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Accounts Receivable Net Accrued Expenses Other Liabilities
Additional Information-condensed Financial Statements Additional Updates Preliminary Results 2008
Address Principal Executive Offices Administration
Adopted Item-based Revenue Model Games Intend Apply Most Adopted Item-based Revenue Model Most Games Intend Apply
Ads Share Repurchases Adverse Changes Political Economic Policies Prc Government Material
Advertising Expenses Agreement Civil Air Defense Parking Spaces Garage Area
Agreement Interserv Alteration Capital
Alteration Clauses Alternate Directors
Amendment Modification Termination Amendment Plan
Amendments Amendments Articles
Amendments Supplements Ancillary Buildings Structures
Annex Construction Land Planning License Annual General Meeting Shareholders
Anti-cheating Technology Anti-fatigue System Real-identification Registration
Anti-fatigue System Real-name Registration Applicable Law
Applicable Law Defaulting Liability Applicable Law Settlement Dispute
Appointed Alan Chen Senior Vice President General Manager Appointed Han Zhang Independent Director Board Directors
Appointed Robert Xiao Vice President Human Resources Appointment Removal Directors
Assessment Asset Transfer License Agreement Interserv
Assets Acquisition Audit
Audit Committee Financial Expert Basic Information
Basis Construction Basis Presentation
Basis Project Construction Basis Selling
Beijing House Registration Form Beijing Municipal Presale Contract Commercial Housing
Beijing Municipal Presale License Commercial House Beijing Municipal Purchase Sale Contract Completed Commercial Housing
Beijing Presale Contract Commercial Housing Beijing Purchase Sale Contract Completed Commercial Housing
Biographical Information Biometrix Litigation
Board Directors Board Practices
Books Account British Virgin Islands
Building Area Jiaming Park Building Project
Building Sound Insulation Business Adversely Affected Public Opinions Government Policies Regulations
Business Growth Substantially Dependent Continuing Efforts Senior Executive Business License Enterprise Legal Person
Business Operation Agreement Business Outlook
Business Overview Business Suffer Not Successfully Manage Current Growth Potential
Business Tax Calculation Payment Service Fee
Call Option Agreement Call Shares
Capital Expenditures Capital Increase Share Transfer Agreement Cultural
Capital Increase Share Transfer Transaction Beijing Perfect World Capitalization
Cash Equivalents Cash Flows Working Capital
Cayman Islands Cayman Islands Taxation
Certificate Banks Consent Sale Houses Within Scope Mortgage Certificate Mortgagees Consent Sale Mortgaged Houses
Certificates Shares Change Planning
Change Rights Series Convertible Preferred Shares Change Series Convertible Preferred Shares Rights
Changes Capital Structure Changes Internal Control
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Chapter Basic Information Property
Chapter Common Interests Owners Chapter Defaulting Liabilities
Chapter Defaulting Liability Dispute Resolution Chapter General Provisions
Chapter Maintenance Property Chapter Other Related Provisions
Chapter Payment Property Service Fee Chapter Property
Chapter Supplementary Provisions Chinese Literature Website
Civil Air Defense Parking Spaces Claims
Classified Passive Foreign Investment Result Adverse Federal Income Closed Beta Testing Zhu Xian North America
Closing Register Members Fixing Record Date Code Ethics
Commitment Commitment Letter
Commitments Committees Board Directors
Common Interests Compared 2005
Compared 2006 Compared 2007
Compensation Directors Executive Officers Competition
Components Income Losses Before Taxes Comprehensive Loss Income
Concentration Risks Condensed Statements Cash Flows
Conditions Conference Call
Confidentiality Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consolidated Statements Other Financial Information Consolidation Variable Interest Entities
Consolidation Variable Interest Entity Construction License Project
Construction Progress Construction Project Planning License
Contractual Arrangements Literature Equity Owners Contractual Arrangements Network Equity Owners
Controls Procedures Convenience Translation
Conversion Cooperation Agreement Movie Red Cliff
Copyrights Corporate Actions Substantially Controlled Principal Shareholders Affiliated Entities
Corporate Governance Cost Revenue
Cost Revenues Counterparts
Covenants Critical Accounting Policies
Currently Depend Limited Number Online Games Substantially Revenues Currently Depend Mmorpgs Substantially Revenues Adverse Developments Relating
Currently Laws Regulations Prc Governing Property Rights Virtual Customer Service
Decoration Standard Building Area Jiaming Park Defaulting Liability
Deferred Revenue Deferred Tax Assets Liabilities
Deferred Taxes Definitions
Definitions Construction Delivery Conditions
Delivery Procedures Delivery Time Procedures
Depositarys Notice Extraordinary General Meeting Perfect World Ltd Depreciation Amortization Expenses
Description Allocated Parts Public Construction Area Building Jiaming Description Allocated Parts Public Construction Area No6 Building
Description Allocation Parts Common Construction Area Building Jiaming Design Change
Development Cooperation Agreement Directors
Directors Interests Directors Senior Management
Disclosure Controls Procedures Dispute Resolution
Disputes Settlement Dividend Policy
Dividends Dividends Distributions Reserve
Documents Display Dual-class Ordinary Share Structure Different Voting Rights Discourage
Duties Directors Earnings Per Share
Effective Expiration Date Effectiveness
Effectiveness Performance Term Effectiveness Term Miscellaneous
Eligibility Participation Employee Benefits
Employees Employment Agreements
English Translation Entered New Overseas Licensing Agreement Cubinet Interactive Pte
Entered New Overseas Licensing Agreements Cubinet Interactive Entered New Overseas Licensing Agreements Games-masterscom Ltd Perfect
Entered New Overseas Licensing Agreements Media Ltd Zhu Entered New Overseas Licensing Agreements Soft-world International Corp
Entirety Amendments Equity Investment
Equity Investments Equity Pledge Agreement
Established Subsidiary Estimate
Estimates Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures
Exchange Controls Exchange Rate Information
Exclusive Technology Support Service Agreement Executed Standing Proxy Voted Indicated Below Unless Attend
Execution Contract Property Right Registration Exercise Price
Experienced Continue Experience Fluctuations Quarterly Operating Results Explanation
Extraordinary General Meeting Shareholders Face Execution Risk Respect Proposed Purchase Office Premises
Face Risks Associated Licensing Games Overseas Unable Effectively Face Risks Related Health Epidemics Other Natural Disasters
Face Risks Related Health Epidemics Other Outbreaks Face Risks Uncertainties Regarding Growth Online Game Industry
Factors Affecting Results Operations Fail Maintain Effective System Internal Control Over Financial
Failure Anticipate Successfully Implement New Technologies Render Game Failure Obtain Prior Approval China Securities Regulatory Csrc
Fair Value Measurement Fair Value Measurements
Financial Financial Highlights
Financial Instruments Financial Results
Financial Soundness Licensees Distributors Vendors Affect Business Results Financial Statements
Financing Activities Fluctuation Value Renminbi Material Adverse Effect Business Result
Force Majeure Foreign Currency Translation
Foreign Exchange Risk Forfeiture Shares
Form Exercise Form Proxy Members Extraordinary General Meeting
Forward-looking Information Founders Shares
Further Information Please Contact Future Acquisitions Alliances Adverse Effect Business
Game Development Game Development Platform
Game Development Platforms Game Engine
Game Engines Garage Area Jiaming Park
General Administrative Expenses General Manager Shanghai Office
General Meeting General Meetings
General Provisions Global Financial Economic Crisis Particularly Slowdown Chinese Economy
Global Income Dividends Receive Prc Subsidiaries Subject Tax Global Income Dividends Receive Prc Subsidiary Subject Tax
Government Grants Government Regulations
Grant Exercise Call Option Gross Profit Margin
Half Horizontal Projected Area Separation Walls Between Apartment Handling Area Difference
Highlights History Development
Hong Kong House Warranty Responsibility
Impairment Long-lived Assets Intangible Income Tax Expense
Income Tax Expenses Income Taxes
Incorporated Perfect Online Holding Limited Incurred Continue Incur Increased Costs Result Being Public
Incurred Net Losses Past Experience Earnings Declines Future Indemnification
Indemnity Index
Index Consolidated Financial Statements Indoor Parts
Inflation Information
Information Civil Air Defense Parking Spaces Garage Information Reporting Backup Withholding
Institution Intangible Assets
Intangible Assets Arising Acquisition Intangible Assets Net
Intellectual Property Intellectual Property Rights
Intellectual Property Rights Confidentiality Intended Transfer Price Method Payment
Interest Rate Risk Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Internet Café Regulation Interserv Business Acquisition
Interserv International Inc Http Wwwis-gamescom Introduction
Investing Activities Investment Beijing Perfect World Cultural Communication Ltd
Investment Chengdu Net Science Technology Development Ltd Investment Chengdu Seasky Digital Entertainment Ltd
Investors Urged Consult Tax Advisors Application Federal Rules Joint Responsibilities
Launched Chi Malaysia Singapore Through Cubinet Interactive Pte Launched Official Website Pocketpet Journey West
Launched Open Beta Testing Chi Launched Perfect World Indonesia Through Lyto Datarindo Fortuna
Launched Unlimited Closed Beta Testing Pocketpet Journey West Laws Regulations Governing Online Game Industry China Developing
Laws Regulations Governing Online Game Reading Industries China Lease Condition
Leases Legal Proceedings
Letter Intent Transfer 6-9 Buildings Garage Area Jiaming Letter Undertaking
Liability Overdue Delivery Liability Overdue Payment
Liable Breaches Security Website Party Online Payment Channels License Agreement Interserv
Limited Business Insurance Coverage China Limited Operating History Long-term Potential Online Games Unproven
Limited Personal Computers China Relatively High Cost Internet Liquidation Preference
List Subsidiaries Perfect World Ltd Registrant Loan Agreement
Long-lived Assets-property Equipment Intangible Assets Major Shareholder
Management Management Plan
Managements Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Market Price Adss Been Continue Volatile
Marketing Promotion Markets
Material Contracts Material Modifications Rights Security Holders Proceeds
Meeting Membership Management Payment System
Memorandum Articles Association Method Payment
Method Term Payment Minority Investment Beijing Perfect World Cultural Communication Ltd
Miscellaneous Mortgage Situation
Need Substantial Amount Cash Fund Operations Fail Obtain Net Income
Net Income Attributable Shareholders Network Infrastructure
Network Interruptions Loss Critical Customer Data Caused System New Expansion Pack
New Overseas Launches New Overseas Licensing Agreement
New Regulations Overseas Listings New Rule Sets Forth Complex Procedures Acquisitions Conducted
New Shares Issued No1 Garage Area Jiaming Park
Non-current Prepayments Other Assets Non-gaap Financial Measures
Non-recognition Trusts Noncompliance Offshore Investment Regulations China Result Potential Administrative
Not Able Maintain Revenues Profitability Operate Highly Competitive Not Able Participate Rights Offerings Experience Dilution Holdings
Not Able Prevent Others Infringing Intellectual Property Rights Not Same Voting Rights Holders Ordinary Shares Receive
Notes Notice Annual General Meeting
Notice Extraordinary General Meeting Notice General Meetings
Notices Now Therefore Through Friendly Negotiations Abiding Principle Equality
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Offering Listing Details
Officers Online Game
Online Game Operation Revenues Online Game Product Development Costs
Open Beta Testing Battle Immortals Open Beta Testing Fantasy Zhu Xian
Open Beta Testing Pocketpet Journey West Operating Activities
Operating Expenses Operating Leases
Operating Profit Operations Management Personnel Arrangement
Options Options Grants Modification
Options Restricted Shares Grants Ordinary Shares
Ordinary Shares Par Value Us00001 Per Share 2007 Ordinary Shares Par Value Us00001 Per Share 2008
Organization Principal Activities Organizational Structure
Other Income Expenses Net Other Provisions
Other Transactions Certain Directors Shareholders Affiliates Other Transactions Network
Others Others Net
Overseas Licensing Revenue Overseas Licensing Revenues
Overview Owners Temporary Convention
Part Partly Rely Dividends Paid Operating Subsidiaries China Cash
Partly Rely Dividends Paid Operating Subsidiary China Cash Party Beijing Perfect World Network Technology Ltd
Party Beijing Perfect World Software Ltd Buyer Party Perfect World Ltd
Party Responsibilities Party Rights Obligations
Passive Foreign Investment Perfect World Announces 2007 Financial Results
Perfect World Announces 2008 Financial Results Perfect World Announces Appointment Board Directors
Perfect World Announces Purchase New Office Premises Beijing Perfect World Announces Share Repurchase Program
Perfect World Announces Shareholder Resolutions Adopted 2008 Annual Perfect World Announces Update Recent Acquisitions
Perfect World Clarifies Recent Comments Ceo Perfect World Hold Extraordinary General Meeting
Perfect World Ltd Perfect World Ltd Http Wwwpwrdcom
Perfect World Ltd Wwwpwrdcom Perfect World Raises Guidance 2008
Performance-based Adjustment Series Convertible Preferred Shares Power Attorney
Powers Duties Directors Prc
Prc Cit Prc Corporate Income Tax Cit
Prc Eit Prc Enterprise Income Tax Eit
Prc Government Finds Arrangements Establish Structure Operating Business Prc Vat Business Tax
Prc Withholding Tax Undistributed Dividends Preferred Shares Received Founder
Preliminary Property Service Preliminary Property Service Owners Committee Not Established
Premature Termination Prepayment Other Assets
Prepayments Other Assets Presumption Assent
Price Method Payment Prices Method Payment
Pricing Distribution Pricing Method Price
Pricing Price Principal Accountant Fees Services
Principles Consolidation Privacy Protection
Private Placements Proceedings Directors
Proceedings General Meetings Prohibitions
Property Equipment Property Equipment Software Net
Property Plants Equipment Property Right Registration
Property Services Provision Cable Port Fee
Provision Service Notices Presale Contract Provisions Applicable Awards
Proxies Public Parts
Publishing Agreement Runic Games Inc Purchase Sale Shares
Purchased New Office Space Purchases Equity Securities Issuer Affiliated Purchasers
Purpose Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Quality Decoration Equipment Standards Commercial House
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Recent Accounting Pronouncement
Recent Business Developments Recent Prc Regulations Relating Internet Video Audio Program
Recently Issued Accounting Standards Reconciliation Gaap Non-gaap Results
Redeemable Shares Redemption
Registered Office Objects Registration Empowering Instruments
Registration Ownership Transfer Registration Rights
Registration Way Continuation Regulation Censorship Information Disseminated Over Internet China Adversely
Regulation Foreign Currency Exchange Dividend Distribution Regulation Information Security
Regulation Internet Content Regulation Internet Video Audio Program Services
Regulation Licenses Related Party Transaction
Rely Services Parties Carry Out Businesses Interruption Deterioration Rendering Services Sole Exclusive Interests
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Representations Warranties
Representations Warranties Parties Research Development Expenses
Research Development Patents Licenses Etc Residential Energy Conservation Measures
Residential Warranty Responsibility Resolution Presented Consideration Extraordinary General Meeting Shareholders 2009
Resolutions Presented Consideration Annual General Meeting Shareholders 2009 Responsibilities Obligations Parties
Restated Amended Share Incentive Plan Restricted Cash
Restricted Net Assets Restricted Shares
Restricted Shares Granted Employee Restricted Shares Granted Officers Employees
Restricted Shares Share Units Restrictions Currency Exchange Limit Ability Receive Revenues Financing
Restrictions Foreign Investment Restrictions Virtual Currency Adversely Affect Game Operations Revenues
Revenue Collections Revenue Recognition
Rights Restrictions Attaching Ordinary Shares Rolled Out New Expansion Packs
Safe Harbor Safe Harbor Statements
Salary Benefits Expenses Sale Shares
Sales Marketing Expenses Scale Granting
Schedule Schedule 328
Scheduled Launch Perfect World Through Entertainment Inc North Seal
Seasonality Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Segment Reporting Series Convertible Preferred Shares
Series Convertible Preferred Shares Issued Founding Shareholder Server Bandwidth Leasing Fees
Service-based Share Options Settlement Disputes
Severability Share Capital
Share Incentive Plan Share Options
Share Repurchase Agreement Share Repurchase Program
Share Repurchase Transaction Asia Investment Fund Saif Share Split
Share-based Compensation Expense Share-based Compensation Expenses
Shareholders Agreement Shares Repurchase Liability
Shares Repurchase Program Shares Subject Plan
Short-term Investment Signature
Signatures Significant Changes
Significant Purchase Software Development Costs
Softwares Contractual Arrangements Network Equity Owners Not Effective Softwares Contractual Arrangements Network Literature Respective Equity Owners
Softwares Contractual Arrangements Network Literature Result Adverse Tax Softwares Contractual Arrangements Network Result Adverse Tax Consequences
Special Announcement Special Maintenance Fund
Special Provisions Transfer Contract Standards Implemented
Start-up Costs State-owned Land Certificate
Statutory Reserves Stock Option Grants
Storeroom Building Area Jiaming Tongcheng Strategic Investment Chengdu Seasky Digital Entertainment Ltd
Subject Fines Legal Sanctions Chinese Employees Fail Comply Subject Future Intellectual Property Rights Claims Other Result
Subject Intellectual Property Infringement Claims Time-consuming Costly Defend Subject Limitations Transfer Adss
Subsidiary Subsidiary Information
Substantial Future Sales Adss Ordinary Shares Public Market Supplementary Agreement Beijing Municipal Purchase Sale Contract Completed
Supplementary Provision Basic Information Presale Contract Supplementary Provision Handling Area Difference Presale Contract
Supplementary Provision Pricing Price Presale Contract Supplementary Provision Prophase Property Service Presale Contract
Supplementary Provision Special Maintenance Fund Deed Tax Supplementary Provision Termination Presale Contract
Supplementary Provision Undertakings Municipal Infrastructures Other Facilities Presale Supplementary Provisions
System Network Infrastructure Fails Operate Effectively Business Harmed Table
Table Contents Tabular Disclosure Contractual Obligations
Target Persons Tax Benefits Currently Available Prc Subsidiaries Network Reduced
Tax Benefits Currently Available Software Network Reduced Repealed Taxation
Taxation Disposition Adss Ordinary Shares Taxation Dividends Other Distributions Adss Ordinary Shares
Technology Development Royalty Term
Termination Terms Directors Officers
Timing Granting Options Title Class
Total Other Income Total Revenues
Trademark Copyright Chi Self-developed Game Launched Transfer
Transfer Shares Transferred Property
Transmission Shares Trend Information
Unable Attract Train Retain Key Employees Business Adversely Unable Successfully Develop Launch Operate Additional Online Games
Unauthorized Character Enhancements Other Hacking Cheating Activities Harm Uncertain Tax Positions
Uncertainties Respect Prc Legal System Adversely Affect Undertakings Municipal Infrastructures Other Facilities
Undertakings Risk Reminders Undetected Programming Errors Flaws Games Failure Maintain Effective
United States United States Federal Income Taxation
Update Interserv Acquisitions Upgraded Nasdaq Global Select Market
Vacation Office Director Variation Rights Shares
Vat Vesting Period Valid Term
Virtual Currency Votes Members
Voting Rights Warranties Undertakings Parties
Whereas Winding
Withholding Tax Undistributed Dividends Withholding Taxes
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