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Accounting Assets Acquired Liabilities Assumed Business Combination Arise Accounting Certain Hybrid Financial Instruments Amendment Fasb Statements
Accounting Certain Investments Debt Equity Securities Accounting Contingencies
Accounting Convertible Debt Instruments Settled Cash Conversion Including Accounting Convertible Debt Issued Stock Purchase Warrants
Accounting Creditors Impairment Loan Accounting Creditors Impairment Loan Income Recognition Disclosures
Accounting Creditors Impairment Loan Ndash Income Recognition Disclosures Accounting Deferred Compensation Postretirement Benefit Aspects Endorsement Split-dollar
Accounting Servicing Financial Assets Amendment Fasb Statement 140 Accounting Servicing Financial Assets Amendment Sfas 140
Accounting Stock Issued Employees Accounting Transfers Financial Assets Amendment Fasb Statement 140
Acquisition Investment Advisory Subsidiary Acquisition Mortgage Interest
Additional Terms Conditions Adjustment Change Common Stock
Administration Administrative Matters
Administrator Advance Notice Shareholder Proposals Nominations Meetings
Adversely Affected Economic Conditions Market Area Advertising Costs
Aggregate Limit Agreement
Agreements Alexander Green
Alice Frazier Alice Frazier Evp Coo
Allowance Loan Losses Amendment
Amendment Termination Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change
Amendments Fasb Interpretation American Recovery Reinvestment Act 2009
Analyst Independence Annual Compensation Executive Officers
Annual Meeting Attendance Annual Report Shareholders Includes Copy
Anticipate Appointment Principal Officers
Appraisal Procedure Arch Moore
Asset Allocation Asset Quality
Asset Quality Provision Loan Losses Assets
Assets Liabilities Shareholders Equity Assets Liabilities Shareholdersrsquo Equity
Assurance Recently Enacted Legislation Stabilize Financial System Assurances Regarding Adequacy Allowance Loan Losses
Audit Committee Audit Committee Report
Audit Fees Audit Information
Audit Related Fees Authority
Average Deposits Rates Paid Award Calculation Formula
Award Calculations Award Leverage
Award Performance Shares Award Stock
Bank Holding Act Bank Premises Equipment
Bank Premises Equipment Net Bank Secrecy Act
Bank-owned Life Insurance Banking Regulators Broad Enforcement Power Regulations Meant Protect
Base Salary Corporate Roa Award Leverage Roe Efficiency Basis Executive Pay Levels
Because Less Majority Ownership Interest Southern Trust Mortgage Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Binding Effect Board Committee Meeting Attendance
Board Directors Board Directors Recommends Shareholders Vote Nominees Set Forth
Borrowings Bradley Davis
Business Business Combination
Business Combinations Business Combinations Sfas 141
Bylaw Amendments Capital
Capital Purchase Plan Participation Capital Requirements
Capital Resources Capital Resources Dividends
Capital Stock Capitalization
Cash Equivalents Cash Short-term Investments
Caution Forward Looking Statements Caution Forward-looking Statements
Cautionary Forward-looking Statements Certain Relationships Related Transactions
Certification Cfomiddleburgbankcom
Change Capital Structure Change Control Price
Change Control Provisions Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Changes Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Charter
Chief Financial Officer Pursuant Usc 1350 Chief Financial Officer Pursuant Usc Section1350
Childs Burden Code Ethics
Commercial Business Loans Commercial Real Estate Lending
Committees Board Common Stock Cash Payments
Common Stock Par Value 250 Per Share Communications Directors
Community Reinvestment Act Compensation Committee
Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Compensation Committee Report
Compensation Committee Report Executive Officers Competition
Compliance Compliance Law Approval Regulatory Bodies
Compliance Laws Composition
Comprehensive Income Concentration Loans Secured Real Estate Increase Credit Losses
Conditions Obligation Underwriter Conflicts
Consent Independent Registed Public Accounting Firm Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consolidated Financial Statements Consolidation Variable Interest Entities Interpretation Arb
Consolidation Variable Interest Entities Ndash Interpretation Arb 51rdquo Construction Lending
Consumer Lending Contingent Liabilities Commitments
Continue Convinced Business Model Significant Impact Markets Currently Contractual Obligations
Control Change Date Controls Procedures
Conversion Rights Convertible Securities
Corresponding Sar Counterparts
Covenants Cpp
Credit Policies Critical Accounting Policies
Cumulative Voting Current Levels Market Volatility Unprecedented
Custody Certificates Deferred Compensation Plans
Defined Benefit Pension Plan Delivery Payment
Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Departure Directors Principal Officers Election
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Deposits
Deposits Borrowings Deposits Other Borrowings
Derivative Financial Instruments Description
Determination Useful Life Intangible Assets Determining Fair Value Volume Level Activity Asset Liability
Determining Whether Instruments Granted Share-based Payment Transactions Participating Difficult Market Conditions Adversely Affected Industry
Dilution Director Compensation
Directors Directors Officers
Directors Officers Significant Voting Power Disclosures Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities Amendment Fasb Statement
Disclosures Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities Ndash Amendment Fasb Disclosures Public Entities Enterprises Transfers Financial Assets Interests
Discount Rate Disposition Stock
Dividend Equivalents Dividend Policy
Dividends Documents Incorporated Reference
Earning Award Earnings Per Share
Economy Length Interest Rate Cycle Continues Challenge Industry Edward Wright
Effect Employment Service Effective Date
Effects Amendment Rights Holders Common Stock Eligibility
Emergency Economic Stabilization Act 2008 Employee Status
Employees Employers Accounting Defined Benefit Pension Other Postretirement Plans
Employment Agreements End Option Values
Entitlement Bonus Equity Compensation Plan Information
Equity Compensation Plans Estimated Net Interest Income Sensitivity
Estimates Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Exchange Act
Executive Committee Executive Compensation
Executive Compensation Philosophy Executive Officers Not Directors
Executive Sessions Exercise
Exercise After Termination Employment Exercise Event Death Disability
Exhibits Expenses
Expenses Increased Took Several One-time Charges Related Severance Explanatory
External Independent Auditors Fair Lending Consumer Laws
Fair Market Value Fair Value Financial Instruments Interest Rate Risk
Fair Value Measurements Fair Value Measurements Sfas 157
Fair Value Option Financial Assets Liabilities Fasb Accounting Standards Codification Hierarchy Generally Accepted Principles
Federal Income Tax Consequences Federal Reserve System
Fees Independent Public Accountants Fiduciary Obligations
Filed Financial Condition
Financial Instruments Off-balance-sheet Risk Credit Financial Statements Exhibits
Financial Statements Reports Financial Summary
Find Information Forfeiture
Form Opinion Form Waiver
Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report Forward Looking Statements
Fractional Shares Future Regulatory Uncertainty
Future Success Dependent Ability Compete Effectively Highly Competitive Gary Leclair
Gary Shook General
General Information Goodwill Intangible Assets
Goodwill Other Identified Intangibles Goodwill Other Intangible Assets
Governance Committee Governing Law
Gpia Gramm-leach-bliley Act 1999
Grant Option Grants Awards Plan
Grants Plan-based Awards Henry Atherton
Hierarchy Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Highlights
Howard Armfield However
Impact Recently Enacted Legislation Particular Emergency Economic Stabilization Impaired Loans
Important Shares Represented Voted Incentive Award
Incentive Awards Incentive Stock Option
Incentive Stock Options Income Taxes
Incorporation Financial Statements Increases Fdic Insurance Premiums Cause Earnings Decrease
Incur Losses Unable Successfully Manage Interest Rate Risk Indemnification Contribution
Independence Directors Independence Discussions Audit Committees
Independent Directors Meeting Independent Public Accountants
Index Initial Number
Initial Value Insurance Accounts Assessments Regulation Fdic
Intangibles Goodwill Interim Disclosures Fair Value Financial Instruments
Interim Financial Reporting Internal Audit
Internal Control Integrated Framework Internal Control- Integrated Framework
Internal Control-integrated Framework Internal Controls Risk Management
Interstate Banking Branching Investment Committee
Investment Representation Investment Securities Portfolio
Investments Issuer-represented Free Writing Prospectuses
James Patterson James Treptow
Janet Neuharth Jeffery Culver
John Lee John Mason Antrim
Joseph Boling Joseph Boling Chairman Ceo Stated Pleased Work Done
Kate Chappell Svp Cfo Kathleen Chappell
Keith Meurlin Ldquopreferred Shares
Ldquoresolved Shareholders Approve Compensation Executive Officers Disclosed Proxy Ldquotrading Dayrdquo
Legal Proceedings Lending Activities
Level Liquidity
Litigation Loan Fees Costs
Loan Portfolio Loans
Loans Held Sale Loans Insiders
Loans Loan Portfolio Too New Show Sign Problems Loans Net
Loans Net Held Sale Long-term Rate Return
Long-term Subordinated Debt Loss Senior Officers Impair Relationship Clients Adversely Affect
Loss Senior Officers Impair Relationship Customers Adversely Affect Lynn Cornwell
Managements Discussion Analysis Financial Condition Results Operations Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Managements Report Regarding Effectiveness Internal Controls Over Financial Market Price
Market Price Dividends Market Value
Maximum Option Period Maximum Sar Period
Mbrg Meetings
Mia Middleburg Bank
Middleburg Community Center 300 West Washington Street Virginia Middleburg Financial Corporation
Middleburg Financial Corporation Announces 2009 Earnings Middleburg Financial Corporation Announces Common Stock Offering
Middleburg Financial Corporation Announces Pricing Common Stock Offering Middleburg Financial Corporation Completes Common Stock Offering
Middleburg Investment Advisors Middleburg Investment Group
Middleburg Trust Middleburg Virginia
Millicent West Minority Interest Consolidated Subsidiary
Minority Interest Consolidated Variable Entity Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous Provisions Monetary Policy
Mortgage Loans Held Sale Mtc
Nature Banking Activities Significant Accounting Policies Need Additional Capital Future Continue Growth Not Able
Net Income Net Interest Income
Net Interest Income Margin Nominating Committee
Nominees Election Terms Expiring 2006 Nominees Election Terms Expiring 2007
Non Interest Expense Non Interest Income
Non-binding Vote Executive Compensation Non-controlling Interest Consolidated Subsidiary
Non-interest Expense Non-interest Income
Non-performing Assets Non-qualified Stock Option
Non-qualified Stock Option Agreement Noncontrolling Interest Consolidated Financial Statements
Noncontrolling Interest Consolidated Financial Statements Amendment Arb Noncontrolling Interest Consolidated Financial Statements Ndash Amendment Arb
Noninterest Income Nonqualified Stock Options
Nontransferability Not Able Successfully Manage Growth Implement Strategies Adversely
Not Applicable Notes Consolidated Financial Statements
Notices Number Performance Shares
Number Shares Objective Plan
Objectives Compensation Program Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Contractual Obligations Off-balance-sheet Financial Instruments
Offering Underwriters Officers
One-to-four-family Residential Real Estate Lending Open New Full-service Financial Center Warrenton Fauquier
Option Option Exercises
Option Exercises 2006 Option Exercises 2007
Option Exercises Stock Vested Option Grants Last
Option Price Ordinary Cash Dividends
Organization Original Warrantholder
Other Assets Other Earning Assets
Other Expense Other Fees
Other Income Other Information
Other Liabilities Other Matters
Other Real Estate Other Real Estate Owned
Other Responsibilities Other Safety Soundness Regulations
Overview Pari Passu
Part Partial Unenforceability
Participant Participant Bound Plan
Participant Bound Plan Definitions Participants
Participants Right Assignability Payment
Payment Dividends Payments Termination Change Control
Pension Benefits Pension Plan Table
Percent Class Performance Criteria
Performance Objectives Performance Share Award Agreement
Performance Share Awards Performance Shares
Performance Stock Award Agreement Performance-based Compensation
Permitted Transactions Person
Plan Plan Administration
Potential Anti-takeover Effects Amendment Pre-approval Policies
Premises Equipment Premises Equipment Net
Principal Financial Officer Pursuant Usc 1350 Principles Consolidation
Pro Rata Pro Rata Repurchases
Products Services Profitability Value Investment Suffer Because Rapid Unpredictable Changes
Proposal Proposals 2006 Annual Meeting Shareholders
Proposals 2007 Annual Meeting Shareholders Proposals 2008 Annual Meeting Shareholders
Proposals 2009 Annual Meeting Shareholders Proposals 2010 Annual Meeting Shareholders
Proposed Amendment Provide Lock Agreements
Provided Provision Loan Losses
Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors Proxy Statement
Purchase Agreement Purchase Closing
Purchase Sale Securities Purpose
Purposes Pursuant Usc 1350
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Quarterly Period 2005
Quarterly Period 2006 Quarterly Period 2007
Quarterly Period 2008 Quarterly Period 2009
Ranking Reallocation Shares
Reasons Amendment Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Recent Developments Related Companyrsquos Participation Tarp Recent Financial Developments
Recitals Reclassifications
Recognition Interest Income Impairment Purchased Beneficial Interests Continue Recognition Presentation Other-than-temporary Impairments
Redemption Registered Office Agent
Regulatory Agreements Regulatory Approvals
Regulatory Capital Treatment Related Party Transactions
Relationship Independent Registered Public Auditors Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Reporting Responsibilities
Repurchase Required Stockholder Approvals
Required Vote Resolved
Responsibilities Restricted Stock Award Agreement
Restrictions Restrictions Dividends
Results Results Operations
Results Operations Financial Condition Retained Earnings
Retirement Benefits Retirement Deferred Compensation Pension Plans Life Insurance
Revenue Mortgage Lending Investment Sensitive Changes Economic Conditions Revocation Voting Proxies
Risk Factors Robert Miller
Rules Construction Sar
Schedule Schedule 14a
Sec Filings Securities
Securities Act Securities Exchange Filings
Securities Sold Agreements Repurchase Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners
Security Ownership Management Senior Executive Officers
Settlement Severance Payments
Share-based Payment Shareholder Matters
Shareholder Meeting Held 2009 Shareholder Proposals 2009 Annual Meeting Shareholders
Shareholder Rights Shares
Shares Common Stock Shares Common Stock 2009
Shares Issued Short-term Borrowings Long-term Debt
Signatures Signatures Next Page
Solicitation Proxies Soundness Other Financial Institutions Adversely Affect
Special Voting Provisions Staff Accounting Bulletin 111 Sab
Statement Policy Stock -based Employee Compensation Plan
Stock Appreciation Rights Stock Awards
Stock Options Stock Options Awards
Stock Performance Graph Stock Power
Stock Repurchases Stock Split
Stock Unit Stock Units
Stock-based Employee Compensation Plan Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Subsequent Events Subsidiaries Middleburg Financial Corporation
Subsidiary Substantial Decline Value Federal Home Loan Bank Atlanta
Successors Summary Compensation Table
Supplemental Discussion Compensation Supplemental Discussion Deferred Compensation
Supplemental Discussion Pension Benefits Survival
Suzanne Withers Tax Equivalent Net Interest Income
Tax Fees Tax Withholding
Tax-equivalent Interest Income Taxes
Termination Payment Expenses Termination Plan
Terms Capital Purchase Program Terms Conditions
Time Timing Long-term Incentive Awards
Total Consolidated Assets Trading Common Stock Been Sporadic Volume Light Result
Transactions Affiliates Transactions Management
Transferability Transferable Incentive Awards
Transferable Options Transferable Performance Shares
Transferable Sars Transfers Financial Assets
Treasury Tredegar
Trust Assets Trust Preferred Capital Notes
Underwriting Agreement Unfunded Plan
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds Vesting
Vote Required Voting Rights
Voting Rights Shareholders Warrant
Warrant Purchase Common Stock Warrantholder
Warrants Wwwmiddleburgbankcom
Xvi Duration Plan Xvii Effective Date Plan
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