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Acceleration Remedies Access Information
Accounting Terms Accounting Treatment Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Result Future
Accounts Receivable Accuracy Completeness Information
Accuracy Representations Warranties Acknowledgement
Acquisitions Additional Information Incorporated Reference
Additional Information Nucors Business Incorporated Reference 2005 Annual Adjustments Changes Capitalization
Adjustments Reflect Stock Split Administration
Administrative Agent Administrative Agent Individual Capacity
Administrative Details Affirmative Covenants
Agency Provisions Allowances Doubtful Accounts
Although Believe Plaintiffs Claims Without Merit Vigorously Defend Amended Form 10-k
Amendment Amendment Termination
Amendment Waiver Amendments
Amendments Waivers Consents Amount Cash Received Exercise Stock Options Totaled 272
Anagement Eport Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Annual Incentive Plan
Annual Incentives Annual Meeting
Annual Meeting Stockholders Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2006 Following Actions Taken
Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2007 Following Actions Taken Annual Performance Evaluation
Appendix Applicable Law
Appointment Approval Offer
Arrangers Book Managers Asset Impairments
Assignability Assignment
Assignment Assumption Attornment
Audit Committee Available Information
Average Scrap Substitute Cost Per Ton Used Increased Award Agreements
Awards Based Relative Return Average Invested Capital Backlog
Bank New York Bar Mills
Base Salary Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Benefit Agreement Benefits
Bernards International Manufacturing Experience Great Asset Board Directors Binding Effect Termination
Board Directors Recommends Vote Proposal Board Directors Statement Opposition Proposal
Borrower Building Systems
Buildings Group Buildings Group Light Gauge Steel Framing
Business Requires Substantial Capital Investment Maintenance Expenditures Resources Capital Expenditures Decreased Approximately 2006 Compared 2005 Projected
Capital Expenditures Decreased Approximately Half 2006 Compared 2005 Capital Expenditures Increased Approximately 144 2008 Compared 2007
Capital Requirements Capital Stock
Capitalization Cash Dividend Share Repurchase Program
Certificates Other Information Change Control
Change Control Benefits Change Control Severance Benefits
Changes Availability Cost Electricity Natural Gas Subject Volatile Changes Foreign Currency Adversely Affect Financial Results
Charlotte North Carolina Charlotte North Carolina 2005 Nucor Corporation Nyse Nue
Charlotte North Carolina 2006 Nucor Corporation Nyse Nue Charlotte North Carolina 2007-nucor Corporation Nyse Nue Announced
Choice Law Cibc Inc
Classification Vrdns Cold Finish
Cold Finish Nucor North Americas Largest Producer Products Color2c4878international Joint Venture
Color9e958bfastener Color9e958bgrating
Color9e958bsteel Mills Segment Commercialization New Technologies
Comparison 2007 2006 Compensation Benchmarking
Compensation Discussion Analysis Compensation Executive Development Committee
Compensation Philosophy Competition Other Materials Material Adverse Effect Business
Competition Other Materials Materially Adversely Affect Business Competitive Loan Subfacility
Compliance Laws Contractual Obligations Components Compensation
Compromises Arrangements Computation Time Periods Dollar Equivalents
Conditions Conditions Closing
Conditions Extensions Credit Conditions Making Offer
Confidentiality Conflict
Consecutive Cash Dividend Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consolidated Financial Statements Consolidated Funded Debt Total Capitalization Ratio
Consolidated Net Earnings 3449 114 Per Diluted Share Consolidation Merger Sale Assets
Consultation Contingencies
Contractual Obligations Other Commercial Commitments Controls Procedures
Cooperation Corporate Office
Corporate Offices Cost Products Sold
Costs Expenses Indemnification Counterparts
Covenants Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement
Credit Contact Critical Accounting Policies Estimates
Critical Accounting Policy Current Global Recession Credit Crisis Likely Continue Adversely
Current Liabilities Current Orders Backlogs Healthy Across Product Lines Strong
Daniel Dimicco Certify Debt Other Financing Arrangements
Default Rate Deferral Certain Awards Director Fees
Deferrals Performance Awards Deferrals Restricted Stock Performance Awards
Definitions Delegation Duties
Delivery Proxy Materials Annual Report Delivery Proxy Statements
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Derivative Financial Instruments
Director Compensation Director Election Majority Vote Standard Proposal
Director Information Directors
Directors Executive Officers Registrant Discretionary Voting Proxy Holders
Dividend Reinvestment Dividends
Dividends Payable Included Accrued Expenses Other Current Liabilities Dministration
Duration Amendment Termination Earnings Per Share
Effect Adjustment Consolidated Statement Cash Flows Was Not Effect Derivative Instruments Condensed Consolidated Statements Earnings
Effect Termination Effective Date Duration Plan
Efinitions Election Directors
Eligibility Employee Benefit Plan
Employee Benefit Plans Employees
Employment Agreement Keith Grass Employment Agreements
Employment Agreements Senior Officers Severance Plans Employment Arrangements
Energy Entire Agreement
Entirety Entry Material Definitive Agreement
Environmental Compliance Remediation Result Substantially Increased Costs Materially Environmental Matters
Environmental Remediation Eport Ndependent Egistered Ublic Ccounting Irm
Equity Compensation Plan Information Equity Incentive Plan Awards
Equity Investments Equity Investments Size2
Erisa Establishment Plan
Estimates Evaluated Effectiveness Registrants Disclosure Controls Procedures Presented Report
Events Default Evidence Debt
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Except Per Share Amounts
Except Per Share Data Exchange Rates Currency Equivalents
Exculpatory Provisions Executive Compensation
Executive Officer Compensation Executive Officers Directors
Executive Officers Nucor 2006 Set Forth Below Each Executive Officers Registrant
Executive Offices Executive Summary
Exhibits Expenses
Extension Conversion Facearial Size2
Fair Value Derivative Financial Instruments Fair Value Measurements
Fair Value Rsus Determined Based Closing Stock Price Fair Values Derivative Instruments
Fasb Statement 109 Accounting Income Taxes See Fin Fastener
Federal Income Tax Consequences Fees
Fees Paid Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Ferriola Had Been Executive Vice President Charge Sheet
Filing Amendment Form 10-k Financial Condition
Financial Statement Schedules Financial Statements
Financial Statements Exhibits Financing Activities
First-in First-out Fifo Method Accounting Had Been Used Following Consolidated Financial Statements Report Independent Registered Public
Following Financial Statement Schedule Included Report Indicated Following Table Summarizes Information Regarding Nucors Financial Assets
Foregoing Certification Being Furnished Securities Exchange Form 10-k Form 10-k
Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report Forms Equity-based Awards Available 2005 Stock Plan
Forward-looking Statements Fraud Whether Not Material Involves Management Other Employees
Further Assurances General Information
General Severance Benefits Glance
Goodwill Goodwill Other Intangibles
Goodwill Other Tangibles Governing Law Arbitration
Government Affairs Governmental Regulations Etc
Grants Plan Based Awards Grating
Greenfield Growth Greenfield Project
Gross Margin Gross Margins Approximately 2006 Compared 2005
Gross Margins Approximately 2006 Half Compared 2005 Half 2005 Nucor Received Settlement Claims Against Parties
Half 2007 Nucors Consolidated Net Sales Increased 794 Half 2008 Nucor Issued Repaid 800 Commercial Paper
Ham Lott Executive Vice President Fabricated Products Joe Harris Steel Inc Purchased Stock South Pacific
Headings Illegality
Impairment Non-current Assets Impairment Non-current Assets Facearial Size2
Inability Determine Interest Rate Income Taxes
Increase Revolving Commitments Indemnification
Indemnity Index
Index Exhibits Index Financial Statement Schedule
Indicate Check Whether Registrant Large Accelerated Filer Non-accelerated Industry Cyclical Prolonged Economic Declines Material Adverse Effect
Information Agent Dealer Manager Information Contained Report Fairly Presents Material Respects Financial
Information Not Affected Restatement Stock Split Unchanged Information Required Incorporated Reference Nucors Proxy Statement Heading
Inspection Property Books Records Discussions Intangible Assets Estimated Lives Amortized Straight-line Accelerated Basis
Interest Expense Interest Expense Come
Interest Expense Income Interest Expense Income Net 2008 2007 Was Follows
Interest Income Expense Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
International Joint Venture Internet Access
Introduction Inventories
Investigation Investing Activities
Investments Acquisitions Issuer
Jpmorgan Chase Bank Judgment Currency
Knowledge Legal Proceedings
Letter Credit Amounts Libor Reserve Compensation
Light Gauge Steel Framing Limitation Audit Committees Role
Liquidity Capital Resources List Exhibits Form 10-k 2004
List Exhibits Form 10-k 2005 List Exhibits Form 10-k 2007
List Exhibits Form 10-k-december 2006 List Exhibits Form 10-k-december 2008
List Exhibits Form 10-q 2005 List Exhibits Form 10-q 2006
List Exhibits Form 10-q 2007 List Exhibits Form 10-q 2008
List Exhibits Form 10-q 2009 Long Term Incentive Plan Ltip
Long-term Debt Financing Arrangements Long-term Incentive Plan
Long-term Incentive Plans Maintenance Existence Compliance Law
Maintenance Property Insurance Major Component Cost Products Sold Raw Material Costs
Major Components Marketing Administrative Other Expenses Freight Profit Majority Goodwill Been Preliminarily Allocated Steel Products Segment
Management Assessed Effectiveness Nucors Internal Control Over Financial Management Business Conduct Affairs
Managements Discussion Analysis Financial Condition Results Operations Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Market Registrants Common Equity Related Stockholder Matters Issuer Market Risk
Marketing Administrative Other Expenses Markets Marketing
Material Features Equity Compensation Plan Not Approved Stockholders Material Features Equity Compensation Plans Not Approved Stockholders
Material Litigation Material Modification Rights Security Holders
Meeting Held 2008 Meeting Held 2009
Meetings Membership
Minority Interests Miscellaneous
Modern Slavery Report Multi-year Revolving Credit Agreement
Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant Nature Operations
Nature Operations Basis Presentation Negative Covenants
Negative Pledge Net Earnings
Net Earnings Percentage Sales Respectively Half 2007 2006 Net Earnings Return Equity
Net Sales Net Sales 2008 Increased Last Due Increase Average
Net Sales External Customers Segment 2008 2007 Follows Newer Facilities Expansions
Nominating Directors Non-compete Non-solicitation Agreements
Non-equity Incentive Plan Awards Non-reliance Administrative Agent Other Lenders
Non-solicitation Opportunity Match Non-transferable Restricted Stock Units
Noncompetition Nonsoliciation Northern Trust
Notes Notice Certain Matters
Notice Default Notices
Ntroduction Nu-iron Unlimited
Nucor Acquired Stock Duferdofin Srl Purchase Price Nucor Acquires Over Harris Steel Group Inc Shares
Nucor Also Growing Through Greenfield Projects Using New Nucor Board Directors
Nucor Corporation Nucor Corporation Condensed Consolidated Statements Earnings
Nucor Corporation Notes Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements Nucor Entered Significant New Commitments 2008 Respect Issuance
Nucor Expects 2006 Another Strong Continue Benefit Product Nucor Had 7500 Employees Annual Sales Today
Nucor Had Effective Tax Rate 353 2007 Compared Nucor Had Effective Tax Rate 355 2006 Compared
Nucor Had Interest Expense Compared Income Prior Nucor Historically Focused Optimizing Existing Operations Ensure They
Nucor Manufactures Custom-engineered Standard Metal Buildings Components Load Nucor Names John Ferriola Chief Operating Officer
Nucor Nations Largest Recycler Using Scrap Steel Primary Nucor Operates Scrap-based Steel Mills Facilities Production 204
Nucor Operates Scrap-based Steel Mills Nineteen Facilities Utilize Nucor Pay C4625 Cash Each Share Harris Steel
Nucor Purchase Harris Steel Group Nucor Purchased Assets Fort Howard Steel Incs
Nucor Recognizes Derivative Instruments Consolidated Balance Sheets Fair Nucor Recorded Stock-based Compensation Expense Related Stock
Nucor Reports Record Results 2005 Nucor Reports Record Results 2006
Nucor Reports Record Results 2008 Nucor Reports Record Results Half 2006
Nucor Reports Results 2005 Nucor Reports Results 2006
Nucor Reports Results 2007 Nucor Reports Results Half 2005
Nucor Repurchased Approximately Shares 2008 Cost 1240 1163 Nucor Repurchased Approximately Shares Nucors Common Stock Cost
Nucor Revised Estimates Environmental Reserves Additional Information Nucor Sold Interest Ferro Gusa Carajás Fgc
Nucor Substantially Concluded Federal Income Tax Matters Through Nucor Uses Black-scholes Option-pricing Model Determine Fair Value
Nucor Vertically Integrated Controlling Growing Part Supply Chain Nucors Board Directors Declared Regular Quarterly Cash Dividend
Nucors Board Directors Recommends Vote Election Nominees Nucors Single Largest Cost Over Past Several Nucor
Nucors Wholly Owned Subsidiary Nucor Steel Connecticut Obligation Lenders Mitigate
Obligations Nucor Respect Offeror Offer
Offer Documents Officers Directors Insurance Indemnification
Operating Activities Operations
Operations Contact Operations Subject Business Interruptions Casualty Losses
Operations Subject Numerous Federal State Local Laws Regulations Opinion
Optimization Existing Operations Option Exercises Stock Vested
Option Exercises Stock Vested Table Options Exercised Stock Vested Table
Ordinary Course Business Nucor Exposed Variety Market Risks Organization Existence
Other Other Contingent Liabilities Respect Product Warranties Legal Proceedings
Other Contingent Liabilities Respect Product Warranties Matters Arise Other Events
Other Income Other Information
Other Notices Administrative Agent Outlook
Outlook In-line Results 2007 Provide Numerical Guidance Near Outstanding Equity Awards Year-end Table
Overcapacity Global Steel Industry Increase Level Imports Negatively Overcapacity Steel Industry Increase Level Imports Negatively Affect
Overview Page
Part Part Other Information
Payments Computations Etc Payments Requests Extension Credit
Peer Groups Performance
Performance Award Payments Performance Awards
Performance Comparator Peer Groups Phone 704-366-7000 Fax 704-362-4208 Wwwnucorcom
Plan Continue Implement Acquisition Strategies Encounter Difficulties Integrating Plan Continue Implement Acquisition Strategy Encounter Difficulties Integrating
Plate Mills Please Sign Date Other Side
Pleased Announce Castrip Process Commercially Viable Assembled Team Post Offer Covenants
Post Termination Compensation Post Termination Payments Summary
Power Attorney Power Authorization Enforceable Obligations
Preliminary Purchase Price Allocation Identifiable Intangible Assets Follows Prepayments
Pricewaterhousecoopers Llp Principal Accountant Fees Services
Principal Operating Facilities Segment Follows Principal Products Produced
Principal Stockholders Principles Consolidation
Pro Rata Treatment Proceeds
Products Cold Finished Steel Bars Shafting Precision Machined Products Flat-rolled Steel Automotive Appliance Pipe Tube Construction
Products Metal Buildings Building Components Commercial Industrial Institutional Products Steel Bars Angles Other Automotive Construction Farm
Products Steel Joists Joist Girders Deck Non-residential Building Products Steel Plate Manufacturers Heavy Equipment Rail Cars
Products Welded Wire Mesh Reinforcing Concrete Mine Reinforcement Properties
Property Plant Equipment Property Plant Equipment Facearial Size2
Provision Come Taxes Provision Income Taxes
Provisions Included Holdco Agreement Purchase Price Allocation Identifiable Intangible Assets Follows Except
Purpose Purpose Extensions Credit
Purposes Powers Pursuant Requirements Securities Exchange Act 1934 Nucor Corporation
Pursuant Requirements Securities Exchange Act 1934 Registrant Duly Pursuant Requirements Securities Exchange Act 1934 Report Been
Pursuant Usc 1350 Pursuant Usc 1350 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Quarterly Information
Raw Materials Raw Materials Projects
Raw Materials Segment Approximately Outside Sales 2008 Brokerage Raw Materials Strategy
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Recent Acquisitions Greenfield Projects Joint Ventures
Recent Acquisitions Joint Ventures Greenfield Projects Reclassifications Certain Amounts Prior Been Reclassified Conform 2005
Reclassifications Certain Amounts Prior Been Reclassified Conform 2006 Reclassifications Certain Amounts Prior Been Reclassified Conform 2007
Redenomination Certain Available Foreign Currencies Registered Office Agent
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 704 366-7000
Registrar Transfer Agent Regulatory Approvals
Reinforcing Products Harris Steel Fabricates Rebar Highways Bridges Reliance Communications
Remedies Replacement Lenders
Report Audit Committee Report Compensation Executive Development Committee
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Financial Statement Representations
Representations Warranties Representations Warranties Holdco Shareholders
Representations Warranties Nucor Requirements Law
Restatement Restricted Stock Awards Summary Nucors 2006 Follows Shares
Restricted Stock Unit Award Agreement Restricted Stock Unit Plan Rsp
Restricted Stock Units Resulting Changes Fair Value Recorded Adjustments Other Comprehensive
Results Djj Been Included Consolidated Financial Statements Date Results Harris Steel Been Included Consolidated Financial Statements
Results Operations Financial Condition Results Operations Sensitive Volatility Steel Prices Changes Cost
Revenue Recognition Revolving Credit Agreement
Revolving Loans Right Set-off
Risk Factors Risks Outlook Remain Scrap Volatility Potential Surges Imports
Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Schedule
Schedule -valuation Qualifying Accounts Schedule 317
Schedule 513 Schedule Valuation Qualifying Accounts
Securities Exchange Act 1934 Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Security Ownership Management Certain Beneficial Owners See Notes Consolidated Financial Statements
Segments Selected Financial Data
Senior Officer Compensation Severability
Severance Benefits Share Authorization
Share Repurchase Program Activity Each 2005 Was Follows Share Repurchase Program Activity Each 2006 Was Follows
Share Repurchase Program Activity Each 2007 Was Follows Share Repurchase Program Activity Each 2008 Was Follows
Shareholder Proposal Shares Entitled Vote
Shares Stock Subject Plan Sharing Payments
Sheet Mills Short-term Investments
Signature Signatures
Solicitation Expenses Some Competitors Emerged Bankruptcy Been Able Significantly Reduce
Some Competitors Emerged Bankruptcy Lowered Operating Costs Negatively Source Benefits
Special Voting Requirements Starting 2006 Dividend Payment Nucor Increasing Supplemental Rate
State Other Jurisdiction Incorporation Steel Making Processes Manufacturing Customers Energy Intensive Generate
Steel Making Processes Manufacturing Customers Suppliers Energy Intensive Steel Mesh
Steel Mesh Facearial Size2 Steel Mills Segment
Steel Products Segment Steel Trading Distribution
Steelmaking Operations Stock
Stock Listing Stock Option Grants 2004
Stock Option Grants 2005 Stock Options Summary Nucors Option Plans 2006 Follows
Stock Performance Stock Performance Graph
Stock Price Dividends Paid Stockholder Approval
Stockholder Proposal Stockholder Proposals
Stockholder Rights Plan Stockholder Rights Plan Size2
Strategic Growth Initiatives Strategy
Structural Mills Subject Persons Ownership Securities
Subject Plan Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Subsequent Event Subsequent Events
Subsidiaries Successor
Successor Administrative Agent Summary Compensation Table
Summary Nucors Restricted Stock Activity Aip Ltip 2006 Summary Nucors Restricted Stock Activity Aip Ltip 2007
Summary Nucors Restricted Stock Activity Aip Ltip 2008 Support Agreement
Survival Survival Representations Warranties
Table Contents Taxes
Termination Termination Material Definitive Agreement
Termination Reduction Revolving Commitment Terms Conditions
Terms Offer Terry Lisenby Been Chief Financial Officer Treasurer Executive
Terry Lisenby Certify Times
Total Energy Costs Decreased Approximately Per Ton 2005 Total Energy Costs Half 2007 Remained Flat Compared
Total Energy Costs Increased Approximately Per Ton 2005 Total Energy Costs Remained Flat Half 2006 2007
Trade Issues Unavailability
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds Usc 1350
Vote Required Votes Required Approve Each
Voting Proxies Voting Rights Procedures
Vulcraft Verco Vulcraft Verco Nations Largest Producers Leading Innovators Open-web
Wachovia Bank Waiver Release Agreement
Waiver Remedies Cumulative Waiver Standstill
Was 341 Total Unrecognized Compensation Cost Related Washington 20549
Whereas Wire Products
Wire Transfer Instructions Withdrawal Offer
Witnesseth Wwwnucorcom
Xix Xvii
Year-end 2004 Stock Option Values Year-end 2005 Stock Option Values
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