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Additional Information Find Adobe Flash Technology
Advanced Iptv System Enables Video Delivery Direct Desktops Agreement Acoustic Technology Llc
Agreement Artel Software Corp Agreement Certain Shareholders Scopus
Agreement Koor Corporate Venture Capital Industries Ltd Aksh Optifibre Ltd Aol
Allowance Doubtful Debts Alternate Directors
Amendments Articles Association Amir Philips Replace Danny Lustiger Chief Financial Officer
Annex Annual Extraordinary Meetings
Anti-takeover Provisions Negatively Impact Shareholders Approval Certain Transactions
Approval Compensation Alex Hilman His Capacity Executive Chairman Approval Employment Agreement Between Tom Wyler Chief Executive
Approval Future Purchase Insurance Policy Concerning Directors Officers Approval Grant Special Bonus Alex Hilman Director
Approval Private Issuance Shlomo Tom Wyler Approval Prospective Undertaking Indemnify Directors Officers Arenon-controlling Shareholders
Approval Purchsase Insurance Policy Concerning Directors Officers Liability Approval Purchsase Insurance Policy Concerning Directors Officersliability Including
Aspex Assignment Registration Rights
Audit Committee Audit Committee Financial Expert
Audit Committee Pre-approval Policies Procedures Avt Offer Optibase Professional Solutions Live Demand Video
Backup Withholding Information Reporting Balances Transactions Related Parties
Because Most Revenues Generated Dollars Portion Expenses Israel Because Products Subject Claims Infringement Intellectual Property Rights
Beneficial Ownership Securities Certain Owners Management Board Directors Recommends Vote Approval Proposed Resolution
Board Directors Shareholders Harmonic Video Networks Ltd Formerly Board Directors Shareholders Scopus Video Networks Ltd
Board Practices Boris
Bringing Full Iptv Solutions H264 Compression Standards Telco Bringing H264 Compression Standards Market
Business Interruptions Adversely Affect Business Overview
Canal Canal Group Chooses Optibase Video Over
Capital Expenditures Last Capital Gains Tax Sales Ordinary Shares
Carrier Class Systems Related Technology Certain Defined Terms
Certification Chief Executive Officer Certification Chief Financial Officer
Changes Capital Changing Rights Attached Shares
Chapter General Chapter Insurance Indemnity Exemption Officers
Chapter Merger Winding Sale Assets Consideration Securities Chapter Miscellaneous
Chr Solutions Code Business Conduct Ethics
Code Ethics Commitments Contingent Liabilities
Commitments Contingent Liabilities Cont Committees Board Directors
Communication Platform Created Sony Heineken New Business Generation Communications Offer Optibase Professional Solutions Advanced Video Over
Compensation Compensation Committee
Competition Condensed Consolidated Balance Sheets
Condensed Consolidated Statement Operations Period 2009 Conditions Israel
Conference Call Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consolidated Statements Other Financial Information Content Creation Technology
Contents Contingencies
Continue Seek Expand Business Through Acquisitions Result Diversion Controls Procedures
Corporate Governance Cost Revenues
Cost-reduction Efforts Adversely Impact Productivity Service Levels Currency Inflation
Currency Presentation Certain Defined Terms Decrease Sales Video Technologies Product Line Expect Continue
Deemed Investment Comply Burdensome Requirements Limit Ability Carry Demonstrates Net Income
Demonstrating Commitment Growth Profitability Ceo Uzi Breier Implements Depend Limited Number Key Personnel Difficult Replace Lose
Depend Number Parties Manufacture Distribute Supply Critical Components Depend Parties Distribute Market Products Cannot Retain Effective
Derive Significant Portion Revenues Type Product Failure Meet Deterioration Economic Conditions Israel Adversely Affect Financial Condition
Deterioration Economic Political Military Instability Israel Adversely Affect Deterioration Economy Israel Adversely Affect Results Operations
Digital Non-linear Editing Digital Video Streaming Market Characterized Rapid Technological Changes
Digital Video Streaming Market Highly Competitive Lose Sales Digital Video Streaming Market Not Grow Expect Demand
Directors Senior Management Disclosure Controls Procedures
Dispositions Ordinary Shares Diversiffication Operations Entering Fixed Income Real Estate Sector
Dividend Policy Dividend Rights
Documents Display Dvb Digital Video Broadcast Technology
Economic Conditions Economic Outlook Adversely Affect Demand Products Results Operations
Effect Government Regulation Business Election Itzhak Wulkan External Director Three-year Term Commencing
Election Orli Garti-seroussi External Director Three-year Term Commencing Eli Sharon Joins Vice President Research Development Optibase
Employees Employment Agreements
Empowering Lans Multi-channel Video Delivery Device Encoder Decoder Related Technology
Encoder Related Technology Engineering
Enterprise Government Military Enterprise Software Technology
Essa Exchange Controls
Exemption Listing Standards Audit Committee Exhibits
Experienced Significant Fluctuations Results Operations Times Past Expect Explanatory
External Directors Fail Maintain Effective Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Failure Enter Cooperation Agreements System Integrators Unfruitful Material Fiduciary Duty Care Directors Officers
Financial Income Expenses Net Financial Information
Financial Instruments Financial Statements
Fixed Assets Net Following Implementation Sfas 123r Required Record Compensation Expense
Foreign Exchange Regulations Foreign Investors Fic
Form 20-f Form 6-k
Forward-looking Statements Forward-looking Statements Prove Inaccurate
Fpga Embedded Technology Fpt Telecom
Future Target Securities Class Action Other Litigation Costly Gav Yam Center Shenkar Pobox 2170 Herzliya 46120
General General Administrative Expenses
General Cont General Corporate Tax Structure Israel
Geographic Areas Major Customers Cont Geographic Information Major Customers
Government Branches Armed Forces Units Opt New Optibase Government Programs Tax Benefits Currently Participate Receive Require
H264 Avc Digital Channels Mtnl Network History
History Losses Might Not Able Reach Profitability Holders Ordinary Shares United States Residents Face Income
Huawei Immediate Release
Impairment Classifications Marketable Securities Investments Impairment Goodwill Long- Lived Assets
Impairment Long- Lived Assets Impairment Other Long- Term Investment
Incentive Plans Income Taxes
Income Taxes Cont Increased Allocation Research Development Resources Enterprise Government Military
Indemnification Exemption Insurance Directors Officers Independent Auditors Report
Index Index Consolidated Financial Statements
Intellectual Property Interest Rate Rating Risks
Internal Controls Inventories
Inventories Valuation Investment Committee
Investments Companies Investments Risks
Iptv Iptv Industry Veterans Fastweb Re-endorse Optibases Mgw 5100
Iptv Services Over 300 Subscribers Israeli Courts Might Not Enforce Judgments Rendered Outside
Israeli Incentive Compensation Plan Israeli Law
Israeli Taxation Iss Recommends Scopus Shareholders Vote Favor Optibase Proposals
Lattelecom Launches Best-in-class Mpeg-4 Avc Solution
Lawsuit Filed Against Optibase Leadcom
Leadcom Optibase Partner Deliver Advanced End-to-end Iptv Solution Legal Proceedings
Legal Restrictions Transfer Issued Shares Length Sales Cycle Streaming Products Depends Factors Beyond
Lexington Avenue New York Liabilities Vacation Severance Pay
Limitations Change Control Disclosure Duties Limitations Rights Own Securities
Limited Backlog Orders Plan Production Inventory Levels Unpredictable Liquidity Capital Resources
Live Full Motion Provided Smartvideo Live Monitoring Recording Solution Enables Visual Evidence Court
Loans Employees Major Shareholders
Manage Available Cash Through Investments Interest Bearing Bank Manage Available Cash Through Various Investments Market Value
Management Software Technology Manufacturing Sources Supply
Market Products Internationally Business Affected Weee Rohs Directives Markets
Material Contracts Media Contacts
Media Contacts Talia Rimon Director Corporate Communications Optibase Meet Optibase Ibc 2009 Hall Iptv Zone Booth
Memorandum Articles Association Mgw Flashstreamer Optibases Platform Specifically Designed Internet Video
Mgw Iptv Family Provide Seamless Migration Path Mission Accomplished Optibase United States Air Force Race
Multi-format Broadcast Archive Ingest Server Professionals Nasa Chooses Optibase Iptv System
Net Loss Per Ordinary Share Network-related Technology
Non-statutory Share Option Plan Not Able Raise Additional Financing Future Capital Needs
Not Applicable Not Intend Pay Dividends
Notice Annual General Meeting Shareholders Notice Special General Meeting Shareholders
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Offer Listing
Offer Listing Details Officers Directors Affiliated Entities Own Large Percentage Ordinary
Operating Results Optibase
Optibase Advanced Iptv Solution Used Train Portlands Fire Optibase Announces Acquisition Commercial Building Rümlang Switzerland
Optibase Announces Approval Private Placement Optibase Announces Approval Shlomo Tom Wylers Coverage Existing
Optibase Announces Availability Annual Report Form 20-f Amended Optibase Announces Availability Annual Report Form 20-f Through
Optibase Announces Changes Investment Strategy Optibase Announces Completion Private Issuance Tom Wyler
Optibase Announces Delisting Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Optibase Announces Ordinary Shares Listed Trade Tel Aviv
Optibase Announces Receipt Letter Scopus Video Networks Informing Optibase Announces Results
Optibase Announces Results Annual General Meeting Optibase Announces Results Board Approval Diversify Operations Entering
Optibase Aspex Partner Show Realtime H264 Video Compression Optibase Brings Turnkey Iptv Solutions Advanced Mpeg-4 Dvb-h
Optibase Carrier-grade Solution Provides Multi-channel Video Audio Services Optibase Continues Provide Iptv Solutions North Carolina Consortium
Optibase Delivers Advanced Multi-channel H264 Solution Optibase Demonstrates Advanced Iptv Solutions Telcos Enterprises Ibc
Optibase Demonstrates Cutting-edge Mpeg-4 Avc H264 High Definition Optibase Demostrates Winning Iptv Solution Telco
Optibase Digital Encoding Platforms Allow Streaming Multiple Channels Optibase Digital Video Headend Selected Time Broadband Mtnls
Optibase Essa Provide Over Satellite Contribution Madrid Station Optibase Expands Iptv Footprint Vietnam
Optibase Features Innovative High Quality Iptv Digital Video Optibase Helps Drive Growth Iptv Services Adoption India
Optibase Highlight Interoperability Leading Mpeg-4 Avc H264 Set Optibase Huawei Form Partnership Supply Integrated Iptv Solutions
Optibase Iptv Solution Broadcasts Content Across Nasa Flight Optibase Iptv Solutions Deployed Around World United States
Optibase Iptv Solutions Gaining Momentum Asia Optibase Iptv Takes Off Vancouver International Airport
Optibase Issues Open Letter Scopus Shareholders Optibase Ltd
Optibase Ltd Announces Adjournment Annual General Meeting Optibase Ltd Announces Approval Insurance Policy Tom Wyler
Optibase Ltd Announces Board Approval Filing Draft Prospectus Optibase Ltd Announces Management Changes
Optibase Ltd Announces Purchase Approximately Scopus Video Networks Optibase Ltd Announces Results
Optibase Ltd Announces Year- End Results Optibase Ltd Announces Year-end Results
Optibase Ltd Condensed Consolidated Balance Sheets Optibase Ltd Condensed Consolidated Statement Operations Period 2006
Optibase Ltd Condensed Consolidated Statement Operations Period 2008 Optibase Ltd Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Optibase Ltd Report 2009 Results Optibase Ltd Shenkar Gav Yam Center Herzliya Israel
Optibase Ltd Shenkar Herzliya 972-9-970-9200 Optibase Media Gateways Interoperate Seachange Platform
Optibase Mgw Decoder Decodes Channels H264 Video Streams Optibase Mgw Encoding Streaming Platforms Deliver Real-time Financial
Optibase Mgw Encoding Streaming Platforms Portal Gaining Momentum Optibase Mog Solutions Collaborate Deliver Ingest Server Powered
Optibase Offers Smaller Telcos Integrated State-of-the-art Solution Optibase Partners Applied Video Technology System Integrators Market
Optibase Partners Communications Video Systems Integrators Markets Optibase Partners Hannu Pro Provide State-of-the-art Mpeg-4 H264
Optibase Postpones 2007 Results Optibase Presents Video Military Enterprise Distance Learning Networks
Optibase Provides Iptv Solution Hungary Optibase Provides Iptv Solution Vcom China Netcom
Optibase Provides State-of-the-art Iptv Encoding Solution Fort Leavenworths Optibase Purchase Approximately Scopus Outstanding Shares
Optibase Record Capital Gains Estimated Between Holding Approximately Optibase Releases Mgw Flashstreamer Real-time Encoding Streaming Appliance
Optibase Reports Optibase Requests Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Delist Shares
Optibase Restructure Media 100 Unit Optibase Scopus Video Networks Sign Non-binding Term Sheet
Optibase Sells Intellectual Property Rights Optibase Showcases Advanced Iptv Platforms Communicasia 2007
Optibase Showcases Advanced Iptv Platforms Expo Comm China Optibase Showcases Digital Video Ingest System End Iptv
Optibase Showcases Innovative Encoding Solutions Globalcomm 2006 Helping Optibase Showcases Innovative New Product Lines Ibc
Optibase Showcases Tactical Video Solution Jcses Mattar Relay Optibase System Enhances Support Amino Set-top-boxes
Optibase Time Broadband Expand Iptv Services Mtnl India Optibase Zte Form Strategic Alliance Supply Integrated Iptv
Optibases Encoders Integrated Utstarcoms Iptv Solution Gain Momentum Optibases New Products Solutions Simplify Iptv Deployments Telcos
Option Plans Options Issued Connection Acquisition Viewgraphics
Organizational Structure Other Accounts Payable Accrued Expenses
Other Accounts Receivable Prepaid Expenses Other Assets
Other Business Other Income Expenses Net
Other Long-lived Assets Net Other Payables Current Liabilities
Other Receivables Current Assets Other Region
Outstanding Shares Voting Rights Part
Passive Foreign Investment Companies Plans
Please Date Sign Return Proxy Promptly Using Enclosed Political Conditions
Potential Political Military Instability Israel Adversely Affect Results Powers Directors
Prices Products Become Less Competitive Due Foreign Exchange Principal Accountant Fees Services
Private Placement Shlomo Tom Wyler Products
Products Contain Defects Reduce Sales Those Result Claims Products Development
Property Equipment Net Property Plants Equipment
Proposal Proprietary Technology Difficult Protect Unauthorized Parties Impair Ability
Proxy Appointment Instrument Proxy Solicited Board Directors Annual General Meeting Shareholders
Proxy Solicited Board Directors Special General Meeting Shareholders Proxy Statement
Purposes Objects Quantitative Qualitative Disclosure Market Risk
Re-appointment Independent Auditors Remuneration Re-election Directors
Real-time H264 Pcie Encoder Adds Advanced Compression Capabilities Real-time Hardware-based Ingest Solution Caters Post Production Vod
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Recently Decided Enter Fixed Income Real-estate Sector Presents
Reductions Work Force Limit Ability Maintain Products Develop Region
Registration Rights Related Party Transactions
Related Party Transactions Cont Release Prior Releases Available Web Site Wwwoptibasecom
Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank Reports Sale H264 Iptv Head End Solution Telecom
Research Development Research Development Expenses
Results Operations 2003 2002 Results Operations 2004 2003
Results Operations 2005 2004 Results Operations 2006 2005
Results Operations 2007 2006 Results Operations 2008 2007
Results Operations Adversely Affected Result Decrease Scopus Financial Revenue Recognition
Revenue Sales Revenues Increase Over 2006
Revenues Increase Over 2006 2007 Revenues Sales
Revenues Show Increase Compared Previous Rights Attached Shares
Rights Event Liquidation Rights Profits
Ring Net Risk Factors
Sales Marketing Sales Marketing Expenses
Schedule Scopus Video Networks Announced Entering Definitive Agreement Purchase
Sdk Software Development Kit Technology Securities Exchange Washington 20549
Securities Exchange Washington 20549 Form 6-k Selected Operations Data
Service Support Share Capital
Share Capital Cont Share Ownership
Shareholders Equity Shareholders Equity Cont
Short-term Bank Credit Line Signature
Signatures Significant Accounting Policies
Significant Accounting Policies Cont Significant Changes
Slow Decrease Sales Video Technologies Product Line Expect Smart Video
Solution Forms Foundation Networks Multi-platform Digital Strategy Some Products Designed Number Ago Face Difficulties Acquiring
Some Products Designed Number Ago Face Problems Acquiring Special Provisions Relating Measurement Taxable Income
Special Provisions Relating Taxation Inflationary Conditions Subsidiary Information
System Integration Provided Samsung Networks Table Contents
Target Markets Tax Benefits 2005 Amendment
Tax Benefits Law Encouragement Capital Investments 1959 Tax Benefits Law Encouragement Industry Taxes 1969
Tax Benefits Prior 2005 Amendment Tax Benefits Research Development
Tax Reform Tax Sales Ordinary Shares
Taxation Taxation Dividends
Taxation Non-resident Holders Shares Taxes
Taxes Income Taxes Income Cont
Technology Telrad Networks Optibase Cooperate Iptv Companies Announce Customer
Threat Terrorism Worldwide Combined Political Unrest Israel Material Time Broadband
Tom Wyler Named Interim Chief Executive Officer Optibase Trade Agreements
Trading Price Ordinary Shares Been Highly Volatile Continue Transcoding Technology
Transition Period Trend Information
United States Securities Exchange Ashington 20549 Form 20-f Utstarcom
Utstarcom Supplies Optibase Iptv Encoding Platforms Deployment Rollingstream Utstarcoms Rollingstream
Vancouver International Airport Vcom
Venaca Video Ingest Iptv Solutions Professionals
Video Preprocessing Quality Enhancement Technology Video Technologies
Visions West Visit Optibase Stand 1042 Afcea Technology Showcase Disa
Visit Optibase Stand Su6906 Amino C2054 Nab Show Vote Important
Vote Important Please Submit Proxy Today Voting
Voting Agreement Harmonic Voting Instrument
Voting Revocation Proxies Shares Held Street Name Voting Revocation Proxies Shares Held Street Name Expressing
Voting Rights Webcast Scheduled 2007
Webcast Scheduled 2008 Webcast Scheduled 2009
Zte Corporation 
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