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Accounting Uncertainty Income Taxes Acquisitions
Act Additional Information
Adjustment Dividend Rate Administration
Administration Powers Committee Administrative Agent European Collateral Agents
Admission Ticket After Carefully Considering Levitt Corps Nominees Board Unanimously
Agency Agreement Agreements Carl Rubin President North American Retail Division
Agreements Charles Brown President International Division Agreements Chuck Rubin President North American Retail Division
Agreements Daisy Vanderlinde Executive Vice President Human Resources Agreements Michael Newman Executive Vice President Chief Financial
Agreements Patricia Mckay Chief Financial Officer Agreements Steven Schmidt President Business Solutions Division
Alan Levan Operator Well Take Another Call Levans Also Strongly Urge Vote Means Telephone Internet Allows
Amendment Offer Letter Amendment Series Preferred Stock
Amendment Termination Amendments
Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change Annual Base Salary
Annual Bonus Plan 2006 Annual Cash Incentives Bonus Plan
Annual External Benchmarking Against Peer Group Survey Data Annual Incentive Award Details
Annual Meeting Anti-dilution Adjustments
Appendix Ask Support Board Management Team Voting White Proxy
Asset Impairments Exit Costs Other Charges Attend Vote Annual Meeting
Audit Committee Audit Committee Board Directors Recommends Vote
Audit Committee Report Audit Fees
Audit Other Fees Authorizations Issuances Reclassifications
Available Information B-3a
B-4a Banker Acceptances
Base Salary Before
Begelmans Hanakas Nomination Not Been Endorsed Board Directors Believe Removing Most Experienced Retailing Executives Office Depot
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Beneficiary Designation
Benefits Perquisites Biographical Information Nominees
Biographies Some Highly Qualified Recent Additions Management Directors Board Directors Extensive Knowledge Office Depot Deeply Committed
Board Directors Statement Opposition Board Highly Qualified Extensive Industry Experience
Board Management Convinced Right Path Build Long-term Value Board Management Implementing Strong Turnaround Plan
Board Management Successfully Addressed Issues Facing Office Depot Board Meetings
Board Recommends Vote Boca Raton Fla 2009
Bonus Plan Information Call Centers
Candidates Recommended Shareholders Carl Chuck Rubin Age
Carl Rubins Employment Agreement Cash Flows
Catalogs Category
Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-looking Statements Ceo Executive Committee Compensation
Certain Federal Income Tax Consequences New Plan Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence
Certificate Elimination Junior Participating Preferred Stock Series Office Certificates Stock
Certification Bonus Awards 2005 Performance Change Control
Change Control Agreement Carl Rubin Charles Brown Change Control Agreement Daisy Vanderlinde
Change Control Agreement Newman Change Control Agreement Rubin
Change Control Agreement Schmidt Change Control Agreement Vanderlinde
Change Control Agreements Chuck Rubin Charles Brown Change Control Agreements Steven Schmidt Michael Newman
Change Control Employment Agreement Rubin Changes After Provision Redemption
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Changes Internal Controls
Charges Charles Brown Age
Charles Browns Employment Agreement Charles Browns Employment Agreement Rubins Change Control
Charters Board Committees Chuck Rubins Employment Agreement
Citigroup Privacy Promise Consumers Class Voting Rights Particular Matters
Code Business Conduct Ethical Behavior Commitments Contingencies
Committed Enhancing Stockholder Value Levan His Nominees Not Committee Chair Works Directly Compensation Consultants
Committee Determines Performance Attainment Committee Matters
Committee Meetings Significant Compensation Decisions Reached Committees Board Directors
Common Stock Reserved Issuance Communicating Board Directors
Compensation Allocation Targets Compensation Benefits Perquisites
Compensation Chairman Ceo Compensation Committee
Compensation Committee Charter Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Committee Responsibilities Authority
Compensation Discussion Analysis Compensation Philosophy
Compensation Program Executive Management Conditions
Conference Call Information Conflicts Interest
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consolidated Statements Comprehensive Income Loss
Consumer Conference Contacts
Continues Implement Strong Long-range Plan Controls Procedures
Conversion Conversion Cap
Copies Form 10-k Available Copy Print
Corporate Governance Guidelines Corporate Governance Nominating Committee
Corporate Other Corporate Secretary
Cost Soliciting Proxy Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement
Credit Committee Members Critical Accounting Policies
Crossdock Facilities North America Current Period Results
Daisy Vanderlinde Age Daisy Vanderlindes Change Control Agreement
David Bernauer Dcs North America
Deductibility Executive Compensation Deductibility Limits Internal Revenue Code
Deferrals Deferred Compensation Plans
Delegation Authority Subcommittees Delray Beach Fla 2008
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Description New Plan
Description Series Preferred Description Transaction Documents
Designation Dilution Adjustments
Director Compensation Director Election Majority Vote Standard Proposal
Director Independence Director Legacy Program
Directors Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance
Disclaimer Obligation Update Disclosure Controls Procedures
Diversity Incentive Plan Diversity Program
Divided Dividend Rate Series Preferred Stock
Dividends Dividends Repurchase Redemption
Dministration Lan Earnings Per Share
Effectiveness Redemption Efinitions
Election Election Directors
Elections Defer Forfeit Addition Liquidation Preference Eligibility Receive Awards
Elisa Garcia Age Employee Stock Purchase Plan
Employees Employment Agreement Steve Odland Chief Executive Officer
Employment Agreements Other Neos Employment Agreements Termination Severance Change Control
Employment Arrangement Interim Chairman Ceo Employment Offer Letter Agreement Mckay
Employment Offer Letter Agreement Newman Employment Offer Letter Agreement Schmidt
Employment Offer Letter Agreement Vanderlinde Entry Material Definitive Agreement
Environmental Activities Equity Award Agreement
Equity Awards Levels Equity Based Incentive Program Stock Options Restricted
Equity Compensation Paid Directors 2007 Equity Compensation Plan Information
Establishing Quorum Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Except Per Share Amounts Exchange Act 1934
Executive Compensation Executive Employment Agreement Rubin
Executive Session Exhibits
External Benchmarking Internal Compensation Targets Factoring Fee
Federal Tax Consequences Final Transcript
Finance Committee Financial Back Office
Financial Information Systems Design Implementation Fees Financial Statements Exhibits
Financing Activities Financing Fee
Find Information Foreign Exchange Rate Risk
Foreign Exchange Rate Risks Form 10-k
Form 10-q Form Borrowing Base Certificate
Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report Forward-looking Statements
Gain Sale Building General
General Administrative Expenses General Provisions
Glass Lewis Position Global Information Technology
Global Supply Chain Golfsmith Internationals Stock Price Fallen Approximately
Governance Director Independence Governance Guideline Meaningful Alternative Majority Voting Demonstrates Accountability
Guarantees Half Board New Over Last
Hange Ontrol Ompany Held 2009
Hong Kong Banker Acceptances Hong Kong Letters Credit
Householding Annual Disclosure Documents Hutchens Age
Impact Regulatory Requirements 2006 Compensation Impact Regulatory Requirements 2007 Compensation
Impact Regulatory Requirements 2008 Compensation Important Information
Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials Annual Meeting Income Taxes
Incorporation Reference Indebtedness
Indemnification Officers Directors Others Independence
Index Industry Competition
Inflation Seasonality Information Independent Accountants
Information Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Initio
Intellectual Property Intercompany Loans
Interest Rate Risk Interest Rate Risks
Interests Certain Persons Internal Revenue Code 162
International International Dcs
International Division Introduction
Investing Activities Investment Unconsolidated Joint Venture
Investor Rights Agreement Investors
Involvement Compensation Consultants Executive Management Decisions Irrevocable Standby Letter Credit Summary
Iscellaneous Iss Concluded Poor Performance Martin Hanakas Prior Companies
Iss Noted Publicly Traded Companies Levan Either Ceo Iss Notes Begelman Not Been Office Supplies Business
Iss Raised Concerns Begelmans Independence Alan Levan His James Rubin
Jpmorgan Chase Bank Justin Bateman
Kevin Peters Age Key Elements Turnaround Plan Explained Fact Sheet Accompanying
Largest Shareholders Ownership Directors Executive Officers Lead Director
Leadership Development Leading Proxy Advisors Recommend Office Depot Stockholders Reject
Lee Ault Chairman Legal Proceedings
Less Letters Credit
Levan Nominee Begelman Track Record Failed Business Ventures Levan Nominee Martin Hanaka Track Record Destroying Stockholder
Levan Only Small Economic Interest Levan Says Focused Maximizing Stockholder Value Advise Experience
Levitt Corp Levitt Corp Not Disclosed Plan Improve Performance
Levitt Corps Nomination Process Disruptive Ligibility
Liquidation Rights Liquidity Capital Resources
List Office Depot Incs Significant Subsidiaries Litigation
Long-term Equity Incentives Long-term Incentive Plan
Mackenzie Partners Inc Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Manner Cost Proxy Solicitation Market Registrants Common Equity Related Stockholder Matters Issuer
Market Sensitive Risks Positions Marsha Johnson Evans
Material Impairments Material Modification Rights Security Holders
Matt Fassler Goldman Sachs Analyst Mechanics
Mendment Uspension Ermination Lan Merchandising
Merger Consolidation Sale Assets Not Liquidation Michael Newman Age
Michael Newman Office Depot Inc Evp Cfo Miscellaneous Information Concerning Participants
Monica Luechtefeld Age Moving Forward Strong Turnaround Plan Designed Increase Value
Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant Ndex Financial Statement Schedules
Need Bonus Plan Executive Management Need New Long-term Incentive Plan
New Accounting Pronouncements New Accounting Standards
Nominees Board Directors Selected Nominees Directors Office Depot
Non-gaap Reconciliation Non-limitation Voting Rights
Nonqualified Deferred Compensation North American Business Solutions
North American Business Solutions Division North American Retail
North American Retail Division Not Blaming Macroeconomic Conditions Recognizing Them Addressing Consequences
Notice Annual Meeting Shareholders Notice Certain Events
Notice Redemption Option Number Shares
Observations Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Office Depot Office Depot 2008 Annual Meeting Stockholders Fact Sheet
Office Depot Announces 2009 Results Office Depot Announces New Board Member
Office Depot Announces Update Strategic Review Office Depot Appreciates Stockholder Support Caused Dissident Drop
Office Depot Board Directors Recommends Shareholders Vote Each Office Depot Facing Challenges Different Those Faced 2005
Office Depot Inc Office Depot Inc 2200 Old Germantown Road Delray
Office Depot Inc Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Office Depot Issues Preliminary Outlook
Office Depot Names Mike Newman Chief Financial Officer Office Depot Right Board Place Management Team Continues
Office Depot Urges Stockholders Reject Dissident Board Nominees Office Depots Long-range Strategic Plan Was Announced 2007
Officers Officers Certification
Offices Old Germantown Road Delray Beach Florida 33445
Old Germantown Road Delray Beach Florida 33445 Telephone Operating Activities
Operating Results Option Exercises Stock Vested 2006
Option Holders Shares Common Stock Optional Redemption
Options Exercisable Within Record Date Other
Other Asset Impairments Other Events
Other Fees Other Income Expense
Other Intangible Assets Other Matters
Other Rights Overall Compensation Philosophy Regarding Executive
Overning Overview
Overview Compensation Programs Overview Compensation Programs Named Executive Officers
Overview New Plan Awards Overview Purpose New Plan
Partial Payment Partial Redemption
Participation Dividends Common Stock Partners
Payment Dividends Peer Group
Peer Group Companies Pension Disclosures
Performance Awards Performance Goals
Performance Measures Performance Shares Plan
Performance-based Equity Awards Planned Changes Compensation Peer Group
Preferred Stock Presented Members Audit Committee 2006
Principal Accountant Fees Services Priority Dividends
Private Brand Global Sourcing Pro Rata
Product Program Oversight Committee Members
Property Equipment Proven Board Management Team Place Historically Created Significant
Proxies Proxy Governance Position
Proxy Governance Says Dissidents Vague Plan Change Appointment Proxy Statement Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Purchase Agreement Purpose General Provisions
Purpose Mandate Purposes Meeting
Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Qualifications Nomination
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Question
Question Answer Questions Answers Annual Meeting
Ranking Rant Ayment Ash Ward
Ratifying Audit Committees Appointment Ratifying Audit Committees Appointment Deloitte Touche Llp Independent
Raymond Svider Re-elect Entire Board Directors Vote Enclosed White Proxy
Reasons Stated Above Board Directors Recommends Vote Against Receiving Proxy Supplement Definitive Statement Dated 2008
Recent Additions Management Board Directors Recommendation Board Directors
Record Holders Redeemable Preferred Stock
Redeemable Preferred Stock Issuance Redemption
Registration Rights Agreement Regulation Disclosure
Related Person Transactions Policy Reorganization Events
Replacement Certificates Replacing Odland Fuente Little Short-run Improve Performance Likely
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Required Vote
Resolved Response Proxy Governance Inc Glass Lewis Comments Executive
Restricted Stock Performance-based Grants Restricted Stock Units
Restrictive Covenants Results
Retention Plan Retention Program
Retirement Savings Plans Risk Factors
Risk Review Role Compensation Consultants Decisions
Role Management Compensation Decisions Rule 13a-14 15d-14 Certification
Rules Construction Said Before Intend Leave Stone Unturned Move Forward
Sales Marketing Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Schedule Schedule 14a Proxy Statement Pursuant Securities Exchange Act
Scott Hedrick Sec
Securities Authorized Issuance Equity Compensation Plans Securities Exchange Act 1934
Securities Purchase Agreement Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder
See Reverse Side Meeting Information Instructions Vote Selected Operating Highlights
Separation Agreement Mckay Separation Agreement Non-competition Mckay
Serial Killer Public Companies Series Preferred Stock
Shareholder Proposal-independent Chairman Board Shareholder Proposal-reimbursement Expenses
Shareholder Proposal-special Meeting Shareholder Proposals
Shareholder Proposals 2010 Annual Meeting Shareholder Resolution
Shareholder Supporting Statement Shareholders
Shareholders Eligible Vote Annual Meeting List Available Shareholders Sharing Address
Shares Available Plan Shares Voted Not Provide Instructions Broker
Signature Signature Pages Follow
Signatures Significant Trends Developments Uncertainties
Solicitation Proxies Sports Authoritys Stock Price Fell Approximately
Steve Odland Age Steve Odlands Employment Agreement
Steven Schmidt Age Steven Schmidts Michael Newmans Change Control Agreements
Stock Appreciation Rights Stock Option Expensing
Stock Options Stock Options Restricted Awarded 2005
Stock Ownership Guidelines Strong Operating Skills International Experience
Strongly Recommends Stockholders Vote Each Directors White Proxy Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Subsequent Events Subsidiaries
Summary Compensation Table Summary Executive Agreements Potential Payments Termination Change Control
Summary Significant Accounting Policies Supplemental Information Operating Investing Financing Activities
Table Contents Tabular Information Regarding Potential Payments Termination Change Control
Taking Care Business Taking Every Step Necessary Improve Performance Increase Value
Taking Prudent Pause Taxes
Telephone 561 438-4800 Term
Termination Termination Change Control
Time-vested Equity Awards Tockholder Pproval
Toll-free 800 322-2885 Transfer
Translation French English Treasury Stock
Unidentified Audience Member Unregistered Sales Equity Securities
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds Urge Read Proxy Supplement Carefully Together Definitive Statement
Urge Stockholders Support Board Senior Management Team Vote Urge Support Board Senior Management Voting White Proxy
Urpose Ffective Ate Valuation Qualifying Accounts
Vesting Special Rules Change Control Violated Fraternization Policy
Voluntary Involuntary Liquidation Vote Directors White Proxy Card
Vote Required New Plan Voting Recommendation
Voting Rights Voting Shares
Waiver Notice Wall Street Journal
What Happens Already Voted Using Proxy Sent Earlier What Not Voted Yet
White Withholding Tax Escrow
Withholding Taxes 
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