Topic Listing for PHAROL, SGPS S.A.

Abr Absence Material Adverse Other Changes
Absence Undisclosed Liabilities Academic Preparation
Access Information Accounting Certain Hybrid Financial Instruments Amendment Fasb Statements
Accounting Certain Investments Debt Equity Securities Accounting Corporate Disclosure Standards Public Companies Listed Portugal
Accounting Goodwill Recognized Business Combination Accounting Goodwill-non Amortization Impairment
Accounting In-process Research Development Recognized Business Combination Accounting Investee Losses Investor Loans
Accounting Minority Interests Accounting Policies Judgments Estimates
Accounting Practices Adopted Brazil Accounting Retirement Pensions Other Post-retirement Employee Benefits
Accounting Servicing Financial Assets Accounting Tax Losses Carryforwards
Accounting Treatment Spin-off Accounting Uncertainty Income Taxes
Accounts Payable Accounts Payable Other
Accounts Payable Other-third Parties Accounts Payable Trade
Accounts Payable-other Accounts Payable-trade
Accounts Receivable Other Accounts Receivable Trade
Accounts Receivable-other Accounts Receivable-trade
Accrued Acquisition 502 Share Capital Through Equity Swaps Accrued Expenses
Accrued Post Retirement Liability Accumulated Earnings
Acquirer Acquisition Own Shares Through Financial Derivative Instruments
Acquisition Shares Telesp Celular Participações Acquisition Telemig
Acquisition Telemig Participações Tele Norte Acquisitions
Acquisitions Divestitures Companies Activities General
Actuarial Gains Losses Addendum Notice
Addition Election Total Number Directors Including Chairman Board Additional Capital Contributions Closings Subscription Issuance Payment Shares
Additional Clarification Chairman General Meeting Shareholders Blocking Shares Additional Duties Principal Paying Agent
Additional Information Additional Questions
Adopted Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Adr
Ads Holder Face Disadvantages Compared Ordinary Shareholder Attempting Ads Holders Withdraw Deposited Securities
Adsl Adsl Services Isps
Adss Issued Adverse Political Economic Legal Conditions Countries Investments Hinder
Adverse Regulatory Environment Negatively Affect Profitability Advising Executive Committee Matter Selection Relevant Criteria Determination
Advisors Appraisers Advisory Board
African Countries Africatel Agreement
After Completion Proposed Spin-off Multimédia Competitive Strategy Adversely Agenda
Agenda Resolve Election Members Compensation Committee Whereas Agent Service Process
Agents Agios
Agreed Signed 2005 Amsterdam Netherlands Agreement Indemnify
Agreement Universal Telecommunications Services Entered Decree Law 458 Agreements
Agreements Issue Purchase Notes Agência Nacional Telecomunicações
Aims Cover Households Fibre End 2009 Alignment Director Interests
Allen Overy Alliance Banco Espírito Santo Caixa Geral Depósitos
Alliance Telefónica Allotment Shares Other Share Incentive System Bonuses Non-financial
Allotment Shares Share Call Options Other Incentive Systems Allowance Doubtful Accounts
Although Issuer Deliver Procure Delivery Existing Issued Ordinary Amended Restated Programme Agreement
Amendment Amendment Prospectus Tender Offer Portugal Telecom Shares
Amendments Amendments Bylaws Share Capital Increases Well Limitation Suppression
American Old Amortisation Goodwill
Amortisation Telecommunication Licenses Amortization Goodwill
Amortization Telecommunication Licenses Amounts Brazilian Reais-runless Otherwise Stated
Amounts Paid Directors Companies Control Group Relationship Amounts Stated Euro
Amílcar Morais Pires Analysis Financial Condition Results Operations
Anatels Main Resolutions Angola 149 Unitel
Angola Unitel Annexe Purchase Agreement
Annexe Subscription Agreement Annexure
Announced Acquisition Telemig Announced Transaction Allow Those Shareholders Participate Greater Liquidity
Announcement Announcement 2009 Lisbon Qualified Holding
Announcement Lisbon 2009 Qualified Holding Announces Acquisition 376 Own Shares
Annual General Meeting Portugal Telecom Sgps 2005 Board Annual General Meeting Shareholders 2009
Annual Report Annual Report 2008
António Caria António Manuel Rocha Menezes Cordeiro
Appearance Subprime Crisis Consequences Economies Markets Appendix Bases Calculation Sources Information
Applicable Law Arbitration Tribunal Application Icms
Application International Financial Reporting Standards Application Moneys
Appointment Executive Committee Chief Officer Appointment New Dealers
Appointment Supervision Qualifications Independence Independent Auditors Statutory Auditor Appraisal Rights
Approval Corporate Restructuring Vivo Apr07
Apr08 Apr09
Arbitration Armando Vara
Arpu Assessment Fair Value Certain Assets Using Revaluation Model
Assessment Fair Value Financial Instruments Asset Retirement Obligation
Assets Disposals Assets Liabilities
Assignment Assist Board Directors Evaluating Performance Order Contribute Efficiency
Associated Companies Associated Companies 2008 2007 Detailed Below
Associated Companies Jointly Controlled Entities Attendance
Audiovisuals Business Audit Committee
Auditors Comfort Letters Auditors Report
Aug Authorisation
Authorised Representative Authority Distribute Documents
Availability Preparatory Information Available Sale Investments
B-code Ethics Back Office Services
Back-up Withholding Background Spin-off
Balance Capital Contributions Subscription Issuance Payment Additional Shares Balance Closing Additional Closings Conditions Precedent
Balance Closing Additional Closings Deliveries Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet Captions Balance Sheet Classification
Bank Loans Barter Transaction
Base Price Plan Fixed Telephony Service Basic Earnings Per Share
Basis Presentation Been Substantial Contributor Development Portuguese Society
Benefit Benefit Agreement
Benefits Restructuring Shareholders Benefits Strategy Financial Targets Not Realized
Best Efforts Consummate Transactions Best Regards
Bind Operators Ensure Through Own Means Coverages National Block Voting Instruction
Board Directors Board Directors Proposal
Board Directors Report Board Directors Stockholders Portugal Telecom Sgps Lisbon
Board Practices Board Remuneration Policy
Boards Directors Main Subsidiaries Group Bona Fide
Bond Issuance Bond Performance
Bondholder Bonds
Borrowing Costs Brasilcel
Brazil Brazil Continue Important Market Portugal Telecom
Brazil Uol Brazilian Mobile
Brazilian Mobile 149 Vivo Brazilian Mobile Business
Brazilian Mobile Business Vivo Brazilian Mobile Vivo
Brazilian Real Brazilian Tax Reforms Affect Vivos Prices
Breach Broadband
Broadband Internet Broadband Internet Service
Broadband Market Portugal Highly Competitive Become Future Built Solid Portfolio International Assets
Burdensome Regulation Open Market Put Disadvantage Competitors Burdensome Regulation Open Market Put Disadvantage Competitors Adversely
Business Business Combination
Business Combinations Purchase Accounting Goodwill Business Drivers Measures
Business Performance Business Reorganization Revenue Reporting Categories
Business Revenue Reporting Categories C-principal Accountant Fees Services
Cable Advertising Cable Dth Television Services
Cable Satellite Television Broadband Internet Access Fixed Telephony Cable Satellite Television Services
Cable Television Authorization Cable Television Directive
Cabo Verde 149 Cvt Calculation Agent
Canada Cancellation Notes Records
Cape Verde Cvt Capex
Capex Directed Towards Launch New Services Capital Distribution
Capital Expenditures Capital Expenditures Financial Investments
Capital Gains Capital Increases
Capital Investment Capital Issued Premium
Capital Markets Capital Reduction Loans Granted Other Payments Related Financing
Capital Stock Capital Structure
Capitalization Interest Capitalized Interest
Cash Cash Dividend
Cash Equivalents Cash Equivalents Short Term Investments
Cash Financing Activities Cash Flow
Cash Flow Operating Activities Cash Flow Relating Pension Plans
Cash Flow Relating Post Retirement Benefit Plans Cash Flow Statement
Cash Flow Statements Cash Flow Used Investing Activities
Cash Flows Cash Flows Statement
Cash Flows Used Financing Activities Cash Investing Activities
Cash Operating Activities Cash Payments Resulting Dividends
Cash Receipts Dividends Cash Receipts Financial Investments
Cash Receipts Resulting Dividends Cash Receipts Resulting Financial Investments
Cash Receipts Resulting Loans Obtained Ccpu
Cdma Ceo Message
Ceos Message Certain Defined Terms
Certain Dispositions Certain Fees
Certain Provisions Respect Board Members Certain Relationships Between Portugal Telecom Multimédia
Certificate Authentication Certification Chief Executive Officer
Certification Chief Financial Officer Certification Pursuant United States Code 1350 Adopted 906
Certifications Chairman
Chairman Board Directors Chairman Board General Meeting Shareholders
Chairman General Meeting Shareholders Informs Blocking Shares Chairman Miguel Horta Costa Executive Committee
Chairman Miguel Horta Costa Vice-chairman Carlos Vasconcellos Cruz Chairmans Message
Change Clients Needs Change Control
Change Control Period Change Control Provisions
Change Specified Office Changes Accounting Policies Estimates
Changes Accounting Policies Estimates Errors Changes Agents
Changes Capital Changes Consolidated Group
Changes Consolidated Group Half 2006 Significant Summary Accounting Changes Consolidation Perimeter
Changes Group 2004 Changes Rights Shareholders
Changes Shareholders Rights Changing Composition Operating Revenues
Chapter 1disclosure Information Chapter 3corporate Rules Codes Conduct Code Ethics
Chartered Accountant Chief Executive Officer
Cinema Distribution Exhibition Entertainment Citibank
Citicorp Trustee Limited Citigroup Global Markets Deutschland Kgaa
Civil Claims Consumer Protection Association
Claims Legal Actions Claims Municipal Taxes Fees
Clarification Information Provided Update Board Directors Report Revised Clarifications Pts General Meeting Shareholders Offer Launched Sonaecom
Class Shares Clearing Systems
Cmvm Recommendations Pertaining Non-executive Directors Independent Code Business Conduct Ethics
Code Ethics Code Ethics Financial Officers
Code Ethics Senior Financial Officers Commenting Rodrigo Costa Multimedias Chief Executive Officer Said
Commercial Costs Commercial Paper
Commissions Expenses Commitments
Commitments Umts License Committees
Committees Board Directors Committees Created Annual General Meeting Shareholders
Common Conditions New Acquisitions Wireless Properties Common Provisions Vote Counting
Communications Companies Consolidated Proportional Method
Companies Consolidated Using Proportional Method Companies Included Consolidation 2008 2007
Companies Recorded Cost Compared European Average Access Cost Wholesale Network Allows
Compensation Compensation Committee
Compensation Provision Public Services Competition
Competition Authority Fine Competition Directive
Competition Facing Lusomundo Media Competition Facing Multimédias Audiovisuals Business
Competition Facing Multimédias Pay Broadband Internet Business Competition Facing Multimédias Pay Cable Internet Business
Competition Facing Tmn Competition Facing Tmn Portugal
Competition Facing Vivo Brazil Competition Facing Wireline Business
Competition Issues Competition Mobile Telephony Other Wireline Operators Significantly Reduce
Competition Mobile Telephony Other Wireline Operators Significantly Reduced Competition Requirements Purposes Coverage Obligations End Means Start
Complementary Pension Early Retirement Systems Applicable Directors Compliance Applicable Law
Composition Composition Board Directors Independence
Composition Characteristics Board Directors Composition Executive Committee
Composition Operating Rules Comprehensive Income
ComunicaÇÕes Comunicações Make Available Free Charge Clients Special Needs
Concession Agreement Concessions Authorizations
Conclusions Condition Sufficiency Assets
Conditions Conditions Applying Vivo Smp Licensing Regime Result Reducing
Conditions Applying Vivos Subsidiaries Smp Licensing Regime Result Conditions Appointment
Conditions Precedent Conduct Business
Conference Call Details Confidential Information
Conflicts Interest Conflicts Interest Arise Between Portugal Telecom Multimédia Resolved
Connection Between Director Remuneration Performance Connection Fees
Consents Consents Approvals Violatio
Consents Approvals Violations Considering
Considering Effects Prior Misstatements Consolidated Balance Sheet
Consolidated Financial Statements Consolidated Income Statement
Consolidated Net Debt Consolidated Operating Costs
Consolidated Operating Costs Excluding Depreciation Amortization Consolidated Operating Costs Excluding Post Retirement Benefits Prbs
Consolidated Operating Revenues Consolidated Recurring Operating Costs
Consolidated Report Consolidated Report 2005
Consolidated Report 2006 Consolidated Results
Consolidated Statements Cash Flows 2005 2004 Consolidation Equity Associate-application Fin R-variable Interest Entities Related
Consolidation Principles Consolidation Principles Controlled Entities
Consolidation Treatment Sport Consolidation Treatment Vivo
Consolidation Treatment Vivo Sport Consultive Council
Consultive Council Disclosure Committee Sustainability Well Several Operational Consumers Rights
Contacts Contents
Contingent Liabilities Continue Largest Investor Information Society Portugal
Continues Deeply Involved Creation Sustainable Society Continuing Commercial Relationships
Continuing Operations Contracts Rights Parties Act 1999
Contractual Obligations Commercial Commitments Contractual Obligations Commitments
Contribution Wireless Properties New Acquisitions Control
Control Disposal Subsidiaries Control Holding Sgps Business Units Instrumental Companies
Control Independence Chartered Accountant Notably Regards Rendering Additional Control Management Activity
Controlled Entities Controls Procedures
Convening Meeting Convocation
Cooperation Between Parties Corporate Body Charts Pertaining Distribution Powers
Corporate Governance Committee Corporate Governance Model Characteristics Management Body
Corporate Governance Oversight Corporate Governance Report
Corporate Governance Report 2008 Corporate Purpose
Corporate Reorganization Corporate Restructuring
Corporate Segment Corporate Structure
Cost Debt Maturity Cost Products Sold
Cost Reduction Program Costs
Costs Expenses Losses Income Costs Products Sold
Costs Telecommunications Counterparts
Country Risk Covenant Compliance
Covenants Credit Rating
Credit Ratings Credit Risk
Credit Risks Critical Accounting Policies
Critical Accounting Policies International Financial Reporting Standards Critical Judgments Estimates
Cross Border Lease Operations Cumulative Currency Foreign Translation Adjustments
Currency Composition Assets Currency Composition Indebtedness
Currency Indemnity Current Classification
Current Market Price Current Professional Experience
Currently Reviewing Internal Controls Time Pursuant Sarbanes-oxley Act Curtailment Costs
Curtailment Costs Net Cusip 737273102
Customer Base 000 Customer Care Services
Customer Loyalty Programmes Customer Service
Customers Daily Metric
Daniel ProenÇa Carvalho Data Corporate
Data Corporate Revenues Data Corporate Services
Data Services Dealers
Dealers Undertakings Dealing
Debt Debt Increase Result Extraordinary Healthcare Contribution
Debt Instruments Repayment Refinancing Indebtedness Debt Ratings
Dec Dec07
Dec08 Decision Competition Authority
Defective Products Services Deferred Charges
Deferred Costs Deferred Income
Deferred Taxes Defined Benefit Assets Minimum Funding Requirements
Definition Financial Derivative-notional Amounts Definition Independence Applicable Non-executive Directors
Definitions Definitions Interpretation
Delimitation Responsibilities Between Board Directors Executive Committee Delivered Attractive Shareholder Value Far
Delivered Attractive Value Delivering Even More133
Deloitte Deposit Agreement Amended
Deposit Agreement Terminated Depositary Bank
Depreciation Amortisation Depreciation Amortisation Costs
Depreciation Amortization Costs Derivative Financial Instruments
Derivative Financial Instruments Hedge Accounting Derivative Instruments
Derivative Instruments Sfas 133 Derivatives Sensitivity Equity Price Risk Euro Expected Maturity
Description Activities Carried Out Non-executive Directors Description Issue
Description Securities Other Equity Descriptive Headings
Detail Cash Equivalents Determinations Notifications
Determining Amortization Period Leasehold Improvements Purchased After Lease Development Voice Over Internet Protocol Services Reduce Telephony
Development Web Solutions Difference Brasilcel Investment
Difference Brasilcel Investment-goodwill Digital Terrestrial Television
Digitalization Direct Costs
Director Remuneration Director Remuneration Policy
Directors Independence Disclosure
Disclosure Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income Balances Disclosure Committee
Disclosure Controls Procedures Disclosure Shareholdings
Discounting Provisions Discounts Retired Portuguese Citizens
Dismantling Removal Obligations Disposals
Disposals Assets Distributable Reserves
Distribution Profits Employees Distribution Rights Audiovisual Content
Diversified Shareholder Base Dividend
Dividend Distributed Last Financial Dividend Distributed Last Financial Yeas
Dividend Distribution Dividend Distribution Policy
Dividend Information Dividend Payment 2007 Earnings
Dividend Policy Dividends
Dividends Distributed Last Financial Dividends Distribution Policy Share Buyback Programme
Dividends Ordinary Shares Documents Display
Domestic Businesses Accounted Approximately Consolidated Ebitda Minus Capex Domestic Leadership Segments
Domestic Market Domestic Mobile
Domestic Mobile 149 Tmn Domestic Mobile Business
Domestic Mobile Tmn Domestic Mobile-tmn
Domestic Operations Dont Let Sonaecom Take Cash Flows Future Value
Due Limited Liquidity Multimédia Ordinary Shares Today Other Duties
Duties Receiving Party Duties Transfer Agents
Dvd Piracy Other Illegal Content Distribution Had Continue E-purchases Equity Securities Issuer Affiliated Purchasers
Each 500 Euros Capital Shall Correspond Vote Shareholders Each 500 Shares Entitles Shareholder Vote Shareholders Having
Earnings Per Share Earnings Release
East Timor 149 Telecom East Timor Telecom
Ebitda Ebitda Decrease Due Lower Interconnection Rates One-off Reversal
Ebitda Growth Impacted Interconnection Rates Cuts Provisions Ebitda Minus Capex
Ebitda Negatively Impacted Primarily Wireline Vivo Economic Crisis Brazil Reduce Expected Returns Brazilian Investments
Economic Environment Economic Situation Portugal
Effect Publication Extraordinary Resolution Effects Termination Due Breach Sections
Effects Termination Due Events Set Forth Sections Eighteen
Eitf 04-1 Accounting Preexisting Relationships Between Parties Business Eitf Issue 01-08-determining Whether Arrangement Contains Lease
Either Emphasis
Employee Arrangements Employee Benefits
Employee Post-retirement Benefits Employees
Employers Accounting Defined Pension Other Postretirement Plans Enforcement
Entire Agreement Entitlement Trustee
Equipment Sales Equity
Equity Derivatives Equity Earnings Affiliated Companies
Equity Earnings Affiliates Equity Earnings Associated Companies
Equity Earnings Associated Companies Net Equity Excluding Minority Interests
Equity Losses Earnings Affiliated Companies Equity Method Companies
Equity Price Risk Equity Share Capital
Equity Swaps Own Shares Errors Changes Accounting Policies
Errors Changes Accounting Policies Estimates Errors Estimates Changes Accounting Policies
Escudo Estimate Other Non-financial Benefits
Ethics Euro
Euro 648 Shareholders 2005 Eurobonds Spreads Performance 2008 Basis Points
Euronext Lisbon European Commissions Review Roaming Charges Lead Reduction Domestic
European Economic Area Evaluation Committee
Evaluation Committee Report Directors Selection Process Committees Charter Event Default
Exceptions Exemptions Ifrs First-time Adoption Exchange
Exchange Controls Exchange Date
Exchange Rate Exchange Rate Exposure
Exchange Rate Interest Exposure Exchange Rate Risk
Exchange Rates Exchange Rates Used Translate Foreign Currency Financial Statements
Exchange Rates Used Translated Foreign Currency Financial Statements Exchange Rights
Exchange Talons Exchangeable Bonds
Exchangeable Bonds Due 2014 Exchanges Definitive Bearer Notes Permanent Global
Exchanges Increases Excluding Minority Interests
Exclusions Executed
Executive Committee Executive Officers
Exempt Newco Scheme Existing Trading Market Multimédias Ordinary Shares United States
Expected Appointment New Chief Executive Officer Expected Maturity Date
Expenses Explanation Exemption Applied Ifrs
Explanation Exemptions Applied Ifrs Explanatory
Explanatory Regarding Presentation Balance Sheet Cash Flow Statements Exposed Exchange Rate Interest Fluctuations
Exposure Exchange Rate Risk External Auditors
Extraordinary Extraordinary Dividend
Failure Address Clients Needs Fair Market Value
Fair Market Value Aggregate Ptm Spin-off Securities Fair Value Derivative Agreements 2008 Euro
Fair Value Derivatives Contracts 2007 Euro Fair Value Derivatives Contracts 2007 Euro Expected Maturity
Fair Value Derivatives Contracts 2008 Euro Expected Maturity Fair Value Financial Instruments
Fair Value Measurements Fair Value Option Financial Assets Liabilities
Fasb Interpretation Accounting Conditional Asset Retirement Obligations Feb
Feb08 Federal Income Tax Considerations
Fees Duties Taxes Fees Expenses
Fees Expenses Stamp Duties Fees Radiofrequency Usage
Fernando Soares Carneiro Fifteen
Fifth Supplemental Trust Deed Filing Annual Report Form 20-f
Fin 46-consolidation Variable Interest Entities-an Interpretation Arb Fin R-variable Interest Entities Related Transactions
Final Terms Financial Advisors
Financial Assets Liabilities Financial Commitments
Financial Derivative Instruments Financial Highlights
Financial Income Expenses Financial Instruments
Financial Instruments Disclosures Financial Instruments Held Trading
Financial Instruments Risk Management Financial Investments
Financial Investments Available Sale Financial Liabilities Equity Instruments
Financial Liabilities Equity Investments Financial Market Conditions Adversely Affect Ability Obtain Financing
Financial Markets Financial Ratios
Financial Review Financial Risks
Financial Schedule 2005 Financial Statements
Financial Timetable 2006 Financial Timetable 2007
Financial Timetable 2009 Financing
Find Information Fixed Assets
Fixed Charges Fixed Fees Line Telephone Services
Fixed Line Network Fixed Remuneration
Fixed Telephony Fixed Variable Remuneration Executive Non-executive Directors
Fixed Variable Remunerations Executive Non-executive Directors Fixed-mobile Convergence Structural Changes Business Portugal
Fixed-mobile Convergent Offers Following Measures Adopted
Following Proposal Following Proposal Addition Autonomous Capital Reduction Resolution Approved
Fontes Pereira Melo 1069 300 Lisboa Portugal Force Majeure
Foreign Currency Exchange Rate Foreign Currency Exchange Rate Risk
Foreign Currency Transactions Balances Form 20-f
Form 6-k Form Allocation Conditions Release Convertible Bonds
Form Allocation Release Conditions Convertible Bonds Form Certificate Exchange Transfer Registered Notes Beneficial Interests
Form Confirmation Letter Issue Form Confirmation Letter Programme
Form Dealer Accession Letter Issue Form Dealer Accession Letter Programme
Form Definitive Certificate Form Definitive Registered
Form Denomination Title Form Disposal
Form Effectuation Authorisation Form Global Bond
Form Transfer Registered Former Class Shares Multimédia
Forms Acquisition Forms Presentation-consolidation
Forms Registered Global Notes Forward Looking Statements
Forward-looking Statements Fourteen
Fractional Shares Fractions
Francisco Bandeira Francisco Leal Barona
Francisco Manuel Marques Bandeira Francisco Pereira Soares
Franquelim Alves Free Cash Flow
Functions Other Companies Functions Other Companies Group
Functions Performed Members Management Body Other Companies Functions Performed Members Management Other Companies
Funds Further Bonds
Further Interests Wireless Properties Further Issues
Fust Future Imposition Legal Requirement Contribute Cultural Funds Other
Future Perspectives Future Ratings Downgrades Impair Ability Obtain Financing Significantly
Gaap Gaap Adjustments Equity Investees
Gaap Reconciliation Gains Financial Assets Other Investments Net
Gearing Ratio General
General Activities General Administrative Expenses
General Information General Meeting Shareholders
General Meeting Shareholders Board General Meeting Shareholders Voting Rights
General Shareholders Meeting General Shareholders Meeting Voting Rights
Gerald Mcgowan Global Bond
Global Bond Exchange Date Global Medium Term Programme
Global Telecom Global Telecom Contract Representations Warranties
Glossary Goodwill
Goodwill Amortisation Goodwill-marconi Acquisition
Goodwill-pt Múltimédia Acquisition Governance Committee
Governance Model Governing Law
Governing Law Submission Jurisdiction Government Regulation Uncertainties Adversely Affect Multimédias Business
Governmental Regulatory Decision Force Dispose Either Fixed Line Granting Rights Frequency 2500-2690 Mhz
Granting Rights Frequency 3400-3800 Mhz Granting Rights Frequency 450mhz
Grants Subsidies Grants Subsidies Fixed Assets
Gross Unfunded Obligations Gross Versus Net Presentation Taxes Collected Customers
Group Composed Following Operators Kpn Swisscom Teliasonera Belgacom Group Disclosure Schedule
Group Financial Statements Group Intellectual Property
Group Treasury Share Transactions Group-wide Initiatives
Growing Percentage Revenue Derived Businesses Subject Rapid Sometimes Gsm
Guarantees Guarantees Financial Commitments
Half 2007 Half 2008
Handset Portfolio Harbour
Hdtv Health Care Benefits
Hedge Accounting Hedging Financial Instruments
Henrique Granadeiro Highlights
Hiring Retaining Employees History
History Organizational Structure Holders Ptm Adss Face Disadvantages Compared Ordinary Shareholder
Ias Ias Ifrs
Ias Revised -borrowing Costs Beginning After 2009 Ias Revised -consolidated Separate Financial Statements Beginning After
Ias Revised -financial Instruments Presentation Beginning After 2009 Ias Revised -financial Instruments Recognition Measurement Beginning After
Ias Revised -interests Joint Ventures Beginning After 2009 Ias Revised -investments Associates Beginning After 2009
Ias Revised -presentation Financial Statements Beginning After 2009 Icp National Communications Authority
Ifric 11-treasury Share Transactions Beginning After 2007 Ifric 12-concession Contracts Beginning After 2008
Ifric 13-loyalty Programs Beginning After 2008 Ifric 14-defined Benefits Beginning After 2008
Ifric 16-hedges Net Investment Foreign Operation Beginning After Ifric 17-distribution Non-cash Assets Owners Beginning After 2009
Ifric 18-transfer Assets Customers 2009 Ifrs 8-segment Reporting Beginning After 2009
Ifrs Revised -share Based Payments Beginning After 2009 Ifrs Revised -share-based Payments Beginning After 2009
Ii-changes Group 2004 Illegal Conduct
Impact Transactions After Consolidation Impairment Goodwill Intangible Assets Other Long-lived
Impairment Tangible Intangible Assets Excluding Goodwill Impairment Tests Property Plant Equipment Intangible Assets Excluding
Implementation Spin-off Important Notice
Improper Vivos Network Adversely Affect Costs Results Operations Income Applicable Minority Interests Decreased Euro Same Period
Income Attributable Minority Income Attributable Minority Interests
Income Increased 2005 Income Operations
Income Taxation Income Taxes
Incompatibilities Incorporated Brazil
Incorporated Netherlands Incorporated Portugal
Incorporations Increase Aggregate Nominal Amount Programme
Increased Competition Portuguese Mobile Markets Result Decreased Tariffs Indebtedness
Indebtedness Borrowed Money Indemnification Procedure
Indemnification Trustee Contracting Subsidiary Undertakings Indemnity
Indepence Members Compensation Committee Independence
Independence Incompatibilities Specilisation Audit Board Members Independent Auditors Report
Independent Financial Adviser Index
Index Financial Statements Indirect Taxes
Information Also Available Pts Website Http Irtelecompt Information Duties Executive Committee
Information Investees 2007 Information Members Board Directors
Information Noteholders Meetings Information Reporting Back-up Withholding
Information Reporting Backup Withholding Information Shareholders
Information Society Information Technology
Information Unavailable Infrastructure
Initial Capital Contributions Closing Subscription Issuance Payment Shares Initial Closing
Initial Closing Conditions Precedent Initial Closing Deliveries
Innovation Innovation Research Development
Instrumental Companies Insurance
Intangible Assets Intangible Assets Deferred Costs
Intellectual Property Intense Competition Significantly Affected Expected Continue Affect Revenues
Interconnection Interconnection Charges
Interconnection Fees Regulated Adjustments Those Not Result Sufficiently Interconnection Negotiations Not Result Sufficiently Remunerative Revenues Terminating
Interest Determination Screen Rate Including Fallback Provisions Interest Payments
Interest Period Interest Rate
Interest Rate Exposure Interest Rate Liquidity Risks
Interest Rate Risk Interest Rates
Interests Joint Ventures Interim Financial Reporting Impairment
Internal Procedures Risk Control Internal Regulation Transactions Groups Managers
Internal Risk Control Procedures International
International Expansion International Initiatives
International Investments International Market
International Operations International Telecommunications Services
Internet Access Services Internet Related Services
Interpretation Interruption Businesses
Introduction Inventories
Investment Property Investment Trustee
Investments Investments Africa
Investments Asia Investments Associates
Investments Brazil Investments Debt Equity Securities
Investments Equity Securities Investments Group Companies
Investor Relations Investor Relations Activities
Investor Relations Awards Investor Relations Programme
Iptv Isdn
Issuance Eurobond Issue Price Criteria Determination
Issued Pursuant Global Medium Term Programme Issuer
Issuer-icsd Agreement Itda Increase Driven Wireline Ptm
Itda Minus Capex Slightly Decreased Growth Compensating Improvement Jan
Jan08 Japan
Joaquim Goes Joint Several
Joint Venture Companies Joint Venture Shareholders Agreement
Jointly Controlled Companies Jorge Tom
Jorge Tomé Jos
José Maria Alvarez-pallette José Xavier Basto
João Mello Franco João Pedro Baptista
Jul Jul08
Jun Jun08
Jurisdiction Justification Proposal Supression Pre-emption Right
Key Events Recent Developments Key Figures
Labour Matters Launch Telephony Services Cabo
Lawful Compliance Lease Agreements
Leases Leasing
Leasings Leasings Lessee
Legal Action Tmdp Legal Proceedings Employees
Legal Reserve Liability
License Licensing Framework
Limitation Counting Votes Single Shareholder Limitation Obligation Indemnify
Limitation Votes Single Shareholder Limitations Ownership Shares
Limitations Set Forth Foregoing Numbers Shall Apply Usufructuaries Limitations Set Forth Foregoing Paragraphs Shall Apply Usufructuaries
Limitations Transferability Ownership Shares Exercise Voting Rights Shareholders Limitations Transferability Shares Shareholder Agreements
Limitations Transferability Shares Shareholders Agreements Ownership Limitations Voting Multimédia Ordinary Shares
Limits Multimédias Obligations Depositary Liability Holders Adss Liquidation Rights
Liquidity Risks Lisboa Portugal
Lisbon 2007 Lisbon 2008
Lisbon 2009 Lisbon Business
Lisbon Portugal 2006 Lisbon Portugal 2007
Lisbon Portugal 2008 List Functions Performed Members Board Directors Other Companies
List Specific Committees Created Within List Structures Supporting Executive Committee
Listing Listing Application
Listing Trading Multimédia Ordinary Shares Adss Litigation
Loans Loans Receivables Notes
London 6ao Losses Gains Financial Assets
Lusomundo Audiovisuais Lusomundo Cinemas
Luís Azevedo Coutinho Luís Pacheco Melo
Macao Ctm Macau 149 Ctm
Macroeconomic Environment Macroeconomic Factors Brazil Reduce Expected Returns Brazilian Investments
Mailing Information Statement Main Aspects 2008
Main Differences Between Ifrs Pgaap Main International Assets
Main Public Consultations Main Responsibilities
Main Risk Factors Main Risk Factors Inherent Business Group
Main Risks Uncertainties Main Shareholders
Major Holdings Major Shareholders
Major Shareholders Related Party Transactions Management
Management Amount Management Compensation
Management Notice Management Structure
Managements Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Mar
Mar08 Mar09
Marconi Goodwill Market Conditions
Market Economic Developments Brazil Market Share Voice Minutes Portugal
Marketing Marketing Publicity
Marketing Sales Markets
Material Contracts Material Contracts Arrangements
Material Subsidiary Maturity
Maximum Number Shares Acquired May09
Meaning Other-than-temporary Impairment Application Certain Investments Measures Interfere Success Takeover Bids
Measures Susceptible Interfering Success Public Offers Media Business
Medium Long-term Debt Meeting Quorum
Meetings Meetings Bondholders
Meetings Non-management Directors Meetings Noteholders
Meetings Noteholders Modification Authorisation Waiver Determination Meo Surpasses 100 Customers
Meo Surpasses 200 Customers Meo Surpasses 300 Customers
Merger Consolidation Message Shareholders
Minimum Liability Adjustment Minimum Maximum Consideration Acquisitions
Minimum Number Shares Disposed Minimum Price
Minority Interests Minutes
Mms Mobile Termination Rates
Mobitel Provides Call Center Services Brazil Primarily Vivos Modification
Modification Amendment Indexation Modification Waiver
Morocco 149 Médi Télécom Morocco Médi Télécom
Most Active Adr Programme Nyse Most Heavily Traded Portugal
Most Relevant Facts Announced 2006 Financial Mou
Movement Provisions Movie Exhibition Distribution
Movie Exhibition Distribution Services Multimedia
Multimedia Business Multimedia Multimédia
Multimédia Multimédia Continue Depend Portugal Telecoms Network Deliver Pay
Multimédia Equity Swaps Multimédia Experience Increased Costs After Spin-off Result Decrease
Multimédia Not Periodic Reports Exchange Act Sec Multimédia Portugal Telecom Not Realize Potential Benefits Separation
Multimédia Share Buyback Program Multimédia Spin-off
Multimédia Subject Competition Each Business Areas Expected Intensify Multimédia Subject Competition Each Business Areas Including Portugal
Multimédia Subject Unauthorized Broadband Internet Services Encryption Technologies Multimédia Unsuccessful Implementing Growth Strategy Financial Condition Results
Multimédias Adss Not Listed Stock Exchange Liquidity Very Multimédias Distribution Agreements Cinema Video Television Rights Short-term
Multimédias Organizational Documents Contain Provisions Limit Ownership Competitors Multimédias Pay Business Depends Availability High-quality Popular Television
Multimédias Pay Business Depends Third-party Satellite Technology Subject Multimédias Results Subsidiary Portugal Telecom Not Reliable Predictor
Multimédias Success Depends Ability Offer New Products Services Mutatis Mutandis
MÓveis Sgps Naamloze Vennootschap
Namibia Mtc Negative Pledge
Negatively Affected Current Global Economic Financial Crisis Net Actuarial Gains
Net Actuarial Losses Net Actuarial Losses Gains
Net Additions Net Debt
Net Exposure Brazil Net Foreign Currency Exchange Gains
Net Foreign Currency Exchange Losses Gains Net Gains Disposal Fixed Assets
Net Gains Financial Assets Other Investments Net Income
Net Income Attributable Equity Holders Parent Net Income Attributable Minority Interests
Net Income Before Minority Interests Net Income Continuing Operations
Net Income Increased 416 Yoy Half 2006 Euro Net Income Increased Euro 527
Net Income Per Share Net Interest Expense
Net Interest Expenses Net Losses Disposal Fixed Assets
Net Losses Financial Assets Net Losses Gains Financial Assets
Net Losses Gains Sales Disposals Fixed Assets Net Other Financial Expenses
Net Other Financial Expenses Income Net Other Financial Gains
Net Other Financial Income Net Other Financial Losses
Net Other Financial Losses Gains Netherlands
Network Network Capital Investment
New Accounting Pronouncements New Acquisitions Pursuant Shareholders Agreement
New Corporate Governance Model New Gaap Accounting Pronouncements
New Issues New Market Approach
New Services New Trustee
Newco Scheme Next Generation Access Networks
Nineteen Non-authorised Assets
Non-cash Dividend Non-current Assets Held Sale
Non-current Assets Held Sale Disposal Groups Non-executive Officers
Non-transferring Party Nonoperating Income Expenses
Not Achieve Announced Shareholder Remuneration Goals Not Possible Predict Prices Portugal Telecoms Multimédias Ordinary
Notes Notice
Notice Payments Notice Receiptholders Couponholders
Notices Notification Decision Portuguese Competition Authority
Notification Mobile Termination Tariffs Nov07
Now Fifth Supplemental Trust Deed Witnesses Agreed Declared Now Therefore
Ntacts Number 1-13758
Number Agenda Number Board Directors Executive Committees Meetings 2006 Financial
Number Meetings Board Directors Executive Committee 2007 Financial Number Portability Carrier Selection
Nuno Almeida Vasconcellos Nuno Rocha Dos Santos Almeida Vasconcellos
Nuno Vieira O2aug
O4abr O4apr08
O8abr O8apr08
Object Purpose Obligation Not Transfer Encumber
Obtaining Regulatory Approvals Balance Closing Before Initial Oct07
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Offer Listing
Offering Expenses Offset Amounts
Only Shareholders Voting Rights Shall Entitled Attend General Operating Agreements
Operating Cash Flow Operating Costs Expenses
Operating Figures Operating Free Cash Flow
Operating Highlights Operating Income
Operating Lease Operating Leases
Operating Other Data Operating Revenues
Operating Rules Audit Committee Operating Rules Board Directors
Operating Rules Executive Committee Operating Segments
Operational Efficiency Operational Highlights
Operational Momentum Domestic Cash Flow Initiatives Operational Momentum Ptm
Operational Momentum Strategic Highlights Operational Momentum Tmn
Operational Momentum Vivo Operational Momentum Wireline
Operations Operations Africa
Operations Asia Operations Brazil
Operations Multimédia Depend Availability Additional Financing After Spin-off Opinion
Opinion Consolidated Report 2007 Opinion Consolidated Report 2008
Opinion Reports Accounts Concerning Half 2007 Optional Redemption Date
Ordinary Shares Organisation
Organization Register Entry Number Oss Unfunded Related Prbs Increased Due Change Actuarial
Other Other Actions
Other Committees Depending Executive Committee Other Committees Functions
Other Costs Other Costs Net
Other Current Non-current Assets Other Current Non-current Liabilities
Other Distributions Other Duties Registrar
Other Employee Benefits Other Expenses Net
Other External Loans Other Financial Expenses Gains
Other Financial Expenses Gains Net Other International Assets
Other International Investments Other International Investments Subject Political Economic Regulatory Legal
Other Investments Other Issues
Other Legal Proceedings Other Litigation
Other Main International Assets Performed Strongly Other Net Financing Expenses Income
Other Non-current Liabilities Other Operating Costs
Other Operating Income Expenses Net Other Operating Income Net
Other Operations Other Paying Transfer Agents
Other Portugal Telecom Legal Proceedings Other Requirements
Other Reserves Other Reserves Accumulated Earnings
Other Revenues Other Risks
Other Situations Regarding Tangible Assets Other Transactions
Other Vivo Litigation Other Wireline Services
Outlook Outlook Half
Outstanding Overseeing Performance Functions Independent Auditors Statutory Auditor Internal
Overview Own Work Capitalized
Own Work Capitalized Self-constructed Assets Ownership Caller
Ownership Capital Stock Ownership Good Title Assets
Page Parent
Parity Value Part
Partial Payments Participation Exercise Right Vote
Particular Evaluation Committee Entrusted Party Sale
Passive Foreign Investment Passporting
Pay Advertising Pay Basic Ratio
Pay Television Penetration Portugal Continue Grow Increasing Difficulty Pay-tv
Pay-tv Broadband Telephony Paying Agents
Payment Instalment Amounts Payment Instructions
Payment Taxes Payments Connection Early Termination Directors Agreements
Payments Connection Termination Directors Duties Term Office Payments Due Termination Office
Payments Resulting Financial Investments Payments Resulting Lease Rentals Principal
Payments Resulting Loans Repaid Pbo
Penalty Delay Interest Pension Benefits
Pension Plan Pension Plans
Pensions Per Cent Exchangeable Bonds Due 2014
Performance Major Stock Market Indexes 2008 Personal Data
Pex Growth Related Broadband Rollout Well Increased Investment Pis Cofins São Paulo
Plan Deliver Even Through Sharp Focus Execution Plans Allotment Shares Share Call Options
Please Consult Tax Advisor Please Print Type Name Address Including Postal Code
Please Tick Jurisdiction Delete Inapplicable Jurisdictions Portugal
Portugal Highest Pay-tv Penetrations Europe Portugal Telecom
Portugal Telecom 2005 Half Results Portugal Telecom 2005 Results
Portugal Telecom Announces Decision Non-opposition Competition Authority Sale Portugal Telecom Announces Execution Lusomundo Serviços Sale
Portugal Telecom Announces Execution Primesys Sale Portugal Telecom Announces Intention Opt Financial Settlement Multimedia
Portugal Telecom Announces Issue 20-year Eurobond Portugal Telecom Announces Launch Eurobond Issue
Portugal Telecom Announces Project Decision Competition Authority Initiate Portugal Telecom Announces Project Decision Non-opposition Competition Authority
Portugal Telecom Announces Sale Lusomundo Serviços Portugal Telecom Announces Sale Stake Méditel
Portugal Telecom Announces Suspension Agm Portugal Telecom Annual General Shareholders Meeting
Portugal Telecom General Shareholders Meeting Portugal Telecom Informs Proposal Election Corporate Bodies 2006
Portugal Telecom Informs Put Option Vivo Call Meditel Portugal Telecom Informs Recent News
Portugal Telecom Informs Relevant Fact Issued Subsidiary Vivo Portugal Telecom Informs Shareholders General Meeting
Portugal Telecom International Finance Portugal Telecom Provides Comments Recent Statements Portuguese Competition
Portugal Telecom Sells Primesys Portugal Telecom Sgps
Portugal Telecom Sgps Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Amounts Portugal Telecom Sgps Retraction Disclosure Notification
Portugal Telecom Transfers Multimedia Equity Swaps Portugal Telecomsgps
Portuguese Consumers Enjoyed Declining Telecom Costs133 Portuguese Government Holds Shares Afford Special Approval Rights
Portuguese Government Terminate Fail Renew Wireline Concession Licenses Portuguese Government Terminate Wireline Concession Licenses
Portuguese Legal Framework Portuguese Old
Portuguese State Holds Shares Afford Special Approval Rights Portuguese Tax Considerations
Possible Claims Legal Actions Possible Loss
Post Retirement Benefit Costs Post Retirement Benefit Obligations
Post Retirement Benefits Post Retirement Benefits Costs
Post Retirement Health Care Benefits Potential Event Default
Powers Chairman Board Directors Chief Executive Officer Powers Chairman Board Directors Executive Committee
Powers Meetings Powers Responsibilities
Pre-emptive Right Pre-emptive Rights
Pre-release Adss Pre-retirement Early Retirement Suspended Employees
Pre-retirement Suspended Employees Pre-retirements Early Retirements Suspended Contracts
Precedent Transaction Multiples Firm Value Last Ebitda Preliminary Decision Awards Victory Tdt Contest
Premium Prepaid Expenses
Prepaid Expenses Other Current Assets Preparation Self-evaluation Report Including Evaluation Committees Internal Operating
Preparatory Information Subsequent Meeting Preparing Periodically Reviewing Selection Criteria Qualification Knowledge Professional
Prescription Presentation Financial Information
Presentation Financial Statements Presentation Financial Statements Significant Accounting Practices
Previous Agenda Resolve Election Vice-chairman General Meeting Shareholders Prices Revenue Breakdown
Pricing Plans Pricing Wireline Services
Principal Amount Bonds Represented Global Bond Principal Paying Agent
Principal Paying Agent Exchange Transfer Principal Prices Domestic Fixed Line Telephone Services
Principal Prices Domestic Fixed Line Telephone Services Portugal Principal Transfer Exchange Agent
Probable Claims Legal Actions Proceedings Action Indemnification
Proceedings Implemented Compliance Rules Applicable Related Party Officers Proceedings Possible Losses
Proceedings Probable Losses Product Service Development
Products Marketing Professional Areas
Profit Loss Profit Loss Captions
Profit Sharing Bonus Plans Programme
Programming Content Programming Ventures
Progressive Licenses Amortization Properties
Property Plant Equipment Intangible Assets Proportion Losses Exceed Equity Participation Associate
Proportional Consolidation Proposal Agenda
Proposal Board Directors Proposal Corporate Restructuring Vivo
Propose Board Directors Review Re-evaluate Corporate Governance Model Propose Resolved
Propose Resolved Subject Offers Success Assuming Date Resolution Proposed Amendment Clause Articles Association Portugal Telecom Spgs
Proposed Directors Prospects
Prospects Half Provision Doubtful Accounts
Provision Income Taxes Provision Other Risks Costs
Provision Re-equipment Provisions
Provisions Adjustments Provisions Contingent Liabilities
Provisions Restructuring Provisions Restructuring Costs
Pstn Ptm Ads Holders Vote
Ptm Adss Ptm Operational Highlights
Pts Board Firmly View Offer Inadequate Strongly Recommends Pts Cash Flow Belongs Finance Sonaecoms Offer
Pts Performance Stock Market Public Announcements
Public Tender Offer Purchase Accounting
Purchase Accounting Brasilcels Subsidiaries Purchase Cancellation
Purchase Commitments Purchase Own Shares Execution Share Buyback Programme Capital
Purchase Price Allocation Purchases Cancellations
Purposes Attending Exercising Voting Rights General Meeting Shareholders Purposes Participation Exercise Voting Rights General Meeting Shareholders
Purposes Provisions Paragraph Above Shareholders Submit Statement Attesting Qualified Holding
Qualified Technological Equipment Transactions Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quorum Adjournment Raad Van Bestuur
Rafael Luís Mora Funes Rate Regulation
Rating Ratings
Reasons Spin-off Reassessment Embedded Derivatives
Receipts Loans Obtained Receivables
Receivables Notes Receive Dividends Other Distributions Ordinary Shares
Receiving Party Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Recent Corporate Governance Changes Recent Corporate Transactions
Recent Development Recent Developments
Recent Ratings Downgrade Future Downgrades Impair Ability Obtain Recent Ratings Downgrades Future Impair Ability Obtain Financing
Recitals Reclassifications
Reclassifications Recapitalizations Mergers Recognition Operating Revenues Related Expenses
Recommendation Reconciliation Earnings Per Share Computation
Reconciliation Income Tax Provision Reconciliation Net Income Operating Cash-flow
Reconciliation Operating Revenues Net Income Assets Reconciliation Revenues Net Income Assets
Record Date Recoverable Taxes
Redemption Option Bondholders Redemptions
Reduced Interconnection Rates Negatively Affected Revenues Mobile Wireline Reduced Shareholder
Reduction Unfunded Post Retirement Obligations Register Transfer Registered Notes
Registered Office Registrar
Registrar Transfer Agent Registration Date
Regulation Regulation Interconnection Rates Give Other Service Providers Unfair
Regulation Material Adverse Effect Vivos Results Regulation Quality Service Customer Rights
Regulation Regarding Abuse Dominant Position Adversely Affect Businesses Regulation Transactions Related Parties
Regulatory Approvals Regulatory Authorities
Regulatory Authority Regulatory Background
Regulatory Framework Relevant Markets Regulatory Institutions
Regulatory Investigations Lead Fines Other Penalties Regulatory Investigations Litigation Lead Fines Other Penalties
Regulatory Proceedings Reinforced Investment Africa Creation Africatel Partnership Helios
Related Parties Related Party Transactions
Related Party Transations Relationship Shareholders
Release Release Lisbon 2009 Issuance Eurobond
Release Lisbon 2009 Meo Surpasses 500 Customers Release Lisbon 2009 Portugal Telecom Informs News Concerning
Relevant Date Relevant Markets
Relevant Stock Exchange Relevant Transactions Members Corporate Bodies Holders Qualified Shareholdings
Reline Financial Highlights Reline Operational Highlights
Remuneration Committee Remuneration Corporate Officers
Remuneration Indemnification Trustee Remuneration Members Supervisory Bodies
Remuneration Policy Chartered Accountant Remuneration Policy Executive Members Board Directors
Remuneration Policy Executive Non-executive Directors Repayment Debt
Replacement Bonds Replacement Notes Receipts Coupons Talons
Report Independent Auditors Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Report Opinion Audit Committee Reportable Transactions
Reports Information Representations Warranties Group
Representations Warranties Subsidiaries Representations Warranties Tef Group
Required Record Impairment Charges Relating Goodwill Investment Vivo Requirements Depositary Actions
Research Development Reserve Legal
Reserve Treasury Shares Resignation Executive Director
Resolution Quorum Resolutions 2004 General Annual Meeting
Resolve Acquisition Disposal Own Bonds Other Securities Resolve Acquisition Disposal Own Shares
Resolve Amendment Number Articles Association Resolve Amendment Paragraph Articles Association
Resolve Election Statutory Auditor Effective Alternate 2009-2011 Term Resolve Election Vice-chairman General Meeting Shareholders Following Resignation
Resolve Election Vice-chairman Secretary General Meeting Shareholders Following Resolve General Appraisal Management Supervision
Resolve Issuance Bonds Other Securities Whatever Nature Board Resolve Ratification Appointment Board Directors Member Fill Vacancy
Resolve Ratification Appointment New Members Board Directors Complete Resolve Remuneration Compensation Committee
Responsabilities Post Retirement Benefits Responsibilities
Responsibilities Post Retirement Benefits Responsibility
Responsibility Agents Restructuring Costs
Resulting Concentration Also Unprecedented Combined Voice Market Share Retail
Retail Revenues Revaluation Fixed Assets
Revaluations Revenue Assurance Billing
Revenue Growth Underpinned Contribution Vivo Ptm Revenue Growth Underpinned Vivo Ptm
Revenue Recognition Revenue Recognition Expense Telecommunications Services
Revenues Reversal Inventory Write-down
Reviewing Right Receive Shares Underlying Adrs
Right Refusal Right Vote
Rights Minority Shareholders Receive Fair Consideration Rights Receive Additional Shares
Risk Control System Risk Management
Risk Management Strategies Risk Management System
Risks Relating International Investments Risks Relating Multimédia
Roaming Roaming Regulation
Rtugal Telecom Rui Pedro Soares
Sab 107 Shared Based Payment Safe Harbour
Sale Lease Back Transactions Sale Lease-back Transactions
Sale Lusomundo Media Sale Real Estate
Sales Sales Dvds Terminal Equipment
Santiago Fernández Valbuena Santiago Fernández-valbuena
Sarbanes-oxley Act Sarc
Schedule Schedule Calculation Agency Agreement
Schedule Transfers Scope
Seasonality Securities
Securities Registered Pursuant Act Securities Reporting Obligation Pursuant Act
Segment Information Segment Reporting
Selected Prices International Services Selection Investment Banks
Sep07 Sep08
Separate Co-trustees Series
Services Set07
Seventeen Severability
Share Buyback Program Share Capital
Share Capital Buyback Program Share Capital Geographical Distribution
Share Capital Increase Euro 1128856500 1467513450 Through Incorporation Share Capital Reduction Euro 2827785531 26895375 Pursuant Buyback
Share Ownership Option Plans Share Performance
Share Price Evolution Share Sale Purchase Agreement
Share Split Shared Services Companies
Shareholder Approval Shareholder Approval Equity Compensation Plans
Shareholder Approval Equity Compensation Plans Pension Shareholder Remuneration
Shareholder Representation Shareholder Structure
Shareholders Shareholders Agreement
Shareholders Agreement Conversion Corporate Documents Shareholders Board Directors Portugal Telecom Sgps Lisbon
Shareholders Equity Shareholders Equity Excluding Minority Interest
Shareholders Equity Excluding Minority Interests Shareholders Intending Participate General Meeting Provide Evidence Later
Shareholders Meetings Shareholdings Companies Within Dominant Group Relation
Shares Short Term Investments
Short-term Investments Signatories
Signature Signatures
Significant Increase Dividends Sixteen
Smp Regulation Sms
Society Environment Sonae Tender Offer
Sonaecom Failed Become Leading Alternative Sonaecom Strategy
Sonaecoms Offer Conditional Regulatory Approval Unprecedented Concentration Sonaecoms Offer Inadequate Significantly Undervalues Premium Share Price
Sonaecoms Offer Significantly Undervalues Source Bloomberg
Source Instituto Brasileiro Geografia Estatística Ibge Except Indicated Spanish Old
Special Approval Rights Shares Special Purpose Entities
Specified Office Spectrum Other Aspects
Spin-off Spin-off Multimedia
Spin-off Multimédia Spin-off Ratio
Spin-off Securities Spin-off Was Key Element Liberalisation Telecoms Sector Portugal
Sport Sport Exhibition Rights
Stabilisation Stainable Dividend Policy Underpinned Strong Operational Financial Performance
Stamp Duties Start-up Expenses Research Development
Start-up Research Development Expenses Statement Cash Flows
Statement Compensation Committee Remuneration Policy Portugal Telecom Sgps Statement Financial Accounting Standards 155 Certain Hybrid Instruments
Statement Financial Accounting Standards 156 Servicing Assets Amendment Statement Persons Responsible
Statement Remuneration Policies Portugal Telecom Group Statement Responsibility
Statements Cash Flows Statements Comprehensive Income Loss
Statements Financial Accounting Standards 123 Revised 2004 Share-based Statements Financial Accounting Standards 128r Earnings Per Share
Statements Financial Accounting Standards 151 Inventory Costs-an Amendment Statements Financial Accounting Standards 153 Exchanges Non-monetary Assets-an
Statements Financial Accounting Standards 153 Exchanges Nonmonetary Assets Statements Financial Accounting Standards 154 Changes Error Corrections
Statements Financial Accounting Standards 154 Changes Error Corrections-a Status Dealers Arranger
Status Notes Statutory Audit Report
Statutory Auditor Stock Exchange
Stock Information Strategic Alliances
Strategic Partnerships Strategic Profile
Strategy Strategy Committee
Strategy Enhancing Mobile Operations Brazil Through Joint Venture Strong Ambitions Future
Strong Improvement Net Income Strong Increase Distributable Reserves
Strong Increase Distributable Reserves Achieved Through Share Capital Strong Operational Momentum
Strong Reduction Post Retirement Obligations Strong Track Record Operational Financial Performance
Strongest Ever Results Group Structure Group
Structure Shareholders Influence Structures Supporting Executive Committee
Subject Condition Precedent Proposal Shareholders Submission Jurisdiction
Subscriber Acquisition Costs Subscriber Acquisition Costs Sac
Subscriber Acquisition Costs Sacs Subscribers Traffic
Subscription Agreement Subscription Sale Transfer Selling Restrictions
Subsequent Events Subsidiaries
Subsidiaries Excluded Consolidation Subsidiary
Subsidiary Companies Included Consolidation Subsidies
Substantial Sales Multimédias Shares Following Spin-off Adversely Affect Substitution
Successor Summary Concession Existing Licenses
Summary Significant Accounting Policies Summary Significant Differences Between Accounting Principles Followed Generally
Summary Significant Differences Between Portuguese Corporate Governance Practices Supervision
Supervision Activities Supervision Quality Integrity Effectiveness Internal Control System Risk
Supervision Quality Integrity Financial Information Enclosed Statements Supervisory Activities
Supervisory Board Supplies External Services
Support Companies Support Services
Support Services Supplies External Survival Certain Obligations
Survival Representations Warranties Covenants Sustainability Committee
Sustainability Social Responsibility Sustainable Development Social Policy
Sustainable Development Social Responsibility Policy São Tomé Príncipe 149 Cst
São Tomé Príncipe Cst Table -net Debt Maturity Profile
Table Brazilian Mobile Income Statement Table Brazilian Mobile Operating Data
Table Capex Business Segment Table Change Net Debt
Table Consolidated Balance Sheet Table Consolidated Financial Highlights
Table Consolidated Income Statement Table Consolidated Net Debt
Table Consolidated Operating Revenues Contribution Segment Table Consolidated Operating Revenues Standalone Segment
Table Consolidated Recurring Operating Costs Table Contents
Table Debt Ratings Table Domestic Mobile Income Statement
Table Domestic Mobile Operating Data Table Ebitda Business Segment
Table Ebitda Minus Capex Business Segment Table Financial Highlights Main Assets Africa Asia 1h05
Table Financial Highlights Main Assets Africa Asia 9m05 Table Free Cash Flow
Table Key Performance Indicators Table Major Holdings
Table Multimedia Income Statement Table Net Debt Maturity Profile
Table Net Income Reconciliation Table Number Employees Productivity Ratios
Table Pay-tv Cable Internet Operating Data Table Shareholder Equity Reconciliation
Table Wireline Income Statement Table Wireline Operating Data
Table Wireline Operating Revenues Table Wireline Traffic Breakdown
Tabular Information Market Risk Sensitive Instruments Tag-along Right
Tangible Assets Tangible Net Worth
Target System Tax Contingencies
Tax Credits Tax Optimisation Contributions
Tax Proceedings Tax Rate Measuring Deferred Assets Liabilities
Tax Resident Not Eligible Reduced Rates Portuguese Withholding Tax-related Claims
Taxable Income Respect Receipt Ptm Adss Tax Basis Taxation
Taxation Capital Gains Taxation Dividends
Taxation Multimédia Shares Taxation Multimédia Shares Ptm Adss
Taxation Municipalities Not Been Consistent Imposition Additional Taxes Taxation Spin-off
Taxes Taxes Payable
Taxes Receivable Payable Taxes Stamp Duties
Taxes Telecommunications Services Wireless Device Sales Tcp Successfully Completes R2054 Capital Increase
Tcp Telesp Celular Technological Evolution
Tef Group Tef Group Disclosure Schedule
Tef Group Intellectual Property Tele Leste
Tele Sudeste Telecommunications Context Portugal
Telecommunications Sector Telefonos Mexico
TelefÓnica MÓviles Telephony Services
Temporary Cash Investments Tender Offer
Term Acquisition Eighteen Present Resolution Term Disposal Take Place Eighteen Beginning Date Resolution
Term Transfer Eighteen Present Resolution Termination
Termination Appointment Dealers Termination Condition
Terms Conditions Bonds Terms Conditions Notes
Thereafter Therefore
Thirteen Thomaz Paes Vasconcellos
Threshold Amount Through Continuous Sharp Focus Execution
Time Adoption Hedging Transactions Tlook 2006-08
Tmn Brand Tmn Commitments Portuguese Information Society
Tmn Enters New Stage Strategy Tmn Financial Highlights
Tmn Operational Highlights Tmns Commitment Portuguese Information Society
Total Assets Total Capex
Total Debt Total Provisions Legal Proceedings
Trade Payables Trade Receivables
Traffic Transaction Highlights
Transactions Corporate Officers Transactions Related Financing Derivative Operations Covered Assets
Transactions Related Parties Transfer Exchange Agents
Transfer Ordinary Shares Limitations Shareholdings Transfer Share Control Telemig Tco
Transfers Transition International Financial Reporting Standards
Transition Obligation Transition Services
Translation Euro United States Dollar Amounts Translators Only Vodafone Fully Visible Left Centre Appears
Transparency Treasury Shares
Treatment Ads Holders Treatment Class Shares Portugal Telecom
Treatment Securities Regulations Trends Other Factors Influencing Multimédias Results
Triennium Marked Change Sector Trust Corporation
Trust Deed Trustee
Trustee Contracting Issuer Ptc Trustees Liability
Trustees Power Prescribe Regulations Trustees Powers
Trustees Powers Additional Trustees Retirement Removal
Unbundling Local Loop Undersigned
Undertakings Issuer Ptc Unfunded Post Retirement Benefit Obligations Put Disadvantage Competitors
United Kingdom United States
United States Person Defined Internal Revenue Code Holds United States Rules Applicable Foreign Private Issuer
Universal Service Universal Service Obligations
Unless Global Presented Authorised Representative Dtc Issuer Agent Updating Offering Circular
Vacation Pay Bonuses Validity Prepaid Plan Minutes
Value Received Values Efficiency Simplicity Transparency Accuracy Basic Pillars Governance
Variable Remuneration Venue Growth Underpinned Vivo Ptm Favourable
Vis Shareholders Investors Market Vis-à-vis
Vivo Also Faces Risks Associated Litigation Vivo Contracts
Vivo Corporate Reorganization Vivo Corporate Restructuring
Vivo Faces Substantial Competition Each Markets Reduce Market Vivo Legal Proceedings
Vivo Operational Highlights Vivos Gsm Network
Vivos Results Operations Been Negatively Affected Decrease Customer Vivos Results Operations Been Negatively Affected Past Decrease
Voice Call Origination Mobile Networks Voice Internet Access Services
Volume Weighted Average Price Voting
Voting Correspondence Voting Correspondence Electronic Means
Voting Correspondence Electronic Means Proxy Voting Electronic Means
Voting Rights Voting Rights Ordinary Shares
Wages Salaries Waiver Authorisation Determination
Warranties Way Board Directors Delegated Corporate Governance Committee Duties
Website Websites
Whereas Whistleblower
Whistleblowing Whistleblowing Compliance
Wholesale Wholesale Market Voice Call Termination Individual Mobile Networks
Wholesale Revenues Wireless Concentration Untenable Coherent Regulatory Policy
Wireline Wireline Business
Wireline Financial Highlights Wireline Operational Highlights
Wireline Pricing Convention Withholding Tax Mechanics
Witness Witness Whereof
Work Force Reduction Program Costs Work Force Reduction Programme Costs
Work Force Reductions Worldwide Economic Downturn
Written Resolution Youth Segment
Zeinal Bava 
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