Topic Listing for PPL

A-2 A-3
A8221 Acceleration
Acceptance Priority Level Access Information
Account Accounting Designation
Accounting Designations Accounting Reporting
Accounts Accrued Interest
Acquisitions Development Divestitures Address Change Comments Corresponding Box Reverse Side
Advance Loan Affiliate Trust
Afudc Agent8217s Message
Agents Spot Rate Exchange Agreement
Albany Street New York 10006 Allocations Corporate Service Costs
Alternative Basis Interest Funding Amendments
Amount Benefit Amount Bonds Covenant Pay
Amount New Bonds Covenant Pay Annual Cash Incentive Targets Position 2006
Annual Cash Incentive Targets Position 2007 Annual Cash Incentive Targets Position 2008
Annual Meetings Application Critical Accounting Policies
Application Moneys Application Moneys Received Trustee
Appointment Duties Facility Agent Appointment Retirement Removal Trustee
Arrangement Fee Arrangements Voting
Asset Cover Assets
Assignment Assignment Form
Assignments Transfers Assignments Transfers Lenders
Atop Attached Global Securities
Attend Annual Meeting Authenticating Agent Book-entry Depositary
Authentication Authorisations
Authorization Automatic Cancellation
Available Funds Available Information
B-2 Background
Balance Sheet Credit Positions Balancing Settlement Code
Baseload Generation Basis
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Best
Black Lung Trust Board Directors
Board Directors Recommends Shareowners Vote Proposal Bond Deposited Order Paying Agent Same Time Purposes
Book-entry Confirmation Breach Other Obligations
Break Costs Brokers
Business Business Consolidation
Buyer Specified Conditions C-2
Calculation Interest Calculations
California Iso Western Markets Call 800-760-8378 National Drug Screen Inc
Cancellation Securities Records Capital Expenditure Requirements
Case Equality Votes Chairman Shall Show Hands Poll Cash
Cash Account Cash Equivalent Investments
Cash Flow Hedges Certain Relationships Related Transactions
Certificate Authentication Certificate Western Power Distribution South West Plc £200000000
Certificates Determinations Chairman 173 Issuer Trustee Through Respective Representatives Financial
Change Currency Change Revoke Vote
Change-in-control Arrangements Changes
Changes Capital Structure Changes Disagreements Accountants Accounting Financial Disclosure
Changes Reference Banks Check
Claims Clean Air Act
Cola Collateral Requirement
Combined Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Commodity Price Risk Plr Contracts
Commodity Price Risk Trading Communications
Compensation Compensation Committee Report
Compensation Directors Compensation Discussion Analysis Cda
Compensation Elements Compensation Processes Procedures
Competence Majority Trustees Them Competent Perform Functions Provided Competition
Completion Requests Compliance
Compliance Certificate Compliance Laws
Conditions Loans Conditions Precedent Documents
Conduct Business Finance Party Conduct Business Pending Closing
Conducts Proxy Solicitation Much Cost Confidentiality Publicity
Consent Jurisdiction Waiver Jury Trial Consents
Consequential Modification Original Trust Deed Consolidated Ebitda
Consolidation Merger Conveyance Sale Lease Consolidation Term-out Loans
Construction Contact Details
Continuing Effect Clauses Continue Full Force Regards Trustee Contract Valuation
Convening Meeting Cooperation Tax Matters
Costs Resulting Change Lender Facility Office Counterparts
Covenant Compliance Covenant Repay Pay Interest Original Bonds
Covenants Covenants Issuer
Credit Arrangements Credit Concentration
Creditors Process Cross-acceleration
Ctc Cumulative Effects Changes Accounting Principles
Currency Currency Indemnity
Current Report Customer Choice Act
D-1 D-2
D-3 Date
Dated 2002 Amended Dated 2003
Dated 2004 Debt Securities
Deed Witnesses Declared Follows Interpretation Default
Default Event Occurred Continuing Defaults Definitions
Delsur Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Depreciation Direct Compensation
Direct Deposit Dividends Director Nomination Process
Directors Continuing Office Directors Executive Officers
Directors Executive Officers Registrant Directors Stock Units
Disclaimer Regarding Projections Disclosure Information
Disposals Distribution
Distributions Dividend Reinvestment Plan
Dividends Dividends Dividend Restrictions
Division A-preferred Stock Division B-common Stock
Domestic Generation Projects Domestic Gross Energy Margins
Dtc E-1
E-2 E-3
Early Tender Payment Earnings
Earnings Business Segment Earnings Forecast
Earnings Results Earnout Schedule
Economic Stimulus Package Effect Redistribution
Effectiveness Eightieth Series Bonds
Eitf Eitf 02-3
Eitf 03-11 Eitf 08-5
Eitf 88-1 Eitf 92-13
Eitf 93-17 Eitf Issue 02-3
Electric Elements Compensation Percentage Total Direct Compensation-2006
Elements Compensation Percentage Total Direct Compensation-2007 Elements Targeted Compensation Percentage Total Direct 2008
Elfec Emel
Employee Relations Energy Purchases
Energy Purchases Affiliate Energy Purchases Sales Commitments
Energy Related Businesses Enforcement
Enforcement Costs Entire Agreement Party Beneficiaries
Entitlement Treat Holder Absolute Owner Environmental Matters
Equity Compensation Plan Information Equity Total Capitalization Ratio Includes Minority Interest Preferred
Euroclear Bank Operator System Clearstream Banking SociÉtÉ Anonyme Event Default
Exceptions Exchange Definitive Bonds Purchases
Exclusion Liability Exclusive Representations Warranties
Executive Compensation Executive Compensation Tables
Expected Cash Flows International Pension Plans Expected Cash Flows Wpd Pension Plans
Expenses Facility Agents Fee
Facility Agents Management Time Failure Reference Bank Supply Rate
Fair Value Hedges Fasb
Fees Fees Duties Taxes
Fees Independent Auditor 2006 2005 Fees Independent Auditor 2007 2006
Fees Independent Auditor 2008 2007 Ferc
Ferc Market-based Rate Authority Fiduciary Duties
Fin Financial Condition
Financial Statements Financial Statements Exhibits
Financing Activities Financing Costs
Fitch Fold Detach Here
Following Provision Included 144a Certificates Foreign Currency Risk
Foreign Currency Translation Form 10-q
Form Bonds Form Compliance Certificate
Form Coupon Form Financial Statement
Form Global Rule 144a Form Issue Original Bonds Coupons
Form Notice Conversion Continuation Form Original Global Bond
Form Payment Form Regulation Permanent Global
Form Reverse Security Form Transfer Certificate
Form Transfer Registered Bond Forward-looking Statements
Franchises Licenses Fsp Apb 14-1
Fsp Eitf 03-6-1 Fsp Fas 115-1 124-1
Fsp Fas 140-4 Fin Fsp Fas 157-1
Fsp Fas 157-3 Fsp Fas 157-4
Ftr Fuel Supply
Funds Further Conditions Precedent
Further Issues Gas
General Giving Requests
Glossary Terms Abbreviations Goodwill
Governing Law Governing Law Supplemental Indenture Shall Governed Construed
Governmental Filings Griffith
Grounds Termination Headings
Hmrc Holder Definitive Bearer Security Assumed Couponholder
Holders Lists Reports Trustee Hyder
Icm738781 Income Taxes
Incorporation Original Trust Deed Increased Costs
Indemnification Buyer Indemnification Procedures
Indemnities Indenture Securities Shall Governed Construed Accordance Laws State
Index Indirect Compensation
Individual Position Administrative Party Information
Information Miscellaneous Information Pending Closing
Initial Costs Insolvency
Insolvency Proceedings Insurance
Integra Intellectual Property
Intercompany Borrowings Intercompany Derivatives
Intercompany Insurance Interest Cover
Interest Expense Interest Overdue Amounts
Interest Payable Interest Rate Risk
Interest Rates Intermediate Peaking Generation
International Energy Projects Interpretation
Investigation Investment Intent
Investment Trustee Investments Debt Equity Securities
Involuntary Prepayment Cancellation Irc Sec 481
Ironwood Is8221 Sale Release
Itc Jurisdiction
Keep Voter Information Confidential Key Earnings Factors 2004
Know Customer Requirements Language
Leases Legal Impediments
Legal Matters Legal Opinions
Legal Proceedings Legal Validity
Lender Lending Facility Office Lender Lending Facility Office Participating Member State
Lenders Lessor Transactions
Liability Above Market Nug Contracts Licence
Limitation Responsibility Existing Lender Line 1-800-345-3085
Liquidity Litigation
Loans Long Island Generation Business
Lost Dividend Bond Interest Checks Lower Bethel
Mail Majority Lenders Instructions
Management Market Risk Exposures Mandated Lead Arrangers
Mandatory Deferral Amount Mandatory Prepayment Change Control
Mandatory Prepayment Illegality Margin
Market Disruption Market Registrants Common Equity Related Stockholder Matters Issuer
Material Adverse Change Matters
Maximum Allocation Maximum Number
Means United Kingdom Dollars Lawful Currency Time Being Meetings
Meetings Holders Securities Meter Reading
Method Payment Minutes
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Provisions
Mitigation Modification
Modification Substitution Montana
Montana Hydroelectric Litigation Montana Power
Montana Power Shareholders Litigation Moody8217s Standard Poor8217s Fitch
Moodys Mortgage Bond Indenture
Nature Finance Partys Rights Obligations Negative Pledge
New Accounting Standards New Accounting Standards Adopted
New England Investigation New Lender
New Trustee Nominees Directors
Non-conflict Non-payment
Non-violation Other Agreements Noncontravention
Nonrecurring Fair Value Measurements Northwestern
Northwestern Corporation Litigation Notes
Notice Annual Meeting Shareowners Notice Couponholders
Notice Payments Notice Period
Notice Writing Issuer Until Such Withdrawn Require Make Notices
Notification Notification Default
Notification Rates Interest Now Therefor Supplemental Indenture Witnesseth
Now Therefore Indenture Witnesseth Npns
Nrc Nuclear Decommissioning Fund Securities Price Risk
Nug Purchases Nugs
Objectives Ppls Executive Compensation Program Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Offers Ofgem
Online Account Access Operating Revenues
Optional Currency Optional Currency Equivalents
Organization Existence Original Lenders
Original Parties Other Adjustments
Other Charges Other Documents Evidence
Other Income Net Other Indemnities
Other Information Other Leases
Other Matters Other Operation Maintenance
Other Paying Agent Other Representations Warranties
Overrunning Final Maturity Date Overview
Ownership Guidelines Pari Passu Ranking
Part Other Information Partial Payments
Partial Prepayment Term-out Loans Participant Ppl Corporation Employee Stock Ownership Plan Vote
Payment Interest Payments
Payments Principal Interest Pcb
Pennsylvania Performance Measure
Pjm Pjm Billing
Pjm Billing Dispute Pjm Capacity Litigation
Place Plan Assets Domestic Other Postretirement Benefit Plans
Plan Assets Domestic Pension Plans Please Detach Here
Plr Plr Contracts
Postemployment Benefits Powers Authority
Ppl Ppl Annual Report
Ppl Corporation Ppl Corporation Annual Meeting Shareowners
Ppl Corporation Energy Supply Llc Electric Utilities Ppl Corporation Energy Supply Llc Electric Utilities Quantitative
Ppl Electric Ppl Electric Utilities
Ppl Electric Utilities Corporation Ppl Energy Funding
Ppl Energy Supply Ppl Energy Supply Electric
Ppl Energy Supply Llc Meets Conditions Set Forth Ppl Energyplus
Ppl Gas Utilities Ppl Generation
Ppl Global Ppl Holtwood
Ppl Investor Services Ppl Maine
Ppl Martins Creek Ppl Montana
Ppl Reports Earnings Year-end 2004 Forecasts Growth 2005 Ppl Services
Ppl Transition Bond Ppls Statement Response
Preferred Securities Preretirement Surviving Spouse Benefit
Prescription Principal Accounting Fees Services
Principal Shareowners Procedure
Procedure Transfer Way Novations Proceedings Action Indemnification
Promise Pay Proposal Adopt Simple Majority Vote
Proposal Amend Restate Articles Incorporation Eliminate Supermajority Voting Proposal Elect Each Director Annually
Proposal Election Directors Proxy
Proxy Information Statement Material Proxy Statement Annual Meeting Shareowners 2007 1000 Eastern
Proxy Statement Annual Meeting Shareowners 2008 1000 Eastern Proxy Statement Annual Meeting Shareowners 2009 1000 Eastern
Puc Puc Final Order
Puhca Purchase Cancellation
Purchase Sale Emel Shares Closing Purchases Cancellations
Purpa Re-borrowing Loans Other Term-out
Reaffirmation 2005 Earnings Forecast Recitals
Recovering Lender Redemption Option Bondholders Restructuring Event
Redemption Securities Redistribution
References Persons Representing Proportion Bonds Bondholders Agents Holding Register Transfer Registered Securities
Registrants Business Operations 101 Entry Material Definitive Agreement Registrar
Regulation 701 Disclosure Regulation S-k
Regulation S-x Regulatory
Regulatory Asset Base Related Implementation Issues
Related Party Transactions Relationship Lenders
Release Mortgaged Property Reliance
Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank Remuneration Indemnification Trustee
Repayment Loans Repayment Term-out Loans
Report Audit Committee Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Representations Representations Warranties
Resignation Facility Agent Responsibility
Restated Credit Agreement Restricted Stock
Restriction Period Results Operations
Results Operations Financial Condition Retention Agreements
Retiree8221 Revenue
Revocation Currency Rfc
Risk Loss Risk Management
Risk Management Objectives Rmr
Role Mandated Lead Arranger Sab Topic
Sale Bolivian Businesses Sarbanes-oxley
Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Satisfaction Discharge
Savings Plans Schedule
Schedule Exchanges Interests Global Bond Schedule Exercise Bondholders Option Restructuring Event
Schedule Form Definitive Bond Schedule Interest Payments Respect Global Bond
Schedule Part Form New Global Bond Schedule Principal Amount Global Bond
Schedules Scrubber
Sec Security Forms
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Security Shall Governed Construed Accordance Laws State New
Selection Selection Loans
Selection Optional Currencies Selection Term-out Loans
Seller Marks Senior Secured Bond Indenture
Separate Co-trustees Set-off
Set-off Counterclaim Settlement Date
Seventy-second Supplemental Indenture Severability
Severance Benefits Paid Sfas
Sfas 112 Sfas 115
Sfas 123 Sfas 133
Sfas 140 Sfas 144
Sfas 158 Sfas 159
Sfas 160 Sfas 161
Sfas 166 Shareowner Proposal
Shares Voted Not Provide Proxy Sinking Funds
Siuk Capital Trust Siuk Limited
Smart Grid Smart Metering Technology
South Wales South West
Special Compensation Specific Performance
Stamp Duties Taxes Stamp Taxes
Standard Poors Registered Trademark Mcgraw-hill Companies Inc Statement Emil Rossi
Status Stock Account
Stock Ownership Stock Purchase Agreement
Stock Unit Stock-based Compensation
Subsequent Costs Subsidiaries
Substitution Summary
Superfund Supplement Trustee Act 1925
Supplemental Indenture Supplemental Indenture Dated 2001
Supplemental Indentures Supplemental Trust Deed Witnesses Declared Follows Interpretation
Synfuel Projects Table Contents
Tax Accounting Considerations Tax Credit
Tax Gross-up Tax Indemnity
Tax Warranty Lenders Tax Withholding
Taxes Taxes Other Income
Tender Agent Tender Cap
Tender Offer Tender Offer Consideration
Term-out Fee Term-out Loans Change Currency
Term-out Loans Continuing Same Optional Currency Term-out Option
Termination Amendment Termination Benefits Biggar
Termination Benefits Hecht Termination Certain Services Contracts Transition
Termination Employment8221 Terms Conditions
Terms Issuance Notes Time Payment
Times Making Representations Timing Awards
Timing Payments Title
Tolling Agreement Total Amount Payable
Total Consideration Total Gross Debt Means Respect Time Consolidated Financial
Total Net Debt Total Shareowner Return
Trademark Royalties Tranche Commitment Fee
Tranche Facility Tranche Loans
Transactions Related Persons Transemel
Transfer Assumption Release Transfer Taxes
Transmission Trustee Contracting Issuer
Trustee Liable Negligence Trustee Not Precluded Entering Contracts
Trustees Liability Trustees Power Prescribe Regulations
Trustees Powers Trustees Powers Additional
Trustees Requirements Regarding Paying Agents Trustees Retirement Removal
Undisclosed Liabilities Unforeseeable Emergency8221
United States Person Holds Obligation Subject Limitations Income Unlawfulness
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds Unusual 2004
Utility Revenue Utility Revenues
Value Added Taxes Veba
Voluntary Cancellation Voluntary Prepayment
Vote Voting
Waiver Authorisation Determination Waiver Proof Default
Waivers Remedies Cumulative Webcast Lehman Brothers Conference Sept
Websites Wells Fargo Shareowner Services
Western Power Distribution South West Plc Western Power Distribution South West Plc Incorporated Limited
Western Power Distribution South West Plc £400000000 Credit What Constitutes Quorum
What Difference Between Holding Shares Shareowner Record Beneficial What Householding Affect
What Vote Needed Proposals Adopted What Voting
Whereas Winding
Witness Whereof Issuer Caused Bond Signed Facsimile Behalf Witnesseth
Workforce Reduction Wpd
Wpd Holdings 650 Notes Due 2008 Wpd Holdings 675 Notes Due 2004
Wpd Holdings 6875 Notes Due 2007 Wpd Holdings 725 Notes Due 2017
Wpd Holdings 7375 Notes Due 2028 Wpd Holdings Notes Due
Wpd Llp Wpdh Limited
Wpdl Wpdl Wpd Investment Holdings Limited Indirect Wholly Owned
Writing Wwwpplwebcom
£150000000 £150000000 Per Cent Bonds Due 2020
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