Topic Listing for Public Service Enterprise Group

Acceleration Executive Officer Pseg Stock Options Granted Pursuant Acceleration Pseg Stock Options Equity-based Awards Long-term Incentive
Accomplishments Accountants Comfort Letter
Accounting Asset Retirement Obligations Accounting Conditional Asset Retirement Obligations
Accounting Deferred Taxes Accounting Effects Regulation
Accounting Goodwill Accounting Long-lived Assets
Accounting Matters Accounting Pensions
Accounting Standards Adopted Effective 2009 Reporting Accounting Tax Implications
Accounting Treatment Accounting Uncertainty Income Taxes -an Interpretation Fasb Statement
Accounting Uncertainty Income Taxes Interpretation Fasb Statement 109 Accretion Dilution Analysis
Accumulated Benefit Obligations Achieve Credit Targets
Achieve Great Performance 133 Achieved Target Credit Measures
Acquisitions Act
Act Regulations Active Filings
Activity Continues Direction National Program Actuals Through 2007
Adding 10000 Date Proposals Additional Capacity Queue Addition Energy Capacity Power Other Attractive Sources Revenues
Additional Documents Additional Information
Additional Nrc Oversight Additional Updated Data
Address Infrastructure Environmental Capacity Requirements Adds Stability Strong Earnings Cash Flow
Adjusted Non-gaap Operating Eps Administration
Administration Plan Admission Ticket
Advanced Metering Infrastructure Ami Technologies Advanced Metering Infrastructure Technologies
Adverse International Developments Negatively Impact Results Adversely Affected Changes Energy Deregulation Policies Including Market
Affected Sources Affiliate Loans Advances
Affiliate Standards Affirms 2005 Guidance 315 335 Per Share Excluding
Affirms 2006 Guidance 345 375 Per Share Affirms 2006 Guidance 345 375 Per Share 2007
Agenda Aggregated Option Exercises Last 2004 End Values
Aggregated Option Exercises Last 2004 Year-end Values Aggregated Option Exercises Last 2005 End Values
Agreement Plan Merger Agreements Instruments
Air Pollution Control Allow Additional Market Power Analysis Pjm
Allowance Funds Used Construction Afudc Interest Capitalized Idc Allowed Meet Commitment Earnings Growth Also Reduced International
Allowing Power Realize Higher Prices Due Assets Favorable Allowing Power Realize Higher Prices Due Favorable Location
Amended 2007 Effective 2006 Amended 2008 Effective 2009
Amended Effective 2009 Amendment
Amendment 2002 Consent Decree Achieve Same Level Emissions Amendment Certificate Incorporation Eliminate Classification Board Directors
Amendment Certificate Incorporation Eliminate Cumulative Voting Amendment Certificate Incorporation Eliminate Pre-emptive Rights
Amendment Certificate Incorporation Increase Number Authorized Shares Common Amendment Termination
Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change American Jobs Creation Act 2004
Ami Analysis Merger Impact Earnings
Ancillary Units Aneelmdashrge Merger Matter
Annual 2004 Results Annual 2005 Results
Annual 2006 Results Annual Assessment Performance Charter Review
Annual Cash Incentive Compensation Annual Excess Cash 500m
Annual Meeting Attendance Annual Report Form 10-k
Annual Reverse Auction Completed Anticipated Benefits Combining Pseg Exelon Not Realized
Antitrust Appendix
Application Purchase Method Accounting Result Approximately Additional Goodwill Apply Disciplined Investment Approach Areas Growth Pseg
Appointment Directors Executive Officers Appraisal Rights
Approval Adoption Public Service Enterprise Group Incorporated 2007 Approval Listing
Approvals Approved Stockholders Pseg Not Amend Certificate Incorporation Declassify
Areas Additional Potential Growth Pseg 133 Asbestos Abatement Costs
Asbestos Abatement Program Asset Impairments
Asset Optimization Yielding Results Asset Purchases Sales
Asset Retirement Obligations Aros Asset Sales
Asset Sales Impairments Assets
Assets Favorably Located Assuming Normal Market Dynamics
Assumption Assumptions Used Creating 2006 Plan Related Sensitivities Guidance
Attachment Attachments Release Provide Summary Year-to-date Results 2005 2004
Attractive Markets Solid Operations Producing Eps Growth 133 Auction
Audit Committee Audit Committee Report
Audit Fees Audit Related Fees
Authorized Capital Stock Availability Adequate Power Transmission Facilities
Average Average Mw-day
Balance Opportunities Energy Capacity Ancillary Products Balance Sheet Improvement Underway
Barry Mitchell Base Rate Case
Base Salary Based Low Carbon Footprint
Baseload Units Basic Function Purpose
Basic Generation Service Bgs Gas Supply Bgss Basis Adjustment
Basis Organization Basis Presentation
Bau Because Portion Combined Business Conducted Outside United States
Been Active Participants Re-shaping Nations Energy Policy Benchmarking
Benchmarking Helped Fossil Identify Areas Improvement133 Beneficial Ownership
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Better
Bgs Bgs Auction Review
Bgs Auctions Bgs Basic Gas Supply Service Bgss
Bgs Bgss Bgss
Bgss Bgs Contracts Bgss Bgs Mtc
Bgss Filing Bgss Filings
Bgss Tariff Bioenergie
Bioenergie Spa Blue Sky Qualifications
Board Directors Board Directors Management Following Completion Merger
Board Directors Recommends Vote Against Adoption Proposal Following Board Directors-class Directors
Board Public Utilities Bpu Bond Redemption Costs
Bpu Approved 105m Investment Solar 2008 Part 225m Bpu Approved 105m Investment Solar 2008 Pseg Forecast
Bpu Deferral Audit Branchburg Roseland
Brazil Break
Bridgeport Harbor Bring-down Comfort Letter
Building Foundation Long-term Growth Business Developments
Business Operations Strategy Business Risk
Business Usual Ghg Emissions Increase133 Businesses Focused Maximizing Value Existing Investments Pseg Energy
Calendar Calendar Forward Prices Pjm West Rtc
California Capacity
Capacity Auction Results Capacity Cost Per Tranche
Capacity Factor Capacity Market Issues
Capacity Markets Provide Meaningful Increase Powers Expected Margin Capacity Needs
Capacity Position Capacity Units
Capital Economic Stimulus Infrastructure Program Capital Expenditures
Capital Market Performance Directly Affects Asset Values Decommissioning Capital Market Performance Directly Affects Asset Values Nuclear
Capital Program Growth Identified Capital Pseg Loan
Capital Requirements Capital Spend
Capital Spending Capital Stock Corporation Shall Authority Issue 1000000000 Shares
Capitalize Multiple Alternatives Grow Generation Business Carbon Abatement Program
Carbon Dioxide Emissions Carbon Legislation Drivers Action
Carbon Reduction Common Focus 133 Carbon Reduction Common Focus Across Multiple Levels Government
Carthage Power Cpc Cas Cost Recovery Mechanism
Cash Equivalents Cash Flow Adjustments Including Depreciation
Cash Flow Hedges Cash Flow Hedges Included Accumulated Other Comprehensive Loss
Cash Flow Hedges Included Oci 2004 Cash Flow Hedges Included Oci 2005
Cash Flow Hedges Included Ocl 2005 Cash Flow Power Primary Driver Discretionary
Cash Flow Projection Cash Flows
Cash Impact Cash Outlook Forecast Intact
Central Appalachian Coal Centralized Solar Megawatts 221m Investment
Centralized Solar Megawatts 2561m Investment Ceo Compensation
Certain Beneficial Owners Certain Leveraged Lease Transactions Resources Successfully Challenged Irs
Certain Leveraged Lease Transactions Successfully Challenged Irs Material Certain Relationships Between Exelon Pseg Operating Services Contract
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence
Certificate Amendment Incorporation Public Service Enterprise Group Incorporated Certificates Stock Transfer Etc
Certification Compliance Certification Pursuant 1350 Chapter Title United States Code
Certification Pursuant Rules 13a-14 15d-14 1934 Securities Exchange Chairman Board Chief Executive Officer President
Chairman Chief Executive Officer Pseg Chairman George Scully
Challenge Opportunity Pseg Change Registrants Certifying Accountant
Change Shares Changes Annual Cash Incentive Program
Changes Cannot After 2005 Changes Capitalization
Changes Internal Controls Changes Senior Leadership
Changes Technology Make Power Generation Assets Less Competitive Chile
Chile Peru Chile Peru Distribution Generation
Chile Peru Generation Distribution Chilquinta
Chilquinta Energia Luz Del Sur Saa Lds Chilquinta Lds
Christopher Crane Claims Procedure
Claims Procedure Status Determination Clarence Joe Hopf
Class I-directors Whose Terms Expire 2006 Class Ii-directors Whose Terms Expire 2007
Class Ii-directors Whose Terms Expire 2010 Class Iii-nominees Terms Expiring 2008
Class Iiimdashnominee Term Expiring 2008 Clawbacks
Climate Change Climate Change Preeminent Issue Time 133
Climate Change Preeminent Issue Time133 Climate Initiatives 133
Climate Initiatives133 Closing Matters
Closing Time Co2 Emissions
Co2 Price Ton Coal
Coal Nuclear Output Coal Oil
Coal Supply Code Ethics
Combined Cycle Combined Cycle Capacity Factor
Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Combined Energy Delivery Business Obligated Provider-of-last-resort Provide Retail
Combined Energy Generation Business Contractual Obligations Certain Delivery Combined Financial Performance Affected Amortization Eventual Completion Stranded
Combined Generation Business Incur Substantial Costs Liabilities Due Combined Generation Business Incur Substantial Costs Liabilities Exposed
Combined Holding Structure Payment Dividends Shareholders Subject Ability Combined Incur Substantial Costs Fulfill Obligations Related Environmental
Combined Results Operations Cash Flows Affected Ability Divest Combined Subject Adverse Regulatory Conditions Following Completion Merger
Combined Unable Obtain Permission Njbpu Recover Psegs Pension Combining Operational Excellence Prices Comparable Regional Competitors 133
Combustion Turbine Comed Filings Icc Proposing Auction Process
Comes Off Existing Contracts Comments
Commercial Commitment Future 133
Committee Activity Committee Membership
Committees Board Committees Exelon Board Directors
Commodity Commodity Contracts
Commodity Exchange Act Commodity Exchange Act Regulations
Commodity Prices Common Dividend Date
Common Dividend Targeting Long-term Payout Common Stock Dividends
Common Stock Dividends Repurchases Commonwealth Edison Service Annuity Formula Table
Communications Board Communications Exelon Board Directors
Community Service Companies Involved Merger See Page
Companies Pjm States Comparable Public Companies Analysis
Comparable Publicly Traded Companies Analysis Comparative Per Share Market Price Dividend Information
Compared 2006 Compared 2007
Compared 2008 Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Consultant
Compensation Directors Certain Business Relationships Compensation Discussion Analysis
Compensation James Ferland Compensation Philosophy Program
Compensation Policies Compensation Pursuant Pension Plans
Competition Competition Act
Competitive Environment Competitive Rules
Competitor Relations Completion Date
Completion Merger Subject Regulatory Clearance See Page 111 Completion Merger Subject Satisfaction Number Conditions See Page
Compliance Compliance Securities Regulations Requests
Comprehensive Income Net Tax Computation Ratios Earnings Fixed Charges
Computer Information Resources Con Edison
Conclusion Conditional Asset Retirement Obligation
Conditions Conditions Obligations Purchaser
Conditions Obligations Seller Conditions Precedent
Conference Call Information Confidential Information
Conflict Interest Connecticut
Connecticut Department Public Utility Control Dpuc Connecticut Electric Authority Cea
Connecticut Windfall Profits Tax Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consideration Received Pursuant Merger Treatment Stock Options Pseg Consolidated Edison New York Inc Con
Consolidation Variable Interest Entities Vies Constructive Regulatory Business Market Environment
Contacts Continue Drive Enhancements Powers Financials
Continue Like Assets Location Contracted
Contractual Obligations Contribution Analysis
Controlling Helps Mitigate Effects Of133 Controlling Mitigate Effects Of133
Controls Procedures Cooperative Effort Northeast States Design Regional Cap-and-trade Program
Corporate Governance Corporate Governance Committee
Corporate Offices Corporate Opportunities
Corporate Profile Corporate Profiles
Corporate Restructuring Correction
Corrective Maintenance Backlog Cost New Entry Cone
Cost Recovery Mechanism Cost Removal
Cost-based Rmr Agreements Counterparty Credit Risks Deterioration Quality
Covenants Purchaser Covenants Seller
Cpc Create Opportunities Redeploy Capital
Creating Shareholder Value Long-term 133 Credit Agreements Bank New York Bony
Credit Ratings Credit Risk
Critical Accounting Estimates Critical Element Powers Success
Critical Mass Been Achieved 133 Cross Default Provisions
Cross Hudson Project Ctc Reset Weather Economy Natural Gas Prices
Cumulative Effect Change Accounting Principle Cumulative Total Comparative Returns-as 2004
Cumulative Total Comparative Returnsmdashas 2005 Current Business Environment 133
Current Report Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Customer Impact
Customer Relations Customers
Daniel Cregg Date Delivery
Date Submission Stockholder Proposals Date Time Place Annual Meeting
Dated 2007 David Woods
Debt Covenants Debt Equity Securities
Debt Securities Decisions Not Only Through Financial Measures Also Achieving
Decontamination Decommissioning Costs Decreases Value Pension Other Postretirement Assets Require Additional
Default Provisions Deferral Audit
Deferred Bgs Costs Deferred Compensation Plan
Deferred Compensation Plan Directors Public Service Enterprise Group Deferred Income Taxes
Deferred Project Costs Development Definitions
Delays Rate Relief Further Reduce Psegs 2006 Earnings Delivering Value Today
Delivering Value Today Tomorrow Delivery
Delivery Prospectuses Delivery Proxy Statement Annual Report Stockholders
Delivery Registration Statements Demand Response
Demand Response Filing 2008 Demand-side Strategies
Denominations Registration Department Energy Doe Congestion Study
Department Energy Doe Congestion Study-national Interest Electric Transmission Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Depreciation
Depreciation Amortization Depreciation Interest
Depreciation Interest Ndt Depreciation Interest Other
Depreciation Taxes Other Derivative Financial Instruments
Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities Derivatives Implementation Group Dig Issues
Deriving Higher Prices Based Locational Value Description 2007 Plan
Description Purchase Plan Despite Turmoil Recent
Dhofar Power Dhofar Power Saoc
Differs Net Income Difficult Meet Upper-end Range
Digesting Power Market Volatility Director Compensation Table
Director Fees Director Independence
Director Retirement Policy Directors
Directors Deferred Compensation Plan Directors Equity Plan
Directors Executive Officers Indemnification Insurance Directors Fees
Directors Management Directors Whose Terms Continue Beyond 2006 Annual Meeting
Directors Whose Terms Continue Beyond 2007 Annual Meeting Directors Whose Terms Continue Beyond 2008 Annual Meeting
Directors Whose Terms Continue Beyond 2009 Annual Meeting Directors Whose Terms Expire 2010
Directorsrsquo Deferred Compensation Plan Discipline
Disciplined Investment Disclaimer Statement
Disclosure Controls Procedures Disclosures Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities
Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Discretionary Cash
Discretionary Cash Liquidity Discretionary Proxy Voting Authority
Discrimination Harrassment Dispositions
Distribution Rates Distributions
Diverse Assets Constrained Zones Diversity Portfolio Makes Power Well Positioned Capture Value
Dividends Returning Cash Shareholders Documents Incorporated Reference
Doe Congestion Study Domestic Generation
Dramatically Reduce Emissions Prepare Units Future Drive Increase Psegs 2007 Earnings Guidance
Driven Largely Improved Operations Power Markets Driven Strong Power Markets Operations
Due Market Uncertainty 133 Due Variances Between State Business Corporation Law Pennsylvania
Each Outstanding Option Purchase Pseg Common Stock Equity-based Each Ton Carbon Equals 0024 Cents Per Share
Earnings Earnings Contribution
Earnings Impact Earnings Per Share
Earnings Per Share Eps Earnings Reflect Potential Resolution Tax Matters
Earnings Statement Earnings Summary
Eastern Maac Edgar
Edwin Selover Eeg
Effective 2009 Effective Tax Rate Interest Expense Other Operations Resources
Effective Tax Rate Other Effectiveness Registration Statement
Egdc Eitf Issue 01-8 Determining Whether Arrangement Lease
Eitf Issue 01-8 Ldquodetermining Whether Arrangement Leaserdquo Eitf Issue 02-3 Issues Involved Accounting Derivative Contracts
Eitf Issue 02-3 Ldquoissues Involved Accounting Derivative Contracts Eitf Issue 03-1 Ldquothe Meaning Other-than-temporary Impairment Application
Eitf Issue 03-1 Meaning Other-than-temporary Impairment Application Certain Eitf Issue 03-4 Accounting Cash Balance Pension Plans
Eitf Issue 03-4 Ldquoaccounting Cash Balance Pension Plansrdquo Eitf Issue 04-1 Accounting Pre-existing Relationships Between Parties
Eitf Issue 04-1 Ldquoaccounting Pre-existing Relationships Between Parties Elcho
Elcho Skawina Election Chairman Ceo
Election Directors Electric
Electric Discount Energy Competition Act Electric Distribution Facilities
Electric Distribution Financial Review Electric Gas Base Rate Case
Electric Gas Base Rates Electric Gas Distribution Base Rate Case
Electric Pjm Western Hub Rtc Price Mwh Electric Sales Revenues
Electric Supply Electric Transmission Distribution Properties
Electroandes Electrowina Skawina
Elektrocieplownia Chorzow Elcho Electrownia Skawina Elektrocieplownia Chorzow Elcho Elektrownia Skawina
Eligibility Eligibility Participation
Elizabeth Moler Emergency Bylaws
Emergency Preparedness Manager Emerging Issues Task Force Eitf Issue 03-1 Ldquothe
Emerging Issues Task Force Eitf Issue 04-13 Ldquoaccounting Emission Fees
Emissions Emissions Control Technology Projects
Emissions Rate Ranking Emissions Rate Ranking Companies Pjm
Emissions Rate Ranking Companies Pjm States Emissions Rggi Cap Actuals Through 2007
Emissions Standards Plus Employee Relations
Employee Stock Purchase Plan Employees
Employers Disclosures Postretirement Benefit Plan Assets Employment Agreements
Employment Contracts Arrangements Empresa Energia Rio Negro Edersa
Enabled Successful Participation Each Bgs Auction Enabled Successful Participation Each Bgs Auction Cushioned Customer
Energy Energy Capacity Margin Growth
Energy Contract Net Assets 2007 Energy Contract Net Assets Liabilities 2004
Energy Contract Net Assets Liabilities 2005 Energy Contract Net Assets Liabilities 2006
Energy Contract Net Assets Liabilities 2007 Energy Contract Net Assets Liabilities 2008
Energy Contract Net Liabilities 2007 Energy Contracts
Energy Costs Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency Economic Stimulus Program Energy Holdings
Energy Holdings Operates Energy Holdings Pseg
Energy Markets Energy Master Plan
Energy Master Plan 133 Energy Master Plan Emp
Energy Supply Energy Technologies
Energy Trading Energy Trading Contracts
Energy Trading Contracts Etcs Enterprise
Enterprise Direct Dividend Reinvestment Stock Purchase Plan Employee Entry Material Definitive Agreement
Environmental Environmental Laws
Environmental Leadership Environmental Matters
Environmental Regulations Limit Operations Environmental Responsibility
Eport Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Epri Assessed Reduction Opportunities Power Sector 133
Eps Eps 371
Eps 377 Eps Growth 133
Eps Operating Earnings Eps Summary
Equal Opportunity Diversity Equipment Reliability Excellence
Equity Compensation Plan Outside Directors Equity Securities
Equivalent Availability Ert
Estd Impact Mwh Pjm West Rtc Price Change Estimate
Estimated Eps Impact Mw- Capacity Price Change Estimated Future Benefit Payments
Estimated Future Benefit Payments Reflecting Expected Service Estimated Impact Carbon Prices Energy Powers Ebitda
Estimated Potential Synergies Attributable Merger Estimates
European Investor Meetings 9-13 2005 Even Planned Investments Delivery Prices Customers
Event Accident Acts War Terrorism Insurance Coverage Insufficient Every Increase Capacity Factor Psegs Nuclear Fleet Generates
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Exceptional Generation Business
Excess Cash Available Excess Cash Expected Used Retire Debt Through Half
Excess Depreciation Credit Excess Depreciation Reserve
Exchange Act 1934 Exchange Certificates Pursuant Merger
Exchange Ratio Fixed Not Adjusted Response Changes Stock Excluded Net Income Reconcile Operating Earnings
Executive Committee Executive Compensation
Executive Officers Executive Vice President Chief Financial Officer
Exelon Exelon Board Directors
Exelon Board Directors Compensation Exelon Common Stock
Exelon Common Stock Listed New York Exchange See Exelon Forward-looking Financial Information
Exelon Overview Update Exelon Preferred Stock
Exelon Pseg Expect Continue Respective Stated Dividend Policies Exelon Pseg Incur Significant Transaction Merger-related Integration Costs
Exelon Pseg Subject Business Uncertainties Contractual Restrictions While Exelon Pseg Unable Successfully Integrate Operations
Exelon Senior Management Team Plants Joining Pseg Exelon Shareholder Account Maintenance
Exelon Shareholders Exelons Amended Restated By-laws Following Completion Merger Among
Exelons Financial Advisors Delivered Opinions Exelon Board Directors Exelons Proposal
Exelons Psegs Businesses Combined Business Subject Extensive Regulation Exhibits
Exhibits Financial Statement Schedules Expanded Merger Review Authority
Expansion Opportunities Expect Electric Gas Rate Case 2009 Rates Effective
Expected Results Expense
Expenses Experienced Improvement Counterparties Credit Ratings
Explanatory Explanatory Note-restatement
Exposed Commodity Price Volatility Result Participation Wholesale Energy Extended Economic Recession Likely Material Adverse Effect Businesses
External Financings Extraordinary
Face Competition Merchant Energy Markets Face Substantial Competition Merchant Energy Markets
Facility Failure Consummate Proposed Merger Exelon
Failure Obtain Adequate Timely Rate Relief Negatively Impact Fair Disclosure
Fair Outcome Recent Gas Electric Cases Help Ensure Fair Outcome Recent Gas Electric Cases Help Ensure133
Fair Outcomes Cases Help Ensure133 Fair Outcomes Recent Gas Electric Cases Help Ensure133
Fair Value Debt Fair Value Hedges
Fair Value Measurements Fair Value Preferred Securities
Fasb Accounting Standards Codification Hierarchy Generally Accepted Principles Fasb Interpretation Accounting Uncertainty Income Taxes-an Statement 109
Fasb Interpretation Fin Ldquoaccounting Conditional Asset Retirement Obligationsrdquo Fasb Staff Position 106-2 Accounting Disclosure Requirements Related
Fasb Staff Position 106-2 Ldquoaccounting Disclosure Requirements Related Fasb Staff Position Fsp 115-1 124-1 Ldquothe Meaning
Fasb Staff Position Fsp Fas 115-2 124-2 Recognition Fasb Staff Position Fsp Fas 13-2 Accounting Change
Fasb Staff Position Fsp Fas 142-3 Determination Useful Fasb Staff Position Fsp Fin 39-1 Amendment Interpretation
Fasb Staff Position Fsp Fin Ldquodetermining Variability Considered Favorable Energy Capacity Outlook
Federal Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation Liability Act 1980 Federal Energy Regulatory
Federal Energy Regulatory Ferc Federal Income Tax Consequences
Federal Securities Laws Consequences Stock Transfer Restriction Agreements Federal State
Fees Fees Billed Deloitte Touche Llp 2006 2005
Fees Billed Deloitte Touche Llp 2007 2006 Fees Billed Deloitte Touche Llp 2008 2007
Fees Billed Pseg Deloitte Touche Llp 2004 2003 Fees Billed Pseg Deloitte Touche Llp 2005 2004
Ferc Ferc Order 888
Ferc Order 888 890 Ferc Order 888 Reform
Ferc Standards Conduct Ff-balance Sheet Arrangements
Filing Amendments Filing Format
Filing Format Glossary Fin Accounting Uncertainty Income Taxes-an Interpretation Fasb Statement
Fin Guarantors Accounting Disclosure Requirements Guarantees Including Indirect Fin Ldquoaccounting Conditional Asset Retirement Obligationsrdquo
Fin Ldquoaccounting Uncertainty Income Taxes 8209 Interpretation Fasb Fin Ldquoaccounting Uncertainty Income Taxes Ndash Interpretation Fasb
Fin Ldquoguarantor39s Accounting Disclosure Requirements Guarantees Including Indirect Fin Revised 2003 Ldquoconsolidation Variable Interest Entitiesrdquo 46r
Finance Committee Financial
Financial Accounting Standards Board Fasb Interpretation Fin Ldquoaccounting Financial Markets Update
Financial Results Financial Review
Financial Risk Management Financial Risk Management Activities
Financial Statement Exhibits Financial Statements Exhibits
Financial Strength Financial Strength Expected Allow
Financials Financing
Financing Methodology Find Information
Fitch Floating Rate Due
Focus Customer Satisfaction Following Accounting Standard Been Proposed Fasb
Following Documents Filed Part Report Following New Accounting Standards Adopted Pseg Power 2008
Footnotes Previous Page Forecast
Forecast Operating Earnings Ranges Forecast Remain Strong Larger Capital Base
Forecasted Cash Flows Remain Intact133 Forecasted Ebitda 205b 225b
Foreign Corrupt Practices Foreign Currencies
Foreign Currency Translation Foreign Currency Translation Transactions
Foreign Exchange Rate Risk Form 10-k Page
Form 10-k Page 2005 10-q Form 10-k Page 2006 10-q
Form 10-k Page 2008 Quarterly Report 10-q Adversely Form 10-k Page 2008 Quarterly Report 10-q Certain
Form 10-k Page Certain Leveraged Lease Transactions Resources Form 10-k Pages
Form 10-k Pages 2005 10-q Page Form 10-q Page
Form 8-k Form Restrictive Covenant Agreement
Form Separation Agreement General Release Forward
Forward Basis Forward Capacity Market Fcm Settlement New England
Forward-looking Statement Forward-looking Statements
Fossil Fossil Generation Operations Oversight Committee
Fossils Operations Improved Still Lag Industry Benchmarks 133 Fractional Shares
Frank Clark Fsp 109-2 Ldquoaccounting Disclosure Guidance Foreign Earnings Repatriation
Fsp 115-1 124-1 Ldquothe Meaning Other-than-temporary Impairment Application Fsp Emerging Issues Task Force Eitf 03-6-1 Determining
Fsp Fas 107-1 Apb 28-1 Interim Disclosures Fair Fsp Fas 132 Employers Disclosures Pensions Other Postretirement
Fsp Fas 132 Employers Disclosures Postretirement Benefit Plan Fsp Fas 140-4 Fin Disclosures Public Entities Enterprises
Fsp Fas 157-4 Determining Fair Value Volume Level Fsp Fin 39-1 Amendment Fasb Interpretation
Fuel Supply Fuel Waste Disposal
Full 2004 Results Full 2007 Operating Earnings Subsidiary
Full Operating Earnings Subsidiary Full-year 2008 Operating Earnings Subsidiary
Fundamental Strengths Growth Drivers 133 Funds Operations Total Debt
Further Conditions Future Opportunities Support Growth Power 133
Future Outlook Fwd
Gaap Gaap Disclaimer
Gaap Reported Eps Gain Loss Mark-to-market Mtm
Gain Loss Nuclear Decommissioning Trust Ndt Fund Related Gain Mark-to-market Mtm
Games Chance Gary Snodgrass
Gas Asset Optimization Gas Base Rate Case
Gas Commodity Prices Gas Distribution Properties
Gas Distribution Trends National Benchmarks Gas Leak Response Less
Gas Purchasing Strategies Audit Gas Supply
Gas Supply Secured Based Sales Output Gas Units Margin Competitive Heat Rates Lead 50-60
General General Provisions
Generation Generation Facilities
Generation Facilities Along Dispatch Curve Generation Hedges
Generation Operating Performance Fall Below Projected Levels Ghg Emissions 2004 2030
Gift Giving Government Officials Gifts Meals Entertainment
Global Global Climate Change
Global Continues Focus Monetizing Non-core Assets 133 Global Focus Developing Renewable Presence
Global Focus Developing Renewable Presence Core Markets Global Warming Response Act
Globals Distribution Companies Provide 133 Globals Generation Assets
Globals Invested Capital Globals Latin American Investments 133
Globals Texas Assets Driver Results 133 Goal
Goodwill Other Intangibles Government Relations
Governmental Industry Responses Global Climate Change Significantly Impact Governmental Licenses
Green Initiatives Include Gross Cost New Entry
Gross Margin Gross Margin Contribution Peaking Units
Growth Guadalupe
Guaranteed Obligations Guidance
Guidance 258 273 Guide Rulemaking
Gwf Gwf Energy Llc
Gwf Hanford Gwh Nuclear Output 000s
Gwhs Had Numerous Accomplishments 2008
Hanford Henrietta Tracy Peaker Plants Hawaii
Hazardous Materials Hazardous Substance Liability
Hazardous Substances Hedge Mark-to-market Mtm Accounting
Hedge Mtm Accounting Hedges Net Investments Foreign Operations
Help Preserve Availability Fossil Fleet Higher Maintenance Costs Market Uncertainty
Historical Exchange Ratio Analysis Historical Forward Prices133
Historical Trading Analysis Hmfa Affordable Housing Solar Megawatts 15m Investment
Holding Ability Service Debt Limited Holdings
Holdings 2007 2008 Operating Earnings Holdings 2008 Operating Earnings 2009 Guidance
Holdings Focused Managing Current Investment Portfolio Holdings Focused Managing Financial Risk
Holdings Portfolio 133 Holdings Portfolio Declined Sale Assets
Holdings Portfolio Diverse Asset Base Holdings Provided Meaningful Earnings Cash Flow133
Hope Creek Also Great Strides 133 Hope Creek Uprate
Http Wwwpsegcom Hudson Mercer Back End Technology Implementation
Hudson Mercer Generation Stations Ian Mclean
Impact Asset Sales Impact Asset Sales Bond Premiums
Impact Lease Reserves Impact Lease Transaction Reserves
Impact Pseg Eps Impairment Comeds Goodwill Adversely Affect Combined Results Operation
Impairments Implement Fair Timely Rate Relief
Implied Multiple Implies Low Valuation Pseg Power
Improve Financial Strength Improved Earnings Reflect Strong Performance Pseg Power
Improved Processes Markets Well-positioned Assets 133 Improved Risk Profile
Improvement Nuclear Performance Seen Numerous Measures Operations Improvements Across Portfolio 133
Improving Credit Profile Enable Maximize Growth Opportunities Inability Access Sufficient Capital Amounts Times Needed
Inability Balance Energy Obligations Available Supply Negatively Impact Inability Balance Energy Obligations Available Supply Trading Risks
Inability Realize Tax Benefits Inability Successfully Develop Construct Generation Transmission Distribution Projects
Incentive Award 4200 1200 5400 095 5130 Salary Includes Amounts Due Within
Income Continuing Operations Income Continuing Operations Net
Income Equity Method Investments Income Tax Expense
Income Tax Expense Decreased Due Primarily Lower Pre-tax Income Tax Expense Experienced Material Change 2009 Compared
Income Tax Expense Increased Due Primarily Higher Pre-tax Income Taxes
Increase Full Requirements Component Due Incurred Cost
Indemnification Directors Officers Other Authorized Representatives Indemnification Pseg Directors Officers
Indemnification Underwriters Indenture
Independence Independent Auditors Financial Reporting
Index India
Indicative 2008 Multiple 135x 140x Indicator
Industrial Commercial Inflation
Influenced Market Dynamics Information
Initial Guidance 460 500 Initial Underwritten Securities
Innovative Energy Solutions Inpo Assessments
Inpo Index Insider Trading
Institution Insurance Coverages Not Sufficient
Integrate Operation Growth Opportunities Integrated Customer System Platform Icsp
Intercompany Transaction Eliminated Consolidation Intercompany Transactions Eliminated Consolidation
Interest Capitalized Construction Idc Allowance Funds Used Afudc Interest Expense
Interest Expense Change Shares Other Interest Misc
Interest Rates Interest Taxes Other
Interim Disclosures Fair Value Financial Instruments Internal Auditing
Internal Controlmdashintegrated Framework Internal Controls
Internal Revenue Service Might Successfully Challenge Certain Leveraged Internally Generated Cash 2008 Exceeded Investment Needs
Internally Generated Cash 2009 Expected Exceed Investment Needs International Reducing Generation Risk
International Regulation Introduction
Invest Pseg Investing Solar Assets Provides Superior Outcome Investors
Investment Focus Projects Attractive Risk-adjusted Returns Investment Fund Election Options
Investment Includes Redemption Texas Debt 2009 Investment Tax Credits
Investment Tax Credits Itc Investments Advances Affiliates
Investments Certain Entities Calculate Net Asset Value Per Investments Corporate Joint Ventures Partnerships
Ipower Psegs New Customer System Irs Might Successfully Challenge Certain Tax Positions Taken
Irs Private Letter Ruling Regarding Nuclear Decommissioning Trust Iso 1145 Implied
Isone Target 142 146 161 162 163 08-12 Isra
Issues Izzo Notes Financial Success Allow Disciplined Future Growth
Izzo Positioned Become Chief Executive Officer Retirement James Izzo Tells Shareholders Pseg Well Positioned Earnings Growth
John Costello John Hooker
John Jack Skolds John Rowe Exelon Ceo James Ferland Pseg Announce
John Young Kalaeloa
Katherine Combs Kearny Generation Station
Key Key Element Cap Trade Approach Allowance Distribution Methodology
Key Loan Terms Conditions Key Transaction Terms
Keystone Conemaugh Kw-yr 123 Mw-day
Lapse Restrictions Director Restricted Shares Largest Generating Companies Pjm
Largest Transmission Operator Classic Pjm Electric Gas Distribution Lawrenceburg Energy Center
Lds Ldv Complaint Proceeding
Leakage Needs Addressed 133 Lease Income
Lease Reserves Lease Sales
Lease Transaction Reserves Left Scale
Legal Proceedings Legal Requirements
Lessee Letter Ballard Spahr Andrews Ingersoll Llp
Levelized Fixed Cost Levelized Gas Adjustment Clause Lgac Bgss Audit
Leverage Ratio Leverage Scale
Leveraged Lease Investments Leveraged Leases
Leveraged Leases Challenge Irs Leveraging Growth Opportunities
Levis Remain Chief Nuclear Officer Others Receive New Liabilities
License Renewal Lima
Limited Plan Line Losses
Liquidity Capital Resources Liquidity Sufficient Meet Capital Requirements
List Exhibits Listing
Listing Exelon Stock Listing Exhibits Being Filed Document Follows
Listing New York Stock Exchange Delisting Deregistration Pseg Load Factor Mwh
Local Government Solar Megawatts 273m Investment Location
Locational Installed Capacity Licap Market Settlement New England Lock-up Agreements
Long Term Growth Long-term Debt Financing
Long-term Debt Financing Transactions Long-term Incentive Compensation
Long-term Incentive Plans-awards Last Long-term Investments
Longer Term Outlook Longer-term
Looking Ahead Power Well Positioned Benefit Generation Value Looking Forward Energy Holdings133
Looking Forward Pseg Power133 Looking Forward Pseg133
Loss Rge Low Level Radioactive Waste Llrw
Lower Delaware Valley Ldv Complaint Proceeding Ltip
Luz Del Sur Luz Del Sur Saa Lds
Maac Magellan Capital Holdings Corporation Mchc
Maintain Substantial Liquidity Supporting Credit Profile Maintenance Agreement
Major Influences Business Environment Remain Manageable Risk
Manageable Risks Management Affiliate Audits
Management Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Management Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting-power
Management Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting-pseg Mark-to- Market
Market Market Performance Affect Combined Decommissioning Trust Funds Benefit
Market Power Market Price Environment
Market Registrant39s Common Equity Related Stockholder Matters Markets
Markets Assets Capital 133 Markets Assets Cash Flow 133
Markets Assets Cash Flow Support Earnings Growth Through Markets Market Pricing
Markets Questions Markets Remain Attractive
Material Adverse Change Material Impairments
Material Impairments Energy Holdings 801 Other Events Material Modification Rights Security Holders
Material United States Federal Income Tax Consequences Merger Materials Supplies Fuel
Maturity Net Fair Value Mark-to-market Energy Trading Contracts Maturity Net Fair Value Mtm Energy Contracts 2007
Maturity Net Fair Value Mtm Energy Contracts 2008 Maturity Net Fair Value Mtm Energy Trading Contracts
Maximize Value Derived Assets Measure Progress Report Results Through Balanced Scorecard
Measuring Liabilities Fair Value Medicare Prescription Drug Improvement Modernization Act 2003
Medium-term Meeting Commitments
Meetings Meetings Resources
Meiya Power Limited Mpc Membership
Mercury Legislation Mercury Regulation
Merger Accounted Using Purchase Method Accounting See Page Merger Agreement
Merger Agreement Terminated Exelon Pseg See Page 134 Merger Costs
Merger Proposal-your Vote Important Merger Related Costs
Merger See Page 118 Merger Update
Message Chairman Met Commitments Shareholders Customers Employees Solidifying Operations Delivering
Mgp Remediation Costs Mgp Remediation Program
Micp Micp Corporate Factor Return Equity
Mid-career Plan Minimum Fuel Purchase Requirements
Minimum Lease Payments Minimum Pension Liability
Miscellaneous Mitigated Low-carbon Generation Portfolio
Mitigates Impact Market Movements Earnings Mmbtu
Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Mtm
Mw-day Mwh
Name Nat Gas Henry Hub Spot Mmbtu
National Renewable Portfolio Standards Rps Natural Gas
Natural Gas Henry Hub Natural Gas Henry Hub Mmbtu
Natural Gas Mmbtu Natural Resource Damage Claims
Natural Resource Damages Nrd Ndash 370m
Ndt Fund Activity Ndt Funds
Near Term Growth Near-term
Need Equity Negotiations New Jersey
Neighborhood Solar Megawatts 2584m Investment Neighborhood Solar Megawatts 264m Investment
Neither Exelon Nor Pseg Shareholders Appraisal Rights Connection Neptune Complaint Proceeding
Net Debt Reduction Net Income
Net Income Loss Net Loss
Net Recourse Debt Reduction New England
New Freedom Deans New Generation Development
New Hampshire New Jersey
New Jersey Clean Energy Program New Jersey Climate Initiatives 133
New Jersey Electric Gas Rate Case New Jersey Emissions Differ Significantly National Norms133
New Jersey Energy Master Plan New Jersey Energy Master Plan Emp
New Jersey Energy Master Plan Released 2008 133 New Jersey Energy Master Plans Challenges Pseg Include
New Jersey Industrial Site Recovery Act Isra New Jersey Operating Permits
New Jersey Rmr Pass-through New Jersey Smart Growth Initiative 133
New Jerseys 2020 Energy Goals Investment Opportunities New Nuclear
New Officers New Plan Benefits
New Standards Adopted 2009 New Transmission Investment
New York Newark Bay Study Area
Njdep Litigation Njs Load Expected Grow 4000 133
Njs Load Expected Grow 4000mw 133 Njs Load Expected Grow 4000mw While Net
Nominees Election Director Nominees Election Director Class I-directors Whose Terms Expire
Nominees Election Director Class Imdashnominees Terms Expiring 2009 Non-competition-solicitation Agreement
Non-qualified Deferred Compensation Table Non-reliance Previously Issued Financial Statements Related Audit
Non-trading Mark-to-market Noncontrolling Interests Consolidated Financial Statements
Normal Operations Hedging Activities Normal Operations Hedging Trading Activities
Northern Illinois Not Available
Not Voted Telephone Internet Please Proxy Reverse Side Noted Address Changes Comments Above Please Corresponding Box
Notice Annual Meeting Shareholders Exelon Corporation Notice Annual Meeting Shareholders Public Service Enterprise Group
Notice-waivers-meetings Generally Now Provides Growth Rate Base
Nrc Ntc
Nuclear Nuclear Coal Output
Nuclear Committee Nuclear Decommissioning Trust Ndt Funds
Nuclear Fuel Nuclear Fuel Disposal
Nuclear Generation Operations Oversight Committee Nuclear Operational Excellence Model Oem Fully Implemented 133
Nuclear Operations Nuclear Regulatory
Nuclear Regulatory Nrc Nuclear Safety Issues
Nuclears Drive Excellence Core Operations Nymex
Oal Hearing Extended Objection
Objectives133 Observer States
Ocl Odessa
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Office Buildings Facilities
Office Buildings Other Facilities Officers
Officers Certificate Officers Certificates
Officers Directors Expenses Code Business Conduct Legal Regulatory Offices
Offshore Wind Oman
Ontario Teachers Pension Plan Opeb-related Costs
Open Open Coal Nuclear Output
Operating Cash Flows Operating Cash Flows Pseg Power
Operating Earnings Operating Earnings 938m
Operating Earnings Guidance Operating Earnings Includes Impact
Operating Earnings Review Outlook Subsidiary Operating Earnings Subsidiary
Operating Earnings Without Ndt Mtm Operating Expenses
Operating Revenues Operating Revenues 2004
Operating Revenues 2005 Operating Revenues 2006
Operating Revenues 2007 Operating Revenues 2008
Operating Service Agreement Had Immediate Impact Salem Hope Operating Services Contract Osc
Operation Maintenance Operation Maintenance Development Fees
Operational Excellence Operational Excellence Model Contains Specific Initiatives Close Gaps
Operational Excellence Producing Financial Results Operations
Opinion Counsel Pseg Opinion Counsel Underwriters
Opinion Jpmorgan Opinion Lehman Brothers
Opinions Exelons Financial Advisors Opportunity Additional Growth Disciplined Manner
Opportunity Additional Growth Emp Initiatives Opportunity Increase Value Through Improved Performance
Option Exercises End Value Option Grants Last 2004
Option Grants Last 2005 Option Underwritten Securities
Organization Organization Compensation Committee
Organization Compensation Committee Report Executive Organization Level
Organized Wholesale Energy Markets Notice Proposed Rulemaking Nopr Ote Asset Impairments
Ote Extraordinary Ote Merger Agreement
Ote Pension Other Postretirement Benefits Opeb Savings Plans Ote Risk Management
Other Other Air Pollutants
Other Business Adjournments Other Comprehensive Income
Other Comprehensive Income Loss Other Comprehensive Loss Income
Other Covenants Agreements Other Deductions
Other Derivatives Other Elements Bgs Moderate Effect
Other Events Other Events Pseg
Other Events Pseg Power Energy Holdings Other Fees
Other Fully Contracted Generation Other Generation
Other Including Other Income
Other Income Deductions Other Information
Other International Generation Turboven Ppn Prisma Other Regulatory Assets
Other Regulatory Liabilities Other Special Funds
Other Subsidiaries Other Supplemental Information Regarding Market Risk
Other Term Energy Contracts Outage Planning Execution Seasonal Readiness
Outlook Outlook Pension Expense
Outside Directors Outside Employment
Outstanding Shares Over-allotment Option
Overrecovered Gas Costs Overrecovered Underrecovered Gas Costs
Overview Overview 2006
Overview 2006 Future Outlook Overview 2007 Future Outlook
Overview 2008 Future Outlook Overview 2009 Future Outlook
Overview Future Outlook Ownership Operation Nuclear Power Plants Involve Regulatory Financial
Ownership Operation Nuclear Power Plants Involves Regulatory Financial Page
Parent Park Plaza Box 1171
Park Plaza Box 570 Park Plaza T-20
Park Plaza T-25 Part
Participants Participants Solicitation
Participation Mechanisms Recovery Costs Partnership Investments Corporate Joint Ventures
Passaic River Pay Mix
Payment Payout Ratio
Peach Bottom Units Peak Heat Rate Expansion Mmbtu Mwh
Peak Heat Rate Expansion Mwh Mmbtu Peaking Other
Peco Energy Service Annuity Formula Table Peer Group
Pending Merger Pending Rate Adjustments
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Utility
Pension Expense Pension Ndt Trust Assets
Pension Opeb Savings Plans Pension Other Postretirement Benefits Opeb
Pension Other Postretirement Benefits Opeb Plan Assets Pension Other Postretirement Benefits Opeb Savings Plans
Pension Plan Table People
Per Share Common Stock Per Share Continuing Operations
Per Share Impact Diluted Per Share Operating Earnings
Percent Powers Coal Nuclear Energy Output Hedged Total Performance Gaps Been Closed 133
Performance Graph Performance Improved Powers Peaking Fleet133
Performance Reflects Negative Impact Weather Offset Lease Gains Performance Share Units
Performance Share Units Information Performance Texas Assets Drives Pseg Globals Results
Performance Unit Awards Performance Units
Performance Units Information Permanent Reinvestment Strategy
Permit Renewals Perquisites
Peru Peru Sol
Pilot Test Mesh Bpl Technologies Pjm
Pjm Economic Transmission Construction Rules Pjm Expansion
Pjm Ferc Filing Prospectively Change Elements Rpm Order Pjm Interconnection Llc
Pjm Long-term Transmission Rate Design Pjm Market Overview
Pjm New England Strengthening Design Capacity Markets 133 Pjm Preparing 2012 2013 Capacity Auction133
Pjm Reliability Pricing Model Rpm Pjm Rtc Gwh
Pjm Rto Summer Peak Forecasted Reserve Margin Pjm Schedule Cost Allocation Regional Transmission Expansion Planning
Pjm Schedule Filing Pjm Strategic Initiative
Pjm Transmission Rate Design Pjm Western Hub Dark Spread Rtc Central Appalachian
Pjm Zones Pjms Reliability Pricing Model
Pjms Reliability Pricing Model Rpm Reflects Change Market Placement Gas Meters
Plan Assets Plan Contributions
Plan Highlights Planned Renewable Generation
Planning Plans
Plans Performance Metrics Targets Specific Action Owners Plant Regulatory Study Costs
Please See Slide Explanation Psegs Operating Earnings Non-gaap Poland
Political Contributions Activities Position Financial Strength Make Disciplined Investments133
Position Provide Value Benefit Multiple Growth Opportunities Position Serve Full Requirement Load Contracts
Position Well Serve Full Requirement Load Contracts Position Well Todays Market
Positioned Future Positioned Growth 2007 Beyond
Positioned Growth 2007 Beyond 133 Positioned Itself Ready Future
Potential Add Earnings Through 2011 Potential Impact Controls Power Plant Costs
Potential Increase Cone Potential Payments Termination Employment Change-in-control
Power Power Benefits Operating Liquid Transparent Markets
Power Energy Holdings Power Generation Measures
Power Global Power Plants Advanced Development
Power Plants Construction Power Plants Construction Advanced Development
Power Pricing Assumptions Power Pseg
Power Pseg Energy Holdings Power Services
Powers 2008 Operating Earnings 2009 Guidance Powers Assets Along Dispatch Curve 133
Powers Capacity Located Northeast Markets Powers Capacity Located Northeast Markets 133
Powers Coal Capacity Area Identified Improvement133 Powers Combined Cycle Capacity Shown Significant Improvement133
Powers Experience Help Managing Changing Environment Powers Fleet Diversity Location
Powers Generation Output Powers Hedging Coal Nuclear Fuel 133
Powers Hedging Strategy Enables Strong Stable Cash Flows Powers Hedging Strategy Mitigated Market Price Increases 100
Powers Hedging Strategy Secures Pricing Near Term Output133 Powers Results Also Generated Strong Cash Flow133
Ppn Ppn Power Generating Limited
Preliminary Prospectus Premium Bond Redemption
Premium Bond Redemption Net Tax Premium Paid Analysis
Premiums Paid Analysis Prepared Settlement Discussions
Preserve Nuclear Options Power President Chief Operating Officer Pseg
Presiding Director Prevention Significant Deterioration Psd New Source Review Nsr
Price Pricing Most Powers Capacity Been Fixed Through 2011
Principal Accounting Fees Services Principles Consolidation
Prior Prisma
Prisma 2000 Spa Pro-forma Adjustments
Pro-forma Adjustments Net Tax Proceeds
Producing Benefit Powers Assets Located Zones Producing Strong Financial Base
Production Gwh Products Services
Profile Ralph Izzo Profile Ralph Larossa
Program Provide Loans Developers Cover 40-50 Cost Solar Programs Renewables Conservation Energy Efficiency
Proj Projected
Projected 2007 Earnings Contribution Projected Earnings Contribution
Projected Electricity Growth Rate New Jersey Sectors 2005 Projects
Property Plant Equipment Proposed Divestiture
Proposed Generation Pjm Queue Prospectus
Provide Meaningful Market Signals Capacity Expansion Provide Strong Growth Pseg
Provided Further Provided However
Provides Earnings Stability Multiple Growth Opportunities Substantial Cash Provides Earnings Stability Multiple Sources Revenue Growth
Provides Meaningful Market Signals Enhances Expected Margin Powers Provides Substantial Financial Flexibility
Providing Financial Stability Multiple Platforms Growth Providing Foundation Satisfied Customers Constructive Regulatory Environment
Providing Low-cost Reliable Energy New Jersey Customers Proxies Without Instruction
Proxy Annual Meeting Shareholders 2005 Solicited Behalf Board Proxy Form
Proxy Form Voting Shares Proxy Solicitation
Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors Pseg Proxy Telephone Internet Please Not Mail Card Located
Pseg Pseg 2007 Defining
Pseg 2007 Eps Summary Pseg 2007 Operating Review
Pseg 2007 Review Pseg 2008 Answering Challenges Meeting Objectives
Pseg 2008 Highlights Pseg 2009 Answering Challenges Difficult Market
Pseg 2009 Positioned Meet Long-term Objectives Pseg 2009 Securing Long-term Objectives
Pseg Achieve Key Target Credit Measures Pseg Affected Policy Changes
Pseg Announces 2005 Results Pseg Announces 2007 Earnings 197 Per Share Continuing
Pseg Attorneys Pseg Average Residential Electricity Rates 1990 2007e
Pseg Average Residential Electricity Rates 1990 2008e Pseg Become Nationally Recognized Leader Delivering Safe Reliable
Pseg Been Working Key Stakeholders133 Pseg Believes Non-gaap Financial Measure Operating Earnings Provides
Pseg Board Directors Recommends Vote Against Adoption Proposal Pseg Board Directors Recommends Vote Proposal
Pseg Business Drivers Pseg Conceptual Reductions
Pseg Consistent Industry Operations Leader 133 Pseg Consistent Strong Performer 133
Pseg Consolidated Pseg Consolidated Earnings Comparative Results 2005 2004
Pseg Consolidated Earnings Comparative Results 2006 2005 Pseg Consolidated Earnings Comparative Results 2007 2006
Pseg Consolidated Earnings Comparative Results 2007 2006 Income Pseg Consolidated Earnings Comparative Results 2009 2008
Pseg Consolidated Earnings Full Comparative Results 2005 2004 Pseg Consolidated Earnings Full-year Comparative Results 2007 2006
Pseg Consolidated Earnings Full-year Comparative Results 2008 2007 Pseg Consolidated Earnings Year-to-date Comparative Results 2006 2005
Pseg Continue Efforts Support National Carbon Trading System Pseg Customers Pay Less Electricity They Did 1990
Pseg Delivering Value Today Tomorrow Pseg Deploying Earnings Cash Grow Business
Pseg Director Executive Officer Stock Options Equity-based Awards Pseg Effectively Manages Capital Deployment Capturing Productivity Gains
Pseg Elects David Lilley Board Directors Pseg Energy Holdings
Pseg Energy Holdings 2009 Earnings Summary Pseg Energy Holdings Business Drivers
Pseg Energy Holdings Delivering Value Today Tomorrow Pseg Energy Holdings Globals Generation Assets
Pseg Energy Holdings Highlights Pseg Energy Holdings Improving Returns Reducing Risk 133
Pseg Energy Holdings Llc Pseg Energy Holdings Llc Condensed Consolidated Balance Sheets
Pseg Energy Holdings Llc Condensed Consolidated Statements Operations Pseg Energy Holdings Llc Schedule Iimdashvaluation Qualifying Accounts
Pseg Energy Holdings Operating Highlights Pseg Energy Holdings Other International Generation
Pseg Energy Holdings Reducing Risk 133 Pseg Establishing Foundation133
Pseg Estimates Financing Represent Approximately Total Capital Cost Pseg Executive Officers Directors Interests Merger Different Addition
Pseg Favorably Located 133 Pseg Financial Review Outlook
Pseg Forward-looking Financial Information Pseg Fossil Reaches Agreement State Federal Regulators Hudson
Pseg Global Pseg Global Announces Sale Saesa Group Morgan Stanley
Pseg Global Closes Sale Interest Chilquinta Energia Luz Pseg Global Enters Agreement Sell Electroandes
Pseg Global Focused On133 Pseg Global Investing Compressed Air Energy Storage Caes
Pseg Global Llc Investment Results Pseg Global Sell Ownership Interest Rge Cpfl
Pseg Highlights Pseg Hosts Financial Presentation
Pseg Implemented Fully-forecasted Formula Rates 1168 Base Roe Pseg Integrity Line
Pseg Key Strategies Potential Helping State Pseg Manages Growth Capturing Productivity Gains133
Pseg Markets Remain Attractive Pseg Meeting Challenges
Pseg Meeting Challenges 133 Pseg Meeting Commitments
Pseg North Zone Pseg Operates Attractive Market 133
Pseg Operating Highlights Pseg Overview
Pseg Ower Llc Pseg Performance
Pseg Positioned Future Strategic Overview Pseg Positioned Provide Growth
Pseg Power Pseg Power 2008 Eps Summary
Pseg Power Adopt Following New Standard Effective They Pseg Power Adopt Following New Standards Effective 2009
Pseg Power Delivering Value Today Tomorrow Pseg Power Energy Holdings
Pseg Power Energy Holdings Services Pseg Power Financial Outlook
Pseg Power Fuel Costs Pseg Power Generation Measures
Pseg Power Highlights Pseg Power Llc
Pseg Power Llc Condensed Consolidated Statements Operations Pseg Power Llc Consolidated Statements Operations
Pseg Power Llc Schedule Ii-valuation Qualifying Accounts 2006-december Pseg Power Llc Schedule Iimdashvaluation Qualifying Accounts 2004mdashdecember
Pseg Power Llc Schedule Iimdashvaluation Qualifying Accounts 2005mdashdecember Pseg Power Market Overview
Pseg Power Market Overview Financial Outlook Pseg Power New Nuclear Consideration
Pseg Power Nuclear Operations Pseg Power Operating Highlights
Pseg Power Overview Pseg Power Positioned Growth 2008 Beyond
Pseg Power Pursuing New Peaking Capacity Energy Holdings Pseg Power Represents Largest Subsidiary Within Diverse Platform133
Pseg Power Solidly Positioned 133 Pseg Power Solidly Positioned Attractive Markets 133
Pseg Power Summary Pseg Powers Capital Program
Pseg Pursuing Investments Energy Efficiency Renewables Pseg Rate Base
Pseg Regulatory Strategy133 Pseg Resources
Pseg Resources Earnings Profile Pseg Resources Non Lilo Silo Lease Investments
Pseg Resources Traditional Lease Investments Pseg Responding Environmental Challenges 133
Pseg Results Pseg Results Regulatory Update
Pseg Review Outlook Pseg Sells Lawrenceberg Energy Center Aep Subsidiary
Pseg Services Pseg Share Repurchase Authorized
Pseg Shareholder Account Maintenance Pseg Shareholders
Pseg Shareholders Approve Merger Exelon Pseg Shareholders Hold Approximately Outstanding Shares Exelon Common
Pseg Shareholders Receive 1225 Shares Exelon Common Stock Pseg Strategic Overview
Pseg Texas Pseg Texas Projected Ebitda Reflects Higher Maintenance Costs
Pseg Transmission Rate Case Filing Pseg Value Proposition
Pseg Well Positioned Current Business Environment Pseg Well Positioned Respond Njs Needs133
Pseg Well-positioned Current Business Environment Psegs Additional Investment Proposals 133
Psegs Assets Well Positioned Meet Needs Customers Shareholders Psegs Blueprint Sustainability Challenge Opportunity
Psegs Business Outlook Psegs Capital Program
Psegs Capital Program Focused Improving Reliability Psegs Capital Program Focused Reliability Investments Earn Fair
Psegs Capital Program Supported Internally Generated Cash 133 Psegs Financial Advisor Delivered Opinion Pseg Board Directors
Psegs Generation Carbon Intensity Lower Competitors Benefits Virtually Psegs Generation Portfolio Provides Attractive Cash 133
Psegs Investments Regulatory Profiles Psegs Margins Affected Residential Sales Demand Customer Charges
Psegs Primary Subsidiaries Pseg Power Independent Producer 13600 Psegs Proposal
Psegs Share Repurchase Program Means Returning Cash Shareholders Public
Public Service Electric Gas Public Service Electric Gas Computation Ratios Earnings Fixed
Public Service Electric Gas Condensed Consolidated Balance Sheets Public Service Electric Gas Condensed Consolidated Statements Operations
Public Service Electric Gas Consolidated Balance Sheets Public Service Electric Gas Schedule Ii-valuation Qualifying Accounts
Public Service Electric Gas Schedule Iimdashvaluation Qualifying Accounts Public Service Enterprise Group
Public Service Enterprise Group Incorporated Public Service Enterprise Group Incorporated Capitalization Schedule
Public Service Enterprise Group Incorporated Condensed Consolidated Balance Public Service Enterprise Group Incorporated Condensed Consolidated Statements
Public Service Enterprise Group Incorporated Condensed Statements Cash Public Service Enterprise Group Incorporated Impact Asset Sales
Public Service Enterprise Group Incorporated Non-trading Mark-to-market September-06 Public Service Enterprise Group Incorporated Park Plaza Box
Public Service Enterprise Group Incorporated Pseg Public Service Enterprise Group Incorporated Pseg Conforms Presentation
Public Service Enterprise Group Incorporated Pseg Liquidity December-06 Public Service Enterprise Group Incorporated Reconciling Excluded Continuing
Public Service Enterprise Group Incorporated Statistical Measures Public Service Enterprise Group Names Caroline Dorsa Executive
Public Utility Holding Act Public Utility Holding Act 1935 Puhca Repeal
Public Utility Holding Act Puhca Puhca
Puhca Repeal Purchase Price Multiples Analysis
Purchase Sale Agreement Purpose
Purpose Annual Meeting Purpose Plan
Put Additional Pressure Energy Prices Put Additional Upward Pressure Energy Prices
Qualified Pension Plans Qualitative Quantitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quarterly Period 2009 Quarterly Results
Quartile Quidity Capital Resources
Quorum Abstentions Broker Non-votes Rac Audit
Rac Filing Ralph Izzo
Ralph Izzo Elected President Chief Operating Officer Pseg Ralph Larossa
Randall Mehrberg Range Potential Results 2009 2011 Illustrative
Rate Adjustment Clause Rac Rate Adjustment Clauses
Rate Base Including Potential Investments Rate Mechanism
Rate Mechanism Stimulus Ratepayer Protection
Rates Ratification Appointment Independent Auditor
Ratings Ratings Triggers
Reactive Power Reactor Vessel Heads
Ready Tomorrow Reaffirmed Guidance 315 335 Per Share Excluding Merger
Reaffirms 2005 Guidance 315 335 Per Share Reaffirms 2007 Guidance 460 500 Per Share
Reaffirms 2007 Guidance 490-530 Per Share Reaffirms 2008 Guidance 280-305 Per Share
Reaffirms 2008 Guidance 560 610 Per Share Reaffirms 2008 Operating Earnings Guidance 280-305 Per Share
Reaffirms 2009 Guidance 300-325 Per Share Outlines Investment Receives Approval Sell Ownership Rio Grande Energia Brazil
Recent Accounting Standards Recent Committee Actions
Recent Committee Activities Recent Developmentsmdashmerger Agreement
Recent Rate Adjustments Recession Acts War Terrorism
Recirculation Pump Reclassifications
Recognition Presentation Other-than-temporary Impairments Reconciliation Ebit Operating Earnings
Reconciliation Regional Contribution Continuing Operations Reconciling
Reconciling Net Tax Record Date Annual Meeting
Records Management Retention Destruction Reduce Peak Demand Electricity 5700 2020
Reducing Risk 2007 Beyond 133 Reduction
References Additional Information Reflect Moderate Prices Based Headroom Cap
Reflects 2008 Charge 096 Per Share Potential Tax Refueling Outage Excellence
Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Rggi Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Rggi 133
Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Rggi Overview Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Rggi Power Sector Real
Regional State Roles Emp Regional Through Out Rates Rtor
Regional Wholesale Energy Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code Http Wwwpsegcom
Registration Statement Regulation Disclosure
Regulation Wholesale Sales Generation Market Issues Regulation Wholesale Sales-generation Market Issues
Regulatory Regulatory Activities
Regulatory Issues Significantly Impact Operations Regulatory Issues Significantly Impact Operations Profitability
Regulatory Market Environment Regulatory Matters Relating Merger
Regulatory Restructuring Costs Reinstatement Plan
Related-party Transactions Relative Contribution Analysis
Reliability Customer Service Reliability Expenditures
Reliability Must-run Rmr Status Pjm New England Reliability Standards
Reliabilityfirst Remainder Page Intentionally Blank Signature Pages Follow
Remedial Investigation Feasibility Study Remediation Adjustment Clause Rac Filing
Repair Allowance Repayment Event
Report Exelon Audit Committee Report Exelon Compensation Committee
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Reported Earnings Operating Income Guidance Per Share Basis
Reporting Concerns Reporting Requirements
Reporting Responsibility Representation Date
Representations Warranties Representations Warranties Pseg
Representations Warranties Purchaser Representatives
Reserve Margin 2007 Residential
Residential Gas Hedge Resolve Electric Gas Distribution Base Rate Case
Resources Resources Answering Questions
Resources Continues Monitor Tax Risks 133 Resources Focused Managing Current Investment Portfolio
Resources Focused Maximizing Value Current Investment Portfolio133 Resources Portfolio Leased Assets
Response Rising Fuel Costs Need New Capacity Rest Pool
Restricted Funds Restricted Stock
Restricted Stock Information Restricted Stock Units
Restriction Sale Securities Restrictive Covenants
Restructuring Charge Result Rate Base Growth
Resulted Achieving Target Over 75m 2006 Versus 2004 Resulting Expected Increases 2007 2008
Resulting Increases 2007 2008 Results
Results Earnings Variance Results Operations
Results Operations Financial Condition Results Reflect Impact Demand Weather Economic Conditions
Resumed Independent Nuclear Operations Year- End Retaliation
Retention Program Retired Chairman President Ceo Cytec Industries
Retirement Retirement Plans
Return Capital Dividends Return Equity
Revenue Margin Revenue Recognition
Review Assets Continues Revocation Proxies
Rge Rggi Cap
Rggi Cap Emission Shows Headroom Exists 133 Rggi Cap Shows Headroom 133
Rggi Cap Shows Headroom133 Rggi Enabling Legislation Was Signed Law 2008
Rggi Law Permits Utilities Invest Offer Programs Renewables Rggi States
Rggi States Actuals Through 2007 Rggis Pricing Projections 133
Right Markets133 Right Scale
Right Set Assets133 Right Time133
Rio Grande Energia Rge Risk Factors
Risk Management Risk Management Policy
Rmr Robert Dougherty
Roic Role Chief Executive Officer
Role Executive Officers Round Clock Pjm West Forward Energy Price
Rpm Auction Rpm Auction Results
Rpm Capacity Auction Transparent Pricing Model Rpm Demand Curve 133
Rpm Model Rpm Working
Rtc Pjm West Mwh Rtep
Rto Accounting Treatment Rule 462 Registration Statement
Ruth Ann Gillis Saesa Group
Safe Harbor Statement Private Securities Litigation Reform Act Safety Health
Sale Interests Closing Sale Remaining International Assets Book Value
Sale Remaining International Assets Book Value 24m Salem Hope Creek Nuclear Stations
Salem Units Says Climate Change Represents Opportunity Grow Business Through
Sbc Sbc Filing
Scale Schedule 14a Information
Schedule 2006 Schedule A-2
Schedule B-2 Schedule Credit Risk Exposure Energy Contracts Net Assets
Schedule Ii-valuation Qualifying Accounts 2008-december 2006 Schiavoni
Securities Securities Authorized Issuance Equity Compensation Plans
Securities Exchange Act Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Securitized Stranded Costs Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management
Security Ownership Directors Management Certain Beneficial Owners See Attachment Details
See Attachment Details Excluded Continuing Operations Compute Operating Segment Information
Senior Indenture Senior Officers
Services Setting Top Quartile Performance Goals 2009
Settlement Settlement Also Defines Guaranteed Pseg Roe 975 Recoverable
Settlement Exelon Corporation Ppl Electric Utilities Several Issues Bpu Pending Stemming Restructuring Utility Industry
Severance Benefits General Severance Change Control Benefits
Severance Change-in-control Benefits Severance Plan
Sfas Sfas 123 Revised 2004 Ldquoshare-based Paymentrdquo 123r
Sfas 123r Ldquoshare-based Payment Amendment 123 95rdquo Sfas 123r Ldquoshare-based Payment Revised 2004rdquo
Sfas 123r Share-based Payment Amendment 123 Sfas 123r Share-based Payment Revised 2004
Sfas 141 Revised 2007 Business Combinations Sfas 142 Goodwill Other Intangible Assets
Sfas 142 Ldquogoodwill Other Intangible Assetsrdquo Sfas 143 Accounting Asset Retirement Obligations
Sfas 143 Ldquoaccounting Asset Retirement Obligationsrdquo Sfas 146 Accounting Costs Associated Exit Disposal Activities
Sfas 146 Ldquoaccounting Costs Associated Exit Disposal Activitiesrdquo Sfas 149 Amendment Statement 133 Derivative Instruments Hedging
Sfas 149 Ldquoamendment Statement 133 Derivative Instruments Hedging Sfas 150 Accounting Certain Financial Instruments Characteristics Liabilities
Sfas 150 Ldquoaccounting Certain Financial Instruments Characteristics Liabilities Sfas 151 Inventory Costs
Sfas 151 Ldquoinventory Costsrdquo Sfas 153 Exchanges Nonmonetary Assets Amendment Apb Opinion
Sfas 153 Ldquoexchanges Nonmonetary Assets Amendment Apb Opinion Sfas 154 Ldquoaccounting Changes Error Correctionsrdquo
Sfas 157 Fair Value Measurements Sfas 157 Ldquofair Value Measurementsrdquo
Sfas 158 Employers Accounting Defined Benefit Pension Other Sfas 159 Fair Value Option Financial Assets Liabilities
Sfas 160 Noncontrolling Interests Consolidated Financial Statements-an Amendment Sfas 161 Disclosures Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities-an Amendment
Sfas 162 Hierarchy Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Sfas 165 Subsequent Events
Sfas 167 Amendments Fasb Interpretation Sfas Accounting Effects Certain Types Regulation
Sfas Ldquoaccounting Effects Certain Types Regulationrdquo Share
Share Repurchase Share Repurchase Authorized
Share Repurchases New Investments Shares Beneficially Owned Exelon Directors Officers
Shares Beneficially Owned Pseg Directors Officers Shares Entitled Vote
Shares Represented Proxy Voted Accordance Recommendations Board Directors Shares Subject Plan
Short-term Liquidity Signature
Signatures Site Remediation
Societal Benefits Clause Sbc Filing Solar
Solar Electric Generating Systems Segs Projects Solar Initiative
Solar Initiative Deliver Energy Master Plan Promise Solar Initiative Helps Reduce Local Government Energy Expenses
Solar Initiatives Solar Source
Solicitation Solid Delivery Business
Solid Earnings Performance Solidify Improvements Nuclear Fossil Operations
Some Directors Executive Officers Pseg Exelon Interests Arrangements Source
Source Snl Ercot 2007 System Load Sources
Spark Dark Spreads 133 Spark Spread
Spark Spreads Line Rising Historical Averages133 Spent
Spent Fuel Pool Stable Earnings Cash Flow Growth Decreased Risk Profile
Standards Conduct Start Success
Starts State
State Approvals State Incorporation
State Regulation State Regulatory Mechanisms Match Desired Capital Investment Outcomes
Statement Financial Accounting Standard Sfas 123r Ldquoshare-based Payment Statement Financial Accounting Standards Sfas 141 Revised 2007
Statement Financial Accounting Standards Sfas 157 Fair Value Statement Financial Accounting Standards Sfas 158 Ldquoemployersrsquo Defined
States Bgs Model Cushioned Impacts Rising Commodity Prices Statistical Measures
Steam Steam Pipe Failure
Stephen Byrd Stock Awards
Stock Based Compensation Stock Compensation
Stock Option Information Stock Options
Stock Options Appreciation Rights Stock Ownership
Stock Ownership Guidelines Stock Ownership Retention Policy
Stock Split Stock Unit Awards
Stock-based Compensation Stockholder Proposal
Stockholders Vote Approve Elimination Cumulative Voting Pseg Amend Stormwater
Strengthen Operational Financial Position Strengthened Nuclear Fundamentals
Strengthened Stakeholder Confidence Strengthening Capacity Market Design133
Strong Balance Sheet Strong Demand Growth Uncertain Future Capacity Additions Reserve
Strong Earnings Existing Assets Base Capital Plan Strong Earnings Growth 2007 2008 133
Strong Earnings Growth 2007 Projected 2008 Strong Earnings Growth Projected 2007 2008 133
Strong Fossil Operations Round Out Diverse Portfolio133 Strong Operating Performance Maintained
Strong Operations Markets 133 Strong Performance
Subject Comprehensive Regulation Federal State Local Regulatory Agencies Subject Numerous Federal State Environmental Laws Regulations Significantly
Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Subsequent Events
Subsidiaries Substance Abuse
Substantial Competition Well-capitalized Participants Worldwide Energy Markets Substantial Liquidity133
Substitution Current Pseg Stock Options Equity-based Awards Successfully
Succession Plan Summary
Summary Compensation Table Summary Fundamental Drivers
Summary Fundamental Factors Summary Pseg
Summary Pseg Energy Holdings Summary Pseg Power
Summer Peak Annual Growth Rate Summer Peak Growth Rate
Supplemental Retirement Benefit Supplemental Surviving Spouse Benefit
Supplier Relations Support Long-term Growth Reliability
Support Powers Well Located Assets Support Shareholder Value
Supporting Statement Supportive Regulatory Environment
Supports 2009 Earnings Guidance 300 325 Per Share Susquehanna Roseland
Susquehanna-roseland Bpu Petition Sustain Higher Energy Prices Heat Rates Expand
Sustainability Capex Only Sustainable Growing Dividend Increases
System Interface Table Contents
Tanir Bavi Tanir Bavi Power Private Ltd
Target Target Incentive Awards
Target Total Direct Compensation Targeted Programs Customers Benefit Economic Measures Improve Energy
Targeted Restaffing Targets Timing
Tax Fees Tax Sharing Agreement
Tax Sharing Agreements Taxes Other Income
Technology Adapters Term
Termination Termination Agreement
Termination Fees Expenses Payable Some Circumstances See Page Termination Merger Agreement
Termination Modification Amendment Termination Terms Agreement
Terms Agreement Texas
Texas Assets Driver Globals Results Texas Ccgt Generation Output
Texas Independent Energy Tie Texas Market Been Very Dynamic
Texas Market Shown Significant Improvement 133 Texas Merchant Generation
Tgm Thank Voting
Thermal Energy Development Partnership Tracy Biomass Thomas Oflynn
Through Disciplined Capital Allocation Process Become Recognized Leader Through Disciplined Capital Allocation Process Highly Skilled Workforce
Through Full Requirement Contracts Other Hedging Transactions Through Highly Skilled Workforce Disciplined Capital Investments 133
Through New Capacity Construct Pricing Auction Prices133 Through Operational Excellence Model Intend Close Gaps Potential
Tie Time
Timeline Timing Limitations Adjustments Plan Payments
Title Operating Permits Tom Oflynn
Total Total 13300
Total 13487 Total 13600
Total Commercial Paper Loans Total Debt Capitalization
Total Expenditures Total Fleet Off-peak Average
Total Leases Total Long-term Debt
Total Long-term Debt Due Within Total Mwhrs 53617
Total Operating Expenses Total Pro-forma Operating Earnings
Total Top Track Meet 2008 Earnings Guidance
Track Meet 2008 Earnings Guidance133 Trading
Trading Derivatives Trading Revenues
Trailing Training
Transaction Related Persons Transactions Management Others
Transactions Related Persons Transfer Agent Registrar
Transition Period Transmission
Transmission Distribution Facilities Transmission Expansion
Transmission Expansion Opportunities 133 Transmission Growth
Transmission Infrastructure Transmission Opportunities Require Substantial Deployment Capital
Transmission Rates Cost Allocation Transmission Regulation
Trustee Turboven
Turkey Unable Access Sufficient Capital Reasonable Rates Liquidity Amounts
Unable Access Sufficient Capital Reasonable Rates Maintain Liquidity Unable Achieve Continue Sustain Expected Levels Generating Operating
Unamortized Loss Reacquired Debt Unbilled Revenues
Uncertain Tax Positions Understanding Recent Power Market Volatility 133
Underwriters Underwriting Agreement
Underwritten Securities Unit
Unit Price United States Code
United States Federal Income Tax Consequences Universal Service Fund Usf Filing
Unrealized Losses Interest Rate Swap Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds
Uprates Uranium
Uranium Concentrates Hexafluoride Uranium Enrichment Decontamination Decommissioning Fund
Urge Investors Security Holders Read Definitive Joint Proxy Value Exelon Shares Received Pseg Shareholders Fluctuate
Value-at-risk Var Models Vary Depending Market Drivers
Venezuela Viewed Comparison Historical Emissions
Volatile Wholesale Prices Volume Forecast Gwh
Vote Important Vote Proxy
Voting Annual Meeting Voting Securities
Voting Securities Procedures Voting Telephone Internet Mail
Vows Thought Leader Environment Workforce Development Waivers
War Acts Threats Terrorism Adversely Affect Combined Results Was Major Accomplishments
Water Pollution Control Waterford Generation Facility
Well Positioned Virtually Form Carbon Restrictions Western Hub Dark Spread Rtc Central Appalachian Coal
Western Hub Spark Spread On-peak Henry Heat Rate Whats Impact Commodity Volatility
Whats New Since Early 2008 While Commodity Markets Been Turbulent 133
While Enhancing Performance Domestic Assets Identifying Opportunities Renewable While Enhancing Performance Existing Domestic Assets
While Mid-term Markets Rolling Auctions Mitigate Impact While Number Uncertainties Relating Future Texas Market Dynamics
William Levis William Levis Become President Pseg Power Retirement Frank
William Vonhoene Wind
Witnesseth Workplace Violence
Write Down Assets Write-down Assets
Write-down Project Investments Yield
Yrs Yrs Mos
Ytd Ytd Earnings Summary
Ytd Operating Earnings Subsidiary Zone
Zone Basis 
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