Topic Listing for Metabasis Therapeutics

Absence Fiduciary Relationship Abstain
Acceleration Exercisability Vesting Acceleration Vesting Following Change Control
Acceptance Accounting Auditing Matters Open Door Policy
Accounting Certain Investments Debt Equity Securities Accounting Convertible Securities Beneficial Conversion Features
Accounting Equity Instruments Issued Other Employees Acquiring Conjunction Accounting Firm
Accounting Impairment Disposal Long-lived Assets Accounting Other Terms
Accounting Period Accounting Standards
Accounting Stock Issued Employees Accounting Stock-based Compensation Transition Disclosure
Accounting Tax Considerations Accrued Liabilities
Accrued Liabilities Compensation Acknowledgements Regarding Placement Agent
Acquisition Warrant Personal Account Act
Additional Information Find Additional Restrictions
Adjustment Exercise Price Shares Adjustments Changes Securities Corporate Transactions
Administration Administration Board
Adopted Accounting Pronouncements Advance Indemnification Payment
Advanced Research Programs-liver Diseases Advanced Research Programs-metabolic Diseases
Advancing Development Product Candidates Adverse Experience
Adverse Experience Reporting Affiliate
Aggregate Ftes Agreed Accepted Date Set Forth Above
Agreement Agreement Act Placement Agents Stock
Agreement Constitutes Valid Binding Obligation Metabasis Enforceable Accordance Agreement Constitutes Valid Binding Obligation Schering Enforceable Accordance
Alliance Managers Allocation Royalty Payment
Alternate Consideration Ambiguities
Amended Research Plan Amended Restated Loan Security Agreement
Amended Restated Severance Agreement Amended Restated Warrant
Amendment Amendment Agreement
Amendment Assignment Amendment Common Stock Purchase Agreement
Amendment Lease Amendment Offer Letter Severance Agreement
Amendment Options Amendment Plan
Amendment Restatement Amendment Stock Awards
Amendment Termination Agreement Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change
Amortization Employee Stock-based Compensation Amount Severance Pay
Ampk Collaboration Annual Bonus
Annual Grant Annual Meetings
Annual Transition Reports Pursuant Sections Securities Exchange Act Anti-takeover Provisions Charter Documents Delaware Law Make Acquisition
Antitrust Filings Appendix
Applicable Law Applicable Licensed Compound Product Terminated Country Countries Only
Application Code 409a Application Issue 98-5 Certain Convertible Instruments
Appointment Administration Development Steering Committee Approval Authority
Approval Authority Imposes Price Limitation Specific Indications Patients Arbitration
Arbitrators Arnold Oronsky Phd
Articles Sections Subsections Assignment
Assignment Agreement Assignment Change Control
Assignment Form Assignment Sublicense Release Either Party Liability Agreement
At-will Employment Rights Attention Charles Bair Esq
Audit Committee Audit Services
Audit-related Services Auditors
Audits Authority
Authority Representative Authorization
Authorization Sale Shares Authorized Capital Stock
Authorized Disclosure Availability Shares
Available Available Information
Available Options Available Stock Awards
B-1 B-2
Balance Sheet Details Bankruptcy
Base Prospectus Base Salary
Basis Presentation Because Collaboration Merck Involves Mercks Proprietary Compounds Terminates
Because Collaboration Roche Involve Roches Proprietary Compounds Terminates Because Collaborations Merck Idenix Involve Mercks Idenixs Proprietary
Because Collaborations Merck Involve Mercks Proprietary Compounds Terminates Because Collaborations Merck Roche Involve Mercks Roches Proprietary
Because Product Candidates Research Programs Collaborative Efforts Depend Because Some Product Candidates Research Programs Depend Proprietary
Becoming Fully-integrated Pharmaceutical Been Notified His Principal Place Work Employee Relocated
Benchmarking Beneficial Owner Shares Registered Name Broker Bank Other
Beneficial Ownership Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Beneficially Owned Beneficially Owned Shares
Beta Cvr Agreement Binding Successors Assigns
Biological Hazardous Materials Manner Causes Injury Liable Damages Biological Hazardous Materials Manner Causes Injury Result Damages
Bloomberg Board
Board Directors Recommends Vote Election Each Nominee Named Board Directors Recommends Vote Ratification Selection Ernst Young
Bona Fide Bring-down Letter
Brokers Fee Brokers Finders
Business Business Strategy
Bylaws Calculation Incentive Bonus
Calendar Capitalization Adjustments
Captions Headings Carramerica Realty
Cash Equivalents Cash Equivalents Securities Available-for-sale
Cause Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-looking Statements
Ceff Not Available Elect Make Draw Down Require Certain Defined Terms
Certain Provisions Financing Facilities Require Pay Outstanding Balance Certain Relationships Related Transactions
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence Certificate
Certificate Corporate Partnership Trust Foundation Joint Purchasers Certificate Incorporation Provides Ability Issue Preferred Stock Without
Certificate Individual Purchasers Certificates
Certification Chief Executive Officer Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act Certification Chief Financial Officer Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act
Certifications Chief Executive Officer Financial Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Certifies
Change Control Change Sales Practices
Change Vote After Submitting Proxy Changes
Changes Executive Officer Status Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Chief Executive Officer Compensation Chief Executive Officer Financial Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act
Choice Law Choice Law Venue Jury Trial Waiver
Claim Indemnifiable Schering 101 Clarification Rights After Termination
Clinical Development Agreements Clinical Development Registration
Clinical Trial Clinical Trial Expenses
Clinical Trials Clinical Trials Product Candidates Not Produce Successful Results
Closing Closing Date
Cmc Co-promotion Agreement
Co-promotion Option Code
Code Business Conduct Ethics Collaboration
Collaboration Agreements Collaboration Compound
Collaboration Compound Shall Mean Primary Mechanism Action Control Collaboration Formed Roche Develop Compounds Hcv Using Metabasis
Collaboration Know-how Collaboration License
Collaboration License Agreement Collaboration Patents
Collaboration Roche Develop Compounds Hcv Collaboration Technology Joint
Collaborative Research Development Agreement Collaborative Research Development Agreements
Combination Product Combination Therapy
Combined Product Commercial Development Obligation
Commercial Manufacturing Rights Risks Commercial Sale
Commercial Success Product Candidates Depends Market Acceptance Among Commercialization Products
Commercialize Novel Drugs Address Range Costly Chronic Diseases Commercially Reasonable Efforts
Commitments Committed Equity Financing Facility
Committed Equity Financing Facility Ceff Committed Equity Financing Facility Kingsbridge Not Available Elect
Committee Committee Decision-making
Committees Common Stock
Common Stock Par Value 0001 Per Share Common Stock Warrant
Comparison 2002 2003 Comparison 2003 2004
Comparison 2004 2003 Comparison 2006 2005
Comparison 2007 2006 Comparison 2008 2007
Comparison 2009 2008 Comparison 30-month Cumulative Total Return Among Metabasis Therapeutics
Comparison Cumulative Total Return Comparison Cumulative Total Return Among Metabasis Therapeutics Inc
Compassionate Sales Compensation
Compensation Committee Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Directors
Compensation Philosophy Competition
Competitive Product Competitors Products Approved Faster Marketed Effectively Demonstrated Effective
Compliance Compliance Certificate
Composition Composition Joint Research Committee
Compound Treatment Hyperlipidemia Possible Obesity Comprehensive Income Loss
Comprehensive Loss Compulsory License
Compulsory Licenses Concentration Credit Risks
Concentration Credit Risks Major Partners Conclusion Regarding Effectiveness Disclosure Controls Procedures
Conditions Closing Obligations Conditions Closing Obligations Purchasers
Conditions Investors Obligations Conditions Loans
Conditions Placement Agents Obligations Conditions Precedent Agreement Supersedes Replaces Original
Conduct Collaboration Conduct Research
Conference Call Conference Call Details
Confidential Confidential Information
Confidential Treatment Requested Confidentiality
Confidentiality Agreement Confirm Account Accounts Cowen Llc Credited Shares Being
Confirmation Sale Conflicts Arise Between Collaborators Delay Prevent Development Commercialization
Conflicts Arise Collaborators Delay Prevent Development Commercialization Product Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consideration Construction
Consultant Consultants
Contact Contacts
Contemplated Amendments Content Details
Contingent Value Rights Agreements Continuing Develop Broad Product Pipeline
Continuing Enhance Expertise Liver Pathways Metabolism Related Intellectual Continuous Service
Contributions Control
Control Controlled Control Defense
Controls Procedures Convertible Preferred Stock
Cooley Godward Cooperation
Cooperation Regarding Patents Claiming Different Inventions Coordination Exclusivity
Copy Annual Report Form 10-k 2004 Filed Sec Copy Annual Report Form 10-k 2005 Filed Sec
Copy Annual Report Form 10-k 2006 Filed Sec Copy Annual Report Form 10-k 2007 Filed Sec
Copy Annual Report Form 10-k 2008 Filed Sec Core Assets
Core Assets-metabolic Disease Advanced Discovery Programs Core Assets-metabolic Disease Advanced Research Programs
Core Assets-metabolic Disease Product Candidates Corporate Governance Nominating Committee
Corporate Information Corporate Power Authorization
Corporate Restructuring Corporate Transaction
Costs Associated Exit Disposal Activities Counterparts
Counterparts Facsimile Covenant Default
Covenants Covenants Exercise Shares
Covenants Metabasis Cover Covering Covered
Covered Employee Creation Security Interest
Credit Payment Royalties Necessary Party Issued Patents Critical Accounting Policies
Cs-917 Cs-917 Product Candidate Treatment Type Diabetes Currently Phase
Cumulative Remedies Currency
Current Treatments Currently Dependent
Currently Lack Significant Continuing Revenue Source Currently Lack Significant Continuing Revenue Source Not Become
Daiichi Sankyo Damages Relief
Daniel Burgess Mba Date
Date Employees Death Entitlement Severance Pay Benefits Date Employees Death Stylemargin-top12pxmargin-bottom0px Text-indent4 Entitlement Severance Pay
Date Highlights Dated 2006
David Hale Death Optionholder
Debt Decision-making
Deemed Given Actually Received Defaults Senior Securities
Defense Infringement Invalidity Actions Definition Cause
Definition Certain Terms Definition Change Control
Definition Continuation Period Definition Good Reason
Definitions Delays Commencement Completion Clinical Testing Result Increased Costs
Delays Commencement Completion Clinical Trials Result Increased Costs Delegation
Delegation Committee Delegation Officer
Delivery Delivery Funds
Delivery Purchaser Questionnaire Delivery Shares
Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Dependent Success Current Product Candidates Cannot Certain Them
Dependent Success Current Product Candidates Clinical Development Candidate Dependent Success Current Product Candidates Clinical Development Cannot
Designated Compounds Designation Beneficiary
Designation Development Candidate Detail
Determinations Determining Royalty Payments Shall Agreed Parties Based Relative
Development Candidate Development Commercialization
Development Commercialization Licenses Relating Collaboration Compounds Development Product Candidates Not Produce Favorable Results Collaborators
Development Product Candidates Not Produce Favorable Results Commercialization Development Product Candidates Not Produce Favorable Results Delaying
Development Treatment Hepatitis Diabetes
Diligence Obligations Dilution Sales Purchasers
Directed Selling Efforts General Solicitation Director Independence
Directors Continuing Office Until 2006 Annual Meeting Directors Continuing Office Until 2007 Annual Meeting
Directors Continuing Office Until 2008 Annual Meeting Directors Continuing Office Until 2009 Annual Meeting
Directors Continuing Office Until 2010 Annual Meeting Directors Continuing Office Until 2011 Annual Meeting
Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance Directors Executive Officers Registrant
Directors Stock Option Plan Disability
Disability Optionholder Disclaimer
Disclaimer Warranties Disclosure
Disclosure Joint Information Inventions Disclosure Package
Disclosure Regarding Additional Compounds Preclinical Candidates Disclosure Regarding Idenix Efforts
Discovery Discovery Programs
Disease Backgrounds Disposition
Disposition Warrant Exercise Shares Dispositions
Dispute Resolution Dissolution Liquidation
Dividend Equivalents Dividend Policy
Documents Incorporated Reference Dollars
Dtc Due Execution
Duration Royalty Obligations Dvp
Early Exercise Early Termination
Ecitals Edgar
Edgardo Baracchini Phd Mba Effect Boards Decision
Effect Termination Expiration Surviving Obligations Effect Termination Surviving Obligations
Effective Date Plan Effectiveness Deadline Date
Efforts Discover Product Candidates Beyond Current Not Succeed Either Party Such Non-breaching Terminate Agreement Written Notice
Election Directors Elements Compensation
Elements Executive Compensation Eligibility
Eligibility Form S-3 Eligibility Specific Stock Awards
Eligible Employee Eligible Employees
Eligible Option Recipients Eligible Stock Award Recipients
Employee Employee Benefit Plan
Employee Stock Purchase Plan Employee Stock Purchase Plan Offering Document
Employees Employees Conviction Plea Guilty Contest Felony Definition Continuation
Employees Successors Employment Agreement Amendment
Employment Other Service Rights Employment Severance Change Control Agreements
Encumbrance End Results
Enforcement Defense English Language
Entire Agreement Entire Agreement Amendments
Entire Agreement Modification Entitlement Severance Pay Benefits
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Environmental Risk
Environmental Safety Matters Equipment Schedule
Equipnet Sales Equity Compensation Plan Information
Equity Incentive Plan Equity Plan Activity
Equity Plans Equity-based Compensation
Erion Phd Erisa
Escrow Agent Escrow Agreement
Establishing Additional Partnerships Based Hepdirect Other Proprietary Liver-targeting Estimated Product Launch Date
Estimates European Market
European Union Evaluation Date
Even Product Candidates Receive Regulatory Approval Still Face Events Default
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Exceptions
Exchange Act Exchange Act Person
Exchange Compounds Information Exchange Information
Exchange Rate Manner Place Payment Excluded Claim
Exclusion Exclusive License Research Collaboration Agreement
Exclusivity Excusable Delay
Execution Documents Executive Compensation
Executive Officers Executive Officers Directors Interests Merger Different Addition Those
Executive Officers Directors Largest Stockholders Choose Act Together Executive Severance Agreements
Exercise Exercise Contingent Stockholder Approval
Exercise Price Exercise Price Incentive Stock Option
Exercise Price Nonstatutory Stock Option Exercise Right Terminate
Exercise Warrant Exhibits
Existing Patents Patent Applications Covering Adefovir Prodrugs Foreign Existing Patents Patent Applications Covering Pmea Prodrugs Foreign
Expenses Expenses Management Services
Expiration Valid Claims Explanatory
Extension Termination Date Fail Attract Keep Key Management Scientific Personnel Unable
Fail Keep Key Management Personnel Unable Pursue Licensing Fail Maintain Effective System Internal Controls Not Able
Fair Value Financial Instruments Fda
Federal Reserve Board Field
Filing Date Fill Name Selling Securityholder
Final Prospectus Financial Results
Financial Statements Financial Statements Exhibits
Financial Statements Reports Certificates Financial Statements Supplementary Data
Financing Agreements Find Out Results Voting Annual Meeting
Fixing Record Dates Follows Provided Such Royalty Shall Payable Event Schering
Force Majeure Foreign Investors
Form 10-k Form 10-k Annual Transition Reports Pursuant Sections Securities
Form 10-k-annual Report 2007 Form 10-q
Form Bill Sale Form Opinion Counsel
Form Warrant Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report
Forward-looking Statements Fractional Shares
Fte Fte Rate
Full 2005 Provides Guidance 2006 Fully Burdened Manufacturing Cost
Fundamental Transaction Fundamental Transactions
Further Agreements Further Assurances
Future Sales Common Stock Cause Price Decline Future Sublicense Pradefovir Not Occur Favorable Terms
Gaap General
General Administrative General Administrative Expenses
General Cvr Agreement General Disclosure Package
General Philosophy General Provisions
General Purpose General Release Not Extend Claims Creditor Know Suspect
Generally Pre-approved Services 2005 Generation Trß Agonist Program Identify Drug Candidates Reduce
Generation Trß Agonist Program Identify Drug Candidates Treating Generic Affiliate
Generic Equivalent George Schreiner Phd
Glp Glucagon Cvr Agreement
Going Concern Governing Law
Governing Plan Document Government Compliance
Government Regulation Product Approval Governmental Consents
Governmental Permits Governmental Review
Grant Offering Date Grant Purchase Rights Offering
Greement Group Insurance
Guidance Headings
Health Care Reform Measures Reimbursement Policies Not Favorable Heinz Gschwend Phd
Held 2009 Hepatitis
Hepatitis Collaboration Hepdirect Compounds
Hepdirect Technology Hereas Parties Agreed Prior Severance Agreement Shall Amended
Highlights Highlights Proposed Transaction
History Losses Prior Funding History Net Losses Expect Continue Foreseeable Future Unable
Hoffmann-la Roche Inc Hoffmann-la Roche Ltd
Holder Householding Proxy Materials
Howard Foyt Phd However
Hyperlipidemia Idenix
Idenix Know-how Idenix Nucleoside
Idenix Patents Idenix Representations Warranties
Immediate Family Immediate Release
Impairment Impairment Long-lived Assets
Impairment Rights Important 2004 Achievements
Important Additional Information Inability Complete Required Renovations Improvements New Facility Timely
Inaugural Meeting Incentive Bonus Target
Incentive Stock Option Incentive Stock Option 100000 Limitation
Income Tax Withholding Income Taxes
Incorporation Exhibits Incur Costs Associated Regulatory Compliance Significant
Incur Increased Costs Result Changes Laws Regulations Relating Incur Significant Costs Complying Environmental Laws Regulations
Incur Substantial Liabilities Product Liability Claims Insurance Coverage Ind
Ind-enabling Glp Toxicology Studies Indemnification
Indemnification Contribution Indemnification Idenix
Indemnification Merck Indemnification Metabasis
Indemnification Procedure Indemnification Schering
Independence Board Directors Committees Independent Contractors
Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Expressed Substantial Doubt Index
Index Exhibits Index Financial Statements
Indication Individual Performance Goals
Information Information Regarding Board Directors Committees
Infringe Infringement Party Rights
Initial Grant Initial Grants
Initial Metabasis Ftes Initial Non-refundable Fee Minimum Research Support Three-year Term
Initial Public Offering Initiates
Injunctive Relief Instruction Sheet
Insurance Integrated Offering
Intellectual Property Intentionally Left Blank
Interference Opposition Reexamination Reissue Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Introduction Invention
Inventions Inventorship
Investment Act Investment Assurances
Investment Experience Investment Intent
Investor Confidence Share Value Adversely Impacted Independent Auditors Investor Questionnaire
Investors Issuance Delivery Shares
Issuance New Warrants Jcc
Jdc John
John Beck Cpa Joint Commercialization Committee
Joint Development Committee Composition Meetings Cost Joint Information Inventions
Joint Invention Joint Patent Counsel
Joint Patents Product Joint Research Committee
Jointly-owned Off-target Compound Journal Pharmacology Experimental Therapeutics
Jrc Judgments
Know-how Late Payments
Later Business After Execution Agreement Investor Launch Meeting
Lawsuit Infringing Intellectual Property Rights Parties Costly Time Lease Commitments
Lease Termination Legal Expenses
Legal Opinion Legal Tax Investment Advice
Legend Letter
Letter Agreement Collaboration License License
License Collaboration Agreement License Collaboration Agreement Dated 2005
License-back Licensed Compound
Licensed Patents Licensed Patents Technology Not Subject Party Royalty Other
Licensed Technology Ligand Pharmaceuticals
Limit Ability Fund Ongoing Operations Obtain Additional Financing Limitation
Limitation Annual Grants Limitation Liability
Limitation Obligation Limitation Payments
Limitations Limited Experience Identifying Completing Integrating Acquisition Targets Not
Limited License Grant Limits Licensed Compound Metabasis
Liquidity Capital Resources Listing
Litigation Liver Disease Product Candidates
Liver Disease-related Programs Liver Diseases
Liver-specific Collagen Inhibitor Treatment Liver Fibrosis Loan Advance
Loan Payment Loan Security Agreement
Loan Terms Payment Lock-up Period
Long-term Incentives Loss
Losses Lost Stolen Mutilated Destroyed Warrant
Lower Cholesterol Triglycerides Decrease Low Density Lipoproteins Increase Lower Cholesterol Triglycerides Low Density Lipoproteins Increase High
Lower Cholesterol Triglycerides Nads Decrease Low Density Lipoproteins Luke Evnin Phd
Maa Maintenance Audit Records
Major Health Care Major Market Country
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Manufacturing
Market Information Market Registrants Common Equity Related Stockholder Matters Issuer
Market Volatility Affect Stock Price Value Investment Marketing Authorization
Markets Material Adverse Change
Material Adverse Effect Material Impairments
Material Not Soliciting Deemed Filed Securities Exchange Incorporated Material Report Not Soliciting Deemed Filed Sec Incorporated
Material Report Not Soliciting Deemed Filed Securities Exchange Materials
Mb07133 Mb07133 Hepdirect Prodrug Arac Monophosphate Treating Primary Liver
Mb07133 Hepdirect Prodrug Arac Treating Primary Liver Cancer Mb07133 Hepdirect Prodrug Arac Treatment Primary Liver Cancer
Mb07133 Hepdirect Prodrug Treatment Primary Liver Cancer Mb07133 Product Candidate Treatment Primary Liver Cancer Currently
Mb07803 Mb07803 Generation Fructose-1 6-bisphosphatase Inhibitor Treating Type Diabetes
Mb07803 Generation Gluconeogenesis Inhibitor Treating Type Diabetes Mb07803 Product Candidate Treatment Type Diabetes Currently Phase
Mb07803 Second-generation Gluconeogenesis Inhibitor Treatment Type Diabetes Mb07803 Type Diabetes
Mb07811 Mb07811 Compound Treatment Hyperlipidemia Possibly Obesity
Mb07811 Hyperlipidemia Mb07811 Liver-targeted Thyroid Hormone Receptor Agonist Treating Hyperlipidemia
Mb7803 Meaning Other-than-temporary Impairment Application Certain Investments
Meetings Meetings Board Directors Committee Member Attendance
Merck Merck Ampk Collaboration Extension
Merck Forward-looking Statement Merck Hcv Compound
Merck Inc Merck Indemnitee
Merck Information Inventions Merck Know-how
Merck Patents Merck Research Funding Metabasis Fte Commitments
Merger Agreement Metabasis
Metabasis Change Control Metabasis Change Control Insolvency Event
Metabasis Contributes Following Ligand Metabasis Employee Incentive Compensation Plan 2007
Metabasis Forward-looking Statement Metabasis Indemnitee
Metabasis Information Inventions Metabasis Insolvency Event
Metabasis Know-how Metabasis Marks
Metabasis Not Worked Compositions Treatment Hepatitis Since Original Metabasis Option Prosecute Maintain Joint Patents
Metabasis Patents Metabasis Platform Patents
Metabasis Product Patents Metabasis Representations Warranties
Metabasis Representations Warranties Covenants Metabasis Sales Force
Metabasis Technology Metabasis Therapeutics Announces 2006 Results Progress Clinical Trials
Metabasis Therapeutics Announces 2007 Results Achievements Metabasis Therapeutics Announces 2007 Results Comments Recent Events
Metabasis Therapeutics Announces 2008 Results Metabasis Therapeutics Announces 2008 Results Recent Highlights
Metabasis Therapeutics Announces 2009 Financial Results Metabasis Therapeutics Announces 413m Private Placement
Metabasis Therapeutics Announces Appointment Elizabeth Stoner Former Merck Metabasis Therapeutics Announces Corporate Restructuring Workforce Reduction
Metabasis Therapeutics Announces Cs-917 Phase Clinical Trial Results Metabasis Therapeutics Announces Research Collaboration Idenix Develop Compounds
Metabasis Therapeutics Appoints David Hale Chairman Board Metabasis Therapeutics Appoints Tran Nguyen Vice President Chief
Metabasis Therapeutics Establishes Committed Equity Financing Facility Metabasis Therapeutics Inc
Metabasis Therapeutics Inc Announces Termination Partner Sankyo Cs-917 Metabasis Therapeutics Inc Deadline Noon Est
Metabasis Therapeutics Inc Index Financial Statements Metabasis Therapeutics Raises Approximately Through Warrant Exchange Concurrent
Metabasis Therapeutics Receives Notice Delisting Nasdaq Capital Market Metabasis Therapeutics Recieves Notice Noncompliance Nasdaq Listing Requirements
Metabasis Therapeutics Reports 2006 Financial Results Business Accomplishments Metabasis Therapeutics Reports 2007 Financial Results Progress Provides
Metabasis Therapeutics Reports 2008 End Financial Results Metabasis Trademarks
Metabasis Wwwmbasiscom Metabolic Disease Advanced Discovery Programs
Metabolic Disease Advanced Research Programs Metabolic Disease Indication
Metabolic Disease Program Focused Developing Ampk Activator Treating Metabolic Disease Program Focused Developing Glucagon Antagonist Treating
Metabolic Disease Program Focused Developing Glucagon Receptor Antagonist Metabolic Disease Program Identify Drug Candidates Treat Type
Metabolic Diseases Method Payment
Milestone Milestone Payments
Milestones Non-refundable Non-creditable Minimis
Minutes Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous Provisions Mitigation Loss
Money Laundering Laws Multiple-dose Clinical Trial Mb07811 Completed
Mutual Representations Warranties Name
Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant Nasdaq
Nasdaq Compliance Nasdaq Marketplace Rule 4350
Nasdaq National Market Nda
Need Decrease Increase Size Organization Experience Difficulties Managing Need Decrease Size Organization Experience Difficulties Managing Those
Need Further Decrease Size Organization Experience Difficulties Managing Need Increase Size Organization Experience Difficulties Managing Growth
Need Liquidate Voluntary Dissolution Delaware Law Seek Protection Need Substantial Additional Funding Unable Raise Capital Needed
Need Substantial Additional Funds Continue Operations Not Able Negative Covenants
Negative Covenants Implied Licenses Net Exercise
Net Interest Income Net Loss Per Share
Net Sales New Accounting Pronouncements
News Release Nine-month Period Ending 2005
Nominees Election Three-year Term Expiring 2008 Annual Meeting Nominees Election Three-year Term Expiring 2009 Annual Meeting
Nominees Election Three-year Term Expiring 2010 Annual Meeting Nominees Election Three-year Term Expiring 2011 Annual Meeting
Nominees Election Three-year Term Expiring 2012 Annual Meeting Non Competition
Non-core Assets Non-core Assets-liver Disease Product Candidates Other Programs
Non-employee Director Non-gaap Financial Measure
Non-merck Product Non-solicitation
Non-waiver Nonqualified Defined Contribution Other Deferred Compensation Plans
Nonstatutory Stock Option Not Able Complete Merger Ligand Failure Adversely Affect
Not Able Enter Collaborations Respect Core Assets Mb07811 Not Able Enter Collaborations Respect Glucagon Antagonist Program
Not Able Enter Collaborations Respect Non-core Assets Pradefovir Not Able License Sell Assets Mb07811 Mb07803 Glucagon
Not Applicable Not Internal Manufacturing Capabilities Fail Develop Maintain Supply
Not Investment Not Sufficient Authorized Available Shares Common Stock Raise
Notice Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2005
Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2006 Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2007
Notice Date Notice Exercise
Notice Noncompliance Nasdaq Listing Requirements Notices
Notices Agreements Notices Etc
Notices Record Date Certain Other Events Notification Infringement
Novel Drugs Address Some Worlds Most Widespread Costly Now Therefore
Nucleotide Mimetic Targeting Protein Kinase Treatment Type Diabetes Number 000-50785
Number Shares Exercise Price Numimetic Technology
Obligations Party Seeking Indemnified Ofac
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Offer Exchange Stock Options
Offer Letters Offering
Offering Subject Plan Officer
Officer Certificate Officers Certificate
Opinion Counsel Option
Option Agreement Option Exercises Stock Vested
Option Not Service Contract Option Prosecute Maintain Collaboration Patents
Option Prosecute Maintain Patents Option Provisions
Optionholder Options
Organization Organization Basis Presentation
Organization Business Organization Meetings Minutes
Organization Standing Other Benefits
Other Compensation Other Events
Other Income Expense Other Income Expense Net
Other Income Net Other Information
Other Investors Other Matters
Other Payments Institutional Investor Result Dilution Stockholders Other Products
Other Programs Other Regulations
Other Services Other Stock Award
Other Stock Award Agreement Other Stock Awards
Other Technologies Oting Nstructions
Outplacement Services Outside Director
Overview Own Owned Owner Ownership
Ownership Ownership License-back
Parachute Payments Part
Part Schedule Partial Unenforceability
Participant Participation
Participation Withdrawal Termination Parties Responsible Performance Affiliates
Party Party Beneficiaries
Party Licenses Party Patent Licenses
Patent Enforcement Patent Extensions
Patent Fees Patent Prosecution
Patent Rights Patent Term Restoration
Patents Patents Covering Inventions Owned Metabasis
Paul Laikind Phd Paying Proxy Solicitation
Payment Payment Expenses
Payment Interest Credit Extensions Payment Reports
Payment Taxes Expenses Payment Terms
Pcaob Pcc Criteria
Pension Long-term Incentive Plans Percent Stockholder
Percent Stockholders Performance Affiliates Sublicensees Subcontractors
Performance Bonuses Performance Criteria
Performance Graph Performance Measurement Comparison
Permitted Free Writing Prospectus Person
Phantom Stock Phantom Stock Award
Phantom Stock Award Agreement Phase Clinical Trial
Pipeline Pipeline-liver Diseases
Pipeline-metabolic Diseases Placement Agent Agreement
Placement Agent Indemnified Party Placement Agents
Placement Agents Information Placement Agreement
Plan Plan Governance
Plan Term Please
Please Indicate Compliance Status Circling Yes Complies Column Policies Procedures Respect Related Party Transactions
Policy Position Details
Post Termination Liabilities Posting Equipment
Potential Payments Termination Change-in-control Powers Board
Pradefovir Pradefovir Hepatitis
Pradefovir Hepdirect Prodrug Adefovir Treating Hepatitis Pradefovir Hepdirect Prodrug Adefovir Treatment Hepatitis
Pradefovir Hepdirect Prodrug Pmea Treating Hepatitis Pradefovir Mesylate Hepdirect Prodrug Adefovir Treatment Hepatitis
Pradefovir Product Candidate Treatment Hepatitis Successfully Completed Phase Pre-approval Fee Levels Budgeted Amounts
Pre-approval Policies Procedures Pre-arbitration Dispute Resolution
Pre-clinical Studies Preclinical Candidate
Preclinical Milestone Preclinical Studies
Preliminary Prospectus Press Release
Pricing Approval Primary Liver Cancer
Primary Responsibility Principal Accountant Fees Services
Prior Adoption Sfas 123r Private Placement
Pro Rata Procedural Matters
Proceeds Proceeds Shares Common Stock
Proceeds Stock Process Chemistry Know-how
Process Chemistry Patents Prodrug Pmea
Product Product Candidates
Product Candidates Cause Undesirable Side Effects Delay Prevent Product Candidates Subject Extensive Regulation Costly Time Consuming
Product Patents Product Patents Joint
Product Pipeline-liver Diseases Product Pipeline-metabolic Diseases
Product Position Product Regulation
Program Improvement Program Patent
Prohibited Non-audit Services Project Leader
Project Leaders Promising Development-stage Programs
Proof Concept Milestone Proof-of-concept Clinical Trial Mb07803 Completed
Properties Property Equipment
Proposal Proposed Merger Ligand Pharmaceuticals Incorporated
Proprietary Information Inventions Agreements Proprietary Technologies
Prospectus Provided
Provided Further Provided Further However
Provided However Provision Information
Provisional Remedy Proxy Solicited Board Directors Annual Meeting Stockholders Held
Proxy Statement Annual Report Stockholders Available Http Wwwmbasiscom Publication
Publications Publicity
Purchase Agreement Purchase Date
Purchase Period Purchase Price
Purchase Right Purchase Rights
Purchase Rights Price Purchasers
Purchases Purpose
Purpose Plan Purpose Policy
Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Pursuing Diversified Development Commercialization Strategy Product Candidates Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quarterly Operating Results Stock Price Fluctuate Significantly Quarterly Reports
Questionable Payments Quorum Voting
Raising Additional Funds Issuing Securities Through Collaboration Licensing Raising Additional Funds Issuing Securities Through Licensing Arrangements
Ratification Selection Independent Auditors Receipt Payment
Receiving Proxy Materials Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Recent Changes Regulatory Requirements Developing Drugs Treatment Metabolic Recent Developments
Recent Events Recent Events Management Plans
Recent Highlights Recent Sales Unregistered Securities Proceeds
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Sensitive Information Series Preferred Stock Deemed Dividend
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Severance Agreement Severance Agreements
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Share-based Payment Share-based Payments
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Stock Award Agreement Stock Certificate Questionnaire
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Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Subscription Agreement
Subsequent Event Subsequent Events
Subsidiary Substantial Liabilities Result Product Liability Claims Insurance Coverage
Substantial Portion Consideration Payable Merger Consists Cvrs Not Substitute Compound
Success Depends Ability Protect Intellectual Property Including Proprietary Success Product Candidates Programs Depends Intellectual Property Protection
Successors Successors Assigns
Successors Persons Entitled Benefit Agreement Sued Infringing Intellectual Property Rights Parties Costly Time
Summary Compensation Summary Quarterly Financial Data
Summary Significant Accounting Policies Supporting Documents
Surrender Premises Survival
Survival Indemnities Representations Warranties Etc Survival Representations Warranties Agreements
Surviving Provisions Table Contents
Tace Tail Period
Target Compound Target Prescriber
Target Prescribers Taxes
Technologies Technology
Tenure Duties Officers Term
Term Agreement Term Agreement Connection Development Commercialization Product Hereunder Schering
Term Termination Termination
Termination Agreement Termination Cause
Termination Continuous Service Termination Idenix
Termination Material Definitive Agreement Termination Participants Continuous Service
Termination Suspension Plan Terms Sale
Text Omitted Filed Separately Securities Exchange Confidential Treatment Title Combination Fbpase Inhibitor Anti Diabetic Agents
Title Drug Containing Fbpase Inhibitor Title Medicinal Composition Containing Fbpase Inhibitor
Title Medicinal Composition Treating Diabetes Title Pharmaceutical Composition Containing Thiazole Compound
Title Preparation Produced Dry Process Title Preventive Agents Diabetes Mellitus
Title Thiazole Compound Today Announced
Towne Centre Drive Building 300 San Diego California Tox
Trademarks Trading
Training Transaction Agreements Shall Mean Collectively Valeant Schering Agreement
Transactions Affiliates Transfer Securities
Transfer Warrant Transferability
Transferability Incentive Stock Option Transferability Nonstatutory Stock Option
Transfers Triggering Events Accelerate Increase Direct Financial Obligation
Turmoil Credit Markets Financial Services Industry Negatively Impact Unable Enter Agreements Parties Sell Develop Obtain Regulatory
Unable Enter Agreements Parties Sell Market Product Candidates Unable Establish Sales Marketing Capabilities Enter Agreements Parties
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Valeant Valeant License Agreement
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Viral Enzyme Inhibitor Treatment Hepatitis Vote
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Warrants Purchase Common Stock Wayne Frost Pharm
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What Return Proxy Card Not Make Specific Choices What Voting
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