Topic Listing for Mack-Cali Realty

Access Agreement Accompanying Notes Integral Part Consolidated Financial Statements
Account Sums Held Reletting Reserve Sub-account Shall Transferred Accounting Asset Retirement Obligations
Accounting Certain Hybrid Financial Instruments-an Amendment Fasb Statements Accounting Firm
Accounting Non-monetary Transactions Accounting Servicing Financial Assets-an Amendment Fasb Statement 140
Accounting Uncertainty Income Taxes Interpretation Fasb Statement 109 Accounts Receivable
Acquired Indebtedness8221 Acquisition Property Profile
Acquisitions Acquisitions Development
Acquisitions Other Transactions Action
Additional Funds Additional Information
Additional Rents Additional Sale Consideration Agreement
Additional Signature Page Follows Adjustments Capital Changes
Adjustments Pro Forma Consolidated Balance Sheet Administrative Agent
Advance Notice Provisions Stockholder Nominations Proposals Adverse Economic Geopolitical Conditions General Northeastern Office Markets
Advertising Marketing Costs Affecting Property
Affiliate8221 After Application Same Accordance Above Within Fifteen Delivery
Agreed Value Agreement
Agreement Been Duly Authorized Executed Delivered Operating Partnership Agreement Contribution Sale
Agreement Evidencing Grant Restricted Share Award Pursuant Employee Agreement Njsea Favorable Offer Notice Other Partner Right
Agreement Njsea Favorable Successful Bid Notice Other Partner Agreement Sale Purchase
Agreement8221 Agreements Set Forth Herein Integral Part Agreement Seller
Alan Bernikow Alan Philibosian
Alienation Further Encumbrances Allocated Property Values
Allocation Administrative Fee Payable Amx Project Operator Site Allowance
Allowance Doubtful Accounts Alternative Lease Premises
Alternative Lease Transaction Alternative Sublease
Amended Restated Amended Restated Bylaws
Amendment Amendment 1311 Original Agreement
Amendment Agreement Sale Purchase Amendment Membership Interest Purchase Contribution Agreement
Amendment Restatement Existing American Financial Exchange Llc Plaza Associates
Amortized Termination Payment Amount Amounts Per Diluted Share Except Count
Amx Project Operator Administrative Fee Amx Site Declaration
Anniversary Anniversary Date
Announces Results Annual Bonus Compensation
Annual Cash Bonus Compensation Annual Payments
Annual Service Charge8221 Anti-terrorism Regulations
Apex Agreements Applicable Bankruptcy Law
Applicable Gale Slg Transferor Applicable Law
Applicable New Cingular Wireless Principal Liability Applicable Percentage Share
Applicable Prentice Hall Principal Liability Applicable Prepayment Fee Provided Shall Then Immediately Due
Applicable Principal Liability Application Payments
Appointment Principal Officers Appointment Receiver
Appurtenant Rights Arena Rofr
Ashford Loop Associates 1001 South Dairy 2100 West Assertions Estoppel Tenants Knowledge Refuses Confirm Whether Lease
Assessing Board Committee Performance Assessments
Assignability Assignment
Assignment Binding Effect Assignment Leases
Assignments Rents8221 Assumed Debt
Assumed Debt Amount Assumption Approval Date
Assumption Obligations Assumption Obligations Additional Purchase Price Consideration
Audit Committee Audit Fees
Audit-related Fees Authorities
Automatically Lockout Expiration Date Entire Outstanding Principal Balance Available Information
Award Award Restrictions
Award Shares Restricted Stock B-1
B-2 Balance
Bank America Bank China New York Branch
Bank Hapoalim Bank National Association
Bank New York Bank Nova Scotia New York Agency
Bank Tokyo-mitsubishi Ufj Ltd Successor Merger Limited New Barry
Barry Lefkowitz Barry Lefkowitz Employment Agreement
Base Rents Base Salaries
Base Value Basis Presentation
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Bill Sale
Board Action Committees Orientation Board Directors
Board Directors Already Responded Proponents Proposal Implementing Well-recognized Board Directors Mack-cali Realty Corporation General Partner
Board Directors Recommends Vote Proposal Numbers Board Directors Strongly Opposes Adoption Proposal Asks Stockholders
Books Records Borrower
Borrower Abandons Portion Property Borrower Claim Threshold
Borrower Lender Full Extent Permitted Law Hereby Knowingly Borrower Prepay Loan Whole Part Last Interest Accrual
Borrower Sole Member Guarantor Shall Institute Cause Instituted Borrower Sole Member Shall Make Assignment Benefit Creditors
Boston-downtown Crossing Boston-filenes
Broker Brokerage Agreements
Brokers Brownfields Agreement
Brownfields Remediation Agreement Building Lease
Built-in Gain Business
Business Day8221 Business Restriction Representation Warranty
C-1 Cal-harbor Leasing Associates Llc
Cal-harbor Urban Renewal Associates Cali Agreement
Capital Office Debt Captions
Cash Cash Equivalents
Cash Flows Cash Management
Cash Management Agreement8221 Cash Paid Interest Capitalized
Cash Proceeds Received Njsea Alternative Sublease Casualty
Cbd Properties Cellco
Cellco Renewal Lease Cellco Replacement Event
Cellco Replacement Tenant Central Cash Management
Ceo Evaluation Cercla
Certain Provisions Maryland Law Charter Bylaws Well Stockholder Certain Relationships Related Transactions
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence Certificate
Certificate Foreign Status Certificates
Certification Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act
Challenger Ground Lease Challenger Parent
Challenger Property Challenger Purchase Price
Challenger Transaction Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd New York Branch
Change Hotel Component Change Mack-cali Partners Right Approve
Change Right Mack-cali Partners Approve Changes Gaap
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Changes Market Conditions Adversely Affect Price Common Stock
Chevy Chase Bank Fsb Chiao Tung Bank Ltd New York Agency
Chief Executive Officer Compensation Citicorp North America Inc
Class Entities Class Policies
Class Properties Class Tax Liability
Clause Amount Cleanup Removal Costs
Clearing Bank Deposit Account Control Agreement8221 Clerk8217s Office
Cli Loan Closing
Closing Date Closing Documents
Closing Documents Financing Existing Lender Consents Closing Statement
Closing Surviving Obligations Co-lending
Code Collateral
Collateral8221 Collect Rents Profits Without Taking Possession Property Sue
Comerica Bank Commercial Bank New York Agency
Commission8221 Commitment8221
Commitments Contingencies Committee Charters
Committee Composition Meetings Common Stock
Common Units Communication Tenants
Compensation Compensation Consultant
Compensation Directors Compensation Discussion Analysis
Competition Competition Skilled Personnel Increase Labor Costs
Completion Acquisition Disposition Assets Compliance Requirements
Comprehensive Concentration Tenant Credit Risk
Condemnation Condemnation Property
Condition Interest Conditions Precedent Closing
Conditions Precedent Obligation Purchaser Conditions Precedent Obligation Seller
Condominium Parking Requirement Conduct Ethics Standards Directors
Confidential Information Confidentiality
Confidentiality Agreement Confidentiality Loan Sales
Conflict Conflict Inconsistency Commitment
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consent Mortgagee
Consent Period Consents Amendments Waivers Etc
Consequences Failure Qualify Real Estate Investment Trust Adversely Conservation Trust
Consideration Considered Property Purposes Adjusted Appropriate Taking Account Principles
Consolidated Income Available Debt Service8221 Consolidated Joint Ventures
Consolidated Portfolio Analysis 2004 Breakdown Percentage Leased Construction
Construction Projects Contact Information
Contaminants Continuation Reimbursements Such Plan Later Last After Expense
Contract Notice Contracts
Contractual Obligations Contributor
Contributor 401 Plan Contributor Debt Amount
Contributor Default Contributor Guarantee
Contributor Indemnities Then Effect Required Pay Out Such Contributor Indemnity
Contributor Units Contributors
Contributors Broker Contributors Lease Costs
Contributors Title Response Controlled Affiliate8221
Controls Procedures Conversion
Conversion Option Conversion Phelan Residential Condominium
Conveyance Date Conveyance Empire Tract
Conveyance Taxes Cooperation Secondary Market Transaction
Corporate Assignment Corporate Partners Llc
Corporate Venture Costs
Costs Collection Costs Incurred
Costs Title Closing Counterpart Original Additional Sale Consideration Agreement Together Memorandum
Counterpart Original Assignment Duly Executed Purchaser Counterpart Original Closing Statement Duly Executed Purchaser
Counterparts Counterparts Facsimile Signatures
Covenant Cure Covenants Borrower
Covenants Respect Existence Indebtedness Operations Fundamental Changes Crc
Credit Agreement Credit Ratings
Critical Accounting Policies Estimates Cross Collateral Guaranties8221
Cross Collateral Property Cross Collateral Provisions
Cross Default Current Treatment Empire Tract Costs
Daily Charge Daily Charge Grace Period
Damage Date
David Mack Debt Breakdown
Debt Financing Debt Financing Adversely Affect Economic Performance
Debt Maturities Debt Service Coverage8221
Debt Strategy Declaration
Declines Economic Activities Northeastern Office Markets Adversely Affect Deed Lieu Agreement
Deed Lieu Agreement Deliveries Deed Lieu Closing
Deed Lieu Closing Deliveries Deed Lieu Documents
Deed Lieu Foreclosure Analysis Period Deed Lieu Guaranty Payment
Deed Lieu Schedule Deed Lieu Schedule Applicable Principal Liability Trigger Notice
Deed Lieu Schedule Deliveries Default
Default Interest Payments Due Hereunder Borrower Shall Also Default Occurs Other Loan Documents Not Been Cured
Default Purchaser Default Rate
Default Seller Defaults
Defeasance Deferred
Deferred Charges Other Assets Deferred Stock Compensation Plan Directors
Defined Terms Definitions
Degree Leverage Adversely Affect Cash Flow Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Dependent External Sources Capital Future Growth
Deposit Deposits
Deposits Mortgagor Deposits Unavailable
Derivative Designation Certifying Person
Detail Transaction Activity Determination Notice
Determining Variability Considered Applying Fasb Interpretation Determining Whether General Partner Partners Group Controls Limited
Deutsche Bank Trust Americas Development
Development Cost Savings Event Development Cost Savings Realized
Director Resignation Policy Effective Majority Vote Standard Directors Deferred Compensation Plan
Directors Executive Officers Registrant Directors Fees
Directors Stock Option Plans Discharge
Discharge Obligations Disclosure Controls Procedures
Disclosure Fair Value Financial Instruments Disclosure Regarding Forward-looking Statements
Discount Rate Disposition Notice
Dissolution Proceeds Distribution Collateral Proceeds
Distribution Date Distribution Materials Director Attendance
Distribution Net Ordinary Cash Flow Distributions
Distributions Major Capital Event Distributions Unwind Payment
Divided Dividend Reinvestment Stock Purchase Plan
Dividends Dividends Distributions
Document Review Documents
Documents Incorporated Reference Dollars
Doubtful Accounts Dtc
Due Date Due Diligence Waived Special Gale Termination Right
Duties Directors Respect Unsolicited Takeovers Duties Responsibilities Committees
Each Borrower Lender Hereby Waives Fullest Extent Permitted Earnest Money Deposit Independent Contract Consideration
Earnings Earnings Conference Call Management Scheduled Today 2007 1100
Earnings Operations8221 Edison 08837-2206
Effect Approvals Effective Date
Effectiveness Agreement Eitf 03-6
Election Proceed Rofr Approved Partners Other Partner Provides Election Proceed Rofr Not Approved Partners Partner Expresses
Eleventh Lllp Eligibility Requirements8221
Empire Purchase Agreement Empire Tract Agreements
Employee Benefit 401 Plan Employee Benefit 401 Plans
Employee Stock Option Plans Employment Agreement
Employment Contracts Termination Encumbrances
Entire Agreement Entire Agreement Effect Employment
Entity-related Representations Entry Inspection Obligations Termination Agreement
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Environmental Compliance
Environmental Documents Environmental Indemnity
Environmental Law Environmental Laws
Environmental Liens8221 Environmental Report
Equiserve Trust Box 8694 Edison 08818-8694 Equity Activity
Equity Compensation Plan Information Equity Compensation Plans Restricted Common Stock
Equity Research Coverage Equivalents
Erisa Escrow
Escrow Agent Escrow Agreement
Escrow Instructions Estimates
Estimates Reflect Managements View Current Market Conditions Certain Estoppel Certificates
Estoppel Certificates Received Seller Pursuant Above Estoppels
Event Default Event Foreclosure Sale Property Option Lender Sold Whole
Events Default Events Default Occurrence Following Shall Event Hereunder
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Except Per Share Amounts
Except Per Share Unit Amounts Except Permitted Agreement Borrower Undertakes Material Alteration Improvements
Except Those Regarding Payments Reserves Failure Not Subject Excess Amount
Exchange Act Exclusive Authority Board Amend Bylaws
Exclusive Negotiation Period Exculpation
Executive Committee Executive Compensation
Executive Compensation Option Committee Executive Compensation Option Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Executive Compensation Option Committee Report Executive Compensation Philosophy
Executive Compensation Philosophy Overview Executive Officers
Executive Order 13224 Executive Overview
Executive Sessions Non-management Directors Executive Vice President
Exhibits Exhibits Financial Statement Schedules
Exhibits Following Sets Forth List Agreement Existing Fixed Rate Debt
Existing Floating Rate Debt Existing Loan Documents
Existing Mezz Debt Existing Survey
Expense Reimbursements Explanatory
Express Representations Expressed Comfort Net Income Ffo Per Diluted Share
Failure Mortgagor Act Fair Value Financial Instruments
Fair Value Measurements Sfas 157 Option Financial Assets Fair Value Measurements-sfas 157 Option Financial Assets Liabilities-sfas
Family Member Fasb Interpretation Fin
Fasb Staff Position Eitf 03-6-1 Fasb Staff Position Fsp Fin
Fasb Statement 141 8211 Revised 2007 8220fasb 8221 Fasb Statement 157 8220fasb 1578221
Final Payment Due Shall Not Paid Maturity Earlier Final Values Determined Closing
Financial Financial Accounting Standards Board Fasb Statement 159 8220fasb
Financial Covenant Definitions Financial Covenants
Financial Disclosure Financial Highlights
Financial Information Financial Statements
Financial Statements Businesses Acquired Financial Statements Exhibits
Financial Statements Supplementary Data Financing Activity
Financing Costs Financing Transaction
Fire Casualty Flood Acts
Foreclosure Foregoing Order Fully Effectuate Liens Security Interests Created
Form 10-k Form 10-k Amendment
Form 10-q Form Lock-up Letter
Former Address Commerce Drive Cranford New Jersey 07016-3501 Fourteenth Lllp
Full Replacement Cost Functioning Board Directors Committees
Furnished Proceeds Illegal Activity Best Borrowers Knowledge Activities Further Actions
Further Assurances Further Laws State Premises Located Shall Govern Creation
Future Repayments Gaap
Gaap8221 Gale Earn-out
Gale Funding Llc Pfv Gale Green Transactions
Gale Jefferson Llc Gale Kimball Llc
Gale Management Remain Gale Slg Covenants
Gale Slg Entities Gale Slg Lease Cost Space
Gale Slg Llc Gale Transaction
Gaming Facility General
General Conditions General Information
Governing Law Governing Law Consent Jurisdiction Service
Governing Law Shall Interpreted Construed Enforced According Laws Governmental Authorities
Governmental Authority Governmental Order
Governmental Regulations Governor Bank Ireland
Grace Period Gramercy
Gramercy Borrowers Gramercy Loan
Gramercy Warehouse Funding Llc Greenbelt
Gross Rentable Square Footage Projects Ground Lease Agreements
Growth Gsa Edmonston Lease
Guarantor Guarantor Release
Harborside Financial Center Hazardous Materials
Hazardous Substances Headings
Held Sale Historical Ltip Awards
History Holders
Hotel Rofr Hotel Rofr Agreement
Householding Proxy Materials Hpmc
Hua Nan Commercial Bank New York Agency Hudson Street
Illegality Immediate Release
Immediately Before Such Release Thereafter Event Default Shall Impact Recently-issued Accounting Standards
Impairment Charge Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials Annual Meeting
Impositions Improvements
Including Including Not Limited Subservicer Master Servicer Behalf Investors
Including Without Limitation 402 Related Loans 404 Internal Income
Income Taxes Incorporation Recitals
Increased Cost Reduced Return Indebtedness8221
Indemnification Indemnification Duty Defend Costs Fees Expenses
Indemnification Subrogation Indemnified Parties
Indemnify Indemnities
Indemnity Indenture Securities Including Security Shall Governed Construed Accordance
Independence Board Directors Independent Auditors Report
Index Individual Beneficiaries
Individual Property8221 Individual Shareholders
Indivisible Economic Package Industrial Warehouse Properties
Industry Segments Ineligible Partner
Inflation Information Ffo
Initial Agreement Initial Deposit
Initial Rofr Election Date Initial Rofr Election Period
Inspection Inspection Period
Instrument Instruments
Insurance Insurance Casualty Restoration
Insurance Premiums Intangible Property
Intangibles Intentionally Omitted
Intentionally Reserved Inter Alia
Intercompany Indebtedness8221 Interest Only
Interest Rate Contract Interim Operating Covenants Seller Purchaser
Internal Control Integrated Framework Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Internal Control-integrated Framework Internal Growth
Introduction Investment Real Estate Consists Following
Investments Marketable Securities Investments Unconsolidated Joint Ventures
Investments Unconsolidated Joint Ventures Net Investors
Irvin Reid Issued Delivered Exchange Consideration Therefor Provided Resolutions Such
John Cali Joint Several
Joint Ventures Joint Ventures Net
Jpmorgan Chase Bank Jvllc
Kenneth Duberstein Kiosk Lease
Kiosk Tenants Knowledge
Land Land Acquisition
Land Acquisitions Landlord Estoppel Lease
Late Charge Lava Ridge
Law Laws
Lawyers Title Lazare Consulting Fee
Lazare Letter Agreement Lazare Purchase Agreement
Lease Form Lease Provides Party Right Obtain Lien Encumbrance Property
Lease Termination Fee Leasehold Property
Leases Leases8221
Leasing Leasing Costs
Leasing Information Leasing Management
Leasing Standards Covenant Leasing Statistics
Leasing Statistics 2004 Unconsolidated Joint Venture Properties Legal Enforceability
Legal Parking Requirement Legal Proceedings
Lender Lender Transferees
Lenders Estoppel Letter Agreement
Letter Credit Letterhead Ballard Spahr Andrews Ingersoll Llp
Letterhead Seyfarth Shaw Llp Liabilities
Liabilities Obligations Losses Damages Penalties Claims Actions Suits Liability
Licenses Licenses Permits
Like-kind Exchange Limitation Action Seeking Specific Performance Subject However Provisions
Limitation Liability Limitations Benefits
Limited Guaranties8221 Liquidated Damages
Litigation Livingston
Loan Loan Agreement
Loan Agreement8221 Loan Brokers Commissions
Loan Documents8221 Loan Terms Representations Warranties Covenants Borrower
Loan Value Ratio8221 Loan8221
Loans Losses
M-c Plaza Llc Mack Agreement
Mack-cali Mack-cali Increases Credit Facility 175
Mack-cali Interest Mack-cali Issues 100 Senior Unsecured Notes
Mack-cali Prices 250 Public Offering 10-year Senior Notes Mack-cali Realty
Mack-cali Realty Acquisition Corp Mack-cali Realty Corporation
Mack-cali Realty Corporation 343 Thornall Street Edison 08837-2206 Mack-cali Realty Corporation Announces Commencement Public Offering Common
Mack-cali Realty Corporation Announces Pricing Common Stock Offering Mack-cali Realty Corporation Announces Results
Mack-cali Realty Corporation Completes Common Stock Offering Mack-cali Realty Corporation Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Mack-cali Realty Corporation Statements Funds Operations Except Per Mack-cali Realty Corporation Statements Funds Operations Per Diluted
Mack-cali Realty Corporations Response Shareholder Proposal Mack-cali Ventures Llc
Mack-calis Representatives Mack-green-gale Llc
Maintenance Property Compliance Laws Maintenance Repair
Major Facility Major Tenant
Major Tenants Majority Vote Proposal Received High Levels Support Last
Make-whole Payment Management Changes
Management Fees Closing Shall Unpaid Respect Property Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Managing General Partner Mandatory Tenants
Market Diversification Market Information
Marketable Martco Convention Plaza
Maryland Maryland Business Combination Act
Master Ground Lease Maturity
Maximum Amount Maximum Rate
Mcgp Mcrlp Knowledge Persons
Mcrlp Lender Mcrlps Lease Costs
Mcrlps Title Objection Letter Meadowlands Mills Mack-cali Limited Partnership
Meadowlands Xanadu Meetings Board Directors
Meetings Committees Board Directors Method Payment
Method Payment Purchase Price Mgg
Mgg Assignment Michael
Michael Grossman Michael Grossman Employment Agreement
Microbial Matter Mills
Minimis Minimum Estoppel Requirement
Minority Interest Minority Interest Ownership
Minority Interests Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous Provisions Mitchell Hersh
Mitchell Hersh Employment Agreement Mizuho Corporate Bank Ltd
Modification Agreement Modification Terms
Modification Waiver Writing Modification §24
Modification §91 Credit Agreement Modification §94 Credit Agreement
Modification §96 Credit Agreement Modification §99 Credit Agreement
Modifications Credit Agreement Money Market Loan
Monthly Shortfall Mortgage Property Terms Covenants Conditions Existing Loan Documents
Mortgage Refinancing Mortgage Security Agreement Fixture Filing
Mortgages Loans Payable Other Obligations Mortgages8221
Name Director Naperville Amount
Nathan Gantcher Nature Succession Agreements
Net Proceeds New Cingular Wireless
New Cingular Wireless Full Release Rental New Cingular Wireless Full Release Rental8221
New Cingular Wireless Half Release Rental New Cingular Wireless Half Release Rental8221
New Cingular Wireless Lease New Cingular Wireless Lease8221
New Cingular Wireless Renewal New Cingular Wireless Renewal Deadline
New Cingular Wireless Renewal Documents New Cingular Wireless Renewal Documents8221
New Cingular Wireless Renewal8221 New Cingular Wireless Space
New Cingular Wireless Space8221 New Cingular Wireless8221
New Employees New Exceptions
New Financing New York Life Insurance
Nkfgms Owners Llc Noi8221
Nominating Corporate Governance Committee Non-portfolio Property Payment
Non-qualified Deferred Compensation North Pier Harborside Residential Development
Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Notes
Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Notes Due 2019
Notes8221 Notice
Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders 2005 Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders 2006
Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders 2007 Notice Borrower Once Become Due Payable Collected Forthwith
Notice Default Notice Period
Notices Now Therefore
Now Therefore Parties Hereto Hereby Agree Follows Award Number 1-13274
Number Defaulted Securities Exceeds Purchased Such Date Agreement Obligated Comply Financial Covenants Indebtedness Restrict Range Operating
Obligations Obligations8221
Ofac Ofac Lists
Ofac Violation Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Old Security8221 Operating Lease Agreements
Operating Partnership Operating Property Acquisitions Dollars 2004
Operations Operty Agreements
Option Option Agreement
Option Contributor Option Properties
Option Purchase Price Organization
Organization Related Matters Organizational Documents
Original Agreement Original Leases Licenses Permits Service Contracts Extent Sellers
Other Other Assets
Other Changes Other Compensation
Other Development Hotel Meadowlands Race Track Other Events
Other Exercise Right Remedy Available Hereunder Loan Documents Other Fees
Other Liens Other Matters
Other Partner Not Provide Rofr Participation Notice Other Partner Not Provide Successful Bid Participation Notice
Other Partner Not Provide Successful Bid Reoffer Notice Other Partner Provides Rofr Participation Notice
Other Partner Provides Successful Bid Participation Notice Other Partner Provides Successful Bid Reoffer Participation Notice
Other Taxes Outside Closing Date
Outstanding Indebtedness Overview
Owner Owners
Owners Projects Ownership Limit
Pacific Plaza Parking Compliance
Parking Field Lot Parking Space Reduction
Part Part Financial Information
Part Other Information Partial Recourse Guaranty8221
Participating Securities Two-class Method Sfas 128 Parties
Parties Agree Paragraph Shall Deemed Satisfy Sellers Obligation Parties Hereto Shall Right Time Change Respective Addresses
Parties Liable Repayment Partner
Partnership Partnership Acknowledgment
Partnership Debt Partnership Dissolution Certain Rights Participate Future Development Project
Payable Payment
Payment Debt Payment Sums Expended Lender Terms Loan Documents Not
Payments Calculated Accordance Terms Hereof Shall Due Payable Pcbs
Pension Benefits Per Share
Percentage Leased Percentage Share
Performance Graph Performance Subject Risks Associated Real Estate Industry
Periodic Review Disclosure Permitted Encumbrances
Permitted Exceptions Permitted Fund Manager8221
Person Person8221
Personal Property Personal Property Borrower Owns Material Operation Projects
Pfv Pfv Cash Consideration
Plan Plans Programs Maintained Time Generally Available Executives Such
Plaza Associates Llc Plaza Associates Llc American Financial Exchange
Please Vote Date Sign Proxy Other Side Return Pledge Agreement
Plus Pnc Bank National Association
Policies Procedures Policies Relating Election Directors
Portfolio Leasing Statistics Portfolio Property
Portfolio Purchase Price Portfolio Purchase Price Together Challenger Thornall Waterview Collectively
Portfolio Transaction Portfolio Trs Reorganization
Post Closing Undertakings Post-closing Delivery Tenant Notice Letters
Post-closing Owner Post-closing Period
Post-closing Straddle Period Posted Letter Credit Security Deposit Lease Nature Performance
Pre-approval Policies Procedures Pre-closing Period
Pre-closing Straddle Period Pre-closing Tax Return
Preferred Preferred Stock
Preferred Units Prentice Hall
Prentice Hall Full Release Rental Prentice Hall Full Release Rental8221
Prentice Hall Half Release Rental Prentice Hall Half Release Rental8221
Prentice Hall Renewal Prentice Hall Renewal Deadline
Prentice Hall Renewal Documents Prentice Hall Renewal Documents8221
Prentice Hall Renewal8221 Prentice Hall Replacement Lease
Prentice Hall Space Prentice Hall Space8221
Prentice Hall8221 Prepayment
Prepayment Defeasance Prepayment Premium
Prepayment Premium8221 Prepayment Respect Fee Due Shall Effective Unless Such
Prepayments Present Value Loan
President Chief Executive Officer Principal Accounting Fees Services
Principles Consolidation Prior Treatment Empire Tract Costs
Pro Forma Procedural Matters
Proceeding Process Determining Compensation
Prohibition Transfer One-time Project Operator
Projects Except Such Violations Not Individually Aggregate Material Promissory
Properties Properties Commencing Initial Operations
Properties Increase Holdings New Jersey Submarkets Properties8221
Property Property Acquisitions
Property Financials Property List
Property Lock-ups Property Management
Property Owner Interests Property Payables
Property Sales Property State
Property Type Proposal Election Directors
Proposal Ratification Appointment Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Proposal Shareholder
Proposed Purchaser Prorations
Provided Provided Event Defeasance Loan Pursuant Hereof Maturity Date
Provided However Provisions
Provisions General Application Proxy Solicited Board Directors
Proxy Statement Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Report Available Proxy Voting Instructions
Pte Purchase Option
Purchase Price Purchasers Affiliates
Purchasers Closing Obligations Purchasers Representations Warranties
Purpose Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Qualified Indebtedness Qualified Institutional Lender8221
Quarterly Report Pursuant Quarterly Summary
Ramland Realty Associates Llc Road Ratification
Ratings Changed Suspended Withdrawn Time Not Recommendation Buy Rda Amendment
Real Estate Construction Management Activities Subject Risks Particular Real Estate Security8221
Real Estate Transactions Real Property
Recapitalization Recent Developments
Recent Sales Unregistered Securities Uses Proceeds Registered Recitals
Recitals Issuer Reclassifications
Recognition Reconciliation Basic-to-diluted Shares Units
Reconciliation Total Property Square Footage Recording
Recourse Carveout Guaranty8221 Recourse Guaranteed Amount
Recourse Liabilities Recourse Liabilities Guaranty
Recourse Obligations Recourse Parties Shall Joint Several Personal Liability
Recourse Parties8221 Shall Joint Several Personal Liability Recourse Provisions
Recovery Certain Fees Red Bank Corporate Plaza Llc
Redevelopment Agreement Redevelopment Agreement Distributions Unwind Payment New 673
References Exhibits Schedules Refundable Deposit
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code Regulation
Regulation Disclosure Regulations
Reit Restrictions Related Documents
Related Party Transactions Related Persons
Relation Original Indenture Definitions Release
Releases8221 Remainder Page Intentionally Blank Signature Follows
Remainder Such Funds Shall Disbursed Borrower Person Persons Remedies
Rent Loss Proceeds Rent Roll
Rent Roll8221 Rental
Rental Properties Intangible Assets Rental Property
Rental Property Held Sale Dollars 2004 Rental Property Sales Dollars 2004
Rents Report Audit Committee Board Directors
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Representations Warranties
Representations Warranties Borrower Representations Warranties Purchaser Contained Shall Continue True Correct
Representatives Reserved
Reserves Generally Resolved
Respect Debt Loan Documents Property Otherwise Rights Remedies Restoration
Restricted Cash Restricted Period
Results Operations Results Operations Financial Condition
Return Documents Revenue
Revenue Code Revenue Profit Recognition
Revenue Recognition Review Period
Revised Definitions Original Agreement Revised Lazare Consulting Fee
Revocability Proxies Revolving Credit Facilities
Revolving Credit Facility Right Mack-cali Partners Demonstrate Njsea Hotel Having Substantially
Rights Refusal Rising Interest Rates Adversely Affect Cash Flow
Risk Factors Robert Martin Agreement
Robert Weinberg Rofr
Rofr Agreements Rofr Electing Partner
Rofr Electing Partner Enters Agreement Njsea Exclusive Negotiation Rofr Electing Partner Fails Enter Agreement Njsea Partners
Rofr Electing Partner Notice Rofr Participation Notice
Roger Roger Thomas
Roger Thomas Employment Agreement Role Composition Board Directors
Route Master Llc Bedford Collectively Ventures Route Master Llc Participant Bedford Collectively Venture
Roy Zuckerberg Royal Bank Scotland
Rule 164 1933 Act Regulations Securities Date Hereof Sale Delivery Underwriters Closing
Sales Same Shall Been Sold Purposes Redemption Pursuant Laws
Sanofi Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Savings Plan Schedule
Schedule 14a Schedule 14a Rule 14a-101 Information Required Proxy Statement
Schedule 211 Schedule Agenda
Schedule Entities Schedule Lease Expirations
Schedule Lease Expirations Industrial Warehouse Properties Schedule Lease Expirations Stand-alone Retail Properties
Schedule Xviii Schedule Xxii
Schedule Xxiv Schedule Xxxi
Schedule Xxxii Scheduled Closing Date
Scheduled Principal Payments Schedules Exhibits
Sec Documents Sections
Securities Securities Act
Securities Authorized Issuance Equity Compensation Plans Security Agreement
Security Deposit Security Deposits
Security Documents8221 Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder
See See Footnotes Subsequent Page
Selection Directors Resignation Seller Organizational Documents
Seller Purchaser Each Hereby Agree Seller Shall Received Purchase Price Adjusted Pursuant Payable
Sellers Affiliates Sellers Closing Obligations Each Phelan Realty Folsom
Sellers Closing Obligations Seller Deliver Purchaser Following Sellers Estoppel Certificate
Sellers Knowledge Sellers Representations Warranties
Sellers Right Title Interest Lessor Leases Subject Terms Selling Contributor
Senior Management Presence Senior Unsecured Notes
Senior Unsecured Notes Transactions Separation Service Term Defined 409a
Series Series Notes
Service Contracts Services Companies
Services Loi Services Place Employment
Services Transaction Severability
Severance Change-in-control Payments Severed Contract
Share Repurchase Program Share-based Payment
Shareholder Rights Plan Shelf Registration Statements
Signatures Significant Accounting Policies
Significant Portion Significant Tenants
Significant Tenants Footnotes Significant Transactions
Size Qualifications Slg Gale Corporate Llc
Snda Agreements Solicitation
Solicitation Voting Procedures Sony
Sony Renewal Lease Sony Replacement Event
Sony Replacement Tenant Sought Issued Levied Assets Properties Funds Borrower Other
South Pier Harborside Hotel South Pier Harborside Hotel Development
South Pier Harborside-hotel Development Space Leases
Spe Provision Stadium Gateway
Staff Accounting Bulletin 108 Sab Stand-alone Retail Properties
Statement Financial Standards Sfas 155 Statement Material Fact Omit State Required Stated Therein
Statements Funds Operations Per Diluted Share Status Purchaser Duly Organized Validly Existing Limited Liability
Status Seller Limited Partnership Duly Organized Validly Existing Stock
Stock Certificates Stock Compensation
Stock Issuances Stock Option Plans
Stock Warrants Stockholder Communications
Stockholders Equity Straddle Period
Straddle Returns Strategy
Submission Stockholder Proposals Subsequent Event
Subsequent Event Transactions Subsequent Events
Subsequent Lien Mortgages Shall Deemed Evidenced Secured Subsidiary Ies
Subsidiary8221 Substitution8221
Successful Bid Notice Successful Bid Participation Notice
Successful Bid Partner Successful Bid Reoffer Notice
Successful Bid Reoffer Participation Notice Successors
Successors Assigns Such Tenants Other Persons Case Perform Obligations Thereunder
Sum Summary
Summary Construction Projects Summary Debt
Summary Indebtedness Summary Land Parcels
Summary Reserves Summary Space Leased
Suntrust Bank Supplemental Indenture
Supplemental Operating Financial Data Supporting Statement
Survey Survival Agreements
Survival Representations Warranties Covenants Survivor Payout
Table Contents Tads8221
Take Down Hotel Component Taking
Tax Abatement Agreements Tax Claim
Tax Fees Tax Matters
Tax Protection Agreements Tax Returns
Taxes Taxes Special Assessments
Taxpayer Identification Borrowers Tax Number 01-0817668 Taxpayer Identification Borrowers Tax Number 01-0817669
Taxpayer Identification Borrowers Tax Number 34-2004593 Taxpayer Identification Borrowers Tax Number 34-2004597
Tenant Tenant Estoppel
Tenant Leases Tenant Monetary Material Nonmonetary Default Lease Seller Not
Tenant Notice Letters Tenant Notice Letters Duly Executed Seller
Tenants Tenants8221
Tender Tenth Lllp
Term Termination Agreement
Termination Cooperation Agreement Termination Employment
Termination Employment Change Control Termination Service
Termination Surviving Obligations Terms Conditions
Test Thornall Llc Agreement
Thornall Owner Thornall Purchase Price
Thornall Transaction Tied Properties8221
Tier Debt Tier Indemnities
Time Essence Time Essence Respect Provisions Mortgage
Time Shall Essence Agreement Except Otherwise Set Forth Title
Title Clearance Date Title Commitment
Title Commitments Title Defect
Title Documents Title Election
Title Policy Toe Date
Toe Declaration Total Assets8221
Total Purchase Price Total Unencumbered Assets8221
Transaction Taxes Transactions Involving Empire Tract
Transfer Transfer Encumbrance Projects
Transferred Transferred Interests
Treasury Rate Trigger Events8221
Triple Net Rent Basis Triple Net Rent Basis8221
Troy Troy Entities
Troy Properties Troy Transaction
Trs Llc Trs Sub
Trustee Turn-key Lease
Tuttle Fee Estate Twelfth Lllp
Ucc Ufj Bank Limited New York Branch
Unconsolidated Unconsolidated Joint Venture Debt
Undepreciated Real Estate Assets8221 Underlying Shares
Undersigned Entities Underwriters
Undisclosed Liabilities Unencumbered Properties
Unfunded Lease Expenses Unit Lease
Unit Owner Unit Parking Alterations
Unit Transactions Unit Value
United States Securities Exchange Washington 20549 Units
Unpermitted Exceptions Unrecovered Empire Tract Costs
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds
Unreturned Mills Partner Capital Contributions Account Unreturned Partner Capital Contributions Account
Unsatisfied Party Unsecured Facility
Unsecured Indebtedness8221 Unsecured Revolving Credit Facility
Unwind Event Occurs Notice Partners Unwind Event Rights Exercised Over Objections Partners
Unwind Payment Unwind Proceeds
Unwritten Agreements Urban Renewal Associates
Used Herein Hazardous Material Shall Include Without Limitation Valid Foreclosure Cooperation
Valid Tender Value Creation Pipeline
Value Received Vincent Tese
Violation Vote Important Please Immediately
Vote Over Internet Telephone Please Not Mail Card Vote Required Board Directors Recommendation
Voting Voting Procedure
Vpcm Llc Vreeland Associates Llc
Wachovia Bank National Association Waiver
Waiver Jury Trial Waivers
Waterview Owner Waterview Purchase Price
Waterview Transaction Wells Fargo Bank National Association
Whereas William Mack
Wilmington Trust Withholding
Within Business After Written Notice Within Fifteen After Written Request Borrower Lender Shall
Witness Whereof Wmb Annual Payment
Wmb Purchase Price Wmb Purchase Price Not Received
Wmb Purchase Price Proceeds Wmb Purchase Price Received
Yeager Yeager Employment Agreement
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