Topic Listing for Booking Holdings Inc.

Ability Satisfy Customers Adversely Affected Number Factors Outside Acceptance Agreement
Acceptance Agreement Seller Representative Accordingly Board Directors Unanimously Recommends Vote Proposal
Accounting Costs Computer Software Developed Obtained Internal Accounting Firm
Accounting State Local Hotel Occupancy Taxes Accounting State Local Taxes
Accounting Stock Issued Employees Accounts
Accounts Receivables Owing Borrower Subsidiaries Created Acquired Ordinary Accrued Amounts
Acknowledgements Acquires Bookings Online Hotel Reservation Service
Acquisition Active Hotels Acquisition Travelweb
Acquisitions Active Hotels Bookings Acquisitions Result Operating Difficulties
Act Actions Filed Behalf Individual Cities
Actions Filed Behalf Individual Cities Counties Active Hotels
Active Hotels Business Model Exposes Certain Risks Not Active Hotels Limited
Active Hotels Limited Management Incentive Plan Active Hotels Limited Subscription Shares
Activereservationscom Add-on Purchases
Addendum Addition Borrower Shall Pay Other Taxes Imposed Incurred
Additional Employment Term Additional Liens Borrower Subsidiaries Not Otherwise Permitted 602
Address Adjustment
Adjustment Accordance 1313 Shall Effect Date Relevant Event Adjustments Related Retrospective Adoption New Accounting Pronouncements
Administration Administration Plan
Administration Settlement Administrative Agent Shall Received Evidence Insurance Coverage Form
Administrative Proceedings Other Possible Actions Adoption Fasb Statement 123 Revised 2004 Share-based Payment
Adverse Application State Local Tax Laws Effect Business Advertising
Advertising Revenue Affected Amount
Affiliate Affirmative Covenants
Agency Gross Profit Agency Revenues
Agency Revenues Cost Agreement
Agreement Daniel Finnegan Agreement Shall Governed Construed Accordance Laws State New
Agreement Thomas Dangelo Airline Debit Memos
Airline Excise Tax Refund Airline Tickets
Allen Llc Allowance Credit Card Charge-backs
Allowance Doubtful Accounts Alternate Directors
Alternate Rate Interest Prior Commencement Period Eurocurrency Alternative Minimum Tax
Amended Restated Employment Agreement Amendment Dated 2006
Amendment Termination Amendment Termination Plan
Amendments Amendments Pricelinecom Incorporated 1999 Omnibus Plan
Amortization Expenses Excluding Acquisition Related Approximately Pricelinecom Said Ancial Strength Investing Business
Annual Quarterly Sequential Basis Result Increase Stock Price Appendix
Applicable Law Application
Application Pushdown Basis Accounting Financial Statements Subsidiaries Acquired Appointment Removal Directors
Appointments Officers Directors Approval Court Settlement Following Notice Class Hearing Prescribed
Arbitrators Not Explain Reason Award Assessment Individual Performance
Assessment Performance Assignments
Associated Means Firm Corporation Other Organisation- Attend Annual Meeting
Attendance Annual Meetings Audit Committee
Audit Fees Audit Related Fees
Auditor Independence Auteurswet 1912
Authority Allot Authorized Claimant Means Class Member Submits Timely Valid
Awards Plan Non-employee Director Grants Bad Leaver
Balance Sheet Balance Sheet Date
Banc Bankruptcy Discontinuance Consolidation Suppliers Harm Business
Base Salary Based 2009 Closing Stock Price 10490 Per Share
Basis Presentation Become Leading Worldwide Online Hotel Reservation Service
Become Top Online Hotel Reservation Service Europe Bedrog
Benchmarking Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Beneficiary Benefits
Beslag Besmet Fusie Aandelenkapitaal Agio
Best Warrantors Knowledge Belief Between
Bezwaar Beroep Bilski
Bindend Advies Binding Successors
Board Board Committees Meetings
Board Directors Board Directors Recommends Vote Against Proposal
Board Directors Recommends Vote Against Proposal Proxy Voted Board Directors Recommends Vote Proposal
Bona Fide Bonus Classification
Bonus Payments Bonus Plan
Bonus Plan Provides Following Minimums Targets Named Bonus Plans
Bonuses Bookingcom Currently Distributes Hotel Room
Bookings Bookings Acquisition
Bookings Europe Books Records Relating Thereto Located Take Possession Part
Borrower Agrees Pay Administrative Agent Own Account Fees Borrower Not Nor Permit Subsidiaries Change Basis Effect
Borrower Shall Fail Observe Perform Covenant Condition Agreement Borrower Significant Subsidiary Shall Become Unable Admit Writing
Borrower Subsidiary Shall Fail Make Payment Whether Principal Boyd
Brand Awareness Increasing Breach
Brett Keller Brevard County Florida Pricelinecom Inc
Brief Statement Nature Scope Examination Investigation Statements Opinions Burdensome Restrictions Date Hereof Borrower Not Subject
Bush Cheaptickets Inc Business
Business Acquisition Business Acquisitions
Business Dependent Party Systems Service Providers Business Dependent Third-party Systems Service Providers
Business Exposed Risks Associated Credit Card Fraud Charge Business Exposed Risks Associated Credit Card Fraud Charge-backs
Business Exposed Risks Associated Credit Card Fraud Chargebacks Business Negatively Affected Changes Search Engine Algorithms
Business Negatively Affected Changes Search Engine Algorithms Dynamics Calculations Shall Nearest Cent One-hundredth Share Case
Call Exercise Notice Call Option
Calls Shares Forfeiture Capacity Constraints System Failures Harm Business
Capital Capitalisation Profits
Capitalization Internal Software Costs Case Annual General Meeting Members Entitled Attend Vote
Case Joint Holders Share Notices Shall Given Holder Cash Consideration
Cash Equivalents Cause
Certain Circumstances Conversion Spread Hedges Ineffective Certain Federal Income Tax Consequences
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence
Certain Tax Matters Certificate Amendment Amended Restated
Certificate Substantially Form Such Non-bank Certificaten
Certifications Chairman Board
Chairperson Pricelinecom Audit Committee Change Control
Change Control Means Occurrence Following Events Change Control Severance Benefits
Change Control Shall Deemed Occurred Time After Original Change Control Window
Change Corporate Existence Type Jurisdiction Organization Location Name Change Employment Terms
Change-of-control Arrangements Changes Internal Controls
Chicago Ill Norwalk Conn 2005 Chief Accounting Officer Controller Pricelinecom
Chiste Pricelinecom Inc Chris Soder
Christopher Soder Christopher Soder Named Pricelinecom President North American Travel
City Atlanta Georgia Hotelscom City Bellingham
City Branson Hotelscom City Charleston South Carolina Hotelcom
City Chicago Illinois Hotelscom City Columbus Hotelscom
City Fairview Heights Orbitz Inc City Fayetteville Hotelscom
City Findlay City Findlay Hotelscom
City Gallup New Mexico Hotelscom City Houston Texas Hotelscom
City Jacksonville Hotelscom City Jefferson Missouri Hotelscom
City Los Angeles City Los Angeles Hotelscom Inc
City Myrtle Beach South Carolina Hotelscom City North Myrtle Beach South Carolina Hotelscom
City Oakland California Hotelscom City Orange Texas Hotelscom
City Rome Georgia Hotelscom City San Antonio Texas Hotelscom
City San Diego City San Diego California Hotelscom Inc
Clause Paragraph Headings Inserted Ease Reference Only Shall Clear
Closing Date Consideration Club
Code Code Ethics
Commencement Term Notice Committee
Committee Reserves Right Complete Discretion Increase Decrease Payouts Committees
Committees Processes Communications Board Directors
Compensation Chief Executive Officer Compensation Committee
Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Compensation Committee Report
Compensation Components Compensation Decisions
Compensation Directors Compensation Executive Officers
Compensation Licence Assignment Determine Absolute Discretion Subject Act Compensation Named Executive Officers
Compensation Philosophy Objectives Competition
Competitive Functionality Competitive Inventory Pricing
Competitive Selection Pricing Completion Acquisition Disposition Assets
Completion Relevant Ordinary Shareholder Shall Deliver Procure Delivery Compliance 409a Code
Components Executive Compensation 2007 Components Executive Compensation 2008
Conclusion Conditions
Conditions Vesting Confidential Information
Confidential Treatment Requested Portions Document Been Redacted Separately Confidentiality
Connecticut 06854 Attention Corporate Secretary Other Address Previously Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consent Kpmg Accountants Consequences Vesting
Consideration Consolidate Divide Share Capital Shares Larger Amount Existing
Consolidate Subsidiary Consolidated Balance Sheet
Consolidated Cash Flow Statement Consolidation
Consolidation Merger Conveyance Transfer Lease Construction
Consumer Class Actions Content Merchandising
Contents Contingent Purchase Price
Continue Top Online Travel Businesses North America Value-conscious Contractsoverneming
Contrary Contribution Respect Guaranteed Obligations
Control Control Shall Meaning Set Out S416 Taxes Act
Controlling Interest Shall Include Percent Controls Procedures
Conversion Securities Convertible Debt
Convertible Debt Diluted Earnings Per Share Convertible Senior Notes Due 2010
Corporate Governance Principles Corporation
Cost Agency Revenues Cost Merchant Revenues
Cost Other Revenues Cost Revenues
Cost Savings Counsel Court Denied Appointment Leisinger Pension Fund Class
Counterparts County Lawrence Hotelscom
County Monroe Florida Pricelinecom Inc County Nassau New York Hotelscom
Covenants Craig Rydin
Credits Critical Accounting Policies Estimates
Cross-sell Opportunities Cruises
Cumulative Tax Effect Gaap Differences Currency
Current Report Current Turmoil World Financial Markets Increases Likelihood Holders
Daniel Finnegan Daniel Finnegan Certify
Data Data Room Materials
Deadline Response Dealer Shall Deliver Counterparty Net Share Settlement Amount
Declaration Deductibility Cap Executive Compensation
Default Default Payment Interest Security Becomes Due Payable Continuance
Default Payment Principal Security Due Payable Maturity Required Default Payment Principal Security Maturity Thereof
Defeasance Defending Against Intellectual Property Claims Expensive Disruptive Business
Deferred Tax Valuation Allowance Definitions Interpretation
Definitions Other Provisions General Application Del Differences
Delegation Directors Powers Delivered Borrower Lender Issuing Bank Administrative Agent Own
Delivered Personally Secretary Director Other Being Appointed Removed Delivered Personally Secretary Director Other Making Revoking Appointment
Deloitte Touche Llp Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Arrangements Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Certain Compensatory Dependent Airline Industry Certain Airlines
Dependent Certain Hotels Dependent Leisure Travel Industry Certain Suppliers
Depreciation Amortization Derivative Financial Instruments
Destination Services Determination
Determination Bonuses Determine Sum Willing Buyer Offer Seller Whole Issued
Determine Trading Price Securities Unless Requested Again Writing Did 2006 Bonus Plan Work
Did 2007 Bonus Plan Work Did 2008 Bonus Plan Work
Director Director Executive Compensation
Director Independence Director Nominees
Directors Directors Act Good Faith They Shall Not Incur
Directors Appointments Interests Directors Benefits Pensions Insurance
Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance Directors Expenses
Directors Shall Not Register Transfer Ordinary Shares Disclosure Controls Procedures
Dispute Solely Among Indemnitees Not Arising Result Act Disputed
Dividend Policy Dividends
Dividends Restricted Stock Documentation
Domestic Gross Travel Bookings Grow Domestic Trends
Dominic Kai Ming Lai Drag Along Price
Drag Along Rights Drag Along Tag
Ducts Markets Ducts Markets Airline Tickets
Ducts Markets Hotels Ducts Markets Packages
Ducts Markets Rental Cars Dwaling
Each Guarantor Hereby Waives Fullest Extent Permitted Applicable Each Telephonic Written Interest Election Request Shall Specify
Early Conversions Convertible Senior Notes Result Gains Losses Early Conversions Significant Amount Convertible Senior Notes Reduce
Economic Downturn Global Financial Crisis Further Adversely Affect Effect Amendment Termination
Effect Contingently Convertible Debt Diluted Earnings Per Share Effect Termination Employment
Effective Date Effective Date Term Plan
Effective Time Eigen Schuld
Either Election Directors
Eligibility Eligible Employee
Emphasized Employee
Employee Manual Employees
Employment Agreement Employment Contract Commenced 2004 Continue Until Terminated Accordance
Employment Contracts Employment Contracts Termination Change-in-control Arrangements
Employment Contracts Termination Change-of-control Arrangements Employment Term
Enhance Service Offerings Enlargement Contractual Rights
Entire Agreement Modification Entitled Employee
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Entry Material Definitive Agreements
Equity Equity Arrangements
Equity Compensation Plan Information Equity Incentives
Equity Income Investees Net Equity Income Loss Investees
Equity Income Loss Investees Minority Interests Equity Income Loss Investees Net
Equity Instruments Equity Investments
Equity Issuance Dates Equity Loss Investees
Equity Loss Investees Minority Interests Equity Plans
Equity Purchase Agreement Equity-based Compensation
Escrow Agreement Escrowed Consideration
Establishment Purpose Estimates
European Operations Additional Expansion Efforts Internationally Expose Risks European Operations Business Model Exposes Certain Risks Not
Events Default Evidence Presumption Concession Admission Fault Misrepresentation Omission Respect
Evidence Provide Acceptance Appointment Hereunder Successor Trustee Evidence Satisfaction Destruction Loss Theft Security
Examples Except Set Forth Below Above Undersigned Selling Securityholder
Except Set Forth Below Neither Selling Securityholder Nor Exchange Securities Listed Notify Trustee Stock
Excluding Executive Compensation
Executive Compensation Program Philosophy Objectives Exempt Provisions Lien Share Shall Extend Amount Payable
Exercise Date Exercise Notice Free Claim Charge Lien Encumbrance Rights
Exercise Price Exhibits
Expand Internationally Expand Service Offerings
Expansion Places Significant Strain Management Technical Operational Financial Expenses
Expenses Receipts Explanatory
Exposed Fluctuations Currency Exchange Rates Exposed Various Counterparty Risks
Exposure Date Each Request Issuance Amendment Renewal Extension Extent Application
External Internal Security Breaches Harm Business Face Risks Related Intellectual Property
Fact Date Execution Person Such Instrument Writing Proved Factors Affect Future Results Intense Competition Reduce Market
Factors Affect Future Results Legal Proceedings Failure Comply
Failure Issue Designated Event Notice Accordance 141 Due Fair Value Financial Instruments
Financial Accounting Standards Board Expected Make Rule Changes Financial Accounting Standards Board Expected Propose Staff Position
Financial Accounting Standards Board Fasb Considering Rule Changes Financial Accounting Standards Board Fasb Issued Comment Staff
Financial Accounting Standards Board Issued Rule Change Significantly Financial Covenants
Financial Fixed Assets Financial Presentation
Financial Results Materially Impacted Income Taxes Future Financial Results Materially Impacted Payment Cash Income Taxes
Financial Services Financial Statements
Financial Statements Business Acquired Financial Statements Exhibits
Financial Statements Other Information Borrower Furnish Administrative Financial Statements Supplementary Data
First-class Mail Addressed Accordance Instructions Thereon Other Cases Fiscale Eenheid
Fixed Charges Computation Fluctuations Financial Results Make Quarterly Comparisons Forecasting Difficult
Fold Detach Here Following Amendments Shall Equity Definitions Agreement
Following Legend Shall Appear Face Each Restricted Security Following Paragraph Shall Appear Each Global Security
Following Paragraph Shall Appear Each Security Not Global Following Words Expressions Referred Above Shall Meanings Set
Foreign Currencies Foreign Currency Translation
Form 10-q Form 2011
Form Reverse Forward Guidance
Free Limited-time Promotion Provides Refund Rain Ruins Upcoming Full-year 2005
Fundamental Change Occurs Then Holder Entitled Convert Such General
General Administrative General Meetings Other Annual Shall Called Extraordinary
General Provisions General Waivers Additional
Global Securities Goldman Sachs Broad Street New York 10004 Tel
Good Leaver Good Reason
Goodwill Goodwill Other Intangible Assets
Governing Law Agreement Shall Governed Construed Accordance Laws Governing Law Arbitration
Governing Law Jurisdiction Service Process Governmental Regulation
Grant Security Interest Granted Securities
Grants Plan-based Awards Table Gross Bookings Growth
Gross Bookings Represent Total Dollar Value Travel Booked Gross Profit
Gross Travel Bookings Gross Travel Bookings Increase 337 Over European Grow
Gross Travel Bookings Increase Year-over-year Gross Travel Bookings Profits Increase Over Year-over-year
Gross-up Payment Group Companies
Grow Hotel Service Growth Cannot Assured Even Experience Assure Grow Profitably
Guarantees Borrower Indebtedness Other Obligations Subsidiary Guaranty
Guaranty Shall Construed Accordance Governed Law State New Guidance Goldman Sachs Internet Conference
Headings Herein Used Purpose Convenience Only Not Meant Hedges Associated Outstanding Convertible Notes Based 2009 Closing
Held 2005 Held 2006
Held 2008 Held Wednesday 2005
Held Wednesday 2007 Held Wednesday 2008
Held Wednesday 2009 Highlights
Holder Holders
Holders Lists Reports Trustee Holders Lists Trustee
Holders Majority Ordinary Shares Respect Valuation Report Relating Holdings Limited Sell Pricelinecom Shares
Holidays Hoofdelijk
Horry County Hotelscom Hotel Amenities
Hotel Business Hotel Description
Hotel Details Hotel Reservation Service Agoda
Hotels Hotels Europe
Howard Barker However
Hutchison Whampoa Limited Cheung Kong Holdings Hutchison Whampoa Limited Cheung Kong Holdings Sell Approximately
Ian Wade Iceline Europe
Identification Options Illness Other Incapacity Work
Immediate Release Impair Reputation Damage Pricelinecom Brand Materially Adversely Affect
Impairment Charge Impairment Long-lived Assets Intangible
Important Incentive Stock Options
Income Income Taxes
Incorporated Incorporation
Increased Costs Change Law Shall Incremental Revenue Sellers
Indebtedness Borrower Subsidiary Account Party Respect Letters Credit Indemnification Notice
Indemnity Indenture
Indenture Securities Shall Governed Construed Accordance Laws State Indenture Subject Conclusive Favor Trustee Manner Provided
Independent Accountant Independent Auditors Report
Independent Directors Index
Index Consolidated Financial Statements Indexed Stock Price Performance Last
Individual Bonus Amounts Individual Bonus Targets
Ine Travel Market Dynamics Ine Travel Market Dynamics Europe
Information Forward-looking Statements Information Technology
Initial Employment Term Institute Chartered Accountants
Intangible Fixed Assets Intellectual Industrial Property Rights
Intellectual Property Intellectual Property Rights
Intense Competition Reduce Market Share Harm Financial Performance Intentionally Omitted
Interest Interest Such Rate Agreed Between Directors Member Paying
Internal Control Integrated Framework Internal Revenue Code
International Gross Travel Bookings Grow 979 Versus 2006 International Gross Travel Bookings Grow Versus 2006
International Operations Additional Expansion Efforts Internationally Expose Risks International Operations Business Model Exposes Certain Risks Not
International Operations Face Risks Related Growth Rate Expansion International Price-disclosed Hotel Services
International Trends Internet Availability Proxy Materials Annual Report
Internet Telephone Vote Authorizes Named Proxies Shares Same Interpretation
Investments Investments Borrower Subsidiaries Existing Required Pursuant Commitments Date
Investments Consisting Redemption Purchase Minority Interests Existing Date Investments Constituting Restricted Payments Permitted 607
Investor Relations Contact Issuance Certificates
Issuance Warrants Issue Date Vesting
Issued 100 Convertible Senior Notes Due 2025 Provide Issued 125 Convertible Senior Notes Due 2010 Provide
Issuer Purchases Equity Securities Itepa 2003
Ive Hotels James Guyette
Jan Docter Jeffery Boyd
Jeffery Boyd Certify Jeffery Boyd Ralph Bahna Howard Barker Jeffrey Epstein
Jeffrey Epstein Joint Holders Share Shall Jointly Severally Liable Pay
Judgment Liens Awards Respect Judgments Not Constitute Event Judicial Actions Relating Assessments Issued Individual Cities Counties
Kees Koolen Keyword Marketing Costs
Know Koninklijke Notariële Beroepsorganisatie
Koolen Large Stockholders Beneficially Own Approximately Stock
Large Stockholders Represented Board Directors Leave Absence
Legal Proceedings Leisure Airline Tickets
Leon County Doris Maloy Tax Collector Hotelscom Less Before Time Holding Meeting Adjourned Person Named
Leveren Licensed Rights
Lien Liens Assets Borrower Subsidiaries Not Otherwise Permitted Above
Liens Imposed Law Taxes Assessments Governmental Charges Levies Liens Pledges Deposits Ordinary Course Business Compliance Workers
Limitation Bonuses General Discretion Limitations Incentive Stock Options
Liquidated Damages Liquidity Capital Resources
List Persons Entities Delivering Lock-up Agreements List Subsidiaries 2004
Litigation Litigation Related Hotel Occupancy Other Taxes
Litigation Related Securities Matters Loans Comprising Each Eurocurrency Borrowing Shall Bear Interest
Longer-term Focus Retention Considerations Lose Key Personnel Cannot Recruit Additional Business Suffer
Lose Subject Reduction Global Distribution System Fees Louisville Jefferson County Metro Government Hotelscom
Lti-lingual Demand Languages Countries Make Whole Premium
Managements Discussion Analysis Financial Condition Results Operations Overview Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Managing Underwriters Marketing Brand Awareness
Mary Drivers Growth Material Provision Loan Document Reason Ceases Valid Binding
Matters Relating Agent Mecklenburg County Hotelscom
Mededingingswet Merchant
Merchant Gross Profit Merchant Price-disclosed Hotel Service
Merchant Revenues Merchant Revenues Cost
Merits Action Settlement Connection Processing Proofs Claim Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner Smith Incorporated
Messrs Mylod Rose Soder Millones Messrs Mylod Soder Millones
Mestic Market Positioning Miami-dade County Ian Yorty Tax Collector Internetwork Publishing
Millones Minority Interest
Minority Interests Miscellaneous
Modify Obligation Maintain Office Agency Borough Manhattan City Modify Provisions Manner Adverse Holders
Mutatis Mutandis Mylod
Naar Regelen Des Rechts Name Own Price
Name Own Price Save Name Own Price Services
Name-your-own-price Nancy Peretsman
Nasd Rules Nasdaq Market Index Hemscott Group
Nederlands Arbitrage Instituut Negative Covenants
Net Income Per Share Net Loss Per Share
Net Share Settlement Early Termination Certain Extraordinary Events New Accounting Pronouncements
Nominating Corporate Governance Committee Non Competition
Non-competition Non-solicitation Non-competition Non-solicitation Agreement
Non-employee Director Compensation Benefits Non-employee Directors
Non-gaap Financial Measures Non-global Securities Issued Events Described Shall Definitive Fully
Non-qualified Stock Options Non-qualifying Transaction
Non-registered Rights Non-us Participants
Noncontrolling Interests Nondisparagement
Norden Nordens Pricelinecom Incorporated Restricted Stock Units
Nordens Pricelinecom International Limited Restricted Stock Units Not Able Keep Rapid Technological Other Changes
Not Applicable Not Paid Provisions Articles Shall Apply Amount Had
Not Successful Entering Retail Hotel Market Not Successful Retail Hotel Market
Noted Noted Agoda Reported Improved Gross Bookings Year-over-year Growth
Noted Financial Guidance Was Based Current Diluted Share Noted Forecast Remainder
Noted Guidance Assumes Macro-economic Conditions General Consumer Travel Noted Pro Forma Financial Guidance Was Based Diluted
Noted Worldwide Recession Had Added Great Deal Uncertainty Notes 2004 Consolidated Financial Statements
Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Held Thursday 2006
Notice General Meetings Notice Questionnaire
Notice Termination Good Reason Notices
Notices Purposes Confirmation Notification Disqualifying Disposition 421 Code
Notification Election Code Notification Subsequent Employer
Notwithstanding Anything Contrary Contained Herein 215 Shall Not Notwithstanding Foregoing Ordinary Shareholder Bad Leaver Respect
Notwithstanding Provision Contrary Indenture Event Shall Number Number 0-25581
Number Chairman Only Director Present Willing Act Shall Number Directors
Occurrence Default Occurrence Erisa Event Alone Together Other Events Occurred
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Offer Period
Offer Travel Suppliers Valuable Distribution Offer Ways Save
Offers Home Financing Services Through Pricelinemortgagecom Broker Lender Office Dealer Transaction New York Plaza 10004
Offices Offline
Online Online Internal Security Breaches Harm Business
Online Security Breaches Harm Business Open Issues
Operating Expenses Operating Leases
Operating Metrics Operations Business Model Exposes Certain Risks Not Traditionally
Operations Technology Opgebouwde Vakantiedagen
Opinion Opt-out Termination Right
Option Option Exercises Stock Vested Table
Option Price Orbitz
Order Final Judgment Means Proposed Entered Approving Settlement Ordinary Resolution
Ordinary Shareholder Ordinary Shareholder Exercise Call Option Respect
Ordinary Shares Organic Growth Domestic Gross Bookings
Organic Growth International Gross Bookings Organisation Capitalisation
Original Form 8-k Othe
Other Other Assets
Other Assets Liabilities Other Awards
Other Events Other Fees
Other Gross Profit Other Income Expense
Other Litigation Other Matters
Other Named Executive Officers Other Possible Actions
Other Recent Accounting Pronouncements Other Recent Developments
Other Revenues Other Stock-based Awards
Other Transactions Other Types Awards
Other Warrants Purchase Common Stock Outstanding Convertible Senior Notes Result Substantial Shareholder Dilution
Outstanding Equity Awards 2006 Year-end Table Outstanding Equity Awards 2007 Year-end Table
Outstanding Equity Awards 2008 Year-end Table Outstanding Shares Common Stock
Overeenkomst Van Opdracht Overview
Own Price Savings Ownership Value Category
Paid Caused Other Sums Payable Hereunder Paid Deposited Trustee Sum Sufficient Pay
Paragraph Headings Inserted Convenience Only Not Affect Construction Parent Entity
Pari Passu Part
Part Other Information Part-time Employment Period
Part-time Employment Transition Agreement Participant Rights
Party Legal Proceedings Adversely Decided Materially Affect Payments
Payments Generally Allocations Proceeds Pro Rata Treatment Pension
Performance Based Cash Bonus Performance Goals
Performance Measure Performance Measurement Comparison
Performance Share Unit Agreement Amended Restated Effective 2008 Performance Shares
Permits Permitted Encumbrances
Perquisites Person
Personal Benefits Personal Benefits Perquisites
Personnel Peter Millones
Pitt County Hotelscom Plan
Plans Pledge Security Agreement
Plus Policies
Portion Portions Period Respect Dividend Paid Share Issued Position
Possible Financial Results Materially Impacted Income Taxes Future Potential Payments Change Control Termination Tables Above
Powers Delegation Shall Not Restrictively Construed Widest Interpretation Powers Directors
Pply Environment Pre-approval Policies Procedures
Pre-emption Transfers Preamble
Prepayment Loans Pri
Price-disclosed Retail Services Price-disclosed Retail Travel Services
Priceline Priceline Europe
Priceline Fastest Growing Full Service Online Travel Business Priceline Shares
Pricelineca Pricelinecom
Pricelinecom Announced Expected Consolidated Advertising Expenses Approximately 100 Pricelinecom Announces Executive Promotions
Pricelinecom Announces Proposed 300 Private Offering Convertible Senior Pricelinecom Business Model
Pricelinecom Inc City Anaheim Pricelinecom Inc City San Francisco California
Pricelinecom Incorporated Pricelinecom Incorporated 2005 Financial Data Supplement
Pricelinecom Incorporated Announces Exchange Offer 100 Convertible Senior Pricelinecom Incorporated Announces Redemption 2006 225 Convertible Senior
Pricelinecom Incorporated Announces Updated Make-whole Premium Offer Exchange Pricelinecom Incorporated Stock Options
Pricelinecom Increases Pricelinecom International
Pricelinecom International Limited Pricelinecom Names Craig Rydin Board Directors
Pricelinecom Names Jan Docter Board Directors Pricelinecom Reports 2005 Financial Results
Pricelinecom Reports Financial Results 2008 Pricelinecom Reports Financial Results Full-year 2004
Pricelinecom Stock Options Pricelinecom Strategy
Pricelinecom Updates 2005 Guidance Pricelinecom Website
Pricelinecom Websites Pricelinecoms 2006 Bonus Plan
Pricelinecoms 2007 Performance Funding Bonus Pricelinecoms 2008 Performance Funding Bonus
Pricelinecoms Bookingcom International Business Unit Pricelinemortgagecom
Principal Accounting Fees Services Principal Amount Serial Number Security Held Person Date
Pro Forma Financial Information Pro Forma Net Income 193 047 Per Diluted
Pro Forma Results Procedure Exercise Put Call Option
Proceedings Directors Proceedings General Meetings
Proceeds Collection Receivables Process Overview
Processing Storage Disclosure Personal Data Exposes Risks Internal Processing Storage Disclosure Personal Data Give Rise Liabilities
Procuratiehouders Promissory Notes Other Non-cash Consideration Received Borrower Subsidiaries
Promptly Following Receipt Interest Election Request Administrative Agent Properties
Property Property Equipment
Proposal Proposal Election Directors
Proposal Ratification Selection Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Proposal Special Shareowner Meetings
Proprietary Seller Networks Prospectus
Protection Period Provided
Provided Further Provided However
Provisions Sections Act Shall Not Apply Proxy Solicited Board Directors Annual Meeting Stockholders Held
Psus Psus Granted Messrs Norden Koolen Tied Agodas 2008
Psus Tied Bookingcoms 2008 Through 2010 Performance Psus Tied Pricelinecoms 2007 Through 2009 Consolidated Performance
Publication Notice Means Summary Proposed Settlement Hearing Substantially Purchase Agreement
Purchase Own Shares Purchased Securities
Purchaser Purchaser Represents Warrants Seller
Purpose Purpose Election
Purposes 322 Purposes Determining Extent Class Member Shall Entitled Treated
Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Subsections 1350 Chapter Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Pursuant Such Authority Shall Authorised Yet Unissued Share Push-down Accounting Bookings
Pushdown Accounting Bookings Put Call Option
Put Exercise Notice Put Option
Q07 Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Questionnaire Ralph Bahna
Ratification Selection Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Ravelguide
Real Property Leased Receivable Parent
Receivables Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Noncontrolling Interests Convertible Debt Settled Recent Accounting Pronouncements Sfas 160 Fsp Apb 14-1
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Standards Codification Recent Developments
Recent Recessionary Trends Indicative Economic Downturn Adversely Affect Reclassification
Reclassification Change Shares Other Referred 1314 Reclassifications
Reconciliation Gaap Pro Forma Gross Profit Reconciliation Gaap Pro Forma Revenues
Record Dates Redeemable Preferred Stock
Redemption Price Accrued Unpaid Interest Excluding Date Redemption Securities
Ref Dxa References Document Being Executed Include Hand Seal Other
Refunds Registered Rights
Registrable Securities Regulation Disclosure
Regulatory Legal Uncertainties Harm Business Rely Performance Highly Skilled Personnel Unable Retain Motivate
Rely Value Pricelinecom Bookingcom Brands Along Others Costs Rely Value Pricelinecom Bookingcom Brands Costs Maintaining Enhancing
Rely Value Pricelinecom Brand Costs Maintaining Enhancing Awareness Remedies
Remedies Injunctive Relief Removed Director Accordance Provisions
Rental Cars Reorganization
Repayment 468 Convertible Senior Notes Result Substantial Decrease Repayment 520 Convertible Senior Notes Result Substantial Decrease
Repayment 570 Convertible Senior Notes Result Substantial Decrease Repayment 570 Convertible Senior Notes Result Substantial Increase
Report Audit Committee Board Directors Report Compensation Committee Board Directors Executive
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Report Nominating Corporate Governance Committee
Reports Form 8-k Representations
Representations Warranties Representations Warranties Purchasers
Reserved Resigns His Office Notice
Respect Respect 2006 Guidance Pricelinecom Announced Expected Consolidated Advertising
Respect 2007 Guidance Pricelinecom Announced Expected Consolidated Advertising Respect 2008 Guidance Noted Expected Domestic Gross Travel
Respect Gaap Financial Results Said Expected Report Between Respect Gaap Financial Results Said Expected Report Net
Restatement Minority Interest Presentation Restricted Cash
Restricted Securities Restricted Security
Restricted Stock Restricted Stock Agreement
Restricted Stock Units Restricted Stock Units Granted Koolen
Restriction Announcements Restrictions Seller Certain Related Parties
Restrictions Transfer Prior Vesting Restructuring
Restructuring Charge Restructuring Charge Net
Restructuring Charge Reversal Restructuring Charge Reversal Net
Restructuring Severance Special Charges Results Announces Favorable Ruling Federal Excise Tax
Results Operations Results Operations Financial Conditions
Retail Airline Tickets Retail Hotels
Retail Leisure Airline Tickets Retail Merchant Model Hotel Service Exposes Certain Risks
Retail Products Retail Rental Cars
Return Property Return Trip Requires Off-peak Flight Start Time After
Revenues Review Approval Ratification Related Party Transactions
Review Discussions Independent Accountants Review Discussions Management
Revocability Proxies Revolving Credit Facility
Right Pursuant 142 Such Delivery Shall Before After Rights
Rights Plan Policy Rights Stockholder
Risk Factors Risk Factors Regulatory Legal Uncertainties Harm Business Uncertainty
Robert Mylod Robert Mylod Certify
Role Compensation Consultant Role Management
Ronald Rose Rose
Rsu Plan Rules Arbitration Forum Claim Filed Amendments Thereto Shall
Rules Regulations Safe Harbor Cap
Salaries Salary
Sale Sale Purchase Shares
Sales Expense Recognition Sales Marketing
Sales Unregistered Securities Satisfaction Discharge
Save Schadeloos Stellen
Schedule Seal
Seal Execution Deeds Searchable Text Graphics Shown Above
Seasonality Secretary
Sections 112 Equity Definitions Hereby Amended Deleting Words Secure Securities
Secured Obligations Securities
Securities Act Securities Matters
Security Agreement Shall Construed Accordance Governed Law State Security Forms
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder Segment Reporting
Seller Seller Represents Warrants Purchaser
Sellers Disagreement Notice Sellers Warranties
Sent Electronic Communication Address Designated Directors Purpose Separable Custom-made Software
Separation Agreement Separation Date
Seq Series Exercise Period
Series Valuation Report Services
Set-off Parties Agree Amend Agreement Adding New Thereto Settling Defendants Class Plaintiffs Counsel Shall Right Terminate
Settling Defendants Means Pricelinecom Individual Severability
Severance Benefits Shall Declare Dividend Other Distribution Common Stock
Shall Not Required Make Such Assignment Delegation Prior Share Capital
Share Certificates Share Retention Guidelines Short-selling Prohibition
Share Sale Purchase Agreement Shares
Shelf Registration Statement Shop Compare Save
Short-selling Prohibition Short-term Investments
Sidelines Signature Following Page
Signatures Signatures Appear Following Page
Signatures Following Page Since 2006 Been Material Adverse Change Business Assets
Since Issuance Soder
Software Software Capitalization
Solicitation Source Code
Speak Bank America Annual Investment Conference Special Employment Rights Right Award
Special Provisions Regarding Awards Special Regarding Forward Looking Statements
Special Regarding Forward-looking Statements Special Shareholder Meetings
Splitsing Ssion
State Local Government Instrumentality Agency Thereof Assignment Claim State Street Bank Signature Financial
Statement Corporate Governance Statement John Chevedden
Statement Whether Opinion Each Such Individual Condition Covenant Statewide Class Actions Putative
Statewide Putative Class Actions Statistical Data
Stef Norden Stef Norden Named President Ceo Priceline Europe
Stipulation Agreement Settlement Stipulation Whether Not Consummated Proceedings Taken Pursuant
Stock Exchange Securities Listed Sec Notify Trustee Stock Options
Stock Other Ownership Interests Stock Ownership Guidelines
Stock Price Highly Volatile Stock Subject Plan
Stock-based Compensation Stock-based Employee Compensation
Stockholder Proposal Concerning Special Meetings Stockholder Proposals
Stockholders Attend Meeting Required Present Valid Picture Identification Sub-division Consolidation Reclassification Shares
Subject 214 Each Revolving Borrowing Shall Comprised Entirely Subject Increased Income Taxes Event Foreign Cash Balances
Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Subsequent Event
Subsequent Events Subsidiaries
Subsidiary Guarantors Pledges Additional Collateral Further Assurances Substitute Plans
Success Depends Ability Protect Intellectual Property Such Defeasance Shall Not Result Breach Violation Constitute
Such Forbearance Enforce Agreement Arbitrate Shall Not Constitute Such Holder Previously Given Written Notice Trustee Event
Such Holding Subsidiary Undertaking Had Interest Whether Direct Such Involuntary Case Other Proceeding Shall Remain Undismissed
Suffering Mental Disorder Either Summary Compensation Table
Summary Pricelinecom Incorporated 1999 Omnibus Plan Supplemental Indentures
Surséance Van Betaling Surviving Entity
System Tables Above
Tag Along Rights Tangible Fixed Assets
Target Tax Consequences Subsidiary Affiliate
Tax Fees Tax Valuation Allowance
Taxation Taxes
Tegration Priceline Europe Demand Tegration Priceline Europe Supply
Term Exercise Options Term Position
Termination Reduction Commitments Unless Previously Terminated Shall Termination Result Death
Termination Result Death Disability Termination Without Cause
Termination Without Cause Good Reason Termination Without Cause Good Reason Change Control
Terms Conditions Terms Conditions Employment
Terms Conditions Participation Pricelinecom International Limited Management Incentive Terms Order Notice Hearing
Textfont-size100ptfont-weightboldnasdaq Market Index Hemscott Group Therefore Expected Cash Tax Rate Increase 2008 Beyond
Thomas Dangelo Throughout Meeting Each Directors Taking Part Able
Time Continuance Such Default Written Request Trustee Forthwith Time Immediately After Giving Effect Such Borrowing Issuance
Top-line Growth Total Compensation Review
Total Direct Compensation Town Mount Pleasant South Carolina Hotelscom
Trade Receivables Transfers Death Nonassignability
Transmission Shares Travel Expenses
Travel Insurance Travelweb
Travelweb Llc Travelwebs Business Model Exposes Certain Risks Not Traditionally
Treasury Stock Treatment 2001 Options
Trends Trends Indicative Economic Downturn Adversely Affect Business
Trust Indenture Act Trustee After Receipt Such Notice Request Offer Indemnity
Trustee Need Not Take Action Might Unjustly Prejudicial Trustee Proposed Payment Pursuant Clause Such Manner Shall
Unable Generate Sufficient Cash Meet Future Debt Purchase Unable Generate Sufficient Cash Repay Repurchase 225 Convertible
Unable Generate Sufficient Cash Repay Repurchase 570 Convertible Unable Generate Sufficient Cash Repay Repurchase Notes
Uncertainty Regarding Payment Sales Hotel Occupancy Other Related Uncertainty Regarding Payment Sales Hotel Occupancy Taxes
Uncertainty Regarding State Local Taxes Uncertainty Regarding State Taxes
Underpayment Unfunded Status Awards
Unit Profitability Airline Ticket Business Declined Continue Decline Unit Profitability Business Declined Continue Decline Subject Among
Unit Profitability Certain Businesses Declined Continue Decline Subject United States District Court Connecticut
United States Name Own Price United States Principle Common Law Similar Comparable Equivalent
United States Retail Travel Services Unless Indicate Otherwise Proxy Voted Nominees Listed Proposal
Unregistered Sale Equity Securities Unregistered Sales Equity Securities
Unwind Vacation Packages
Vacation Packages Service Valuation Goodwill
Valuation Goodwill Indefinite-lived Intangible Assets Valuation Long-lived Assets Intangibles
Vat Legislation Verklaart Staat Voor Garandeert
Vest Viewing Top Neighborhoods
Voorlopig Deskundigenbericht Voorlopige Aanslag
Voted Accordance Instructions Votes Members
Voting Voting Rights Outstanding Shares Approval
Voting Securities Vrijwaring Oproeping
Waiver Waiver Party Breach Stipulation Other Shall Not Deemed
Waivers Amendments Remedies Wake County Hotelscom
Warranties Warrants
Ways Save Ways Save Advertising
Ways Save Air Ways Save Hotel
Ways Save Packages Ways Save Rental Car
Wet Belastingen Van Rechtsverkeer 1970 Wet Gelijke Behandeling Grond Van Leeftijd
What Metric Was Used What Metrics Used
Whereas Whereas Conjunction Executives Termination His Employment Executive Desire
Winding Winstrechten
Withholding Taxes Working Time Regulations 1998
Working Work Place Worldspan Agreement
Worldwide Recession Adversely Affected Continue Affect Business Worldwide Recession Adversely Affected Likely Continue Affect Business
Worldwide Recession Increases Likelihood Holders Convertible Senior Notes Wth Drivers Pricelinecom
Ytd Indexed Price Performance Since Jan 
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