Topic Listing for Micron Technology

Absence Certain Changes Events Acceleration Certain Events
Acceleration Change Control Acceleration Death Disability
Acceleration Other Reason Access Information
Account Receivable Account Reduction
Accountants Accounting Implications Executive Compensation Program
Accrued Accrued Benchmark Price
Accrued Benchmark Price Adjustment Accumulated Distributions Accounts
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income Loss Acknowledgement
Acquisition Acquisition Documents
Acquisition Other Documents Acquisition Proposal
Acquisition Total Documents Acquisitions Consolidations
Act Action Divestiture
Action Interpretations Committee Action Without Meeting
Actual Additional Capital Expenditure Actual Performance Projection
Adams Additional Agreements
Additional Attendees Manufacturing Committee Meetings Additional Conditions Obligations
Additional Conditions Obligations Parent Additional Information Merger Find
Additional Provisions Adjusted Capital Account Balance
Adjusted Contribution Amount Adjusted Fair Market Value
Adjusted Jvc Per Wafer Adjustment Cash Dividends
Adjustment Change Capital Stock Adjustment Jvc Per Wafer8221
Adjustment Other Distributions Adjustment Rights Options Warrants Issue
Adjustment Tender Offer Adjustment Threshold
Adjustments Adjustments Exchange Ratio
Administration Adoption Stockholder Approval
Advance Adverse Determination Products Manufacturing Processes Infringe Intellectual Property
Adverse Interpretation Other Agreements Affiliate
Affiliate Agreements Affiliated
Affiliates Aggregate Damage Referred 131 Llc Operating Agreement
Agreement Agreement Date
Agreement Vote Agreement Vote Shares
Agreements Covenants Agreements Sell Purchase
Allegations Anticompetitive Conduct Allegations Antitrust Violations
Allegations Violations Securities Laws Allocation Member Nonrecourse Deductions
Allocation Nonrecourse Deductions Allocations
Alteration Alterations
Amendment Amendment Agreement
Amendment Agreement Amended Restated Entirety Following Amendment Date
Amendment Merger Agreement Amendment Modification Termination
Amendment Termination Amendment Termination Plan
Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change Financial Amendments Consent Holders
Amendments Supplements Waivers Ancillary Agreements
Annex Annexation Development Agreement
Annual Budget Annual Business Plan
Annual Business Plan Budget Annual Credit Amount
Annual Meeting Shareholders 2007 Annual Meeting Shareholders Micron Technology Inc Held Thursday
Answer Notice Antitrust Authorities
Antitrust Matters Apple
Apple Products Applicable Joint Venture
Applicable Law Applicable Law Construction
Applicable Percentage Applicable Projection
Application 707 Code Appointing Member
Appraiser Approved Business Plan
Approved Capital Expenditure Aptina Imaging Business
Aptina Imaging Corporation 8220aptina8221 Aptina Supply Agreement
Articles Incorporation Assembly Outs
Assembly Plan Assembly Test Services Agreement
Asset Based Financing Assigned Contracts
Assigned Employees Assignment
Assignment Subletting Assignments
Associated Assets Assumed Option
Assumption Certain Options Ate
Audit Audit Committee
Audited Financial Statements Audited Purchaser8217s
Authorised Investments Authority
Authority Committee Authorized Representative
Automobile Liability Insurance Limits Not Less Per Accident Avago Technologies Limited Image Sensor Business
Avago Technologies Limited Image Sensor Business 8220avago8221 Availability Period
Availability Raw Materials Available
Available Commitment Available Facility
Average Front End Cost Average Qimonda Jvc Per Wafer
Award Award Agreement
Award Certificates Awards
Awards Intended Satisfy 162 Awards Not Intended Satisfy 162
Awards Previously Granted Axes
Backlog Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet Metric Event Bank
Banking Act Bankruptcy
Banks Base Salaries
Base Salary Baseline Flow
Basis Presentation Because Market Price Micron Common Stock Fluctuate Value
Benchmark Price Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Beneficially Own Beneficiaries
Beneficiary Benefits Named Executive Officers Others
Bilateral Agreements Binding Effect Assignment
Bloomberg Board Committee Reports
Board Directors Recommends Vote Proposals Board Directors Recommends Voting Against Adoption Proposal Following
Board Directors Recommends Voting Approval 2007 Equity Incentive Board Managers
Board Meetings Committees Boise Fab
Boise Idaho Boise Idaho 2006
Boise Idaho Dec 2009 Boise Idaho Feb 2009
Boise Idaho Fremont Calif Boise Idaho Oct 2008
Boise Idaho San Jose Calif 2009 Boise Idaho Taipei Taiwan 2008
Boise Side Letter Agreement Boise Supply Agreement
Book Book Income Loss
Book Value Borrower
Borrower Accounts Assignment Boundary Conditions
Breach Brian Shields
Brian Shirley Broadening Product Portfolio Proves Increasingly Beneficial
Brokers Finders Fees Budget
Building Building Services
Burn-in Documen Business
Business Continuity Plan Business Criteria Performance Goals Shall Based
Business Plan Business Scope
Buyer Buyer Parent
Buyer Ptla Buyer Seller
Buyer Tta Buyout Determination Date
Buyout Notice Buyout Price
Buyout Shares Buyout Subsidiary
Call Spread Options Cancellation Treasury Parent Owned Stock
Cap Amount Capacity
Capital Account Capital Accounts Allocations
Capital Contribution Capital Contribution Balance
Capital Stock Capital Structure
Capitalization Capped Call Transactions
Cash Compensation Cashed-out Options
Casualty Cause
Cautionary Regarding Forward-looking Statements Ceo Compensation
Certain Concentrations Certain Definitions
Certain Factors Certain Federal Tax Effects
Certain Interpretive Matters Certain Relationships Related Transactions
Certificate Certificate Eighteenth Amendment
Certificate Incorporation Bylaws Certificate Merger
Certificate Nineteenth Amendment Certificate Opinion Conditions Precedent
Certificate Seventeenth Amendment Certificate Twentieth Amendment
Certificate Twenty-eighth Amendment Certificate Twenty-fifth Amendment
Certificate Twenty-first Amendment Certificate Twenty-fourth Amendment
Certificate Twenty-second Amendment Certificate Twenty-seventh Amendment
Certificate Twenty-sixth Amendment Certificate Twenty-third Amendment
Certificates Certification
Certification Chief Executive Officer Pursuant Usc 1350 Certification Chief Financial Officer Pursuant Usc 1350
Chairman Chairman Manufacturing Committee
Change Consolidating Member Change Control Arrangement
Change Control8221 Change Notice
Change Recommendation Change Recommendation Notice
Change-in-control Arrangements Changes
Changes Capital Structure Changes Foreign Currency Exchange Rates Materially Adversely Affect
Changes Reflect Focus Furthering Success Product Diversification Efforts Chargebacks Income Gain
Charges Earnings Resulting Application Purchase Method Accounting Adversely Charter Documents
Chief Executive Officer Chief Financial Officer
Cibsl Claim Notice
Claims Close Acquisition Documents
Close Cash Consideration Close Fia Approval
Close Shares Closing
Closing Date Closing Time
Closing Transfer Receiving Party Cnda
Cobra Code
Code 409 Code Business Conduct Ethics
Collateral Collateral Counterparty Required Posted Respect Transaction
Combined Net Operating Loss Carryforwards Limited Result Merger Combined Not Realize Benefits Proposed Merger Because Significant
Commencement Date Commitment
Commitment Letter Commitment Letters
Commitments Committed Capital
Committee Committee Action
Committee Discretion Commodity Stack Dram Products
Commodity Stack Dram Products8221 Common Areas
Common Stock Common Stock Warrants
Communication Audit Committees Communication Holders Other
Communications Board Comparison Cumulative Total Return
Compensation Compensation Committee
Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Compensation Directors Executive Officers
Compensation Members Manufacturing Committee Compensation Peer Group Data
Compensation-setting Process Determination Compensation Levels Competition
Competition Law Competition Laws
Competitive Competitively Sensitive Information
Complementary Metal-oxide Semiconductor Cmos Image Sensors Completion
Completion Buyout Completion Merger Subject Number Conditions Agreement
Completion Put Call Compliance Certificate
Compliance Disclosure Obligations Compliance Law
Compliance Laws Compliant Party
Compliant Shareholder Components Executive Compensation Program
Comprehensive Income Comprehensive Income Loss
Computer Industry Matures Growth Rate Computers Sold Amount Concurrent Offering Common Stock
Concurrent Offering Convertible Senior Notes Condemnation
Conditions Merger Conditions Obligations Each Party Effect Merger
Conditions Underwriters Obligations Conduct Business
Confidential Information Confidentiality
Confidentiality Access Information Modification Representations Warranties Covenants Confidentiality Agreement
Confidentiality Ownership Confidentiality Undertaking
Confirmation Not Secured Collateral Otherwise Secure Obligations Counterparty Conflict
Conflicts Agreement Conforming Ratio
Conforming Wafer Conformity Trust Indenture Act
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consents Waivers
Consideration Consideration Tax Consequences Making Compensation Decisions
Consolidated Financial Statements Statement Schedule Consolidating Member
Consolidation Merger Sale Lease Assets Constructive Sale
Consumer Industry Matures Rate Growth Sales Computers Semiconductor Contaminants
Contingencies Continuing
Continuing Employees Continuing Obligation Call Hold Convene Stockholders Meeting Other
Contract Contract Products
Contractor Contracts
Contracts Prior Closing Contribution Assets Contractual Obligations
Contributing Shareholder Control
Controlled Controller Supporting Materials
Controls Procedures Convening Board Directors Meeting
Conversion Conversion Notice
Conversion Privilege Conversion Procedures Settlement
Convertible Senior Notes Due 2013 Copy
Core Commercial Agreements Corporate Information
Corporate Transaction Corporate Transactions
Corrective Allocation Cosl
Counterparts Covenants
Covenants Underwriters Coverage Test
Critical Accounting Estimates Critical Accounting Policies
Critical Deadlock Cure Period
Current Economic Political Conditions Harm Business Current Report Form 8-k Dated 2005
Current Report Form 8-k Dated 2006 Current Report Form 8-k Dated 2007
Cycle Time Cycle-time
Damages Cap Data Room
Date Report Earliest Event Reported Micron Technology Ddr
Ddr Ddr2 Ddr2 Ddr3
Deadline Receipt Shareholder Proposals 2006 Annual Meeting Deadline Receipt Shareholder Proposals 2007 Annual Meeting
Deadlock Deadlock Terminating Party
Debenture Debt Payoffs
Debt Service Deposit Accounts Deductibility 162
Deductibility Code 162 Deemed Liquidation
Default Default Conflict
Defaulted Interest Defaulting Member
Defaulting Party Defaulting Shareholder
Deferral Deferred Stock Units
Defined Terms Defined Terms Capitalized Used Not Herein Shall Meaning
Definitions Definitions Certain Interpretive Matters
Definitions Incorporation Reference Delaware Law
Delivery Restricted Stock Demand Forecast
Density Road Map Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment
Design Design Qualification
Design Sow Design Sow Costs
Determination Certification Attainment Performance Goals Committee Discretion Determination Certification Awards
Dgcl Dge
Die Yield Difficulty Integrating Operations Lexar
Dilutive Transaction Direct Claim
Direction Proxy Voted Director Compensation
Director Independence Director Summary Compensation
Directors Directors Officers
Disability Discharge
Disclosure Controls Disclosure Results Operations Financial Condition
Disclosure Schedule Dispute
Dispute Resolution Jurisdiction Venue Disputed Approved Business Plan
Disruptions Supply Raw Materials Materially Adversely Affect Business Dissolution Liquidation
Dissolving Member Event Distribution Entitlement
Distributions Distributions Respect Unexchanged Shares
Divestiture Divestiture Action
Dividend Equivalents Dividends
Documents Documents Incorporated Reference
Doj Draft
Draft Administrator Draft Commencement Date
Drafter Drafting Party
Dram Dram Joint Ventures Nanya
Dram Joint Ventures Nanya Technology Corporation 8220nanya8221 Dram Module8221
Dram Product Dram Products
Drawdown Date Durcan
Dynamic Random Access Memory Dram Earnings Per Share
Economic Development Agreement Economic Development Board
Economic Interest Effect
Effect Acceleration Effect Capital Stock
Effect Consent Effect Merger
Effect Transaction Executive Compensation Tax Effective Dat
Effective Date Effective Grant Date Been Awarded Shares Micron Technology
Effective Term Plan Effective Time Closing
Effectiveness Effectiveness Defaulting Underwriters
Election Election Notice
Elements Director Compensation Eligibility
Eligible Grantees Eligible Participants
Employee Agreement Employee Matters
Employee Plan Employee Plan Compliance
Employee Policies Employee Restriction Period
Employee Savings Plan Employee Savings Plan Employees
Employee Service Provider Employees
Employees Joint Venture Employment Criteria
Employment Matters Encumbrance
Encumbrances Engineering Wafers
Entire Agreement Entire Agreement Amendment
Entire Agreement Third-party Beneficiaries Entitlement
Entity Classification Entry Material Definitive Agreement
Environmental Claim Environmental Compliance
Environmental Law Environmental Laws
Environmental Liabilities Environmental Obligations
Environmental Permits Equity Awards Employee Matters
Equity Compensation Equity Compensation Plan Information
Equity Interest Equity Interests
Equivalency Operations Erisa Affiliate
Ermination Credit Agreement Release Liens Escrow Pledge Shares
Espp Establishment Performance Goals
Estimated Final Price Statement Estimates
Esting Estoppel Certificates
Event Event Default
Event Shall Indemnifying Party Liable Indemnified Punitive Damages Events Default
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Excess Deficit Balance
Excess Nonrecourse Liabilities Exchange Act
Exchange Agent Exchange Buyout Awards
Exchange Fund Exchange Procedures
Exculpation Indemnification Excursion
Execution Date Executive Officer Compensation
Executive Officer Performance Incentive Plan Executive Sessions
Executive Sessions Communications Board Executive Vice President
Exercise Agreement Exercise Buyout Right
Exercise Notice Exercise Price
Exercise Satisfaction Discharge Option Respect Notes Only Exercise Term
Exhibits Existing Credit Agreement
Existing Relationship Between Micron Intel Existing Security Documents
Expect Make Future Acquisitions Advisable Involve Numerous Risks Expenditures
Expenses Experienced Dramatic Declines Average Selling Prices Memory Products
Experienced Dramatic Declines Average Selling Prices Semiconductor Memory Expiration Authority Grant Incentive Stock Options
Expiration Date Explanatory
Export Approvals Transfer Material Licenses Parent Surviving Corporation Export Control Laws
Extended Maturity Date Extension Waiver
Extent Notes Become Convertible Pursuant Cash Adjustment Need Fab
Fab Criteria Fab Draft Period
Fab Equipment Fab Lease
Fab Yield Face Risks Associated International Sales Operations Materially Adversely
Face Risks Related Implementation New Sarbanes-oxley 404 Controls Facilities
Facilities Employee Non-solicitation Period Facility
Facility Employee Non-solicitation Period Facility Office
Fail Achieve Certain Milestones Obligated Pay Intel Corporation Failure Reach Agreement
Fair Market Value Fair Value
Fair Value Measurements Nonrecurring Basis Fairness Opinion
Family Member Fcpa
Fees Paid Filing
Filing Event Final Price Adjustment Memo
Finance Documents Financial Indebtedness
Financial Instruments Financial Officer
Financial Statements Financial Statements Exhibits
Financials Financing
Financing Activities Fini Shares
Flash Memory Integrated Circuit Flash Technologies Llc
Flash Technologies Llc Imft Floor Amount
Following Discussion Contains Trend Information Other Forward-looking Statements Force Majeure Event
Forecast Purchase Orders Forecasts
Foregoing Discussion Contains Forward-looking Statements Micron Regarding Future Foregoing Discussion Contains Forward-looking Statements Regarding Future Investments
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Foreign Currency Exchange Rate Risk
Foreign Facilities Foreign Facilities Member
Forfeiture Forfeiture Events
Form 10-q Form Initial Contribution
Form Lock-up Letter Form Mandatory
Form Optional Form Optional Other
Form Payment Awards Formation Additional Entities
Formation Imft Joint Venture Intel Corporation Resulting Plans Formation Imft Resulting Plans Significantly Increase Nand Flash
Formation Llc Transfer Intellectual Property Former Consolidating Member
Foundational Know-how Foundry Customer
Foundry Customer Products Fractional Shares
Free Defects Materials Workmanship Front-end Manufacturing Operations
Functional Currency Funding Member
Funding Member Portion Further
Further Action Further Obligation
Further Ownership Rights Common Stock Further Provided
Further Resolved Future Cash Requirements
Gaap Gbs
Gender Number General
General Provisions General Restriction
Geographic Information Goodwill Impairment
Goodwill Intangible Assets Gordon Smith
Governance Committee Governance Compensation Committee
Governing Law Government Other Regulations
Governmental Approvals Governmental Authorizations
Governmental Body Governmental Entity
Governmental Restriction Grant
Grant Deferred Stock Units Grant Dividend Equivalents
Grant Performance Shares Grant Restricted Stock Units
Grant Stock Appreciation Rights Grant Stock Other Stock-based Awards
Gross Margin Gross Margins Sales Lexar Products Adversely Affected Pricing
Group Gst
Guarantee Guarantor
Guarantor Sec Filings Guaranty
Guaranty Obligations Guiding Principles
Gwb Hazardous Materials
Hazardous Substances Headings
Headquarters 8000 Federal Way Boise Idaho 83716-9632 Headquarters Located 8000 South Federal Way Boise Idaho
Held Held Microns Headquarters 8000 Federal Way Boise Thursday
Hereunder Hipaa
Hiring Holders Record
Holding However
Hsr Act Hsr Act Foreign Approvals
Ibis Model Icdr
Identifies Imaging
Imaging Product Imaging Product8221
Imft Imi
Imi Documents Imi Qimonda Supply Agreement
Immediate Release Impact Economic Crisis Compensation Practices 2009
Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials Micron Technology Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials Shareholder Meeting
Improvements Imputed Income
In-process Designs Incentive Bonuses
Incentive Stock Options Including
Income Taxes Increased Worldwide Dram Production Lack Demand Lead Further
Increased Worldwide Semiconductor Memory Production Lack Demand Lead Indebtedness
Indebtedness Borrowed Money Indemnification
Indemnification Procedures Indemnified Claim
Indemnified Losses Indemnified Parties
Indemnified Party Indemnifying Party
Indemnity Indemnity Contribution
Indemnity Tax Consequences Indenture Witnesseth
Independent Member Index
Index Consolidated Financial Statements Index Exhibits Filed Current Report Form 8-k Dated
Individual Dollar Limitation Industry Standard
Industry Standard8221 Infineon
Infineon Buyer Tla Information
Information Memorandum Information Registration Statement Prospectus Proxy
Information Right Information Technology
Infringement Initial Budget
Initial Business Plan Initial Business Plan Budget
Initial Capital Contribution Initial Grant
Initial Managers Initial Operating Metric Event
Initial Period Initial Pre-payment
Initiating Party Initiating Shareholder
Inotera Inotera Memories Inc
Inotera Memories Inc 8220inotera8221 Insider
Inspection Instructing Group
Instructions Given Wit Respect Properly Executed Proxy Timely Insurance
Insurance Assignment Insurance Expert
Intel Intel Agreements
Intel Corporation Intel Executive Officer
Intel Exercise Notice Intel Initial Capital Contribution
Intel Initial Contributed Assets Intel Micron Confidential
Intel Personnel Secondment Agreement Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property Rights Interest
Interest Payments Interest Period
Interest Rate Risk Interest Rate Swap
Interest Rights Preserved Interested Member
Interim Operations Merger Sub Internal Control Integrated Framework
Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Adversely Affected Material
Internal Controls Internal Revenue Code
International Employee Plan Interpretation Knowledge
Inventories Inventory Write-downs
Investing Activities Investment
Investment Exchange Fund Invoice Price
Irrevocable Proxy Issuance Common Stock
Issuance Date Issuance Restrictions
Issuer Purchases Equity Securities James Bagley
Jan Preez Jay Hawkins
Jdp Agreement Jdp Co-chairmen
Jdp Committee Jdp Design
Jdp Inventions8221 Jdp Process Node
Joint Development Committee Joint Development Program Agreement
Joint Stock Firm Other Enterprise Association Organization Entity Joint Venture
Joint Venture Agreement Joint Venture Documents
Joint Venture Equipment Joint Venture Joinder
Joint Venture Joinder8221 Joint Venture Minimum Gain
Joint Venture Non-solicitation Period Joint Venture Products
Joint Venture Reportable Events Joint Ventures
Jurisdiction Venue Kipp Bedard
Knowledge Known Good Die
Labor Landlord
Landlords Insurance Requirements Lapse Option
Later Liquidating Event Law
Lawrence Mondry Laws
Lead Controller Lease
Lease Documents Lease License Agreement
Leased Real Property Legal Holiday
Legal Proceedings Legal Requirements
Lehi Deed Lehi Fab
Lehi Lease Lehi Property
Lender Levied Imposed Grow Become Due Payable Out Respect
Lexar Matters Lexar Media Inc
Lexar Media Inc 8220lexar8221 Lexar Stockholders Reminded Vote Important Failure Same Effect
Liability Directors Officers Employees Incorporators Members Stockholders License Grants
Licenses Reservation Rights Licenses-in
Licenses-out Other Written Non-disclosure Agreements Non-exclusive Licenses Related Lien
Liens Limitation Awards
Limitation Liability Limitations Awards
Limitations Rights Limitations Transfer Beneficiaries
Limited Reps Limits Transfer
Liquidating Event Liquidation Date
Liquidity Capital Resources Listed Affiliates
Listing Litigation
Litigation Side Letter Llc
Llc Operating Agreement Loan
Loan Amount Located Box Below
Long-term Equity Incentives Losses
Lost Stolen Destroyed Certificates Maintenance
Majority Member Make Change Comply Trust Indenture Act Amendment Thereto
Make-up Contribution Management Board Managers
Management Cautions Stock Price Performance Information Shown Graph Management Conversion Date
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Manager
Mandatory Member Debt Financing Mandatory Notes
Mandatory Shortfall Manufacture Nand Flash Memory
Manufacturer Manufacturing
Manufacturing Capacity Manufacturing Committee
Manufacturing Committee Charter Manufacturing Fab Cooperation Agreement
Manufacturing Plan Manufacturing Process Disrupted Business Results Operations Financial Condition
Manufacturing Services Agreement Manufacturing Services Forecast
Market Common Stock Market Data Defined
Marketing Customers Mask Technology Center Llc
Mask Work Rights Master Agreement
Master Agreement Disclosure Letter Material Adverse Effect
Material Adverse Effect Parent Material Adverse Environmental Effect
Material Amendment Termination Respect Contract Material Change Accounting Methods Principles Practices Except Required
Material Contract Material Purchases Fixed Assets Other Long Term Ordinary
Material Restructuring Activities Subsidiaries Including Reductions Force Lease Materials Environmental Concern
Matter Matters
Maturity Date Maximum Award
Meeting Stockholders Meetings Board Directors Notice
Meetings Manufacturing Committee Quorum Meetings Telecommunications
Meiya Meiya Dissolution
Meiya Documents Meiya Dram Joint Venture Nanya Technology Corporation 8220nanya8221
Meiya Joint Venture Agreement Meiya Roll-up
Meiya Rollup Meiya Tta 68-50
Member Member Activities Letter Agreement
Member Budget Member Change Control
Member Debt Financing Member Nonrecourse Debt
Member Nonrecourse Debt Minimum Gain Member Nonrecourse Deduction
Member Nonrecourse Distribution Member Notes
Member Plan Amendment Member Reportable Events
Members Membership Manufacturing Committee
Memory Memory Products
Mental Entity Mercedes Johnson
Merger Merger Agreement
Merger Sub Merger Sub Charter Documents
Merger Sub Common Stock Mergers Acquisitions
Michael Sadler Micron
Micron Agreements Micron Assigned Employee Agreement
Micron Contributed Assets Micron Corporate Guarantee
Micron Equipment Micron Executive Officer
Micron Exercise Notice Micron Indemnitees
Micron Initial Capital Contribution Micron Initial Contributed Assets
Micron Maximum Incremental Capital Amount Micron Minority Closing
Micron Personnel Secondment Agreement Micron Products
Micron Products Apple Micron Proportion
Micron Retained Property Micron Security Documents
Micron Semiconductor Micron Technology Asia Pacific
Micron Technology Inc Micron Technology Inc Announces Appointment New Director Resignation
Micron Technology Inc Announces Reorganization Micron Technology Inc Announces Year-end Retirement Director Thomas
Micron Technology Inc Files Rico Lawsuit Against Rambus Micron Technology Inc Notice Annual Meeting
Micron Technology Inc Reports Results 2006 Micron Technology Inc-registration Statement Form S-3
Micron Term Micron Title Insurance Policies
Microns Supply Obligations Minority Closing
Minority Closing Price Minority Member
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Provisions
Missing Materials Mnl
Mobile Device Mobile Device8221
Mobile Dram Modification Performance Goals
Modification Representations Warranties Covenants Modified Gaap
Monthly Flash Report Mor
Morgan Stanley Mortgage
Most Recent Balance Sheet Date Mtt
Mtv Lease Mtv Lease Agreement
Mtv Site Mutual Confidentiality Agreement
Mutual General Indemnity Mutual Written Consent Duly Authorized Boards Directors Each
Name Nand Controller
Nand Flash Joint Ventures Intel 8220im Flash8221 Nand Flash Joint Ventures Intel Corporation
Nand Flash Memory Nand Flash Memory Design
Nand Flash Memory Die Nand Flash Memory Die Package
Nand Flash Memory Integrated Circuit Nand Flash Memory Product
Nand Flash Memory Wafer Nand Flash Supply Agreement
Nand Product Line Nanya
Nanya Seller Termination Agreement Nanya Waiver
Nasd Dealer Nda
Necessary Consents Negligent Acts Omissions
Net Book Value Net Operating Loss Carryforwards Limited Result Lexar Merger
Net Operating Loss Carryforwards Limited Result Merger Net Revenue Per Wafer
Net Sales New Agreement
New Ancillary Agreements New Lender
New Loan New Loan Documentation
New Mou New Parties
New Product Development Unsuccessful Nominees
Non-attributable Event Non-compliant Party
Non-compliant Shareholder Non-contributing Shareholder
Non-defaulting Party Non-defaulting Shareholder
Non-disclosure Non-employee Director Stock Incentive Plan
Non-employee Option Non-funding Member
Non-repeated Representations Non-solicitation Period
Non-sow Product Non-suit Agreement
Non-survival Representations Warranties Nonassignability
Nonexclusivity Plan Nonrecourse Deduction
Nonrecourse Distribution Nonstatutory Stock Option Plan
Nonstatutory Stock Option Plan Terms Conditions Nonstatutory Stock Options
Not Able Generate Sufficient Cash Flows Fund Operations Noteholder Communications Actions
Notes Notice
Notice 2005 Annual Meeting Shareholders Notice Default
Notice Default8221 Notice Drawdown
Notice Waiver Notices
Notification Notification Certain Matters
Notification Unsolicited Acquisition Proposals Novation Agreement
Now Therefore Now Therefore Resolved
Npc Npc Loan
Npc Loan Agreement Nqsos
Ntc Ntc Agreements
Ntc Assigned Employee Agreement Ntc Indemnitees
Ntc Initial Shares Ntc Micron Confidential
Number Directors Number Shares
Number Supervisors Nyse
Nyse Listing Requirements Objective Executive Compensation Program
Obligation Employ Obligations Joint Venture Processes Controls
Obligor Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Offered Shares Officers
Officers Committees Old Parties
Omnibus Agreement Opc
Open Source Operating Accounts
Operating Activities Operating Agreement
Operating Metric Event Operating Plan
Operation Approvals Operational Fab
Opinion Opinion Counsel Counterparty Shall Deliver Dated Trade Date
Option Pay Make-whole Premium Payable Holders Pursuant 1101 Option Percent
Option Period Option Plans
Option Price Option Purchase
Optional Financing Optional Loan Amount
Optional Notes Optional Other Financing
Optional Other Shortfall Optional Purchase Agreement
Optional Shortfall Optionee
Options Order
Order Placement Pricing Invoicing Orders
Ordinary Course Ordinary Course Business
Organization Organization Standing Power
Organizational Matters Original Agreement
Original Financial Statements Other 2007 Employee Benefits
Other 2008 Employee Benefits Other 2009 Employee Benefits
Other Allocations Other Capital Contributions
Other Compensation Other Contributed Property
Other Controls Procedures Other Currency
Other Events Other Information
Other Matters Other Modification
Other Modification Agreement Shall Not Modified Amendment Respect Other Operating Income Expense
Other Operating Income Expense Net Other Party
Other Remedies Other Shareholder
Other Specialty Dram Memory Products Other Terms
Other Terms Conditions Other Transfer
Other Transfer Prohibitions Output Percentage
Outside Director Outstanding Balance
Outstanding Shares Oversight Executive Compensation Program
Overview Paperinvestorelectionscom
Parachute Payments Parent
Parent Benefit Plan Parent Charter Documents
Parent Common Stock Parent Disclosure Schedule
Parent Financials Parent Merger Sub
Parent Options Parent Provide Common Stock
Parent Restricted Units Parent Sec Reports
Parent Time Prior Adoption Agreement Required Vote Stockholders Parents 401 Plan
Participants Parties
Party Party Claim
Party Infringers Patent Assignment
Patent Cross License Patent License Agreement
Patent Matters Patent Prosecution
Patent Rights Patents Licenses
Payment Payment Awards
Payment Delivery Payment Exercise Restrictions
Payment Interest Payment Share Purchases
Payments Consents Pending Knowledge Threatened Claims Against Subsidiary Respect Such
Pension Plan Per Share Merger Consideration
Percent Owners Percent Stockholder
Percentage Interest Performance Criteria
Performance Factors Performance Goals
Performance Graph Performance Graph Data
Performance Incentive Plan Effective 2004 Performance Period
Performance Reviews Reports Performance Shares
Performance Stock Bonus Agreement Permissible Awards
Permits Permitted
Permitted Affiliate Permitted Disclosures
Permitted Encumbrance Permitted Financial Indebtedness
Permitted Liens Permitted Purpose
Permitted Transfer Person
Persons Persons Respond Collection Information Contained Form Not Required
Phantom Shares Plan
Planning Forecast Planning Forecasting
Planning Meetings Forecasts Manufacturing Plan Planning Meetings Forecasts Performance Reviews Reports
Plans Significantly Increase Nand Flash Memory Production Sales Plant
Plastics Pledge
Pledge Agreement Pledged Account Receivable
Pledgor Pledgors
Por Pos
Post Termination Funding Period Post-employment Obligations
Potential Event Default Potential Event Default8221
Power Authority Ppcra
Pre-approval Policy Pre-existing Contemporaneously Executed Agreement
Pre-existing Contemporaneously Executed Agreements Pre-existing Designs
Pre-existing Product Designs Pre-payment
Precedent Agreements Preferred Stock
Premises Prepay
President Price
Price Payment Pricing
Primary Process Node Prime Wafer
Principal Accounting Fees Services Principal Place Business
Prior Plan Privacy
Privileges Stock Ownership Restrictions Shares Pro Rata
Pro Rata Share Probe Testing
Probe Yield Probed Wafer
Proceeding Process Qualification
Process Sow8221 Process Specification
Process Technology Processes Controls
Product Design Committee Agreement Product Design Roadmap
Product Designs Committee Agreement Product Designs Development Agreement
Product Die Yield Product Engineering
Product Process Technology Product Specifications
Product Warranty Products
Products Not Meet Specifications Contain Perceived Customers Defects Profit Sharing
Proforma Invoice Proforma Jvc Per Wafer
Prohibited Employees Prohibition Repricing
Properties Property
Property Plant Equipment Proportion
Proposal Proposal Approval Amendment 2004 Equity Incentive Plan Increasing
Proposal Ratification Appointment Independent Registered Publi Accounting Firm Proposal Ratification Appointment Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Proposed Business Plan Proposed Loading Plan
Proposed Loading Plan8221 Proposed Manufacturing Plan
Proposing Party Proposing Shareholder
Prospectus Proxy Statemen Prospectus Proxy Statement Registration
Provide Common Stock Provided
Provided Further Provided Further However
Provided However Provided Inputs
Provision Manufacturing Services Controls Provision Manufacturing Services Secondary Silicon
Provisions Governing Adjustment Conversion Rate Proxy
Proxy Properly Executed Voted Directed Direction Given Proposals Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors
Proxy Tabulator Proxy Video Conference
Pseudo-static Ram Psram Psram
Public Disclosure Public Offering
Publicly Available Software Purchase Agreement
Purchase Commitment Purchase Commitment Apple
Purchase Options Purchase Order
Purchase Price Purchase Sale Product
Purchase Sale Products Purchase Value
Purchasers Purpose
Pursuant Usc 1350 Qimonda
Qimonda Mnl Share Purchase Agreement Qtm
Qualified Performance-based Awards Quality Reliability
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Quiet Enjoyment
Quorum Quotation Date
Ramp Down Period Ramp Plan
Rasl Real Estate Brokers
Real Property Contracts Reallocation Avoid Excess Deficit Balances
Reasonable Reasonable Efforts
Receive Paper E-mail Notice Proxy Material Request Charge Receiving Party
Receiving Shareholder Recent Developments
Recently Adopted Accounting Standards Recently Enacted Changes Securities Laws Regulations Likely Increase
Recently Issued Accounting Standards Recitals
Reclassifications Record Date
Recoverable Taxes Recoverable Taxes8221
Redeemable Common Stock Redemption
Reduced Latency Dram Rldram Reduction Basis
Reference Banks Registered Intellectual Property
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 208 368-4000 Registration Statement
Regulatory Allocation Regulatory Filings
Regulatory Filings Reasonable Efforts Regulatory Law
Related Person Relating Affecting Rights Remedies Creditors Generally General Principles
Relationship Other Benefits Release Agreement
Relevant Loan Balance Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank
Remaining Assets Remaining Facility
Remaining Facility Purchase Offer Removal Replacement
Rent Repair Estimate
Repay Repayment
Repayment Date Repayment Instalment
Repeated Representations Replacement Period
Report Report Audit Committee Board Directors
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Representations Warranties
Representations Warranties Covenants Representations Warranties Hazardous Materials Disclaimer
Representations Warranties Parent Merger Sub Representative
Repurchase Repurchase Rights
Required Vote Required Withholding
Research Development Resellers Receive Price Protections Adverse Affect Gross Margins
Resolved Resolved Further
Restated Severance Agreement Restored Position
Restricted Activities Side Letter Restricted Employees
Restricted Stock Restricted Stock Awards
Restricted Stock Purchase Agreement Restricted Stock Unit Awards
Restricted Stock Units Restriction Employment
Restriction Lapse Schedule Restriction Period
Restructure Restructure Other Charges
Results Appointment New Directors Results Operations Financial Condition
Reuters Screen Revaluation Event
Revaluation Joint Venture Property Revenue Recognition
Revocability Proxy Right Exercise
Right Payment Right Redeem Notices Trustee
Rights Rights Awards Non-uniform Determinations
Risks Uncertainties Rldram
Robert Donnelly Robert Gove
Robert Lothrop Robert Switz
Roc Roc Fair Trade Law8221
Roc Law Roc Law8221
Roc Securities Exchange Law Roderic Lewis
Rule 13a-14 Certification Chief Executive Officer Rule 13a-14 Certification Chief Financial Officer
Rules Construction Rules Trustee Paying Agent Conversion Registrar
Sale Offer Sale Party
Schedule Schedule 14a
Schedules Scrap Scrapped
Sdram Sec
Sec Filings Sec Reports
Secondary Silicon Secondary Silicon Purchase Agreement
Secondary Silicon Specifications Sections
Secure Obligations Respect Notes Indenture Secured Obligations
Securities Act Securities Law Other Regulatory Compliance
Securities Matters Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Security Documents Security Sharing Agreement
See Accompanying Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Segment Information
Segregated Employees Selection Participants
Self-insured Plan Seller Parent
Seller Parent Inotera Contracts Seller Parent Nanya Contracts
Seller Shares Seller Sub
Sellers Sellers8217 Disclosure Letter
Selling General Administrative Semiconductor Industry Highly Competitive
Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology Semiconductor Memory Industry Highly Competitive
Senior Member Service Credit
Service Fee Service Provider Related Forms
Set-off Parties Agree Amend Agreement Replacing Entirety Following Settlement Release Agreement
Severability Severance Agreement
Severance Agreements Sexual Orientation Quality Principles
Share Acquisition Share Counting
Share Disposition Share Purchase
Share Purchase Agreement Shared Design Wafers
Shareholder Shareholders
Shareholders Agreement Shareholders Equity
Shareholders8217 Meetings Shares
Shares Available Awards Shares Common Stock
Shares Subject Plan Sharing Interest
Ship Shipped Short-term Incentive Awards
Shortfall Shortfall Amount
Shrink-wrapped Code Sibo
Sibor Signature
Signature Page Follows Signature Page Product Designs Assignment Agreement Entered Between
Signature Page Supply Agreement Entered Between Micron Technology Signatures
Signed Reverse Side Significant Accounting Policies
Significant Subsidiary Singapore
Singapore Business Site
Software Solicitation
Source Code Sow
Sow Costs Special Provisions Related 409a Code
Specific Performance Specifications
Specifications Joint Venture Shall Provide Probed Wafers Supplied Split Combination Reclassification Parent Common Stock
Split Combination Reclassification Subsidiaries Capital Stock Spv
Stack Dram Stack Dram Boundary Conditions
Stack Dram Design Stack Dram Design8221
Stack Dram Designs Stack Dram Manufacturing Capacity
Stack Dram Module Stack Dram Module8221
Stack Dram Product Stack Dram Product8221
Stand-alone Tandem Awards Standard Care
Standing Payment Instruction Start Date
State Takeover Statute Statements Required Certificate Opinion
Statute Investment Foreign Nationals8221 Steven Appleton
Stock Appreciation Rights Stock Bonus Agreement
Stock Bonuses Stock Certificates
Stock Distributed Stock Option Agreement
Stock Option Plan Stock Option Plan Terms Conditions Notice Grant
Stock Options Stock Options Employee Purchase Plan
Stock Other Stock-based Awards Stock Ownership Guidelines
Stock Purchase Plan Stock Rights
Stock Warrants Stock-based Compensation
Stock-based Compensation Expense Stockholder Address Notice Set Forth Signature Page Hereof
Stockholder Approval Stockholder Beneficial Owner Shares Options Indicated Signature Page
Stockholder Not Yet Voted Urged Vote Adoption Merger Stockholder Rights
Stockholders Meeting String
Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Submission Matters Vote Shareholders
Subordinated Debt Subordination
Subsequent Events Subsequent Operating Metric Cure
Subsidiaries Registrant Subsidiary
Subsidiary Charter Documents Subsidiary Indebtedness
Substitute Awards Succeeding Grant
Successor Successors
Successors Assigns Such Persons Waives Covenants Not Assert Plead Objection
Sum Superior Offer
Supplied Micron Supply Agreement
Supply Agreement Intel Supply Agreement Micron
Supply Agreements Supply Commitment
Supply Commitment Micron Supply Commitment Reduction
Supply Obligations Following Liquidating Event Supply Semiconductor Products Tech Disrupted Business Results Operations
Supporting Materials Surrender Acquisition
Surrender Certificates Survey Data
Surviving Corporation Suspension
Synchronous Dram 8220sdram8221 Synchronous Dram Sdram
Taiwan Taiwan Gaap
Takeover Statutes Rights Plans Taking
Tangible Design Package Target Balance
Tax Tax Accounting Methods
Tax Authority Tax Basis
Tax Considerations Tax Credits
Tax Matters Tax Matters Partner
Tax Opinions Tax Returns
Tax Returns Audits Tax8221
Taxes Taxes Conversion
Taxing Authority Tech
Tech Joint Venture Experiences Financial Difficulty Supply Semiconductor Tech Semiconductor Singapore Pte Ltd
Tech Semiconductor Singapore Pte Ltd 8220tech8221 Technical Assistance Agreement
Technology License Agreement Technology Transfer Agreement
Technology Transfer License Agreement Tee
Tenants Insurance Indemnity Tenants Personal Property
Term Term Award
Term Plan Governing Law Term Termination
Term Termination Remedies Term Termination Supply Obligations Following Liquidating Event
Terminated Termination
Termination 401 Plans Termination Agreement
Termination Amendment Termination Amendment Waiver
Termination Certain Options Termination Employment
Termination Event Termination Exchange Fund
Termination Material Definitive Agreement Termination Period
Termination Plan Termination Vacancy
Terms Loan Repayment Teruaki Aoki
Test Outs Testing Plan
Third-party Consents Threshold Amount
Tie Vote Time Conditions Exercise
Timing Committee Action Title Properties
Titles Headings Tla
Tool Install Top
Tor Toshiba
Toshiba Micron Agree Settle Pending Lexar Litigation Total Commitments
Trade Secrets Transaction
Transactions Affiliates Transfer
Transfer Certificate Transfer Date
Transfer Notice Transfer Period
Transfer Restriction Period Transfer Restrictions Purchase Options
Transfer Shares Options Transfer Shares Spv
Transfer Voting Rights Transferability
Transferee Transferee Bound
Transferor Transferred Technology
Transferring Shareholder Transfers
Transfers Interests Transfers Ownership
Transition Agreement Transition Date
Transition Period Treas Reg
Treasury Regulation Treatment
Treatment Certain Distributions Treatment Loan Transactions
Treatment Mtv Lease Boise Supply Agreement Trench Contract Process
Trench Dram Trench Dram Boundary Conditions
Trench Dram Conforming Wafer Trench Dram Designs
Trench Dram Manufacturing Capacity Trench Dram Products
Trench Dram Secondary Silicon Trigger Event
Triggering Event Trilateral Agreements
Trust Deed Trust Indenture Act 1939
Trustee Trustee Agrees Give Notices Provided Otherwise Comply Trust
Trustees Rights Obligations Tta 68-50
Ttla Ttla 68-50
Un-rescinded Ucc-1 Unable Reduce Per Megabit Manufacturing Costs Same Rate
Unable Respond Customer Demand Diversified Semiconductor Memory Products Unable Timely Efficiently Convert Manufacturing Operations 300mm Wafer
Unamortized Mtv Lease Value Underloading
Undisputed Approved Business Plan Unenforceable Provision Agreement Valid Enforceable Achieve Greatest Extent
Unfunded Status Awards Unified Audit Election
Unit Process Module Invention8221 Unit-to-test Product Purchase Agreement
University Switz Also Serves Board Directors Broadcom Corporation Unpaid Sum
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds Unresolved Staff Comments
Unwind Event Upgrade Enhancements
Valid Title Validity Enforceability
Value Venture
Vice-chairman View Materials Online Wwwproxydocscom
Visitations Audits Visitations Audits Management Reviews
Voluntary Involuntary Termination Employment Vote
Vote Important Please Submit Proxy Promptly Vote Internet Http Wwweproxycom Quick Easy Immediate
Vote Mail Vote Phone Toll Free 1-800-560-1965 Quick Easy Immediate
Vote Required Voting
Voting Agreement Voting Agreements
Voting Debt Voting Period
Voting Proxies Voting Rights Required Vote
Wafer Map Wafer Purchase Agreement
Wafer Purchase Agreement Subcontracted Processes Wafer Start
Waived Option Waiver
Waiver Jury Trial Waiver Subrogation
Warn Warranties Disclaimers
Warranty Claim Period Warranty Claims
Warranty Disclaimer Limit Liability Warranty Hazardous Materials Disclaimer
Warranty Notice Period Water Rights
Water System Ways Vote Proxy
Whereas Wholly-owned Subsidiary
Wilbur Stover Willful Failure Supply
William Weber Wip
Wip Data Wish Withhold Authority Vote Individual Nominee Strike Line
Withdrawal Agreement Withholding
Withholding Taxes Without Limitation
Witness Whereof Witnesseth
Words Singular Include Plural Work Team
Works Registration Wsts Forecast
Wwwproxypushcom Yield
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