Topic Listing for PDL BioPharma

A110 A111 Net Sales
A116 A117 Sales Returns Allowances
A12 A14
A15 A22 Reconciliation Statements
A61 A62
A71 Income Statement A72 Subcomponent Reporting
Aaa Aags
Abandonment Abbott Laboratories
Ability Generate Future Revenue Products Affected Reimbursement Drug Ability Generate Future Revenues Products Affected Reimbursement Drug
Absolute Triple Net Lease Abstentions Broker Non-votes Treated
Accelerated Vesting Acceleration
Acceleration Distributions Access Information Services
Accounting Accounting Equity Instruments Issued Other Employees Acquiring Conjunction
Accounting Revenue Arrangements Multiple Deliverables Accounting Stock Issued Employees
Accounting Stock-based Compensation Accounts Receivable Sales Allowances Rebate Accruals
Accredited Investor Transferees Accruals Rebates Returns Chargebacks
Accrued Liabilities Accrued Transplant Foreign Filing Expenses
Achieving Future Profitability Revenue Growth Depend Significant Part Achieving Future Profitability Sustaining Cash Flow Positive Results
Acknowledgment Notices Acknowledgments
Acoustic Ceiling System Acquired In-process Research Development
Acquired In-process Research Development Expenses Acquiring Corporation
Acquiror Acquisition Cardene Rights
Acquisition Certain Cardene Rights Roche Acquisition Competing Program Product Due Change Control
Acquisition Daclizumab Rights Roche Acquisition Zenapax Rights Roche
Acting Party Actinium Pharmaceuticals Inc
Action Declaratory Judgment Patent Invalidity Medimmune Action Violation Law
Actions Connection Distribution Actual Per Share Amount Dividend Announced Shortly After
Addition Sec Requires Selling Securityholders Registered Broker-dealers Named Additional Information
Additional Information Concerning Board Directors Additional Interest
Additional Provisions Additional Rent
Additional Retention Bonuses Address Principal Executive Offices
Address Principal Executive Offices Registrants Telephone Number Including Adjourned Meetings Notice Thereof
Adjournment Adjournment Meeting Necessary Solicit Additional Proxies
Adjustment Applicable Conversion Rate Fundamental Change Adjustments Changes Capital Structure
Adjustments Related Party Competition Administration Board
Administration Committee Administration Respect Insiders
Adoption Sfas 123 Adverse Event Reporting
Adverse Event Reports Adverse Interpretation Other Agreements
Adversely Affect Right Holders Convert Securities Other Provided Advertising Promotion
Advertising Promotional Expenses Affiliate
Affiliates After Effective Date
Agents Agents Service Process
Aggregate Limit Full Value Awards Aggregate Limit Full Value Awards Without Minimum Vesting
Aggregate Option Exercises Last End Values Agreed Rate Interest Past Due Obligations
Agreement Agreement Acquire Esp Pharma
Agreement Acquire Esp Pharma Retavase Agreement Cardiovascular Products
Agreement Provide Accept Services Agreement Shall Governed Construed Accordance Laws State New
Agreements Agreements Facet Biotech Not Reflect Terms Resulted Arms-length
Agreements Facet Not Reflect Terms Resulted Arms-length Negotiations Ales Orce Xpenses
Alexion Alexion Licenses Pdls Queen Patents Soliris
Alterations Additions Improvements Aluminum Door Window Frames
Amended Restated Co-development Commercialization Agreement Amended Restated Worldwide Agreement
Amended Through 2005 Amendment
Amendment 1993 Employee Stock Purchase Plan Amendment 2005 Equity Incentive Plan
Amendment Equity Plans Amendment Form 10-k
Amendment Patent Licensing Master Agreement Amendments
Amendments Agreement Not Modified Amended Except Writing Signed Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change
Amendments Bylaws Amendments Waivers
American Society Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting Ami Knoefler
Ami Knoefler -pdl Biopharma-corporate Investor Relations Ami Knoefler Pdl Biopharma
Ami Knoefler Pdl Biopharma Corporate Relations Ami Knoefler Pdl Biopharma Senior Director Corporate
Ami Knoefler Pdl Biopharma Senior Director Investor Corporate Amount Royalty Revenues Receive Depends Among Other Things
Ancillary Agreements Shall Been Entered Parties Other Thereto Andrew Guggenhime
Annual Cash Incentive Annual Incentive Grants
Annual Meeting Annual Meetings
Annual Option Annual Report Form 10-k
Anti-cd25 Anti-dilution Adjustments
Antibodies Field Antibody Background Information
Antibody Humanization Patents Significant Value Being Challenged Successful Antibody Manufacturing
Antibody Manufacturing Facility Antibody Research Preclinical Development
Antibody Technology Platform Appendix
Applicable Benefit Period Means Application
Application Trust Money Appointment Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Approval Amendments 2005 Equity Incentive Plan Approximately
Arbitration Arbitration Patent Issues Unless Otherwise Agreed Parties Disputes
Arbitration Request Arbitrator
Arbitrators Award Prevailing Party Such Arbitration Reasonable Expenses Arbitrators Request Either Party Issue Written Opinion Findings
Areas Outside Asthma Jdcs Authority Jdc Shall Other Areas Outside Transplant Jdcs Authority Jdc Shall Other
Arketing Xpenses Asia Pacific
Assay Outline Asset Impairment Charge
Asset Impairment Charges Asset Impairment Charges Included Continuing Operations
Asset Purchase Agreement Assignment
Assignment Assumption Agreement Assignment Form
Assistant Secretaries Assistant Treasurers
Assumption Substitution Assumptions
Assumptions Underlying In-process Research Development Charges Assurance Spin-off Completed
Asthma Field Atent Egal Xpenses
Athletic Facility Attachment
Attachment 170 Attachments
Attendance Annual Meetings Directors Attorneys Fees
Attornment Agreement Attract Retain Highly Skilled Employees Order Succeed
Attract Retain Integrate Key Employees Order Succeed Difficult Attract Retain Key Employees Order Succeed
Audit Committee Audit Committee Matters
Audit Fees Audit Finance Committee Pre-approval Permissible Non-audit Services Independent
Audit-related Fees Audited Party
Audits Audits Interim Reviews
Authority Authority Officer
Authority Officers Authority Vary Terms
Authorization Production Authorized Disclosure
Authorized Reference Check Statement Automatic Grant
Available Information Avastin
Award Award Agreement
Award Agreements Award Lessee
Award Limitations Award Limits
Awards Subject 409a Back Building Lobby Emergency Stairs
Background Balance Sheet Cash Flows
Bankruptcy Bankruptcy Code
Base Rent Base Salary
Base Salary Rate Means Applicable Either Baseline Net Sales Thresholds Licensed Products
Basic Concept Basis Preparation
Basis Presentation Basis Presentation Responsibility Quarterly Financial Statements
Bear Cost Soliciting Proxies Annual Meeting Been Trials Using Chronically
Before Distribution Date Pdl Shall Transfer Facet Employees Beneficial Owner Shares Registered Name Broker Bank
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Beneficiary Designation
Binding Effect Choice Law Biogen Idec
Biogen Idec Collaboration Biogen Idec Indemnitees
Biotechnology Manufacturing Operations Biotechnology Operations
Bms Retained Rights Bms Right Terminate
Bmt Board
Board Committee Meetings 2006 Board Committee Meetings 2007
Board Committees Board Committees Meetings
Board Directors Board Directors Pdl Shall Authorized Approved Distribution Not
Board Directors Recommend Vote Board Directors Stockholders Pdl Biopharma Inc
Board Means Directors Board Recommends Vote Each Following Nominees
Bonuses Named Executive Officers Books Records
Borrowed 535 Term Loan Fully Matures 2008 Scheduled Bret Holley -cibc World Markets-analyst
Bret Holley Cibc Analyst Bret Holley Cibc World Markets Analyst
Brett Holley Cibc World Markets Analyst Brett Schmidli
Bristol-myers Squibb Bristol-myers Squibb Forward-looking Statements
Broder Chief Medical Officer Celera Genomics Former Nci Broker Execution
Brokers Building Security
Business Commercialization Strategy Business Harmed Cannot Obtain Sufficient Quantities Raw Materials
Busulfex Busulfex Busulfan
Busulfex Busulfan Injection Busulfex Pdl Biopharma
Buyers Brokers Buyers Required Consents
Calculation Adjustment Payment Selected Liabilities Campus Drive Fremont California 94555 Address Principal Executive
Candidates Nomination Capitalization Interest Cost
Capitalized Software Cardene
Cardene Nicardipine Hydrochloride Cardene Product Sales Not Continue Grow Results Operations
Cardene Product Sales Represent Significant Portion Total Revenues Cardene Sales Not Continue Grow Results Operations Suffer
Carry Out In-process Drug Substance Testing Confirm Process Cash Compensation
Cash Dividend Cash Equivalents
Cash Equivalents Investments Restricted Cash Equivalents Marketable Securities Concentration Credit Risk
Cash Equivalents Restricted Investments Concentration Credit Risk Cash Equivalents Restricted Marketable Securities Concentration Credit Risk
Cash Incentive Bonuses Cash Retention Bonuses Severance Benefits
Cash-based Awards Other Stock-based Cash-out
Cashless Exercise Cause
Cause Means Occurrence Following Cell Line Derivatives
Cell Lines Cellcept
Central Eastern Europe Ceramic Tile
Certain Communications Licensees Certain Communications Ucb
Certain Communications Ucb Pharma Certain Covenants Other Agreements Parties
Certain Definitions Certain Losses
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence
Certain Roche Controlled Patents Certain Roche Owned Patents
Certificate Certificate Delivered Exchange Registration Transfer Restricted Securities
Certificate Opinion Conditions Precedent Certificates Stock
Certification Certifications
Cgmp Chairman Board
Chairperson Chairperson Board
Change Control Change Control Arrangements Termination Employment
Change Control Means Occurrence Following Change Control Severance Benefits
Change Estimates Product Sales Returns Reserves Experience Increased Change Vote After Submitting Proxy
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Changes Internal Controls
Changes International Health Care Industry Adversely Affect Revenues Changes International Health Care Industry Including Regarding Reimbursement
Changes Third-party Reimbursement Environment Affect Product Sales Generate Charges Earnings Related Amortization Assets Resulting Acquisitions Adversely
Charges Earnings Result Amortization Impairment Assets Resulting Acquisitions Charges Earnings Resulting Esp Merger Adversely Affect Market
Charges Earnings Resulting Merger Adversely Affect Market Value Checks Drafts Evidences Indebtedness
Chief Executive Officer Chief Executive Officers Compensation
Chief Financial Officer Choice Law
Christine Larson Chugai
Cibc Analyst Citigroup Analyst
Clarifies 2008 Dividend Information Clinical Development Drug Products Inherently Uncertain Expensive Subject
Clinical Development Inherently Uncertain Expensive Costs Fluctuate Unexpectedly Clinical Development Update
Clinical Drug Substance Supply Agreement Clinical Supply
Clinical Trial Expenses Clinical Trial Strategy Increase Risk Difficulties
Closing Closing Date
Co-development Daclizumab Co-promote Product
Co-promoting Party Co-promotion Option
Co-promotion Period Co-promotion Term
Code Code Ethics
Collaboration Agreement Collaboration Committee
Collaboration Disclaimer Collaboration Revenues
Collaboration Strategic Agreements Collaborations
Collaborations Not Successful Able Effectively Develop Market Some Collaborations Not Successful Effectively Develop Market Some Products
Collaborations Not Successful Terminated Collaborators Effectively Develop Market Collaborations Not Successful Terminated Partners Effectively Develop Market
Collaborative Arrangements Collaborative Field Products
Collaborative Licensing Agreements Collaborative Licensing Arrangements
Collaborative Strategic Agreement Collaborative Strategic Agreements
Combination Product Commencement Lease Term
Commercial Launch Competing Product Commercial Operations
Commercial Products Commercial Restructuring
Commercial Restructuring Retention Plan Commercial Restructuring Retention Plans
Commercial Review Committee Commercial Review Development Committee
Commercial Supply Agreement Commercial Supply Agreement Between Parties Collaboration Products Royalty
Commercialization Manufacturing Commercialization Plan
Commercialization Plans Commercialization Row Territory Worldwide Tracking Sales
Commercialization Term Commercialization Territory Co-promotion
Commercialization Transplant Field Commitments
Commitments Contingencies Committed Pursuit Royalty-related Distribution
Committee Committee Complying 162
Committee Means Compensation Board Committees
Common Area Common Database
Common Stock Common Stock Lose Value Due Several Factors Including
Common Stock Price Highly Volatile Investment Decline Value Common Stock Reserved Future Issuance
Communications Holders Other Companies Conduct Conference Call Webcast 430 Eastern Time
Companies Continue Transplant Maintenance Program Company-wide Restructuring
Company-wide Restructuring Plan Comparison Stockholder Returns
Compensation Compensation Changes Promoted Officer
Compensation Committee Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Components
Compensation Determinations Executive Officers Current Operations Compensation Directors
Compensation Directors-current Operations Compensation Executive Officers
Compensation Non-employee Directors Compensation Policies
Compensation Policy Changes Compensation Program Elements
Compensation Program Elements Current Operations Compensation Program Objectives
Competition Competition Rapid Technological Change Adversely Affect Revenues
Completion Acquisition Disposition Assets Compliance
Compliance Committee Compliance Contracts Leases
Compliance Internal Revenue Code 162 Compliance Laws
Compliance Laws Governmental Requirements Compliance Legal Requirements
Compliance Trust Indenture Act Comply Extensive Government Regulations Laws
Comply Provisions Tia Comprehensive Income
Comprehensive Income Loss Comprehensive Loss
Concentrations Disclosure Concerns Facet Biotechs Prospects Stand-alone Affect Ability Retain
Condition Premises Commencement Date Condition Premises Delivery Date
Conditions Closing Conditions Indemnification
Conduct Business Conduct Business Action Without Meeting
Conduct Stockholders Meeting Conference Call Details
Conference Call Held Tomorrow 530am Pt- Conference Call Information
Conference Call Participants Conference Call Today
Conference Call Today 430 Eastern Time- Conference Call Today 830 Eastern Time
Conference Call Webcast Information Conference Call Wednesday
Confidential Confidential Draft
Confidential Information Confidential Provisions Marked
Confidential Separation Agreement General Release Confidentiality
Confidentiality Disclosure Publications Consent Holders
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consequences Termination Roches Breach
Consideration Consolidated Balance Sheet Data
Consolidated Statements Operations Data Consolidation
Consolidation Variable Interest Entities Constraint Corporate Action
Construction Construction Agreement
Construction Definitions Constructive Termination Shall Mean Following
Consultant Consulting Arrangements Named Executive Officers
Contact Contact Board Directors Committee
Contacts Contingencies
Continues Expect Spin-off Completion Continuing Security Interest
Contractual Obligations Contribution
Controlled Controls Procedur
Controls Procedures Conversion
Conversion Notice Conversion Outstanding 2003 Notes 2005 Shares Common Stock
Conversion Outstanding 2023 Notes 2012 Shares Common Stock Convertible Debt
Convertible Notes Convertible Preferred Stock
Convertible Senior Notes Due 2012 Cooperation Exchange Information
Copenhagen Denmark Redwood City Calif Usa 2008 Copyright Registrations
Corporate Contracts Instruments Executed Corporate Governance Guidelines
Cost Clinical Supplies Cost Commercial Supply Each
Cost Goods Cost Goods Sold
Cost Product Sales Cost Responsibilities Lessor Lessee
Costs Costs Associated Exit Disposal Activities
Costs Expenses Costs Expenses Expected Decrease Following Restructuring
Counterparts Counterparts Amended Restated Worldwide Agreement Executed Taken Together
Counterparts Effectiveness Covenant Against Liens
Covenants Covenants Conditions
Cover Coverage Distribution Report
Covered Employee Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement
Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement Registrant Critical Accounting Policies Estimates
Cross-field Sales Cumulative Remedies
Current Board Positions Current Consultancies
Current Future Uses Adjacent Port Property Current Operations
Current Sources Revenue Current Sources Revenues
Custom Cabinetry Customer Concentration
Customers Customers Delay Defer Purchasing Decisions Result Merger Operating
Daclizumab Daclizumab Assets
Daclizumab Asthma Daclizumab Means Humanized Murine Monoclonal Antibody Prepared Against
Daclizumab Multiple Sclerosis Daclizumab Product
Daclizumab Timetable Development Milestones Daclizumab Transplant Maintenance
Daclizumab Zenapax Anti-il-2 Receptor Damages Incurred Repair
Daniel Loeb Point Data Exclusivity
Data Package Data Services
Date Report Earliest Event Reported 2005 Date Report Earliest Event Reported 2006
Dates Production Expiration David Iwanicki
Ddw Deadline Response
Deadline Response Date Death
Death Disability Debt
Decision Declomycin
Decompensated Congestive Heart Failure Dhf Decreases Third-party Reimbursement Rates Affect Sales Licensed Products
Deemed Exercise Sars Default Lessor
Defaults Defective Condition Delivery Date
Defense Infringement Actions Defense Party Claims
Deferral Distribution Elections Deferred Financing Costs
Deferred Transfers Assumptions Defined Below Permits Requires Participant Elect Dates Award
Definition Definitions
Definitions Unless Otherwise Defined Herein Capitalized Terms Shall Deliverables
Delivery Issuer Pledged Collateral Delivery Title Shares
Demise Premises Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Derivative Instrument
Derivative Instruments Derive Significant Portion Royalty Revenues Limited Number Licensees
Description Real Property Description Tangible Personal Property
Despite Outcome Ceo Mcdade Resign Personal Reasons Destruction Premises
Determination Amounts Determination Final Value
Deutsche Bank Analyst Development
Development Commercialization Biobetter Technology Development Commercialization Pdl Licensed Patents Know-how
Development Commercialization Queen Patents Development Cost Project Account
Development Events Development Expenses
Development Milestone Payments Pdl Development Plan
Development Plans Development Proprietary Drugs
Development Regulatory Issues Developments 2007 2008
Did Receive Notice Internet Availability Instead Full Set Did Receive Proxy Statement
Difficulties Managing Sales Marketing Distribution Groups Adversely Affect Digestive Disease Conference
Director Nominations Directors Continuing Office Until 2010 Annual Meeting
Directors Continuing Office Until 2011 Annual Meeting Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance
Directors Registrant Disability
Disabled Discharge Indenture
Disclaimer Disclaimer Limitation Liability
Disclaimer Warranties Liabilities Disclosure
Disclosure Schedules Discretionary Adjustment Award Formula
Dispute Resolution Dispute Resolution Arbitration Except Provided Non-exclusive Cross-license Agreement
Dispute Resolutions Governing Law Conditions Subsequent Closing Disputes Relating Patents Trademarks Equitable Relief
Distribution Distribution Common Stock Facet Biotech Required Utilize Some
Distribution Costs Distribution Facet Biotechs Common Stock Not Qualify Tax-free
Distributions Pursuant Deferral Elections Divestiture Commercial Assets Spin-off Facet
Divestiture Off-branded Products Dividend Equivalent
Dividend Rights Dividends
Dividends Payable Documentation
Documents Incorporated Reference Domain Name Assignment
Door Hardware Doug Fisher Matador Capital Analyst
Douglas Ebersole Drug Approval Applications Row Territory
Early Entry Easements
Economic Industry-wide Factors Effect Amendment
Effect Change Control Cash-based Awards Other Stock-based Effect Change Control Deferred Compensation Awards
Effect Change Control Options Sars Effect Change Control Restricted Stock Awards Unit Performance
Effect End Commercialization Term Effect Leaves Absence
Effect Supplemental Indentures Effect Termination Service
Effective 2008 Effective Date
Effective Time Ekr Therapeutics
Ekr Therapeutics Inc Elan
Election Election Directors
Election New Director Elective Cash Compensation Reduction Awards
Electrical Electronic Data Interchange
Electronic Delivery Future Stockholder Communications Elevators
Elise Wang Elise Wang Citigroup Analyst
Elotuzumab Huluc63 Employee
Employee Benefit Plan Employee Benefits
Employee Inventions Etc Employee Stock Plans
Employee Stock Purchase Plan Employee Stock Purchase Plan Espp
Employee Stock-based Compensation Employee Stock-based Compensation Adoption Sfas 123
Employees Employment Arrangements
Employment Matters Enforcement Action
Enforcement Bms Enforcement Defense Patents
Enforcement Defense Sole Patents Enforcement Pdl
Engagement No1 Entire Agreement Amendments
Entitled Vote Annual Meeting Entry Lessor Permitted
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Environment
Environmental Compliance Environmental Governmental Authorizations
Environmental Matters Eos Acquisition
Equipment Book Value Excess 10000 Equity Compensation
Equity Compensation Plan Information Equity Grants Certain Officers
Equity Incentive Plan Equity Incentives
Eric Hoffman Jpmorgan Chase Analyst Eric Hoffman Morgan Analyst
Escrow Agreement Esp Pharma Acquisition
Esp Pharma Escrow Claims Settlement Esp Pharma Faces Substantial Competition Result Others Discovering
Esp Pharma Products Pipeline Esp Pharma Relies Party Suppliers Provide Each Products
Esp Pharma Relies Third-party Suppliers Provide Each Products Esp Pharma Retavase Acquisitions
Esp Pharma Retavase Product Esp Pharma Revenues Substantially Dependent Limited Number Wholesalers
Esp Pharmas Ability Generate Future Revenue Products Affected Esp Pharmas Clinical-stage Pipeline
Esp Pharmas Operations Esp-305 Ularitide
Espp Establishment
Establishment Deferred Compensation Award Programs Establishment Performance Period Goals Award Formula
Estimated Timeline Estimates
Estoppel Certificate Estricted Tock Greement
European Patent Oppositions Evaluate Effectiveness Disclosure Controls Internal Control Over Financial
Evaluation Director Nominations Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures
Evelopment Xpenses Even Able Negotiate Enter Definitive Agreement Sale Key
Event Duration Min Every Provision Indenture Way Relates Trustee Subject Subsections
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Exact Name Specified Charter
Exact Stock Price Effective Date Fundamental Change Not Example Royalty Adjustments
Except Continuance Event Default Except Set Forth Below Undersigned Selling Securityholder Not
Exception Exceptions
Excess Rent Exchange Act Means Securities 1934 Amended
Excluded Field Excluded Product
Exclusivity Executive Changes Announced
Executive Compensation Executive Officers
Executive Officers Directors Executive Officers Registrant
Executive Retention Severance Plan Exelixis Inc
Exercisability Term Options Exercisability Term Sars
Exercise Fee Exercise Notice
Exercise Period Exercise Price
Exercise Sars Exhibits
Existing Market Facet Biotechs Common Stock Trading Provide Existing Product
Expense Insurer Provided However Nothing Shall Deemed Constitute Expense Records Each Party Incurring
Expense Reimbursing Party Expenses
Explanatory Export Control
Extension Exercise Prevented Law Extension Participant Subject
Face Significant Competition Face Substantial Competition Result Others Discovering Developing Commercializing
Facet Biotech Anticipates Incur Losses Foreseeable Future Never Facet Biotech Comply Extensive Government Regulations Laws
Facet Biotech Corporation Facet Biotech Faces Significant Competition
Facet Biotech History Operating Independent Investors Evaluate Facet Biotech Incur Significant Costs Order Comply Environmental
Facet Biotech Need Obtain Patent Licenses Others Order Facet Biotech Not Realize Potential Benefits Spin-off
Facet Biotech Not Receive Contingent Consideration Related Sale Facet Biotech Obtain Future Financing Through Issuance Debt
Facet Biotech Protect Patent Other Intellectual Property Rights Facet Biotech Relies Sole Source Parties Manufacture Products
Facet Biotech Required Satisfy Certain Indemnification Obligations Not Facet Biotech Selected Name Spin-off Biotechnology
Facet Biotech Subject Product Liability Claims Insurance Coverage Facet Biotech Unable Enroll Sufficient Number Patients Timely
Facet Biotech Unable Obtain Maintain Regulatory Approval Products Facet Biotechs Collaborations Not Successful Terminated Collaborators Effectively
Facet Biotechs Research Development Efforts Not Successful Biotech Facilities
Facilities Inspections Facilities Related
Facilities Related Restructuring Facilities Related Restructuring Plan
Facts Zenapax Cellcept Valcyte Faheem Hasnain
Failure Achieve Revenue Targets Raise Additional Funds Future Failure Complete Merger Esp Pharma Retavase Acquisition Harm
Failure Gain Market Acceptance Facet Biotechs Product Candidates Failure Gain Market Acceptance Product Candidates Among Medical
Fair Market Value Fair Market Value Limitation
Fair Value Financial Instruments Fair Value Measurements
Fast Track Designation Development Products Not Lead Faster Fda
Federal Excise Tax 4999 Code Fees Compensation Directors
Field Filing Prosecution Maintenance Invention Patents Controlled Pdl
Filing Prosecution Maintenance Sole Invention Patents Controlled Bms Final Question Follow-up Line Elise Wang Smith Barney
Finance Committee Financial Appendix
Financial Guidance Financial Outlook
Financial Results Financial Statements Business Acquired
Financial Statements Exhibits Financial Summary
Financial Update Find Out Results Voting Annual Meeting
Finishes Focus Antibody Discovery Development
Following Opt-in Trigger Independent Products Following Principles Intended Guidelines Operation Committees Collaboration Specific
Following Statements Based Expectations 2005 Forward-looking Not Include Fontolizumab Clinical Development Studies
Fontolizumab Major Project Milestones Fontolizumab Product
Force Majeure Force Majeure Delays
Foreign Currency Risk Foreign Currency Translation
Foreign Exchange Forfeiture Events
Form 10-k Form 10-q
Form Assignment Form Certificate Euroclear Clearstream Payments
Form Certificate Proposed Transferor Form Counterparty Instruction
Form Dating Form Election Purchase
Form Portfolio Interest Certificate Form Shall Been Declared Effective Sec Stop Order
Form Transfer Notice Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report
Forms Consideration Authorized Forward Looking Statement
Forward Looking Statement Genmab Forward Looking Statement Pdl
Forward Looking Statements Forward-looking Guidance
Forward-looking Statement Forward-looking Statements
Fractional Shares Fractional Shares Shall Not Required Issue Exercise Option
Francisco Bay Area Freestanding Sar
Freestanding Sars Fremont Calif 2007 Pdl Biopharma Inc Nasdaq Pdli
Fremont California 94555 Fremont California 94555 Address Principal Executive Offices Registrants
Front Building Lobby Full 2008 Royalty Revenue Expectation
Full Prescribing Information Cellcept Zenapax Valcyte Please Visit Full Value Award
Full-year 2005 Forward-looking Guidance Fully-integrated Commercial Organization
Functional Currency Fundamental Change
Fundamental Change Occurs Not Required Deliver Notice Described Further Actions
Further Assurances Further Text Page
Gabe Hoffmann Accipiter Gain Sale Assets
Genentech Genentech Inc
General General Administrative Expenses
General Assignment Bill Sale General Corporate Matters
General Counsel Generic Product
Genmab Genmab Conference Call
Geoff Meacham Jpmorgan Analyst Geoff Meacham Morgan
George Farmer George Farmer -wachovia Securities-analyst
George Farmer Wachovia Analyst George Farmer Wachovia Securities
George Farmer Wachovia Securities Analyst Gil Aharon
Gil Aharon Infinium Analyst Gil Herron
Glazing Glen Comment
Glen Sato Gmn Inc
Gmp Audit Goodwill
Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Long-lived
Governance Governing Law
Government Regulation Governmental Approvals Consents
Governmental Authorizations Grant Cash-based Awards
Grant Other Stock-based Awards Grant Restricted Stock Unit Awards
Granted Participant Hereunder Shall Exercisable His Her Lifetime Grants Certain Persons
Grants Pdl Grants Plan-based Awards 2006
Grants Plan-based Awards 2008 Gross Sales
Guidance Guidance Daclizumab Partnership Still Half
Gypsum Wallboard Hazardous Materials
Hazardous Materials Disclosure Headings
Heather Smith Barney Citigroup Analyst Hepatorenal Syndrome
Hird Arty Icense Xpenses Historical Financial Information Not Necessarily Indicative Future Position
History Operating Losses Never Achieve Sustained Profitability History Operating Losses Not Achieve Sustained Profitability
Holder However
Hsr Http Wwwpdlcom
Http Wwwpdlcom Indexcfmnavid37 Http Wwwsecgov
Huluc63 Huluc63 Product
Human Resources Humanization Patent License Agreements
Humanization Patent Licensing Rights Agreements Humanization Patents Being Opposed Successful Challenge Refusal Take
Humanization Patents Significant Value Being Challenged Successful Challenge Humanization Patents Significant Value Being Opposed Successful Challenge
Humanized Anti-tac Huzaf
Huzaf Fontolizumab Huzaf Fontolizumab Anti-gamma Interferon
Icos Identifying Evaluating Candidates Nomination Director
Igeneon Il-2r
Immediate Release Impair Right Institute Suit Enforcement Payment Respect Security
Impairment Charges Impairment Long-lived Assets
Important Safety Information Incentive Stock Option
Income Tax Income Taxes
Incorporation Prior Agreements Amendments Exhibits Increased Leverage Result Sale 2005 Notes Harm Financial
Increased Leverage Result Sale Notes 2003 2005 Harm Increases Full 2007 Non-gaap Net Income Guidance
Increases Full-year Revenue Guidance Marketed Products Royalties Incur Significant Costs Order Comply Environmental Regulations Defend
Indebtedness Management Indemnification
Indemnification Bms Indemnification Contracts
Indemnification Electing Holders Agents Underwriters Indemnification Exculpation
Indemnification Insurance Indemnification Taxes
Indemnified Party Indemnifying Party
Indemnity Indenture
Independence Directors Independent Development Party
Independent Directors Index
Indication Infinium Capital Analyst
Information Provided Information Relating Committees Board
Infringement Trademarks Initial Development Plans Program Budget Existing Products
Initial Option Initial Value Performance Shares Units
Initiates Phase Clinical Trial M200 Volociximab Renal Cell Injunctive Relief Remedy Breach Exclusivity
Insider Insider Trading Policy
Inspection Directors Inspections
Insulation Insurance
Intangible Assets Intangible Other Long-lived Assets
Intellectual Property Intellectual Property Rights Access
Intend Reserve Time Certain Amount Cash Order Satisfy Interest
Interest Expense Interest Other Income Expense
Interest Other Income Net Interest Other Income Net Expense
Interest Rate Risk Interference Proceeding United States Patent Office
Interim Supply Interior Specification Standards
Internal Controls Procedures Introduction
Inventories Inventory
Inventory Costs Investigations
Involuntary Termination Means Occurrence Following Events Ismo
Iso-qualifying Corporation Issuance Shares Pdl Common Stock Acquisition Esp Pharma
Issuance Shares Pdl Common Stock Acquisition Esp Substantially Issuance Shares Pdl Common Stock Merger Substantially Reduce
Istribution Xpenses Jaisim Shah
James Goff Pdl Biopharma Director Japan Reversion Agreement
Jason Zhang Jason Zhang -prudential Equity Group-analyst
Jason Zhang Prudential Equity Group Analyst Jason Zhang Prudential Equity Group Llc Analyst
Jcc Jdc
Jdsc Jennifer Chao
Jennifer Chao Deutsche Bank Analyst Jfc
Jim Goff Jim Goff Protein Design Labs Senior Director Corporate
Joel Sendek Joel Sendek -lazard Frères Co-analyst
Joel Sendek Lazard Capital Markets Analyst Joel Sendek Lazard Freres Analyst
John Mclaughlin Joint Inventions
Joint Roche-pdl Patents Joseph Klein
Joseph Klein Joins Pdls Board Directors Joseph Schwartz Leerink Swann
Jpc Jsc
Jsc Decisions Karen Dawes
Kate Carr Leerink Swann -analyst Kate Carr Leerink Swann Analyst
Katherin Pacific Growth Equities Analyst Katherine
Katherine -pacific Growth Equities-analyst Katherine Pacific Growth Equities Analyst
Key Contacts Keybank National Association
Kidney Cancer Pancreatic Melanoma Kitchen Appliances
Kitchen Fixtures Know-how Field
Knowledge Employees Lack Experience Sales Marketing Distribution Hamper Market Introduction
Land Property Equipment Landlords Address
Large Geographically Diverse Organization Large Geographically Diverse Organization Management Not Manage Efficiently
Large Geographically Diverse Organization Management Unable Manage Efficiently Last Calendar
Late Charges Latin America
Laurence Korn Phd Laurie Torres
Lazard Capital Markets Analyst Lease Assignment Assumption
Lease Financing Obligation Lease Guarantee
Lease Subordinate Lease Term
Legal Description Legal Holidays
Legal Proceedings Legislative Actions Potential New Accounting Pronouncements Higher Insurance
Lehman Brothers Analyst Lenders Address
Lessee Lessee Affiliates
Lessee Pay Lessees Right Review Supporting Data
Lessor Lessor Party Defendant
Lessors Consent Required Lessors Liability Insurance
Lessors Recapture Rights Lessors Right Perform Lessees Obligations
Let Get Specific Number Elise Just Moment Letter Credit
Liability Liability Indemnification
Liability Insurance Carried Lessee Liability Lessees Alterations Personal Property
License License Collaboration Other
License Collaboration Other Revenues License Other
License Other Revenues Licensed Product
Licensees Face Competition Licensees Unable Maintain Regulatory Approvals Currently Licensed Products
Licenses Pdl Licensing Agreements
Licensing Agreements Marketed Products Licensing Agreements Non-marketed Products
Licensing Agreements Relating Non-marketed Products Licensing Arrangements
Light Gauge Metal Framing Limitation Liability
Limitations Effectiveness Controls Limitations Forms Consideration
Limitations Lessors Liability Liquidation Preferences
Liquidity Capital Resources List Assumed Contracts
List Exhibits Attachment Schedules List Party Consents
Litigation Committee Litigation Cooperation Agreement
Llocated Dministration Xpenses Long-term Debt Notes Payable
Long-term Liabilities Notes Payable Long-term Liabilities Payable
Longer-term Incentives Losses
Lost Stolen Destroyed Certificates Lot Numbers
M200 M200 Volociximab
M200 Volociximab Anti-94559461 Integrin Antibody M200 Volociximab Anti-alpha5beta1 Integrin Antibody
Maintenance Inspection Books Records Maintenance Premises Building
Maintenance Project Common Areas Maintenance Records Required Law Regulation
Major Customers Major Developments 2006
Major Regulatory Jurisdiction Makes Distribution Consisting Exclusively Cash Substantially Holders Outstanding
Management Estimates Managements Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Managements Discussion Analysis Financial Condition Results Operations Managing Underwriters
Manner Giving Notice Affidavit Manufacturing
Manufacturing Agreement Manufacturing Changes Result Delays Obtaining Regulatory Approval Marketing
Manufacturing Clinical Cgmp Batches Manufacturing Distribution
Manufacturing Facilities Manufacturing Party
Manufacturing Restructuring Manufacturing Restructuring Plan
Manufacturing Retavase Complex Process Requires Services Number Parties Manufacturing Retavase Product Complex Process Requires Services Number
Market Registrants Common Equity Related Stockholder Matters Issuer Market Risk
Marketed Declining Market Planned Sales Promotional Efforts Not Marketed Products
Material Compensatory Plans Contracts Arrangements Material Government Approvals Other Consents Necessary Consummate Separation
Matt Geller Matt Roden Geoff Meacham -jpmorgan-analyst
Matt Roden Jpmorgan Chase Analyst Matt Rodin Morgan Analyst
Maximum Annual Aggregate Award Limits Maximum Number Shares Issuable
Maximum Number Shares Issuable Pursuant Incentive Stock Options Mccamish
Mcdade Mcdade Pdl Biopharma Ceo
Mcm Capital Analyst Means Code
Mechanical Medimmune
Medimmune Inc Meetings Board Directors
Meetings Jsc Shall Meet Least Twice Every Calendar Meetings Stockholders
Members Board Directors Merger
Merrill Lynch Analyst Methods Payments Due Either Pdl Roche Agreement Shall
Milestone Indication Means Milestone Payments
Milestones Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc
Minimum Purchase Commitments Minutes
Miscellaneous Moderator
Moderator Introduction Modification
Modifications Required Lessors Lender Monane -needham Co-analyst
Monane Needham Monane Needham Analyst
Morgan Analyst Morphotek
Multiple Counterparts Multiple Element Arrangements
Mutual Authority Mutual Covenants
Mutual Indemnification Mutual Waiver Claims Subrogation Rights
Mylotarg Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant
Name Registrant Specified Charter Nancial Condition Results Operations
Nasd Rules Need Obtain Patent Licenses Others Order Manufacture Sell
Need Take Patent Licenses Others Order Manufacture Sell Negative Covenants
Net Income Loss Per Share Net Loss Per Share
Net-exercise New Hire Grants
New Plan Benefits New Plan Benefits Grants Certain Persons
New Shares New Strategic Direction Organizational Alignment
Next Annual Meeting Nominating Committee
Nominating Governance Committee Nomination Director Candidates
Nominees Election Year-term Expiring 2012 Annual Meeting Non-collaborative Field Product
Non-developing Party Non-exclusivity Rights
Non-gaap Financial Information Non-marketable Investments
Non-monetary Transaction Non-operating Income Expense Net
Non-payment Expenses Non-solicitation Employees
Nondisclosure Confidential Information Nonmonetary Transactions
Nonstatutory Stock Option Nonstatutory Stock Option Plan
Nontransferability Cash-based Awards Other Stock-based Nontransferability Performance Awards
Nontransferability Restricted Stock Unit Awards Nontransferability Sars
Not Ability Raise Funds Repurchase 2003 275 Notes Not Ability Raise Funds Repurchase 2003 Notes Date
Not Ability Repurchase 2003 Notes Event Date Indenture Not Able Collect Indemnification Rights Facet
Not Able Collect Indemnification Rights Facet Biotech Not Able Consummate Sale Manufacturing Related Assets Minnesota
Not Able Consummate Transaction Sell Securitize Value Antibody Not Able Negotiate Sale Key Assets Including Commercial
Not Able Realize Revenues Based Receipt Contingent Consideration Not Attract Retain Key Employees Business Impaired
Not Effectively Manage Life Cycle Product Portfolio Results Not Effectively Manage Life Cycles Portfolio Products Future
Not Effectively Manage Life Cycles Portfolio Products Results Not Fully Utilizing Manufacturing Facility Brooklyn Park Minnesota
Not Implement Structure Distribute Stockholders Value Antibody Humanization Not Receive Contingent Consideration Related Sale Cardiovascular Assets
Not Successfully Continue Integrate Esp Pharma Business Realize Not Successfully Integrate Esp Business Realize Anticipated Benefits
Not Successfully Integrate Esp Pharma Business Realize Anticipated Not Sufficient Cash Purchase 2005 Notes Required Fundamental
Notation Exchange Securities Notes Private Offering
Notice Notice 2009 Annual Meeting Stockholders
Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Notice Contest Claim
Notice Grant Stock Option Notice Infringement Misappropriation
Notice Participants Notice Questionnaire
Notice Stockholder Business Notice Stockholders Meetings
Notice Subordination Agreement Results Lease Becoming Subject Lower Notices
Notices Claims Etc Notices Party Rights
Notification Patent Certification Now Expects Sustainable Positive Cash Flow
Now Terms Place Esp-305 Talk Might Positioning Drug Now Therefore
Number Number 000-19756
Number Term Office Nutley Fremont 2005
Nuvion Nuvion Shows Promise Crohns Disease
Nuvion Visilizumab Anti-cd3 Nuvion Visilizumab Pivotal Program Termination
Obligations Secured Issuer Pledged Collateral Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Off-patent Branded Products Off-patent Brands
Off-patent Brands They Been Flat Declining Whats Like Off-patent Products
Officers Offices
Okay Intentions Purchasing Other Drugs Support Commercial Infrastructure Okay Just Last Thing What Outstanding Issues Regards
Okay Regards License Fee Guidance Licenses Other Revenue Okay Thanks Now Dont Mind Give Some Ideas
Okay Thats Very Helpful Last Question Patents Terlipressin Okay Then Finally Question Related Retavase Look Ims
Ongoing Development Expense Ongoing Restructuring Efforts Distract Management Employees Disrupt Operations
Operating Expenses Operating Leases
Operating Leases Commitments Operating Segment Information
Operations Employees Operator
Opposition 040 Patent Opposition 216 Patent
Opposition European Patent Opt Out Indications
Opt Out Notice Opt Out Points New Collaboration Products Indications Shall
Opt Trigger Option
Option Agreement Option Exercisability
Option Exercises 2004 End Values Option Exercises 2005 End Values
Option Exercises Stock Vested 2006 Option Exercises Stock Vested 2008
Option Sar Repricing Optional Redemption
Options Granted Certain Persons Options Sars
Orders Organization Business
Organization Description Business Ost Aunch Roduct Xpenses
Other Accrued Liabilities Other Acquisition-related Charges
Other Charges Other Events
Other Fees Other Indications
Other Intangible Assets Net Other Long-term Liabilities
Other Names Trademarks Included Quarterly Report Registered Trade Other Non-current Assets
Other Offices Other Operating Expenses
Other Operating Expenses Consist Principally Technology Transfer Costs Other Out-license Agreements
Other Out-of-pocket Costs Other Patent License Humanization Agreements
Other Products Pdl-241 Product Other Registration Rights
Other Regular Meetings Other Remedies
Other Restructuring Activities Other Severance Benefits
Other Stock-based Award Other Termination Employment Arrangements
Other Termination Service Otice Rant Estricted Tock Ward
Otsuka America Pharmaceutical Inc Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development Commercialization Inc
Otsuka Pharmaceutical Ltd Otsuka Pharmaceutical Pdl Biopharma Close Sale Busulfex
Outside Director Stock Option Agreement Outside Directors Plan
Outside Directors Stock Option Plan Outside Yes Thats Correct Addition
Outstanding 2003 Notes 2005 Converted Shares Common Stock Outstanding 2005 Notes Converted Shares Common Stock Existing
Outstanding Equity Awards 2008 Overall Restructuring
Overview Overview Recent Developments
Own Ability Manufacture Antibody Products Commercial Scale Uncertain Own Ability Manufacture Products Commercial Scale Uncertain Make
Ownership Ownership Change Event
Ownership Tangible Personal Property Ownership Technology Intellectual Property
Painting Parent Corporation
Parking Part
Part Other Information Partial Condemnation
Participant Home Address Most Recently Communicated Writing Participants Pdl Biopharma Inc
Participants Solicitation Participating
Participating Group Participation Plan
Parties Parties Interest
Party Party Consents
Party Liable Settlement Effected Without Consent Not Unreasonably Party License
Party Licenses Party Licenses Effective Date
Party Rights Party Royalties
Party Trademark Claims Patent Assignment
Patent Enforcement Patent Infringement Suit Against Alexion
Patent Infringement Suit Against Sun Pharmaceutical Patent Licensing Humanization Agreements Outlicensing
Patent Marking Patent Prosecution
Patent Prosecution Maintenance Patent Rights
Patent Term Extension Patents
Patents Know-how Patents Licensed Pdl Parties
Patents Other Proprietary Rights Patents Proprietary Technology
Patrick Gage Patrick Gage Chairman Board
Paul Sandman Payment Exercise Price
Payment Method Payment Prosecution Costs
Payment Purchase Price Payment Rent
Payment Settlement Cash-based Awards Other Stock-based Payment Settlement Performance Awards
Payment Taxes Payments
Payments Between Parties Payments Reports Accounting
Payments Royalties Reports Pdl
Pdl Adjusted Gross Sales Pdl Announces Changes Board Directors
Pdl Announces Senior Management Changes Pdl Biopharma
Pdl Biopharma Actively Seek Sale Entire Key Assets Pdl Biopharma Adopts Stockholder Rights Plan
Pdl Biopharma Announces 2006 Financial Results Pdl Biopharma Announces 2007 Financial Results
Pdl Biopharma Announces 2009 Financial Results Pdl Biopharma Announces Closing 300000000 Securitization Transaction
Pdl Biopharma Announces Ex-dividend Date Special Dividend Pdl Biopharma Announces New Licensing Agreement Eli Lilly
Pdl Biopharma Announces Pricing 300000000 Securitization Transaction Pdl Biopharma Announces Record Date Dividend Payment
Pdl Biopharma Announces Roche Discontinuation Co-development Daclizumab Asthma Pdl Biopharma Announces Special Dividend Payment
Pdl Biopharma Appoints Gary Lyons Board Directors Pdl Biopharma Completes Special Dividend Payment
Pdl Biopharma Elects Frederick Frank Jody Lindell Board Pdl Biopharma Forward-looking Statements
Pdl Biopharma Inc Pdl Biopharma Names Andrew Guggenhime Senior Vice President
Pdl Biopharma Provides 2009 Revenue Guidance Approximately 125 Pdl Biopharma Releases Revised 2005 Financial Tables
Pdl Biopharma Reports 2008 Financial Results Pdl Biopharma Reports 2008 Financial Results Updates Guidance
Pdl Biopharma Reports Full 2007 Financial Results Pdl Control
Pdl Declares 2009 Dividend Pdl Dir Investor Relations
Pdl Esp Pharma Not Successfully Integrate Businesses Realize Pdl Expects Incur Significant Costs Associated Merger Adversely
Pdl Incurred Significant Costs Associated Merger Adversely Affect Pdl Indemnitees
Pdl Know-how Pdl Letterhead
Pdl Net Sales Pdl Patent Rights
Pdl Patents Pdl Plans Phase Clinical Trial Steroid-refractory Ulcerative Colitis
Pdl Products Preclinical Stage Development Pdl Quarterly Royalty Payments Reports
Pdl Retained Rights Pdl Shall Give Exchange Not Less Advance Notice
Pdl Sole Territory Pdl Sole Territory Countries Jurisdictions Rights Reverted
Pdl-241 Product Pdl192
Pdl241 Peer Group Selection Benchmarking
Peer Group Selection Benchmarking Current Operations Perating Xpenses
Percent Owner Performance Affiliates
Performance Award Formula Performance Awards
Performance Bonus Program Performance Goal
Performance Measures Performance Period
Performance Retavase Product Not Met Expectations Since Acquired Performance Share
Performance Targets Performance Unit
Performance-based Compensation Permanent Regulation Global
Permitted Limitations Person
Personal Property Taxes Persons Eligible
Peter Calcott Pharmacovigilance Agreement
Phase Antibody Products Phase Clinical Trial Sirius Ularitide Decompensated Congestive Heart
Phase Development Event Phase Monotherapy Trial Initiated
Phil Nadeau -cowen Co-analyst Phil Nadeau Cowen
Phil Nadeau Cowen Analyst Pierre Fabre Sales Rebate
Pipeline Developments Place Meetings
Place Meetings Telephone Plan
Planned Sale Commercial Operations Plans Organizational Realignment
Plans Provide Additional Royalty Guidance Prior Spin-off Please Read Release Carefully Includes Claims Whether Known
Please Sign Date Return Proxy Promptly Using Enclosed Pledge
Poc Policy Regarding Communications Stockholders Directors
Policy Timing Equity Grants Port Property
Post-approval Clinical Trial Post-closing Covenants
Postretirement Benefit Plan Postretirement Benefits
Potential Payments Termination Change Control Powers
Powers Committee Pre-closing Covenants
Pre-closing Covenants Seller Pre-existing Party
Preclinical Research Candidates Predecessor Plan
Predecessor Plan Termination Date Preferred Shareholders Vote Together Common Not Separate Class
Preparation Filing Tax Returns Payment Preparation Regulatory Filings
Presentation Presidents
Price Payment Terms Pricing
Pricing Reimbursement Approvals Princeton New Jersey
Principal Accounting Fees Services Principal Executive Office
Principal Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Fees Services Principles Consolidation
Prior Adoption Sfas 123 Prior Employee Option
Prior Opt-in Trigger Date Prior Option
Pro Forma Condensed Combined Balance Sheet 2004 Pro Forma Condensed Combined Statement Operations 2003
Pro Forma Condensed Combined Statement Operations 2004 Pro Forma Financial Information
Pro Forma Financial Statements Pro Forma Results
Pro Ration Partial Procedures Approval Related Person Transactions
Proceedings Process Pursuing Implementing Multiple Significant Transactions Transaction Structures
Process Pursuing Multiple Strategic Transactions Transaction Structures Simultaneously Process Transitioning New Strategy Focus Discovery Development Novel
Product Complaints Adverse Drug Events Product Operating Committee
Product Profit Product Recall
Product Recalls Decisions Respect Withdrawals Other Corrective Actions Product Release
Product Revenues Substantially Dependent Limited Number Wholesalers Distribution Product Sales
Product Sales Net Product Sales Records Each Party Selling
Product Sales Royalty License Revenues Product Supply
Products Products Candidates Not Gain Market Acceptance Among Medical
Products Development Products Not Gain Market Acceptance Among Medical Community
Products Research Preclinical Stage Development Profit Share Territory
Profit Sharing Profitability Depend Significant Part Continuing Success Esps Products
Prohibition Against Certain Equity Transactions Projects Rapid Transformation Following Anticipated Late-march Closing Acquisitions
Proof Insurance Properties
Property Equipment Property Insurance Fixtures Inventory
Property Rental Insurance Premises Property Rights
Proposal Appointment Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Prosecution Joint Inventions
Prosecution Sole Pdl Patents Roche Prospectus
Protect Patent Other Intellectual Property Rights Succeed Protein Design Labs
Protein Design Labs Announces Ruling European Patent Opposition Protein Design Labs Becomes Pdl Biopharma
Protein Design Labs Completes Placement 250 Convertible Senior Protein Design Labs Inc
Protein Design Labs Inc Cfo Protein Design Labs Inc Chief Medical Officer
Protein Design Labs Inc Senior Director Protein Design Labs Receive 250 Offering Convertible Senior
Provided Further Provided However
Provides 2006 Financial Guidance Provides 2007 Financial Guidance
Provision Information Provisions Applicable Payment Shares
Provisions Clauses Below Shall Apply Only Global Securities Proxies
Proxies Solicited Board Voted Absence Instructions Contrary Prudential Analyst
Prudential Equity Analyst Public Acquirer Change Control
Publications Publicity
Publishing Party Purchase Agreement
Purchase Delivery Purchase Issuer Pledged Collateral
Purchase Order Purchase Price
Purchase Sale Purchased Assets Purpose
Pursue Sale Securitization Antibody Humanization Royalties Put Right Effective Date
Quality Assurance Contacts Quality Control Acceptance Rejection Failure Supply
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosure Market Risk Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quarterly Financial Data Quarterly Payments Reports
Queen Patents Question Answer
Question Answer Session Question-and-answer Session
Quiet Possession Quorum
Ratification Selection Ernst Young Llp Independent Registered Public Reasonable Care
Reasonable Diligence Recalls Royalty Territory
Recalls United States Recent Accounting Pronouncement
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Recent Corporate Developments
Recent Developments Recent Updates
Recently Issued Accounting Standards Recipient
Recitals Reclassification
Reclassifications Reconciliation Statement
Record Date Record Date Payment Set
Record Date Vote Consent Securityholders Recording
Records Recourse Against Others
Recoveries Redemption Pursuant Shall Provisions Through Hereof
Redwood City California 94063 Refunds Tax Sharing Agreements
Regarding Biogen Idec Regarding Pdl
Registrable Securities Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 510 574-1400 Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 775 832-8500
Registration Expenses Registration Procedures
Registration Rights Agreement Regulation Disclosure
Regulation Global Regulations
Regulatory Activities Regulatory Approval
Regulatory Submissions Reimbursement
Reimbursement Development Costs Reimbursement Payments
Reinstatement Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis
Related Party Transactions Related Person Transactions
Related-party Transaction Release Lessee
Release Termination Rely Sole Source Parties Manufacture Products
Rely Sole Source Third-party Contract Manufacturers Manufacture Commercial Rely Sole Source Third-party Contract Manufacturers Manufacture Products
Rely Third-party Suppliers Provide Esp Pharma Products Sale Rely Third-party Suppliers Provide Esp Products Sale Unable
Rely Third-party Suppliers Provide Products Sale Certain Clinical Remainder Page Intentionally Blank
Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank Signature Follows Remedies
Remedies Event Default Removal Resignation Officers
Rent Adjustment Repayment
Report Audit Committee Report Audit Committee Board Directors
Report Audit Mmittee Report Compensation Committee
Report Compensation Committee Executive Report Coordinators
Report Ernst Young Llp Independent Auditors Report Includes Forward-looking Statements Within Meaning 27a Securities
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Reporting Advertising
Reporting Comprehensive Income Reporting Consolidation
Reports Reports Payments General
Representation Shares Other Corporations Representations Warranties
Representations Warranties Buyer Representations Warranties Covenants
Representations Warranties Indemnification Representations Warranties Other Matters
Repurchase Option Holder Fundamental Change Repurchase Rights
Require Additional Patent Licenses Order Manufacture Sell Potential Required Attachment Certain Provisions
Required Undertake Complex Manufacturing Retavase Through Number Parties Required Vote Board Directors Recommendation
Required Vote Recommendation Board Research
Research Data Support Nuvion Clinical Program Research Development
Research Development Costs Research Development Efforts Not Successful Able Effectively Develop
Research Development Programs Research Development Selling General Administrative Expenses
Research Efforts Not Successful Able Effectively Develop Efficacious Research Efforts Not Successful Able Effectively Develop New
Research Preclinical Development Reserve Time Certain Amount Cash Order Satisfy Obligations
Resignations Respect Original Class Notes
Responding Party Responsibilities
Responsible Party Restatement Previously Issued Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements
Restricted Cash Restricted Common Stock Purchases
Restricted Security Restricted Stock
Restricted Stock Activity Restricted Stock Award
Restricted Stock Awards Unit Restricted Stock Purchase Right
Restriction Period Restroom
Restrooms Restructuring Charges
Restructuring Other Charges Restructuring Other Charges Included Research Development Expenses
Result Esp Merger Combined Larger Geographically Diverse Organization Result Esp Pharma Merger Combined Larger Geographically Diverse
Result Merger Combined Result Merger Combined Larger Geographically Diverse Organization Management
Results Operations Financial Condition Retavas
Retavas Acquisition Retavase
Retavase Acquisition Retavase Marketed Declining Market Planned Sales Promotional Efforts
Retavase Product Acquisition Retavase Product Rights
Retavase Reteplase Retavase Sold Declining Market Planned Sales Promotional Efforts
Retavase Sold Market Recently Declined Planned Sales Promotional Retention Bonus Payment Date
Retention Bonuses Retention Bonuses Severance Benefits
Retention Severance Benefits Retention Severance Plan
Retirement Welfare Plans Return Leased Property Licensed Software
Revenue Adversely Affected Competition Rapid Technological Change Revenue Recognition
Revenues Revenues Compared 2005
Revenues Expenses Operating Results Likely Fluctuate Future Periods Revenues Geographic Area Significant Customers
Revenues Licensed Technologies Depend Efforts Successes Licensees Revenues Operating Results Likely Fluctuate Future Periods
Reversion Effective Date Reversion Exercise Fee
Review Approval Transactions Related Persons Revision Previously Announced 2006 Results Operations
Revision Previously Announced 2007 Results Operations Revision Previously Reported 2005 Results Operations
Revisions Esp Pharma Purchase Accounting Revocation Effect Consents
Rich Murray Richard Murray
Richard Murray Phd Right
Right Claimant Bring Suit Right Contest Real Property Taxes
Right Decline Option Right Indemnification
Right Offer Right Okay Also Maybe Kind Idea Perfect World
Rights Agreement Rights Employee Consultant Director
Rights Otherwise Prevent Production Disclosure Such Privileged Information Rights Reference
Rights Stockholder Rights Technology
Risk Factors Risk Factors Related Facet Biotech
Risk Factors Related Pdl Post Spin-off Risks Related Acquisition Esp Pharma
Risks Related Business Esp Pharma Robert Savel
Roche Roche Adjusted Gross Sales
Roche Century World Roche Collaboration
Roche Controlled Patents Roche Diligence Row Territory
Roche Inventions Roche Know-how
Roche Licensed Know-how Roche Licensed Patents
Roche Net Sales Roche Net Sales Excluded Products
Roche Pdl Jointly Develop Daclizumab Transplant Maintenance Therapy Roche Pdl Partnership
Roche Put Right Roche Quarterly Royalty Payments Reports
Roche Transplantation Roles Parties
Ron Renaud Roof Equipment
Row Royalties Owed Royalty Products Row Territory
Royalties Royalties Pdl Credits Against
Royalties Row Territory Royalty License Collaboration Revenue
Royalty Outlook Royalty Paying Party
Royalty Receiving Party Royalty Reports
Royalty Revenues Royalty Revenues Licensed Technologies Depend Efforts Successes Licensees
Royalty Revenues Technologies License Others Depend Among Other Royalty Term
Rule 16b-3 Rules Construction Defined Terms
Rules Regulations Rules Trustee Paying Agent Registrar Conversion
Safety Adverse Event Reporting Recalls Regulatory Matters Sale Manufacturing Assets
Sales Allowances Rebate Accruals Sales Force Training
Sales Milestone Payments Pdl Sales Products Royalty Territory
Sales Tracking Methodology Savings Clause
Schedule Schedule Exchanges Notes
Scientific Review Committee Scope
Seaport Boulevard Redwood City California 94063 Seattle Genetics
Sec Reports Secretary
Securities Exchange Act 1934 Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Security Interest Absolute Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder
See Accompanying Notes Segment Concentrations Disclosure
Segment Disclosures Sell Limited Number Wholesalers Whose Buying Return Patterns
Sell Products Limited Number Wholesalers Whose Buying Return Sellers Brokers
Sellers Required Consents Sellers Retained Employees
Selling General Administrative Expenses Selling Marketing Expenses
Senior Notes Due 2012 Separability
Separation Separation Distribution Agreement
Separation Service Means Within Meaning 409a Seq
Sergio Garcia-rodriguez Service
Services Services Term Termination
Settlement Alexion Settlement Performance Awards
Settlement Restricted Stock Unit Awards Settlement Stock Unit Awards
Severability Severance Benefit Prior Change Control
Severance Benefits Severance Benefits Former Ceo
Severance Benefits Former Senior Vice President Technical Operations Severance Benefits Interim Ceo
Severance Benefits Interim Chief Executive Officer Severance Benefits Murray
Severance Benefits Vice President Sales Operations Share Accounting
Share-based Payment Shares Represented Hereby Shall Voted Specified Specification Such
Shares Subject Options Held 2008 Sharing Operating Expenses Sales Force
Shelf Registration Shelf Registration Statement
Shelf Registration Statement Prospectus Shell Building Plans Specifications
Shipping Handling Short-term Deferral Period
Short-term Receivable Signature
Signatures Signatures Acknowledged
Significant Events Significant Events Recent
Significant Portion Esp Pharma Product Sales Result Off-patent Significant Risks
Signs Single Tenant Buildings
Site Plan Smith Barney Analyst
Snda Sole Roche Patents
Solicited Behalf Board Directors Soliris
Some Agreements Require Buyer Expressly Assume Agreement Letter Some Agreements Require Ekr Expressly Assume Agreement Letter
Southwood Blvd Incline Village 89451 Southwood Boulevard
Southwood Boulevard Incline Village Nevada 89451 Special Meeting
Special Meetings Specific Performance
Specifically Specifically Preferred Common Stock Vote Separately Mergers Acquisitions
Specifications Spend Considerable Time Money Complying Federal State Regulations
Spin-off Biotechnology Operations Spin-off Facet
Spin-off Process Diverted Attention Management Employees Increased Professional Spread
Stand-alone Facet Biotech Not Receive Royalty Revenue Cash Standard Performance Services Payment
Standard Performance Technical Information Specifications Standards Conduct
Status Acquired In-process Research Development Programs Status Assumed Contracts
Steroid-refractory Ulcerative Colitis Steve Benner
Steve Benner Pdl Biopharma Chief Medical Officer Steven Benner
Stock Stock Appreciation Right
Stock Issuance Deferral Awards Stock List
Stock Option Activity Stock Option Agreement
Stock Option Exercise Notice Stock Option Plan
Stock Option Plans Stock Options Granted 2004
Stock Options Granted 2005 Stock Ownership Guidelines
Stock Ownership Guidelines Current Operations Stock Unit
Stock-based Compensation Stock-based Incentive Plans
Stockholder Action Written Consent Stockholder Proposals
Stockholder Proposals Presented Next Annual Meeting Stockholders Record Shares Registered Name
Strategic Developments Strategic Update
Subject Extensive Government Regulation Requires Invest Significant Resources Subject Extensive Government Regulation Requires Spend Significant Amounts
Subject Product Liability Claims Insurance Coverage Not Adequate Sublicensing
Sublicensing Revenues Submission Jurisdiction Waiver Jury Trial
Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Subordinate Officers Non-section-16-vice-presidents Etc
Subordinated Notes Due 2023 Subordination
Subsequent Elections Subsequent Event
Subsequent Event Settlement Escrow Shares Related Esp Pharma Subsequent Events
Subsidiarieis Pdl Biopharma Inc Subsidiary Corporation
Substantial Sales Common Stock Occur Connection Distribution Facet Successful Combined Retain Motivate Key Employees Difficult Light
Successor Means Interest Substantially Business Assets Successors
Sufficiency Assets Summary
Summary 2002 Directors Plan Summary 2006
Summary 2006 Financial Results Summary 2007
Summary 2007 Financial Results Summary 2008
Summary 2008 2007 2006 Financial Results Summary Federal Income Tax Consequences
Summary Financial Results Summary Genmab Pdl Biopharma Entered Agreement Acquire Pdls
Summary Purchase Plan Summary Significant Accounting Policies
Supplements Further Assurances Suppliers
Supply Supply Plan
Sure Surrender Possession Holding Over
Survival Synagis
Table Contents Table Contents Headings
Tandem Sars Tax Considerations
Tax Considerations Current Operations Tax Contests
Tax Fees Tax Implications
Tax Sharing Indemnification Agreement Tax Treatment
Tax Treatment Spin-off Transaction Tax Withholding
Tax Withholding General Tax Withholding Payments Pursuant Plan Subject Applicable Income
Taxes Technology Outlicense Agreements
Technology Transfer Telephone Number 510 574-1400
Telephone Number Including Area Code Tenant Corridors
Tenants Address Tender Stock
Terlipressin Term
Term Plan Term Royalties
Term Services Term Termination
Termination Termination Bms 112
Termination Breach Termination Material Breach
Termination Material Definitive Agreement Termination Patent Challenge
Termination Prior Agreements Terms Conditions Deferred Compensation Awards
Terrance Coyne Territory
Testing Plan Thank Next Question Comes Line Gil Aharon Infinium
Thank Next Question Comes Line Jason Zhang Prudential Thank Next Question Comes Line Matt Geller Cibc
Thank Operator Before Close Just Quickly Schedule Upcoming Thanks Taking Question Just Had Couple Questions Regards
Think Probably Best Outcome Event Esp-305 Ularitide Sirius Thomas Mcgahren -merrill Lynch-analyst
Thomas Mcgahren Merrill Lynch Analyst Time Term Agreement Pdl Affiliate Licensee Marketing Licensed
Title Class Title Real Property
Tom Mcgahren Tom Mcgahren Merrill Lynch
Tom Mcgahren Merrill Lynch Analyst Total Condemnation
Total Costs Expenses Total Operating Revenues
Total Operating Revenues Cash Balances Total Revenues Consist Product Sales Royalties License Collaboration
Trademark Selection Ownership Trademarks
Transaction Transaction Other Business
Transactions Related Persons Transfer Assets License Sublicense
Transfer Facet Assets Assumption Liabilities Subject Sections Transfer Manufacturing Right
Transfer Price Commercial Supply Api Transferability Options
Transferee Transferred Asset Liability Shall Deemed Facet Respectively Subject
Transfers Related Licenses Transfers Stock
Transition Services Transition Services Agreement
Transplant Field Transplant Foreign Filing Expenses
Transplant Indications Transplant Jcc Decisions
Transplant Reversion Treasurer
Trust Indenture Act Trust Indenture Act Controls
Trust Indenture Act Provisions Trustee Appointed Attorney-in-fact
Trustee Not Relieved Liability Own Negligent Action Failure Trustee Rely Conclusively Document Believed Genuine Been Signed
Trustee Shall Not Liable Action Takes Omits Take Trustee Sign Amendments Etc
Trustees Certificate Authentication Types Performance Awards Authorized
Types Sars Authorized Tysabri
Ucc Financing Statements Ularitide
Unable Develop New Products Ability Grow Depend Success Unable Enroll Sufficient Number Patients Timely Manner Order
Unable Enroll Sufficient Patients Timely Manner Order Complete Unable Favorably Assess Effectiveness Internal Control Over Financial
Unable Favorably Assess Effectiveness Internal Controls Over Financial Unable Monetize Antibody Humanization Patents Royalties Assets Through
Unable Obtain Maintain Regulatory Approval Products Unable Obtain Maintain Regulatory Approval Products Marketing Sale
Unable Protect Patents Proprietary Technology Not Able Compete Underwriter
Underwritten Offering Unforeseeable Emergency
Unfunded Obligation Unidentified Participant
United States Unless Facet Biotechs Clinical Studies Demonstrate Safety Efficacy
Upcoming Events Update Planned Separation Royalty Monetization Process
Update Progress Unveil Vision 2010 Jpmorgan Annual Healthcare Updates 2006 Guidance
Updating Development Plans Upfront License Maintenance Fees
Upfront Payment Option Exercise Fee Vacancies Newly Created Directorships
Vacancies Office Valcyte
Valid Claim Validation
Valuation Assumptions Valuation Impairment Long-lived Assets
Valuation Impairment Long-lived Assets Goodwill Valuation Qualifying Accounts Reserves
Value Cash-based Other Stock-based Awards Vesting
Vesting Conditions Via Facsimile Overnight Delivery
Via Fedex Via Mail
Vice President Chief Financial Officer Vice Presidents
Visilizumab Visilizumab Anti-cd3
Vitro Vivo
Volociximab Clinical Development Studies Volociximab Eye Disorders
Volociximab M200 Volociximab Major Project Milestones
Volociximab Product Volociximab Solid Tumors
Vote Vote Internet Wwwproxyvotecom
Vote Mail Vote Person
Vote Phone 1-800-690-6903 Vote Proxy
Vote Shares Held Broker Votes
Votes Counted Votes Required Approval Each
Voting Voting Rights
Voting Rights Dividend Equivalent Distributions Voting Rights Dividends Distributions
Wachovia Securities Analyst Waiver
Waiver Civil Code Remedies Waiver Notice
Waiver Remedies Waivers
Wall Street Wall Street Journal
Warning Webcast
Webcast Discuss Agreement Scheduled 830 Eastern Time Webcast Information
Well Not Due Until 2010 Call Right 2008 What Advantages Might Over Natrecor Youd Looking Terms
What Broker Non-votes What Constitutes Quorum Annual Meeting
What Householding What Mean Receive Notice
What Mean Receive Proxy Card What Notice Only Option
What Purpose Proxy Statement What Receive Separate Copy Annual Report Proxy Statement
What Receive Separate Copy Notice What Return Proxy Card Not Make Specific Choices
What Stockholders Vote Annual Meeting Whereas
Winds Down Activities Pdl Biopharma France Sas Such Withdrawal
Withholding Withholding Party
Withholding Shares Without Consent Holders
Witness Whereof Witness Whereof Technical Agreement Been Duly Executed Originals
Witnesseth Wood Doors
Workforce Reduction Implemented Operating Expenses Reduced Wyeth
Xvi Xvi Force Majeure
Xvii Yard Area
Yes Other Words Not Going Hear Substantial Data Youre Saying Retavase Actually Bait Know Kind Gross
Zamyl Zenapax
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