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Accounting Business Combinations Accounting Business Combinations-
Accounting Certain Hybrid Financial Instruments Accounting Changes New Pronouncements
Accounting Changes New Pronouncements- Accounting Changes-
Accounting Defined Benefit Pension Other Postretirement Plans Accounting Defined Benefit Pension Plans
Accounting Determining Whether Instrument Embedded Feature Indexed Entitys Accounting Developments
Accounting Fair Value Measurements Accounting Fair Value Measurements-
Accounting Fair Value Option Financial Assets Liabilities Accounting Fair Value Option Financial Assets Liabilities-
Accounting Investment Companies Accounting Method Significant Lease Transactions-
Accounting Noncontrolling Interests Accounting Noncontrolling Interests-
Accounting Offsetting Amounts Related Certain Contracts Accounting Offsetting Amounts Related Certain Contracts-
Accounting Policies Accounting Sabbatical Leave Other Similar Benefits
Accounting Servicing Financial Assets Accounting Uncertainty Income Taxes
Accounts Accrued Bonuses Directors Statutory Auditors-
Accrued Bonuses- Accrued Pension Severance Costs-
Accrued Retirement Benefits Directors Statutory Auditors- Acquired Majority Stock Millennium Retailing
Acquisition Disposition Shares Adss Acquisition Shares
Acquisition Shares- Additional Information Adjustments Certain Private Equity Investee Companies
Additional Purchase Less-than-a-full-unit Shares Address Principal Executive Offices
Advisory Ranking Disclosure Projects Affiliated Companies Other Equity-method Investees
Affiliates Affiliates Equity-method Investments
Affiliates Unconsolidated Financial Statements Aggregate Compensation
Agreement Skylark Tender Offer Allowance Doubtful Accounts-
Allowance Loan Losses- Allowance Losses Subleasing Business-
Amendment Amendment Underlined
Amortization Goodwill Equity Method Goodwill- Amortization Goodwill-
Amounts Status Change Stock Options Announcement Operating Results 2005
Announcement Operating Results Ending 2005 Annual Meeting Shareholders
Appendix Application Law Special Measures Industrial Revitalization Exchange Shares
Appointment Group Compliance Head Co-head Effective 2007 Appointment Group Compliance Officer Effective 2007
Appointment Head Internal Audit Effective 2007 Appointment Head Regional Management Americas Effective 2007
Appropriateness Annual Securities Report Appropriateness Quarterly Securities Report
Appropriation Non-consolidated Retained Earnings Reason 2005 Appropriation Non-consolidated Retained Earnings Reason 2006
Appropriation Unconsolidated Retained Earnings Appropriations Retained Earnings
Appropriations Retained Earnings- Asset Balance Funds Offered Solely Through Banks Increases
Asset Balance Increases Funds Offering Frequent Distributions Asset Management
Asset Management Assets Asset Management Business
Asset Management Division Asset Management Related Revenue Fy20053
Assets Management Nomura Asset Ncram Assets Pledged
Assumptions Assurance Accuracy Information Sufficiency Collateral Managing Credit Risk
Audit Committee Audit Committee Financial Expert
Audit Fees Etc Australian Dollar Notes Due 2013
Back-testing Background Decision Conduct Tender Offer Effect Management-employee Buyout
Balance Sheet Financial Leverage Balance Sheet Information
Base Salary Basic Concept Corporate Governance Status Implementation
Basis Accounting Basis Preparation-
Basis Presentation Basis Presentation-
Because Daily Price Range Limitations Japanese Stock Exchange Before
Board Directors Nominees Bolstering Nomura Asia Holding Coo Lineup Planned 2007
Borrowing Facilities Brokerage Asset Management Revenues Decline
Business Combinations Business Division Ceos
Business Environment Business Financial Highlights
Business Highlights Business Overview
Business Performance Business Report 2005
Business Report 2007 Business Report 2008
Business Report 2009 Business Segment Highlights
Business Segment Results Business Segment Results 2006
Business Segments Business Strategy
Business Subject Substantial Legal Regulatory Risk Changes Reputation Capital Adequacy
Capital Lease Commitments Capital Management
Capital Management Policy Capital Policy
Capital Resources Capital-raising Activities
Cash Bonus Cash Compensation
Cash Dividends Cash Dividends 2009
Cash Equivalents- Cash Flow
Cash Flows Certification
Challenges Management Response Challenges Strategy
Change Number Shares Owned Tnn Prior Subsequent Acquisition Change Position Effective 2006
Change Registrants Certifying Accountant Changes Accounting Policies
Changes Accounting Policies Presentation- Changes Accounting Policies-
Changes Accounting Policy Changes Fair Value Derivative Contracts-
Changes Key Management Nomura Groups Overseas Businesses Changes Key Positions Other Group Companies
Changes Methods Presentation- Changes Nomura Group Organizations Directors Executive Officers
Changes Number Shares Owned Tender Offeror Due Offer Claims Tax Authority
Client Assets Client Assets Domestic Retail Excluding Financials
Client Assets Exceed ¥45 Trillion Stock Certificates Pour Client-centric Business Growth
Clients Services Division Code Ethics
Code Ethics Nomura Group Codification Gaap
Collateralized Agreements Collateralized Agreements Financing Transactions
Collateralized Agreements Financing- Collateralized Financing
Comments Commitment Committee
Commitments Extend Credit Commitments-
Committed Respond Effectively Rapidly Changing Environment Common Stock Legal Reserve Retained Earnings
Compensated Absences- Compensation Committee
Compensation Paid Directors Executive Managing Compensation Paid Directors Executive Officers
Compensation Policy Competition
Competition Commercial Banks Bank- Owned Securities Subsidiaries Non-japanese Competition Commercial Banks Bank- Owned Securities Subsidiary Non-japanese
Competition Non-japanese Firms Japanese Market Increasing Competition On-line Brokers Non-japanese Firms Japan Increasing
Competition On-line Securities Companies Japan Insensifying Competition On-line Securities Companies Japan Intensifying
Competition Online Securities Companies Japan Intensifying Competition Securities Companies Affiliated Japanese Commercial Banks Increasing
Compliance Investment Administration Division Composition Assistants Assigned Audit Work
Comprehensive Income Concentration Credit Risk
Concentrations Credit Risk Concentrations Credit Risk Derivatives
Concentrations Credit Risk- Concerning Recent Topics
Consecutive Ranked Number Equity Equity-related League Table Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consolidated Balance Sheet Consolidated Balance Sheet Summary
Consolidated Financial Results Consolidated Financial Statements
Consolidated Financial Summary Consolidated Income Statement Summary
Consolidated Investee Companies Consolidated Operating Results
Consolidated Regulatory Requirements Consolidated Results
Consolidated Statement Changes Shareholders Equity Consolidated Statement Income 2006 2007
Consolidated Statement Income 2007 2008 Consolidated Statement Operations 2008 2009
Consolidated Statement Retained Earnings Consolidated Statements Comprehensive Income
Consolidated Statements Operations Consolidated Statements Retained Earnings
Consolidation Variable Interest Entities Consult Own Tax Advisor Regarding United States Federal
Consumption Taxes Etc- Contact
Contingencies- Contingent Liabilities-
Controls Procedures Convener General Meeting Shareholders
Convenor Meeting Shareholders Convertible Bonds
Convertible Bonds- Corporate Data 2005
Corporate Data 2006 Corporate Data 2007
Corporate Goals Principles Corporate Governance Practices
Corrected Correction
Cost Sales Credit Investment Commitments
Credit Investment Commitments- Credit Ratings
Credit Risk Credit Risk Counterparties Derivatives Transaction
Credit Risk Measurement Credit Risk Reporting
Current Business Environment Current Challenges
Current Environment Customers Counterparties Unable Perform Obligations Result Economic Political
Customers Counterparties Unable Perform Obligations Result Political Economic Cvc
Daily Price Fluctuation Limits Japanese Stock Exchange Rules Date Amendments
Date Change Date Public Notification
Dates Amendments Decision-making Body Dividends Other Particulars
Decline Equity Financing Resulted Drop Revenue Defaults Large Financial Institution Adversely Affect Markets Generally
Defined Contribution Pension Plan Business Defined Contribution Pension Plan Business Japan
Defined Contribution Pension Plans- Defined Contribution Plans
Definition Types Risk Managed Definition Types Risks Managed
Delivery Date Secondary Offering Dematerialization Stock Certificates
Derivatives Containing Credit-risk-related Contingent Features Derivatives Trading
Derivatives Used Non-trading Purposes Derivatives Used Trading Purposes
Derivatives Utilized Non-trading Purposes Derivatives-
Describe Current Business Environment Description
Description Business- Descriptions Stock Options
Descriptions Transactions- Despite Strong Subscriptions Previous Seasonal Factors Gave Way
Details Stock Acquisition Rights Plan Development New Areas Business
Development Nomuras Distinct International Strategy Difficulty Integrating Recently Acquired Former Lehman Brothers Operations
Difficulty Integrating Recently Acquired Former Lehman Operations Business Directors
Directors Board Directors Constituting Nomination Committee Compensation Audit Appointed
Directors Executive Officers Disclosures Credit Derivatives
Distribution Surplus Dividend
Dividend Policy Dividends
Dividends Proceeds Sale Documents Display
Dollar Amounts Domestic Client Assets
Domestic Client Assets Increased Trillion Yen 883 Domestic Public Investment Trust Market Nomura Asset Management
Domestic Retail Domestic Straight Bonds Excluding Self-funding
Domestic Subsidiaries Donation 2005 Special Olympics World Winter Games
Donation Introductory Economics Textbook T-shirt Shop Junior High Donation Yasashii Kinyu-gaku Finance Beginners Junior High Schools
Earnings Forecasts Ending 2008 Earnings Forecasts Ending 2009
Earnings Forecasts Ending 2010 Earnings Forecasts Next
Earnings Per Share Earnings Per Share-
Effect Consolidation Deconsolidation Certain Private Equity Investee Companies Efforts Prevent Climate Change
Eighth Series Nomura Holdings Inc Unsecured Straight Bonds Eleventh Series Nomura Holdings Inc Unsecured Straight Bonds
Employee Benefit Plans Employees
Ending 2008 Enhanced Disclosures Credit Derivatives Guarantees
Enhanced Disclosures Derivatives Hedging Enhanced Disclosures Pension Plan Assets
Enhanced Disclosures Transfers Financial Assets Interests Variable Interest Enhancing Business Results Capital Structure
Entries Records Register Shareholders Environment
Equity Investments Affiliates Other Investees Accounted Method Consolidated Equity Method Accounting Considerations
Equity-based Compensation Estimated Fair Value
Estimated Fair Value Financial Instruments- Estimates
Estimates- Evaluation Assets Liabilities Consolidated Subsidiaries-
Evaluation Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Evaluation Disclosure Contols Procedures
Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures Event Risk
Event Risk Cause Losses Trading Investment Assets Well Events Acquisition Stock Rights
Exchange Controls Executive Managing Directors Appointed
Executive Officers Executive Summary
Exemption Liability Directors Executive Managing Exemption Liability Directors Executive Officers
Exemptions Listing Standards Audit Committees Exercise Period Stock Acquisition Rights
Exercise Price Stock Acquisition Rights Other Related Exercise Price Stock Acquisition Rights Plan Other Related
Exercise Procedure Shareholders Rights Exercise Purchase Option
Expansion Growth Existing Business Divisions Expansion New Business Areas
Exposure Certain Financial Instruments Counterparties Exposure Legal Liability Significant
Exposure Monoline Insurers Financial Guarantors Exposures Monoline Insurers Financial Guarantors
Extended Market Decline Reduce Liquidity Lead Material Losses Extensive Regulation Businesses Limits Activities Subject Significant Penalties
Face Outflow Customers Assets Due Losses Cash Reserve Fair Value Estimation Stock Option
Fair Value Financial Asset Market Not Active Fair Value Financial Assets Liabilities-
Fair Value Financial Instruments Fair Value Financial Instruments-
Fair Value Hierarchy Fair Value Measurements
Fair Value Option Financial Assets Liabilities Fair Value Option-
Fasb Accounting Standards Codification Fee Revenue-
Fees Fees Independent Accountants
Fees Independent Auditor Fellow Subsidiaries Etc
Fifth Series Nomura Holdings Inc Unsecured Straight Bonds Finance Courses Universities
Finance Economics Education Financial Highlights
Financial Highlights 2004 Financial Highlights 2005
Financial Highlights 2006 Financial Highlights 2007 Gaap
Financial Information Financial Information-
Financial Instruments Financial Instruments Carried Fair Value Nonrecurring Basis-
Financial Instruments Pledged Without Right Sell Repledge Collateral Financial Management Division Client Assets
Financial Overview Financial Position
Financial Results Half-year 2005 Financial Services Industry Intensely Competitive Rapidly Consolidating
Financial Statements Financial Summary 2006
Financial Summary 2007 Gaap Financial Summary 2008 Gaap
Financial Summary 2009 Gaap Fixed Salaries Guaranteed Bonuses Depreciation Real Estate-related Expenses
Fixed- Variable-type Expenses Fixed-and Variable-type Compensation Benefits
Fixed-and Variable-type Compensation Expenses Benefits Flow Financial Consultation Investment Plan Revision
Focus Dematerialization Stock Certificates Foreign Currency Translation-
Foreign Exchange Form 20-f
Fortress Investment Group Fortress Investment Group Llc
Framework Framework Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Full-year Business Financial Highlights Full-year Business Segment Results
Fundamental Concept Corporate Governance Fundamental Management Policy
Funds Required Tender Offer ¥181182 Estimated Funds Shift Savings Investments Nomura Group Plan Win
Further Enhance Capital Base Further Information Please Contact
Fy20093 Target Dividend Gaap
Gaap Figures Gaap Hierarchy
General General Meetings Shareholders
General Provisions Geographic Information-
Global Equity Equity-related Japan Global Euro Yen Bonds
Global Investment Banking Global Market
Global Markets Global Merchant Banking
Global Risk Management Structure Global Risk Management Structures
Global Wholesale Goal Global Wholesale Respond Changes Markets Customers Needs
Goodwill Intangible Assets Negative Goodwill- Goodwill Intangible Assets-
Governance Grounds Amendment Interim Report
Group Management Council Growth Business Based Focusing Needs Clients
Guarantees- Half Business Highlights
Half Business Segment Results Half Net Revenue Totaled 1885 Yen Pretax Income
Half Net Revenue Totaled 351 Yen Pretax Income Half Net Revenue Totaled 3616 Yen Pretax Income
Half Net Revenue Totaled 466 Yen Pretax Loss Half Net Revenue Totaled Yen Pretax Loss Amounted
Half Summary Handling Fees
Health Care Benefits- Hedge Funds Private Equity Expanding Presence Having Increasingly
Hedging Strategies Not Prevent Losses Helping Realize Sustainable Social System
Highlights Historical Dividends
History History Development
Holder Adss Fewer Rights Shareholder Act Through Depositary Holding Depend Payments Subsidiaries
Holding Large Concentrated Positions Securities Other Assets Expose Holding Shares Foreign Investors
Http Wwwnomuraholdingscom Investor Http Wwwnomuraholdingscom Investor Shm Indexhtml
Http Wwwtrmufgjp Daikou Hundred Shares
Identification Shareholders Iisl Client Nominees Limited
Iisl Nominees Limited Impact Profits
Income Loss Before Taxes Business Segment Income Loss Before Taxes Business Segments
Income Statement Information Income Taxes
Income Taxes- Increase Revenue Resulting Growth Assets Management Ncram Performance
Increased Domestic Global Consolidation Financial Services Industry Means Increased Global Consolidation Financial Services Industry Means Competition
Incur Significant Losses Trading Investment Activities Independent Auditors Report
Index Consolidated Financial Statements Index Exhibits
Indicate Number Outstanding Shares Each Issuers Classes Capital Information
Information Concerning Directors Information Concerning Executive Officers
Information Released Nomura Holdings 2009 Information Released Nomura Holdings Inc 2009
Information Subsidiaries Affiliates Information Technology
Instinet Bermuda Limited Instinet Board Directors 2007
Instinet Brokerage Solutions Instinet Foreign Exchange Inc
Instinet Incorporated Instinet Investment Bermuda Limited
Instinet Research Inc Instruments Indexed Entitys Own Stock
Intangible Fixed Assets- Integrated Management
Intend Build Own Growth Model Intend Expand New Businesses
Interim Disclosures Fair Value Financial Instruments International Developments
Inventories- Investment
Investment Accounting Investment Analysis Development Department
Investment Banking Investment Banking Businesses
Investment Banking Equities Businesses Investment Banking Revenues Decline
Investment Trusts Approximately 160 Investment Vehicles
Investments Affiliated Companies Investments Equity Securities Held Operating Purposes
Investments Equity Securities Held Relationship Purposes Investments Equity Securities Non-trading Debt Securities-
Investments Non-consolidated Subsidiaries Affiliated Companies- Investments Publicly-traded Shares Affiliates Accounted Equity Method Consolidated
Investments Transactions Affiliated Companies Ipb Valued Czk 342
Issuance New Shares Consolidated Subsidiary Issuance New Shares Way Public Offering
Issuance New Shares Way Third-party Allotment Jafco Ltd
Japan Japan Post Chose Nomura Asset Managements Products Part
Japan Securities Dealers Employees Pension Fund Jsde Japanese Involvement Financial Advisers
Japanese Stock Stock-related Underwriting Lead Manager Ranking 2004 Japanese Taxation
Japanese Unit Share System Japans Unit Share System Holders Shares Constituting Less
Joinvest Joinvest Express
Key Appointments International Operations Key Consolidated Balance Sheets
Key Dates Key Information Related Defined Benefit Plans-
Largest Offering Stock-related Products Japanese Market Foreign Lawsuits Other Legal Proceedings
Leader League Tables Equity Areas Consecutive Lease-
Leased Assets- Leases Lessee
Legal Arbitration Proceedings Legal Proceedings
Legal Reserve Dividends- Legal Risk
Lehman Brothers Service Platform India Lending
Lessee Lessor
Level Assets Liabilities Leveraged Finance
Leveraged Leases- Liabilities Limitation Agreement
Liability Further Calls Assessments Limitation Liabilities Agreement
Limitation Liabilities Directors Executive Officers Limitation Liabilities Some Directors
Limited Partnerships Liquidation Rights
Liquidity Objective Liquidity Risk Impair Ability Fund Operations Jeopardize Financial
Loan Credit Risk Loans Receivable
Loans Receivable- Loans Receivables
Location Copy Tender Offer Report Available Public Long-lived Assets-
Long-term Borrowings Losses Caused Financial Other Problems Parties Expose Credit
Lowering Credit Ratings Increase Borrowing Costs Major Differences Segment Data Income Statement
Major Shareholders Major Shareholders Related Party Transactions
Making Nomura Accessible Customers Management
Management Challenges Strategies Management Policy
Management Policy Structure Business Operations Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Market Fluctuations Harm Businesses Market Liquidity Risk
Market Risk Market Risk Increase Other Risks Face
Market Value Transactions Etc- Markets
Material Agreements Between Tender Offeror Kondo Material Changes Regulations Applicable Market Adversely Affect Business
Material Contracts Matters Concerning Capital Additional Paid-in Increase Shares Issued
Matters Concerning Capital Reserves Increase Shares Issued Exercise Matters Reported
Maturities Tables Long-term Borrowings Maturities Tables Private Equity Entities Long-term Borrowings
Maximum Number Stock Acquisition Rights Measurement Fair Value Inactive Markets
Measures Avoiding Conflicts Interest Mebo Agreement
Meetings Shareholders Members Nomura Holdings Operating Board
Merchant Banking Method Change Share Acquisition Through Tender Offer
Method Deciding Compensation Committees Policies Method Determination Amount Paid
Method Determination Amount Paid Third-party Allotment Method Determining Compensation Committees Policies
Method Establishment Millennium Retailing Group Mrg
Minority Interest- Misconduct Employee Director Executive Officer Harm Difficult Detect
Misconduct Fraud Employee Director Officer Party Occur Reputation Misconduct Party Such Employee Director Executive Officer Harm
Mission Statement Model Review
Monoline Insurers Financial Guarantors More-
Names Certified Public Accountants Executed Audit Work Name Nbb Funding Ltd
Net Gain Loss Trading Net Gain Trading
Net Income Roe Net Loss Yen Primarily Due Terra Firma Funding
Net Periodic Benefit Cost Net Periodic Benefit Expense
Net Revenue 1033 Yen -152 Qoq Income Before Net Revenue 108 Yen -706 Qoq Loss Before
Net Revenue 1089 Yen 151 Qoq 581 Yoy Net Revenue 168 Yen -846 Qoq Loss Before
Net Revenue 227 Yen Increase 3318 Compared Prior Net Revenue 237 Yen -103 Qoq Income Before
Net Revenue 264 Yen Qoq 497 Yoy Income Net Revenue 290 Yen Increase 959 Compared Prior
Net Revenue 367 Yen 381 Qoq 953 Yoy Net Revenue 434 Yen Income Before Taxes 401
Net Revenue 801 Yen 117x Qoq Income Before Net Revenue Declined 132 Prior 745 Yen Income
Net Revenue Declined 263 Prior 108 Yen Pre-tax Net Revenue Declined 303 Prior 147 Yen Income
Net Revenue Declined Prior 697 Yen Income Before Net Revenue Income Before Taxes
Net Revenue Income Before Taxes Business Segments Net Revenue Increased 1367 Yen Qoq Yoy Income
Net Revenue Increased 164 Yen Qoq Yoy Income Net Revenue Increased 255 Prior 218 Yen Income
Net Revenue Increased Prior 858 Yen Income Before Net Revenue Other Declined 371 Previous 239 Yen
Net Revenue Other Was 647 Yen Pre-tax Loss Net Revenue Rose 1152 Yen Qoq 20x Yoy
Net Revenue Rose 353 Yen Qoq Yoy Income Net Revenue Was 1032 Yen 5158 Qoq Income
Net Revenue Was 110 Yen Loss Before Income Net Revenue Was 205 Yen Income Before Taxes
Net Revenue Was 208 Yen 920 Qoq Income Net Revenue Was 232 Yen -20 Qoq Income
Net Revenue Was 984 Yen -47 Qoq Income Net Revenue Was Minus 102 Yen Loss Before
Net Revenue Was Minus Yen Loss Before Income Net Revenue Was Negative 1711 Yen Loss Before
Net Revenue Was Negative Yen Income Before Taxes Net Revenue Yen -805 Qoq Income Before Taxes
Net Revenue Yen Decline 819 Compared Prior Loss New Accounting Pronouncements-
New Appointed Effective 2004 New Appointed Effective 2005
New Appointment New Branch Introduction Nomura Securities Ltd
New Branches Nomura Securities New Business
New Executive Officer Lineup Following Changes New Nhi Executive Officer Lineup Following Appointments Effective
New Representative Executive Officers Effective 2006 Newly Appointed Directors
Newly Appointed Nhi Executive Officers Effective 2007 Newly Appointed Pending Shareholders Approval 2005
Ninth Series Nomura Holdings Inc Unsecured Straight Bonds Nomination Committee
Nomination Committee Audit Compensation Nomura
Nomura 101st Ordinary General Meeting Shareholders Proceedings Nomura Acquire Lehman Brothers Asia Pacific Franchise
Nomura Acquire Minority Stake Fortress Investment Group Nomura Acquire Nikkociti Trust Banking Corporation
Nomura Announce Financial Results Nomura Announce Full Operating Results
Nomura Announce Half Operating Results Nomura Announce Operating Results
Nomura Announce Semi-annual Operating Results Nomura Announcement Stock Options Acquisition Rights
Nomura Announces Adjustment Conversion Price Subordinated Convertible Bonds Nomura Announces Change Indirect Subsidiary
Nomura Announces Correction Financial Statements Nomura Announces Corrections Financial Statements Presentation
Nomura Announces Dissolution Subsidiaries Nomura Announces Dissolution Subsidiary
Nomura Announces Dividend Payment Nomura Announces Dividend Record Date
Nomura Announces Establishment Indirect Subsidiary Nomura Announces Exercise Price Stock Acquisition Rights Option
Nomura Announces Group Line Head Structures Nomura Announces Interim Dividend Ending 2006
Nomura Announces Issuance Stock Acquisition Rights Option Plan Nomura Announces Issue Price Selling Global Offering
Nomura Announces New Management Lineup Nomura Announces Nomination Members Board Directors
Nomura Announces Number Shares Issued Exercise Purchase Option Nomura Announces Progress Acquisition Lehman Brothers Asia Pacific
Nomura Announces Proposals Amendments Articles Incorporation Nomura Announces Results Share Buyback Program Market
Nomura Announces Results Stock Repurchase Program Market Nomura Announces Secondary Distribution South African Rand Notes
Nomura Announces Target Dividend Amounts Ending 2006 Nomura Announces Year-end Dividend Ending 2006
Nomura Announces Year-end Dividend Plans Nomura Announces Yen Year-end Dividend
Nomura Approves Share Buyback Program Nomura Asset Management Fair
Nomura Asset Management Ltd Nomura Closes Instinet Acquisition Announces New Board Directors
Nomura Completes Acquisition Nikkociti Trust Banking Corporation Nomura Delist Shares Euronext Amsterdam Edrs Luxembourg Stock
Nomura Denies Reports Alliance Talks Resona Holdings Nomura Exits Residential Mortgage-backed Securities Business
Nomura Files Annual Report Form 20-f Sec Nomura Files Shelf Registration Statement Future Equity Issuances
Nomura Finalizes Details Stock Options Acquisition Rights Nomura Finalizes Number Exercise Price Stock Options
Nomura Finalizes Number Exercise Price Stock Options Acquisition Nomura Finalizes Number Stock Options
Nomura Finalizes Number Stock Options Issued Nomura Finalizes Subordinated Bond Issue
Nomura Financial Partners Ltd Nomura Fund Wrap
Nomura Gilts Limited Nomura Group
Nomura Group Aims Provide Finest Services Every Type Nomura Group Issues Csr Report 2005
Nomura Helps Clients Enjoy Retirement Nomura Holdings Acquire Global Agency Broker Instinet
Nomura Holdings Announces Changes Board Directors Nomura Holdings Announces Issuance Stock Acquisition Rights Option
Nomura Holdings Approves Share Buyback Program Nomura Holdings Board Executive Officers
Nomura Holdings Inc Nomura Holdings Inc Announces Exercise Price Stock Acquisition
Nomura Holdings Inc Holding Depend Payments Subsidiaries Nomura Holdings Inc Issuance New Shares
Nomura Holdings New Management Lineup Nomura Holdings Reorganize Management Structure
Nomura Holdings Securities Top Management Nomura Introduce Quarterly Dividend Payments -annual Target Raised
Nomura Issues Series Unsecured Straight Bonds Nomura Joins Virtual World Life
Nomura Land Building Ltd Nomura Land Building Ltd Nlb
Nomura No1 Limited Nomura No2 Limited
Nomura Principal Finance Acquire Shares Ymc Ltd Nomura Principal Finance Purchase Newly Issued Millennium Retailing
Nomura Principal Finance Sell Stake Millennium Retailing Nomura Properties Management Services Limited
Nomura Providing Preliminary Information Relating Prior Scheduled Financial Nomura Receives Administrative Order Financial Services Agency
Nomura Reinforce Lending Investment Businesses Nomura Reorganizes China Operations
Nomura Reports Financial Results Nomura Reports Full Financial Results
Nomura Reports Half Financial Results Nomura Reports Half-year Financial Results
Nomura Research Institute Ltd Nomura Research Institute Ltd Nri
Nomura Rothschild Form Alliance Nomura Securities
Nomura Securities Chairman Vice Chairmen Nomura Securities Client Assets
Nomura Securities Financial Economic Research Center Celebrates Anniversary Nomura Securities Ltd
Nomura Securities Ltd Financial Information Nomura Securities Outlines Measures Prevent Insider Trading
Nomura Show Proceedings 103 Ordinary General Meeting Shareholders Nomura Steps Asian Operations New Appointments
Nomura Still Leads Way Jgbs Individuals Nomura Trust Banking Ltd Executive Officers
Nomuras Capital Management Nomuras Enjuku-jinsei
Nomuras Enjuku-jinsei Seminars Non-interest Expenses
Non-interest Expenses Business Segment Total 1545 Yen Qoq Non-interest Expenses Declined 1235 Yen
Non-interest Expenses Dropped Non-interest Expenses Increased 1468 Yen
Non-interest Expenses Segment Total Non-possession Share Certificates
Non-trading Non-trading Activities-
Non-trading Risk Not Able Dispose Operating Investments Time Speed Like
Not Able Realize Gains Expect Even Suffer Losses Not Able Realize Gains Expect Private Equity Investment
Not Able Realize Gains Expect Private Equity Investments Not Applicable
Notes Notes Accounting Tax Effects
Notes Appropriate Earnings Forecast Other Special Remarks Notes Balance Sheet
Notes Balance Sheet Information Notes Consolidated Balance Sheet
Notes Consolidated Financial Information Notes Consolidated Financial Statements
Notes Consolidated Statement Changes Shareholders Equity Notes Consolidated Statements Cash Flows
Notes Editors Notes Financial Statements
Notes Fixed Assets Used Leasing Notes Income Statement Information
Notes Material Subsequent Event Notes Other Information
Notes Securities Held Notes Statement Income
Notes Unconsolidated Balance Sheet Information Notes Unconsolidated Income Statement Information
Notes Unconsolidated Statements Shareholders Equity Notes-
Notice Convocation Annual Meeting Shareholders Notice Convocation Ordinary General Meeting Shareholders
Notice Resolutions Ordinary General Meeting Shareholders Notification Devaluation Investments Subsidiaries Affiliates Stand-alone Financial Statements
Notification Devaluation Investments Subsidiaries Affiliates Unconsolidated Financial Statements Notification Various Matters
Number Number Employees
Number General Partners Investment Units Stake Before After Number Grantees Stock Acquisition Rights Granted
Number Ranking League Table Number Ranking League Tables Calendar 2007
Number Shares Planned Purchased Number Shares Stock Acquisition Right
Number Shares Stock Acquisition Rights Number Stock Acquisition Rights Grants Grantees
Numbers Shares Outstanding- Objects Purposes Nomuras Articles Incorporation
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Offering Increasing Number Products Serving Plan Administrator Custodian
Office Buildings Land Equipment Facilities- Offsetting Amounts Related Certain Contracts
Offsetting Amounts Related Certain Contracts- Omura Announce Half Operating Results
Operating Financial Analysis Operating Lease Commitments
Operating Leases Operating Results
Operating Results Asset Management Operating Results Domestic Retail
Operating Results Global Investment Banking Operating Results Global Markets
Operating Results Global Merchant Banking Operating Results Global Wholesale
Operating Results Investment Banking Operating Results Merchant Banking
Operating Results Retail Operational Risk
Operational Risk Disrupt Businesses Result Regulatory Action Against Operations Risk
Order Priority Ordinary General Meeting Shareholders
Organization Personnel Procedure Internal Audit Committee Mutual Collaboration Organizational Structure
Other Other Assets Liabilities
Other Assets-other Liabilities Other Assets-other Liabilities-other
Other Commitments Other Conditions Exercise Stock Acquisition Rights
Other Expenses- Other Investments
Other Measures Other Online Financial Services Provide Examples Nomura Group
Other Operating Results Other Private Equity Investments
Other Receivables- Other Revenues-
Other Terra Firma Funds Others-
Outline Administrative Order Outline Instinet
Outline Notes Outline Presentation
Outline Retirement Benefit Plans- Outline Skylark
Outline Subsidiary Outline Tender Offer
Outline Tender Offeror Outlook
Overseas Overseas Business
Overseas Sales- Overseas Subsidiaries
Overview Pacific Music Festival
Parent Major Corporate Shareholders Etc- Parent Only Operating Results Japanese Gaap
Part Buyout Skylark Management- Particular Unable Access Short-term Debt Markets
Payables Deposits Payables Deposits-
Payment Date Per Share Data
Personal Relations Capital Business Other Interests Outside Directors Pfic Rules
Plan Assets Please Ask Nomura
Please Describe Nomura Groups Present Business Environment Pmf Pacific Music Festival
Possible Changes Post-tender Offer Plans Possible Delisting Shares
Post-tender Offer Plans Preferred Dividends
Preferred Shares Preferred Stock
Presentation President Ceo
President Ceo Nobuyuki Koga Principal Accountant Fees Services
Principles Consolidation- Prior Adjustments-
Private Equity Business Private Equity Business Europe
Private Equity Business Japan Private Equity Business-
Private Equity Entities Private Equity Investments
Private Equity Investments- Private Equity Risk
Procedures Exercising Shareholders Rights Etc Processing Risk
Product Management Department Promoted
Promoted Effective 200 Promoted Effective 2005
Promoted Effective 2006 Properties
Proposal Amendment Articles Incorporation Proposal Election Directors
Proposal Issuance Stock Acquisition Rights Options Executives Employees Proposal Issue Stock Acquisition Rights Options
Proposal Issue Stock Acquisition Rights Options Executives Employees Proposal No1 Amendment Articles Incorporation
Proposal No2 Issuance Stock Acquisition Rights Options Proposal No3 Election Directors
Proposed Amendment Articles Incorporation Protrader Group
Protrader Group Management Llc Protrader Securities
Provisions Regarding Directors Purchase Less-than-a-full-unit Shares
Purchase Price Per Share Purchases Equity Securities Issuer Affiliated Purchasers
Purpose Tender Offer Pursuing Growth
Qualitative Information Financial Statements Quarterly Dividends
Real Life Nomura Cube Locations Reason Amendments Articles Incorporation
Reason Dissolution Reason Establishment
Reason Issuance Stock Acquisition Rights Options Reason Issuing Stock Acquisition Rights Terms Especially Favorable
Reasons Amendment Articles Incorporation Reasons Change
Receivables Payables Recent Dividends
Recent Financial Credit Crises Recessionary Economies Around World Recently Announced Establishment Online Financial Services Differ Existing
Recognize Impairment Charges Regard Amount Goodwill Intangible Assets Record Date
Record Net Income 3043bn Yen Roe 155- Records Register Shareholders
Recovery Retail Bond Sales Other Order Flow Led Redemption Preferred Stock
Reduction Size Trading Units Reference
Reference Dates Reference Material Regarding Exercise Voting Rights
Register Beneficial Owners Shares Registration Loss Share Certificates
Registration Pledge Indication Trust Property Registration Transfer
Regulation Regulatory Capital Requirements
Regulatory Capital Rules Regulatory Requirements
Reissue Loss Share Certificates Reissue Share Certificates
Report Audit Committee Report Audit Committee Consolidated Financial Statements
Report Independent Accountants Report Independent Auditors
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Report Result Evaluation
Report Substantial Shareholdings Reported Matters
Repurchase Financing Agreements Repurchase Shares
Reputation Damaged Due Leakage Personal Information Requirement Resolution Election Directors
Requirement Special Resolution General Shareholders Meeting Requirement Special Resolution Meeting Shareholders
Research Activities Research Development Center
Resolved 100th General Shareholders Meeting 2004 Resolved 101st General Shareholders Meeting 2005
Resolved 102nd General Shareholders Meeting 2006 Resolved 103rd General Shareholders Meeting 2007
Resolved 104th General Shareholders Meeting 2008 Resolved 98th General Shareholders Meeting 2002
Resolved 99th General Shareholders Meeting 2003 Resolved General Shareholders Meeting 2002
Resolved General Shareholders Meeting 2003 Resolved General Shareholders Meeting 2004
Resolved General Shareholders Meeting 2005 Restriction Acquisition Stock Rights Transfer
Restriction Distributions Surplus Restructuring Costs-
Results Results Business Segment
Results Key Points Results Operations
Results Tender Offer Retail
Retail Client Assets Retail Client Assets Grew Trillion Yen Firm Sales
Retail Client Assets Top Trillion Yen Robust Sales Retirement Severance Benefit-
Retiring Retiring Effective 200
Retiring Effective 2006 Revaluation Land Used Business-
Revenue Declined Due Drop Equity-related Underwriting Bookrunner Revenue Down Decline Equity Financing
Revenue Down Due Mainly Decline Fixed Income-related Resulting Revenue Due Increased Retail Stock Brokerage Commissions Robust
Revenue Due Mainly Generated Securitization Deals Outside Japan Revenue Due Primarily Increase Net Asset Value Stock
Revenue Income Before Taxes Strong Sales Investment Trusts Revenue Income Business Line Quarterly Base
Revenue Increased Retail Sales Foreign Currency Bonds Investment Revenue Minus Yen Due Funding Costs Terra Firma
Revenue Moved Black Result Increase Fair Value Terra Revenue Recognition-
Review Businesses Revisions Calculation Earnings Per Share
Right Demand Acquisition Preferred Stock Conversion Rights Adr Holders
Rights Holders Adss Rights Shareholders Japanese Law Limited Laws Jurisdictions Within
Risk Risk Control
Risk Factors Risk Management
Risk Management Policies Procedures Not Fully Effective Managing Rmbs Business
Rothschild Saluka Investments Czech Republic
Same Stock Option Plan Schedule
Schedule Dissolution Scope Cash Equivalents Consolidated Statements Flow-
Scope Consolidation- Scope Credit Risk Management
Scope Reference Date Method Evaluation Secondary Offering Shares
Secondary Offering Shares Way Over-allotment Secured Financing Transactions-
Securities Inventory Sold Not Yet Purchased Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Securities- Securitization
Securitization Activities- Segment Information
Segment Net Revenue Total Excluding Interest Expenses Segment Other Income Before Taxes
Segment Summary Segments Information
Selected Buyer Ashikaga Bank Selected Daily Price Limits
Selling General Administrative Expenses- Series Nomura Holdings Inc Issuer Unsecured Subordinated Bonds
Series Nomura Holdings Inc Issuer Unsecured Subordinated Convertible Series Nomura Holdings Inc Straight Bonds
Seventh Series Nomura Holdings Inc Unsecured Straight Bonds Severance Indemnities Pension Plans-
Share Capital Information Share Certificate
Share Ownership Share Price History
Share Registrar Shareholder Notes
Shareholders Shareholders Equity
Shareholders Record Date Not Receive Dividend They Anticipate Shares
Shares Secondary Offering Shares Yen Except Percentages
Short-term Long-term Borrowings- Signatures
Significant Accounting Policies Significant Basis Presentation Consolidated Financial Statements
Significant Changes Significant Contracts
Signs Share Purchase Agreement Ashikaga Bank Sixth Series Nomura Holdings Inc Unsecured Straight Bonds
Special Purpose Entities Special Regarding Forward-looking Statements
Special Sponsorship Nikkei Stock League Special Sponsorship Nikkei Stock League Competition
Special Sponsorship Pacific Music Festival Special Treatment Account
Sponsorship Global House Expo 2005 Aichi Standards Translation Major Foreign Currency Assets Liabilities Japanese
Standby Letters Credit Other Guarantees Statement News Reports Capital Policy
Statement News Reports Financial Results Statement Nomuras Exposure Related Bernard Madoff
Status Improvement Internal Control System Status Improvement Risk Management System
Stock Acquisition Rights Stock Acquisition Rights Currently Issued 2005
Stock Acquisition Rights Granted Employees Others Date Each Stock Acquisition Rights Held Directors Executive Officers Nomura
Stock Acquisition Rights Issued Stock Bonus
Stock Issuance Costs- Stock Option Plan
Stock Option Plan- Stock Option Plan- A-plan
Stock Options Executives Employees Stock Pric History
Stock Price History Stock Repurchase
Stock Repurchases Stock Splits
Stock Unit Plans B-plan Stock-based Compensation Plans
Stock-based Compensation- Straight Bonds Excluding Self-funding
Strategy Going Forward Strengthening Enhancing Internal Control Systems
Stress Testing Structure Business Operations
Structured Notes- Subordinated Borrowings
Subordinated Convertible Bonds Subscription Period Japanese Public Offering Secondary
Subscription Rights Subsequent Event
Subsequent Events Subsidiaries Registrant
Summary Summary Accounting Policies
Summary Consolidated Financial Information Summary Issuance Stock Acquisition Rights Option Plan
Summary Operating Results Summary Regional Contribution
Summary Stock Acquisition Rights Supplemental Consolidated Financial Information
Supplementary Explanation Consolidated Financial Figures Supplementary Information
Supplementary Provision System Risk
T-shirt Shop Introduction Finance Economics Junior High School Table Contents
Tangible Fixed Assets- Target Dividend Amounts Ending 2007
Target Dividend Amounts Ending 2008 Target Dividend Amounts Ending 2009
Taxation Taxation Capital Gains
Taxation Dividends Tender Offer Shares Skylark Ltd
Tenth Series Nomura Holdings Inc Unsecured Straight Bonds Terra Firma Investments
Terra Firma Investments Valuation Thai Tungaloy Cutting Tool Ltd
Thamesway Inc Tokyo 2006 -nomura Holdings Inc Today Announced Proceedings
Tokyo 2007 -nomura Holdings Inc Today Reported Consolidated Tokyo 2007 Nomura Holdings Inc Nhi Today Announced
Tokyo 2008 -nomura Holdings Inc Today Announced Following Tokyo 2008 -nomura Holdings Inc Today Reported Consolidated
Top Advisor Deals Japanese Companies Total Business Segment
Total Business Segments Trading
Trading Assets Liabilities Trading Assets Liabilities-
Trading Assets Private Equity Investments Trading Balances Secured Borrowings
Trading Liabilities Transfer Agent
Transfers Financial Assets Transfers Financial Assets-
Translation Exposure Translation Registrants Name English
Trend Information Tsubaki Nakashima Ltd
Tungaloy Seimitsu Philippines Inc Types Risks Managed
Unable Access Debt Capital Markets Unable Access Short-term Debt Markets
Unable Sell Assets Unauthorized Disclosure Personal Information Held Adversely Affect Business
Unconsolidated Unconsolidated Balance Sheet Information
Unconsolidated Financial Information Major Consolidated Entities Unconsolidated Financial Information Prepared Japanese Gaap Presented Following
Unconsolidated Financial Statements Unconsolidated Income Statement Information
Unique Strategic Approach International Operations United States Federal Income Taxation
University Seminars Unrealized Gains Losses Investments Equity Securities-
Unrealized Gains Losses Non-trading Debt Securities- Unresolved Staff Comments
Untendered Stock Acquisition Rights Upcoming
Used Annual Report Ads Means American Depositary Share Used Annual Report Yen Means Lawful Currency Japan
Useful Lives Intangible Assets Valuation Methodology Financial Instruments Carried Fair Value Recurring
Value Assets Financed Exercise Stock Acquisition Rights Method Value Assets Paid-in Exercise Stock Acquisition Rights Method
Value Risk Consolidated Var
Variable Interest Entities Vies Voting Platform Institutional Investors
Voting Rights Way Third-party Allotment
What Idea Enjuku-jinsei What Managements View Achieving Numerical Target Average Return
What Nomura Group Plan Such Environment Withdrawal Shelf Registration Japan Future Equity Issuances
Withdrawal Shelf Registration Statement Future Equity Issuances Working Further Broaden Customer Base While Improving Quality
Working Increase Assets Management Providing Best Products Cater Xhibit
Yen Except Percentages 302007
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