Topic Listing for Regions Financial Corporation

Above-plan Merger Cost Saves Good Expense Containment Accelerated Disposition Problem Assets Drives Net Charge-offs Provision
Acceptance Appointment Successor Acceptance Terms Declaration Guarantee Indenture
Access Account Blackout Period Limited Access List Holders Names Addresses
Accordance General Instruction Form 8-k Information Being Furnished Account
Accounting Audit-related Complaints Accounting Transfers Servicing Financial Assets
Accounts Unsecured Benefits Financing Achieving Expense Reductions
Achieving Solid Earnings Ahead-of-plan Cost Saves Successfully Converted Acquisition Program
Acquisitions Action Without Meeting
Acts Holders Acts Holders Meetings Voting
Addition Withdrawal Electing Employers Additional Adjustments Purchase Price After Close
Additional Financial Operational Data Address Including Zip Code Principal Executive Office
Administration Adoption Plan Affiliate
Affiliate Aggressively Managing Problematic Residential Builder Portfolio
Aggressively Managing Well-defined Credit Issues Agreed Tax Treatment Trust Securities
Agreement Governed Construed Accordance Laws State New York Agreement Not Petition
Aircraft Alienation
Allowance Credit Losses Allowance Credit Losses Increases 145 Percent Higher Charge-offs
Allowance Loan Lease Losses Allowance Process
Amended Restated Amended Restated 2004
Amended Restated 2008 Plan Amended Restated Agreement Expenses Liabilities
Amendment Amendment Management Incentive Plan
Amendment Modification Termination Plan Amendment Termination
Amendments Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change
Amendments Registrants Code Ethics Waiver Provision Amortization Core Deposit Intangibles
Amortization Mortgage Servicing Rights Impairment Amounts
Amsouth Bancorporation Supplemental Retirement Plan Amsouth Bancorporation Supplemental Thrift Plan
Amsouth Merger Annex
Annex A-1 Annex A-2
Announcement Capital Raising Transactions Annual Cash Incentive Compensation
Annual Cash Incentive Summary Annual Meeting Stockholders
Annual Meetings Annualized Net Charge-offs Basis Points Average Loans Non-performing
Anti-takeover Laws Certain Agreements Charter Provisions Adversely Affect Appeals Denial Claims
Applicability Plan Applicable Income Tax
Applicable Law Applicable Law Agreement Shall Governed Construed Accordance Laws
Application Trust Indenture Act Appointment Paying Agent
Appointment Trustee Notes Approval Amendment Certificate Incorporation Declassify Board Directors
Asset Securitizations Assets Held Sale
Assignment Assurance Emergency Economic Stabilization Act 2008 Other Recently
Assurance Recently Enacted Emergency Economic Stabilization Act 2008 Attending Meeting
Audit Committee Audit Committee Financial Experts
Audit Committee Member Independence Audit Committee Report
Authentication Preferred Securities Certificates Authority Establish Trust
Authorization Enter Certain Transactions Available Information
B-1 B-2
Background Balance Sheet Analysis
Balance Sheet Flexibility Balance Sheet Management Remains Priority
Bank Regulatory Capital Requirements Bank-owned Life Insurance
Banking Business Generates Solid Net Interest Income Growth Banking Environment Remains Challenging
Banking Operations Barksdale Bonding Insurance Inc Acquisition
Base Salary Basis Presentation
Basis Presentation Principles Consolidation Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Beneficiary Better-than-projected Cost Saves Pace Exceed Upwardly Revised 700
Better-than-projected Cost Saves Significantly Raising Target Binding Effect
Biographical Information Yother Blackout Period 2008
Board Committees Board Directors
Board Directors Shareholders Regions Financial Corporation Board Directors Unanimously Recommends Stockholders Vote Against Proposal
Board Unanimously Recommends Vote Resolution Approving Compensation Executives Branch Divestitures
Breakout Revenue Division Brokerage Investment Banking Capital Markets Trust Department Income
Brokerage Investment Banking Trust Brokerage Market Making Activity
Brokerage Market Making Activity Risk Business Combinations
Business Combinations Assets Held Sale Business Segments
Businesses Been Continue Adversely Affected Current Conditions Financial Calculation Benefits Participants Transferred Morgan Keegan
Candice Bagby Retiring After 38-year Career Capital Adequacy
Capital Position Remains Strong Capital Position Significantly Strengthened
Cash Equivalents Cash Flow Hedges
Cash Flows Categorical Standards Director Independence
Cautionary Statement Preliminary Results Other Forward-looking Information Certain Duties Responsibilities
Certain Notices Certain Rights Property Trustee
Certificate Incorporation Regarding Declassification Board Directors Certificates Stock
Certification Cfo Yother Set Retire
Chairman Board Chairman Ceo Positions Board Composition
Chairman Ceo Positions Board Composition Amended Effective 2007 Challenging Revenue Environment
Change Control Changes Change-in-control Other Employment Agreements
Changes Policies Monetary Authorities Other Government Action Adversely Charges Not Represent Amount Effectively Accrues Directly Stockholders
Checks Chief Executive Officer
Class Directors Co-trustees Separate Trustee
Code Code Business Conduct Ethics
Code Ethics Senior Financial Officers Collectively Plans
Comfort Letter Commercial
Commercial Commitments Commercial Credit Fee Income
Commercial Loan Geographic Distribution Commercial Real Estate 205
Commercial Real Estate 210 Commitments Contingencies
Commitments Contingencies Guarantees Committee Meetings Structure
Committee Membership Committees
Common Stock Dividend Reduction Enables Capital Strengthening Common Stock Par Value 15637625967 2005
Common Stock Par Value-14686219793 2006 Common Stock Par Value-22669702117 2007
Common Stock Par Value-7294300055 2008 Communications Between Stockholders Other Interested Parties Board
Communications Between Stockholders Other Interested Parties Board Directors Community Banking 240
Community Reinvestment Act Comparison 2005 2004
Comparison 2006 2005 Comparison 2007 2006
Compensation Compensation Committee
Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Compensation Committee Operation
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Determinations Named Executive Officers
Compensation Indemnity Fees Compensation Plan
Competition Completion Acquisition Disposition Assets
Compliance Code 409a Comptroller
Computation Ratio Earnings Fixed Charges Condominium Portfolio
Conflicting Interests Conservative Risk Culture Buffers Against Industry Credit Issues
Consumer Consumer Real Estate
Consumer Real Estate 314 Consumer Real Estate 319
Consumer Real Estate-317 Contingent Features
Continuing Solid Loan Growth Steady Fee-based Revenue Controls Procedures
Converting Cpp Preferred Shares Convertible Cap Otherwise Obtaining Core Fee-based Revenue Posts Strong Gain
Corporate Profile Corporate Property Trustee Required Eligibility Trustees
Cost Saves Continue Exceed Expectations Counterparts
Counterparty Risk Covenants
Creation Notes Credit Costs Remain Low
Credit Costs While Higher Remain Reasonable Levels Credit Derivatives
Credit Losses Remain Low Credit Quality
Credit Quality Remains Strong Non-performing Loans Begin Normalize Credit Ratings
Credit Risk Critical Accounting Policies
Current Levels Market Volatility Unprecedented Current Market Developments Adversely Affect Industry Business Results
Current Market Developments Adversely Affect Industry Businesses Results Customer Deposit Funding Gaining Momentum
Customer Deposits Continue Momentum 2009 Record Satisfaction Death Participant
Declaration Trust Declassification Amendment Ancillary Changes
Decline Distressed Loan Portfolio Exposure Continues Florida Remains Decline Purchase Price Reflected Financial Statements
Defeasance Deferral Investment Changes
Deferrals Performance Shares Deferred Compensation
Deferred Compensation Accounts Deferred Compensation Plan
Definitions Definitive Preferred Securities Certificates
Delaware Trustee Delegation Power
Delinquency Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Deposit Growth Gaining Momentum Deposit Liabilities
Depositor Preference Deposits
Deposits Households Continue Grow Record Customer Satisfaction Derivative Assets Liabilities
Derivative Financial Instruments Hedging Activities Derivatives
Description Director Attendance
Director Attendance Annual Meeting Director Compensation
Director Independence Director Nomination Process
Directors Directors Deferred Stock Investment Plan
Directors Whose Terms Expire 2008 Class Directors Whose Terms Expire 2009 Class
Directors Whose Terms Expire 2010 Class Disciplined Balance Sheet Capital Management
Disposition Problem Assets Drives Increase Net Charge-offs Provision Dispositions
Dissolution Expiration Date Distribution Grandfathered Legacy Regions Plan Account Due Disability
Distribution Minors Incompetents Distributions
Diversified Loan Portfolio 961 Dividend Adjusted Reflect Current Operating Environment
Dividends Documents Incorporated Reference
Dowd Ritter Address Dowd Ritter Biographical Information
Dowd Ritter Retire Effective 2010 Duration
Duration Plan Early Termination
Earnings Per Common Share Earnings Per Share
Ecitals Ompany Economic Environment Regions Banking Markets
Economy Regions Primary Banking Markets Effect Certain Events Distribution Accounts
Effect Other Agreements Effective Date
Effective Date Manner Participation Effects Deflation
Effects Inflation Efficiency Improves Through Cost Control
Election Directors Election Form Distribution
Election Term Electronic Access Proxy Materials Annual Report
Eligibility Eligibility Participation
Emphasis Problem Loan Property Dispositions Drives Net Charge-offs Emphasis Problem Loan Property Dispositions Helps Control Non-performing
Employee Employees
Employer Contributions Employer Matching Contributions
Employment Change Control Arrangements Employment Change-in-control Agreements
Enforcement Eps Cents Excluding Merger-related Charges
Equifirst Sale Completed Future Earnings Positively Impacted Equity Compensation Plan Information
Erisa Establishment Plan
Events Default Evidence Compliance Conditions Precedent
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Excellent Merger Integration Progress Including Successful Alabama Florida
Excess Purchase Price Exchanges
Execution Instruments Documents Executive Officers Directors
Executive Officers Registrant Executive Summary
Expenses Experience Greater Credit Losses Anticipated Earnings Adversely Affected
Explanatory Exposed Intangible Asset Risk Specifically Goodwill Become Impaired
Fair Value Financial Instruments Fair Value Hedges
Fair Value Measurements Fair Value Option
Fdic Insurance Assessments Fee-based Revenue Relatively Steady Linked
Fee-based Revenues Increase Fees
Fifth Avenue North Birmingham Alabama 35203 Final Term Sheet
Financial Condition Financial Disclosure Internal Controls
Financial Statements Exhibits Focus Efficiency Effectiveness Long-term Growth
Foreclosed Properties Foreclosed Property Other Real Estate
Forfeitability Benefits Form 10-k
Form 10-q Form 2009-2010 Annual Salary Stock Unit Award Agreement
Form Deferral Agreement Form Face 775 Senior Notes Due 2014
Form Face Security Form Notice Exercise
Form Opinion Form Preferred Securities Certificate
Form Waiver Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report
Forward Looking Statements Forward-looking Statements
Fractional Shares Furniture Equipment Expense
Further Disruptions Residential Real Estate Market Adversely Affect Further Strengthen Capital Position
Future Application Accounting Standards Future Issuances Additional Securities Result Dilution Ownership
General General Banking Treasury
General Provisions Geographic Breakout
Global Preferred Securities Certificates Global Security Insert Separate Page-
Good Fee-based Revenue Growth Goodwill
Goodwill Impairment Goodwill Other Intangible Assets
Governing Law Governing Law Award Shall Governed Construed Accordance Laws
Government Investment Supports Loan Production Grayson Hall Biographical Information
Group I-relationships Preclude Directors Independence Group Ii-relationships Deemed Not Material Purposes Director Independence
Growing Revenue Through Expanding Customer Relationships Guarantee Corporation
Guarantees Head General Bank Also Named Vice Chairman
Headings Herefore 2007 Agreement Hereby Amended Restated Entirety Set
Higher-than-expected Home Equity Losses Especially Florida Highlights
History Purpose Status Deferred Compensation Hold Securities
Holder Action Written Consent Holding Depend Subsidiaries Dividends Distributions Other Payments
Home Equity Portfolio Hurricanes Cause Disruption Operations Adverse Impact Results
Hurricanes Other Weather-related Events Cause Disruption Operations Consequences Immediate Release
Impact Adoption Impact Stock Price Decline Value Equity-based Awards
Impairment Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials
Important Notice Regarding Delivery Security Holder Documents In-service Withdrawals
Incentive Plan Income Taxes
Increases Fee-based Revenue Streams Offset Weaker Net Interest Indemnification Officers Directors Employees Agents Fiduciaries Insurance
Indenture Security Shall Governed Construed Accordance Laws State Independent Lead Director
Index Industry Competition Adverse Effect Success
Information Regions Information Regions Directors Nominees
Information Votes Necessary Action Taken Initial Contribution Trust Property Organizational Expenses
Initial Ownership Inspection Records
Insurance Insurance Commissions
Insurance Commissions Fees Intangible Assets
Interest Rate Risk Interest Rate Sensitivity
Interest-bearing Deposits Other Banks Interpretation
Introduction Investment Banking Brokerage Trust
Issuance Common Securities Issuance Preferred Securities
Issuer Purchases Equity Securities Issuing Significant Amount Convertible Preferred Equity Treasury Common
Itnesseth John Maupin Elected Regions Board Directors
Leases Legacy Regions Plan
Legal Legal Proceedings
Level Measurements Only Liability Holder Common Securities
Limitation Rights Limitation Rights Holders
Limitations Incentive Compensation Contained Arra Adversely Affect Regions Limitations Voting Rights
Liquidation Liquidation Amount 1000 Per Common Security
Liquidation Amount 1000 Per Preferred Security Liquidity
Liquidity Risk List Annexes
Listed Below Instructions Accessing Wealthviews Web Site Https Loan Portfolio Charge-off View
Loan Production Remains Stable Loan Quality
Loan Servicing Loans
Loans Allowance Loan Losses Loans Held Sale
Loans Sic Code Lock-up Agreement
Long Term Incentive Compensation Plan Long-term Borrowings
Long-term Incentive Compensation Long-term Incentive Plan
Loss Cents Per Share Lost Certificates
Lower Net Interest Income Driven Divested Earning Assets Maintaining Capital Position Steady Growth Expected
Maintains Strong Capital Position Maintenance Office Agency
Management Process Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Margin Receivables Market Other Brokerage-related Risk
Market Price Shares Common Stock Fluctuate Market Risk
Marketing Measured Fair Value Non-recurring Basis
Measured Fair Value Recurring Basis Meetings
Meetings Holders Preferred Securities Meetings Nonmanagement Directors
Meetings Stockholders Merger Conversion Consolidation Succession Business
Merger Integration 100 Percent Complete Merger Integration Goals Ahead Schedule Branch Conversions Completed
Merger Integration Process Merger Integration Successfully Completed
Merger Integration Track Merger Successes Evident Earnings Results
Merger-related Mergers Consolidations Amalgamations Replacements Trust
Miles Finch Inc Acquisition Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous Provisions Morgan Keegan Achieves Record Quarterly Revenue
Morgan Keegan Cont Morgan Keegan Inc
Morgan Keegan Revenue Division Mortgage Banking
Mortgage Income Mortgage Servicing Origination Fees
Mortgage Servicing Rights Mortgage Servicing Rights Impairment
Mutilated Destroyed Lost Stolen Trust Securities Certificates Name
Name Address Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant
Nature Employer Obligation Participant Interest Need Raise Additional Capital Future Such Not Available
Need Stay Current Technological Changes Order Compete Meet Net Charge-offs 164 Decline Versus Sales-impacted Allowance Credit
Net Charge-offs Basis Points Average Loans Non-performing Assets Net Interest Income
Net Interest Income Margin Net Interest Margin Impacted Falling Short-term Rates
Net Interest Margin Impacted Short-term Rates Net Interest Margin Impacted Tax Settlement
Net Interest Margin Squeezed Falling Short-term Rates Net Occupancy Expense
Net Securities Gains Losses New Regions Financing Trust
Nominating Corporate Governance Committee Nominee Term Expiring 2010 Class Director
Nominees Terms Expiring 2009 Class Directors Nominees Terms Expiring 2010 Class Directors
Non-cash Goodwill Impairment Charge Impacts Net Income Regulatory Non-gaap Financial Measures
Non-interest Expense Non-interest Expenses Additional Pre-tax Charges
Non-interest Expenses Ongoing Efforts Improve Efficiencies Non-interest Income
Non-interest Income Affected Economic Weakness Expense Impacted Sizable Non-interest Income Affected Weak Economy
Non-interest Income Impacted Weakness Economy Expenses Reflect Efficiency Non-interest Income Results Mixed Expenses Well Contained
Non-interest Income Results Mixed Expenses Well-contained Non-performing Asset Levels Excluding Held Sale Allowance-to-non-performing Coverage
Non-performing Assets Non-performing Assets Net Charge-offs Rise
Non-performing Assets Net Charge-offs Rise Expected Nonalienation
Nonbinding Stockholder Approval Executive Compensation Nonqualified Deferred Compensation
Nonqualified Deferred Compensation 2006 Nonqualified Deferred Compensation 2007
Nonqualified Deferred Compensation 2008 Not Pay Dividends Common Stock
Not Responsible Recitals Issuance Securities Notes Consolidated Financial Statements
Notes Exhibits Notes Pro Forma Condensed Combined
Notes Recoveries Pro-rated Based Charge-off Balances Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders
Notice Grant Restricted Stock Award Notice Meetings
Notice Stockholder Business Nominations Notice Waiver
Notices Notices Clearing Agency
Number Administrative Trustees Number Term
Number Term Amended Effective 2007 Objectives Design Regions Compensation Program
Objectives Philosophy Design Regions Compensation Program Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Contractual Obligations Office Delaware Trustee Principal Place Business
Officers Offices
Operating Expense Trends Continue Reflect Cost Saves Operating Expenses Decline
Operating Expenses Well-controlled Cost Saves Remain Track Operating Officer
Operating Results Operating Revenue Continuing Operations
Option Exercises Stock Vested Option Exercises Stock Vested 2008
Other Other Assets
Other Benefits Perquisites Other Business
Other Charges Other Events
Other Factors Affecting Compensation Other Financial Services Operations
Other Identifiable Intangible Assets Other Income
Other Information Other Information Included General Disclosure Package
Other Intangibles Other Interest-earning Assets
Other Meetings Other Miscellaneous Expenses
Other Miscellaneous Income Other Non-interest Expenses
Other Non-interest Income Expense Other Noninterest Revenues Expenses
Other Officers Agents Other Offices
Other Plans Other Pressured Portfolios
Other Real Estate Owned Expense Other Relationships
Other Transactions Outstanding 6625 Trust Preferred Securities
Oversight Role Committee Overview
Ownership Common Securities Depositor Page
Parent Only Financial Statements Part
Part Other Information Participant
Participant Accounts Participants Regions 401 Plan Other Plans
Participation Participation Supplemental Plan
Participation Treasurys Cpp Imposes Restrictions Obligations Limit Ability Patriot Act
Payment Account Payment Deferred Compensation
Payment Dividends Payment Performance Shares Deferred Amounts
Payment Procedures Payment Taxes Duties Etc Trust
Payments Due Non-business Payments Indenture Pursuant Direct Actions
Pension Benefits Pension Other Postretirement Benefits
Per Share Amounts Performance Graph
Performance Investment Portfolio Subject Fluctuations Due Changes Interest Persons Deemed Holders
Pin Changes Plan
Plan Administrator Plan Amsouth
Plan Establishment Purpose Plan Operations Stay Same Blackout Period
Plus Finance Veteran Manage Accounting Functions Portfolio Characteristics
Post-merger Compensation Actions Posting Report Updated Semi-annually Political Contributions
Potential Misinterpretation Results Stress Test Adversely Affect Regions Potential Payments Regions Termination Change-in-control
Powers Pre-merger Compensation Program Applicable Ritter
Pre-tax Dollars Preferential Collection Claims Against Depositor Trust
Premises Equipment Premises Equipment Net
Prepayment Risk President
President Ceo Doug Edwards Retire President Ceo Dowd Ritter Assume Chairman Role
Press Release Dated 2008 Signatures Pricing Term Sheet
Primary Compensation Peer Group Pro Forma Financial Information
Proactive Management Well-defined Credit Issues Professional Fees
Profit Cents Per Share Profitability Liquidity Affected Changes Economic Conditions Areas Operations
Proposal 1-election Directors Proposal 3-amend Regions Amended Restated Certificate Incorporation Declassify
Proposal Nonbinding Stockholder Approval Executive Compensation Proposals Stockholders
Provision Loan Losses Provision Loan Losses Increased 912 421 Above Net
Proxies Etc Purchase Closing
Purpose Purpose Plan
Qualitative Quantitative Disclosures Market Risk Quarterly Earnings 010 Per Diluted Share Gaap Excluding
Quarterly Earnings 030 Per Diluted Share Gaap Excluding Quarterly Earnings 048 Per Diluted Share Gaap Excluding
Quarterly Earnings 056 Per Diluted Share Gaap Excluding Quarterly Earnings 063 Per Diluted Share Gaap Excluding
Quarterly Loss 028 Per Diluted Share Solid Underlying Quarterly Loss 901 Per Diluted Share Driven Goodwill
Questions Blackout Period Contact Quorum
Quorum Requirement Rapid Significant Changes Market Interest Rates Adversely Affect
Ratification Appointment Independent Auditors Ratings
Ratings Agencies Recently Downgraded Securities Deposit Regions Bank Real Estate
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Recent Accounting Pronouncements Changes
Recitals Record Date Voting Other Purposes
Redemption Reduction Credit Rating Increase Cost Funding Capital Markets
Regions Regions 401 Plan
Regions Additional Exposure Recourse Early Payment Default Etc Regions Amsouth Complete Merger
Regions Announces 125 Capital Raise Regions Announces Completion Capital Raise
Regions Announces Supervisory Capital Assessment Program Findings Regions Been Subject Increased Litigation Result Legal Liability
Regions Believes Presenting Non-gaap Financial Measures Permit Investors Regions Board Directors Names Morgan Chairman Emeritus Keegan
Regions Exposure Equifirst Loans Balance Sheet Regions Financial Corp Names Yother Chief Officer
Regions Financial Corporation Regions Financial Corporation 2006 Long Term Incentive Plan
Regions Financial Corporation 401 Plan Regions Financial Corporation Financing Trust
Regions Financial Corporation Subsidiaries Regions Financing Trust
Regions Increases 2007 Loan Loss Provision Regions Not Able Raise Private Capital Amount Required
Regions Reaches Agreement Irs Regions Reduces Quarterly Cash Dividend Further Strengthen Capital
Regions Reports 2007 Earnings Regions Reports 2008 Earnings
Regions Resolves 2005 Sec Inquiry Involving Amsouth Mutual Regions Selected Participate Treasury Capital Purchase Program
Registered Office Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 205 944-1300 Registration Transfer Exchange Trust Securities Certificates
Regulation Disclosure Regulation Insurors Insurance Brokers
Regulation Morgan Keegan Regulatory Capital Requirements
Regulatory Remedies Fdicia Regulatory Requirements Restrictions
Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank Removal
Removal Amended 2007 Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Internal Control Report Management Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Report Managements Assessment Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Reports Notices Demands
Reports Property Trustee Representations Warranties
Representations Warranties Depositor Representations Warranties Property Trustee Delaware
Requests Hardship Withdrawals Requests Loans
Requests Withdrawals Termination Distributions Resell Securities Sold Agreements Repurchase
Residential Homebuilder Portfolio Residential Homebuilder Portfolio Exposure Declines Generally Expected Charge-offs
Residential Homebuilder Portfolio Exposure Declines Workout Strategy Fully Resignation Removal Appointment Successor
Resignations Restrictions Dividends Repurchase Stock
Restructuring Liabilities Retirement Savings Plan
Revenue Revenue Recognition
Review Approval Ratification Transactions Related Persons Rights Holders
Risk Characteristics Loan Portfolio Risk Committee
Risk Management Rollover Contributions Plan
Safety Soundness Standards Salaries Employee Benefits
Salary Reduction Contributions Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Schedule Seal
Secretary Securities
Securities Available Sale Securities Held Maturity
Securities Issued Regions Including Common Stock Not Fdic Securities Purchased Agreements Resell Sold Repurchase
Securities Registered Pursuant Act Securities Registrar Paying Agent
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners See Notes Consolidated Statements Income Page
Segment Information Senior Executive Vice President Chief Financial Officer
Sensitivity Measurement Separability
Service Charges Deposit Accounts Sets Target Non-performing Asset Sales
Severability Share Buybacks Continue
Share Repurchases Continue Capital Position Remains Strong Share-based Payments
Shareholders Equity Shattuck Hammond Partners Llc Acquisition
Short-term Borrowings Short-term Interest Rates Affect Net Margin
Signature Signature Page Follows
Signatures Small Business Association
Solicitation Proxies Solid Eps Cents Excluding Merger-related Charges
Solid Loan Growth Diverse Fee-based Revenue Expanding Customer Solid Underlying Business Performance Focused Efforts Address Credit
Soundness Other Financial Institutions Adversely Affect Special Meetings
Special Provisions Regarding Legacy Regions Plan Restoration Account Specified Employee
Spread Revenue Dips Slightly Despite Modestly Improved Loan Stabilizing Net Interest Margin Contributes Growth Income
Stable Capital Position Steady Performance Banking Franchise
Stockholder Action Consent Stockholder Proposal Regarding Posting Report Updated Semi-annually Political
Stockholder Supporting Statement Stockholders Equity
Stockholders Record Date Strengthened Balance Sheet Liquidity Positioning
Strengthened Capital Strong 1q07 Revenue
Strong Core Results Merger Integration Progressing Planned Strong Fee-based Revenue Largely Offsets Softer Spread
Strong Growth Deposits Households Leads Solid Business Performance Strong Underlying Non-interest Income
Subject Extensive Governmental Regulation Adverse Impact Operations Subordination
Subordination Common Securities Subrogation
Subsequent Event Subsequent Events
Subsidiaries Registrant 2008 Success Dependent Ability Profitably Manage Growth
Successor Organization Successors
Summary Summary Income Statement
Summary Significant Accounting Policies Supplemental 401 Account
Supplemental 401 Plan Supplemental Indenture Governed Construed Accordance Laws State New
Supplemental Thrift Plan Support Subsidiary Banks
Table 1-loan Portfolio Table 10-credit Ratings
Table 10-regulatory Capital Requirements Table 10-selected Loan Maturities
Table 10-short-term Borrowings Table 11-credit Ratings
Table 11-regulatory Capital Requirements Table 11-securities
Table 12-credit Ratings Table 12-regulatory Capital Requirements
Table 13-credit Ratings Table 13-trading Account Assets
Table 14-interest Rate Sensitivity Table 14-mortgage Servicing Rights
Table 15-deposits Table 15-interest Rate Sensitivity
Table 15-non-interest Income Table 16-maturity Time Deposits 100000
Table 16-morgan Keegan Table 16-non-interest Income
Table 17-morgan Keegan Table 17-selected Short-term Borrowings Data
Table 17-short-term Borrowings Table 18-credit Ratings
Table 19-capital Ratios Table 2-residential Homebuilder Portfolio
Table 20-income Taxes Table 20-interest Rate Sensitivity
Table 21-contractual Obligations Table 23-non-performing Assets
Table 3-non-performing Assets Table 3-selected Home Equity Portfolio Information
Table 4-non-performing Assets Table 4-securities
Table 5-mortgage Servicing Rights Table 5-non-interest Income
Table 5-securities Table 5-troubled Debt Restructurings
Table 6-deposits Table 6-morgan Keegan
Table 6-mortgage Servicing Rights Table 6-troubled Debt Restructurings
Table 7-deposits Table 7-morgan Keegan Revenue Division
Table 7-short-term Borrowings Table 8-deposits
Table 8-securities Table 8-short-term Borrowings
Table 9-deposits Table 9-loan Portfolio
Table 9-regulatory Capital Requirements Table 9-short-term Borrowings
Table Acquired Summary Balance Sheet Amsouth Bancorporation Table Contents
Table Contractual Obligations Table Credit Ratings
Table Deposits Table Interest Rate Sensitivity
Table Loan Portfolio Table Maturity Time Deposits 100000
Table Morgan Keegan Table Mortgage Servicing Rights
Table Non-interest Income Table Non-performing Assets
Table Regulatory Capital Requirements Table Securities
Table Selected Loan Maturities Table Short-term Borrowings
Table Trading Account Assets Tangible Regulatory Capital Ratios Remain Strong Solid Liquidity
Target Annual Incentive Opportunity Tarp Compensation Standards
Tax Agreement Reached 1999-2006 Tax Returns Reports
Tax Withholding Telephone 205-944-1300
Term Agreement Termination
Termination Liquidation Merger Termination Service
Title Definitions Title Trust Property
Total 2008 Grants Total Assets
Total Loan Portfolio Total Loan Portfolio 954
Trading Account Assets Trading Derivatives
Trading Other Derivatives Transfer Shares
Treasury Stock Trust Department Income- Income 2009 Decreased Compared Same
Trust Preferred Securities Trust Securities Certificates
Uncertain Tax Positions United States
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds Unsecured Benefits Financing
Upplemental Ndenture Ust Sequence Number
Vacancies Valuation Date
Valuation Participant Accounts Variable Interest Entities
Vesting Schedule Vice-chairman
Vice-presidents Visa Indemnification Initial Public Offering
Vote Required Voting
Voting Amended Effective 2007 Voting Procedures Revocation
Voting Rights Voting Securities Principal Holders Thereof
Voting Telephone Internet Waiver Notice
Warrant Purchase Common Stock Was Gain Loss Transaction
What Caused Decline Estimated Purchase Price 225 Witnesseth
Year-end Holdings 
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