Topic Listing for Marathon Oil

Accounting Accounting Standards Not Yet Adopted
Achieved Refineries Last Wider Sweet Sour Differentials Partially Acquisition
Acquisition Litigation Acquisition Western Oil Sands Inc
Acquisitions Acreage
Actors Affect Detroit Refinery Expansion Project Include Availability Adjustments
Administration Plan Administrative Agent
Advanced Integrated Gas Strategy Advances
Advice Consult Attorney Agreements Joint Owners
Agreements Joint Owners Part Formation Ptc Mpc Pilot Air
Alaska Lng Alberta Ltd
Amend Restated Certificate Incorporation By-laws Eliminate Supermajority Vote Amend Restated Certificate Incorporation Increase Number Authorized Shares
Amended Restated Effective 2009 Amendment
Amendment Five-year Credit Agreement Amendment Modification Suspension Termination Plan
Amendment Plan Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change
Amounts Receivable Payable United States Steel Arising Separation Annual Bonus Award
Annual Bonus Awards Annual Bonus Payments
Annual Bonus Performance Criteria Annual Cash Incentive Bonus
Annual Report Pursuant Applicability
Approval 2007 Incentive Compensation Plan Ashland Fails Pay Taxes Responsible Satisfying Various Tax
Asset Retirement Obligations Asset Sales
Assignability Audit Committee
Audit Committee Financial Expert Audit Committee Policy Pre-approval Audit-related Tax Permissible Non-audit
Audit Committee Report Audit Services
Audit-related Services Authority
Authority Board Authority Committee
Authorized Shares Limits Availability Crude Oil Increases Prices Reduce Refining Marketing
Availability Governance Documents Available Information
Average Production Costs Average Production Costs Size1
Average Realizations Average Sales Prices
Awards Plan Barclays Global Investors
Base Rate Base Salary
Base Salary Effective 2005 Basis Presentation
Beginning Stock Price Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Big Vote Proposals Need Order Adopted Board Committee Independence
Board Committee Memberships Board Directors Governance Matters
Board Recommend Vote Board Recommends Vote Against Stockholder Proposal Declassify Directors
Board Recommends Vote Against Stockholder Proposal Elect Directors Bonus Target Opportunities
Business Business Combinations
Business Transformation Capital Expenditures
Capital Investment Exploration Budget Capital Requirements
Capital Resources Capital Spending
Cash Award Cash Flows
Cash Retention Award Downstream Officers Related Ashland Transaction Cash Retention Program
Cause Cautionary Investors
Central Time Certain Relationships Related Transactions
Certification Pursuant 302 Change Accounting Matching Buy Sell Transactions
Change Control Change Control Agreement
Change Control Arrangements Employment Contracts Change Control Termination
Change Vote Changes Estimated Quantities Net Proved Liquid Hydrocarbon Natural
Chief Executive Officer Clarence Cazalot Marathon Oil Corporation President Ceo
Code Code Business Conduct
Code Ethics Senior Financial Officers Colorado Litigation
Commitments Contingencies Committee Financial Policy
Commodity Price Risk Common Stock
Common Stock Available Awards Common Stock Split
Communications Cooperation Communications Interested Parties
Communications Security Holders Comparison Cumulative Total Return 100 Invested Marathon Stock
Compatibility Pricewaterhousecoopers Services Independence Compensation Benchmarking
Compensation Committee Compensation Committee Board Directors
Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Compensation Committee Report
Compensation Directors Compensation Discussion Analysis
Compensation Philosophy Competition Market Conditions
Completion Acquisition Disposition Assets Comprehensive Income
Concentration Credit Risk Concentrations Credit Risk
Confidentiality Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consideration Consolidated Financial Statements
Consolidated Results Operations Contingencies Commitments
Contingent Liabilities Continue Incur Substantial Capital Expenditures Operating Costs Result
Continuing Directors Contract Commitments
Contractual Cash Obligations Controls Procedures
Corporate Corporate Governance Nominating Committee
Corporate Governance Principles Corporate Matters
Cost Revenues Counterparty Risk
Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement Credit Arrangements Borrowings
Credit Risk Critical Accounting Estimates
Crude Oil Refining Capacity Cumulative Dividends
Cusip Death Before Payment Consideration
Death Disability Debt
Declassification Board Directors Deconsolidation Equatorial Guinea Lng Holdings Limited
Deferral Deferral Compensation
Deferred Compensation Plan Deferred Credits Other Liabilities
Defined Benefit Postretirement Plans Definitions
Delaware Delegation
Delegation Authority Delivery Commitments
Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment
Depreciation Depletion Amortization Property Plant Equipment Derivative Gains Losses Included Results Operations
Derivative Instruments Derivatives
Description Capital Stock Description Plans
Designated Officers Determination Each Groups Share Usx Consolidated
Determination Payout Percentage Director Awards
Director Election Majority Vote Standard Proposal Director Identification Selection
Directors Directors Executive Officers Registrant
Directors Recommend Vote Proposals Disclosure Controls Procedures
Disclosure Previously Unreported Form 8-k Events Disclosures Regarding Forward-looking Statements
Dispositions Disputes
Distribution Benefits Divestitures
Dividends Dividends Interest
Dividends Stockholders Djusted Net Income Per Share
Documents Incorporated Reference Drilling Activity
Earnings Release Date Conference Call Information Effective Date
Effective Date Right Revoke General Release Effectiveness
Effects Acquisition Eitf 08-6
Elba Island Lng Election Directors
Election Directors Majority Vote Eligibility
Employee Award Terms Employee Awards
Employees Employment
Employment Competitor Employment Guaranteed
Encouraged Specify Choice Marking Appropriate Boxes See Reverse End Stock Price
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Environmental Matters
Environmental Proceedings Epa Litigation
Equatorial Guinea Lng Equatorial Guinea Lng Project
Equatorial Guinea Lng Train Project Now Complete Ahead Equity Compensation Plan Information
Equity Method Investments Estimated Fair Value Derivative Contracts
Estimated Net Recoverable Quantities Oil Gas Estimated Net Recoverable Quantities Oil Natural Gas
Estimated Net Recoverable Reserve Quantities Estimated Quantities Proved Bitumen Reserves
Ethanol Production Evaluation Separation Marathons Businesses
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Example
Excess Benefit Plan Excess Benefits
Excess Retirement Thrift Benefits Executive Change Control Severance Benefits Plan
Executive Compensation Executive Compensation Other Information
Executive Compensation Tables Other Information Executive Officers Registrant
Executive Tax Estate Financial Planning Program Exercise Option
Exercise Vesting Schedule Exhibits
Expected Future Taxable Income Expected Long-term Return Plan Assets
Expenses Profitability Expiration Option
Exploration Exploration Expenses
Exploration Expenses Increased 2007 2006 Related Dry Wells Exploration Production
Exploration Production Upstream F-1
F-10 F-11
F-12 F-13
F-14 F-15
F-16 F-17
F-18 F-2
F-22 F-23
F-24 F-25
F-28 F-31
F-33 F-34
F-35 F-36
F-37 F-38
F-39 F-41
F-48 F-49
F-52 F-7
F-8 F-9
Fair Value Estimates Fair Value Financial Instruments
False Claims Representations Promises Federal Income Tax Consequences Plan
Finance Benefit Plan Matters Financial Condition
Financial Matters Agreement Financial Statement Proxy Other Disclosure Matters
Financial Statements Exhibits Following Summary Stock Option Award Activity
Following Summary Stock Option Award Activity 2007 Foreign Currency Exchange Rate Risk
Foreign Currency Transactions Form 10-q
Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report Fsp Eitf 03-6-1
Fsp Fas 107-1 8211 Fsp Fas 142-3
Fsp Fas 157-4 8211 Full Key Highlights
Funding Future Cooperation
Future Lawsuits Recoveries Gain Foreign Currency Derivative Instruments
Gas Technology General
General Philosophy General Provisions
Geographic Area Goodwill
Governing Law Grandfathered Deferred Cash Sub-account
Grandfathered Deferred Stock Sub-account Grant Date
Grants Long Term Incentive Awards Grants Long-term Incentive Awards 2003 Compensation Plan
Gross Net Acreage Groups Tax Liability Attributes
Guaranty Guidelines Hiring Employees Former Independent Auditor
Highlights Historical Burn Rates
Houston Houston 2005
Houston 2006 Houston Nov 2007
Houston Oct 2008 8211 Hundred Dollars Cents
Impairment Assessments Goodwill Long-lived Assets Impairment Long-lived Assets
Important Notice Regarding Internet Availability Proxy Materials Annual Inancial Atters Greement
Incentive Awards Income Equity Method Investments
Income Per Common Share Income Per Share
Income Sales Volumes Income Taxes
Increased Proved Reserve Base Increases Crude Oil Prices Environmental Other Regulations Reduce
Increases Crude Oil Prices Environmental Regulations Reduce Refined Indemnification
Indemnified Party Indemnities
Indenture Independent Auditor Fees Services
Independent Auditor Matters Independent Internal Auditor Matters
Index Index 2004 Consolidated Financial Statements Supplementary Data
Indicate Check Registrant Not Required Reports Pursuant Act Indicate Check Registrant Well-known Seasoned Issuer Defined Rule
Indicate Check Whether Registrant Accelerated Filer Defined Rule Indicate Check Whether Registrant Large Accelerated Filer Non-accelerated
Indicate Check Whether Registrant Shell Defined Rule 12b-2 Individual Performance
Industrial Revenue Bonds Information Proved Bitumen Reserves Not Included Above
Information United States Steel Insurance Assistance Agreement
Intangible Assets Integrated Gas
Interest Period Interest Rate Risk
Internal Auditor Matters Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Internal Controls International Income
Interpretation Inventories
Investments Long-term Receivables Investors Security Holders Urged Read Definitive Proxy Statement
Ireland Disposition Issuance Shares
Issue Preferred Stock Whose Terms Dilute Voting Power Ken Matheny Marathon Oil Corporation Public Affairs
Key Events Key Operating Statistics Ending 2004
Leases Left Blank Intentionally
Legal Proceedings Legal Proceedings Product Contamination Litigation
Lender Lenders
Letter Not Commitment Lend Rather Sets Forth Procedures Leveraging World Class Asset
Limitation Directors Liability Line Graph
Liquidity Capital Resources Litigation Private Plaintiffs Government Officials Adversely Affect Performance
Lng Operations Long-term Debt
Long-term Incentive Awards Long-term Incentive Plans-awards Last
Major Projects Operations Conducted Partners Decrease Ability Manage Management Opinion Concerning Derivative Instruments
Management Well Certain Investors Uses Net Income Adjusted Managements Discussion Analysis Critical Accounting Estimates
Managements Discussion Analysis Environmental Matters Litigation Contingencies Managements Discussion Analysis Financial Condition Results Operations
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Managements Responsibilities Financial Statements
Mandatory Retirement Map Refineries Total Crude Capacity 948000 Barrels Per
Map Terminals Transport Marine Marathon
Marathon Ashland Pipe Line Llc Mapl Marathon Brand Marketing
Marathon Canadian Oil Sands Holding Limited Marathon Oil
Marathon Oil Corporation Marathon Oil Corporation Board Directors
Marathon Oil Corporation Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Marathon Petroleum Llc
Marathon Required Pay Ashland Deductions Relating Various Contingent Marathons Future Minimum Commitments Operating Lease Obligations
Market Registrants Common Equity Related Stockholder Matters Issuer Marketing
Matching Buy Sell Transactions Matching Contributions
Media Relations Contacts Meeting Location
Meetings Membership
Methanol Methanol Operations
Minimus Exception Minority Interest Income Map
Minority Interest Income Mpc Miscellaneous
Modification Agreement Modification Discontinuance
Modification Execution General Release Montana Litigation
Moving Slide Adjusted Net Income 2007 Was 532 Moving Slide Domestic Upstream Income Decreased Largely Result
Moving Slide Domestic Upstream Income Per Barrel Oil Mtbe Litigation
Mutual Obligations Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant
Name Registrant Specified Charter Natural Gas Marketing Transportation Activities
Natural Gas Royalty Litigation Natural Gas Technology
Net Assets Held Sale Net Cash Provided Financing Activities
Net Cash Provided Operating Activities Net Cash Used Financing Activities
Net Cash Used Investing Activities Net Cash Used Investing Activities Totaled 5435 2008
Net Cash Used Investing Activities Totaled 8102 2007 Net Income
Net Interest Other Financing Costs Net Interest Other Financing Costs Income
Net Liquid Hydrocarbon Natural Gas Sales Net Realizable Value Inventories
Net Realizable Value Receivables United States Steel New Accounting Standards
New Mexico Litigation Nominees Director
Non-admission Liability Non-employee Director Award Terms
Non-employee Director Compensation Package Non-grandfathered Deferred Cash Sub-account
Non-grandfathered Deferred Stock Sub-account Non-stockholder Approved Plan
Non-united States Participants Nonassignability
Nonrecourse Indebtedness Investees Norway Hold Interests Over 510000 Acres Offshore Plan
Not Compete Successfully Competitors Future Operating Performance Profitability Not Successful Integrating Optimizing Assets Acquired Acquisition Western
Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Notes Due 2018
Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Now Therefore
Ntegrated Gas Corporate Nternational Income
Number Number 1-5153
Objectives Obligations Associated Financings
Obligations Associated Separation 2004 Obligations Associated Separation 2006
Obligations Associated Separation 2007 Obligations Associated Separation United States Steel
Obligations Each Party Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Officer Officer Restricted Stock Award Agreement Grant Date
Officers Directors Immediate Family Oil Gas Acreage
Oil Natural Gas Acreage Oil Natural Gas Net Sales
Oil Natural Gas Production Oil Sands Mining
Oil Sands Mining Segment Omestic Income
Open Commodity Derivative Positions 2008 Sensitivity Analysis Open Derivative Positions 2007 Sensitivity Analysis
Operating Highlights Operational Corporate Highlights
Operational Highlights Operations Subject Business Interruptions Casualty Losses Not Insure
Option Option Exercise
Option Exercises Stock Vested 2008 Option Period
Option Sar Exercises Year-end Values Option Sar Grants
Option Shares Orward Looking Statement
Osm Osm Operating Statistics
Otal Segment Income Other
Other Benefits Other Commodity Related Risks
Other Commodity Risk Other Contingencies
Other Contributions Other Documents Filed Marathon Ashland New Exm Atb
Other Environmental Proceedings Other Events
Other Information Other Matters
Other Proceedings Other Significant Expected Cash Outflows
Other Termination Other Transactions
Outlook Outstanding Shares
Overview Overview Outlook
Part Partial Invalidity General Release
Payments Payout Percentage
Payout Value Peer Group
Pending Angola Disposition Pending Gabon Disposition
Pension Benefits Pension Other Postretirement Benefit Obligations
Pensions Other Postretirement Benefit Obligations Performance Award
Performance Awards Performance Cycle
Performance Metrics Performance Shares
Performance Units Period Review Consideration General Release
Permian Basin Disposition Permissible Non-audit Services
Pilot Travel Centers Llc Pipeline Barrels Handled
Pipeline Transportation Plan
Plan Administration Plan Assets
Plan Assumptions Plan Investment Policies Strategies
Please Fold Detach Card Perforation Before Mailing Please Vote Promptly Either
Policy Procedures Respect Related Person Transactions Policy Whistleblowing Procedures
Post-separation Insurance Potential Dilution
Powder River Basin Litigation Pre-separation Insurance
Preferred Stock Price
Principal Accounting Fees Services Principal Unconsolidated Investees
Procedures Product Contamination Litigation
Production Production Including Development Activities
Productive Drilling Wells Prohibited Services
Prohibition Repricing Awards Promises
Properties Property
Property Plant Equipment Property Plant Equipment Additions
Proposed Acquisition Proved Bitumen Reserves
Proved Liquid Hydrocarbon Natural Gas Reserves Provision Income Taxes
Provisions Income Tax Act Canada Proxy Signed Dated Reverse Side
Proxy Statement Purchases Related Matching Buy Sell Transactions
Purchases Related Matching Buy Sell Transactions Decreased 5247 Purpose
Purpose Plan Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Questions Answers Quorum
Quoted Rate Quoted Rate Advance
Ratification Independent Auditor 2007 Ratification Independent Auditors 2005
Recent Distress Financial Markets Impact Ability Obtain Future Recent Sales Unregistered Securities
Recitals Reclassifications Certain Prior Data Been Conform 2004 Classifications
Refined Product Sales Refined Product Yields
Refining Refining Marketing Transportation
Refining Marketing Transportation Downstream Refining Marketing Transportation Rmt
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code Related Matching Buy Sell Transactions
Related Party Transactions Relationship Independent Auditor
Relationship Plan Release Claims Marathon Group
Remediation Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Reported Volumes Based Sales Vary Production Available Sale Required Pay Ashland Deductions Relating Various Contingent Liabilities
Reserves Responsibilities
Restricted Stock Restricted Stock Awards
Restricted Stock Unit Awards Restrictions
Results Operations Financial Condition Results Operations Oil Gas Producing Activities
Retail Marketing Retirement
Retirement Benefits Payments Right Employment
Risk Factors Rmt
Rmt Segment Rmt Segment Income
Rmt Segment Revenues Safe Harbor
Sale Minority Interests Egholdings San Felipe Road Houston 77056-2723
Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Schedule
Schedule 14a Sec Inquiry Relating Equatorial Guinea
Sec Investigation Relating Equatorial Guinea Securities
Securities Exchange Act 1934 Securities Purchased
Securities Registered Pursuant Act Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management See Slide Presentation Reconciliation Adjusted Net Income Discussion
Segment Segment Geographic Information
Segment Incom Segment Income
Segment Information Segment Results
Segment Revenues Selected Notes Financial Statement
Selected Notes Financial Statements Selling General Administrative Expenses
Sent Proxy Statement Because Board Directors Asking Give Separation
Separation Service Separate Shall Same Meaning Set Forth Sfas 141
Sfas 157 Sfas 160
Sfas 161 Sfas 165
Sfas 167 Share Repurchase
Share Repurchase Program Shareholder Proposal
Shareholder Rights Shares Marathon Oil Corporation Common Stock Outstanding
Shelf Registration Short Term Debt
Short-term Debt Signature
Signature Page Follows Signature Witnessed Notary Public
Signatures Slide Demonstrates Domestic Upstream Income Benefited Over 100
Slide Provides Guidance Full 2007 Solicitation Statement
Solid Waste Sources Crude Oil Refined
Special Special Provisions Applicable Non-employee Directors Subject Taxation
Special Voting Stock Designated Speedway Superamerica Llc
Standards Conduct Statement Purpose
Statement Purpose Scope Statement Regarding Delivery Single Set Proxy Materials Households
Status Marathons Planned Acquisition Ashlands Interest Map Statutory Business Combination Provision
Steelco Stock Appreciation Rights
Stock Award Stock Awards
Stock Options Stock Options Stock-settled Appreciation Rights Sars
Stock Ownership Requirements Anti-hedging Policy Stock Repurchase Program
Stock Split Stock-based Awards Plan
Stock-based Compensation Plans Stock-based Performance Awards
Stockholder Proposals Submitted 2006 Annual Meeting Stockholder Return Performance Presentation
Stockholder Rights Plan Stockholders Equity
Strengthened Core Areas Strengthened Map Assets
Subsequent Event Subsequent Events
Substantial Extended Decline Liquid Hydrocarbon Natural Gas Prices Substantial Extended Decline Oil Natural Gas Prices Well
Successors Successors Binding Plan
Summary Changes Standardized Measure Discounted Future Net Cash Summary Contractual Cash Obligations Assumed United States Steel
Summary Principal Accounting Policies Supplemental Cash Flow Information
Supplementary Information Oil Gas Producing Activities Supplementary Information Oil Gas Producing Activities Size1c
Supply Transportation Supporting Documentation
Suspended Exploratory Well Costs Table Contents
Tax Accounting Considerations Tax Records
Tax Services Tax Sharing Agreement
Taxes Taxes Related Obligations
Telephone Internet Vote Received 600 Eastern Time 2007 Term Amendment
Termination Employment Termination Employment Due Death
Termination Employment Due Mandatory Retirement Termination Employment Resignation Other Related Positions
Termination Material Definitive Agreement Time Sale Information
Top Form Total Shareholder Return Tsr
Total Stock-based Compensation Expense Trademarks Patents Licenses
Transactions Related Parties Transfer Ownership Various Assets Operations Marathons Former Parent
Tsr Percentile Ranking Turning Slide Domestic Upstream Expense Excluding Exploration Was
Turning Slide International Upstream Expense Excluding Exploration Decreased Unallocated Administrative Expense
Unallocated Administrative Expenses Unfunded Plan
United States Income United States Steel
United States Steel Corporation United States Steel Fails Perform Material Obligations Financial
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds Unsuccessful Acquiring Finding Additional Reserves Future Liquid Hydrocarbon
Unsuccessful Acquiring Finding Additional Reserves Future Oil Natural Usx
Usx Separation Valiant Trust
Variable Interest Entities Various Risks Inherent Acquisition Western Including Related Operations
Vesting Vesting 2004 Performance Awards
Vesting Change Control Vesting Forfeiture Restricted Shares
Vesting Performance Units Vesting Restricted Stock 1990 Plan
Vote Vote Confidential
Voting Conducted Other Matters Raised Meeting Voting Instruction Card Signed Dated Below Please Fold
Voting Instructions Signed Dated Reverse Side Water
Wed Expect Barrel Oil Equivalent Basis International Field Welcome Marathon Oil Corporations 2007 Earnings Web Cast
Western Acquisition Western Oil Sands Inc Acquisition
What Broker Non-votes What Constitutes Quorum
What Vote Whereas
Witness Notary Public Witnesseth
Worldwide Political Economic Developments Damage Operations Materially Reduce Wyoming Proceedings
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