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Accuracy Representations Acta-de Junta General Accionistas Sociedad Minera Austria Duvaz
Acuerdo Additional Agreements Filings
Additional Information Additional Mining Concessions Adjacent Toromocho Project Owned Parties
Additional Obligations Optionee Additional Sources Information
Address Principal Executive Office Administration Funds Collected Through Collection Accounts
Administrative Powers Advisory Committee
Agenda Agreements Corona
Also Experience Dilution Exercise Convertible Securities Alternative Transaction Superior Proposals
Aluminum Corporation China Amendment Agreement
Amendments Master Agreement Amendments Option Agreement
American Stock Exchange Amex Listing Approved
Annual Copper Production 601 Lbs Cash Cost 514 Annual Fees
Annual Report Containing Financial Statements Circular Form Proxy Antitrust Investigation
Appendix Appendix Stock Purchase Agreement
Applicable Law Applicable Law Jurisdiction
Applicable Legislation Appointment Auditors
Appointment Revocation Proxies Appraisal Companies
Approved Board Directors Asset Retirement Obligations
Assets Joint Ownership Subject Rights Refusal Assignment
Assignment Agreement Attachment
Attention Attorney Law Notary Public Lima
Attorney-at-law Notary Public Lima Audit Committee
Audit Committee Financial Expert Audits Compliance
Backup Withholding Information Reporting Banking Powers
Base Salary Basis Presentation
Bid Bond Model Board Assessments
Board Directors Board Directors Recommendation
Board Mandate Bonus
Business Adversely Affected Fail Comply Extensive Government Regulations Business Overview
Calendar 2005 2006 Canada
Canadian Federal Income Tax Consequences Canadian Financial Instruments-recognition Measurement Hedges Comprehensive Income
Capital Costs Cash Equivalents
Cash Flows Cash Short Term Investments
Cautionary Investors-the United States Securities Exchange Permits Mining Cautionary Notes Investors
Cautionary Regarding Forward Looking-statements Cautionary Regarding Forward-looking Statements
Centenario Certificate Qualified Person
Certification Chief Executive Officer Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act Certification Chief Financial Officer Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act
Certification Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Chairman Bankruptcy Proceeding Committee National Institute Defense Free
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Changes Peruvian Royalty Regulations Increase Operating Costs
Chartered Accountants Check Assay Results Statistical Hypotheisis Test Confidence Level
Classification Blocks Code Business Conduct Ethics
Code Ethics Collection Accounts
Commitments Committee
Committees Board Directors Commodity Price Risks
Common Share Purchase Warrants Common Shares
Communication Form Transfer Aliquots Co-owners Concession Detailed Point Communication Form Transfer Aliquots Co-owners Concessions Detailed Points
Communication Form Transfer Share Interests Mining Concessions Detailed Communication Model Transfer Aliquots Co-owners Concession Detailed Point
Compensation Compensation Arrangements
Compensation Chief Executive Officer Compensation Committee
Compensation Directors Compensation Services
Competitive Practices Compliance Regulations Registration Mining Rights
Composite Count Composition
Composition Compensation Committee Conditions Offer
Conditions Precedent Making Offer Conditions Purchase Credit Rights
Conference Call Webcast Conflicts Interest
Consideration Consideration Execution Agreement Transfer Assets
Consolidation Variable Interest Entities Continuous Disclosure Requirements Quebec Securities Act
Contractual Commitment Obligations Control Committee
Controls Procedures Copper Exploration Highly Speculative Nature Certainty Successful Development
Copper Price Risk Copper Supply Industry Subject World-wide Antitrust Investigation Adversely
Corona Transfer Agreement Corporate Governance Nominating Committee
Corporate Reorganization Corporation China Concurrent C70 Private Placement
Corruption Foreign Public Officials Act Counterpart Execution
Credit Risk Critical Accounting Policies
Critical Accounting Policies Estimates Cuarta Gastos Notariales Registrales
Currency Fluctuations Adversely Affect Costs Current Government
Currently Depend Single Mineral Property Early Stages Exploration Date
Date Report Dated 2005
Dealing Public Officials Dealing Suppliers
Defence Trust Estate Deliver
Delivery Class Shares Delivery Shares
Description Credit Rights Description Liabilities
Directors Approval Directors Circular
Directors Officers Insurance Directors Officers Liability Insurance
Disclosure Disclosure Controls Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Disposition Common Shares Dispositions Common Shares Warrants
Dividend Policy Dividends Common Shares
Documents Display Dollars Accordance Canadian Gaap
Drilling Program Update Due Diligence
Duvaz Duvaz Liabilities Contributed
Earnings Loss Per Share Easements Rights Owned Others Near Toromocho Project Interfere
Effectiveness Agreement Provisions Eighteen
Eighteen Compliance Regulations Registration Mining Rights Election Directors
Employees Employment Agreements
Enurement Environmental Laws
Environmental Other Regulatory Compliance Equal Opportunity
Equity Price Risks Escrow Account
Escrow Account Agreement Est
Estimates Evaluate Strategic Alternatives
Event Sociedad Minera Austria Duvaz Exercises Option Shall Events Default
Exchange Controls Exchange Rates
Executive Officer Exercisable Price Us200 Per Share Until 2006
Exercise Discretion Proxies Exercise Expiry Warrants
Exercise Option Expenditures
Expenses Expenses Costs
Exploration Campaigns-diamond Drilling Exploration Development Program
Exploration Program Exploration Properties
Exploration Timetable Exploration-stage Very Limited Operating History Estimates Mineralization Only
Fifteen Fifteen Environmental Guarantees
Fifteen Termination Stock Purchase Agreement Fiftieth Civil Court Lima
Fifty-one Fifty-three
Fifty-two Filed Sedar
Final Concentrate I20ib20 Cleaner Tails I-20 S20 Sb20 Financial Debts
Financial Information Financial Instruments
Financial Results Financial Statements
Fluctuations Copper Prices Adversely Affect Future Profitability Not Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
Foreign Currency Exchange Rate Risk Foreign Currency Exchange Rate Risks
Foreign Currency Translation Form 20-f
Form 52-109f2 Certification Interim Filings Ceo Form 52-109f2 Certification Interim Filings Cfo
Form 52-109ft2 Certification Interim Filings Transition Period Form 6-k
Form Agreement Attached Form Agreement Transfer Aliquots DemÓcrata MarÍa Celina Concessions
Form Agreement Transfer Pilar Mining Concession Form Notice Transfer Share Interests Concessions Listed Points
Form Warrant Certificate Formalities Consequences Failure Exercise Option
Formalities Exercise Option Forty-eight
Forty-five Forty-four
Forty-nine Forty-one
Forty-seven Forty-seventh Civil Court Lima
Forty-six Forty-three
Forty-two Forward Sales Options Other Commitments Including Off-balance Sheet
Forward-looking Information Forward-looking Statements
Fourteen Fourteen Environmental Safety Liabilities
Fourteen Representations Warranties Purchaser Future Issue Additional Common Shares Other Securities Reduce
General General Provisions Administration Trust Estate
Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Geological Setting
Grantors Agree Incorporate They Actually Closely-held Corporation Named Graphic
Headings Health Safety Environmental Protection
Hereby Certify Hired Morrow Assist Warrantholders Exercise Remaining Outstanding Warrants
Historical Exploration Drilling Historical Metallurgical Testing Toromocho Indicates Limitations Producing High-grade
History Corporate Structure History Development
History Losses Expect Incur Future History Toromocho Project
Http Wwwnewswireca Webcast Vieweventcgieventid1367960 Impact Environmental Non-compliance
Inception Through 2003 Income Taxes
Indebtedness Directors Executive Officers Independence Requirements American Stock Exchange Guide
Independence Requirements Proposed National Policy 58-201 Corporate Governance Index
Index Consolidated Financial Statements Indicated
Inferred Inflation
Infrastructure Initial Verification
Insert Insert Name Addressee
Insider Report Transaction Information Insurance Coverage Not Cover Potential Losses
Integrity Records Financial Reports Interest Certain Persons Matters Acted
Interest Informed Persons Material Transactions Interest Rate Risk
Interest Rate Sensitivity International Operations
Jaime RodrÍguez MariÁtegui Blume Joint Announcement
Know Men Presents L-1
L-4 Labour-related Powers
Letterhead Pricewaterhousecoopers Llp Liabilities Remaining Duvaz
Likely Deemed Passive Foreign Investment Federal Income Tax Lima 2006
Lima Stock Exchange Listing Peru Copper Limitations Trustees Liability
Limited History Public Trading Market Common Shares Warrants Liquidity Capital Resources
List Appendices List Exhibits
List Figures List Insurance Policies
List Law Firms List Posible Companies Appointed Trustee Successors
List Subsidiaries Peru Copper Inc List Tables
Litigation Claims Assessment Litigation Claims Assessments
Local Resources Long-term Incentive
Luis RodrÍguez MariÁtegui ProaÑo Management
Management Centenario Managements Discussion Analysis Financial Condition Results Operations
MarÍa Celina Concessions María Josefa Canny Castro
Master Agreement Material Change Report
Material Change Report National Instrument 51-102 Material Contracts
Material Modifications Rights Security Holders Proceeds Measured
Measured Indicated Melissa Gabriela Patroni Dedekind
Memorandum Articles Association Metallurgical Testing
Metallurgical Update Metcon 2004
Mine Closure Law Minera Peru Copper
Minera Peru Copper Assignment Agreement Minera PerÚ Copper
Mineral Concessions Surface Rights Mineral Properties
Mineral Properties Related Costs Mineralization Geology
Mining Mining Consultants Inc
Mining Peru Ministry Energy Mines
Miscellaneous Provisions Mpc
National Instrument 51-102 Nearest Neighbor Comparison Old Drilling Pci
New Exhibits Master Agreement News Release
Next Steps Development Nineteen
Nineteen Miscellaneous Provisions Nomination Directors
Non-completion Fee Non-solicitation
North American Investment Market Call Not Able Access Sufficient Water Power Tailings Storage
Not Able Satisfy Minimum Investments Develop Mining Concessions Not Able Secure Good Title Mining Concessions Delay
Not Own Mining Concessions Assets Toromocho Project Satisfy Not Plan Pay Dividends
Not Satisfy Terms Agreements Corona Exchange Mining Concessions Notarial Fees Registration Expenses
Notarial Registration Fees Notarized Letter
Notice Notice Annual Meeting Shareholders
Notice Material Change Notices
Obligations Assignor Obligations Trustee
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Offer Listing
Operating Costs Operating Results
Operations Operations Subject Environmental Risks Assumed Responsibility Remediation Activities
Operations Subject Risks Hazards Inherent Mining Industry Adverse Option Agreement
Option Grants Financial 2004 Option Period
Option Term Organizational Structure
Orientation Continuing Education Other Arrangements
Other Commitments Other Convertible Securities
Other Debts Other Information
Other Obligations Purchaser Outlook Capital Requirements
Outside Activities Outside Canada
Outside Checks Assays Pci Drilling Outstanding Share Data
Outstanding Stock Options Overview
Ownership Credit Rights Term Agreement Ownership Mining Rights
Partial Annulment Participation
Party Debts Payment Cadastral Inscription Public Registry Land Subject Matter
Payment Obligation Filing Option Agreement Payroll Payables
Pci Drill Holes Pci Drilling Calculated Composites 10m Pulp Weight Cimm
Pci Drilling Pulp Weight Composites Calculated Penalty
Personal Financial Interest Related Parties Personal Payments Kickbacks Rebates
Peru Peru Copper Announces Appointment New Director
Peru Copper Conference Call Notification Peru Copper Hires Snc-lavalin Conduct Prefeasibility Study
Peru Copper Inc Peru Copper Inc Corporation Annual Audited Consolidated Financial
Peru Copper Inc Corporation Incorporated Federal Laws Canada Peru Copper Reports 2005 End Financial Results
Peru Copper Reports Financial Results Peru Copper Reports Progress Update
Peru Copper Reports Status Warrant Exercises Peru Copper Signs Agreement Austria Duvaz
Peru Increases Taxes Future Adverse Effect Cost Estimates Peruvian Bankruptcy Laws
Peruvian Civil Process Peruvian Mining Laws
Phase Work Program Pilar Mining Concession
Please Bring Notice Attention Tax Preparer Population Boundaries
Position Descriptions Pre-acquisition Reorganization
Presidencia Secretaria Press Release Informational Purposes Only Not Offer Buy
Price Form Payment Primera Antecedentes
Principal Accountant Fees Services Proceeding Liquidation Termination Trust Estate
Production Project Economics
Property Location Access Description Property Plant Equipment
Proposed Exploration Development Program Protection Proper Assets
Purchase Warrants Purpose
Purpose Agreement Purpose Agreement Assignment Rights
Purpose Code Purpose Stock Purchase Agreement
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Quinta Misceláneos
Quorum Reassay Old Drilling Pulps Cimm
Receipt Gifts Entertainment Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Recent Canadian Accounting Pronouncements Recent Developments
Recent Share Price History Recitals
Ref Trust Administration Agreement References
Regulatory Approvals Regulatory Supervisory Bodies
RelaciÓn ApÉndices Related Party Transactions
Rely Management Team Outside Contractors Experts Other Advisors Remedies
Removal Trustee Remuneration Trustee
Report Executive Compensation Reported Transactions Session
Reporting Requirements Representation Powers
Representation Termination Representations Warranties
Representations Warranties Duvaz Representations Warranties Mpc
Require Significant Amount Capital Fund Operations Ability Obtain Research Development Patents Licenses Etc
Resignation Trustee Resource Properties
Resources Responsibilities
Result Registration Warrants Issued Issuable Pursuant Terms Indenture Results Operations
Reverse Takeover Accounting Ricardo Fernandini Barreda Attorney-at-law Notary Public Lima
Risk Factors Rodríguez-mariátegui Proaño
Royalties Safe Harbor
Sale Other Disposition Common Shares Warrants Scope Assignment
Scopes Transfer Scotiabank Peru Saa
Seal Search
Securities Authorized Issuance Equity Compensation Plans Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Security Based Compensation Arrangements Security Interest Class Shares
Security Interest Class Shares Issued Sedar
Segmented Information Segunda Objeto
Selling Securityholders Serproadsac Servicios Profesionales Administrativos Sac
Settlement Disputes Seventeen
Seventeen Applicable Law Jurisdiction Seventeen Baseline Study
Severability Severability Clauses
Several Directors Officers Serve Boards Other Natural Resource Sexta Ley Jurisdicción Aplicables
Share Capital Share Option Plan
Share Purchase Warrants Agent Options Shareholder Claims
Shareholders Shareholders Equity
Shareholders Peru Copper Inc Short Term Investments
Signature Seal Bank Officials Signatures
Significant Changes Sixteen
Sixteen Environmental Obligations Sixteen Miscellaneous Provisions
Sixth Civil Division Court Appeals Lima Small Operator Highly Competitive Industry Not Adequate Resources
Solicitation Proxies Speculation Securities Inside Information
Stability Agreements Standard Compensation Arrangements
Statement Deficit Statement Executive Compensation
Statements Cash Flows Statements Operations Deficit
Status Passive Foreign Investment Stock Options
Stock Purchase Agreement Stock-based Compensation
Subject Subject Matter Sale
Subject Risks Associated Foreign Operations Subsequent Acquisition Transaction
Subsequent Events Approved Board Directors Suite 1050 625 Howe Street Vancouver Canada V6c
Summary Available Assays Final Data Merge Summary Compensation Table
Summary Material Change Summary Quarterly Results
Supplemental Prayer Relief Supplementary Provision
Support Offer Surrender Legended Warrant Certificates Not Required
Survival Representations Warranties Table Contents
Tabular Disclosure Contractual Obligations Tax Issues Related Trust Estate
Tax Liabilities Taxation Dividends
Taxation Foreign Exchange Controls Tenth Civil Court Lima
Tercera Plazo Term
Term Addendum Termination
Third-party Debts Thirteen
Thirteen Representations Warranties Sellers Duvaz Thirteen Termination Option Agreement
Thirty-eight Thirty-five
Thirty-four Thirty-nine
Thirty-one Thirty-seven
Thirty-six Thirty-three
Thirty-two Toromocho Option Agreement
Toromocho Project Toromocho Project-exploration Budget
Tra 2745-06 Transfer Warrants
Trend Information Trust Agent
Trust Estate Transfer Possesion Tsx
Twenty-eight Twenty-five
Twenty-four Twenty-nine
Twenty-one Twenty-seven
Twenty-six Twenty-three
Twenty-two Unable Enforce Actions Against Certain Directors Officers Federal
United States Federal Income Tax Consequences United States Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
United States Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Gaap Validity Terms Conditions Set Forth Master Agreement
Validity Trust Agreement Vancouver British Columbia Canada 2007
Vancouver Canada V6b 4m9 Vancouver Canada V6c 2t6
Voluntary Transfer Urban Development Population Morococha Other Human Voting Non-registered Shareholders
Voting Securities Principal Holders Thereof Warrant Certificate Represents Warrants Referred Indenture Within Mentioned
Warrants Witnesseth Hereby
Wording Event Assignor Paid Class Shareholders Sum Us500000 Wording Event Prior Expiry Period Provided Assignor Carry
Work Environment Work Program Calendar 2005
Workers Participation Xvii Amendment Modification Waiver
Year-end Option Values 
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