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A-2 A-3
Ability Maintain Competitive Advantage Premier Middle-market Commercial Bank Able Successfully Integrate New Hires Maintain Cohesive Culture
Accord Satisfaction Accounting Policies Methods Critical Report Financial Condition Results
Accounting Terms Determination Acquisition
Ada Additional Information Relating Executive Compensation
Additional Interest Additional Pledged Securities
Additional Receipts Additional Rent
Address Principal Executive Offices Zip Code Adjustment Date
Adjustment Rules Adjustments
Adjustments Other Rights Administration
Administrative Agent Administrative Questionnaire
Adoption Sec Staff Accounting Bulletin 108 Sab Adversely Affected Interest Rate Changes
Advertising Affiliate
Aggregate Commitments Aggregate Revolving Commitments
Aggregated Option Exercises Last Year-end Values Aggregated Option Exercises Year-end Values
Agreement Alejandro Silva
Allocated Inherent Component Reserve Allowance Loan Lease Losses
Allowance Loan Losses Allowance Loan Losses Insufficient Absorb Portfolio
Allowance Loan Losses Prove Insufficient Absorb Portfolio Alternative Payment Mechanism
Amendment Amendment Designated Preferred Stock
Amendment Termination Amendments
Amendments Agreement American Recovery Reinvestment Act 2009
Amount Such Lender8217s Revolving Commitment Amount Such Lender8217s Term Loan
Analysis Net Interest Income Sensitivity Annual Base Rent
Annual Bonus Annual Bonus Awards
Annual Cash Incentives Annual Meeting Stockholders
Apm Period Application Payments
Approved Users Arbitration Disputes
Asset-liability Management Committee Assets Liabilities Measured Fair Value
Assurance Investment Strategy Successful Atm
Attorneys Fees Attract Retain Develop Best People
Audit Committee Audit Committee Report
Authority Authorization Senior Stock
Availability Period Available Information
Avoid Action Increasing Rates Award
Award Forms Background Description Proposal
Background Proposal Background Proposal Reasons Effect Amendment
Bank Holding Regulation Bank Subsidiaries
Bank Subsidiary Banking
Banking Wealth Management Services Base
Base Rate Base Rate Loan
Base Salaries Base Salary
Basic Diluted Earnings Per Share Benchmarking Peer Group Data
Beneficial Owner Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Binding Effect Biological Toxins
Board Committee Meetings Board Committees
Board Directors Compensation Board Meetings
Book Value Loans Pledged Borrowing
Broker Non-votes Effect Vote 8220against8221 Amendment Described Each Brokers
Building Business
Business Combination Business Combinations
Business Risk Committee Calculation Original Issue Discount
Call Report Cannot Predict Impact Recently Enacted Legislation Particular Emergency
Capital Measurements Capital Transactions
Capital Treatment Event Captions
Cash Incentive Compensation Cause
Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-looking Information Central Loop Tif District
Certain Issuances Common Shares Convertible Securities Certain Provisions Definitions
Certain Repurchases Common Stock Certain Rights Reserved Landlord
Certain Voting Matters Certificate Designations
Certificates Certification
Certification Chief Executive Officer Certifications
Change Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income Loss Change Control
Change Law Changes Accounting Policies Standards Materially Affect Report Financial
Changes After Provision Redemption Changes Carrying Amount Goodwill Operating Segment
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Charges Taxes Expenses
Cheryl Mayberry Mckissack Class Directors Serving Until 2007
Class Directors Serving Until 2008 Class Voting Rights Particular Matters
Closing Date Code
Collateral Collateral-dependent Impaired Loans
Collin Roche Commercial Loans
Commercial Real Estate Loans Commercial Real Estate Loans Generally Involve Higher Principal
Commercially Reasonable Efforts Commitment
Commitment Termination Date Committee Charter
Common Equity Issuance Cap Common Stock
Common Stock Par Value Communications
Compared 2006 Compared 2007
Comparison Five-year Cumulative Total Return Among Privatebancorp Inc Compensation Chief Executive Officer
Compensation Committee Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Consultant
Compensation Discussion Analysis Compensation Philosophy
Compensation Process Competition
Completion Qualified Equity Offering Compliance Certificate
Compliance Federal Reserve Rules Compliance Requirements
Components Income Taxes Components Other Comprehensive Income
Concentrations Credit Risk Condemnation
Condensed Balance Sheets Parent Only 2006 2005 Condensed Statements Income Parent Only 2007 2006 2005
Condition Leased Premises Confidentiality
Consent Ernst Young Llp Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consideration Internal Pay Equity Local Market Considerations Consolidated Net Income
Consolidated Net Worth Consolidated Statement Income Location Gain Loss Recognized
Construction Loans Contingent Liabilities
Contractual Notional Amounts Financial Instruments Contractual Obligation
Contractual Obligations Commitments Off-balance Sheet Risk Contingent Liabilities Control
Controllable Operating Expense Cap Conversion
Cooperation Appreciated Since Majority Common Stock Represented Either Cost Proxy Solicitation
Counsel Counterpart Execution
Counterparts Covenant Against Liens
Covenant Quiet Enjoyment Covered Debt
Cpp Arra Compliance Credit Agreement
Credit Extension Commitments Guarantees Credit Quality Management Allowance Loan Losses
Credit Risk Market Creditor
Creditworthiness Other Financial Institutions Adversely Affect Critical Accounting Policies
Current Report Current Stock Market Price
Death Disability Debentures
Declaration Trust Default
Default Interest Deferral Period
Deferred Compensation Plan Deferred Tax Assets Liabilities
Deferred Taxes Defined Terms
Definitions Delay Computing Additional Rent
Deliver Products Services Clients Need Deliver Stockholder Value
Deliveries Delivery Additional Pledged Securities
Delivery Examination Delivery Pledged Stock
Demonstrate Consistent Financial Strength Deposit Repayment Amount
Derivative Assets Liabilities Derivative Disclosures
Derivative Financial Instruments Derivative Instruments
Description Non-voting Common Stock Designation Number Shares
Designation Principal Amount Authorized Denomination Detached Proxy Card Enclosed Postage-prepaid Envelope
Develop Long-lasting Client Relationships Director Continuing Education
Director Independence Director Nomination Procedures
Discharge Cause Discharge Not Cause Resignation Due Constructive
Distribution Pledged Stock Dividend Other Payment Stoppages Deferral Period
Dividend Restrictions Other Dividends
Documents Incorporated Reference Double Leverage Ratio
Duties Responsibilities Authority Earnings Per Share
Earnings Performance Ecitals
Edward Rabin Effect Recitals
Effectiveness Effectiveness Redemption
Electricity Eligibility
Eligible Proceeds Emergency Economic Stabilization Act
Employees Employment Agreements
End-user Derivatives Energy Natural Resources Conservation
Enterprise Risk Management Entire Agreement
Environmental Laws Environmental Liability
Equity Award Plans Equity Compensation Plan Information
Equity Plan Compensation Information Equity-based Incentive Compensation
Erisa Erisa Affiliate
Erisa Event Estoppel Certificate
Eurodollar Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures
Events Default Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Excessive Building Systems Exchange
Exchange Act Exchange Registry Warrant
Excluded Taxes Exclusive
Exculpation Executive Benefits Perquisites
Executive Compensation Policies Executive Retirement Benefits
Executive Sessions Executive Summary
Exercise Notice Exercise Warrant Term
Exhibits Exhibits Schedules
Exhibits Schedules Incorporated Existing Credit Agreement
Expansion Options Expense Adjustment
Expenses Expenses Indemnification
Extra Additional Services Fair Market Value
Fair Value Measurements Fdic Temporary Liquidity Guarantee Program
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Fdic Temporary Liquidity Guaranty Federal Funds Rate
Federal Income Tax Consequences Financial Institution Subsidiary
Financial Instruments Off-balance-sheet Risk Financial Services Sustained Deterioration General Business Economic Conditions
Financial Statement Schedules Financial Statements
Focus What Best Force Majeure
Foreclosure Foreign Lender
Form Form 10-k
Form Certificate Amendment Amended Restated Incorporation Privatebancorp Inc Form Debentures
Fractional Shares Scrip Frb
Funding Borrowings Funding Sources
Further Assurances Future Sales Shares Common Preferred Stock Dilute Equity
Future Success Dependent Ability Compete Effectively Highly Competitive Gaap
General General Allocated Component Allowance
General Description Services General Matters
Generally Generate Future Growth While Staying Focused Mission Clients
Good Reason Goodwill Intangible Assets
Governing Law Governing Law Jurisdiction Consent Service Process
Governing Law Warrant Governed Construed Accordance Federal United Governmental Authority
Grand Banking Hall Grantee
Growth Expansion Strain Ability Manage Operations Financial Resources Guarantee Agreement
Guarantee Respect Thereto Guaranty Snda Contingency
Hazardous Materials Headings
Heavy Hedging Obligations
Hedging Transaction Held 2006
Highly Regulated Adversely Affected Changes Banking Laws Regulations Holding
Holding Activities Holding Over
Holidays Home Equity Loans
Householding Immediate Release
Impact Inflation Impaired Loans
Impaired Nonaccrual Past Due Loans Impairment
Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials Annual Meeting Incentive Compensation Plan
Income Taxes Incorporation Financial Information
Increased Costs Incremental Commitment
Incremental Commitments Effective Date Incremental Facility Amendment
Incremental Lender Incremental Revolving Commitment
Incremental Revolving Commitments Effective Date Incremental Term Loan
Incumbent Board Indebtedness
Indemnification Indemnitee
Indenture Independent Public Accountants
Index Financial Statements Information Systems Experience Interruption Breach Security
Initial Grants Awards 2007 Plan Insert Applicable
Inspection Institutional Investor Percentage Interest
Instructions Indicated Proposals Proxies Voted Each Given Interest
Interest Deferral Interest Elections
Interest Loans Interest Payment Dates
Interest Period Interest Rate Risk
Interest Reset Date Interruption Services
Introduction Investment Activities
Investment Securities Portfolio Management Irrevocable Authorization Instruction Issuers
Issuance Shares Authorization Listing Issuer Purchases Equity Securities
James Guyette James Tyree
Junior Subordinated Indenture K-1
K-2 Landlord Default
Landlords Insurance Landlords Maintenance Repair
Landlords Right Perform Tenants Duties Landlords Right Proceeds Tenants Insurance
Landlords Work Late Payments
Laws Lease
Lease Assumption Subtenant Attornment Lease Contains Terms
Lease Leased Premises Leased Premises
Legal Proceedings Lender
Lenders Lending Activities
Libor Lien
Light Court Limitation Claims Event Bankruptcy Insolvency Receivership
Limitation Duties Regarding Pledged Stock Liquidating Distributions
Liquidity Liquidity Risk Management
List Subsidiaries Litigation Reform Act 1995
Loan Concentrations Loan Documents
Loan Portfolio Loan Portfolio Credit Quality
Loans Long Term Debt-trust Preferred Securities
Long Term Incentive Plan Long-term Debt
Long-term Debt-trust Preferred Securities Dollars Long-term Incentives
Loss Key Managing Directors Adversely Affect Operations Loss Theft Destruction Mutilation Warrant
Majority Holders Management Capital
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Mandell8217s Compensation
Market Disruption Event Market Interest Rate Risk
Material Adverse Effect Material Casualty
Maturities Time Deposits 100000 Maturity Date
Maturity Interest Rate Sensitivity Loan Portfolio Maximum Rate
Maximum Stock Award Levels Membership
Mendment Oan Greement Merger Consolidation Sale Assets Not Liquidation
Merger Interest Minority Interest Expense
Monthly Base Rent Moving
Multiemployer Plan Name Building
Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant Naming Signage
Need Raise Additional Capital Order Fund Growth Remain Net Income
Net Interest Income Net Mark-to-market Exposure
New Stock Nominating Corporate Governance Committee
Nominees Class Directors Serve Until 2009 Non-interest Income
Non-material Casualty Non-smoking Facility
Non-voting Common Stock Nonperforming Assets
Nonperforming Loans Nonqualified Deferred Compensation
Nonwaiver Norman Bobins
Not Able Implement Aspects Growth Strategy Not Able Implement Aspects Strategic Growth Plan
Not Able Raise Additional Capital Necessary Fund Growth Not Voted Via Internet Telephone Fold Along Perforation
Notice Adjustment Event Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2007
Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2008 Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2009
Notice Borrowing Notice Business Conducted Annual Meeting Stockholders
Notice Continuation Conversion Notice Redemption
Notices Now Therefore
Now Therefore Supplemental Indenture Witnesseth Number Shares Exercise Price
Objectives Executive Compensation Program Obligations
Only Landlord Tenant Relationship Operating Expense Adjustments
Operating Leases Operating Segments
Operating Segments Results Option
Option Exercises Stock Vested Option Grants Last
Option Price Option Stock
Optional Redemption Optional Reduction Termination Revolving Commitments
Optionee Original Issue Debentures
Original Loan Agreement Amended Amendment Referred Herein Other Assets Liabilities
Other Defined Terms Other Distributions
Other Events Other Independent Members Board Directors
Other Intangible Assets Other Limitations
Other Matters Properly Come Before Meeting Other Real Estate Owned
Other Real Estate Owned 8220oreo8221 Other Rights
Other Stock Option Activity Other Taxes
Outstanding Equity Awards End Overview
Overview Principal Elements Program Overview Strategic Growth Plan
Owner-occupied Commercial Real Estate Construction Loans Generally Involve Parent
Parity Securities Parking
Part Partial Invalidity
Partial Payment Partial Redemption
Participation Department Treasurys Capital Purchase Program Subjects Certain Pass Keys Tenants Secured Areas
Patrick Daly Paying Agent
Paying Agent Office Payment Office
Payment Rent Payments Generally Pro Rata Treatment
Payments Generally Pro Rata Treatment Sharing Set-offs Pbgc
Performance Criteria Performance Graph
Permitted Encumbrances Permitted Financial Institution Subsidiary Indebtedness
Person Personal Loans
Philip Kayman Pipes Ducts Wiring Etc
Plan Plan-based Award Grants Last
Please Complete Sign Return Enclosed Proxy Card Envelope Pledge Agreement
Pledge Grant Security Interests Pledged Shares
Pledged Stock Policy Regarding Deductibility Executive Compensation
Portfolio Composition Potential Payments Termination Change Control
Power Attorney Powers Coupled Interest
Pre-approval Procedures Preemptive Rights
Preferred Stock Directors Preferred Stock Issuance Cap
Premises Equipment Premises Furniture Equipment
Principal Accounting Firm Fees Priority Dividends
Privatebancorp Capital Trust Privatebancorp Inc
Privatebancorp Relies Dividends Subsidiaries Most Revenues Privatebank Approach
Privatebank Chicago Privatebank Chicago Louis
Privatebank Chicago Louis Michigan Privatebank Georgia
Privatebank Louis Privatebank Louis Wisconsin
Privatebank Michigan Privatebank Trust
Privatewealth Group Pro Forma Impact Issuance Non-voting Common Stock
Pro Rata Share Procedures Voting Consents
Proceedings Prior Action Requiring Adjustment Proceeds Dividends Voting
Program Objectives Prohibited Actions
Prohibition Against Recording Prompt Return Proxy Card Vote Phone Via Internet
Proposal Approval Amendment Amended Restated Certificate Incorporation Amend Proposal Approval Amendment Amended Restated Certificate Incorporation Authorize
Proposal Approval Amendment Amended Restated Certificate Incorporation Increase Proposal Approval Privatebancorp Inc 2007 Long-term Incentive Compensation
Proposal Election Directors Proposal Ratification Appointment Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Prospectus Provision Loan Losses
Proxies Marked 8220abstain8221 Proposals Effect Vote Against Ratification Public Safety
Purchase Notice Purpose
Qualified Equity Offering Qualifying Apm Securities
Qualifying Preferred Stock Qualifying Warrants
Quarterly Net Interest Margin Trend Ralph Mandell
Rate Rate Interest Payment Date
Ratification Indenture Rbc Capital Markets Corporation
Real Estate Brokers Realization Deferred Tax Assets
Reasons Proposal Effect Amendment Reasons Support Vote Proposal
Receipt Acceptance Trust Security Interest Therein Behalf Holder Recent Developments
Reconciliation Income Tax Provision Statutory Federal Rate Record Holders
Recording Redemption Date
Redemption Debentures Redemption Price
Redirecting Organization Registrable Securities
Registrable Securities Then Outstanding Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code
Regulation Related Party Loans
Related Party Transaction Policy Procedures Related Party Transactions
Related-party Transactions Release
Release Severance Agreement Rely Services Parties Provide Integral Operations
Remaining Contractual Maturity Securities Remodeling
Removal Renewal Options
Rent Rentable Square Feet
Repair Obligations Repayment
Repayment Debentures Repayment Prepayments Loans
Repayment Prepayments Revolving Loans Replacement Capital Covenant
Replacement Certificates Replacement Lenders
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Report Managements Assessment Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Representations Warranties Pledgor Required Lenders
Reservation Rights Residential Real Estate Loans
Residual Distributions Resignation
Resolved Responsible Officer
Restricted Payment Restricted Period
Restricted Stock Award Certificate Restricted Stock Unit Award Transactions
Restricted Stock Valuation Retail Premises Transfer
Retired Industry Retirement
Review Books Records Revolving Commitment Increase
Revolving Credit Revolving Credit Agreement
Revolving Loan Rico Related Law
Right Abatement Right Access
Right Conduct Business Right Cure
Rights Cumulative Rights Stockholders Transfer Books
Risk Management Robert Coleman
Rounding Calculations Minimum Adjustments Rule 144 Information
Rules Regulations Satellite Communications System
Saturdays Sundays Holidays Etc Savings Retirement Plan
Scheduled Amortization Other Intangible Assets Scheduled Maturities Long-term Debt
Securities Securities Act
Securities Authorized Issuance Equity Compensation Plans Securities Available-for-sale
Securities Exchange Act 1934 Amendment Securities Gains Losses
Securities Registrar Securities Registrar Office
Securities Registrar Paying Agent Delegation Trustee Duties Security
Senior Debt Severability Provisions
Severance Protection Executive Employment Agreements Share Exchanges Reclassifications Mergers Consolidations
Share-based Plans Shares
Showing Leased Premises Signage
Signature Page Follows Signatures
Sinking Fund Solicitation Voting Proxies
Special Retirement Special Retirement Termination Date
Specific Component Allowance Specific Component Reserve
Specific Tenant Repair Maintenance Stamp
Standard Definitions Standard Provisions
Statement Regarding Adjustments Statements Financial Condition Parent Only
Statements Income Parent Only Status Redeemed Shares
Stock Option Certificate Stock Option Sars Valuation
Stock Option Transactions Stock Option Valuation Assumptions
Stock Options Stock Ownership Guidelines
Stock Performance Graph Stock Repurchase Program
Stock Splits Subdivisions Reclassifications Combinations Stockholder Communications Directors
Stockholder Director Nominee Recommendations Stockholder Proposals
Strategic Long Term Incentive Plan Strategic Objectives
Strategy Growth Subordinated Term
Subordinated Term Loan Agreement Subordination
Successors Assigns Summary Deposits
Summary Short-term Borrowings Summary Stock Options Outstanding
Suntrust Bank Superiority
Supervisory Event Supplemental Indenture
Surrender Possession Survival
Synthetic Lease Table Contents
Table Effect Tax-equivalent Adjustment Table Municipal Bond Portfolio Market Values Underlying Credit
Table Scheduled Maturities Brokered Other Time Deposits Target Total Direct Compensation Opportunity
Tarp American Recovery Reinvestment Act 2009 Other Legislative Tax Adjustment
Tax Date Tax Event
Taxes Tenants
Tenants Cooperation Tenants Exclusive
Tenants Insurance Tenants Proportionate Share
Tenants Repairs Maintenance Generally Tenants Retail Premises Proportionate Share
Tenants Secured Areas Tenants Upper Level Premises Proportionate Share
Tenants Work Term
Termination Termination Cause
Termination Commitments Termination Date
Terms Terms Conditions Awards
Therefore Tier Capital
Time Essence Timing Issuance Additional Common Stock Certain Adjustments
Title Class Total Assets
Total Compensation Mix Total Loans
Trading Transactions Related Persons
Transfer Assignment Transferability
Transformation Equity Award Plan Troubled Asset Relief Program Tarp Capital Purchase
Trust Trust Agreement Rights Obligations Each Holders Issuer Sponsor
Trust Preferred Securities Trust Securities
Trustee Type
Ucc Unallocated Components Allowance
Unallocated Inherent Components Reserve Unavailability Alternative Funding Sources Constrain Growth
Uncertainty Income Taxes Underwriting Agreement
Units Untenantable
Uphold Commitment Communities Usa Patriot Act Anti-terrorism Laws
Valuation Methodology Value Received
Variable Interest Entities Various Factors Depress Price Affect Trading Activity Common
Voluntary Involuntary Liquidation Voluntary Resignation
Voluntary Resignation Retirement Vote Important
Vote Important Please Sign Return Enclosed Proxy Card Vote Required Effect Approval
Voting Retirement Plan Participants Voting Securities Stockholders Entitled Vote
Voting Stock Waiver Amendments
Waiver Claims Indemnification Waiver Cumulative Remedies
Waiver Jury Trial Waiver Subrogation
Wealth Management Whereas
William Castellano William Podl
William Rybak Wilmington Trust
Window Coverings Withdrawal Liability
Witness Whereof Y-9c Report
Y-9lp Report 
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