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Acceleration Payments Accordance Employee Retirement Income Security Act 1974 Vote
Accordingly Board Directors Recommends Vote Against Foregoing Stockholder Accounting Changes
Accrued Liabilities Current Accumulated Other Comprehensive Loss
Acquisition Activity Acquisition Discount
Acquisition Proposal Acquisition Vintage Petroleum
Acquisition Vulcan Assets Acquisitions
Acquisitions Dispositions Active Facilities
Active Trading Market Not Develop Notes Unable Sell Addenda
Addendum Additional Information Find
Adjustments Administration
Administration Plan Administrative Committee
Administrative Questionnaire Occidental Petroleum Corporation 1500000000 Amended Restated Admission Annual Meeting
Adopted Pursuant Adoption Plan
Adoption Sfas 123 Adoption Sfas 158
Advances Equity Investees Advisory Vote Executive Compensation
Affecting Comparability Core Earnings Between Periods Affecting Net Income
Affiliate Affiliates
Affiliates Letter Agents Managing Banks Issuing Bank
Aggregated Options Sar Exercises 2005 Option Values Agreement
Agreement Shall Deemed Respects Interpreted Construed Governed Accordance Allocations New Participants
Allocations Relating Deferred Compensation Plan Allocations Relating Retirement Plan
Allocations Relating Savings Plan Alternate Contact Competitive Auctions
Alternate Telecopier Amended Restated Employment Agreement
Amendment Number Occidental Petroleum Corporation Modified Deferred Compensation Amendment Termination
Amendment Termination Deposit Agreement Amendment Termination Plan
Amendment Termination Program Amendments
Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change Amortization
Amortizing Notes Amounts Commitments
Amounts Except Sales Annual Report
Anti-takeover Effects Certificate Incorporation Bylaws Delaware Law Apb Opinion
Apital Xpenditures Appendix
Applicable Law Application Benefits
Application Plan Arbitration Provisions
Argentina Asset Mix
Asset Retirement Obligations Assets
Assignment Acceptance Assignment Acceptance Shall Governed Construed Accordance Laws State
Assumes Wti Price Attachment Arbitration Provisions
Attachment General Terms Employment Ature Perations
Audit Date Audit Other Fees
Available Information Available-for-sale Securities Lyondell
Average Average Basic Common Shares
Average Closing Price Average Level Services Performed Employee Over Immediately Preceding
Award Award Levels
Award Payment Various Employment Conditions Award Related Performance Determined Discretion Board Compensation Committee
Awards Awards Restricted Stock
Axes Backup Withholding Information Reporting
Balance Bankruptcy Code
Bankruptcy Equity Exception Barrel
Barrel Oil Equivalent Barrels
Basic Chemicals Basic Earnings Per Common Share
Basin Because They Affect Comparability Between Periods
Because They Affect Comparability Core Earnings Between Periods Been Restated Exclude Ecuador Follows
Below Included Core Earnings Shown Table Below Included Core Earnings Shown Table Because They
Below Included Core Results Shown Table Because They Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Beneficiary Designation Benefit Plans
Benghazi Board Action Respect Approved Proposals
Board Directors Believes Proposal Unnecessary Not Best Interest Board Directors Statement Opposition
Board Structure Operation Boe
Bolivia Book-entry Notes
Broker Votes Business Combinations Asset Acquisitions Dispositions
Business Environment Business Properties
Business Properties Page Business Review
Business Review Basic Chemicals Calculation Registration Fee
California California Exploration
California Oil Gas Discovery Capital Expenditures
Capital Program Focus Ensuring Returns Remain Well Above Capital Spending
Capital Spending Programs Captions
Casey Olson Casey Olson Executive Vice President Oxy Oil Gas
Cash Equivalents Cash Flow
Cash Flow Analysis Cash Flow Operations
Cash-based Cash-settled Award Cause
Caño Limon Cercla Equivalent Sites
Certain Definitions Certain Occidentals Major Chemical Products Coproduced Fixed Ratio
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence Certain Tax Consequences Holding Notes
Certificate Certificate Amendment Restated Incorporation Occidental Petroleum Corporation
Certificate Formation Certificate Formation Operating Agreement Surviving Entity
Certification Certification Ceo Cfo Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906
Chairman Secretary Employment Specialists Change Control
Charges Depositary Check Application Determine Eligibility Trustee Pursuant 305
Chemical Chemical Assets
Chemical Highlights Chemical Operations
Chemical Operations General Chemical Segment
Chemical Segment Business Environment Chemicals
Chief Financial Officer Chlor-alkali
Chris Stavrosoxycom Claims Procedure
Claims Procedure Benefits Clearstream
Closed Sold Facilities Closing
Closing Date Code
Colombia Combination Provisions
Committee Executive Compensation Human Resources Commodity Price Risk
Commodity Price Risk General Comparative Oil Gas Proved Reserves Production Page
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Expenses
Compensation Philosophy Objectives Compensation Program Elements
Compensatory Arrangements Certain Officers Competition Sales Marketing
Competitive Competitive Bid
Competitive Bid Request Competitive Loans Payments Principal
Completion Merger Vintage Compliance
Compliance 409a Code Compliance 409a Internal Revenue Code
Compliance Code 409a Compliance Law
Conceptual Illustration Concerns Climate Change Energy Dependence Affect Occidentals Operations
Conclusion Conditions
Conditions Credit Conditions Underwriters Obligations
Conference Call 2006 Earnings Announcement Confidential Treatment Requested Occidental Petroleum Pursuant Cfr 20083
Confidential Voting Confidentiality Agreement
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consequences Misconduct
Consolidated Analysis Financial Position Consolidated Results Operations
Consolidated Results Operations Page Consolidated Statements Income Page
Consolidated Subsidiaries Consolidation Merger Sale
Constituent Entities Contents
Contingent Payment Notes Contracts
Contractual Obligations Contribution
Contribution Analysis Contributions
Controls Procedures Controls Procedures Disclosure
Conversion Redemption Exchange Conversion Redemption Preemptive Rights
Core Earnings Core Earnings Comparison
Core Earnings Variance Analysis Core Earnings Variance Analysis 3q06 2q06
Core Earnings Variance Analysis 3q06 3q05 Core Eps 050 Diluted 219 1q08
Core Eps 085 Diluted 278 2q08 Core Eps 118 Diluted 176 4q07
Core Eps 895 Diluted 525 Fy2007 Core Results 1q09 123 1q08
Core Results 1q09 169 Core Results 2q09 115 144 2q08
Core Results 2q09 161 2q08 Core Results 2q09 2q08
Core Results 4q08 170 Core Results 4q08 217
Corporate Corporate Governance Management
Corporate Governance Policies Other Measures Corporate Other
Costs Costs Incurred
Covenants Credit Ratings Not Reflect Risks Investment Notes
Credit Ratings Not Reflect Risks Investment Notes Protection Credit Risk
Credit Suisse Crediting Payment Dividend Equivalents
Criteria Critical Accounting Policies Estimates
Cssus Current
Current Premium Current Report
Cushing Data
Death Debt
Debt Capitalization Debt Structure
Debt Warrants Decisions Conclusive
Default Underwriters Deferral Stock Awards
Deferred Compensation Plan Deferred Issuance Shares
Deferred Share Accounts Deferred Stock Program
Defined Benefit Plans Defined Contribution Plans
Definitions Delaware Certificate Merger
Denver City Unit Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Deregistration Unsold Securities
Derivative Activities Derivative Activities Market Risk
Derivative Activities Market Risk General Derivative Fair Value Disclosures
Derivative Instruments Description Notes
Description Plan Differing Terms
Diluted Earnings Per Common Share Discharge
Disclaimer Other Notice Appear Below Not Applicable Communication Disclosure Controls Procedures
Disclosure Schedule Discretion Compensation Committee Cash Common Stock Combination Thereof
Discussion Specific Compensation Program Elements 2007 Disposition Notes
Dividend Dividend Rights
Dividends Dividends Other Distributions
Division Dolphin Gas Project
Dolphin Project Dtc Procedures
Dual Currency Notes Earliest Time Distributions
Earnings Announcement Earnings Per Share
Ecuador Edward Sandy Lowe Named President Oxy Oil Gas
Effect Merger Capital Stock Exchange Certificates Effective 2005
Effective Date Participation Effective Time
Eitf Issue 02-3 Eitf Issue 04-13
Eitf Issue 06-4 Eitf Issue 06-5
Eitf Issue 07-1 Election Directors
Election Time Form Payment Electronic Delivery
Elements Stockholder Value Creation Eligibility Participation
Elk Hills Employees
Employer Matching Contributions Employment Agreement
Employment Contract Employment Not Guaranteed
End Eneral
Engage Hedging Activities Adversely Affect Value Indexed Entire Agreement
Entire Agreement Relation Plan Interpretation Entry Material Definitive Agreement
Environmental Costs Environmental Expenditures
Environmental Laws Environmental Liabilities Expenditures
Environmental Matter Environmental Permits
Environmental Regulation Equity Compensation
Equity Grant Practices Equity Investments
Equity-based Equity Cash-settled Award Erisa
Erisa Affiliate Erisa Plans
Erivative Nstruments Establishment Purpose
Euroclear System European Economic Area
Events Default Events Default Senior Indenture
Events Default Subordinated Indenture Evenue Ecognition
Evolution Occidentals Business Model Executive Compensation Practices Evolution Occidentals Corporate Governance Practices Related Executive Compensation
Example Example Hewitt Total Shareholder Return Payout Calculations
Example Total Shareholder Return Payout Calculations Except Boe
Except Sales Exchange Agent
Exchange Foreign Currency Exchange Fund
Exchange Notes Certificated Form Excluded Shares
Excluding Kern County Discovery Executive Compensation
Executive Compensation Program Practices Executive Compensation Tables
Executive Officers Exhibits
Existing Perquisites Other Rights Specified Clause Subject Conditions Exit Vinyl Specialty Resins Business
Expert Consent Explanatory Statement
Extension Maturity Extensions Discoveries
Fair Value Marketing Trading Derivative Contracts Fasb Staff Position Fsp Fas 19-1
Federal Income Tax Consequences Fiduciaries
Field Filing Prospectus Preparation Final Term Sheet
Fin Fin 46-r Revised
Final Term Sheet Financial Data
Financial Information Financial Instruments Fair Value
Financial Objectives Financial Performance Criteria
Financial Statements Business Acquired Financial Statements Exhibits
Financial Statements Statement Schedule Financial Statements Supplementary Data Page
Finding Development Costs Five-year Summary Selected Financial Data Page
Fixed Rate Notes Focused Value Creation Strategy
Foreign Currency Notes Foreign Currency Risk
Foreign Currency Transactions Foreign Investments
Forfeited Awards Form 10-k
Form 10-q Form Exchange Transfer
Form S-3 Form S-3 Registration Statement Securities Act 1933
Form S-4 Form S-8
Forward Looking Statements Forward-looking Statements
Friday 2008 Fsp Aug Air-1
Fsp Eitf Issue 03-6-1 Fsp Fas 106-2
Fsp Sfas 132 Future Accounting Changes Fin
Fy2005 Fy2006
Gaap Gas Processing Plants Fields Facilities
Gender Singular Plural General
General Information General Operational Information
General Provisions General Restrictions
General Terms Employment Global Securities
Global Senior Debt Securities Golden Parachute Policy
Good Marketable Title Governing Law
Governing Law Agreement Each Shall Deemed Contract Governmental Actions Political Instability Affect Occidentals Results Operations
Governmental Actions Political Instability Labor Unrest Affect Occidentals Governmental Consents
Governmental Entity Grant
Grant Agreement Grant Target Performance Shares
Grantee Becomes Permanently Totally Disabled Grantee Dies
Grantee Retires Grantees Representations Releases
Guarantees Gulf Mexico
H-05 Acquisitions Hazardous Substances
Hedges Hedging Activities
Hemical Perations Hereby Certify
High History
Houston Hsr Act
Hugoton Other Hydrocarbon Contracts
Hydrocarbons Ignatures
Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials Stockholder Meeting Improved Recovery
Improved Recovery Page Inadequate Cost Containment Reduce Occidentals Competitiveness
Incapacity Indemnification
Indemnification Directors Officers Indemnified Parties
Indenture Not Limit Amount Indebtedness Subsidiaries Incur Index
Indexed Principal Notes Industry Outlook
Industry Segments Geographic Areas Influencing Factors
Information Concerning Senior Indenture Trustee Information Concerning Subordinated Indenture Trustee
Insurance Intellectual Property
Interest Interest Income
Interest Payments Original Issue Discount Interest Provisions
Interest Rate Risk Interest Rate Risk General
Internet Telephone Vote Authorizes Named Proxies Shares Same Internet Telephone Vote Authorizes Plan Trustee Shares Same
Inventories Investment Notes Denominated Indexed Currency Other Dollars Entails
Investments Related-party Transactions Investments Unconsolidated Entities
Irs Isks Ncertainties
Joint Book-running Managers Joint Venture
Judgments Foreign Currency Result Substantial Loss Kern County Discovery Area
Key Performance Indicators Key Performance Indicators General
Key Performance Measures Used At-risk Awards They Intended Key Performance Measures Used Performance-based Awards Continue
Knowledge Laffan
Latin America Latin America Argentina
Laws Lawsuits Claims Commitments Contingencies Related Matters
Lease Commitments Leases
Legal Effect Approval Legal Proceedings
Letterhead Linda Peterson Esq Counsel Liabilities Stockholders Equity
Liabilities Stockholders Equity Page Libya
Libya Page Liens
Limitation Liens Limitations Actions
Limitations Sale Leaseback Transactions Lines
Liquidation Rights Liquidity Capital Resources
List Special Agreements Llc Act
Long-term Incentive Plan 2008 Occidental Chemical Corporation Long-term Incentive Plan 2008 Occidental Oil Gas
Long-term Incentives Los Angeles California
Los Angeles California 90024 Lyondell
Maintenance Accounts Managements Annual Assessment Report Internal Control Over Financial
Managements Discussion Analysis Financial Condition Results Operations Mda Managements Role Executive Compensation
Managing Risk Mandatory Deferred Issuance Shares
Manner Action Market Registrants Common Equity Related Stockholder Matters Purchases
Marketing Trading Operations Material Adverse Effect
Mboe Medium-term Senior Notes Series Subordinated Due Date Issue
Meeting Stockholders Members Own Participation
Mended Ctober 2007 Merger
Merger Closing Effective Time Merger Sub
Merrill Lynch Mexico
Midcontinent Rockies Middle East North Africa Dolphin Project
Midpoint 2008 Growth Midstream Marketing
Midstream Marketing Other Midstream Marketing Other Assets
Midstream Marketing Other Operations Midstream Marketing Other Segment
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous General
Mixed Consideration Modification 2006 Majority Vote Director Resignation Policy
Modification Senior Indenture Waiver Modification Subordinated Indenture Waiver
Modified Deferred Compensation Plan Mployees
Multiemployer Plan Muscat
Nature Operations Nc29
Net Asset Value Net Cash Flows Proved Reserve Quantities
Net Income Net Sales
New Projects Acquisitions Nine-months Results
Nominating Committee Policy Non-performance-based Compensation
Non-us Benefit Plans Non-us Holders
Nonassignability Nonqualified Deferred Compensation
Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plan Nonqualified Defined Contribution Retirement Plan
Nonqualified Retirement Plan Nonqualified Retirement Plans
Nonredeemable Preferred Stock Notes Effectively Subordinated Indebtedness Other Liabilities Subsidiaries
Notes Unsecured Therefore Effectively Subordinated Secured Indebtedness Incur Notice
Notice Address Notice Competitive Bid Request
Notices Number 1-9210
Nventories Nvironmental Egulation
Nyse Occidental
Occidental Announces West Texas Piceance Acquisitions Occidental Chemical Corporation Return Assets Incentive Award
Occidental Elects Roy Pineci Vice President Controller Principal Occidental Faces Risks Associated Mergers Acquisitions Divestitures
Occidental Incur Significant Costs Exploration Development Efforts Prove Occidental Incur Significant Losses Exploration Activities Delays Cost
Occidental Incur Significant Losses Exploration Cost Overruns Development Occidental Not Defined Benefit Pension Program Provides Salaried
Occidental Oil Gas Corporation Return Assets Incentive Award Occidental Petroleum 2006 Net Income Loss Core Earnings
Occidental Petroleum 2006 Net Income Loss Reported Comparison Occidental Petroleum Announces 2006 Results
Occidental Petroleum Announces 2008 Results Occidental Petroleum Announces Earnings
Occidental Petroleum Announces Net Income Occidental Petroleum Announces Net Income 2009
Occidental Petroleum Announces Plans Divest Lyondell Holdings Occidental Petroleum Announces Record Core Results
Occidental Petroleum Announces Record Net Income Occidental Petroleum Announces Results Debt Tender Offer
Occidental Petroleum Announces Tender Offer 109 Debt Securities Occidental Petroleum Awarded Major Development Contract Libya
Occidental Petroleum Board Directors Occidental Petroleum Chemical Core Earnings Variance Analysis 4q06
Occidental Petroleum Corporate Occidental Petroleum Corporation
Occidental Petroleum Corporation 2005 Deferred Stock Program Occidental Petroleum Corporation 2005 Long-term Incentive Plan Performance-based
Occidental Petroleum Corporation Amended Restated Five-year Credit Agreement Occidental Petroleum Corporation Return Capital Employed
Occidental Petroleum Corporation Savings Plan Occidental Petroleum Oil Gas Core Earnings Variance Analysis
Occidental Replaces 210 Percent 2008 Production Occidental Replaces 245 Percent 2006 Production
Occidentals Businesses Experience Catastrophic Events Occidentals Businesses Experience Catastrophic Occurrences
Occidentals Businesses Experience Uninsured Catastrophic Events Occidentals Businesses Operate Highly Competitive Environment Affects Profitability
Occidentals Oil Gas Business Operates Highly Competitive Environments Occidentals Oil Gas Reserves Based Professional Judgments Subject
Occidentals Reserves Based Professional Judgments Subject Revision Off-balance-sheet Arrangements
Officers Officers Managers Surviving Entity
Offices Oil Gas
Oil Gas Acreage Oil Gas Marketing Trading
Oil Gas Operations Oil Gas Operations General
Oil Gas Properties Oil Gas Segment Business Environment
Oil Gas Segment Page Old Centurion Pipelines
Oman Oman Mukhaizna Oil Field
Operating Agreement Operating Profits Percent Sales
Option Option Sar Grants 2005
Optional Redemption Order
Oreign Nvestments Original Issue Discount
Original Issue Discount Notes Orporate Ther
Other Other Agents
Other Benefits Other Compensation Benefits
Other Considerations Other Eastern Hemisphere Pakistan
Other Events Other Expenses Issuance Distribution
Other Governance Measures Other Loss Contingencies
Other Postretirement Benefit Plans Other Risk Factors
Others Includes Dda Increase Operating Overhead Cost Russia Over
Owners Statement Requirement Oxy
Oxy 2004 1204 Boe Oxychem Commentary
Oxys Peak Net Production Page
Pakistan Paragraph Hereof Maximum Annual Benefit Ltd Payable Monthly
Parent Parent Audit Date
Parent Companies Parent Disclosure Schedule
Parent Material Adverse Effect Parent Preferred Shares
Parent Reports Parent Stock Plans
Part Part Business Properties
Part Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance Participant Contributions
Participants Post-october 2004 Retainer Agreements Participants Pre-october 2004 Retainer Agreements
Participants Solicitation Participation
Participation Exploratory Development Wells Being Drilled Parties
Pay-for-superior-performance Principle Proposal Payment Agents
Payment Awards Payment Elections Changes
Payment Expenses Payments Notes
Payments Termination Pbgc
Pcbs Peak 2008 Level
Pension Plan Percent
Percent Sales Percentage
Percentage Total Performance Chemicals
Performance Goal Performance Goals
Performance Graph Performance Highlights
Performance Measures Objectives Performance Target Pays Shares Over Cash
Performance-based Awards Prsus Permian Basin
Permian Basin Acquisitions Person
Personal Objectives Phase
Pipeline Transportation Pipelines
Place Payment Transfer Exchange Plains Properties Acquisition
Plan Plan Administration
Plan Changes Due Activity Plan Continuation
Please Complete Following Information Competitive Auctions Only Please Type Information
Plus Policy Board Corporation Shall Not Grant Golden Parachute
Post Effective Amendment Form S-3 Registration Statement Securities Post-retirement Benefits
Power Generation Facilities Powers Duties
Preferred Shares Preliminary Prospectus Supplement Dated 2008
Premcor Prices
Prices Index Primary Contact Competitive Auctions
Primary Contact Information Primary Mission Oxys Chemicals Business
Principal Accountant Fees Services Principal Interest Payments Notes Indexed Rate Currency Other
Principal Maturity Interest Principles Consolidation
Prior Agreement Supersedes Replaces Previous Agreements Between Parties Privacy Rights
Pro-forma Pro-forma Financial Information
Pro-forma Information Procedure Nominate Candidates
Procedure Recommend Candidates Production
Production Growth Projects Production Hedges
Production Increase 2008 Production Reserve Additions
Production-sharing Contracts Production-sharing Contracts Psc
Productive Oil Gas Wells Products Properties
Program Projected Start Late 2006
Properties Property Plant Equipment Oil Gas
Proposal Ability Stockholders Call Special Meetings Proposal Advisory Vote Executive Compensation
Proposal Advisory Vote Ratify Executive Compensation Proposal Approval Amendment 2005 Long-term Incentive Plan
Proposal Election Directors Proposal Independence Compensation Consultants
Proposal Pay-for-superior-performance Principle Proposal Performance-based Stock Options
Proposal Report Assessment Host Country Laws Proposal Scientific Report Global Warming
Proposal Special Shareholder Meetings Proposed By-law Revision
Prospectus Supplement Protected Benefits
Proved Reserve Additions Proved Reserve Additions Consolidated Subsidiaries 2005
Proved Reserve Additions Consolidated Subsidiaries 2006 Proved Reserve Additions Consolidated Subsidiaries 2007
Proved Reserves Proved Reserves Estimation Review Process Page
Proved Reserves Evaluation Review Process Proved Reserves Production Properties
Proved Reserves Sales Volumes Proved Undeveloped
Proved Undeveloped Reserves Provided However
Proxy Statement Prsus
Psas Purchase Disposition Foreign Currency Notes
Purchases Divestitures Proved Reserves Purchases Proved Reserves
Purpose Purpose Plan
Purposes Authorized Shares Pursuant §302 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Q05 Q06
Q07 Q08
Q09 Q2007
Qatar Qualified Divorce Orders
Quantitative Information Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Ratification Selection Independent Auditors Raw Materials Intellectual Property Marketing Competition
Ray Irani Recently Adopted Accounting Changes Sfas 158
Reconciliation Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Gaap Records
Redemption Adversely Affect Return Investment Redemption Depositary Shares
Redemption Option Reemployment
Reemployment Resumption Participation Registrants Business Operations
Regulation Regulation Disclosure
Related-party Transactions Relation Employment Agreement
Relation Other Benefits Relation Plan Interpretation
Release Liability Participant Renewable Extendable Amortizing Indexed Principal Notes
Renewable Notes Reopening Issue
Reorganization Employer Report Audit Committee
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consolidated Financial
Reported Income Comparison Reports
Representations Warranties Representatives
Represents 136 Decline 2008 Full-year Costs 1213 Per Represents Decline 2008 Full-year Costs 1213 Per Boe
Repurchase Option Holder Request Confidential Treatment
Requisite Vote Reserve Reports
Reserves Reserves Evaluation Review Process
Reserves Pre-tax Pv10 Reserves Replacement
Resignation Removal Depositary Response Comment
Restricted Stock Agreement Restrictions Transfer
Results Results Operations Financial Condition
Retirement Consent Employer Retirement Plans Postretirement Benefits
Retirement Request Employer Return Capital Employed
Return Common Equity Return Equity
Return Equity Incentive Award Return Libya
Revenue Recognition Revisions Previous Estimates
Revoking Proxy Revoking Proxy Changing Vote
Revolving Credit Revolving Credit Borrowing Request
Revolving Credit Loans Payments Principal Rights Agreement
Rights Liquidation Rights Non-employee Directors
Rinciples Onsolidation Risk Factors
Risk Management Risks Uncertainties
Role Compensation Consultants Role Investors Proxy Advisory Services
Role Management Executive Compensation Rsus
Rule 13a 15d Certification Pursuant §302 Sarbanes-oxley Act Rule 13a 8211 15d
Rule Confidential Treatment Request Occidental Petroleum Corporation Rule Confidential Treatment Request Occidental Petroleum Corporation Nos
Rules Russia
S-4 Registration Statement Sab 108
Safe Harbor Discussion Regarding Outlook Other Forward-looking Data Safe Harbor Statement Regarding Outlook Forward-looking Information
Salalah Salary
Sale Exchange Sarbanes-oxley Act
Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Schedule
Schedule 101 Amended Restated Five-year Credit Agreement Schedule 14a
Schedule Revolving Credit Sec
Securities Authorized Issuance Equity Compensation Plans Securities Exchange Act 1934
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Segment Earnings
Segment Income Segment Net Sales
Segment Operations Selected Analysis Financial Position
Selected Expense Selected Income Statement
Selected Other Selected Revenue
Selected Revenue Other Income Selective Acquisitions
Separation Service Severability
Sfas 123 Sfas 123r
Sfas 141 Sfas 143
Sfas 151 Sfas 153
Sfas 157 Sfas 158
Sfas 159 Sfas 160
Sfas 161 Shah Field
Share Share Repurchase Activities
Share Repurchase Activities Page Share Year-end
Shareholder Proposal Shares
Short-term Investments Signature
Signatures Significant Affecting Earnings
Significant Subsidiaries Significant Transactions Events Affecting Earnings
Six-months Results Small Benefits
Solicitation Expenses Special Rules Ltd Participants
Special Shareholder Meetings Standardized Measure Including Year-to-year Changes Therein Discounted Future
Statement Emil Rossi Status Plan
Step Stephen Chazen
Stock Stock Exchange Listing
Stock Ownership Guidelines Stock Plans
Stock Warrants Stock-based Incentive Plans
Stockholder Proposals 2008 Annual Meeting Stockholders Stockholder Proposals 2009 Annual Meeting Stockholders
Stockholder Proposals 2010 Annual Meeting Stockholders Stockholder Right Enforce Proposal
Stockholders Equity Stockholders Meeting
Strategic Overlap Strategy
Strategy General Subcommittees
Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Submission Matters Vote Security-holders
Subordination Subsequent Events
Subsequent Interest Periods Subsidiary
Successors Assigns Sudan
Summary Capital Expenditures Dda Expense Summary Description 2005 Plan
Summary Operating Statistics Summary Segment Net Sales Earnings
Supplemental Benefits Supplemental Cash Flow Information
Supplemental Oil Gas Information Page Supplemental Retirement Plan
Supporting Statement Surviving Entity
Table Contents Tabular Presentation Interest Rate Risk
Takeover Statute Target Award
Tax Accounting Considerations Tax Return
Tax Withholding Taxable
Taxes Taxes Withholding
Technical Assistance Call 1-877-978-7778 Between 9am-7pm Monday-friday Eastern Technological Developments Reduce Demand Oil Gas
Termination Termination Date
Termination Fee Termination Material Definitive Agreement
Terms Conditions Terms Notes
Thums Thums Tidelands
Tidelands Timing Form Payments
Top Institutional Shareholders Trading Market Notes Factors Affect Value
Trading Price Range Dividends Transaction Summary
Transfer Agent Registrar Transition Report Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Trategy Treasury Stock
Trust Fund Trustee Occidental Petroleum Corporation Savings Plan
Trustee Vintage Petroleum Inc 401 Plan Twelve-month Results
Twelve-months Results Unallocated Corporate
Unavailability Currencies Result Substantial Loss Currency Fluctuations United Kingdom
United States Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds
Unsecured General Creditor Vailable Nformation
Validity Variable Rate Notes
Variance Analysis 1q08 1q07 Variance Analysis 1q08 4q07
Variance Analysis 2q07 1q07 Varied Governmental Political Actions Affect Occidentals Results Operations
Vesting Vesting Forfeiture
Vesting Forfeiture Return Equity Incentive Award Vesting Forfeiture Target Performance Shares
Vintage Vintage California
Vintage Other Properties Vintage Production California
Vinyls Volatile Global Commodity Pricing Fluctuations Beyond Occidentals Control
Volatile Global Commodity Pricing Strongly Affects Occidentals Results Volatile Global Local Commodity Pricing Strongly Affects Occidentals
Volume Tons Except Pvc Resins Vote Internet Telephone Not Need Mail Back Proxy
Vote Required Vote Required Approve
Voting Debt Voting Information
Voting Preferred Stock Voting Proxies
Voting Results Voting Rights
Whats Ahead Whats Been Oxy Strategy
Wilshire Boulevard Los Angeles California 90024 Withdrawal Underlying Preferred Stock
Witness Whereof Witness Whereof Occidental Petroleum Corporation Caused Duly Authorized
Witnesseth Worldwide Effective Tax Rate
Worldwide Operations Worldwide Production
Worldwide Production Barrels Oil Equilavent Per Reconciliation Generally Xecutive Fficers
Year-over-year Yemen
Ytd2005 Ytd2006
Ytd2007 Ytd2008
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