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Absence Such Direction Notes Voted Favour Passing Extraordinary Acceleration Default
Acceptance Trusts Access Afton Claims
Accessibility Accessibility Climate Local Resources Infrastructure Physiography
Account Bank Account Control Agreement
Accountability Compliance Code Accounting Controls
Accounting Matters Accounting Policies
Accounting Policies Implemented Accounting Policies Implemented Effective 2006
Accounting Policies Implemented Effective 2008 Accounting Policies Implemented Effective 2009
Accounts Acquisition Amapari Mine Peak Mines
Acquisition Peak Amapari Goldcorp Acquisition Proposal
Acquisition Strategy Across Metres
Action Action Debenture Trustee Protect Interests
Additional Capital Additional Commodity Hedging Counterparty
Additional Commodity Hedging Document Additional Commodity Hedging Expenses
Additional Commodity Transaction Additional Directors
Additional Disclosures Additional Financing
Additional Heading Commenced Additional Indebtedness
Additional Information Address Principal Executive Offices
Adjacent Properties Adjacent Properties Was Written David Rennie Peng Scott
Adjournments Adjustment Option Price Number Shares
Adjustment Ore Losses Adoption Change Accounting Policies
Advance Advice Beneficial Holders Common Shares
Advisors Counsel Affiliate
Affiliate8221 Affirmation Sellers Broker-dealer
Afton Afton Ajax Exploration Properties
Afton Copper-gold Project Afton Main Zone
Agency Fees Letter Agent
Aggregated Option Exercises Most Recently Completed Financial Year-end Aggregated Options Sar Exercised Most Recently Completed Financial
Agreed Agreement
Agreement Merge Agreement Subordinate
Agreements Ahead Schedule Budget
Air Quality Permit 1920-c Ajax Property
Alaska Peninsula Alaska Peninsula Project
Allowable Capital Loss Als
Als Laboratories 2000 2001 Alteration
Alteration Articles Alteration Authorized Share Structure
Alteration Notice Articles Alterations
Altering Series Notes Secured Indebtedness Alternate Director Attending Meetings
Alternate Director Not Agent Alternate Directors
Alternate Proxy Holders Amalgamation8221
Amapari Mine Amapari Mine Brazil
Amapari Mineral Resources Amapari Sulfides Scoping Study
Amended Restated Credit Agreement Amended Restated Indenture
Amendment Amendment Restatement Agreement
Amendments Amendments Joint Proxy Circular
Amendments Modifications Code Amendments Plan Arrangement
Amendments Restatements Amendments Restatements Comparative Periods
American Association Cost Engineers Amex8221
Analabs 2000- 2004 Annex Schedule Form Declaration Removal Legend
Annual Consolidated Financial Results Annual General Meetings
Annual Report Annual Summary
Anonymous Reporting Applicable Law
Applicable Law8221 Application
Application Moneys Appointment Alternate Director
Appointment Attorney Appointment Auditor
Appointment Auditors Appointment Powers Executive Committee
Appointment Powers Other Committees Appointment Proxy Holders
Appointment Proxyholder Appointment Remuneration Auditor
Appointment Revocation Proxies Approval Directors
Approved Board Approved Deposit Amount
Approved Fuel Hedging Counterparty Approved Fuel Hedging Derivative Transaction
Approved Fuel Hedging Document Approved Fuel Hedging Expenses
Approved Hedging Programme Arrangement
Arrangement 301 Arrangement Between Western Goldfields Inc Wgi New Gold
Arrangement Resolution Arrangement8221
Arsenic Mercury Content Concentrate Arsenic Mercury Model
Articles Arrangement Articles Arrangement8221
Assay Accuracy Assay Precision
Asset Backed Commercial Paper Asset Backed Commercial Paper Abcp
Asset Backed Notes Asset Retirement Obligations
Asset Test Assets
Assumptions Assumptions Limitations
Attest Seal Audit Committee
Audit Committee Disclosure Audit Fees
Audit-related Fees Auditors
Auditors Report Authority
Authority Carry Business Authorization Debentureholders Trustee Effect Subordination
Authorized Authorized Capital
Authorized Officer8221 Authorized Purchase Shares
Authorized Share Structure Authorizing Directors Fix Auditors Remuneration
Automation Underground Operations Averages
Background Bank
Bank Liabilities Banks
Banks Advisers Banks Insurance Adviser
Banks Legal Advisers Banks Model Auditor
Barclays Capital Appointed Lead Arranger Debt Financing Base Case Model
Base Salary Bonus Basil Huxham Chief Financial Officer
Basil Huxham Executive Vice President Chief Financial Officer Basis Estimate
Basis Estimates Basis Presentation
Basis Presentation Principles Consolidation Behalf New Gold Inc
Beneficial Shareholder Receives Broadridge Voting Instruction Form Cannot Beneficial Shareholders Wish Attend Meeting Indirectly Vote Common
Beo Participants Beo Participants8221
Binding Effect Binding Effect Resolutions
Biological Opinion 1-6-92-f-22r3 Blank Reference Samples
Block Cave Design Block Model Results
Block Model Validation Block Models
Board Assessments Board Changes
Board Directors Recommendations Board Size Resolution
Board Size Resolution Election Additional Directors Board Unanimously Determined Business Combination Fair Best Interests
Bond Bonds8221
Books Records Borrowing Powers
Break Costs Brian Penny
Bribery Brokerage
Brokers Buildings
Bulk Density Bulk Density Determination
Bullion Handling Transport Bullion Marketing
Business Business Acquisition Report
Business Combination Business Combination Agreement
Business Combination Agreement8221 Business Combination Western Goldfields
Business Combination Western Goldfields Inc Business Combinations
Business Corporations Act Business Corporations Act British Columbia
Business Corporations Act Interpretation Definitions Applicable Business Day8221
Business New Gold History Business Overview
Calling Meetings Canada
Canada-us Reporting Differences Canadian Dollars
Canadian Dollars Except Per Share Amounts Canadian Gaap
Canadian Government Obligations Canadian Government Obligations8221
Canadian Resident8221 Canadian Securities Laws
Canadian Securities Laws8221 Canadian Tax Matters
Cancellation Cancellation Converted Debentures
Cancellation Debentures Capital
Capital Cost Components Capital Cost Estimate
Capital Costs Capital Expenditure
Capital Lease Capital Lease Obligation8221
Capital Lease Payable Capital Lease8221
Capital Risk Management Capitalization
Capitalization Surplus Capping High Grades
Cash Cost Cash Equivalents
Cash Flow Model Cash Resources
Casting Vote Casting Votes
Cautionary Cautionary Readers Concerning Estimates Measured Indicated Inferred Mineral
Cautionary Readers Concerning Estimates Measured Indicated Inferred Resources Cautionary Regarding Forward Looking Statements
Cautionary Regarding Forward-looking Statements Cautionary United States Investors Concerning Estimates Measured Indicated
Cavability Cavability Conclusions
Cba Amendment Agreement Cbca8221
Cdn Cut-off Cdn50400000
Cdn75 Bought Deal Financing Closes Cease Trade
Cease Trade Orders Bankruptcies Penalties Sanctions Ceasing Alternate Director
Ceasing Director Central Securities Register
Cerro San Pedro Cerro San Pedro Mine
Cerro San Pedro Mine Luis Potosí Mexico Cerro San Pedro Mineral Reserve Resource Estimate
Cerro San Pedro Sulfide Drill Program Certain Actions
Certain Actions Prohibited Certain Contracts
Certain Requirements Respect Merger Etc Certificate
Certificate Adjustment Certificate Arrangement8221
Certificate Company8221 Certificate Fee
Certificate Qualified Person Certificate Sending
Certification Certification Annual Filings
Certification Interim Filings Certified Copy
Certified Resolution8221 Cfads
Chair Chair Meetings
Chair Resolve Dispute Chairman
Change Control Change Control8221
Change Name Change Number Directors
Change Recommendation Changes Significant Accounting Policies
Chartered Accountants Chesney
Chesney Central Area Chesney Oxide
Chesney Sulphide Chief Executive Officers Compensation
Christopher Bradbrook Christopher Bradbrook 604-687-1629
Christopher Bradbrook Chief Executive Officer New Gold Inc Cim
Cim Standards Cim Standards Definitions
Circular Circular Furnished Connection Solicitation Proxies Management Meeting
Classification Clifford Davis Director
Climate Closing
Closing Documents Closure Cost
Closure Plan Coarse Ore Storage Reclaim
Code Business Conduct Ethics Collateral Benefits
Colluvial Mineralization Combination Create New Intermediate Gold
Combined Comments
Commissions Discounts Commitment
Commitments Commitments Contd
Commitments Contingent Liabilities Commitments Contingent Liabilities Contd
Committee Charter Review Committee Meetings
Committees Board Commodity Hedging
Commodity Price Risk Commodity Prices
Common Shares Common Shares8221
Communications Company8221
Comparative Figures Comparative Periods
Comparative Periods Date Compared
Compared 2007 Compared 2008
Comparisons Between Pc-bc Cave-sim Results Compelling Combination
Compensation Compensation Committee
Compensation Directors Compensation Options
Compensation Philosophy Competition
Competitive Conditions Completion Date
Completion Deadline Compliance Anti-money Laundering Suppression Terrorism Legislation
Compliance Certificate Compliance Laws
Compliance Laws Rules Regulations Compliance Privacy Code
Compositing Composition Audit Committee
Composition Board Composition Board New Gold
Composition Compensation Committee Composition Procedures Organization
Compromise Computer Information Systems
Computershare Computershare Trust Canada
Concentrate Handling Transport Concentrate Marketing
Concentrate Specifications Concentrate Transport Sales
Concentrate Transportation Markets Conclusion
Conclusions Geology Data Resources Conditions
Conditions Issue Conference Call
Conference Call-in Details Confidential Information Belonging Others
Confidential Proprietary Information Confirmatory Review
Confirming Number Directors Conflict Interest
Conflicts Interest Consent Assignment
Consent Director Consent Expert Filed Sedar
Consent Fee Warrants Consent Required Transfer Shares Designated Securities
Consent Resolutions Consent Resolutions Writing
Consents Consequences Provision Registered Shareholder Exercise Dissent Rights Only
Consideration Construction
Consultation Content
Contingencies Contingency
Contingent Liabilities8221 Continue Advance Near-mine Regional Exploration
Contractor Selected Contracts Commitments
Contractual Obligation Acquisition Afton Copper-gold Property Contractual Obligation Development Afton Copper-gold Project
Contractual Obligations Contributed Surplus
Control Framework Controlling Availability Free Water
Controlling In-situ Characteristics Slide Debris Material Controls Procedures
Conversion Price Convertible Debenture
Cooperation Copper Flotation
Copper Mineralization Intersected Underground Cross-cut Copper Prices
Copper Recovery Copy Documents
Core Samples Core Sampling
Corporate Corporate Cease Trade Orders Bankruptcies
Corporate Debenture Trustee Required Eligibility Corporate Developments Business Combination
Corporate Governance Corporate Governance Nominating Committee
Corporate Governance Practices Corporate Opportunities Protection Assets
Corporate Structure Corporate Update
Counsel Counsel8221
Counterparts Covenant Notify Debenture Trustee Change Name
Covenant Seek Debentureholder Approval Craig Nelsen
Craig Nelsen Chairman Board Creation Issuance Debentures
Credentials Macquarie Credit Agreement
Credit Risk Critical Accounting Estimates
Critical Accounting Policies Estimates Currency
Currency Agreement8221 Currency Exchange Rates
Currency Fluctuations Currency Presentation Exchange Rate Information
Currency Risk Current Market Price
Current Resource Cut-off Grades
Cut-off Mining Costs Processing Administrative Sustaining Capital Dangerous Materials
Data Collection Data Distribution
Database Validation Date
Date Action Date Action Required Taken Hereunder Not Business Such
Date Change Control Date Information
Date Material Change 2007 Date Project Change Control
Date Signature Page Dated
Dated 2004 Dated 2005
Dated 2005 Revised 2006 Dated 3rd 2009 New Gold Inc
Dated Vancouver British Columbia 4th 2007 Peak Gold David Nicholls Joins New Afton Development Team
David Rennie Peng Scott Wilson Rpa Debenture Conversion Privilege
Debenture Indebtedness8221 Debenture Indenture
Debenture Indenture Hereto Hereby Hereunder Hereof Herein Debenture Trustee
Debenture Trustee Appointed Attorney Debenture Trustee Deal Debentures
Debenture Trustee Not Required Give Security Debenture Trustee Perform Covenants
Debenture Trustee Represented Debentureholders
Debentureholders Not Sue Debentureholders Request
Debentures Debentures Due Redemption Date
Debentures8221 Debris Stabilization
Debt Service Debt Service Reserve Account
Decision Slow Development New Afton Project Decisions Show Hands Poll
Declaration Dividends Declaration Result
Deemed Receipt Mailing Default
Defaults Defeasance Option
Deferred Exploration Costs Defined Benefit Actuarial Plan Disclosure
Definitions Definitions Interpretation 101
Definitions Purpose Information Circular Definitive Notes
Delay Pit Debris Stabilization Delete Temporary Ore Crusher
Delivery Destinations Delivery Documents Shareholders
Delivery Mail Delivery New Gold Common Shares
Demand Payment Demand Poll
Demand Poll Adjournment Demand Poll Not Prevent Continuance Meeting
Density Density Determination
Dependence Management Deposit Geology Mineralization
Deposit Proxy Deposit Redemption Monies
Deposit Setting Morphology Deposit Type Was Written David Rennie Peng Scott
Depositary8221 Depository
Depository8221 Derivative Instruments
Derivative Transaction Description Business
Details Acquisition Development Ore
Development Plan Dewatering
Dewatering Concentrate Transportation Diamond Core
Differences Between Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Canada United Dilution Halo
Dilution Metallurgical Samples Dilution Tests
Director Director Holding Other Office
Director Officer Other Corporations Directors
Directors Acts Valid Despite Vacancy Directors Appoint Officers
Directors Approval Directors Approvals
Directors Authority Set Auditors Remuneration Directors Authorized
Directors Drc Resources Corporation Directors Fill Casual Vacancies
Directors Not Named Executive Officers Group Directors Officers
Directors8221 Discharge
Discipline Noncompliance Code Disclaimer
Disclosure Conflict Interest Property Disclosure Controls
Disclosure Controls Procedures Disclosure Interest Directors
Disclosure Material Contracts Disclosure Memorandum New Gold Inc Dated 2009
Disclosure Policies Controls Disposal
Disqualification Dissent Notice
Dissent Procedures Dissent Rights
Dissent Rights 401 Dissenting Shareholder
Dissenting Shareholder8221 Dissenting Shares
Dissenting Shares8221 Distribution
Distribution Insolvency Winding-up Distribution Mineralization
Distribution Moneys Distributions Respect Unsurrendered Certificates
Dividends Dividends Amalgamation Capital Reduction
Dividends Paid Accordance Number Shares Documents Incorporated Reference
Documents Records Reports Doj
Dollar Amounts Canadian Dollars Dollar Amounts Canadian Dollars Unless Otherwise Indicated
Dollar Amounts Canadian Dollars Unless Otherwise Stated Dollar Amounts Dollars
Drc Adds Underground Bulk Mining Expertise Drc Announces Closing Financing
Drc Resources Corporation Drc Resources Corporation Exploration Stage Consolidated Balance Sheets
Drc Resources Corporation Exploration Stage Notes Consolidated Financial Drc Resources Corporation Exploration Stage Schedule Mineral Claim
Drill Hole Core Samples Drill Hole Recovery
Drill Program Drill Programs
Drilling Ear Inancial Ption Sar Alues
Early Ramp Earnings Loss Per Share
Ebitda8221 Economic Analysis
Economic Assumptions Economic Summary
Edgar Effect Supplemental Debenture Indentures
Effecting Arrangement Effective Date
Effective Time Either Case Non
Elected Amount Electing Holdco Shareholder
Election Election Annual General Meeting
Election Directors Election Removal Directors
Eligible Holder Intends Make Election Indicate Intention Checking Eligible Holders
Eligible Non-resident Embedded Early Redemption Feature Fair Value
Emergency Egress Empirical Cavability Assessment
Employee Benefits Employees
Employment Agreements Employment Arrangements
Encumbrance End Financial Results
End Results Enforcement Debenture Trustee
Enquiry Title Not Required Entire Agreement
Enurement Assignment Environment
Environment Safety Health Sustainability Committee Environmental
Environmental Approvals Environmental Authorisations
Environmental Closure Plan Environmental Considerations
Environmental Controls Environmental Impacts Permitting
Environmental Law Environmental Laws
Environmental Other Regulatory Requirements Environmental Permitting
Environmental Permitting Considerations Environmental Policy
Environmental Protection Requirements Environmental Risks
Environmental Risks Hazards Epcm Contractor
Equator Principles Equity Compensation Plan Information
Escrowed Securities Estimate Accuracy Contingency
Estimate Summary Estimates
Estimating Block Cave Production Estimation Cut Off Costs
Events Default Evidence Experts Advisers
Evidence Rights Debentureholders Exception New Gold8217s Execution Mailing Election Each Eligible
Excess Cash Flow Event Excess Cash Flow Offer Redeem
Excess Cashflow Exchange Act
Exchange Debentures Exchange Rate
Exchange Rate Fluctuations Excluded Taxes
Exclusions Exclusions Inclusions
Exclusive Mineral Reserves Execution Counterparts
Execution Debentures Execution Plan
Executive Compensation Executive Officer
Executive Other Committees Exercise Discretion Proxies
Exercise Dissent Rights Exercise Option
Expenses Explanatory
Exploration Exploration Decline Progressing Well
Exploration Development Exploration Development Operating Risk
Exploration Development Resource Estimates Exploration Development Resource Reserve Estimates
Exploration Drilling Exploration Feasibility Study Update
Exploration Review Exploration Update
Exploration Was Written David Rennie Peng Scott Wilson Expressed Canadian Dollars
External Auditor External Auditor Service Fees Category
Facility Facility Office
Failure Elect Appoint Directors Failure Give Notice Waiver
Fair Dealing Others Feasibility Study
Feasibility Study Background Federal Income Tax Mining Rates
Figure 10-2 Mineralized Zones Figure 10-2 Regional Exploration Targets
Figure 12-2 Peak Mine Bulk Density Measuring Station Figure 13-1 Underground Drift Drill Plan
Figure 14-11 Blank Performance Sgs 2004 2008 Figure 14-4 Replicate Greater Rate Per Project Lab
Figure 14-7 Duplicate Mapd Per Project Basis Figure 16-1 Schematic Peak Gold Mine Processing Route
Figure 18-1 Hypogene Recovery Head Grade Figure 18-2 Mesogene Recovery Head Grade
Figure 18-3 Supergene Flotation Copper Recovery Head Grade Figure 18-4 Hypogene Concentration Ratio
Figure 18-5 Mesogene Recovery Figure 18-7 Crushing Grinding Simplified Flowsheet
Figure 18-8 Flotation Dewatering Simplified Flowsheet Figure 19-2 Tonnage Curves Id2
Figure 19-3 Location Pgms Operations Figure 19-3 Plan View Preliminary Resource Block Model
Figure 25-11 Ventilation Drainage Level 5040 Figure 25-13 Block Extraction Level 4950
Figure 25-15 Undercut Design Figure 25-18 Scheduled Copper Gold Grades
Figure 25-2 Distribution Rmr76 Domain Data Figure 25-20 Life Mine Unit Operating Cost
Figure 25-21 Distribution Mine Operating Costs Excluding Power Figure 25-22 Sensitivity Irr Before Tax Variations Costs
Figure 25-23 Sensitivity Before Tax Npv Variations Costs Figure 25-3
Figure 25-4 Subsidence Limits Based Empirical Assessment Methods Figure 25-5 General View Slope Conditions Afton Mine
Figure 25-7 Mine Plan Overlayed Aerial Photograph Figure 25-9 Plan Extraction Level 5070
Figure 3-1 New Afton Location Figure 3-3 Sensitivity Before Tax Npv Variations Costs
Figure 4-3 Consolidated Mining Lease 1483 Mpl 854 Figure 6-1 Map Mineral Titles Vicinity Lease
Figure 6-2 Map Private Crown Lands New Afton Figure 7-1 Geology Mineralisation Lachlan Orogen After Walshe
Figure 7-2 Geology Mineralisation Cobar Region After Glen Figure 7-6 Schematic Cross-section Showing Structural Setting New
Figure 8-1 Cobar Goldfield Longsection Resource Inclusive Reserves Figure 9-1 Regional Geology
Figure 9-1 Surface Geology New Cobar Deposit Figure 9-10 Summary Base Metal Distributions 9500mrl
Figure 9-12 Summary Magnetite Quartz Breccia Vein Fe-chlorite Figure 9-13 Peak Mine Area Geology Plan View
Figure 9-15 Peak Perseverance Surface Geology Figure 9-16 Oblique View Perseverance Zones Looking East
Figure 9-17 Perseverance Zone Geologic Cross Figure 9-2 Cross Through New Cobar 16150
Figure 9-3 Central Area Geology New Occidental Cobar Figure 9-5 Geology New Occidental Deposit Environs
Figure 9-6 Detailed Surface Geology New Occidental Mulholland Figure 9-9 Detailed Paragenetic Sequence New Occidental Orebody
Filed Sedar Filing Government Reports
Final Order Final Order8221
Final Proscription Date Finalization Arrangements Abacus Mining Exploration Corp
Finance Contract Payable Financial Conditions Results Operations 2005
Financial Instruments Financial Instruments Recognition Measurement
Financial Matters Financial Operation Highlights
Financial Operational Highlights Financial Operational Performance
Financial Reporting Disclosure Financial Results
Financial Review Financial Statements
Financing Costs Financing Documents
Financing Principal Financing Risks
Firpta Fixing Number Directors
Floor 100 University Avenue Toronto Ontario M5j 2y1 Flotation
Flow-through Funding Eligibility Flow-through Shares
Flow-through Shares Restated Fluctuating Metal Prices
Foot Wall Zone Footnotes
Forecast Update Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
Foreign Currency Translation Foreign Operations
Foreign Operations Risks Foreign Private Issuer
Foreign Subsidiaries Form 52-109f2 Certification Amended Interim Filings
Form 52-109f2 Certification Interim Filings Form 52-109f2 Certification Interim Filings Full Certificate
Form 52-109ft2 Certification Interim Filings Transition Period Form Debentures
Form Instrument Transfer Form Proxy
Form Share Certificate Form Terms Debentures
Form Warrant Certificate Formal Date
Former Metallica Shareholders8221 Formerly Gpj Ventures Ltd
Forward Gold Sales Contracts Forward Looking Statements
Forward Looking Statements Cautionary Notices Forward-looking Statement
Fractional Cash Consideration Fractional Dividends
Fractional New Gold Common Shares Fragmentation
Freely Tradeable Freight
Fuel Contracts Full Description Material Change
Functions Duties Powers Officers Funding Requirements Abcp Implications
Further Amended 2007 2008 2009 Restated Effective Date Further Assurances
Further Information New Gold Inc Afton Project Please Further Information Please Contact New Gold Inc
Future Income Taxes Future Sales Common Shares Existing Shareholders
Future Tax Assets Liabilities Gaap
Gender Number General
General Administration General Covenants
General Description General Information
Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Generally Accepted Accounting Principles8221
Genetic Model Cobar Gold Field Mineralization Geological Setting
Geological Setting Was Written David Rennie Peng Scott Geology
Geology Data Resources Geostatistics
Geotechnical Data Geotechnical Domains
Geotechnics Hydrology Gladstone Deposit
Global Debenture Global Debentures
Global Note8221 Gold
Gold Copper Prices Gold Estimation
Gold Metal Prices Gold Mik Estimation
Gold Mine Acquisitions Gold Prices
Gold Recovery Goldcorp Non
Goldcorp Support Agreement Goodwill
Goodwill Impairment Testing Governing Law
Government Approvals Government Obligations
Government Regulation Government Regulations
Governmental Entity Governmental Entity8221
Gpj Ventures Ltd Formerly Imperial Plastech Inc Notes Grade Control
Grade Estimation Grams Over Metres
Grant Options Grant Recoveries
Gratuity Pension Allowance Retirement Director Great Cobar Deposit
Grinding Gross Proceeds Offering Increased 392
Ground Conditions Continue Very Good Ground Conditions Very Good
Grounds Application Groundwater
Groundwater Rights Group
Health Safety Environment Sustainability Heap Leach Oxide Mineralization
Hedging Bank Hedging Banks
Hedging Documents Hedging Expenses
Hedging Liabilities Highlights
Highlights Transaction Historic Dscr
History History Was Written David Rennie Peng Scott Wilson
Holdco Agreement Holdco Alternative
Holdco Election Date Holder
Holders8221 Holding
Holding Annual General Meetings Hole Ua-08 Intersected Zone Mineralization Was 50m 120m
Hsr Act Hypogene
Hypogene Ore Ian Telfer
Ian Telfer Director Identified Notice Meeting Respect Other Matters Properly Come
Identity Illustrations
Immunity Debentureholders Debenture Trustees Others Impact Foreign Exchange Operations
In-the-money Incentive Plan Awards
Inclusions Inclusive Leased Vehicle Acquired 2004 Original Cost 68013
Income Mining Taxes Income Resource Taxes
Income Taxes Income Taxes Contd
Income Test Incorporation Subsidiaries
Increase Authorized Capital Increased Cdn75
Indebtedness Indebtedness Directors Executive Officers
Indebtedness8221 Indemnification
Indemnification Directors Officers Insurance Indemnification Insurance
Indemnification Other Persons Indemnity Provision
Indenture Indenture Legislation
Indenture Unless Otherwise Directed Noteholder Appointing Them Indenture Witnesseth
Indenture8221 8220hereto8221 8220hereby8221 8220hereunder8221 8220hereof8221 8220herein8221 Independence Board
Independence Macquarie Independent Directors Meetings
Independent Technical Consultant Index
Indicated Mineral Resource Indicated Resource
Inferred Mineral Resource Inferred Mineral Resource Zone
Information Been Incorporated Reference Schedule Documents Filed Certain Information Been Redacted Protect Certain Personal Borrower Secured
Information Concerning Nominees Submitted Management Information Non-registered Shareholders
Infrastructure Infrastructure Services
Initial Decline Program Now Complete Ahead Schedule Initial Results Deep Drilling Hole 125
Initial Selection Mining Outlines Inspection Accounting Records
Insurance Insurance Uninsured Risks
Insurances Insurers
Intercreditor Agreement Interest
Interest Certain Persons Matters Acted Interest Informed Persons Material Transactions
Interest Insiders Informed Persons Material Transactions Interest Insiders Material Transactions
Interest Management Others Material Transactions Interest Margin
Interest Payment Date Interest Payment Date8221
Interest Period Interest Rate Risk
Interest Swap Obligations8221 Interested Director Counted Quorum
Interests Experts Interim Order
Interim Order8221 Intermediary
Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Internal Controls Audit
Internal Controls Procedures International Financial Reporting Standards Ifrs
Interpretation Interpretation Not Affected Headings
Interpretation Not Affected Headings Etc Introduce Copper Flash Flotation
Introduction Invalidity Provisions
Inventories Inventories Stockpiled Ore
Investment Amapari Investment Property
Investment Status Investment Trust Moneys
Investor Relations Investors
Isclosure Ontrols Isda Master Agreement
Issue Shares Issued Fully Paid Common Shares
Issued Outstanding Itc Report
James Currie James Currie Executive Vice President Chief Operating Officer
James Estey John Shillabeer Peng Hatch Ltd
Joint Proxy Circular Jorc Code
Judgment Against Julio Carvalho
Kamloops Afton Mineral Property Kamloops Ajax Mineral Property
Kamloops Ajax-python Mineral Property Keep Informed
Ken Major Peng Hatch Ltd Kevin Ross Appointed Coo
Key Contractual Counterparty Key Executives
Knowledge Knowledge Trustee
Labour Employment Matters Labour Requirements
Lack Quorum Lack Quorum Succeeding Meeting
Land Title Language Debenture Indenture
Large Corporation Capital Tax Law
Laws Lawsuits
Legal Personal Representative Recognized Death Legal Personal Representatives Joint Shareholders
Legality New Gold Common Shares Forming Part Share Legends
Letter Agreement Letter Shareholders
Letter Transmittal Letterhead Deloitte Touche Llp
Letterhead Mintz Partners Llp Liberty Bell Project
Liberty Bell Project Alaska United States Libor
Licences Licensing Permitting
Life Mine Plan Life Mine Plan Mineral Reserves Only
Limitation Conduct Business Limitation Liability
Limitation Proscription Limitation Scope Design
Limitations Controls Procedures Limited Experience Development-stage Mining Operations
Liquidity Capital Resources Liquidity Capital Resources Outlook
Liquidity Risk List Authorizations Licences Permits Required Government Canada
List New Gold Material Subsidiaries Listing
Listing New Gold Common Shares Lithology Host Sequences
Litigation Loan
Local Resources Infrastructure Location Annual General Meetings
Locked Cycle Tests Lode Morphology Associated Alteration Mineralization
Long Term Incentive Plan Awards Long Term Incentive Plan Awards Table
Long Term Incentives Stock Options Long-term Debt
Loss Before Income Taxes Follows Loss Per Share
Lost Certificates Macquarie Capital Markets Canada Ltd Member Group Companies
Macquaries Engagement Mail Service Interruption
Maintain Office Agency Majority Banks
Management Additions Management Agreement
Management Changes Management Contracts
Management Directors Management Hanges
Managements Discussion Analysis Mandate
Mandatory Cost Mandatory Indemnification Directors Former
Manner Exercise Right Convert Manner Paying Dividend
Manner Taking Poll Market Price Corporations Securities
Market Securities Marketing
Markets Markets Contracts
Markets Transportation Martyn Konig
Material Adverse Effect Material Change Employment Arrangements
Material Change Report Material Change Report Act
Material Contract Material Contracts
Maturity Date Maturity Date8221
Meaning Certain Phrase Meaning Extraordinary Resolution
Meaning Ordinary Resolution Meaning Outstanding Certain Purposes
Measured Indicated Inferred Mineral Resources 2007 Measured Indicated Resource
Measured Mineral Resource Measured Resource
Mechanical Reproduction Seal Meeting
Meeting Materials Meeting Valid Despite Failure Give Notice
Meetings Meetings Board Committees
Meetings Directors Meetings Shareholders
Meetings Telephone Other Communications Medium Members Drc Resources Corporation
Membership Composition Merger Conditions
Mesogene Ore Mesquite
Mesquite Mine Metal Price Assumptions
Metal Prices Metal Prices Exchange Rate
Metal Prices Other Parameters Used Estimate Mineral Reserve Metallica
Metallica Assumptions Metallica Meeting8221
Metallica Options8221 Metallica Replacement Options
Metallica Resources Inc Metallica Resources Mineral Resource Reserve Estimate
Metallica Stock Option Plan8221 Metallica Warrants8221
Metallurgical Characteristics Ore Types Metallurgical Predictions
Metallurgical Recoveries Concentrate Grade Used Estimate Mineral Reserve Metallurgical Samples
Metallurgical Test Work Metallurgy
Metallurgy Processing Metals Prices
Method Giving Notice Methodology
Metres Grading 175 108 Grams Metric Equivalents
Mike Struthers Eng Mausimm Mimmm Amc Consultants Ltd Mike Thomas Mausimm Amc Consultants Pty Ltd
Mike Thomas Mausimm Amc Consultants Pty Ltd Responsible Milling Operations
Mine Infrastructure Mine Layout Access
Mine Life Mine Permit Application Filed
Mine Plan Mine Planning
Mine Production Rate Mine Ventilation
Mineral Claim Interests Mineral Claim Interests Contd
Mineral Lease Landfill Facilities Agreement Mineral Processing
Mineral Processing Metallurgical Testing Mineral Processing Total Operating Cost
Mineral Properties Mineral Properties Related Deferred Costs
Mineral Property Interests Deferred Exploration Costs Mineral Reserve
Mineral Reserve Classification Mineral Reserve Estimate
Mineral Reserve Statement Mineral Reserves
Mineral Reserves Resources Mineral Resource
Mineral Resource Estimate Mineral Resource Estimates
Mineral Resource Reserve Estimates Mineral Resource Reserve Estimation
Mineral Resource Update Mineral Resources Contained Within Vertical Projection Cave Footprint
Mineral Resources Reserves Definitions Guidelines Mineral Surface Tenure
Mineral Was Written Ngd Mineralization
Mineralization Intersected 40m Deeper Resource Model Mineralization Kilometre Depth Still Open
Mineralization Paragenesis Associated Alteration Mineralization Sequence Within New Occidental Deposit
Mineralization Still Open Mineralization Was Written David Rennie Peng Scott Wilson
Mineralogy Mines Act
Mining Mining Claims
Mining Contractor Mining Equipment
Mining Interests Mining Method
Mining Method Study Mining Method Study Completed
Mining Mineral Reserves Mining Operations
Mining Performance Mining Right
Mining Taxes Mining-initial Scheduling
Mining-throughput Minority Shareholders
Minutes Miscellaneous
Modeling Using Cave-sim Modeling Using Pc-bc
Modification Monte Christie Vector Engineering Inc
Monthly Report Morro Copper-gold Project
Morro Joint Venture Morro Joint Venture Region Chile
Morro Measured Indicated Inferred Mineral Resource Estimate Morro Project
Most Westerly Deepest Intersections Current Program Motion
Motion Need Not Seconded Move Kamloops
Mudrush Potential Mutual Conditions
Mutual Understanding Regarding Amendments Name Address
Name Address Incorporation Name Shareholder-printed
National Instrument 51-102 Nature Business
Nature Mineralization Nature Operations
Nature Operations Basis Presentation Near Mine Exploration
Necessary Corporate Actions Taken Need Additional Mineral Reserves
New Accounting Policies New Accounting Policy
New Accounting Policy Restated New Afton Ajax Projects
New Afton Cash Flow New Afton Cash Flow8221
New Afton Copper-gold Project New Afton Excess Cash Flow Offer Redeem Notes
New Afton Excess Cash Flow8221 New Afton Feasibility Study Indicates Potential Develop Canadas
New Afton Mine Permit Approved New Afton Probable Mineral Reserve Estimate
New Afton Project New Afton Project Assets
New Afton Project British Columbia Canada New Afton Project Costs
New Afton Project Costs8221 New Afton Project Development Schedule
New Afton Project Update New Afton Security Interest
New Cobar New Cobar Deposit
New Cobar Sulphide New Gold
New Gold Acquire Afton Surface Rights New Gold Aif
New Gold Announces Board Management Appointments New Gold Announces Closing Financing
New Gold Announces Increase Sales Reduction Cash Cost New Gold Appoints Underground Mining Contractor
New Gold Common Shares8221 New Gold Completes Acquisition Afton Surface Rights
New Gold Inc New Gold Inc Abacus Mining Exploration Corp Sign
New Gold Inc Abacus Mining Exploration Corp Teck New Gold Inc Managements Discussion Analysis
New Gold Inc Ngi New Gold Inc Notes Consolidated Financial Statements 2008
New Gold Inc Notes Consolidated Financial Statements 2009 New Gold Inc Notice Annual Special Meeting Shareholders
New Gold Inc Prices Subordinated Convertible Debentures 220 New Gold Information Circular
New Gold Material Subsidiaries New Gold Meeting
New Gold Meeting Materials New Gold Mineral Resource Reserve Estimate
New Gold Option Plan New Gold Options
New Gold Replacement Option New Gold Replacement Warrant
New Gold Shareholder Approval New Gold Shares
New Gold Subco New Gold8221
New Occidental New Warrants8221
News Release Ngd Tsx Amex
Nomination Directors Non-bank Managed Asset-backed Commercial Paper Abcp
Non-business Non-compliance Business Corporations Act
Non-gaap Measure Total Cash Cost Per Gold Ounce Non-gaap Measure Working Capital
Non-presentation Debentures Non-registered Noteholders
Non-registered Western Shareholder Non-resident Dissenter
Non-resident Holder Non-resident Holders
Non-retaliation Reporting Non-terminating Parties
Non-terminating Party Non-us Holder
Not Distribution United States Newswire Services Dissemination Not Extend Time Payment Interest Principal
Noteholder Desiring Appoint Some Other Person Need Not Noteholders8217 Request8221
Notes Notes Financial Statements
Notes8221 Notice
Notice Adjourned Meeting Notice Annual General Meeting Shareholders
Notice Auditor Review Interim Financial Statements Notice Change Auditor
Notice Cure Provisions Notice Debenture Trustee
Notice Debentureholders Notice Events Default
Notice Exploration Update Notice Hereby Given
Notice Joint Shareholders Notice Maturity Date Redemption Change Control
Notice Meeting Notice Meetings
Notice Meetings Shareholders Notice Not Required
Notice Redemption Notice Required
Notice Special Business Meetings Shareholders Notice Special Matters
Notice Trustees Notices
Npi Royalty8221 Nsr Revenue Recovered Metals Smelter Cost Refining Penalties
Number Directors Number Gender
Number Gender Persons Number Votes Shareholder Shares
Numerical Cavability Assessment Nyse Amex
Obligation Account Profits Obligations
Obligations Committees Obligations8221
Obtain Consent Trustee Occupational Health Training
Ocean Movements Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Off-balance Sheet Transactions Arrangements Outstanding Shares Offer Redeem
Officer8217s Certificate8221 Officers
Officers Certificate Ongoing Exploration
Only Registered Shareholders Duly Appointed Proxyholders Permitted Vote Open-pit Operations
Operating Budget Operating Cost
Operating Cost Estimate Operating Costs
Operating Hazards Risks Operating Results
Operating Revenues Operation Review
Operational Matters Operational Review
Opinion Counsel Opinion Counsel8221
Opportunity Cost Capital Multiplied Net Present Value Operation Optimize Cave Draw Schedule
Option Agreement Option Assets
Option Grants Last Directors Not Named Executive Officers Option Grants Most Recently Completed Financial
Option Holder Place Payment Option Plan
Option Repricings Option Stock Appreciation Rights Sars
Optional Redemption Debentures Options Sar Grants Most Recently Completed Financial
Options Sar Repricing Order Board Directors
Orders Ordinary Course
Ore Reserve Ore Reserve Mineral Resource Estimates
Ore Waste Transport Organization
Orientation Continuing Education Original Indenture8221
Other Other Alterations
Other Assumptions Other Director Compensation
Other Economic Assumptions Other Fees
Other Geotechnical Engineering Other Information
Other Matters Other Party
Other Persons Attend Other Public Directorships Committee Appointments
Other Relevant Data Information Other Was Written John Shillabeer Eng Hatch
Otice Change Uditors Outlook
Outstanding Share Data Outstanding Share-based Awards Option-based
Outstanding Shares Over 112m
Oversight Function Overview
Overview 2008 Financial Results Overview Assets Mesquite Mine California
Overview Financial Results Owner
Ownership Ownership Debentures
Page Paragraph
Paramountcy Partial Redemption Debentures
Participation Participation Agreement Nations
Participation Agreement Respect New Afton Project Particulars Matters Acted
Particulars Other Matters Acted Patent 04-2002-0004 Dated 2001 Survey 6938
Patent 04-87-0023 Dated 1987 Patent 04-88-0044 Dated 1988 Survey 6921
Patent 04-88-0045 Dated 1988 Survey 6901 Patent 04-89-0035 Dated 1989 Survey 6930
Patent 04-90-0012 Dated 1990 Patent 04-90-0022 Dated 1990 Survey 6900
Patent 04-90-0066 Dated 1990 Survey Nos 6923 6924 Patent 04-91-0026 Dated 1991 Survey 6932
Patent 04-95-0019 Dated 1995 Survey 6933 Patent 04-95-0020 Dated 1995 Survey 6937
Patent 04-95-0021 Dated 1995 Survey 6935 Patent 04-97-0039 Dated 1997
Paul Martin Appointed Chief Financial Officer Paul Martin Chief Financial Officer New Gold Inc
Paul Sweeney Paul Sweeney Director
Paul Sweeney Joins Board Pay Additional Amounts
Pay Debenture Trustees Remuneration Expenses Paying Agent
Paying Agent8221 Payment Debentureholders Event Default Series Notes Secured Indebtedness
Payment Dividends Payment Dividends Subject Special Rights
Payment Interest Principal Respect Debentures Peak
Peak Gold Peak Gold Ltd
Peak Gold Mineral Resource Reserve Estimates Peak Mine
Peak Mine Australia Peak Mines
Peak Mines Australia Peak Mines New South Wales Australia
Peak Ore Reserves Resources Produced Ounces Penalties Sanctions
Pension Employee Benefits Pension Plans
Performance Graph Performance New Gold
Performance Recovery Predictions Performance Western
Period 2007 2006 Periods 2006 2005
Periods 2007 2006 Periods Ending 2006 2005
Permit Failure Permits
Permitted Capital Expenditure Permitted Capital Lease
Permitted Encumbrance Permitted Hedging Transaction
Permitted Indebtedness Permitted Indebtedness8221
Permitted Investments Permitting
Perseverance Person
Person8221 Personal Bankruptcies
Personal Liability Persons Dealing Debenture Trustee
Pfic Phase Drill Core Samples
Phase Metallurgical Samples Physiography
Pierre Lassonde Pierre Lassonde Director
Pit Debris Stabilization Pit Dewatering Debris Stabilization
Place Places Payment
Places Retiring Directors Not Filled Plan Arrangement
Plan8221 8220plan Arrangement8221 8220hereof8221 8220herein8221 8220hereto8221 Plant Design
Please Return Form Proxy Envelope Provided Purpose Also Pledge Agreement
Political Contributions Poll
Port Handling Portion
Portions Historic Summary Excerpted Narratives Stegman Pocock 1996 Position Descriptions
Post-effective Time Procedures Power Adjourn
Power Supply Powers Board
Powers Cumulative Powers Exercisable Extraordinary Resolution
Powers Management Pox
Pre-approval Policies Procedures Preferred Shares
Preliminary Debris Characterization Preparation Resource Model Reserve Estimation
Press Release Press Release New Gold Announces 2008 Financial Results
Previous Primary Sulphide Mineralization
Principal Holders Voting Shares Principal Products
Prior Sales Prior Valuations Not Applicable
Private Placement Special Warrants Pro Forma Assumptions Adjustments
Probable Mineral Reserve Probable Ore Reserve
Proceedings Directors Proceedings Meetings Shareholders
Process Description Process Flow Sheet
Process Plant Production Estimates
Production Evidence Authority Vote Production Schedule
Professional Services Director Officer Program
Program Description Progress Outlook
Prohibited Substances Prohibitions
Project Project Access
Project Analysis Project Change Control8221
Project Cost Update Project Database
Project Description Location Project Development Review Amapari Mine Amapá Brazil
Project Development Review New Afton Copper-gold Project Economics
Project Financing Project Opportunities
Project Parties Project Summary
Project Timetable Project Update
Promoter Property Description
Property Description Location Property Equipment
Property Tenures Proposed Amendments
Proposed Business Combination Proposed Mining Operations
Proposed Operations Sulphide Ores Prospectus Exemptions
Protection Debenture Trustee Proved Ore Reserve
Proven Mineral Reserve Proven Probable Mineral Reserve Estimate
Proven Probable Mineral Reserves Provide Certificate Compliance
Provide Financial Statements Provide Information
Provision Income Taxes Consist Following Proxies
Proxy Holder Need Not Shareholder Proxy Provisions Not Apply Companies
Publication Advance Notice Meeting Pumping Condition Assessment
Purchase Accounting Amapari Peak Mines Purchase Date
Purchase Debentures Cancellation Purchase Insolvent
Purchase Insurance Purchase Money Obligations8221
Purchase Shares Purpose
Purpose Plan Qef
Qualifications Qualifications Directors
Qualified Person Qualified Persons
Qualifying Bank Qualifying Holdco
Qualifying Holdco Shareholders Quality Control Data Verification
Quartz Vein Assemblages New Occidental Deposit Quity Ompensation Lan Nformation
Quorum Quotation
Ramp-up Schedule Randall Oliphant
Rank Subordination Raw Materials
Raymond Threlkeld Receipt Joint Shareholders
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Reclamation Bonds
Reclamation Closure Cost Obligations Reclamation Obligations
Reclamation Plans Recognition Dissenting Shareholders
Recognition Trusts Recognized Stock Exchange
Recomendations Recommendations
Reconciliation Expected Actual Income Tax Expense Statutory Rates Record Date
Record Date Notice Record Date Voting
Record Payments Record Retention
Recording Financial Affairs Recoverability
Redemption Amount Redemption Date
Redemption Date8221 Redemption Notice
Reference Banks References
Refiner Refining Contract
Regardless Such Deadlines New Gold Receive Tax Election Regional Exploration
Registered Western Shareholder Registering Transfers
Registrar Registrar8221
Registration Exemption Regulation
Regulation S8221 Regulations
Rehabilitation Rehabilitation Costs Better Defined
Reimbursement Expenses Directors Related Party Transactions
Related Person Relations Respect Contribution
Relevant Education Experience Reliance
Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank Remaining Directors Power Act
Remediation Reclamation Remedies
Remedies Cumulative Removal Director Directors
Removal Director Shareholders Remuneration Directors
Remuneration Expenses Alternate Director Remuneration Terms Appointment
Renewal Update Waste Discharge Order 93-043 Inert Landfill Reorganization
Repayment Unclaimed Moneys Common Shares Replacement Articles Amendment Notice
Replacement Debenture Trustee Replacement Debentures
Replacement Key Contractual Counterparty Replacement Lost Stolen Destroyed Certificate Acknowledgment
Replacement Worn Out Defaced Certificate Acknowledgement Report
Report Executive Compensation Report Submitted Compensation Committee
Reporting Code Violations Reporting Issuer
Reporting Status Reports
Representations Representations Warranties
Representations Warranties New Gold Representations Warranties Western
Representative Corporate Shareholder Request Debenture Indenture
Request Financial Statements Requirement Issue Fractional Common Shares
Requirement Quorum Reserve Common Shares
Reserve Statement Reserves Resources
Resident Dissenter Resident Holder
Resolution Instead Annual General Meeting Resolutions Required
Resolved Resource Reporting
Resource Update Resources
Resp Restatement Comparative Financial Statements
Restatement Comparative Periods Restatement Prior
Restrictions Business Activities Restrictions Voting Reason Interest
Results Results Operations
Retention Ballots Proxies Retention Key Personnel
Revenue Recognition Reverse Circulation Drilling
Reverse Circulation Samples Review Financial Results
Review Financial Results 2009 Compared 2008 Review Quarterly Financial Results
Review Reviewed Interim Financial Statements Mda Together Filings Revocation Appointment Alternate Director
Revocation Proxies Revocation Proxy
Revocation Proxy Signed Right Convene Meetings
Right Debentureholder Convert Not Impaired Right Receive Debenture Indenture
Right Repay Redemption Amount Common Shares Right-of-way Caca-019129
Rights Agreement Rights Dissent
Rights Duties Debenture Trustee Rights Holders Series Notes Secured Indebtedness Not Impaired
Rights Legal Personal Representative Rights Offering
Rio Figueroa Rio Figueroa Project
Risk Factors Risk Management Agreement
Risk Management Agreement8221 Risk Relating Recent Acquisitions
Risks Risks Uncertainties
Roads Robert Gallagher
Robert Gallagher Chief Executive Officer Director Rolf Schmitt Pgeo Rescan Environmental Services Ltd
Ron Allum Appointed General Manager New Afton Royalties
Royalties Agreements Royalty
Royalty Expenses Rrif
Rrsp Rules Regarding Calculation Adjustment Conversion Price
Safety Safety Reclamation Code Mines
Sale Assets Sale Voting Purchased Shares
Sample Database Sample Preparation Analysis Security
Sample Quality Sample Security
Sampling Analysis Sampling Analysis Security
Saprolite Mineralization Satisfaction Conditions
Schedule Schedule Conditions Obligations New Gold
Schedule Conditions Obligations Western Schedule Covenants
Schedule List Western Subsidiaries Schedule Mutual Conditions Precedent
Schedules Scope Review
Scoping Study Estimates Subject Change Scoping Study Preliminary
Scotia Agreements Scotia Spot Purchase Transaction
Scotia Spot Purchase Transactions Scott Wilson Roscoe Postle Associates Inc
Screen Rate Seal
Sealing Copies Search Kriging Parameters
Sec Secured Collateral
Secured Indebtedness Secured Indebtedness8221
Securities Act Securities Act8221
Securities Authorities8221 Securities Authorized Issuance Equity Compensation Plans
Securities Laws Securities Laws8221
Securities Represented Proxy Voted Directed Holder However Such Security Companies
Security Documents Security Interest8221
Security Period Security Samples
Security Trustee Sedar
See Accompanying Notes See Reconciliation Adjusted Net Earnings Gaap Page Supplemental
Segmented Information Selected Annual Information
Selected Quarterly Information Selection Alternate Chair
Senior Officer Senior Officer Changes
Sensitivity Analysis Series Notes
Series Units Settlement Difficulties
Sgs 2004 2008 Share Capital
Share Capital Contd Share Certificates
Share Consideration8221 Share Exchange Ratio
Share Issuance Resolution Share Issuances
Share Purchase Warrants Share Purchase Warrants Restated
Share Purchase Warrants Rights Share Transfers
Shareholder Constitute Quorum Shareholder Entitled Certificate Acknowledgment
Shareholders Shareholders Drc Resources Corporation
Shareholders Fill Vacancies Shares
Shares Share Certificates Short-term Investments
Short-term Investments Measurement Uncertainty Short-term Investments Restated
Show Hands Signatures
Signed Instruments Signed Karl Burgess
Significant Accounting Policies Significant Accounting Policies Contd
Significant Transactions Signing Instrument Transfer
Silver Recovery Smelting
Solicitation Proxies Solicited Party
Sources Information Special Business
Special Majority Special Majority Resolutions
Special Remuneration Directors Special Resolution8221
Special Rights Restrictions Specialized Skill Knowledge
Specify Security Type Splitting Share Certificates
Stability Ground Support Stage Development
State Mineral Extraction Lease Statement Corporate Governance Practice
Statement Executive Compensation Statement Mineral Resources
Statements Cash Flows Statements Operations
Statements Operations Deficit Statistical Analysis
Statistics Statute References
Statutory References Still Open Depth
Stock Appreciation Rights Stock Based Compensation
Stock Exchange Approval Stock Option Plan
Stock Option Plans Stock Options
Stock Options Restated Stock-based Compensation
Stock-based Compensation Restated Stock-based Compensation Share Purchase Warrants Options
Stope Planning Dilution Ore Losses Strong Cu-au Mineralization Was Intersected 200 Metres Vertically
Structural Features Structural Framework Cobar Gold Field
Sub Level Caving Block Cave Subject Confirmation Income Tax Authorities Following Undeducted Pools
Subject Shares Subordinated Convertible Debentures
Subordinated Debt Subordinated Loan Agreement
Subrogation Debentures Subsequent Event
Subsequent Event Approved Board Subsequent Events
Subsequent Events Approved Board Subsequent Events Proposed Transactions
Subsequent Events See Accompanying Notes Approved Board Subsidence
Subsidiary Summarized Annual Financial Results
Summary Summary Compensation Table
Summary Material Change Summary Mine Life Operating Costs
Summary Quarterly Information Summary Results
Summary Results Cave-sim Modelling Supergene Drill Core Samples
Supergene Ore Superior Proposal
Superior Proposal Notice Supplement
Supplemental Cash Flow Information Supplemental Debenture Indentures
Supplemental Disclosure Non-cash Financing Investing Activities Refer See Supplemental Disclosure Non-cash Investing Financing Activities Refer
Supplemental Indenture8221 Supplementary Cash Flow Information
Support Agreements Supporting Shareholder
Surface Exploration Commence Surface Geotechnical
Surface Infrastructure Process Plant Hatch Surface Ownership
Surface Rights Surface Run-off Control
Surrender Cancellation Survey Control
Surveying Practices Survival Representations Warranties
Sustainability Environment Health Safety Sustaining Capital
Table Table 11-7 Perseverance Drilling Programs Since 1997
Table 14-4 Summary Statistics Pgm Gold Replicates Duplicates Table 14-5 Percentage Replicate Samples Mapd
Table 14-6 Summary Statistics 2006 Umpire Assaying Table 14-7 Summary Statistics Blank Standards Results Since
Table 16-2 Concentrate Specifications Assays Table 17-1 Pmg Mga Gda94 Translation
Table 17-10 Chesney Sulphide- Summary Statistics 1metre Composite Table 17-11 Chesney Sulphide Correlation Matrix 1metre Composites
Table 17-12 Chesney Sulphide Conditional Statistics Main Lens Table 17-13 New Occidental Gold Summary Statistics Metre
Table 17-14 New Occidental Base Metal Density Summary Table 17-15 New Occidental Correlation Matrices Metre Composites
Table 17-16 New Occidental Conditional Statistics Main Lens Table 17-17 Peak Summary Statistics Gold Composites
Table 17-18 Peak Summary Statistics Gold Composites Table 17-2 Peak- Geological Domains
Table 17-21 Perseverance Summary Statistics Gold Composites Table 17-23 Perseverance High Grade Cuts Used Composite
Table 17-3 New Cobar Summary Statistics Main Zone Table 17-4 New Cobar Summary Statistics West Zone
Table 17-42 Chesney Oxide Block Model Parameters Table 17-43 Chesney Oxide Block Model Parameters
Table 17-44 Chesney Sulphide Block Model Parameters Table 17-45 New Occidental Block Model Parameters
Table 17-46 Peak Block Model Parameters Table 17-47 Perseverance Block Model Parameters
Table 17-48 New Cobar Mik Composite Search Parameters Table 17-49 New Cobar Sample Search Parameters
Table 17-5 New Cobar Conditional Statistics Main Zone Table 17-50 New Cobar Sample Search Orientations
Table 17-51 Chesney Oxide Estimation Parameters Main Lens Table 17-52 Chesney Oxide Density Used Tonnage Estimation
Table 17-53 Chesney Sulphide -estimation Parameters Gold Mik Table 17-54 New Occidental Estimation Parameters Mik Estimations
Table 17-55 Peak General Sample Search Parameters Mik Table 17-56 Peak Mik Sample Selection Search Parameters
Table 17-57 Peak Sample Selection Search Parameters Gold Table 17-58 Peak Sample Selection Search Parameters Copper
Table 17-59 Perseverance Mik Estimation Search Strategy Zone Table 17-6 New Cobar Conditional Statistics West Zone
Table 17-60 Perseverance Estimation Search Strategy Zone Table 17-61 Perseverance Search Orientations Zone Hulk Hercules
Table 17-62 Perseverance Search Variogram Orientations Pgm Zone Table 17-65 Metal Sales Prices
Table 17-67 Smelting Refining Costs Penalties Royalties Transport Table 17-68 Estimate 2009 Site Costs Production Orebody
Table 17-69 Dilution Ore Losses Modifying Factors Table 17-7 Chesney Oxide Summary Statistics Copper Metre
Table 17-8 Chesney Oxide Summary Statistics Gold Metre Table 17-9 Chesney Oxide Conditional Statistics Main Lens
Table 18-1 Grinding Index Summary Table 18-3 Locked Cycle Tests Final Concentrate Assays
Table 18-4 Variability Samples Cleaner Flotation Reagent Summary Table 19-1 Mine Mobile Equipment Fleets
Table 19-1 Sample Statistics Table 19-10 As-hg Sample Statistics
Table 19-10 Average Unit Operating Costs Table 19-11 As-hg Sample Statistics Wireframe
Table 19-12 Mineral Resources Us120 Us450 Us525 Table 19-13 Zone Inferred Resource Us120 Us450 Us525
Table 19-14 Metallurgical Recoveries Concentrate Grade Used Estimate Table 19-15 Metal Prices Other Parameters Used Estimate
Table 19-16 Description Fields Combined Resource Model Table 19-17 Key Input Parameters Pc-bc Models
Table 19-18 Summary Results Pc-bc Modelling Table 19-19 Key D50 Fragmentation Inputs Cave-sim Main
Table 19-2 2008 Mine Activity Cost Data Table 19-2 Cutting Values
Table 19-20 Key D50 Fragmentation Inputs Cave-sim Other Table 19-22 Results Cave-sim Expected Case After Losses
Table 19-23 Summary Ore Recovered Drawpoints Table 19-24 Development Ore
Table 19-25 Ore Recovered Development Drawpoints Table 19-26 Mineral Resources Contained Within Vertical Projection
Table 19-27 Mineral Reserve Estimate Table 19-3 2007 Estimate Total Closure Costs
Table 19-3 Composite Statistics Table 19-4 Block Model Geometry
Table 19-4 Pgm Employees Contractor Labour Table 19-5 Metal Price Recovery Factors
Table 19-5 Pgm Injury Statistics 2008 Table 19-6 Block Model Results
Table 19-7 Cross-validation Results Table 19-8 Comparison Block Declustered Composite Grades
Table 19-8 Pgm Metal Price Assumptions Table 19-9 Comparison Kriged Id2 Estimates
Table 19-9 Other Economic Assumptions Table 25-10 Vertical Development Rates Excluding Muck Removal
Table 25-11 Drawbell Drilling Blasting Costs Excluding Labour Table 25-13 Working Capital Invested Project 000s
Table 25-14 Sustaining Capital 000 Table 25-15 Closure Cost Estimate
Table 25-16 New Afton Total Operating Unit Costs Table 25-17 Commodity Utility Costs Used Operating Cost
Table 25-18 Average Mine Life Unit Operating Costs Table 25-19 Total Mineral Process Unit Operating Cost
Table 25-2 Virgin Stress Measurements Results Table 25-20 Summary Costs Milled
Table 25-21 Table 25-22 Metal Prices Exchange Rate Trailing
Table 25-23 New Afton Project Summary Economic Results Table 25-3 Summarised Rmr Domain
Table 25-5 Detailed Terms Copper Concentrates Table 25-6 Summary Infrastructures Requiring Reclamation
Table 25-9 Lateral Development Costs Wbs Table 3-1 Mineral Resource Estimate C10 Cut-off
Table 3-2 Mineral Reserve Estimate Table 3-4 New Afton Total Operating Unit Costs
Table 3-5 Key Financial Assumptions Economic Results Table 4-2 Other Experts Area Responsibility
Table 5-1 Distances Road Sydney Cobar Table 6-1 Operational History Cobar Mineral Field
Table 9-1 Chesney Oxidized Mineralization Domains Table 9-2 Comparison Metal Contents Cobar Gold Field
Table 9-4 Early Stage Hydrothermal Mineralogy Pre-gold Table 9-5 Main Stage Gold Hydrothermal Deformation Mineralogy
Table 9-6 Late Stage Hydrothermal Mineralogy Antimony-lead-silver Association Table Contents
Tailings Disposal Tailings Management
Tailings Storage Design Operations Tailings Storage Facility
Tailings Waste Facilities Management Target
Tax Act Tax Act8221
Tax Elections Tax Fees
Tax Matters Taxable Capital Gain
Taxes Taxes Charges Conversion
Technical Information Technical Report8221
Teck Assets8221 Temporary Differences Give Rise Future Income Tax Assets
Temporary Differences Give Rise Future Income Taxes Follows Terminating Party
Termination Termination Change Control Benefits New Gold Entered Employment
Termination Employment Change Responsibilities Contracts Termination Payment
Therefore Each Beneficial Shareholder Ensure Voting Instructions Communicated Thirteen Period 2007
Tier Electricity Tariff Time
Time Essence Time Essence Shall Respect Every Provision Plan Arrangement
Timmins Ontario Mineral Property Title Mineral Properties
Title Properties Condition Assets Title Some Mineral Properties Challenged Defective
Toronto Toronto Ontario New Gold Inc 8220company8221 8220new
Total Total Cash Costs 742 Per Ounce Net By-product
Total Interest8221 Total Ore Mined
Total Project Resources Total Transportation Costs
Transaction Transaction Details
Transaction Documents Transaction Structure
Transfer Transfer Agent Registrar
Transfer Agents Registrars Transfer Certificate
Transfer Fee Transfer8221
Transferee Shareholders Transferor Remains Shareholder
Transmission Shares Transportation
Treasury Obligations Treatment Charges
Treatment Depreciable Depletable Expenditures Post Commercial Production Excluding Treatment Depreciable Depletable Expenditures Prior Commercial Production Being
Treatment Depreciable Expenditures Post Commercial Production Related Expansion Treaty
Trigger Triggering Event
Truck Rail Movement Trustee
Trustee Hold Series Notes Secured Indebtedness Trustee8221
Tsfa Ummary Ompensation Able
Umpire Assays Uncertainty Estimation Mineral Reserves Resources
Uncertainty Relating Inferred Mineral Resources Underground Decline Proceeding Well
Underground Drilling Accelerating Underground Excavation Program
Underground Exploration Hole Intersects High Grade Mineralization 135m Underground Mining Operations
Underground Sampling Underground Sampling Program
United States United States8221
Unpaid Sum Us120 Us450 Us525
Us145 Us475 Utlook
Vahan Kololian Validity Acts Appointment Defective
Validity Proxy Vote Value Vested Earned Financial 2008
Vancouver Vancouver 2009
Vancouver 8211 2009 Vancouver Toronto 2009
Vancouver V6c 3s7 Variability Samples
Variation Vat
Ventilation Vesting Powers Successor
Vote 8683 Toll Free Telephone Internet Not Mail Vote Required
Vote Using Telephone Internet Votes Joint Holders
Votes Persons Representative Capacity Votes Shareholders
Voting Voting Mail
Voting Meetings Voting Meetings Directors Shareholders
Voting Proxies Voting Shares
Voting Shares Exercise Discretion Proxies Voting Shares Principal Holders Thereof
Voting Shares8221 Wages Benefits Stock-based Compensation
Waiver Waiver Default
Waiver Notice Waiver Notice Meetings
Waivers Warrants
Warrants Western Water Balance
Water Supply Management Water System Permit
Western Western Goldfields Inc
Western Information Circular Western Meeting
Western Meeting Materials Western Option Plan
Western Options Western Rights Agreement
Western Shareholder Approval Western Shareholders Cautioned Fair Value Determined Less Amount
Western Shares Western Subsidiaries
Wgi Whereas
Whistleblower Policy Wireframe Models
Withholding Rights Withholding Taxes
Witness Whereof Work Process
Working Capital Working Capital Quarter-end
Written Direction Company8221 Written Request
Year-end Zone Resource
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