Topic Listing for Petrobras

Abandonment Wells Dismantling Areas Abbreviations
Ability Achieve Growth Objectives Depends Discover Additional Reserves Ability Achieve Long-term Growth Objectives Depends Discover Additional
Access International Capital Markets Brazilian Companies Influenced Perception Accident Platform P-50
According Anp Spe Criteria According Sec Criteria
According Spe Criteria Account Rectification Government
Accounting Derivatives Hedge Operations Accounting Derivatives Hedging Activities
Accounting Effect Federal Government Regulation Accounting Estimates
Accounting Suspended Exploratory Wells Accounting Suspended Well Costs
Accounts Accounts Payable Related Consortium Operation
Accounts Payable Related Consortiums Accounts Payable Temporary Agreement Price Stabilization Argentina
Accounts Receivable Accounts Receivable Net
Acknowledged Agreed Acquisition
Acquisition Argentina Acquisition Assets Esso
Acquisition Baixada Santista Energia Ltda Bse Acquisition Businesses Colombia Paraguay Uruguay
Acquisition Chile Acquisition Distribution Interests Chile
Acquisition Eletrobolt Thermoelectric Plant Acquisition Fafen Energia
Acquisition Gaseba Uruguay Acquisition Interest Ceg Rio
Acquisition Interest Ceg-rio Acquisition Interest Gasmig
Acquisition Interest Petrobras Energia Participaciones Pepsa Petrolera Entre Acquisition Interest Termobahia
Acquisition Interest Termorio Acquisition Ipiranga Group
Acquisition Ipiranga Group Shares Acquisition Japanese Refinery Other Assets
Acquisition Juiz Fora Thermoelectric Power Station Acquisition Liquigás Distribuidora
Acquisition Liquigás Distribuidora Former Agip Brasil Acquisition Marlim Participações
Acquisition New Businesses Colombia Paraguay Uruguay Acquisition Option Remaining Pasadena Refinery
Acquisition Pasadena Refinery Acquisition Passadena Refinery
Acquisition Petrobras Energía Perú Acquisition Shareholdings Gasmig
Acquisition Shares Gaseba Uruguai Acquisition Shares Termobahia
Acquisition Suzano Petroquímica Acquisition Suzano Petroquímica Due Diligence Process
Acquisition Termoceará Ltda Acquisition Thermoelectric Power Plant Fafen Energia
Acquisition Triunfos Shares Petroquisa Acquisition Usina Termoelétrica Juiz Fora
Acquisition Ute Bahia Acquisitions Thermoelectric Power Stations
Activities Activities Libya
Activity Activity Petrobras Shares Adrs
Actuarial Assumptions Adaptation Law 11638 2007
Addition 2008 Cvm Issued Resolution 534 Addresses Changes Additional Clarifications
Additional Clarifications Acquisition Suzano Petroquímica Additional Definitions
Additional Information Cash Flows Additional Information Financial Statements
Additional Information Special Participation Payments Marlim Field Address Principal Executive Offices
Adjustment Gasoline Diesel Prices Adjustment Present Value
Advance Export Contracts Acc Advisory Committees
Africa African Activities
Agbami Field Kicks-off Production Sea Nigeria Age Deliberation Petroquisa
Agenda Aggregate Amount
Aging Capitalized Exploratory Well Costs Agreement Between Petrobras Ypfb
Agreement Finance Investment Program Strategic Plan Agreement Fuel Alcohol Export
Agreement National Agency Petroleum Natural Gas Bio Fuel Agreement Repsol Ypf Brasil
Agreement Sale Association Teikoku Oil Ltd Operations Ecuador Agreement Teikoku Oil Ltd Operations Ecuador
Albacora Project Allocation Net Income
Almir Guilherme Barbassa Cfo Investor Relations Director Almir Guilherme Barbassa Cfo Investor Relations Director Petróleo
Almir Guilherme Barbassa Chief Financial Investor Relations Officer Alvo Distribuidora Combustíveis Ltda
Amendment Articles Amendment Memorandum Understanding
Amendments 801 Relating Consolidation Merger Conveyance Transfer Lease Amendments Relating Covenants
Amendments Relating Events Default Amount
Amounts Accrued Analysis Consolidated Gross Margin
Analysis Consolidated Gross Margin Net Operating Revenues 1q05 Analysis Tupi Area
Analysis Tupi Júpiter Area Angola
Announcement 2009 2013 Business Plan Announcement Material Fact
Announcement Relevant Equity Interest Another Oil-bearing Well Discovered Santos Basins Pre-salt Layer
Application Indenture Regarding Defeasance Covenant Appraisal Net Assets Maio
Appraisal Upbs Shareholders Equity Appropriated Retained Earnings
Approval Financing Export-import Bank United States Approval Ipiranga Acquisition
Approval Line Financing Exporting Importing Approval Petros-2 Plan
Aquisition Juiz Fora Thermoelectric Power Station Aquisition Suzano Petroquímica
Araucária-paranaguá Pipeline Rupture Argentina
Argentine Activities Asia
Asset Contingencies Asset Contingency Recovery Pis Cofins
Asset Retirement Obligations Environmental Remediation Assets
Assets Liabilities Exposed Foreign Exchange Assets Liabilities Foreign Exchange Exposure
Assets Pension Plans Assistência Multidisciplinar Saúde Ams
Association Agreement Teikoku Oil Ltd Ecuador Operations Assumptions
Audit Committee Approval Policies Procedures Audit Committee Financial Expert
Audit Conducted Dirección Nacional Hidrocarburos Dnh Audit Non-audit Fees
Authorization Payment Interest Capital Average Exports Internal Transfer Prices Supply Gas Energy
Background Backup Withholding Information Reporting
Balance Liabilities Expenses Post-employment Benefits Calculated Independent Actuaries Balance Provisions Expenses Associated Post-retirement Benefits Calculated Independent
Balance Provisions Expenses Post-employment Benefits Calculated Independent Actuaries Balance Sheet Assets Reais
Balance Sheet Consolidated Balance Sheet Controller
Balance Sheet Parent Balances Per Currencies Non-current Liabilities
Banco Central Brasil Bank Credit Certificate
Bank Credit Line Barracuda Caratinga
Basic Diluted Earnings Per Share Basis Consolidation
Basis Financial Statements Preparation Before Financial Expenses Revenues Equity Net Income Subsidiaries
Before Financial Income Expenses Equity Pick-up Main Factors Behavior Main Components Consolidated Net Income Relation 1h-2007
Behavior Main Components Consolidated Net Income Relation 1q-2007 Behavior Main Components Consolidated Net Income Relation 2006
Behavior Main Components Consolidated Net Income Relation 2007 Behavior Other Components Consolidated Net Income Shown Below
Behavior Various Components Consolidated Net Income Shown Below Beneficiaries Resident Domiciled Tax Havens Low Jurisdictions
Benefit Plan Currently Effect Petros Best Investor Relations Program Retail Investors Award
Bidding Exploratory Blocks Anp Bilateral Contracts
Bio-renewables Biodiesel
Biodiesel Refineries Bioenergy Complexes
Biofuel Creation Biofuel Investment Agreement
Biofuels Biofuels Ethanol
Blade Securities Limited Bndes Financing
Board Directors Board Directors Approves Appointment Audit Committee
Board Directors Approves Changes Petrobras Systems Investment Budget Board Directors Decided Send Proposal Share Split Extraordinary
Board Directors Pifco Bolivia
Bolivia Accepts Petrobras Proposal Refinery Sale Bolivia-brazil Gas Pipeline
Bolivian Activities Bond Exchange Offer Results
Braskem Braskem Investment Agreement
Braskem Shareholder Agreement Braspetro Oil Boc
Braspetro Oil Services Brasoil Brazil Taxation
Brazilian Gaap Process Adopting Ifrs Principles Brazilian Government Controlling Shareholder Cause Pursue Certain Macroeconomic
Brazilian Government Historically Exercised Continues Exercise Significant Influence Brazilian Government Petros
Brazilian Government Reinstates Controls Over Prices Charge Crude Brazilian Law Restricts Paying Pifco Dollars Insufficient Dollar
Brazilian Securities Markets Smaller Volatile Less Liquid Major Brazilian Taxation
Business Conducted Petrobras Totaled 2007 Income Before Financial Business Conducted Petrobras Totalled 1q-2007 Income Before Financial
Business Plan Business Plan 2006-2010
Business Plan 2009 2013 Business Plan Financiability
Business Segment Business Segment Reporting
Business Undertaken Petrobras 1s-2005 Amounted 163 Earnings Before Cabiúnas Project
Cade Approves Agreement Ipirangas Distribution Assets Cade Reconsiders Writ Prevention Imposed Ipiranga Group Purchase
Calls Shares Campos Basin
Campos Basin Drilling Operations Campos Basin Oil Spill Control
Campos Basin Platforms Resume Production Capital
Capital Expenditures Capital Expenditures 2008
Capital Increase Capital Lease Obligations
Capital Paid-up Capital Reserve Incentives
Capital Reserve Tax Incentives Capital Reserves
Capital Stock Capitalized Costs Relating Oil Gas Producing Activities
Caramba Jupiter Exploration Blocks Clarifications Cash Contributions Benefit Payments
Cash Equivalents Cash Flow
Cash Flow Hedge Cash Flow Statement Controller
Cash Operating Activities Measured Adjusted Ebitda Remained Closer Cayman Islands Taxation
Ceo Forum Certain Terms Conventions
Certificate Authentication Cfo Investor Relations Director
Change Accounting Policy Change Accounting Practices
Change Accounting Practices Abandonment Wells Demobilization Areas Change Alcohol Petroleum Accounts
Change Balance Goodwill 2007 2006 Change Board Directors Presidency
Change Costs Healthcare Change Exchange Rate Variation Taxation System
Change Goodwill Discount Change Health Care Costs
Change Oil Alcohol Accounts Change Petroleum Alcohol Account
Change Relation Underlying Shares Adrs Change Relation Underlying Shares Adss
Change Rights Shareholders Changes 2q-2006 1q-2006 Main Influences
Changes 3q-2006 2q-2006 Main Influences Changes 3q-2007 2q-2007 Main Influences
Changes 4q-2006 3q-2006 Main Influences Changes Accounting Practices
Changes Board Directors Executive Changes Board Executive Officers
Changes Capital Changes Executive Staff International Area
Changes Goodwill Discount Changes Goodwill Negative
Changes Health Care Costs Changes Internal Controls
Changes Oil Alcohol Accounts Changes Petroleum Alcohol Account
Changes Petroleum Alcohol Accounts Changes Provisions
Changes Provisions Accrued Changes Regulations Petros Plan
Characteristics Characteristics Markets Petrobras Operates
Characteristics Public Private Issue Debentures Chile
Cidade Rio Janeiro Fpso Goes Online Civil Claims
Clarification Announcement New Discovery Angola Clarification Business Plan
Clarification Cost Reduction Plan Clarification Foreign Exchange Exposure Derivatives
Clarification Investments 2009 Clarification News Acquisitions
Clarification News Activities Peru Clarification Recent News
Clarification Recent News Bm-s-22 Clarification Recent News Bndes Credit Line
Clarification Recent News Pre-salt Area Clarification Recent News Pre-salt Blocks
Clarification Recent News Premium Refineries Clarification Recent News Premium Refinery Ceará
Clarification Share Split Clarification Tupi Area Assessment
Clarifications Bm-s-9 Clarifications Bms-9 Expected Oil Volumes
Clarifications Business Plan Clarifications Concerning Certain Press Reports
Clarifications Contract Gdk Engenharia Clarifications Discovery Bm-s-12
Clarifications Exploration Ingre Block Bolivia Clarifications Exploration Iran
Clarifications Icms Collection Clarifications Investments
Clarifications Investments Ecuador Clarifications Investments Petrobras
Clarifications New Discoveries Clarifications News
Clarifications News Investments Turkey Clarifications Petrobras Activities Ecuador
Clarifications Petrobras Situation Clarifications Pre-salt Blocks
Clarifications Pre-salt Reserves Clarifications Recent News
Clarifications Recent News Cosan Clarifications Recent News Downstream Investments
Clarifications Recent News New Gas Discovery Clarifications Recent News Potassium Exploration
Clarifications Unification Pre-salt Areas Clarifications Visit Seoul
Clarifications Volume Reserves Espírito Santo Clep Project
Close Period Covered Annual Report Closing Loan Bndes
Code Ethics Colombia
Colombian Activities Comment Chief Executive Officer José Sergio Gabrielli Azevedo
Comments Ceo Jose Eduardo Barros Dutra Comments Ceo JosÉ Sergio Gabrielli Azevedo
Comments Ceo José Sergio Gabrielli Azevedo Comments Consolidated Performance
Comments President José Sérgio Gabrielli Azevedo Commercial Industrial Sales Product
Commercial Loans Operations Commercial Viability Announcement Bm-s-7 Block
Commitment Purchase Natural Gas Commitment Sell Equity Interest Energy Transportation Argentina
Commitments Acquire Natural Gas Commitments Assumed Special Purpose Entities Spes
Commitments Contingencies Commitments Project Financings
Commitments Purchase Natural Gas Commitments Taken Special Purpose Entities Spe
Commitments Undertaken Energy Segment Commodity Price Risk
Commodity Price Risk Management Common Interest
Comparison Petrobras Corporate Governance Practices Nyse Requirements Applicable Compensated Absences
Compensating Fund Compensation
Compensations Compensator Fund Plan
Compensatory Fund Comperj
Competition Competitive Strengths
Competitiveness Market Complementary Pension Plan
Completion Acquisition Juiz Fora Thermoelectrical Plant Composition Balance
Composition Braskems Capital Stock Following Incorporation Shares Comprised Primarily Federal Public Bonds Immediate Liquidity Securities
Comprises Expenses Already Incurred Petrobras Projects Partners Not Concentrations Credit Risk
Concordata Conecta
Conformity Law 11638 2007 Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consolidated Consolidated Assets Business Area 03312005
Consolidated Assets Business Area 03312006 Consolidated Assets Business Area 03312007
Consolidated Assets Business Area 03312008 Consolidated Assets Business Area 03312009
Consolidated Assets Business Area 06302006 Consolidated Assets Business Area 06302007
Consolidated Assets Business Area 06302008 Consolidated Assets Business Area 06302009
Consolidated Assets Business Area 09302006 Consolidated Assets Business Area 09302007
Consolidated Assets Business Area 09302008 Consolidated Assets Business Area 09302009
Consolidated Assets Business Area 12312005 Consolidated Assets Business Area 12312006
Consolidated Assets Business Area 12312007 Consolidated Assets Business Area 12312008
Consolidated Assets Business Area 2008 Consolidated Assets Business Area 2009
Consolidated Assets Business Area Jan-mar Consolidated Assets Business Segment 03312005
Consolidated Assets Business Segment 06302005 Consolidated Assets Business Segment 09302005
Consolidated Assets Business Segment 12312004 Consolidated Assets Business Segment 12312005
Consolidated Assets Business Segment 9302004 Consolidated Assets International Business Area
Consolidated Assets International Business Area 1st Half 2009 Consolidated Assets Operating Segment 03312007
Consolidated Assets Operating Segment 06302007 Consolidated Assets Operating Segment 06302008
Consolidated Assets Operating Segment 09302007 Consolidated Assets Operating Segment 09302008
Consolidated Assets Operating Segment 2005 Consolidated Assets Operating Segment 2006
Consolidated Balance Sheet Consolidated Balance Sheet Assets Reais
Consolidated Balance Sheet Liabilities Reais Consolidated Cash Flow Statement
Consolidated Debt Consolidated Financial Results
Consolidated Financial Statements Consolidated Income Statement
Consolidated Income Statement Business Area Jan-sep 2009 Consolidated Income Statement Operating Segment Jan-sep 2008
Consolidated Income Statement Operating Segment Semester 2009 Consolidated Indebtedness
Consolidated Investments Consolidated Net Income Nine-month Period 2008 Increased 619
Consolidated Reconciliation Shareholders Equity Net Income Consolidated Result Business Area 03312005
Consolidated Result Business Area 06302004 Consolidated Result Business Area 06302005
Consolidated Result Business Area 09302004 Consolidated Result Business Area 09302005
Consolidated Result Business Area 09302006 Consolidated Result Business Area 12312005
Consolidated Result Business Area 12312006 Consolidated Result Business Area 1h-2007
Consolidated Result Business Area 1h-2008 Consolidated Result Business Area 1q-2006
Consolidated Result Business Area 2006 Consolidated Result Business Area 2007
Consolidated Result Business Area 2008 Consolidated Result Business Area Jan-sep 2006
Consolidated Result Business Area Jan-sep 2007 Consolidated Result Business Area Jan-sep 2008
Consolidated Result International Business Area Consolidated Result International Business Area- Jan-sep 2008
Consolidated Results International Business Area Consolidated Results International Business Area 03312005
Consolidated Results International Business Area 06302005 Consolidated Results International Business Area 09302005
Consolidated Results International Business Area 12312005 Consolidated Results International Business Area 12312006
Consolidated Results International Business Area 1h-2006 Consolidated Results International Business Area 1h-2007
Consolidated Results International Business Area 1h-2008 Consolidated Results International Business Area 1q-2007
Consolidated Results International Business Area 2004 Consolidated Results International Business Area 2007
Consolidated Results International Business Area 2008 Consolidated Results International Business Area Jan-mar 2009
Consolidated Results International Business Area Jan-sep 2007 Consolidated Statement Added Value
Consolidated Statement Cash Flows Indirect Method Reais Consolidated Statement Changes Financial Position Reais
Consolidated Statement Changes Shareholders Equity 2009 Reais Consolidated Statement Income Operating Segment 1t- 2007
Consolidated Statement Income Operating Segment 2005 Consolidated Statement Income Operating Segment 2006
Consolidated Statement Income Operating Segment Jan Sep 2007 Consolidated Statement Income Reais
Consolidated Statement International Business Area Jan-jun 2008 Consolidated Statement International Business Area Jan-sep 2008
Consolidated Statement International Business Area Jan-sep 2009 Consolidated Statement International Operating Segment 2005
Consolidated Statement International Operating Segment 2006 Consolidated Statement International Operating Segment 2007
Consolidated Statement Results Consolidated Statement Results Business Area
Consolidated Taxes Contributions Consolidated Taxes Obligations
Consolidation Principles Contacts
Contents Contingencies
Contingency Payment Macaé Merchant Contingency Payment Macaé Merchant Thermoelectric Power Plant
Contingency Payment Termoceará Ltda Mpx Contingent Financial Exposure
Contracting Advances Export Contracts Contracting Bank Credit Certificate
Contracting Credit Line Worth China Development Bank Contracting Credit Line Worth China Development Bank Cdb
Contracting Drilling Rigs Contracting Financing China Development Bank
Contracting Financing Exports Contracting Financing Spe Mexilhão Bndes
Contracting Financing Subsidiary Petrobras Netherlands Bank Bnp Paribas Contracting Fpsos Pre-salt
Contracting Insurance Cover Bolivian Refineries Contracts Transfer Benefits Risks Control Assets
Contracts Transfer Benefits Risks Controls Assets Contractual Commitments
Contractual Obligations Controls Procedures
Conversion Conversion Rights
Conversion Table Corporate
Corporate Goals Corporate Governance
Corporate Hse Goals Corporate Investments
Corporate Occupational Safety Environmental Health Targets Corporate Overhead Controller
Corporate Overhead Parent Corporate Overhead-parent
Corporate Reorganization Argentina Corporate Restructuring International Area
Corporate Targets Cost Barrel
Cost Barril Cost Efficiencies Created Large Scale Operations Combined Vertical
Cost Goods Sold 2q05 1q005 Variation Main Impacts Cost Goods Sold Cpv 1q05 4q04 Variation Main
Cost Goods Sold Cpv 4q04 3q04 Variation Main Cost Sales
Cost Sales Excluding Depreciation Depletion Amortization Costs
Costs Barrel Costs Incurred Oil Gas Property Acquisition Exploration Development
Cottonwood Field Starts Producing Council
Court Injunction Protects Petrobras Undue Anp Collection Covenants
Creation Companies Rio Janeiro Petrochemical Complex Comperj Credit Concentration Risk
Credit Facility Agreement Finance Exports Credit Facility Agreements Finance Exports
Credit Facility Agreements Financing Exports Credit Risk
Criteria Determining Fair Value Cross Currency Swaps
Crude Oil Natural Gas Reserve Estimates Involve Some Crude Oil Ngl
Crude Oil Ngls Crude Oil Prices
Cumulative Effect Change Accounting Principle Currency Exposure
Currency Fluctuations Material Adverse Effect Financial Condition Results Current Breakdown Paid-in Capital
Current Global Financial Crisis Uncertain Economic Environment Led Current Regulatory Framework
Customer Service Locations Cypriot Flag Vessel Vergina Collision
Córdoba Financial Services Gmbh Cfs Damage Oil Pipeline Bolivia Caused Heavy Rainfall
Date Time Place Debenture Issue
Debentures Debentures Issue
Debentures Issuing Debt Repurchase Offer Tender Notes
Declaration Commercial Potential New Giant Field Campos Basin Decrease Recoverable Value Assets
Decrease Recoverable Value Assets Impairment Deepwater Expertise
Deepwater Technological Expertise Default Rate
Deferred Assets Deferred Charges
Deferred Income Deferred Income Social Contribution Tax Assets
Deferred Income Social Contribution Tax Liabilities Deferred Income Social Contribution Taxes
Deferred Income Social Contribution Taxes Non-current Deferred Income Tax Assets
Deferred Income Tax Liabilities Deferred Income Tax Social Contribution
Deferred Income Tax Social Contribution Assets Deferred Income Tax Social Contribution Liabilities
Deferred Income Tax Social Contribution Non-current Deferred Income Tax Social Contribution- Non-current
Deferred Taxes Social Contribution Long-term Deferred Taxes Social Contribution Non-current
Defined Benefit Pension Plan Defined Benefit Plan
Defined Benefits Plan Defined Contribution Pension Plan
Defined Contribution Plan Defined Contribution Private Pension Plan
Defined Terms Defined-benefit Pension Plan
Definition Term Securities Depositary Bank Petrobras Shares
Deposits Court Depreciation
Depreciation Depletion Amortization Deregulation Brazilian Fuel Market
Derivative Financial Instruments Economic Hedge Risk Management Activities Derivative Financial Instruments Hedge Risk Management Activities
Derivative Financial Instruments Hedging Risk Management Activities Derivative Instruments
Derivative Instruments Hedging Risk Management Activities Derivative Transactions
Derivatives Oil Products Description Activities Jointly Controlled Subsidiaries
Description Activities Jointly-owned Subsidiaries Description Activities Subsidiaries
Description Subsidiaries Activities Detailed Information Obtained Calling Call Center Service 0800
Determination Net Income Current Non-current Assets Liabilities Determination Net Income Current Noncurrent Assets Liabilities
Develop Improve Systematic Company-wide Initiatives Address Health Safety Development
Development Activities Developments Perception Risk Other Countries Especially United States
Devolution Anp Fields Production Stage Operated Petrobras Devolution Exploration Areas Anp
Director Investor Relations Business Address Directors
Directors Petrobras Directors Pifco
Directors Senior Management Disclosure Shareholder Ownership
Disclosures Regarding Related Parties Discount Asset Swap
Discoveries Below Salt Level Discovery Caxaréu Field
Discovery Corcovado-1 Discovery Important Gas Accumulations Shallow Waters Santos Basin
Discovery Jequitinhonha Basin Discussions Possible Changes Oil Law
Dispute Resolution Dissident Shareholder Right Withdraw
Dissolution Termocorumbá Project Dissolution Usina Termelétrica Nova Piratininga Ltda Termogaúcha Usinas
Distribution Distribution Interest Own Capital
Distribution Interest Own Capital Dividends Distribution Interest Shareholders Equity
Distribution International Exploration Activities Distribution Key Statistics
Distribution Market Share Distribution Value Added
Dividend Distribution Dividend Payments Interest Own Capital
Dividends Dividends Cash
Dividends Interest Capital Approved Paid After Current Dividends Interest Equity
Dividends Interest Own Capital Dividends Interest Own Capital Payment
Dividends Interest Paid Capital Dividends Interest Shareholders Equity
Dividends Interest Shareholders Equity Related 2008 Results Dividends Interest Shareholders´ Equity
Dividends Payment Schedule Document Divided Sections
Document Divided Topics Documents
Documents Available Consultation Documents Display
Documents Filed Company´s Head Office Documents Filed Main Office
Domestic Sales Natural Gas Local Distribution Companies Dominant Market Position Production Refining Transportation Crude Oil
Downstream Downstream Acquisition Chile
Downstream Investments Northeast Downstream ParticipaÇÕes Ltda
Downstream Participações Ltda Drilling Activities
Drilling Well Reinforce Estimations Tupi E-petro
Each Holder Consult Such Holders Own Tax Advisor Early Redemption Solely Tax Reasons
Early Repayment Termobahia Idb Earnings Business Segment
Earnings Per Share Ebitda Components
Ebitda Consolidated Statement Business Area 09302006 Ebitda Consolidated Statement Business Area 12312006
Ebitda Consolidated Statement Business Area 1h-2007 Ebitda Consolidated Statement Business Area 1h-2008
Ebitda Consolidated Statement Business Area 1q-2007 Ebitda Consolidated Statement Business Area 2007
Ebitda Consolidated Statement Business Area 2008 Ebitda Consolidated Statement Business Area Half 2009
Ebitda Consolidated Statement Business Area Jan Sep 2008 Ebitda Consolidated Statement Business Area Jan-sep 2007
Economic Contribution Petrobras Country Measured Through Generation Current Economic Hedge Policy
Economic Indexes Economic Indicators
Economics Indicators Ecuador
Ecuadorian Activities Effect Fifth Supplemental Indenture
Effect Headings Effect Taxes Income
Effects Changes Exchange Rates Translation Financial Statements Eitf 08-6
Electric Power Traders Electric Power Trading Companies
Electricity Purchase Contracts Regulated Environment Ccear Electricity Sales
Eletrobolt Emerging Issues Task Force Eitf 04-3
Emissão 750 Milhões Global Notes Employee Benefit Expense
Employee Benefit Expense Non-active Participants Employee Benefit Expense Retired Participants
Employee Benefits Employee Benefits Expense
Employee Management Profit-sharing Employees Labor Relations
Employees Post-retirement Benefits Employees Post-retirement Benefits Balances
Employees Post-retirement Benefits Other Employees Postretirement Benefits
Employees Postretirement Benefits Balances Employees Postretirement Benefits Other
Energy Trading Agreements Regulated Environment Ccear Enforcement
Enforcement Obligations Standby Purchase Agreement Might Take Longer Environment
Environment Health Safety Environment Health Safety Sms
Environmental Claims Environmental Health Safeties
Environmental Health Safety Sms Environmental Issues
Environmental Matters Environmental Questions
Environmental Regulations Environmental Remediation Costs
Equity Acquisition Ethanol Plant Equity Book Value Appraisal Criterion
Equity Market Value 2006 Totaled 202635 Appreciation Relation Equity Participation Distribution Companies
Equity Results Non-consolidated Companies Errata
Espadarte Voador Marimba Evm Project Espírito Santo Basin
Establishment Compensation Management Effective Members Audit Committee Well Estatuto Social
Estimates Europe
Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures Evidence Oil Ultra-deep Waters Santos Basin
Ex-im Bank Approves Preliminary Commitment Petrobras Exchange Act 1934
Exchange Adss Common Preferred Shares Risk Losing Ability Exchange Assets Petrobras Repsol Ypf
Exchange Controls Exchange Exposure
Exchange Rate Exposure Exchange Rate Variation
Exchange Rates Exchange Risk Management
Execution Execution Contracts Abreu Lima Refinery
Execution Loan Agreement China Development Bank Corporation Executive Board
Executive Board Approve Refinery Northeast Pdvsa Executive Officers Petrobras
Executive Officers Pifco Exemptions Listing Standards Audit Committees
Exercise Call Option Marlim Participações Exercise Option Purchase Shares Evm Leasing
Exercise Option Purchase Shares Evml Leasing Exhibits
Expand International Operations Through Internal Growth Participating Selectively Expand Natural Gas Market Brazil Ensure Produce Acquire
Expand Production While Increasing Reserves Expiration Option
Exploration Exploration Agreement Portuguese Sea
Exploration Development Regulation Exploration Including Exploratory Dry Holes
Exploration Production Exploration Production Barrels
Exploration Production Crude Oil Ngl Exploration Production Thous Barrels
Exploration Production- Barrels Export Credit Notes Nce
Export Prepayments Export Sales Volumes Prices
Exports Exports Oil Products
Exports Prepayment Program Exposed Increases Prevailing Market Interest Rates Leaves Vulnerable
Extension Early Tender Date Debt Exchange Offer Progress Extension Financing Terms
Extinguished Securities Extraordinary Gain Net Taxes
Extraordinary General Meeting Extraordinary General Meeting Approves Stock Split
Fafen Energia Fair Value
Fair Value Measurements Fasb Fsp Sfas 140-4 Fin
Fasb Interpretation Accounting Uncertainty Income Taxes Statement 109 Fasb Staff Position Fsp 132
Fasb Statement 157 Fair Value Measurements Sfas Fasb Statement 159 Fair Value Option Financial Assets
Fasb Statement 160 Noncontrolling Interests Consolidated Financial Statements Fasb Statement 161
Fault Connection Arms Vessel Nordic Marita Anchored Maritime Federal Income Tax Considerations
Federal Income Taxation Federação Dos Pescadores Rio Janeiro Feperj
Fifth Supplemental Indenture Final Information
Final Observations Financial Expense
Financial Expenses Financial Highlights
Financial Income Financial Income Expense
Financial Income Expenses Financial Income Expenses Net
Financial Instruments Financial Risk Management Policy
Financial Statements Financing
Financing Bndes Financing Gasene Project
Financing Modernize Revap Financing P-51 Platform
Financing P-52 Platform Financing Pdet Project
Financing Petroquímicasuape Financing Project Amazônia
Financing Revap Modernization Project Financing Strategy
Financing Through Bndes Foreign Funds Financing Through Bndes Own Funds
Financings Financings Short-term Debt
Finding Subject Bankruptcy Laws Guaranty Standby Purchase Agreement Finding Subject Bankruptcy Laws Standby Purchase Agreement Executed
Finished Project Exercise Purchase Option Finished Projects
Fishermen Federation Rio Janeiro Feperj Fishermens Federation Rio Janeiro Feperj
Fitch Maintains Petrobras Investment Grade Ratings Fitch Upgrades Petrobras Rating
Fondo Compensador Plan Forecast Investments Business Area 2008
Foreign Currency Derivatives Foreign Currency Risk Management
Foreign Exchange Exposure Foreign Exchange Exposure Assets Liabilities
Foreign Incorporation Acquisition Companies Form 20-f
Form 20-f 2007 Filed Form 20f 2006 Filed
Form 20f 2008 Filed Form Denomination
Form Transfer Formation Tests Prove Potential Iara
Forward-looking Statements Fpso Accident
Fpso Capixaba Begins Pre-operational Activities Golfinho Field Free Translation Original Portuguese
Free Translation Original Quartely Information Portuguese Prepared Accordance Free Translation Original Quarterly Information Portuguese Prepared Accordance
Free Translation Original Report Portuguese Fuel Oil Export Sales
Functional Currency Fund Raising
Fundação Petrobras Seguridade Social Petros Current Benefits Plan Funded Status Plans
Funding Mexilhão Project Funding Pifco
Fundo Investimento Imobiliário Logística Fii Future Minimum Payments Contractual Commitments Transfer Benefits Risks
Future Minimum Payments Contractual Commitments Transfer Rewards Risks Future Minimum Payments Contractual Commitments Without Transfer Benefits
Future Minimum Payments Contractual Commitments Without Transfer Rewards Future Minimum Payments Non-cancellable Contractual Commitments Without Transfer
Gain Consolidated Net Income Period 2006 Mainly Due Gains Consolidated Net Income 2006 Mainly Stem Increase
Gains Losses Period Gas Condensate Discovered Peru
Gas Energy Gas Energy Key Statistics
Gas Explosion Spill-roncador Field Gas Pipeline Construction Liquefied Natural Projects
Gas Pipelines Gasene
Gasene Project Gasene Project Financing
Gasene Project Pipeline Urucu-coari-manaus Urucu-coari General
General Information General Information Independent Accountants
General Meetings Global
Global Notes Global Notes Due 2016
Global Notes Due 2018 Global Notes Issue
Global Notes Pifco Glossary Petroleum Industry Terms
Goodwill Goodwill Discount
Goodwill Discount Balance Goodwill Negative
Governing Law Government Marketable Securities
Government Participation Government Participations
Government Regulation Government Subsidies Assistance
Government Take Gross Profit
Guanabara Bay Pipeline Rupture Guarantees
Guarantees Concession Agreements Petroleum Exploration Guarantees Concession Contracts Oil Exploration
Guarantees Concession Contracts Petroleum Exploration Guarantees Covenants
Guarantees Obtained Granted Gulf Mexico Activities
H-2008 Consolidated Net Income Increase Year-on-year Result Upturn Half
Head Office Health Care Benefits Assistência Multidisciplinar Saúde Ams
Health Safety Environmental Health Safety Environmental Initiatives
Healthcare Benefits Healthcare Benefits Plan
Healthcare Plan Hedge Policy
Higher Financial Result 8043 Thanks Exchange Gains Investments History Development
History Development Petrobras Holders Adss Encounter Difficulties Exercise Voting Rights Preferred
Holders Adss Exchange Common Preferred Shares They Risk Holders Adss Face Difficulties Protecting Interests
Holders Adss Unable Exercise Preemptive Rights Respect Common Holding Added Value Statement
Holding Balance Sheet Holding Cash Flow Statement
Holding Financial Results Holding Statement Added Value
Holding Statement Results Holding Value Added Statement
However Http Wwwpetrobrascombr
Http Wwwpetrobrascombr English Hydrocarbons Law Bolivia
Identification Impact New Accounting Standards
Impact Oil Gas Reserves Depreciation Depletion Impact Oil Gas Reserves Prices Testing Impairment
Impairment Impairment Goodwill Expectations Future Profitability
Impairment Oil Gas Properties Import Purchase Volumes Prices
Important Discovery Gas Light Oil Pre-salt Layer Confirmed Important Gas Condensate Field Discovered Pre-salt Layer
Imports Imports Crude Oil Region
Imports Exports Imports Oil Products
Included 25064256 Financing Local Currency Parameterized Change Includes Assets Arising Contracts Transfer Benefits Risks Control
Includes Exchange Variation Provision Uncollectible Accounts Constituted Foreign Includes Imports Transit Oil Alcohol Accounts Stn
Includes Imports Transit Petroleum Alcohol Account Stn Includes Imports Transit Petroleum Alcohol Accounts Stn
Includes Imports Transit Raw Material Oil Alcohol Products Income Social Contribution Taxes
Income Statement Income Statement Consolidated
Income Statement Controller Income Statement Data-pifco
Income Statement Other Operating Revenues Expenses Jan Sep Income Statement Parent
Income Statement Segment Income Tax Expense Benefit
Income Tax Social Contribution Income Taxes
Incorporation Biofuels Incorporation Biofuels Petrobras Biocombustível
Incorporation Maio Participações Incorporation Maios Assets Petrobras
Incorporation Petroquisa Shares Petrobras Incorporation Petroquisa Stocks
Incorporation Petroquisas Shares Incorporation Pramoa
Incorporation Pramoa ParticipaÇÕes Incorporation Pramoa Participações
Incorporation Proposal Incorporation Upb ParticipaÇÕes
Incorporation Upb Participações Increase Authorized Capital
Increase Authorized Capital Incorporation Petroquisas Shares Increase Authorized Capital Stock Split
Increase Capital Stock Incorporation Petroquisa Shares Increase Capital Stock Incorporation Petroquisa Shares Interest Own
Increase Consolidated Net Income 1h-2006 Was Mainly Due Increase Gasoline Diesel Prices
Increased Shareholding Stake Increasing Commercial Capacity
Increasing Supply Natural Gas Incur Losses Spend Time Money Defending Pending Litigation
Incur Losses Spend Time Money Defending Pending Litigations Indebtedness Ciesa Tgs
Indemnification Officers Directors Indemnity
Indemnity Plan Indenture
Indentures Independent Accountants Review Report
Independent Accountants Special Review Report Index Audited Consolidated Financial Statements
Inflation Inflation Exchange Rate Variation
Inflation Government Measures Curb Contribute Significantly Economic Uncertainty Information 2004 Jointly Owned Subsidiaries Included Consolidation
Information 2007 Jointly-owned Subsidiaries Included Consolidation Information 2008 Jointly Controlled Subsidiaries Included Consolidation
Information Affiliated Companies Information Concerning Merger
Information Subsidiaries Jointly Controlled Affiliated Companies Information Subsidiaries Jointly-owned Affiliated Companies
Initiatives Instructions Crediting
Instructions Regarding Credit Insurance
Insurance Reimbursement Agreements Intangible
Intangible Assets Intercompany Loans
Interest Interest Equity
Interest Own Capital Interest Own Capital Payment
Interest Rate Risk Management Interest Rates Financing Non-current Liabilities
Interest Rates Non-current Loans Financing Interest Shareholders Equity
Interests Intercompany Assets Interim Payment Interest Own Capital
Internal Investigation Events International
International Agreement Encouraging Development Family Agriculture International Comprises Means Pib Pifco 5283 Participações Boc
International Key Statistics International Operations
International Proved Reserves International Segment Generated First-half Net Loss Versus Income
International Volumes Prices Introduction Complaints Procedure
Inventories Investigation Events
Investiments Bolívia Investment Agreement Unipar
Investment Gulf Mexico Investment Natural Gas Domestic Power Markets Not Generate
Investment Plan Funding Investment Rights Object Assets Intended Maintaining Activities Used
Investments Investments Argentina
Investments Bolivia Investments Carmóplis Canto Amaro Fields
Investments Colombia Investments Colombia Paraguay Uruguay
Investments Companies Shares Traded Stock Exchanges Investments Ecuador
Investments Held Parent Subsidiaries Jointly-controlled Affiliated Companies Investments Listed Companies
Investments Non-consolidated Companies Investments Non-consolidated Companies Other
Investments Paraguay Investments Quoted Companies
Investments Shares Traded Stock Market Investments Subsidiaries
Investments Subsidiaries Jointly-owned Affiliated Companies Investments United States
Investments Uruguay Investments Venezuela
Investor Relations Director Business Address Ipiranga
Ipiranga Acquisition Ipiranga Asfalto
Ipiranga Current Developments Restructuring Petrochemical Companies Braskem Ipiranga Current Status Restructuring Petrochemical Companies Braskem
Ipiranga Group Ipiranga Group Acquisition
Ipiranga Negotiations Iran
Issue Denominations Issue Global Notes
Issue Global Notes Due 2018 Issue Global Notes Due 2019
Issuer Japan
Japanese Yen Bonds Jbic Loans Operations
Joint Bookrunners Lead Managers José Sergio Gabrielli Azevedo Cfo Investor Relations Director
Judicial Actions Contingencies Judicial Actions Contingencies Recorded
Judicial Deposits Juiz Fora Thermoelectric Plant Acquisition
Juiz Fora Thermoelectric Power Station Key Personnel Remuneration
Km-long Gas Pipeline Connect Southeast Northeast Networks Labor Claims
Large Volumes Oil Discovered Espírito Santo Pre-salt Layer Latin America
Lawsuit London P-36 Lawsuit United States
Lawsuits Lawsuits Abroad
Lawsuits Not Provided Lease Agreements Natural Gas Regasification
Lease Expense Lease Income
Leasing Araucária Gas Thermoelectric Power Station Leasing Piratininga Thermoelectric Power Station
Leasing Platforms Ships Leasing Platforms Vessels
Legal Base Legal Proceedings
Legal Proceedings Not Provisioned Legal Reserve
Legal Suit Clarifications Legal Suits Not Provided
Letters Credit Political Risk Insurance Liabilities
Liability Shareholders Liability Shareholders Further Capital Calls
Libya Lifting Cost Barrel
Lifting Cost Government Take Had Historical Series Adjusted Lifting Costs
Lifting Costs Barrel Light Oil Discovery Campos Basin
Line Credit Pifco Line Credit Refap
Lines Credit Lines Credit Pifco
Liquefied Natural Gas Lng Liquidation
LiquigÁs Distribuidora Liquigás Distribuidora
List Documents Examined Listing Buenos Aires Stock Exchange
Litigation Litigation Tax Assessments Other Contingencies
Litigations Abroad Loan Japanese Banks
Loan Petrobras Netherlands Pnbv Loans Financing
Loans Financings Loans Financings Consolidated
Loans Petrobras Netherlands Pnbv Logística Real Estate Investment Fund Fii
London P-36 Long Term Debt Maturity Dates
Long-term Balances Per Currency Long-term Debt
Long-term Debt Interest Rates Long-term Debt Maturity Dates
Long-term Indebtedness Incurred After 2008 Long-term Maturities
Macaé Merchant Macaé Merchant Power Plant Petrobras Paso Arbitration Process
Macroeconomic Assumptions Macroeconomic Premises
Main Accounting Guidelines Main Factors Contributed Generation Net Income Relation 1q-2006
Main Factors Contributing Annual Variation Operating Income Follows Main Factors Contributing Quarter-over-quarter Variation Consolidated Net Income
Main Factors Contributing Quarterly Variation Consolidated Net Income Main Factors Contributing Quarterly Variation Operating Income Follows
Main Factors Contributing Quarterly Variation Operating Income Shown Main Factors Contributing Year-on-year Variation Consolidated Net Income
Main Petrobras Projects Growth Acceleration Plan Gap Main Transactions Future Commitments Object Economic Hedge
Main Transactions Future Commitments Object Hedge Major Factors Contributed Build Net Income 1s-2005
Major Refinery Projects Major Shareholders
Malhas Project Management
Management Interest Rate Risks Management Market Risks Petroleum Derivates
Managements Discussion Analysis Petrobras Financial Condition Results Operations Managements Discussion Analysis Pifcos Financial Condition Results Operations
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Mandatory Distribution
Market Capitalization Increased Year-on-year Mostly Due Oil Gas Market Derivatives Oil Products
Market Fair Value Market Pifcos Notes Not Liquid
Market Risk Management Oil Products Marketable Securities
Markets Marlim Field Special Participation
Marlim Project Marlim Project Novamarlim Petróleo
Master Export Contract Master Plan Development Natural Gas Oil Production Santos
Material Contracts Material Event
Maturities Principal Interest Financing Non-current Liabilities Maturity
Maturity Dates Non-current Loans Financing Maturity Dates Principal Interest Financing Non-current Liabilities
Meet Targeted Operating Costs Return Capital While Being Memorandum Understanding Exports Ethanol
Memorandum Understanding Financing Strategic Plans Capital Expenditures Program Memorandum Understanding Gerdau Csn
Memorandum Understanding Henrique Lage Refinerys Modernization Memorandum Understanding Mitsui Corporation
Memorandum Understanding Refining Usa Memorandum Understanding Strategic Partnership Jbic Japan Bank International
Memorandum Understanding Vale Exploration State Espírito Santo Memorandums Understanding Between Petrobras Chinese Institutions
Merchant Thermoelectric Plants Merger Maio Participações
Merger Petroquímica Triunfo Braskem Merger Pramoa Participações
Merger Proposal Merger Upb Participações
Merger Upbs Assets Petrobras Mexico
Middle East Middle East Activities
Milestone Mutual Conciliation Waiver Agreement Minimum Operating Lease Payments
Minutes Extraordinary General Meeting Minutes Extraordinary General Meeting PetrÓleo Brasileiro Petrobras Held
Minutes Extraordinary Meeting Minutes Ordinary Extraordinary General Meeting
Minutes Ordinary Extraordinary General Meetings PetrÓleo Brasileiro Petrobras Minutes Ordinary General Meeting
Monetary Exchange Variation Monetary Exchange Variation Assets Liabilities Net
Moodys Increases Petrobras Local Currency Rating Baa1 Moodys Increases Rating Debt Local Currency Baa
Moodys Maintains Petrobras Foreign Currency Investment Grade Ratings Moodys Ranks Petrobras Investment Grade
Moodys Upgrades Petrobras Rating Movement Goodwill Discount
Movement Provisioned Amounts Movements Goodwill Discount
Mozambique Multi Disciplinary Healthcare Ams
Multidisciplinary Health Care Assistência Multidisciplinar Saúde -ams Multidisciplinary Healthcare Ams
Nansei Sekiyu National Agency Petroleum Natural Gas Bio Fuel Anp
Natural Gas Natural Gas Auction Short-term Agreements
Natural Gas Commercialization Natural Gas Derivative Contract
Natural Gas Power Natural Gas Purchase Commitment
Natural Gas Purchase Commitments Natural Gas Ship-or-pay Commitments
Natural Gas Supply Bolivia Brazil Negotiations Between Petrobras Repsol Ypf Develop Gas Production
Net Deposit Related Judicial Proceedings Provisioned Applicable Other Net Deposits Related Judicial Proceedings Provision Recorded Applicable
Net Income Net Income 1q-2008 Totaled 6925 5053 Posted 4q-2007
Net Income 2007 Totaled 6800 Above 4131 Declared Net Income 2q-2008 Totaled 8783 6925 Posted 1q-2008
Net Income 3q-2007 Totaled 5528 Million19 Down 6800 Net Income 3q-2008 Totaled 10852 Above 8783 Posted
Net Income 4q-2007 Totaled 5053 Down 5528 Declared Net Income Business Segment
Net Income Loss Net Judicial Deposit Applicable Fishermen Federation Rio Janeiro
Net Loss Net Loss Income
Net Operating Revenues 2q05 1q05 Variation Main Impacts Net Operating Revenues 4q04 3q04 Variation Main Impacts
New Accumulation Pre-salt Proves High Productivity New Benefit Plan Petros
New Benefits Plan New Benefits Plan Petros
New Bolivian Hydrocarbons Law New Bolivian Law Hydrocarbons
New Cfo Investor Relations Director New Depositary Bank Petrobras Adrs
New Discover Santos Basin Pre-salt New Discovered Xerelete Field
New Discovery Santos Basin New Exploration Production Regulatory Model
New Hydrocarbons Law New Hydrocarbons Law Bolivia
New Hydrocarbons Law Ecuador New International Projects
New Investments Abroad New Investments Bolivia
New Investments Chile New Investments Overseas
New Investor Relations Executive Manager New Light Oil Discovery Santos Basin
New Light Oil Finds Espírito Santo New Model Suplementary Pension Plan
New Oil Accumulation Discovered Pre-salt Layer Santos Basin New Oil Accumulation Discovered Santos Basin Pre-salt Layer
New Oil Natural Gas Fields Espírito Santo Campos New Petrobras Technology Boosts Reservoir Productivity
New Plan Benefits New Platforms
New Projects Abroad New Projects Off-shore
New Projects Overseas Nigeria
Nilton Almeida Maia Non Derivative Financial Instruments
Non Operating Income Expenses Non-current Balances Per Currency
Non-current Debt Interest Rates Non-current Debt Maturity Dates
Non-current Liabilities Per Currency Non-us Holder
North America Not Able Obtain Financing Planned Investments Failure Adversely
Not Able Obtain Financing Some Planned Investments Failure Not Able Pay Obligations Standby Purchase Agreement Dollars
Not Able Sell Adss Time Price Desire Because Not Insured Against Business Interruption Brazilian Operations Most
Not Own Crude Oil Natural Gas Reserves Brazil Not Sufficient Resources Support Future Exploration Production Development
Notes Buyback Notes Pesa
Notice Extraordinary General Meeting Notice General Meeting
Notice Shareholders Notice Shareholders Meeting
Notification Inss Joint Liability Notification New Discover Santos Basin Pre-salt Layer
Notifications Inss Joint Liability Notional Fair Values Risk Portfolio
Novamarlim Project Now Therefore
Number Outstanding Shares Each Class Stock Petrobras Pifco Number Type Class Rights Political Equity Advantages Braskems
Não Revisado Exploration Production Barrels Não Revisado Prices Costs Indicators
Objectives Benefits Incorporation Objectives Costs
Objects Purposes Off Balance Sheet Arrangements
Offer Buy Back Notes Offset Accounts Government
Offsetting Reduction Following Expenses Oil Discovery Campos Basin
Oil Discovery Deep Angolan Waters Oil Discovery Deeper Geologic Layers Campos Basin
Oil Gas Exploration Development Costs Oil Gas Exploration Production Development Costs
Oil Gas Reserves Oil Lng Natural Gas Production 2004
Oil Lng Production Oil New Frontier Areas Santos Basin
Oil Product Sales Oil Products Prices
Oil Spill Related Sinking P-36 Platform Onshore Production Revitalization
Operate Successfully Transparently Deregulated Market Operating Highlights
Operating Indicators Operating Segment
Operation Incorporating Petroquisa Shares Petrobras Operations
Operations Regarding Thermoelectric Power Stations Operations Thermoelectric Power Stations
Option Increase Petroquisa Interests Braskem Capital Optional Early Redemption
Ordinary General Meeting Organizational Structure
Original Indenture Other Advisory Committees
Other Brazilian Taxes Other Defined Contribution Plans
Other Events Other Expenses Net
Other Expenses Net Segment Other Indemnity Lawsuits
Other Information Other Information Considered Significant Statement Value Added
Other Information Investments Ecuador New Hydrocarbons Law Other Informations
Other International Activities Other Judicial Actions
Other Judicial Withdrawals Other Litigation Indemnification
Other Operating Expenses Other Operating Expenses Net
Other Operating Expenses Net Segment Other Operating Expenses Segment
Other Operating Income Expenses Other Operating Income Expenses Net
Other Payable Taxes Contributions Other Petrochemical Projectswith Private Partners
Other Proceedings Indemnification Other Restricted Deposits Court
Other Shareholders Rights Other Taxes
Overhead Overview
Owned Bareboat Chartered Vessels Ownership Other Petrochemical Companies
P-34 P-34 Starts Producing Jubarte Field
P-36 P-54 Profile Data
P-55 P-57 Project Pag
Pag 100 Pag 101
Pag 102 Pag 103
Pag 104 Pag 105
Pag 106 Pag 107
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Pag 110 Pag 111
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Pag 124 Pag 125
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Pag 128 Pag 129
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Pag 150 Pag 152
Pag 154 Page
Page 100 Page 101
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Page 132 Page 133
Page 134 Page 135
Page 136 Page 137
Page 138 Page 139
Page 140 Page 141
Page 150 Page 151
Page 152 Page 153
Page 154 Page 155
Page 156 Paid-in Capital
Paid-up Capital Pakistan
Paraguay Parameters Used Risk Management Results Obtained Respect Proposed
Parent Parent Net Income Dividend Purposes
Pari Passu Part
Partial Disproportional Spinning Off Downstream Partial Spin -off Not Proportional Downstream
Partial Spin-off LiquigÁs Distribuidora Participation Anps 9th Bidding Round Exploratory Blocks
Participation Anps Bidding Round Exploratory Blocks Participation Anps Call Tenders Exploration Blocks
Participation Domestic Power Market Generated Losses Not Become ParticipaÇÕes Ltda
Participações Ltda Partner
Partnership Modeling Petrochemical Asset Integration Pasadena Refinery Put Option
Passu Paying Taxes Credits
Payment Account Payment Dividends Interest Shareholders Equity
Payment Installment Interest Capital Payment Installment Interest Own Capital
Payment Interest Capital Payment Interest Own Capital
Payment Option Shares Payment Special Participation Marlim Field
Payments Governments Payments Interest
Pcgc Project Pdet Offshore Project Financing Commitment
Pdet Project Pegaso Programa Excelência Gestão Ambiental Segurança Operacional
Pension Health Care Plan Pension Other Post-retirement Benefits
Pension Plan Fundação Petrobras Seguridade Social Petros Performance Petrobras Shares Adrs
Permanent Assets Perspectives 2008
Peru Peruvian Activities
Pesa Issues Marketable Obligations Pesa Issues Negotiable Scale Obligations
Pesa Issues Notes Pesa Issues Notes Issue Negotiable Scale Obligations
Petrobras Petrobras Achieves Blocks Put Auction Colombia
Petrobras Acquired Interest Contract Exploration Equatorial Guinea Petrobras Acquires Additional Participation
Petrobras Acquires Exploratory Block Auction Nigeria Petrobras Acquires Participation Exploratory Block Namibia
Petrobras Adopts Legal Tax Practices Petrobras America Successfully Tenders Exploratory Blocks Gulf Mexico
Petrobras Announces 2006 Results Petrobras Announces 2008 Results
Petrobras Announces 2008 Results Rio Janeiro 2009 PetrÓleo Petrobras Announces 2009 Earnings
Petrobras Announces 2009 Results Rio Janeiro PetrÓleo Brasileiro Petrobras Announces Commencement Consent Solicitation Export Prepayment Program
Petrobras Announces Half 2006 Results Petrobras Announces Results 2006
Petrobras Announces Results 2007 Petrobras Announces Results 2008
Petrobras Announces Results 2009 Petrobras Announces Site Rio Janeiro Petrochemical Complex
Petrobras Annual Bunker Fuel Production Petrobras Approves Hiring Vessels
Petrobras Audit Committee Petrobras Awarded Time Most Traded Bovespa
Petrobras Beats New Monthly Production Record Petrobras Begin Construction Gasene
Petrobras Begins Production Peroá Field Petrobras Biocombustível
Petrobras Biocombustível Acquires Stake Biodiesel Plant Paraná Petrobras Breaks New Monthly Oil Production Record Brazil
Petrobras Breaks New Oil Production Record Brazil Petrobras Charter Fpso Golfinho Field
Petrobras Charter New Production Storage Vessels Campos Basin Petrobras Clarifies Differences Payment Government Participations
Petrobras Clarifies Disagreements Mpx Termoceará Petrobras Closes Deal Acquire Pasadena Refinery
Petrobras Colombia Petrobras Comercializadora Energia Ltda
Petrobras Conclude Macae Power Plant Transfer Petrobras Concluded Acquisition Shells Assets Colombia
Petrobras Concludes Acquisition Esso Chile Petrolera Petrobras Concludes Acquisition Shell Assets Uruguay
Petrobras Concludes Acquisition Shells Paraguayan Merchandizing Distribution Business Petrobras Concludes Agreement Acquisition Mpx Termo Ceará
Petrobras Confirms Gas Field Usa Petrobras Confirms Light Oil Find Santos Basin
Petrobras Contracts New-build Ultra-deepwater Rigs Petrobras Denies Occupation Bolivian Fields
Petrobras Discovers Light Oil Espírito Santo Coast Petrobras Discovers Natural Gas Light Oil Espírito Santo
Petrobras Discovers Offshore Gas Espírito Santo Petrobras Distribuidora
Petrobras Eletrobrás Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement Petrobras Energia
Petrobras Enters Agreement Acquisition Companies Paso Rio Claro Petrobras Enters Agreement Explore Argentinean Sea
Petrobras Europe Limited Petrobras Exceeds Production Barrels Oil Per Brazil
Petrobras Exchange Controls Petrobras Expands Presence Angola
Petrobras Exploratory Rights Libya Petrobras Finalizes Transfer Refineries Ypfb
Petrobras Finance Limited Petrobras Goals 2010
Petrobras GÁs Gaspetro Petrobras Gás Gaspetro
Petrobras Highest Bidder Areas Santos Basin Biggest Number Petrobras Highest Bidder Blocks Gulf Mexico Lease Sale
Petrobras Highest Bidder Gulf Mexico Lease Sale Petrobras Incorporates Companies Rio Janeiro Petrochemical Complex Comperj
Petrobras Internacional Braspetro Pib Petrobras International Braspetro Pib
Petrobras International Finance Petrobras International Finance Pifco
Petrobras Issues 10- 30-year Notes Petrobras Issues Yen-denominated Bonds
Petrobras Listing Dow Jones Index Renewed Petrobras Maintains Position Dow Jones Sustainability Index
Petrobras Makes Light Oil Discovery Santos Basin South Petrobras Makes New Oil Discovery Espírito Santo Basin
Petrobras Middle East Pemid Petrobras Negócios Eletrônicos E-petro
Petrobras Netherlands Pnbv Petrobras Obtained Net Income 4336 1q-2007 Operational Profit
Petrobras Oil Natural Gas Production 2009 Per State Petrobras Oil Production Brazil
Petrobras Ombudsman Petrobras Participates Discovery Ultra-deep Gulf Mexico Waters
Petrobras Participation Bovespas Corporate Sustainability Index Renewed Petrobras Pdvsa Agree Conditions Build Refinery
Petrobras Pdvsa Incorporate Mixed Corporation Brazil Petrobras Pdvsa Sign Equity Partnership Agreement Abreu Lima
Petrobras Plans Issue Global Securities Petrobras Position Merchant Thermoelectric Power Plants
Petrobras Posted Consolidated First-half Net Income 10931 Lower Petrobras Posted Consolidated Net Income 20853 9m-2009 Down
Petrobras Posted Consolidated Net Income 4131 2007 Operating Petrobras Posted Consolidated Net Income 4131 Lower 1q-2006
Petrobras Posted Consolidated Net Income 5816 1q-2009 Down Petrobras Posted Consolidated Net Income 6925 2007 Higher
Petrobras Posted Consolidated Year-to-date Net Income R16459 Lower Petrobras Prices Global Notes
Petrobras Proved Reserves 2005 Petrobras Proved Reserves 2005 Brazil International
Petrobras Proved Reserves 2006 Brazil International Petrobras Proved Reserves 2007
Petrobras Proved Reserves 2007 Brazil International Petrobras Proved Reserves Brazil
Petrobras QuÍmica Petroquisa Petrobras Química Petroquisa
Petrobras Raises 500 Global Notes Petrobras Rated Investment Grade
Petrobras Recorded Net Income 5672 3q-2007 Operational Profit Petrobras Recorded Net Income 6851 2q-2007 Operational Profit
Petrobras Reduce Financing Us45 Jornal Commércio Petrobras Reinforces Project Portfolio Angola
Petrobras Related Party Transactions Petrobras Releases 2005 Results
Petrobras Reported Consolidated Net Income 20719 Period 2006 Petrobras Reported Consolidated Net Income 2159 Operating Revenues
Petrobras Reported Consolidated Net Income 6493 Operating Revenues Petrobras Reported Consolidated Net Income 6675 1q-2006 Increase
Petrobras Reported Consolidated Net Income Us2812 Operating Revenues Petrobras Reported Net Income 23725 2005 Higher Amount
Petrobras Reported Net Income 9806 1s-2005 Operations Operating Petrobras Repudiates Bolivian Government Declarations
Petrobras Restates Actuarial Assumptions Pension Healthcare Plans Petrobras Sareholders Breakdown
Petrobras Seals Acquisition Eletrobolt Thermal Generator Petrobras Seals Acquisition Termoceará Thermal Generator
Petrobras Share Adr Activity Petrobras Shareholders Breakdown
Petrobras Shareholding Petrobras Signs Agreement Copel
Petrobras Signs Agreement Increase Brazilian Energy Supplies Petrobras Signs Contracts Northeast Refinery
Petrobras Signs Memoranda Understanding Japan Financing Strategic Projects Petrobras Signs New Exploration Production Agreement Bolivia
Petrobras Signs Purchase Agreement Japanese Refinery Petrobras Starts Biodiesel Marketing Process 2008
Petrobras Starts Producing Oil Deep Waters Northeastern Brazil Petrobras Starts Production Gas Fields Espírito Santo
Petrobras Stock Split Petrobras Subsidiaries Assigns Reported Consolidated Net Income 17861
Petrobras Subsidiaries Controlled Companies Reported Consolidated Net Income Petrobras Subsidiaries Controlled Companies Reported Net Income 15583
Petrobras Subsidiaries Controlled Companies Reported Net Income 23725 Petrobras Subsidiaries Controlled Companies Reported Net Income 6675
Petrobras Subsidiaries Controlled Companies Reported Net Income 9951 Petrobras Surpasses 183 Barrel Per Brazil
Petrobras Takes Incentives Off Bolivian Gas Petrobras Tanzania
Petrobras Total Capital Expenditures Us20978 2007 433 Higher Petrobras Transporte Transpetro
Petrobras Was Highest Bidder Blocks Gulf Mexico Lease Petrobras Wins Tender Exploration Production Turkey
Petrobras Ypfb Sign Agreement Bolivian Gas Petrobrass Consolidated Net Income Was 7085 2006 Higher
Petrochemical Assets Integrated Braskem Petrochemical Naphta
Petrochemicals Petrochemicals Fertilizers
Petroleum Alcohol Account Petroleum Alcohol Account Receivable Federal Government
Petroleum Alcohol Account Receivable Federal Government Changes Petroleum Alcohol Account Stn
Petroleum Alcohol Accounts National Treasury Petroleum Alcohol Accounts Stn
Petroleum Ethanol Accounts National Treasury Petroleum Ethanol Accounts Stn
Petroleum Gas Exploration Development Expenses Petroleum Gas Exploration Production Development Costs
Petroquisa Braskem Announces Decision Petroquisa Option Increase Ownership Share Capital Braskem
Petros Plan PetrÓleo Brasileiro Petrobras Public
PetrÓleo Brasileiro Petrobras Public Press Release Develops New PetrÓleo Brasileiro Petrobras Public Press Release Payment Interest
PetrÓleo Brasileiro Petrobras Publicly Held Cnpj 33000167 0001 PetrÓleo Brasileiro Petrobras Subsidiaries
PetrÓleo Brasileiro Sa-petrobras Index Audited Consolidated Financial Statements Petróleo Brasileiro Petrobras
Petróleo Brasileiro Petrobras Subsidiaries Physical Indicators
Pifco Pifco Depends Ability Pass Financing Costs
Pifco Global Notes Pifco Limited Ability Pass Financing Costs
Pifco Line Credit Pifco Not Earn Enough Money Own Operations Meet
Pifcos Accounts Receivable Pifcos Cash Flow
Pifcos Corporate Structure Pifcos Operations Debt Servicing Capabilities Dependent
Pifcos Principal Commercial Activities Pifcos Short-term Borrowings
Plaintiff Adailton Oliveira Bittencourt Others Plaintiff Agência Nacional Petróleo National Petroleum Agency Anp
Plaintiff Alagoas State Finance Authorities Plaintiff Distribution Companies
Plaintiff Federal Finance Authorities State Value-added Tax Related Plaintiff Federal Revenue Service
Plaintiff Federal Revenue Service Contribution Intervention Economic Domain Plaintiff Fishermans Federation State Rio Janeiro Feperj
Plaintiff Ibama Brazilian Institute Environment Renewable Resources Plaintiff Internal Revenue Service Rio Janeiro Withholding Income
Plaintiff Internal Revenue Service Rio Janeiro Withholding Tax Plaintiff Kallium Mineração
Plaintiff Porto Seguro Imóveis Ltda Plaintiff Rio Janeiro State Finance Authorities Icms Tax
Plaintiff Rio Janeiro State Finance Authorities Ipi Tax Plaintiff State Revenue Service Alagoas
Plaintiff State Revenue Service Rio Janeiro Plaintiff State Revenue Service São Paulo
Plaintiff São Paulo State Tax Authorities Plaintiff Unions Petroleum Workers
Plan Assets Platform P-52 Kicks Off Production Roncador Field
Platform P-53 Kicks-off Production Platform P-56 Construction Project
Pollution Portugal
Position Recent Events Bolivia Possible Purchase Suzano Petroquimica
Potential Change Icms Legislation Potential Investments Saudi Arabia
Power Power Offtake Projected Commitments
Pramoa Participações Pre-salt Executive Management Creation
Pre-salt Reservoirs Pre-salt Working Group
Preemptive Rights Preferred Shares Adss Representing Generally Not Give Voting
Preliminary Injunction Suspends Dividend Payment Prepayment Agreement
Prepayment Exports Presence Quorum Convening
Presentation Financial Information Presentation Financial Statements
Presentation Information Concerning Reserves President Petrobras Paz Meeting
Presidente Getúlio Vargas Refinery Oil Spill Presiding Officials
Press Release Press Release Option Petroquisa Increase Ownership Interest Share
Preventive Stoppage Platform P-25 Price Cost Indicators
Price Regulation Prices Costs Indicators
Pricing Policy Principal Accountant Fees Services
Procedural Question Production Been Normalized Campos Basin
Production Goes Stream Tupi Production Resumed Platform P-25
Production Retaken Platform P-50 Production Self-sufficiency Maintenance
Production Startup Pre-salt Layer Products Quantities Transported
Profit Reserves Profit Retention Reserve
Profit Sharing Employees Management Program Modernization Expansion Fleet Promef
Programmed Maintenance Campaign Project Finance
Project Financing Project Financing Obligations
Project Financing Progress Project Financings
Project Financings Obligations Project Financings Progress
Project Financings Variable Interest Entities Vies Project Polypropylene Production São Paulo
Projects Assets Operation Projects Financings
Projects Financings Obligations Projects Financings Progress
Property Plant Equipment Property Plant Equipment Net
Property Plant Equipment Operating Segment Consolidated Property Plants Equipment
Prospective Investors Consult Own Tax Advisers Consequences Purchasing Prospective Investors Consult Own Tax Advisors Regarding Consequences
Provided Provided However
Provision Contingencies Provision Judicial Actions
Provisions Lawsuits Provisions Legal Proceedings
Public Offer Acquisition Suzano Petroquímica Shares Public Offering Acquisition Suzano Petroquímicarsquos Shares
Public Offering Acquisition Suzano Petroquímicas Shares Purchase Option Marlim Participações
Purchase Shareholdings Termorio Purchase Shares Petroquímica União
Purchase Shares Termobahia Purchase Sociedade Fluminense Energia Ltda Sfe
Purchases Equity Securities Issuer Affiliated Purchasers Purchases Sales Crude Oil Products
Purchases Shares Quotas Termobahia Purpose Benefits Merger
Put Option Pasadena Refinery Q06 4q05 Main Influences
Q09 Trade Balance Q2-2006 Petrobras Business Operations Recorded Ebitda Earnings Before
Qualification Directors Qualifications
Rains Damage Pipelines Bolivia Raising Capital Pifco
Raising Financing Spe Companhia Desenvolvimento Modernização Plantas Industriais Raising Funds
Raising Funds International Segment Raising Funds Pifco
Ranking Rating
Re-opening 125 Global Notes Due 2019 Realization Deferred Income Social Contribution Taxes
Realization Deferred Income Tax Csll Realization Deferred Income Tax Social Contribution
Realized Capital Reasons
Receivable Federal Government Receivables Purchase Agreement
Recent Developments Recent Developments Relating Compliance Sarbanes-oxley Act
Recent Facts Recently Adopted Accounting Pronouncements
Recently Adopted Accounting Standards Recently Issued Accounting Pronouncements
Reclassifications Reconciliation Balance Sheet 2005
Reconciliation Consolidated Net Equity Result Reconciliation Consolidated Shareholders Equity Net Income
Reconciliation Income Tax Social Contribution Reconciliation Income Tax Social Contribution Profit
Reconciliation Shareholders Equity Consolidated Net Income Recoverable Taxes
Recovery Pis Cofins Redemption
Redemption Rights Withdrawal Reduction Amount Paid Cide
Reduction Following Operating Expenses Reduction Net Income 1q-2007 Compared 1q-2006 Was Primarily
Reduction Operating Expenses Notably Refinaria Abreu Lima
Refinery Production Capacity Refining
Refining Cost Barrel Refining Costs
Refining Costs Barrel Refining Park Enhancement Modernization
Refining Transport Supply Barrels Refining Transport Supply Bpd
Refining Transport Supply Thous Barrels Refining Transportation Marketing
Refining Transportation Supply Barrels Register
Registered Capital Registration Shareholder Declarations
Registration Statement Regulators Approve Petrobras Plans Bring Fpso Gulf Mexico
Regulatory Approvals Regulatory Framework
Reimbursement Dissenting Shareholders Reimbursements Receivable
Reimbursements Receivable Undertakings Negotiation Reimbursements Receivable Ventures Negotiation
Reimbursements Receivable Ventures Negotiation Parent Related Parties
Related Party Transactions Release Agreement Between Petrobras Energia Pesa Enron Corp
Relevant Additions Investment PlangÁs Comperj Anticipation Reductions Project Relevant Fact
Relevant Fact Suzano Petroquímica Acquisition Relevant Reductions Project Exclusions Changes Business Model Nova
Remittances Abroad Chartering Mobile Platforms Remuneration Key Personnel
Remuneration Managers Employees Parent Remuneration Parent Directors Employees Reais
Renegotiation Gsa Renegotiation Petros Retirement Fund Plan
Renewable Energy Reduction Greenhouse Gases Ghg Rental Thermoelectric Power Station Ute Petrolina Ltda
Reopen Issue Price Reopening Global Notes Due 2019
Reorganization Transener Debts Repactuation Petros Plan
Report Foreign Private Issuer Pursuant Rule 13a-16 15d-16 Report Independent Auditors
Report Independent Auditors Limited Review Quarterly Information Itr Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Representing Majority Shareholders Representing Minority Ordinary Shareholders
Representing Ordinary Shareholders Representing Preferred Shareholders
Required Pay Judgments Brazilian Courts Enforcing Obligations Guaranty Required Pay Judgments Brazilian Courts Enforcing Obligations Standby
Research Development Research Development Expenses
Reserve Lawsuits Reserve Quantities Information
Reserve Retained Earnings Reserve Retention Earnings
Reserves Resolution Petroquisa Egm
Resolutions Ordinary General Meeting Resolutions Procedural Question
Restrictions Non-brazilian Holders Result Business Area
Result Internal Ascertainment Facts Results
Results Business Area Results Business Segment
Results Debt Tender Offers Results Internal Investigation Events
Results New Energy Auction Results Operations
Results Operations 2003 Compared 2002 Results Operations 2004 Compared 2003
Results Operations 2005 Compared 2004 Results Operations 2006 Compared 2005
Results Operations 2007 Compared 2006 Results Operations 2008 Compared 2007
Results Operations Half 2005 Compared 2004 Results Operations Half 2006 Compared 2005
Results Operations Half 2007 Compared 2006 Results Operations Half 2008 Compared 2007
Results Operations Half 2009 Compared 2008 Results Operations Nine-month Period 2005 Compared 2004
Results Operations Nine-month Period 2006 Compared 2005 Results Operations Nine-month Period 2008 Compared 2007
Results Operations Three-month Period 2009 Compared 2008 Results Operations-2007 Compared 2006
Results Operations-2008 Compared 2007 Resumption Termoaçu Thermoelectric Plant Project Rio Grande Norte
Return Anp Fields Production Stage Operated Petrobras Return Exploration Areas Anp
Return Fields Operated Petrobras Production Phase Anp Return Fields Production Operated Petrobras Anp
Return Financial Leverage Indicators Return Production Fields Operated Petrobras Anp
Revaluation Reserve Revap Modernization Project
Revenue Reserves Revenues
Revenues Costs Expenses Review Operating Agreements Venezuela
Review Operating Partnerships Venezuela Review Report Independent Registered Public Accounting
Review Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Revision Business Plan
Rights Obligations Shareholders Rio Janeiro 10th 2009 PetrÓleo Brasileiro Ndash Petrobras
Rio Janeiro 2005 PetrÓleo Brasileiro Petrobras Today Announced Rio Janeiro 2006 PetrÓleo Brasileiro Petrobras Today Announced
Rio Janeiro 2008 PetrÓleo Brasileiro Petrobras Today Announced Rio Janeiro 2009 PetrÓleo Brasileiro Petrobras Today Announced
Risk Assessment Risk Management
Risk Management Activities Risk Management Activity Pepsa
Risk Management Objectives Strategies Risks Relating Brazil
Risks Relating Pifco Risks Relating Relationship Brazilian Government
Rupture Pipeline Between Cabiúnas Duque Caxias Refinery Rupture Production Line Well Belém Farm Field
Safety Environment Health Seh Safety Environment Health Sms
Sale Association Agreement Teikoku Oil Ltd Operations Ecuador Sale Disposition Notes
Sale Interest Energy Transmission Argentina Sale Option Pasadena Refinery
Sale Option Pasadena Refinery Astra Sale Part Shares Rio Polímeros
Sale Participation Power Argentina Compañia Inversora Transmisión Eléctrica Sale Shareholding Interest Petroquímica Cuyo Saic
Sale Shareholding Petroquímica Cuyo Saic Sale Shareholding Power Argentina
Sale Shareholding Power Argentina Compañia Inversora Transmisión Eléctrica Sales Agreements
Sales Crude Oil Products Services Sales Interest Power Argentina
Sales Volume Sales Volume Barrels
Sales Volume Bpd Sales Volume Thous Barrels
Santos Basin Sarbanes-oxley Act
Schedule Schedule Stoppages
Search Apprehension Icms Tax Payments Considered Not Due Search Apprehension Icms Taxpayer Substitution Payments Considered Not
Securities Exchange Act 1934 Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Security Environment Health Segment Information
Segment Reporting Selected Balance Sheet Data International Segment
Selected Balance Sheet Data Segment Selected Data International Segment
Selected Financial Data Self-dealing Restrictions
Selling General Administrative Expenses Senegal
Sensitivity Analysis Settlement Accounts Federal Government
Settlement Natural Gas Derivative Contract Settlement Petroleum Alcohol Account Federal Governmen
Settlement Petroleum Alcohol Account Federal Government Settlement Petroleum Alcohol Accounts Federal Government
Settling Accounts Federal Government Sfas 141-r
Sfas 143 Accounting Asset Retirement Obligations Sfas 157
Sfas 158 Employers Accounting Defined Benefit Pension Other Sfas 159
Sfas 160 Share Buy Back
Share Buyback Share Capital
Share Capital Increase Share Grouping Terms Adrs
Share Ownership Share Ownership Petrobras
Share Purchase Petrobras Energía Perú Share Split
Shareholder Rights Liquidation Shareholder Services
Shareholders Agreement Shareholders Equity
Shareholders Meetings Shares Split
Shelf Registration Petrobras Approved Securities Exchange Comission Sec Short-term Debt
Signature Signatures
Significant Accounting Policies Significant Oil Reserves Pre-salt Layer Santos Basin
Situation Bolivia Size Volatility Liquidity Regulation Brazilian Securities Markets Curb
Social Balance Social Balance Sheet
Sociedade Economia Mista Sources Funds
Southeast Northeast Gas Pipeline Special Participation Marlim Field
Special Purpose Companies Special Purpose Companies Spc
Special Purpose Entities Specific Purpose Entities
Spill-curitiba Spill-guanabara Bay
Spill-rivers State Paraná Split Shares Represent Joint Stock
Splitting Shares Standard Poor´s Increases Petrobras Risk Classification
Standard Poor´s Reviews Petrobras Rating Standby Availability
Standby Purchase Agreement Standby Purchase Agreements
Start Pre-salt Oil Refining State Rio Janeiro Enforces Law Imposing Icms Oil
Statement Added Value Statement Added Value Consolidated
Statement Added Value Controller Statement Added Value Parent
Statement Adjusted Parent Net Income Dividend Purposes Statement Base Profit Parent Purposes Dividends
Statement Cash Flow Statement Cash Flow Consolidated
Statement Cash Flow Parent Statement Cash Flows
Statement Cash Flows Indirect Method Reais Statement Ceo José Sergio Gabrielli Azevedo
Statement Changes Financial Position Reais Statement Changes Shareholders Equity 2009 Reais
Statement Changes Stockholders Equity 2005 Reais Statement Changes Stockholders Equity 2006 Reais
Statement Changes Stockholders Equity 2007 Reais Statement Commercial Potential New Light Oil Gas Fields
Statement Extraordinary 12312004 Statement Extraordinary 12312005
Statement Extraordinary 12312006 Statement Extraordinary 2006
Statement Extraordinary 2007 Statement Extraordinary 2008
Statement Extraordinary 4q08 Statement Holding Basic Income Dividend Purposes
Statement Income Current Non-current Assets Liabilities Statement Income Reais
Statement Other Operating Income Expenses 12312006 Statement Other Operating Income Expenses 1h-2007
Statement Other Operating Income Expenses 1h-2008 Statement Other Operating Income Expenses 2005
Statement Other Operating Income Expenses 2006 Statement Other Operating Income Expenses 2007
Statement Other Operating Income Expenses 2008 Statement Other Operating Income Expenses Half 2008
Statement Other Operating Income Expenses Half 2009 Statement Other Operating Income Expenses Jan Sep 2008
Statement Other Operating Income Expenses Jan-jun 2008 Statement Other Operating Income Expenses Jan-sep 2007
Statement Other Operating Income Expenses Jan-sep 2008 Statement Other Operating Income Expenses Jan-sep 2009
Statement Other Operating Income Expenses Semester 2009 Statement Other Operating Revenues Expenses 03312004
Statement Other Operating Revenues Expenses 03312005 Statement Other Operating Revenues Expenses 03312006
Statement Other Operating Revenues Expenses 06302004 Statement Other Operating Revenues Expenses 06302005
Statement Other Operating Revenues Expenses 09302004 Statement Other Operating Revenues Expenses 09302005
Statement Other Operating Revenues Expenses 12132003 Statement Other Operating Revenues Expenses 12132004
Statement Other Operating Revenues Expenses 12312005 Statement Other Operating Revenues Expenses 1h-2005
Statement Other Operating Revenues Expenses 1h-2006 Statement Other Operating Revenues Expenses 1h-2007
Statement Other Operating Revenues Expenses 1q-2006 Statement Other Operating Revenues Expenses 1q-2007
Statement Other Operating Revenues Expenses 2006 Statement Other Operating Revenues Expenses 2007
Statement Other Operating Revenues Expenses 2008 Statement Parent Net Income Dividend Purposes
Statement Petrobras Bolívia Refinación Pbr Statement Value Added
Statement Value Added Consolidated Statement Value Added Parent
Statement Value-added Parent Statements Cash Flows Added Value
Statutory Reserve Stock Split
Strategic Partnership Agreement Jbic Japan Bank International Cooperation Strategic Plan 2020 Business 2008 2012
Strategy Construction Drilling Rigs Brazil Strike Campos Basin
Strong Position Brazils Potentially Growing Natural Gas Markets Strong Reserve Base
Structured Finance Exports Structured Projects
Subbordinated Loans Operations Subject Numerous Environmental Health Regulations Become Stringent Recent
Subject Substantial Risks Relating International Operations Particular Latin Subscribed Capital Changes Current
Subscribed Paid Capital Subscribed Paid-in Capital
Subsequent Event Subsequent Events
Subsequent Events Global Notes Subsidy Reserve Afrmm
Substantial Extended Declines Prices Crude Oil Products Material Substantial Extended Declines Volatility International Prices Crude Oil
Subvenções Afrmm Success Attracting International Partners Activities
Successful Bid Venezuela Summary Significant Accounting Policies
Summary Strategy Supplemental Indenture
Supplementary Pension Plan Supply
Supply Key Statistics Suzano Petroquímica
Suzano Petroquímica Acquisition Suzano Petroquímica Acquisition End Period Withdrawal Right
São Paulo Stock Exchange Table Contents
Tanzania Tax Assessments Internal Revenue Service Rio Janeiro
Tax Claims Tax Contingencies
Tax Credit Compensated Petrobras Total R114 Tax Incentive Reserve
Tax Incentives Tax Incentives Sudene
Taxation Bonds Securities Transactions Iof Títulos Taxation Capital Gains
Taxation Distributions Taxation Dividends
Taxation Foreign Exchange Transactions Iof Câmbio Taxation Gains
Taxation Interest Shareholders Equity Taxation Relating Pifcos Notes
Taxes Contributions 181 Recoverable Taxes Contributions Interests Payable
Taxes Contributions Participations Taxes Contributions Participations Payable
Taxes Contributions Payable Taxes Social Contributions Deferred Long Term
Technical Characteristics Technological Cooperation
Termelétricas Termination Indemnity Plan
Termination Natural Gas Price Volatility Reduction Contract Termoaçu
Termobahia Termoceará
Termogaúcha Termomacaé Ltda Comercializadora Energia -former Macaé Merchant
Termomacaé Ltda Comercializadora Energia Former Macaé Merchant Termorio
Test Tupi Area Proves High Productivity Tests Confirm Light Oil Discovery Santos Basin
Thermoelectric Liabilities Thermoelectric Plant Macaé Merchant
Thermoelectric Plant Obligations Thermoelectric Plants Generating Energy Belongs Petrobras Commodity Price
Thermoelectric Plants Merchant Type Thermoelectric Power Plants
Thermoelectric Power Plants Energy Produced Belongs Petrobras Market Thermoelectric Power Stations
Title Title Each Class
Total Capital Spending Petrobras Totaled 22637 2006 Above Total Exchange Price
Trade Accounts Receivable Net Trade Balance
Trading Markets Transaction
Transaction Costs Premiums Issuing Securities Transactions Government Entities Pension Fund
Transactions Government Entities Pension Funds Transactions Governmental Entities Pension Funds
Transfer Control Transfer Out Jurisdiction
Transfer Petrochemical Assets Ipiranga Companies Transfer Shares Energy Companies
Transfer Shares Power Companies Transitory Tax Regime
Transitory Tax Regime Ttr Transpetro
Transportadora Brasileira Gasoduto Bolívia-brasil Tbg Transportation
Trend Information Trends
Trends Petrobras Shares Adr American Depository Receipts Trustee
Trustee Makes Representation Tupi Extended Well Test
Turkey Type Asset
Type Assets Unable Exercise Preemptive Rights Respect Common Preferred Shares
Unconsolidated Balance Sheet Assets Reais Unconsolidated Balance Sheet Liabilities Reais
Unconsolidated Statement Income Reais Unipar Investment Agreement
United States United States America P-19 P-31
United States P-19 P-31 United States P-19 P31
Unproved Oil Gas Properties Upgrade Refineries Increase Ability Process Heavier Domestic Crude
Urucu Manaus Gas Pipeline Urucu-coari-manaus Gas Pipeline
Urucu-coari-manaus Urucu-coari Gas Pipeline Projects Urucu-manaus Gas Transporter Granted Bndes Funding
Uruguay Uruguayan Activities
Us1000 Global Notes Issue Us1000000000 5875 Global Notes Due 2018
Us500000000 6125 Global Notes Due 2016 Us600000000 775 Global Notes Due 2014
Uses Funds Usina Termelétrica Bahia
Usina Termelétrica Bahia Camaçari Ltda Usina Termelétrica Nova Piratininga Ltda
Ute Nova Piratininga Valuation Methodology Assets
Value Type Margins Given Guarantee Variable Contribution Plan
Venezuela Venezuelan Activities
Ventures Japan Ventures Negotiation
Vessel Construction Acquisition Via Facsimile
Voting Rights Walkers
Well 4-ess-175-es Well Indicates Tupi Potential
Whereas Trustee Provided Petrobras Statements Eligibility Trust Indenture Word President José Eduardo Barros Dutra
Word President José Sérgio Gabrielli Azevedo Write-off
Wwwpetrobrascombr Wwwpetrobrascombr English
Year-on-year Reduction 9m-2007 Consolidated Net Income Reflected Expenses Year-on-year Reduction Half 2007 Consolidated Net Income Reflected
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