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Accounting Firm Accounting Income Taxes
Accounting Tax Considerations Accounts Receivable Allowance Doubtful
Accretion Preferred Stock Accrued Vacation Payout Policy
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income Loss Action Respect Securities Other Corporations
Additional Information Additional Minimum Royalty Per Rainbow Parameter Beyond Met
Additional Shares Common Stock Reserved Additional Terms Applicable Hpg Purchasers
Address Advertising Costs
Affirms 2006 District Court Ruling Found Tyco Unlawfully After Idn Agreement Executed
Aggregated Minimum Royalty Met Fractional Glucose Agreement Healthtrust Purchasing Group
Allowance Doubtful Accounts Allowances Doubtful Accounts
Alternate Care Amended Restated 1996 Incentive Stock Option Nonqualified Restricted
Amendment Amendment 2007 Stock Incentive Plan
Amendment 811 Hl7 Compliance Amendment Employment Agreement
Amendment Lease Agreement Amendment Rights
Amendments Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change
Ammar Al-ali Annual Meeting
Annual Meeting Stockholders Annual Report Form 10-k
Anti-takeover Effects Anticipate Plan Significant Growth Not Able Effectively Manage
Anytime Term Agreement Assignee
Assignment Assumption Assignor
Attached Attached Schedule Describes Terms Sale Sensors Equipment Incorporated
Attached Schedule Lists Price Sensors Equipment Applicable Sold Audit Committee
Audit Committees Pre-approval Polices Procedures Authorized Distributors
Authorized Number Common Shares Authorized Number Common Stock Shares
Available Information Award Basis Dual Source Compliance
B-2 Basic Severance Benefits
Basis Presentation Believe Competitors Currently Violating Future Violate Intellectual Property
Believe Competitors Currently Violating Future Violate Proprietary Rights Beneficial Owner Shares Registered Name Broker Bank Other
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Benefits Products Technology
Business After Date Order Received Vendor Except Build-to-order Carboxyhemoglobin Detection
Carboxyhemoglobin Spco Cash Bonus Plans
Cash Dividends Special Bonus Payments Cash Equivalents
Ceo Executive Officer Equity Award Compensation Policy Certificates Stock Uncertificated Shares
Certification Chief Executive Officer Certification Chief Financial Officer
Certifications Cfr 20080 24b-2
Cfr 24b-2 Change Control Severance Benefits
Change Vote After Submitting Proxy Changes Existing Accounting Pronouncements Taxation Rules Practices Affect
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Chief Executive Officer
Chief Financial Officer Circuit Boards
Code Business Conduct Ethics Committees Board Directors
Comparison 2006 2005 Comparison 2007 2006
Comparison 2008 2007 Comparison 2009 2007
Comparison 2009 2008 Compatibility
Compensation Committee Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Directors
Compensation Discussion Analysis Competition
Complete Only Indicated Small Business Enterprise Service-disabled Veteran Complete Only Indicated Woman-owned Minority-owned
Completion Please Submit Form Seller Premier Compliance Form
Compliance Laws Regulations Comprehensive Income
Comprehensive Income Loss Concentration Ownership Among Existing Directors Executive Officers Principal
Concentrations Risk Concept Site Plan
Conclusion Regarding Effectiveness Disclosure Controls Procedures Conduct Business
Conference Call Confidential Information
Confidential Treatement Requested Confidential Treatment Requested
Confidentiality Consolidation Merger Sale Transfer Assets Earning Power
Contact Continue Incur Significant Increased Costs Result Operating Public
Contract Compliance Process Convertible Preferred Stock
Corporate Documents Delaware Law Contain Provisions Discourage Delay Corporate Governance Guidelines
Corporate Seal Critical Accounting Estimates
Critical Accounting Policies Estimates Current Compliance Level Contract Requirement-state Dollar Impact Projected
Currently Derive Substantially Revenue Masimo Set Platform Related Customers Reduce Delay Cancel Purchases Due Uncertainties Related
D-1 Deadline Anytime Term Agreement
Delegation Authority Delivery Time
Depend Oem Partners Portion Revenue They Not Devote Description
Description Improvements Detachment Transfer Rights
Development Cost Allocation Development Costs
Development Schedule Late Completion Damages Director Qualifications
Directors Continuing Office Until 2009 Annual Meeting Stockholders Directors Continuing Office Until 2010 Annual Meeting Stockholders
Directors Continuing Office Until 2011 Annual Meeting Stockholders Distributors
Dividends Special Bonus Payments Documents Incorporated Reference
Dsp Product Specification Dual Membership Notice Reporting Instructions
Effective 2008 Effectiveness Recitals Definitions
Employee Benefit Plan Employee Proprietary Agreements
Employee Retirement Savings Plan Employees
Employment Agreement Joe Kiani Employment Agreements
Employment Severance Agreement End-
End-user License Agreement Enforcement Agreement
Enter Information Here Entry Material Definitive Agreement
Environmental Equity Compensation Plan Information
Escrow Estimates
Evaluating Nominees Director Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures
Event Cross-licensing Agreement Terminated Reason Masimo Labs Grants Eview Xecutive Fficer Quity Award Ompensation
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Exchange Rights
Execution Corporate Instruments Executive Annual Cash Bonus Award Plan
Executive Multi-year Cash Bonus Award Plan Executive Officer Employment Agreement
Executive Officers Registrant Executive Sessions
Exercisability Rights Exercise Rights
Exhibits Existing Future Acquisitions Businesses Negatively Affect Business Financial
Expansion Non-critical Care Settings Experience Conflicts Interest Masimo Labs Respect Business Opportunities
Experience Significant Fluctuations Quarterly Results Not Maintain Recent Experience Substantial Dilution Investment Result Subsequent Exercises Outstanding
Exposed Risks Relating Evaluations Controls Required 404 Sarbanes-oxley Exposed Risks Relating Evaluations Internal Controls Required 404
Extension Term Exterior Installation Name
Facades Face Environmental Liabilities Related Certain Hazardous Materials Used
Face Environmental Personal Injury Liabilities Related Certain Hazardous Facility Agreement Available Assist Financing Equipment
Facsimile Signatures Fail Maintain Relationships Gpos Sales Products Decline
Failure Obtain Maintain Fda Clearances Approvals Timely Basis Failure Obtain Regulatory Approval Foreign Jurisdictions Prevent Marketing
Failure Oem Partners Obtain Fda Clearances Approvals Negative Failure Oem Partners Obtain Fda Clearances Approvals Products
Failure Oem Partners Obtain Required Fda Clearances Approvals Fair Value Financial Instruments
Fair Value Measurements Fdas Premarket Clearance Approval Requirements
Federal Regulatory Reforms Adversely Affect Ability Sell Products Federal Regulatory Reforms Reduce Profit Able Earn Sale
Fees Financial Guidance
Financial Statements Exhibits Find Out Results Voting Annual Meeting
Flip-in Rights Flip-over Rights
Following Provisions Following Written Notice Per Contract Compliance Process Listed
Foreign Currency Exchange Rate Risk Foreign Currency Translation
Foreign Regulation Form 10-q
Form Right Certificate Form Right Certificates
Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report Forward Looking Statements
Forward-looking Statements Freight Shipping Insurance Charges
Full 2008 Highlights Future Applications
Future Parameters Future Resales Common Stock Including Those Insiders Cause
Future Sales Common Stock Including Those Insiders Cause General
General Floor Monitoring Expansion General Provisions
Generally Geographic Information
Gpo Fees Percent Product Warranty Duration Grants Licenses
Grants Plan-based Awards 2007 Grants Plan-based Awards 2008
Group Purchasing Agreement Guaranty
Health Care Fraud Abuse Healthtrust
Healthtrust Purchasing Group Members Held 2008
Held 2009 Highlights
Holder Desires Transfer Right Certificate Householding
Ii- Construction Iamsa Iii- Installations
Impairment Inadequate Levels Coverage Reimbursement Governmental Other Third-party Payers
Incentive Stock Option Nonqualified Restricted Purchase Plan Incident Reporting
Income Taxes Incur Environmental Personal Injury Liabilities Related Certain Hazardous
Incur Significant Increased Costs Result Operating Public Management Indemnification
Indemnification Agreements Directors Executive Officers Indemnification Employees Agents Corporation
Indemnification Warranties Specifications Notices Independence Board Directors
Index Index Consolidated Financial Statements
Industry Background Inflation Risk
Information Regarding Board Committees Information Regarding Board Directors
Information Regarding Executive Officers Initial Public Offering
Inspection Acceptance Instructions
Insurance Intangible Assets Goodwill
Intellectual Property Interest Rate Risk
International Operations Adversely Affected Violations Foreign Corrupt Practices Inventories
Inventory Reserves Excess Obsolete Investor Contact
Investors Issue Additional Securities Future Including Shares Debt Equity-linked
Issue Right Certificates Iv- Lease Term Commencement Date
Ix- Repairs Alterations Improvements Joe Kiani
Leases Least Fill Rates
Legislative Regulatory Changes Health Care Industry Negative Impact License Grants
License Other Uses Ligibility
Limitation Liability Limitations Conventional Pulse Oximetry
Liquidity Capital Resources Litigation
Loans Officers Loc Only Applies Member Health Systems Include 133133
Long-term Debt Capital Lease Obligations Lose Services Key Personnel Unable Attract Retain Other
Loss Large Customer Cancellation Delay Significant Purchase Reduce Lost Stolen Destroyed Certificates
Mail Fedex Overnight Lockbox Location Following Address Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Manufacture Products Locations Disruption Manufacturing Facilities Adversely Affect Manufacturing
Market Information Masimo
Masimo Americas Inc Masimo Announces Dismissal Litigation Brought Shaklee Nir Diagnostics
Masimo Announces Transition Chief Technical Officer Full-time Engineer Masimo Awarded Multi-year Pulse Oximetry Agreement Healthtrust Purchasing
Masimo Corporation Masimo Corporation Adopts Stockholder Rights Plan
Masimo Corporation International Holdings Masimo Debut Latest Rainbow Set Parameter Upcoming World
Masimo Files Patent Infringement Suit Against Philips Masimo Laboratories
Masimo Laboratories Inc Masimo Labs Conducted Most Research Development Rainbow Technology
Masimo Option Masimo Receives Fda Clearance Noninvasive Total Hemoglobin
Masimo Reports Full 2008 Financial Results Masimo Set Definition
Masimo Solution Masimo Technologies Now Available Through Nations Top-10 Gpos
Mderaadmasimocom Mechanic Equipment
Media Media Contact
Media Contacts Medical Device Reprocessors Reprocess Single-use Sensors Then Resell
Meetings Membership Roster Access Instructions
Methemoglobin Detection Methemoglobin Spmet
Milestone Commitments Schedule Minority Woman-owned Small Businesses Policy
Miscellaneous Modifications Marketed Devices Require New Regulatory Clearances Premarket
Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant Nature Rights
Nellcor Patent Litigation Settlement New Accounting Pronouncements
New International Business Structure Not Result Expected Operational New Market Opportunities Masimo Rainbow Set
Newly Created Directorships Vacancies Nnual Rants
Nominating Corporate Governance Committee Nominees
Nominees Election Three-year Term Expiring 2011 Annual Meeting Nominees Election Three-year Term Expiring 2012 Annual Meeting
Non-decorative Fences Block Brick Walls Non-employee Director Compensation
Non-exclusivity Rights Non-gaap Measures
Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Not Able Commercialize Products Incorporating Licensed Rainbow Technology
Not Intend Declare Cash Dividends Stock Return Investment Not Maintain Recent Profitability Experience Significant Fluctuations Quarterly
Not Successfully Develop Commercialize Enhanced New Products Remain Notes
Notice Notice Meetings
Notices Novation
Now Therefore Consideration Mutual Promises Contained Herein Other Number Election Term Directors
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Off-label Promotion Products Promotional Claims Deemed False Misleading
Offer Letters Other Executive Officers Office Area 157400
Office Area 157400 Mezzanine Office Area 332100
Office Area 78700 Ongoing Antitrust Litigation Against Tyco Healthcare Currently Covidien
Ongoing Antitrust Litigation Against Tyco Healthcare Result Significant Operating Results Cash Flows Volatile Difficult Predict Prior
Operating Results Volatile Difficult Predict Prior 2005 Had Operating Segment Geographic Information
Operations Adversely Impacted Exposure Risks Related Foreign Currency Options Exercises 2007
Options Exercises 2008 Ordering Instructions
Ordering Shipping Delivery Organization
Other Business Agenda Other Events
Other Matters Other Offices
Other Policy Participants Other Regulation
Other Securities Corporation Overview
Overview-compensation Objectives Ownership Licenses Developed Intangibles
Part Part Other Information
Participating Member Designation Form Participation Meetings Conference Telephone
Parties Claim Infringe Intellectual Property Rights Incur Liabilities Patent Infringement Lawsuit
Patents Own License Other Intellectual Property Rights Not Paying Proxy Solicitation
Payment Instructions Payment Terms
Payments Pension Benefits
Periods Personal Confidential
Pervasive Continuing Fda Regulation Plan
Please Include Memo Line Contract Number Period Covered Please List Professional Associations Seller Member Include Example
Plethysmograph Variability Index Pvi Policy Regarding Board Member Attendance Annual Meetings
Postage Prepaid Mailed United States Potential Payments Termination Change Control
Preferred Shares President
Price Additions Product Deletions Decrease Correction Price Decrease Effective 2008
Price Decrease Product Code Change Price Products
Pricing Terms Discounts Trade-ins Principal Accountant Fees Services
Principles Consolidation Privacy Security Health Information
Proceeds Proceeds Public Offering Common Stock
Product Additions Product Information Requests
Product Liability Claims Brought Against Face Substantial Costs Product Pricing Information Sales Documentation Administrative Fee Reporting
Product Pricing Terms Product Warranty Expense
Production Area 3911934 Products
Products Been Future Subject Product Recalls Harm Reputation Products Been Subject Product Recalls Harm Reputation Business
Products Cause Contribute Death Serious Injury Subject Medical Products Subject Reporting Requirements Recalls Expensive Damage Reputation
Property Equipment Proprietary Rights
Proxies Voting Proxy Being Solicited Behalf Board Directors
Pulse Co-oximeters Monitors Oximeters Pulse Oximeters Monitors
Pulse Oximetry Market Opportunity Pulse Oximetry Technology Related Accessories
Purchase Commitments Purchase Sale Products
Purchased In-process Research Development Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Pursuant Rule 13a-14 Adopted 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Quity Ompensation
Quorum Raad
Ratification Selection Independent Auditors Receiving Materials
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Recent Deterioration Credit Markets Financial Services Industry Negatively
Recent Turmoil Credit Markets Financial Services Industry Negatively Recitals
Reclassifications Record Date
Redemption Redemption Rights
Registered Stockholders Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code
Registration Rights Regular Meetings
Regulations Regulatory Compliance
Related Party Transactions Related Person Transactions Policy Procedures
Reliance Books Reports Records Remote-alarm Monitoring Solutions
Removal Rent
Report Audit Committee Board Directors Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Reporting Formats Access Instructions Require Additional Capital Future Not Available Favorable Terms
Required Pay Masimo Labs Right Certain Improvements Set Required Pay Royalties Masimo Labs Products Sold Contain
Required Reporting Formats Referenced Documented Remiers Lectronic Eporting Requires Signature Applicable Masimo Regional Vice President
Research Development Research Development License Fees
Research Product Development Reservation Rights Protection Intangibles
Resignation Resignations
Respironics Litigation Restricted Cash
Results Operations Financial Condition Revenue Expense Components
Revenue Recognition Deferred Right Advancement Expenses
Right Certificate Masimo Corporation Right Indemnification
Right Indemnitee Bring Suit Rights Provided Masimo Labs Cross-licensing Agreement Impede Change
Rights Represented Right Certificate Rights Represented Right Certificate Beneficially Owned Person Was
Risks Inherent Operating Internationally Selling Shipping Products Purchasing Role Compensation Committee
Royalties Royalties Other Obligations
Royalties Receivable Royalty Agreement Covidien Provides Declining Rate Schedule Over
Royalty Agreement Covidien Provides Rate Schedule Decline Over Royalty Agreement Nellcor Provides Declining Rate Schedule Over
Saba Software Inc Sales Marketing
Sales Unregistered Securities Saving Clause
Schedule 14a Information Scope Lease Agreement
Secretary Securities Analysts Not Cover Common Stock Issue Negative
Securities Authorized Issuance Equity Compensation Plans Securities Exchange Act 1934
Securities Registered Pursuant Act Security Holder Nominations
Seek Advice Counsel Legal Tax Consequences Lease Segment Information
Segment Information Enterprise Reporting Select Tier Initialing Below
Seliers Business Least Owned Controlled Operated Following Such Seller Currently Maintains Regular Ongoing Certification Following Quality
Seller Information Sheet Sellers Returns Good Policy
Sensor Purchase Commitment 133133 Sensors
Service License Maintenance Agreements Severance Agreements
Severance Plan Severance Termination Protection
Share Based Payment Share-based Payment
Shipping Handling Costs Revenue Signature
Signature Guaranteed Signature Page Follows
Signatures Signs
Software Software Development Costs
Some Products Including Those Based Licensed Rainbow Technology Special Meeting Stockholders
Special Meetings Stock Based Compensation
Stock Incentive Plan Stock List
Stock Option Grants Stock Option Plan
Stock Price Volatile Investment Common Suffer Decline Value Stock Split
Stock-based Compensation Stockholder Communications Board Directors
Stockholder Proposals Due Next Annual Meeting Stockholders Stockholder Record Shares Registered Name
Stockholder Rights Plan Strategy
Subject Damages Resulting Claims Employees Wrongfully Used Disclosed Subject Fluctuations Foreign Currency Exchange Rates
Subject Otherwise Affected Federal State Health Care Laws Subsequent Events
Substantial Sales Common Stock Price Decline Supplier Diversity Subcontracting Report
Suppliers Fail Comply Ongoing Regulatory Requirements Experience Unanticipated Suppliers Not Supply Sufficient Amount Materials Components Adequate
Table Contents Taxes Collected Customers Remitted Governmental Authorities
Technical Support Technologies Sarl
Term Termination Termination
Terms Conditions Terms Preferred Shares
Terms Preferred Stock Third-party Reimbursement
Tier Exception Members Previously Executed Deferred Equipment Purchase Tier Hpg Members
Time Periods Total Hemoglobin Sphb
Transactions Related Persons Transfers Stock
Treasurer Trigger Flip-in Flip-over Rights
Unable Manufacture Adequate Supply Products Lose Customers Revenue Undersigned Participating Member Hereby Acknowledges Confirms Above Designations
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Utility Services
Vendor Vendor Contacts Notices
Vi- Vice President
Vii- Insurance Viii- Taxes Assessments
Volume Purchase Pricing Volume Purchase Pricing Term Sheet
Voluntary Recall Vote
Vote Annual Meeting Votes
Votes Counted Votes Needed Approve Each Proposal
Waivers Warranties Limitations Liability Restrictions
What Mean Receive Proxy Card What Quorum Requirement
What Return Proxy Card Not Make Specific Choices What Voting
Whereas Purchaser Masimo Desire Enter Agreement Pursuant Provide Whereas Seller Offered Provide Products Premier Membership Consistent
Wires Set Follows Xi- Right-of-way Transformer
Xii- Assignment Subletting Xiii- Subordination
Xiv- Access Leased Property Xix- Default
Xv- Damage Destruction Xvi- Limitation Liability
Xvii- Indemnification Xviii- Notices
Xx- Right Cure Defaults Xxi- Waiver
Xxii- Certificates Xxiii- Holding Over
Xxiv- Surrender Xxv- Quiet Enjoyment
Xxvi- Miscellaneous Yes Pricing Firm Through Agreement Term
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