Topic Listing for Millicom International Cellular S.A.

Ability Investors Enforce Civil Liabilities Securities Laws Limited Ability Receive Funds Exercise Management Control Over Operations
Ability Reduce Foreign Currency Exposure Limited Restrictions Borrowings Accelerated Vesting Options
Accessibility Accounting Certain Investments Debt Equity Securities
Accounting Certain Transactions Involving Stock Compensation Accounting Impairment Disposal Long Lived Assets
Accounting Revenue Arrangements Multiple Deliverables Accounting Stock Issued Employees
Accounts Acquisition Additional Interest Honduras
Acquisition Amnet Telecommunications Holding Limited Acquisition Celtel Honduras
Acquisition Colombia Móvil Acquisition Leading Provider Broadband Cable Services Central America
Acquisition Licenses Acquisition Minority Interests
Acquisition Oasis Sprl Acquisition Subsidiaries Joint Ventures
Acquisition Subsidiaries Joint Ventures Minority Interests Acquisitions
Acquisitions Subsidiaries Joint Ventures Minority Interests Acquistions
Actio Pauliana Actuarial Gains Losses Group Plans Disclosures
Additional Amounts Additional Sdrs
Additional Shares Additional Stock Option Disclosure
Additional Tax Disclosure Adjustment Initial Step-up Value Licenses
Adjustments Ifrs Consolidated Balance Sheet Date Acquisition Related Adjustments Initial Step-up Value Licenses
Adjustments Relating Goodwill Adjustments Relating Joint Ventures
Adoption New Standards Adoption Revised Ias
Adoption Revised Standards Affiliate
Affordability Africa
After Stock Split 2004 Agency Agreement
Agent Delegate Liabilities Agents
Agm Agreed Terms
Agreements Agreements Contracts Other Arrangements Arfeen Family Companies Entities
Amendment Amendment Bcc 9405
Amendment Bcc 9405 1994 Amendment Supplementary Contract
Amnet Amount
Amount Inventories Written Down Recognised Expenses Amounted Amount Outstanding Each Bank
Amounts Due Joint Ventures Analysis Borrowings Maturity
Analysis Debt Financing Maturity Analysis Debt Other Financing Maturity
Analysis Group Revenues Costs Announcements
Annual General Meeting Extraordinary Annual General Meeting Shareholders
Appendices Application Equity Method Accounting Gaap
Appointee Appointment Chief Financial Officer
Appointment Mikael Grahne Chief Executive Officer Approval Not Unreasonably Withheld Delayed
Argentina Articles Incorporation Millicom Define Purpose Follows
Asia Asset Disposition
Assets Held Sale Assignment
Associates Attestation Report Registered Public Accounting Firm
Audit Committee Audit Committee Financial Expert
Audit Committee Pre-approval Policies Auditors
Augmentation Authorised Denominations
Availability- Available Sale Financial Assets
Background Bank Creditor
Bank Debt Bank New York
Basic Earnings Loss Per Common Share 006 Half Basis Consolidation
Basis Preparation Been Subject Increasing Foreign Taxes Countries Operate Reduces
Been Subject Increasing Foreign Taxes Reducing Tariffs Countries Benefit Migration Gsm Standard
Between Block Voting Instruction
Board Directors Board Practices
Board Resolution Bolivia
Bondholders Bondholders Exercise Notice
Bonds Bonus Shares
Born 1951 -non-executive Director Chairman Audit Committee Borrowing Costs
Borrowings Borrowings Borrowing Costs
Borrowings Due After Borrowings Due Within
Breach Closing Obligations Business
Business Co-operation Contract Number-vc9405 Amendment Supplementary 2002 Business Co-operation Contract Number-vc9405 Amendment Supplementary 9th 2004
Business Co-operation Contract Vc9405 Business Co-operation Plan
Business Co-operation Purpose Business Combinations
Business Review Cambodia
Cannot Successfully Develop Manage Networks Distribution Example Result Cannot Successfully Develop Manage Networks Unable Expand Subscriber
Capital Additions Capital Commitment
Capital Commitments Capital Expenditure
Capital Expenditures Capital Lease Obligation
Capital Management Capital Stock
Cash Equivalents Cash Flow Interest Rate Risk
Cash Flow Operating Activities Cash Flows
Cash Upstreaming Cash Upstreaming 163m 2005 Increase Pro Forma Basis
Cellular Cellular Operations
Cellular Telephone Industry Overview Central America
Certain Insiders Own Significant Amounts Shares Giving Them Certificate Authentication
Certification Certification Date
Chad Change Accounting Policy
Change Control Change Control Triggering Event
Change Interconnect Rates Senegal Change Terms Share Options Previously Granted Directors
Changes Accounting Policies Changes Accounting Policies 2003
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Changes Shareholder Rights
Changes Shareholders Rights Chapitire Ii- Capitail Actions
Chapitre Annee Sociale Repartition Des Benefices Chapitre Iv- Assemblee Generale Des Actionnaires
Chapitre Vi- Dissolution Liquidation Chapitre Vii- Loi Applicable
Chapter Financial Distribution Profits Chapter Form Name Registered Office Object Duration
Chapter Ii- Capital Shares Chapter Iii- Board Directors Statutory Auditors
Chapter Iv- Meetings Shareholders Chapter Vi- Dissolution Liquidation
Chapter Vii- Applicable Law Charge Taxes
Charges Equipement Services Chief Executive Officers Review
Claims Pakcom Limited Arfeen Family Other Companies Entities Classification Vietnam Operations
Closing Closing Events
Code Ethics Collectability Assets
Colombia Commencement Obligations
Comments Financial Statements Commitments
Commitments Contingencies Commitments Purchase Network Equipment Within
Committee Advisors Commodity Price Risk
Common Shares Par Value 150 Each Common Shares Par Value 150 Each 66319940 2003
Common Stock Par Value 150 Per Share Comparatives
Compensation Committee Compensation Received Damages Suffered Due Late Delivery Network
Competing Technologies Competitive Position Market
Competitive Strengths Completing Migration Gsm Standard
Completion Senior Notes Offering Completion Substitution
Compliance Srvn Laws Regulations Comprehensive Income
Comvik International Vietnam Condensed Consolidated Statements Cash Flows 2004 2003
Condensed Consolidated Statements Cash Flows 2005 2004 Condensed Consolidated Statements Changes Equity 2005 2004
Condensed Consolidated Statements Changes Shareholders Equity 2005 2004 Condensed Financial Statements
Condition Precedent Conditions
Conduct Party Claims Conference Call Details
Conference Call Discuss Results Held 1430cet 0830 Monday Conference Call Discuss Results Held 1500 Cet 0900
Conference Call Discuss Results Held 1500cet 0900 Tuesday Conference Call Discuss Results Held 1500cet 0900 Wednesday
Conference Call Discuss Results Held 1600 Cet 1000 Conference Call Discuss Results Held 1700 Cet 1100
Confidentiality Confidentiality Agreement
Conformed Copy Connection Fees
Connection Revenues Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consolidated Balance Sheets 2004 2003 Consolidated Balance Sheets 2005 2004
Consolidated Balance Sheets 2006 2005 Consolidated Corporate Licence Acquisition Expense
Consolidated Financial Statements Consolidated Financial Statements Accounting Investments Subsidiaries
Consolidated Income Tax Expense Consolidated Interest Expense
Consolidated Net Income Consolidated Statements Profit Loss 2005 2004
Consolidated Statements Profit Loss 2006 2005 Consolidation
Consolidation Accounting Policies Consolidation Operation Salvador
Consolidation Variable Interest Entities Constat
Constat Daugmentation Constat Daugmentation Capital
Contacts Contingent Assets
Contingent Liabilities Contingent Liabilities Relate Tax Contingencies
Contractual Currency Contractual Obligations
Controls Procedures Conversion
Conversion Date Conversion Notice
Conversion Period Conversion Price
Conversion Right Convertible Bonds
Convertible Notes Convertible Ordinary Shares Form Swedish Depositary Receipts
Corporate Financing Corporate Information
Corporate Other Debt Financing Corporate Policy Manual
Cost Sales Costa Rica
Costs Counterparts
Countries Operate Had History Political Instability Current Future Country Risks
Credit Facility Credit Risk
Cristina Stenbeck Born 1977 -non-executive Director Member Compensation Critical Accounting Policies
Cum Laude Cumulative Effect Change Accounting Principle
Curateur Currency Fluctuations Devaluations Reduce Amount Profit Assets Able
Currency Translation Reserve Current Concerns Actual Perceived Health Risks Relating Electromagnetic
Current Liabilities Current Market Price
Current Tax Customer Acquisition Costs
Daniel Johannesson Born 1943 -non-executive Chairman Member Nomination Data Room
Date Business Co-operation Date Place
Date Report Earliest Event Reported Date Report Earliest Event Reported Octo
David Sach David Sach 352 27759 327 Davidsachmillicomcom
David Sach Chief Financial Officer Dealing
Debt Debt Adverse Effect Financial Health Prevent Fulfilling Obligations
Debt Operations Debt Pledges Guarantees
Debt Restructuring Debt Restructuring Plan
Deferred Tax Delivering Profitable Growth
Democratic Republic Congo Democratic Republic Congo Drc
Depositary Derivative Financial Instruments
Derivatives Derivatives Arising Business Combinations
Description Operations Development Cellular Telephone Industry
Development Mobile Telephone Industry Directors
Directors Service Agreements Discharge Obligations
Disclosure Controls Disclosure Controls Procedures
Disclosure Discontinuing Operations Disclosure Documents
Disclosure Schedule Disclosure Schedule 2007
Disclosure Shareholder Ownership Disposal Subsidiaries Joint Ventures
Disposals Subsidiaries Disposals Subsidiaries Joint Ventures
Dispute Resolution Diversified Operations
Divested Operations Divestitures
Divestments Dividend
Dividend Policy Dividends
Documents Display Donna Cordner Born 1956 -non-executive Director Member Nomination
Double Claims Due Insufficient Equity Parent Holding Risk Shareholders Vote
Earnings Loss Per Common Share Earnings Per Common Share Dec 2004 082 2003
Earnings Per Share Economic Downturn Substantial Slowdown Growth Deterioration Consumer Spending
Economic Political Environments Emerging Markets Editors
Effect Exchange Rate Fluctuations Effect Tele Shares
Effective Date Paragraphs 10-20 Eitf Issue 03-1 Meaning Effective Date Paragraphs 10-20 Eitf Issue 03-1 `the
Effects Changes Foreign Exchange Rates Egm
Employee Related Costs Employees
Emtel Limited Encumbrance
Enforcement Enquiries
Equipment Revenues Equipment Revenues-
Equity Compensation Benefits Equity Component Convertible Notes
Equity Share Capital Equity-settled Transaction Reserve
Ernest Cravatte Born 1949 -non-executive Director Member Audit Established Prepaid Operator
Estimates Exchange
Exchange Act Exchange Controls
Exchange Gain Exchange Gain Loss Net
Exchange Loss Net Exchange Rate Risk
Exempt Newco Scheme Existing Shareholders
Expiration Bcc Vietnam Expiration Telephone Licenses
Expiration Telephone Licenses Bcc Explanatory
Express Telecommunications Inc Extraordinary General Meeting Egm
Extraordinary Resolution Face Intense Competition Cellular Telephone Operator Market
Face Intense Competition Mobile Telephone Operator Market Face Substantial Competition Obtaining Funding Renewing Mobile Telephone
Failure Comply Worldwide Laws Regulations Result Liabilities Sanctions Fair Market Value
Fair Value Financial Liabilities Fair Value Result Embedded Derivative Notes
Fair Value Result Financial Instruments Fair Value Result Other Financial Instruments
Federal Income Tax Considerations Final Objection Certificate
Finalisation Purchase Accounting Minority Interests Finance Leases
Financial Assets Available Sale Financial Assets Fair Value Through Profit Loss
Financial Assets Held Maturity Financial Guarantee Contracts Credit Insurance
Financial Information Financial Instruments
Financial Instruments Disclosures Financial Instruments Recognition Measurement
Financial Operating Summary Financial Position
Financial Results 2003 Financial Results 2004
Financial Results 2005 Financial Results 2006
Financial Summary 2005 2004 Financial Summary Period 2006 2005
Financial Times Financing
Financing Business Financing Fees
Focusing Growth Following Discussion Read Conjunction Qualified Entirety Reference Interim
Following Sale Pakcom Limited See Millicom Reversed Previous Following Table Provides Details Cash Used Purchase Property
Foreign Currency Risk Foreign Exchange
Foreign Exchange Risk Form 20-f
Form Proxy Form Transfer
Forward-looking Statements Francois Xavier Roger 352 27759 114 Francoisrogermillicomcom
Fraud Fsma
Functional Currency Functional Currency Translation
Functional Presentation Currencies Further Bonds
Gaap Developments Gaap Treatment
Gain Loss Exchange Disposal Write-down Assets Gain Loss Sale Subsidiaries Joint Ventures
Gain Loss Sale Subsidiaries Joint Ventures Net Gain Sale Subsidiaries Joint Ventures Net
General Administrative Expenses General Disclosure
General Risks Geographical Segment Information
Ghana Global Bond
Global Exchange Date Goodwill
Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Governing Law
Government Bonds Governmental Order
Gradation Grand-duchy Luxembourg
Great Universal Inc Modern Holdings Great Universal Modern Holdings
Group Guarantee
Guarantees Guarantor
Guatemala Headings
Held Maturity Investment Held Maturity Investments
Hereby Agree Follows Highly Skilled Senior Management
History Holder
Honduras Host Marc Beuls President Chief Executive Officer
Hosts Marc Beuls President Chief Executive Officer David Http Wwwsharedvaluenet Millicom Q205
Ifrs Ifrs 3-business Combinations
Ifrs Business Combinations Ifrs Developments
Ifrs Millicom Accounts Excess Purchase Price Over Carrying Ifrs Proforma
Ifrs Share-based Payment Immediate Release
Immediate Release 2005 Millicom Announces Launch Rics Gsm Immediate Release 2005 Millicom Increases Ownership Celtel Honduras
Immediate Release 2005 Reconvened Extraordinary Meeting Shareholders Immediate Release 2006 Analyst Investor Visit Ghana
Immediate Release 2006 Millicom International Cellular Announces Results Immediate Release 2006 Millicom Plans Exit Pakistan
Immediate Release 2007 Millicom Completes Sale Business Pakistan Immediate Release 2007 Millicom International Cellular Announces Results
Immediate Release 2007 Sale Millicom Operation Pakistan Immediate Release 8th 2006 Millicom Exceeds Subscribers
Impairment Analogue Equipment -pakcom Impairment Analogue Equipment Bolivia
Impairment Analogue Equipment Pakistan Impairment Analogue Equipment Paktel
Impairment Analogue Equipment-bolivia Impairment Analogue Equipment-pakcom
Impairment Analogue Equipment-paktel Impairment Assets
Impairment Assets 2004 Impairment Assets 2005
Impairment Assets 2006 Impairment Financial Assets
Impairment Goodwill-pakcom Impairment Long Lived Assets
Impairment Non-current Assets Impairment Non-financial Assets
Impairment Test Goodwill Impairment Test Significant Licenses
Implementation Obligations Improving Cost Efficiencies Capturing Synergies
Includes Profit Period Attributable Equity Holders Includes Profit Period Attributable Equity Holders 2008 Undistributable
Incur Incurring
Indenture Independent Financial Adviser
Index Financial Statements Information
Information Colombia Movil Information Reporting Backup Withholding
Insurance Intangible Assets
Intangible Assets Identified Provisionally Licenses Amount 13333 Useful Integrated Strategy
Inter Alia Inter-company Debt Amount
Inter-company Debt Arrangements Inter-company Debt Release
Interest Interest Expense
Interest Expenses Interest Income
Interest Other Income Interest Payment Date
Interest Period Interest Rate Currency Commodity Price Agreement
Interests Joint Ventures Interim Financial Reporting
Interpretation Introduction
Inventories Investigation Indemnifying Party
Investment Investment Associates
Investment Grade Investment Other Securities
Investment Securities Investment Tele2 Shares
Investments Investments Acquisition Divestments Capital Expenditures
Investments Associates Investments Capital Expenditures Divestments
Investments Disposed 2005 Nil Gain Investments Divestments Capital Expenditures
Investments Other Financial Assets Investments Securities
Investors Subject Special Tax Rules Considered Passive Foreign Iran
Issuer Joint Venture Interests
Joint Venture Interests Consolidated Fin 46r Joint Ventures
Joint Ventures Consolidated Gaap Joint Ventures Interests Not Consolidated Fin 46r
Kinnevik Knowledge Seller
Labour Employment Matters Lao Peoples Democratic Republic
Lars-johan Jarnheimer Born 1960 -non-executive Director Lease Commitments
Leases Legal Consolidation Reserves
Legal Proceedings Legal Reserve
Legal Terms Letters Suppor
Letters Support Liabilities
Liability Financial Obligations Vietnam Liability Further Capital Calls-
Licence Fees Licences
License Acquisition Licenses
Lien Lieu
Limitation Securities Ownership Liquidity Risk
List Documents Given Cmcc 18-19 2007 Litigation
Lived Assets Loans Receivables
Long Term Incentive Plan Ltip Long Term Incentive Plans
Long-term Incentive Plan Long-term Incentive Plan Ltip
Long-term Incentive Plans Losses
Low Operating Costs High Capital Efficiencies Luxembourg Business
Luxembourg Corporate Holders Luxembourg Income Tax Dividends Capital Gains
Luxembourg Individual Holders Luxembourg Inheritance Gift Tax
Luxembourg Net Wealth Tax Luxembourg New York Stockholm 2005 Millicom International Cellular
Luxembourg Taxation Luxembourg Withholding Tax Distributions
Luxemburger Wort Mach
Major Shareholders Related Party Transactions Management Contract
Management Contracts Management Structure
Managements Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Mandatorily Exchangeable Notes Mandatory Exchangeable Notes
Marc Beuls Markets Characterized Rapid Technological Change Render Products Obsolete
Material Adverse Effect Material Contracts
Material Fair Value Adjustments Identified Paraguay Sierra Leone Matters Arising Subsequent Agreement
Maturity Mauritius
Maximum Liability Meaning Other-than-temporary Impairment Application Certain Investments
Meetings Merger
Merger Warrants Method Payment
Mic Level Entity Financing Mics Directors Follows
Mikael Grahne Millicom
Millicom Adds Nearly 963000 Subscribers 2006 Reach Total Millicom Adds Over Subscribers 2006 Reach 109 Total
Millicom Announce 2006 Results Millicom Announces Acquisition Democratic Republic Congo
Millicom Buys Out Further Minority Partners Millicom Buys Out Minority Partners Africa
Millicom Completion Strategic Review Termination Discussions Millicom De-listing Luxembourg Stock Exchange
Millicom Extends Cellular License Sri Lanka 2018 Millicom Ghana Limited
Millicom International Cellular Millicom International Cellular Announces Results 2005
Millicom International Cellular Announces Results Period 2006 Millicom International Cellular Condensed Consolidated Statements Cash Flows
Millicom International Cellular Condensed Consolidated Statements Changes Equity Millicom International Cellular Condensed Consolidated Statements Changes Shareholders
Millicom International Cellular Consolidated Balance Sheets 2005 2004 Millicom International Cellular Consolidated Balance Sheets 2006 2005
Millicom International Cellular Global Telecommunications Group Operations Asia Millicom International Cellular Global Telecommunications Investor Operations Asia
Millicom International Cellular Global Telecommunications Investor Operations Latin Millicom International Cellular Quarterly Analysis Cluster
Millicom International Cellular Strategic Review Millicom Launches Gsm Services Bolivia
Millicom Launches Operation Chad Millicom Level Entity Financing
Millicom Operations Bvs 1000 Revolving Credit Millicom Peru
Millicom Sierra Leone Limited Millicom Strategic Review
Millicom Tanzania Limited Millicom Tchad
Millicom Telecommunications Sas Mandatory Exchangeable Notes Millicoms Operations Pakistan
Minimum Claims Minority Interests
Minority Owned Affiliate Minority Shareholders
Mitigation Losses Mobile Telephone Industry Overview
Mobile Telephone Operations Market Heavily Regulated Mobile Telephone Technology
Mobile Telephony Developed Countries Mobile Telephony Developing Countries
Mobile Telephony Market Heavily Regulated Mobile Telephony Sector Forced Open Access Spectrum Create
Modern Holdings Inc Great Universal Modification
Most Countries Operate Lack Infrastructure Very Poor Condition Most Countries Operate Not Universal Service Obligations Such
Most Countries Operate Underdeveloped Economies Low Gross Domestic Most Countries Operate Weak Legal Telecommunications Regulatory Regimes
Most Operations Receive Revenue Denominated Local Currency Ventures Multiple-element Arrangements
Mémorial Mémorial Recueil Des Sociétés Associations Journal Officiel Grand-duché
Nasdaq Nasdaq Corporate Governance Exemption
Navegacom Negative Goodwill Purchase Minority Stake Tanzania
Net Available Proceeds Net Financial Benefit
Net Investment Foreign Operation Net Loss Profit Period
Net Loss Profit Period Attributable Equity Holders Net Profi Loss Period Attributable Equity Holders
Net Profit Net Profit Attributable Equity Holders
Net Profit Loss Period Attributable Equity Holders Net Profit Period Attributable Equity Holders
New Gaap Accounting Pronouncements New Licenses
New Revised Accounting Standards New Revised Accounting Standards Interpretations Amendments Published Not
New Usgaap Accounting Pronouncements Newco
Newco Scheme Nicaragua
Nominations Committee Nominations Committee 2005 Annual General Meeting Shareholders
Nominations Committee 2006 Annual General Meeting Shareholders Non Cash Transactions
Non-cash Investing Financing Activities Non-current Assets Disposal Groups Held Sale Related Liabilities
Non-luxembourg Corporate Holders Non-luxembourg Individual Holders
Notes Notes-equity Component
Notices Notification Claims Agreement
Notification Potential Claims Now Deed Witnesses
Now Therefore Number
Oasis Sprl Object Duration
Objet Duree Ociété Anonyme
Off-balance Sheet Other Arrangements Offer Listing
Officer Officers Certificate
Operate Number Jurisdictions Effect Changes Respective Laws Unfavorably Operate Some Markets Politically Unstable Instability Negatively Affect
Operating Characteristics Operating Income
Operating Leases Operating Profit
Operating Results Operational Environment
Operational Financial Control Operational Financing
Operational Level Financing Operations Dependent Interconnection Agreements Transmission Leased Lines
Operations Investments Operations Iran Exercise Option Acquire Equity Iranian Subject
Operations Vietnam Option
Optional Bonds Optional Redemption Date
Optional Redemption Notice Options
Options Outstanding Ordinary Shares
Organization Organizational Structure
Original Bonds Other
Other Assets Other Current Assets
Other Current Financial Assets Liabilities Other Current Liabilities
Other Debt Other Debt Financing
Other Financial Assets Other Financial Income
Other Information Other Intangible Assets Net
Other Investments Available-for-sale Securities Other Licenses
Other Mobile Industry Trends Other Non Operating Expense Income Net
Other Non Operating Income Expenses Net Other Non Operating Income Net
Other Non-current Current Provisions Liabilities Other Non-current Liabilities
Other Non-current Liabilities Current Other Non-operating Income Expenses Net
Other Operating Expenses Other Operating Income
Other Reserves Other Share Grants
Other Short-term Liabilities Other Significant
Outstanding Overview
Own Operations Through Holding Companies Jurisdictions Effect Changes Pakcom
Pakcom Agrees Payment Terms Fifteen License Pakcom Limited
Pakcom Limited Paktel Pakistan
Pakistan-pakcom Pakistan-paktel
Paktel Spv Paragraph Litigation
Paragraph Material Contracts Paragraph Real Property
Paraguay Pari Passu
Parties Parties Hereby Agree Make Following Amendment Bcc 9405
Partly Result Ongoing Strategic Review Process Board Decided Party Rights
Pass Resolution Accordance Requirements 100 Luxembourg Law 1915 Passive Foreign Investment Considerations
Paying Transfer Conversion Agency Agreement Paying Transfer Conversion Agents
Payment Payment Closing
Payment Settlement Convertible Bond Offering Payments
Pension Obligations Pension Severance Payments
Peoples Democratic Republic Lao Laos Performance Share Plan Established 2006
Permitted Holder Permitted Investment
Permitted Liens Person
Personnel Charges Peru
Pik Notes-debt Component Pik Notes-equity Component
Pledged Assets Pledged Deposits
Potential Event Default Potential Inflation Local Economies Affect Some Customers Ability
Power Attorney Preferred Stock
Prepaid Cards Prepayments
Presentation Financial Other Information Presentation Measurement Currency
Press Release Not Constitute Form Part Offer Sell Primary Obligor
Principal Accountant Fees Services Principal Activities Background
Principal Paying Transfer Conversion Agent Principal Shareholder Restrictions-
Principal Shareholders Principals
Principles Pro Forma Consolidated Statements Profit Loss
Pro Forma Numbers Current Previous Exclude Millicoms Operation Pro Forma Statements Profit Loss
Pro Rata Portion Proceedings
Profit Before Tax Full 354m 2005 171m Promulgation Adverse Laws
Property Plant Equipment Proposed Dividend
Proposed Sale Millicom Limited Proposed Sale Millicoms Cambodian Operations
Provisional Objection Certificate Provisions
Provisions Contingent Liabilities Assets Provisions Contract
Proxy Pta
Purchase Cancellation Purchase Minority Interests
Purchase Partners Shareholding Millicom Tchad Purchase Partners Shareholding Navegacom
Purchasers Group Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Subsections 1350 Chapter
Pursuant Rule 13a-16 15d-16 Securities Exchange Act 1934 Put Date
Put Exercise Notice Put Option
Qualified Securitisation Transaction Rapid Growth Expansion Cause Difficulty Obtaining Adequate Managerial
Rating Agencies Rating Category
Rating Decline Raymond Kirsch Born 1943 -non-executive Director Member Audit
Reasonableness Receivables Related Assets
Recent Developments Recent Gaap Developments
Recent Gaap Pronouncements Recent Increase Food Prices Within Developed Countries Inflationary
Recitals Reconciliation Gaap
Reconciling Effect Reconciling Effect Summary
Reconsolidation Record Date
Recorded Caption Cost Sales Redeemable Stock
Redemption Option Issuer Taxation Reasons Redemption Shares-
Reduction Consideration References Subsidiaries Holding Companies
Register Registrar
Registration Object Related Assets
Related Business Relating Litigations Existing Time Acquisition Therefore Corresponding Financial
Release Release Issuer Substitute Obligor
Relevant Date Relevant Exchange
Relevant Notice Relevant Period
Remuneration Directors Remuneration Pensions
Remuneration Senior Executives Report
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Reporting Accounting Changes Interim Financial Statements
Representations Warranties Research Development Patents Licenses Etc
Responsibilities Restricted Affiliate
Restricted Group Restricted Share Grants
Restricted Shares Granted Directors 2005 Restricted Shares Granted Employees 2005
Restrictions Imposed Indentures Governing Outstanding Debt Contain Covenants Results
Results Conference Call Investor Presentation Results Operations
Results Tender Offer Consent Solicitations Retroactive Adjustment
Revaluation Reserve Revenue
Revenue Distribution Revenue Recognition
Revenues Revenues Provision Telecom Services
Revenues Provision Telecom Services- Ricardo Maiztegui
Rights Attached Shares- Risk Factors
Risk Liquidation Risks Related Cellular Telephone Operations
Risks Related Operations Mobile Telephony Market Risks Relating Business
Route Longwy L-8080 Bertrange Grand-duchy Luxembourg Safe Approval
Sale Disposition Sale Leaseback Transaction
Sale Other Disposition Shares Sale Subsidiaries Financial Assets Available
Sales Marketing Sales Marketing Distribution
Salvador Salvador Operations
Schedule Schedule Capital Contributions
Schedule Increase Reduction Principal Amount Bonds Represented Global Schedule Technical Services Agreements
Schedules Etc Sdrs
Secured Debt Financing Securities
Securities Act Securities Lending Agreement
Securities Registered Pursuant Act Securities Reporting Obligation Pursuant Act
Securitisation Entity See
Segment Information Segment Reporting
Selected Financial Information Sellers Group
Sellers Guarantees Sellers Pta Guarantee
Sellers Warranties Senegal
Senior Management Senior Notes
Senior Notes Convertible Pik Senior Subordinated 135 Notes
Senior Subordinated Notes Sentel Gsm
Sentel Gsm License Services Purchased Sold Affiliated Companies
Services Purchased Sold Related Companies Severance Payments
Share Assets Liabilities Jointly Controlled Entities 2005 2004 Share Bonuses
Share Capital Share Capital Premium
Share Option Ownership Directors Share Option Ownership Directors Members Senior Management
Share Option Ownership Senior Executives Share Options
Share Options Granted Directors Senior Executives Officers Selected Share Revenues Operating Expenses Jointly Controlled Entities 2005
Share-based Compensation Share-based Payment
Shareholder Information Shareholders Equity Reconciliation
Shareholders Meetings Shares
Shares Common Stock 2008 Shares Granted Directors
Short-term Liabilities Sierra Leone
Signatures Significant Changes
Significant Concentration Credit Risk Respect Trade Receivables Group Significant Restricted Group Member
Singular Plural Gender Société Anonyme
Software Development Costs Some Countries Operate Political Regimes Not View Foreign
Some Markets Licenses Frequency Allocations Subject Ongoing Review South America
South Asia South East Asia
Specifics Equipment System Requirements Specified Date
Specified Office Specified Share
Spin-off Sri Lanka
Standard Securitisation Undertakings Stated Maturity
Statement Cash Flows Statuts Coordonnes
Stock Options Stock Options Granted Directors Employees
Strategic Investor Strategic Review Possible Imminent Change Control
Strategy Subject Foreign Taxes Countries Operate Reduces Amounts Receive
Subject Impact Deteriorating Economic Environment Within Developed Countries Subscriber Base
Subscriber Growth Subscribers
Subscription Agreement Subsequent Event
Subsequent Events Subsidiaries
Subsidiaries Market Presence Subsidiary
Subsidiary Subsidiaries Entities Over Control Fully Consolidated Substantial Number Directors Hold Positions Investment Kinnevik Tele2
Substantial Number Directors Hold Positions Kinnevik Tele2 Present Substituted Obligor
Successor Suit Traduction Francaise Texte Oui Precede Chapitre Forme
Summary Consolidation Accounting Policies Summary Gaap Results
Summary Highlights Summary Highlights Recent Developments
Summary Key Emtel Figures Summary Reconciling Effect
Summary Reconciling Effects Supplemental Subsequent Events
Supplier Advances Other Current Assets Swedish Deposit Agreement
Table Contents Tantièmes
Tanzania Tax Authority
Tax Impact 2005 Tax Redemption Date
Tax Redemption Notice Taxation
Taxation Distributions Taxes
Tele Tele2
Tele2 Formerly Named Netcom Tele2 Leading Alternative Pan-european Telecom Operator Providing Fixed
Tele2 Series Shares Telefonica Celular
Telefonica Celular Del Paraguay Tender License Rwanda
Termination Business Co-operation Termination Obligations
Terms Business Co-operation Time Deposits
Time Essence Time Limitation Claims
Time Pledged Deposits Tope Lawani Born 1970 -non-executive Director Member Audit
Total Assets Total Reconciling Effect Vies
Total Share-based Compensation Expense Track Record Innovation
Trade Payables Trade Receivables
Trade Receivables Net Trademarks Subscriber Bases
Transactions Balances Translation Presentation Currency
Treasury Stock Treasury Strips
Trend Information Trust Corporation
Trust Deed Trustee
Trustees Powers United States Investors
Unresolved Staff Comments Unrestricted Affiliate
Unrestricted Subsidiary Until
Upstreaming Cash Us200000000 400 Per Cent Convertible Bonds Due 2010
Usgaap Treatment Valuation Movement Investment Securities
Valuation Movement Investments Securities Valuation Movement Tele2 Shares
Value Added Services Variation
Vat Vendor Creditor
Vendor Debt Vice President
Vietnam Vigo Carlund Born 1946 -non-executive Director Member Compensation
Volume Weighted Average Price Voting Certificate
Voting Stock Way Rights
Wednesday 2005 300 Whereas
Wholly Owned Restricted Subsidiary Wholly Owned Subsidiary
Withholding Purchaser Payments Witness
Working Capital Amount Wwwsharedvaluenet Millicom Q306
Wwwsharedvaluenet Millicom Q405 Wwwsharedvaluenet Millicom Q406
Wwwsharedvaluenet Millicom Q408 
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