Acceptance Appointment Successor Accounting
Accounting Policies Financial Statement Classifications Accretable Interest
Accretable Net Interest Accretable Yield
Accruing Loans Held Sale Past Due Accruing Loans Past Due
Accruing Loans Past Due More- Summary Accruing Loans Past Due Summary
Acquired Entity Trust Preferred Securities Acquired Loan Information
Acquisition National City Presents Substantial Risks Uncertainties Limit Actions Taken Federal Government Stabilize Financial System Provide
Actors Ffecting Inancial Erformance Additional Analysis
Additional Information Merger Find Additional Information Pnc Mercantile Transaction
Additional Information Pnc National City Corporation Transaction Additional Information Pnc Sterling Financial Corporation Transaction
Additional Information Pnc Yardville National Bancorp Transaction Additional Information Yardville National Bancorp Transaction
Address Principal Executive Offices Including Zip Code Adelphia
Adjusted Condensed Consolidated Income Statement Reconciliations Adjusted Eps 128 Excludes Blackrock Transaction Balance Sheet
Administration Administration Delegation
Admitted Meeting Advisory Vote Executive Compensation
Aggregate Votes Agreement Governed Construed Accordance Law State New York
Agreement Plan Merger Air Alue Easurements Ption
Air Alue Inancial Nstruments Alance Heet Ighlights
Alance Heet Rrangements Ariable Nterest Ntities Alance Heet Rrangements Vie
Albridge Solutions Inc Allocation Allowance Loan Lease Losses
Allowances Loan Lease Losses Unfunded Commitments Letters Credit Alternative Other Serp Participants
Alternative Serp Participants Age Over Least Credited Service Amended Restated Junior Subordinated Indenture
Amendment Amendment Discontinuance Termination
Amendment Supplemental Retirement Agreement Amendment Termination
Amendments Ank Egulation
Ank Evel Iquidity Annual Incentive Award Eligibility 2008
Annual Incentive Award Opportunities Annual Meeting Shareholders
Annual Meeting Shareholders 2007 Annual Meeting Shareholders 2008
Annual Report Form 10-k 2006 Annual Shareholders Meeting
Application Categorical Standards Application Plan
Application Statutory Anti-takeover Provisions Aptive Nsurance Eserve
Arcs Commercial Mortgage Arcs Ommercial Ortgage
Ardville Ational Ancorp Arket Isk Anagement Nterest Ate
Arket Isk Anagement Quity Ther Nvestment Arket Isk Anagement Rading
Arket Isk Anagement Verview Arket Treet
Arnings Ommon Hare Arp Arrant
Arris Illiams Ash Hort Erm Ssets
Ash Quivalents Asis Inancial Tatement Resentation
Asset Management Group Asset Quality
Asset Quality Remains Strong Asset Quality Review
Asset Valuation Include Methodologies Estimations Assumptions Subject Differing Asset-backed Securities
Assets Market Street Assets Market Street Funding Llc
Assignment Assignment Form
Ational Ity Ension Lan Ssets Attend Meeting
Audit Committee Audit Committees Procedures Pre-approval Permitted Non-audit Services
Audit Fees Audit Non-audit Fees
Audit-related Fees Autionary Tatement Egarding Orward Ooking Nformation
Automobile Loans Availability Plan Document
Average Balance Sheet Data Average Borrowed Funds 2007 286 Increase 139 Compared
Bae Derivative Litigation Balance Sheet
Balance Sheets Bank Level Liquidity
Bank New York Basis Presentation
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Benefit
Benefits Benefits Amended 1996 Plan
Benefits Other Termination Scenarios Benefits Other Terminations
Blackrock Blackrock Mlim Transaction
Blackrock Series Preferred Stock Board Asking Proxy
Board Committees Board Solicits Proxies
Bona Fide Book Value
Building Great Business
Business Descriptions Business Financial Performance Adversely Affected Directly Indirectly Natural
Business Model Continues Perform Well Current Environment Business Segment Descriptions
Business Segment Earnings Business Segment Products Services
Business Segment Reporting Business Segment Results
Cant Attend Meeting Capital
Capital Adjustments Capital Issuance
Capital Levels Strengthen Asset Quality Solid Capital Liquidity Loan Loss Reserve Coverage Strengthened
Capitalized Terms Cash Flow Hedges
Cash Flow Hedging Strategies Cash Flow Hedging Strategy
Cash Short-term Investments Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-looking Information
Cbnv Mortgage Litigation Certain Adjustment
Certain Prior-period Amounts Included Consolidated Financial Highlights Been Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence
Certain Required Policy Transfers Certain Rights Trust Preferred Guarantee Trustee
Cessation Participation Change
Change Allowance Unfunded Loan Commitments Letters Credit Change Control
Change Control Arrangements Change Control Benefits
Change Nonperforming Assets Changes Goodwill Other Intangible Assets
Changes Goodwill Other Intangibles Changes Interest Rates Shape Yield Curve Valuations Debt
Changes Interest Rates Valuations Debt Equity Markets Directly Changes Nonperforming Assets
Changes Registrants Certifying Accountant Charge-offs Recoveries
Charitable Contributions Claims Procedure
Closing Coates Analytics
Code Business Conduct Ethics Combined
Commercial Lending Exposure Commercial Mortgage Loan Servicing Assets
Commercial Mortgage Loans Commitments Held Sale Commercial Mortgage Loans Held Sale
Commercial Mortgage Servicing Rights Commercial Mortgage-backed Securities
Commitments Committees
Committees Decision-making Process Common Stock Performance Graph
Common Stock Prices Dividends Declared Common Stock Prices Dividends Declared Table
Communicating Directors Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Decisions
Compensation Decisions 2007 Compensation Decisions 2008
Compensation Discussion Analysis Compensation Philosophy
Compensation Reimbursement Indemnification Compensation Tables
Competition Completion Acquisition Disposition Assets
Compliance Certificate Opinions Conditions Precedent
Conference Call Supplemental Financial Information Conference Call Supplemental Information
Conference Call Supplementary Information Confidential Voting
Conflicting Interests Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consolidated Average Balance Sheet Review Consolidated Balance Sheet Review
Consolidated End Balance Sheet Review Consolidated Expense Review
Consolidated Financial Highlights Consolidated Revenue Review
Consolidated Vies Pnc Primary Beneficiary Consolidated Vies-pnc Primary Beneficiary
Consolidation Merger Conveyance Transfer Consumer
Contingent Payments Connection Certain Acquisitions Continuation Current Recessionary Conditions Likely Adversely Affect Lending
Continuation Recent Turmoil Financial Markets Particularly Economic Conditions Continue Build Great
Contractual Obligations Contribution Interest Credits
Contributions Interest Credits Vesting Controls Procedures
Convertible Subordinated Debentures Due 2008 Corporate Governance Guidelines
Corporate Governance Pnc Corporate Headquarters
Corporate Institutional Banking Corporate Stocks Other
Corporate-level Risk Management Overview Corporation
Corporation Bureau Counterparts
Covenants Issuer Covenants Relating Conduct Business
Cquisition Ational Ity Orporation Cquisition Ivestiture Ctivity
Credit Card Loans Credit Default Swaps
Credit Quality Deterioration Eases Credit Quality Trends Remained Manageable
Credit Risk Transfer Transaction Cross-border Leases Related Tax Accounting Matters
Cross-reference Index 2006 Form 10-q Cross-reference Index 2007 Form 10-q
Cross-reference Index 2008 Form 10-q Cross-reference Table
Cumulative Convertible Preferred Stock Series Par Value 100 Customer Resale Agreements
Customer Resale Agreements Bank Notes Data Treasury
Date Time Place Annual Meeting Dditional Nformation Bout Pnc Ercantile Ransaction
Dditional Nformation Bout Pnc Terling Inancial Orporation Ransaction Dear Pnc Incentive Savings Plan Participant Beneficiary
Debt Securities Declaration Trust
Definitions Definitions Interpretation
Delaware Trustee Delivery Merger Consideration
Demonstrating Ease Pnc Department Treasury Unilateral Ability Change Some Restrictions Imposed
Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment
Deposits Derivative Cases 2009 United States District Court Northern
Derivative Counterparty Credit Risk Derivatives
Derivatives Designated Gaap Hedge Relationships-cash Flow Hedges Derivatives Designated Gaap Hedge Relationships-fair Value Hedges
Derivatives Designated Hedge Relationships Derivatives Designated Sfas 133 Hedge Relationships
Derivatives Not Designated Hedge Relationships Derivatives Not Designated Hedging Instruments
Derivatives Not Designated Sfas 133 Hedge Relationships Derivatives Used Hedge Msrs
Description 1996 Plan Description Amendments 1996 Plan
Description Change Control Arrangements Designation Beneficiaries
Details Distressed Loan Portfolio Details Funding Sources
Details Loans Details Loans Held Sale
Details Securities Determination Amount Loss Allowances Impairments Taken Assets Highly
Developing Plans Director Compensation 2007
Director Compensation Review Director Independence
Director Liability Limitation Indemnification Director Nominations Proposals Action Other Business Brought Before
Director Shares Directors
Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance Disability Termination Corporation Without Cause Grantee Good Reason
Disclosure Regarding Related Party Transaction Policies Distressed Assets Portfolio
Distributions Redemption Distributions Vesting
Diversityinc Dividend Policy
Dividend Reinvestment Stock Purchase Plan Earnings
Earnings Per Share Jump Percent Strong Revenue Growth Earnings Reduced Special Fdic Assessment Integration Costs
Earnings Release Ecent Arket Ndustry Evelopments
Ecent Ccounting Ecent Ccounting Ronouncements
Ecent Cquisition Ivestiture Ctivity Ecently Ompleted Cquisitions
Ecently Ompleted Nnounced Cquisitions Econciliations -gaap Atios Ecember 2008
Ecourse Greement Ederal Ational Ortgage Ssociation Ecourse Greement Overnment Gencies
Ecourse Greements Ecurities
Ecurities Elated Egulation Ecurities Vailable Ale
Edicare Eform Effect Blackout Investments
Effectiveness Plan Amendments Efined Ontribution Lans
Egistrar Ransfer Gent Egment Eporting
Einsurance Greements Elected Oan Aturities Nterest Ensitivity
Election Directors Elections Time Form Payment Hardship
Eligibility Employee Stock Purchase Plan
Employees Period-end Totaled 23783 2006 Comprised 21455 Full-time Employees Period-end Totaled 28320 2007 Comprised 25480 Full-time
End Page Ending Cquisitions
Eneral Ension Lan
Ension Ostretirement Lans Entire Agreement Third-party Rights
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Eport Ndependent Egistered Ublic Ccounting Irm
Eposits Epreciation Mortization
Epurchase Esale Greements Equity Funding Other Commitments
Equity Investments Equity Securities Other Interests
Equity Securities Partnership Interests Ercantile Ankshares Cquisition
Ercantile Ankshares Orporation Eriod Mployees
Erisa Cases Erivative Nstruments Edging Ctivities
Erpetual Rust Ecurities Ertification Hief Inancial Fficer
Ertification Hief Xecutive Fficer Establishment 1875 Senior Notes Due 2011
Establishment 2300 Senior Notes Due 2012 Establishment Floating Rate Senior Notes Due 2011
Establishment Floating Rate Senior Notes Due 2012 Estatement 2006 Onsolidated Tatement Ash Lows
Estimated Annual Cost Savings Estimated Cash Flows Impaired Loans
Estimated Eps Impact Estimated Impact New Accounting Guidance 2010
Estimated One-time Costs Expensed 2007 Etail Anking
Etention Ncentive Lan Ethisphere
Evaluating Investments Other-than-temporary Impairments Event Default Notice
Events Default Waiver Evenue Ecognition
Evidence Compliance Conditions Precedent Eview Ines Usiness
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Exchange Division Option
Exchange Notice Exculpation
Execution Version Executive Compensation
Executive Compensation Tables Executive Incentive Award Plan
Exercise Exercise Authority Emergencies
Exhibits Exhibits Identified Parentheses Below Incorporated Herein Reference Hereto
Expected Duration Blackout Period Expenses
Explanatory Extensions Periods Certain Circumstances
Fair Value Hedges Fair Value Hedging Strategies
Fair Value Measurement Fair Value Measurements
Fair Value Measurements Nonrecurring Fair Value Measurements-nonrecurring
Fair Value Option Fair Value Option Adoption
Fair Value Option Changes Fair Value Option Principal Balances
Fair Value Option-changes Fair Value Principal Balances
Family Relationships Fdic Emporary Iquidity Uarantee Rogram
Federal Securities Laws Require Provide Notice Director Executive Fees
Ffective Ate Ffective Tax Rate
Filings Etc Financial Accounting Standards Board Fasb Issued Staff
Financial Derivatives Financial Highlights
Financial Information Financial Statement Schedules
Financial Statements Financial Statements Exhibits
Financial Statements National City Corporation Financial Statements Statement Schedules
Fixed Charges Floating Rate Exchangeable Senior Notes Due 2036
Following Table Summarizes Aggregate Fees Billed Pnc Deloitte Footnotes Shareholders Letter
Forfeiture Qualifying Terminations Other Forfeiture Termination Cause Prior Change Control
Form 10-q Form Accredited Investor Certificate
Form Face Form Repurchase Notice
Form T-1 Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report
Fortune Forward-looking Information
Free-standing Derivatives Frozen Benefit Certain Transfers
Frozen Benefit Designated Participants Funding
Funding Benefits Funding Sources
Future Accounting Gains Losses Sales Securities Available Sale
Gains Sales Securities General Benefits
General Provisions Global Investment Servicing
Glossary Terms Goodwill
Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Governing Law
Grandfathered Participants Grant Option
Grantee Covenants Greater Washington Area
Grow Business Part Acquiring Time Other Financial Services Grow Great
Guarantee Guarantee Payment
Guaranteed Pnc Financial Services Group Inc Guarantor
H06 Harris Williams
Higher Risk Loans Highlights
Hilliard Lyons Divestiture Holders Meetings
Hort Erm Orrowings However
Iability Wards Idd
Iggs Ational Orporation Ignature
Ime Eposits 100000 Ore Impact National City Acquisition
Impairments Important Notice Regarding Delivery Documents
Inancial Erivatives Inancial Eview
Inancial Nformation Incentive Award Plan
Incentive Award Plan 2007 Performance Unit Opportunity Grants Incentive Award Plan 2008 Performance Unit Grants
Incentive Award Plan Additional Performance Unit Grants Incentive Performance Unit Share Awards Restricted Stock
Incentive Performance Unit Share Restricted Stock Awards Incentive Share Restricted Stock Awards
Income Statement Data Income Taxes
Incremental Effect Applying Sfas 158 Individual Line Consolidated Indemnification Advancement Costs
Indemnification Committee Indemnifications
Indenture Security Shall Governed Construed Accordance Laws State Independent Auditors
Independent Auditors 2007 Independent Obligations
Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm 2008 Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm 2009
Index Ine Usiness Ighlights
Information Come Information Concerning Nominees
Information Current Account Balance Information Notice Blackout Period
Informationweek Inquiries
Insurance Interest Sensitivity Analysis
Internet Availability Proxy Materials Mailing Date Internet Information
Introduction Investing Employees Communities
Investment Accounting Deferred Application Investment Blackrock
Investment Blackrock Inc Investment Securities
Iquidity Isk Anagement Irst Upplemental Ndenture
Isa Ndemnification Isk Anagement
Isp Transactions Temporarily Suspended Issuance Securities
Issuance Securities Department Treasury Limit Ability Return Capital Issuance Securities United States Treasury Limit Ability Return
Itness Hereof Pnc Caused Agreement Signed Behalf Grant Ividend Einvestment Tock Urchase Lan
Ividend Olicy James Monroe Trust Preferred Securities
James Rohr Jjb Illiard Yons Llc
Jumbo Mortgages Kentucky Indiana
Lack Ock Lack Ock Arclays Lobal Nvestors Ransaction
Lack Ock Ltip Rograms Lack Ock Ltip Rograms Xchange Greements
Lack Ock Ltip Xchange Greements Lack Ock Mlim Ransaction
Lack Ock Ong Erm Etention Ncentive Lan Lanned Cquisition Ational Ity
Largest Individual Nonperforming Assets 2008 Largest Individual Nonperforming Assets 2009
Lbridge Olutions Leadership
Leading Way Lease Residuals
Leases Related Tax Accounting Matters Leases Related Tax Matters
Legal Proceedings Level
Level Assets Liabilities Lists Holders Trust Preferred Securities
Llowance Nfunded Oan Ommitments Etters Redit Llowance Oan Ease Osses
Loan Sales Loans
Loans Eases Loans Held Sale
Loans Held-for-sale Long-term Debt
Long-term Incentive Opportunity Awards Looking Ahead Continue Build Great
Lossary Erms Low Income Housing Projects
Low Income Housing Projects Historic Tax Credits Market Street
Market Street Commitments Credit Rating Material Impairments
Material Terms Plan Described Below Summary Not Intended Maximum Profit
Meetings Non-management Independent Directors Mercantile
Mercantile Acquisition Mercantile Acquisition Drives Total Assets Record 123
Mercantile Bankshares Corporation Merger Conversion Consolidation Succession Business
Merger Integration Costs Minimis
Miscellaneous Mortgage Loan Portfolio Repositioning
Mortgage Other Loan Servicing Assets Mpact Nflation
Mployee Tock Urchase Lan Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant
National City Acquisition Exceeding Expectations National City Acquisition Summary Purchase Price Allocation
National City Acquisition-related Litigation National City Acquisition-summary Purchase Price Allocation
National City Corporation Acquisition National City Matters
National City Warrants Ncentive Erformance Nit Hare Estricted Tock Wards
Ncentive Erformance Nit Hare Wards Estricted Tock Ncome Axes
Ncome Ousing Rojects Ndemnifications
Net Income Percent Compared 2007 Net Income Percent Compared Half 2006
Net Interest Income Net Interest Income Sensitivity Alternate Rate Scenarios 2006
Net Interest Income Sensitivity Alternate Rate Scenarios 2007 Net Interest Income Sensitivity Alternate Rate Scenarios 2008
Net Interest Income Sensitivity Alternative Rate Scenarios 2006 Net Interest Income Sensitivity Alternative Rate Scenarios 2007
Net Interest Income Sensitivity Alternative Rate Scenarios 2008 Net Interest Income Sensitivity Alternative Rate Scenarios 2009
Net Securities Gains Losses Net Unfunded Credit Commitments
New Annual Potential Award Payout Schedule Previously Granted New Jersey
Next Page Signature Nfunded Oan Ommitments Etters Redit
Nominating Governance Committee Non-agency Residential Mortgage-backed Securities Asset-backed Collateralized First-lien Second-lien
Non-consolidated Vies Significant Variable Interests Non-consolidated Vies-significant Variable Interests
Non-reliance Previously Issued Financial Statements Related Audit Noninterest Expense
Noninterest Income Nonmarketable Investments
Nonperforming Assets Business Nonperforming Loans Distressed Loan Portfolio
Nonperforming Past Due Potential Problem Assets Nonqualified Stock Options
Nonrecurring Fair Value Changes Norperforming Past Due Potential Problem Assets
Northeast Pennsylvania Not Applicable
Not Applicable Former Name Address Changed Since Last Not Grandfathered Participants
Not Responsible Recitals Issuance Guarantee Not Voted Via Internet Telephone Fold Along Perforation
Notice Annual Meeting Shareholders Notice Blackout Period
Notice Important Notices
Now Therefore Supplemental Retirement Agreement Amended Follows Change Nquiries
Nterest Argin Nterest Ensitivity Nalysis
Nterest Ncome Argin Nterest Ncome Gaap Econciliation
Nterest Ncome Verview Nternal Ontrols Isclosure Rocedures
Nternet Nformation Number 001-09718
Nvestment Isk Nvestments
Oan Ales Ecuritizations Etained Nterests Oans
Oans Eases Oans Eld Ale
Oans Held Sale Oans Nearned Ncome
Oans Ommitments Eld Ale Oans Ommitments Held Sale
Oates Nalytics Obligations Not Affected
Officers Officers Directors
Ohio Northern Kentucky Ommercial Aper Unding Acility
Ommercial Ortgage Ervicing Ights Ommitments
Ommon Tock Rices Ividends Eclared One-of-a-kind Opportunity
Oninterest Ncome Oninterest Xpense
Onperforming Ssets Onqualified Tock Ptions
Onsolidated Ncome Tatement Eview Ontingent Ayments Onnection Ith Ertain Cquisitions
Oodwill Ther Ntangible Ssets Operating Leverage
Opinion National City Corporation Maintained Material Respects Effective Option Exercises Stock Vested 2006
Option Exercises Stock Vested 2007 Option Exercises Stock Vested 2008
Option Pricing Assumptions Options Issued Sterling Acquisition
Originated Impaired Loans Orma Ffects
Orporate Eadquarters Orporate Eadquaters
Orporate Evel Isk Anagement Verview Orporate Level Isk Anagement Verview
Orporate Nstitutional Anking Orporate Overnance Pnc
Orrowed Unds Ortgage Other Loan Ervicing Ights
Ortgage Ther Ervicing Ights Ortgage Ther Oan Ervicing
Ortgage Ther Oan Ervicing Ssets Ote Accounting Ertain Oans Cquired Ransfer
Ote Apital Ecurities Ubsidiary Rusts Ote Ariable Nterest Ntities
Ote Arnings Hare Ote Ational Ity Cquisition
Ote Cquisition Ote Cquisitions
Ote Cquisitions Ivestitures Ote Ecuritization Ctivity
Ote Ecuritizations Etained Nterests Ote Egal Roceedings
Ote Egment Eporting Ote Egulatory Atters
Ote Eposits Ote Hareholders Quity
Ote Inancial Erivatives Ote Ncome Axes
Ote Oans Cquired Ransfer Ote Oans Ommitments Xtend Redit
Ote Oans Ommitments Xtend Redit Oncentrations Isk Ote Ommercial Ortgage Oan Ales Etained Nterests
Ote Oodwill Ther Ntangible Ssets Ote Orrowed Unds
Ote Ortgage Oan Ortfolio Epositioning Ote Remises Quipment Easehold Mprovements
Ote Tock Ased Ompensation Lans Ote Ubsequent Vent
Ote Ummarized Inancial Nformation Lack Ock Ote Urchased Mpaired Oans Elated Ational Ity
Otes Onsolidated Inancial Tatements Naudited Other
Other Asset-backed Securities Other Commitments
Other Compensation Other Equity Ownership Policies
Other Events Other Fees
Other Guarantees Other Including Blackrock
Other Intangible Assets Other Investments
Other Matters Other Shareholders Equity Matters
Other-than-temporary Impairments Otti -summary Otti-commercial Mortgage-backed Securities
Otti-nonagency Residential Mortgage-backed Securities Asset-backed Collateralized First-lien Second-lien Otti-other Debt Securities
Outstanding Shares Record Date Overview
Pagic Parent Liquidity
Pari Passu Guarantees Part
Participation Payment Benefits
Payment Taxes Pecial Urpose Ntities
Pecial Urposes Ntities Peer Group Other Annual Determinations Outstanding 2007 2008
Pending Acquisition National City Presents Substantial Risks Uncertainties Pending Acquisitions
Pending Sale Hilliard Lyons Pennsylvania
Pension Post-retirement Plans Pension Postretirement Plans
Perational Isk Anagement Performance Asset Management Businesses Adversely Affected Relative Products
Performance Fund Servicing Business Adversely Affected Changes Investor Performance Measures
Performance Unit Grant Measuring Performance Unit Incentive Award Opportunity
Performance Units Payouts Period-end Balance Sheet Data
Period-end Employees Periodic Reports Trust Preferred Guarantee Trustee
Perpetual Trust Securities Perquisites
Personnel Compensation Committee Pfpc
Philadelphia Southern New Jersey Photo Identification Registration Desk
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15222-2707 Please Sign Reverse Side Return Promptly
Plus Pnc
Pnc Acquire National City Pnc Acquire Sterling Expected Result Deposit Share Central
Pnc Bank Delaware Pnc Bank Regional Offices
Pnc Capital Trust Pnc Capital Trust Preferred Securities
Pnc Financial Services Group Inc Pnc Financial Services Group Inc Exact Name Registrant
Pnc Funding Corp Pnc Further Strengthen Capital Position
Pnc Inancial Ervices Roup Pnc Mercantile Proforma Combined Eps
Pnc Nitiative Pnc Paid Portion Annual Bonuses Awarded Plan
Pnc Participate Tarp Capital Purchase Program Pnc Posts Record Earnings 501 Per Share
Pnc Proforma Branches Located Mid-atlantic Region Pnc Synergies
Policies Equity Ownership Policies Timing Awards
Population Portion Salary Payable Stock Units
Potential Payments Termination Employment Change Control Power Attorney
Powers Duties Trust Preferred Guarantee Trustee Preferred Stock
Preliminary Plans Consolidation Principal Accounting Fees Services
Principal Office Private Equity
Private Equity Asset Valuation Private Equity Investments
Pro Forma Combined Results Pro Forma Condensed Combined Financial Information
Pro Forma Financial Information Pro Forma Net Income Earnings Per Share
Procedures Pre-approving Audit Permitted Non-audit Services Prohibitions Against Sale Assignment Etc Payment Legal Representative
Properties Provided Further
Provided However Provision Credit Losses
Provisions Relating Common Stock Proxy Mailing Date
Proxy Revocable Ption Ricing Ssumptions
Ptions Ssued Ational Ity Cquisition Ptions Ssued Terling Cquisition
Purchase Accounting Accretion Purchase Shares
Purchased Impaired Loans Purpose
Purpose Effective Date Purpose Scope Plan
Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Qspes
Qualifying Retirement Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quity Unding Ommitments Quity Unding Ther Ommitments
Quorum Ratings
Ratio Earnings Fixed Charges Ratio Earnings Fixed Charges Preferred Stock Dividends
Rcs Ommercial Ortgage Reaches Record Assets 139
Reasury Tock Received Set Proxy Materials
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Recitals
Recommendations Director Candidates Shareholders Reconciliation Gaap Amounts Used Calculation Bank Efficiency Ratio
Reconciliation Reported Adjusted Tangible Common Equity Ratio Recourse Agreement Federal National Mortgage Association
Redit Efault Waps Redit Isk Anagement
Redit Isk Ransfer Ransaction Regional Concentration Makes Particularly Risk Economic Conditions Primary
Registrant Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 412 762-2000
Registrar Transfer Agent Registration Rights
Registration Statement Form S-3 Regular Stock Option Grants
Regulated Financial Services Firm Subject Numerous Governmental Regulations Regulation Disclosure
Regulatory Capital Regulatory Governmental Inquiries
Related Person Transactions Policies Procedures Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank
Remedies Replacement Capital Covenant
Replacement Change Control Employment Agreements Report Audit Committee
Report Consolidated Financial Statements Report Effectiveness Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Reports Trust Preferred Guarantee Trustee
Representations Warranties Grantee Representations Warranties Issuer
Repurchase Repurchase Substitute Option Shares
Residential Mortgage Banking Residential Mortgage Loans Held Sale
Residential Mortgage Servicing Rights Residential Mortgage-backed Securities
Resignation Removal Appointment Successor Restrictions Dividends
Results Businesses Summary Results Operations Financial Condition
Retail Banking Retirement Director
Returns Well Excess Share Repurchases Cost Equity Revenue Recognition
Review Risks Incentives Revoke Proxy
Riggs National Corporation Rights Agreement
Rights Holders Rights Participants
Risk Control Strategies Risk Factors
Risk Measurement Risk Monitoring
Risk-based Capital Risks Related Current Economic Conditions
Risks Related Ordinary Course Pncs Business Ritical Ccounting Olicies Udgments
Roduct Evenue Role Compensation Consultants
Rollforward 2009 Credit Losses Debt Securities Ronouncements
Rovision Redit Osses Rrangements Vie
Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Satisfaction Discharge Indenture
Sba Loans Schedule
Sec Reports Corporate Governance Information Securities
Securities Available Sale Securities Available Sale Trading
Securities Exchange Securities Gains Losses
Securities Registered Pursuant Act Securities Sold
Securities State Law Fiduciary Cases Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder
Selected Consolidated Income Statement Information Selected Consolidated Income Statement Information Trading Revenue
Separability Clause Severability
Share Surrender Agreement Shareholder Approval 1996 Executive Incentive Award Plan Amended
Shareholder Proposal Shareholder Proposals Director Nominations
Shareholders Shareholders Entitled Vote
Shareholders Equity Shares Common Stock
Short-term Borrowings Signature
Signature Appear Following Page Signature Page Follows
Signatures Signatures Appear Following Page
Significant Program Developments Small Business
Soundness Other Financial Institutions Adversely Affect Sponsor
Ssrm Oldings Standby Bond Purchase Agreements Other Liquidity Facilities
Standby Letters Credit State Other Jurisdiction Incorporation
Statement Board Directors Opposition Proposal Status Credit Ratings
Sterling Financial Corporation Sterling Financial Corporation Acquisition
Sterling Financial Corporation Matters Sterling Pnc Demographic Data
Sterling Pnc Pricing Data Stimates
Stimates Udgments Stock Certificates
Stock Listing Stock-based Compensation Plans
Subordination Subrogation
Substitute Option Succeeding Strategies Win
Successors Successors Assigns
Summary Summary Agreements Other Documents
Summary Certain Federal Income Tax Consequences Summary Financial Results
Summary Otti Credit Losses Recognized Earnings Summary Results
Supplemental Cash Balance Executive Retirement Plan Supplemental Indentures
Supporting Statement Surrender Option Shares
Sustained Weakness Weakening Business Economic Conditions Generally Specifically Tandby Etters Redit
Tandby Ond Urchase Greements Ther Iquidity Acilities Tarp Apital Urchase Rogram
Tarp Capital Purchase Program Restrictions Tarp Investment
Tarp Warrant Tatus Efined Enefit Ension Lan
Tatus Ualified Efined Enefit Ension Lan Tax Considerations
Tax Credit Investments Tax Fees
Taxable-equivalent Net Interest Income Technology Risk
Tem Egal Roceedings Tem Executive Compensation
Tem Isk Actors Tem Nregistered Ales Quity Ecurities Roceeds
Tem Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Tem Xhibits
Terling Inancial Orporation Termination
Termination Amendment Termination Employment
Termination Participation Termination Prohibitions Payment Legal Representative
Termination Trust Liquidation Ther 2008 Cquisition Ivestiture Ctivity
Ther Cquisition Ivestiture Ctivity Ther Omprehensive Ncome
Ther Ssets Ther Uarantees
Through At-the-market Issuance Time Sharing Agreement
Tock Ased Ompensation Tock Ased Ompensation Lans
Tock Isting Total Assets Exceed 100 Time
Trading Revenue Training
Transactions Directors Transactions Involving Directors Executive Officers
Transfer Certificate Transfer Employment Minority-owned Entity
Transfer Interests Trategic Oals
Trust Fund Trust Indenture Act Application
Trust Preferred Guarantee Trustee Eligibility Trust Proxy Voting
Trustees Certificate Authentication Ubsidiary Tock Ransactions
Uellos Ransaction Ummarized Alance Heet Ata
Ummary Inancial Esults Unregistered Sales Equity Securities
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds Unresolved Staff Comments
Upervisory Apital Ssessment Rogram Tress Tests Usiness
Usiness Egment Hanges 2009 Usiness Egment Ighlights
Usiness Egment Roducts Ervices Usiness Egments Eview
Usiness Ombinations Ustomer Esale Greements
Valuation Hierarchy Valuation Sop 03-3 Purchased Impaired Loans
Verage Onsolidated Alance Heet Ighlights Vesting Settlement Vested Share Units
Visa Vote
Waiver Notice Demand Washington
Webcast Conference Call Directions Webcast Teleconference Directions
What Broker Non-vote What Vote Required Proposal Pass
Withholding Taxes Compliance Internal Revenue Code 409a Witness Whereof
Xhibit Ndex Yardville National Bancorp
Yardville National Bancorp Acquisition Year-to-date 2006 2005
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