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Acceleration Vesting Acceptance
Accounting Acquisitions Accounting Firm
Accounting Stock-based Compensation Accounts Receivable
Accounts Receivable Net Accrued Liabilities
Accrued Warranty Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income Loss Acknowledgments
Acquired Entity8221 Acquisition
Acquisition Documents Acquisition Purchase Price Allocation Adjustment
Acquisitions Costly Difficult Integrate Divert Dilute Management Resources Acquisitions Costly Difficult Integrate Divert Management Resources Dilute
Additional Compensation Termination Additional Compensation Termination Following Change Control
Additional Guarantor Additional Guarantors
Additional Service Additional Stock Bonuses
Adjournments Postponements Adjustments
Administration Administration Accounts
Administration Equipment Administration Inventory
Administrative Details New Lender Admission Liability
Adoption Fas 157 159 Adoption Sfas 123r
Advanced Technologies Aggregated Option Exercises Year-end Values
Agreed Principal Terms Agreement
Agreement 2005 Between Agreements Regarding Collateral Field Examination Reports
Allowance Allowance Doubtful Accounts
Amendment Amendment Rights Agreement
Amendment Termination Amortization Identifiable Intangible Assets
Amortization Identifiable Intangibles Amounts Dollars
Annual Bonuses Executive Incentive Plan Annual Grants
Annual Incentive Compensation-executive Plan Annual Meeting 2005
Anti-terrorism Statute Compliance Appointment Authority Duties Agent
Appointment Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Appointment New Executive Officer
Appointment President Chief Executive Officer Approval 2005 Equity Incentive Plan
Approvals Notices Required Conflicts Instruments Arbitration Certain Disputes
Asia Advisory Committee Asian Credit Agreement
Asian Revolving Loans Term Loan Asset Retirement Obligations
Assets Held Sale Assignability
Assignment Acceptance Assignment Notice
Assignments Attn Linda Moore
Audit Audit Committee
Audit Committee Report Authority
Automotive Customers Higher Quality Requirements Long Qualification Times Available Information
Award Bonus Shares Award8221
Awards Background
Background Purpose Backlog
Bank Accounts Bank Credit Covenant Limits Incremental Investment Merix Asia
Base Rent Base Salaries
Basis Consolidation Basis Presentation
Because Not Generally Long-term Contracts Customers Subject Uncertainties Because Not Long-term Contracts Customers Subject Uncertainties Variability
Because Significant Foreign Sales Intend Expand Global Presence Because Significant Foreign Sales Presence Subject Political Economic
Because Small Number Customers Account Substantial Portion Net Beneficial Owner
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Beneficiary Designation
Beneficiary Shall Mean Persons Trusts Estates Other Entities Benefit Agreement Assignments Participations
Benefit Plans Board Independence
Board Recommends Vote Election Each Following Nominees Board Recommends Vote Ratification Appointment Pricewaterhousecoopers Llp Merix
Board Structure Committee Composition Borrower
Breach Contract Breach Contract Complaint
Brokers Finders Budgets
Business Business Outlook
Business Overview Buyer
Calendar Payment Administratively Practicable Capacity Build-out Technological Changes Require Significant Capital Investment
Capital Improvements Capital Lease Obligations
Capital Leases Capital Partners Ltd
Capital Resources Capitalization
Cash Bonus Cash Compensation
Cash Equivalents Cause
Certain Payments Certain Relationships Related Transactions
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence Certificate
Certificates Cfo Retirement
Chair Nominating Corporate Governance Committee Chairman Board
Change Control Change-in-control Severance Payments
Changes Capital Structure Changes Critical Accounting Policies
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Changes Internal Controls
Changes Plans Changes Previously Reported Amounts
Changes Securities Proceeds Issuer Purchases Equity Charges
Chee Cheung Board Directors Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer Merix Corporation Chief Financial Officer
China China Mandated Shutdowns Impact Supply Chain Material Adverse
China Mandated Shutdowns Other Potential Disruptions Related 2008 Chinese Hong Kong Manufacturing Operations Subject Number Risks
Chinese Manufacturing Operations Subject Number Risks Not Faced Claimant Shall Mean Person Believes She Being Denied
Claims Legal Proceedings Claims Procedures
Closing Closing Adjustment Purchase Price
Closing Hong Kong Facility Code 162 Provisions
Collateral Collateral Administration
Commence Work Implement New Enterprise Resource Planning Erp Commence Work Implement New Enterprise Resource Planning System
Commitments Commitments Contingencies
Common Stock Means Par Value Communications Board
Comparison 2004 2003 Comparison 2005 2004
Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Compensation Committee Report
Competing Business Competition
Competition Printed Circuit Board Market Intense Lose Sales Competitive Production Capabilities Increase Asia Costs Lower Lose
Completed Corporate Letterhead Completion Acquisition Disposition Assets
Completion Delivery Compliance Certificate
Compliance Laws Licenses Permits Compliance Participant Shall Right Receive Payment Respect Participants
Comply Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Comprehensive Income Loss
Comprehensive Income Loss Earnings Per Share Activity Comprehensive Loss Earnings Per Share Activity
Concentration Credit Risk Concentrations Credit Risk
Concentrations Risk Conditions Precedent
Conditions Precedent Credit Extensions Conference Call Webcast Information
Conflict Interest Consent Independent Accountants
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consents Amendments Waivers
Consideration Consideration Executive
Consideration Nominees Consolidated
Consolidated Balance Sheets Consolidated Cash Flow Statements
Consolidated Financial Statements Statement Schedule Consolidated Statements Cash Flows
Construction Construed Accordance Laws State New York
Contents Continue Work Implement Global Enterprise Resource Planning Erp
Continuing Guaranty Contractual Payment Obligations
Contributions Credits Controls Procedures
Convertible Debenture Cooperation Litigation
Corporate Governance Principles Board Matters Corporate Resolutions
Corporate Tax Deduction Compensation Excess Per Corporation Executive Officers
Corporation Non-employee Directors Cost Estimate
Cost Sales Gross Margin Cost Sales Gross Profit
Costs Costs Associated Exit Disposal Activities
Costs Attorneys Fees Counterparts
Covered Employee8221 Credit Agreement
Critical Accounting Policies Estimates Ction Ending Ompletion
Current Events Current Report
Customers Markets Customers Suppliers
Cyclical Nature Automotive Production Sales Adversely Affect Merix Damage Manufacturing Facilities Information Systems Due Fire Natural
Data Circuit Holdings Inc Date
Dated 2005 Agreement Debt Extinguishment Charge
Debt Extinguishment Costs Debt Financing Arrangements
Deferred Compensation Plan Deferred Financing Costs
Deferred Financing Costs Net Defined Contribution 401 Plans
Definite-lived Intangible Assets Definitions
Delivered Before Utilisation Delivered Respect Additional Security
Deliveries Buyer Deliveries Seller
Delivery Additional Space Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Dependent Electronics Industry Highly Cyclical Suffers Significant Downturns
Dependent Electronics Industry Historically Suffered Significant Downturns Demand Description 2000 Nonqualified Stock Option Plan
Description Employee Stock Purchase Plan Design Engineering Assistance
Designation Beneficiary Detect Additional Material Weaknesses Significant Deficiencies Not Able
Determination Actual Adjusted 2005 Ebitda Did Not Chief Financial Officer 2006 Through Filing
Director Compensation Director Compensation Changes
Director Officer Liability Indemnification Director Stock Ownership Guidelines
Directors Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance
Directors Executive Officers Registrant Disability
Disability8221 Discretion Proceeds Offering Not Obtain Significant Return
Discussion Summary Compensation Table Grants Plan-based Awards Dismissal Merix Corporation Securities Litigation
Disparagement Dissolution Liquidation Merger Asset Sale
Distribution Payable Dividend Payable
Dividends Dividends Policy
Documents Incorporated Reference Dollars
Domestic Credit Facility Amendment Domestic Loan Security Agreement
Domestic Term Loan Domestic Term Loan Revolving Line Credit
Duties Responsibilities Earnings Account
Eastern Pacific Circuits Dongguan Ltd Eastern Pacific Circuits Holdings Limited
Eastern Pacific Circuits Holdings Limited Purchase Price Allocation Eastern Pacific Circuits Huiyang Limited
Eastern Pacific Circuits Huizhou Limited Eastern Pacific Circuits Limited
Effect Certain Corporate Events Effect Investigation
Effective Date Effective Date8221
Eitf Issue 06-3 Election Bonus Shares
Election Directors Electrical Power Shortages Certain Areas Southern China Caused
Elements Compensation Eligibility
Eligibility Awards Granted 2006 Plan Employees Officers Directors Eligibility Requirements
Embedded Derivatives Emerging Issues Task Force Eitf Issue 06-3
Employee Benefit Matters Employee Stock Bonus Agreement
Employee Stock Option Agreement Employee Stock Purchase Plan
Employees Employment Relationship
Enforceability Engineering
Engineering Costs Engineering Expense
Enrollment Entire Agreement
Entire Release Entity8221
Entry Definitive Material Agreement Entry Material Definitive Agreement
Entry Material Definitive Agreements Environmental Compliance
Environmental Contingencies Environmental Matters
Epci Epci Singapore
Equity Equity Compensation Awards
Equity Compensation Plan Information Equity Compensation Plans
Equity Incentive Plan Escrows
Estimates Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures
Events Default Remedies Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Except Earnings Per Share Data Except Number Shares Per Share Amounts
Execution Executive
Executive Compensation Executive Compensation Policy
Executive Compensation Program Executive Deferred Compensation Plan
Executive Officers Executive Officers Registrant
Executive Sessions Executive Severance
Executive Severance Agreement Executive Severance Noncompetition Agreement
Exhibits Expanding Markets
Expenses Explanatory
Export Products United States Other Countries Fail Comply Exposed Credit Risk Some Customers Also Result Concentration
Exposed Credit Risk Some Customers Result Concentration Customer Exposure Income Tax Rate Fluctuations Well Additional Liabilities
Extent Liability Indemnity Contribution Face Risk Capital Needed Business Repay Debt Obligations
Failure Comply Environmental Laws Adversely Affect Business Failure Maintain Good Relations Minority Investor Majority-owned China
Failure Maintain Good Relations Minority Investors China Manufacturing Fair Market Value8221
Fair Value Financial Assets Liabilities Fair Value Financial Instruments
Fair Value Fixed-rate Debt Fasb Interpretation
Fasb Staff Position Aug Air-1 Federal Income Tax Consequences
Fees Filing Tax Returns Payment Taxes
Final Plans Finance Documents
Financial Capability Financial Information Absence Undisclosed Liabilities
Financial Instruments Fair Values Financial Statements Exhibits
Financial Statements Schedules Following Legend Restricted Securities Shall Appear Face Each
Following Paragraph Month-end Financial Statements Following Paragraph Year-end Financial Statements
Foreign Currency Risk Foreign Currency Translation
Foreign Currency Translation Transactions Foreign Lenders
Foreign Subsidiary Stock Notwithstanding Collateral Shall Include Only Forest Grove 97116
Forest Grove Oregon 97116 Form 10-k
Form 10-q Form Accession Agreement
Form Compliance Certificate Form Margin Certificate
Form Merix Letter Support Form Request
Form Transfer Certificate Former Executive Officer
Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report Former Right
Forward Looking Statements Francis Yuen Board Directors
Further Action Commercially Reasonable Efforts Gain Settlement Debt
General General Provisions
Geographic Information Good Title
Goodwill Goodwill Definite-lived Intangible Assets
Goodwill Identifiable Intangible Assets Goodwill Impairment
Governing Law Agreement Shall Governed Laws State Oregon Governing Law Arbitration
Governing Law Jurisdiction Venue Grant Date8221
Grant Options Enrollment Gross Margin
Gross Profit Guaranty Security Agreement
Hoc China Acquisition Committee Hoc Executive Search Committee
Holder Convertible Debenture Converts Outstanding Principal Existing Shareholders Hong Kong Facility
Hong Kong Facility Closure Hong Kong Facility Other Merix Asia Restructuring
Human Resources Compensation Committee Human Resources Compensation Committee Report
Iability Respect Elevant Laims Other Undamental Arranty Identifiable Intangible Assets Goodwill
Immediate Release Impairment Charges Fixed Assets Other
Impairment Long-lived Assets Import Export Duties
Important Reminder Incentive Stock Option Limitations
Incentive Stock Option8221 Income Tax Expense
Income Taxes Increased Costs Capital Adequacy
Increased Customer Demand Quick-turn Services Integrated Solutions Increased Production Printed Circuit Boards Asia
Increasing Complexity Electronic Equipment Increasing Prominence Ems Providers Pcb Industry Reduce Gross
Incumbent Board8221 Incur Material Losses Costs Result Product Liability Warranty
Indemnification Buyer Indemnification Former Accounting Firm
Indemnification Stockholders Independent Investigation
Independent Registered Public Accounting Firms Fees Independent Tax Advice
Index Index Consolidated Financial Statements
Index Exhibits Index Form 10-q
Industry Overview Information Directors Executive Officers Merix Set Forth Merix8217
Insurance Intellectual Property Rights
Intentionally Deleted Interest
Interest Expense Interest Expense Income Other Net
Interest Income Interest Other Income Expense Net
Interest Period Interest Settlement Date
Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Internet
Internet Access Interpretation
Inventories Inventories Net
Investment Representation Investors Urged Read Proxy Statement Prospectus Regarding Proposed
Joinder Agreement Joinder Agreement Shall Governed Laws State Oregon Without
Kelly Lang Age Labor Matters
Landlord Obligations Landlord8217s Work
Large Number Outstanding Shares Issued Exercise Options Sold Lease Additional Space
Lease Agreements Leasehold Land Rights
Leasehold Land Rights Net Leases
Legal Contingencies Legal Contingencies Reserve
Legal Fees Legal Opinions
Legal Proceedings Letter Credit Facility
Libor Lien Deposit Accounts Cash Collateral Intellectual Property
Limitations Effectiveness Controls Linda Moore Age
Line Credit Liquidation
Liquidity Liquidity Capital Resources
List Exhibits Schedules List Subsidiaries
Litigation Loan Account Stated
Loan Security Agreement Lomber Huizhou Limited
Long Service Payment Plan Long Term Incentive Compensation-equity Compensation
Long-lived Assets Long-term Debt Capital Lease Obligations
Lose Key Management Engineering Sales Marketing Professional Services Lose Key Management Operations Engineering Sales Marketing Personnel
Lower Sales Cause Gross Margins Operating Results Decrease Lower Sales Cause Gross Profits Operating Results Decrease
Mail8212 Major Customers Operating Segment
Managements Estimates Managements Estimates Uncertainties
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Mandatory Redemption
Manner Borrowing Funding Revolver Loans Manufacturing Process Depends Collective Experience Employees Leave Take
Manufacturing Technology Market Registrants Common Equity Related Stockholder Matters Issuer
Market Risk Markets Customers
Master Sale Purchase Agreement Material Contracts
Material Weakness Material Weakness Remediation Steps
Material Weaknesses Maximum Deferrals
Merix Merix Asia
Merix Caymans Trading Limited Usd30000000 Credit Agreement Dated Merix Convertible Senior Subordinated Notes Due 2013
Merix Corporation Merix Corporation 1994 Stock Incentive Plan
Merix Corporation Adopts Shareholder Rights Plan Merix Corporation Announces Convertible Debt Financing
Merix Corporation Announces Financial Results 2006 Merix Corporation Announces Financial Results 2007
Merix Corporation Announces New Bank Credit Facility Merix Corporation Announces Receipt Nasdaq Deficiency Notice
Merix Corporation Announces Results Merix Corporation Announces Results 2006
Merix Corporation Bylaws Amended Merix Corporation Closes Convertible Debt Financing
Merix Corporation Completes Convertible Debt Financing Merix Corporation Investor Relations
Merix Corporation Reports Results 2005 Merix Corporation Subsidiaries
Merix Epc Acquisition Merix Holding Singapore Pte Ltd
Merix Incur Material Losses Costs Result Product Liability Merix Oregon
Merix Oregon San Jose Merix Printed Circuits Technology Limited
Merix San Jose Merix Singapore Revolving Facility Agreement
Michael Burger Age Minority Investors China Manufacturing Facilities
Miscellaneous Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant
Nature Business Net Income Loss Per Share
Net Loss Per Share Net Sales
Net Sales End Market Net Sales Geographic Area
Net Sales Geographic Region Net Sales Segment
New Accounting Pronouncements New Executive Officer
New Grants New Labor Laws Prc Adversely Affect Results Operations
New Plan Benefits Nominating Corporate Governance Committee
Nominating Corporate Governance Committee Report Nomination Director Candidates
Non-disclosure Non-employee Director Compensation Table 2005
Non-gaap Financial Measures Non-reliance Previously Issued Financial Statements Related Audit
Nonassignability Awards Nonqualified Deferred Compensation
Nonqualified Stock Option Plan Not Able Remediate Material Weakness Internal Control Over
Not Able Remediate Material Weaknesses Internal Control Over Not Currently Options Renew Leased Manufacturing Facilities Peoples
Not Currently Options Renew Leased Manufacturing Facility Peoples Not Currently Options Renew Leased Manufacturing Facility Prc
Not Effectively Manage Expansion Operations Business Harmed Increased Not Had Chief Financial Officer Since 2006
Not Result Being Subjected Onerous Obligations Those Existing Notes Payable
Notes Payable Stockholder Notices
Notices Communications Now Therefore
Number Shares Objectives Compensation Programs
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Older
Operating Costs Operating Leases
Operating Segments Operation Business Relevant Period
Operations Eastern Pacific Circuits Limited Operations Peoples Republic China Subject Risks Uncertainties Relating
Opportunity Advice Counsel Option Exercises Stock Vested
Options Or-
Organization Original Lenders
Original Obligors Orking Apital
Orm Scrow Greement Other Accrued Liabilities
Other Agreements Other Assets
Other Collateral Other Documents Evidence
Other Expense Net Other Income Expense Net
Other Information Other Representations Warranties
Other Stock Cash-based Awards Outstanding Common Stock8221
Outstanding Voting Securities8221 Overview
Parent Company8221 Parent Stockholders
Part Part 6b-property
Part Assumed Liabilities Part Business Properties
Part Business Sellers Part Categories Business Assets
Part Excluded Assets Part Excluded Liabilities
Part Other Information Part Property
Participants Solicitation Participations
Parties Parties Enforce Release
Parties Interest Patents Other Intellectual Property
Payable Payment
Payment Lease Payments
Pending Future Litigation Material Adverse Effect Operating Results Pending Future Litigation Material Adverse Impact Operating Results
Per Unit Information Performance Accelerations
Performance Award8221 Performance Awards
Performance Awards Other Stock Unit Performance Criteria Meaning Set Forth 161
Performance Graph Performance Share8221
Performance Stock Option Awards Performance Unit8221
Performance-based Compensation 162 Periods Excess Global Pcb Manufacturing Capacity Profitability Decrease
Permissible Payments Changes Time Form Method Phone 503 359-9300
Phone 503 716-3700 Place
Place Domicile Address Plan Termination Sponsor Reserves Right Terminate Accordance Following
Plans Please Sign Other Side Return Promptly
Policies Procedures Approving Transactions Related Persons Post-default Allocation Payments
Potential Common Shares Excluded Diluted Eps Since Effect Power Supply Shortages Certain Areas Southern China Caused
Pre-set Diversification Plans Prepaid Other Current Assets
Principal Accountant Firm Fees Services Principal Accounting Fees Services
Principal Payments Debt Principal Payments Long-term Debt
Principal Payments Long-term Debt Capital Lease Obligations Principles Consolidation
Pro Forma Condensed Combined Statement Operations Pro Forma Financial Information
Pro Forma Information Sfas 123 Apb Opinion Production Capabilities Increase Asia Costs Lower Lose Market
Products Liability Products Manufacture Contain Manufacturing Defects Result Reduced Demand
Products Services Promissory
Properties Property Depreciation
Property Equipment Property Plant Equipment
Property Plant Equipment Net Proposal Election Directors
Providers Pcb Industry Reduce Gross Margins Potential Sales Purchase Price
Purchase Sale Shares Purchase Shares
Purchase Shares Common Stock Purpose
Purpose 2006 Plan Attract Retain Motivate Employees Officers Quantitative Qualitative Disclosure Market Risk
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Questions Answers Proxy Materials Annual Meeting
Quick-turn Premium Services Revenues Quick-turn Services Premium Revenues
Ratification Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Real Estate Brokers
Real Estate Collateral Real Property
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Recent Acquisitions Costly Difficult Integrate Divert Dilute Management
Recent Acquisitions Costly Difficult Integrate Divert Management Resources Recent Developments
Recent Sales Unregistered Securities Recently Issued Accounting Pronouncements
Recitals Reclassification Short-term Investments
Reclassifications Record Date
Registrants Telephone Number Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 503-359-9300 Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 503-716-3700
Regulation Disclosure Related Company8221
Related Information Related Party Transaction8221
Related Party Transactions Release
Release Claims Rely Suppliers Timely Delivery Materials Used Manufacturing Printed
Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank Remediation Steps Address Material Weakness
Remediation Steps Address Material Weaknesses Remedies Cumulative Waiver
Remittance Payments Collections Remodeling
Rent Credit Report Executive Compensation
Report Independent Auditors Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Reported Material Weaknesses Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Required Record Asset Impairment Charges Future
Resale Restrictions Referred Clause Above Case Holder Hereof Research Development
Reservations Rights Resignation Corporate Offices
Resignation Former Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Restricted Stock Awards
Restricted Stock8221 Restructuring Efforts Capacity Build Out Technological Changes Require
Restructuring Efforts Required Impairment Charges Record Asset Future Restructuring Related Activities
Results Results Operations Financial Condition
Retirement8221 Revenue Recognition
Revenue Recognition Accounts Receivable Revision Classification Certain Securities
Revolver Revolver Commitment
Revolving Line Credit Revolving Lines Credit Long-term Debt Capital Lease Obligations
Rice Aterhouse Oopers Logo Rights Obligations Transferred Novation
Risk Factors Affecting Business Financial Condition Results Operations Risk Factors Affecting Business Results Operations
Sale Dongguan Lomber Facilities Sale-leaseback Transaction
Sale-leaseback Transactions Sales Geographic Area
Sales Marketing Sar8221
Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Schedule
Scope Release Scrow Mount
Securities Class Action Securities Exchange
Securities Exchange Act 1934 Securities Exchange Act 1934 Usc 1350
Securities Law Compliance Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Security Security Deposit
Security Documents Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder Segment Information
Segment Reporting Select
Selection Enrollment Eligibility Selection Grant Thornton Llp
Selling General Administrative Selling General Administrative Costs
Series Preferred Stock Purchase Rights Set Compensation
Severability Severance Asset Impairment Restructuring Charges
Severance Change Control Agreements Severance Charges
Severance Impairment Charges Severance Impairment Restructuring Charges
Severance Restructuring Charges Sfas 141r 160
Sfas 151 Sfas 157
Sfas 158 Sfas 159
Sfas 161 Share-based Compensation
Shareholder Nominees Shareholder Proposals
Shareholder Record Shareholder Rights Plan Some Provisions Contained Articles Incorporation
Shareholders Eastern Pacific Circuits Limited Shares Available
Shares Subject 2005 Plan Shares Subject 2006 Plan
Shares Subject Plan Shipping Handling Charges
Short-term Investments Signature
Signatures Significant Customers
Small Number Customers Account Substantial Portion Consolidated Net Small Number Customers Account Substantial Portion Net Sales
Small Number Customers Accounts Substantial Portion Consolidated Net Sole Exclusive Remedy
Some Provisions Contained Articles Incorporation Bylaws Rights Agreement Some Provisions Contained Articles Incorporation Bylaws Shareholders Rights
Some Provisions Contained Articles Incorporation Bylaws Well Oregon Staff Accounting Bulletin 108
Status Lease Agreement Stock Appreciation Rights
Stock Award8221 Stock Awards
Stock Awards Restricted Units Stock Based Compensation Plan
Stock Grants Stock Incentive Plan Amended
Stock Incentive Plans Stock Option Grants Last
Stock Options Stock Ownership Guidelines Executive Officers
Stock Performance Graph Stock Price Fluctuated Significantly Expect Trading Common Remain
Stock Prices Stock Purchase Agreement
Stock Splits Dividends Stock Unit8221
Stock-based Compensation Stock-based Compensation Sfas 123r
Stockholders Stop-transfer Notices
Structure Memorandum Subject Claims Intellectual Property Infringement
Subject Risks Associated Currency Fluctuations Material Adverse Effect Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Subordinated Payable Subsequent Event
Subsequent Events Subsidiaries
Subsidiary List Substitute Awards8221
Success Asia Adversely Affect Operations Successful Execution Day-to-day Business Operations Including Manufacturing Process
Successor Agent Co-agents Successor Company8221
Successor Means Surviving Parent Applicable Connection Transaction Successors Binding Agreement
Summary Elements Non-employee Director Compensation Summary Page
Summary Sequential Quarterly Results Outlook 2009 Supplemental Agreement 2005 Between
Supplementary Data Quarterly Financial Supplier Relationships
Survival Table Contents
Tangible Personal Property Tax Consequences
Tax Consequences Merix Tax Withholding
Tax Withholding Subsequent Employment Taxes
Taxes Assessed Governmental Authority Telephone
Tenant Tenant8217s Representations Warranties
Term Term Plan Amendments
Term Termination Amendment Termination Employment Leave Absence
Termination Executives Employment Termination Service8221
Third-party Indemnification Thomas Ingham Age
Time Date Timing
Total Severance Asset Impairment Restructuring Charges Follows Transaction
Transaction Change Control Transaction Restrictions Awards Granted 2006 Plan Terminate Certain
Transactions Related Persons Transfer Restriction
Trust Trust Shall Mean Trusts Established Accordance Terms Plan
Types Awards Unable Implement Adequate Internal Controls Procedures Merix Asia
Unable Respond Rapid Technological Change Process Development Not Unable Successfully Integrate Merix Asia Business Materially Adversely
United States Valuation Excess Obsolete Inventories Idle Facilities
Valuation Impairment Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Valuation Impairment Long-lived Assets
Vesting Commencement Date8221 Vesting Restriction Sale Shares
Vesting Taxes Volume Production
Voting Waiver
Waivers Warning Forward-looking Statements
Warranties Warranty
Warranty Liabilities Whereas
Willful Knowing Material Misrepresentation Board Senior Managing Officer Withholding
Withholding Taxes Wood Village Facility Sublease
Wood Village Oregon Facility Wwwmerixcom
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