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Accelerated Vesting Access
Account Debtor Accounting Matters
Accounts Accounts Bank
Accredited Investor8221 Accredited Investors8221
Acknowledgment Acknowledgment Validity Enforceability Credit Agreement Other Financing Documents
Acknowledgment Validity Enforceability Lyles Mechanical Other Loan Documents Acknowledgment Validity Enforceability Other Loan Documents
Acknowledgment Waiver Future Claims Actions
Additional Costs Adjusted Rate
Adjustment Provisions8221 Administrative Agent
Advancement Expenses Advances
Adverse Interests Affiliate
Affiliate Receivables Affiliate8221
Affirmative Covnenats After Conversion Date
Agent Agreeing Arbitration Procedure Executive Waive Right Resolve Such
Agreement Agreement Registration Statement
Agreement Serve Agreement Shall Governed Construed Accordance Laws State New
Agreement8221 Amendment
Amendment 110 Loan Agreement Amendment 117 Loan Agreement
Amendment 120 Loan Agreement Amendment 123 Loan Agreement
Amendment 223 Loan Agreement Amendment Loan Agreement
Amendment Waiver Amendments
Amendments Loan Agreement Amendments Waivers
Annual Bonus Anti-dilution Excluded Securities8221
Anticipated Defaults Anticipated Interest Payment Default
Anticipated Principal Payment Default Anticipated Swap Interest Payment Default
Applicable Funding Notices Delivered After Conversion Date Conversation Applicable Law
Applicable Time Application Enforcement
Application Law Appointment Receiver
Approvals Approvals Violation Law
Aribitra Tion Assets
Assignment Assignment Inventions
Assumption Defense Assumptions Guaranties Etc Indebtedness Other Persons
At-will Relationship Attachment
Attorney Fact Attorney Fees
Attorneys Fees Costs Enforcement Attorneys8217 Fees
Attorneys8217 Fees Costs Enforcement Audit Accounts Inventory
Audit Committee Authorization
Authorization Disburse Authorization Sale Units
Authorization Validity Authorized Capital Stock
Available Financial Information Available Undersubscription Amount
Available Undersubscription Amount8221 Bank
Bank Expenses Bank Waivers
Base Libor Base Prospectus
Base Rate Base Rate Advance
Basic Amount Basic Amount8221
Benefit Parties Assignment Black Scholes Value
Board8221 Books Records
Borrower Borrower8217s Annual Financial Statements
Borrower8217s Books Borrower8217s Monthly Financial Statements
Borrower8217s Quarterly Financial Statements Borrowers
Borrowing Base Borrowing Base Certificate
Bring-down Letter Brokerage
Brokers Financial Advisors Bryon Mcgregor
Business Business Day8221
Buy-in Buy-in Price
Bylaws Calculation Interest
Calculations Cap
Captions Cascade Registration Rights Agreement8221
Cascade8221 Cash Severance
Cause Ccp
Ceo Certain Adjustments
Certain Covenants Certain Defined Terms
Certain Matters Certain Transactions
Certificate Borrowers Insurance Broker Carrier Certificate Incorporation
Certificate Incorporation Bylaws Certificate Incorporation8221
Change Control Change Control8221
Change Operations Changes
Charges Taxes Expenses Charter
Charter8221 Choice Law
Christopher Wright Claim
Claims Initiated Indemnitee Closing
Closing Date Closing Date8221
Closing Sale Price Closing8221
Code Collateral
Collateral Access Agreement Comerica Bank
Comerica Documents Comfort8221
Commodity Risk Management Plan Common Stock
Common Stock8221 Complete Agreement
Compliance Compliance Certificate
Compliance Laws Conditions Company8217s Obligations Closing
Conditions Effectiveness Agreement Conditions Issuance
Conditions Precedent Conditions Precedent Bank8217s Indebtedness
Conditions Purchaser8217s Obligations Closing Confidential Information
Confidential Information Agreement Confidentiality
Confirmation Sale Conflicts Violation
Consent Holders Series Preferred Stock Consent Issuance Series Preferred Stock
Consent Lyles United Registration Rights Agreement Consent Protected Actions
Consideration Construction
Consultation Counsel Contingent Indebtedness
Continuing Loan Transaction Contribution
Control8221 Conversation Date Certain
Conversion Date Conversation Certain Conversion Limitation
Conversion Limitation8221 Conversion Limitations
Conversion Price8221 Conversion Shares8221
Conversions Renewals Cooperation
Corporate Existence Corporate Power Authority
Corporation Corporation8221
Costs Expenses Counterparts
Counterparts Facsimile Execution Counterparts Facsimile Signatures
Course Dealing Covenant Anticipated Interest Payment Default
Covenant Default Covenant Interest Payment Event Default Anticipated Principal
Covenants Credit Agreement
Credit Agreement8221 Credit Limit
Cross Receipt Cross-receipt
Current Ratio Daily Affiliate Agings
Daily Agings Daily Inventory Reports
Date Date Conversion
Date Conversion8221 Date Voluntary Conversion
Date Voluntary Conversion8221 Death
Debt Debt Repayment Triggering Event
Default Default Certain Provisions
Default Rate Defaults Loan Agreements
Deferred Compensation Definitions
Delay Filing Delayed Initial Payment Date
Delivery Warrant Shares Demand Registration8221
Destruction Borrower8217s Documents Disability
Discharge Liens Disclosure
Disposition Collateral Distribution
Distributions Dividend Shares8221
Documents Douglas Kieta
Drawings Dtc
Duties Location Duty Effectuate
Edgar Effective Date
Effective Demand Registration Effectiveness
Eligible Accounts Eligible Foreign Accounts
Eligible Government Accounts Eligible Inventory
Eligible Market Eligible Storage Inventory
Eligible Transit Inventory Employee Benefit Plan8221
Employee Benefit Plans Employee Welfare Benefit8221
Employees Employment
Employment Agreement Encumbrances
Enforcement Intellectual Property Rights Assistance Entire Agreement
Entry Consent Judgment Against Pei Environmental Cleanup Responsibility Acts8221
Environmental Compliance Environmental Laws
Environmental Laws8221 Environmental Safety Laws
Epa Equity Interests
Erisa Erisa8221
Event Default Events Default
Exchange Act Exchange Act Rules
Exchange Act8221 Execution Delivery Agreement
Exercisability Date8221 Exercise Date
Exercise Duration Warrants Exercise Notice
Exercise Price Existing Defaults
Existing Events Default Expenses
Expenses Waiver Expiration Date
Expiry Dates Export
Facsimile Signatures Fcpa8221
Federal Reserve Board Financial Covenants
Financial Statements Financial Statements Exhibits
Financial Statements8221 Finra
Forbearance Forbearance Defaults
Forbearance Fee Forbearance Period
Forbearance Period Covenants Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Usa Patriot
Form 10-k Form 10-k8221
Formation Good Standing Fractional Shares
Full Disclosure Full Force Effect
Fundamental Transaction Funding Date
Funding Losses Funding Notice Only Include Those Provisions Applicable Requested
Funding Notices Delivered After Conversion Date Conversation Certain Further Assurances
Future Discovery Future Transactions8221
Gaap Gaap8221
General Disclosure Package General Free Writing Prospectus
General Release Not Extend Claims Creditor Know Suspect Good Reason8221
Good Standing Governing Law
Governing Law Forum Governing Law Venue
Government Compliance Government Consents
Government Party Governmental Authority
Governmental Permits Grant
Guaranties Etc Guarantor
Guarantor Affiliate Other Agreements Guarantor8217s Annual Financial Statements
Guarantor8217s Quarterly Financial Statements Guarantor8217s Sec Filings
Guaranty Hazardous Material8221
Hazardous Substances Heading
Headings Health Insurance
Hold Harmless Indemnification Holder
Holders Registrable Securities Hsr Act
Hsr Act Filings Illegal Unauthorized Payments Political Contributions
Improper Information Prior Employers Others Included After Conversion Date
Included Applicable Included Prior Conversion Date
Included Requested Independent Engineer Inconsistency
Inconsistent Agreements Incorporation Loan Documents Definitions
Incorporation Preliminary Statements Incorporation Reference
Incorporation Software Code Indebtedness
Indemnification Indemnification Borrower
Indemnification Certain Expenses Indemnification Derivative Actions Direct
Indemnification Expenses Successful Party Indemnification Holders Securities
Indemnification Party Proceedings Indemnification Proceedings
Indemnified Parties8221 Indemnity
Independent Counsel Information Parties
Initial Funding Date Initial Registration Statement
Injunction Injunctive Relief
Insert Name Relevant Taxing Authority Ies Affiliate Insert Relevant References
Insolvency Insolvency Proceeding
Inspection Consultation Advice Insurance
Insurance Deficiencies Integration
Intellectual Property Intellectual Property Rights8221
Intellectual Property8221 Interest
Interest Only Interest Payment Event Default
Interest Rate Protection Agreement Interest Rate Protection Provider
Internal Accounting Controls Internal Control Event
Internal Rate Return8221 Interpretation
Interpretation Agreement Invention8221
Inventions Inventory
Inventory Reports Investment
Investment Act Investments
Investor Securities8221 Investor8221
Issuance Issuance Sale Delivery Preferred Shares Warrant Closing
Issuance Sale Delivery Preferred Shares Warrants Issuer Free Writing Prospectus
John Miller John Prince
Joseph Hansen Judge Administrative Proceeding
Judgments Judicial Officer Assignee
Junior Notes Junior Securities
Junior Securities8221 Kinergy
Kinergy Marketing Llc Labor Disputes Acts God
Labor Standards Larry Layne
Later Business After Execution Agreement Investor Later Business After Execution Agreement Investor Shall
Law Law8221
Legal Effect Legal Proceedings
Legally Enforceable Agreement Legend
Letter Credit Letter Credit Application
Letter Credit Disbursement Letter Credit Fees
Letter Credit Obligations Letter Credit Reimbursement Obligations
Letter Credit Sublimit Leverage Ratio
Levy Libor
Libor Advance Libor Business
Libor Period Libor Reserve Percentage
Licensors Lien
Liens8221 Limitation Payments
Limitation Relationship Between Parties Limited Free Writing Prospectuses
Limited Waiver Limited Waivers
Litigation Litigation Compliance Law
Loan Agreement Loan Documents
Loan Information Loans
Loans Advances Locations
Losses8221 Lyles Mechanical8221
Lyles United Registration Rights Agreement8221 Lyles United8221
Majority Registrable Securities Majority Registrable Securities8221
Manner Borrowing Market Price8221
Material Adverse Change Material Adverse Change Financial Statements
Material Adverse Change8221 Material Adverse Effect
Maturity Revolving Facility Maximum Percentage
Mergers Acquisitions Michael Kandris
Miscellaneous Mitigation
Monthly Agings Mutual Releases
Nasdaq Nasdaq Listing
Negative Covenants Negotiable Collateral
Neil Koehler Net Amount Eligible Accounts
Net Income New Capital Expenditures
New Capital Project8221 New Warrant
Non-company Business Nondisclosure Recognition Company8217s Rights
Nonexclusivity Survival Rights Notice
Notice Acceptance Notice Acceptance8221
Notice Adjustment Notice Conversion
Notice Conversion8221 Notice Default
Notice Discontinue Notice Holders
Notice Litigation Notice Only Include Those Provisions Applicable Requested Funding
Notice Reportable Event Notices
Notification Proceeding Notify
Now Therefore Number Demands
Number Warrant Shares Obligation Keep Informed
Obligations Offer
Offer8221 Offered Securities
Offered Securities8221 Offering
Offering Exemption Offering Preferred Shares
Only Include Those Provisions Applicable Requested Funding Operating Accounts
Opinion Company8217s Counsel Option
Options Ordered
Organization Organization Good Standing Due Qualification
Organization Qualifications Original Agreement
Other Agreements Other Definitional Provisions
Other Remedies Other Shares Common Stock
Overadvances Ownership Liens
Pacific Ethanol Columbia Llc Pacific Ethanol Holding Llc
Pacific Ethanol Imperial Llc Pacific Ethanol Inc
Pacific Ethanol Madera Llc Pacific Ethanol Magic Valley Llc
Pacific Ethanol Stockton Llc Parent Entity
Parity Securities Parity Securities8221
Partial Indemnification Participation Underwritten Registration
Parties Parties Interest
Party Agreements Information Party Information
Party Information8221 Patents
Payment Payment Accrued Interest
Payment Bank8217s Attorneys8217 Fees Costs Payment Exercise Price
Payment Taxes Indebtedness Payments
Payments Computations Pcaob
Pecified Employee Pending Changes
Performance Permits
Permitted Debt Permitted Distributions
Permitted Free Writing Prospectus Permitted Liens
Person Person8221
Piggyback Expenses Piggyback Registration8221
Placement Agent Placement Agent Indemnified Party
Plan Policies Procedures
Position Power Authority
Preemptive Rights Preemptive Rights Excluded Securities8221
Preemptive Rights8221 Preferred Shares8221
Preferred Stock Certificates Preferred Stock Certificates8221
Preferred Stock8221 Prepayment
Presentment Etc Preservation Property Assets
Press Release Pricing Prospectus
Principal Depository Principal Interest Payments
Prior Inventions Disclosure Prior Transactions8221
Procedures Proceedings
Proceedings Satisfactory Proceeds
Properties Business Insurance Proprietary Information Parties
Prospectus Provided However
Pto Purchase Agreement8221
Purchase Price Purchase Price Paid
Purchaser8221 Purchasers8221
Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Qualification State Securities Laws
Ratification Indebtedness Rcra
Real Estate Recapitalizations Exchanges Etc
Reclassification Reorganization Consolidation Records
Redemption Rights Reference Provision
Refinance Refused Securities
Refused Securities8221 Registrable Securities8221
Registration Expenses Registration Expenses8221
Registration Rights Registration Rights Agreement
Registration Rights Agreement8221 Registration Statement
Registration Statement8221 Registration Transfers
Registration Warrant Regulation
Regulatory Development Reimbursement Borrower
Reinvestment Rates Release
Release Bank8217s Lien Release Claims Against Pacific Ethanol Imperial Llc
Release Covenant Not Sue Release8221
Released Matters Releases
Relocation Assistance Remedies
Repeal Replacement Warrant
Reportable Event Representation Warranties
Representations Representations Warranties
Representations Warranties Purchaser Representations Warranties True Correct
Representatives8221 Request Indemnification Payments
Request Registration Reservation Rights
Reservation Warrant Shares Reserve Conversion Shares Warrant
Restatement Prior Period Financial Statements Restricted Securities
Restricted Stock Options Restrictive Agreements Prohibited
Results Operations Financial Condition Return Property
Revolving Facility Revolving Facility Commitment Limit
Right Piggyback Right Terminate Registration
Rights Contractor Default Rights Lender Default
Rule 144 Rule 4158221
Rule 462 Registration Statement Rules Regulations
Sacramento 2008 8211 Pacific Ethanol Inc Nasdaq Peix Sacramento 2009 8211 Pacific Ethanol Inc 8220company8221 Nasdaq
Sacramento 2009 8211 Pacific Ethanol Inc Nasdaq Peix Sacramento California 2008 Pacific Ethanol Inc Nasdaq Peix
Salary Sale Assets
Sara Sarbanes-oxley Act
Sec Nasdaq Matters Securities Act
Securities Act Liabilities Securities Act8221
Securities Litigation Securities Purchase Agreement8221
Select Selection Underwriters
Selection Underwriters Priority Demand Registrations Seller Information
Senior Securities Senior Securities8221
Separation Service Separation Service8221
Series Certificate Designations Series Certificate Designations8221
Series Issue Price Series Issue Price8221
Series Pik Right8221 Series Preemptive Rights Securities
Series Preemptive Rights Securities8221 Series Preferred Certificate Designations
Series Preferred Certificate Designations8221 Series Preferred Stock
Series Preferred Stock8221 Settlement Agreement
Severability Severability Provisions
Severable Severance Benefits
Share Delivery Date Shares8221
Signature Page Follows Significant Subsidiary
Sole Benefit Parties Solvency
Specific Performance Standard Benefits
Statements Stock Dividends Splits
Stockholder Approval Stockholders Equity
Submission Jurisdiction Consent Service Process Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Subordinated Debt Subordination Agreement
Subrogation Subscription Agreement
Subsidiaries Subsidiary
Subsidiary Ies 8221 Successor Entity
Successors Assigns Sufficiency Consideration
Supporting Documents Survival
Survival Agreements Survival Representations Warranties Agreements Party Beneficiary
Swap Contract Swap Termination Value
Tangible Effective Net Worth Tangible Net Worth
Taxes Taxes Expenses Regarding Borrower8217s Property
Term Termination
Termination Cause Resignation Termination Cause Resignation Without Good Reason
Termination Date8221 Termination Without Cause
Termination Without Cause Resignation Good Reason Terms Conditions Forbearance
Terry Stone Therefore
Time Essence Title Properties Encumbrances
Titles Subtitles Interpretive Matters Trademarks
Trading Trading Day8221
Trading Market8221 Transaction
Transaction Documents8221 Transaction8221
Transactions Affiliates Transfer Agent
Transfer Agent8221 Ucc
Unauthorized Settlements Underlying Dividend Shares8221
Undersubscription Amount Undersubscription Amount8221
Undertakings Respect Series Preferred Stock Transferees Underwriting Priority Piggyback Registrations
Undisclosed Liabilities Usury
Validity Provisions Value
Voluntarily Knowingly Wachovia Capital Finance Corporation Western
Waiver Waiver Amendment
Waiver Preemptive Rights Waiver Series Pik Right
Warehouses Landlords Warrant
Warrant Agent Warrant Ratio
Warrant Register Warrant Shares
Warrant Shares8221 Warrant8221
Warrants Warrants8221
Warranty Capacity Execute Agreement Way Related Agreement Other Comerica Documents
Weekly Hedge Reports Whereas
Whole Agreement William Jones
Withdrawal Date Without Limitation8221
Witness Whereof Working Capital
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