Topic Listing for Magyar Telekom Plc.

A-audit Committee Financial Expert Abbreviated Name English Magyar Telekom Ltd
Ability Sustain Revenue Growth Depend Part Increase Traffic Above Represent Audit Committee Before Authorities
Abuse Dominant Position Maktel Wholesale Adsl Market Abuse Dominant Position Maktel Wholesale Adsl Market Damage
Accounting Derivative Financial Instruments Hedging Activities Acknowledged Stonebridge
Acquisition Additional Shares Stonebridge Holding Owning Maktel Acquisition Crnogorski Telekom
Acquisition Maktel Acquisition Percent Interest T-systems Hungary Strategic Cooperation International
Acquisition Share Ownership T-systems Hungary Acquisition Share Ownership T-systems Hungary 2004
Acquisition Telekom Montenegro Acquisitions After Balance Sheet Date
Act 360 Action Against Misconduct
Actions Pending Closing Addition Value Investments Results Operations Financial Condition Adversely
Additional Requirements Additions Tangible Intangible Assets
Adjustments Arising Differences Existed Past Still Amortizing Remaining Administrative Fee-abuse Dominant Position Maktel
Adsl2 Advancing Expenses
Advice International Tax Compliance Without Serving Advocacy Role Advice National International Tax Planning Compliance Regulations Without
Affirmation Adverse Initial Court Ruling Regarding 2008 Annual Agenda General Meeting
Agent Agm 2008
Agreement Agreements Agent
Alleged Abuse Dominant Market Position Macedonia Alleged Abuse Dominant Position Maktel Charging Administrative Fee
Alleged Abuse Dominant Position Maktel Wholesale Adsl Market Alleged Trade Violation T-online
Allocation Purchase Price Amendments Published Standards Effective Adopted Group 2006
Analysis Group Balance Sheets Analysis Group Cashflow
Analysis Group Income Statements Analysis Segment Results
Annex Annex Declaration Compliance Magyar Telekom Groups Financial Code
Announcement Magyar Telekom Plc Regarding Dividend Payment Business Announcement Place Availability Document General Meeting
Announcement Place Availability Documents General Meeting Announcements
Annual Evaluation Supervisory Board Annual General Meeting Approves Amendment 152 Articles Association
Annual General Meeting Approves Amendment 253 Articles Association Annual General Meeting Approves Amendment 741 Articles Association
Annual General Meeting Approves Amendment 845 Articles Association Annual General Meeting Approves Amendment Articles Association According
Annual General Meeting Not Approve Proposal Amendment 741 Annual General Meeting Not Approve Proposal Amendment Articles
Annual Report Indicate Check Whether Registrant Shell Defined Appendix
Application Approval Services Require Specific Pre-approval Audit Committee Application Form
Application Validity Approval New Articles Association Successor
Approval Remuneration Guidelines Arbitration Procedure Initiated Fellow Owner Non-approval Sale Shareholding
Arne Freund Articles Association Approved Amended Laid Down General Meeting
Articles Association Magyar Telekom Nyrt Amended Due Following Articles Associations Other Activities Shall Added Follows
Asset Retirement Obligation Asset Retirement Obligations
Asset Retirement Obligations Aro Assets Held Disposal
Assistance Introduction Performance-related Compensation Schemes Particularly Stock Options Assistance Managing Fixed Line Communications Business Within Magyar
Assistance Managing Fixed Line Communications Business Within Matav Assistance Regarding Determination Transfer Prices Cost Allocation Studies
Assistance Tax Audits Out-of-court Administrative Appeals Etc Without Associates
Associates Joint Ventures Attendance List
Attendance Officials Attila Csizmadia
Audit Committee Audit Committee Pre-approval Policies Procedures
Audit Non-audit Fees Audit Partner Rotation
Audit Services Audit-related Services
Auditing Procedures Carried Out Connection Audit Annual Financial Auditing Procedures Connection Audit Annual Financial Statements Required
Auditing Procedures Enabling Assessment Risk Management Controls Auditing Procedures Going Beyond Originally Agreed Scope Required
Auditing Procedures Order Confirm Management Reports Internal Control Auditor Did Not Prepare Implement Independently
Auditors Conflict Interest Auditors Responsibility
Available-for-sale Financial Assets Afs B-code Ethics
B-lob Product Development Backbone Network
Background Balance Quality Efficiency Operation
Bank Loans Base Station Disturbance
Basis Preparation Basis Presentation
Below Qualifications Independence Independent External Auditor Performance Internal Best-in-class Service Culture
Biographies Chief Officers Biographies Members Board Directors
Biographies Members Supervisory Board Board Directors
Board Directors Appoints Christopher Mattheisen Ceo Magyar Telekom Board Directors Call General Meeting Within Take Necessary
Board Directors Magyar Telekom Telecommunications Public Limited Board Directors Magyar Telekom Telecommunications Public Limited Headquarters
Board Directors Matáv Hungarian Telecommunications Ltd Board Directors Matáv Ltd Shall Publish Detailed
Board Directors Prepared Guidelines Regarding Evaluation Remuneration Management Board Directors Shall
Board Practices Board Supervisory Members
Book Value Assets Payable Departing Shareholders Huf 344 Boost Mobile Internet Data Usage
Boosting Broadband Penetration Borrowing Costs
Branch Offices Broadband Investment Tax Credit Accretion
Broadcasting Transmission Bubor Plus Margin 034325
Budapest 1013 Krisztina Krt Hungary Budapest 2005 Magyar Telekom Reuters Nyse Mtan Bse
Budapest 2005 Magyar Telekom Reuters Nyse Mtan BÉt Budapest 2005 Matáv Nyse Mtan Bse Mtavbu Leading
Budapest 2007 Magyar Telekom Reuters Nyse Mtan BÉt Budapest 2009 -magyar Telekom Reuters Nyse Mtan BÉt
Budapest 2009 Magyar Telekom Reuters Nyse Mtan BÉt Budapest Pet337fi Sándor 17-19
Build T-mobile Brand Advocate Business Adversely Affected Actual Perceived Health Risks Associated
Business Price Plans Business Service Revenues
Business Services Unit Bbu C-principal Accountant Fees Services
Cable Networks Cancellation Tender Mobile Operator 450 Mhz Usage Right
Capital Expenditures Capital Increases Preemptive Rights
Capital Risk Management Capitalization Borrowing Costs
Capture Sustainable Growth-long-term Focus Carrier Selection
Case Heged369sné Márta Sz369cs Permanently Prevented Acting Responsible Case Individuals
Case Legal Entities Case Legal Entities Tax Deducted Dividends Prior
Cases Cash Equivalents
Cash Equivalents Other Current Financial Assets Cash Flow Analysis
Cash Generated Operations Cash Generating Unit
Cashflow Fair Value Interest Rate Risk Certain Defined Terms Conventions
Certification Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Certification Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Certification Superior Chairman Ceo Commented
Chairman General Meeting Change Board Directors Magyar Telekom
Change Influence Jpmorgan Chase Bank Magyar Telekom Change Magyar Telekom Group Management
Change Magyar Telekom Management Change Magyar Telekoms Management
Change Number Magyar Telekoms Treasury Shares Change Organizational Structure
Change Supervisory Board Audit Committee Magyar Telekom Change Supervisory Board Magyar Telekom
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Choice Governing Law
Christopher Mattheisen Christopher Mattheisen Chairman Ceo Commented
Christopher Mattheisen Leaves Magyar Telekom Claim Filed Against Maktel Fokusnet Reimbursement Damages
Claims Clause 511
Clearance Certificate Close Cooperation Between Magyar Telekom T-systems International
Closing Closing Shareholders Register
Commitments Purchaser Commitments Related Extended Gsm License T-mobile
Committees Required Nyse Manual Not Companies Act Committees Required Nyse Manual Not Fully Companies Act
Communications Comparable Figures 2008 Huf 6645 Revenues 2737 Ebitda
Comparative Information Compensation Benefits
Compensation Directors Officers Compensation Directors Officers Employees
Compensation Received Renaming Westel Tmh Compensation Termination Service Contract T-mobile
Compensation Termination Service Contract T-mobile Macedonia Compensation Unjustified Termination Contract T-mobile
Competition Competition Law
Competition Law Restrictions Complaint Cosmofon Regarding Maktels Fixed Mobile Interconnection Retail
Completion Safe Transfer Quotas Complex Plus
Compliance Code Conduct Compliance Legal Ethical Standards
Compliance Magyar Telekoms Assignment Keler Ltd Shall Disburse Compliance Magyar Telekoms Assignment Keler Zrt Shall Disburse
Composition Share Capital Condition Exercising Voting Rights General Meeting Shareholder Nominee
Conditional Capital Stock Increase Means Converting Convertible Bonds Conditions General Meeting Resolution Resulting Delisting Shares Stock
Conditions Participation Exercising Voting Rights General Meeting Confidentiality
Conflict Interest Connect
Connection Above Sellers Acknowledge Free Transfer Ownership Interest Connection Fees
Connection Merger T-kábel Hungary Ltd Dél-vonal Magyar Telekom Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consideration Consolidated Financial Statements
Consolidated Statements Changes Equity Notes Consolidated Version Articles Association Been Prepared Amendments Sections
Consolidation Consultation Services Management Proper Accounting Disclosure Transactions Events
Consultations Recommendations Connection Internal Control System Requirements Above Consumer Services Business Unit Cbu
Contents Contingent Assets
Contingent Liabilities Continuing Effect
Contributions Kind Controlling Stakeholder
Controls Procedures Convention
Conversion Capital Reserves Registered Convocation General Meeting
Convocation General Meeting Supervisory Board Cooperation Employees
Cooperation Parties Cooperation Social Partners
Corporate Governance Corporate Governance Report
Corporate Income Taxes Corporate Vision Values
Cosmotelco Telecommunication Services Cost Telecommunications Equipment
Cost Telecommunications Equipment Sales Costs Expenses
Costs Share Purchase Counterparts
Court Registers Decisions Further Integration Steps Within Magyar Court Registers Merger Magyar Telekom T-mobile Hungary
Coverage Cpc Procedure Against Maktel Abusing Dominant Position Market
Creativity Credit Facilities
Credit Facilities Pledges Credit Rating
Credit Risk Critical Accounting Estimates
Critical Accounting Estimates Assumptions Critical Accounting Estimates Judgments
Critical Accounting Policies Current Income Tax Receivable Payable
Custodians Registered Stock Registry Acting Nominees Act Behalf Customer Loyalty
Customer Relationship Management Data
Data Protection Data Transmission Related Services
Dataplex Dated 2004
Datex-p De-recognized Deferred Tax Losses
Dealing Conflicts Interest Dear Supervisor
Decision Decision Reached Todays General Meeting Magyar Telekom
Declaration Declaration Departing Shareholders
Declaration Departing Shareholders Not Wish Participate Merged Declaration Prior General Meeting Resolving Transformation
Declaration Responsibility Declaration Transformation General Meeting Relevant Agenda
Decrease Registered Capital Deductibility Other Income Taxes Corporate Tax Base
Deed Deferred Revenue
Deferred Taxes Deferred Taxes Investment Tax Credit
Delay Payment Shares Contributions Kind Deliberations Independent External
Dematerialized Share Means Registered Without Serial Number Name Dematerialized Shares Such Registered Not Serial Numbers Name
Depend Limited Number Suppliers Equipment Maintenance Services Dependence Patents Licenses Customers Industrial Commercial Financial Contracts
Deposit Agreement Depreciable Lives Assets
Depreciation Amortization Depreciation Huf After Balance Sheet Date
Derecognized Deferred Tax Losses Derivative Financial Instruments Hedging Activities
Derivative Financial Liabilities Derivatives
Description Business Segments Design Customer Centric Propositions Processes Build Loyalty
Deutsche Telekom Deutsche Telekom Code Conduct Information
Deutsche Telekom Group Deutsche Telekom International Finance
Developing New Image Fixed Line Telephony Offering Customized Development Telecommunications Regulatory Regime Hungary
Development Telecommunications Regulatory Regime Macedonia Development Telecommunications Regulatory Regime Macedonia Fixed Line Mobile
Development Telecommunications Regulatory Regime Montenegro Developments Technology Telecommunications Sectors Resulted Result Impairments Carrying
Digifon Services Directory Assistance
Disclosure Committee Disclosure Controls Procedures
Disposals Subsidiaries Dispute Around Maktels Reference Interconnection Offer Materio
Dispute Resolution Distribution
Distribution Assets Case Termination Diversity
Dividend Dividend Payment 2003 2007
Dividend Policy Dividends
Do-it-yourself Adsl Documents Display
Domestic Incoming Traffic Revenues Domestic International Fixed Line Telecommunications Services
Domestic Outgoing Traffic Revenues Donations
Duration Duties
Duties Auditor E-learning
E-municipality E-purchases Equity Securities Issuer Affiliated
Each Business Plan Period Purchaser Shall Cause Provide Earn-out Payment Relating Kfki Acquisition Paid
Earnings Per Share Ebitda
Ebitda Declined Huf 591 Margin 412 Ebitda Declined Huf 646
Ebitda Earnings Before Net Financial Expenses Taxes Depreciation Ebitda Earnings Before Net Interest Other Charges Taxes
Ebitda Fell Huf 1241 Margin 414 Ebitda Increased Huf 1914 Margin 417
Ebitda Margin Was 284 Ebitda Margin Was 394
Ebitda Was 100 Huf 2684 Ebitda Was 333 Huf 545 Margin 320 2008
Edge Packet Switched Data Service Effecting Payment Shares
Egm 2009 Election
Election Auditor Determination Remuneration Designation Personally Responsible Audit Election Members Board Directors
Election Members Supervisory Board Election Officials General Meeting
Elek Straub Elek Straub Chairman Ceo Commented
Elek Straub Resigned Employee Benefits
Employee Expenses Employee Loans
Employee Related Expenses Employee Representation Labor Relations
Employee Salary Dispute Montenegro Employee Termination Disputes Montenegro
Employee-related Expenses Employees
Employment Bureau Employment Bureau Shares
Employment Contracts Similar Agreements Enclosure
Encumbrance Enhanced Services
Enterprise Entire Agreement
Entire Agreement Amendments Entry Force
Environment Protection Equipment Activation
Equipment Sales Equity
Established Code Ethics Established Corporate Governance Code
Estimated Impairment Goodwill Estimated Impairment Property Plant Equipment Intangibles
Estimated Impairment Trade Other Receivables Etc
Eur 126161926 Event Márta Hegedüsné Szücs Incapacitated General Meeting Elects
Event Szilvia Szabados Incapacitated Elects Márta Heged369sné Sz369cs Exchange Control
Exchange Rate Information Expansion Access Networks
Expenses Expenses Directly Related Revenues
Explanatory Exploit Mobile Data Internet
Extent Sellers Liability Extract Minutes Annual General Meeting Magyar Telekom Telecommunications
Extraordinary General Meeting Approves Magyar Telekom Group Plc Fair Value Estimation
Fair Values Fee Members Supervisory Board Shall Established General Meeting
Fees Charges Filed Securities Exchange 2005
Final Clause Final Provisions
Finance Expenses Finance Income
Finance Lease-group Lessee Finance Lease-group Lessor
Financial Assets Financial Assets Fair Value Through Profit Loss
Financial Code Ethics Treasury Managers Financial Impact
Financial Impacts Financial Instruments
Financial Liabilities Financial Liabilities Carried Amortized Cost
Financial Liabilities Fair Value Through Profit Loss Financial Results 2004 Follows
Financial Risk Factors Financial Risk Management
Findings Conclusions Audit Committees Internal Investigation Fixed Line Mobile Telecommunications Revenues
Fixed Line Revenues Fixed Line Segment
Fixed Line Service Revenues Fixed Line Telecommunications Equipment Sales
Fixed Line Telecommunications Segment Fixed Line Telecommunications Services
Fixed Line Telecommunications Services Segment Fixed Mobile F2m Interconnect Fees
Fixed Mobile Fees Fixed Sms
Flex-com Fluctuations Currency Exchange Rate Adverse Effect Results Operations
Focus Sme Segment Following Table Sets Forth Information Regarding Revenues
Force Majeure Foreign Currency Risk
Foreign Currency Translation Foreign Exchange Risk
Foreign Operations Foreword
Form Corporate Approvals Required Seller Form Notice Resignation Board Directors
Former Ceos Share Option Plan Forward-looking Statements
Frame-flex Frank Odzuck
Frequency Fees Full Payment Shares
Full Results Financial Targets Met Leading Positions Maintained Full Results Solid Performance Public Targets Met
Functional Presentation Currency Further Assurances
Further Delay Magyar Telekoms Annual General Meeting Further Entitlement
Further Update Investigation Modification 2005 Preliminary Results Future Current Operational Model Subject Currently Unforeseeable Changes
Future Lease Revenues Fyr
Gaap Gellért Kadlót
General General Assembly Decision Dividend Crnogorski Telekom
General Information General Meeting
General Meeting Acknowledges Magyar Telekom Ltds Board Supervisory General Meeting Acknowledges Supervisory Boards Opinion Opening Draft
General Meeting Adopts Resolution General Meeting Agenda
General Meeting Agrees Proceedings Shall Recorded Tape General Meeting Agrees Proceedings Shall Recorded Tape Results
General Meeting Approves 2004 Annual Report Prepared According General Meeting Approves 2004 Consolidated Annual Report Matáv
General Meeting Approves 2007 Annual Report Prepared According General Meeting Approves Agenda Follows
General Meeting Approves Agenda Line Resolution Proposal Follows General Meeting Approves Amended Restated Articles Association Magyar
General Meeting Approves Amended Restated Rules Procedure Supervisory General Meeting Approves Amendment Rules Procedure Supervisory Board
General Meeting Approves Closing Draft Balance Sheet Inventory General Meeting Approves Content Attached Herein Supervisory Boards
General Meeting Approves Draft Merger Agreement Concluded Magyar General Meeting Approves Magyar Telekoms Remuneration Guidelines Stated
General Meeting Approves Written Report Board Directors Prepared General Meeting Approves Written Report Presenting Legal Economic
General Meeting Approves Y2005 Annual Report Prepared According General Meeting Approves Y2006 Annual Report Prepared According
General Meeting Determines Fee Members Board Follows General Meeting Determines Huf 366 Say Hundred Sixty-six
General Meeting Elects Anita Gyóni-maksa Keeper Minutes Addition General Meeting Elects Attila Csizmadia Members Magyar Telekom
General Meeting Elects Auditor Magyar Telekom Plc Pricewaterhousecoopers General Meeting Elects Christopher Mattheisen Members Board Directors
General Meeting Elects Frank Odzuck Members Board Directors General Meeting Elects Gellért Kadlót Members Magyar Telekom
General Meeting Elects Gregor Stücheli Members Board Directors General Meeting Elects Guido Kerkhoff Members Board Directors
General Meeting Elects György Szapáry Members Audit Committee General Meeting Elects György Szapáry Members Magyar Telekom
General Meeting Elects György Szapáry Members Supervisory Board General Meeting Elects György Varju Members Magyar Telekom
General Meeting Elects Horst Hermann Members Board Directors General Meeting Elects István Földesi Members Magyar Telekom
General Meeting Elects István Koszorú Members Magyar Telekom General Meeting Elects Jutta Burke Members Magyar Telekom
General Meeting Elects János Illéssy Members Audit Committee General Meeting Elects János Illéssy Members Magyar Telekom
General Meeting Elects János Illéssy Members Supervisory Board General Meeting Elects Klaus Hartmann Members Board Directors
General Meeting Elects Konrad Kreuzer Members Magyar Telekom General Meeting Elects Konrad Kreuzer Members Supervisory Board
General Meeting Elects Lothar Alexander Harings Members Board General Meeting Elects László Pap Members Audit Committee
General Meeting Elects László Pap Members Magyar Telekom General Meeting Elects Martin Meffert Members Supervisory Board
General Meeting Elects Michael Günther Members Board Directors General Meeting Elects Mihály Gálik Members Board Directors
General Meeting Elects Mrs Mechthilde Maier Members Board General Meeting Elects Mrs Éva 336z Members Supervisory
General Meeting Elects Péter Vermes Members Magyar Telekom General Meeting Elects Ralph Rentschler Members Board Directors
General Meeting Elects Rudolf Kemler Members Board Directors General Meeting Elects Steffen Roehn Members Board Directors
General Meeting Elects Sándor Kerekes Members Audit Committee General Meeting Elects Sándor Kerekes Members Magyar Telekom
General Meeting Elects Sándor Kerekes Members Supervisory Board General Meeting Elects Thilo Kusch Members Board Directors
General Meeting Elects Tibor Székelyhídi Keeper Minutes Addition General Meeting Elects Varga Zsoltné Members Magyar Telekom
General Meeting Elects Wolfgang Hetlinger General Meeting Elects Zsolt Herczegh Keeper Minutes Addition
General Meeting Elects Ádám Farkas Members Audit Committee General Meeting Elects Ádám Farkas Members Magyar Telekom
General Meeting Leaves Fee Members Supervisory Board Unchanged General Meeting Matáv Not Adopt Proposal Zelena János
General Meeting Not Adopt Proposal Zelena János Shareholder General Meeting Not Quorum Board Directors Convokes Repeated
General Meeting Requests Chief Legal Counsel Submit Metropolitan General Meeting Reviewed Approved Management Report Board Directors
General Meeting Reviewed Approves Corporate Governance Management Report General Meeting Shareholders
General Meeting States Proposal Annual Financial Reports 2005 General Meeting Suspends Discussion Further Agenda Decides Continue
General Provisions Gerhard Mischke
Governing Jurisdiction Governing Law Jurisdiction
Government Government Hungary
Government Shares Governments
Gross Additions Tangible Intangible Assets Gross Additions Tangible Intangible Assets Excluding Umts Licence
Group Group Companies
Group Headquarters Group Headquarters Shared Services
Group Headquarters Shared Services Segment Group Operating Profit Grew 181 Huf 681
Group Operating Profit Grew 196 Huf 318 Group Operating Profit Grew 298 Huf 1067
Group Operating Profit Reduced Huf 853 Grow Service Revenue Focusing High Value Customers
Growth Through Acquisitions Gsm Network
Guarantees György Simó
György Surányi György Varju
Géza Böhm Harmonization Mobile Termination Rates Level
Headquarters Shared Services Held 2009
Held-to-maturity Investments High Speed Leased Line Hsll
Highlights History Development
Horst Hermann Human Policy
Human Resources Consulting Services Without Influencing Decision-making Process Hundred Seventy-four Fifty-four
Hungarian Hungarian Corporate Law Generally Requires Shareholder Approval Wider
Hungarian Fixed Line Hungarian Fixed Line Operations
Hungarian Fixed Line Operations Adsl Program Headcount Efficiency Hungarian Fixed Line Operations Broadly Stable Underlying Financial
Hungarian Fixed Line Operations Focus Headcount Efficiency Broadband Hungarian Fixed Line Operations Growing Broadband Revenues Continuous
Hungarian Fixed Line Operations Revenue Growth Driven Internet Hungarian Mobile
Hungarian Mobile Operations Hungarian Mobile Operations Clear Market Leadership Maintained Edr
Hungarian Mobile Operations Clear Market Leadership Maintained Edr-related Hungarian Mobile Operations Clear Market Leadership Maintained Strong
Hungarian Mobile Operations Improved Performance 2005 Hungarian Mobile Operations Strong Market Position Coupled Sound
Hungarian Parliament Decides Cease Golden Share Hungarian Stock Corporation Required Two-tier Board System
Hungary European Union Hungarys Leading Telecommunications
Ifrs Business Combinations Ifrs Share Based Payments
Impact Different Tax Rates Impairment Loss Doubtful Accounts
Impairment Losses Impairment Non Current Assets
Impairment Ppe Intangible Assets Impairment Property Plant Equipment Intangible Assets
Impairment Property Plant Equipment Intangibles Implementation
Implementation Due Diligence Similar Services Pertaining Potential Business Improving Operational Performance
Including Balance Sheet Total Assets Huf 1131595 Profit Income Tax
Income Tax Expense Income Tax Total
Income Tax-total Incoming Domestic Traffic Revenues
Incoming International Traffic Revenues Increase Non-voice Usage
Increase Penetration Usage Data Services Indebtedness
Indemnification Indemnification Board Directors Supervisory
Independent Auditor Employee Partner Thereof Termination Legal Relationship Index Consolidated Financial Statements
Indicate Check Registrant Well-known Seasoned Issuer Defined Rule Indicate Check Whether Registrant Large Accelerated Filer Non-accelerated
Information Acceptance Information Communications Technology Ict Leader
Information Technology Insurance
Intangible Assets Intangible Assets Goodwill
Integrated Services Digital Network Isdn Integrity
Interconnection Interconnection Fees
Interconnection Fees-dispute Between Nca Magyar Telekom Plc Interconnection Fees-dispute Between Nca Tmh
Interest Capitalization Restatement Interest Rate Risk
Interim Election Interim Period
Interim Results Acquisition-driven Top Line Growth Solid Underlying Interim Results Improvement Driven Hungarian Mobile Consolidation Impact
Interim Results Track Meet Full Targets Interim Share Certificates
Internal Audit Outsourcing Services Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
International Data Products International Fixed Line Operations
International Fixed Line Operations Cost Cutting Preserve Profitability International Fixed Line Operations Despite Decline Revenue Maktel
International Fixed Line Operations Solid Ebitda Margin Macedonia International Fixed Line Operations Strong Results Major Subsidiaries
International Fixed Line Operations Top Growth Ebitda Expansion International Incoming Traffic Revenues
International Mobile Operations International Mobile Operations Impressive Growth Montenegro Very High
International Mobile Operations Impressive Profit Contributions Mobimak Monet International Mobile Operations Margin Preserved Despite Competition Macedonia
International Mobile Operations Strong Revenue Ebitda Growth Companies International Mobile Operations Strong Top Line Growth Margins
International Outgoing Traffic Revenues International Segment Revenues Fell Reported Ebitda Margin 491
International Tax Planning Advice Without Serving Advocacy Role International Telecommunications Hub
International Telephone Services Internet
Internet Broadband Internet Services
Interpretations Existing Standards New Not Yet Effective Been Interpretations Existing Standards Not Yet Effective Relevant Groups
Introduction Invalidity Waiver
Inventories Investigation
Investigation Certain Consultancy Contracts Investment Tax Credits
Investments Associates Joint Ventures Investments Tangible Intangible Assets Capex
Investor Release Involved Tmo Projects
István Földesi Iwiw Adnetwork Mfactory
Jure János Illéssy
János Winkler János Winkler New Ceo T-mobile Hungary
Key Management Kfki Group
Klaus Hartmann Klaus Hartmann Continues His Career Poland Ceo Ptc
Klaus Nitschke Konrad Kreuzer
Launch Fixed-mobile Products Stabilize Mobile Market Share Law Suits Against Magyar Telekom
Lawsuit Minority Shareholders Leading Telecommunications Service Provider
Lease Commitments Leased Line Data Transmission
Leased Line Fees Leased Lines
Leased Lines Data Transmission Services Leases
Legal Cases Legal Proceedings Pending Before Competent Courts
Legal Proceedings Pending Before Competent Courts Affecting Magyar Legal Succession
Legislative Developments Lessee
Lessor Leveraging Group Synergies
Liabilities Members Supervisory Board Liability Directors
Licensing Allocation Frequencies Like Draw Attention Shareholders Following
Limitation Liability Limitation Rights Shareholders
Line Submission General Meeting Adopts Amendment 152 Articles Line Submission General Meeting Adopts Amendment 155 Articles
Line Submission General Meeting Adopts Amendment Articles Association Liquidity
Liquidity Risk Live Brand Advocate
Loan Agreement Loan Offset
Loans Loans Other Borrowings
Loans Other Financial Liabilities Loans Receivables
Loans Related Parties Local Long Distance Telephone Services
Local Loop Bit-stream Unbundling Loss Key Personnel Weaken Business
László Pap Macedonia
Macedonia European Union Macedonian Fixed Line
Macedonian Fixed Line Mobile Operations Macedonian Fixed Line Operations
Macedonian Mobile Macedonian Mobile Operations
Magyar Tavkozlesi Magyar Telekom
Magyar Telekom Acquires Majority Stake T-systems Hungary Magyar Telekom Acquires Mobilpress
Magyar Telekom Acquires Remaining Stake T-systems Hungary Magyar Telekom Acquires Systems Integration
Magyar Telekom Adsl Magyar Telekom Announces Chairman-ceo Share Transactions
Magyar Telekom Announces Changes Organizational Structure Magyar Telekom Announces Further Updates Investigation
Magyar Telekom Announces Proposed Dividend 2005 Earnings Magyar Telekom Announces Proposed Dividend 2006 Earnings
Magyar Telekom Announces Proposed Dividend 2007 Earnings Magyar Telekom Announces Receipt Final Report Audit Committees
Magyar Telekom Announces Share Ownership New Members Corporate Magyar Telekom Announces Share Ownership New Senior Officers
Magyar Telekom Announces Share Ownership Senior Officers Magyar Telekom Announces Update Investigation
Magyar Telekom Appoints Chief Information Officer Magyar Telekom Board Appoints New Senior Management Members
Magyar Telekom Board Directors Calls Extraordinary General Meeting Magyar Telekom Board Directors Calls General Meeting
Magyar Telekom Consolidated Statements Changes Equity Notes Magyar Telekom Datalink
Magyar Telekom Enhances Multimedia Content Competencies Magyar Telekom Exploit International Voice Wholesale Traffic Synergies
Magyar Telekom Extraordinary General Meeting Suspended Resumed Today Magyar Telekom Fails Publish Proposed Resolutions General Meeting
Magyar Telekom Files Form 20-f 2007 Magyar Telekom Gain Full Ownership Over Interactive Solutions
Magyar Telekom Group Acquires Cable Network South Hungary Magyar Telekom Group Provide Edr Service
Magyar Telekom Group Strengthen Footprint South-eastern Europe Magyar Telekom Holds Annual General Meeting
Magyar Telekom Holds Extraordinary General Meeting Magyar Telekom Hotspot
Magyar Telekom Háttértár Magyar Telekom Initiates Withdrawal Credit Ratings
Magyar Telekom Introduces Naked Adsl Magyar Telekom Launch Satellite Service
Magyar Telekom Management Share Purchase Notification Magyar Telekom Not Selected Continue Privatization Slovenije
Magyar Telekom NyilvÁnosan Magyar Telekom Plcs General Meeting
Magyar Telekom Reaches Agreement Trade Unions Magyar Telekom Registers Slovenije Privatization
Magyar Telekom Renew Brand Structure Introduce T-home Part Magyar Telekom Reuters Nyse Mtan BÉt Mtelbu Bloomberg
Magyar Telekom Shortlisted Privatization Slovenije Magyar Telekom Signs Project Financing Loan Granted European
Magyar Telekom Strengthens Competencies Further Magyar Telekom Submits Non-binding Bid Slovenije
Magyar Telekom Telecommunications Public Limited Magyar Telekom Two-tier Board System
Magyar Telekom TÁvkÖzlÉsi NyilvÁnosan Magyar Telekoms Board Directors Appoints Christopher Mattheisen Chairman
Magyar Telekoms Board Directors Proposes Further Integration Steps Magyar Telekoms Board Directors Proposes Merger Telekom T-mobile
Magyar Telekoms Mobile Concession Contract Renewed Magyar Telekoms Strategic Value Proposition
Magyarcom Gmbh Magyarcom Services Kft
Maintain Market Leader Position Maintain Market Leadership
Major Shareholders Makedonski Telekom
Makedonski Telekoms Dispute F2m Termination Fees Makedonski Telekoms Dispute Fixed-to-mobile Termination Fees
Maktel Maktel Wins Tender Buy Shares Macedonian Government
Maktel-own Shares Maktels Dispute Fixed-to-mobile Termination Fees
Manage Effective Pricing Market Share Manage Rebranding Successfully
Managed Services Management Committee
Management Report Magyar Telekom Business 2006 Management Share Option Plan
Management Share Purchase Magyar Telekom Management Tmh
Managements Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Managements Responsibility Financial Statements
Mandatory Dissemination Information Market Assessment Smp Designation Process Interconnection
Market Risk Marketing Distribution
Marketing Expenses Matav
Matav Hungarian Telecommunications Limited Material Weakness Identified 2007
Matters Within Exclusive Scope Authority General Meeting MatÁv
MatÁv Acquire Majority Stake Telekom Montenegro MatÁv Announces Financial Closing Acquisition Telekom Montenegro Majority
MatÁv Ltd MatÁv Renamed Magyar Telekom
MatÁvs Board Directors Announces Proposed Dividend 2004 Earnings Matáv Magyar Távközlési Részvénytársaság
Matáv Magyar Távközlési Részvénytársaság Hungarian Telecommunications Ltd Maximize Value Customer Base
Maximum Offset Amount Means Conditions Participating General Meeting Exercising Voting Rights
Members Board Directors Members Supervisory Board
Memorandum Articles Association Merger Milestones
Michael Günther Mid Term Incentive Plan Mtip
Mid Term Incentive Plan Mtip-note Mid-term Incentive Plan Mtip
Mihály Gálik Mihály Patai
Minority Interest Minority Interests
Minutes Minutes General Meeting
Miscellaneo Miscellaneous
Mkt-own Shares Mkts Dispute Fixed-to-mobile Termination Fees
Mobile Concession Contracts Mobile Revenues
Mobile Segment Mobile Service Revenues
Mobile Telecommunications Segment Mobile Telecommunications Services
Mobile Termination Charges Hungary Mobilpress
Mobimak Modification Law
Money Laundering Montenegrin
Montenegrin Fixed Line Montenegrin Fixed Line Operations
Montenegrin Mobile Montenegrin Mobile Operations
Montenegro Montenegro European Union
Mpls Multilan
Multimedia Multiprotocol Label Switching Mpls
Name English Nbi Investigation
Net Cash Generated Operating Activities Decreased Huf 2313 Net Cash Generated Operating Activities Decreased Huf 573
Net Cash Generated Operating Activities Increased Huf 491 Net Cash Operating Activities Decreased Huf 1898 Due
Net Cash Operating Activities Decreased Huf 346 Due Net Cash Operating Activities Decreased Huf 928 Due
Net Cash Operating Activities Fell Huf 1860 Net Cash Operating Activities Grew Huf 1456
Net Cash Operating Activities Grew Strongly Huf 436 Net Cash Operating Activities Was Huf 917
Net Cash Operating Activities Was Stable Huf 1446 Net Cashflows Investing Activities
Net Cashflows Operating Activities Net Debt Decreased Huf 2387 2178
Net Debt Decreased Huf 242 Net Debt Decreased Huf 2745 2387
Net Debt Decreased Huf 687 Net Debt Decreased Huf 811
Net Debt Decreased Slightly Huf 2616 2537 Net Debt Grew Huf 391
Net Debt Grew Huf 594 Net Debt Increased Huf 2832
Net Financial Expenses Net Income Increased Huf 126
Net Interest Other Charges Net Interest Other Charges Total
Net Revenues Profit Network Access Interconnection Agreements Between Magyar Telekom Isps
Network Leadership Network Usage Access
New 1800 Mhz Range Granted T-mobile Macedonia New Adjustments Arising
New Candidates Elected Telekom Montenegro Board New Segmental Reporting
Nominal Value Shares Certificate Issued Dematerialized Share Non Current Assets Held Sale
Non-core Asset Sale Maktel Non-voice Services
Notarized Notice General Meetings
Notices Notifica Tions
Notification Supervisory Board Convocation General Meeting Nra Draft Resolution Hungarian Mobile Termination Fees
Number 1-14720 Number Hsdpa Going Commercial
Number Portability Number Voting Rights Attached Shares
Number Voting Rights Magyar Telekom Plc 2007 Number Voting Rights Magyar Telekom Plc 2008
Number Voting Rights Magyar Telekom Plc 2009 Obligations Closing
Occurrence Agenda General Meeting Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Official Registration New Name MatÁv Subsidiaries Ongoing Internal Government Investigations Contracts Activities Montenegro Macedonia
Opening General Meeting Operating Expenses
Operating Lease-group Lessee Operating Lease-group Lessor
Operating Profit Operational Efficiency
Operations Subject Substantial Government Regulation Result Adverse Consequences Opic Release
Opinion Option Purchase Securities Registrant Subsidiaries
Options Orbitel
Order Discussion Agenda Ordinary Shares1042745615 Nominal Value Huf 100 Per Share
Ordinary Shares1331331042768215 Nominal Value Huf 100 Per Share Ordinary Shares1331331042811600 Nominal Value Huf 100 Per Share
Organization Organizational Structure
Organizational Structure Business Activities Other Borrowings
Other Comprehensive Income Other Corporate Governance Practices
Other Corporate Governance Practices Required Sarbanes-oxley Act Other Current Financial Assets
Other Current Liabilities Other Events
Other Factors Other Financial Assets
Other Financial Assets Held Trading Other Financial Liabilities
Other Income Rebranding Other Income Taxes
Other Insurance Activities Other Mobile Services
Other Non Current Assets Other Non Current Financial Assets
Other Non Current Liabilities Other Operating Expense-net
Other Operating Expenses Other Operating Expenses Net
Other Operating Expenses-net Other Operating Income
Other Price Risk Other Principal Directorships Members Board Directors
Other Principal Directorships Members Management Committee Other Principal Directorships Members Supervisory Board
Other Provisions Other Provisions Articles Association Remain Unchanged
Other Provisions Rules Procedure Remain Unchanged Other Related Matters
Other Revenues Other Services
Other Wholesale Prices Outgoing Domestic Traffic Revenues
Outgoing International Traffic Revenues Outlook
Outstanding Loan Amount Overview
Packet Switched Data Services Gprs Edge Passing Resolutions
Passion Customers Payment Dividends
Payments Other Network Operators Pensions
Pensions Benefit Programs Pk1 General Information Financial Data
Pk6 Significant Off-balance Sheet Place Jurisdiction Shall Bonn Germany
Post Completion Potential Personal Income Tax Implications Employee Termination Montenegro
Pre-approved Audit Services Pre-closing Actions
Pre-closing Rescission Termination Sellers Pre-completion Initial Capital Increase
Pre-contractual Statement Preamble
Presence Service Areas Other Ltos Price
Price Squeeze Predatory Pricing Issues Prices Offered Government Bid Fixed Line Telephony Services
Pricing Principles Cooperation
Principles Management Prior Approval Announcements Consultation
Private Branch Exchange Pbx Services Private Persons Subject Personal Income Tax Generated Dividend
Private Placement Privatization Tender Telekom Slovenia
Pro Forma Information Business Combinations Pro-forma Disclosure
Pro-m Pro-m Tetra
Procedure Against Maktel Abusing Dominant Position Market Access Procedure Commissioning Independent External Auditor
Procedure Failing Submit 2005 Financial Report Macedonian Court Procedures
Proceedings Before Competition Office Affecting Magyar Telekom Excess Proceedings Before Tax Authority Affecting Magyar Telekom Excess
Products Services Prohibited Services Independent External Auditor
Prohibited Subscription Proper Signature Behalf
Property Plant Equipment Property Plant Equipment Ppe
Property Plants Equipment Protection Corporate Assets
Provision Assets Provision Liabilities Charges
Provision Sum Payable Return Shares Provisions
Provisions Contingent Liabilities Public Administration E-signature
Public Switched Telephone Network Pstn Public Telephones
Publication Figures According Hungarian Accounting Regulation Purchase Commitments
Purchase Commitments Investments Purchase Commitments Tangible Assets
Purchase Price Purchase Property Plant Equipment Intangible Assets
Purchase Remaining Percent Interest Tmh Westel 0660 Purchase Subsidiaries Business Units
Purchase Subsidiaries Business Units Cashflow Statement Purchase Tangible Intangible Assets
Purchaser Purchasers Warranties
Purpos Péter Vermes
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Quorum
Quorum Passing Resolutions Ralph Rentschler
Rates Rates Pstn Access Internet
Ratio Independent Directors Qualifying According Recommendation Budapest Stock Ratio Independent Supervisory Board Members Qualifying According Recommendation
Real Estate Real Estate Management Services Without Serving Advocacy Role
Rebranding Macedonia Rebranding Matáv Magyar Telekom
Recent Accounting Pronouncement Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Recent Initiative Roaming Charges Mobile Telecommunications Sector Adversely Reclassifications Cashflow Statement
Recognition Contributions Kind Recognition Measurement Disclosure
Recognition Payment Recognized Deferred Tax Losses
Recommendations Recommendations Not Set Forth Mandatory Provisions Law
Recommendations Set Forth Mandatory Provisions Law Reconciliation Gaap
Redinet Reducing Churn
Regional Presence Registered Name
Registered Share Capital Registration Take Place 1030 Event Later Above Indicated
Regulated Retail Prices Regulated Wholesale Prices
Regulation Fixed Line Business Regulation Mobile Business
Regulation Mobile Market Regulations Regarding Fee Chairman Members Audit Committee Approved
Regulator Publishes Draft Resolution Magyar Telekoms Reference Unbundling Regulatory Fees
Regulatory Framework Related Party Transactions
Relationship Subscription Shareholders Deed Relevant Date
Remediation Actions Remedies
Report Annual Transition Indicate Check Registrant Not Required Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Board Directors
Reported Ebitda Declined 110 Huf 2229 Margin 371 Reporting
Reporting Violations Representations Warranties Given Purchaser Sub-clause 521
Representations Warranties Purchaser Representations Warranties Sellers
Representative Magyarcom Holding Gmbh Authenticator Minutes Require Specific Pre-approval
Research Development Research Marketing Expenses
Residential Price Plans Residential Service Revenues
Resignation Resignation Death
Resolution Resolution 2005
Resolution 2005 Ii22 Resolution 2006
Resolution 2007 Resolution 2007 Iv26
Resolution 2007 Vi29 Resolution 2008 Iv25
Resolution 2009 Iv2 Resolution 2009 Vi29
Resolution General Meeting Accepting Conditional Capital Increase Shall Resolution Proposals Egm Magyar Telekom Plc Held 2008
Resolutions Annual General Meeting Magyar Telekom Plc Held Responsible
Restrictions Results Increase Net Income Market Leading Positions Maintained
Results Solid Underlying Performance Boosted Growing System Results Solid Underlying Segmental Performance Accounting Impact
Retail Adsl Revenue
Revenue Ebitda Targets Revenue Recognition
Revenues Revenues Down Huf 1594 Eur 5412 2009
Revenues Down Huf 1702 2008 Revenues Down Huf 6731 Eur 6789 2008
Revenues Fell Slightly Huf 1436 Eur 5858 2005 Revenues Fell Slightly Huf 6014 Eur 23897 2004
Revenues Fixed Line Services Revenues Grew Huf 1519 1611 Eur 6384 2007
Revenues Grew Huf 1626 Eur 6272 2008 Revenues Grew Huf 3161 Eur 12140 2006
Revenues Grew Huf 4594 Eur 18613 2005 Revenues Grew Huf 4945 Eur 18623 2006
Revenues Grew Huf 6712 Eur 25398 2006 Revenues Grew Slightly Huf 2999 Eur 12119 2005
Revenues Mobile Services Reverse Charging Agreements Between Magyar Telekom Isps
Review Activities Companies Holds Participating Interest Less Majority Review Regulation European Parliament Council 717 2007 Roaming
Revision Existing Iass Right Convene General Meeting
Right Convene General Meetings Right Rescission Waiver
Rights Attached Share Rights Parties
Rights Responsibilities Auditor Rights Way
Risk Factors Risk Management
Risk Management Policies Roaming Agreements
Routing Incoming International Traffic Ported Numbers Macedonia Rs2 Volume Qty Treasury Shares Held Period
Rs2 Volume Qty Treasury Shares Held Review Rs3 List Description Shareholders
Rs3 List Description Shareholders End Period Rs3 List Description Shareholders Ownership End Period
Rules Rules Procedure
Rules Procedure Chairman Board Directors Sale Leaseback Transactions
Sale Shares Sale Subsidiary
Schedule Screen Approach
Seef Holdings Limited Segment Information
Segment Reporting Segmentation Corporate Fixed Line Business T-systems
Segmentation Residential Fixed Line Business T-com Seller
Sellers Dividend Entitlement Sellers Warranties
Sensitivity Analysis Goodwill Impairment Calculations 2008 Series Share
Series Shares Service Arrangements
Service Excellence Service Expansion
Service Innovation Services Connection Submission Reports Sec Above Includes
Settlement Settlement Arrangements
Settlement Date Settlement Process Applied Shareholders Not Wish Enter Merged
Severability Severance
Severance Payments Shall Dividend Disbursement
Share Share Associates Profits
Share Associates Profits Losses After Income Tax Share Associates Results After Income Tax
Share Associates Results Before Income Tax Share Based Compensation
Share Capital Share Option Plans
Share Options Ceo Share Ownership Magyar Telekoms New Board Members
Share Ownership Management Share Price Volatile Ability Sell Shares Adversely Affected
Share Purchase Documents Share Sale-purchase Agreement
Share Transfer Restrictions Shared Cost Toll Free Numbers
Shared Services Segment Shareholder Right
Shareholder Rights Shareholders Board Directors Magyar Telekom Nyrt
Shareholders Meeting Supervisory Board Been Informed Fact Outside Shareholders Register
Shareholders Rights Information Shares
Sharing Infrastructure Short Term Employee Benefits
Show Property Located 6722 Szeged Tisza Lajos Krt Signature Behalf
Signatures Significant Changes
Significant Differences Corporate Governance Practices Purposes 303a11 New Significant Events Between End Publishing Interim Management Report
Significant Market Power Regulation Sites
Sme Social Charter
Social Development Social Security Number Taj Required 2005 Dividend Payment
Software License Claims Sole Issue
Special Project Tetra Special Requirements Applicable Providers Smp
Specific Indemnifications Specific Pre-approval
St1 Extraordinary Reports Published Period Review Standard Form Major Holding Notification Voting Rights Attached
Standards Amendments Interpretations Effective 2006 Not Relevant Group Statement Board Directors
Statement Principles Status Board Directors
Status Supervisory Board Stood 329
Strategic Cooperation Agreement Strategic Cooperation Agreement T-com T-mobile International
Strengthen Differentiate T-mobile Brand Strengthening Role Fixed Line Service
Subject Subject Intense Competition Due Liberalization Telecommunications Sector
Subject Matter Subject Risks Resulting Fluctuations Interest Rates
Subject Shares Subscriber Acquisition Costs
Subscriber Contracts Subscribers
Subscription Fees Usage Charges Subscription Preference Right
Subscriptions Subscriptions Connections Other Charges
Subsequent Event Subsidiaries
Substantial Business Interest Based Macedonia Ethnic Hostilities Economic Summary Significant Accounting Policies
Superior Value Supervisory Authority Measures Against Magyar Telekom
Supervisory Board Supplements Agenda General Meeting
Supremacy General Meeting Suspended General Meeting
Sustain Network Leadership Quality Innovativeness Sustainability
System Failures Result Reduced User Traffic Revenue Harm System Integration Information Technology
System Integration Revenues Sándor Kerekes
T-com T-com Adsl T-dsl
T-com Crna Gora T-com Hotspot
T-com Hungary T-com Hungary Incl Also Foreign Points Presence Bulgaria
T-com Open Internet T-com Operations Hungary
T-com Operations Macedonia T-com Operations Montenegro
T-com Segment T-com T-systems Operations Hungary
T-home T-home Hungary
T-home Operations Hungary T-home Operations Macedonia
T-home Operations Montenegro T-home T-systems Operations Hungary
T-mobile T-mobile Crna Gora
T-mobile Designated Smp 2008 T-mobile Hungary
T-mobile Macedonia T-mobile Macedonias Base Station Disputes
T-mobile Macedonias Dispute Aec Frequency Fees T-mobile Makedonija Wins Umts License
T-mobile Mks Base Station Disputes T-mobile Mks Dispute Agency Frequency Fees
T-mobile Mks Dispute Macedonian Agency Electronic Communications Frequency T-mobile Operations Hungary
T-mobile Operations Macedonia T-mobile Operations Montenegro
T-online Gains Control Iwiw T-systems
T-systems Beteiligungsverwaltungsgesellschaft Mbh T-systems Hungary Tsh
T-systems International Gmbh T-systems Segment
Tabular Disclosure Contractual Obligations Tamás Pásztory
Tariffs Tariffs Pstn Access Internet
Tax Tax Advice New Statutory Developments Without Serving Advocacy
Tax Assistance Compliance Regulations Foreign Employees Sent International Tax Consulting
Tax Incentives Tax Non Deductible
Tax Non Deductible Expenses Tax Not Subject
Tax Rate Reconciliation Tax Reviews
Taxation Taxes
Technology Technology Business Unit
Technology Business Unit Tbu Telecommunications Regulatory Regime Hungary
Terminated Agreement Collection Services Overdue Accounts Termination
Termination Benefits Termination Calls
Termination Mutual Consent Termination Other Remedies
Termination Service Level Agreements Slas Regarding Customer Care Termination Shareholders Rights
Termination Significant T-systems Contract TeÁor Registry Activity 4011 Production Electricity
Thilo Kusch Thomas Knoll
Timing Magyar Telekoms Annual General Meeting Title Class
Top Excellence Total Additions Tangible Intangible Assets
Total Investments Tangible Intangible Assets Total Operating Expenses
Total Operating Profit Total Revenues
Trade Other Payables Trade Other Receivables
Trade Other Receivables-carrying Amounts Trade Payables
Trade Receivables Trading Budapest Stock Exchange
Trading New York Stock Exchange Traffic
Training Seminars Serve Teach General Tax Basics Transactions Balances
Transfer Shares Transformation Reinforces Strong Market Financial Position
Treasury Consulting Services Unrelated Audit Above Includes Treasury Stock
Tsz1 Changes Headcount Number Persons Employed Tsz1 Changes Headcount Number Persons Employed Full Time
Tsz2 Changes Headcount Number Persons Employed Tsz2 Changes Headcount Number Persons Employed Full Time
Távszámla Electronic Bill Presentment Payment Umts
Unable Adapt Technological Changes Telecommunications Market Unauthorized Tapping Recording Telephone Conversations
Undertakings Related Dataware Universal Electronic Communications Service Providing Obligations
Universal Mobile Telecommunications System Universal Service
Universal Telecommunications Support Fund Update Magyar Telekoms Headcount Reduction Program Costs Lower
Useful Lives Assets Utilize Advantages Integration Through Common Customer Touch-points
Valuation Goodwill Value Added Cable Voice Other Services
Value Enhancement Profitability Value Investments Results Operations Financial Condition Adversely Affected
Various Venue General Meeting
Voice Voice Services
Voice-mail Voice-mail Service Mejli -misdemeanor Procedure Initiated Against T-mobile
Volume-dependent Adsl Voluntary Leave Program Montenegro
Voting Procedures Voting Rights
Waiver Warning Notice
Warranties Covenants Warranties Given Purchaser Sub-clause 521
Warranties Given Sellers Sub-clause 511 Whereas
Wholesale Adsl Wholesale Voice Services
Wireless Solutions Wish Remind Shareholders Registration Take Place 1030 Case
Wish Remind Shareholders Registration Take Place 930 Case Withholding Tax
Wlan Project Wolfgang Hauptmann
Wolfgang Kniese Workforce Reduction Redeployment
Written Documents Magyar Telekom Plcs Annual General Meeting Zoltán Tankó
«cosmotelco Telecommunication Services Sa» Ádám Farkas
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