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Abgabenordnung Abstract 1003 Multicenter Phase Clinical Trial Daily Weekly
Abstract 1057 Multicenter Phase Clinical Trial Daily Weekly Abstract 530 Improved Clinical Cell Cycle Response Mtor
Abstracts Ash Sabcs Reveal Potential Compelling Patient Access Information After Closing Date
Access Information After Stage Closing Date Access Information Prior Closing Date
Access Information Prior Stage Closing Date Access Medicine
Accidents Accordance Law State Delaware Without Regard Conflict Principles
Accounting Developments Accounting Policies
Accruals Revenue Deductions Achieved Strong 2009 Results Global Market Remain Challenging
Achieved Strong Overall Performance 2008 Against Background Remains Achieving Success Long-term Investments
Aclasta Aclasta Improving Adherence
Aclasta Pmo Study Designs Aclasta Receives European Approval Once-yearly Treatment Postmenopausal Osteoporosis
Aclasta Reclast Aclasta Superior Risedronate Pagets Disease Bone Head-to-head Study
Acquisition Accounting Acquisition Accounting Differences
Acquisitions 2002 Acquisitions 2003
Acquisitions 2004 Acquisitions 2005
Acquisitions 2006 Acquisitions 2008
Acquisitions 2009 Acquisitions Divestments
Acquisitions Divestments Other Significant Transactions Acquisitions-2005
Acquisitions-2006 Actions Closing Date
Active Engagement Acz885
Acz885 New Biological Drug Development Shows Potential Treating Acz885 Phase Data Show Rapid Sustained Clinical Remission
Addition Independence Criteria Set Above Acc Director Shall Additional Data Support Efficacy Safety Galvus
Additional Gaap Disclosures Additional Gaap Disclosures Earnings Per Share
Additional Gaap Intangible Asset Charges Additional Information
Additional Information Femara Additional Terms Conditions
Additional Us-related Information Address Principal Executive Offices
Adhering Values Adrenergic Agonist
Advanced Cytotoxics Advances Science Technology Drive Discovery New Medicines
Affects People Worldwide Affinity Bone
Affirmative Vote Majority Outstanding Shares Common Stock Excluding Affordability Access
Afinitor Afinitor Approved Treatment Proven Benefit Patients Advanced Kidney
Afinitor Everolimus Tablets Important Safety Information Afinitor Gleevec Glivec Mold
Afinitor Important Safety Information Afinitor Patients Advanced Liver Cancer
Afinitor Phase Data Show Positive Results Patients Multiple Afinitor Recommended European Union Patients Advanced Kidney Cancer
Afinitor Shows Potential Reverse Resistance Herceptin Metastatic Breast Aflunov
Afq056 Afq056 Probing Fundamental Mechanisms Brain
After Approval Glivec Underscores Promise Targeted Therapy Provide After-effects Recent Global Economic Financial Crisis Material Adverse
Against Backdrop Cost Pressure Inherent Skepticism Facing Pharmaceutical Age-related Macular Degeneration Amd
Agenda Aggregate Contractual Obligations
Aging Population Faces Increasing Healthcare Needs Aging Population Increasing Healthcare Needs
Agm Proposals Dividend Rise Consultative Vote Compensation System Ago178
Agomelatine Agreement
Agreement Complements Novartis Hepatitis Pipeline New Class Treatments Agreement Plan Merger
Agreement Terminated Time After Stage Closing Prior Agreement Terminated Time Prior Stage Closing
Agreements Ain457
Air Emissions Air Emissions Hazardous Waste Landfills
Airoptix Aktiengesetz Aktg
Albuferon Alcon Leads World Eye Care Market
Alcon Majority Ownership Transfer Nestlé Alcon Novartis Complementary Eye Care Businesses
Alcon-exercise Call Option Acquire Additional Proposal Obtain 100 Alex Majoli
Alexandre Jetzer Alexandre Jetzer Swiss Age
Alexandre Jetzer-chung Alexandre Jetzer-chung Swiss Age
Alignment Reporting Performance Aliment Pharacol Ther
Aliment Pharmacol Ther Aliskiren
Allergology Immunology Alliances Acquisitions
Allocation Profit Shown Balance Sheet Reserves Allocation Shares Leveraged Share Savings Plans
Alnylam Along Economically Socially Environmentally Responsible Behavior High Ethical
Alzheimers Disease Amd
Amd Leading Cause Blindness People Over Age Amendment Agreement Plan Merger
Amendment Articles Incorporation Amendments Merger Agreement
American Depositary Share Holders American Depositary Shares
American Journal Dermatology Amlodipine
Amn107 Analysis Tax Rate
Ancial Conclusions Andreas Rummelt Knows Clear Sense Mission Secret Building
Andreas Rummelt Phd Andreas Rummelt Phd German Age
Andreas Von Planta Phd Andreas Von Planta Phd Swiss Age
Andrin Oswald Andrin Oswald Swiss Age
Angiogenesis Animal Health
Animal Welfare Ann Fudge
Ann Fudge American Age Announced Divestment 2005
Annual Bonus Plans Annual Incentive Awards
Annual Incentive Calculation Formula Annual Incentive Plans
Annual Report Annual Report Photography
Another Development Eroding Vital Culture Innovation Increasing Aversion Anti-ige Severe Asthma
Anti-infectives Anti-infectives Business
Anticipate Another Record Results Anticipated Funding Alcon Transaction
Anticipated Key Reporting Dates Apex-ihn
App018 Applicable Claims Based Breach Representations Warranties Set Forth
Applicable Corporate Governance Standards Applicable Law
Applicable Standards Application General Provisions Other Management Committees
Appointing Outstanding Leaders Positions Great Responsibility Crucial Sustainable Appointment Proxy
Approval Based Impressive Phase Results Approval Based Landmark Valiant Trial
Approval Executive Compensation Approval Remuneration Report
Approvals Based Landmark Valiant Trial Approved Post-surgery Therapy Reduce Risk Cancer Returning Patients
Arbeitnehmererfindungsgesetz Artemisia Annua
Arthritis Bone Arthritis Bone Gastrointestinal Hormone Replacement Therapy Infectious Diseases
Arthritis Bone Gastrointestinal Urology Abgu Articles Incorporation Novartis
Artis Purpose Focusing Patient Needs Artis Strategy Consistently Focusing Portfolio Medicines
Asa 404 Asa 404 Novel Cancer Agent Begins Pivotal Trial
Asa404 Assets
Assets Liabilities Arising 2004 Acquisitions Assets Liabilities Arising 2005 Acquisitions
Assets Liabilities Related Discontinuing Operations Assets Related Discontinuing Operations
Assignment Associated Companies
Assumption Exclusion Liabilities Asthma Copd
At7519 At9311 Atopica
Attendance Attract
Attracting Best Talent Around World Critical Global Like Audit Committee Financial Expert
Audit Compliance Committee Audit Compliance Committee Novartis Basel
Auditing Additional Fees Auditors Group
Auditors Responsibility Auf Den Namen Lautende Nennbetragsaktien Verbrieft Einem Zwischenschein
Aufschiebende Bedingungen Aurograb
Authorized Signatories Available-for-sale Marketable Securities Derivative Financial Instruments
Average High Low Var Amounts 2004 Follows Average Wholesale Price Litigation
Awards Recognition B10 Changes Capital
Back Cover Grupo Apoio Adolescente CrianÇa Com CÂncer Baf312
Bagamoyo Tanzania 2005 Bagasse Renewable Fuel Mahad India
Bal Production Network Strong Technology Centers Excellence Balance Sheet
Balanced Rewards Create Sustainable Value Balancing Global Aspirations Local Identities
Barring Unforeseen Events Barring Unforeseen Events Excluding Impact Chiron Acquisition
Barring Unforeseen Events Excluding Impact Planned Chiron Acquisition Base Compensation
Basel Basel 2005
Basel 2006 Basel 2007
Basel 2007- Basel 2008
Basel 2009 Basel 2010
Basel Switzerland 2006 Basel Switzerland 2009
Basel Switzerland Cambridge 2005 Basel Switzerland Cambridge Massachusetts 2006
Basic Earnings Per Share Basic Earnings Per Share Continuing Operations
Basis Preparation Battling Malaria
Become New Class Medicines Help Patients High Blood Been Duly Elected Appointed Qualified Until Earlier Death
Beijing 2009 Below Transfers Purchaser Accepts Such Sale Transfer Share
Benchmark Group Companies Beneficial Owner
Benefits Benefits Early Treatment
Benefits Members Executive Committee Benefits Non-executive Directors
Benefits Senior Management Berna Biotech
Best Portfolio Best Pract Res Clin Gastroenterol
Beteiligungen Betriebliche Altersversorgung
Betriebsprüfung Beurkundungsgesetz
Beyond Traditional Approach Beyond Traditional Role
Bhq880 Big 1-98
Big 1-98 Study Big Customers-big Challenges
Biggest Killer Biocamp
Biopharmaceuticals Biopharmaceuticals Assets Integrated Pharmaceutical Research Networks
Biopharmaceuticals Business Adds Specialty Products Novartis Portfolio Birgit Breuel
Birgit Breuel German Age Birgit Gronkowski
Blockbuster Brands Blueprint Career Advancement
Board Board Committees
Board Committees Membership Attendance Number Duration Meetings Board Committees-attendance Number Duration Meetings 2007
Board Composition Board Directors
Board Directors Responsibility Board Executive Compensation Disclosures
Board Executive Compensation Disclosures Required Swiss Law Board Member Independence
Board Proposals Approved Board Selects New Ceo Simplifies Top Leadership Organization
Bonds Bone Joint Treatment
Bone Quality Bonus Plans
Boosting Yields Bout Glivec
Brazil Agility Energy Breast Cancer
Broad Portfolio Broadening Franchise
Broadest Biosimilar Program Brokers
Bruno Heynen Building Brands
Building Energy Efficiency Outset Building Industry Leadership Position Biologics
Building World-class Infectious Diseases Portfolio Bulk Transfer Laws
Business Combinations Business Combinations Other Significant Transactions
Business Continue Expose Risks Environmental Liabilities Business Corporate Separateness
Business Increasingly Affected Pressures Drug Pricing Business Integration
Business Overview Business Practices Office
Business Practices Reporting Business Products
Business Significantly Affected Ongoing Pricing Pressures Business Significantly Impacted Strict Regulatory Requirements
Business Unit Heads Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch Bgb
Cambridge 2008 Cambridge 2009
Cambridge Massachusetts 2008 Canadian Importation Cases
Candida Capacity Increased Coartem Treatments Per
Capital Reductions Capital Risk Management
Capital Stock Capital Stock Companies
Capital Structure Capital Structure Shares
Carbon-free Campus Carbon-offset Projects
Cardiovascular Metabolism Cardiovascular Oncology Driving Growth
Career Development Careful Explanation-and Science
Cash Dividends Per Share Cash Equivalents
Cash Equivalents Time Deposits Cash Flow
Cash Flow Arising Acquisitions Divestments Businesses Cash Flow Arising Major Acquisitions Divestments
Cash Flow Discontinuing Operations Cash Flow Operating Activities Free
Cash Flow Used Financing Activities Cash Flow Used Investing Activities
Cash Flows Arising Changes Working Capital Other Operating Cash Flows Continuing Operations Arising Changes Working Capital
Catnip Pill Cautious Optimism Seems Appropriate 2008
Celebrating Novartis 2006 Cell Culture Technology New Innovation Influenza Vaccines
Cell Culture Technology Novartis Proprietary Line Cell Culture-based Influenza Vaccines
Cellular Power Plants Celtura
Centers Excellence Central Media Line
Central Media Line 324 2200 Central Media Line 324 2200 Eric Althoff
Certain Actions Certain Other Covenants Seller
Certican Certican European Union Mutual Recognition Procedure Expanded Include
Certificate Incorporation By-laws Surviving Corporation Certification
Certification Daniel Vasella Chairman Chief Executive Officer Novartis Chairman Ceo Vice Chairmen Lead Director
Chairman Chief Executive Officer Chairman Chief Executive Officer Vice Chairmen
Chairman Chief Executive Officer Vice Chairmen Lead Director Chairmans Address
Chairmans Committee Challenging Business Environment On-going Pricing Pressures
Challenging Business Environment Ongoing Pricing Pressures Challenging Performance Objectives
Change Control Change Control Defense Measures
Change Policy Change-of-control Clauses Employment Contracts
Changes Accounting Rules Affect Reported Results Changes Capital Share Repurchase Programs
Changes Consolidated Equity Changes Gaap Equity
Changes Global Economic Conditions Politics Affect Business Results Changes Scope Consolidation
Changes Scope Consolidation Other Significant Transactions Changes Share Capital
Changes Shareholder Rights Changes Tax Laws Adversely Affect Business Financial Condition
Changes Tax Laws Adversely Affect Earnings Changes Tax Laws Application Adversely Affect Results Operations
Changing Face Malaria Changing Perceptions
Charter Chairmans Committee Novartis Charter Compensation Committee Novartis
Charter Corporate Governance Nomination Committee Chf 600000-
Chf 800 Bonds 3625 2008 2015 Chief Executive Officer Financial Effect Condition Set Forth
China China Healthcare Reform
Chiron Chiron Acquisition
Chiron Acquisition Track Completion Half 2006 Chiron Corporation
Chiron Corporation Connection Original Investment 1995 Chiron Fluvirin
Chiron Independent Directors Unanimously Support Improved Proposal Chiron Merger Agreement Signature Page
Chiron Offers Access Fast-growing Vaccines Dynamic Blood Testing Chiron Proposed Acquisition
Chronic Hepatitis Chb Chronic Pain Separation Anxiety
Ciba Vision Ciba Vision 2008 Net Sales Usd
Cibadrex Cibacen Circumvention Restrictions Registration
Clauses Changes-of-control Clear Readouts
Clik Clinical Studies Emerging Countries
Clinical Study Summary Clinical Trial Registry
Close Cooperation Closing
Closing Access Gap Closing Date
Clusions Cml
Co-diovan Co-diovan Diovan Hct
Co2 Vehicles Coartem
Coartem Receives Fda Approval Becoming Artemisinin-based Combination Treatment Code Conduct
Code Ethics Codes Policies Standards
Cold Chain Collaboration
Colorectal Cancer Column
Com Pelling Business Portfolio Combating Infectious Diarrhea
Combination Creates Fast-growing World Leader Generics Combination Treatment Group Results
Combinations Biomarkers Comments 2008 Results
Commercial Domicile Gerber Life Investment Commitment Corporate Governance
Commitment Environment Commitment Ethical Business Conduct
Commitment Health Safety Environment Commitment Patients
Commitment People Commitment People Communities
Commitments Contingencies Committees Board
Commodities Commodity Price Risk
Common Costly Hazard Common Name
Common Side Effects Communications
Community Partnership Community-based Health Insurance
Companies Collaborate Promotion Newest Overactive Bladder Treatment Compared 2002
Compared 2003 Compared 2004
Compared 2005 Compared 2006
Compensation 2009 2008 Compensation Authorization Levels
Compensation Chairman Chief Executive Officer 2006 Compensation Chairman Chief Executive Officer 2007
Compensation Chairman Chief Executive Officer 2008 Compensation Committee
Compensation Committee Advisor Compensation Elements
Compensation Former Directors Executives Compensation Former Non-executive Directors
Compensation Non-executive Directors 2006 Compensation Non-executive Directors 2007
Compensation Novartis Associates Compensation Other Executive Committee Members 2007
Compensation Other Executive Committee Members 2008 Compensation Other Executive Committee Members General Process
Compensation Performance 2009 Compensation Performance 2009 2008
Compensation Program Descriptions Compensation Senior Management Members 2006
Competition Competition Clause
Competition Healthcare Industry Generally Becoming Intense Competitive Compensation
Compliance Legal Requirements Compliance Legal Requirements Regulatory Reports
Compliance Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Internal Control Over Financial Compliance Suppliers
Complied Requirement 8a5 Not Applicable 8a6 8a7 Legal Components Equity Accordance Gaap
Composition Board Directors 2008 Composition Executive Committee
Comtan Stalevo Conclusions
Condensed Consolidated Balance Sheets Condensed Consolidated Cash Flow Statements
Condensed Consolidated Cash Flow Statements Half Condensed Consolidated Change Liquidity
Condensed Consolidated Change Liquidity Full Condensed Consolidated Changes Equity
Conditions Conditions Precedent Performance Buyer
Conditions Precedent Performance Parties Conditions Precedent Performance Seller
Conditions Precedent Waiver Termination Conduct Business
Conduct Business Since 2006 Confidentiality
Confidentiality Agreement Conflict
Conflict Interest Conflict Interests
Conflicts Other Directorships Board Member Independence Consecutive Dividend Increase Chf 210 Per Share Proposed
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consideration
Consolidated Financial Statements Consolidated Income Statements
Consolidated Income Statements Half Consolidated Statement Recognized Income Expense
Consolidated Statement Recognized Income Expense Half Consolidated Statements Other Financial Information
Consolidation Employee Share Participation Foundation Novartis Shares Held Consolidation Share-based Compensation Foundation
Consultation Voting Agreement Consumer 2007 Sales Usd
Consumer 2008 Sales Usd Consumer Health
Consumer Health Continuing Operations Consumer Health Continuing Operations 124 Usd 190
Consumer Health Continuing Operations Net Sales Usd Consumer Health Continuing Operations Operating Income Usd 243
Consumer Health Continuing Operations Operating Income Usd 483 Consumer Health Continuing Operations Usd
Consumer Health Continuing Operations Usd 292 Consumer Health Continuing Operations Usd 304
Consumer Health Continuing Operations Usd 566 Consumer Health Continuing Operations Usd 858
Consumer Health Discontinuing Operations Net Sales Usd 989 Consumer Health Discontinuing Operations Operating Income Usd 225
Consumer Health Division Consumer Health Division Continuing Operations
Consumer Health Gerber Business Unit Consumer Health Gerber Business Unit Divestment
Consumer Health Market Information Consumer Health Medical Nutrition Business Unit
Consumer Health Medical Nutrition Business Unit Divestment Consumer Health Medical Nutrition Business Unit Divestment 2007
Consumer Health Net Sales Climb Usd Consumer Health Net Sales Rise Usd
Consumer Health Net Sales Rises Usd Consumer Health Net Sales Usd
Consumer Health Operating Income Advances Usd 286 Consumer Health Operating Income Climbs Usd 350
Consumer Health Operating Income Continuing Operations Rises Usd Consumer Health Operating Income Declines Usd
Consumer Health Operating Income Declines Usd 290 Consumer Health Operating Income Rises Usd 190
Consumer Health Operating Income Rises Usd 458 Consumer Health Operating Income Usd 289
Consumer Health Operating Income Usd 312 Consumer Health Overview
Consumer Health Usd Consumer Health Usd -11
Consumer Health Usd 235 -10 Consumer Health Usd 271 -11
Consumer Health Usd 303 Consumer Health Usd 506 -11
Consumer Health Usd 809 Consumer Health-gerber Business Unit
Consumer Health-medical Nutrition Business Unit Contact
Contact Addresses Contact Lenses
Contact Lenses Patent Litigation Contact-water-efficiency Improvement
Contacts Conte Nts
Conten Contents
Contingencies Contingencies Environmental Liabilities
Contingent Liabilities Continuing Efforts Improve Productivity Optimize Marketing Sales
Continuing Operations Barring Unforeseen Events Continuing Operations Excludes Exceptional Divestment Gains Environmental Provision
Continuous Improvement Continuously Rising Dividend Since 1996
Contracts Members Executive Committee Contracts Non-executive Directors
Contraindications Adverse Events Contraindications Warnings Adverse Events
Contributions Kind Convening General Meetings
Convening Meetings Convertible Bonds Options
Convertible Exchangeable Bonds Warrants Options Other Securities Granting Convertible Exchangeable Securities
Conveyance Taxes Proration Certain Charges Copd
Copd Asthma Copenhagen 2005
Core Key Figures Core Results
Corinne Hoff Corporate
Corporate Alcon Corporate Alcon Significant Event After 2008
Corporate Chiron Acquisition Corporate Citizenship
Corporate Citizenship Novartis Begins Success Core Business Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance Committee Corporate Governance Nomination Committee
Corporate Governance Novartis Corporate Governance Standards
Corporate Income Expense Net Corporate Income Net
Corporate Issuance Bond Dollars Corporate Issuance Bond Euros
Corporate Issuance Bonds Swiss Francs Corporate Issuance Dollar Bond
Corporate Issuance Euro Bond Corporate Issuance Swiss Franc Bonds
Corporate Name Registered Office Corporate Name Registered Office Purpose Duration
Corporate Novartis India Ltd Corporate Risk Management
Corporate Secretary Corporate-alcon
Corporate-chiron Acquisition Corporate-issuance Bond Dollars
Corporate-issuance Bond Euros Corporate-issuance Bonds Swiss Francs
Corporate-issuance Swiss Franc Bonds Corporate-novartis India Ltd
Cost Goods Sold Cost Goods Sold Continuing Operations
Cost-saving Alternatives Costs
Counsel Writing Comments Novartis Merger Sub Receive Sec Counterparts Facsimile Signature
Counterparty Risk Court Allows Teva Resume Sales Generic Version Lotrel
Court Continues Prevent Teva Shipping Additional Generic Copies Covenants Indemnification Undertakings
Credit Risk Cristina García Rodero
Criteria Critical Accounting Policies
Critical Accounting Policies Estimates Cross Shareholdings
Currency Effect Key Figures Continuing Operations Currency Fluctuations
Currency Impact Key Figures Currency Impact Key Figures-continuing Operations
Currency Translation Currency Translation Impact Key Figures Continuing Operations
Current Deferred Income Tax Expense Current Economic Financial Crisis Material Adverse Effect Results
Current Financial Debt Current Financial Debts
Currently Pending Regulatory Including Fda Approval Currently Witnessing Dawn New Era Globalization Longer Implies
Customer King Dailies
Daniel Vasella Daniel Vasella Dear Shareholders
Daniel Vasella Swiss Age Darlehens- Privat- Oder Verrechnungskonten
Data Novartis Oncology Compounds Asco Highlight Progress Toward Data Reinforce Favorable Tolerability Safety Profile Prexige
Data Show Galvus Better Tolerated Patients Type Diabetes Data-privacy Protection
Date David Epstein
David Epstein American Age Dear Shareholder
Dear Shareholders Decision-making Authorities
Decision-making Process Decline Productivity Rising Scrutiny Product Safety
Decreases Financial Income Affect Earnings Deductions Revenues
Deep Pipeline Defending Innovation
Deferred Tax Deferred Taxes
Defined Benefit Pension Plans Defined Benefit Pension Plans Other Post-employment Benefits Non-current
Defined Benefit Plan Defined Contribution Plans
Defined-benefit Plan Defined-contribution Plans
Definitions Delegation Management
Delegation Powers Delivering Strategic Priorities
Delivering Superior Outcomes Delivering Sustainable Growth Meeting Broad Healthcare Needs
Delivery Delkredere
Dematerialised Shares Demonstrating Concrete Benefits
Department Health Human Services Awards Novartis Usd 486 Deposit Shares
Deputy Chief Executive Officer Deramaxx
Derivative Financial Instruments Derivative Financial Instruments Effective Hedge Accounting Purposes
Derivative Financial Instruments Hedging Derivative Financial Instruments Related Cash Flow Hedging
Desferal Despite Cost Pressures Demand Medicines Treatments Nevertheless Continue
Details Agreement Details New Phase Data
Details Shares Share Capital Movements Details Significant Capitalized Trademarks Product Patent Rights
Details Trial Development Milestones
Development Program Development Registration
Development Update Diabetes
Diagnostic Products Development Diagnostics
Differences Law Different Twist
Diluted Earnings Per Share Diova
Diovan Diovan Achieved Reduction Stroke Cardiovascular Events Landmark Jikei
Diovan Blood Pressure Medication Large-scale Clinical Trial Lower Diovan Co-diovan
Diovan Gleevec Glivec Femara Exjade Xolair Diovan Hct
Diovan Heritage Diovan Megatrials
Diovan Powerful Efficacy Diovan Receives Approval Sweden Treat High-risk Heart Attack
Direct Share Purchase Plan Direct Share Purchase Plans
Director Independence Director Not Considered Independent
Directors Directors Compensation
Discharge Previous Board Members Disclaimer
Disclosure Individual Compensation Members Executive Committee Disclosure Principles Executive Committee Compensation
Disclosure Shareholdings Disclosure Structure
Discontinuing Consumer Health Division Operations Discontinuing Operations
Disease-free Survival Benefit Disorder Movement
Dispute Resolution Dissecting Pathways
Distinguished Scientist Award Distributed Sold Subsidiaries Date Agreement Such Activities Seller
Distribution Network Consolidating Distribution Novartis Shares
Distribution Share Options Granted Employees Diverse Innovative
Diversity Inclusion Divested Health Functional Food Activities 2002
Divestment Medical Nutrition Business Unit Divestment Medical Nutrition Business Unit Gerber
Divestment Medical Nutrition Gerber Business Units Divestments 2002
Divestments Business Combinations Other Significant Transactions Divestments Discontinuing Operations 2006
Dividend Dividend Continuously Increased Since 1996
Dividend Payment Increases Dividend Policy
Dividend Proposal 2007 Dividend Proposal 2009 Approval Groups Consolidated Financial Statements
Dividends Divisional Segmentation Intangible Assets
Divisional Segmentation Intangible Assets Continuing Operations Divisions
Divisions Business Units Documentation
Documentation Analysis Relevant Policies Basic Principles Documents Display
Double-digit Pharmaceuticals Growth Doz Powerhouse Making
Driving Rejuvenation Drug Safety
Drugs Effectively Fight Disease Reduce Overall Health-care Costs Duluth Georgia 2007
Duplicative Adjustments Duration Mandate Terms Office
Duration Mandate Terms Office Independent Auditors Duties Board
Duties Executive Committee Duties Internal Audit
Duty Care Loyalty Dynamic Cardiovascular Metabolism Business Franchise Novartis Plans
Dynamic Launches Dynamic Portfolio
Dyspepsia Trials E-mail Investorrelationsnovartiscom
Early Adoption New Ifrs Standards Early Data Presented Asco Show Potential Rad001 Enhance
Early Data Show Potential Imatinib Treat Life-threatening Form Early Engagement Payors
Early Stage Development Data Earnings Before Interest Tax Depreciation Amortization Ebitda
Earnings Per Share Earnings Per Share Eps
Earthquakes Adversely Affect Business Earthquakes Adversely Affect Business Financial Condition Results Operations
Earthquakes Affect Business Results Operations East Hanover 2008
Ebewe Pharma Economic Growth Emerging Markets Improved Access Medicines
Eczema Elidel Effect New Accounting Pronouncements
Effect New Accounting Pronouncements Gaap Effect New Accounting Pronouncements International Financial Reporting Standards
Effective 2006 Effectiveness Amendments
Effects Currency Fluctuations Efficacy Asthma Copd
Egration Strategy Eha Study Details
Einzelabschlüsse Election Term Office
Elections Board Directors Terms Office Elidel
Eliminating Leprosy Emerging Markets
Emerging Markets Building Strength Capture Growth Emerging Markets Grow Faster Developed Countries
Emerging Respiratory Portfolio Emeryville 2009
Employee Benefit Plans Employee Benefits
Employee Engagement Employee Health
Employee Plans Employee Plans Personnel Matters
Employee Share Participation Plans Employees
Employees Region Business Per 2004 Employees Region Division Per 2005
Emselex Enablex
Encouraging Data Energy Climate
Energy Efficiency Energy Emissions
Energy Safety Energy-efficiency Improvement
Energy-efficient Fermentation Kundl Austria Enforcing Integrity Standards
Enforcing Standards Engagement Corporate Responsibility Actually Success Story Novartis Not
Engl Med Enteral Pump Market
Enterprise Value Entire Agreement
Environment Environmental Charge
Environmental Liabilities Environmental Liabilities Adversely Impact Results Operations
Environmental Liabilities Impact Results Operations Environmental Matters
Environmental Protection Health Safety Relating Periods Prior Including Environmental Provisions
Eon Labs Epic Trial
Epoetin Alfa Hexal Binocrit Equity Plan Select
Equity Risk Equity Strategy Share Information
Equity-based Compensation Equity-based Participation Plans Associates
Erful Position Biopharmaceuticals Erfüllungsansprüche
Eric Althoff Erosion Patent Rights
Esearch Established Major Vaccine Manufacturer
Establishing Integrity Standards Eucreas Single-tablet Combination Galvus Metformin Recommended Approval Type
Eucreas Single-tablet Combination Galvus Metformin Set Launch Countries Eur Respir
European Approval Switzerland Lucentis Breakthrough Treatment Leading Cause European Union
Evaluation Executive Committee Members Performance Evaluation Performance
Even Difficult Global Economic Environment Continue Extend Engagement Events Subsequent 2004 Balance Sheet Date
Events Subsequent 2005 Balance Sheet Date Events Subsequent 2006 Balance Sheet Date
Events Subsequent 2008 Balance Sheet Date Everolimus
Everolimus Rad001 Significantly Extends Progression-free Survival Advanced Kidney Evidence-based Decision
Excedrin Excedrin Provides Strong Platform Develop Business
Excellent Healthcare Portfolio Exchange Controls
Exchange Discoveries Exchange Rate Differences
Exchange Rate Exposure Risk Management Exchange Rates
Exciting Early Stage Pipeline Novel Vaccines Excluding Charges Related Chiron Acquisition Group Operating Income
Excluding Chiron Charges Group Operating Income Net Executive Committee
Executive Committee Compensation Elements Executive Committee Pension Benefits
Executive Compensation Executive Compensation Policy
Executive Director Compensation Executive Officer Director Compensation
Executive Officers Senior Management Exelon
Exelon Patch Exelon Patch Transdermal Therapy Alzheimers Disease Provide Promising
Exemplary Sustainability Exercise Rights
Exforge Exforge Helps Nearly Twice Patients Control High Blood
Exforge One-tablet Combination Calcium Channel Blocker Amlodipine Angiotensin Exforge Receives Final Approval New Powerful Treatment Option
Exjade Exjade Benefits Chronically Transfused Patients Significantly Reducing Toxic
Exjade Breakthrough Patients Transfusional Iron Overload Gains European Exjade Important Safety Information
Expand High-growth Markets Expanded Secondary Manufacturing
Expanding High-growth Markets Expanding Renewable Energy
Expansion Complement Strong European Otc Presence Expansion Global Novartis Network
Expect Net Sales Grow Midsingle-digit Percentage Rate Exploring Pricing Options
Express Study Results Extavia
Extavia Approved European Union Treatment Multiple Sclerosis Planned Extended Review
External Research Development Extra-contractual Liabilities
Extraordinary General Meetings Shareholders Eye Care
Face Intense Competition Lower-cost Generic Products Face Intense Competition New Products
Face Trial Factors Affecting Results
Factors Affecting Results Operations Fail Successfully Integrate Hexal Eon Labs Business
Failure Develop Differentiated Vaccines Bring Key Products Market Failure Obtain Marketing Exclusivity Periods New Generic Products
Fair Business Practices Fair Marketing Practices
Fair Value Comparison Fair Value Impairment Adjustments Financial Instruments
Fair Value Impairments Adjustments Financial Instruments Famvir
Fanapt Fda Advisory Committee Votes Unanimously Recommend Approval Exjade
Fda Approves Enablex Treatment Overactive Bladder Fda Approves Exforge Hct Only High Blood Pressure
Fda Approves Reclast Prevent Osteoporosis Postmenopausal Women Convenient Fda Approves Tekturna Hct Initial Treatment Patients Unlikely
Fda Grants Additional Marketing Exclusivity High Blood Pressure Fda Grants Priority Review Exjade Treatment Chronic Iron
Federal Appeals Court Temporarily Stops Teva Selling Generic Feedback Associates
Fees Payable Ads Holders Fees Payable Depositary Issuer
Femara Femara Approved Germany Initial Therapy Postmenopausal Women Early
Femara Approved Germany Only Hormonal Therapy Given After Femara Aromatase Inhibitor Indicate Survival Benefit Versus Tamoxifen
Femara Big 1-98 Data Cognitive Function Femara Contraindications Warnings Adverse Events
Femara Granted Fda Priority Review New Indication Adjuvant Femara Helps Protect Against Return Breast Cancer Even
Femara Important Safety Information Femara Patent Litigation
Femara Receives Approval Initial Therapy Treatment Postmenopausal Women Fen-phen
Fermenting Ideas Festkapital
Festkapitalanteil Fifth Program Calls Repurchase Chf Shares
Fifth Share Buyback Program Approved Capital Reduced Fifth Share Repurchase Programs
Filing Data Filing Follows Submission Genentech
Finally Like Thank Shareholders Finally Thank Shareholders
Financial Assets Financial Assets Liabilities
Financial Community Financial Expense Net
Financial Impact Proposed Transactions Novartis Financial Income
Financial Income Interest Expense Financial Income Interest Expense Continuing Operations
Financial Income Net Financial Other Assets
Financial Other Non-current Assets Financial Overview
Financial Result Net Financial Statements Other Liabilities
Financial Terms Agreement Financial Update
Financing Transactions Findings Supported Preclinical Data
Fine-tuning Glutamate Signals Fines Compliance
First-in-class Direct Renin Inhibitor Lowers High Blood Pressure First-line Treatment Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Patients
Fishman Fishman American Age
Fishman Head Biomedical Research Member Since 2002 American Fixed Expense Allowance
Fixed-dose Combination Diovan Amlodipine Fluctuations 2007
Fluctuations 2008 Fluvirin
Fluvirin Contains Recommended Virus Strains Focetria
Focetria Novartis Pandemic Influenza Vaccine Receives European Union Focetria Pandemic Influenza Vaccine Receives Positive European Union
Focus Diseases Prevalent China Focus Study
Focus Trial Results Follow-on Biologics
Following Such Event Footnote
Footnotes Foradil
Foradil Certihaler Foreign Currencies
Foreign Currency Exchange Rate Risk Foreign Currency Translation
Foreign Exchange Fluctuations Adversely Affect Earnings Value Some Foreign Exchange Rate Risk
Foreign Exchange Rates Form 20-f
Form 20-f 40-f Form Meetings Resolutions
Formulation Fortekor
Forth Annex Hereto Shall Resign Writing Positions Confirm Forward Initiative Restructuring Charge
Forward-looking Statements Framework Corporate Citizenship
Free Cash Flow Free Reserves
Frequent Heartburn Frequent Heartburn Significantly Affects Sufferers Quality Life
Fty720 Fty720 Fingolimod
Fty720 New Approach Treating Fty720 Novel Once-daily Oral Medication Shows Promising Results
Fty720 Novel Oral Therapy Development Shows Sustained Benefits Fty720 Phase Study Program
Fty720 Phase Study Results Fty720 Shows Significant Benefits Helping Patients Over Phase
Fully Engaged Fully Integrated Biologics
Functioning Board Directors Fundamental Drivers Remain Strong
Funds Flow Further Action
Further Assurances Further Important Dates
Further Information Further Information Glivec India Case Patient Testimonials
Further Study Results Gaap
Galiant Galvus
Galvus Eucreas Galvus Exciting Promise
Galvus New Oral Treatment Type Diabetes Receives Positive Galvus New Treatment Patients Type Diabetes Receives European
Galvus Receives European Approval New Treatment Type Diabetes Galvus Studies Idf
Gastroenterol Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors
Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors Gist Gem Broad Healthcare Message
Gender Discrimination General
General Administration General Administration Continuing Operations
General Medicines General Medicines Nimble Alternative
General Meeting Novartis Basel General Meeting Shareholders
General Meetings General Policy
General Principles General Principles Processes Performance Based Compensation
General Process General Provisions
General Reserve Generic Name
Generic Pharmaceutical Products Face Intense Competition Brand-name Companies Generics
Generics Penetration Value 2004-2009 Generics Pharmaceuticals Business
Generics Retail Market Segment Estimates Usd Geneva 2005
Geoff Cook Geoffrey Cook
George Gunn Mrcvs George Gunn Mrcvs British Age
Gerber Geriatr Soc
Gesamtgläubiger Geschäftsanteile
Gesellschafterdarlehenskonto Gewinn- Und Gewinnbezugsrechte
Ghg Emissions 2003-2006 Versus Target Path 2012 Gilenia
Giorgia Fiorio Gipap
Glaucoma Gleevec
Gleevec Glivec Gleevec Glivec Patient Assistance Programs
Gleevec Glivec Tasigna Alliance Patients Glivec
Glivec Approved Rare Life-threatening Disorders Limited Treatment Options Glivec Contraindications Warnings Adverse Event
Glivec Contraindications Warnings Adverse Events Glivec Contraindications Warnings Adverse Events Approved Oncology Indications
Glivec Contraindications Warnings Adverse Events2 Glivec Contraindications Warnings Adverse Events°
Glivec Important Safety Information Glivec Patent Appeal Not Yet Decided
Glivec Receives Additional Approvals Treating Rapidly Progressive Form Glivec Receives Approval Treatment Reduce Risk Cancer Returning
Glivec Receives Fda Priority Review Therapy Reduce Recurrence Glivec Receives Positive European Union Opinion Treatment Rare
Glivec Safety Information Glivec Seeking Become Targeted Treatment Adult Patients Form
Glivec Sets New Treatment Standard Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Glivec Substantially Reduces Risk Cancer Returning Patients Life-threatening
Global Alliance Drug Development Global Compact
Global Effort Global Employee Survey
Global Leadership Global Reporting Initiative
Global Reporting Initiative Gri Globe Study
Gloria Stone Glorious Mega-trial Program
Goal Managing Goodwill
Goodwill Gaap Governing Law
Government Grants Government Regulation Adversely Affect Business
Government Regulation Adversely Affect Business Financial Condition Results Government Relations Lobbying
Governmental Consents Governmental Consents Approvals
Governmental Investigations Greenhouse-gas Emissions
Gross Net Sales Reconciliation Group
Group Financial Highlights 2006 Key Figures Group Free Cash Flow
Group Hse Targets Group Net Income
Group Net Income 2005 Usd Group Net Income Advances Usd
Group Net Income Rises Usd Group Net Income Usd
Group Net Sales Group Net Sales Advance Usd
Group Net Sales Advance Usd 370 Group Net Sales Operating Income
Group Net Sales Rise Usd Group Net Sales Rise Usd 101
Group Net Sales Rise Usd 199 Group Net Sales Usd
Group Net Sales Usd 101 Group Net Sales Usd 282
Group Operating Income Advances Usd Group Operating Income Declines Usd
Group Operating Income Rises Usd Group Operating Income Usd
Group Outlook Barring Unforeseen Events Group Overview
Group Performance Group Policies
Group Structure Group Structure Divisions
Growing Importance Emerging Markets Growing Mistrust
Growth Currency Contributions Growth Figures Refer 2007 Worldwide Sales Local Currencies
Growth Figures Refer Year-to-date Worldwide Sales Local Currencies Grundkapital
Grundsätze Ordnungsmäßiger Buchführung Gob Gut
H1n1 2009 Vaccine H5n1 Avian Influenza
Haemophilus Influenzae Type Hans-joerg Rudloff
Hans-joerg Rudloff German Age Hatch-waxman Act
Hazardous Waste Landfill Hazardous Waste Landfills Responsibility Historical
Health Associates Health Environment Reason Current Past Condition Operation Facility
Health Promotion Health Promotion Switzerland Costa Rica
Health Safety Associates Healthcare Plans
Healthcare Portfolio Healthcare Portfolio Overview
Healthy Families Rural India Healthy Heart
Held Responsible Potential Misconduct Party Agents Particularly Developing Held Responsible Potential Misconduct Third-party Agents Particularly Developing
Helmut Sihler Phd Austrian Age Helping Patients Cardiovascular Metabolic Diseases
Hepatitis Hepatitis Most Common Infectious Diseases World Growing Global
Hexal Hexal Eon Labs Integration Planning Track
Hgb Hiding Genome
High Blood Pressure High Science Market Research
High-growth Markets Higher Initial Dose Glivec Achieved Better Early Responses
Highlights Melanoma Highly Experienced Management Team
Highly Rated Pipeline Historical Landfills
Historical Landfills Old Industrial Sites History Development Novartis
Holders Adss Not Able Exercise Preemptive Rights Attached Holding Finance
Holzkirchen 2008 Holzkirchen 2009
Holzkirchen Germany 2005 Holzkirchen Germany 2006
Holzkirchen Germany 2008 Hormone Replacement Therapy Litigation
However Hrt Litigation
Hse Objectives Achievements 2004-2005 Hse Performance Data Management
Http Wwwginasthmacom Human Rights Living Commitments
Humanised Antibody Asthma Fulfill Important Unmet Need Hypertension
Ias Associated Companies Minority Interests Ias Employee Post-employment Benefits
Ias Financial Instruments Cash Flow Hedges Forecast Intragroup Ias Intangible Assets
Ias Intangibles Ias Revised Intangible Assets
Ic51 Icl670
Ideal Candidate Ideal Study
Idenix Idenix Novartis Collaboration
Idenix Pharmaceuticals Inc Ifrs
Ifrs Business Combinations Ifrs Business Combinations Related Goodwill Amortization
Ifrs Share-based Compensation Ifrs Share-based Payments
Ilaris Ilaris Recommended European Approval New Biologic Drug Treat
Imatinib Mesylate Tablets Immaterial Relationships
Impact Atopic Eczema Patients Lives Impact Due Adoption Sfas 158
Impact Intangible Asset Charges Significant Exceptional Impairment Long-lived Assets
Impairment Long-lived Assets Adversely Affect Business Financial Condition Implementation
Implementation Transaction Importance Research Development Ability Obtain Approvals New Products
Important Corporate Developments 2005-2007 Important Dates
Important Safety Information Important Safety Information Fluvirin Influenza Virus Vaccine
Important Safety Information Market Important Submissions Planned 2005
Improve Organizational Efficiency Improvements Lung Function Quality Life
Improving Desferal Improving Organizational Efficiency
Improving Organizational Productivity Ims Health
In-process Research Development Iprd Inability Attract Retain Personnel Adversely Affect Business Financial
Inability Attract Retain Qualified Personnel Adversely Affect Business Incb018424
Incb18424 Income Associated Companies
Income Before Taxes Income Before Taxes Minority Interests
Income Statements 2004 2003 Income Statements 2005 2004
Increase Dividend Proposal 2008 Increase Provisions Worldwide Environmental Liabilities
Increased Overall Investments Usd Increased Pressure Costs
Increasing Amount Intangible Assets Goodwill Books Lead Significant Increasing Amount Investments Associated Companies Intangible Assets Goodwill
Increasing Pressure Drug Pricing Access Medicines Increasing Regulatory Scrutiny Drug Safety Efficacy Adversely Affect
Increasing Regulatory Scrutiny Drug Safety Efficacy Negative Effect Increasingly Challenging Business Environment
Incremental Innovation Indacaterol
Indacaterol Pre-clinical Studies Indebtedness Adversely Affect Operations
Indemnification Buyer Indemnification Seller
Independence Criteria Board Directors Committees Independence Directors
Independent Assurance Report Novartis Corporate Citizenship Reporting Independent Assurance Report Novartis Group Corporate Citizenship Reporting
Independent Auditor Fees Independent Members
Indication Industrial Products Business
Industry Conditions Business Usual Longer Viable Long-term Option Industry-leading Growth
Infant Baby Infectious Diseases
Infectious Diseases Transplantation Immunology Idti Influenza
Influenza Core Franchise Influenza Pandemic
Influenza Vaccines Influenza Vaccines Delivery Doses 2007 2008 Season
Influenzae Information
Information Board Directors Audit Compliance Committee Information Control Systems Board
Information Health Care Providers Information Health-care Providers
Information Materials Information Novartis Shares
Ing Wendelin Wiedeking Ing Wendelin Wiedeking German Age
Initiatives Optimize Research Development Processes Inner Compass
Innovation Innovation Core Competency Comprises Development Novel Medicines Creation
Innovation Focus Patients Core Elements Strategy Resulted Another Innovation Scientific Marathon
Innovative Medicines Innovative Novartis Medicines Cancer Asthma High Blood Pressure
Innovative Science Delivering Valuable Therapies Inquiries Complaints
Instant Response Insurance
Intangible Asset Adjustments Gaap Intangible Asset Movements
Intangible Assets Integrated Programs Diabetes Heart Disease
Integration Planning Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property Know-how Intellectual Property Litigation
Intellectual Property Rights Intensification Training Communication
Intensified Training Inter Alia
Intercompany Indebtedness Interest Rate Risk
Interest Rates Interim Financial Statements
Internal Audit Internal Control Integrated Framework
Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Internal Research Development
International Internet Broadcast
Interpretation Interpretation Except Extent Context Otherwise Requires
Interrogating Wnt Pathway Introduction
Inventories Inventory
Inventory Impairment Reversal Investigation
Investigations Investing Achieve Sustainable Growth
Investing Strategic Growth Platforms Investment Associated Companies
Investments Associated Companies Investor Relations
Investor Relations Program Investor Relations Release
Investors Iprd
Irina Ferluga Iris
Iris Study Details Iron Chelation
Iron Overload Chelation Irritable Bowel Syndrome Constipation Ibs-c Zelnorm
Italics Ixiaro
Ixiaro Pivotal Study Details Ixiaro Receives Fda Approval Prevention Japanese Encephalitis
Ixiaro Vaccine Ixiaro Vaccine Receives Marketing Authorization Europe Prevention Japanese
Jama Japan
Japan United States Japanese Encephalitis
Japanese Filing Japanese Journal Allergology Vol
Japanese Ministry Health Approves Rasilez First-in-class Direct Renin Jeff George
Jeff George American Age Jeff Lockwood
Jeffrey George Jeffrey Lockwood
Joe Jimenez Joe Jimenez American Age
Joerg Reinhardt Phd Joerg Reinhardt Phd German Age
John Gilardi Joint Project
Jon Symonds Jon Symonds British Age
Joseph Jimenez Journal Human Hypertension
Joy Movement Juergen Brokatzky-geiger Phd
Juergen Brokatzky-geiger Phd German Age Jürgen Brokatzky-geiger
Karen Huebscher Key Challenges
Key Compounds Development Select Phases Registration Key Data American Depositary Shares Ads Issued
Key Data American Depositary Shares Adss Issued Key Dates 2009
Key Figures Key Figures Group
Key Figures Total Group Key Financial Developments 2006
Key Financial Developments 2007 Key Financial Developments 2008
Key Financial Developments 2009 Key Findings Globe Study
Key Marketed Diagnostics Products Key Marketed Products
Key Marketed Vaccine Products Key Novartis Share Data
Key Ratios Key Ratios-december
Keyfigures Continuing Operations Kurt Leidner
Laf237 Lamisil
Lamisil Once Lancet
Landmark Study New England Journal Medicine Shows Exelon Late Stage Pipeline Prevention Meningococcal Disease Leading Targets
Late-stage Pipeline Highlights Latest Rad001 Study Results Show Further Increase Time
Laws Regulations Lawsuits Investigations Other Liabilities Adversely Affect Business Financial
Laying Foundation Future Growth Lbh589
Lbh589 Panobinostat Lci699
Lcz696 Lding Global Generics Leader
Ldt600 Lead Director
Lead Director Meetings Independent Directors Leading Scientist Award
Leap Faith Leasing Commitments
Leaving Annual General Meeting Early Legal Challenges
Legal Liabilities Legal Matters
Legal Proceedings Significant Impact Results Operations Legal Proceedings Significant Negative Effect Results Operations
Legal Proceedings Update Legal Product Liabilities
Legal Product Liability Update Lens Care
Leprosy Leprosy Traveling Clinic Brazil
Lescol Leveraged Share Savings Plan
Leveraged Share Savings Plans Liabilities Related Discontinuing Operations
Licenses Certain Know-how Licenses Permits
Lichtstrasse Lichtstrasse 4056 Basel Switzerland
Life-threatening Anemia Lifestyle Changes Boost Prevalence Chronic Illnesses
Lifestyle Changes Lead Higher Prevalence Chronic Illnesses Like Thank Associates Excellent Work Entrepreneurial Mindset Contributions
Like Thank Associates Ongoing Engagement Commitment Novartis Determination Limitation Purchases Sales Common Shares
Limitation Rcs Role Limitation Registration Voting Rights Major Shareholders
Limitations Liquid Funds Financial Debt Currencies
Liquid Funds Financial Debt Currency Liquidity Capital Resources
Liquidity Risk Lisa Gilbert
Listing Details Litigation
Litigation Other Proceedings Orders Litigation Particular Product Liability Patent Lawsuits Government Investigations
Litigation Product Liability Provisions Litigation Provisions
Litigation Support Living Wage
Living Wages Loans Members Executive Committee
Loans Non-executive Directors Loans Non-executive Directors Members Executive Committee
Loans Severance Payments Compensation Former Members Senior Management Local Companies
Lohnfertigungsverträge London 2005
London 2006 Long Term
Long Way Go133 Long-term Commitment
Long-term Commitment China Long-term Financial Debts
Long-term Incentive Compensation Long-term Incentive Plan
Long-term Incentive Plans Long-term Performance Plan
Long-term Performance Plan Participants History Long-term Performance Plan Period
Looking Ahead Loss Exclusivity Certain Products
Lost Time Accident Rate Lost Time Accident Rate 2002 2006
Lost-time Injury Illness Rate Ltir Lotrel
Lotrel Cibacen Lotensin Cibadrex Lotrel Patent Litigation
Ltar 2005 Trends Lucentis
Lucentis Important Advance Treatment Lucentis Shows Significant Vision Benefits Pivotal Phase Data
Löschungsreif Ma-17
Main Assurance Procedures Major Approvals 2009
Major Approvals Europe Japan Major Commitment Improving Vaccines Supply Worldwide
Major Corporate Developments 2002-2004 Major Corporate Developments 2003-2005
Major Corporate Developments 2004-2006 Major Depression
Major European Regulatory Approvals Major Independent Trial Demonstrates Significant Anticancer Benefit Zometa
Major Shareholders Major Submissions Europe Japan
Majority Holdings Publicly Traded Group Companies Malaria
Manag Care Management
Management Changes Management Framework
Management Group Managing Volatility
Mandatory Audits Manu Propria
Manufacture Products Highly Regulated Complex Encounter Variety Issues Manufacture Products Technically Highly Complex Face Supply Disruptions
Manufacture Products Technically Highly Complex Sometimes Sole-sourced Supply Manufacture Products Technically Highly Complex Supply Interruption Delay
Marina Marina Anchor
Marina Study Marjorie Mun Tak Yang
Marjorie Mun Tak Yang Chinese Age Marjorie Yang
Marjorie Yang British Age Marjorie Yang Chinese Age
Market Presence Market Risk
Marketable Securities Marketable Securities Derivative Financial Instruments
Marketable Securities Time Deposits Derivative Financial Instruments Marketing Sales
Marketing Sales Continuing Operations Material Adverse Change
Material Adverse Effects Material Contracts
Material Relationships Materials
Matt Meehan Maximize Successful Product Launches
Means Transport Mechanism Action
Media Contacts Media Investor Relations Contacts
Media Materials Media Relations
Media Release 149 Communique Aux Medias Medienmitteilung Medical Nutrition
Medicine-based Business Portfolio Medicines Malaria Ventures
Meet Challenges Confidence Meetings Agenda
Meetings Non-executive Directors Meetings Non-executive Directors Independent Held Private Sessions Chaired
Members Board Members Board Directors
Members Compensation Committee Members Executive Committee
Memorandum Articles Association Men Veo Filling Unmet Need
Menb Meningitis
Meningococcal Disease Meningococcal Disease Leading Cause Bacterial Meningitis
Mentoring Programs Ments Disclosures
Menveo Menveo High Protective Antibody Levels Different Dosing Schedules
Merger Closing Effective Time Merger Control
Merger Proposal Offers Benefits Stakeholders Mf59
Mf59 Adjuvant Michaela Paudler-debus
Mid Term Midostaurin
Midostaurin Pkc412 Milestones 2005 Leprosy
Minimizing Environmental Impacts Minimum Pension Liability
Minority Interests Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous General Mission
Mission Statement Mmhg Systolic Blood Pressure Drop Most Severe Patients
Modeling Future Drug Development Modifications
Molecular Diagnostics Business Dedicated Preventing Spread Infectious Diseases Monika Matti
Monotherapy Arms Analysis Maa Monotherapy Treatment Group Results
Most Decisive Factor Remains Strength Innovation Most Effective Treatment
Motivating Patients Mountain Pills
Muckle-wells Syndrome Multiple Sclerosis
Mumbai India 2007 Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
Mycograb Myelodysplastic Syndromes
Myfortic Myobacterium Tuberculosis
Nach Bestem Wissen Nach Besten Kräften Bemühen
Name Registrant National Cancer Institute Canada Clinical Trials Group
Naturalrestitution Nda
Neisseria Meningitidis Nejm
Neoral Sandimmum Neoral Sandimmun
Nestlé Net
Net Income Net Income Continuing Operations
Net Income Discontinuing Operations Net Liquidity
Net Sales Net Sales Division
Net Sales Division Business Unit Net Sales Established Emerging Untapped Markets
Net Sales Growth Net Sales Growth Data Refer 2007 Worldwide Performance
Net Sales Operating Costs Currencies Net Sales Operating Expenses Currencies
Net Sales Operating Income Net Sales Operating Income Continuing Operations
Net Sales Region Nets
Neuroendocrine Tumors Neuroscience
Neutec Wwwneutecpharmacom New Accounting Pronouncements
New Approval Based Landmark Val-heft Trial New Approvals Based Landmark Valiant Trial
New Biological Therapy Ilaris Approved Treat Children Adults New Clinical Data Reaffirms Effectiveness Against Tzd
New Commercial Model General Medicines Business New Data Demonstrate Benefits Diovan Reducing Life-threatening Complications
New Data Demonstrate Benefits Once-yearly Aclasta Treatment Postmenopausal New Data Demonstrates Efficacy Rasilez Potentially Innovative Oral
New Data Fty720 Aiming Become Orally Effective Multiple New Data Leading Clinical Studies Show Lucentis Therapy
New Data Menveo Vaccine Show Excellent Immune Response New Data Multiple Studies Show Galvus Delivers Consistent
New Data Presented American Academy Neurology Congress Show New Data Reinforce Powerful Blood Pressure-lowering Efficacy Diovan
New Data Show Novartis Indacaterol Provides 24-hour Efficacy New Data Show Tekturna Hct Twice Effective Reducing
New Data Show Telbivudine Superior Lamivudine Treatment Chinese New Data Show Zometa Enhances Impact Chemotherapy Reducing
New Drug Application Galvus Innovative Oral Therapy People New Drug Application Rasilez Innovative Oral Renin Inhibitor
New England Journal Medicine New England Journal Medicine Nejm
New Evidence Cardiovascular Metabolic Benefits Further Underscores Strength New Field Medicine
New Four-year Results Major Trial Confirm Femara New Framework
New Frontier Drug Discovery New Galvus Clinical Data Reinforces Efficacy Profile Safety
New Glivec Data Prolonged Efficacy Approved 400 Daily New Indications Development
New Novartis Medicines Approved Japan Patients Type Diabetes New Novartis Organizational Structure Management Changes
New Once-daily Bronchodilator Patients Copd New Opportunities
New Option Offers Unique Profile Proven Efficacy Safety New Phase Data Nva237 Novel Once-daily Treatment Copd
New Phase Data Show Acz885 Gave Better Pain New Phase Data Show Novartis Investigational Meningitis Vaccine
New Portfolio Planned Therapies Novartis Help Patients Devastating New Post-crisis Reality Governments Public Rightly Raised Ethical
New Rasilez Data Highlight Potential Direct Renin Inhibition New Research Demonstrates Efficacy Humanised Antibody Asthma
New Research Shows Benefits Elidel Eczema Patients Require New Study Finds Coartem Artemether-lumefantrine Most Effective Malaria
New Study Shows Elidel Provides Sustained Control Eczema New Study Shows Potential Benefits Innovative Xolair Anti-ige
New Vaccines Urgent Priority Vaccine Available New Zelnorm Data Demonstrate Relief Multiple Symptoms Dysmotility-type
News 2006 News 2007
News 2008 News 2009
Nibr Nibr Headquarters Building Cambridge
Nice Final Guidance Recommends Lucentis Cost-effective Treatment Wet Nicolson Patent Litigation
Nilotinib Nine-month 2004 Sales Usd Excluding Branded Product Teva
Nitd Nm283
Non-competition Non-competition Buyer
Non-competition Seller Non-current Financial Debts
Non-derivative Financial Instruments Non-executive Director Compensation Shareholdings General Principles
Non-executive Directors Annual Fee Rates Non-executive Directors Compensation
Non-hodgkins Lymphoma Hodgkins Disease Non-ifrs Disclosures
Non-oncology Pipeline Making Rapid Progress Address Unmet Needs Non-solicitation Buyer
Non-solicitation Seller Nonsmoking Initiative
Normalizing Bone Turnover North America
Not Able Realize Expected Benefits Anticipated Acquisition Majority Not Able Realize Expected Benefits Ongoing Productivity Initiatives
Not Able Realize Expected Benefits Significant Investments Biologics Not Able Realize Expected Benefits Significant Investments Emerging
Not Able Realize Expected Benefits Significant Marketing Efforts Notarial Deed
Notes Notes 2004 2003 Pro Forma Consolidated Financial Information
Notes 2004 Pro Forma Consolidated Financial Information Notes Columns
Notes Financial Statements Novartis Notes Novartis Group Consolidated Financial Statements
Notes Novartis Group Pro Forma Consolidated Financial Information Notes Restated 2004 2003 Consolidated Income Statements
Notes Restated 2004 Consolidated Income Statement Notes Restated Consolidated Balance Sheet
Notes Restated Consolidated Cash Flow Statements Notices
Notifications Novartis
Novartis Accelerates Production Life-saving Malaria Treatment Coartem Novartis Access Medicine Projects 2004
Novartis Achieves Record Results 2007 Underscoring Benefits Strategic Novartis Acquire Corthera Inc Gaining Worldwide Rights Phase
Novartis Acquire Hexal Eon Labs Creating World Leader Novartis Acquire Majority Control Alcon Global Leader Eye
Novartis Acquire Nektar Therapeutics Pulmonary Business Unit Strengthening Novartis Acquire North American Otc Brand Portfolio Bristol-myers
Novartis Ads Incentive Plan Novartis Ads Incentive Plan Us-based Employees
Novartis Announces Agreement Acquire Remaining Stake Chiron Novartis Announces Average Reduction Price Malaria Drug Coartem
Novartis Announces Commercialization Collaboration Germany Emselex Treatment Overactive Novartis Announces Completion Hexal Acquisition Integrates Sandoz
Novartis Announces Final Results Eon Labs Tender Offer Novartis Announces In-licensing Valopicitabine Nm283 Novel First-in-class Treatment
Novartis Announces Phase Exforge Data Shows Strong Efficacy Novartis Announces Proposals Shareholder Approval Next Annual General
Novartis Announces Restructuring Global Collaboration Schering-plough Develop Fixed-dose Novartis Announces Results 2006
Novartis Announces Results 2009 Novartis Announces Results Full 2005
Novartis Announces Results Half 2008 Novartis Announces Retirement Urs Baerlocher
Novartis Announces Three-month Extension Regulatory Review Period Tekturna Novartis Announces Typhoid Vaccine Research Program Partnership Wellcome
Novartis Announces Usd Investment Build Largest Pharmaceutical Institute Novartis Annual Report Internet
Novartis Appeal Chmp Opinion Against Approval Zelnorm Novartis Associate Ownership Plans
Novartis Begins Shipment Fluvirin Influenza Virus Vaccine New Novartis Begins Shipment Fluvirin Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Market
Novartis Biological Drug Ilaris Approved Treat Children Adults Novartis Broad Portfolio Meningitis Vaccines
Novartis Bronchodilator Qab149 Recommended Approval European Union Treat Novartis Buys Additional 517 Stake Speedel Announces Plans
Novartis Cares Patients Access Medicine Novartis China
Novartis Chiron Amend Merger Agreement Required Shareholder Approval Novartis Commitment Building Strong Presence Human Vaccines
Novartis Commitment Fight Against Novartis Commitment Pandemic Preparedness
Novartis Commitment Respiratory Diseases Novartis Commitment Treatment Diabetes
Novartis Committed Making Galvus Available Patients Type Diabetes Novartis Completes Acquisition Eon Labs Substantially Strengthening Leading
Novartis Completes Acquisition Stake Alcon Nestlé Step Toward Novartis Completes Business Portfolio Restructuring Divesting Gerber Usd
Novartis Completes Ceo Succession Process Appointment Joe Jimenez Novartis Completes Shipment Supply Fluvirin Seasonal Influenza Vaccine
Novartis Completes Strategic Concentration Healthcare Novartis Completes Submissions Europe Glivec Treatment Rare Types
Novartis Completes Tender Offer Eon Labs Inc Purchase Novartis Concerned Indian Court Ruling Discourage Investments Innovation
Novartis Consider Benefits Acquiring Berna Biotech Novartis Consumer Health
Novartis Continually Implements Measures Improve Health Safety Associates Novartis Corporate Governance Standards
Novartis Creates New Strategic Biomedical Center Shanghai Novartis Decides Not Make Offer Acquire Berna Biotech
Novartis Decides Not Pursue Further Development Aurograb Novartis Declares Cash Offer Neutec Pharma Wholly Unconditional
Novartis Defend Intellectual Property Rights Famvir Despite At-risk Novartis Defends Intellectual Property Rights Court Issues Order
Novartis Delivers Dynamic Sales Earnings Growth 2006 Reaffirms Novartis Delivers Record Earnings 2007 Thanks Strong Operational
Novartis Delivers Record Results Strong Double-digit Net Sales Novartis Delivers Strong Growth 2005 Track Achieve Full-year
Novartis Delivers Strong New Product Momentum Operational Performance Novartis Delivers Strong Operational Performance Half 2009 Driven
Novartis Delivers Strong Performance Half 2007 Novartis Delivers Strong Performance Record Results 2005
Novartis Delivers Strong Start 2006 Excellent Sales Earnings Novartis Delivers Sustained Strong Performance 2008 Underpinned Accelerating
Novartis Drug Tasigna Receives Fda Priority Review Newly Novartis Dynamic Growth 2007
Novartis Employee Ownership Plans Novartis Endorses Right Health Believe Each Sphere Society-patients
Novartis Enhances Vaccine Pipeline Gaining Access Intercells Key Novartis Enter Japan Vaccines Market Through Agreement Haemophilus
Novartis Enters Agreement Exclusive Canadian Rights Fanapt Fda-approved Novartis Enters Strategic Partnership Lonza Accelerate Growth Biologics
Novartis Equity Plan Select Novartis Expand Human Vaccines Presence China Through Proposed
Novartis Expanding Industrys Top Oncology Portfolios Novartis Expanding Presence Cambridge
Novartis Expands Late-stage Oncology Pipeline As1404 Novel Agent Novartis Expands Late-stage Vaccines Pipeline Novel Vaccine Prevention
Novartis Expands Portfolio Respiratory Medicines Acquiring Rights Novel Novartis Extends Tender Offer Eon Labs Inc Through
Novartis Forward Looking Statements Novartis Foundation Sustainable Development
Novartis Foundation Sustainable Development Celebrates 25th Anniversary Symposium Novartis Further Focus Healthcare Reaching Agreement Sell Medical
Novartis Further Strengthen Healthcare Portfolio Acquiring Stake Alcon Novartis Further Strengthens Biologics Capabilities Expansion Morphosys Collaboration
Novartis Gains European Approval Innovative Flu Vaccine Optaflu Novartis Gains Exclusive Rights Debio 025 Antiviral Agent
Novartis Gains Exclusive Worldwide Rights Ptk 0796 Phase Novartis Gains Momentum Strong Performance Half 2008 Portfolio
Novartis Gains Rights Oral Targeted Investigational Therapies Focusing Novartis Gains Rights Promising Hospital Antibiotic Clinical Development
Novartis Gains Worldwide Rights Elinogrel Phase Anti-clotting Compound Novartis Gen-probe Agree Extend Expand Blood Screening Collaboration
Novartis Generates Strong Sales Earnings Growth 2006 Growing Novartis Global Investor Relations
Novartis Global Investor Relations International Novartis Global Leader Meningitis Vaccines
Novartis Grants Marketing Rights Antihypertension Medicines Cibacen Cibadrex Novartis Group Companies
Novartis Group Financial Report 2007 Novartis H1n1 2009 Influenza Vaccines Prequalified World Health
Novartis H1n1 Pandemic Influenza Vaccine Focetria Receives Positive Novartis H1n1 Vaccine Fluvirin Platform
Novartis Highlights Innovative Approach Drug Discovery Dynamic Advance Novartis Highlights Strong Pipeline Plans Multiple New Product
Novartis Idenix Collaboration Novartis Idenix Seek European Approval Telbivudine Ldt600 Treatment
Novartis Inaugurates Large-scale Based Cell-culture Influenza Vaccine Manufacturing Novartis Increases Dividend Based Strong 2008 Results Strategic
Novartis Influenza H1n1 2009 Vaccine Interim Data Show Novartis Influenza Vaccine Program
Novartis Institute Tropical Diseases Novartis Institute Tropical Diseases Global Alliance Drug Development
Novartis Institute Tropical Diseases Nitd Novartis Institutes Biomedical Research
Novartis Investigational Adjuvanted Mf59 Pre-pandemic Avian Influenza Vaccine Novartis Investigational Bronchodilator Qab149 Improves Lung Function Reduces
Novartis Investigational Drug Icl670 Demonstrates Positive Results Treating Novartis Investigational Menb Vaccine Study Details
Novartis Investor Relations Novartis Launch Own Branded Version Leading Multiple Sclerosis
Novartis Launches Extavia New Therapeutic Option Help Patients Novartis Launches Galiant Study Comparing Investigational Drug Galvus
Novartis Launches Global Program Expanding Access Investigational Compound Novartis Launches Prevacid 24hr Over-the-counter Full 24-hour Frequent
Novartis Launches Schizophrenia Treatment Fanapt Offering Patients Attractive Novartis Launches Strategic Initiative Improve Competitiveness Dynamically Changing
Novartis Licenses Rights Develop Commercialize New Hepatitis Treatment Novartis Licenses Rights Develop Commercialize New Respiratory Syncytial
Novartis Makes Offer Neutec Pharma Acquisition Adds Highly Novartis Making Significant Progress Creating New Strategic Growth
Novartis Media Contacts Novartis Media Relations
Novartis Menb Vaccine Study Details Novartis Meningococcal Vaccine Menveo Recommended Approval European Union
Novartis Menveo Vaccine Shows Superior Immune Response Against Novartis Mf59 -adjuvanted Vaccine Rapidly Induces Protective Antibody
Novartis Mf59 Adjuvanted Cell Culture-based Vaccine Shows Strong Novartis Name Registrant
Novartis Now Leading Healthcare Novartis Nyse Nvs World Leader Offering Medicines Protect
Novartis Obtains Rights Otsuka Develop New Treatment Dry Novartis Oncology Pipeline
Novartis Ophthalmics Novartis Oral Multiple Sclerosis Development Compound Gilenia Fty720
Novartis Oral Therapy Fty720 Shows Reduced Risk Confirmed Novartis Otc Business Unit Receives 2005 Mirror Award
Novartis Partners East African Botanicals Expand Cultivation Extraction Novartis Passes Acceptance Threshold Offer Neutec Pharma
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation Appeal Judgment Alabama Pricing Case Novartis Pipeline Advancing New Approvals
Novartis Pipeline Regulatory Update Novartis Plans Joint Research Partnership Fda
Novartis Presents Full Pipeline Novel Vaccines Addressing Significant Novartis Presents Positive Phase Data Key Compounds Highlights
Novartis Procter Gamble Enter Commercialization Agreement Enablex Novartis Proposes Approval Tenth Consecutive Higher Dividend Payment
Novartis Proposes Higher Dividend Payment 2005 Changes Board Novartis Provides Progress Update Plans Integrate Hexal Eon
Novartis Provides Safety Update Regulatory Agencies Novartis Provides Update Regulatory Status Zelnorm
Novartis Provides Update Regulatory Status Zelnorm Europe Basel Novartis Providing Over Usd Immediate Emergency Aid Victims
Novartis Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act Novartis Pursues Legal Actions Defend Intellectual Property Rights
Novartis Ramps Coartem Production Provide Potentially Life-saving Medicine Novartis Reaches Agreement Settle Lawsuit Related Eon Labs
Novartis Reaffirms Expectations Strong Operational Performance 2009 Record Novartis Receives 2005 Excellence Corporate Philanthropy Award
Novartis Receives Approval European Union Exforge Hct New Novartis Receives Approval Xolair Treat Children Age Suffering
Novartis Receives Complete Response Letter Fda Qab149 Investigational Novartis Receives European Marketing Authorization Aclasta
Novartis Receives Fda Approval Diovan Valsartan Reduce Cardiovascular Novartis Receives Fda Approval Menveo Vaccine Prevent Meningococcal
Novartis Receives Fda Approval Valturna Single-pill Combination Valsartan Novartis Receives Fda Priority Review Coartem Potentially Artemisinin-based
Novartis Receives Government Contract Further Develop Novel Antigen Novartis Receives Marketing Authorization Diovan Treat People Heart
Novartis Receives Positive Chmp Opinion Recommending Approval Aclasta Novartis Receives Positive Opinion Recommending European Approval First-in-class
Novartis Receives Regulatory Approval Completion Eon Labs Acquisition Novartis Receives Regulatory Approval Germany Celtura Cell Culture-based
Novartis Recommends Rejection Mini-tender Offer Trc Capital American Novartis Releases Fluvirin Influenza Virus Vaccine Distributors
Novartis Reports Higher Sales Earnings 2008 Showing Healthcare Novartis Reports Strong Results 2005
Novartis Schering Finalize Commercialization Agreement Novel Oral Angiogenesis Novartis Schering-plough Announce Collaboration Develop Novel Once-daily Combination
Novartis Secures Contract Supply Additional H5n1 Influenza Vaccine Novartis Seeks Approval Exforge Powerful Combination Leading Blood
Novartis Seeks European Approval Lucentis Treatment Patients Wet Novartis Seeks Shareholder Approval New Share Repurchase Program
Novartis Servier Sign Licensing Agreement Novel Treatment Major Novartis Set Sustain Leading Global Position Oncology Portfolio
Novartis Share Developments 2008 Novartis Share Option Plan
Novartis Share Price Increases Strongly Swiss Francs Adss Novartis Share Price Increases Swiss Francs Adss Increase
Novartis Shareholders Approve Dividend Increase 2009 Annual General Novartis Shareholders Approve Eighth Consecutive Dividend Increase Fifth
Novartis Shareholders Approve Ninth Consecutive Higher Dividend Payment Novartis Shareholders Approve Resolutions 2006 Annual General Meeting
Novartis Shareholders Approve Resolutions 2008 Annual General Meeting Novartis Shows Dynamic Momentum Industry-leading Pipeline
Novartis Starts Shipment Fluvirin Allowing Early Influenza Vaccination Novartis Starts Squeeze Out Procedure Remaining Speedel Shares
Novartis Strategic Healthcare Portfolio Drives Sustained Strong Performance Novartis Strategies Sustainable Growth
Novartis Strengthens Infectious Disease Portfolio Acquiring Rights Albuferon Novartis Strengthens Vaccine Pipeline Agreement Novel Cmv Vaccines
Novartis Submits Applications Europe Femara Adjuvant Treatment Postmenopausal Novartis Successfully Demonstrates Capabilities Cell-based Technology Production H1n1
Novartis Successfully Issues Swiss Franc Benchmark Bonds Totaling Novartis Suspends Marketing Sales Zelnorm Response Request Fda
Novartis Track Deliver Influenza H1n1 Vaccine Novartis Trademark
Novartis Unveils Further Impressive Efficacy Data Investigational Oral Novartis Vaccines Commitment Pandemic Preparedness
Novartis Vaccines Diagnostics Global Communications Novartis Vaccines Global Meningococcal Franchise
Novartis Vaccines Institute Global Health Novartis Venture Fund Invests Usd New Capital 2004
Novel Hospital Products Expand Specialty Medicines Portfolio Now Preparing New Growth Cycle
Now Therefore Nsaction Synergies
Nsaction Terms Nsaction Terms Eon Labs Minority Shareholders
Number 1-15024 Number Directors
Number Planned Launches 2005 Number Product Launches 2006
Number Shares Held Numbers Indicate Range Percentages Studies Among Patients Cml
Numerous Key Assumptions Estimates Calculating Pension Plan Obligations Nvgh
Nysepg Oab
Objectives Variable Compensation Chairman Chief Executive Officer Objects Sale Purchase
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Offer
Offer Transplant Recipients Welcome New Tool Improve Long-term Officers Directors Surviving Corporation
Olair Olding Finance
Omeprazole Omnitrope
Once-yearly Aclasta Approved Treat Osteoporosis Caused Steroid Treatment Once-yearly Aclasta Approved Treat Osteoporosis Men Reduce Risk
Oncology Oncology Hematology
Oncology Showcases Potential Asco 2008 One-year Phase Study Confirms Ilaris Offers Long-term Remission
One-year Results Chinese Phase Trial Ongoing Consolidation Among Distributors Further Increase Purchasing Leverage
Ongoing Consolidation Among Distributors Increase Purchasing Leverage Key Ongoing Phase Studies
Onsior Onychomycosis
Operate Highly Competitive Rapidly Consolidating Industries Operating Divisions
Operating Expenses Operating Financial Review
Operating Income Operating Income Consumer Health Continuing Operations Down Usd
Operating Income Consumer Health Continuing Operations Usd Operating Income Division
Operating Income Division Business Unit Operating Income Function
Operating Margin Operating Results
Operating Segments Ophthalmics
Ophthalmics Dermatology Gastrointestinal Urinary Odgu Opinion
Opinion Not Impact Current Labeling Zelnorm Treatment Ibs Optaflu
Opting Out Options Owned Non-executive Directors
Options Owned Senior Management Optix
Orchestrating Immune Defenses Ordinary General Meeting
Organisation Board Remuneration Organization
Organization Authority Organization Authority Qualification Companies
Organization Authority Seller Organizational Structure
Origin Value Added Orphan Drug Designation Fast-track Status
Osteoarthritis Otc
Otc Business Unit Faces Adverse Impacts Increased Competition Otc Business Unit Faces Adverse Impacts Questions Safety
Otc Number Russia Otc Over-the-counter Self Medication
Otc Over-the-counter Self-medications Other
Other Commitments Other Current Assets
Other Differences Other Employment Mandates Public Office Gifts
Other Equity Instruments Other Income Expense
Other Income Expense Continuing Operations Other Income Expense Net
Other Intangible Assets Other Long-term Employee Benefits
Other Long-term Incentive Plans Other Marketed Vaccine Products
Other Non-current Benefits Associates Other Non-current Employee Benefits
Other Novartis Businesses Face Competition Other Novartis Businesses Face Opportunities Challenges
Other Payments Members Executive Committee Other Payments Non-executive Directors
Other Payments Non-executive Directors Members Executive Committee Other Pharmaceuticals Products
Other Post-employment Benefits Other Related Parties Except Executives Directors
Other Revenue Other Revenues
Other Revenues Operating Expenses Other Shareholder Rights
Other Short-term Liabilities Other Significant Transactions 2007
Other Significant Transactions 2008 Other Significant Transactions 2009
Other Significant Transactions-2007 Other Specialty General Medicine Products
Over Counter Otc Overall Good Performance Difficult Environment Confirms Right Strategic
Overarching Strategy Overview
Overview Continuing Operations Overview Results Operations
Overview Total Group Overview-results Operations
Ownership Guidelines Ownership Novartis Shares Share Options Executives
Ownership Novartis Shares Share Options Non-executive Directors Ownership Novartis Shares Share Options Senior Management Guidelines
Ownership Shares Ownership Shares Other Equity Interests
Pagets Disease Pandemic Influenza
Pandemic Preparedness Panobinostat
Panobinostat Lbh589 Paper Presented Meeting American Diabetes Association Washington
Parkinsons Disease Alzheimers Dementia Participation Non-members
Partnership Interest Performing Function General Partner Party Claims
Party Management Past Was Marked Severe Financial Crisis Recession
Patch Patch Prototype
Patent Claims Parties Adversely Affect Business Results Operations Patent Expirations Generic Competition Pressure Industry
Patent Litigation Patents Save Lives
Patient Advocacy Patient Consumer Empowerment
Patient Impact Patient Safety Paramount
Patients Patients Early Parkinsons Disease Show Better Symptom Control
Patients Early-stage Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Patients Need
Patients People Health Safety Environment Business Conduct Corporate Patients Taking Glivec Form Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Cml
Patronatserklärungen Paul Choffat
Pay Performance Payment Former Members Executive Committee
Payments Former Members Executive Committee Payments Former Non-executive Directors
Payments Former Non-executive Directors Members Executive Committee Pension Benefits Members Executive Committee
Pension Healthcare Plans General Policy Pension Other Post-employment Benefits
Pension Plans Post-employment Benefits Other Long-term Employee Share Pensions Other Post-employment Benefits
People Communities Percorten
Percorten-v Performance 2009
Performance Based Compensation Performance Graph
Performance Liability Performance Management
Performance Management Process Performance-based Compensation
Permanent Novartis Management Consultancy Engagements Personal Loans Severance Agreements
Personnel Peter Burckhardt
Peter Burckhardt Swiss Age Peter Shelby
Pharmaceutical Antitrust Litigation Pharmaceutical Business Key Product Highlights
Pharmaceutical Division Products Pharmaceutical Industry Confronted Conflicting Trends
Pharmaceutical Product Developments Pharmaceuticals
Pharmaceuticals 2007 Sales Usd Pharmaceuticals 2008 Sales Usd
Pharmaceuticals Betaseron Pharmaceuticals Betaseron Agreement Related Chiron Acquisition
Pharmaceuticals Corthera Pharmaceuticals Delivers Strong Underlying Growth 2009 Novartis Continues
Pharmaceuticals Division Pharmaceuticals Division Confronted Record Level Industry Patent Expirations
Pharmaceuticals Division Faces Continue Face Important Patent Expirations Pharmaceuticals Division Faces Intense Competition Lower-cost Generic Products
Pharmaceuticals Division Key Product Highlights Pharmaceuticals Division Product Highlights Selected Leading Products
Pharmaceuticals Division Product Highlights-selected Leading Products Pharmaceuticals Environment
Pharmaceuticals Head Start Pharmaceuticals Idenix
Pharmaceuticals Industry Faces Increased Public Pressure Pharmaceuticals Key Figures
Pharmaceuticals Most Important Division Pharmaceuticals Nektar Pulmonary Business
Pharmaceuticals Net Sales Advance Usd Pharmaceuticals Net Sales Advance Usd 120
Pharmaceuticals Net Sales Climb Usd Pharmaceuticals Net Sales Grow Usd
Pharmaceuticals Net Sales Rise Usd Pharmaceuticals Net Sales Rise Usd 185
Pharmaceuticals Net Sales Usd Pharmaceuticals Net Sales Usd 226
Pharmaceuticals Neutec Pharma Pharmaceuticals Operating Income Climbs Usd
Pharmaceuticals Operating Income Rises Usd Pharmaceuticals Operating Income Usd
Pharmaceuticals Overview Pharmaceuticals Pipeline Regulatory Update
Pharmaceuticals Product Performance Pipeline Update Pharmaceuticals Product Performance Update
Pharmaceuticals Product Regulatory Update Pharmaceuticals Product Review
Pharmaceuticals Products Pharmaceuticals Products Performance Review
Pharmaceuticals Protez Pharmaceuticals Speedel
Pharmaceuticals Usd Pharmaceuticals Usd 132
Pharmaceuticals Usd 135 Pharmaceuticals Usd 199
Pharmaceuticals Usd 208 Pharmaceuticals Usd 263
Pharmaceuticals Usd 285 Pharmaceuticals Vaccines Diagnostics Chiron
Pharmaceuticals-betaseron Pharmaceuticals-betaseron Agreement Related Chiron Acquisition
Pharmaceuticals-corthera Pharmaceuticals-idenix
Pharmaceuticals-nektar Pulmonary Business Pharmaceuticals-neutec
Pharmaceuticals-protez Pharmaceuticals-speedel
Pharmacol Exp Ther Phase
Phase Clinical Trials Program Underway Phase Clinical Trials Underway
Phase Data Show Advanced Pancreatic Net Patients Remain Phase Data Show Novartis Investigational Bronchodilator Qab149 Significantly
Phase Results Fty720 Novel Oral Therapy Show Superior Phase Study Design
Phase Study Novartis Meningitis Vaccine Potential Produce Protective Phase Study Results Nejm
Phase Study Treatment Colorectal Cancer Physiol
Pierre Landolt Pierre Landolt Swiss Age
Pioneering Biosimilars Pioneering Patch
Pioneering Science Pipeline
Pipeline Highlights Pipeline New Drugs Industrys Strongest
Pivotal Phase Trial Results Show Novartis Cell Culture-derived Pivotal Submission Data Shows Tasigna Achieved Impressive Response
Place Jurisdiction Planned Interim Analysis Confirm Trial Ptk Indicates Low
Planning Launch Several Innovative Medicines Next Keep Investing Plementary Geographic Contributions
Plotting Pathways Policy Pre-approval Audit Non-audit Services Independent Auditors
Portfolio Rejuvenation Positive Margin Development
Positive Phase Data Support Submissions Laf237 Spp100 Positive Regulatory Opinion Aclasta Single Infusion Zoledronic Acid
Positive Results Prompt National Cancer Institute Make Glivec Post-employment Benefits Other Pensions
Potential Strategic Benefits Synergies Powerful Agent
Powers Board Powers General Meeting
Ppa Pragmatic Portfolio
Pre-approval Audit Non-audit Services Preamble
Preparing New Growth Cycle Presentation Minority Interests Changed
Presentation Tax Related Associated Companies Changed Presented Part 33rd European Society Medical Oncology Congress
Presiding Officer Minutes Vote Counters Pressure Patent Expirations Generic Competition
Pressure Reduce Drug Prices Increase Access Medicines Pressures Mount Reduce Drug Prices Increase Access Medicines
Prevacid 24hr Prevacid 24hr Clinically Proven Treat Frequent Heartburn
Prevacid24hr Prevention
Prexige Prexige Receives Not Approvable Letter Despite Being Most
Prexige Study Shows Significantly Less Impact Blood Pressure Price Adss Dollar Value Dividends Affected Fluctuations Swiss
Price Adss Dollar Value Dividends Negatively Affected Fluctuations Price Controls
Price Controls Other Pressures Prevent Setting Prices Products Pricing Investment Not Just Cost133
Pricing Litigation Primary Care
Princeton New Jersey 2008 Principal Accountant Fees Services
Principal Currency Translation Rates Principal Markets
Principles Been Consistently Without Change Applied Preceding Consolidated Principles Been Consistently Without Change Applied Preceding Financial
Principles Consolidation Prinicipal Markets
Print Pro Forma Condensed Interim Consolidated Financial Statements
Pro Forma Consolidated Cash Flow Statement Pro Forma Consolidated Financial Information
Pro Forma Consolidated Income Statement Pro Forma Data Including Acquisitions 2006
Pro Forma Earnings Per Share Pro Forma Impact 2006 Acquisitions
Proceeds Divestments Fund Acquisitions Share Repurchases Processes Data Consolidation
Producers Product Counterfeiting Tampering Adversely Affect Business Financial Condition
Product Liabilities Product Liability Claims Adversely Affect Business Results Operations
Product Names Appearing Italics Trademarks Novartis Group Companies Product Regulatory Update
Product Rights Trademarks Product Stewardship
Production Production Overhaul
Productive Innovation Filling Early-stage Pipeline Productivity Increased Efficiency
Productivity Increased Efficiency Speed Produkthaftpflicht
Professional Professor Fishman Moves Easily Between Worlds-the Laboratory Bench
Professor Moise Azria Spent Research Development Scientist Novartis Proforma Data Including Acquisitions 2006
Project Compound Promid
Promise Galvus Promising Early-stage Projects
Promising New Compounds Bring Hope Patients Promising Projects
Promoting Adherence Promoting Integrity Standards
Promotion Talented Leaders Proof-of-concept Trials Rigorously Test Compounds Early
Property Plant Equipment Property Plant Equipment Movements
Proposal Appropriation Available Earnings Proposal New Chf Share Repurchase Program
Proposals Shareholders Proposed 2006 Dividend
Proposed Changes Articles Incorporation Proposed Changes Board Directors
Proposed Transaction Protez Pharmaceuticals
Provided Provided Further
Provided However Provides Rapid Immune Response Individuals Primed Mf59-adjuvanted Vaccine
Providing Access Patients Need Provision Deductions Revenue
Provision Revenue Deductions Provisions
Provisions Certain Employment Agreements Provisions Cover General Business Risks Group Financial Assets
Provisions Other Current Liabilities Provisions Other Long-term Liabilities
Provisions Other Non-current Liabilities Provisions Revenue Deductions
Proxies Prt128
Pst Psychosocial Support Aids Orphans
Ptk Ptk Confirm Study Shows Positive Drug Effects Phase
Ptk787 Public Announcements
Public Pressure Pharmaceuticals Industry Affect Business Financial Condition Public Pressure Pharmaceuticals Industry Affect Business Results Operations
Public Sentiment Against Industry Adversely Affect Business Financial Public-private Partnerships
Publications Publications Place Jurisdiction
Purchase Accounting Ciba-geigy Purchase Accounting Ifrs Goodwill Amortization
Purchase Accounting Other Acquisitions Purchase Option Agreement
Purchase Price Purchase Price Resulting Adjustment Calculation Soon Reasonably Possible
Purchaser Shall Entitled Unilaterally Waive Conditions Precedent Set Purpose
Put Call Option Pz-601
Qab149 Qab149 Provides 24-hour Bronchodilation Once-daily Dosing
Quarterly Analysis Key Figures Quorum Majority Requirements
Rad001 Rad001 Combined Sandostatin Lar Monotherapy Controls Growth Rare
Rad001 Doubles Time Without Tumor Growth After Failure Rad001 Granted Priority Review Based Potential Fill Unmet
Radiant-1 Results Radiant-1 Study Details
Rapid Growth Rapidly Growing Global Healthcare Market
Rasilez Rasilez Cornerstone Treatment
Rasilez First-in-class Direct Renin Inhibitor Reduces Left Ventricular Rasilez Hct Receives Recommendation European Approval Single-pill Combination
Rasilez Offers Consistent 24-hour Control Rasilez Receives Approval Major Innovation High Blood Pressure
Rasilez Significantly Reduces Blood Pressure Alone Combination Rasilez Tekturna
Raymund Breu Phd Raymund Breu Phd Swiss Age
Rcc Re-elections Board Directors
Reaffirming Outlook Record Results 2007 Real Estate Matters
Real Property Real-time Data
Realized Cost Synergies Reasons Offer Proceeds
Receive 2009 European Inventor Awards Recent Acquisitions Divestments
Recent Changes Regulatory Environment Prevent Utilizing Exclusivity Periods Recent Launches
Recently Launched Products Rechtlicher Und Wirtschaftlicher
Rechtlicher Und Wirtschaftlicher Eigentümer Recitals
Reclassification Reclast Aclasta
Reclast Receives Approval Highly Effective Treatment Patients Pagets Recommendations
Record Level Industry Patent Expirations Increasingly Aggressive Generic Record-1 Results
Record-1 Trial Reduced Availability Exclusivity Periods Adverse Effect Success Sandoz
Reduction Share Capital Reference
References Regarding Compliance Laws
Regarding Compliance Policies Regarding External Auditors
Regarding Financial Reporting Regarding Internal Auditors
Regarding Risk Management Regierungspräsidium Dresden
Regional Global Influenza Pandemic Severely Affect Business Registered Shareholders Type Geographic Region
Registration Shareholder Registration Voting Restrictions Major Shareholders
Regular Sap Tests Regularly Critically Assess Strategy Ensure Remains Relevant Future
Regulation Regulations Board Directors Committees Executive Committee
Regulatory Approvals Drop Amid Intense Competition Safety Scrutiny Regulatory Approvals Drop Scrutiny Safety Rises
Regulatory Other Authorizations Related Parties
Related Party Transactions Release Only Summary Information Contained Quarterly Report Issued
Remaining Shared Agreements Rembrandt
Remedies Removal Restrictions Registration
Renal Cell Carcinoma Renal Cell Carcinoma Rcc
Renin Inhibition Unique Mechanism Action Replacement Employees Shall Not Apply Respect Jurisdiction Providing
Report Auditors Novartis Financial Statements General Meeting Basel Report Effectiveness Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Report Form 6-k 2004 1-15024 Report Form 6-k 2005 1-15024
Report Form 6-k Dated 2005 1-15024 Report Form 6-k Dated 2006 1-15024
Report Novartis Management Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Report Other Legal Regulatory Requirements
Report Other Legal Requirements Report Statutory Auditor Consolidated Financial Statements
Report Statutory Auditor Consolidated Financial Statements Novartis Report Statutory Auditor Financial Statements Novartis
Reporting Entity Reporting Process
Reporting Scope Representation Members
Representations Warranties Buyer Representations Warranties Novartis Merger Sub
Representations Warranties Purchaser Representations Warranties Seller
Representations Warranties Sellers Representatives
Repurchase Agreements Repurchase Approximately Usd Novartis Shares
Repurchase Programs Reputation
Research Research Commitment
Research Development Research Development Commitments
Research Development Continuing Operations Research Development Efforts Not Succeed
Research Development Efforts Not Succeed Bringing High-potential Products Research Development Patents Licenses
Research Development Update Research Program
Research Program Based Glivec-sensitive Pathways Multiple Rare Disorders Reserve Treasury Shares Held Group
Residents Other Countries Resolutions
Resolutions Elections Resolutions Elections Annual General Meeting
Resolutions Elections General Assembly Resolutions Elections General Meetings
Resource Consumption Energy Water Respect Human Rights
Respir Crit Care Med Respiratory
Respiratory Dermatology Respiratory Diseases
Responsibilities Responsibility Methodology
Restated 2004 2003 Consolidated Financial Statements Restated 2004 2003 Gaap Equity Net Income
Restated 2004 Consolidated Financial Statements Restated 2004 Gaap Equity Net Income
Restated Consolidated Balance Sheet 2004 Restated Consolidated Cash Flow Statement 2004
Restated Consolidated Cash Flow Statement 2004 2003 Restatement 2003 Data
Restatement 2004 Data Restatements
Restoring Hope Restricted Share Plan
Restriction Impediment Cessation Manufacture Marketing Material Product Presently Restriction Registration Nominees
Restriction Registration Right Vote Restriction Trading Shares
Restrictions Transactions Restructuring Charges
Result Associated Companies Results Associated Companies
Results Corporate Citizenship-related Projects 2004 Targets 2005 Results Major Study Show Femara Provides Disease Free
Results New England Journal Medicine Confirm Novartis Drug Results New Multi-center Trials Confirm Efficacy Tolerability Prexige
Results New Study London School Hygiene Tropical Medicine Results Operations
Results Patients Retail Generics
Retail Generics Business Rethinking Influenza
Retirement Benefit Plans Retirement Other Post-employment Benefit Plans
Rev Gastroenterol Disord Revenue
Revenue Expense Recognition Revenue Recognition
Revenues Profits Particular Generic Pharmaceutical Products Decline Competitors Reversal Currency Translation Gain
Reversal Non-cash Revised Agreement
Richard Booton Right Request Information
Right Vote Share Rights Cumulative
Risk Assessment Disclosures Risk Assessment Disclosures Required Swiss Law
Risk Factors Risk Management
Risk Portfolios Risks Related Expected Acquisition Majority Interest Alcon Subsequent
Ritalin Focalin Rna Interference Rnai
Road Remission Robust Growth Drivers Remain Distinguishing Characteristic Healthcare Sector
Roche Genentech Roche Holding
Roduction Role Functioning Board
Role Functioning Board Committees Role Functioning Executive Committee
Roles Responsibilities Rolf Zinkernagel
Rolf Zinkernagel Swiss Age Rolling Back Malaria Zambia
Rounded Nearest Cent Less Applicable Taxes Required Withheld Rsv
Rtemisia Annua Safer Workplace
Safety Data Safety Information
Safety Profile Salaries
Sale Purchase Stage Shares Sale Transfer Gmbh Shares
Sale Transfer Interest Sales Division
Sales Region Salesforce Execution
Sandostatin Sandostatin Lar
Sandostatin Lar Important Safety Information Sandostatin Lar Metastatic Neuroendocrine Midgut Tumors
Sandoz Sandoz -20 Usd 200
Sandoz Acquire Ebewe Pharma Specialty Generics Business Improving Sandoz Completes Acquisition Ebewe Pharma Improving Global Patient
Sandoz Division Sandoz Division Face Patent Infringement Lawsuits Research-based Pharmaceutical
Sandoz Ebewe Pharma Sandoz Enhances Patient Access Launch Omnitrope Pen Liquid
Sandoz Gets Precedent-setting Approval Omnitrope Follow-on Version Previously Sandoz Integration Progressing Better Planned
Sandoz Launches Generic Version Prograf Capsules Sandoz Net Sales Advance Usd
Sandoz Net Sales Decline Usd Sandoz Net Sales Double Usd
Sandoz Net Sales Expand Usd Sandoz Net Sales Grow Usd
Sandoz Net Sales Rise Usd Sandoz Net Sales Usd
Sandoz Net Sales Usd 832 Sandoz Not Able Realize Expected Benefits Significant Investments
Sandoz Operating Income 115 Usd 736 Sandoz Operating Income Advances Usd 238
Sandoz Operating Income Advances Usd 243 Sandoz Operating Income Advances Usd 561
Sandoz Operating Income Climbs Usd 318 Sandoz Operating Income Declines Usd
Sandoz Operating Income Rises 156 Usd Sandoz Operating Income Rises Dynamically Usd 207
Sandoz Operating Income Rises Sharply Usd 119 Sandoz Operating Income Rises Usd
Sandoz Operating Income Rises Usd 110 Sandoz Operating Income Rises Usd 204
Sandoz Overview Sandoz Positioned Dynamic Growth
Sandoz Preparing Eon Integration Following Hexal Acquisition Sandoz Receives Approval First-ever Japanese Biosimilar
Sandoz Receives European Approval Biosimilar Filgrastim Sandoz Receives Positive Opinion Biosimilar Filgrastim
Sandoz Sales Usd 803 Sandoz Signs Exclusive Collaboration Momenta Pharmaceuticals Develop Complex
Sandoz Usd Sandoz Usd 246
Sandoz Usd 247 Sandoz Usd 291 -16
Sandoz Usd 293 Sandoz Usd 312
Sandoz Usd 538 Sandoz Usd 591
Sandoz Usd 850 Sandoz Usd 884
Sandoz-ebewe Pharma Sandozs Success Depend Ability Successfully Challenge Patent Rights
Sarbanes-oxley Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Scd-1 Schadenskompensation
Schedules Exhibits Schizophrenia
Science Underpinning Hope Scientific Advances Drive Discovery New Medicines
Scientific Technological Advances Scope Consolidation
Scope Ghg Emissions Operations Seasonal Influenza
Sebivo Sebivo Approved China Treatment Chronic Hepatitis Nations Leading
Sebivo Receives Major Approval Switzerland New Treatment Patients Sec Filings
Secrecy Non-competition Secretary Minutes
Segment Reporting Selbständiges Garantieversprechen
Select Plan Select Rest World Plan
Selected Critical Accounting Policies Selected Ophthalmic Pharmaceuticals 2008 Net Sales Usd
Selectively Strengthen Healthcare Portfolio Selectively Strengthen Portfolio
Selectively Strengthening Healthcare Portfolio Seller-company Agreements
Sellers Knowledge Sellers Knowledge Neither Nor Subsidiaries Party Agreement Option
Senior Management Compensation Separate Analysis Shows Humanised Antibody Allergic Asthma Reduces
Sequential Parallel Sequential Treatments Analysis Sta
Sequestering Carbon Dioxide Serious Side Effects
Settlement Not Affect Economic Terms Outstanding Tender Offer Severability
Severe Exacerbations Halved Shall Not Apply Agreements Set Forth Annex Hereto
Shall Not Apply Claims Based Sections 123 826 Shall Particular Mutually Agree Effect Communication Customers Suppliers
Shanghai China 2006 Share Capital
Share Capital Novartis Share Certificates
Share Information Share Option Plans
Share Options Share Owned Non-executive Directors
Share Ownership Share Participation Plans Associates
Share Partnership Interest Sale Transfer Agreement Share Plans
Share Price Chf Share Registry
Share Repurchase Program Share Repurchase Program Initiated
Share Repurchase Programs Share Vote
Share-based Compensation Shared Arrangements Prior Stage Closing
Shared Arrangements Stage Closing Shared Distribution Channels
Shareholder Meetings Shareholder Naturally Interested Further Development
Shareholder Naturally Interested Performance Shareholder Registration
Shareholder Rights Shareholder Rights Share Vote
Shareholders Agreement Shareholders Board Directors Novartis Group Basel
Shareholders Novartis Shareholders Obviously Interested Development Value
Shareholders Register Restrictions Registration Nominees Shareholders Rights
Shareholders Type Geographic Region Shares
Shares Options Owned Executive Committee Members Shares Owned Executive Committee Members
Shares Owned Members Executive Committee Shares Owned Non-executive Directors
Shares Owned Senior Management Shares Share Options Owned
Shares Share Options Owned Members Executive Committee Shares Share Options Owned Non-executive Directors
Sheldon Jones Sherry Pudloski
Shopper Insights Short Notice
Short Term Short-term Financial Debts
Short-term Incentive Plan Short-term Incentive Plans
Sic-12 Change Relating Consolidation Equity Compensation Plans Sic-12 Employee Post-employment Benefits
Sic-12 Equity Compensation Plan Sickle Cell Disease
Signature Power Signatures
Significant Changes Significant Differences Between Ifrs Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
Significant Differences Between Ifrs United States Generally Accepted Significant Disease Burden
Significant Disruptions Information Technology Systems Adversely Affect Business Significant Disruptions Information Technology Systems Breaches Data Security
Significant Improvement Elidel Significant Minority Holdings Publicly Traded Companies
Significant Potential Late- Mid-stage Novartis Hematology Portfolio Showcased Significant Shareholders
Significant Transactions 2007 Significant Transactions Business Combinations Divestments
Simulect Simultaneous Translations
Single-pill Combinations Diovan Hct Exforge Approved First-line Treatments Site Visits
Sixth Treatment Skonti
Smon Subacute Myelo Optico Neuropathy Solar Power Systems
Solution Future Health-care Challenges Undiminished Commitment Innovation Som230
Source Awarded Shares Source Shares Awarded
South Korea Increasing Visibility Speakers Desk
Special Purpose Entities Special Quorum
Special Share Awards Specialty Generics
Specialty Medicines Specific Performance
Speedel Speedel Holding Ltd
Spin-off Novartis Agribusiness Spp100
Srikant Datar Phd Srikant Datar Phd American Age
Staff Fluctuations 2004 Staff Fluctuations 2005
Staff Fluctuations 2006 Stage Closing Date
Stage Closing Shall Occurred Stakeholder Engagement
Stammkapital Staphylococcus Aureus
Statements Profit Allocation Status Adoption Significant New Amended Ifrs Standards Interpretations
Statutory Accounts Step Innovation
Stepping Forward Stepping Innovation
Steuerliche Organschaften Steve Mccurry
Stockholm 2005 Straight Bonds
Strategic Actions Strengthen Healthcare Portfolio Strategic Alliances Complement Pipeline
Strategic Cardiovascular Franchise Strategic Cardiovascular Metabolism Franchise
Strategic Healthcare Portfolio Driving Sustained Strong Performance Strategic Partners
Strategies Sustainable Growth Strength Innovation Novartis Oncology Products Pipeline Potential Improve
Strengthen Strategic Healthcare Portfolio Particularly Non-pharmaceutical Businesses Strengthening Healthcare Portfolio Alcon
Striking Results Strong Balance Sheet
Strong Candidate Strong Competition Other Areas Healthcare Portfolio
Strong Competition Other Areas Novartis Healthcare Portfolio Strong Economic Growth Emerging Markets
Strong Patent Position Strong Pipeline Set Dynamic Progress
Strong Safety Profile Strong Values
Stuart Franklin Study
Study Also Demonstrates Safety Tolerability Profile Aliskiren Comparable Study Design
Study Details Study Details Abstract 3119
Study Details Abstract 406 Study Results
Study Shows Conversion Myfortic Current Therapy Significantly Improved Study Shows Once-yearly Aclasta Better Risedronate Increasing Bone
Sub-committees Executive Committee Subject Matter
Subject Matter Hereof Supersedes Other Prior Agreements Understandings Submission Exforge Accepted Review Fda New Therapy Option
Subsequent Event Alcon Subsequent Event-alcon
Success Factors Generics Market Success Sandoz Depends Ability Successfully Develop Commercialize Additional
Successful Campaign Against Leprosy Public Health Milestone Succession Planning
Summary Summary Compensation Table
Summary Non-vested Share Movements Supervisory Control Instruments Audit Compliance Committee
Supplementary Information Free Cash Flow Supply Requests Received Governments
Supply-chain Initiatives Surgical 2007 Sales Usd
Surgical 2008 Sales Usd Surging Demand
Survival Notice Claims Suspended Withdrawn Products
Sustain Performance-oriented Culture Sustained Commitment Social Responsibility Fundamental Value Novartis
Sustained Leadership Hypertension Svetlana Pinto
Swift Integration Swiss Code Best Practice Corporate Governance
Swiss Employee Benefit Plans Swiss Employee Share Ownership Plan
Swiss Management Pension Fund Swiss Pension Fund
Swiss Residents Switzerland
Switzerland Jurisdiction Incorporation Organization Lichtstrasse 4056 Basel Symbols
Takes Courage Uncertain Times Follow Own Path True Taking Applicable Action Violate Such Seller Designees Fiduciary
Taking Strategic Actions Sustainable Growth Tangible Personal Property
Targeted Investments Strengthen Healthcare Portfolio Targeted Therapies Glivec Amn107
Targeting Sustainable Growth Challenging Environment Targets
Targets Governance Targets Incentives
Targets Variable Compensation Chairman Chief Executive Officer Tarifverträge
Tasigna Tasigna Demonstrates Rapid Response Initial Therapy Life-threatening Form
Tasigna Gains European Approval Patients Life-threatening Form Leukemia Tasigna Important Safety Information
Tasigna Produced Responses Patients Tasigna Receives Approval Providing New Hope Chronic Myeloid
Tasigna Recommended European Approval Treat Rare Form Leukemia Tasigna Safety Information
Tasigna Shows Rapid Deep Responses Newly Diagnosed Patients Tax Contests
Tax Election Tax Indemnification
Tax Refunds Tax Representations Related Life Business
Tax Returns Payments Taxation
Taxes Technologies
Technology Driving Innovation Tegretol
Tekturna Tekturna Hct Single-tablet Combination Diuretic Receives Approval Treatment
Tekturna Rasilez Telbivudine
Telbivudine Achieves Primary Endpoint Phase Globe Trial Largest Telbivudine Patients Undetectable Virus Remain
Terazosin Term
Term Office Term Powers Duties
Terminated Projects Termination
Termination Intra-group Agreements Terms Agreement
Terms Options Granted Members Executive Committee Terms Share Options
Terms Share Options Granted Terms Share Options Granted Members Executive Committee
Terms Transaction Terms Transaction Neutec Pharma Plc
Terms Transactions Hexal Eon Labs Terrorism Related Military Activity Impact Global Economic Conditions
Therapeutic Areas Thin Film Breath Fresheners Reached Market 2001 Researchers
Thomas Ebeling Thomas Wellauer Phd
Thomas Wellauer Phd Swiss Age Thomas Werlen Phd
Thomas Werlen Phd Swiss Age Three-year Study Demonstrating Efficacy Safety
Tianyuan Ticket Admission
Tight Cost Control Tki258
Tobi Tobi Tobramycin
Tobi Tobramycin Investigation Tobi-tip
Top Marketed Brands Total Equity Value Awarded
Total Equity Value Awarded Plan Select Total Recordable Case Rate Trcr
Tra Nsaction Meets Strategic Objectives Tra Nsformational Transaction Sandoz
Tracking Mtor Trade Accounts Receivable
Trade Notifications Trade Receivables
Tradename Galvus Currently Pending Regulatory Including Fda Approval Tradename Outside Aclasta
Trading Traffic Ticket
Training Communication Transaction Costs
Transaction Terms Transaction Terms Nestlé
Transactions Effected Stage Closing Transfer Financial Statements
Transforming Strategy Measurable Action Transforming Treatment Multiple Sclerosis
Transforming Treatments Transition Services
Transitional Services Translation Clinic
Translation Currencies Translational Medicine Nibr Bridge Basic Science New Drug
Transparent Reporting Transplantation
Transplantation Immunology Treasury Shares
Treatment Indemnity Payments Trend Information
Trial Trial Data Easd Underscore Effective Once-daily Treatment
Trials Trileptal
Trileptal Investigation Trips
Trusted Partner Tuberculosis
Turkey Demographics Healthcare Reform Turning Point
Two-year Phase Study Shows Novartis Oral Therapy Fty720 Tyzeka
Tyzeka Receives Regulatory Approval New Treatment Patients Chronic Ulrich Lehner Phd
Ulrich Lehner Phd German Age Umbrella Brand
Umwg Underscoring Benefits Strategic Healthcare Portfolio
Unhealthy Lifestyles Environmental Pollution Increase Frequency Chronic Diseases Unique Portfolio
United Against Malaria United Kingdom Germany Suspend Marketing Sale Prexige Pending
United States United States Federal Income Taxation
Unless Otherwise Stated Growth Rates Usd Comments Refer Unprecedented Scale-up Underway
Update Update European Influenza Vaccine Supply
Updated Code Urs Baerlocher
Us-based Defined Contribution Program Us-based Defined-contribution Program
Us-based Employee Pension Plan Vaccine
Vaccine Key Products Development Vaccine Products Development
Vaccines Vaccines Development Pipeline
Vaccines Diagnostics Vaccines Diagnostics -71 Usd
Vaccines Diagnostics Creates New Strategic Growth Platform Vaccines Diagnostics Division
Vaccines Diagnostics Focus Ensuring Supply Accelerating Innovation Vaccines Diagnostics Generates Operating Income Usd
Vaccines Diagnostics Intercell Vaccines Diagnostics Intercell Agreement
Vaccines Diagnostics Net Sales Advance Usd 251 Vaccines Diagnostics Net Sales Usd 127
Vaccines Diagnostics Net Sales Usd 231 Vaccines Diagnostics Net Sales Usd 374
Vaccines Diagnostics Net Sales Usd 455 Vaccines Diagnostics Net Sales Usd 482
Vaccines Diagnostics Net Sales Usd 956 Vaccines Diagnostics Operating Income Usd
Vaccines Diagnostics Operating Loss Usd Vaccines Diagnostics Operating Loss Usd 128
Vaccines Diagnostics Overview Vaccines Diagnostics Provides Operating Income Usd
Vaccines Diagnostics Usd Vaccines Diagnostics Usd -167
Vaccines Diagnostics Usd -18 -13 Vaccines Diagnostics Usd -211
Vaccines Diagnostics Usd -234 Vaccines Diagnostics Usd -67
Vaccines Diagnostics Usd 180 Vaccines Diagnostics Usd 182 166
Vaccines Diagnostics Usd 247 -12 Vaccines Diagnostics Usd 247 -23 -15
Vaccines Diagnostics Usd 322 Vaccines Diagnostics Usd 491
Vaccines Diagnostics Usd 494 -18 Vaccines Diagnostics Usd 543 -18 -16
Vaccines Diagnostics Usd 602 Vaccines Diagnostics Usd 666
Vaccines Diagnostics Zhejiang Tianyuan Vaccines Diagnostics-chiron
Vaccines Diagnostics-intercell Vaccines Diagnostics-intercell Agreement
Vaccines Diagnostics-zhejiang Tianyuan Vaccines Help Prevent Influenza-related Deaths Hospitalizations
Vaccines Pipeline Supports Existing Franchises Explores New Fields Valiant
Valopicitabine Valopicitabine Nm283
Valsartan Valuation Principles
Value Added Statement Value Presented European Meeting Hypertension
Valued Open Partner Research Community Variable Compensation
Vast Presented European Meeting Hypertension Vaxem-hib
Vermögens- Finanz- Und Ertragslage Vertriebsleiter
Verwaltungsrat Vice Versa
Violations Remedial Action Viral Hepat
Vis-à-vis Purchaser Money Transfer Bank Account Identified Seller Visionary Leadership Mali
Visudyne Vitro
Vivienne Schneider Vivo
Volatile Organic Compounds Voc Emissions Halogenated Volatile Organic Compounds Voc Non-halogenated
Voltaren Voltaren Gel
Voting Ads Holders Voting Limitations
Voting Nominees Wage Litigation
Waiver Determination Satisfaction Conditions Waste
Water Water Recycling Plant Atlanta Georgia
Well Way New Growth Cycle Pharmaceuticals Well-tolerated Children
Wellcome Trust Whereas
Widely Dispersed Shareholdings William Brody Phd
William Brody Phd American Age William George
William George American Age World Experts Convene Tanzania Address Tuberculosis Emergency
Worldwide Breast Cancer Fifth Most Common Cause Death Wto Recently Urged India Improve Intellectual Property System
Wwwnovartiscom Xolair
Xolair Omalizumab Add-on Therapy Significantly Reduces Attacks Patients Xolair Submission
Yes Yes Not Applicable
Younger Portfolio Zelmac Zelnorm
Zelnorm Zelnorm Litigation
Zelnorm Zelmac Zelnorm Zelmacs
Zensaa Zensaa Results Show Benefits Zelnorm Treatments
Zivilprozeßordnung Zpo Zolvix
Zometa Zometa Aredia
Zometa Aredia Litigation Zometa Contraindications Warnings Adverse Events
Zometa Important Safety Information Zometa Patent Litigation
Zometa Safety Information 
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