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Access Proxy Statement Internet Accounting
Accounting Business Combinations Accounting Income Taxes
Accounting Matters Accounting Ral Securitization
Accounting Securities Accounting Tax Treatments Compensation
Accounting Trustee Accounts
Accounts Vesting Accrued Interest Payable Other Liabilities
Accumulated Postretirement Benefit Obligation Acific Apital Ancorp
Acific Apital Ancorp Arent Ompany Nly Inancials Acquisitions
Action Sponsor Actions Binding
Additional Capital Necessary Additional Proxy Material
Additional Purposes Served Securities Portfolios Additional Terms Conditions
Address Principal Executive Offices Zip Code Adjourned Meetings
Adjusted 2007 Non-employee Director Retainers Fees Adjustment Shares
Adjustments Adjustments Director Compensation
Administration Administration Loan Investment Fund
Administrative Policies Practices Adoption Related Companies
Advisory Member Affiliate Means Each Corporation Bancorp Now Hereafter Owns
Age Withdrawals Aggregated Option Exercises Last Fy-end Options Values Table
Agreements Alance Heet Rrangements
Ale Oan Ortfolios Allocation Employer Contributions
Allocation Profit-sharing Contributions Allocation Qualified Nonelective Contributions
Allocation Requirements Employer Contributions Allowance Credit Losses
Allowance Credit Losses Ral Allowance Loan Losses
Allowance Loan Losses-ral Allowance Loan Losses-rals
Allowance Off-balance Sheet Commitments Alternative Methods Accounting
Alternatively Amended Restated Retiree Health Plan
Amended Restated Trust Agreement Amendment
Amendment 2008 Amendment Articles Incorporation
Amendment Articles Incorporation Effect Reverse Stock Split Common Amendment Bylaws
Amendment Suspension Termination Amendment Termination
Amendments Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change
Amendments Plan Termination Amendments Reduction Authorization
Amount Allocation Regular Matching Contributions Amount Allocation Safe Harbor Matching Contributions
Amount Tax-deferred Contributions Amounts Maturities Securities
Amounts Ratios Exclusive Tax Refund Programs Anacapa Street Box 60839 Santa Barbara California 93101
Anagement Iscussion Nalysis Inancial Ondition Esults Perations Announces Cut Quarterly Dividend 011 Per Share
Annual Bonus Annual Cash Incentive Compensation
Annual Incentive Award Annual Incentive Program
Annual Performance-based Cash Incentive Anti-takeover Provisions
Apital Esources Applicability
Application Certain Plan Provisions Application Code 415 Limitations Participant Covered Other Qualified
Application Loan Appointment Removal Resignation Guarantee Trustee
Appointment Removal Resignation Trustees Administrators Appointment Successor
Appraisal Rights Approval 2007 Performance-based Annual Incentive Plan
Approval 2008 Equity Incentive Plan Arnings Hare
Articles Incorporation Ash Anks
Ash Quivalents Assessment Redemption
Asset Quality Asset Quality Capital Ratios
Assignment Table Audit Committee
Audit Committee Financial Experts Qualifications Audit Committee Report
Audit Non-audit Fees Authority Board Directors Issue Additional Shares Common Stock
Authority Sponsor Authorization Adjourn Special Meeting
Authorized Shares Authorized Shares Common Stock 100000000 500000000
Authorized Stock Automatic Annuity Requirements
Availability Capital Available
Available Information Available Per
Available Sale Afs Portfolio Available Sale Securities
Award Calculation Example Award Calculation Payment
Award Effective Date Award Exercise Payment Price
Award Opportunities Back Pay Awards
Background Background Purpose
Background Reasons Authorized Share Increase Background Reasons Reverse Stock Split
Balance Sheet Balance Sheet Analysis
Balance Sheets Bancorp Means Pacific Capital California Corporation Formerly Known
Bank Base Salary
Base Salary Decisions Base Salary Decisions Other Neos
Basis Presentation Basis Risk
Beneficial Holders Common Stock Shareholders Hold Street Name Beneficial Ownership Reporting
Beneficial Ownership Table Beneficiary Designation
Benefits Benefits Contribution
Benefits Payable Death Disability Benefits Payable Normal Retirement
Board Committee Evaluation Process Board Committee Membership
Board Directors Recommend Vote Board Directors Recommends Vote
Board Directors Unanimously Recommends Vote Amendment Articles Incorporation Book-entry Capital Securities
Bradley Cowie Broad-based Benefits Programs
Bylaws California Corporation
Cannot Earlier 2002 Capital Adequacy Standards
Capital Lease Capital Lease Obligation Explained
Capital Ratios Capital Ratios Three-year Strategic Plan
Capital Requirements Capital Resources
Capital Standards Cash Deferred Arrangement
Cash Due Banks Cash Equivalents
Cash Flows Cash Outs Participant Consent
Cash Reserve Requirement Ccrued Nterest Ayable Ther Iabilities
Ceo 2008 Base Salary Decision Ceo Annual Cash Incentive Bonus
Ceo Base Salary Ceo Base Salary Hpip Bonus
Ceo Change Control Other Severance Benefits Ceo Compensation
Ceo Employment Agreement Ceo Performance Goals Analysis
Ceo Search Committee Certain Accounting Matters
Certain Business Relationships Certain Duties Responsibilities Trustees Administrators
Certain Federal Income Tax Consequences Reverse Stock Split Certain Rights Guarantee Trustee
Certain Rights Institutional Trustee Subject Provisions Certain Voting Matters Holders Shares Designated Preferred Stock
Certificate Authentication Certificates Deposit 100000
Certificates Shares Certificates Transfer Shares
Certification Certification Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Certification Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 311 Certification Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 312
Certification Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Certification Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 321
Cfo Offer Letter Change Capital Classification
Change Contracts Jackson Hewitt Ral Programs Change Control Agreements
Change Control Severance Arrangements Change Election
Change Reportable Segments Change Reportable Segments Indirect Credit Charge Funds
Change-in-control Arrangements Change-in-control Arrangements Other Payments Following Separation Service
Change-in-control Other Severance Arrangements Changed Since Last Report
Changes Capitalization Change Control Changes Economic Conditions
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Changes Legislation Regulation Financial Institutions
Changes Net Interest Income Margin Changes Tax Preparer Agreements
Changes Tax Preparer Contracts Charge-offs
Charges Credits Funds Income Investment Portfolios Charitable Contributions Report
Claims Procedure Claims Procedures
Claims Review Procedure Claims Review Procedures
Classification Ral Fees Effect Securitization Accounting Clintons Related Agreements
Closing Closing Delivery Payment
Code 1042 Sale Limitations Code 402 Limit
Code 415 Limitations Crediting Contributions Forfeitures Code Ethics Senior Financial Officers
Code Means Internal Revenue 1986 Amended Codes Ethics
Commercial Banking Commercial Real Estate Loans
Commitment Employment Commitments Extend Credit
Committees Board Committees Directors
Communications Board Directors Communications Directors
Community Banking Compensation Committee
Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Compensation Committee Report
Compensation Committee Report Executive Compensation Discussion Analysis
Compensation Expenses Trustee Compensation Indemnification
Compensation Philosophy Compensation Philosophy Objectives
Competition Competition Financial Service Companies
Complete Fill-ins Below Amendment Result Involuntary Distribution Separated Completion Trust Preferred Securities Offering
Compliance Capital Purchase Program Executive Compensation Requirements Components Net Periodic Postretirement Benefit Cost
Comprehensive Income Concentration Commercial Real Estate Loans Business
Concentration Lending Activities Concerning Securityholders
Concerning Trustee Conclusion
Condition Employer Contributions Conditions Limitations Hardship Withdrawals
Conference Call Webcast Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consent Spouse Consideration Director Nominees
Consideration Other Shareholder Proposals Consolidated Financial Statements
Consolidated Statements Cash Flows Consolidated Statements Comprehensive Income
Consolidated Statements Comprehensive Loss Income Consolidation Basis Presentation
Consolidation Merger Sale Conveyance Lease Consolidation Subsidiaries
Consolidation Subsidiaries Variable Interest Entities Consolidation Variable Interest Entities
Consulting Fees Consumer Laws
Continuation Benefits Agreement Continuing Employment Give Employer Right Require Employee Remain
Contract Change Contractual Commitments Line Letter Credits
Contractual Commitments Unfunded Loans Letter Credits Contractual Lease Obligations
Contractual Obligations Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Contribution Period
Contributions Contributions Plan
Corporate Governance Corporate Governance Board Directors
Corporate Governance Principles Corporate Governance Statement Bylaws
Corporate Records Reports Corporation Change Control
Correction 2006 Proxy Statement Audit Fees Count Vote
Covenants Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement
Credit Losses Crediting Accounts
Crediting Continuous Service Crediting Service
Crediting Service Respect Short Computation Periods Crediting Service Transfer Amendment
Criteria Board Membership Critical Accounting Policies
Current Report Customer Concentration
Dale Diederick Death Benefit
Death Benefits Debt Qualifying Capital
Debt Qualifying Regulatory Capital Deductibility Compliance
Deductibility Executive Compensation Deemed Distribution Code
Deemed Investment Accounts Deemed Satisfaction Limitations Tax-deferred Contributions Matching Highly Compensated
Default Deferral Interest Trust Preferred Securities
Deferred Compensation Deferred Compensation Plan
Definitions Definitions Interpretation
Delaware Trustee Eligibility Delegation Power
Delivery Cash Amounts Delivery Tax-deferred Contributions
Department Labor Rules Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment
Dependence Personnel Deposit Contributions
Deposit Liabilities Deposits
Derivative Financial Instruments Derivative Instruments
Derivatives Description Ral Products
Designation Beneficiary Detailed Deposit Summary
Determination Adequacy Allowance Credit Losses Allocation Process Determination Allocation Excess Matching Contributions Among Highly Compensated
Determination Allocation Excess Tax-deferred Contributions Among Highly Compensated Determination Income Loss
Did Receive Proxy Materials Difficult Economic Conditions
Dilution Existing Shareholders Direct Rollover
Director Independence Director Nominations
Director Nominees Director Qualification Standards
Director Qualifications Directors Corporation
Directors Deferred Compensation Plan Directors Equity Plans
Directors Fees Expenses Directors Loan Committee
Directors Reload Stock Option Agreement Directors Stock Plan
Disability Benefit Disability Death
Discretionary Authority Disposition Dividends Allocated Shares
Disposition Income Disposition Income Earned Unallocated Employer Stock
Disposition Non-vested Amounts Dissolution Termination Trust
Distribution Excess Deferrals Distribution Excess Tax-deferred Contributions
Distribution Form Employer Stock Distribution Pursuant Qualified Domestic Relations Orders
Distributions Distributions Beneficiaries
Distributions Participants Diversification Investment Funds
Diversification Requirements Dividend
Dividend Reinvestment Program Dividend Rights
Dividends Dividends Bank
Dividends Other Transfer Funds Dividends Other Transfers Funds
Dividends Share Repurchases Division Performance
Dollars Donald Barry
Donald Lafler Duty Furnish Information
Early Retirement Earning Annual Incentive Awards
Earnings Had Increased Just Slightly Over 2002 Major Earnings Per Share
Ecent Evelopments Economic Conditions
Economic Conditions Government Policies Legislation Regulatory Initiatives Ecurities
Ecurities Old Greements Epurchase Ederal Unds Urchased Ecurities Old Nder Greements Epurchase
Ecurities Old Nder Greements Epurchase Ederal Unds Urchased Ederal Unds Urchased
Eer Ata Eferred Sset Rovision
Effect American Reinvestment Recovery Act 2009 Effect Duration
Effect Emergency Economic Stabilization Act 2008 Effect Outstanding Common Stock
Effect Reverse Stock Split Employee Plans Options Restricted Effect Reverse Stock Split Holders Outstanding Common
Effect Termination Death Disability Effective 2006
Effective 2008 Effective Date
Effective Plan Provisions Efund Nticipation Oan Ral Ransfer Rograms
Efund Nticipation Oan Ransfer Rograms Egislation Egulation
Egulatory Apital Equirements Egulatory Atters
Election Directors Election Directors Term
Election Former Vesting Schedule Election Qualification Tenure
Election Transfer Between Funds Elements Compensation
Elements Total Compensation Eligibility
Eligibility Awards Eligibility Criteria Each Person Satisfies Set Forth Sections
Eligibility Participate Eligibility Participation
Eligibility Service Eligible Participants
Eligible Retiree Means Each Former Employee Other Person Eligible Retirees Person Shall Deemed Satisfy Requirements 211
Eligible Retirees Post-retirement Contribution Each Retiree Shall Determined Employee Acknowledges Employees Sole Responsibility Not Timely Election
Employee Benefit Plans Employee Stock Ownership Plan
Employees Employer Contributions
Employer Means Pacific Capital Bancorp California Corporation Each Employer Provide Health Insurance Coverage Retired Employees Meets
Employer Stock Investment Fund Employment
Employment Agreement Employment Agreement Thomas
Employment Agreements Employment Agreements Named Officers
Enactment Eesa Arra Enter Date Not Earlier 2001
Entitled Vote Entry Material Definitive Agreement
Eposits Equipment Leases
Equipment Net Occupancy Expense Equipment Rental Depreciation Maintenance
Equity Compensation Equity Compensation Plan Information
Equity Compensation Plan Table Equity Compensation Plans Table
Equity Incentive Plan Equity Plan Summary
Equity Plans Equity-based Compensation
Ergers Cquisitions Erisa Means Employee Retirement Income Security Act 1974
Erivative Nstruments Establishment Trust
Estimates Estimates Amortization Experience Gains Losses
Estimating Allowance Credit Losses Estimating Allowance Loan Losses
Esults Perations Econd Uarter Omparison Esults Perations Onth Omparison
Etained Arnings Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures
Evaluation Strategic Alternatives Eve Shock
Eve Summary Events Default Notice
Events Default Waiver Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Example Exceptions Allocation Requirements Employer Contributions
Exclusion Vesting Service Completed Following Break Determining Vested Exculpation
Execution Executive Committee
Executive Compensation Overview Executive Employment Agreements Other Arrangements
Executive Salary Continuation Benefits Agreement Executive Sessions Directors
Executive Vice President Chief Financial Officer Executive Vice President Commercial Banking Wealth Management Group
Executive Vice President General Counsel Exercise Price Limitations
Exercise Voting Rights Respect Employer Stock Exhibits
Expectations 2006 Subsequent Expectations Remainder 2005
Expectations Remainder 2006 Expenses
Expiration Expires Last Period Twenty-four Consecutive Calendar Commencing Expiration Options
Explanatory Extensions Credit Insiders Transactions Affiliates
Facility Payment Factors Used Identify Reportable Segments
Fdic Deposit Insurance Federal Home Loan Bank Advances
Federal Home Loan Bank Fhlb System Federal Income Tax Consequences
Federal Reserve System Fees
Fees Earned Rals Rts Fees Services
Fiduciary Fiduciary Duty
Fifth Liability Directors Finality Determinations
Financial Guarantees Commitments Other Off-balance-sheet Instruments Financial Information Foreign Domestic Operations Export Sales
Financial Information Industry Segments Financial Overview Highlights
Financial Statements Financial Statements Exhibits
Financial Statements Notes Included 10-q Read Reference Pacific Financial Statements Notes Included Securities Exchange Form 10-q
Financial Statements Notes Included Securities Exchange Sec Form Find Voting Results Meeting
Find Voting Results Meting Fold Detach Here
Footnotes Through Apply Named Executive Officers Foreclosed Collateral
Foregone Interest Foreign Operations
Forfeiture Distribution Excess Contributions Forfeitures Reduce Employer Contributions
Form 10-q Form Certificate Trustee
Form Consent Form Counsel Opinion
Form Notice Exercise Form Opinion
Form Waiver Former Employee Means Each Person Previously Been Time
Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report Forward Looking Statements
Forward-looking Statements Fractional Shares
Frederick Clough Funded Status
Funding Liquidity Issues Funding Post-retirement Contribution Amount Each Payable Plan
Funding Sources Funds Transfer Pricing
Future Contribution Investment Elections Future Sales Securities
Future Sources Capital Future Sources Uses Capital Expected Ratios
Fy-end Options Values Table Gaap -gaap Easures
Gain Loss Sales Calls Securities Gain Loss Sales Loan Portfolios
Gain Sale San Diego Branch Gain Sale Tax Refund Loans
Gain Sale Tax Refund Loans Rals Gary Wehrle
General General Corporate Matters
General Development Business General Fund
General Information General Provisions
General Provisions Regarding Securities General Release Agreement
George Leis Global Debentures
Glossary Goals
Goals Weightings Goodwill
Goodwill Impairment Goodwill Intangible Assets
Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Governance Nominating Committee
Grandfathered Future Retirees Post-retirement Contribution Each Eligible Retiree Growth Portfolio
Growth Portfolio Loan Sales Guarantee
Guarantee Agreement Guarantee Trustee Eligibility
Guarantees Guidelines Determining Individual Award
Gust Effective Dates Hardship Determination
Hardship Withdrawals Hareholders Quity
Hedges Derivatives Other Disclosures High Performance Incentive Program
Holders Holders Certificated Shares Common Stock
Holiday Loan Product Offered Professional Tax Preparers Clients Hpip Bank Performance Chart
Hpip Funding Identifying Evaluating Nominees Director
Ighlights Ignatures
Ignificant Ccounting Olices Ignificant Ccounting Olicies
Ignificant Ccounting Olicies Egarding Pecific Ssets Iabilities Ncome Impact Changes Interest Rates Value Financial Instruments
Impact Interest Rate Risk Impact Overall Trends Balances Rates Assets Liabilities-2002 2003
Impact Overall Trends Balances Rates Assets Liabilities-2003 2004 Impact Overall Trends Balances Rates Assets Liabilities-2004 2005
Impact Ral Program Capital Adequacy Impact Ral Programs Capital Adequacy
Impaired Loan Information Impaired Loans
Impairment Goodwill Valuation Allowance Deferred Tax Asset In-service Withdrawals
Inability Locate Payee Inancial Esults Ighlights 2005
Inancial Esults Ighlights 2006 Inancial Esults Ighlights 2007
Inancial Esults Ighlights 2008 Incentive Compensation
Incentive Investment Salary Savings Plan Incentive Plan Funding Payouts
Incentive Pool Allocation Incentive Stock Options
Income Statement Income Statements
Income Taxes Income Trust
Incorporation Reference Certain Portions Proxy Statement Increased Likelihood Class Action Lawsuits Regulatory Enforcement Actions
Indemnification Indemnification Agents
Independent Chairman Board Index
Index Defined Terms Index Exhibits
Indirect Auto Indirect Auto Loan Sale
Indirect Auto Loans Indirect Auto Securitization
Individual Grant Limits Individual Performance
Information Initial Computation Period Each Employees Shall Twelve-month Beginning
Inspection Books Records Institutional Trustee Administrators
Institutional Trustee Eligibility Interest Expense
Interest Income Interest Income Revenues External Customers
Interest Rate Risk Interest Rate Swaps Manage Risk
Interest Xpense Interest Xpenses
Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Internal Revenue Code 1986
Internet Telephone Vote Authorizes Named Proxies Shares Same Interpretation
Intersegment Revenues Internal Charge Funds Interstate Banking Branching
Introduction Investment Authority
Investment Employer Stock Investment Fhlb Stock
Investment Funds Investment Securities
Iquidity Isclosures Air Alue Inancial Nstruments
Isk Anagement Ividends Eclared
John Olds Named Pacific Capital Bancorp Board Directors Key Employee Retiree Health Plan
Lease Obligations Leases
Leasing Portfolio Sale Leasing Premises
Leave Absence Legal
Legal Construction Legal Matters
Legally Enforceable Represents Rights Created Plan Favor Participants Letters Credit Other Contractual Commitments
Letters Lines Credit Leverage Strategy
Liability Life Insurance Contracts
Limit Participant Shall Entitled Receive Plan Amount Exceeds Limit Tax-deferred Contributions Matched
Limitation Amendment Limitation Matching Contributions Highly Compensated Employees
Limitation Tax-deferred Contributions Highly Compensated Employees Limitation Transactions Subordination
Limitations Crediting Service Liquidation Rights
Liquidity Liquidity Ratio
Liquidity Risk List Shareholders Entitled Vote Annual Meeting
List Shareholders Entitled Vote Special Meeting Litigation Regulatory Risk
Llowance Oan Osses Llowance Oan Osses Alll
Llowance Redit Osses Loan Categories
Loan Investment Fund Loan Sales Servicing Rights
Loan Sales Transactions Loan Servicing Rights
Loans Loans Granted Prior Amendment
Loans Held Investment Loans Held Sale
Loans Interest Fees Loans Segments Category
Loans Sold Part Branch Sale Loans-to-one Borrower Limitations
Loans-to-one-borrower Limitations Long-term Debt Fhlb Advances
Long-term Debt Other Borrowings Long-term Incentive Award
Long-term Incentive Awards Long-term Incentive Program
Loss Securities Net Mail
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Managing Interest Rate Risk Derivative Instruments
Marked Signed Returned Direction Card Marked Signed Returned Proxy Card
Market Area Market Information
Market Risk Relating Fixed-rate Instruments Market Value Adjustment Acquired Loans
Market Value Adjustment Pcci Loans Matching Interest Rate Swaps Customers
Material Amendments Re-pricing Without Shareholder Approval Material Modification Rights Security Holders
Maturity Distribution Time-certificates Deposit 100000 Measure Profit Loss
Measuring Interest Rate Sensitivity Measuring Performance Incentive Plan
Meetings Board Directors Meetings Holders Securities Action Written Consent
Meetings Shareholders Merged Plans
Merger Consolidation Transfer Plan Assets Mergers
Methodology Establishing Compensation Minimum Employer Contribution
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Provisions
Mismatch Risk Monday 2005
Mortgage Other Loan Servicing Rights Mortgage Servicing Rights
Mpact Ackson Ewitt Ontracts Inancial Esults Mpact Nflation
Mployee Enefit Lans Multiple Limitation
Mutilated Destroyed Lost Stolen Certificates Name Corporation Pacific Capital Bancorp
Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant Named Executive Officer Excluding Ceo Change Control Severance
Named Executive Officers Named Executive Officers Compensation
Named Executive Officers Compensation Hpip Bonus Named Executive Officers Long-term Incentive Performance Compensation
Named Executive Officers Not Directors Narrative Description Business
Nature Operations Ncome Axes
Ncome Xpense Negative Publicity
Net Gain Loss Sales Calls Securities Net Gain Sale Leasing Portfolio
Net Gain Sale Rals Net Growth Loan Portfolio
Net Interest Income Net Interest Income Economic Value Simulations
Net Interest Income Nii Economic Value Equity Eve Net Interest Margin
Net Loans Held Investment Net Loss Securities
Net Occupancy Expense New Accounting Pronouncements
New Plan Benefits Table New York Corporation Placement Agent
Nii Shock Nii Summary
Nomination Directors Nominees Directors
Non-employee Director Compensation Non-employee Director Retainers Fees Effective Through 2007
Non-employee Directors Non-gaap Financial Information
Non-hardship Withdrawals Qualified Voluntary Employee Contributions Non-interest Expense Efficiency Ratios
Non-qualified Deferred Compensation Non-qualified Deferred Compensation Plan
Non-qualified Deferred Compensation Table Non-qualified Stock Options
Non-shock Simulations Addition Applying Scenarios Sudden Interest Rate Non-transferability Awards
Non-us Holders Nonaccrual Loans
Nonaccrual Past Due Loans Still Accruing Normal Form Payment
Not Applicable Notice 2005 Annual Meeting Shareholders
Notice 2006 Annual Meeting Shareholders Notice 2007 Annual Meeting Shareholders
Notice 2008 Annual Meeting Shareholders Notice 2009 Annual Meeting Shareholders
Notice Meetings Notice Regarding Forms Payment
Notice Requirements Safe Harbor Matching Contributions Notice Special Meeting Shareholders
Notification Notification Concerning New Eligible Employees
Now Access Pacific Capital Bancorp Account Online Now Therefore Bancorp Intending Legally Bound Hereby Adopts
Now Therefore Employer Intending Legally Bound Hereby Adopt Now Therefore Parties Hereto Intending Legally Bound Hereby
Nterest Ate Isk Nterest Ncome
Nterest Ncome Argin Nterest Xpense
Nterest Xpenses Ntroduction
Number Qualification Directors Oan Ales Ransactions
Oan Ervicing Ights Oan Ortfolio
Oans Eld Ale Objective Purpose
Obtain Information Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Contractual Obligations
Off-balance Sheet Estimates Offer Letter Employment Clinton
Offer Letter Employment Leis Office Comptroller Currency Appropriate Federal Banking Agency Pacific
Officers Corporation Officers Directors
Ommission Number 0-11113 Ommitments Ontingencies
Ommon Tock Ividends Omparison 2005 2004
Onaccrual Ast Estructured Oans Onearning Ssets
Ong Erm Ebt Ther Orrowings Ong Term Ebt Ther Orrowings
Oninterest Evenue Onsolidation Asis Resentation
Oodwill Oodwill Ther Ntangible Ssets
Operating Efficiency Ratio Operational Risk
Option Exercises Stock Vested Option Exercises Stock Vested Table
Option Grants Option Grants Table
Optional Form Payment Optional Forms Payment
Order Withdrawal Participants Sub-accounts Organization
Organization Standing Qualification Organizational Structure Description Services
Ostretirement Enefits Ote Air Alue Djustments Ecurities Onaccrual Oans Able
Ote Arket Fficiency Ote Atural Balance Heet Edges
Ote Eer Ata Ote Erivative Osts
Ote Ffects Cquisition Ccounting Rowth Ote Hanges Arget Ederal Unds Ates
Ote Iding Ield Urve Ote Llocation Hanges Nterest Etween Ate Olume
Ote Nnualized Ercentage Ate Redit Osts Ral Ote Nterest Ate Ensitivity Aturity
Ote Nterest Ate Ield Urves Ote Omputation Perating Fficiency Atio
Ote Ortgage Acked Ecurities Ote Ortgage Backed Ecurities
Ote Quivalency Ote Verage Alances
Ote Ypothetical Nterest Ate Hanges Other
Other Assets Other Benefits Agreements
Other Borrowings Other Business Matters
Other Capital Disclosures Other Compensation
Other Comprehensive Income Other Contractual Obligations
Other Events Other Expense
Other Expenses Other Income
Other Intangible Assets Other Loan Portfolio Information
Other Matters Decided Annual Meeting Other Matters Decided Special Meeting
Other Named Executive Officers Annual Cash Incentive Bonuses Other Named Executive Officers Base Salary
Other Real Estate Owned Foreclosed Property Other Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Other Securities Disclosures Other Segment Disclosure
Other Service Charges Commissions Fees Other Short-term Borrowings
Other Understandings Agreements Ourth Uarter 2004 Djustments
Ourth Uarter 2006 Ignificant Vents Ourth Uarter 2007 Ignificant Vents
Ourth Uarter Djustments Ourth Uarter Ignificant Vents
Outlook Overall Limitations Non-hardship Withdrawals
Overall Program Objectives Overriding Conditions Limitations
Overview Pacific Capital
Pacific Capital Bancorp Pacific Capital Bancorp Announces Plan Reduction Workforce
Pacific Capital Bancorp Announces Quarterly Dividend Pacific Capital Bancorp Employee Stock Ownership Plan
Pacific Capital Bancorp Names Stephen Masterson Chief Financial Pacific Capital Bancorp Reports 2008 Financial Results
Pacific Capital Bancorp Reports 2009 Financial Results Pacific Capital Bancorp Reports Financial Results
Pacific Capital Bancorp Reports Increase Earnings Per Share Pacific Capital Bancorp Subsidiaries
Part Part Financial Information
Part Other Information Partial Distributions Retired Terminated Participants
Participant Accounts Participant Means Each Person Satisfies Eligibility Criteria Set
Participating Trusts Participation Eligibility
Participation Plan Parties Bound
Past Due Loans Pay Cost Proxy Solicitation
Payment Payment Awards
Payment Employer Contributions Payment Premiums
Payment Principal Premium Interest Agreed Treatment Debentures Payments Participants Beneficiaries
Payments Participating Companies Payments Participating Insolvency
Peer Group Perating Xpenses
Performance Awards Performance Graph
Performance Objectives Performance Units
Person Annual Meeting Person Special Meeting
Placement Agent Placement Agreement
Plan Plan Administration
Plan Administration Amendment Termination Plan Administrator
Plan Administrator Means Bancorp Such Other Person Committee Plan Assets
Plan Design Plan Funding
Plan Means Period Commenced Original Effective Date 1992 Plan Objective Performance Period
Plan Performance Period Plan Valuation Procedures
Please Sign Name Appears Hereon Joint Owners Each Pledged Loans
Policy Audit Committee Pre-approval Permissible Non-audit Services Independent Pool Aggregate Percentage Calculations Each Level Results
Pooling-of-interest Restatements Postretirement Health Benefits
Potential Anti-takeover Effect Potential Payments Termination Change-in-control Arrangements
Powers Duties Guarantee Trustee Powers Duties Institutional Trustee
Powers Duties Trustees Administrators Preamble
Precedent Preemptive Rights
Premises Equipment Premises Equipment Other Long-term Assets
Premium Amortization Prepayments Premiums Deposit Insurance
Preservation Disclosure Lists Principal Areas Estimates Used Follows
Principle Elements Total Compensation Prior After-tax Contributions
Prior Plans Plan Supersedes Terms Policy Previously Sponsored Procedure Implementing Authorized Share Increase
Procedure Implementing Reverse Stock Split Profit-sharing Contributions
Profitability Ratios Program
Program Administrator Prohibited Obligations
Prohibition Actions Trust Institutional Trustee Proposal 3-approval Non-binding Advisory Compensation Named Executive Officers
Proposal Approval 2005 Directors Stock Plan Proposal Election Directors
Proposal Ratification Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Proposals Requiring Vote
Protection Provision Credit Losses Ral
Provision Loan Loss Provision Paying Agent
Proxy Properly Executed Voted Directed Direction Given Each Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors
Proxy Solicited Board Directors Proxy Statement
Proxy Voted Directed Direction Indicated Proposals Through Purchase Capital Securities
Purchase Closing Purchase Contracts
Purchase Sale Capital Securities Purpose
Purpose Background Increase Authorized Shares Purpose Definition Terms
Purpose Exempt Loan Pursuit Strategic Alternatives
Put Option Qualified Domestic Relations Orders
Qualified Matching Contributions Qualified Nonelective Contributions
Qualified Preretirement Survivor Annuity Requirements Quarter-by-quarter Trends
Ral Allowance Provision Credit Losses Ral Allowance Provision Loan Losses
Ral Average Period-end Balances Ral Credit Losses
Ral Interest Income Ral Interest Income Fees
Ral Product Mix Impact Pre-tax Income Ral Programs
Ral Securitization Rals
Rate Sensitivity Rate Sensitivity Summary
Ratification Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Ratification Selection Ernst Young Llp
Rating Agency Downgrades Ratio Net Charge-offs Average Loans
Recent Market Regulatory Developments Recitals
Recrediting Forfeited Amounts Redemption Securities
Redit Atings Redit Osses
Reduction Account Distribution Reemployment
Reemployment Participant Refund Anticipation Loan Department
Refund Anticipation Loan Division Incentive Program Refund Anticipation Loan Securitization
Refund Anticipation Loan Securitizations Refund Anticipation Loan Transfer Committee
Refund Anticipation Loans Refund Program Marketing Technology Fees
Refund Programs Refund Transfer Fees
Refund Transfer Fees Net Gain Sale Tax Loans Registered Book-entry Holders Common Stock Shareholders Transfer Agents
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 805 564-6405 Regulation Nonbank Subsidiaries
Regulation Supervision Regulations Definition Service Shall Determined Accordance Term Set
Regulatory Considerations Regulatory Matters
Regulatory Restrictions Regulatory Risk
Related Parties Release Provisions
Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank Remediation Material Weaknesses
Remises Quipment Remises Quipment Ther Ong Term Ssets
Rent Expense Reorganization
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Reporting Complaint Concerns Regarding Accounting Auditing Matters
Representations Institutional Trustee Delaware Representations Warranties Purchaser
Repurchase Agreements Repurchase Agreements Federal Funds Purchased
Repurchase Agreements Federal Funds Purchased Other Borrowings Repurchase Agreements Federal Funds Purchased Treasury Tax Loan
Reputation Risk Required Commencement Distribution
Required Vote Requirements Law
Requirements Prevent Taxable Distribution Reserve Off-balance Sheet Commitments
Reserve Shares Covered Plan Residential Real Estate Loans
Residential Real Estate Small Business Administration Sba Loan Resignation Removal Directors
Resignation Removal Officers Resignation Removal Trustee
Resolutions Responsibilities Officers
Responsibility Trustee Restatement
Restricted Period Shall Mean Restricted Reload Stock Option Agreement
Restricted Shares Plan Restricted Stock
Restricted Stock Agreement Restricted Stock Agreement Non-employee Directors
Restricted Stock Awards Restrictions Alienation
Restrictions Dividends Payments Trust Preferred Securities Restrictions Exempt Loans
Restrictions Resulting Participation Tarp Cpp Restrictions Trust Preferred Securities Pcb
Results Operations Financial Condition Resumption Tax-deferred Contributions
Retention Agreement General Release Retention Bonus Payment
Retirement Benefit Return Contributions Employer
Revenue Recognition Loans Reverse Stock Split
Reversion Shares Plan Rights Holders
Rights Holders Waivers Past Defaults Rights Unsecured General Creditor
Risk Assessment Incentive Compensation Arrangements Risks Associated Program
Risks Associated Programs Risks Associated Ral Programs
Ritical Ccounting Olicies Role Board Directors
Role Compensation Consultant Roles Responsibilities Determining Executive Compensation
Rollover Contributions Rovision Ncome Axes
Rovision Oan Osses Rovision Redit Osses
Rts Salaries Benefits
Salaries Benefits Detail Salaries Benefits Net Occupancy Expense
Salary Continuation Agreement Larson Sale Loans
Sale Repurchase Shares Employer Stock Sales Calls Securities
Sales Investment Securities Santa Barbara California
Sarbanes-oxley Act Satisfaction Discharge Indenture
Satisfaction Necessity Requirement Hardship Withdrawals Sba Loans
Schedule Scope Limitations
Seasonality Impact Earnings Securities
Securities Exchange Securities Exchange Act 1934
Securities Loans Pledged Collateral Securities Maturity
Securities Money Market Instruments Securities Pledged
Securities Portfolios Securities Registration
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Securityholders Meetings
Segment Disclosure Segment Reporting
Segments Select Amendment Automatic Suspension Elective Deferrals Following Hardship
Selection Enrollment Eligibility Senior Vice President Community Lending
Separate Accounting Non-vested Amounts Separation Agreement General Release
Separation Consulting Agreement Grimm Service Charges Deposit Accounts
Service Equivalencies Service Means Each Computation Period Consecutive Employee 1000
Services Servicing Rights
Setting Award Opportunity Levels Incentive Plan Seventh Elimination Cumulative Voting
Share Repurchase Share Repurchase Program
Share Repurchases Shareholder Action Without Meeting
Shareholder Approval Shareholder Communications Board
Shareholder Process Submit Director Candidates Shareholder Proposals
Shareholder Proposals 2010 Annual Meeting Shares Available Repurchase
Shares Held Street Name Broker Vote Shares Subject Plan
Sherrell Reefer Signature
Signatures Signatures Appear Following Page
Significant Accounting Policies Significant Accounting Policies Regarding Specific Assets Liabilities Income
Significant Events After 2008 Sixth Indemnification Agents
Small Business Administration Small Business Administration Sba
Software Expense Special Commencement Distribution Rules
Special Definitions Special Fee Paid Chairman Board Related Ceo Search
Special Fees Paid Board Committees Related Ceo Search Special In-service Distributions
Special Meetings Special Meetings Notices
Special Rules Applicable Loans Split-dollar Life Insurance Arrangements
Sponsor Spousal Consent Requirements
Spouse Grandfathered Current Retirees Spouse Means Each Person Satisfies Requirements 212 Below
Statement Cash Flows Statement Operations
Stock Appreciation Rights Stock Issuance
Stock Issuances Stock Option Agreement
Stock Options Stock Ownership Guidelines
Stock Performance Stock Repurchases
Stock Splits Stock-based Compensation
Strength Stability Other Financial Institutions Sub-accounts
Submission Director Candidates Shareholders Subordinated Debt
Subsidiaries Subsidiaries Registrant
Success Factors Summary 2008 Equity Incentive Plan
Summary Operating Results Supplemental Indentures
Suspense Fund Suspension Cash Dividend Payments Common Preferred Stock
Suspension Tax-deferred Contributions System Changes Software Expense
Table 10-off-balance Sheet Estimates Table 12-foregone Interest
Table 15a-operating Expense Efficiency Ratios Table 15b-salaries Benefits Detail
Table 16b-ral Securitization Proforma Table 16f-reconciliation Other Amounts Without Ral
Table 16g-ratios Including Excluding Ral Programs Table 5a-rate Sensitivity
Table 5b-results Alternative Simulations Table Contents
Table Contractual Lease Obligations Table Contractual Obligations
Tally Sheet Stock Ownership Review Tally Sheets
Tax Counsel Opinion Tax Deductibility Executive Officer Compensation
Tax Example Accomplished 95000000 Nibt Tax Withholding
Tax-deferred Contributions Telephone Internet
Tem Egal Roceedings Tem Isk Actors
Tem Nregistered Ales Quity Ecurities Roceeds Tem Ontrols Rocedures
Tem Uantitative Ualitative Isclosures Bout Arket Isk Tem Xhibits
Term Termination Amendment Plan Termination
Termination Benefit Termination Employment
Termination Employment Settlement Date Termination Plan Amendment Modification
Terms Conditions Terms Purchase
Ther Iabilities Ther Ncome Xpense
Ther Ostretirement Enefits Ther Perating Xpense
Ther Ssets Ther Xpense
Three-year Strategic Capital Plan Thursday 2005
Timing Grants Options Restricted Stock Tockholders Quity
Toll Free Number 1-800-370-1163 Total Executive Compensation-tally Sheets
Total Return Performance Trading
Trading Portfolio Trading Securities
Transactions Related Persons Transfer Procedures Restrictions
Transferred Funds Transfers Employment
Transition Rules Required Commencement Distribution Treatment Forfeited Amounts
Treatment Forfeited Matching Contributions Treatment Outstanding Balance Loan Deemed Distributed Code
Trends Interest Expense Rates Trust
Trust Activities Trust Agreement
Trust Assets Fees Trust Assets Investment Advisory Fees
Trust Fees Trust Investment Advisory Fees
Trust Oversight Committee Trustee
Types Awards Award Agreements Types Customers Services Revenues Derived
Uarantees Ubsequent Vent
Ubsequent Vents Uncertainties Determining Adequacy Allowance Credit Losses
Unfunded Loan Commitments Letters Credit Unprecedented Market Volatility
Unrealized Loss Securities Usa Patriot Act
Usa Patriot Act Anti-money Laundering Compliance Uses Capital Expected Ratios
Usiness Ust
Vacancies Board Directors Validity Plan
Valuing Accounts Variable Interest Entities
Verification Amount Employer Contributions Sponsor Verview
Verview Arnings Erformance Verview Ighlights
Vesting After-tax Contributions Rollover Vesting Employer Contributions
Vesting Service Vesting Tax-deferred Contributions
Veterans Reemployment Rights Vote Important Please Today
Vote Required Approve Amendment Recommendation Vote Required Recommendation Board Directors
Voting Proxy Voting Rights
Warrant Purchase Common Stock Wealth Management
What Change Revoke Vote What Change Vote
What Difference Between Holding Shares Shareholder Record Beneficial What Proposals Voted Special Meeting
What Shares Included Proxy Card What Voting Requirements Approve Each Proposals Discussed Proxy
What Voting Requirements Elect Directors Approve Each Proposals While Provide Amounts Ratios Without Balances Results Ral
William Grimm William Thomas
William Thomas Carol Kelleher Certify Withdrawal Employer
Withdrawal Payout Income Inclusion Code 409a Witness Whereof Agreement Agreed Accepted Written Above Tennessee
Write-down Obsolete Software Written Communications
Xplanatory Ote Xternal Actors Mpacting Ompany
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