Topic Listing for Lionbridge Technologies

Absolute Triple Net Lease Accelerating Global Scale
Accelerating Web-based Language Technology Acceleration Remedies
Acceptance Acknowledgment Access Building
Accounting Stock-based Compensation Accounting Tax Implications Executive Compensation
Accounting Terms Accrued Expenses Other Obligations
Accrued Restructuring Integration Charges Accuracy Completeness Information
Acknowledgments Acquisition Berlitz Globalnet Inc
Acquisition Disposition Assets Acquisitions
Additional Alternative Currencies Additional Rent
Additional Subsidiary Guarantors Address Service
Adjustments Adjustments Set-off
Administration Administration Plan
Administrative Agent Administrative Agent Individual Capacity
Administrative Agent Proofs Claim Adoption Sfas 123r Share-based Payment
Advances Investments Loans Advertising Costs
Affirmative Covenants Agent Owner
Aggregate Option Exercises Year-end Values Aggregated Option Exercises Last Year-end Values
Agreed Accepted Agreed Rate Interest Past-due Obligations
Agreement Agreement Been Duly Concluded Between
Agreement Plan Merger Aintenance Epairs Remises
Also Announces Received Regulatory Approval Acquisition Bowne Global Alterations
Alterations Additions Improvements Alternates
Amendment Amendment 2005 Stock Incentive Plan
Amendment Lease Amendment Subordinated Debt
Amendment Termination Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change
Amendments Waivers Amendments Waivers Release Collateral
Andlord Emedies Andlord Ight Erform Enant Bligations
Annual Annual Report Form 10-k
Anti-terrorism Laws Anti-trust Unfair Competition
Appendices Appendix Above Referred Special Conditions
Application Funds Appointment
Approval 2005 Stock Incentive Plan Approval Board Directors Stockholders
Approvals Waivers Arthur Cox
Asic Ease Nformation Assignment Sub-letting
Assignment Subletting Attorneys Fees
Audit Committee Report Authority
Authorization Authorization Entering Plan
Avoidance Clause Award Tenant
Background Background Termination Contract
Bank Guarantee Bankruptcy
Base Rent Base Salaries Executive Officers
Basis Presentation Before Vote
Behalf Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Benefits Named Executive Officers Others Between
Binding Effect Choice Law Bjectives Ionbridge Ompensation Rograms
Board Independence Meetings Committees Bonus Compensation
Bowne Global Solutions Brokers
Brokers Fees Building Security
Burdensome Restrictions Business Acquisition
Business Acquisitions Business Records
Cash Equivalents Cash Equivalents Short-term Investments
Cceptance Remises Ceo Ompensation
Certain General Provisions Certain Mandatory Prepayments
Certain Negative Covenants Certain Relationships Related Transactions
Certificates Other Information Certification
Change Change Control
Change Currency Change Payroll Deductions
Changes Accounting Policies Affect Lionbridges Reported Earnings Operating Changes Interpretations Tax Rules Regulations Adversely Affect Lionbridges
Claims Against Parties Clause Abatement Rent
Clause Abatement Rent Management Fees Clause Acceptance
Clause Amendment Clause Assignment Rights
Clause By-law Royal Notarial Association Clause Conservation
Clause Continuing Additional Security Clause Costs
Clause Default Clause Definitions
Clause Deposit Clause Dividends
Clause Early Rescission Clause Enforcement
Clause Evidence Debt Clause Exclusions
Clause Expropriation Fortuitous Force Majeur Cases Clause Fine
Clause Fine Lack Payment Clause Further Assurances
Clause General Provisions Clause Guarantee
Clause Improvements Construction Work Clause Inspections
Clause Insurance Clause Interpretation Miscellaneous
Clause Jurisdiction Clause Landlords Obligations
Clause Lease Clause Lease Charges
Clause Lessees General Obligations Clause Liability
Clause Notices Clause Object
Clause Perfection Right Pledge Statements Clause Pledge Charged Assets
Clause Power Attorney Waiver Clause Purpose
Clause Regulations Clause Rent Management Fees Etc
Clause Representations Warranties Clause Restrictions Prohibitions
Clause Severability Clause Successors Assigns Re-pledge
Clause Term Clause Termination
Clause Undertaking Pledge Clause Undertakings
Clause Voting Rights Clause Waiver
Clients Closing Conditions
Collateral Protection Expenses Preservation Collateral Security
Combined Condensed Balance Sheet Combined Condensed Financial Statement
Combined Condensed Statements Operations Commencement Letter
Commercial Transaction Commitment Lend
Commitment Letter Commitment Reductions
Commitments Contingencies Common Area
Common Stock Par Value Compensation
Compensation Chief Executive Officer Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Directors Compensation Philosophy
Competition Completion Acquisition Disposition Assets
Compliance Dutch Compliance Fcpa
Compliance Government Other Requirements Compliance Law
Compliance Laws Compliance Legal Requirements
Compliance Ofac Rules Regulations Composite Index Mgps Business Software Services
Comprehensive Income Comprehensive Income Loss
Comprehensive Loss Computation Interest Fees Usury
Concentration Credit Risk Significant Customers Concentrations Credit Risk Significant Customers
Condensed Combined Statements Operations Conditions
Conditions Borrowings Conditions Closing
Conditions Extensions Credit Conduct Business Maintenance Existence
Confidential Information Confidentiality
Confirmation Payment Conflict Interest
Consent Independent Auditors Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consent Jurisdiction Service Process Consideration Candidates Director Qualifications
Consolidated Financial Statements Consolidation Merger Sale Purchase Assets Etc
Construction Consummation Acquisition Representations Warranties Other Documents
Contingencies Continuing Guaranty Agreement
Contractors Vendors Suppliers Contractual Obligations
Contribution Respect Guaranteed Obligations Controls Procedures
Conversion Options Corporate Changes Material Contracts
Corporate Existence Compliance Law Corporate Governance Ethics Principles
Corporate Governance Principles Corporate Opportunities
Corporate Power Authorization Enforceable Obligations Costs
Counterparts Counterparts Amendment Executed Each Shall Constitute Original Together
Covenant Against Liens Covenants Conditions
Covenants Regarding Patents Trademarks Copyrights Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement
Credit Agreement Critical Accounting Policies Estimates
Cumulative Remedies Damage Destruction
Debenture Dated 2005 Between Debt
Declare Follows Deductibility Executive Compensation
Deed Pledge Shares Default Landlord
Default Rate Default Re-entry
Defaults Defective Condition Delivery Date
Defined Contribution Plans Definitions
Delegation Duties Delivery Premises
Demise Premises Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Deploying Web-based Language Technology
Deposit Deposit Accounts
Description Incentive Plan Description Plan
Destruction Leased Premises Destruction Premises
Difficulties Presented International Economic Political Legal Health Accounting Dilapidation Report
Directors Capitalization Directors Executive Officers
Directors Executive Officers Registrant Discount Debt
Documents Incorporated Reference Domestic Revolving Credit
Domestic Revolving Credit Shall Purposes Construed Accordance Governed Dutch Restrictions
Easements Ecurity Eposit
Effect Adoption Sfas 123r Share-based Payment Effect Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Effectiveness Eight- Purpose Subleased Premises
Eighteen Arbitration Eighteen- Cancellation Due Ruinous State
Election Directors Eleven-repair Improvement Works Building
Eligibility Receive Awards Eligible Employees
Eminent Domain Employee Benefit Plans
Employee Lionbridge Technologies Inc Subsidiaries Executing Statement Hereby Employee Statement
Employee Stock Purchase Plan Employment Business Protection Agreement
Employment Non-competition Change Control Agreements Enant Nsurance
End Entertainment
Entire Agreement Severability Entrance Hallway
Entry Landlord Entry Material Definitive Agreement
Environmental Laws Environmental Matters
Equal-opportunity Workplace Equity Compensation Plan Information
Equity Compensation Plan Information 2008 Equity Grant Practices
Erisa Escrow
Esponsibilities Ominating Ompensation Ommittee Estimates
Estoppel Certificate Estruction Amage
Etesting Labs Inc Events Default
Events Default Remedies Evidence Insurance
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Excess Rent
Exchange Act 1934 Amendment Exchange Rates Currency Equivalents
Exclusions Not Limited Too Exculpatory Provisions
Execution Copy Executive Compensation
Executive Summary Exercise Option
Exhibits Expansion Client Base Across Diverse Industries
Expenses Solicitation Expenses Taxes
Expertise Lionbridge Board Explanatory
Exterior Building Fair Value Disclosures Prior Sfas 123r Adoption
Fair Value Disclosures-prior Sfas 123r Adoption Fair Value Financial Instruments
Fair Value Measurements Fax Direct Number Compliance Partners 866-332-2699
Federal Income Tax Consequences Fees
Fifteen Penalty Clause Fifteen Waiver Right Transfer Sublease
Fifth Amendment Office Lease Filed Registrant Party Other
Financial Condition Financial Covenants
Financial Highlights Financial Instruments
Financial Statements Financial Statements Exhibits
Financial Statements Pro Forma Information Exhibits Financial Statements Supplementary Data
Fire Other Casualty Five- Rent Adjustment
Fluctuations Mix Customer Demand Various Types Service Offerings Following Examples Conflicts Interest
Footnotes Force Majeure Delays
Foreign Currency Translation Foreign Guaranty
Foreign Revolving Credit Foreign Revolving Credit Shall Purposes Construed Accordance Governed
Foreign Subsidiary Restructuring Forfeiture Restricted Stock
Form 10-k Form 10-q
Form Supplemental Deed Pledge Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report
Formerly Decree 53960 Dated Forward-looking Statements
Four-rent Fourteen Guarantee
Fourteen- Waiver Right Preferential Purchase Funds Revolving Credit Loan
Further Assurances Further Negative Pledges
General Geographic Information
Gifts Other Payments Global Development Testing Services Gdt
Global Language Content Services Glc Global Variations
Globalization Services Gnature
Goodwill Intangible Assets Goodwill Long Lived Assets
Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Represent Portion Lionbridges Impairment
Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Represent Significant Portion Lionbridges Governing Law
Governing Law Consent Jurisdiction Government Contracts
Governmental Regulations Grant Restricted Stock
Grants Plan-based Awards 2007 Grants Plan-based Awards 2008
Guarantor Arrangements Guarantors Agreement Pay Enforcement Costs Etc
Guaranty Guaranty Payment Performance
Hazardous Materials Held 2005
Held 2006 Held 2007
Held 2008 Held 2009
Hereby Waives Fullest Extent Permitted Applicable Law Objection Holding Over
Human Resources Illegality
Impact Adoption Sfas 123r Impairment
Impairment Long-lived Assets Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials Annual Meeting
Improper Disclosure Employee Customer Data Result Liability Harm Improper Payments
Inability Determine Interest Rate Incentive Stock Option Agreement
Incentive Stock Options Income Taxes
Incorporation Prior Agreements Exhibits Incorporation Reference
Incremental Term Facility Indebtedness
Indemnification Indemnification Exculpation
Indemnification Nature Issuing Lenders Duties Indemnification Release Landlord
Indemnity Independent Auditors
Independent Obligation Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Index Index Financial Statements
Individual Limitations Awards Information Included Report
Information Provided Inquiry Otherwise Confirmed Applicability Inapplicability Lionbridges Quiet Period
Inside Information Inspection Property Books Records Discussions
Insurance Insurance Liability Claims
Insurances Integration
Integration Offshore Operations Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property Lionbridges Customers Damaged Misappropriated Stolen Lost Intellectual Property Rights
Interest After Default Maturity Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
International Plans Internet Prefer Access Confidential Web Page Report Complaint
Interpretation Services Interruption Communal Services
Introduction Introduction Chief Executive Officer
Investment Act Public Utility Holding Investments
Issuance Stock Issuance Warrants Common Stock
Itneseth Joinder Covenant
Judgment Currency Keeping Premises Furnished Obligation Maintain Them
Kitchen Labor Matters
Landlord Work Landlords Consent Required
Landlords Liability Insurance Landlords Right Perform Tenants Obligations
Late Charges Lease Agreement
Lease Agreement Non-residential Purposes Lease Commitments
Lease Particulars Lease Price
Lease Subordinate Lease Term
Leased Space Purpose Leasing
Legal Bar Default Legal Proceedings
Legal System Legend
Lements Ionbridge Xecutive Ompensation Rograms Lenders Commitments
Lending Offices Lessee Obligations
Lessees Conversions Improvements Letter Credit Commitments
Letter Credit Subfacility Liability Tenants Alterations Personal Property
Liens Limitation Enforcement
Limitation Guaranteed Obligations Limitation Restricted Actions
Limits Sale Stock Purchased Plan Line Credit
Lionbridge Lionbridge Accumulated Deficit Not Able Continue Achieve Operating
Lionbridge Accumulated Deficit Not Able Continue Operate Profitably Lionbridge Chile Traducciones Limitada
Lionbridge Competes Highly Competitive Markets Lionbridge Competes Highly Competitive Markets Low Barriers Entry
Lionbridge Completes Acquisition Bowne Global Solutions Lionbridge Continue Depend Intellectual Property Rights Protect Proprietary
Lionbridge Difficulty Identifying Competing Acquisition Opportunities Lionbridge Experience Foreign Currency Gains Losses
Lionbridge Exposed Employment-related Claims Costs Materially Adversely Affect Lionbridge Face Securities Litigation Stock Price Remains Highly
Lionbridge Fails Attract Retain Professional Staff Ability Complete Lionbridge Fails Hire Retain Professional Staff Ability Obtain
Lionbridge Fails Keep Pace Changing Technologies Lose Clients Lionbridge Global Solutions Holdings Netherlands
Lionbridge Not Able Successfully Complete Integration Bgs Achieve Lionbridge Not Able Successfully Integrate Bgs Achieve Anticipated
Lionbridge Not Realize Anticipated Benefits Current Future Cost Lionbridge Not Realize Anticipated Benefits Past Future Acquisitions
Lionbridge Not Respond Future Advances Technology Changes Customer Lionbridge Required Remediate Material Weaknesses Internal Controls Over
Lionbridge Services Lionbridge Technologies
Lionbridge Technologies Announces Filing Shelf Registration Lionbridge Technologies Holdings
Lionbridge Technologies Inc Lionbridge Technologies Inc 1998 Stock Plan-2004 Grants
Lionbridge Technologies Ireland Lionbridge Unable Continue Grow Historical Growth Rates Manage
Lionbridges Ability Forecast Impacted Acquisition Related Adjustments Impact Lionbridges Ability Recognize Benefits Freeway Language Technology Impacted
Lionbridges Business Harmed Defects Errors Services Provides Clients Lionbridges Financial Performance Impacted Ability Transition Service Execution
Lionbridges Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Represent Significant Portion Lionbridges Reliance Small Number Large Clients Delay Reduction
Lionbridges Results Operations Negatively Affected Potential Fluctuations Foreign Lionbridges Revenue Results Operations Negatively Affected Delay Reduction
Liquidity Capital Resources List Exhibits
Location Collateral Logoport Software Gmbh
Long-lived Assets Lterations Dditions
Maintaining Information Security Maintenance
Maintenance Premises Building Maintenance Project Common Areas
Maintenance Property Insurance Maintenance Repairs
Management Broad Discretion Over Proceeds Offering Ways Not Margin Regulations
Market Price Lionbridge Common Stock Volatile Market Registrants Common Equity Related Stockholder Matters Issuer
Material Contracts Material Litigation
Maximum Amount Payroll Deductions Mendment Ease Greement
Mentorix Technologies Inc Merger
Merger Agreement Merger Consolidation Disposition Assets
Merger Restructuring Other Charges Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous Prohibitions Modifications Required Landlords Lender
Municipal Authority Permits Mutual Waiver Claims Subrogation Rights
Nature Business Nature Duties
Nature Liability Nature Operations Sale Bgs Companies Inc
Ndemnification Negative Covenants
Net Income Loss Per Share Net Income Per Share
Net Loss Per Share New Client Programs Firming Technology Environment Offshore Scale
Next Page Signature Ngagement Ndependent Ompensation Onsultant
Nine- Entry Sublessor Subleased Premises Nineteen Notifications Notices
Nineteen- Cancellation Due Expropriation Nominating Compensation Committee Report
Non-cash Charges Non-management Director Compensation 2006
Non-management Director Compensation 2007 Non-management Director Compensation 2008
Non-qualified Stock Option Agreement Non-receipt Funds Administrative Agent
Non-reliance Administrative Agent Other Lenders Non-statutory Stock Options
Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Notice Default
Notices Notification Defaults Events Default Duties Case Enforcement
Ntroduction Obligations Borrowers
Obligations Compliance Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Offerings Common Stock Ommencement Ate Emorandum
Ondemnation Operating Expenses Insurance
Operating Expenses Property Taxes Operating Lease Commitments
Operating Leases Optimization Global Delivery Infrastructure
Optimizing Global Scale Option Exercises Stock Vested 2006
Option Exercises Stock Vested 2007 Option Exercises Stock Vested 2008
Option Extend Option Sar Grants Last
Optionees Not Stockholders Orm Stoppel Ertificate
Ortgagee Rotection Ost Ermination Hange Ontrol
Other Business Premises Within Meaning 230a Book Dutch Other Definitional Provisions
Other Events Other Guarantors
Other Intangible Assets Other Stock-based Awards
Other Taxes Payable Tenant Outstanding Equity Awards 2007
Outstanding Equity Awards 2008 Overview
Ownership Ownership Subsidiaries Restrictions
Parallel Debt Parking
Part Part Deposit Advance Payment
Part Ii-other Information Part Land Registry Particulars
Part Parties Part Premises
Part Rent Management Fees Part Term
Partial Condemnation Participating Subsidiaries
Patriot Act Notice Payment Expenses Taxes
Payment Filing Fee Check Appropriate Box Payment Obligations Period
Payment Period Stock Options Payment Price
Payment Rent Payment Taxes
Payments Pension Benefits Nonqualified Deferred Compensation
Performance Conditions Permitted Limitations
Personal Integrity Personal Property Taxes
Plan Plan Benefits
Please Sign Date Return Promptly Enclosed Envelope Vote Pledged Assets
Pledgee Political Contributions
Post-closing Covenant Potential Fluctuations Lionbridges Quarterly Results Make Financial Forecasting
Power Attorney Power Attorney Signatures
Powers Attorney Preamble
Preliminary Statement Premises
Prepayments Principal Auditor Fees Services
Principles Combination Principles Consolidation
Privacy Personal Information Private Placements Common Stock
Pro Forma Combined Condensed Financial Statements Pro Forma Disclosures
Pro Rata Treatment Payments Pro-forma Combined Condensed Statement Operations Lionbridge Technologies Inc
Proceeds Production Area Right Off Hallway
Professional Market Party Representation Programs Pricing Pressure Select Technology Accounts Dampen Earnings
Prohibitions Lessee Proper Party Assets
Properties Property Equipment
Property Insurance Fixtures Inventory Property Management
Property Physical Delivery Return Property Plant Equipment
Property Rental Insurance Premises Proration Partial
Protection Proper Assets Provisions General Application
Provisions Supplemental Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors
Purpose Purpose Loans
Pursuant Requirements Securities Exchange Act 1934 Amended Registrant Pursuant Requirements Securities Exchange Act 1934 Amended Report
Pursuing Completing Potential Acquisitions Divert Management Attention Financial Qualifications
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Quiet Possession
Ratification Appointment Independent Auditors Reaching Global Scale
Rear Corridor Rear Glass Fronted Office
Rear Glass Fronted Office Opposite Kitchen Rear Left Corner Office
Rear Right Corner Office Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Recent Developments Recently Issued Accounting Pronouncements
Recitals Reconciliation Gaap Net Income Loss Adjusted Ebitda
Record Retention Redenomination Certain Foreign Currencies Computation Dollar Amounts
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 781 434-6000 Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 781-434-6000
Reinstatement Termination Related Party Transactions
Release Collateral Release Tenant
Releases Reliance
Reliance Administrative Agent Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank
Remedies Remises
Rent Rentable Square Footage
Repairs Improvements Repairs Works Property
Repayment Revolving Credit Loans Replacement Lenders
Report Independent Certified Public Accountant Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Reporting Violations Representations
Representations Warranties Request
Requirements Law Resolution Drafting Ambiguities
Restricted Payments Restricted Stock Agreement
Restricted Stock Awards Restricted Stock Unit Award Agreement
Restricted Stock Units Restrictions Liens
Restrictions Transfer Results Operations Financial Condition
Retaliation Revenue Recognition
Revolving Credit Notes Revolving Loans
Risk Factors Rules Interpretation
Rules Regulations Sale Bgs Companies Inc
Sale Leasebacks Sales Marketing
Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Sarl Clichy Victor Hugo Hereby Leases Lionbridge France
Sarl Lionbridge Technologies French Private Limited Whose Registered Schamatic Provided
Schedule Schedule Above Referred
Schedule Authorised Guarantee Agreement Schedule Office Covenants
Schedule Property Schedule Rights Reserved
Schedule Subjections Schedules
Sec Access Property Sec Condition Property Maintenance
Sec Copies Sec Court Jurisdiction
Sec Deposit Guarantees Sec Duration Lease
Sec Entering Force Sec European Monetary Union Euro Currency
Sec Expansion Sec Insurances
Sec Non Competition Clause Sec Premature Termination Agreement
Sec Property Sec Side Agreements
Sec Sub-letting Sec Validity Lease Agreement
Secretary Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Security Security Agreement
Security Agreement Contract Law State New York Shall Security Deposit
Security Documents Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder Segment Information
Service Charges Utilities Other Services Taxes Dues Services
Services Approximately 400 Revenue Setoff
Seven- Return Subleased Object Seventeen Subleasing Assignment Contract
Seventeen- Insurance Seventh Amendment Lease Agreement
Severability Shareholder Agreement
Shares Represented Proxy Voted Specified Direction Given Proposals Signature
Signatures Significant Acquisitions
Signs Sixteen Application Vat
Sixteen Defaulted Interest Solutions Cost Synergies Revenue Earnings Growth Tracking Plan
Solvency Some Provisions Certificate Incorporation Bylaws Delaware Law Deter
Sources Uses Special Transaction Recognition Awards
Stairs Landing State Other Jurisdiction Incorporation
Stephen Lifshatz Stock Appreciation Rights
Stock Option Activity Stock Option Exchange Program
Stock Option Grants 2004 Stock Option Grants 2005
Stock Option Plans Stock Options
Stock Options Restricted Stock Performance Graph
Stock Repurchase Stock Subject Plan
Stock-based Compensation Stockholder Communications Board
Stockholder Proposals Stockholders Equity
Stockholders Equity Stock-based Compensation Sublease
Sublease Agreement Submission Lease
Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Subordination
Subordination Merger Sales Subsequent Event
Subsidiaries Successor Administrative Agent
Successors Assigns Successors Assigns Participations Purchasing Lenders
Summary Summary Compensation Table
Summary Significant Accounting Policies Supplemental Disclosure Cash Flow Information
Supplies Services Surrender Possession Holding Over
Surrender Premises Survival
Survival Representations Warranties Swingline Loan Subfacility
Table Contents Tax Consequences
Tax Garbage Waste Materials Tax Regime
Taxes Taxes Dues
Ten- Security Deposit Tenancy Agreement
Tenant Affiliates Tenants Liability Insurance
Tenants Right Review Supporting Data Tenants Statement
Term Term Contract
Term Extension Termination Term Loan Facility
Termination Termination Amendments Plan
Termination Business Relationship Termination Employees Rights
Termination Material Definitive Agreement Testing Services
Third-party Damage Risk Thirteen Term Expiration
Thirteen-non-authorized Work Three- Object Sublease Physical Location
Tilities Ervices Toilets Total
Top Form Total Condemnation
Trade Accounts Receivable Training Room
Transactions Affiliates Transactions Governments
Transfer Assignment Employees Rights Transferability Awards
Transitory Subsidiary Ttorneys Ees
Twelve-repair Works Subleased Object Twenty-causes Cancellation Agreement
Twenty-five- Costs Related Converting Agreement Public Deed Registration Twenty-four Jurisdiction
Twenty-ninth Twenty-one Legal Domicile
Twenty-one Penalty Twenty-three Legal Capacities
Twenty-three- Notifications Twenty-two Guarantee Fulfillment Agreement
Twenty-two Special Power Attorney Two- Duration
Types Awards Uncertain Conditions United States Global Economies Adversely Affect
Uncertainty Technology Market Affect Lionbridges Ability Achieve Operating Unenforceability Guaranteed Obligations Against Borrowers
Unfavorable Conditions United States Global Economies Adversely Affect United States
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds Upper Floor Corridor
Valuation Assumptions Stock Options Valuation Goodwill Long-lived Assets
Valuation Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Valuation Qualifying Accounts
Very Important Vesting Schedule Award Vest According Following
Visiting Premises Volatility Expense Reduction Initiatives Technology Market Affect Lionbridges
Wachovia Bank National Association Waiver
Waiver Civil Code Remedies Waiver Cumulative Remedies
Waiver Jury Trial Waiver Rights Against Borrowers
Waivers Waivers Guarantors Lenders Freedom Act
Waivers Jury Trial Waiver Consequential Damages Warrants
Whereas Whereby Agreed Follows
While Lionbridge Compliance Covenants Revolving Credit Facility Failure Withdrawal Plan
Withholding Additional Income Taxes Without Prejudice
Witness Whereof Parties Hereto Caused Charge Executed Deed Work Process
Works Ensure Compliance Standards Rules Etc Xecutive Fficers 2007
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