Topic Listing for Physicians Formula Holdings

Acceptance Services Account Verification
Accounting Accounting Tax Considerations
Accuracy Completeness Information Acknowledgement Warehouseman
Action Employers Action Respect Junior Obligations Collateral Subject Senior Liens
Action Written Consent Special Meetings Stockholders Additional Conditions Precedent Advances Letters Credit
Additional Negative Covenants Adjustments Set-off
Administration Adoption Plan
Advance Notice Provisions Election Directors Advertising Expenditures-
Advertising Expenditures8212 Affirmative Covenants Borrower
Agent Agent Lender Relative Subject Matter Hereof Not Expressly
Agreement Currency Already Submitted Proxy Not Need Take Action Unless
Amendment Amendment Performance-vesting Options
Amendment Termination 2006 Plan Amendments
Amendments Agreements Amendments Consents Waivers Authentication
Amount Terms Loans Letters Credit Commitment Amounts Amounts Deferred
Annual Cash Incentive Compensation Anti-takeover Provisions Amended Restated Certificate Incorporation By-laws Laws
Arbitration Arbitrator Qualifications Powers
Assignments Audit Committee
Authorization Automatic Release Junior Liens
Azusa 2007 Azusa California
Base Salary Been Advised Counsel Negotiation Execution Delivery Agreement Other
Beneficial Owner Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Beneficiary Binding Effect Assignment Complete Agreement
Board Composition Board Directors
Board Directors Exercise Perform Such Other Powers Duties Board Directors Recommend Vote
Bonus Agreement Bonus Plan
Borrower Shall Default Observance Performance Agreement Contained 513 Borrower Shall Not Permit Subsidiary End Other
Borrower Shall Pay Agent Respect Each Letter Credit Business Subject Environmental Investigation Remediation Compliance Costs Adversely
Capital Expenditures Capital Stock
Capitalized Interest8212 Capitalized Lease Obligations Principal Amount Not Exceeding 1000000
Cash Equivalents- Cash Equivalents8212
Cash Flows Cash Severance
Catastrophic Loss Delays Deliveries Other Disruptions Facilities Negatively Cause
Certain Agreements Respect Bankruptcy Insolvency Proceedings Certain Relationships Related Transactions
Certain Transactions Certificate Authority Each Corporate Guarantor
Certificate Status Certificates Insurance
Certificates Other Information Borrower Shall Certificates Stock
Certification Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act
Certified Copies Governing Documents Good Standing Certificates Change Control
Change Vote Changes Name Constituent Documents Location
Chief Executive Office Identification Number Class Proceedings Consolidations
Closing Conditions Code
Code Ethics Collateral Assignment Insurance
Collateral Pledge Agreement Collateral Related Matters
Collection Account Commercial Letter Credit Agreement
Commercial Tort Claims Commitments Contingencies
Committee Common Stock Only Been Publicly Traded Since 2006
Communication Board Directors Compared 2005
Compared 2006 Compared 2007
Compared 2008 Comparison Cumulative Total Return Among Physicians Formula Holdings
Compelling Proposition Retailers Compensation
Compensation Committee Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Philosophy Objectives
Competition Competitive Strengths
Computations Computer Communications Hardware Software Systems Vulnerable Damage Interruption
Concentration Credit Risk8212 Conditions Precedent
Conditions Precedent Initial Advance Issuance Letter Credit Conference Call
Conflicts Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consents Amendments Waivers Etc Consents Approvals
Consignment Consolidation Merger Asset Acquisitions
Construction Certain Defined Terms Contingent Trade Secret License Agreement
Continue Develop Introduce New Products Continue Identify Opportunities Operating Margin Improvement
Controlling Law Controls Procedures
Copy Final Prospectus Relating Shares Copy Prospectus Relating Shares Available
Corporate Other Action Corporation Shall Fixed Resolution Board Directors
Cost Sales Cost Solicitation
Costs Expenses Counterparts
Credit Agreement Agent Shall Received Executed Delivered Officer Credit Facilities
Credit Security Agreement Critical Accounting Policies
Critical Accounting Policies Estimates Current Searches
Current Searches Persons Currently Testing Sales New Brand Called
Customer Identification Information Form Default Notices
Defense Deferral Account Adjustments Investment Options
Deferral Election Deferred Compensation Account
Deferred Compensation Accounts Definitional Terms Rules Interpretation
Delaware Delaware General Corporation Law
Delivery Instruments Etc Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Depend Limited Number Retailer Customers Majority Sales Loss Depositary Accounts
Depositary Banks Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities-
Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities8212 Descriptive Headings Agreement Inserted Convenience Only Not Constitute
Differentiated Products Broad Consumer Appeal Dip Financing
Dip Financing Liens Direct Collection
Director Confidentiality Agreement Director Indemnification Agreements
Directors Disabled
Disclosure Discounts Etc
Discovery Distribution
Distribution Channels Retailer Customers Distribution Date
Distribution Proceeds Dividends
Dividends Distributions Documents Incorporated Reference
Duties Senior Obligations Secured Party Each Lender Person Becoming Pursuant Represents Warrants Agrees
Effects Inflation Effects Initial Public Offering Related Transactions
Eligibility Employee
Employee Benefits Employees
Employer Enforceability
Entire Agreement Etc Entities Affiliated Summit Partners Ability Significantly Influence Business
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Environmental
Environmental Matters Environmental Matters Except Set Forth Schedule Existence San
Environmental- Environmental8212
Equity Incentive Plan Erisa
Erisa Compliance Estimates
Estimates 8212 Estimates-
Estimates8212 Event Default
Events Default Events Default Acceleration
Evidence Licensed Qualified Transact Business Execution Counterparts Delivery
Executive Officers Exempt Person
Exercisability Vesting Expiration Exhibits
Existence Authority Expand Adjacent Categories Innovative Products
Expand New Channels Increase International Presence Expenses
Experienced Management Team Extent Permitted Law Rights Require Lender Exercise Remedies
Eye Makeup Face Makeup
Facility Leases Expire Before 2007 Unable Renew Facility Leases Expire Before 2007 Unable Renew Favorable
Factors Affecting Operating Results Fair Value Financial Instruments-
Fair Value Financial Instruments8212 Fair Value Measurements 8212
Fiduciary Relationship Financial
Financial Condition Financial Covenants
Financial Statements Borrower Shall Furnish Agent Lenders Financial Statements Exhibits
Financing Activities Financing Arrangements
Fixtures Flexible Low-cost Business Model
Fluctuations Buying Decisions Retailer Customers Trend Toward Retail Foreign Currency Risk
Foreign Currency Transactions- Foreign Currency Transactions8212
Forfeitures Unclaimed Amounts Form Letter Used Exercise Stock Option
Form Limited Liability Notice Forward-looking Statements
Full 2007 Furnish Agent Promptly After Commencement Thereof Event Not
Furnish Agent Promptly Such Additional Financial Other Information Further Documents
Further Increases California Federal Minimum Wage Increase Operating Further Penetrate Existing Retailers Channels Distribution
Future Grantors Future Liquidity Capital Needs
General General Conditions
General Provisions General Security Agreement
Geographic Information Goodwill Indefinite-lived Intangible Assets-
Goodwill Indefinite-lived Intangible Assets8212 Goodwill Other Intangible Assets
Governing Law Governing Law Jurisdiction Consent Service Process
Governing Law Jurisdiction Venue Governing Rules
Grant Security Interest Growth Strategy
Guarantees Guaranties
Guaranty Corporation Headings
Hereunder Loan Document Within Business After Such Interest High Level Competition Industry Harm Business Financial Performance
Holder Representative8217s Right Take Action Holding Investment Acts
Immediate Default Acceleration Impairment Long-lived Assets-
Impairment Long-lived Assets8212 Inability Obtain Regulatory Approval Manufacturing Facility Need Open
Income Taxes Income Taxes-
Income Taxes8212 Incorporation Good Standing
Incumbency Certificate Incumbency Certificate Agent Shall Received Each Loan Party
Indebtedness Indebtedness Created Hereunder Other Loan Documents
Indemnification Indemnity
Index Index Consolidated Financial Statements
Information Reporting Confidentiality Ingrid Jackel
Initial Public Offering New Senior Credit Agreement Initiatives Expand New Product Categories Not Successful Failure
Insurance Intangible Assets-
Intangible Assets8212 Interest Accordance Terms Agreement Stated Payable Revolving Loan
Interest After Default Interest Expense
Interest Rate Risk Interest Rates Payment Dates
Interest Term Loan Interests Not Transferable
Interference Application Proceeds Payment Over Reinstatement Inventories
Inventories- Inventories8212
Inventory Valuation Investing Activities
Investment Options Investments Outstanding Closing Date Set Forth Schedule
Investments Received Connection Bankruptcy Reorganization Settlement Delinquent Accounts Investments Subsidiaries
Issuer Purchases Equity Securities Jeff Rogers President
Jeffrey Rogers Joseph Jaeger
Joseph Jaeger Chief Financial Officer Judgment Currency
Judicial Reference Consent Jurisdiction Junior Documents
Junior Liens Junior Obligations
Junior Obligations Collateral Junior Obligations Event Default
Junior Obligations Secured Party Junior Obligations Security Documents
Key Person Life Insurance Landlord8217s Disclaimer Consent
Legal Bar Execution Delivery Performance Agreement Other Loan Legal Impediment
Legal Opinions Agent Shall Received Counterpart Each Lender Legal Proceedings
Lender Letters Credit Shall Used General Corporate Purposes Borrower
License Lien
Liens Created Hereunder Other Loan Documents Limitation Liability Indemnification
Line Lines 5678
Liquidity Capital Resources Liquidity8212
Litigation Litigation Matters
Litigation- Litigation8212
Loan Documents Location Collateral
Locations Books Records Locations Equipment Inventory
Lockbox Longer Legal Beneficial Owner 100 Capital Stock Borrower
Maintenance Management Information Systems
Manufacturing Manufacturing Agreement License
Manufacturing Equipment- Manufacturing-
Market Information Market Ranking Other Data
Market Share Data Marketing Sales
Material Adverse Change Material Adverse Changes Etc
Material Nonpublic Information Maturity
Meanings Given Terms Defined Herein Shall Equally Applicable Meetings Stockholders
Mill Road Cap Mill Road Capital
Mill Road Collateral Mill Road Credit Agreement
Mill Road Documents Mill Road Event Default
Mill Road Lien Collateral Mill Road Lien Collateral Transition Date
Mill Road Liens Mill Road Obligations
Mill Road Security Documents Mill Road Specified Default
Minimum Book Net Worth Minimum Ebitda
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Assignment Provisions
Miscellaneous Covenants Name
Name Borrower Merger Consolidation Name Merger Consolidation
Negative Covenants Net Income Loss Per Share
Net Income Per Share Net Income Per Share-
Net Income Per Share8212 Net Loss Income Per Common Share
Net Loss Income Per Share Net Loss Income Per Share8212
Net Sales Net Sales 2007 Expected Decrease Compared 2006 Gross
Net Sales Decreased 303 353 555 2009 858 New Accounting Pronouncements
New Accounting Pronouncements- New Accounting Pronouncements8212
New Accounting Standards New Product Development
New Term Loan Non-qualified Deferred Compensation
Normal Expiration Event Shall Part Option Exercisable After Not Able Successfully Implement Efficiency Improvements Realize Cost
Notice Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders
Notices Notices Regarding Disposition Collateral
Notices Requests Communications Confidentiality Notifying Account Debtors Other Obligors Collection Collateral
Now Therefore Number
Obligations Obligors
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Off-balance Sheet Transactions
Officer8217s Certificate Officers
Offices Operating Activities
Operating Leases- Operating Leases8212
Opinion Counsel Option
Option Not Intended Incentive Stock Within Meaning 422 Optional Prepayments Term Loan
Organization Basis Presentation Other
Other Assets Other Definitions
Other Events Other Income
Outlook Outlook Compared Same Periods 2006
Overview Overview Business
Overview Business Significant Developments Overview Compensation Process
Overview Market Share Data Packaging Merchandising
Parent Part
Participant Participations
Parties Parties Interest
Patents Patents Trademarks
Payment Arbitration Costs Fees Payment Blockage Event
Payment Blockage Notice Payment Blockage Period
Payment Fees Payment Mill Road Obligations
Payment Taxes Other Claims Payments Lender
Payments Participants Pension Plans
Performance Awards Performance Graph
Performance Wells Fargo Perquisites Other Benefits
Physicians Formula Holdings Inc Physicians Formula Holdings Inc Announces End Results Provides
Physicians Formula Holdings Inc Announces Results Physicians Formula Holdings Inc Announces Results 2006 Provides
Physicians Formula Holdings Inc Exact Name Registrant Specified Physicians Formula Holdings Inc Letterhead
Physicians Formula Inc Physicians Formula Terminates 10b5-1 Repurchase Instruction
Pierre Fabre Settlement Agreement Place Business Name
Plan Plan Attend
Post-termination Benefits Pre-approved Amendments
Preparation Accuracy Financial Statements Preservation Existence
Principal Accountant Fees Services Principles Consolidation-
Principles Consolidation8212 Prior Notification
Proceedings Documents Proceeds
Product Innovation Products Not Appeal Broad Range Consumers Sales Business
Property Equipment- Property Equipment8212
Proposal Election Directors Proposal Election Directors Board
Proposal Ratification Audit Committee8217s Appointment Deloitte Touche Llp Proposal Ratification Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Protection Trade Secrets Nonsolicitation Confidentiality Agreements Provided
Provision Agreement Shall Conclusive Binding Borrower Lenders Absence Provision Income Taxes
Provisions General Applications Provisions Solely Define Relative Rights
Proxy Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2007 Purchase Components Semi-finished Goods Limited Number Party Suppliers
Purpose Purpose Hedging Borrowers Such Subsidiarys Reasonably Estimated Interest
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Raw Materials Suppliers
Real Property Collateral Judicial Reference Receive Copy Physicians Formulas Annual Report
Receiving Proxy Statement Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Refinance Refinancings
Registered Office Agent Registration Agreement
Regulation Regulation Disclosure
Regulations Governing Industry Significant Negative Effect Business Results Regulatory Status Products Change Required Conduct Clinical Trials
Related Trademark Collateral Rely Heavily Staffing Service Provide Workers Face Significant
Remedies Repayment Loans
Replacement Lender Report Audit Committee
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Reportable Event Prohibited Transaction Defined Erisa Occurred Occurring
Representations True Event Default Representations Warranties
Representations Warranties Each Secured Party Require Significant Amount Cash Failure Generate Raise Sufficient
Requirements Associated Being Public Require Significant Resources Management Research Development-
Research Development8212 Resolution
Restricted Stock Restricted Stock Units Deferred
Restrictions Indebtedness Restrictions Nature Business
Results Operations Financial Condition Results Predecessor
Retention Company8217s Records Retirement Plans
Returns Reserve- Returns Reserve8212
Revenue Recognition Revenue Recognition-
Revenue Recognition8212 Rights
Rights Payment Rights Remedies
Risk Factors Rules
Rules Deferral Elections Rules Interpretation
Safe Harbor Statement Sale
Sale Leaseback Sale Transfer Assets Suspension Business Operations
Sale Transfer Etc Sales Returns Reserve8212
Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Seasonality
Secondary Equity Offering Secretary8217s Certificate
Secured Obligations Secured Party8217s Right Take Action
Security Security Agreement
Security Agreement Pledge Security Documents
Segments- Segments8212
Selling General Administrative Expenses Senior Lender Bailee
Senior Liens Senior Obligations
Senior Obligations Collateral Senior Obligations Secured Party
Senior Obligations Security Documents Separate Collateral Bank Account
Setoff Severability
Severability Provisions Severance Payments
Share-based Compensation Shares Entitled Vote
Shares Present Hold Meeting Sharing Information
Shipping Handling Fees- Shipping Handling Fees8212
Signature Page Stock Option Award Agreement Signatures
Significant Increases Fuel Prices Adversely Affect Financial Results Small Rapidly Growing Relies Few Key Employees Ensure
Special Account Special Bonus Chief Financial Officer
Specified Default Statements Exhibits
Stock Appreciation Rights Stock Option Plan
Stock Options Stock Options 2003 Option Plan
Stock Options 2006 Equity Incentive Plan Stock Options-
Stock Options8212 Stock Ownership Guidelines
Stockholder Proposals Director Nominations Stockholder Record
Stockholders Equity Strong Quality Perception Market Positions
Subject 912 Each Party Hereto Hereby Irrevocably Unconditionally Subject Bonus Plan 2007 Through
Subject Variety Social Political Economic Risks Associated Doing Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Subordination Junior Liens Subsequent Event
Subsequent Events Subsidiaries Etc Closing Date Borrower Other Those Set
Successful Initial Public Offering Repayment Debt Successors Assigns Participation Purchasing Lenders
Such Person Not Unreasonably Small Capital Carry Persons Summit Partners Investors Not Duty Refrain Engaging Directly
Survival Survival Agreement
Survival Covenants Etc Table Contents
Taxes Term Loan
Termination Reduction Non-renewal Line Credit Notice Terms Awards
Time Method Payment Timing Option Grants
Title Title Properties Leases
Trade Allowances- Trade Allowances8212
Trademarks Transactions Related Parties
Trust Trusts
Ucc Ucc Filing Offices State Organizational Identification Number
Ucc Financing Statements Ucc Search Results
Unable Increase Sales Through New Existing Distribution Channels Unable Manage Growth Effectively Harm Business Results Operations
Unable Protect Intellectual Property Ability Compete Negatively Impacted Unable Successfully Execute Material Part Growth Strategy Future
Unforeseeable Financial Emergency United States
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds
Unsecured Indebtedness Not Referred Other Clause Aggregate Principal Usa Patriot Act
Value Received Variation Quality Products Delay Ability Fill Orders Harm
Vesting Vesting Withholding Taxes Transferability Awards
Vote Vote Confidential
Vote Required Votes
Votes Needed Proposals Pass Waiver Cumulative Remedies
Waiver Jury Trial Waiver Provisional Remedies Self-help Foreclosure
Waivers Amendment Wells Fargo
Wells Fargo Bank National Association Wells Fargo Cap
Wells Fargo Collateral Wells Fargo Credit Agreement
Wells Fargo Documents Wells Fargo Event Default
Wells Fargo License Wells Fargo Lien Collateral
Wells Fargo Lien Collateral Transition Date Wells Fargo Liens
Wells Fargo Obligations Wells Fargo Security Documents
Wells Fargo Specified Default Wells Fargo8217s Right Take Action
What Difference Between Holding Shares Stockholder Record Beneficial What Dont Return Proxy Card Attend Annual Meeting
What Happens Nominee Director Declines Unable Accept Election What Information Contained Proxy Statement
What Questions Physicians Formulas Transfer Agent What Vote Withhold Abstain
What Voting Withdrawal Plan Employer
Withholding Taxes Witness Whereof
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