Topic Listing for Navios Maritime Holdings

Account Bank Accounting Acquisition Horamar
Accounting Controls Accounting Derivative Financial Instruments Hedge Activities
Accounting Income Taxes Accounts Receivables
Accounts Receivables Net Accrued Expenses
Acquisition Agreement Acquisition Horamar
Acquisition Kleimar Acquisition Subsidiary
Acquisition Ultra Handymax Vessels Acquisition Vessels
Additional Agreements Additional Documents
Address Principal Executive Offices Adjusted Ebitda
Adjusted Purchase Price Administrative Details Transferee
Advance Agent
Agreed Agreed Follows
Agreement 2007 Between Agreement 2008 Between
Akti Miaouli Street Piraeus Greece 185 Although Navios Longstanding Relationships Certain Japanese Shipowners Provide
Amendments Supplements Issuer Free Writing Prospectuses Amendments Waivers
Anemos Announces Quarterly Dividend 00666 Per Share
Applicable Accounting Principles Applicable Margin
Approved Broker Arrangers
Asset Acquisition Assets
Assets Sold Navios Partners Assignee
Associated Costs Assumptions
Asteriks Deed Covenant Asteriks General Assignment
Asteriks Guarantee Asteriks Mortgage
Asteriks Owners Asteriks Security Documents
Auditors Aurora Charter
Aurora Charter Assignment Aurora General Assignment
Aurora Guarantee Aurora Mortgage
Aurora Security Documents Authority Representatives
Availability Period Available Commitment
Available Loan Commitment Available Revolving Commitment
Average Daily Results Background
Balance 2004 Predecessor Balance 2005
Balance 2005 Predecessor Balance 2005 Successor
Balance 2006 Balance 2006 Successor
Balance 2007 Balance 2007 Successor
Balance Due Affiliate Balance Sheet Values
Balances Due Related Parties Bank
Banking Banks
Bear Stearns 8th Annual Global Transportation Conference Because Navios Generates Revenues Dollars Incurs Portion Expenses
Between Blue Sky Compliance
Board Directors Recommend Vote Proposals Borrower
Borrowers Security Documents Borrowers Share Charge
Borrowings Break Costs
Broken Funding Costs Brokers Fees
Builder Business
Business Combination Recapitalization Business Combinations
Business Corporations Act Business Cuba
Business Strategy Capitalization
Cash Cash Collateral
Cash Equivalent End Period Cash Equivalents
Cash Equivalents Beginning Cash Equivalents Beginning Period
Cash Equivalents End Cash Equivalents End Period
Cash Flows Financing Activities Cash Flows Investing Activities
Casualty Amount Certain Financial Information
Certain Navioss Directors Officers Principal Stockholders Affiliated Entities Certified Copy
Changes Capital Structure Charter Assignment
Charter Market Charter Policy
Charter Rates Chief Executive Officer
Chief Financial Officer Choice Law Consent Jurisdiction Appointment Agent Accept Service
Classification Classification Society
Clear Market Cnsa Not Waived Statute Limitations Respect Taxes Agreed
Comfort Letters Commercial Manager
Commerzbank Commitment
Commitments Contingencies Common Shares
Common Stock Competition
Competitive Advantages Compliance Certificate
Compliance Environmental Laws Compliance Erisa
Compliance Money Laundering Laws Compliance Ofac
Components Net Periodic Benefit Cost Compulsory Acquisition
Concentration Credit Risk Conditional Agreements Acquire Capesize Vessels 190
Conditions Precedent Conduct Business Pending Transaction
Conference Call Conflicts
Consents Required Contacts
Contribution Control
Corporate Corporate Guarantee
Corporate Guarantor Corporate Security Party
Counterparts Credit Support Document
Crewing Shore Employees Critical Accounting Policies
Current Liabilities Customers
Cyclical Nature International Dry Bulk Shipping Industry Lead Date
Debt Debt Instruments
Decrease Cash Equivalents Decrease Increase Cash Equivalents
Default Default Rate
Deferred Dry-dock Special Survey Costs Deferred Taxation
Defined Benefit Pension Plan Delivery Copies
Delivery Date Delivery Vessels
Demand Dry Bulk Vessels Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment
Depreciation Amortization Description Business
Description Underwriting Agreement Did Send Proxy Statement
Direccion General Los Registros Publicos Dirección General Los Registros Públicos
Direct Vessel Expenses Disclosure Controls
Disclosure Non-gaap Financial Measures Disclosures Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities Amendment Fasb Statement
Discretion Proxies Authorized Vote Such Other Matters Properly Disposal Fixed Assets
Dividend Dividend Policy
Dividends Dollars
Dollars Per Downgrade
Draft Release Not Distribution Drawdown Date
Drawdown Notice Drawdown Period
Dry Bulk Carrier Secondhand Prices Dry-docking Costs
Due Authorization Earnings Account
Earnings Account Pledge Earnings Per Share Basic
Earnings Per Share Diluted Earnings Statement
Ebitda Economic Slowdown Asia Pacific Region Reduce Demand Shipping
Effective Date Employee Benefits
Encumbrance Enforceability New York Judgment
Environmental Affiliate Environmental Approval
Environmental Claim Environmental Incident
Environmental Laws Environmentally Sensitive Material
Equity Warrant Program Escrow Agreement
Estimated Future Benefit Payments Estimates
Exchange Listing Execution Date
Execution Transfer Certificate Alone Not Proportionate Share Transferors Exercise Option Navios Orbiter
Existing Charters Existing Loan Agreement
Extended Employment Contract Facilities
Facility Facility Agreement
Facility Period Factors Affecting Navios Holdings Results Operations
Factors Affecting Navios Results Operations Failure Pass Inspection Classification Societies Result Vessels Being
Fair Value Financial Instruments Fair Value Tangible Assets
Felicity Final -for Immediate Release
Final Date Final Release
Financial Advisors Financial Highlights
Financial Instruments Financial Statements
Financing Activities Flag State
Fleet Fleet Data
Fleet Employment Profile Fleet Expansion
Fleet Summary Data Foreign Currency
Foreign Currency Risk Form Acknowledgement
Form Compliance Certificate Form Drawdown Notice
Formation Former Guarantors
Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report Forward Contracts
Forward Freight Agreements Ffas Forward Looking Statements
Forward Looking Statements Safe Harbor Forward-looking Statements
Further Gains Ffas
General General Administrative Expenses
General Assignment General Provisions
Good Standing Goodwill
Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Liabilities Goodwill Other Intangibles
Governing Law Government Entity
Governmental Other Regulations Governments Requisition Navioss Vessels Period War Emergency Resulting
Greek Vessel Group
Guarantee Guaranteeing Subsidiary
Half 2005 Results Headings
Holding Guarantee Holding Guarantor
Holding Guarantors Shares Charge Horamar Group
However Hsh
Impairment Long-lived Assets Income Available Common Shareholders
Income Before Equity Net Earnings Affiliated Companies Income Before Equity Net Earnings Affiliated Companies Taxes
Income Taxes Incorporated Documents
Increase Cash Equivalents Increase Decrease Cash Equivalents
Incremental Fair Value Securities Offered Induce Warrants Exercise Incur
Indebtedness Indemnification
Indemnification Underwriters Indenture
Indenture Excerpt Independent Accountants
Independent Public Accountants Index
Industry Outlook Industry Overview
Inhibiciones Insurance
Inter Alia Interest Determination Date
Interest Income Investments Finance Leases Interest Payment Date
Interest Period Interest Rate
Interest Rate Risk Interest Rate Swaps
Interest Rate Swaps Forward Freight Agreements International Dry Bulk Shipping Industry
International Shipping Enterprises Inc Ise Enters Agreement Acquisition Introduction
Investing Activities Investment Act
Investment Affiliates Investment Costs
Investment Documents Investment Project
Investments Affiliates Joint Ventures Ism Code
Ism Code Documentation Ism Sms
Isps Code Issc
Issuer Free Writing Prospectus Jandick
Kleimar Kleimar Charter Assignment
Kleimar General Assignment Kleimar Guarantee
Kleimar Management Agreements Kleimar Managers Undertakings
Kleimar Moas Kleimar Mortgage
Kleimar Security Documents Labor Disputes
Latest Accounts Lch Ffas Portion Fair Value Transferred Derivative Account
Lch Portion Fair Value Transferred Derivative Account Leases
Legal Advisors Legal Impediment Issuance
Legal Proceedings Legal Reserve
Legal Reserve Restricted Lender
Lending Branch Less
Liabilities Shareholders Equity Liabilities Stockholdersrsquo Equity
Libor Licenses Permits
Likely Not Limitation Liability
Liquidity Capital Resources Loan
Loan Advance Loan Agreement
Loan Commitment Loan Contribution
Loan Facility Loan Repayment Amount
Loan Shareholders Loans Assumed
Lock-up Agreements Logistics
Logistics Business Long Term Debt Obligations Credit Arrangements
Long-term Borrowings Long-term Chartered-in Fleet Delivered
Long-term Chartered-in Fleet Operation Majority Lenders
Management Agreements Management Fees
Managers Undertakings Mandatorily Redeemable Preferred Stock
Margin Rules Maritime Claimants Arrest Navioss Vessels Interrupt Cash Flow
Market Values Navioss Vessels Historically High Levels Decrease Master Agreement Security Deed
Master Agreements Material Adverse Change
Material Adverse Effect Matters Annual Meeting
Mercosur Region Mii Map Policy
Minority Interests Moa
Mortgage Mortgaged Vessel
Names New Chief Financial Officer Navios Asteriks
Navios Aurora Navios Capesize Tbn Ten-year Charter
Navios Certain Officers Directors Difficult Serve Process Incorporated Navios Corporation
Navios Employ Vessels Spot Market Thus Expose Itself Navios Expands Business Need Improve Operations Financial Systems
Navios Horizon Three-year Charter Navios Incorporated Republic Marshall Islands Not Well-developed Body
Navios Intends Continue Grow Fleet Increase Expenses Losses Navios Maritime Holdings Inc
Navios Maritime Holdings Inc Announces Exercise Underwriters Over-allotment Navios Maritime Holdings Inc Announces Filing Registration Statement
Navios Maritime Holdings Inc Proxy Annual Meeting Stockholders Navios Maritime Partners
Navios Nueva Palmira Navios Orbiter
Navios Require Additional Financing Exercise Vessel Purchase Options Navios Sagitarius Ten-year Charter
Navios South America Logistics Inc Navios Subject Certain Credit Risks Respect Counterparties Contracts
Navios Subject Certain Operating Risks Including Vessel Breakdown Navios Subject Environmental Laws Require Significant Expenditures Maintain
Navios Subject Vessel Security Regulations Incur Costs Comply Navios Uruguay Annual Throughput Volumes
Navioss Loan Agreement Contain Restrictive Covenants Limit Liquidity Navioss Loan Agreement Prohibit Impose Certain Conditions Payment
Navioss Operations Expose Global Political Risks Such Wars Negotiated Settlement Victory Arbitration Case
Net Cash Provided Financing Activity Net Cash Provided Operating Activities
Net Cash Provided Used Financing Activities Net Cash Provided Used Financing Activity
Net Cash Provided Used Investing Activity Net Cash Provided Used Operating Activities
Net Cash Used Financing Activity Net Cash Used Investing Activities
Net Cash Used Investing Activity Net Cash Used Provided Investing Activities
Net Fair Value Ffa Contracts Net Fair Value Interest Rate Swap Contract
Net Income Net Income After Taxes
Net Income Before Taxes Net Increase Cash Equivalents
Net Increase Decrease Cash Equivalents Net Interest Expense Income
Net Other Expense New General Assignments
New Long Term Charter-in Vessels New Long-term Charters-out Contracts
New Managers Undertakings New Security Documents
New Time Charters New Two-year Charter Commence
New Vessels Nomination Date
Nominees Election Class Directors Board Non-cash Investing Financing Activities
Non-exclusive Remedies Noncontrolling Interests Consolidated Financial Statements Amendment Arb
Nos Ffas Portion Fair Value Transferred Derivative Account Notes
Notice Notice 2008 Annual Meeting Stockholders
Notice Drawdown Notice Procedures
Notice Representatives Notices
Now Deed Witnesseth Now Hereby Agreed Follows
Numerator Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Office Rent Officers Certificate
Ongoing Compliance Operating Activities
Operating Financial Review Prospects Operator
Opinion Counsel Underwriters Opinions Counsel
Orbiter Charter Orbiter Charter Assignment
Orbiter General Assignment Orbiter Guarantee
Orbiter Mortgage Orbiter Security Documents
Organization Good Standing Other Fixed Assets Net Stated Cost Depreciated Utilizing
Other Income Other Information
Other Matters Owned Vessels
Owned Vessels Delivered Owner
Panamanian Vessel Panamax Navios Titan
Pari Passu Part
Part Loan Facility Part Revolving Facility
Period Permitted Debt
Permitted Encumbrance Permitted Liens
Pertinent Jurisdiction Pledged Account
Pledged Account Charge Plus
Port Terminal Operations Post-employment Medical Life Insurance Benefits
Predecessor Predelivery Security Assignment
Preliminary Prospectus Prepaid Expenses Other Current Assets
Prepayment Ratio Primary Lien
Pro Forma Adjustments Pro Forma Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements
Pro Rata Proceedings
Proceeds Provided
Provided Further Public Investor Relations Contact
Purchase Option Purchase Services
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risks Receiving Bank
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Recent Activities
Reconciliation Balances Record Retention
Reduction Date Ref 000-51047
Refinancing Refund Guarantee
Registration Compliance Stop Order Registration Rights
Registration Statement Registration Statement Prospectus
Registration Vessels Registro Juicios Universales
Registry Regular Net Periodic Benefit Cost
Related Party Transactions Release Guarantee
Released Cash Amount Relevant Ship
Relevant Tranche Relevant Vessel
Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank Repayment Date
Repayment Dates Report Independent Auditors
Reports Representation
Representations Warranties Required Authorisation
Required Filings Required Respond Unless Form Displays Currently Valid Omb
Required Security Amount Residuos Peligrosos
Restrictions Subsidiaries Results
Results 000s Dollars Results 2007 Annual Meeting
Results Dollars Retained Earnings
Retention Account Retention Account Pledge
Retention Amount Retention Dates
Retirement Saving Plan Retirement Savings Plan
Revenue Revenue Expense Recognition
Revenue Geographic Region Revoke Proxy
Revolving Advance Revolving Commitment
Revolving Contribution Revolving Facility
Revolving Loan Risk Loss Liability Insurance
Risk Management Rumer
Safe Harbor Sarbanes-oxley Act
Schedule Seaborne Dry Bulk Trade Tons
Secured Cash Flow Security Documents
Security Parties Security Party
Security Period Security Trustee
Security Value Segment Information
Seller Senior Notes
Servicing Debt Limit Funds Available Other Purposes Such Seventh Supplemental Indenture
Share Purchase Agreement Share Repurchase Authorization
Share Repurchase Program Shareholder
Shareholders Shares
Shares Charges Shares Pledge
Ship Security Documents Shipbuilding Contract
Shipping Industry Inherent Operational Risks Not Adequately Covered Short Term Investments
Signatures Solicitation
Source Uruguayan Farm Cooperative 2004 Spot Charters Contracts Affreightment Coas Forward Freight Agreements
Stabilization Stamp Duty
State Exceptions Qualifications Above Statements State Other Jurisdiction Incorporation
Statement Income Breakdown Segment Statement Operations Breakdown Segment
Statistical Market Data Status Securities Act
Stock Plan Stock-based Compensation
Stockholdersrsquo Equity Subsequent Events
Subsidiaries Subsidiary
Substitute Prepayment Ratio Successor
Summary Fleet Data Summary Significant Accounting Policies
Supplemental Disclosures Cash Flow Information Supplemental Indenture
Supply Dry Bulk Vessels Table Contents
Taxes Technical Manager
Terminal Operations Termination Amendment Waiver
Time Charter Coverage Time Charter Voyage Port Terminal Expense
Time Sale Information Title Intellectual Property
Title Real Personal Property Ton-mile Demand
Total Total Assets
Total Cash Equivalents Total Commitment
Total Current Liabilities Total Liabilities
Total Liabilities Stockholdersrsquo Equity Total Loss
Total Non-current Assets Total Non-current Liabilities
Total Prepaid Expenses Other Current Assets Total Stockholdersrsquo Equity
Trading Common Shares Trading Hedging Activities Freight Tonnage Forward Agreements Subject
Tranche Transaction
Transfer Certificate Transferor Lender
Treasury Stock Trust Deed
Trust Property Trustee
Título Perfecto Ultra Handymaxes
Ultra-handymax Astra Underlying Documents
Underwriting Agreement Undisclosed Relationships
Unlawful Payments Unlawfulness
Uruguay Grain Exports Usd
Usd 154000000 Loan Validity Laws Each Relevant Jurisdiction
Valuation Amount Vessel
Vessel Acquisitions Vessel Prices
Vessel Refund Guarantee Vessel Shipbuilding Contract
Vessels Vessels Net
Vessels Suffer Damage Navios Face Unexpected Drydocking Costs Violation Default
Vote Votes
Voyage Time Charter Waiver Immunities
Warrant Exercises Warrants Equity Increase
Warrants Equity Increases Webcast
Weighted Average Number Shares Basic Weighted Average Number Shares Diluted
What Constitutes Quorum Meeting What Vote Required Approve Each Proposal Votes Counted
Whereas Withhold Vote
Withholding Taxes Witness
Witness Hands Duly Authorised Representatives Parties Hereto Before Working Capital Position
World Seaborne Trade 2004 Provisional 
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