Topic Listing for Patriot Coal

Acceptable Parent Financing Terms Accrued Expenses
Acid Rain Acquisition Proposal
Act Additional Filings
Additional Information Additional Interest
Additional Securities Additional Shares
Adjusted Ebitda Adjustments
Administration Affiliate
Agent Members Aggregate Share Number
Agreement Agreements Entered Enter Peabody Involve Conflicts Interest
Agreements Entered Peabody Involve Conflicts Interest Air Quality Standards
Amendment Modification Termination Amendments
Amendments Prohibitions Amendments Waivers Further Assurances
Annual Base Salary Annual Board Committee Fees
Annual Equity Compensation Annual Incentive Payouts
Annual Incentive Plan Annual Long-term Incentive Grants
Annual Meeting Stockholders Anti-takeover Effects
Anti-takeover Effects Provisions Delaware Law Charter By-laws Apogee
Apogee Coal Llc Appalachia
Appalachian Mining Operations Applicable Law
Arclight Financing Arclight Funds
Asset Retirement Obligation Expense Asset Retirement Obligations
Ast Audit Committee
Authorized Outstanding Capital Stock Authorized Shares
Authorized Unissued Capital Stock Average Redemption Vwap
Award Adjustment Substitution Assumption Awards
Balance Sheet Bankruptcy Custodian
Bankruptcy Law Basis Preparation
Basis Presentation Basis Presentation Related Periods Prior Spin-off Peabody
Benchmarking Process Beneficial Owner
Beneficial Owners Percent Directors Management Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Bid Solicitation Agent Big Mountain
Big Run Black Lung
Blue Creek Bluegrass
Board Board Attendance Executive Sessions
Board Directors Board Resolution
Borrower Bridge Facility Commitment Letter
Bridge Facility8221 Bridge Loan Facility
Brown Class Director Designee Business
Business Combination Transaction Business Combinations
Business Not Generate Sufficient Cash Operations Able Repay Campbells Creek
Cannot Predict Price Range Volatility Common Stock After Capital Stock
Capitalization Carbon Dioxide Emissions
Cash Equivalents Cash Percentage
Cautionary Notice Regarding Forward-looking Statements Cercla
Cercla Superfund Certain Liabilities
Certain Real Property Arrangements Certificate Incorporation By-laws
Chairman Board Directors Executive Advisor Director Charles Ebetino Senior Vice President Corporate Development
Chief Executive Officer Director Class Director Nominees Terms Expiring 2011
Class Director Nominees Terms Expiring 2012 Class Directors Terms Expiring 2009
Class Directors Terms Expiring 2010 Class Directors Terms Expiring 2011
Clause Distribution Clean Air Act
Clean Air Interstate Rule Cair Clean Air Mercury Rule Camr
Clean Water Act Clean Water Act Permit Issues
Closing Closing Date
Coal Characteristics Coal Conversion Technologies
Coal Industry Experiences Overcapacity Future Profitability Impaired Coal Industry Overview
Coal Markets Coal Mining Production Delivery Subject Conditions Events Beyond
Coal Mining Techniques Coal Prices
Coal Regions Coal Supply Agreement
Coal Supply Agreements Coal Supply Agreements Expire Revenues Operating Profits Suffer
Code Business Conduct Ethics Combined Statements Changes Invested Capital Deficit
Commencement Date Commitments
Committees Board Directors Commodity Price Risk
Common Interest Agreement Common Stock
Communications Board Directors Compensation Committee
Compensation Discussion Analysis Compensation Named Executive Officers
Competition Comprehensive Enviromental Response Compensation Liability Act Cercla
Concerns Environmental Impacts Coal Combustion Including Perceived Global Concerns Environmental Impacts Coal Combustion Such Global Climate
Condensed Combined Statements Operations Confidentiality Agreements
Connection Construction New Coal-fueled Power Plants
Consummation Spin-off Transaction Continuing Directors
Continuing Employees Continuous Mining
Contractual Obligations Contribution Allocation Assets Liabilities Representations Warranties
Control Conversion Agent
Conversion Date Conversion Notice
Conversion Obligation Conversion Price
Conversion Rate Convertible Debt
Convertible Debt Notes Convertible Debt Npa
Core Representations Corporate Governance Documents Rights Plan Delaware Law Discourage
Corporate Governance Matters Corporate Information Structure
Corporate Trust Office Corporation
Corridor Costs Solicitation
Covenant Breach Covenants Credit Facility Impose Restrictions Limit Operational Financial
Covered Contract Credit Agreement
Credit Agreement Amendment Credit Facility
Credit Risk Custodian
Customers Backlog Daily Conversion Value
Daily Share Amount Daily Vwap
Damages Decline Coal Prices Reduce Revenues Value Reserves
Decrease Availability Increase Costs Key Supplies Capital Equipment Decrease Price Metallurgical Coal Production Anticipated Profitability
Decrease Production Metallurgical Coal Anticipated Profitability Deductibility Compensation Expenses
Deductible Amount Default
Defects Title Leasehold Interests Properties Limit Ability Mine Deferred Financing Costs
Deferred Stock Units Defined Benefit Pension Plan
Defined Contribution Plan Defined Contribution Plans
Definitions Delaware Law
Delay Notice Delegending Date
Demand Registration Deminimis Amount
Depositary Depreciation Depletion Amortization
Derivatives Derive Substantial Portion Revenues Peabody Subsidiaries Material Failure
Description Business Description Capital Stock
Description Indebtedness Designated Stockholders
Dgcl Did Not Operate Independent Prior Spin-off Experience Increased
Direct Indemnification Claims Director Compensation
Director Compensation 2008 Director Independence
Director Nominating Process Director Qualifications
Director Stock Ownership Disclosure Schedule
Dispute Resolution Dissenting Shares
Distributed Property Distribution
Distribution Date Dividend Policy
Dividends Documents Incorporated Reference
Dodge Hill Due Participation Multi-employer Pension Plans Exposure Extends Beyond
Duration Duration Amendment Termination
Effect Minority Purchase Arrangement Effect Noncontrolling Interest Purchase Arrangement
Effective Date Effective Time
Eitf 08-6 Eligibility
Eligibility Participation Employee Matters Agreement
Employee Plans Employee Stock Purchase Plan
Employee-related Liabilities Employees
Employees Labor Relations Employment Agreements
Environmental Claim Environmental Claims Litigation
Environmental Laws Environmental Liabilities
Epa Consent Decree Equity Compensation Plan Information
Erisa Affiliate Ers
Escrow Account Escrow Agent
Escrow Agreement Escrow Availability Amount
Escrow Only Claims Escrow Property
Escrow Shares Estimated Current Value Change Control Benefits
Estimated Future Benefits Payments Estimated Incremental Value Termination
Estimates Preparation Combined Financial Statements Estimates Preparation Consolidated Financial Statements
Event Default Events Impacting Near-term Operations
Events Not Result Adjustments Ex-date
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Excess Defined Contribution Retirement Plan
Excess Transaction Expenses Deduction Amount Exchange
Exchange Act Exchange Agent
Executive Committee Executive Compensation Program Objectives
Executive Director Sessions Executive Officers
Executive Summary Exercisability
Existing Credit Agreement Existing Rate Schedule
Expenditures Postretirement Benefit Obligations Materially Higher Predicted Actual Expenses
Exposure Statutory Retiree Healthcare Costs Significantly Higher Estimated Extended Long-term Incentive Awards
Extended Long-term Incentive Non-qualified Stock Option Extended Long-term Incentive Restricted Stock Units
Failure Obtain Renew Surety Bonds Timely Manner Acceptable Failures Contractor-operated Sources Fulfill Delivery Terms Contracts Reduce
Fair Value Financial Instruments Fasb Staff Position Apb 14-1
Fasb Staff Position Eitf 03-6-1 Fasb Statement 141
Fasb Statement 157 Fasb Statement 159
Fasb Statement 160 Fasb Statement 161
Federal Federal Black Lung Excise Tax Refund Claims
Federal Income Tax Consequences Federal State Superfund Statutes
Fee Letter Fees Paid Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Fering Size Financial Condition Results Operations
Financial Interpretation Financial Statements Exhibits
Find Information Flip-in
Flip-over Flood Litigation
Following Spin-off Derive Substantial Portion Revenues Peabody Subsidiaries Form 10-k
Form 8-k Fundamental Change
Fundamental Change Repurchase Date Fundamental Change Repurchase Notice
Fundamental Change Repurchase Price Fundamental Change Repurchase Right Notice
Future Success Depends Ability Develop Existing Coal Reserves Gaap
Gains Mining Productivity General
Geologic Conditions Global Climate Change
Global Security Governance Practices
Governmental Authority Growth Coal Consumption
Guarantees Hazardous Materials
Health Welfare Benefit Plans Heat Value
Highland Historical Pro Forma Financial Information Not Indicative Future
Historical Steam Coal Prices Selected Products Over-the-counter Future Hobet
Holder Holders
Householding Proxies Identified Mining Laws
Illinois Basin Illinois Basin Mining Operations
Impairment Long-lived Assets Inaccuracies Estimates Economically Recoverable Coal Reserves Result Lower
Incentive Stock Options Income Tax Provision
Income Taxes Indemnification Agreements
Indemnification Limitation Liability Directors Officers Indemnified Party
Indemnified Person Indemnifying Party
Indenture Index Combined Financial Statements
Industry Industry Consolidation
Industry Trends Information
Information Statement Information Stockholder Proposals
Initial Conversion Rate Initial Conversion Value
Initial Lock-up Date Initial Purchasers
Inspectors Insurance
Intangible Assets Intellectual Property Rights
Interest Interest Expense
Interest Expense Income Introduction Overview
Inventories Invested Capital
Investment Joint Ventures Irl Engelhardt Chairman Board Directors Executive Advisor Class
Issuance Issue Date
Jiri Nemec Senior Vice President Chief Operating Officer Joe Adorjan Class Director Designee
John Lushefski Class Director Designee Joint Ventures
Joseph Bean Senior Vice President General Counsel Corporate Jupiter
Kanawha Eagle Kanawha Eagle Joint Venture
Knowledge Last Reported Sale Price
Late Filing Additional Interest Leased Real Property
Leased Tangible Property Leases
Legal Proceedings Lender
Letters Credit Bonding Liability Assumption Agreements Administrative Services Agreement
Liable Certain Retiree Healthcare Obligations Assumed Peabody Connection Lien
Limited Standstill Stockholder Liquidation Rights
Liquidity Capital Resources Listing
Listing Trading Common Stock Litigation Matters
Lock-up Period Logan County
Long-term Debt Long-term Incentives
Long-term Outlook Longwall Mining
Loss Significant Reduction Purchases Parties Existing Coal Supply Magnum
Magnum Acquisition Magnum Common Stock
Magnum Stockholders Agreement Majority Shareholders
Make-whole Fundamental Change Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Manner Effecting Spin-off Market
Market Disruption Event Market Value
Master Equipment Sublease Agreement Material Adverse Effect
Material Contract Material Federal Income Tax Consequences Spin-off
Material Mining Applications Maturity
Measurement Period Medicare Other Plan Changes
Meeting Merger
Merger Agreement Merger Agreement8221
Merger Consideration Merger Consolidation Acquisition Reorganization
Merger Sub Merger Subsidiary
Michael Altrudo Senior Vice President Chief Marketing Officer Michael Scharf Class Director Designee
Mine Closure Costs Mine Safety Health
Mining Operations Extensively Regulated Imposes Significant Costs Future Minority Interests
Miscellaneous Multi-employer Benefit Plans
Multi-employer Pension Plans Named Executive Officer Stock Ownership
National Ambient Air Quality Standards National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Npdes
Negatively Affected Fail Maintain Satisfactory Labor Relations Net Gain Disposal Assets
Net Gain Disposal Exchange Assets Net Gain Disposal Exchange Assets Other Commercial Events
Net Per Share Number New Plan Benefits
New Pronouncements New Source Review Regulations
Newly Adopted Accounting Pronouncements News Release
Nominating Governance Committee Non-qualified Deferred Compensation
Non-qualified Deferred Compensation Table Non-qualified Stock Options
Non-solicitation Employees Noncontrolling Interest
Nontransferability Not Active Trading Market Shares Common Stock
Not Operated Independent Experience Increased Costs After Spin-off Notes
Notes Payable Notes Pro Forma Combined Financial Statements
Notes Pro Forma Consolidated Statement Operations Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders
Notice Default Observation Period
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Guarantees
Officer Officers8217 Certificate
One-time Long-term Incentive Awards Ongoing Coal Supply Arrangements
Operations Depend Availability Additional Financing Access Funds Credit Operations Depend Availability Additional Financing After Spin-off Not
Operations Impact Environment Cause Exposure Hazardous Substances Properties Opinion Counsel
Options Exercised Stock Vested 2007 Options Exercised Stock Vested 2008
Other Other Benefits Provided
Other Business Other Compensation
Other Environmental Litigation Other Events
Other Guarantees Other Revenues
Outlook Outstanding
Outstanding Stock Number Outstanding Stock Number Certificate
Overview Overview Director Nominating Process
Owned Real Property Owned Tangible Property
Ownership Securities Ozone
Paint Creek Panther
Par Value 001 Per Share Parent
Parent Balance Sheet Parent Board Recommendation
Parent Cap Parent Core Claims
Parent Core Representations Parent Covenant Breach
Parent Disclosure Schedule Parent Employee Plan
Parent Financing Parent Financing Commitment Letter
Parent Indemnified Parties Parent Leased Real Property
Parent Leased Tangible Property Parent Material Adverse Effect
Parent Material Contract Parent Material Mining Applications
Parent Non-core Claims Parent Owned Real Property
Parent Owned Tangible Property Parent Permits
Parent Proxy Statement Parent Sec Documents
Parent Securities Parent Shares
Parent Stock Parent Stockholder Approval
Parent Stockholder Meeting Parent Subsidiary Securities
Parent Surety Bonds Part
Participant Participants
Particulate Matter Party
Party Interests Past Mining Obligation Expense
Past Mining Obligations Patriot
Patriot Coal Corporation Patriot Coal Corporation 2007 Long-term Equity Incentive Plan
Patriot Common Stock Patriot Liable Peabody Adverse Tax Consequences Resulting Certain
Patriot Long-term Incentive Plan Patriot Operations
Patriot Stock Issuance Paying Agent
Peabody Shareholders Received Patriot Shares Time Spin-off Subject Peabody Subject Material Amounts Taxes Spin-off Determined Taxable
Pending Adoption Recent Accounting Pronouncements Pension Plans
Pension Savings Plans Performance Awards
Permits Permitted Liens
Permitted Short Sale Perquisites
Person Physical Securities
Piggyback Registration Plan Assets
Plan Modification Termination Policy Approval Related Person Transactions
Policy Grant Equity-based Compensation Postemployment Benefits
Postretirement Healthcare Benefits Potential Payments Termination Change Control
Pre-spin-off Relationship Peabody Preemptive Rights
Preferred Share Purchase Rights Plan Series Junior Participating Preferred Shares
Preferred Stock President Chief Executive Officer Director
President Chief Operating Officer Price Mine
Principal Portion Private Convertible Notes Issuance
Pro Forma Combined Financial Data Pro Forma Consolidated Financial Data
Pro Rata Share Projected Coal Consumption
Projections Promissory Notes
Property Plant Equipment Mine Development Proposal
Public Offering Purchase Agreement
Purchase Price Purchased Contract Rights
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Ratification Appointment Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Reason Furnishing Information Statement Reasons Spin-off
Reclassifications Record Date
Records Redemption
Redemption Conversion Value Redemption Date
Redemption Notice Redemption Price
Reduced Standstill Stockholder Regional Coal Markets
Regional Haze Registrable Securities
Registration Documents Registration Expenses
Registration Request Registration Rights Agreement
Registration Statement Regulatory Matters
Related Party Transactions Related Person
Relationship Peabody Release
Releases Indemnification Relevant Exchange
Remington Reorganization
Reorganization Event Report Audit Committee
Report Compensation Committee Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Representatives Requesting Shareholders
Resale Restriction Termination Date Resource Conservation Recovery Act
Resource Conservation Recovery Act Rcra Responsible Officer
Restricted Security Restricted Security Legend
Restricted Stock Restricted Stock Units
Results Operations Results Spin-off
Retiree Healthcare Retirement Benefits
Revenue Recognition Revisions Restatement
Richard Whiting President Chief Executive Officer Class Director Rights
Rights Agent Rights Agreement
Rights Holders Risk Factors
Risk Factors Relating Common Stock Risk Factors Relating Spin-off
Risk Management Financial Instruments Risks Related Business Strategy
Robert Viets Class Director Designee Rocklick
Role Peabody Roles Compensation Committee Consultant
Rule 144 Rule 144a
Sales Sales Contract Accretion
Sales Contract Liability Sales Marketing
Sara Wade Senior Vice President Human Resources Scheduled Trading
Schroeder Senior Vice President Chief Financial Officer Sec
Securities Securities Act
Securities Authorized Issuance Equity Compensation Plans Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Security Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management
Security Registrar Segment Adjusted Ebitda
Selling Administrative Expenses Senior Vice President Chief Financial Officer
Senior Vice President Chief Marketing Officer Senior Vice President Chief Operating Officer
Senior Vice President Corporate Development Senior Vice President General Counsel Corporate Secretary
Senior Vice President Human Resources Senior Vice President Law Administration General Counsel Corporate
Separation Agreement Plan Reorganization Distribution Share-based Compensation
Shareholder Shares
Shares Reserved Ltip Shortage Skilled Labor Qualified Managers Operating Regions Pose
Signatures Significant Subsidiary
Software License Agreement Special Forward-looking Statements
Spin-off Spin-off Conditions Termination
Spin-off Subsequent Periods Standstill Period
Standstill Stockholder State Laws
Stock Stock Appreciation Rights
Stock Available Plan Stock Options
Stock Ownership Guidelines Stock Performance Graph
Stock Plan Stock Price
Stock Price Condition Stock Units
Stockholder Stockholder Approval
Stockholder Communications Board Directors Stockholder Consents
Stockholder Indemnified Parties Stockholder Mae
Stockholder Released Claims Stockholder Released Parties
Stockholder Releasing Parties Stockholder Representative
Stockholders Stockholders Agreement
Strategy Strengths
Subsidiary Subsidiary Securities
Substitution Event Successor
Sulfur Content Summary
Summary Plan Summary Spin-off
Superior Proposal Suppliers
Support Agreements Surety Bonds
Surface Mining Control Reclamation Act Suspension Notice
Table Contents Target
Tax Tax Return
Tax Separation Agreement Tax Sharing Agreements
Taxes Taxing Authority
Technical Innovation Term Sheet
Terrorist Attacks Threats Escalation Military Activity Response Such Throughput Storage Agreement
Tons Sold Revenues Toxic Release Reporting
Trade Secrets Trading
Trading Price Trading Price Condition
Transaction Documents Transaction Expenses
Transactions Affiliates Arclight Transfer
Transfer Agent Registrar Transfer Awards
Transfer Detachment Transition Services Agreement
Transportation Transportation Coal Becomes Unavailable Uneconomic Customers Ability Sell
Transportation Costs Treatment Peabody Equity Awards Held Patriot Employees
Treatment Reference Property Trigger Event
Truck-and-shovel Mining Trust Indenture Act
Trustee Types Awards
Unable Obtain Renew Permits Necessary Operations Reduce Production Ventures Llc
Voting Agreement Voting Rights
Vwap Market Disruption Event Vwap Trading
Warranty Breach Washington 20549
Wells West Virginia
Western Kentucky Whereas
Wholly Owned Subsidiary Workers Compensation
Written Consent 
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