restricted Stock Awards Units Restricted Stock Unit Awards
Results Results Operations
Results Operations Financial Condition Results Operations Segment
Retail Sales Service Consumer Retailer Liquidity Problems Harm Financial Results
Return Property Revenue Accounts Receivable
Revenue Recognition Revenue Recognition Allowances Doubtful Accounts Product Returns Defective
Reversion Shares Share Reserve Revolver
Risk Factors Affect Results Stock Price Robert Moon Martin Pidel
Roceeds Tock Role
Rovisions Tock Wards Other Ptions Royalties Content License Agreements
Salary Bonus Salary Increase Named Executive Officer
Sales Distribution School
School Segments Net Sales Little Changed Prior Gross Schoolhouse
Schoolhouse Products Screen-based Leapster L-max Multimedia Learning Systems
Seasonal Patterns Cash Provided Used Operations Seasonality
Seasonality Sales Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder Segment Performance
Segment Reporting Segment Results
Selling General Administrative Expense Selling General Administrative Expenses
Separation Employment Service Severance Benefits
Shares Stock Shipping Handling
Shipping Handling Costs Signature
Signature Page Follows Signatures
Sixth Amendment Lease Software Development Costs
Source Shares Class Common Stock Subject Plan Unissued Special Financials
Special Forward-looking Statements Special Meetings
Special Period Dates Ssignment Nventions
Stand-alone Products Stock Appreciation Rights
Stock Awards Stock Compensation Plans
Stock Option Grant Date Policy Stock Option Grants Exercises
Stock Option Plan Stock Options
Stock Price Become Volatile Investment Lose Value Stock Price Declined Rapidly Recent Decline Further Resulting
Stock Price Declined Significantly Over Past Decline Further Stock Price Performance Graph
Stock Price Volatile Investment Lose Value Stock Subject Equity Incentive Plan
Stock-based Compensation Stockholder Class Action
Stockholder Class Actions Stockholder Communications Board Directors
Stockholder Communications Directors Stockholder Controls Majority Voting Power Well Composition Board
Stockholder Proposal Stockholder Proposals 2010 Annual Meeting
Stockholder Proposals Due Next Annual Meeting Stockholder Record Shares Registered Name
Stockholders Experience Significant Additional Dilution Exercise Options Issuance Stockholders Meetings
Strategic Direction Business Update Strategy
Strategy Committee Strategy New Leapfrog
Strengthen Infrastructure Business Processes Strengthening Infrastructure Business Processes
Subject International Federal State Local Laws Regulations Impose Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Subsidiaries Registrant Summary Compensation Information
Summary Current Results Supporting Statement
Survival Rights System Failures Related Web Store Websites Support Web-connected
System Failures Web-based Services Store Harm Business Table Contents
Tax Fees Tax Rate
Tenure Duties Officers Term
Term Termination Termination
Termination Cause Termination Death Permanent Disability
Termination Payments Termination Suspension Equity Incentive Plan
Thomas Kalinske Time Involved Litigation Arbitration Regulatory Matters Outcome Uncertain
Timothy Bender Tinkers Chance Leapfrog Enterprises Inc
Tock Ption Greement Tock Ption Rant Otice
Trademarks Service Marks Transfers
Translation Foreign Currencies Turbo Twist Handhelds Extreme Spelling Math Versions 1st
Unable Compete Effectively Existing New Competitors Sales Market Unable Improve System Internal Controls Not Able Accurately
Unable Successfully Launch Market Operate Web-connected Products Software Understand Agree Completely Terms Set Forth Leapfrog Enterprises
Understood Accepted United States
United States Segment Unless Contrary Direction Indicated Proxy Voted Nominees Listed
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Upcoming Investor Analyst
Upcoming Investor Luncheon Urposes
Usc 1350 Adopted Vendor Concentration
Via Overnight Vote
Vote Annual Meeting Vote Special Meeting
Votes Votes Counted
Votes Needed Approve Each Proposal Votes Needed Approve Each Proposals
Voting Voting Mail
Voting Via Internet Weak Economic Conditions Armed Hostilities Terrorism Natural Disasters
What Broker Non-votes What Mean Receive Notice
What Mean Receive Proxy Card What Quorum Requirement
What Return Proxy Card Not Make Specific Choices What Return Proxy Card Otherwise Complete Ballot Give
What Vote Needed Approve Each Proposal What Voting
William Campbell Chiasson Michael Dodd Nancy Macintyre William Chiasson
William Chiasson Martin Pidel Nancy Macintyre Michael Dodd Withhold Authority Vote Nominee Write Such Name Below
Working Capital Major Components Working Capital-major Components
Xercise Xhibit
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