Topic Listing for Omega Navigation Enterprises

Account Pledge Accounts
Accounts Pledge Accounts Pledges
Accounts Security Acquisition Contracts
Additional Cost Additional Documents
Additional Information Additional Owner 8217 Opinion
Advances Vessels Acquisition Advances8221
Affiliate Agency Agreement
Agent Aging Fleet Result Increased Operating Costs Future Adversely
Agreed Agreed Form
Agreed Form Certificate Agreement
Agreement8221 Amendments Principal Agreement
Announces Date Release 2007 Results Conference Call Webcast Annual Financial Statements
Annual Report Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Anti-takeover Provisions Organizational Documents Make Difficult Shareholders Replace
Applicable Charter Applicable Fraction
Application Code 883 Application Funds
Application Moneys Application Proceeds
Appointment Receivers Managers Appraised Market Value
Approved Approved Broker
Approved Brokers Approved Flag
Approved Flag State Approved Manager
Approved Manager8217s Undertaking Approved Managers Undertaking
Approved Technical Management Agreement Approved Technical Manager
Approves Shareholder Rights Plan Arrangement Fee
Asset Asset8221
Assignment Borrower Assignment Intra-group Loan Agreements
Attached Hereto Copy Release Issued Omega Navigation Enterprises Audio Webcast
Audit Fees Availability Period
Back-stop Date Background
Bank Bank8221
Banking Banking Day8221
Banking Operations Bankruptcy
Banks Basel
Basel Accord Basic Diluted Per Share Amounts
Basis Basis Presentation General Information
Bear Stearns Transporation Conference Because Generate Revenues Dollars Incur Significant Portion Expenses
Because Incorporated Laws Marshall Islands Difficult Serve Legal Between
Binding Obligations Board Practices
Borrowed Money Borrowed Money8221
Borrower Borrower8217s Security Documents
Borrowers Borrowers8221
Borrowing Break Costs
Breakage Costs Bremer Landesbank Kreditanstalt Oldenburg 8211 Girozentrale
Bremer Landesbank Kreditanstalt Oldenburg Girozentrale Builder
Builder8221 Business
Business Overview Business Strategy
Cancellation Cannot Assure Able Borrow Amounts Senior Secured Credit
Cannot Assure Pay Dividends Cash
Cash Equivalent Investments Cash Flows
Cash Liquidity Cash Liquidity Accounts8221
Cash Liquidity8221 Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-looking Statements
Certain Provisions Marshall Islands Law Prohibit Paying Dividends Certified Copy
Change Circumstances Change Contracts
Change Control End Subordination Class Common Stock Eliminate Changes Internal Controls
Charilaos Loukopoulos Charilaos Loukopoulos Executive Vice President Chief Operating Officer
Charter Charter Assignments
Charter Guarantor Charter Party Agreements
Charterer Charterparty Assignment
Choice Law Claim
Class Director Classification
Classification Society Commercial Benefit Corporate Guarantor
Commercial Manager Commitment
Commitment Fee8221 Commitment Period
Commitment8221 Commitments Contingencies
Communications Indemnity Compared Period Date Inception 2005
Compensation Competition
Competitive Strengths Compliance Certificate
Comply Covenants Compulsory Acquisition
Compulsory Prepayment Case Total Loss Sale Vessel Computation
Conditions Concerning Corporate Authorizations Conditions Concerning Securities Fees
Conference Call Details Conference Call Tomorrow Wednesday 2007 Discuss Acquisition
Conference Call Webcast Conference Call Webcast Tuesday 2007 1000 Est
Conflicts Consent
Consents Obtained Consolidated Balance Sheet
Consolidated Net Finance Charges Consolidated Statement Cash Flows
Consolidated Statement Income Consolidated Statements Cash Flows
Consolidated Statements Income Loss Construction Total Loss
Contact Contacts
Contacts Contact Contingent Liability
Contingent Liability8221 Continuing Operations
Contract Assignment Consent Acknowledgement8221 Contract Price
Contract Valid Contract8221
Contracts Rights Parties Act 1999 Contribution
Control Controls Procedures
Conversion Subordinated Stock Class Common Cause Market Price Corporate Guarantee
Corporate Guarantee8221 Corporate Guarantor
Corporate Guarantor8221 Corporate Power
Cosmos Maritime Corporation Inc Counterparts
Creditor Borrower Critical Accounting Policies
Currency Currency Indemnity
Currency Payment Current Account
Current Account8221 Current Accounts
Current Fleet Current Liabilities
Customers Date
Date Release 2006 Results Conference Call Webcast Debt Restructuring
Debt Service Debtor
Debtor Borrower Declares Quarterly Dividend 050 Per Share
Default Default Interest
Default Litigation Default Rate
Default Rate8221 Deferred Charges
Deferred Interest Deferred Interest8221
Defined Expressions Definitions
Delivery Date Demand
Demand Basis Depend Few Significant Customers Large Part Revenues Loss
Depend Managers Manage Fleet Loss Services Adversely Affect Deposit
Deposit Account Depreciation Amortization
Description Securities Other Equity Part Designated Transaction
Determination Notice Determination Notice8221
Difficulty Managing Planned Growth Through Acquisitions Additional Vessels Direct Obligations
Director Directors Senior Management
Disposal Dry Bulk Carriers Dividend Policy
Dividends Dividends 2006 Declared Paid 15150
Doc Documents Display
Documents Evidence Dollars
Drawdown Date Drawdown Dates
Drawdown Notice Drawdown Notice8221
Drawdown Period Drybulk Manager
Due Authority Due Incorporation Valid Existence
Duration Interest Periods Early Termination Date
Earnings Earnings Account
Earnings Accounts Earnings Accounts Withdrawals
Earnings Per Share Earnings Release Tuesday 2007 After Market Closes Conference
Ebitda Economic Slowdown Asia Pacific Region Material Adverse Effect
Effective Date Emmanuel Owner
Employees Encumbrance
Encumbrance Assets Encumbrance8221
Encumbrances Entire Agreement
Environmental Affiliate Environmental Approval
Environmental Claim Environmental Incident
Environmental Indemnity Environmental Laws
Equity Incentive Plan European Union Tanker Restrictions
Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures Event Default
Event Default8221 Events Concerning Vessels
Evidence Evidence Payment
Evidence Registration Addenda Mortgages Excess Amount
Excess Risks Exchange Controls
Exhibits Existing Loan
Existing Loan8221 Existing Representations Warranties
Expense Expenses8221
Explanatory Expressed Dollars
Facilities Agreement Facility
Factors Affecting Results Operations Fair Market Value
Fee Letter Filings Required
Final Maturity Date Final Maturity Date8221
Finance Documents Finance Lease
Financial Financial Condition
Financial Covenants Financial Indebtedness
Financial Information Financial Instruments
Financial Statements Flag State
Flag State Opinion Fleet Book Value
Fleet Data Fleet Development
Fleet Market Value Fleet Profile Employment
Fleet Vessel Form 20-f
Form 20-f 40-f Formation Joint Venture
Free Liquid Assets Further Documents Evidence
Further Indebtedness Further Opinions
Future Sales Common Stock Cause Market Price Decline Gaap
Gain Sale Vessels General
General Administrative Expenses General Assignment
General Assignments General Conditions
General Conditions Precedent George Kassiotis
George Kassiotis President Chief Executive Officer Class Director German Opinion
Government Entity Governments Requisition Vessels Period War Emergency Resulting Loss
Gregory Mcgrath Chief Financial Officer Gross
Group Guarantee
Guarantees Handymax Product Tanker
Headings Hedging Exposure
Held 2007 Highly Competitive International Shipping Industry Not Able Compete
History Development Holding
Holding Depend Ability Subsidiaries Distribute Funds Order Satisfy Huang Yuan Chiang
Hull 2189 Hull 2189 Refund Guarantee
Hull Machinery War Risks Insurance Igaap8221
Immunity Income Taxes
Incorporated Marshall Islands Not Well-developed Body Corporate Law Indebtedness
Indebtedness8221 Independent Auditors
Index Consolidated Financial Statements Inflation Risk
Information Information Adverse Change Default
Information Borrowing Borrowers Information Concerning Solicitation Voting
Information Contained Form 6-k Report Information Events Concerning Vessel
Inspection Inspection Classification Societies
Insurances Interest
Interest Co-borrow Interest Date
Interest Finance Costs Interest Finance Costs Net
Interest Payable Interest Payment Date8221
Interest Period Interest Period8221
Interest Rate Interest Rate Hedging Arrangement
Interest Rate Risk Interest Rate8221
Interest Receivable International Dry Bulk Shipping Industry
International Maritime Organization Imo International Product Tanker Industry
Intra-group Loan Agreements Investor Relations Financial Media
Ism Code Isps Code
Issc Jefferies Shipping Conference New York
Joint Several Liability Borrowers Kevin Harding
King Owner Lack Historical Operating Data Vessels Before Acquisition
Lakeview Navigation Inc Law
Law8221 Legal Administrative Action
Legal Proceedings Legal Process
Lender Lenders
Lending Office Leverage Ratio
Liability Libor
Libor8221 Licences Authorization
Liquidity Liquidity Capital Resources
Lloyds Tsb Bank Plc Loan
Loan Account Loan Covenant Compliance
Loan8221 Loans
Long-term Debt Loss Hire Insurance
Lower Interest Expense Maintain Business Structure
Maintain Legal Structure Maintenance Indemnities
Maintenance Securities Major Casualty
Major Shareholders Major Shareholders Related Party Transactions
Majority Banks Majority Lenders
Management Agreements Management Commentary
Management Fees Management Fleet
Management8217s Annual Report Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting Managements Annual Report Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting
Manager 8217 Opinion Manager8217s Documents
Manager8217s Undertaking Mandatory Cost
Mandatory Costs Margin
Margin Ratio Marine Money International
Maritime Claimants Arrest Vessels Interrupt Cash Flow Market Value
Marshall Islands Opinion Marshall Islands Tax Considerations
Master Agreement Master Agreement Liabilities
Master Agreement Security Deed Master Swap Agreements
Master Swap Assignment Material Adverse Change Warranty Letter
Material Adverse Effect Material Contracts
Material Environmental Concern Matthew Mccleery
Maturity Date Measurement Period
Memorandum Articles Association Merger
Minimum Liquidity Miriam Owner
Miscellaneous Indemnities Moa
Moa Assignment Moa Loan
Moa Loan Agreement Money Laundering
Month8221 Mortgage
Mortgaged Ship Nasdaq
Nederland Navigation Inc Net Capitalization
Net Income Gaap Per Share Net Income Non Gaap Per Share
Newbuilding Contracts Nicolas Borkmann
Nominees Election Board Directors Non Competition Borrowers Bank
Non-banking Not Able Take Advantage Favorable Opportunities Current Spot
Notarization Filing Records Notices
Notification Interest Now Deed Witnesses Hereby Agreed
Obligations Finance Documents Obligatory Insurances
Obligor Obligors
Offer Listing Oil Pollution Act 1990 Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation
Omega Emmanuel Omega King
Omega Lady Miriam Omega Lady Sarah
Omega Navigation Announces Date Release Full 2006 Results Omega Navigation Anounces Delivery Panamax Product Tanker
Omega Navigation Enterprises Announces Charters Recently Acquired Newbuildings Omega Navigation Enterprises Announces Quarterly Cash Dividend 050
Omega Navigation Enterprises Declares Quarterly Cash Dividend 050 Omega Navigation Enterprises Inc
Omega Navigation Enterprises Inc Announces Agreement Acquire Ice Omega Navigation Enterprises Inc Announces Agreement Acquire Newbuilding
Omega Navigation Enterprises Inc Announces Appointment Non Executive Omega Navigation Enterprises Inc Announces Availability 2007 Annual
Omega Navigation Enterprises Inc Announces Date Release 2008 Omega Navigation Enterprises Inc Announces Date Release 2009
Omega Navigation Enterprises Inc Announces Date Release Full Omega Navigation Enterprises Inc Announces Formation Joint Venture
Omega Navigation Enterprises Inc Announces New Time Charter Omega Navigation Enterprises Inc Announces New Time Charters
Omega Navigation Enterprises Inc Announces Sale Dry Bulk Omega Navigation Enterprises Inc Announces Time Charter 37000
Omega Navigation Enterprises Inc Consolidated Balance Sheet Omega Navigation Enterprises Inc Declares Quarterly Cash Dividend
Omega Navigation Enterprises Inc Declares Quarterly Dividend 050 Omega Navigation Enterprises Inc Delivers Dry Bulk Vessels
Omega Navigation Enterprises Inc Reports 2006 Full Results Omega Navigation Enterprises Inc Reports 2006 Results
Omega Navigation Enterprises Inc Reports 2007 Results Omega Navigation Enterprises Inc Reports 2008 Results
Omega Navigation Enterprises Inc Reports 2009 Results Omega Navigation Enterprises Inc Reports 2009 Results Reschedules
Omega Navigation Enterprises Inc Reports Full 2007 Results Omega Navigation Enterprises Inc Restructures Debt Non Amortizing
Omega Navigation Enterprises Inc Revises Record Date 2008 Omega Navigation Enterprises Present Jefferies Shipping Conference New
Omega Navigation Enterprises Presents Investors Omega Navigation Enterprises Reiterates Consistent Dividend Policy
Omega Navigation Enterprises Takes Delivery Seventh Vessel New Omega Navigation Enterprises Vessel Rescues Man Sea
Omega Prince Omega Princess
Omega Queen Omega Theodore
Operating Results Operating Results Fleet Subject Seasonal Fluctuations Adversely Affect
Operator Organizational Structure
Other Developments 2006 Other Matters
Outstanding Indebtedness Outstanding Indebtedness8221
Owner 8217 Opinion Owner8217s Guarantee
Owners Panamax Product Tanker
Part Participating Member State
Pasedena Navigation Inc Pay Tax United States Source Income Reduce Earnings
Payment Currency Payment Expenses
Payments Payments Banking
Percentage Percentage Ownership
Perfected Securities Permitted Encumbrance
Permitted Liens Person
Person8221 Pertinent Jurisdiction
Policy Policy8221
Pollutant Post Delivery Commitment
Post Delivery Facility8221 Post Delivery Finance
Potential Event Default Pre Delivery Commitment
Pre Delivery Facility8221 Predelivery Security Assignment
Prince Owner Princess Owner
Principal Agreement Proceedings
Product Tanker Shipping Sector Cyclical Volatile Lead Reductions Product Tankers
Proof Compliance Proof Default
Property Plant Equipment Proposal
Protection Indemnity Insurance Protection Indemnity Risks
Provided Always Purchase Delivery Newbuilding Ice Class Panamax Product Tankers
Purchase Newbuilding Ice Class Panamax Product Tankers Purchases Equity Securities Issuer Affiliates Part
Purchasing Operating Secondhand Vessels Result Increased Costs Reduced Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quarterly Dividend Queen Owner
Quotation Quotation Date
Quote Omega Navigation Rebates
Recent Fleet Developments Recently Formed Limited Operating History Less Successful Implementing
Reconciliation Adjusted Ebitda Cash Operating Activities Reconciliation Ebitda Cash Operating Activities
Recovering Bank Reference Bank
Refund Guarantee Refund Guarantee Assignment Consent Acknowledgement8221
Refund Guarantee8221 Refund Guarantor
Refund Guarantor8221 Registration Rights Agreement
Registry Regulation
Regulation8221 Related
Related Party Transactions Release 2006 Results Conference Call Webcast
Relevant Jurisdiction Relevant Jurisdiction8221
Relevant Person Relevant Ship
Repayment Date Repayment Instalment
Repayment Intra-group Loan Agreements Repayment Loan
Repetition Representations Warranties Report Foreign Private Issuer Pursuant Rule 13a-16 15d-16
Representations Concerning Vessels Representations Correct
Representations Warranties Required Make Substantial Capital Expenditures Purchase New Ice
Requirement Requisition Compensation
Restricted Companies Restrictions Senior Secured Credit Facility Restrict Ability Pay
Results Retention Account
Retention Account Credits Withdrawals Retention Account Pledge
Retention Amount Retention Dates
Ring Opening Bell Nasdaq Friday 2006 Risk Factors
Risk Loss Liability Insurance Risks Associated Operating Ocean-going Vessels Affect Business Reputation
Robert Flynn Chairman Class Director Sale Dry Bulk Vessels
Sarah Owner Screen Rate
Secured Liabilities Securities Exchange
Security Assignment8221 Security Coverage
Security Documents Security Documents8221
Security Interest Security Parties
Security Party Security Party8221
Security Period Security Period8221
Security Requirement Security Trustee
Security Value Segment Information
Seller Sellers Notes
Servicing Future Indebtedness Limit Funds Available Other Purposes Set Off
Set-off Set-off Counterclaim
Sgx-st Share Charge
Share Ownership Shares Charge
Shares Class Common Stock 3140000 Registrant Ship
Ship Security Documents Shipbuilding Contract
Shipping Shipping Industry Inherent Operational Risks Not Adequately Covered
Ships Shoreline Mutual Bermuda Ltd
Signatures Significant Shareholder Owned President Chief Executive Officer Effectively
Slide Audio Webcast Slides Audio Webcast
Smc Spill
Stamp Other Duties Subject Regulation Liability Environmental Laws Require Significant Expenditures
Subordination Subsequent Events
Subsidiary Subsidiary8221
Substantial Operations Outside United States Expose Political Governmental Substitute
Substitute Basis Substitution Certificate
Successor Successor8221
Sufficient Funds Sunray Navigation Inc
Supplemental Security Documents Letters Supply
Swap Bank Swap Banks
Swap Exposure Tabular Disclosure Contractual Obligations
Tanker Managers Tax
Taxation Taxation Absence Internal Revenue Code 883 Exemption
Taxation Shipping Income General Taxes
Taxes8221 Technical Manager
Temporary Suspension Dividends Term Loan
Term Loan Agreement Termination Date
Theodore Owner Theodore Ship
Time Charter Agreement Omega Queen Time Charter Omega King
Total Assets Total Capitalization
Total Commitments Total Debt
Total Liabilities Total Loss
Total Loss Date Total Loss Payment Date
Total Loss8221 Total Net Capitalisation
Total Net Debt Tranche
Tranche A8221 Tranche Advance A8221
Tranche Advance B8221 Tranche Advance C8221
Tranche Advance D8221 Tranche Advance E8221
Tranche B8221 Tranche C8221
Tranche D8221 Tranche Final Maturity Date8221
Tranche8221 Transaction Documents
Transfer Assets Transfer Certificate
Transferor Lender Tripartite Deed
Tyler Navigation Inc Unable Attract Retain Key Management Personnel Other Employees
Underlying Documents Undertaking
United States Taxation Unless Set Aside Reserves Able Borrow Funds Vessel
Usgaap Valid Choice Law
Validity Validity Binding Effect
Vessel Vessel A8221
Vessel B8221 Vessel C8221
Vessel Contract Assignment Consent Acknowledgement8221 Vessel Contract Installment8221
Vessel Contract Price8221 Vessel Contract8221
Vessel D8221 Vessel Delivery Date8221
Vessel E8221 Vessel Operating Expenses
Vessel Security Regulations Vessel8221
Vessels Net Vessels Suffer Damage Face Unexpected Costs Adversely Affect
Voluntary Prepayment Voyage Expenses
Voyage Revenues Voyage Vessel Operating Expenses
Waiver Conditions Precedent War Risks
Wednesday 2007 Whereas
Withdrawal Doc Smc Withholding Taxes
Withholdings Witness
Working Capital World Events Adversely Affect Results Operations Financial Condition
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