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Accelerating Enterprise Mobility Nokia Business Accelerating Mobile Adoption
Accentures Acquisition Nokias Symbian Professional Services Completed Accessibility Nokia Devices
Accounting Developments Accounting Principles
Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable
Accrued Expenses Acg
Achnu Acquisition Apertio
Acquisition Currently Scheduled Completed 2006 Subject Approval Intellisync Acquisition Expands Existing Location Based Advertising Capabilities
Acquisition Intellisync Acquisition Mutually Strengthens Companies Respective Delivery Services Strategies
Acquisition Navteq Acquisition Purchase Price
Acquisition Trolltech Acquisitions
Acquisitions Divestments Acquisitions Divestments 2008
Acquisitions Divestments 2009 Actions Address Challenging Market Environment
Activision Actual Executive Compensation 2007
Actual Executive Compensation 2008 Actual Executive Remuneration 2005
Acuity Mobile Addition Special Nokia Siemens Networks Reported Operating Profit
Additional Financial Targets Additional Information Find
Additional Quotes Adds Premium Concept 165 Nokia Stores Over 000
Adobe Flash Lite Applications Adoption Pronouncements Gaap
Adoption Pronouncements Ifrs Adr Holder Receive Dividend
Adr Holder Vote Adr Holders Entitled Vote
Advance Delivery Proxies Advance Voting
Advanced Eclipse-based Tools Drive Symbian Developer Productivity Accelerate Advanced High Speed Internet Pocket
Advanced Technologies New Functionality Sleek Designs Color Appeal Advertising Promotional Expenses
Aggregate Cash Compensation Group Executive Board 2007 Aggregate Cash Compensation Group Executive Board 2008
Agreement Brings Edge Mobile Data Communications Network Remote Agreement Extends Nokias Gsm Footprint Leadership Mobile Softswitch
Agreement Includes Release Core Network Upgrade Agreement Introducing Nokia Msc Server System Telefónica Móviles
Agreement Makes Nokia Leading Gprs Network Provider Guangdong Agreement Marks New Customer Nokia
Agreement Related Litigation Agreements Give Mobile Consumers Access Vibrant Localized Content
Aina Group Ainacom Picks Nokias Business Communication Solution Fixed Mobile
Ais Ais Thailand
Alcatel Alcatel-lucent
Allowances Doubtful Accounts Allévo
Allévo Apply Nfc Technology Delivery Home Health Care Also Demonstrates Unified Core Network Portfolio Fixed-mobile Convergence
Also Please Amendment Articles Association
Amnon Sarig President Tunewiki Among Nokia Commercial Deals Worldwide Vietnam Multimedia Corporation
Amortization Acquired Intangibles Eur Amortization Goodwill
Amortization Impairment Identifiable Intangible Assets Acquired Announces Stanford University Series Local Research Collaborations
Annual Accounts 2004 Proposals Board Directors Annual Accounts 2005 Proposals Board Directors
Annual Accounts 2006 Proposals Board Directors Annual Accounts 2007 Proposals Board Committees
Annual Cash Compensation Annual General Meeting
Antitrust Litigation Apart
Apertio Application Ecosystem
Application Process Architecture Foundation
Arqiva Arqiva Previously Known Ntl Broadcast
Artistically Inspired 8801 Phone Boasts Stainless-steel Strength Distinguished Asia Bluerun Ventures Inaugurated Finland-china Innovation Center Shanghai
Asia Pacific Asphalt Urban N-gage Platform Immerses Gamers World Wild
Assessment Recoverability Long-lived Assets Intangible Goodwill Assessment Recoverability Long-lived Intangible Assets Goodwill
Assets Wwwextranetn-gagecom Associated Carrier Group Launches Wireless Email Solution Nokia
Associated Companies Astelit
Astro Atari Interactive Inc Rights Reserved Civilization Registered Trademark
Atari Masterpieces Volume Lives N-gage Platform Ati Nokia Announce Strategic Relationship Enable New Mobile
Ati Technologies Atlanta
Atlanta Spirit Atlanta Spirit Chase Cingular Nokia Philips Visa Usa
Att Att Joins Growing List Operators Supporting New Content
Audit Committee Financial Expert Audit Committee Pre-approval Policies Procedures
Auditor Fees Services Auditor Remuneration
Author Authorization Board Directors Resolve Issuance Shares Special Rights
Authorization Board Directors Resolve Repurchase Nokia Shares Authorization Increase Share Capital
Authorizations Increase Share Capital Dispose Own Shares Used Authorizations Proposed Annual General Meeting 2008
Authorizations Proposed Annual General Meeting 2009 Authorized Signatures Completed Vote Counted Date Sign Below
Authorizing Board Directors Resolve Repurchase Own Shares Availability
Availability Python S60 Source Code Via Sourceforgenet Enable Available Colors Deep Plum Light Sand New Addition
Available Http Wwwnokiacom Agm Wwwcitibankcom Adr Click Nokia Available-for-sale Investments
Avaya Avea
Average Personnel Award Recognizes Gabboujs Progressive Work Development International Educational
Award-winning Adobe Premiere Elements Software Video Capture Editing Awards Nokia Usd 190 Managed Services Network Deal
Awards Recognition Nokias Devices Business Awards Spotlight Youth-led Efforts Create Positive Social Change
Axalto Axalto Gemplus Hewlett Packard Nokia Qualcomm Latest Technology
Background Information Bae Systems Selects Nokia Supply Gsm Edge Network
Baidu Bank Cash
Basis Presentation Beijing China
Belgium Contract Finalized Between Gimv Nokia Siemens Networks Belgium Gimv Plans Purchase Nokia Siemens Networks Otn
Ben Broshi New Markets Deutschetelekom Medien Bengt Holmström 1949
Benjamin Mosse Director Mobile Products Associated Press Best Enterprise Application Colorcam Colorzip Sea Pte Ltd
Best Enterprise Application Quickoffice Premier Best Flash Application Foreca Weather
Best Game Application Silhouette Telcogames Best Imaging Application Wowpix Reallusion Inc
Best Location-aware Service Application Augmentra Viewranger Best Mission Yet Now Nokia Nseries N93 Brings
Best Mobile Music Application Infotalk Corporation Finder Best Music Application Orange Mobitv Mobiradio Idetic
Best Navigation Experience Possible Best Productivity Application Snapin Self Service Software
Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited Bsnl Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd Bsnl
Bharti Bharti Airtel
Bharti Airtel Limited Biggest Global Online Mobile Phone Multiplayer Event
Bitboys Bitboys Provide Nokia Early Access Best-of-breed Graphics Technology
Bl-5c Battery Black Eyed Peas Scissor Sisters Among Several International
Bluerun Ventures Bluetooth
Bluetooth Sig Bluetooth Technology Expands Ultra Low Power Pan Applications
Bluetooth Wireless Technology Bmcoforum
Board Committee Members Board Committee Members Elected
Board Directors Board Directors 2004
Board Directors Propose Amend Articles Association Board Directors Propose Cancel Shares Reduce Share Capital
Board Directors Propose Grant Stock Options Personnel Nokia Board Directors Propose Granting Stock Options Selected Personnel
Board Directors Propose Reduce Share Issue Premium Board Directors Shareholders Nokia Corporation
Board Proposes New Repurchase Authorization Annual General Meeting Board Request Annual General Meeting Authorizations Increase Share
Board Request Authorization Issue Shares Special Rights Entitling Boards Resolution Issue Shares Held
Boards Resolution Issue Shares Held Changes Nokia Corporations Boards Resolution Issue Shares Held Settlement Equity Plans
Boards Resolution Issue Shares Held Transfer Bob Iannucci Appointed Head Nokia Research Center
Borrowings Breakdown Share Ownership 2004
Breakdown Share Ownership Dec 2005 Brett Young Media Relations Phone 358 802 8084
Bridge Mobile Alliance Bring Mobile Titles Current Next Generation Nokia Devices
Bringing Living Room Entertainment Hands Consumers Bringing Living Room Entertainment Step Closer Hands Indian
Broadcom Broadcom Corporation
Browsing Gateway Bruno Pellegrini Ceo Theblogtv
Buckle-in Test Drive Futuristic Racer N-gage Platform Building Blocks Place Help Businesses Transform Hoc Mobility
Building New Ecosystem Mobile Payments Business Combinations
Business Groups Business Related Credit Risk
Business Strategy Businesses Expecting Nokia Provide Know-how Means Successfully Enable
Bust-a-move Mobile Mania Debut Connected Grooving Competition Handsets Cable Wireless
Cable Wireless Marks New Mobile Network Customer Nokia Cable Wireless Selects Nokia Deploy New Gsm Network
Cambridge Judge Business School Nokia Sponsored Study Impact Camera Phone
Canal Group Cancellation Treasury Shares
Capacity Based 345 Mins Per Song Kbps Eaac Capcom
Capital Structure Capital Structure Development
Capitalized Development Costs Capitol Music Group
Capture Analyze Compare Improve Game Pro Session Golf Capture Experiences
Capture Moment Enjoy Music Carbidec Delivers Developer Productivity Across Entire Symbian Ecosystem
Carbideui Theme Edition Provides Familiar Wysiwyg Drag-and-drop Functionality Cash Compensation Group Executive Board 2005
Cash Dividends Cash Equivalents
Cash Flow Hedges Cash Flow Hedges Foreign Currency Hedging Net Investments
Cash Flow Hedges Hedging Anticipated Foreign Currency Denominated Cash Flow Hedges Hedging Foreign Currency Risk Highly
Cash Flow Hedges Hedging Highly Probable Business Acquisition Cash Incentive Plans
Cash Settled Equity Options Used Hedge Risks Relating Catan Gmbh
Cautionary Regarding Forward-looking Statements Private Securities Litigation Reform Ccv Holland
Cellity Center Sixth Unit China Further Accelerate
Ceo Announces New Products Including Next Generation Nokia Ceo Chairman President
Ceragon Networks Ceremony Witnessed Chinese Finnish Premiers Deliveries Started Beginning
Certain Other Factors Change Accompanied Design Leadership Transition
Change Comparative Figures-cash Equivalents Change Net Sales Constant Currency Excludes Impact Changes
Change Nokia Board Directors Changes Create Better User Experience Increased Opportunities Nokia
Changes Income Tax Convention Between Finland Changes Management
Changes Nokia Corporations Own Shares Changes Nokia Group Executive Board
Changes Nokia Group Executive Board Hallstein Moerk Retire Changes Own Shares
Changes Roles Nokia Management Team Members Rick Simonson Changes Various Types Regulation Countries Around World Affect
Changes Various Types Regulation Countries Around World Material Channel Finland Nelonen
Charges Was Eur 427 Operating Margin 190 Chase
Check Availability Cost Service Contact Network Operator Provider Check Point Software Technologies
Check Point Software Technologies Acquisition Nokias Security Appliance Check Point Software Technologies Ltd
China Mobile China Mobile Communications Corporation
China Mobile Group Beijing Ltd China Nokia Working Partnership Bring Mobility Truly Massive
China Putian Chinas Leading Search Engine Provider Nokia Make Mobile
Chinas Leading Telecom Operators Chinook Wireless
Chipset Platforms Choice Music
Choose Side Steel Yourself War Warhammer 40000 Glory Chris Boden Director Mobile Innovation Lonely Planet
Chunghwa Telecom Chunghwa Telecom Launches Nokia Network
Cingular Cingular Nokia Extend Strategic Relationship
Cingular Wireless Citibank Depositary
Citigroup Cks
Classic Strategy Title Civilization Cultivates New Ground Ships Clay Babcock Vice President Primordial Inc
Click Nokia Agm Nokias Form 20-f Annual Report Closing Subject Agreement Between Nokia Siemens Results Consequences
Closure Bochum Site Germany Co-inventor Ipv6 Protocol Awarded Nokia Fellow
Co-operation Areas Music Mobile Gaming Maps Advertising Location Co-operation Youtube Allows Users Enjoy Videos Via Nokia
Code Conduct Code Ethics
Collaboration Between Nokia Vodafone Expands Potential Market S60 Collaboration Ensures Greater Choice Internet Services Consumers
Combination Natural Culmination Successful 12-year Collaboration Between Companies Combined Nokia Sourcefire Solution Protects Before After Attempted
Combined Product Portfolios Provide Choice Carriers Businesses Comes Music Story Continues Nokia
Commitments Contingencies Committed Maintaining Support Synchronization Mobile Connectivity Applications Non-nokia
Committees Board Directors Common Group Expenses
Common Implementation Profile Defined Within Broadcast Mobile Convergence Commtel
Communication Skills Compact Nokia 6125 Offers Excellent Performance Stylish Folding
Companies Agree Settle Litigation Companies Co-develop Market Open Standards Based Intelligent Communications
Companies Collaborate Bring Microsoft Office Mobile Related Communications Companies Creating Flash Content Nokia Mobile Devices Gain
Companies Engage Dvb-h Enabled Handset Network Compatibility Testing Compared 2006
Compared 2007 Comparisons 2003 Results Regrouped According 2004 Organization
Comparisons Full-year 2003 Results Regrouped According 2004 Organization Compatible Headset Connected Device Radio Operation
Compensation Compensation Benefits-nokia Siemens Networks
Compensation Benefits-nokias Devices Business Compensation Board Directors 2002-2004
Compensation Board Directors 2003-2005 Compensation Chief Executive Officer President
Compensation Expense Compensation Program Executives Includes Following
Competition Competition Industry Intense Failure Maintain Improve Market Position
Competition Industry Intense Failure Respond Successfully Changes Competitive Competition-devices
Competition-nokia Siemens Networks Compliance Program
Compliance Program-nokia Siemens Networks Component Sourcing
Components Executive Compensation Conduct Meeting
Conference Call Information Conference Call Investors Analysts Media Take Place
Connect Compete Share Connecting People Just Got Easier Services Track Place
Connectivity Consent Receive Shareholder Documents Electronically Described Above Instructions
Consolidated Financial Statements Consolidated Income Statement Eur
Consolidated Statements Other Financial Information Consolidation
Construction Nokias China Campus Starts Beijing Economic-technological Development Consumer Demand Mobile
Consumer Experience Consumer Mobile Trial Goes Live France
Consumers Also Watch Programs Mobile Contact Information
Content Content King
Contest Creative Self-directed Mobisode Films Welcomes Imaginative Talents Contingent Commitments Expiration Per Period
Contractual Obligations Payments Due Period Contributes J2me Tooling Open Source Community
Controls Procedures Cooperation Areas Location Based Services Mobile Advertising Gaming
Copyright 2006 Nokia Rights Reserved N-gage Arena Trademarks Copyright 2009 Sap Rights Reserved
Core Network Upgrade Extensive Range Services Also Included Corporate Common Functions
Corporate Governance Nomination Committees Proposals Board Composition Remuneration Corporate Reorganization
Corporate Responsibility Cosmote
Cost Reductions Cost-savings
Create Own Prime Time Viewing Creative
Creativity Creativity Easy
Creatures Deep Credit Default Swaps Used Selectively Hedge Counterparty Risk
Critical Accounting Policies Csl
Csl Launches Asias Commercial Video Sharing Service Nokia Csl Nokia Join Forces Launch Online Printing Service
Cti Móvil Cto
Cultivating Taiwans Mobile Applications Industry Culture
Custodians Brokers Other Agents Vote Via Citibank Website Custodians Brokers Other Agents Vote Via Citibank World
Customer Finance Credit Risk Customer Financing
Customer Financing Network Operators Competitive Requirement Adversely Materially Customer Financing Network Operators Competitive Requirement Affect Sales
Customers Trialing Avaya Communication Manager Software Nokia Series Customised S60 Software Package Vodafone Released Handset Vendors
Customized Discovery Mobile Content Appear Nokias Wireless Devices Cyfrowy Polsat
Cyfrowy Polsat Chooses Nokia Core Network Supplier Dame Marjorie Scardino 1947
Dan Hesse 1953 Daniel Hesse 1953
Dasan Networks Dasan Networks Ownership Structure Change Global Cooperation Nokia
DasÖrtliche Data Cell1511
David Bowie Acts New Music Godfather Innovative Recommendations Deal Marks Nokias Entry Bangladeshi Infrastructure Market
Deal Marks Nokias Entry Vietnamese Infrastructure Market Deferred Taxes
Deliver Improved Quality Service Enhanced Coverage Orange Uks Delivery Shareholder Documents Via Internet
Demand Supply Network Management Demonstrate Nokias Hsdpa Solution Ready Support Operators Leveraging
Dependence Limited Sources Supply Depositarys Notice Annual General Meeting Nokia Corporation
Depreciation Amortization Depreciation Amortization Function
Derivative Financial Instruments Derivatives
Derivatives Not Designated Hedge Accounting Relationships Carried Fair Design
Design-devices Detach Here
Details Above Agenda Please Refer Notice Meeting Questions Deutsche Telekom
Developer Bit-side Germany Developer Companies Around World Vie Eur 100000 Grand
Developer Refresh Mobile Ltd Mobizines Developing Number New Products Solutions Together Other Companies
Development Development Costs
Devices Devices Services
Devices Services Gross Profit Decreased Eur 127 Compared Devices Services Net Sales 2008 Declined Eur 351
Devices Services Net Sales 2009 Declined Eur 279 Devices Services Net Sales Asp Operating Mode
Devices Services Net Sales Declined Eur Compared Devices Services Net Sales Increased Eur Compared
Devices Services Reported Operating Profit Decreased Eur Devoteam Group
Digita Digita Nokia Signed Worlds Commercial Dvb-h Mobile Platform
Digital Legends Entertainment Digitally Divine Nokia N73 Ultimate Challenge Digital Camera
Digitenne Directors Senior Management
Directors Voting Powers Disclosure Shareholder Ownership
Discover Capture Share Discover First-hand Nokias New User-friendly Mobile Gaming Application
Discover World Discovery Communicatons Inc
Distributable Earnings Distribution Earnings
Distribution Profit Payment Dividend Distribution Stock Options
Dividend Dividend Eur 040 Per Share Proposed 2009 Same
Dividend Eur 053 Per Share Board Committee Members Dividends
Documentaries Created Nokia Nseries Devices Documents Annual General Meeting
Documents Display Dopplr
Download New Screens Begin Globenet World Tour Wwwextranetn-gagecom Drag Drop Manage Music
Dtac Selects Nokia Connect Erefill Convenient Prepaid Top-ups Due Change Fewer Personnel Required Alliance Facility Approximately
Dutch Mobile Pilot Air Amsterdam Dvb-h Standard
Dvb-h Technology E-mail
E-mail Access E-mail Annalindennsncom
E-mail Brettyoungnsncom E-mail Joernroggenbucksiemenscom
E-mail Mediarelationsnsncom E-mail Stefanmuellernsncom
E-mail Uteritternsncom E-mail Vishwendravtcscom
E-mail Yuhongchennsncom E-plus Group
Eads Eads Acquisition Nokias Professional Mobile Radio Business Successfully
Eads Advanced Talks Acquire Nokias Professional Mobile Radio Earnings Per Share
Earnings Per Share Gaap Ease Managing Enterprise Mobility
Ease-of-use Eastern Telecom
Easy Easy Blogging Nokia Globe
Easy Hold Simple Ebest Branded Content Application Shozu Cognima Ltd
Eclipse Foundation Edge-enabled Business Device Feature Blackberry Connect
Editorial Contacts Editors
Edouard Michelin 1963 Eero Punkka
Election Auditor Election Composition Meetings Board Directors
Election Members Board Directors Electronic Arts
Electronics Inc Elektrobit
Elion Elisa
Elisa Corporation Elisa Oyj
Email Alistairmacintyre-curriensncom Email Christinadinnensncom
Email Riittamardnsncom Embarq
Embarq Nokia Siemens Networks Ink Managed Services Agreement Emi Music
Employee Development Employees
Employer Employee Representatives Close Negotiations Successfully Package Measures Empowering Partners Online Resources
Empowering Work Force Emtek Group
Enabling Operators Drive Growth New Markets Exciting Solutions Enabling Swift Transfer Between Mobile Devices Vehicle
Enclosed Materials Time Sensitive Voting Cards Received Adr Energy Consumption
Energy Saving Nokia Devices Energy Saving Nokias Device Business
Enhance Yourself Nokia Introduces Selection Simple Stylish Rockin Enhancing Mobile Employees Productivity Tangibly Reducing Costs
Enjoy Exclusive Videos Historic Live8 Concert Series Only Enjoy Music
Enpocket Enpocket Provide Nokia Platform Accelerate Scaling Mobile Advertising
Enterprise Applications Enterprise Solutions
Enterprise Solutions 2004 Enterprise Solutions 2005
Enterprise Solutions Had Reported Operating Loss Eur Enterprise-class Hosting Provides Flexible Easy-to-deploy Mobility Solution
Entertainer Entire Netvibes Ecosystems 85000 Feeds Available Mobile Phones
Environment Eps Growth
Equity Partners Equity Price Risk
Equity-based Compensation Program 2008 Equity-based Compensation Program 2009
Equity-based Compensation Programs Eric Simonsen Appointed Chief Financial Officer Nokia Siemens
Eric Simonsen Assumes Permanent Chief Financial Officer Position Ericsson
Esko Aho Join Nokia 2008 Veli Sundbäck Retire Espoo Finland Nokia Today Announced Releasing N-gage Silver
Establishment Joint Research Facility Tsinghua Campus Beijing Drive Estimated Total Television Internet Audience 150
Estimates Estions Answers Notice Agenda Annual General Meeting
Eur 109 Intangible Asset Amortization Other Purchase Price Eur 1197 Usd
Eur 120 Intangible Assets Amortization Other Purchase Price Eur 121 Intangible Asset Amortization Other Purchase Price
Eur 1216 Usd Eur 1217 Usd
Eur 1335 Usd Eur 142 Net Consisting
Eur 170 Net Consisting Eur 287 Consisting
Eur 453 Net Consisting Eur 459 Consisting
Eur 580 Consisting Eur 747 Consisting
Eur Charge Nokia Siemens Networks Related Incremental Costs Europe Middle East Africa
European Approves Nokias Planned Acquisition Navteq European Commissions Continuing Investigation Qualcomm Welcomed
European Extends Review Nokias Planned Acquisition Navteq Eurotel Praha Spol
Ever Handheld Version Settlers Catan Arrives N-gage Platform Every Story Needs Audience Find Yours Online
Exchange Controls Exchange Rate Data
Exchange Rates Exciting Developments Developer Communities
Excluding Special Purchase Price Accounting Pending Acquisition Navteq Executive Compensation
Executive Compensation Philosophy Programs Decision-making Process Executive Compensation Programs Designed
Executive Remuneration Exercises Stock Options Nokia Corporation
Expanding Expertise Multi-track Participation Expansion Voice Data Service Consolidates Movistars Leadership Development
Expected Result Eps Diluted Eur 018 019 Net Expenses Issue
Experience Higher Level Pinball Wwwmilehighpinballcom Experience Innovative Converged Technologies Future Nokia Siemens Networks
Experience Internet Mobile Devices Web Experience Latest Multimedia Innovations
Experience Nokia Cebit 2006 Extend
Extends Choice Developers Worlds Leading Mobile Platforms Extensive Synergy Benefits
F-secure F-secure Expands Antivirus Offering Nokias S60-based Smartphones
Facility Provide Capacity Flexibility Asian Markets Facility Provide Capacity Flexibility Latin North America
Fair Value Derivatives Other Financial Instruments Fair Values Derivatives
Fair Valuing Principles Fashion Phone Exclusive Accessories Unveiled Paris
Fast Paced Car Racing Game Gives Players Smooth Fast Ramp Nokia Eseries Underscores Increasing Importance Advanced
Feature Brand Serves Distinguish Promote Music-optimized Nokia Mobile Feature-filled Model Underlines Operator Customization Cornerstone Nokia Strategy
Feature-filled Nokia 6126 Phone Offers Quality Ease-of-use Style Feature-packed Nokia 6101 Phone Appeals Broad Audience Value
Features Features Specifications
Festival Debut Movies Using Nokia 6682 Imaging Smartphone Figures Consolidated Cash Flow Statement Cannot Directly Traced
Financial Assets Financial Assets Liabilities
Financial Credit Risk Financial Highlights
Financial Income Expenses Financial Liabilities
Financial Reporting Financial Risks
Financing Agreement Related Litigation Finland
Finland Media Enquiries Finnish Capital Taxes
Finnish Corporate Tax Rate Finnish Customers Test New N-gage Experience
Finnish Inheritance Gift Taxes Finnish Tax Sale Other Disposition
Finnish Taxation Cash Dividends Finnish Time
Finnish Transfer Tax Finnish Withholding Taxes Nominee Registered Shares
Firm Targets Growth Markets Mobile Consumer Electronics Features Fixed Line Mobile Merge Nokia Deutsche Telekom Group
Flash Applications Flexible Modular Program Lets Channel Partners Leverage Expertise
Flickr Yahoo Flower
Following Discussion Nokias Reported Results Comparisons Given 2008 Following Discussion Nokias Reported Results Comparisons Given January-september
Following Had Net Positive Impact Eur Operating Profit Following Premiere Chicago Nokias Flagship Store Open World-famous
Foma Foreign Currency Hedging Net Investments
Foreign Currency Translation Foreign Exchange Risk
Foreign Group Companies Form 20-f
Form 6-k Formation Nokia Siemens Networks
Former Head Business Equity Partners Gmbh Discussions Buy Forum Nokia
Forum Nokia Recognition Reward Program Focuses Individuals Distinguished Forward Looking Statements
Forward-looking Statements Foundation Established Provide Royalty-free Open Platform Accelerate Innovation
France Telecom Free Record Shop
Free Yourself Nokias Fun New Bluetooth Headsets Freescale Logo Trademarks Semiconductor Inc Other Product Service
Freescale Mxc Solutions Freescale Semiconductor
Friends Foes Unite X-men Legends Rise Apocalypse Arrives Fujian Mcc
Full Details Regarding Proposals Board Directors Committees Agm Functional Presentation Currency
Functionality Create New Connected Experience Consumers Fundación Empresarios Por Educación Exe
Further Growth Seen Managed Services Consulting Integration Service Further Information Symbian Foundation Available Wwwsymbianfoundationorg
Further Statements Support Symbian Foundation Future Hands
Future Nokia Siemens Networks Counts Down Start Date Future Nokia Siemens Networks Takes Shape Unveiling Portfolio
Gain Sale Real Estates Eur Game 4toscore
Game Changing Initiative Attracts Praise Further Supporters Game Chess
Game Mapan Game Puzzle Bobble Mobile Mania
Game Street Golf Gamelion
Gameloft Gameloft Rights Reserved Asphalt Urban Trademark Other Countries
Games Games Developers
Games Entertainment Application S60 Games Entertainment Application Series
Games Titles Nokias New Mobile Gaming Platform Debut Games Videos Audio Based Popular Warner Bros Entertainment
Games Workshop Gary Oldman Premieres New Mobile Movie Studio
Gate5 Gemalto
Gemplus General
General Risk Management Principles Georg Ehrnrooth 1940
Germany Media Enquiries Get Hooked Creatures Deep N-gage Wwwmobileanglercom
Get Personal Get Ready Old School Anytime Anywhere Atari Masterpieces
Getting Shot Just Beginning Giesecke Devrient
Giesecke Devrient Acquired Nokias Shares Venyon Gimv
Gis Give Wings Imagination
Glenn Collinson Glimpse Future Shape Things Come
Global Leadership Global Media Enquiries
Global Mobile Device Market Volume Geographic Area Based Global Mobile Fixed Infrastructure Related Services Market Size
Global Mobile Infrastructure Market Size Geographic Area Based Global Networks Business Relies Limited Number Customers Large
Global Pilots Reveal Strong Consumer Demand Broadcast Dvb-h Global Reach
Globe Globe Telecom
Glossary Glu Mobile
Glu Mobile Nokia Announce Collaboration Bring Games N-gage Goodwill
Google Inc Government Regulation
Government Regulation-devices Nokia Siemens Networks Government Regulation-devices Services Navteq Nokia Siemens Networks
Grameen Foundation Grameen Foundation Usa
Grameenphone Grand Prize Winners Each Receive 12825000 Free Forum
Grant Stock Options Selected Personnel Nokia Granting Restricted Shares
Greg Turley Ceo Cartrawler Gregg Sauter Director Publishing Nokia
Group Common Functions Group Executive Board
Group Executive Board 2004 Group Executive Board Ownership Shares Equity-based Incentives 2005
Guangdong Mcc Göran Sander
Habbo Islands N-gage Platform Offers Adventure Holiday Hotel Hanau Germany Field Trial Results Proved Strong Consumer
Handling Profit Payment Dividend Harry Potter Prisoner Azkaban
Hartwall Areena Veturitie Helsinki Finland Hazard Risk
Heart Solution Hedge Accounting
Hedges Net Investments Foreign Operations Hedging Anticipated Foreign Currency Denominated Sales Purchases
Helsinki Fair Centre Amfi Hall Messuaukio Finland Helsinki Finland
Helsinki Finland Pilot Henan Mcc China
Henan Mobile Communications Corporation Ltd Henning Kagermann 1947
Henry Bennett Managing Director Island Wall Entertainment High Quality Photos Videos Just Snap
Highlights Highly Desirable Handset Dressed 18-carat Gold Plating
Hirokazu Chazono History
History Development Holders Nominee Registered Shares
Home Country Practices Home Run Mobiles
Hong Kong Csl Limited Horizontal Groups
Household Receive Single Set Proxy Materials Future Householding Shareholder Documents
Hsdpa Network Available Middle East Africa Region Hspa High-speed Packet Access Refers Downlink Hsdpa Uplink
Http Citibankarwilinkcom Http Wwwnokiacom Press Wwwnokiasiemensnetworkscom
Hutchison Austria Hutchison Essar Limited
Hutchison Telecom Indonesia Ias Revised Hedge Accounting
Ibm Ibm Lotus Notes Domino Support Nokia Business Center
Idaho National Laboratory Selects Nokia Expand Gsm Edge Idea Cellular Chooses Nokia Intelligent Content Delivery Become
Identify Bl-5c Battery Manufactured Matsushita Relevant Period Identity Systems Acquired Informatica
Ifrs Business Combinations Ias Revised Impairment Assets Intangible Ifrs Share-based Payments
Impairment Impairment Goodwill
Important Additional Information Regarding Merger Filed Sec Important Information Regarding Forward-looking Statements
Important Step Developing Mobile Broadband Important Step Taken Mobile Wimax Development Work
Important Vote Importer Counterfeit Nokia Mobile Phones Accessories Federally Prosecuted
Improving Take-back Recycling Mobile Phones Income Taxes
Increases Estimate 2006 Mobile Device Market Volume Growth Index
India India Become Biggest Mobile Device Market World Terms
India Emerges Largest Market Nokia Indiagames Ltd
Indiagames Nokia Bring Games N-gage Platform Indonesia
Indosat Indosat Builds Growth Future-proof Mobile Network Solution
Indosat Indonesias Leading Communications Services Provider Responded Unprecedented Industry Analyst Enquiries
Industry Analysts Industry Analysts Only
Industry Development Trends Industry Developments
Industry Developments Nokia Outlook Industry Developments Outlook 2005
Industry Leaders Collaborate Provide Mobile Users Fast Easy Industry Leaders Join Forces Bring Web Services Nokia
Industry Nokia Outlook Industry Nokia Outlook 2006
Industry Nokia Outlook Full 2006 Industry Nokia Outlook Full 2007
Industry Nokia Outlook Full 2008 Infogrames Entertainment
Informatica Informaticas Acquisition Nokias Identity Systems Completed
Information Internet Wwwnokiacom Investor Information Media Investor Contacts
Information Nokia 2005 Performance Share Plan Criteria Information Operating Highlights Mentioned Above Please Refer Related
Information Ovi Sdk Beta Maps Player Api Navigation Information Press Only
Information Proposed Nokia 2005 Stock Option Plan Information Published 2005
Information Relating Stock Options 2004 2003 2002 Follows Information Reporting Backup Withholding
Information Restricted Share Plan Information Supply Agreement Signed 2005 Please See Press
Informed Consumers Infrastructure
Infrastructure-nokia Siemens Networks Initiative Aims Trial Mobile Data Rates Excess 100
Innovative Media Bar Contacts Add Human Touch Music Innovative Modular Nokia Flexi Wcdma Base Station Allows
Innovative Network Products Solutions Operators Drive Growth Markets Innovative Nokia Flexi Wcdma Base Station Helps T-mobile
Innovative Payment Trial Near Field Communications Technology Innovative Winning Games Offered Subscribers Singtel Regional Partners
Innovator Snapin Software Inc Self Service Insider Trading Securities
Insiders Trading Securities Instructions Participants Annual General Meeting
Intangible Assets Intel
Intel License Nokias Hspa Modem Technologies Intel Modeo Motorola Nokia Texas Instruments Working Together
Intel Nokia Announce Strategic Relationship Shape Next Era Intellectual Property Rights Ipr Provisions
Intellisync Intellisync Call Connect Nokia Integrates Eseries Alcatel Omnipcx
Intellisync Mobile Suite Nokia Intellisync Sync Server Nokia Links Vodafone Online Service
Interdigital Interest Rate Risk
Interests Experts Counsel International Trade Confirms Ruling Favor Nokia
International Trade Rules Favor Nokia International Trade Trial Commences Case Filed Qualcomm Against
International Youth Foundation Internet Calls Nokia Phone Possible Uma Network Solution
Introducing Nokia Voip Server Provide Voice Service Fixed Introducing Spot
Introduction Certain Terms Intuitive Comfortable Hold
Intuitive Intelligent Intuitive Spontaneous Capture
Inventories Inventory-related Allowances
Investment Usd Plant Was Expanded Provide Greater Capacity Investments
Investments Associated Companies Investor Contacts
Investor Enquiries Investor Media Contact
Investor Relations Contacts Investorrelationsnokiacom Ipass Inc
Ipass Registered Trademark Inc Ipcom
Issuance Shares Held Issuance Shares Performance Share Plan 2006
Issue Shares Convertible Bonds Stock Options Before Share Itsma
Itsma Marketing Excellence Award Jabil
James Brady Founder President Earthcomber Llc Japan
Jcb Jefferson Hack Dérive
Jiangxi Mcc John Gardner Paul Asel Co-manage Fund
Joins Nokia 9300 Enterprise Smartphone Other Business Devices Jorma Ollila 1950
Jorma Ollila Chairman Ceo Jorma Ollila Keynote
Jorma Ollila Nokia Chairman Ceo Confirms Clear Leadership Joy Sharing
Jrstolarusibmcom Judge Denies Plaintiffs Opportunity Amended Complaint
Keep Touch Family Friends Keijo Suila 1945
Keilalahdentie Box 226 Fi-00045 Nokia Group Espoo Finland Keiskamma Aids Treatment Program
Key Ovi Ecosystem Partners Collaborate Nokia Location Solutions Key Ratios Ifrs
Key Stages Help Companies Measure Value Own Approach Kineto Supply Uma Network Controller Part Nokias Fixed-mobile
Kineto Wireless Konrad Hübner Ceo Skycoders Munich
Kpn Kyocera
Labor Conditions Manufacturing Facilities Labor Conditions Nokia Device Plants
Labor Conditions Nokia Siemens Networks Infrastructure Plants Lalita Gupte 1948
Landmark Co-operation Brings Open Access Services Largest Shareholders Registered Finland 2004
Largest Shareholders Registered Finland 2005 Latest Tools Develop Next Generation Mobile Content
Latin America Latvia Mobile Telephone Taps Nokia Deploy Baltics Wcdma
Latvijais Mobilais Telefons Launch Commercial Broadcast Mobile Services Malaysia
Launch New Devices Bluetooth Headsets Launch New Subscriber Services Quickly Efficiently Nokia Mobility
Launches Nokia Unlicensed Mobile Access Uma Solution Lcc
Leading Developers Mobile Applications Services Enabling Technologies Recognized Leading Hong Kong Carrier Breaks Growing Business Mobility
Leading Mobile Wireless Technology Companies Call European Investigate Leases
Leasing Contracts Lecture Series Nokia Booth
Legal Contingencies Licensing Nokia Prepaid Tracker Other Terminal Manufacturers
Life Camera Action Lily Allen Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Linksys Liquidity Capital Resources
Liquidity Risk Live Audiocast
Live Pocket Loans Customers
Loans Payable Loans Receivable
Location Aware Applications Location Based Applications Become Integral Part Nokias Multimedia
Location-aware Services Applications London School Economics Lse
Long Term Evolution Vendor Long-term Equity-based Incentives
Long-term Equity-based Incentives Granted 2005 Long-term Equity-based Incentives Granted 2007
Long-term Equity-based Incentives Granted 2008 Long-term Liabilities
Long-term Loans Receivable Look New Developer Tools Consumer Interface Next Generation
Looks Knock Down Barriers Order Mobilize Entire Corporate Loss Disposal
Loss Divestiture Nextrom Loudeye
Loudeye Forward-looking Statement Disclaimer Louison Head Nokias Device Business Area
Luis Henrique Albinati Macs Consortium Interconnects Next Generation Networks
Macs Involved Partners Macs Project
Mail Ovi Nokia Messaging Mobile Email Masses Mailing Voting Card
Major Expansion International Calling Card Prepaid Service Adding Major Milestone Reached Billionth Nokia Mobile Phone Sold
Major Shareholders Major Shareholders Related Party Transactions
Make Connection Making Mobile Navigation Accessible Nokia Introduces Location Based
Malte Bumenthal Vice President New Media Cts Eventim Managed Services Also Included Agreement Highlights Nokias Multivendor
Management Compensation Management Practices
Management Remuneration Management Stock Option Ownership
Manfred Wittmeir Manufacturing Transferred Other Nokia Sites Europe
Maps Ovi Just Mapping Tool Maps Taking Navigation Out Car Street
Marketable Securities Unlisted Investments Marketing
Markets Markus Salolainen Rob Trice Promoted Lead New Fund
Mass Market Mobile Phone Integrated Gps Offers Instant Massachusetts Institute Technology Nokia Establish Joint Laboratory High-impact
Massively Multiplayer Sci-fi Action Game Hit Java Phones Mastercard Worldwide
Material Contracts Material Costs Royalty Income Well Changes Product Mix
Materials Enclosed Materials Nokia Devices Packaging
Mathias Hüske Divisonal Director Online Sales Deutsche Bahn Matsushita Battery Cover Direct Costs Related Advisory
Matters Agenda Annual General Meeting Matters Specified Articles Association Well Following Other Agenda
Maximum Planned Grants 2008 Maximum Planned Grants 2009
Maxis Communications Berhad Media Analyst Contact
Media Analyst Enquiries Media Bar Contacts Putting People
Media Contacts Media Contacts Europe
Media Enquires Media Enquiries
Media Enquiries Kineto Media Enquiries Nokia
Media Enquiries Only Media Enquiries Symbian
Media Enquries Media Industry Analysts Enquiries
Media Inquiries Media Investor Contacts
Media Investor Enquiries Media Relations
Meet Nokia N72 Multimedia Computer Looks Good Performs Megafon
Megafon Strengthens Collaboration Nokia Siemens Networks Offer Rich Members Board Directors
Menlo Park Microsite Goes Live Wwwgloryindeathcom
Microsoft Mika Vehvilainen Head Technology Strategy Nokias Networks Business
Mikko Terho Named Nokia Fellow Mile High Pinball N-gage Platform Shoots Stars New
Mile High Pinball Takes Classic Game Above Beyond Minority Interests
Mit Csail Mixing Business Pleasure Nokia 6233 Offers Performance Sleek
Mobile Mobile Broadband Network Ltd Mbnl Collaboration Joint-venture Between
Mobile Communication Revolutionizing Economic Social Development Rural India Mobile Communications Leader Premieres Movie Initiatives New York
Mobile Customers Broadband Internet Adsl Across Spain Mobile Device Average Selling Price Asp 2008 Was
Mobile Device Average Selling Price Asp 2009 Was Mobile Device Market
Mobile Devices Mobile Dtv Alliance Member Comments
Mobile Enterprise Voice Offers Greater Freedom Out Office Mobile Infrastructure Market
Mobile Music Applications Mobile News Awards
Mobile Phone Hand Cash Longer King Mobile Phone Tested Travel Card Tampere Finland
Mobile Phone Users Across World Discover Easy Way Mobile Phones
Mobile Phones 2004 Mobile Phones 2005
Mobile Phones Business Group Net Sales Decreased Eur Mobile Phones Only Bank Accounts
Mobile Phones Operating Profit Decreased Totaled Eur 779 Mobile Phones Reported Operating Profit 2007 Decreased Eur
Mobile Photography Information Mobile Retailer Awards
Mobile Search Lead Goal Football Championships Mobile Softswitch Ideal Combine Services
Mobile Speedy Near Field Communication Payment Pilot Project Mobile Subscriptions Hit
Mobile Trial Goes Live Mobile Users Now Access Oracle Applications Nokia E61
Mobiledu Learning English Mobileone
Mobility Solutions Lead Revenue Gains Rather Simply Reducing Mobility-enhanced Code Release Drive Open Source Collaboration Reduce
Mobilizing Enterprise Mobilkom
Mobily Etihad Etisalat Mobitel
Mobitel Slovenia Mobitel Slovenia Trial Nokias Hosted Push Talk Service
Mode Match Mood Modular Nokia Flexi Base Station Platform Expands Include
Most Successful Mobile Technology Gsm Edge Further Enhanced Motorola
Movistar Movistar Chooses Nokias Msc Server System Ecuador
Msn Windows Live Mtv3 Subtv
Much Just Entertainment Much Just Movies
Multi-year Manufacturing Agreement Signed Between Companies Multichannel Distribution Ecosystem
Multifunctional Mobile Computing Connectivity Multimedia
Multimedia 2004 Multimedia 2005
Multimedia Connectivity Digital Home Multimedia Reported Operating Profit 2007 Grew Eur 424
Multimedia-capable Device Delivers Megapixel Camera Music Player New Multiple Technology Tracks Selected Percent Participants
Multitasking Maemo Munich Bonn Germany
Music Bundle Nokia Devices Include Sony Bmg Content Music Imaging Internet Functionality Nokia Nseries Sleek Folding
Music Masses Music Next Big Thing Mobile Multimedia
Music Soundtrack Way Music-driven Mobile Phone Features Dedicated Music Keys Storage
Musical Talent Mwc 2009 Nokia Puts Enhanced Internet Experiences Efficiency
Mysql Mysql Registered Trademark Usa Other Countries Products Mentioned
N-gage N-gage Academy Teaches Mobile Phone Users Download Share
N-gage Gamers Stand Attention Arena Battle Commandos Tournament N-gage Owners Get Easy Access Games Through Wwwn-gagecom
Nairobi Kenya Naomi Cleaver London Horseback
Nathan Eagle Natural Materials Fusion Colors Patterns Define Lamour Collection
Nature-inspired Soundtrack Composed Ambient Musical Pioneer Brian Eno Navigate Through Europe Easily Nokias New Car Navigation
Navigation Set Become Mainstream Feature Navteq
Navteq Acquires Acuity Mobile Navteq Net Sales Decreased
Navteq Net Sales Increased Navteq Net Sales Increased Eur 166
Navteq Reported Net Sales Increased Navteq Reported Net Sales Increased Eur 225
Navteq Support Existing Customers Before Near Field Communication Nfc
Nearly New Global Mobile Subscriptions Next Estimated China Nec
Nec Corporation Nec Europe
Nedap Healthcare Need
Nelonen Nera Networks
Net Financial Income Net Financial Income Expenses
Net Investment Foreign Companies Net Profit Earnings Per Share
Net Sales Business Group Net Sales Grew Devices Services Latin America Down
Net Sales Grew Devices Services North America Down Net Sales Growth Devices Services Was Strongest Latin
Net Sales Operating Profit Business Group Net Sales Reported Constant Currency
Netvibes Network Modernization Enable Ais Provide New Services Enhance
Networks Networks 2004
Networks 2005 Networks Net Sales Geographic Area
Networks Reported Operating Profit 2007 Decreased Eur Compared New Accounting Pronouncements Gaap
New Accounting Standards New Alliance
New Api Support Advanced Java Technologies Let Developers New Att
New Called Venyon Supplies Secure Chip Management Services New Carbidec V12 Tool Functionalities Drive Cost-savings Speed
New Cingular Exclusive Comes Broad Messaging Capabilities Outstanding New Community Drive Tight Integration Nokia Multimedia Devices
New Content New Customer Offer Advanced Mobile Services Thanks Nokias
New Duo Mid-range Nokia Cdma Handsets Offer Todays New Expansion Options Nokia Ip2250
New Findings Serve Point Reference Companies Deploying Mobile New Folding Camera Phone Offers Classic Style Excellent
New Forum Nokia Pro Symbian Zone Provides Exclusive New Game Titles Brands
New Games Publishers Board New Global Joint Venture Allow Mobile Operators Transport
New Global Network Leader Fixed-mobile Convergence New Growth Markets Particularly Mobile Networks Expanding Rural
New Gsm Cdma Devices Network Infrastructure Innovations Broaden New Handsets Unveiled Multiradio Strategy Announced
New Handsfree Solution Nokia Integrates Personal Music Box New Ifrs Standards
New Ifrs Standards Impact Nokia 2004 Future Accounts New Ifrs Standards Revised Ias
New Maps Personal Media Sharing Communities Pave Way New Members Nokia Group Executive Board Kai Öistämö
New Mid-tier Nokia 2855 6165 Phones Combine Todays New Models Offer Balance Design Functionality Every Lifestyle
New Multimedia Computers Partnerships Applications Announced Open Studio New Music Player Bundled Memory Card Make Mobile
New N-gage Silver Edition Game Deck Smartphone Functionalities New Nokia 2630 2760 Deliver Imaging Bluetooth Technology
New Nokia 6120 Classic Combines Faster Download Speeds New Nokia 7088 Phone Satisfies Practical Passionate High
New Nokia Ip390 Firewall Vpn Offers Superior Midrange New Nokia Music Handsets Combine Strong Features Youthful
New Nokia N900 Computer-grade Performance Handset New Nokia Nseries Device Offers Instant Entertainment Fast
New Nokia Security Appliances Deep Find Threats Meet New Nokia Solution Further Enhances Operator Revenue Opportunities
New Office Bolster Nokias Commitment Region Highlights Leading New Open Source Portal Developers Launched
New Ovi Services Include Maps Mail New Phones Offer Call-time Tracking Multi-phonebooks
New Plug-in S60 3rd Edition Sdk Eases Porting New Prime Times
New Pro Developer Zone Enhanced Mobile Games Offer New Product Category Nokia 770 Internet Tablet Starts
New Products Tailored Emerging Markets Launched Delhi India New Regional Headquarters Leverage Miamis Position Hub Allow
New Revenue Opportunities New Rob Dickinson Music Video Shot Entirely Nokia
New S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack Enhances User New Software Gives Businesses Ability Change People Work
New Solution Complements Other Digital Content Delivery Channels New Study Underlines Nokias Commitment Solving Operators Key
New Testing Program Snap Mobile Next Generation Appeal
Next Generation Mobile Gaming Nokia Nextwave Wireless
Nfc Leadership Nigel Coates Full Circle
Nok 2006 Nokia
Nokia 1110 1600 Nokia 1110i Latest Addition Range Phones Aimed Time
Nokia 1112 Nokia 1255 Monoblock 2355 Fold-style Phones Combine Modern
Nokia 1255 Phone Classic Value Nokia 1265 Lighter Design Heavy Features
Nokia 1325 1265 Offer Strong Feature Sets Accessible Nokia 1325 Intuitive Design Easy-to-use Functions
Nokia 1650 Nokia 1650 2660 Phones Elevate Entry Market New
Nokia 2004 Nokia 2004 Annual Accounts Ifrs
Nokia 2005 Nokia 2006
Nokia 2006 Device Average Selling Price Asp Above Nokia 2007
Nokia 2008 Nokia 2009
Nokia 2009 Interim Report Excluding Non-gaap Financial Measures Nokia 2009 Net Sales Reported Constant Currency
Nokia 2310 Nokia 2355 Phone Low Cost High Impact
Nokia 2365i 2865 2865i 6175i Phones Offer Bluetooth Nokia 2365i Phone
Nokia 2610 Nokia 2610 2310 1112 Unveiled Experience Mobility 2006
Nokia 2626 Tune Style Nokia 2630
Nokia 2660 Nokia 2760
Nokia 2855 Phone Nokia 2865 2865i Phone
Nokia 2875 2875i Phone Nokia 3109 Classic Offers Affordable Straightforward Functionality
Nokia 3110 Classic Straight Forward Technology Reliable Package Nokia 3gsm World Congress Mobile Site
Nokia 5070 Fun Function Nokia 5300 Xpressmusic Heads Charts
Nokia 5500 Sport Music Edition Always Right Track Nokia 5500 Sport Smartphone Six-pack
Nokia 6070 Nokia 6080 Camera Phone Black Silver Gold Colours
Nokia 6086 Cameraphone Compelling Feature Set Seamless Connectivity Nokia 6086 Compelling Features Seamless Connectivity
Nokia 6101 Expanding Nokias Commitment Operator Customization Nokia 6102i 6103 Phones Add Popular Bluetooth Technology
Nokia 6131 Nokia 6131 Camera Phone Now Shipping Slim Style
Nokia 6131 Nfc Phone Taps Mobile Payment Ticketing Nokia 6131 Offers Sophisticated Style Excellent Performance Folding
Nokia 6136 Phone Provides Seamless Voice Data Mobility Nokia 6165 Phone
Nokia 6175i Phone Nokia 6275 6275i Phone
Nokia 6282 Phone Combines Megapixel Camera Qvga Display Nokia 6288 Captivating Slide Phone Leading-class Video Capture
Nokia 6288 Captivating Slide Phone Leading-class Video Playing Nokia 6290 Smartphone Advanced Technology Simple
Nokia 6300 Clean Styling Compact Size Nokia 6300 Makes Sophisticated Impression Clean Styling Compact
Nokia 6500 Classic Nokia 6500 Classic Slide Wrap Third-generation Features Innovative
Nokia 6500 Slide Nokia 6680 Smartphone Now Starts Shipping Vodafone Japan
Nokia 7360 Charming Graceful Compact Nokia 7360 Subtly Styled Elegantly Compact
Nokia 7370 Designed Make Heads Turn Nokia 7373 Metropolitan Style Fluid Form
Nokia 7380 Reflection Discerning Taste Nokia 7390 Professional Elegance Modern Edge
Nokia 770 Internet Tablet Adds Calls Instant Messaging Nokia 770 Internet Tablet Bundled Linksys Wireless Routers
Nokia 770 Internet Tablet Enables Easy Broadband Access Nokia 8800 Sirocco Brian Eno Signature Edition Phones
Nokia Achieves Convergence Milestone Completes Uma Voice Data Nokia Achnu Launch Conéctate Youth Program Chile
Nokia Acquire Bit-side Gmbh Nokia Acquire Cellity
Nokia Acquire Loudeye Launch Comprehensive Mobile Music Experience Nokia Acquired Plum
Nokia Acquires Dopplr Nokia Acquires Gate5 Add Robust Mapping Navigation Devices
Nokia Acquires Symbian Limited Nokia Acquires Twango Offer Comprehensive Media Sharing Experience
Nokia Advanced Music Headphones Hs-62 Nokia Advertising Connector
Nokia Aina Group Collaborate Developing New Mvno Concept Nokia Also Announced Macromedia Flash Technology Integrated Series
Nokia Also Introduced New Devices Show Nokia Also Selected Supply Core Network Aina Group
Nokia Announces Apps Maps Category Winner 2009 Calling Nokia Announces Availability Jsr 232 Public Review
Nokia Announces Investment Usd Chennai Manufacturing Plant India Nokia Announces New Bluetooth Headsets Trio Complements Devices
Nokia Announces Product Advisory Bl-5c Battery Nokia Announces Voluntary Personnel Initiatives Introducing Resignation Package
Nokia Announces Worlds Commercial Solution Managing Dvb-h Broadcast Nokia Annual General Meeting Dividend Eur 033 Per
Nokia Annual General Meeting Dividend Eur 037 Per Nokia Applauds Successful Auction Telsims Assets
Nokia Applies Delisting Stockholm Stock Exchange Nokia Applies Substance Legislation Global Product Portfolio
Nokia Asks Delaware Court Enforce Qualcomms Contractual Obligations Nokia Asks Texas Court Stop Qualcomms Unauthorized Nokias
Nokia Astonished Intention Nrw Attempt Recall Subsidies 1999 Nokia Award Celebrate Achievements Ict Sector
Nokia Balances Workforce Better Meet Changing Business Demands Nokia Balances Workforce Finland Eye Future Business Dynamics
Nokia Becomes Phone Maker Add Energy Saving Alerts Nokia Bharti Airtel Sign Usd 400 Network Expansion
Nokia Bharti Sign Managed Services Gsm Edge Expansion Nokia Bluetooth Headset Bh-100
Nokia Bluetooth Headset Bh-200 Nokia Bluetooth Headset Bh-201
Nokia Bluetooth Headset Bh-207 Nokia Bluetooth Headset Bh-300
Nokia Bluetooth Headset Bh-301 Nokia Bluetooth Headset Bh-302
Nokia Bluetooth Headset Bh-600 Nokia Bluetooth Headset Bh-700
Nokia Bluetooth Headset Bh-800 Nokia Bluetooth Headset Bh-801
Nokia Bluetooth Headset Bh-900 Nokia Board Corporate Governance Nomination Committee Presents Proposal
Nokia Board Corporate Governance Nomination Committee Presents Proposals Nokia Board Corporate Governance Nomination Committee Proposes New
Nokia Board Directors Approves Equity Program 2010 Nokia Board Directors Convenes Annual General Meeting 2005
Nokia Board Directors Convenes Annual General Meeting 2006 Nokia Board Directors Convenes Annual General Meeting 2007
Nokia Board Directors Resolution Transfer Shares Nokia Bochum Employee Representatives Agreed Severance Package Site
Nokia Booklet Brings Mobility World Nokia Business Communication Solution
Nokia Business Solutions Portfolio Diamond Winner Sharpening Competitive Nokia Buy Back Own Shares
Nokia Cancellation Treasury Shares Registered Nokia Cancels Treasury Shares
Nokia Capital Markets 2007 Nokia Ceo Olli-pekka Kallasvuo Annual General Meeting 2009
Nokia China Mobile Sign Eur 580 Frame Agreement Nokia China Postel Deepen Strategic Ties
Nokia China Postel Strengthen Strategic Cooperation Nokia China Ptac Further Strengthen Strategic Cooperation
Nokia China Putian Set Joint Venture Nokia Combi Sgsn
Nokia Comes Music Nokia Comments Qualcomm 10-q Statement Filed 2006 Regarding
Nokia Commissioned Report London School Economics Gives Valuable Nokia Commtel Bring Soul Triple Play Over Dsl
Nokia Commtel Expand Broadband Pacific Nokia Community Involvement
Nokia Completed Acquisition Navteq Corporation 2008 Accordingly Navteqs Nokia Completed Acquisition Navteq Corporation Map Data
Nokia Completed Acquisition Navteq Corporation Separate Reportable Nokia Completes Acquisition Cellity
Nokia Completes Acquisition Lcc Internationals Deployment Business Nokia Completes Acquisition Navteq
Nokia Completes Avvenu Acquisition Nokia Completes Bit-side Acquisition
Nokia Completes Communications Acquisition Nokia Completes Enpocket Acquisition
Nokia Completes Loudeye Acquisition Nokia Completes Plazes Acquisition
Nokia Completes Trolltech Acquisition Nokia Confirms Strong Leading Gsm Ipr Position
Nokia Congratulates Sprint Nextel Selection Wimax Nokia Connects Own People Ipass
Nokia Continues Change Renews Some Activities Nokia Continues Increase Cost-efficiency Adapt Market Situation
Nokia Continues Sole Supplier Dtacs Gsm Edge Network Nokia Continues Sole Supplier Wcdma
Nokia Continues Streamline Operations Nokia Corporation
Nokia Corporation House Keilalahdentie 02150 Espoo Finland Nokia Cost Control Supports Shared Phones
Nokia Csl Demonstrate Seamless Hsdpa-edge Service Continuity Nokia D500 Broadband Solution Enables Fast Time-to-market Advanced
Nokia D500 Enables Triple Play Services Including Iptv Nokia Delivers Edge Network Sunrise Switzerland
Nokia Delivers Mbps Hsdpa Solution Csl Hong Kong Nokia Delivers Mobile Device Management Solution Megafon Russia
Nokia Demonstrate Mbps Hsdpa Mobileone Connection Nokia Demonstrates Leadership Technologies Internet Mobile Devices Web
Nokia Deployment Complemented Siemens Sdh Microwave Radios Nokia Devices Services Operational Priorities
Nokia Dials Gps Technology Leader Trimble Intellectual Property Nokia Disclaimer
Nokia Donating American Red Cross Immediate Needs Gulf Nokia Drives Internet Convergence New Nseries Devices Experiences
Nokia Dynamic Hss Nokia E60 Classic Design Unmatched Voice Features
Nokia E60 E61 E70 Combine Power Wlan Advanced Nokia E61 Built Mobile Email
Nokia E61i Streamlined Email Experience Business Heavyweights Nokia E65 Style Meets Substance
Nokia E70 All-in-one Messaging Device Nokia E75 E55 Deliver Efficiency Email
Nokia E90 Communicator Legend Evolves All-inclusive Eseries Business Nokia Embeds Live Search Services Mobile Platform
Nokia Emi Free Record Shop Roberts Coffee Promote Nokia Enables Operators Offer Different Service Levels Customers
Nokia Enhances Leading Position Release Core Networks Deployments Nokia Enhances Mobile Search Offerings Countries
Nokia Enhancing Teluss Broadband Capabilities Cutting Edge Network Nokia Equity Program 2006 Follow Existing Programs
Nokia Equity Program 2007 Proposal New Stock Option Nokia Equity Program 2008
Nokia Equity Program 2008 Line Previous Practice Nokia Eseries Business Devices
Nokia Establish Global Network Operations Center India Nokia Eurotel Test Hsdpa Live Network
Nokia Expand Philippines Smart Gsm Edge Core Network Nokia Expand Radio Access Network Sharing Solution Operators
Nokia Expands Cdma Portfolio Multiple New Handsets Nokia Expands Dtacs Gsm Gprs Edge Network Thailand
Nokia Expands Gsm Network Ais Thailand Nokia Expands Intellisync Device Management Support Include Microsoft
Nokia Expands Jiangxi Mccs Gsm Network Enhanced Capacity Nokia Expands Mobile Infrastructure Center Sichuan China Chengdu
Nokia Expands Wataniya Telecoms Hsdpa Network Kuwait Nokia Facilities Energy Emissions Environmental Certifications
Nokia Facts Did Know Nokia Filed Form 20-f 2005 Sec
Nokia Filed Form 20-f 2006 Securities Exchange Nokia Filed Form 20-f 2008 Securities Exchange
Nokia Files Patent Exhaustion Case Against Qualcomm Germany Nokia Financial Targets
Nokia Financial Targets Non-ifrs 2009 Nokia Flagship Store Open Chicagos Magnificent Mile Followed
Nokia Flagship Store Showcases New Mobile Services Technologies Nokia Flagship Stores Experience Centers Theaters Websites Showcase
Nokia Flexi Base Station Takes High-speed Content Delivery Nokia Flexi Wcdma Base Station Enables Cost-savings Future
Nokia Flexi Wcdma Base Station New Way Build Nokia Flexi Wcdma Base Station Support Large Portfolio
Nokia Forward Looking Statements Nokia Forward-looking Statement Disclaimer
Nokia Forward-looking Statements Nokia Foundation Award Mårten Mickos
Nokia Full-year 2004 Nokia Further Expands Future Radio Technology Portfolio
Nokia Gameloft Announce Expanded Mobile Gaming Collaboration Nokia Games Study Reveals Changing Mobile Gaming Habits
Nokia Global Networks Solutions Center Chennai Now Operational Nokia Global Sales Channel Offer Sourcefires Ips Hardened
Nokia Grameen Foundation Usa Join Forces Bring Affordable Nokia Group
Nokia Growth Partners Nokia Harnesses Drive New Network Solutions
Nokia High Speed Packet Downlink Access Hsdpa Solution Nokia Highlights Strong Commitment Universal Access Mobility New
Nokia Host Commercial Oma Poc Presence Services Scandinavia Nokia House Keilalahdentie 02150 Espoo Finland
Nokia Hsdpa Solution Flexi Wcdma Base Station Also Nokia Increases 2007 Device Market Share Outlook
Nokia Increases Planned Amount Repurchases Current Authorization Nokia Initiates Product Design Lawsuit
Nokia Integrated Provisioning Solution Nokia Intel Bring Wireless Broadband Future Notebooks
Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite Brings Unmatched Flexibility Cost-control Nokia Intellisync Syncml Server Enables Backup Restore Online
Nokia Intellisync Wireless Email Available Sony Ericsson M600 Nokia Intellisync Wireless Email Selected Mobility Platform Italian
Nokia Interdigital Resolve Contract Dispute Nokia International Youth Foundation Fundación Empresarios Por Educación
Nokia International Youth Foundation Fundación Opportúnitas Launch Make Nokia Internet Key Next Phase Growth Mobile Phone
Nokia Introduces Connect Market Expansion Toolkit Starts Licencing Nokia Introduces Leading Edge Connected Camera Navigation Device
Nokia Introduces Mobile Search Smartphones Nokia Introduces New Handsets Including Lowest Cost Handset
Nokia Introduces Next Generation Mobile Gaming Development Tools Nokia Introduces Next Story Video N93 Digital Camcorder
Nokia Introduces Wibree Technology Open Industry Initiative Unique Nokia Introduces Widgets
Nokia Investor Contacts Nokia Ip290
Nokia Ip290 Firewall Vpn Nokia Ip290 Intrusion Prevention Sourcefire
Nokia Ip390 Firewall Vpn Appliance Nokia Ip560 Check Point Vpn-1 Pro Squeezes Value
Nokia Ip690 Nokia Ip690 Firewall Vpn
Nokia Ip690 Intrusion Prevention Sourcefire Nokia Joins Forces New Alliance Establish Mobile Services
Nokia Kyocera Resolve Patent Dispute Nokia Launches 6210s Korea
Nokia Launches New Initiatives Help Young People Affected Nokia Launches New Network Services Solutions Initiatives
Nokia Launches New Solution Accelerate On-line Charging Nokia Launches Widsets Boosting Web Services Mobile Phones
Nokia Launches Widsets Mobiledu China Market Nokia Lbs Push
Nokia Led Group Agree Series New Initiatives Improve Nokia Lowers 2008 Mobile Device Market Share Outlook
Nokia Lowers Mobile Device Industry Outlook 2008 Gives Nokia Makes Easier Web Publishers Developers Create Applications
Nokia Makes Most Popular Phones Even Better Bluetooth Nokia Makes Payment Qualcomm Right Umts Patents After
Nokia Makes Walk Drive Navigation Free Smartphones Doubling Nokia Marks Wimax Milestone Flexi Base Station
Nokia Mini Speakers Md-4 Nokia Mobile Device Volume Geographic Area
Nokia Mobile Devices 2004 Nokia Mobile Devices 2005
Nokia Mobile Devices-2004 Nokia Mobile Phones
Nokia Mobile Search Adds Ability Content Stored Device Nokia Mobility Conference
Nokia Money New Mobile Financial Service Enables Management Nokia Msc Server Lays Groundwork Turkeys Next Generation
Nokia Multimedia Subsystem Nokia Music Speakers Md-3
Nokia Mysql Collaborate Next Generation Telecommunication Subscriber Registers Nokia N70 Multimedia
Nokia N70 Music Edition All-in-one Player Nokia N70 Starts Shipping
Nokia N71 All-in-one Entertainment Nokia N73 Music Edition Digital Meets Audio
Nokia N76 Starts Ship Music Uks Most Influential Nokia N80 Internet Edition Connects On-line Life
Nokia N80 Make Yourself Home Nokia N90 Multimedia
Nokia N90 Voted European Media Phone Nokia N91 8gb Jukebox Pocket
Nokia N91 Multimedia Nokia N92 Clearest Picture Yet Mobile
Nokia N92 Mobile Devices Used Football Championships Enjoy Nokia N93 Nseries Studio
Nokia N93 Starts Shipping Transforms Way Shoot Shape Nokia N93 Voted European Media Phone 2006-2007
Nokia N93i Easy Capturing Reliving Sharing Memories Experiences Nokia N95 Multimedia Computer Starts Shipping
Nokia N95 Wins Prestigious Tipa Award 2007 Nokia N97 Making Internet Personal
Nokia Named Mobile Manufacturer Nokia Net Sales Operating Profit
Nokia Network Solutions Capture New Business Revenue Operators Nokia Networks
Nokia Networks Announces New Operator Offerings Nokia Not Recommend Endorse Below-market Mini-tender Offer Adss
Nokia Now Manages Hutchison Essars Circles Over 200 Nokia Nrw Government City Bochum Create Growth Program
Nokia Nseries Nokia Nseries Gets Trimmer 2007 N76 New Device
Nokia Nseries High Performance Multimedia Nokia Nseries Offers Latest Technologies New Fusions Digital
Nokia Nseries Returns Winner Coveted Honor Popular Science Nokia Nseries Studio
Nokia Offers Professional Services Consultancy Assist Participants Fccs Nokia Oracle Collaborate Next Generation Telecommunication Subscriber Registers
Nokia Orange Enter Software Platform Collaboration S60 Symbian Nokia Orb Announce Mycasting
Nokia Organizational Structure Nokia Organizes Converging Marketplace
Nokia Outlook 2005 Nokia Paid Less Per Cent Gross Royalty Rate
Nokia Peer-to-peer Traffic Control Solution Helps Operators Balance Nokia Pioneers New Multimedia Retail Experience Unveils Flagship
Nokia Plan Give Voice Africas Youth Nokia Plans Scale Down Salo Production Temporary Lay-offs
Nokia Plans Start Manufacturing Mobile Devices India Nokia Pldt Cooperate Fixed-mobile Convergence Solutions Philippines
Nokia Podcasting Application Lets Discover Download Podcasts Mobile Nokia Powers Eurotels Hsdpa Network Czech Republic
Nokia Powers Optus Network Australia Nokia Powers Smarts Hsdpa Network Philippines
Nokia Powers T-mobiles Hsdpa Networks Germany Netherlands Nokia Powers Vodafone New Zealands Network
Nokia Powers Vodafones Hsdpa Service Australia Nokia Prepaid Tracker
Nokia Presents Solutions Drive Growth Next Generation Mobile Nokia Priorities 2009
Nokia Provides End-to-end Mobile Device Management Nokia Provides Push-to-talk Service Mobilkom Austria
Nokia Publish 2006 Results Nokia Publish 2007 Results
Nokia Publish Annual Results 2005 2006 Nokia Publish Annual Results 2006 2007
Nokia Publish Results 2005 Nokia Reaches 100th Customer Milestone Industry Leading Mobile
Nokia Reaches Agreement Turkish Government Telsim Matter Nokia Receives European Merger Control Approval Acquisition Trolltech
Nokia Receives Payment Usd 341 Turkish Government Settlement Nokia Reduces Operations Japan
Nokia Reinforces Wcdma Terminal Cooperation Introduces Service Quality Nokia Releases N-gage Silver Edition European Middle Eastern
Nokia Releases New N-gage Arena Launcher Software Global Nokia Renews Business Mobility Solutions Offering Strategy
Nokia Renews Chipset Development Strategy Nokia Reorganizes Corporate Support Platforms Prepare Siemens Networks
Nokia Repurchase Own Shares Nokia Requests Itc Investigation Apple Patent Infringement
Nokia Requests Itc Investigation Qualcomm Unfair Trade Practices Nokia Research Center
Nokia Research Center Celebrates Innovation Nokia Research Motion Renew Patent License Agreement
Nokia Responds Qualcomm Lawsuit Wisconsin Files Patent Counter Nokia Responds Reports Qualcomm Gsm Patent Infringement Suit
Nokia Results Include Those Siemens Networks Fully Nokia Reveals New Games Publishers Tools Mobile Gaming
Nokia Sanyo Proposed New Not Proceed Nokia Sapio Offer Complete Solution Printing Service Providers
Nokia Scandinavia Work Together Push Talk Nokia Scandinavias Web Sales Store Awarded Eexcellence Cebit
Nokia Seizes Social Internet Amplifies Music Experience Nokia Selected Network Supplier Sonofon Denmark
Nokia Selected Premier Provider Mobile Services New Yorks Nokia Selected Wcdma Radio Access Network Supplier Danish
Nokia Selected Wcdma Supplier Centertel Nokia Selected Wcdma Supplier Cosmote Greece
Nokia Selects Chennai Manufacturing Mobile Devices India Nokia Sell Nextrom Holding Shares
Nokia Sells Billionth Mobile Phone Nokia Service
Nokia Service Advertising Connector Enable Delivery Right Mobile Nokia Service Level Management Solution
Nokia Services Partners Expand Messaging Solution Portfolio Nokia Set New Mobile Device Factory Romania
Nokia Sets Key Financial Targets Devices Services Operational Nokia Sets Quality Standard Connected Mobile Games Snap
Nokia Several Technology Cooperation Agreements Significant Business Partners Nokia Sfr Complete Wcdma 900 Voice Call France
Nokia Shanghai Unicom Complete Public Egprs Demonstration China Nokia Shares Cancelled Pursuant Resolution Annual General Meeting
Nokia Shares Vision Convergence New Internet Collaborations Products Nokia Ships Nseries N71 Vodafone 804nk Japan
Nokia Shows Commitment Wimax Web Enabler Nokia Siemens Announce Business Unit Regional Leaders Networks
Nokia Siemens Announce Top Executives Networks Nokia Siemens Demonstrate Bring Networks Life 3gsm
Nokia Siemens Move Forward Proposed Networks Product Portfolio Nokia Siemens Network
Nokia Siemens Networks Nokia Siemens Networks Aims Net Positive Impact Environment
Nokia Siemens Networks Announced Today Bosco Novak Assume Nokia Siemens Networks Announced Today Sue Spradley Leader
Nokia Siemens Networks Announces Creation New Global Network Nokia Siemens Networks Appoints Ashish Chowdhary Head Services
Nokia Siemens Networks Appoints Sue Spradley Executive Board Nokia Siemens Networks Awarded Network Managed Services Contract
Nokia Siemens Networks Awarded Turnkey Contract Accelerate Network Nokia Siemens Networks Begin Operations 2007
Nokia Siemens Networks Business Units Nokia Siemens Networks Celebrates Operations Playing Leading Role
Nokia Siemens Networks Co-operate Nec Corporation Area Wcdma Nokia Siemens Networks Code Conduct
Nokia Siemens Networks Completed Transition Responsibility Embarq Corporations Nokia Siemens Networks Completes Acquisition Carrier Ethernet Specialist
Nokia Siemens Networks Completes Acquisition Subscriber-centric Network Specialist Nokia Siemens Networks Deepens Ties
Nokia Siemens Networks Deutsche Telekom Sign Strategic Partnership Nokia Siemens Networks Enter Patent License Agreement Huawei
Nokia Siemens Networks Enters Final Stage Synergy-related Headcount Nokia Siemens Networks Enters Significant Partnership Ibm Includes
Nokia Siemens Networks Expands Cooperation China Mobile Group Nokia Siemens Networks Forecasts Targets Infrastructure Market
Nokia Siemens Networks Germanys Mobile Operator E-plus Group Nokia Siemens Networks Intends Sign Strategic Partnership Devoteam
Nokia Siemens Networks Invest Usd 100 Strengthen Operations Nokia Siemens Networks Launches Energy Efficiency Solution Optimize
Nokia Siemens Networks Leading Global Enabler Communications Services Nokia Siemens Networks Net Sales Geographic Area
Nokia Siemens Networks Pay Around 128140 Acquisition Expected Nokia Siemens Networks Power China Mobile Expansion Drive
Nokia Siemens Networks Remains Committed Long Term Wireless Nokia Siemens Networks Secured Eur 250 Loan Facility
Nokia Siemens Networks Selects Tata Consultancy Services Provide Nokia Siemens Networks Signed Eur Multi-currency Revolving Credit
Nokia Siemens Networks Solutions Services Signed Global Service Nokia Siemens Networks Strengthens Leadership Team
Nokia Siemens Networks Transfer Provisioning Application Management Accenture Nokia Siemens Networks Values Defined
Nokia Siemens Networks Wins Big China Nokia Siemens Networks Wins Eur 180 Gsm Edge
Nokia Siemens Networks Wins Large Scale Carrier Ethernet Nokia Siemens Networks Won Contract Modernize Network
Nokia Signs Agreement Radioframe Networks Deploy Picocell Base Nokia Signs Agreement Sell Line Fit Automotive Business
Nokia Signs Extension Contract Viaero Wireless Colorado Nebraska Nokia Signs Research Development Agreement Army Wireless Communications
Nokia Singtel Launch Dual-mode Telephony Nokia Singtel Launch Mutliplayer Game Quest Forum Pro
Nokia Sipphone Bring Easy Access Gizmo Voip Services Nokia Snap Mobile Service Allows Casual Gamers Head-to-head
Nokia Software Updater Makes Updating Mobile Device Quick Nokia Sprint Nextel Roll Out Mobile Wimax Services
Nokia Spurs Subscriber Growth New Markets Mobility Solutions Nokia Start Manufacturing Base Station Controllers India
Nokia Starts Licensing Prepaid Tracker Other Terminal Vendors Nokia Stereo Headset Hs-81
Nokia Stmicroelectronics Close Agreement Chipset Development Nokia Stmicroelectronics Plan Deeper Ties Technology Development
Nokia Stock Option Plans Nokia Streamlines Short Lead Time Logistics Care Repair
Nokia Strengthens Presence Tunisia Nokia Strengthens West African Presence New Nigeria Office
Nokia Strikes Another High Launch Nseries Multimedia Devices Nokia Successfully Demonstrates Mbps Hsdpa Megafon Russia
Nokia Sues Apple Delaware District Court Infringement Gsm Nokia Supplies Gsm Wcdma Hsdpa Networks Cable Wireless
Nokia Supplies Hsdpa Part Extended Exclusive Wcdma Network Nokia Supplies Hsdpa Part Extended Radio Network Contract
Nokia Supplies Mobile Softswitch Dtac Thailand Nokia Supplies Mobile Softswitch Hutchison Austria
Nokia Supplies Wcdma Core Network Ireland Nokia Supplies Wcdma Network Including Hsdpa Eurotel Czech
Nokia Supply Connect Erefill Solution Jiangxi Mcc China Nokia Supply Push Talk Fujian Mcc China
Nokia Supply Push Talk Presence Etisalat Uae Nokia Support Gsm Technology 450 Mhz Frequency Band
Nokia Support Wataniya Way Beyond Nokia Supports Celcom Launching Hsdpa Malaysia
Nokia Supports Elisa Launching Hsdpa Network Nordic Countries Nokia Supports France Telecom Launching Orange Branded Mon
Nokia Supports Optus Hsdpa Trials Australia Nokia Supports Orange France Launching Hsdpa Services
Nokia Supports Polkomtel Launching Hsdpa Poland Nokia Supports Proximus Launching Hsdpa Network Belgium
Nokia Supports Ukrtelecom Launching Wcdma Hsdpa Network Ukraine Nokia Supports Vodafones Hsdpa Launch New Zealand
Nokia Symantec Collaborate Enhancing Security Smartphones Nokia Tampere University Technology Tighten Collaboration Open Innovation
Nokia Taps Chennai New Global Networks Solutions Center Nokia Telenor Join Forces Trial Converged Services
Nokia Telenor Pakistan Sign Network Expansion Managed Services Nokia Trademark Corporation Other Product Names Mentioned Herein
Nokia Trial Fixed Mobile Convergence Solutions Telemar Brazil Nokia Trials Mobile Sweden Using Dvb-h Technology Teracom
Nokia Uma Solution Nokia Unified Charging Suite
Nokia Unified Device Management Solution Nokia University Cambridge Partner Research Joint Projects Initially
Nokia University Technology Helsinki Partner Research Nanotechnology Nokia Unveils Comes Music
Nokia Unveils Desirably Slim Gsm Phone Nokia Unveils New Mobile Phones Fashion-conscious Including Fashion
Nokia Unveils View Payload N-gage Platform Wwwpayload-gamecom Nokia Updates 2007 Market Outlook Mobile Fixed Intrastructure
Nokia Updates 4th 2008 Outlook Gives Preliminary 2009 Nokia Updates Targets Outlines Refined Strategy
Nokia Usd 212 Deal Expand Dtacs Gsm Gprs Nokia Venture Partners
Nokia Ventures Organization Nokia Video Center
Nokia Views Repetitive Legal Action Qualcomm Recognition Conditions Nokia Vodafone Italy Carry Out Hsdpa Call Commercial
Nokia Web Browser Mini Map Nokia Wins Euro Network Expansion Deal Ethiopian Telecommunications
Nokia Wins Global Contract Telenor Cellular Transmission Solutions Nokia Wins Gsm Core Network Deal Telefónica Móviles
Nokia Wins Gsm Expansion Indonesian Indosat Nokia Wins Hosted Push Talk Contract Mobitel Slovenia
Nokia Wins Hspa Network Supply Contract Mobileone Singapore Nokia Wins Managed Services Contract T-mobile Netherlands
Nokia Wins Network Expansion Contract Taiwans Chunghwa Telecom Nokia Wins Over Eur 320 Gsm Gprs Edge
Nokia Wins Over Usd Gsm Network Expansion Deal Nokia Wins Radio Core Network Deal Bulgarian Operator
Nokia Wins Top Awards Uks Mobile News Magazine Nokia Wins Turnkey Gsm Edge Radio Network Deal
Nokia Wins Unified Device Management Solution Deal Elisa Nokia Wins Usd 141 Gsm Network Expansion Bharat
Nokia Wins Usd 150 Gsm Gprs Expansion Contract Nokia Wins Usd 230 Managed Services Deal Vodafone
Nokia Wins Usd Network Expansion Contract China Mobile Nokia Wins Wcdma Hspa Network Managed Services Deal
Nokia Wireless Audio Gateway Ad-42w Connects Music Mobile Nokia Won Top Awards Magazine Mobile News Including
Nokia World 2007 Outlines Vision Internet Evolution Commitment Nokia Wwf Cooperation Successful Raising Bar Environmental Sustainability
Nokia Yahoo Add Flickr Support Nseries Multimedia Computers Nokia Yahoo Extend Internet Experience Mobile Mass Market
Nokia Yahoo Extend Relationship Bring Mobile Devices Nokias 2005 Equity Program Follow 2004 Structure
Nokias Comment Class Action Complaint Nokias Devices Business
Nokias Devices Business Code Conduct Nokias End-to End Network Solutions Significantly Improve Rural
Nokias Equity Based Compensation Program 2004 Nokias Equity Based Compensation Program 2005
Nokias Equity Program 2006 Nokias Flagship Design Statement Receives Gsm Association Award
Nokias Fomatm Terminal Ntt Docomo Foma Nm850ig Compatible Nokias Hsdpa Solution Means Stc Offer Advanced Mobile
Nokias Intellisync Software Enables Mobile Operators Provide Device Nokias Mid-range Smartphone Based S60 3rd Edition
Nokias Mobile Search Finds Way New Corners World Nokias Mobile Softswitch Expand Csls Network Capacity Hong
Nokias Mobile Softswitch Reduce Henan Mccs Operating Costs Nokias Mobile Softswitch Solution Boost Hunan Mccs Network
Nokias Mobile Softswitching Voip Server Solution Enables Cost-savings Nokias Multimedia Computers Seamlessly Scour Internet
Nokias Multimedia Unit Streamline Research Development Activities Nokias Nairobi Office Opening Marks Further Expansion Africa
Nokias On-device Portal Solution Makes Java-based Snap Multiplayer Nokias Press Conference Start 130 Helsinki Time Cet1
Nokias Public Uma Pilot Over Wlan Underway Oulu Nokias Services Software Unit Grows Focuses Efforts
Nokias Sleek 8800 Wins Red Dot Best Award Nokias Snap Mobile Offers Full-featured Turnkey Solution Builds
Nokias Symbian Professional Services Acquired Accenture Non-residents United States
Non-transferability Nortel
North America Northport
Not Possible Vote Remuneration Paid Members Board Directors Noted Certain Statements Herein Not Historical Facts Including
Notes Cash Flow Statement Notes Cash Flow Statements
Notes Domino Notes Editor
Notes Editors Notes Editors Analysts
Notice Annual General Meeting Notice Annual General Meeting Nokia Corporation
Notification Chapter Finnish Securities Market Act Notification Chapter Finnish Securities Market Act Holdings Capital
Notification Chapter Finnish Securities Market Act Holdings Deutsche Notification Chapter Finnish Securities Market Act Holdings Fmr
Notification Chapter Finnish Securities Market Act Holdings Hsbc Notional Amounts Derivative Financial Instruments
Notional Amounts Derivative Financial Instruments Eur Now Explore Find Connect Mobile Search Coverage Extends
Nozema Services Nseries Multimedia Devices Receive Prestigious Commendation Popular Science
Ntt Docomo Number Members Board Directors
Nxp Nxp Semiconductors
Nxtcomm 2007 Chicago Nokia Siemens Networks Presenting Network Octopi
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Offer Listing Details
Offering Easy-to-manage Robust Business Class Voice Communication Email Ojsc «megafon»
Okia 2007 Okia 2008
Olli-pekka Kallasvuo 1953 Olli-pekka Kallasvuo Nokia Ceo
Olli-pekka Kallasvuo President Coo Oma Standard Open Mobile Alliance Information See Wwwopenmobileallianceorg
Omnitel On-device Portal Announcement Supported Agreements Leading Content Aggregators
One-time Ongoing Factors Affecting Nokia Siemens Networks Performance Infrastructure
Ongoing Factors Affecting Performance Mobile Devices Open Ecosystem Stakeholders
Open Ems Suite Launch Highlights Nokias Innovation Leadership Open Ems Suite Released 2006
Open Innovation Open Mobile Alliance Oma
Open Source Software Collaboration Operating Expenses
Operating Highlights Operating Profit Business Group
Operating Profit Ifrs Operating Results
Operational Fitness Operations Rely Complex Highly Centralized Information Technology Systems
Operator Benefits Operator Selected Nokia Sole Wcdma Network Supplier
Operators Optimized Work Play Small Wlan-enabled Nokia N80 Worlds
Options Outstanding Range Exercise Price 2004 Follows Optus
Oracle Oracle Edwards Peoplesoft Siebel Registered Trademarks Corporation Affiliates
Orange Orb Mycasting Service Now Available Nokia N800 Internet
Orb Networks Organizational Structure
Ota Platform Other
Other Authorizations Other Employee Stock Option Plans
Other Equity Plans Employees Other Intangible Assets
Other Names Trademarks Registered Respective Owners Other Non-current Assets
Other Operating Income Expenses Other Product Service Names Mentioned Herein Trademarks Respective
Other Proposals Annual General Meeting 2010 Other Provisions
Other Requirements Connection Finnish Record Date Other Resolutions Annual General Meeting
Other Restrictions Pertaining Stock Options Other Special Include
Other Special Included Outlook
Outlook 2005 Outlook Financial Impact Navteq
Outlook Full 2006 Outlook Nokia Mobile Device Industry 2008
Outlook Nokia Siemens Networks Mobile Infrastructure Fixed Related Over 600 Staff Transfer Deal Underlines Nokias Services
Overview Ovi
Ovi Apis Ovi Developers Beta Program
Ovi Maps Player Api Ovi Navigation Player Api
Ovi Nokia Ovi Personal Dashboard Life
Ovi Sdk Beta Ovi Store Opens Business
Oxford Pilot Palm Inc
Panasonic Panasonic Mobile Communications
Panasonic Mobile Communications Ltd Panel Cuts Interdigitals Royalty Demands Half Questions Remain
Panel Independent Judges Paramount Pictures Corporation
Parent Financial Statements Administration Part
Part Nokia Nseries Multimedia Range N90 Combines Best Participants Satisfied Service
Partner Roster Strong Worldwide Partnering
Partnerships Acquisitions Party Application Developers
Patent Infringement Found Patents Licenses
Patents Licenses-devices Patents Licenses-nokia Siemens Networks
Paul Collins 1936 Payment Date Adr Dividend
Paysquare Pekka Ala-pietilä Resigns Nokia 2006
Penn Schoen Berland Associates Independent Strategic Communications Firm Pension Arrangements Members Group Executive Board
Pension Expense Additional Minimum Liability Pensions
People People Now Order Prints Directly Compatible Nokia Nseries
Per Karlsson 1955 Percentage Completion
Percentage Nokia Net Sales Geographical Area Performance Levels Nokia Share Plans
Performance Share Unit Restricted Ownership Performance Share Units
Performance Shares Performance Shares Outstanding 2007
Performance Shares Outstanding 2008 Personnel
Personnel Developments Personnel Expenses
Pertains Other Matters Annual General Meeting Agenda Peter Schindler
Phil Chambers Cto Qype Gmbh Phonemail Standardizes Intellisync Wireless Email Nokia
Pilots Planned Countries Pinball Wizards Now Full Tilt N-gage
Pirates Ahoy High Seize Arrives Stores Plan
Plan Encourage Open Dynamic Software Components Computers Devices Planet Business
Planned Acquisition Keep Canada Forefront Next-generation Wireless Research Play Anytime Anywhere Win
Play Longer Plazes
Plc Pldt
Please Please See 2007 Special Net Positive Eur 966
Please Time Gps Connection Varies Substantially Depending Environment Please Voting Instructions Not Processed Votes Counted Sign
Pleased Announce Future Mailings Nokia Corporation Shareholder Documents Plum Ventures Inc
Plus Nokias Online Mobile Movie Community Goes Interactive Pocket Aces Texas Holdem
Policy Recoupment Equity Gains Polkomtel
Popular Science Possible Receive Proxy Materials Over Internet
Possible Vote Auditor Remuneration Possible Vote Election Auditor
Possible Vote Nomination Members Board Directors Possible Vote Remuneration Paid Members Board Directors
Powered Leading Smartphone Software S60 Nokia 3250 Offers Powerful Open Source Engine Enables Intuitive Web Experience
Pre-emptive Rights Preliminary Agreement Sanyo
Preliminary Industry Outlook 2009 Premier Global Event Announces Avaya Communication Manager Application
Prepare Battle Pathway Glory Ikusa Islands Ships N-gage Prepare Ride Life Asphalt Urban Ships N-gage Platform
Press Contacts Bluetooth Sig Press Information
Press Investors Prestigious Award Identifies Companies Products Processes Executives Achieved
Pricing Availability Pricing Models
Pricing Service Support Principal Differences Between Ifrs Gaap
Principal Factors Affecting Results Operations Principal Nokia Group Companies 2004
Principal Nokia Group Companies 2005 Principles Consolidation
Prior 500 New York City Time 2008 Action Prior Notice Attend
Pro Developers Work Showcased Pro Series Golf
Product Names Trademarks Registered Individual Companies Respectfully Acknowledged Product Related Litigation
Production Production-devices
Production-nokia Siemens Networks Profit Before Taxes
Profitability Project Delivers Release Msc Server Argentina Enabling Cti
Project Explore China Nokia Nseries Projection Stock Repurchase Plan 2007
Promoting Diversity Workplace Promoting Sustainability Through Nokia Services Software
Property Plant Equipment Property Plant Equipment Inventories
Property Plants Equipment Proposal Amend Articles Association
Proposal Board Directors Annual General Meeting Proposal Board Directors Authorize Resolve Dispose Nokia Shares
Proposal Board Directors Authorize Resolve Increase Share Capital Proposal Board Directors Authorize Resolve Repurchase Nokia Shares
Proposal Board Directors Grant Stock Options Selected Personnel Proposal Board Directors Reduce Share Capital Through Cancellation
Proposal Composition Board Directors Nokia Proposal Corporate Governance Nomination Committee Board
Proposal Corporate Governance Nomination Committee Composition Board Directors Proposal Corporate Governance Nomination Committee Remuneration Board Directors
Proposal Pay Dividend Proposal Remuneration Paid Members Board Directors Nokia
Proposals Agenda Available Entirety Proposals Authorize Board Repurchase Issue Shares
Proposals Authorize Board Stock Repurchases Issuances Proposals Board Composition Remuneration
Proposals Board Directors Agm Other Additional Information Related Provides Anytime Anywhere Access Personal Office Files
Provision Intellectual Property Rights Ipr Infringements Provision Social Security Cost Stock Options
Provisions Proximus
Proxy Material Available Proxy Representative Powers Attorney
Purchase Latest N-gage Accessories Easily Through New Nokia Purchase Obligation
Pursuant Requirements Securities Exchange Act 1934 Registrant Nokia Pursuant Rule 13a -16 15d Securities Exchange Act
Python Qualcomm
Qualcomm Forward Looking Statements Qualcomm Largest User Nokia Technology Patents
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Questions Answers Notice Agenda Annual General Meeting
Questions Concerning Enclosed Material Need Further Explanation Covered Quickoffice Foreca Infotalk Augmentra Win Grand Prizes Runners-up
Quotes Radio Frequency Identification Technology Streamlines Airport Ground Handling
Radioframe Networks Rajeev Suri Appointed Chief Executive Officer Nokia Siemens
Ramping Down Jyväskylä Rcsrds
Ready Close Ready Set Snap Nokia N73 Starts Shipping
Receivables Receivables Prepaids
Receive Dividend Receive Nokia Insider Sms Alerts
Reclassification Bank Cash Reclassification Financial Income Expense
Reclassification Financial Income Expense Gaap Reclassification Foreign Currency Translation
Reclassification Minority Interests Reclassification Treasury Stock Retirement
Recorded Register Shareholders Finnish Record Date Recording Impact Mobile Music
Recording Subscription Price Shares Issued Based Stock Options Recycling Nokia Devices
Redlynx Reduction Share Issue Premium
Reductions Share Capital Reflect Nokias Strategy Connect Mobile Workers
Registration Registration Register Shareholders
Regulation Catering Needs Agents Involved Required Before Dvb-h Related Party Transactions
Removing Materials Concern Remuneration Members Board Directors
Remuneration Report Reorganization
Reorganization Nokia 2008 Report Explores Security Cost Management Integration Mobile Technology
Report Form 6-k Dated 2005 Report Form 6-k Dated 2006
Report Form 6-k Dated 2007 Report Personnel Committee Board
Reported 2007 Figures Found Tables Pages 8-10 18-23 Reported Constant Currency
Research Development Research Development Nokias Business Groups
Research Development Patents Licenses Research Development Technology
Research Motion Researchers Collaborate Advance Future Mobile Communications Consumers Enterprises
Resolution Amendment Articles Association Resolution Board Directors Nokia Corporation Dispose Shares
Resolution Number Members Board Directors Resolution Profit Shown Balance Sheet Payment Dividend
Resolution Remuneration Auditor Resolution Remuneration Members Board Directors
Resolutions Nokia Annual General Meeting 2007 Dividend Eur Responsibilities Board Directors
Restatement Previously Issued Financial Statements Restricted Share Units
Restricted Shares Restricted Shares Outstanding 2007
Restricted Shares Outstanding 2008 Restructuring Charges Eur 103 2009 163 2008
Restructuring Charges Eur 446 Amortization Acquired Intangibles Transfer Restructuring Charges Eur Amortization Acquired Intangibles
Restructuring Charges Eur Amortization Acquired Intangibles Gain Sale Restructuring Provisions
Result Planned Restructuring Expected Positive Impact Operating Margins Resulting Aims Global Leader Cdma Mobile Phones
Results Finnish Mobile Pilot Positive Results Nokia Nseries Study Reveal Widespread Consumer Demand
Results Operations Particularly Profitability Adversely Affected Not Successfully Results Operations Particularly Profitability Materially Adversely Affected Not
Results Technical Tests Retirement Benefits Certain Group Executive Board Members
Revenue Recognition Reversal Restructuring Charges Eur Amortization Acquired Intangibles 343
Review Board Directors Review Board Directors Nokia 2005 Annual Accounts Ifrs
Revolutionary Car Kit Brings Simplicity In-car Communications Rhein-main-verkehrsverbund Gmbh Rmv
Rifts Promise Power Enters Brave New World Pen-and-paper Right Attend Vote Meeting
Right Participate Registration Right Subscribe Shares
Rights Participants Certain Cases Rights Trademarks Registered Revert Respective Owners
Risk Risk Factors
Road Subscribers Nokia Outlines Strategy Reduce Total Cost Robert Andersson Lead Customer Market Operations
Roberts Coffee Role Composition Committee
Rolf Müller Publishing Director Langenscheidt Rouannes Appointment Effective 2008
Round Entertainment Royal Philips Electronics
Rudi Lamprecht Replaces Peter Löscher Board Nokia Siemens Run Nokias Mapping Navigation Application Smart2go
S60 S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack Supports Competitiveness Mid-range
Safe Harbor Safe Harbor Statement
Sal Composition Board Directors Nokia Sale Leaseback Transaction
Sales Sales Costs Results Affected Exchange Rate Fluctuations Particularly
Sales Marketing Sales Results Operations Adversely Affected Fail Efficiently Manage
Sales Results Operations Materially Adversely Affected Fail Efficiently Sales Sanctioned Countries-devices Nokia Siemens Networks
Sales Sanctioned Countries-devices Services Navteq Nokia Siemens Networks Samsung
Samsung Electronics Sanyo
Sap Sap Defines Business Software Comprising Enterprise Resource Planning
Sap Nokia Giesecke Devrient Establish New Global Business Sapio
Saudalbawardimtctelecomcomsa Saudi Telecommunication
Scaling Down Production Salo Scandinavia
Scope Founding Companies Alcatel Ericsson Motorola Nec Nokia Scott Bibaud
Sctv Seasonality
Seasonality-devices Nokia Siemens Networks Seasonality-devices Services Navteq Nokia Siemens Networks
Securities Litigation Security
See What Happens Next Sees 2005 Big Music Mobile Devices Operator Customization
Segment Information Selling Marketing Expenses Administration Other Operating Income
Senior Management Changes Nokia Finance Control Sensational New Game Experience Following Success Nokia
Series Spotlight Series Worlds Leading Smartphone Platform Redefines Name Visual
Serious Fun Feature-rich Nokia 6233 Phone Starts Shipping Service Contract Chairman Ceo President Coo Former
Service Contracts Service Contracts Chairman Ceo President
Service Enables Out-of-the-box Access Popular Consumer Email Service Support
Services Services Mobile Silicon Stack Suppliers Handset Developers Kinetos
Services Software Sets Goal Reduce Annualized Operating Expenses Production Overheads
Settlements Various Nokia Equity Plans Sfr
Sgs Sgs Nokia Siemens Networks Conclude Business Asset Transaction
Shadow-born Poised Push Boundaries Mobile Gaming N-gage Platform Shani Orgad
Share Buy-backs Share Capital Development
Share Moment Share Ovi Personal Media Sharing Community
Share Ownership Share Price Been Continue Volatile Response Conditions Global
Share Price Volatile Response Conditions Global Securities Markets Share Prices Eur Helsinki Exchanges
Share Prices Eur Helsinki Stock Exchange Share Prices Usd New York Stock Exchange
Share Relive Moments Share Rights Preferences Restrictions
Share Stories Share Turnover Stock Exchanges
Share-based Compensation Share-based Payment
Shareholder Rights Shareholders 2004
Shareholders 2005 Shareholders Equity
Shareholders Nokia Corporation Shareholders Nokia Oyj
Shares Shares Listed Companies
Shares Owned Group Companies Excluded Shares Share Capital
Shares Stock Options Owned Members Board Directors Group Sharp Shooter
Shooting Now Stylish Simple Short-term Borrowings
Short-term Investments Show What Got
Showcasing Expanding Assortment Multimedia Computers Solutions Nokia Innovative Siemens
Siemens Ceo Peter Löscher Joins Board Nokia Networks Siemens Disclaimer
Siemens Manager Siegfried Russwurm Replace Eduardo Montes Siemens Manager Siegfried Russwurm Replaces Eduardo Montes
Siemens Networks Gmbh Siemens Networks Llc
Siemens Solutions Services Signature
Signatures Signed Completed Returned Citibank Depositary Box 8527 Edison
Signed Completed Returned Citibank Depositary Nokia Proxy Shareholder Significant Changes
Silence Cell Phone Ill Scream Simple Pleasures New Handsets Emphasize Ease-of-use
Singtel Site Costs Dramatically Cut Modular Nokia Flexi Wcdma
Skype Skype Nokia Develop Novel Internet-calling Experience
Skype Now Available Nokia N800 Internet Tablet Sleek Stylish Nokia N72 Starts Shipping
Slide Shoot Smart Communications Inc
Smart Nokia Complete Philippines Hsdpa Test Call Smart2go Mapping Navigation Platform Available Most Popular Mobile
Smart2go Mapping Routing Application Smartphone Download Play Tracks Range Internet Music Stores
Smartphones Mobile Computers Including Services Accessories Sold Them Smile Camera
Snap Mobile Social Security Cost Share-based Payments
Software Solomon Telekom
Solution Makes Wireless Email Synchronization Mobile Connectivity Available Solutions Help Operators Win Retain Subscribers Simplify Increasingly
Some European Regions Not 100 Covered Some Features Services Dependent Network Supported Digital Content
Sonofon Sony Bmg
Sony Bmg Music Entertainment Sony Ericsson
Sony Ericsson Nokia Co-operate Dvb-h Interoperability Sonyericsson
Soul Soundtrack Life
Source Office Telecommunications Authority Hong Kong Ofta 2006 Space Impact
Spanish Pilot Special
Special 2006 Special Black Editions Nokia N70 N73 N91 8gb
Special Eur 453 Net Consisting Special Eur 459 Consisting
Special Eur 747 Consisting Sprint Nextel
Sprint Nextel Nokia Wimax Pact Sri Lanka
Start Spreading News Nokia Flagship Store Makes Debut Statements
Stay Connected Stefan Heimerl Ceo Mecomo
Step Forward Delivering Faster Mobile Services Consumers Stmicroelectronics
Stock Compensation Stock Exchanges
Stock Option Plans Stock Option Sub-categories Lots
Stock Options Stock Options Issued
Stock Ownership Guidelines Executive Management Stockholm Stock Exchange Approved Nokias Request Delist
Strap Seatbelts System Rush N-gage Platform Speeds Retail Strategy
Streaming Videos Concerts Featuring International Artists Including Black Strong Net Sales Particularly
Strong Player Scale Powerful Convergence Portfolio Structured Finance
Structured Finance Credit Risk Stylish Affordable Nokia N77 Accelerate Dvb-h Mobile Mainstream
Submissions Worlds Top Developer Companies Judged Independent Panel Subsequent Events
Subsidiary Information Successful Trial Demonstrates Nokia Flexi Wcdma Base Stations
Successful Trial Represents Next Step Towards Utilization 900 Sulake
Summary Compensation Table 2005 Sun Microsystems
Sun Microsystems Joins Nokias Initiative Slash Cost Oss Sunrise
Support Extends Standards-based Oma Capable Mobile Devices Such Surf Style
Survey Results Show Nokia New Eve Get People Svenn-tore Larsen
Symantec Symantec Mobile Security
Symbian Symbian Based Trademarks Logos Software Limited Until Foundation
Symbian Foundation Synergex Bring Productivity Boosting Field Force Solution Customers
Synergex Corporation System Rush Evolution
T-mobile T-mobile Embraces Advanced Customization Capabilities S60 Software Symbian
T-mobile Hungary T-mobile Hungary Launches Push Talk Over Gsm Nokia
T-mobile International T-mobile Nokia Collaborate Mobile Services Personal Social Networks
T-mobile Usa T-mobile Usa Inc
Table Equity Investment Value-at-risk Table Equity Investments Value Risk
Table Equity Investments Value-at-risk Table Fixed Income Investment Debt Portfolios Value-at-risk
Table Foreign Exchange Position Value-at-risk Table Relating Net Sales Figures Constant Currency
Table Relating Nokia Group Operating Profit Siemens Networks Table Transaction Foreign Exchange Position Value-at-risk
Table Treasury Investment Portfolio Value-at-risk Tabular Disclosure Contractual Obligations
Taito Corporation Taiwan Mobile
Take Internet New Places Nokia N800 Tablet Easy Taking Business Mobility Next Level
Tampere University Technology Tangible Assets
Tantalus Interactive Targets Forecasts Nokia Industry
Targets Forecasts Nokia Mobile Device Industry Targets Forecasts Nokia Mobile Device Industry 2009 Going
Targets Forecasts Nokia Siemens Networks Mobile Fixed Infrastructure Targets Forecasts Nokia Siemens Networks Mobile Infrastructure Fixed
Targets Innovators Software Services Tata Consultancy Services Tcs
Tax Provisions Tax Sale Other Disposition
Taxation Cash Dividends Tdc Mobile
Technology Technology Developments
Technology Developments 2004 Technology Innovators Already Offering Consumer Services
Technology Platforms Technology Research Development
Technology Research Development-devices Technology-nokia Siemens Networks
Tecnomen Telcel
Tele Tele Partners Nokia Siemens Networks Enhance European Fiber
Telecom Cook Islands Telecom Italia Selects S60 Software Drive Growth Advanced
Telecommunications Technology Coming Profound Impact Societies Africa Contributing Telefonica
Telefónica Telefónica Europe
Telefónica Móviles Telefónica Móviles Panamá Chose Nokia Build Gsm Radio
Telefónica Móviles Perú Telemar Group
Telenor Telenor Mobile Sweden Chooses Nokias Softswitch Solution
Telenor Pakistan Telephone
Teliasonera Finland Oyj Teliasonera Marks New Customer Nokia Mobility Hosting
Telkomsel Telsim Settlement
Telus Tero Ojanpera Joins 175 Leading Executives Public Figures
Test Fighting Prowess Demo Available Download Now Texas Instruments
Texas Instruments Incorporated Thailand
Theres Only Ultimate Fighter Exclusive Beat-em-up N-gage Platform Third-party Developers China Hong Kong Norway Receive Forum
Thq Thq Wireless
Through Internet Tie-up Connects Nokia Nseries Multimedia Computer Together Home
Tietoenator Tietoenator Offering Next-generation Mobility Services Nokia Platform
Tim Hellas Timeless Beauty Glass Highlights Latest Evolution Nokias Most
Timetable Timo Ihamuotila Appointed Nokia Group Executive Board
Tiny Nokia Bluetooth Headset Bh-800 Combines Design Style Tipa Chooses Nokia N80 Best Mobile Imaging Device
Tobias Ragge Managing Director Hrs Hotel Reservation Service Todays Press Conference Information
Tom Dixon Mirrored Cube Total Access Communication Plc Dtac
Total Access Communications Plc Dtac Total Compensation Cost Related Unvested Awards
Total Mobility Bringing Closer Together Work Play Towards Greater Environmental Sustainability
Towercast Trademarks
Trademarks Java Registered Sun Microsystems Inc Other Countries Trademarks Oracle Edwards Peoplesoft Siebel Registered Corporation Affiliates
Trademarks Registered Property Respective Owners Trailblazing Japanese Operator Boosts Service Offering Wireless Email
Transaction Sell Nokia Majority Stake Nextrom Holding Now Transactions Foreign Currencies
Transfer Nokias Adaptation Software Entity Sasken Communication Technologies Transfer Nokias Line Fit Automotive Business Novero Gmbh
Transfer Statutory Pension Liability Finland Ilmarinen Varma Transform Business
Translation Goodwill Travel Virtual World New Screens System Rush N-gage
Treasury Shares Trends
Trends Information Trial Started 16th Involved 300 Consumers Within City
Tribeca Film Festival Trimble
Trio Tools Operators Underlines Nokias Commitment Growing Services Trolltech
Trolltech Media Enquiries Trolltechs Based Technology Assets Facilitate Application Development Multiple
Try Before Buy Tsinghua University
Tsx Venture Exchange Not Accept Responsibility Adequacy Accuracy Turner Broadcasting
Turner Broadcasting Launches Nokia Content Discoverer Storefront Cartoon Turnkey Deal Marks New Customer Nokia Significant Services
Tusmobil Twango
Ukrtelecom Ultimate Personal Photo Album 21st Century Now Exclusively
Unable Recruit Retain Develop Appropriately Skilled Employees Ability Unable Recruit Retain Develop Appropriately Skilled Employees Not
Unconditional Clearance Given Unfavorable Outcome Litigation Materially Impact Business Financial Condition
Unique Smooth-back Fold Design Separates Nokia 2505 Other Unique Views Capital Jefferson Hack Naomi Cleaver Nigel
United Kingdom Court Rules Qualcomm Patents Invalid United States Dollar
United States International Trade Orders Stay Qualcomms Suit Unveils Nokia 1110 1600 Affordable Easy-to-use Mobile Phones
Updated Outlook 2008 Upgrades Mobile Search Give Users Faster Better Access
Users Move Now Access Oracle Applications Nokia 9300 Uteritternsncom
Uthorization Board Directors Resolve Repurchase Nokia Shares Valuation Long-lived Intangible Assets Goodwill
Valuation Qualifying Accounts Value-at-risk
Values Values Renewal Nokias Devices Business
Vesa Vainio 1942 Veturitie Helsinki Finland
Via Edgar Viaero Wireless
Video Part Package Video Sharing Photo Blog Posting Directly Mobile Device
Viewing Patterns Visa Usa
Vision People Connected Always 2015 Planned Nokia Siemens Visionary Move Embraces Openness Accelerates Innovation
Vivotech Vodafone
Vodafone Awards Global Contract Nokia Ims Vodafone Encouraged Efforts Create Designs Based S60 Software
Vodafone Group 2006 Trade Other Product Names Mentioned Vodafone Nokia Agree Launch Integrated Services Handsets
Vodafone Selects Nokia 6680 Smartphone Japanese Lineup Vodafone Trade Group Other Product Names Mentioned Herein
Volume Market Attracts Mobile Innovation Voluntary Attrition Nokia
Vote Attending Meeting Person Vote Election Members Board Directors
Vote Telephone Vote Through Internet
Vote Voting Card Sent Via Mail Voting Instructions Changed
Vtc Walk Talk Rock
Warhammer 40000 Goes Mobile N-gage Platform Glory Death Warid Telecom
Warner Music Content Also Available Via Nokia Stores Warner Music Group
Warranty Provisions Was Authorization Repurchase Own Shares Used 2005
Was Authorization Repurchase Own Shares Used 2006 Was Founded 2002 Result
Wataniya Wataniya Telecom
Web Browsing Pocket Web Partner Discusses Developing Nokia
What Authorization Repurchase Own Shares Mean What Authorizations Mean
What Computers Become New Nokia N95 What Discharging Chairman Members Board Directors President Liability
What Dividend Amount Proposed Board Directors Nokia What Dividend Amount Proposed Nokia Board Directors
What Finnish Record Date What Happens Internet Voting Instructions Telephone Card Incompletely
What Information Required Vote Adss What Mean
What Mean Box Give Discretionary Proxy Regarding Annual What Mean Not Box Give Discretionary Proxy Regarding
What Mobile Broadcasting What People Watch
What Pertains Other Matters Annual General Meeting Voting What Presentation Annual Accounts Mean
What Proposal Regarding Auditor Remuneration Mean What Proposal Regarding Recording Subscription Prices Shares Issued
What Proposed Authorization Issue Shares Special Rights Entitling What Proposed Authorization Repurchase Own Shares Mean
What Proposed Length Authorizations Requested 11-13 What Statement Audit Committee Board Mean Respect Election
What Temporary Recording Deposited Securities Register Shareholders Required Whos Next
Widespread Commercialization Wcdma 2005 Widgets Open Mobile Market Web Designers
Widsets Widsets Bringing Online Communities Personalized Internet Mobile Phones
Wifi Salon Willcom
Wimax Added Future Technology Portfolio Win Chance Work Alongside Worlds Best Photographers
Win Establishes Nokia Leader Strategic Service Delivery Platform Wind
Winners Forum Nokia Pro Awards Receive Free Annual Winning Entry Was Shot Advanced Nokia N93 Mobile
Wireless Industry Leaders Commit Framework Lte Technology Ipr Working Cisco Onrelay Ibm Others Broader Strategy Offer
World Hand World Land Trust
Worlds Best Photographers Lead Most Ambitious Mobile Photography Worlds Best Photographers Recognize Coming Photography Talents
Worlds Growing Love Affair Mobile Devices Worlds Integrated Dvb-h Mobile Device Makes Prime Time
Worlds Largest Manufacturer Mobile Devices Begins Selling Sim Worlds Top Selling Device Named Best Mobile Entertainment
Worldwide Launch New Mobile Handsets Wwf
Wwwnokiacom Wwwnokianewyearsevecom Features Demand Performances Black Eyed Peas Scissor
Wwwnokiasiemensnetworkscom Yahoo
Yahoo Address Book Yahoo Calendar
Yahoo Mail Yahoo Messenger
Yahoo News Sports Finance Games Yahoo Photos
Yahoo Search Local Web Image Year-end Currency Rates
Yleisradio Yong Fei
Yunnan Ctc Zain Saudi Arabia
Zain Saudi Arabia Nokia Siemens Networks Sign Approximately Zte
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