Topic Listing for Qiagen N.V.

Accelerating Clinical Trials Accounts Receivable
Accretion Accrued Liabilities
Acknowledgment Expansion Space Rent Commencement Date Acquired Intangibles Goodwill
Acquisition Dxs Acquisition Integration Costs
Acquisition Integration Related Costs Acquisition Own Shares
Acquisition Related Costs Acquisition Related Intangible Amortization
Acquisition-related Intangible Amortization Acquisitions
Acquisitions Disposals Acquisitions Expose New Risks Not Achieve Anticipated Benefits
Additional Information Additional Obligations Borrower
Additionally Shareholders Being Asked Approve Performance Managing Board Address Principal Executive Office
Address Principal Executive Offices Adjusted Results
Adoption New Accounting Standards Advertising Costs
Advice Management Teams Advice Technology Other Projects
Advisors After Announcement Takeover Offer Management Board Not Take
Agreement Agreements Between Board Members Employees Providing Compensation They
Amendment Amendment Lease
Amendments Original Facility Agreement Annex 2-fairness Opinion
Annual Accounts Anti Take-over Measures
Anti-takeover Measures Anticipates Prompt Completion Acquisition
Applicable Law Application Critical Accounting Policies
Application Critical Accounting Policies Judgments Estimates Applied Testing
Applied Testing Market Appropriation Net Income
Approvals Time Close Artus Gesellschaft Für Molekularbiologische Diagnostik Und Entwicklung Mbh
Assay Technologies Assay Technologies Applied Testing
Assay Technologies Molecular Diagnostics Assets
Assignment Claims Restitution Prior Equal Ranking Land Charges Assumed Factors Qiagen Not Influence
Assumed Factors Qiagen Only Partially Influence Attestation Report Registered Public Accounting Firm
Audit Committee Audit Committee Financial Expert
Audit Committee Pre-approval Policies Procedures Audit Financial Reporting
Auditors Report Auditors Responsibility
Authoritative Pronouncements Automated Sample Assay Technologies
Background Rationale Transaction Backup Withholding Information Reporting
Bank Deutsche Zentral-genossenschaftsbank Frankfurt Main Bank Tokyo-mitsubishi Ufj Ltd DÜsseldorf Branch
Banque Lux Based Assessment Coso Internal Control-integrated Framework Management Believes
Basic Earnings Per Share Basis Presentation
Believes Unmatched Terms Depth Profile Bernd Uder
Biomarker Refers Proteins Indicate Relevant Biological Condition Disease Breadth Depth Molecular Diagnostics
Business Countries History Corruption Transactions Foreign Governments Increase Business Countries History Corruption Transactions Foreign Governments Increases
Business Exposes Potential Liability Business Factors
Business Require Substantial Additional Capital Not Able Obtain Capital Lease Expense Net Amortization
Capital Reduction Carrying Amounts Fair Values
Carrying Values Acquisition Date Cash Equivalents
Cash Equivalents Marketable Securities Investments Cash Flow Hedge
Cash Flow Statement Cash Flows Financing Activities
Cash Flows Investing Activities Cash Flows Operating Activities
Cash Remuneration Members Supervisory Board Certification 302
Certifications 906 Cervical Cancer Hpv
Change Control Change Life Secience World
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Changing Government Regulations Adversely Impact Business
Chief Executive Officer Classes Shares
Clearing Agency Means Each Euroclear Clearstream Together Agencies Code Ethics
Collateralization Purpose Commencement Term Notice
Commerzbank Commitment Fee Other Fees
Commitments Contingencies Committees Supervisory Board
Commodities Common Shares
Common Shares Volatile Public Trading Price Common Stock
Communication Communications Board
Companion Diagnostics Personalized Healthcare Compared 2003
Compared 2004 Compared 2005
Compared 2006 Compared 2007
Compensation Committee Compensation Expense
Competition Competition Life Sciences Market Reduce Sales
Competition Reduce Sales Completion Collateralization Purpose
Comply Explain Comprehensive Income
Comprehensive Income Loss Concentration Credit Risk Financial Instruments
Concentration Large Amount Revenues Single Product Small Number Concentrations Risk
Condensed Consolidated Balance Sheets Condensed Consolidated Statements Cash Flows
Conditions Conditions Merger
Conditions Offer Conference Call Webcast Details
Conference Call Webcast Information Confidentiality
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consolidated Balance Sheet Data
Consolidated Balance Sheets Consolidated Balance Sheets Assets
Consolidated Balance Sheets Liabilities Shareholders Equity Consolidated Statement Cash Flows Data
Consolidation Consortium Leader Banks
Consultancy Fees Expenses Taxes Consumable Products
Contact Europe Contact Information
Contact Qiagen Email Irqiagencom Phone 2103 11710 Contact Usa
Contacts Contents
Contingencies Contingent Acquisition-related Obligations
Contingent Consideration Commitments Contractual Obligations
Control Registrant Controls Procedures
Corbett Abi Corbett Montreal Biotechnologies Inc
Corporate Governance Corporate Governance Report
Corporate Law Purposes Calculation Dividend Shareholder Protection Annual Corporate Structure
Cost Product Sales Counterparty Risk
Covenants Consultant Credit Amount Intended Purpose
Credit Contract Credit Risk
Criminal Liability Critical Accounting Policies Judgments Estimates
Currency Fluctuations Currency Hedging
Current Liabilities Cytology Study Cells
Dated 149 2009 Dated 2004
Dear Shareholder Debt
Debt Service Obligations Adversely Affect Cash Flow Declaration Compliance Qiagen Regarding German Corporate Governance Code
Deed Amendment Articles Association Depend Patents Proprietary Rights Fail Protect Business
Depend Suppliers Materials Used Manufacture Products Shipments Delayed Depend Suppliers Shipments Delayed Interrupted Unable Manufacture Products
Derivative Actions Right Request Independent Inquiry Derivative Financial Instruments
Derivative Instruments Derivatives
Derivatives Hedging Derivatives Not Qualify Hedge Accounting
Description Business Description Property
Deutsche Apotheker-und Ärztebank Deutsche Bank
Deutsche Bank Luxembourg Deutsche Postbank International
Development Costs Development Schedule
Dienstag Dem Juni 2005 1030 Uhr Digene
Digene Analyst Digene Corporation Hoffmann-laroche Ltd Roche Molecular Systems Inc
Digene Corporation Ventana Medical Systems Inc Beckman Coulter Digene Corporation Wave Technologies Inc
Digene Exchange Offer Digene History Business Description
Diluted Earnings Per Share Direction Given Proxy Voted Election Managing Directors Supervisory
Direction Provided Proxy Voted Proposals Disclaimer
Disclaimer Regarding Forward-looking Statements Disclosure Controls Procedures
Divestiture Dividend Withholding Tax
Dividends Documents Display
Doing Business Internationally Creates Certain Risks Dollars Except Eps Data
Donnerstag Dem Juni 2006 1030 Uhr Douglas Liu
Drawing Credit Drug Target Clinically Relevant Therapeutic Molecules Used Fight
Dual-listing Ensures Global Reach Liquidity Shares Qiagens Common Dutch Corporate Governance Code
Duties Dxs
Dxs Ltd Acquisition Eea Member State Implemented Prospectus Directive Communication Only
Elections Supervisory Board Shall Individual Basis Employee Benefits
Employee Information Employee Stock Options 2007
Employee Stock Options 2008 Employees
Employment Agreements Employment Contracts
Encounter Delays Receipt Limit Amount Some European Reimbursement Encountered Delays Receipt Some European Reimbursement Approvals Public
Ensuring Increasing Shareholder Value Placing Highest Standards Corporate Eport Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Equity Prices Equity-based Remuneration Members Supervisory Board
Estimates Etween
Euro 5000000000 Words Exchange Controls
Exchange Rate Fluctuations Adversely Affect Business Exchange Rates
Exciting Idea Exemptions
Exemptions Certain Nasdaq Corporate Governance Rules Expected Accretive 2008 Qiagens Earnings Per Share
Expense Allowance Explanation Discharge Granted Members Managing Board Supervisory Such
Explanation Result Changes Dutch Civil Code Adoption Annual Explanatory 10-adoption Remuneration Policy Respect Managing Board Approval
Explanatory 10-cash Remuneration Supervisory Board Explanatory 10-reappointment Auditors
Explanatory 11-cash Remuneration Supervisory Board Explanatory 11-extension Certain Powers Managing Board
Explanatory 11-reappointment Auditors Explanatory 12-equity-based Remuneration Supervisory Board
Explanatory 12-extension Certain Powers Managing Board Explanatory 13-reappointment Auditors
Explanatory 14-extension Certain Powers Managing Board Explanatory 15-amendment Articles Association
Explanatory 7-adoption Annual Accounts Explanatory Notes Agenda
Explera Srl Acquisition Exposed Future Risks Result Economic Downturn
Extension Termination Amendment Offer Fair Value Financial Instruments
Fair Value Measurements Fair Values
Fair Values Derivative Instruments Final Allocation 2007 Acquisitions
Financial Calendar Financial Calendar Investor Relations Contact
Financial Details Financial Highlights
Financial Income Expense Financial Information
Financial Ratios Financial Statements
Financing Activities Financing Preference Shares
Forecast Adjusted Diluted Earnings Per Share Forecast Adjusted Diluted Earnings Per Share Ending 2009
Foreign Currencies Foreign Currency
Foreign Currency Derivatives Foreign Currency Exchange Rate Risk
Foreign Currency Exchange Rates Foreign Currency Issues
Foreign Currency Translation Form 20-f
Forward-looking Cautionary Statements Forward-looking Statements
Fueling Next Era Life Sciences Functional Genomics Study Functions Genes
Further Information Furthermore Amendment Dutch Civil Code Contains Extension Period
Future Personalized Medicine Future Sales Common Shares Adversely Affect Stock Price
Gaap Quarterly Report Period 2009 Gains Losses Derivative Instruments
General General Administrative
General Administrative Business Integration Relocation Restructuring Related Costs General Administrative Integration Other Costs
Genetic Vaccination Gene Therapy Market Genotyping Genetic Fingerprinting Dna Testing Typing Profiling Study
German Securities Trading Act Gift Inheritance Tax
Gisela Orth Global Economic Conditions Adversely Affect Business Results Operations
Glossary Goldman Sachs
Goldman Sachs Credit Partners Good Confidence
Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Government Regulations
Graphic Appears Here Graphic Representaion Qiagens Market Molecular Biology
Graphic Representation Babys Face Graphic Representation Man Laptop Computer
Graphic Representation Qiagens Locations Around World Graphic Representation Qiagens Markets
Graphic Representation Qiagens Stock Ownership Graphic Representation Scientists Face
Graphic Representation Test Tubes Faces Gross Profit
Group Equity Group Equity Liabilities
Guarantees Guidance
Hda Helicase Dependent Amplification Isothermal Technology Nucleic Acids Heavily Rely Air Cargo Carriers Other Overnight Logistics
Held 2005 Held 2006
Held 2007 Held 2008
Held 2009 Helicase-dependent Amplification Hda Technology
Hereas History Development
Holders Common Shares Not Expected Receive Dividend Income Holders Common Shares Not Receive Dividend Income
Holding Structure Makes Dependent Operations Subsidiaries Holidays
Hybrid Capture Technology Identifiable Intangible Assets
Ikb Deutsche Industriebank Filiale Luxemburg Immediate Release
Impairment Assets Impairment Goodwill Intangible Assets Reduce Earnings
Impairment Long-lived Assets Recoverability Intangibles Inability Manage Growth Expansion Operations Adversely Affect Business
Inability Manage Growth Expansion Operations Successfully Integrate Acquired Income Expense
Income Loss Operations Excluding Other Expense Income Tax Corporate
Income Taxes Increase 2009 Guidance Range
Increases Assets Due Revaluations Increases Full 2009 Guidance
Indemnification Independence
Independent Auditors Index
Index Consolidated Financial Statements Information Discloses Abroad Line Corresponding Capital Market Law
Information Rights Instrumentation
Insurances Intangible Assets
Intangible Fixed Assets Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property Proprietary Rights Licenses Interest
Interest Rate Derivatives Interest Rate Risk
Interest Rates Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Introduction Inventories
Investing Activitie Investing Activities
Investments Investments Expanding Business Emerging Markets Regions Exposes New
Investments Variable Interest Entities Investor Relations Information
Joachim Schorr Key Assumptions Used Value Calculations
Key Modern Diagnostics Key Personalized Medicine
Kfw Lease Commitments
Leasing Expenses Net Amortization Legal Proceedings
Lenders Letter Managing Board
Liabilities Shareholders Equity Liability Managing Directors Supervisory
Liability Misrepresentation Annual Accounts Liability Towards Qiagen
License Fees Licensing Agreements
Licensing Purchase Commitments Life Science Research
Limitations Rights Own Securities Lines Credit Debt
Liquidation Rights Liquidity Capital Resources
Liquidity Risk List Subsidiaries
Listing Information Litigation
Lock-up Sale Stock Long-lived Assets
Long-term Liabilities Main Assumptions Connection Forecast
Maintenance Insurance Plot Major Shareholders Related Party Transactions
Managements Responsibility Managing Board
Managing Board Supervisory Managing Director
Managing Directors Managing Directors Deputy Director
Managing Directors Report Market Risk
Marketable Securities Material Features Amended Plan
Media Activities Public Relations Memorandum Articles Association
Metin Colpan Michael Collasius
Minority Interest Miscellaneous
Modification Share-based Awards Molecular Diagnostics
Molecular Diagnostics Market Molecular Revolution
Molecular Staging Inc Multiplexing Technology
Net Income Loss Per Share Net Income Per Common Share
Net Results Category 2008 Net Sales
Netherlands Netherlands Tax Considerations
New Accounting Standards Not Yet Adopted New Lenders
New Plan Benefits New Shares Issued Shareholders Principle Pre-emptive Rights Corresponding
Nine-month Period 2009 Results Non-competition Clause
Non-competition Clause Conflict Interest Non-solicitation Non-gaap Financial Measures
Non-operating Income Expense Not Achieve Anticipated Benefits Acquisitions Technologies Businesses
Notes Notes Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements
Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Nucleic Acid Single Double-stranded Polynucleotide Rna Dna
Nucleic Acid-based Molecular Diagnostics Market Objects
Obligation Shareholders Disclose Major Holdings Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Offers Alternative Transactions Operating Activities
Operating Financial Review Prospects Operating Results Vary Significantly Period
Opinion Opinion Respect Consolidated Financial Statements
Opinion Respect Financial Statements Order Pay
Organizational Structure Other
Other 2008 Acquisitions Other Acquisitions
Other Assets Liabilities Other Extraordinary Cash Effective Expenses Income
Other Income Expense Other Information
Other Reserves Outlook
Overview Ownership Threshold Requiring Disclosure
Paragraph Part
Partnerships Alliances Acquisitions Passive Foreign Investment Status
Peer Schatz Performance Information
Personal Confidential Personalized Medicine Selected Assays
Pharmaceutical Industry Photograph Peer Schatz
Photographs Qiagens Executive Committee Members Photography
Please Detach Along Perforated Line Mail Envelope Provided Pledge Insurance Claims
Polymerase Chain Reaction Pcr Technology Possible
Powers Board Members Particular Power Issue Buy Back Pre-emptive Rights
Preacquistion Contingencies Preference Shares
Principal Accountant Fees Services Principal Markets
Principles Consolidation Pro Forma Results
Products Property Equipment
Property Plant Equipment Proteomics Scientific Study Organisms Proteins Role Structure Growth
Proven Concept Provision Income Taxes
Provisions Articles Association Dutch Law Option Granted Make Provisions Defer Prevent Change Control
Purchase Commitments Purchased In-process Research Development
Pyrosequencing Technology Qiagen
Qiagen Announces Completion Digene Acquisition Qiagen Announces Exercise Full Over-allotment Option Underwriters Offering
Qiagen Announces Offering Convertible Notes Qiagen Announces Pricing 270000000 325 Senior Convertible Notes
Qiagen Announces Pricing Offering New Common Shares Qiagen Deutschland Holding Gmbh
Qiagen Executive Committee Qiagen Leading Innovation Standards Life Science Markets
Qiagen Leading Next Era Life Sciences Qiagen Management Headquarters
Qiagen Molecular Diagnostics Qiagen North American Holdings Inc
Qiagen Personalized Healthcare Qiagen Reports 2009 Results
Qiagen Reports Strong 2009 Results Qiagen Sample Assay Technologies
Qiagen Sample Assay Technologies Highlights Qiagen Sciences Inc
Qiagen Sciences Inc Operon Biotechnologies Qiagen-sample Assay Technologies Highlights
Qiagens 2008 Qiagens 2009 Except Per Share Information
Qiagens Common Share Qiagens Common Shares
Qiagens Focus Great Opportunities Leadership Market Preanalytical Solutions Qiagens Focused Profile Undisputed Innovation Core Focus Area
Qiagens Products Technologies Setting Standards Fields Life Sciences Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Receivables Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Recent Authoritative Pronouncements Recently Issued Accounting Standards
Recital Recitals
Reclassifications Recommendation Transaction Shareholders
Records Reduction Research Development Budgets Government Funding Result Reduced
Regarding Forward-looking Statements Risk Factors Related Party Transactions
Reliable System Relocation Restructure Costs
Relocation Restructuring Costs Relocation Restructuring Related Costs
Rely Collaborative Commercial Relationships Develop Some Products Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank
Remuneration Policy Members Managing Board Report Financial Statements
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Report Management Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Report Other Legal Regulatory Requirements Report Supervisory Board
Reporting Obligations Research Development
Research Market Responsibility Statement Management Board
Restricted Cash Restricted Stock Units
Restrictions Transfer Preference Shares Restrictions Transfer Securities
Restrictions Voting Rights Restructuring Acquired Businesses
Restructuring Relocation Costs Restructuring Relocation Integration Costs
Results Results 2007 Annual General Meeting Shareholders Qiagen
Results Extraordinary General Meeting Shareholders Qiagen Return Property
Revenue Geographic Region Revenue Recognition
Revenues Rights Obligations
Risk Factors Risk Management
Risk Management Groups Functions Risk Price Controls Threat Profitability
Risks Related Business Risk Management Risks Rewards Related Business
Risks Uncertainties Roland Sackers
Royal Bank Scotland Plc Niederlassung Frankfurt Royalty Technology Expenses
Rt-pcr Reverse-transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction Technique Transcribes Rna Rules Governing Appointment Replacement Board Members Amendment Articles
Safe Harbor Statement Sal Oppenheim Cie Kgaa
Salary Sales Marketing
Sample Assay Technologies Applied Testing Sample Assay Technologies Drug Development
Sample Assay Technologies Drug Discovery Sample Assay Technologies Life Science Research
Sample Technologies Sample Technologies Applied Testing
Sample Technologies Molecular Diagnostics Schedule Pricing Agreement
Schedules Scope
Scope Services Role Consultant Seasonality
Secondary Reporting Format Business Segments Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Security Segment Information
Selection Appointment Committee Selling Marketing
Sensitivity Changes Assumptions Share Capital Qiagen
Share Ownership Share-based Compensation
Share-based Payments Shareholder Communications Board
Shareholder Meetings Voting Rights Other Shareholders
Shareholders Circular Shareholders Equity
Shareholders Equity Liabilities Shareholders United States Residents Subject Unfavorable Tax Treatment
Shenzhen Biotech Ltd Shipping Handling Costs
Shipping Handling Income Costs Short-term Investments
Signatures Significant 2008 Acquisitions
Significant 2009 Acquisition Significant Accounting Policies
Significant Agreements Party Take Effect Alter Terminate Change Significant Amount Long-term Debt Adversely Affect Financial Condition
Significant Direct Indirect Shareholdings Significant Suppliers
Significantly Over Shares Tendered Six-month Period 2009 Results
Solveigh Mähler Soon Becomes Aware Fact Individual Acquires Exceeds Falls
Stadtsparkasse DÜsseldorf Statement Dividend Policy
Stock Based Compensation Stock Compensation Plans
Stock Option Plan Stock Options
Stock Plan Stock Plans
Stock-based Compensation Stock-based Payments
Strategic Equity Investments Result Losses Structure Capital Including Securities Not Admitted Trading Regulated
Structure Transaction Purchase Price Subject Risks Associated Patent Litigation
Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Subsequent Events
Supervisory Board Supervisory Board Compensation
Supervisory Board Compensation 2009 Supervisory Board Members
Supervisory Board Share-based Compensation Supervisory Directors
Supplemental Information Required German Declaration Corporate Governance Suppliers
Systems Biology Combination Analytical Results Various Analytes Understand Table Contents
Tagesordnung Tangible Fixed Assets
Taxation Taxation Capital Gains
Taxation Dividends Term Repayment
Term Termination Agreement Termination Amendment Waiver
Termination Fees Termination Merger Agreement
Thomas Schweins Time Expense Needed Obtain Regulatory Approval Respond Changes
Time Short Vote Important Tort Liability
Towards New Standards Trade Receivables
Trademarks Trademarks Disclaimers
Trading Information Transaction Highlights
Transaction Process Timing Transaction Summary
Transcriptome Set Messenger Rna Mrna Molecules Transcripts Produced Translation Foreign Currencies
Two-tier Board Ulrich Schriek
Undersigned Underwriter
Undesignated Derivative Instruments United States Civil Liabilities Not Enforceable Against
United States Federal Income Tax Considerations Variable Interest Entities
Venlo Netherlands 2009 Vested Unvested Options Managing Board Supervisory Members 2009
Vision Reality Voting Results 2009 Annual General Meeting Shareholders
Voting Solicitation Warranty
Warranty Product Maintenance West
Westbroek Wgz Bank Ag-westdeutsche Genossenschafts-zentralbank
What Biomarkers What Dna Enrichment
What Mirna What Rnai
Whereas Whistleblower Policy Code Conduct
Whistleblowers Policy Code Conduct Zur Ordentlichen Hauptversammlung
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