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Access Trial Versions Magics Edeveloper Ibolt Included Every Accomplishments Operational Highlights
Accounting Income Tax Accrued Expenses Other Accounts Payable
Acting Chief Executive Officer Compensation Advanced Answers Demand Aaod
Advantage Rent Car Adversely Affected Rate Inflation Israel Exceeds Devaluation New
Aeroscout Chooses Ibolt Integrate Salesforcecom On-premise Systems Agreement Signed Coastal Range Systems Burnaby British Columbia
Agreement Valued 750000 Ajor Hareholders
Alance Heet Rrangements Allowance Doubtful Accounts
Annual Extraordinary Meetings Annual General Meeting Shareholders
Annual Stock Information Approval Related Party Transactions Israeli Law
Approval Transactions Office Holders Arita Mattsoff
Arkets Aterial Ontracts
Audit Committee Auditors Responsibility
Axation Background
Backup Withholding Information Reporting Balance Sheet Data
Because Controlled Formula Systems 1985 Ltd Emblaze Investors Because Controlled Formula Systems 1985 Ltd Investors Not
Beneficial Ownership Executive Officers Directors Board Directors
Board Directors Shareholders Magic Onyx Magyarorszaág Szoftverház Kft Board Directors Shareholders Magic Software Enterprises Italy Srl
Board Directors Shareholders Magic Software Japan Breaking Down Barriers Business Integration Summit 2005
Business Applications Capital Gains Tax Sales Ordinary Shares
Capitalization Software Development Costs Cash Flows
Cathy Caldeira Certification Chief Executive Officer Pursuant Rule 13a-14 Securities
Certification Chief Financial Officer Pursuant Rule 13a-14 Securities Certification Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act Changes Capital
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Changes Ratio Revenues Generated Different Revenue Elements Adversely
Changes Ratio Revenues Obtained Own Software License Sales Changes Ratio Revenues Software Licenses Services Adversely Affect
Changing Rights Attached Shares Citycompass
Citycompass Reports Magic Software Technology Resources Sustained Successful Clair County Illinois Usa
Closing Coc Group
Comkany Contact Commitments Contingencies Cont
Commitments Contingenties Committees Board Directors
Compaky Contact Compared 2002
Compared 2003 Compared 2004
Compared 2005 Compared 2006
Compared 2007 Compensation
Competition Compliance Changing Regulation Corporate Governance Public Disclosure Result
Compliance Corporate Governance Regulations Increase Cost Operations Comprehensive Ibolt Implementation Japan
Concentrations Credit Risk Conditions Israel
Conducting Business Israel Entails Special Risks Conference Call
Conference Call Scheduled 16th 2005 10am Est Conference Call Scheduled Thursday 1030 Est
Conference Call Scheduled Thursday 9th 1100am Edt Conference Call Scheduved Thursday 9th 9am Xst
Consecutive Yearly Recognition Global Award Sap Consent Independent Auditors
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consolidated Statements Other Financial Information
Contact Contact Hadas Gazit-kaiser Cfo
Contents Contingencies
Continuing Unfavorable National Global Economic Conditions Material Adverse Controlled Formula Systems 1985 Ltd
Corporate Tax Rate Covenants
Critical Accounting Policies Estimations Currency Exchange Rate Fluctuations World Markets Conduct Business
Currently Ability Benefit Government Tax Benefits Cancelled Reduced Customers End-users Markets
David Assia Deal Frankfurt Airport
Declines Share Price Operating Performance Result Future Impairment Dependent Limited Number Product Families Decrease Revenues Products
Derivative Instruments Derive Portion Revenues Greater Percentage Operating Profit Independent
Derive Significant Portion Revenues Independent Distributors Obligation Purchase Director Continuing Office
Directors Service Contracts Disclosure Controls Procedures
Disclosure Personal Interests Controlling Shareholder Approval Transactions Shareholders Disclosure Personal Interests Office Holder
Disclosure Shareholders Ownership Discussion Critical Accounting Policies Estimations
Disposition Ordinary Shares Dispute Resolution
Dividend Distribution Dividend Distributions Policy
Documents Display Driving Principles Behind Technology
Economic Conditions Economic Conditions Israel Not Been Stable Recent
Edeveloper Edeveloper V10 Launch Highlibhts
Efforts Increase Presence United States Europe Japan Not Efforts Increase Presence United States Europe Not Profitable
Efforts Increase Presence Worldwide Including United States Europe Eitan Naor
Elated Arty Ransactions Elected Inancial Ata
Election Directors Emorandum Rticles Ssociation
Employees Employment Agreements
Encounter Difficulties International Operations Sales Encounter Difficulties International Operations Sales Adversely Affect Business
Esearch Evelopment Atents Icenses Eursuant Requirements Fecurities Exchange Act 1934 Gegistrant Duly
Except Exchange Controls
Exculpation Indemnification Insurance Directors Officers Exculpation Office Holders
Executive Compensation Exemption Indemnification Insurance Office Holders
Exhibits Expect Make Acquisitions Disrupt Operations Harm Operating Results
Export Sales Face Intense Competition Markets Application Development Integration Technologies
Face Intense Competition Markets Application Platform Well Process Facilities
Fair Value Financial Instruments Faster Integration Leverage Productivity Current Systems
Fees Paid Independent Public Accountants Fees Paid Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Fiduciary Duties Office Holders Financial Highlights
Financial Information Flows Securely Online Portal Back-end Applications Financial Results Adversely Affected Inflation Currency Fluctuations
Fmrp Focused Business Process Management
Focused Compliance Foreign Currency Exchange Risk
Foreign Private Issuer Whose Shares Listed Nasdaq Global Foreign Private Issuer Whose Shares Listed Nasdaq National
Form 20-f Form 20-f 40-f
Form 6-k Form 6-k Being Incorporated Reference Registrants Registration Statements
Form 6-k Being Incorporated Reference Registrants S-8 Registration Form 6-k Securities Exchange Washington 20549
Formula Systems 1985 Ltd Continue Control Freud Pozzo
Freud Pozzo Uses Magic Softwares Ibolt Edeveloper Integrate Future Success Largely Dependent Acceptance Releases Edeveloper Application
Future Success Largely Dependent Acceptance Releases Ria Seap General
General Cont General Corporate Tax Structure
Genworth Financial Geographic Information Cont
Gift Estate Tax Goodwill
Haplada Street Or-yehuda Israel 60218 Haplada Street Yehuda 60218 Israel
Held 2005 Hermes Logistics Technologies Deliver State-of-the-art Cargo Management System
Highlights History Development
History Losses Not Able Maintain Profitability Future History Quarterly Fluctuations Results Operations Expect Continue
Huadi Ibolt Business Process Integration
Ibolt Business Process Integration Suite Resources Ibolt Enables Primagas Optimize Operations
Ibolt Integration Solution Deployed Ibolt Salesforcecom Used Automate Business Processes Include
Ibolt Sap Provides Seamless Integration Mysap Users Addresses Ibolt Special Edition
Ignificant Hanges Impact Currency Fluctuations Inflation
Impairment Long-lived Assets Implementation Sfas 123 Require Record Compensation Expense Connection
Incentive Compensation Plan Included Times 100 Leadership Modeling
Indemnification Directors Officers Indemnification Office Holders
Independent Outside Directors Independent Report Notes Magic Softwares Comprehensive Solution Pricing
Index Index Exhibits
Industry Overview Initial Shipping Start Ramp-up Customers
Innovation Cio Transformation Change Business Processes Instruction
Insurance Office Holders Integration Every Level Updated Travel Transport Data Management
Integration Platform Bmcremedys Ar-system Intellectual Property
Interest Rate Risk Internal Audit
Introduction Iquidity Apital Esources
Isk Actors Israel Largest Commercial Bank Uses Ibolt Integration Platform
Israeli Capital Gains Tax Israeli Tax Considerations
Israeli Tax Dividend Income Israels Leading Bank Implements Money Laundering Prevention Using
Issuer Purchase Equity Securities Isv Community Customers New Partners Welcome Endorse Offering
Italys Pac2000a Implement Real Time Enterprise Magics Ibolt Japanese Subsidiary Takaoka Electric Manufacturing Selects Ibolt Integration
Key Employees Klm Cargo
Launch Edeveloper Version Magic Software Offers Editions Designed Law Encouragement Industry Taxes 1969
Leading Chinese Integrator Magic Softwares Ibolt Integration Platform Leading German Power Utility Integrates Solution Portfolio Magic
Leading Independent Research Firm Lists Magic Software Integration-centric Legal Proceedings
Limitations Exculpation Indemnification Insurance Limitations Exculpation Insurance Indemnification
Limitations Rights Own Securities Liquidity Capital Resources
List Subsidiaries Affiliates Registrant Loan Agreement
Lose Independent Distributors Currently Depend Not Succeed Developing Magic Announces New Ceo Next Step Corporate Restructuring
Magic Applications Magic Benelux
Magic Bundle Ibms Db2 Express New Edeveloper V10 Magic Calls Implementation Bpm Gain Customer Retention
Magic Delivers Regulatory Compliance Solution Business Partner Magic Extends Partners Capabilities Adding Comprehensive Integration Features
Magic Ibolt Rapid Deployment Some Large-scale Integration Tools Magic Quadrant
Magic Received Isv Partner Leadership Innovation 2005 Award Magic Software
Magic Software Announce Unipaas Support Mobile Computing Gartners Magic Software Announces Appointment New Vice President Marketing
Magic Software Announces Conclusion Highly Successful Edeveloper V10 Magic Software Announces Grand Opening Office China
Magic Software Announces New Contract Wins Eastern Europe Magic Software Announces One-week Postponement Publication 2007 Full
Magic Software Announces Release Edeveloper V10 Magic Software Announces Support Ibms V5r4 Iseries
Magic Software Appoints David Zigdon Chief Financial Officer Magic Software Appoints New Members Board Directors
Magic Software Awarded 2008 Sap Business Global Solution Magic Software Delivers Agility Sap Business
Magic Software Enhances Legacy Integration Capabilities Twinsoft Magic Software Enterprises
Magic Software Enterprises Announces Comprehensive Global Restructuring Plan Magic Software Enterprises Ltd Consolidated Statements Operations Dollars
Magic Software Enterprises Ltd Exact Name Registrant Specified Magic Software Enterprises Ltd Reconciliation Gaap Non-gaap Results
Magic Software Enterprises Sells Crm Activity Econtact Magic Software Enters Us25 Agreement Farm Mutual Reinsurance
Magic Software Introduce Business Integration Suite Ibolt Salesforcecom Magic Software Introduces Jde Connect8482 Oracle Edwards Business
Magic Software Japan Magic Software Joins Forces Norways Leading Integrator
Magic Software Releases Flagship Application Platform Unipaas Version Magic Software Report 2007 Full Financial Results
Magic Software Reports Eitan Naor Ceased Serve President Magic Software Reports Eitan Naor Resigned Board Directors
Magic Software Reports Financial Results Magic Software Reports Financial Results 2008
Magic Software Reports Former Ceo Filed Additional Request Magic Software Reports Management Changes
Magic Software Reports Record 2008 Results Net Profit Magic Software Reports Results 2009
Magic Software Reports Tel Aviv Labor Court Denied Magic Software Reports Uuarter Results
Magic Software Rolls Out Sap Business Partner Program Magic Software Subsidiary Coretech Wins New Outsourcing Contracts
Magic Software Unveils New Roadmap Application Platform Technology Magic Software Vertical Solutions
Magic Software Wins Saps Quality Excellence Award Ibolt Magic Softwares Developers Community Gain Swift Path Latest
Magic Softwares Ibolt Makes Further Inroads Financial Services Magic Softwares Integration Suite Supports Productivity Improvement Project
Magic Softwares Oem Strategy Rewarded Independent Industry Recognition Magic Softwares Salesforcecom Customer Base Rapidly Growing Since
Magic Softwares Unipaas Comprehensive Application Platform Full Client Magic Solution
Magic Technologies Magic World Business Summit Opens Today
Magics Ceo Hands His Resignation Magics Edeveloper Finished
Magics Hermes Provides Greater Management Control Increased Efficiency Major Shareholders
Managements Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Managements Responsibility
Marketable Securities Marketable Securities Cont
Markets Mary Lou Roberts
Material Contracts Media Contact
Media Contacts Meet Dreamforce Europe 2008 7-8 Londons Barbican Center
Memorandum Articles Association Menzies Distribution Implements Real Time Logistics Magic Software
Mintwave Mintwave Integrates Lotus Notes Sap Applications Using Magic
Miskolc City Transport Uses Magics Ibolt Integrate Municipal Mlrobertsmagicsoftwarecom
Monthly Stock Information Mployees
Nasdaq Exemptions Controlled Nasdaq Exemptions Foreign Private Issuers
Nasdaq Marketplace Rules Home Country Practices Net Integration Mobile Ria Clients
New Era Solutions Strengthens Enterprise Smb Advanced Business New Research Evaluates Magic Softwares Completeness Vision Ability
New Solutions Opportunities Sme Customers Saps Channel New Version Offers Enhanced Heterogeneous Environment Support Cutting
Newman Inc Newman Inc Implements Service Oriented Architecture Magic Softwares
Newspaper Distribution System Delivers Newspapers Accurately Time Nited Tates Ederal Ncome Onsequences
Nominees Election Director Terms Expiring 2006 Nominees Election Director Terms Expiring 2009
Nominees Election Director Terms Expiring 2010 Norfolk Norwich University Nhs Trust Chooses Magic Software
Not Anticipate Paying Cash Dividends Foreseeable Future Therefore Not Anticipate Paying Cash Dividends Ordinary Shares Foreseeable
Not Paid Cash Dividends Ordinary Shares Last Future Not Succeed Increasing Market Share Business Integration Process
Noteworthy Transactions Europe Include Noteworthy Transactions Israel Include
Notice 2008 Annual General Meeting Shareholders Held Notice 2009 Annual General Meeting Shareholders
Number 0-19415 Oag Global Content Management Specializing Travel Transport
Ocuments Isplay Office Holders Insurance
Ompensation Onsolidated Tatements Ther Inancial Nformation
Operating Results Operational Highlights
Opinion Ordinary Shares Nis Par Value
Ordinary Shares Traded Market Result Price Variations Other Accounts Receivable Prepaid Expenses
Other Intangible Assets Other Intangible Assets Cont
Outside Director Continuing Office Outside Directors Independent
Outside Independent Directors Overview
Part Parties Claim Infringe Intellectual Property Rights Harm Business
Passive Foreign Investment Companies Political Conditions
Political Economic Military Instability Israel Disrupt Operations Negatively Powers Directors
Pre-approval Policies Procedures Press Contacts
Press Release Primagas
Product Development Products
Products Contain Defects Costly Correct Delay Market Acceptance Products Infringe Intellectual Property Rights Others
Products Lengthy Sales Cycle Products Lengthy Sales Cycle Adversely Affect Revenues
Proprietary Technology Difficult Protect Unauthorized Parties Impair Ability Provisions Israeli Law Delay Prevent Make Difficult Acquisition
Provisions Restricting Change Control Proxy Card
Proxy Procedure Proxy Properly Executed Voted Specified Direction Given Election
Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors Purpose Annual General Meeting
Purposes Objects Pursuant Israeli Law Order Ensure Specific Majority Requirements
Pursuant Requirements Securities Exchange Act 1934 Registrant Duly Pursuayt Requirements Securizies Exchange Act 1934 Registaant Duly
Quarterly Stock Information Quorum Voting
Rapid Technological Change Adversely Affect Market Acceptance Products Rapid Technological Changes Adversely Affect Market Acceptance Products
Recent Changes Lead Record Results Positioned New Technologies Recent History Losses Not Able Maintain Profitable Operations
Recent Partner Customer Highlights Recent Worldwide Economic Downturn Adversely Affect Customers Exposing
Recently Issued Accounting Standards Record Holders
Related Parties Related Party Transactions
Rely Party Technology Licenses Rend Nformation
Report Financial Statements Report Foreign Private Issuer Pursuant Rule 13a-16 15d-16
Reports Independent Auditors Respect Subsidiaries Reports Net Income Demonstrating Sustainable Profitability
Reports Net Profit Over Gaining Sustainable Profitability Reports Results 2006
Representations Warranties Purchaser Research Development
Results Results 2006
Results Operations Results Operations Negatively Affected Obligation Personnel Perform Military
Revenue Recognition Revenue Vertical Subsidiaries Dependent Customers Significant Decrease Revenues
Review Discussion Auditors Report Consolidated Financial Statements Rfid World Expo Dallas Texas
Rights Attached Shares Rights Responsibilities Shareholder Governed Israeli Law Differ Some
Risk Factors Risks Related Business Industry
Sales Marketing Distribution Sap Leading Industry Analyst
Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Scheduled 2009
Securities Exchange Washington 20549 Securities Exchange Washington 20549 Form 20-f
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management See
Selected Financial Data Self Paced Training
Service Enforcement Legal Process Directors Officers Difficult Obtain Services
Share Price Been Very Volatile Past Continue Susceptible Shareholders
Shareholders Equity Shareholders Equity Cont
Shlomo Sixt Car Rental Short-term Credit Current Maturities Long Term Loans Cont
Signatures Significant Accounting Policies
Significant Changes Significant Changes Ownership Major Shareholders
Significant Expenses Significant Growth Applications Maintenance Revenue
Significant Revenues Expenses Solution
Spa Signature Page Special Provisions Relating Taxation Inflationary Conditions
Sraeli Onsiderations Stock Option Plan
Stock Purchase Agreement Stock-based Compensation
Strategic Alliances Strategy
Strategy Focus Areas Subsidiary Information
Superior New Ibolt Business Integration Suite Version Salesforcecom Support Latest Smb Solution Well Received Sap Partners
System Integrator Partner Joins Magic Softwares Ecosystem Over Tabular Disclosure Contractual Obligations
Tag Pioneer Best Execution Trade Analysis Selects Magics Targeted Sarbanes-oxley Compliance Smbs
Tax Benefits Tax Benefits Amendment Became Effective 2005
Tax Benefits Grants Research Development Tax Benefits Income Approved Enterprises Before 2005
Tax Benefits Law Encouragement Capital Investments 1959 Tax Benefits Law Encouragement Industry Taxes 1969
Tax Reform Taxation
Taxation Dividends Taxation Israeli Residents
Taxation Non-israeli Residents Taxation Non-resident Holders Shares
Taxes Income Taxes Income Cont
Technology Integration Agreement Trade Agreements
Trade Relations Transition Period
Trend Information Twinsoft
Ubsidiary Nformation Unable Attract Train Retain Qualified Engineering Administrative Operational
Unable Attract Train Retain Qualified Persona Adversely Affect Unable Attract Train Retain Qualified Personnel Adversely Affect
Unable Maintain Effective Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Unable Maintain Effective Internal Controls Accordance 404 Sarbanes-oxley
Undertaking Unipaas Application Platform
Unipaas Application Platform Resources United States Federal Income Tax Consequences
User Interface Value Proposition
Vertical Solutions Veteran Directors Bring New Expertise Guide Successes
Visa Cal Implements Soa Magic Softwares Ibolt Vm-line
Widespread Operations Strain Management Operational Financial Resources Widespread Operations Strain Management Operational Financial Resources Material
Xchange Ontrols Yes Marked Indicate Below Number Assigned Registrant Connection
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