Topic Listing for PG&E CORP

Acceleration Maturity Rescission Annulment Acceptance Agreement
Acceptance Appointment Successor Access Independent Advisors
Accounting Asset Retirement Obligations Accounting Disclosure Requirements Related Medicare Prescription Drug Improvement
Accounting Financial Instruments Characteristics Liabilities Equity Accounting Goodwill Other Intangible Assets
Accounting Price Risk Management Activities Accounting Trustee
Accounts Receivable Financing Accumulated Forced Outage Ims Duration
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income Loss Achievement Equity Ratio
Action Consent Action Without Meeting
Acts Holders Acts Terrorism Materially Adversely Affect Pge Corporations Utilitys
Additional Participating Subsidiaries 1998 Additional Security Measures
Address Change Corresponding Box Reverse Side Adjustments Changes Capital Structure
Administration Administration Committee
Administration Respect Insiders Admission Liability
Adoption New Accounting Policies Summary Significant Advanced Metering Improvements
Advanced Metering Infrastructure Adverse Judgments Settlements Chromium Litigation Cases Materially Adversely
Adverse Resolution Pending Litigation Material Effect Pge Corporations Advisory Directors
Affiliate Aggregate Limit Full Value Awards
Allowance Doubtful Accounts Amendment
Amendment Directors Amendment Shareholders
Amendment Termination Amendment Termination Plan
Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change Amendments Credit Agreement
Amendments Proposed Iso Amendments Proposed Pto
Amount Unlimited Issuable Series Annual Accumulated Forced Outage Ims Duration Those Transmission
Annual Average Accumulated Forced Outage Ims Duration Those Annual Compensation 2007 Officer Program
Annual Earnings Assessment Proceeding Energy Efficiency Program Activities Annual Election Receive Nonstatutory Stock Option Restricted Units
Annual Electricity Rate Adjustment Annual Meetings
Annual Meetings Conducted Annual Meetings Held
Annual Officerrsquos Certificate Compliance Annual Proportion Transmission Line Circuits Forced Outages Ims
Annual Transmission Line Circuit Forced Outage Ims Frequency Appeals Utilitys Plan Reorganization Settlement Agreement
Appendices Incorporated Applicability
Applicability Incentives Penalties Application Iso Tariff
Application Money Collected Application Trust Money
Applications Participating Status Eligibility Criteria Appointment Authenticating Agent
Appointment Committee Members Appointment Successor
Arbitration Assessing Boards Committees Performance
Asset Allocations Asset Retirement Obligations
Assignments Conveyances Attend Annual Meetings
Attendance Committee Meetings Attendance Meetings Determination Voting Rights Conduct Adjournment
Attorney65533s Fees Costs Attrition Rate Adjustments
Audit Committee Pre-approval Policy Services Provided Independent Registered Audit Committees
Audit Committees Boards Directors Pge Corporation Pacific Gas Authority Officers
Availability Availability Formula
Average 2008 Target Compensation Other Neos Award
Award Agreement Award Limits
B-1 Pge Appendix Background
Base Salary Baseline Allowance
Basic Beale Street Box 770000 San Francisco California
Before Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Beneficiary Designation Benefit Obligations
Benefits Indenture Benefits Payments
Biennial Cost Allocation Proceeding Block-forward Contracts
Board Agenda Board Committee Meetings Did Directors Attend 2005
Board Committee Meetings Did Directors Attend 2007 Board Committee Meetings Did Directors Attend 2008
Board Committees Board Directors Pge Corporation Recommends Vote Against Proposal
Board Materials Presentations Boards Directors Independent Lead Director
Boards Directors Pge Corporation Pacific Gas Electric Unanimously Bonds Eleventh Series Terms
Bonds Initial Series Terms Bonds Payable Redemption Date
Bonds Redeemed Part Bring Guest Annual Meetings
Business Relationships Bypass Shareholder Registration Area Present Ticket Entrance Meeting
Calculation Availability Measures Individual Transmission Line Circuits Calculation Surplus Energy Percentage
Calculations Annual Availability Performance Indices Individual Voltage Classes California Attorney General Complaint
California Department Water Resources Contracts California Energy Crisis Proceedings
California Energy Resources Conservation Development California Independent System Operator
California Legislature Call Notice Place Meetings
Cancellation Bond Registrar Capital Expenditures
Capitalized Interest Afudc Capitalized Software Costs
Capping Forced Outage Ims Durations Career Transition Services
Cash Collateralized Letter Credit Cash Equivalents
Cash Flows Investing Activities Cashless Exercise
Ceo Compensation Certain Duties Responsibilities
Certain Powers Reserved Shareholders Certain Rights Trustee
Certificates Direct Registration System Certification Principal Executive Officer Pursuant Usc 1350
Certification Principal Financial Officer Pursuant Usc 1350 Chairman Board
Chairman Executive Committee Change Control
Change Plan Assets Change Proxy Vote
Changes Accounting Certain Derivative Contracts Changes Liabilities Utilitys Permits Authorizations Licenses Adversely Affect
Chapter Claims Characteristics Directors
Charitable Relationships Chief Executive Officer
Chief Financial Officer Choice Law
Chromium Litigation City Anaheim
City Azusa City Banning
City Pasadena City Riverside
City Vernon Closed
Cls Co-trustees Separate Trustees
Code Collection Indebtedness Suits Enforcement Trustee
Combined Voting Power8221 Commitments
Commitments Contingencies Committee
Committee Agenda Committee Charters
Committee Complying 162 Committee Materials Presentations
Committees Common Shareholders Equity
Common Stock Communications External Entities
Communications Shareholders Compensation Committee
Compensation Directors Compensation Expenses Trustee
Compensation Reimbursement Compensation Related Termination Employment Change Control Pge Corporation
Competition Bypass Complaints Filed California Attorney General City County San
Complete Agreement Compliance Certificates Opinions
Compliance Other Regulations Laws Compliance Securities Law
Composition Board Compressor Station Chromium Litigation
Computation Interest Conclusion
Condition Precedent Effectiveness Agreement Conditional Asset Retirement Obligations
Conference Call Financial Community Discuss Results Confidential Only Permitted Rule 14a-6
Confidentiality Conflict Trust Indenture Act
Conformity Trust Indenture Act Consensus
Consent Agreement Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consistency Federal Laws Regulations Consolidate Etc Only Certain Terms
Consolidation Variable Interest Entities Construction
Construction Agreement Consultant
Contact Directors Officers Pge Corporation Pacific Gas Electric Content Form Documents Delivered Trustee
Contingencies Contingent Offers Not Qualify Program
Continuation Certain Series Bonds Issued Prior Indenture Contractual Commitments
Control Area Operator Control Holders Bonds
Controller Controls Procedures
Convertible Subordinated Notes Cooperation
Cooperation Legal Proceedings Coordination Role
Copies Joint Proxy Statement Annual Report Receive Corporate Existence
Corporate Secretary Corporate Trustee Required Eligibility
Cost Capital Proceeding Cost Capital Proceedings
Cost Electricity Cost Natural Gas
Cost Service Ratemaking Costs
Count Votes Counterparts
Counting Votes Recording Action Meetings Covered Employee
Cpuc Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement
Credit Rating Upgrades Credit Risk
Critical Accounting Policies Cumulative Voting
Current Assets Cusip Numbers
Customary Data Standards
Date Report 2005 Day-ahead Market Congestion Management
Death Disability Deemed Exercise Sars
Defense Indemnification Third-party Claims Deferred Compensation Award
Defined Contribution Pension Plan Definitions
Definitions Adjustments Delay Omission Not Waiver
Denominations Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment
Depreciation Depreciation Amortization Decommissioning
Descriptions Pto Maintenance Practices Determination Final Value
Development Limits Performance Control Charts Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant
Diablo Canyon Power Plant Diablo Canyon Steam Generator Replacement Projects
Did Compensation Committee Benchmark Establish 2007 Officer Program Did Compensation Committee Benchmark Establish 2008 Officer Program
Did Mail Notice Regarding Internet Availability Proxy Materials Did Pge Corporation Nominating Governance Committee Third-party Director
Different Due Date Applies Shareholder Proposal Included Proxy Direct Compensation Corporation
Directions 2009 Annual Meeting Director Interlock
Director Orientation Continuing Education Director Stock Ownership Guidelines
Directors Attended 2005 Annual Meetings Directors Attended 2007 Annual Meetings
Directors Change Responsibilities Directors Defer Receiving Retainers Fees
Directors Elected Since 2008 Annual Meetings Directors Independent
Directors Paid Attending Meetings Pge Corporation Pacific Gas Directors Receive Retirement Benefits Pge Corporation Pacific Gas
Directors Receive Stock-based Compensation Directors Reimbursed Travel Other Expenses
Disability Discretionary Adjustment Award Formula
Discussion Disposition Income
Disposition Recommendations Dispute Resolution
Disqualification Conflicting Interests Distribution Generation Transmission Natural Gas Transportation Operating Assets
Dividend Equivalent Dividend Rights
Dividends Dwr Allocated Contracts
Dwr Contracts Dwr Surplus Energy Percentage Supply Utility
Earnings Guidance Earnings Operations
Effect Agreement Effect Change Control Nonemployee Director Awards
Effect Change Control Options Sars Effect Change Control Other Awards
Effect Supplemental Indentures Effect Termination Service
Effective Date Effectiveness
Either Cpucs Approval Settlement Agreement Confirmation Order Overturned Elected Option Value8221
Elected Stock Unit Value8221 Election Directors
Election Redeem Notice Trustee Electric Operating Revenues
Electric Restructuring Costs Account Application Electricity
Electricity Deliveries Electricity Generation Resources
Electricity Natural Gas Distribution Generation Electricity Natural Gas Markets Highly Volatile Insufficient Regulatory
Electricity Procurement Costs Long-term Plan Electricity Purchases Satisfy Residual Net Open Position
Elimination Equity Ownership Negt Emergence Chapter
Employee Employee Compensation Plans
Employer Contributions Employers 2005
Employment Ems Scada System
End Energy Recovery Bonds
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Environmental Legal Matters
Environmental Matters Environmental Measures
Environmental Remediation Liabilities Equipment
Equipment Installation Equity Grant Date Policy
Establishment Deferred Compensation Award Programs Establishment Performance Period Goals Award Formula
Establishment Trust Evaluation Availability Performance
Events Default Excluded
Excluded Events Exclusion Certain Types Loss
Execution Dating Certificate Authentication Execution Supplemental Indentures
Executive Committees Executive Pay
Executive Stock Ownership Program Exercisability Term Options
Exercise Contractual Rights Exercise Price
Exercise Price Payment Existing
Existing Agreements Existing Standards
Expansion Transmission Facilities Extension Exercise Prevented Law
Extra Pick-ups Facilities Rights Provided Iso
Factors Affect Future Results Operation Financial Condition Factors Affecting 2004 Results Operation Financial Condition
Factors Affecting 2005 Results Operation Financial Condition Fair Market Value
Fair Market Value Limitation Fair Value Financial Instruments
Fees Expenses Fees Paid Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Ferc Ferc Proceedings
Ferc Transmission Rate Cases Fidelity Management Trust Trustee
Figure 431 Sample Control Chart Finance Committee
Financial Statements Exhibits Financial Summary Settlement Agreement
Financing Activities Financing Commitments
Forced Outage Ims Frequency Form Non-qualified Stock Option Agreement
Form Restricted Stock Agreement Form Trusteersquos Certificate Authentication
Formal Evaluation Chief Executive Officer Forms Consideration Authorized
Forms Generally Forward Market Sale
Forward-looking Statements Fractional Shares
Freestanding Sar Freestanding Sars
Full Full-year 2004 Results
Funded Status Further Assurances
Gains Losses Debt Extinguishments Gas Accord
Gas Public Purpose Program Surcharges General
General Counsel General Rate Case
General Rate Cases Global Bonds
Governing Law Grant Nonstatutory Stock Option
Grant Restricted Stock Unit Awards Grc
Hold Bonds Hour-ahead Market Congestion Management
Immediate Release 2005 Impairment Long-lived Assets
Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials Stockholder Meeting Important-this Proxy Signed Dated Reverse Side
Important-this Voting Instruction Card Signed Dated Reverse Side Inaccessible Areas
Incentive Stock Option Incentives Penalties
Incentives Penalty Revenues Income Tax Expense
Income Taxes Indemnification
Indenture Independence Directors
Independent Directors Meet Without Other Index
Initial Value Performance Shares Units Insider
Inspection Facilities Insurance Contracts
Interconnection Interest Expense
Interest Income Interest Rate Risk
Internal Control-integrated Framework Internal External Auditors
Introduction Inventories
Inventory Costs Investing Activities
Investment Authority Investment Cash Held Trustee
Investment Funds 2005 Investments Affiliates
Irrigation Districts Water Agencies Iso Controlled Grid
Iso Controlled Grid Access Services Iso Determination Standards
Iso Enforcement Iso Maintenance Guidelines
Iso Management Emergencies Iso Real Time Market Sales
Iso Register Iso System Studies Operating Procedures
Iso Uninstructed Energy Transaction Delivered Received Grid Real Iso-qualifying Corporation
Isos Insurance Issuance Energy Recovery Bonds
Joint Proxy Statement Joint Responsibilities
Kathleen Hayes Lead Director
Lease Rental Equipment Iso Legal Compliance Business Ethics
Legal Holidays Legal Matters
Legal Proceedings Legislative Regulatory Environment Pending Litigation
Liability Damages Liability Solely Corporate
Lien Mortgage Limitation Liens
Limitation Suits Liquidity
Lists Holders Litigation Involving California Attorney General City County San
Long-term Incentive Program Long-term Incentive Program Awards 2005
Long-term Incentives Lost Certificates
Low-income Housing Partnerships Maintenance Coordination Committee Functions
Maintenance Office Agency Maintenance Record Keeping Reporting
Majority Voting Management Development Succession Planning
Management Emergencies Participating Tos Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Mandatory Retirement Mandatory Retirement8221
Material Breach Material Breach Corporation
Material Breach Employee Material Differences Between Compensation Paid Different Neos
Maximum Number Shares Issuable Maximum Number Shares Issuable Pursuant Incentive Stock Options
Measurement Performance Goals Meetings Board
Meetings Conference Telephone Meetings Independent Directors
Membership Board Committees Merger
Merger Conversion Consolidation Succession Business Minimum Notice Working Required
Mirant Settlement Miscellaneous
Modification Without Supplemental Indenture Money Bond Payments Held Trust
Money Held Trust Monitoring
Mortgage Bonds Mortgage Bonds Senior Notes
Much Did Proxy Solicitation Cost Much Stock-based Compensation Did Directors Receive 2005
Much Stock-based Compensation Did Directors Receive 2007 Much Stock-based Compensation Did Directors Receive 2008
Mutilated Destroyed Lost Stolen Bonds Natural Gas
Natural Gas Operating Revenues Natural Gas Procurement
Natural Gas Royalties Qui Tam Litigation Natural Gas Supply Transportation
Natural Gas Supply Transportation Agreements Natural Gas Supply Transportation Commitments
Ndash Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change Ndash Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet
Ndash Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Ndash Entry Material Definitive Agreement
Ndash Other Events Ndash Termination Material Definitive Agreement
Negt Operating Results Net Earnings Per Common Share Basic
Net Earnings Per Common Share Diluted Net Income
Net-exercise8221 New Long-term Generation Resource Commitments
Nominate Someone Director Annual Meetings Nominating Compensation Governance Committee
Nominating Compensation Governance Committee Report Nominating Governance Committee
Non-disclosure Non-disparagement
Non-iso Controlled Grid Critical Protective Systems Non-trading Activities
Non-waiver Noncurrent Liabilities
Nonemployee Director Award Nonemployee Director Awards
Nonstatutory Stock Option Nontransferability Performance Awards
Nontransferability Restricted Stock Award Rights Nontransferability Restricted Stock Unit Awards
Nontransferability Sars Nontransferability Stock Unit Awards
Not Not Executing Submitting Proxy Voting Instructions Over Internet
Not List Not Responsible Recitals Issuance Bonds Application Proceeds
Not Submitting Proxy Over Internet Telephone Please Detach Not Submitting Voting Instructions Over Internet Telephone Please
Notes Notice Defaults
Notice Holders Bonds Waiver Notice Redemption
Notices Notices Etc Trustee
Nrc Nuclear Fuel
Nuclear Fuel Agreements Nuclear Insurance
Number Objective
Obligations Event Uncontrollable Force Obtain Information Pge Corporation Pacific Gas Electric Bylaws
Obtain Information Pge Corporation Pacific Gas Electric Corporate Obtaining Services Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Occurrences Uncontrollable Forces Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Officer Officer Compensation
Officer Compensation Philosophy Officers
Operating Activities Operating Environment
Operating Expenses Operating Maintenance
Operating Revenues Operating Revenues Expenses
Operation Decommissioning Utilitys Nuclear Power Plants Expose Potentially Option
Option Exercisability Option Expiration Date8221
Option Sar Repricing Options Sars
Organization Basis Presentation Other Annual Compensation
Other Benefits Other Commitments Operating Leases
Other Compensation Other Employment Consulting
Other Events Other Income Expense
Other Information Other Noncurrent Assets
Other Power Purchase Agreements Other Responsibilities
Other Stock-based Awards Other Termination Service
Outage Ims Data Reporting Over-generation Periods
Overview Pacific Gas Electric
Pacific Gas Electric Chapter Filing Pacific Gas Electric Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Pacific Gas Electric Michael Peevey Panel Arbitrators Typically Include Minority Affiliated Securities Industry
Parent Corporation Pari Passu
Participant Participant Entitled Direct Trustee Vote Shares Pge Corporation
Participants Retirement Savings Plan Union-represented Employees Participating
Participating Group Participating Investment Funds 2005
Participating Records Information Sharing Participating Subsidiaries 1997
Participating Subsidiaries 2005 Participating Tos Indemnity
Participation Party Beneficiaries
Path Existing Transmission Contract Facilitator Etc Payment Bonds
Payment Cobra Premiums Payment Fees Lehman Bank
Payment Interest Rights Preserved Payment Proper Currency
Payment Settlement Performance Awards Payments
Payments Participants Beneficiaries Payments Short-fall Trust Assets Occurs
Pecial Meetings Pending Cpuc Investigation Utilityrsquos Billing Collection Practices
Pending Cpuc Investigations Pension Benefits
Pension Contribution Application Pension Other Postretirement Benefits
Pension Other Postretirement Plans Percent Owner
Performance Award Formula Performance Awards
Performance Goal Performance Measures
Performance Period Performance Share
Performance Shares Units Performance Targets
Performance Unit Perquisites
Perquisites Related Compensation Persons Deemed Owners
Persons Eligible Persons Eligible Awards
Persons Entitled Vote Meetings Pge Corp Reports Solid Financial Performance
Pge Corporation Pge Corporation 2005 Press Release
Pge Corporation Common Stock Dividend Pge Corporation Directors Recommend Vote Against Shareholder
Pge Corporation Independent Lead Director Separate Chairman Board Pge Corporation Pacific Gas Electric Committed Good Corporate
Pge Corporation Pacific Gas Electric Select Nominees Director Pge Corporation Phantom Stock Fund
Pge Corporation Required Contribute Capital Utility Denied Distributions Pge Corporation Retirement Savings Plan Union Represented Employees
Pge Corporation Supplemental Retirement Savings Plan Pge Corporation Utility Intend Retain Sufficient Cash Operating
Pge Corporations Utilitys Financial Viability Depends Ability Recover Physical Operation Facilities
Place Meeting Plays Role Establishing Executive Compensation
Please Attached Ticket Attend Pge Corporation Annual Meeting Please Fold Detach Card Perforation Before Mailing
Pollution Control Bond Bridge Facilities Pollution Control Bond Term Loan Facility Agreements
Pollution Control Bonds Post-service Benefits
Potential Payments Following Change Control Other Triggering Events Potential Payments Resignation Retirement
Potential Payments Resignation Retirement Termination Change Control Death Power Attorney
Power Purchase Agreements Powers
Powers Committee Preferential Collection Claims Against
Preferred Stock Preservation Obligations
President Principal Shareholders
Prior Prior Submitting Voting Instructions Read Accompanying Joint Proxy
Prior Voting Read Accompanying Joint Proxy Statement Above Procedure Designating Iso Controlled Grid Facilities
Procurement Cost Balancing Account Mandatory Rate Adjustments Property Plant Equipment
Property Successor Corporation Protective Relay Systems
Provision Information Proxy Materials 2008 Shareholder Meeting Available On-line
Proxy Materials Annual Meetings Available On-line Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors Annual Meeting Shareholders
Proxy Solicited Behalf Pge Corporation Board Directors Unless Pto Allow Iso Visit Transmission Facilities
Pto Maintain Records Maintenance Activities Pto Make Records Maintenance Activities Available Iso
Pto Provide Certain Maintenance Records Iso Public Information
Public Policy Committee Purchase Period
Purchase Price Purpose
Purpose Objectives Purposes Meetings Called
Qualifications Personnel Qualifying Facility Power Purchase Agreements
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Quarter-over-quarter Comparison
Quorum Quorum Action
Rate Reduction Bonds Ratemaking Matters
Re-employment Real Time Curtailment Priorities
Realtor Receive Paper E-mail Copy Documents Request Charge Requesting
Recitals Reclassifications
Recognition Regulatory Assets Recommend Someone Pge Corporation Pacific Gas Electric Consider
Record Date Recorded Liability Legal Matters
Records Relevant Operation Iso Controlled Grid Redemption Bonds Initial Series
Reference Bonds Supplemental Indentures References
Refinancing Supported Dedicated Rate Component Refund Obligation
Registration Transfer Exchange Regular Attendance Non-directors Board Meetings
Regulation Disclosure Regulation Statement Financial Accounting Standards
Regulatory Assets Regulatory Assets Liabilities
Regulatory Balancing Accounts Regulatory Liabilities
Regulatory Matters Related Party Agreements Transactions
Related Person Transactions Related Systems
Relationship Parties Release Claims Covenant Not Sue
Release Conveyance Other Transfer Reliability Run Agreements
Reliability Services Costs Remedial Action Systems Frequency Load Shedding Voltage
Renewable Energy Renewable Energy Contracts
Renewable Energy Requirement Renewable Energy Requirement California
Reorganization Fees Expenses Repayment Schedule
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Reports Trustee
Representations Warranties Repurchase Rights
Resignation Resignation Removal Appointment Successor
Resignation Removal Trustee Resolution Board Directors Pacific Gas Electric
Responsibility Consolidated Financial Statements Responsibility Trustee
Restoration Rights Remedies Restricted Cash
Restricted Stock Restricted Stock Agreement
Restricted Stock Unit Awards Restriction Period
Results Operations Financial Condition Retention Programs
Retirement Age Retirement Pension
Retirement8221 Revenue Recognition
Revenue Requirements Review Approval Ratification Related Person Transactions
Review Information Record-related Policies Review Pto Maintenance Practices Iso
Revision Iso Maintenance Standards Revisions Standards
Right Decline Nonemployee Director Awards Rights Assets
Rights Employee Consultant Director Rights Remedies Cumulative
Rights Responsibilities Participating Tos Rights Shareholder
Risk Management Activities Risks Related Pge Corporation
Risks Related Utility Rule 16b-3
Safety Salary Continuation Bonus Payment
Sale Disposal Transmission Facilities Entitlements San Diego Gas Electric
San Ramon Valley Conference Center 3301 Crow Canyon Sanctions
Satisfaction Discharge Bonds Satisfaction Discharge Indenture
Schedule 14a Scheduled Maintenance
Secondary Pay Comparator Group General Industry Companies Section112 Governing Law
Selection Bonds Redeemed Selection Chairman Board Chief Executive Officer
Selection Directors Senior Credit Facility
Senior Secured Notes Separability Clause
Separation Benefits Separation Service
Service Services Provided Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Settlement Regulatory Asset Settlement Restricted Stock Unit Award
Settlement Restricted Stock Unit Awards Settlement Stock Unit Awards
Severability Severance Payment
Severance Payments Benefits Share-based Payment Transactions
Shareholder Action Written Consent Shareholder Meeting
Shareholder Proposal Shareholder Proposals Due 2007 Annual Meetings
Shareholders Asked Vote Matters Other Those Described Joint Shareholders Make Other Proposals Annual Meetings
Shares Eligible Vote Annual Meetings Shares Entitled Vote Annual Meetings
Short-term Incentives Signatures
Significant Incident Signing Cover Sheet Agreement Agree Terms Conditions Described
Signing Shareholder Please Sign Shareholders Name Specify Capacity Single Point Contact
Size Board Southern California Edison
Special Awards Special Meetings
Special Requirements Apply Members Audit Committees Special Requirements Apply Members Compensation Committee
Special Requirements Apply Members Finance Committee Special Requirements Apply Members Nominating Compensation Governance Committee
Special Requirements Apply Members Nominating Governance Committee Special Requirements Apply Members Public Policy Committee
Specific Requirements Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage Proceedings
Srsp Aggressive Asset Allocation Fund Srsp Bond Index Fund
Srsp Conservative Asset Allocation Fund Srsp International Stock Index Fund
Srsp Large Stock Index Fund Srsp Moderate Asset Allocation Fund
Srsp Small Stock Index Fund Srsp Stable Value Fund
Staffing Training Meet Obligations Station Maintenance
Status Award Stip Operational Performance Measures
Stip Structure Stipend Lieu Perquisites
Stock Stock Appreciation Right
Stock Repurchases Stock Repurchases Dividends
Stock Unit Stock-based Awards
Stock-based Compensation Strategy Achieve Cost Efficiencies Operational Excellence Invest Needed
Submit Voting Instructions Over Internet Telephone Not Need Submittal Information Prospective Ptos Iso
Subsequent Events Subsidiary Corporation
Successor Corporation Substituted Successors Assigns
Such Forbearance Enforce Agreement Arbitrate Shall Not Constitute Summary
Supplemental Disclosures Cash Flow Information Supplemental Financial Information
Supplemental Indentures Consent Holders Supplemental Indentures Without Consent Holders
Surplus Energy Quantity Surplus Energy Revenues
Surplus Energy Sales Revenues System Emergency Reports Obligations
Table Estimated Fees Billed Pacific Gas Electric Subsidiaries Table Estimated Fees Billed Pge Corporation Amounts Include
Table Estimates Potential Payments Each Individual Named Summary Table Provides Additional Information Regarding Amounts Received 2007
Table Provides Information 2007 Each Individual Named Summary Table Summarizes Distribution Terms Conditions Stock Options Granted
Table Summarizes Exercises Stock Options Tandem Appreciation Rights Table Summarizes Long-term Incentive Grants Officers Named Summary
Table Summarizes Principal Components Compensation Paid Chief Executive Table Values Percentiles Specified Ranges
Tandem Sars Target Non-ceo Compensation
Targets Availability Performance Tax Exempt Debt
Tax Withholding General Taxation Matters
Technical Information Protocols Technical Training
Temporary Bonds Tender Stock
Term Term Plan
Termination Connection Change Control Termination Generally
Termination Isos Operational Control Terms Conditions Deferred Compensation Awards
Terms Conditions Nonemployee Director Awards Terms Conditions Options
Terms Conditions Performance Awards Terms Conditions Restricted Stock Awards
Terms Conditions Restricted Stock Unit Awards Terms Conditions Stock Appreciation Rights
Tests Time Place Directors Meetings
Timing Amount Grant Titles
Tos Control Centers Total
Total Common Shareholders Earnings Basic Total Electric Customers
Trans-elect Ntd Path Llc Transferability Options
Transition Frozen Rates Cost Service Ratemaking Transmission Access Charge
Transmission Control Agreement Transmission Facilities Covered Iso Maintenance Standards
Transmission Line Maintenance Transmission Losses
Transmission Owner Rate Cases Transmission Owners
Transmission Service Transportation Storage
Treasurer Trustee Enforce Claims Without Possession Bonds
Trustee Proofs Claim Trustee Responsibility Regarding Payments Trust Beneficiary Insolvent
Types Performance Awards Authorized Types Restricted Stock Awards Authorized
Types Sars Authorized Ucls Lcls Uwls Lwls Index Number Lines 125
Ucls Lcls Uwls Lwls Index Number Lines Less Ucls Lcls Uwls Lwls Index Other Voltage Classes
Ucls Lcls Uwls Lwls Index Voltage Classes Containing Unbilled Revenues
Unconditional Right Holders Receive Principal Premium Interest Undertaking Costs
Unfair Competition Unfunded Obligation
Uninstructed Supply Deviations Unscheduled Maintenance
Utility Bond Fund Utility Faces Risk Unrecoverable Costs Customers Obtain Distribution
Utility Faces Risk Unrecoverable Costs Resulting Changes Number Utility Remittance Dwr
Utility Remittance Dwr Revenue Surplus Energy Sales Utility Retained Generation Regulatory Assets
Utilitys Chapter Filing Utilitys Emergence Chapter
Utilitys Financial Condition Results Operations Materially Adversely Affected Utilitys Operations Subject Extensive Environmental Laws Changes Liabilities
Utilitys Operations Subject Number Federal State Statutes Cpuc Utilitys Plan Reorganization Settlement Agreement
Valuation Assumptions Variable Rate 535 Pollution Control Loan Agreements
Vegetation Management Right-of-way Maintenance Vesting
Vesting Conditions Vesting Exercisability
Vesting Restrictions Transfer Vice Chairman Board
Vice Presidents View Joint Proxy Statement Annual Report Internet Wwwpgecorpcom
Vote Vote Confidential
Vote Important Vote Internet
Vote Internet Telephone Mail Vote Mail
Vote Pge Corporation Shares They Hold Proxies Against Vote Telephone
Voted Pge Corporation Shareholders Only Voting Instructions Trustee 2008
Voting Meetings Voting Rights Dividend Equivalent Distributions
Voting Rights Dividends Distributions Waiver
Waiver Certain Covenants Waiver Past Defaults
Waiver Stay Extension Laws Warrants
Western Area Power Administration Western Area Power Administration Sierra Nevada Region
What Address Principal Executive Office Pge Corporation Pacific What Audit Committees Responsibilities
What Being Voted Shareholder Meeting What Board Directors Recommend
What Broker Non-vote What Cause Mean
What Change Control What Compensation Committees 2007 Officer Program Objectives
What Compensation Committees Responsibilities What Compensation Payable Change Control Pge Corporation
What Compensation Setting Process What Constitutes Change Control
What Executive Committees Responsibilities What Factors Guided Compensation Committees 2008 Officer Program
What Finance Committees Responsibilities What Independence Guidelines Apply Boards Directors
What Key Committees Pge Corporation Pacific Gas Electric What Nominating Compensation Governance Committees Responsibilities
What Nominating Governance Committees Responsibilities What Not Submit Proxy
What Primary Components Neo Compensation Paid Earned 2007 What Primary Components Neo Compensation Paid Earned 2008
What Public Policy Committees Responsibilities What Qualifications Director
What Retainers Fees Directors Receive Compensation What Return Proxy Not Specify Shares Voted
What Shares Entitled Vote What Shares Included Proxy Card
What Types Employment Contracts Exist Officers Named Summary What Types Payments Officers Named Summary Compensation Table
What Types Payments Triggered Officers Named Summary Compensation What Types Stock-based Compensation Non-employee Directors Receive
What Vote Required Approve Each What Voting Boards Recommendations
What Voting Each Boards Recommendations Withdrawal Due Adverse Tax Action
Withholding Shares Within
Workers Compensation Security Working Capital Facility
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