Topic Listing for Luxottica Group, S.p.A.

Absence Quotations Acceleration
Access Information Control Operations Accession Letter
Accordance Art 154 Bis Legislative Decree 1998 Italian Accordance Gaap
Account Number Accountant Fees Services
Accounting Changes Error Corrections-a Replacement Apb Opinion Fasb Accounting Conditional Asset Retirement Obligations-an Interpretation Fasb Statement
Accounting Cost Start-up Activities Accounting Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities
Accounting Disclosure Requirements Related Medicare Prescription Drug Improvement Accounting Impairment Disposal Long-lived Assets
Accounting Income Taxes Accounting Nonmonetary Transactions
Accounting Stock Issued Employees Accounting Transfers Servicing Financial Assets Extinguishments Liabilities
Accounts Achievements
Acquisition Acquisition Cole National
Acquisition Documents Acquisition Minority Interest Opsm
Acquisition Opsm Acquisitions
Actions 2009 Activities
Additional Guarantor Additional Guarantors
Additional Payment Obligations Additional Security
Address Change Comments Corresponding Box Reverse Side Addresses
Adhesion Plan Adjustments
Adjustments Regulation Connection Certain Events Tender Offer Adjustments Regulation Opa
Administration Adopt Amendment Articles Incorporation By-­laws Comparable Organizational Documents
Adoption Statement Financial Accounting Standard 123 Share-based Payment Adoption Statement Financial Accounting Standards 123-r Share-based Payment
Adr Repurchase Plans Adrienne Vittadini
Adverse Weather Conditions Affect Consumer Spending Adversely Impact Advertising Direct Response Marketing
Affiliate Affiliate Transactions
After Date Agreement Liability Subsidiary Exceeds Exceed Together After Effective Time Stock Transfer Books Shall Closed
Agency Fee Agency Fee Letters
Agenda Agent
Agents Spot Rate Exchange Agreed Exceptions
Agreement Agreement Regarding Historical Artifacts
Alessandro Curotti Allocable Amount
Allocation Net Income Allocation Net Income Distribution Dividends
Allowance Doubtful Accounts Amounts Expressed Euro Allowance Inventory Reserve Accounts Amounts Expressed Euro
Alternate Auditors Alternative Basis Interest Funding
Amended Credit Agreement Amended Euro 1130 325 Credit Facility Related Interest
Amended Euro 1130 Us325 Credit Facility Related Interest Amended Restated Euro 1130 325 Credit Facility Related
Amended Restated Euro 1130 Us325 Credit Facility Related Amendment Agreement Bridge Loan
Amendment Bylaws Amendment Costs
Amendment Lease Agreement Amendment Restatement Agreement
Amendment Restatement Date Amendment Time Sharing Agreement
Amendment Trademark License Agreement Assignment Rights Amministrazione Straordinaria
Amounts Expressed Euro Amounts Translated Average Euro Exchange Rate Period Reference
Andrea Fiabane Andrea Gallina
Andrea Guerra Anne Klein
Annex Annex Warning
Anniversary Request Annual Ordinary Meeting
Annual Ordinary Shareholders Meeting Proposed Date Payment Dividend Annual Report Corporate Governance 2006
Annual Report Corporate Governance 2007 Annual Review 2008
Annual Statements Parent Within 180 After End Each Anti-counterfeiting Policy
Antitrust Competition Law Clearances Antitrust Investigation Attorney General State New York
Antonio Miyakawa Apparel Footwear Accessories Products
Appendix Applicable Law
Appointed Lead Independent Director 2007 Appointment
Appointment Agent Appointment Board Directors Determination Number Members Compensation
Appointment Board Statutory Auditors Determination Compensation Appropriations
Arms Length Basis Arnette
Articles Association Amended Restated By-laws Articles Incorporation By-laws Surviving Corporation
Asia-pacific Assets
Assignment Transfer Fee Assignment Transfers Obligors
Assignments Transfers Lenders Associate Benefits
Assuming Constant Exchange Rates Audit
Audit Committee Financial Expert Audit Financial Statements 2005 Included Report Not Yet
Auditors Qualification Auditors Responsibility
Australian Dollar Credit Facility Authorisation
Authorisations Authorised Signatories
Authorised Signatory Authorization Purchase Sell Ordinary Shares
Autorizza Unicredito Italiano Conservare Loriginale Questo Documento Presso Availability Period
Available Commitment Available Facility
Avant-garde Optics Llc Backup Withholding Information Reporting
Balance Sheet Optimization Efficiency Drive Banc America Securities Limited
Banc America Securities Limited Bayerische Hypo- Und Vereinsbank Banc America Securities Limited Bnp Paribas Calyon Citigroup
Banca Intesa Spa Banca Intesa Spa New York Branch
Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria Milan Branch Bank America
Bank America Milan Branch Bank Guarantee
Bank Overdrafts Bank Tokyo-mitsubishi Ufj Ltd London Branch
Base Currency Base Currency Amount
Basis Presentation Bayerische Hypo- Und Vereinsbank Milan Branch Part Unicredit
Bayerische Hypo- Und Vereinsbank New York Branch Part Become Subject Additional Regulation Governmental Authorities Compliance Regulations
Become Subject Adverse Judgments Determinations Legal Proceedings Party Before Specified Time Quotation
Benefit Payments Benefit Payments-
Binding Obligations Bis
Bnp Paribas Bnp Paribas Milan Branch
Board Board Committees
Board Directors Board Directors Stockholders Luxottica Group Spa
Board Recommends Appointment New Independent Directors Bringing Total Board Statutory Auditors
Bookrunner Books Records
Boosting Sales Borrower
Brand Portfolio Brands
Break Costs Bridge Facility Agreement
Bridge Loan Refinancing Bright Eyes
Brooks Brothers Bulgari
Burberry Business
Business Adversely Affected Availability Vision Correction Alternatives Prescription Business Adversely Affected Legal Proceedings Become Party
Business Group Businesses
Byblos Calculation Interest
California Vision Health Care Service Plan Lawsuit Calyon
Calyon Milan Branch Deutsche Bank Spa Mediobanca Banca Cancellation Facility
Capitalized Lease Property Capitalized Leased
Capitalized Leased Property Carlo Privitera
Case Mutilation Surrender Cancellation Thereof Cash
Cash Equivalents Cash Flows
Caso Duso Certain Amounts 2004 Been Reclassified Conform 2005 Presentation
Certain Amounts 2004 Been Reclassified Conform Presentation 2005 Certain Amounts 2005 Been Reclassified Conform 2006 Presentation
Certain Definitions Terms Used Agreement Defined Follows Certain Figures 2008 Been Reclassified Conform 2009 Presentation
Certificate Non-foreign Status Entity Certificate Non-foreign Status Individual
Certificates Determinations Certification Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act Certifications
Certificato Iscrizione Cessation Business
Chairmans Letter Shareholders Chanel
Change Business Change Control
Change Currency Changes Interest Periods
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Changes Lenders
Changes Parties China Hong Kong
Chris Beer Citibank
Citibank Milan Branch Citibank New York
Citigroup Global Markets Limited Claudio Costamagna
Claudio Del Vecchio Claudio Renon
Clauses Clawback
Code Code Business Conduct Ethics
Code Conduct Concerning Internal Dealing Code Corporate Governance Practice
Code Ethics Codes Conduct Procedures
Cole Cole Consumer Class Action Lawsuit
Cole National Cole National Merger Agreement
Cole National Shareholder Class Action Cole Sec Investigation
Cole Shareholder Class Action Lawsuit Colin Baden
Combination Clauses Above Combination Luxottica Oakley Changes Future Industry
Comments Financial Results 2008 2007 Commitment
Commitment Fee Commitment Rights Obligations Transferred
Commitments Contingencies Committee Financial Expert
Communication Notice Communications Writing
Community I-care Comparison 2003 2002
Comparison 2004 2003 Comparison 2005 2004
Comparison 2006 2005 Compensate Foregoing Limitations Using Ebitda Comparative Tool Together
Competition Completion Utilisation Request
Compliance Certificate Compliance Laws
Composition Composition Board Directors Independence
Concentration Credit Risk Concentration Credit Risk-
Concentration Sales License Agreement Concentration Sales License Agreement-
Concentration Supplier Risk Concentration Supplier Risk-
Conditions Assignment Transfer Conditions Consummation Merger
Conditions Precedent Conditions Precedent Facility Initial Utilisation
Conditions Relating Optional Currency Conduct Business Finance Parties
Confidential Information Confidentiality
Confidentiality Undertaking Conflict Required Filings Consents
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consents Approvals Compliance Regulations
Consideration Resolutions Relating Consolidated Ebitda
Consolidated Equity Consolidated Financial Statements
Consolidated Net Finance Charges Consolidated Operating Income 1281455 392
Consolidated Operating Income 1281549 201 Consolidated Operating Income 1281649 276
Consolidated Operating Income 1281657 191 Margin 145 Consolidated Operating Income 1281865 205
Consolidated Operating Income 1281915 403 Consolidated Operating Income 1282174 312
Consolidated Operating Income 1283022 166 Margin 138 Consolidated Operating Income 1284089 353
Consolidated Operating Income 1284571 177 Consolidated Operating Income 1285911 307
Consolidated Operating Income 1286026 223 Consolidated Operating Income 1287560 300
Consolidated Pro-forma Financial Statements Consolidated Quarterly Financial Statements
Consolidated Quarterly Pro-forma Financial Statements Consolidated Results
Consolidated Sales Consolidated Sales 12810694 473
Consolidated Sales 12811106 139 Excluding Effect Exchange Rates Consolidated Sales 12811188 180
Consolidated Sales 12811204 138 Excluding Effect Exchange Rates Consolidated Sales 12812620 217 142 Constant Exchange Rates
Consolidated Sales 12812948 130 Consolidated Sales 12812998 131 Excluding Impact Exchange Rates
Consolidated Sales 12821826 381 425 Assuming Constant Exchange Consolidated Sales 12825568 171
Consolidated Sales 12832519 410 Consolidated Sales 12835656 151
Consolidated Sales 12843707 343 Consolidated Sales 12846762 131 140 Excluding Effect Exchange
Consolidated Total Assets Consolidated Total Net Debt
Consolidation Division Facility Loans Consolidation Variable Interest Entities-an Interpretation Arb No51
Contacts Contacts Luxottica Group
Contents Continuing Guarantee
Continuing Obligations Contract Employment
Contracts Relating Indebtedness Contributions
Contributions- Control
Control Event Controlled Foreign Corporations
Controls Controls Procedures
Copy Transfer Certificate Borrowers Corporate Governance Guidelines Certification
Corporate Reconstruction Cost Sales
Costs Utilisation Count Convention
Counterparts Covenants
Credit Agreement Credit Agreements
Credit Appraisal Lenders Credit Facilities
Credit Facilities- Credit Facility Convertible Swap Step-up
Credit Facility Unicredito Italiano Convertible Swap Step-up Creditors Process Final Judgment
Criteria Methods Determine Beneficiaries Critical Accounting Policies
Cross Default Currency
Currency Account Currency Amount
David Clulow Decade Strong Growth
Declaration Form Declaration Registered Owner Dividends
Deduction Amounts Payable Agent Deduction Tax
Default Default Interest
Defaults Dividend Arrearages Delinquencies Deferral Guarantors Rights
Defined Benefit Pensions Defined Contribution Plan
Definitions Delivery
Delivery Utilisation Request Deloitte Touche Spa
Deposit Withdrawal Cancellation Derivative Financial Instruments
Derivative Suits Description
Description American Depositary Receipts Design Prototype Selection
Designated Website Designation
Designer Lines Detach Proxy Card Here
Detailed Forecast 2007 Determination Compensation Board Directors
Determination Compensation Board Directors 2007 Determination Compensation Board Directors 2008
Determined Determining Amortization Period Leasehold Improvements
Deutsche Bank Shareholder Services Deutsche Bank Spa
Deutsche Bank Trust Americas Reclaim Notice Forms Link Director Internal Audit
Directors Directors Fees
Discharged Rights Obligations Disclosure Controls Procedures
Disclosure Information Disclosure Schedule
Disposals Dispute
Dissenters Rights Shareholder Agrees Not Exercise Respect Shareholders Dissenting Lender
Distributed Holder Such Restricted Share Effective Time Without Distribution
Distribution Dividends Distribution Retail Division
Distributions Distributions Agent
Distributions Obligor Dividend Distributions
Dividend Proposal Tax Regime Dividends
Divisional Sales Excluding Oakley Dkny
Documento Sintesi Documents Display
Dolce Gabbana Dollar Convenience Translation
Domestic Missions Domestic Programs
Donna Karan Donna Karan Dkny
Dragon Duration Plan
Duties Agent Each Parent Purchaser Hereby Represents Warrants Covenants Shareholder
Each Parent Shall Without Limitation Promptly Notify Other Earlier Death Resignation Removal Accordance Articles Incorporation By-laws
Earnings Per Share Earnings Per Share 128013 Us017 Ads
Earnings Per Share 128028 Us037 Ads Earnings Per Share 128037 Us048 Ads
Earnings Per Share 128050 Us061 Ads Earnings Per Share 128057 Us072 Ads
Earnings Per Share 128073 Us091 Ads Earnings Per Share 128076 Us095 Ads
Earnings Per Share Before Trademark Amortization Earnings Per Share Continuing Operations 128022 Us029 Ads
Ebitda Ebitda Pro Forma Net Debt Ratio
Ebitda Sum Operating Income Depreciation Amortization Economic Risk
Edia Investor Relations Contacts Effective Date Plan Maximum Term Cancellation Unexercised Options
Electronic Communication Electronically Enabled Eyewear
Eligibility Eligible Deposit Bank
Email Employee Benefit Plans Arrangements
Employee Benefits Employee Plan
Employee Plans Employees
Employers Accounting Pensions Employers Accounting Post Employment Benefits
Employers Disclosures Pensions Other Postretirement Benefits End
End- Ends
Enforcement Enforcement Costs
English Language Enrico Cavatorta
Enrico Cervellera Enrico Mistron
Entire Agreement Assignment Entrepreneurial
Environmental Claim Environmental Law
Environmental Matters Environmental Permit
Enzo Damin Equity Securities Issuer Affiliated Purchasers
Erisa Erisa Affiliate
Erisa Event Erisa Multiemployer Plans
Error Reference Source Not Found Estate Tax Convention
Estimates Ethical Code
Ethics Euribor
Euro Euro 100 Unsecured Credit Facility
Euro 150 Credit Facility Euro 200 Credit Facility Banca Intesa
Euro 200 Credit Facility Banca Intesa Related Interest Euro 250 Revolving Credit Facility
Euro 650 Credit Facility Banca Intesa Swaps Euro 650 Credit Facility Intesa Swaps
Euro Continues Strengthen Relative Certain Other Currencies Profitability Europe
Event Default Events 2009
Events Connection Tender Offer Events Default
Except Earnings Per Share Ads Expressed Euro Except Earnings Per Share Ads Expressed Euro Dollars
Except Real Property Listed 319 Disclosure Schedule Neither Except Required Result Change Law Gaap Make Material
Except Set Forth 314 Disclosure Schedule Date Hereof Except Set Forth 501 Disclosure Schedule Settle Compromise
Exceptions Excluding Non-recurring Gain Related Sale Real Estate Property
Exclusion Liability Execution Version
Executive Directors Exemptions Listing Standards Audit Committees
Exercise Price Exhibits
Existing Existing Indebtedness
Existing Lender Existing Security
Expansion Wholesale Distribution Explanatory
Extension Fee Extension Period
Extension Termination Date External Auditor
Extraordinary Extraordinary Meeting
Eye Care Programs Eye Safety Systems
Eyemed Eyewear Collection Recycling
Eyewear New Frontier Fashion Fabio Dangelantonio
Facilities Facility
Facility Commitment Facility Fee
Facility Fee Letter Facility Lender
Facility Loan Facility Office
Facility Repayment Date Fail Maintain Efficient Distribution Network Highly Competitive Markets
Fair Credit Reporting Act Litigation Fair Such Holders Financial Point View Provide True
Fair Value Fair Value Financial Instruments
Fas95 Favor Merger Approval Adoption Agreement
Fees Expenses Fiduciary Duties
Figures Include Cole National Result Since Date Acquisition Figures Include Results Cole National Operations Acquisition Date
Filing Stamp Taxes Filings Consents
Finance Document Finance Lease Deb
Finance Parties Finance Subsidiary
Financial Condition Financial Covenants
Financial Highlights Financial Indebtedness
Financial Information Financial Information Statements
Financial Institutions Financial Markets
Financial Overview Financial Statements
Financial Statements 2005 Form 6-k Financial Testing
Financing Financing Activities
Financing Resources Arrangements Fixed Assets
Flow Risk Foothill Ranch California 2008 Luxottica Group Spa Nyse
Forecast 2005 Forecast 2006
Forecast 2007 Forecasts 2008
Foreign Currency Translation Foreign Currency Translation Transactions
Foreign Exchange Sensitivity Form
Form 20-f Form Certification Beneficial Owners
Form Certification Registered Holders Form Registered Holders Annex Warning
Form Series Forward Looking Information
Forward-looking Information Founder Voting Agreement
Founding Fourthly
Fox Racing Fractional Shares
Framework Francesco Nobili
Franchises Data 2006 Frank Baynham
Free Cash Flow Functions
Further Assurance Further Assurances Reasonable Best Efforts
Gaap Garland Gunter
General Meetings General Undertaking
General Undertakings Genny
George Minakakis Gianni Mion
Giorgio Silva Giuseppe Boria
Give Gift Sight Give Gift Sight Luxottica Group Foundation
Goals Goggles
Goodwill Goodwill Other Intangible Assets
Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Impairment Long-lived Governing Law
Governing Law Conflicts Governing Law Enforcement
Governing Law Jurisdiction Government
Governmental Authority Individually Aggregate Reasonably Expected Material Adverse Grant Assignments Auditing Companies
Grant Date Gross Profit
Group Group Workforce
Groups Brands Growth Forecasts Reflect Potential New Luxottica Group Entire
Guarantee Guarantee Indemnity
Guaranteed Obligations Guarantees
Guarantees- Guarantor
Half 2007 Handling Confidential Information
Headcount Manufacturing Plant Health Benefit Plans
Highlights History
Hoc Holders Notes Entitled Applicable Law Equitable Lien Such
Holding Honor Guarantee Stand Surety Shall Cause Surviving Corporation
House Brands Human Resources
Human Resources Committee Human Resources Development
Illegality Ilori
Imaginative Immediate Recourse
Immediately After Giving Effect Such Transaction Default Event Impairment Long-lived Assets
Implementation Sfas 158 Imposta Sostitutiva
In-store Programs Incentive Compensation Plan Accordance 114 Bis Legislative Decree
Incentive Stock Options Permitted Income Operations
Income Taxes Incorporation Defined Terms
Incorporation Terms Increased Cost Claims
Increased Costs Increasing Industrial Output
Indebtedness Indebtedness Borrowed Money
Indemnification Board Delegates Indemnification Directors Officers Employees Agents
Indemnification Employees Employee Benefits Indemnity Agent
Independent Auditors Report Independent Directors
Index Individually Aggregate Material Adverse Effect Prevent Consummation Merger
Information Information Being Provided Comparison Purposes Only Not Purport
Information Expressed Dollars Information Miscellaneous
Information Undertakings Inheritance Gift Tax
Initial Conditions Precedent Injunctions Illegality Consummation Merger Shall Not Restrained Enjoined
Inside Information Insolvency
Insolvency Proceedings Instructions Voting Specified Resolutions Indicated Placing Appropriate Box
Insurance Integration
Intellectual Property Inter Alia
Interest Period Interest Periods
Interest Rate Sensitivity Internal Control Committee
Internal Controls International Missions
International Sales Suffer Due Changing Local Conditions Profitability Internet Telephone Vote Authorizes Named Proxies Shares Same
Interpretation Intesa Sanpaolo Spa
Introduction Invalid Illegal Unenforceable Provision Portion Had Never Been
Inventories Inventories Net
Inventory Costs-an Amendment Arb Chapter Investing Activities
Investment Investor Presentation Results 2006
Investor Presentation Today Milan Available Via Webcast Investor Relations
Issued Employees Italian Civil Code
Italian Exchange Controls Italian Tender Offer Rules
Ivanhoe Bello Jack Dennis
Jil Sander Jurisdiction
Kerry Bradley Key Contacts Addresses
Key Figures Key Figures Dollars
Key Figures Euro Killer Loop
Know Customer Checks Legal Opinions
Legal Proceedings Lender
Lenders Indemnity Agent Lenders Participation
Lens Finishing Labs Lens Laboratories
Lenscrafters Lenscrafters Sunglass Hut International Opsm Cole Oakley Trade
Leonardo Del Vecchio Liability Termination Indemnities
Libor Licence Agreement Ends 2008
License Agreement License Agreements
Licensed Brands Licensed Brands Sears Optical Target
Licensed Brands Sears Optical Target Bjs Limitation Liability
Limitation Ownership Limitation Responsibility Existing Lenders
Limitations Liquidity Financial Resources
Litigation Litigation Settlement
Litigation- Loans Guarantees
Logistics Looking Ahead
Luca Biondolillo Lucio Rondelli
Luigi Francavilla Luxottica
Luxottica Group Luxottica Group 2006
Luxottica Group 2007 Luxottica Group Contacts
Luxottica Group Media Investor Relations Contacts Luxottica Group Safe Harbor Statement
Luxottica Group Share Capital Information Luxottica Group Spa
Luxottica Group Spa 2006 Stock Option Plan Luxottica Group Spa 2008 Performance Shares Plan
Luxottica Group Spa Euro 300000000 Facility Agreement Dated Luxottica Group Spa Instructions Bank New York Depositary
Luxottica Group Spa Issues Presented Consideration Annual Ordinary Luxottica Group Spa Media Investor Relations Contacts
Luxottica Group Spa Nyse Lux Mta Luxottica Group Spa Subsidiaries Statements Consolidated Income 2003
Luxottica Group Structure Ownership Luxottica Groups Annual General Meeting Shareholders Approves Increase
Luxottica Headquarters Registered Office Luxottica Holdings Corp
Luxottica Iberica Luxottica Posts 1q09 Net Income Euro 804
Luxottica Reports Improvement Sales 3q09 Luxottica Safe Harbor Statement
Luxottica Srl Luxottica Titanium
Main Shareholders Mainland China Hong Kong
Major Shareholders Major Shareholders Related Party Transactions
Majority Lenders Majority Lenders Instructions
Majority Shareholder Stock Incentive Plan Managed Vision Care Eyemed
Managed Vision Care Underwriting Expenses Managed Vision Care Underwriting Expenses-
Managements Discussion Analysis Financial Condition Results Operations 2005 Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Managements Responsibility Financial Statements Mandatory Cost
Mandatory Cost Formulae Manufacturing
Manufacturing Plants Production Marco Mangiagalli
Marco Reboa Marco Vendramini
Margin Mario Cattaneo
Mario Lugli Mario Magenes
Mario Mella Mario Pacifico
Market Disruption Market Disruption Event
Marketing Marketing Strategy Retail Business
Marketing Strategy Wholesale Business Marketing Strategy Wholesale Distribution Business
Markets Compete Highly Competitive Failure Maintain Efficient Distribution Material Adverse Effect
Material Contracts Material Liens Taxes Assets Subsidiaries Other Not Yet
Material Subsidiary Maximum Number Loans
Maximum Number Offices Director Statutory Auditor Other Companies Medi Investor Relations Ontacts
Media Investor Relations Contacts Media Investor Relations Contacts Luxottica Group
Media Relations Memorandum Articles Association 2004
Merger Merger Agreement Oakley
Merger Price Method Exercise Options
Michael Boxer Middle Far East
Milan 2004 Luxottica Group Spa Nyse Lux Mta Milan 2009
Milan Agordo Italy 2008 Milan Italy 2005 Luxottica Group Spa Nyse Lux
Milan Italy 2006 Luxottica Group Nyse Lux Mta Milan Italy 2006 Luxottica Group Spa Nyse Lux
Milan Italy 2006 Luxottica Groups Mta Lux Nyse Milan Italy 2007
Milan Italy 2007 Luxottica Group Spa Nyse Lux Milan Italy 2008
Milan Italy 2008 Luxottica Group Spa Nyse Lux Milan Italy 2009
Milan Italy 2009 Luxottica Group Spa Mta Lux Milan Italy 2009 Luxottica Group Spa Nyse Lux
Milan Italy Foothill Ranch Calif 2007 Milan Italy Foothill Ranch Calif Aug 2007
Milan Italy Foothill Ranch California 2007 Milan Italy New York 2006 Luxottica Group Spa
Milan Italy-june 2006-luxottica Group Spa Nyse Lux Mta Mildred Curtis
Milestones Luxottica Groups History Minority Shareholders Rights
Minority Stockholders Rights Miscellaneous
Misleading Information Misrepresentation
Mission Strategy Mitigation
Miu Mobile Eye Care Units
Monte Titoli Moschino
Mosley Tribes Multiemployer Plan
Multiopticas Internacional Mutual Written Consent Parent
Name Address Subsidiary Guarantor Nature Characteristics Granting Units
Nature Undertakings Negative Covenants
Negative Pledge Neither Nor Subsidiaries Been Past Party Transaction Reported
Neither Nor Subsidiaries Party Gain Recognition Agreement Code Net Debt Ebitda Ratio
Net Income Net Income Continuing Operations
Net Sales New Accounting Pronouncement
New Accounting Pronouncements New Euro 100 Credit Facility
New Euro 740 325 Credit Facility New Lender
Nicola Pelà Non-business
Non-competition Agreement Non-competition Agreement Oakley Jim Jannard
Non-conflict Other Obligations Non-executive Non-independent Directors
Non-gaap Financial Measures Non-payment
Non-us Gaap Measure Ebitda Margin Non-us Gaap Measure Free Cash Flow
Non-us Gaap Measures Eps Before Trademark Amortization Nonqualified Pension Plan
Nonqualified Pension Plan Agreements Nonqualified Pension Plans Agreements
Nontransferability Nor America
North America Not Continue Negotiate Maintain Favorable License Arrangements Sales
Not Correctly Predict Future Economic Conditions Changes Consumer Not Successful Completing Integrating Strategic Acquisitions Expand Complement
Notes Notes Press Release
Notes Release Nothing Contained Agreement Shall Give Parent Merger Sub
Notice Call Annual Ordinary Meeting Shareholders Notice Call Extraordinary Ordinary Meeting Shareholders
Notice Call Ordinary Extraordinary Meeting Shareholders Notice Call Ordinary Meeting Shareholders
Notice Call Ordinary Meeting Stockholders Notice Details
Notice Given Unless Otherwise Agreed Among Each Holders Notices English Language
Notification Acquisition Shares Voting Rights Notification Address Fax Number
Notification Default Notification Rates Interest
Notification Required Unauthorised Disclosure Now
Now Therefore Nyse
Oakley Oakley Inc
Oakley Internet Telesales Operations Oakley Merger
Oakley Patent Infringement Related Claims Oakley Safe Harbor Disclaimer
Oakley Shareholder Lawsuit Oakley Stockholder Lawsuit
Oakley Stores Vaults Objectives
Obligors Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Offer Officer Responsible Preparing Financial Reports Enrico Cavatorta Declares
Officers Oliver Peoples
Operating Activities Operating Expenses
Operating Processes Opinion
Opsm Opsm Acquisition Euro 200 Credit Facility Banca Intesa
Opsm Credit Facility Opsm Group Limited Asx Ops
Opsm Laubman Pank Budget Eyewear Optical Shop Aspen
Option Agreement Option Rights
Optional Currency Ordinary
Ordinary Extraordinary Meeting Shareholders Ordinary Meeting
Ordinary Shares Organization
Organization Structure Organizational Development
Original Original Facility Agreement
Original Financial Statements Orward-looking Information
Osa Optical Shop Aspen Other
Other Acquisitions Establishments Other Acquisitions Investments
Other Benefits Other Benefits-
Other Board Resolutions Other Commitments
Other Corporate Developments Other Defined Contribution Plan
Other Developments Oakley Acquisition Other Documents Evidence
Other Filings Other Guarantees Leases Obligations Wholly Owned Subsidiaries Pursuant
Other Holder Such Address Shall Specified Writing Other Income Expense -net
Other Income Expense Net Other Income Expenses -net
Other Indemnities Other Markets
Other Obligations Other Trade Names Intangibles
Outlook 2009 Outreach
Outstanding Standby Letters Credit Outstanding Standby Letters Credit-
Overall Profitability Overview
Owner Shares Nothing Herein Shall Limit Affect Actions Ownership Obligors
Paolo Mollo Paper Form Lender
Parent Parent Each Erisa Affiliate Operated Administered Plan Compliance
Parent Guarantee Parent Guarantee Subsidiary Proves Been False Incorrect Material
Pari Passu Pari Passu Ranking
Part Conditions Precedent Required Delivered Additional Guarantor Part Existing Lenders
Part Facility Lenders Part Form Accession Letter
Part Lenders Part New Lenders
Part Obligors Part Original Lenders
Part Selection Notice Part Utilisation Request
Partial Invalidity Partial Payments
Participating Member State Party
Party Rights Passionate
Passive Foreign Investment Considerations Patrimoni Destinati Uno Specifico Affare
Patrimonio Netto Paul Smith Spectacles
Payment Interest Payment Mechanics
Payment Shares Payments Agent
Pbgc Pearle Vision
Pending Acquisitions Pension Schemes
People Cole Performance 2008
Performance Group 2008 Performance Overview 2009
Performance Shall Performed Material Respects Covenants Obligations Agreement Permitted Disclosure
Permitted Security Persol
Person Person Shall Mean Individual Corporation Limited Liability Partnership
Pervasiveness Estimates Peter Mcclelland
Please Sign Date Return Promptly Enclosed Envelope Vote Polo Ralph Lauren
Port Washington 11050 Tel 516 484-3800 Fax 484-9010 Poste Italiane Spa
Power Authority Prada
Preemptive Rights Preferential Shares
Preliminary Data Pending Board Approval Final Differ Those Preparation Proxy Statement
Prescription Eyewear Prescription Frames Sunglasses
Preserving Clear Vision Price Risk
Principal Principal Accountant Fees Services
Principal Markets Principles Consolidation Basis Presentation
Principles Governing Transactions Related Parties Private Placement Number
Pro Forma Basis Encouraging Indicator Remainder Pro-forma Relevant Period
Procedure Handling Inside Information Procedure Transfer
Procedures Proceedings Pending Threatened
Professional Experience Profile
Profile Luxottica Group Promptly Practicable Terms Contemplated Agreement Otherwise Act Eliminate
Property Property Plant Equipment
Property Plant Equipment Net Property Plant Equipment-net
Proposed Amendments Articles By-laws Proposed Dividend 2005 Other Board Resolutions
Proposed Dividend 2006 Other Board Resolutions Proposed Dividend 2007
Protected Party Provided
Provided Further Provisions
Proxy Ordinary Meeting Shareholders 29-30 2009 Proxy Ordinary Meeting Stockholders 29-30 2009
Proxy Statement Purchase Shares Luxottica Group Spa
Purchases Purchases Equity Securities Issuer Affiliated Purchasers
Purpose Qualified Pension Plan
Qualified Pension Plans Qualifying Lende
Qualifying Shareholder Quality
Quality Control Quality Key Asset
Quotation Ray Ban Indian Holdings Offer
Ray Ban Indian Holdings Review Supreme Court India Ray Ban Sun Optics India Ltd
Ray-ban Rayban Indian Holdings Review Supreme Court India
Re-organization Rationalization Production Vertical Integration Received Confirmation Such Effect Form Substance Satisfactory Parent
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Recent Developments
Recent Developments Other Events Recitals
Reclassifications Recommendation
Reconciliation Changes Deferred Revenue Sale Warranty Contracts Other Recorded Accountability Assets Liabilities Compared Existing Reasonable Intervals
Recovering Finance Party Recovering Finance Partys Rights
Redistribution Payments Reference Banks
Refinancing Existing Financial Indebtedness Registered Office Headquarters
Registration Duty Regular Auditor
Regular Auditors Regulation
Regulation Units Case Termination Relationship Regulatory Matters
Reinstatement Related Party Transactions
Relationship Lenders Relevant Interbank Market
Relevant Period Relevant Procedure
Remedies Waivers Repayment
Repayment Facility Loans Repayment Instalment
Repayment Prepayment Cancellation Repeating Representations
Repetition Report Foreign Private Issuer Pursuant Rule 13a-16 15d-16
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Luxottica Group
Reporting Accounting Changes Interim Financial Statements Representation Consequences Breach Etc
Representations Representations Undertakings Events Default
Representations Warranties Representations Warranties Parent Merger Sub
Reproduction Documents Repudiation
Required Consents Requirement Notice
Requirements Financial Statements Resignation Agent
Resolution Respect Allocation Net Income Distribution Dividends Respect Diversity
Responsibility Documentation Restated Agreement
Restatement Original Facility Agreement Restitution Membership Board Statutory Auditors
Restoring Clear Vision Restrictions
Results Allow Confirm Previously Announced Guidance 2008 Retail
Retail Acquisitions Retail Comparable Store Sales
Retail Distribution Retail Division
Retail Expansion Through Franchising Retail Operations
Retail Profitability Retail Significant Opportunity Sun Steady Growth Optical
Return Copies Revenue Recognition
Reversal Redistribution Review Supreme Court India Regarding Ray Ban Sun
Review Supreme Court India Regarding Rayban Sun Optics Revo
Right Assignment Shares Right Repayment Cancellation Relation Single Lender
Rights Discretions Agent Rights Liquidation
Rights Parties Rights Receive Additional Shares
Risk Factors Risk Management
Roberto Chemello Roger Abravanel
Role Duties Role Mandated Lead Arranger
Rollover Loan Royal Bank Scotland Plc
Royal Bank Scotland Plc Milan Branch Royalty Agreements
Royalty Agreements- Sabina Grossi
Safe Harbor Statement Sale Things Remembered
Sales 12832239 141 216 Assuming Constant Exchange Rates Sales 1289417 310417 Assuming Constant Exchange Rates
Sales Trends 2008 Salvatore Ferragamo
Schedule Annex Form Certification Beneficial Owners Schedule Annex Form Certification Registered Holders
Schedule Commitment Rights Obligations Transferred Schedule Confidentiality Undertaking
Schedule Form Compliance Certificate Schedule Form Transfer Certificate
Schedule Mandatory Cost Formulae Schedule Timetables
Schedules Scott Olivet
Screen Rate Seasonality Effect 53-week
Sec Reports Financial Statements Secondly
Securities Other Equity Security
Segments Related Information Segregation Assets Italian Civil Code
Selection Interest Periods Selection Notice
Self Insurance Senior Unsecured Guaranteed Notes Swaps
Sergio Erede Sergio Tacchini
Series Service Process
Service Revenues Set Forth Below Text Press Release Issued 2005
Set-off Set-off Obligors
Seth Mclaughin Setoff
Sezione Sferoflex
Share Buy-back Plans Share Buy-back Program Proposed Subsequent Dispositions Treasury Shares
Share Capital Share Dividends Other Distributions
Share Measures Investors Same Time Share-based Payment
Shareholder Hereby Represents Warrants Covenants Parent Purchaser Follows Shareholder Litigation Regarding Merger Oakley
Shareholder Plan Shareholders
Shareholders Equity Shareholders Luxottica Group
Shareholders Luxottica Group Spa Shareholders Meetings Rules
Shares Sharing Among Finance Parties
Sharing Payment Short-term Credit Facilities
Signatures Signatures Following Page
Significant Changes Simple Fast
Società Per Azioni Solicitation
Source Governmental Plan Source Not Include Assets Employee Benefit Plan Other
Sourcing Special Measures Applying Shareholder Director Actions
Spv Stamp Taxes
State Local Foreign Government Agency Subdivision Thereof Including Statement Officer Responsible Preparing Financial Reports
Statements Consolidated Cash Flows-us Gaap 2004 2005 Status
Statutory Financial Statements 2007 Statutory Financial Statements 2008
Stella Mccartney Stock Incentive Plan
Stock Incentive Plans Stock Incentive Plans-
Stock Option Incentive Plans Stock Option Performance Plans
Stock Options Plans Stock Performance Plan Issued 2006 Total 3500000 Options
Stock-based Arrangements Stock-based Compensation
Stockholder Approval Equity Compensation Plans Stockholder Plan
Store Opening Closing Costs Strategy
Strengths Subject Warning
Submission Approval Statutory Financial Statement 2004 Consolidated Statements Subsequent Events
Subsidiary Subsidiary Guarantee
Substitution Purchaser Successors
Sum Summary Changes Occurring After 2005
Summary Major Corporate Events Occurred After Closing 2006 Summary Major Corporate Events Occurred After Closing 2007
Summary Significant Differences Between Corporate Governance Practices Standards Sun Retail
Sunglass Hut Sunglass Hut Shareholder Lawsuit
Sunglass Icon Sunglasses
Supervisory Body Pursuant Act 231 2001 Survival Representations Warranties Entire Agreement
Synergies One-time Restructuring Charges Table Structure Board Statutory Auditors
Tables Appendix Follow Tables Follow
Tancredi Bianchi Target
Target Documents Tax
Tax Capital Gains Tax Credit
Tax Deduction Tax Gross-up
Tax Indemnification Tax Indemnity
Tax Payment Tax Regime Holders Ads
Tax Regime Holders Ordinary Shares Tax Relief Form Dividends Non-us Resident Holders Persone
Tax Relief Form Dividends Non-us Resident Holders Società Tax Social Security Regulations
Taxation Taxation Capital Gains
Taxation Dividends Taxes
Telephone Ter
Term Facility Agreement Term Income Tax Means Imposed Measured Net Worth
Termination Amendment Plan Options Termination Amendments Waiver
Termination Date Terms Conditions Options
Texas Lenscrafters Class Action Lawsuit Then
Thirdly Through
Tiffany Time Sharing Agreement
Timetable Tom Coleman
Total Commitments Total Consideration
Total Facility Commitments Trade Names Other Intangibles
Trademarks Trademarks Trade Names
Trademarks Trade Names Patents Transaction Benefits
Transaction Expenses Transaction Risk
Transactions Former Chairman Oakley Transfer Certificate
Transfer Date Transfer Tax
Transferred Translation Risk
Treaty Lender Ufficio Italiano Cambi
Umberto Soccal Unable Achieve Manage Growth Operating Margins Reduced Result
Unable Maintain Current Operating Relationship Cole Licensed Brands Unable Protect Proprietary Rights Loss Sales Costs Defending
Unable Protect Proprietary Rights Sales Might Suffer Incur Unable Successfully Introduce New Products Future Sales Operating
Unavailability Currency Uncertificated Shares
Understanding Operational Performance Unfunded Pension Liability
Unicredit Banca Dimpresa Spa Unicredito Banca Dimpresa Spa
Unicredito Italiano Spa New York Branch United States Federal Taxation
Unlawfulness Unpaid Sum
Us1500 Credit Facility Us500 Bridge Loan Us1500 Credit Facility Us500 Bridge Loan Related Interest
Us275 Senior Unsecured Guaranteed Notes Holdings Us300 Senior Unsecured Guaranteed Notes Swaps
Us350 Credit Facility Unicredito Italiano Convertible Swap Step-up Utilisation
Utilisation Date Utilisation Request
Valerio Giacobbi Validity Admissibility Evidence
Value Added Tax Vat
Versace Versace Versus Salvatore Ferragamo Burberry
Versus Vertical Integration
Vesting Option Rights Via CantÙ Milan 20123 Italy
Vision Correction Alternatives Prescription Eyeglasses Become Widely Available Vogue
Voluntarily Permit Material Insurance Policy Naming Subsidiaries Beneficiary Voluntary Cancellation
Voluntary Prepayment Facility Loans Vote Internet Telephone Mail
Voting Agreement Voting Procedures
Voting Rights Waiver Amendments Etc
Waiver Defences Wbca
Website Lenders Websites
Whereas Wholesale
Wholesale Another Strong Wholesale Distribution
Wholesale Division Wholesale Operations
Wholesale Segment Winding-up
Withholding Substitute Tax Dividends Withholding Taxes
Witness Whereof Working Capital
Worldwide Leader Eyewear Sector Announced Today 10-year Licence Wwwluxotticacom
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