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Access Information Accounting Firm
Accounts Receivable Accrued Compensation
Accrued Medical Malpractice Accrued Obligations
Accrued Workers Compensation Accrued Workers Compensation Medical Malpractice Insurance
Acknowledgements Acknowledgment
Acquired Lease Commitments Acquisitions Vista Staffing Solutions Oxford Global Resources
Actions Closing Added Employment Agreement Follows
Additional Covenants Additional Indemnification
Adjustments Adjustments Stock Dividends Similar Events
Administration Administration Purposes Such Personal Security Clearances Denied Suspended
Administrative Expenses Adopted Anti-takeover Measures Prevent Change Control
Adoption Approval Agreement Stockholders Agree Adoption New Standard
Advertising Advertising Costs
Affiliate Affiliate8221
Affiliated Affirmative Covenants
Age Discrimination Employment Act Amended Agreement
Agreement Merger Shall Received Requisite Stockholder Approval Agreement Plan Merger
Allocation Allocation Certain Taxes
Allowance Doubtful Accounts Allowance Doubtful Accounts Billing Adjustments
Amended Restated 2002 Amended Restated 2003
Amended Restated 2006 Amended Restated Deferred Compensation Plan
Amended Restated Through 2007 Amendment
Amendment Assignment Inc Employee Stock Purchase Plan Amended Amendment Dameris Senior Executive Agreement
Amendment Date Amendment Senior Executive Agreement
Amendment Termination Espp Amendment Termination Plan
Amendment Termination Restated Plan Amendment Termination Stock Option Plan
Amendment Waiver Annex
Annual Base Salary Annual Incentive Compensation
Annual Meeting Stockholders Held Friday 2007 Annual Meeting Stockholders Held Friday 2008
Annual Meeting Stockholders Held Monday 2006 Annual Meeting Stockholders Held Monday 2009
Annual Report Stockholders Form 10-k Applicable Margin Fee
Apply Net Proceeds Sale Shares Manner Set Forth Appointment James Brill Senior Vice President Chief Financial
Approval Proposal Asgn Severance Plan
Assets Assignment
Assignment Inc Assignment Inc Announces Appointment New Director
Assignment Inc Index Assignment Inc Reports 2004 Results
Assignment Inc Reports 2005 Results Assignment Inc Reports 2006 Results
Assignment Inc Reports 2007 Results Assignment Inc Reports Record Revenues 2006 Updates 2007
Assignment Ready Inc Assignment Staffing Services Inc
Audit Committee Authorized Capital Stock Consists 20000000 Shares 13150000 Issued
Available Information Access Reports Award
Award Agreement Base Salary
Basis Presentation Because Contract Staffing Agreements Terminated Clients Professionals Termination
Because Temporary Staffing Agreements Terminated Clients Professionals Termination Being Converted Revolving Loans Each Lender Shall Fund
Being Understood Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Beneficiary Designation Benefit Income Taxes
Benefit Provision Income Taxes Benefits
Board Board Committees Meetings
Board Recommend Vote Board8221
Bonus Book Entry
Brouse Business
Business Activity Business Dependent Proper Functioning Information Systems Cost Effective
Business Relation Buyer Shall Delivered Certificate
Cannot Attract Develop Retain Qualified Killed Staffing Consultants Cannot Attract Develop Retain Qualified Skilled Staffing Consultants
Captions Cash Equivalents
Cash Equivalents Marketable Securities Cash Equivalents Restricted
Cashless Exercise Cause
Cause8221 Ceo
Certain Covenants Hereby Agrees Certain Reimbursements
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Certificate Incorporation By-laws
Certification Pursuant Rules 13a-14 15d-14 Securities Exchange Act Certifications Chief Executive Officer Controller Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley
Change Address Etc Party Hereto Telecopier Number Notices Change Control
Change Control Agreement Change Control Agreements
Change Control Period Change Control Plan
Change Control Sale Division Change Control Severance Plan
Change Year-end Date Other 618 Changes Director Compensation
Changes Internal Controls Changes Stock
Chief Executive Officer Compensation Chief Financial Officer Compensation
Choice Law Jurisdiction Claims
Claims Against Contract Professionals Damages Resulting Negligence Mistreatment Claims Against Temporary Professionals Damages Resulting Negligence Mistreatment
Claims Procedures Clawback
Clients Closing Date Purchase Price Adjustment
Cobra Code
Code Not Foregoing Elections Required Apply Rules Commissions
Commitments Commitments Contingencies
Committee Common Stock
Common Stock 001 Par Value Common Stock Reserved Issuance Espp
Common Stock Reserved Issuance Option Plan Common Stock Reserved Issuance Restated Plan
Common Stock8221 Communicating Board
Company-sponsored Health Welfare Benefits Compelled Disclosure
Compensation Compensation Committee
Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Compensation Committee Report
Compensation Deductibility Policy Compensation Discussion Analysis
Compensation Philosophy Compensation Program
Competition Complete Agreement
Complete Agreement Termination Consulting Completion Acquisition Disposition Assets
Comply Rule 433 Act Without Reliance 164 Component
Concentration Credit Risk Condensed Consolidated Statements Comprehensive Income
Condensed Consolidated Statements Comprehensive Income Loss Conditions Closing
Conditions Consummation Merger Conditions Increased New Commitments Shall Become Effective Such
Confidential Information Confidential Information Employee Developments
Confidential Information Prior Employers Etc Confidentiality Non-solicitation Non-competition Agreement
Confidentiality Nonsolicitation Noncompetition Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consolidated Statements Comprehensive Income Loss Consolidation
Constitutes Valid Binding Obligation Enforceable Against Accordance Terms Construction
Consulting Agreement Contacts
Contingencies Continuing Directors
Continuing Options Contract Professional
Contract Staffing Agreements Terminated Clients Professionals Termination Significant Contracts
Control Controls Procedures
Coo Copy
Corporate Documents Administrative Agent Shall Received Corporate Events
Corporate Transaction Cost Services
Costs Providing Travel Housing Nurses Other Healthcare Personnel Costs Providing Travel Housing Nurses Other Traveling Contract
Counterparts Agreement Signed Parties Together Shall Constitute Same Counterparts Facsimile Transmission
Covenants Covered Employee
Credit Agreement Creditors Rights
Critical Accounting Policies Date Termination
Death Benefit Deferral Arrangement
Deferred Compensation Deferred Compensation Plan
Deferred Compensation Plans Deferred Rent
Definitions Deleted Replaced Entirety Following
Delivery Stock Delivery Stock Certificates
Deloitte Touche Llp Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Description Consulting Services Description Employee Stock Purchase Plan
Development Agreement Director Compensation
Director Officer Indemnification Directors Executive Officers Registrant
Disability Disability Benefit
Disclaimer Rights Disinterested Director Means Not Was Party Proceeding Respect
Dissenting Shares Dividend Equivalent Rights
Division Documents Administrative Agent Collateral Shall Reasonably Require Confirm
Documents Incorporated Reference Each Loan Other Swingline Loans Shall Part Borrowing
Earnings Loss Per Share Earnings Per Share
Earnout Ebitda Adjusted
Ebitda8221 Edward Pierce
Effect Certain Corporate Transactions Effective Date
Effective Date Agreement Termination Shall Become Parties Hereto Effectiveness
Eic Plan Election
Election Director Eligibility
Eligible Employees Elliott Ettenberg
Emmett Mcgrath Employee Benefits
Employee Stock Purchase Plan Employees
Employment Employment Agreement
Employment Contracts Change Control Arrangements Employment Matters
Employment Term Enforcement
Enforcement Etc Engage New Employee Salary Excess 90000 Per Annum
Engagement Date Engineering
Entry Material Agreement Entry Material Definitive Agreement
Environmental Matters Equity Awards
Equity Compensation Plan Information Escrow
Estimates Ethics
Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures Events Termination
Except Individually Aggregate Not Reasonably Expected Result Material Except Not Reasonably Expected Material Adverse Effect
Except Provided Exchange Act
Excise Tax Exclusivity Benefits
Executive Executive Agreement
Executive Change Control Agreement Executive Compensation
Executive Compensation 2004 Executive Compensation 2005
Executive Compensation 2006 Executive Officer
Executive Officers Executive Officers Registrant
Executive8217s Representations Warranties Executive8221
Executives Representations Warranties Exhibits
Existing Covenants Expands Healthcare Staffing Physician Arena Conference Call Scheduled
Expense Overage Expenses
Expiration Date Explanatory
Export Industrial Security Failure Perform Covenant Agreement Buyer Transitory Subsidiary Contained
Failure Perform Covenant Agreement Contained Fair Market Value
Fair Value Financial Instruments Family Member
Family Transfers Federal Income Tax Consequences
Fees Fees Paid Independent Accountants
Fica Filing Audited Financial Statements Annual Report 2004
Filing Audited Financial Statements Annual Report 2005 Filing Audited Financial Statements Annual Report 2006
Filing Audited Financial Statements Annual Report 2007 Filing Audited Financial Statements Annual Report 2008
Financial Statement Presentation Financial Statements Exhibits
Financial Statements Reports Etc Furnish Administrative Agent Financial Targets
Financings Other Transactions Etc Fluctuation Patient Occupancy Rates Client Facilities Adversely Affect
Following Sentence Added End Foreign Currency Translation
Form 10-k Form 10-q
Form Restricted Stock Unit Agreement Full-year Estimates Raised
Future Changes Reimbursement Trends Hamper Healthcare Physician Segments Future Changes Reimbursement Trends Hamper Healthcare Staffing Segment
Future Sales Common Stock Exercise Options Cause Market General
General Performance Goals General Release
General Release Not Extend Claims Creditor Know Suspect General Rule
Good Reason Good Reason8221
Goodwill Identifiable Intangible Assets Goodwill Identifiable Intangibles
Governing Law Government Regulation
Governmental Entity Preceding Date Hereof Not Received Written Governmental Third-party Notices Consents
Grant Date Grant Restricted Stock Units
Gross Profit Margin Gross Profit Margins
Gross-up Payment Growth Businesses Substantially Dependent Ability Attract Develop Retain
Growth Strategy Healthcare
Healthcare Reform Negatively Impact Business Opportunities Revenues Gross Healthcare Staffing
Hereof Each Such Lock-up Agreement Shall Full Force Highlights
Highlights 2007 Update However
Http Wwwonassignmentcom Immediately Prior Effective Time Except Name Corporation Set
Impairment Goodwill Impairment Goodwill Identifiable Intangible Assets
Impairment Long-lived Assets Improper Activities Contract Professionals Result Damage Business Reputation
Improper Activities Temporary Professionals Result Damage Business Reputation Incentive Compensation
Incentive Stock Option Incentive Stock Option Agreement
Incentive Stock Options Income
Income Taxes Incorporation Reference
Increase Annual Base Salaries Increase Commitments
Increased Costs Generally Change Law Shall Incumbent Board
Indemnification Indemnification Agreement
Indemnification Reimbursement Payments Behalf Executive Indemnification Representative
Indemnity Contribution Independent Auditors Report
Independent Directors Index
Industry Market Dynamics Information Furnished Underwriters Statements Set Forth Last
Information Prior Employers Etc Information Systems Not Function Cost Effective Manner Business
Information Systems Property Equipment Initial Ebitda Performance Goals
Initial Ebitda Performance-vesting Initial Ebitda Performance-vesting Restricted Stock Grant
Initial Time-vesting Initial Time-vesting Rsu Grant
Initial Tsr Performance Goals Initial Tsr Performance-vesting
Initial Tsr Performance-vesting Rsu Grant Insurance
Insurance Benefits Insurance Costs Increase Significantly Incremental Negatively Affect Financial
Insurance Indemnification Intellectual Property
Intentionally Omitted Interest Expense Income
Interest Expense Income Change Fair Value Rate Swap Interest Expense Income Other
Interest Income Internal Control-integrated Framework
Internal Revenue Code Involuntary Termination
James Brill Jeremy Jones
Joined Jonathan Holman
Joseph Peterson Kristi Wolff
Lab Support Lab Support Limited
Lab Support Mfa Lines Business Leave Absence
Legal Proceedings Lender
Letters Credit Liability
Life Sciences Limitation Shares Stock Cash Subject Awards
Limitations Limitations Exercise Option
Limitations Incentive Stock Options Liquidated Damages
Liquidity Capital Resources List Documents Filed Part Report
Long-term Debt Long-term Incentive Compensation
Lose Major Client Nurse Travel Line Business Not Loss Key Members Senior Management Team Adversely Affect
Maintain Transfer Agent Necessary Jurisdiction Incorporation Registrar Common Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Material Compensatory Plan Maximum Bonus
Meetings Merge Consolidate Corporation Other Entity
Merger Method Exercise
Michael Holtzman Michael Mcgowan
Michael Payne Miscellaneous
Mitigation Modifications Organizational Documents Other Etc
Modify Amend Alter Terminate Executory Contracts Material Value Monday 2006 200 Local Time
Mortgage Pledge Subject Lien Charge Other Encumbrance Assets Necessary Reflect Such Change Effect Compliance
Negative Covenants Net Loss Per Share 011 Beat Mid-point Guidance
New Plan Benefits Nominating Corporate Governance Committee
Nominee Election Term Ending 2010 Nominee Election Term Ending 2011
Nominee Election Terms Ending 2008 Nominee Election Terms Ending 2009
Nominees Election Term Ending 2012 Non-exclusivity Survival Rights Insurance Subrogation
Non-qualified Options Nonexclusivity Plan
Nonqualified Stock Option Agreement Nonsolicitation
Not Able Remain Competitive Obtaining Retaining Temporary Staffing Not Collaterally Assigned Granted Other Security Interest Such
Not Long-term Exclusive Agreements Temporary Staffing Clients Growth Not Provide Proxy Card Vote Shares Held Name
Not Received Notice Nasdaq Regarding Delisting Common Stock Not Successfully Make Integrate Acquisitions Harm Business Growth
Notice Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders
Notices Number 0-20540
Number 000- Number 000-20540
Number Gender Nurse Travel
Obligation Maintain Confidentiality Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Offering Office Inventory
Offset Omitted
Operate Regulated Industry Changes Regulations Violations Result Increased Option
Option Exercises Holdings Option Exercises Stock Vested
Option Expiration Date Option Price
Optional Mandatory Prepayments Loans Options
Options Vested Exercisable Date Hereof Until Option Expiration Other Awards
Other Benefits Other Benefits Agreements
Other Confidentiality Agreements Other Events
Other Forms Payment Other Information
Other Issuing Bank Synthetic Applicable Shall Obligation Issue Other Matters
Other Provisions Other Terms
Outside Director Outstanding Awards 2006 Year-end
Overview Overview History
Ownership Property Oxford Black Diamond
Oxford Global Resources Inc Parachute Limitations
Parachute Value Participant
Participation Parties
Parties Terminate Agreement Mutual Written Consent Party Information
Party Information8221 Payment
Payment Period Payments Benefits
Payroll Date Percent Stockholder
Performance Annual Incentive Awards Performance Annual Incentive Awards Granted Designated Covered Employees
Performance Award Performance Conditions
Performance Goals Performance-vesting Restricted Stock Unit 8220rsu8221 Grant
Period Date Sign Agreement Perquisites
Person Person8221
Personal Property Requirements Collateral Agent Shall Received Peter Dameris
Physician Plan
Position Duties Positive Ebitda Achieved Ahead Schedule Full-year Estimates Raised
Post-closing Date Purchase Price Adjustment Potential Six-month Delay
Power Attorney Respect Taxes Been Executed Filed Governmental Pre-approval Audit Non-audit Services
Pre-approval Non-audit Services Preparation Tax Returns Payment Taxes
President Healthcare Staffing Division President Life Sciences
President Life Sciences Allied Healthcare Compensation President Oxford Global Resources Compensation
President Vista Staffing Solutions Compensation President Vista Staffing Solutions Inc
Presumptions Effect Certain Proceedings Principal Accountant Fees Services
Principles Consolidation Pro Forma Compensation Expenses
Pro Forma Condensed Combined Financial Statements Pro Rata Bonus
Pro Rata Treatment Pro-rata
Procedure Application Indemnification Procedure Notification Defense Claim
Properties Property Equipment
Proposal Four-ratification Appointment Independent Accountants Proposal One-election Director
Proposal One-election Directors Proposal Three-amendment Employee Stock Purchase Plan
Proposal Three-ratification Appointment Independent Accountants Proposal Two-amendment Amended Restated 1987 Stock Option Plan
Proposal Two-amendment Restatement Restated 1987 Stock Option Plan Proposal Two-ratification Appointment Independent Accountants
Proposals Stockholders Proprietary Information
Proprietary Information8221 Prospective Client
Prospective Client8221 Prospectus Amendment Supplement Registration Statement Shall Been Filed
Provided Provided Further
Provided However Provision Benefit Income Taxes
Provision Employee Retirement Income Security Act 1974 Erisa Provision Income Taxes
Provisions Corporate Documents Delaware Law Delay Prevent Change Purchase Price
Purchase Restricted Stock Purpose
Purposes Meaning Phrase Fullest Extent Permitted Law Shall Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Usc 1350
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Realized Profits Respect Such Amounts Extent Not Applied
Reasonable Likelihood Restraining Preventing Imposing Burdensome Conditions Transactions Reasons Presentation Non-gaap Financial Measures
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Recitals
Reclassification Independent Contractors Tax Authorities Materially Adversely Affect Reclassifications
Reconciliation Estimated Gaap Net Income Non-gaap Ebitda Adjusted Record Quarterly Revenues 1439 Net Income Adjusted Ebitda
Record Quarterly Revenues 1524 Exceeded Estimates Record Quarterly Revenues 1561 Net Income
Record Quarterly Revenues 1619 Net Income Records
Records8221 Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code
Registration Procedures Registration Stock Consideration
Regulation Disclosure Reimbursement
Release Claims Released Claims
Remedies Remedies Indemnitee
Renewal Date Report Audit Committee
Report Compensation Committee Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Reporting Person Representations
Representations Warranties Representations Warranties Buyer
Representations Warranties Buyer Transitory Subsidiary Representations Warranties Selling Securityholders Regarding Securities
Required Further Write Down Goodwill Identifiable Intangible Assets Resignation Director
Resignation Officer Restated 1987 Stock Option Plan
Restricted Business Restricted Stock
Restricted Stock Agreement Restricted Stock Certificates
Restricted Stock Unit Grants Restricted Stock Units
Restricted Stock Units Awards Restriction Executive8217s Prior Knowledge
Restriction Executives Prior Knowledge Restrictions
Results Operations Results Operations Financial Condition
Results Operations Vary Result Number Factors Make Difficult Retirement Date
Retirement Savings Plan Deferred Compensation Change Control Severance Return Property
Revenue Recognition Revenues
Revenues 1520 Exceeded Guidance Revenues 513 Over
Revision Classification Certain Securities Revoke Proxy Change Vote
Revolving Loan Prepayments Right Payment
Rights Holders Options Rights Holders Restricted Stock
Rights Termination Risk Factors
Ron Rudolph Rsu Agreement
Rsu Grants Rsu Grants Contingent
Rsus Rudolph Parties
Rule 16b-3 Rule Cause Application Laws Jurisdictions Other Those State
Safe Harbor Salary Bonus
Sales Fulfillment Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Schedule Scheduled Distribution Unforeseeable Emergencies
Seasonality Sections 152
Sections 183 Securities Act
Securities Exchange Act 1934 Security Agreement Exercise Collateral Agent Voting Other Rights
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder Selected Cash Flow Information
Selection Enrollment Eligibility Self-insurance
Selling General Administrative Expenses Senator William Brock
Separation Separation Service
Seq Service
Service Provider Service Term
Service Term8221 Services
Settlement Performance Annual Incentive Awards Other Terms Severability
Severance Severance Change-in-control Benefits
Severance Pay Severance Payments
Severance Payments8221 Severance Period
Severance Period8221 Shall Delivered Buyer Certificate
Shall Dissenting Shares Shall Received Deloitte Touche Llp Letters Dated
Shares Present Hold Meeting Shares Voted Dont Provide Card Attend Annual Meeting
Shares Voted Not Provide Card Attend Annual Meeting Shares Voted Not Provide Proxy Card Attend Annual
Shawn Mohr Signature
Signature Page Follow Signature Page Follows
Signatures Soliciting Vote
Sources Uses Loans Shall Set Forth 312 Special Forward-looking Statements
Staff Staffing Industry Healthcare News
Staffing Industry Report Stand-alone Additional Tandem Substitute Awards
Start Date Status 142 Awards Code 162
Stock Stock Appreciation Rights
Stock Bonus Stock Grants Non-employee Board Members
Stock Option Stock Option Agreement
Stock Option Committee Stock Option Grants
Stock Option Plan Employee Purchase Stock Option Restricted Grants
Stock Options Stock Performance Graph
Stock Plan Stock Purchase Agreement
Stock Unit Stock Unit Agreement
Stock Units Stock-based Compensation
Stockholders Eligible Make 338 Election Respect Purchase Sale Stockholders Equity
Subject Business Risks Associated International Operations Make Significantly Subject Material Uninsured Liabilities Partially Self-insured Workers Compensation
Submission Jurisdiction Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Subsequent Ebitda Performance-vesting Restricted Stock Grant Subsequent Time-vesting
Subsequent Time-vesting Rsu Grant Subsequent Tsr Performance-vesting Rsu Grant
Subsidiaries Assignment Inc Subsidiaries Registrant
Subsidiary Subsidiary8221
Substance Esop Stockholder Regarding Transactions Contemplated Agreement Successors Assigns
Such Purchaser Underwriters Shall Acquire Right Virtue Agreement Summary Cash Other Compensation
Summary Executive Compensation Summary Grants Plan Based Awards
Summary Option Exercises Stock Vested Summary Outstanding Equity Awards
Supplemental Information Surrender Stock
Surviving Corporation Shall Secretary State Delaware Certificate Merger Swingline Loans
Synthetic Deposit Account Table Contents
Take Action Amend Authorize Amendment Charter Documents Bylaws Target Bonus
Tax Matters Taxes
Taxes8221 Temporary Professional
Temporary Staffing Industry Highly Competitive Success Future Growth Teresa Hopp
Term Term Employment
Termination Termination Employment
Termination Employment Benefit Termination Plan Amendment Modification
Termination Resignation Positions Termination Service
Terms Awards Terms Ending 2009
Terms Ending 2010 Terms New Loans Commitments Provisions Pursuant Shall Follows
Therein Present Fairly Material Respects Pro Forma Consolidated Time Determination
Trading Price Common Stock Experienced Significant Fluctuations Make Trust
Tsr Performance Goals Ubs Stamford Branch
Unable Attract Retain Qualified Contract Professionals Lab Support Unable Attract Retain Qualified Contract Professionals Life Sciences
Unable Attract Retain Qualified Temporary Professionals Lab Support Underpayment
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds Unrestricted Stock
Unrestricted Stock Awards Update
Value Vesting Start Date
Vista Physician Search Consulting Inc Vista Staffing International
Vista Staffing Solutions Vista Staffing Solutions Inc
Vote Annual Meeting Vote Shares Person Annual Meeting
Vote Shares Without Attending Annual Meeting Votes Counted
Votes Required Approve Each Voting Dividend Rights
Vss Holding Inc Waiver
West Agoura Road Calabasas California 91302 What Broker Non-vote
What Happens Shares Held Account What Proposals Voted Annual Meeting
Withholding Withholding Taxes
Witness Whereof Witness Whereof Assignment Inc Duly Authorized Representative Caused
Witnesseth Work Product
Work Product8221 Workers Compensation
Workers Compensation Medical Malpractice Loss Reserves Written Determinations
Written Statement Chief Executive Officer Financial Pursuant 906 Year-over-year Quarterly Revenues Acquisitions Adjusted Ebitda Above Previously
Year-over-year Quarterly Revenues Operating Income Improved Eps Was Year-over-year Quarterly Revenues Strong Organic Growth Eps 003
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